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Dark Trade

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Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, or any of its associated characters and lore. That right belongs to Hiro Mashima.


Dark Trade


Hargeon Town, Kingdom of Fiore, Ishgar, Earth Land, July 2, X784

Having been invited to a party hosted by an apparently popular Wizard calling himself the Prominent Boar, Lucy Heartfilia, among many other female guests, made themselves comfortable while the blue-haired charmer himself served drinks to all his partygoers on his personal yacht. Although normally, Lucy would not attend a party so fast after its host for the first time, but something about the Prominent Boar made Lucy believe that she fell in love with him at first sight and instantly postponed her search for the Fairy Tail Guild just so she could spend time with the smooth-talking Wizard.

So lost in the moment, Lucy had not noticed a pink-haired young man in red clothes, a slightly older man with a cruel-looking face, a blossoming young woman, and a blue-furred cat walking on its hind legs step onboard before the yacht could venture out to sea. Out of the corner of her eye, however, Lucy saw the Prominent Boar skittishly welcome the mysterious four into the inside of his boat for what appeared to be a private meeting. Nonetheless, Lucy was quickly compelled to return to the drink that was given to her by the famed Wizard and promptly allowed unconsciousness to overtake her as it did the other party guests.


"Now, now, Salamander, there's no reason we can't talk this over, right?" Stuttered Bora of Prominence, a former Titan Nose Guild member turned disgraced con artist who had Magically Charmed his all-female passengers in order to make them easy to transport from Fiore to the slave market of Bosco. However, for all his dirty tricks, he was not expecting superior competition to easily muscle their way into his racket.

The pink-haired Fire Dragon Slayer smirking down at Bora for one example was far above Bora's level. Known in the criminal underworld as Salamander, but informally referred to as Natsu Dragneel, the ever-growing man was a lifelong fighter who was rumored to even scare the literal Demons of the Tartaros Dark Guild, and right then, he had no tolerance for "lowly scum" like Bora.

Sitting on top Natsu's own house was the talking cat creature named Happy, and while Bora figured that he was the most non-threatening of their entire bandit clan, his favorite status in Natsu's eyes was not to be ignored.

On Natsu's right, was his main squeeze, Ainelle Riverton, and while her Magic Power was not as horrifying as her boss', as one of the five top Wizards after him in their organization, she was not meant to be taken lightly all the same.

And on Natsu's left, was the Jist the Chemist, who previously ran the clan before the former came along and beat him.

Although Bora hoped that Natsu would want to come to an arrangement and prevent things from getting messy too fast, the Dragon Slayer chuckled at his words before saying. "It's nothing personal, Bora, but I have all the cards, so all the money should go to me and my crew. Still, if you think you can be useful, then bow to us before we set sail to Alvarez."

Given the circumstances, Bora could accept that deal and play around, but curiosity got the better of him, so he asked. "Why Alvarez instead of Bosco?"

Jist instinctively let loose a scoff as he explained. "The Boss prefers indentured servitude over what you and I would like to do instead, Prominent Boy."

"If you don't like how the Boss does things, Jist, you can drown yourself at sea and save us all the trouble!" Happy shouted at the annoyed chemist in the way a disciplinarian would.

"Quiet, you two." Natsu ordered before an argument would erupt. Turning back to Bora, he then added. "Regardless of how it's handled, Bora, the Alvarez Empire should be well-richer than most of the countries on this continent. To top it off, I think one of the girls you hoodwinked was a Heartfilia."

Seeing that Natsu got everyone's attention with the name he had spoken of, Ainelle decided to speak up for the sake of argument. "As in the Heartfilia Konzern, love?"

Smirking at her while pulling her in for an embrace, Natsu replied. "That's right. I saw a picture of the dead family matriarch who looks just like Bora's victim. And since the old man is running out of money, I think we'll get a bigger price from the Shield of Emperor Spriggan who has a grudge against the whole family."

Ainelle sighed bashfully with a smile towards her lover as she then said. "You always know what needs to be done, darling." She then shared a quick kiss with Natsu before they then carried on with their opportunistic plan in the Alvarez Empire.


I admit to having some trouble in viewing either Natsu, or Happy being the type to take part in the slave trade in terms of kidnapping people and then selling them as property, but we all must do what we must do.