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Starsky's Pain

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His partner takes the deaths very hard. Not so much the ones where the body is already cold by the time they find it, but the ones they should have prevented.

He can see the bleakness in Starsky's eyes, the anger, the guilt and that last one is unjustified, because even he knows that sometimes, no matter how good of a cop you are, there's nothing you can do.

We did our best.

Sometimes he wants to say that to Starsky, in an effort to try and erase that look in his eyes. He bites his tongue instead, knowing his partner will lash out with harsh words, and that response will be one more thing for Starsky to feel guilty about. He doesn't want to put any more pain into those blue eyes.

So, in the midst of all the mayhem that is their daily lives, he watches, and he does what he can to ease Starsky's burden. For now it's a hand on the shoulder but he wishes it could be more. Maybe one day it will be more.