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"I'm back!"

Dressed in his sports uniform, Yuu returned to Ramschackle and rushed into the kitchen for water. On the way, he saw Grim curled up on the couch.

"Hi, Yuu! You're finally back," he greeted him. "I've been so bored here by myself..."

"You could have come with me to clean Heartslabyul's garden," Yuu replied, "so you could have done more than just lie there."

"Eh!? No way! Trein's class has been very boring today and PE class has exhausted me. I'm not gonna to fix something I didn't destroy!"

The young boy chuckled. "Okay, okay," he said from the kitchen. "There isn't much left anyways, so I'm sure the garden will look even better than before the day after tomorrow."

He came out with a glass and sat down next to Grim.

"By the way, how's Riddle doing?" The monster asked.

"I haven't seen him, but the others told me he's much better now."

"Good to know, I hope he doesn't make a mess like that again..." He sighed. "Hey, there's something I wanted to ask you: how come you didn't demand him something as an apology like Ace did?"

Yuu put the glass on the table. "What do you mean?"

"Have you already forgotten? That guy said horrible things to you! You could have demanded another tart, or even tuna cans!" He crossed his forelegs decisively.

"Come on, Grim. I haven't forgotten, but Riddle is still recovering and he has enough with the tart for Ace," Yuu said. "Besides, he already apologized, I don't need him to give me anything."

"You're way too kind..."

In response, Yuu gave a wicked smile. "If you say so, maybe I shouldn't be so kind and cancel my idea of buying you tuna cans at Sam's store as a reward for the great effort you put into the battle."

Grim's ears perked up quickly. "Eh... you know what? Nobody is never too kind for anything!" He exclaimed. "There should definitely exist more people like you, yanno? I'm sure the world would be so much better that way!"

Yuu shook his head in amusement. "Look how quickly you've changed your mind," he laughed. "I'll stop by after going to the library, I'd like to try finding there a way to return home."

"Are you also going to look for something about your tattoo or whatever it's that you have on your shoulder?" Grim asked.

"I was thinking about that too. If I find something, I would like to talk about it with the headmaster, to see if he knows something more. Would you like to come with me?"

Grim lay back on the couch. "Another day, I'm sleepy today," he said before closing his eyes.

Yuu sighed before heading to his room to change into his school uniform.

When he got to the library, the first thing he did was search in the digital catalog for related things about prints and symbols, hoping to get some answer to the mystery on his shoulder. He was struck by a book on ancient runes and symbols and settled on that one.

The searching time for terms like 'another worlds' was a bit longer, as the best results offered were just theories and myths.

He considered choosing one of those books to read them slowly until he noticed one in particular that recommended the 'similar searches' part: a book about stories and legends about the Great Seven and other characters who seemed important.

"You have to start with something," he thought, convinced.

With that he could learn more about the figures and legends of Twisted Wonderland, they were important to Night Raven College and it would be good for him to learn popular culture if he was going to stay there for who knows how long.

Both books were available, he memorized their locations and it was easy to find the first one in one of the History sections. It was also not difficult to find the legends book in the Literature section, but it was so high that it was difficult to catch it even if he stood on his tiptoes.

He cursed that he was only 165 centimetres tall, even if his sister was a bit shorter than him.

Just when he was thinking of looking for some ladder to reach it, another hand appeared above him and easily grabbed the book he wanted, surprising him.

He turned his head and met a much taller student. He had short, turquoise blue hair, with a long, black lock over his right temple. On his right ear there was an earring made with four blue diamond-shaped scales, and his shirt was unbuttoned at the neck. What most caught his attention were his heterochromatic eyes, the right one was amber and the left, grayish olive. The colors in his magical pen's gem and arm band indicated he was from Octavinelle.

He had an imposing appearance, but that didn't stop Yuu from thinking that he had some charm... 

"Did you want this one?" The tall boy asked as he handed him the book.

For a moment, Yuu blushed slightly at that rom-com-like scene and almost forgot to answer. "Yes... Yes! It's that one. Thank you very much," he said as he reached out his free hand to take it.

But he quickly moved it away and raised it above his head. "He, he! Too slow!" He exclaimed mockingly.

"Hey, give it to me, please! I need it now," Yuu asked in frustration.

Out of curiosity, the boy looked at the cover of the book. "Oh, are you going to read about the Great Seven? I've never seen anyone around here read something like this before, at least not with such typical stories."

Yuu stopped trying to pick up the book and looked away with some embarrassment. "You could say that I'm not very familiar with that kind of stories..."

The boy smiled and handed it back to him. "It's okay, I'm not very familiar with them either, except for the Sea Witch."

Yuu gave him a wary look as he picked up the book and placed it on top of the other one he was holding. "Thank you..." He repeated.

"Do you need to get any more?" He asked him. "I just came here to kill time, so today I wouldn't mind giving you a hand."

Yuu's wary gaze turned into one of mistrust. "You would only do it to mock me again, wouldn't you?" He asked him with an arched brow.

The boy put a hand behind his neck and laughed. "I couldn't resist! You are so tiny and cute that watching you stretch like a little octopus to reach the book made me want to tease you!"

Yuu felt his cheeks burn again. Had he just called him cute? "Well, I have to go!" He sputtered before he noticed his blush. "Thanks again for helping me. See ya!"

He hastened his step under the boy's bi-colored gaze and cursed to himself. Why had he blushed if he didn't even mean it with that intention? Then he thought of his adorable laugh and how nice he seemed...

He shook his head quickly to drive the thought away and looked around for a free spot that wasn't far from the counter.

He moved the chair to sit down and the person sitting in the same table  suddenly looked  up when they saw him get close. Yuu noticed him and recognized him as the boy from Diasomnia who he called I-want-to-kill-you face #1 in the cafeteria.

"Oh sorry. Is this chair taken?" He asked him as he saw the silver-haired boy's surprised expression.

As if the question woke him up from his thoughts, the young boy shook his head."No, it's not. You can sit down there without any problem," he assured in a calm tone.

He sat down, opened the book about the Great Seven and looked for the index. The Queen of Hearts was one of the first characters to appear there.

"Why not?" He said to himself as he thought about Heartslabyul's dorm and searched for the page.

After reading about the Queen for some time, he could understand why the computer had recommended that book in the searches, because in one of the stories there was one about a blonde girl in a blue dress who suddenly appeared in the Queen's garden and was invited to play cricket with her. "Alice?" Yuu whispered surprised when he recognized the description.

As if that name was an unwanted invocation, he began to feel a strong burn in his left shoulder.

He hurriedly closed the book and took a deep breath to calm himself. I-want-to-kill-you face #1 hadn't noticed immediately, as his eyelids seemed to struggle not to close from sleepiness, but after hearing his heavy breathing, he suddenly opened them.

"Hey, it's everything alright?" He asked him as he noticed his expression of discomfort.

The burning sensation suddenly faded away. "What? Oh yeah. I'm fine, I just felt a cramp in my arm," Yuu said as an excuse, "sorry for bothering you."

The stranger relaxed his serious demeanor, but didn't look annoyed. "Not at all," he replied. "Have you made any intense physical effort recently? You should go to the nurse if it happens to you again, in case you hurt yourself."

"Understood, thanks."

The young man looked at him for a moment. "If it is not an inconvenience, may I ask you something?"

"Of course. What is it about?"

The young boy seemed to hesitate for a moment to ask the question before speaking: "Tell me, have we met before anywhere else? I have the feeling that you are familiar to me."

Now he looked at him in confusion. "Well... I think we saw each other a few days ago in the cafeteria at lunchtime, if that's what you mean."

The answer didn't seem to convince him. "Anytime before that?"

Yuu shook his head. "Other than that I've never seen you before."

He sighed. "Then I must have confused you with someone else, sorry for the inconvenience."

"Not at all, thanks once again for your concern."

Now that he was closer and without being watched suspiciously from afar, Yuu took a better look at the young man's facial features and his pretty violet eyes. He couldn't help but think how handsome he was...

"Concentrate, Yuu!" His mind screamed at him.

He narrowed his eyes and focused them on the book. Seeing that it was best to leave the Queen of Hearts chapter aside, he went straight to the Sea Witch.

After a while reading carefully, a shriek echoed in the quiet environment of the library: "Oh, Goldfish~!"

He raised his head quickly when he recognized the tall boy's voice and looked at him in front of Riddle, who was not far. It was the first time he had seen him since he had gone to the nursery.

The tall boy began to tease Riddle by taking the book away from him in the same way that he had done with Yuu before, causing Riddle to become even more irritated.

Yuu stared at the situation in astonishment and when Riddle looked around in embarrassment, they locked eyes for a moment.

Riddle continued arguing with the young man to get the book back. On his side, Yuu decided to get up and walk over to the counter so he could take the books, in case Riddle got furious again. He showed his student card like it was a library card.

Just then, Riddle managed to trick the boy into taking back the book and ran off.

The tall boy sighed disappointed and decided to look at another bookcase.

Yuu picked up the books and hurried to the exit. Noticing this, the silver-haired boy got up and approached him.

"Wait. Riddle doesn't seem to be in a good mood, are you going to follow him anyway?"

"Yes. He had a hard time recently, so I'm going to make sure he's ok now."

As he watched him walk away, Silver wondered why that boy would have looked any familiar. He would have liked to talk a little more with him to find out a reason.

Yuu left the library and could still see Riddle in the distance. He quickened his pace a bit to get closer and talk to him shortly.

He saw him stumble into the floor, got startled and ran towards him. Riddle flinched when he heard Yuu's steps approaching, thinking it was other person.

"Hey, are you okay?" Yuu asked with some concern. "That was a pretty bad stumble."

Riddle seemed to calm down a bit and turned to see him, surprised to realize who it was. "Ah... It's you, prefect."

Yuu held out his hand. "You aren't hurt, are you?" He asked him.

Riddle stared at his hand for a moment doubtfully before taking it. "Thank you..." He said self-consciously as he got up. He looked for the book, picked it up, and brushed the dirt off it.

"I couldn't help but see what happened there, that guy also played the same trick on you as me with the book," Yuu commented.

"Are you telling me that Floyd did the same to you?" Riddle asked, surprised.

"So his name is Floyd. No, he didn't exactly take it away from me." He pointed to his books. "Rather he helped me catch one book because it was too high for me to reach it and then he wanted to joke around. He gave it to me right away."

Riddle sighed irritatedly. "As always, Floyd loves to tease people much shorter than him. He's in the same school year as me, he is way too troublesome, reckless and loves to break the rules just to have fun! He's also very, very unpredictable and has drastic mood swings, so even I don't know what his next move will be." He gasped to catch his breath.

"Really?" Yuu questioned in surprise. "To me he seemed like a nice boy who likes to joke around."

"It may have given you that impression, but mark my words: be careful if you see him nearby! Don't get into trouble because of him. Be careful with his brother Jade as well! They are identical twins, so it won't be difficult for you to identify him."

"Alright, I understand..." Yuu said, a bit stunned by the insistent warning. "Changing the subject, I haven't seen you in Heartslabyul before, I'm glad to see you're doing well."

Riddle's face suddenly changed and he looked away in discomfort. "Yeah... Trey and Cater told me that you've been helping to fix the rose garden. It's very nice of you, thank you."

"It's nothing, I'm glad I can help a little. At this rate the garden will be as it was before. Ace and Deuce have already settled there." He laughed. "Grim insisted that this way our dorm will be quieter, but I'm sure he misses them."

Riddle sighed. "I'm sorry my students caused you trouble," he said. "It must have been very problematic for you."

"Not at all, I like having people at home. They also helped me clean the dorm a bit. Speaking of Ace: are you already going to make the tart he told you to make?" He pointed to the book he was holding.

"I just borrowed the book, but at the moment I'm just going to read it. I'll make the tart a day in advance for the party."

"I see."

Riddle gulped. "So... What books have you taken?"

Yuu showed them. "These right here."

Riddle's eyes widened in involuntary surprise when he saw the book about the Great Seven. "Curious choice," he commented. "One is more advanced than the other."

"I took the one about ancient symbols because it caught my attention, but the one with legends will come in handy to learn the stories around here," Yuu explained. "So far I have been reading about the Queen of Hearts."

Riddle seemed to perk up a bit. "Did you like it? The Queen is impressive, don't you think?" 

It was really impressive that she literally had everyone who made her angry beheaded, but Yuu didn't say it out loud because Riddle had recently starred in something similar.

"Yes, really impressive..." He simply commented. He was about to ask him if he knew anything about Alice, but just thinking about her reminded him of the uncomfortable burning sensation. "What are you going to do now?" He asked instead. "Right now I'm going to the school store, I'm going to pick up an order and buy some tuna cans."

"For Grim?" Riddle guessed.

"Yes," Yuu laughed softly. "He denies being a cat, but behaves a lot like one. Besides, he has earned it."

Riddle scowled shyly. "Is it okay if I accompany you?"

Yuu looked at him with some surprise. "Of course! Do you need to buy something there?"

"Not exactly, but... I'd like to make sure Sam has everything I need."

"Deuce and I were able to buy what we needed when we first walked in, so I'm sure you can buy everything."

They went to the school store together, there Sam greeted them, sold Yuu ten cans of tuna and handed him something very small wrapped in gift paper.

"I hope your sister likes it!" He said cheerfully.

"Thank you very much, Sam."

He also assured Riddle that he would have everything he needed for his "sweet" purchase.

"Oh, really?" Riddle asked him.

"Of course!" Sam affirmed. "After all, my friends from the other side always keep me up with everything!"

"Oh, you mean those shadows that are hiding around here?" Yuu asked him.

Riddle looked at him confused and Sam, keeping his smile, did the same. 

"What do you mean?"

"Well, one day when I mentioned that I would like to give something to my sister, I saw a bee-shaped shadow in my dorm. I thought it was my imagination until now. Look, the little bee is right there," he pointed behind Sam. "It's so cute! Hello! Hey, why are you hiding?"

"I don't see anything," Riddle commented.

Sam laughed nervously. "Don't worry, she's a bit shy. I'm surprised you've even seen them. Nobody else has besides me managed to see at least one of my good friends."

"Oh, I didn't now that," Yuu replied, surprised.

"Is there anything else I can offer you?"

They both shook their heads. "I should go," Yuu said.

"I'll go with you," Riddle told him.

"Come back soon!" Sam said before seeing them leave. Then he turned to the small shadow that Yuu had pointed out, who was peering out shyly. "This is surprising... Are other people supposed to see you?" He asked her.

"What have you bought for your sister?" Riddle asked curiously.

Yuu set the bag on the ground and carefully opened the wrapper to take out a pair of pretty golden metal rose-shaped earrings. "This, she likes to wear small earrings like these. When I go back home, I'll give them to her. They were quite cheap, so I plan to find something similar for my mother and my two aunts. There were some other pair in the shape of a snowflake, but I think she'll like these more."

Riddle gulped as he heard him talk about his family. "These are beautiful, I'm sure she will like them," he said.

"I'm glad to hear that," he replied as he put them back in the wrapper. "Well, I should go back to my dorm, Grim will be looking forward to this." He shook the bag with the cans. "Bye!"

"Wait, prefect!" Riddle exclaimed to stop him. "I mean, Yuu...!"

 The black-haired young boy looked at him in surprise. "Tell me. Is something wrong?" 

Riddle looked at him with a mixture of determination and embarrassment. "Er... I want to apologize... for the thing at the day of the duel."

Yuu smiled calmly. "You already told us all that you were sorry, remember?

"That's not what I mean," Riddle insisted. "I want to specifically apologize for those things I said to you after I defeated Ace and Deuce..."

Yuu's smile faded when he understood what he was referring to.

"I'm very sorry! I really am!" He exclaimed remorsefully. "What I said was not only uncalled for, but it didn't even occur to me to think how much it might affect you either!"

"Do you mean it?" Yuu asked hopefully.

"Yes, I do! I really don't think you're inadequate for this school nor pathetic for being magic-less. And I don't that think that your parents... That your mother didn't do a good job raising you either."

Yuu sighed. "The others told you, did they? About my father..."

"Cater mentioned something by accident and Trey had no choice but to tell me," Riddle explained. "I'm really sorry to hear something like that..."

"Thank you, don't worry. At first it was very hard for us when my father died seven years ago, especially for my mother. But she managed to overcome it, she was already very strong before she met my father, now she's even stronger. Since then she and her sister, my aunt, have done a great job taking care of me and my twin sister."

"Sounds like an amazing mother," Riddle commented. "I wish mine was like that too..."

Yuu looked at him doubtfully. "Hey, do you... Would you like to talk about what happened that day to us?"

Riddle nodded and they sat down on the grass.

"Well... where do we start?" Yuu asked.

Riddle clutched the book in one hand while he thought.  

"It's as if someone or something brought us there," Yuu commented. "Do you think it was some Overblot's effect?"

Riddle shrugged. "I wouldn't be surprised, but I know so little about the topic I couldn't tell. Where were we? Why did all those images from my past appear? I don't understand it either."

Yuu looked away. "As for that... I'm sorry that your mother is like that, it must have been very hard for you."

Riddle sighed. "It was normal for me even after meeting Trey." He gave a small smile. "We barely knew each other and he was already teaching me things that seemed incredible to me at the time." He frowned. "Mother was unable to see it the same way, she forbade me to play with Trey and our friend and them from ever getting close to home."

"But you and Trey are still friends today, how did you keep in touch?" Yuu asked him.

He smiled again. "When summer holidays ended, we realized we went to the same school," he explained. "We could see each other every day like that, but my mother made sure we didn't play together after class..."

Yuu thought about the next question. "What about your father? He didn't appear in your memories. Does he agree with what your mother does? Or are they divorced?"

"They are married, but they don't exactly get along. I don't even remember the last time they showed affection for each other. My father is not as strict as my mother, but since she is as well known as him in the city, he thinks like many others that she is right about everything, so he has no intention of opposing it, and if he were, he wouldn't know how."

"I imagine all that would affect the way you see things and... how to follow the rules to 'be perfect and the best in everything'," Yuu guessed.

"I've been thinking about that and I want to change," Riddle said determinedly. "I want to be a better dorm leader for Heartslabyul. By respecting the rules, but not forcing my students to them. That is clear to me, but... I still don't know what to do with my mother, I have realized that I don't want to continue living as she wants me to. I have lived for so long believing that she always knew what she was doing that now I am afraid to be wrong..."

Yuu took a deep breath. "You say you're afraid of being wrong, but no one is perfect, not even your mother," he said, earning a surprised look from him. "In the few days that I have seen you, you have proven to be very smart and confident with what you do, you are fully capable of thinking for yourself and you have people who support you, so don't let your insecurities or what other people think chain you, because that will prevent you from changing things."

Riddle's surprised look turned into a moved one. "Do you really believe that?"

"Yes, I really do. You still have time to live your life, but if you don't realize it, there's the possibility they will continue to decide things for you and your life will pass. If you keep allowing them to control you, you'll only keep suffering... I know that because a friend of mine went through something similar."

"Really? What happened to him?"

"His name was Takahiro, he was handsome, intelligent, really kind and from a wealthy family. He was my sister's boyfriend, a year older than us. One day, he noticed my sister and gathered the courage to ask her out, he was a bit shy and not very good at sports, but they connected and became an official couple. By then we were both fourteen going on fifteen. She had dated before another guy who didn't last a week with because she quickly realized he was hooking up with other girls, and you could tell that Takahiro was being serious with her, so I felt happy for them."

"And what happened?" Riddle asked, intrigued by the story.

"She had introduced Takahiro to our mother and aunt, they both liked him. But then he introduced her to his mother..." Riddle held his breath."To give you a general idea, at home we nicknamed her as 'The Demon' for being cruel, very scary and for wearing red when my sister saw her for the first time.

Riddle stared at him dumbfounded. "Did you just describe a part of my mother?" He asked.

"Of course not! She just looked a lot like her... She was a divorced woman, business owner and very severe. Since he introduced them, she never liked my sister and wouldn't hide it."

"Why not? Did she do something to offend her?"

"No, at least nothing intentional. We never knew the actual reason, but from the few things Takahiro told us about her and from what my sister could tell, she had a conservative mentality, so we assumed that she didn't like her son dating a middle-class girl that liked to play sports and had no problem making male friends..." His face had contracted into an expression of disgust as he formulated those words. "It had to be one of those reasons or something similar."

"What was he doing about it?"

"At first he tried to assure nothing happened. To be short, they dated for about five months. In the fourth month, things began to go wrong, he became much more distant with us because it turned out that her mother had found him a girl from a wealthy family. She finally forced him to break up with her to start with the other one, which he did by message."

"Did she force him to leave her for another girl?"

"Yes... When my sister confronted him face to face, he explained to her that if they were still together, he would be forbidden to meet his friends, so he asked her not to speak to him again. He also distanced himself from me, he didn't feel comfortable being with me, his ex's brother. He changed schools the following year, so we haven't seen him again."

"That must have been hard..." Riddle muttered.

"I'm telling you all this to let you know that you still have time to get out of that controlling way of life and make your own decisions, as long as you don't harm anyone or yourself. It's up to you how and when you do it."

"Thanks for telling me. Uh... How was your sister after that?"

"They only dated for a few months, but it was a hard time for my sister. But thanks to my family, our friends, and me, she got over it quickly. In addition, with what happened later, she also overcame the bad time with her ex-mother-in-law."

Riddle blinked in confusion. "With her boyfriend's mother?"

"Yes, it is a different subject, but it happened shortly after all that. One day the mother suddenly called our apartment and she came in uninvited, apparently Takahiro had given her our address."

"A person like her dared to do something like that!? She had no right to go to your house after what happened. Not even my mother would do that!"

"That day our aunts were visiting, my mother tried to be civil and offered her tea, her sister accompanied her. My other aunt, my sister and I went into the kitchen and listened to the conversation from there. Apparently The Demon wanted to offer us money to compensate the emotional damages that could have been suffered, and she tried to convince my mother to accept because, according to her, 'being a widow was not the same as being divorced'".

"She really dared to say that to another mother..."

"Here comes the best part, and also the most surreal." He bit back a laugh. "That was the last straw, my aunt got up and went to the kitchen to get the pot of salt. She went back to my mother and... both started throwing salt at her to make her leave the house."

Riddle looked at him stunned. "I understand they were furious, but what was that about?"

"I don't know if it's the same around here, but salt is used to exorcise and repel demons and some spirits. And that's what they did: get a demon out of the house. It seemed to work, because she never came close to us again."

Finally, Riddle was unable to hold back and bursted out laughing. Yuu caught it and laughed with him again.

Suddenly, the female voice that Yuu had seemed to listen days before laughed again, this time with much more intensity. Yuu had already forgotten about that laugh.

"Your family isn't one you want to mess with," Riddle commented when he calmed down.

The female laughter dissipated, somehow Yuu was able to hide his confusion.
"Well, you can't expect less from two sisters raised by a single mother who lost her husband in military service when they were young. They have always been very close, my aunt owns a gym that she decided to locate near the daycare center where my mother works."

"Oh, that's a great strategy!"  Riddle said, surprised. "That way parents can leave their children in good hands while they exercise."


"Oh, and what about your other aunt? Isn't she another sister?"

Yuu shook his head. "She is my aunt's girlfriend. They're not married, but we still consider her as our aunt since their one-year anniversary, they've been together for three years now. They're made for each other, but she's much laid back than my mother and her sister.

"Oh, I see..." Riddle said thoughtfully, before frowning. "They don't know you are here at Night Raven College, do they?"

Yuu silently shook his head and Riddle looked away.

"Yuu... I'll understand if you don't want to forgive me, but I really...

"Don't worry about that," Yuu interrupted him calmly. "In fact, I already forgave you days ago. But I appreciate the gesture."

"Are you sure? I said hurtful things to you without knowing anything! I swear I'll make it up to you."

"Look, my first girlfriend said much worse things to me on the phone when I discovered she was cheating on me, then weeks later she said sorry without meaning it to try to get back with me. And Ace also said nasty things to me when we met and we're friends now."

Riddle blinked in surprise.

"Yes, I was also heartbroken, but I got over it quickly" He explained. "However, that's another story." He got up "Shall we go? Grim must be waiting for these cans!"

"Sure," Riddle said as he got up.

As they walked on the way to the main street, Yuu remembered something else. "By the way, Riddle, I also wanted to apologize to you."

He looked at him again in surprise. "Why?"

"I also prejudged you and thought quite badly of you, that you were bossy, cruel and childish when in fact I did not know anything either. I don't think that was right of me."

"But you had your reasons, that part was the only one you saw of me."

"Yes, but you are much more than that. I see that you are also kind and considerate, so I wanted to apologize."

Riddle smiled slightly. "Oh, I almost forgot." He said. "I also wanted to thank you, you did a great job together with the others to save me, you were also by my side in that strange place. I understand why the headmaster considers you suitable for Night Raven College."

Yuu smiled back tenderly.

"Eh... Are you going to the Unbirthday Party, like last time?" Riddle asked to change the subject.

"Yes, the others have invited us, Grim and me. I'm looking forward to it!"

"I'm glad to hear that!" Riddle said cheerfully "You'll see, it will be a perfect celebration and I will be a different leader!

"Great, I hope you make a great tart! I told Ace I plan to taste it with him."

"I won't disappoint you." Riddle gave a wicked grin. "But one thing I warn you: it will be off with the head of those who are late to the party."

Yuu laughed. "Well, I'll be here an hour earlier then."

They said goodbye before parting their ways and returning to their respective dorms.

"Hello!" Yuu said as he returned to Ramschackle.

Nobody answered, he walked into the living room and saw Grim just as he left him before he left, asleep on the couch.

He went into the kitchen to put the tuna cans in the fridge.  As soon as he opened the door...

"WELCOME BACK!" The small ghost hiding in there shouted while raising his arms.

Yuu bit back a scream as he stepped back.

The other two ghosts became visible and laughed at the joke.

"Ha, ha. Very funny..." Yuu said dryly after taking a deep breath.

"It was a perfect chance!" Exclaimed the thin ghost after he stopped laughing.

"Have you been able to find somethin' in the library? You've been there for a long time..." Commented the big ghost while Yuu started to put the cans inside the fridge.

"I could learn a bit about the Great Seven, but nothing about the print yet."

"Have you met someone by any chance around there?" Asked the small ghost. "Remember what we told you: men are wolves!"

"Guys, we've already talked about that," Yuu sighed. "But yeah, let's say... I was with a friend," he said before closing the fridge door.