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Face hidden in the crook of her neck, short of breath. The sweet smell of her hair, soft brown locks tangled between his fingers. Beads of sweat trickled down his back.


The warmth of her embrace, still sheathed into her heat. She kept him tucked snuggly between her shuddering thighs, chest pressed against his, arms wrapped around his ribcage, holding him close and holding him together. His heart was beating a racket in his chest.


The feeling of utter completeness, all encompassing, overwhelming, after losing himself into her. He wasn’t anything but so fucking grateful, for the warmth, the kindness, the line traced by fingertips down his spine. Feeling so together, yet vulnerable, the frailty of his walls exposed and willing for her to exploit.


It swelled at the corners of his eyes, salt and water, leaked down his cheeks, dripped and seeped into her skin.


She held him tighter, but said nothing. A quiet sniffle. The shape of a smile against the side of his face.


I love you, her silence whispered.