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Mouth latching onto her neck, tongue hot against her skin, he pushed her on her back to crawl on top of her, pressing his weight down on her body. His erection squeezed between her thighs, and rubbed against her thin panties, allowing her to feel everything sharply. She moaned softly at the contact, all of her body parts becoming increasingly sensitive, especially between her legs.


His answering groan rumbled low down his throat, and he pressed harder, wrapping his hands under her thighs to pull her legs around his waist, as he sucked tantalizingly on her neck. There wasn’t a part of her body he didn’t cover with his, sharing his warmth seeping through his scorching skin.


She held firmly onto his shoulders, as she arched her back, pressing their chests together tightly. She wanted more, even as his hands roamed over every inch of her skin, as his mouth travelled up her throat, pressing hot kisses against her jaw, until he reached her mouth. More, when his lips were back on hers, kissing her heatedly, allowing his tongue to tangle with hers.


This was exactly what she’d been anticipating since she woke up, getting lost in his kiss, in his arms, feeling his need for her grow as quickly as her own need for him. She was all wrapped around him like a snake, squeezing tighter the more he moved, and she was moving with him, matching his breathing, every push of his hips, she rolled against him.


The pressure between her legs was unbearable, his hard cock pressing urgently against her soaking underwear. She was so turned on right now, she was growing needy, her pussy eager for attention. She was quickly forgetting where she was.


“Casey,” Derek breathed reverently, when their mouths detached for a brief moment. She gasped for air, forcing her eyes open to look at him, found him looking at her with a hungry gaze she could only guess was reflected in hers. She wanted him so much, wanted to feel him everywhere on her, inside her, right now.


Grabbing his face, she brought him down to smash their lips back together, kissing him earnestly, greedily, rolling her hips against his just so, and let her head fall back with a moan when the tip of his cock pressed deliciously against her clit. She did it again, grinding against him for more friction. Derek held himself up above her, meeting every roll of her hips, matching her rhythm, with a look of complete admiration on his face. She couldn’t take it anymore.


Pushing a hand between them, she reached for the hem of his boxers, inserting two fingers under the elastic so she could push them down. Unexpectedly, Derek stopped her with a hand around her wrist. He sighed, letting his forehead rest against hers.


“Case,” Derek panted, “I don’t have…”


“It’s fine,” Casey urged.


“No,” he shook his head, like she didn’t understand what he’d meant. “I don’t have condoms.”


“I know,” she said, once more reaching for his underwear.


“No, Casey, wait,” he said, taking hold of her hand again, pushing it down against the mattress. His lips brushed hers gently. “Let’s try it this way.”


He released her wrist slowly, and brought his hand to her stomach, caressing softly. She watched his hand heading down and slip under her panties, holding her breath. His fingers drifted down and pressed against her clit, and she grasped, eyes falling shut at the sudden jolt of electricity that followed his touch. She pushed against his hand as he kept going down, teasing all her tender spots.


“Do you like this?” Derek asked, his breath was warm against her cheek.


Casey swallowed hard, a whine escaping her lips when he brought his fingers back to her swollen clit, rubbing lazy circles around it. She nodded keenly, unable to find her voice.


Chuckling softly, he kissed her cheek, increasing the pressure of his fingers. He built her up steadily; Every time she tried to get more, he would stop, until she relaxed, then he would resume his torturously slow pace, bringing a new level of sensitivity with every stroke. It wasn’t surprising to find out that he liked tormenting her like this as much as he did with everything else.


“De-rek,” she huffed dejectedly, eager for more friction.


“What is it, Princess?”


She could feel his eyes on her, observing her face and probably keeping stock of all the embarrassing sounds she made.


“I want… more.”


“Well,” he started slowly, his voice a sweet whisper into her ear, “maybe I could be persuaded to give you what you want. If you ask nicely, hm?”


Oh, hell. He was going to make her beg.


“Derek…” she sighed, prying her eyes open. He was smiling smugly down at her, the jerk.


“Derek what?”


“Stop being a jerk.”


“Wow,” he paused, stopping his hand as well. “Here I thought I was doing something nice for you.”


Whining at the loss of his hand on her, she pouted. “Don’t stop.”


“You are such a spoiled princess,” he stated, shifting to sit back on his heels. She was about to protest when he grabbed her hips and she drew a sharp breath in surprise as he pulled her further down the bed towards him and caught onto the back of her thighs to push her legs back towards her chest. Then his mouth was on her and any further complaint completely dissolved.


Casey was a puddle within seconds, writhing against his face as he lavished his tongue on her pussy, licking and suckling generously until she moaned without restraint. God, it felt so good.


She really, really liked oral, and didn’t it just figure that Derek would be good at this. He had her quivering and squealing under him, panting desperately to catch her breath, and she just couldn’t care.


Every sharp stroke of his tongue sparked a new wave of toe curling pleasure into her stomach, coursing through her body, until she was glowing, vibrating.


“Nnnnggg-“ she cried incoherently as she was getting closer and closer to the edge, grasping thoughtlessly at his hair. “G-aaaaaaah, god.


He was relentless, intent on making her lose her mind, and flicked his flattened tongue over her clit ferociously, until that intense, burning need in her belly expanded, and exploded.


“De- aaahhhh,” she sobbed as she came, finally let go, with his name a whisper on her trembling lips. “Derek.”


When her cries became sharp pants and turned into quiet breaths, he released her legs, letting them fall limp beside him and kissed his way leisurely up her torso. He reached her collarbone and licked up the side of her neck, stopping to press a lingering kiss against her jaw.


“You’re welcome,” he said, the smug smile obvious in his tone.


A weak De-rek! was all she could muster in retaliation.