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“It's not like, a date kind of thing, is it?” Casey asks, her mouth detaching from his neck.


Derek’s panting in her ear, his hands warming up the skin of her back underneath her shirt. “Of course not,” he says, returning to her chest, tongue darting out to lick up her exposed collarbone. “Thought you might wanna go since Jenna’s throwing it”


“Mmmm,” she hums appreciatively, growing breathless, as his hips jerk up, causing her fingers to tighten their hold into his hair when she feels his hard on pressing between her legs. “She does throw great parties. Remember that Easter in college?”


“How could I forget,” he says, grabbing her ass while she rolls her hips, rubbing herself on him. “All those sexy bunnies walking around.”


She grinds down on him hard, making him groan, his head falling against the back of the couch. “What is it this time? Sexy puppies?”


He chuckles, grabbing the back of her head to pull her face down to his and trapping her into a kiss. “Sexy leather,” he says, whispering hotly against her lips.


Leather,” she repeats, like testing the word on her tongue. She plays with the lapels of his jacket while she considers this, and he goes back to sucking on the sensitive skin of her neck. “And you want me to go with you?”


“We don’t have to go together,” he says, kissing up her jaw. “I just thought you’d be interested.”


“And what makes you think that?” She holds back a smile and bites her lip as he sucks on a sensitive spot just right.


Derek practically growls, making her shiver. “Just some inkling that you might be into it.”


“I’ll think about it.”