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Consort Lan

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Lan Wangji wakes up very early. Wei Wuxian, in turn, does not.

At exactly 5 am, the first bell sounds in Cloud Recesses, and Lan Wangji disentangles himself from under Wei Wuxian's limbs. Wei Wuxian stirs but doesn't wake. He frowns a little, lets out a soft whine, but doesn't open his eyes. Lan Wangji kisses his forehead and leaves him to his sleep.

Lan Wangji goes about his day. Prepares classes for his disciples and grades a few night hunt reports from the night before. At exactly 8, he makes his husband breakfast, then, as the food cooks peacefully, he heats water for Wei Wuxian's bath. A few minutes later, he feels slender arms around his waist.

"Lan Zhan..." Wei Wuxian mumbles, Lan Wangji turns around, removes the tangled hair from Wei Wuxian's face and presses another kiss to his forehead. "Good morning."

"We have the disciples and heirs from other sects coming today." Lan Wangji says. "For the summer class."

"Ah yes, the class." Wei Wuxian yawns. "Do I need to be there?"

"You will take them to night hunts beside me and uncle has decided you will teach talisman making, so yes."

This seems to wake Wei Wuxian up, he looks a little shocked at this.

"Lan Zhan, your uncle wants me to teach a class?"

"Yes." Then Lan Zhan looks a little worried. "On one condition."




Jin Ling didn't know why he had to come to Cloud Recesses for the summer, jiujiu said that if he had to go when he was young then Jin Ling also had to. The cultivation classes in Cloud Recesses helped him very much when he was young, they would certainly help Jin Ling.

He and the other Jin sect disciples were ushered to a room, where all the disciples from other sects were also gathered. Jin Ling saw Ouyang Zizhen in the distance and waved at him, the boy waved back.

Sizhui was at the front, and cheerily asked the disciples to take their seats. The sect Leader and teachers would arrive shortly.

Jin Ling sat and Sizhui did as well, a few seats in front of him, next to Jingyi. Soon, Lan Xichen and Lan Qiren arrived, and sat at the front of the classroom, welcoming the disciples and heirs of the many sects. Lan Xichen smiles an comments that they have a few more disciples than the last time, he seems happy about that.

"We will not start right away, there's two teachers that are yet to arrive."

Jin Ling frowned, suddenly the door to the classroom opened again, and Hanguang Jun walked in, but also...

Everyone stared, gaping, as Hanguang Jun held the delicate hand of the Yiling Laozu, who wore the flowing white and blue Lan robes, his hair carefully pinned up. There was a silver hairpiece of a lotus bloom on his hairbun and he even wore the Lan sect head ribbon.

Jin Ling looked, wide eyed and open mouthed. Wei Wuxian looked like he'd always belonged to the Lan sect. Walking together, Hanguang Jun and Wei Wuxian looked like a couple of gods descended from heavens.

"Welcome, disciples." Wei Wuxian said, and even his voice sounded different. Lan Jingyi choked. "It is our pleasure to have you here in Cloud Recesses, keep the rules in mind and make your sects proud."

After saying this, he turned to Lan Wangji. He nodded at Wei Wuxian. Wei Wuxian beamed.

All the disciples and heirs looked in various degrees of amazement. They had all been warned about the Yiling Laozu, to not even go anywhere near him, that he was scary and dangerous.

Who exactly was this person then?




After the introductory class, the students were all allowed to disperse and do what they wanted. Jin Ling, Ouyang Zizhen, Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi left the classroom together. Wei Wuxian, looked at them leave, still holding his husband's arm.

Jin Ling turned around to look at him. Wei Wuxian grinned and waved at him. Jin Ling felt a shiver and power walked out of there.

"Eh? Young Mistress, don't walk so fast!" Jingyi went after him, so did Zizhen. Lan Sizhui turned to his parents and made a bow to them before leaving.

"That was fun." Wei Wuxian said. "I think I like wearing these robes for now."



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Wei Wuxian decided to take a stroll around Cloud Recesses after feeding the rabbits.

The guest disciples from other sects and the local ones looked at him like they'd never seen him before, with both shock and admiration. To everyone, the Yiling Laozu seemed to glide as he strolled through the halls with his flowy robes in a dark blue color.

When he married Lan Wangji, in a tavern at midnight, in front of a few funerary tablets badly made to represent their parents, nobody knew until much later. Lan Xichen was the first one to know, he saw Wei Wuxian wearing Lan Wangji's forehead ribbon around his neck like an accessory. Lan Qiren almost had a heart attack. Ah, good times.

Lan Xichen thought that this would not do. He immediately commissioned the tailors and embroiderers of the clan to make proper robes for the Second Jade's consort, an a few months later, he presented Wei Wuxian with a delicate white box. 

"What's this, dà bǎi zi?" Wei Wuxian asked before opening the box.

"They are your robes as a member of the Lan Sect." Lan Xichen smiled. Wei Wuxian opened the box and the fine fabrics with embroidered clouds over a pond with lotus blooms seemed to greet him. "You can't go around with inadequate clothes, now you are married into the Lan sect, you must look the part."

Lan Xichen wasn't really forcing him to use the dark blue robes, that softly degraded into a lighter blue, like the sky right before nighttime. Judging by his wink, it seemed like he was saying something very simple. I accept you in my family, welcome. Wei Wuxian wanted to cry. 

It had been a while since then, and Wei Wuxian had not used his robes until now, when he had to set an example as Consort Lan and teach the disciples.

He was just finished being admired by some guest disciples from the Nie sect when he heard a bit of a scuffle a ways away from where he was. A fight? It sounded like the beginnings of a fight.

He let out a soft sigh at the sight of who was behind this. 

"Young masters Jin Chan and Jin Ling." He called as the two boys took distance from each other, Jin Ling clearly looked angry. "What is going on here? Fighting is forbidden in Cloud Recesses."

Jin Ling looked at Wei Wuxian as if he were a green goblin reciting Xu Hui.

"Wei qianbei, we were just playing." Jin Chan smirked and for an instant, Wei Wuxian wondered if this child wasn't also Jin Guangshan's son, because of his shameless face. 

"It seemed like a fight from where I was." Wei Wuxian placed himself between both boys, protecting Jin Ling. "And my nephew didn't seem to appreciate the way you were playing."

Jin Chan mumbled something, but Wei Wuxian couldn't hear it. 

"It was just a simple game, that's how we play in Lanling Jin, right young master Jin?"

Jin Ling didn't respond. Wei Wuxian was not convinced. 

"Either way, play fighting-games are a small-town sport. Playing like that is forbidden in Cloud Recesses, and as your superior, I must punish you."


"Copy the rules four times and deliver the copies to Hanguang Jun tomorrow." Jin Chan groaned and stomped away through the hall.  "Keep that up and it'll be five times, young master Jin Chan."

Once Jin Chan was out of sight, Wei Wuxian turned to see if Jin Ling wasn't hurt. Apparently only his pride was bruised. Wei Wuxian ruffled his hair with a laugh and marched away. 


Hours later, Sizhui dragged Wei Wuxian out of the personal classes he was giving to that poor new boy who knew precisely nothing about cultivation (Zhang Cheng something or the other, Wei Wuxian couldn't recall) to stop a fight.

“Let’s see.” Wei Wuxian, the Yiling Laozu, consort to the second Jade of Gusu, looked at Jin Chan. “Let’s see. Who do I talk to when I am in front of you, young master Jin? With the floor? Do I speak with the floor?”

Jin Chan had the decency of looking embarrassed. He looked down and shook his head. Beside him, Jin Ling looked equally ashamed, he had a split lip and an angry red mark on his cheek.

“I was just kidding with the young master, Wei qianbei…” Jin Chan mumbles. “He punched me first…”

“Wei qianbei,” Lan Sizhui said softly behind him. “Young master Jin Chan said some… Hurtful things to Jin Ling, about his parents.”

“What hurtful things?” Wei Wuxian turned to Jin Ling, he was shaking, his hands curled into fists. “What did he say, A-Ling?”


“I was joking!”

“Silence, boy, or I will have you copy the rules another thirteen times, while beating a drum for sutras and chanting.”

Wei Wuxian looked terrifying, in his fresh, unblemished Lan robes, with his hair done impeccably, this time he had a hairpin with clouds, little diamonds dangled from it looking like raindrops. Jin Chan looked down again.

“What did he say, A-Ling?”

Jin Ling bit his already split lip.

“He said Ayi had killed A-niang…” Jin Ling whispered. “But I know that’s not true! Jiujiu said so, and I was there when… When the truth was told, but… It’s the way he said it, with such contempt.”

Wei Wuxian reached out to Jin Ling with a slender hand, he touched the red cheek gently and Jin Ling winced. Then he turned to Jin Chan, his grey eyes looking like storm clouds.

Oh no,’ Wei Wuxian thought angrily, ’don’t you mess with my little pheasant!

"You insolent little chipmunk.” He began, then promptly slapped Jin Chan.

All the disciples from the many sects gasped in perfect unison. Jin Chan brought a hand to his bruised cheek and looked at Wei Wuxian in shock.

“How dare you?! My father is-”

“Your father will hear about this tomorrow! And so will Sect Leader Jiang!”

“Yelling is forbidden, Wei qianbei.” Sizhui said unhelpfully.

“I’m not yelling, this is how I talk!” Wei Wuxian responded. “You, little delinquent, will copy the rules, 30 times, while doing handstands! This isn’t the first time I catch you bullying the young master Jin, I warned you before, because I’m a generous senior, but now you’ve gone too far.”

The Lan disciples around him were quiet but looked at him with a sympathetic gaze.

“Now all of you go back to your duties, none of you were good enough to stop the fight so you’ll copy the rules twice!”

All the disciples groaned and dispersed. Wei Wuxian went to where Zizhen, Jingyi and Sizhui worried over Jin Ling’s split lip and red cheek. Wei Wuxian hissed at the sight of it.

“Were you at least winning before I got here?” Wei Wuxian asked with a grin. Lan Jingyi nodded.

“You should have seen! He did that thing where he twisted his arm like they were waltzing! Very graceful!”

“Ah yes, that came in handy didn’t it?” Wei Wuxian grinned. “Come along, boys, we’ll get some ice for that lip and give you all loquats. As a treat.”




“I heard you dispersed a fight today.” Lan Wangji said casually as he was grading some papers. He frowned reading Jingyi’s, will this rotten child ever learn to write in a way that is legible?

Wei Wuxian was writing some calligraphy and nodded absently, placing his brush down.

“Jin Chan was being a little shit to my nephew.” He said, lifting the piece of paper and blowing on it. It read “Pheasant”.

“Mn, Jiang Wanyin warned brother that he’d be a problem.”

There were a few other pieces of calligraphy nearby. Raddish, Chicken Wing and Plum. Wei Wuxian thought absently that he should stop thinking about his little ducklings as food. Maybe he could make plaques for them to have as a memento.

“Jin Ling dealt with him gracefully.”

“You mean he punched the boy?”

Wei Wuxian shrugged, picked up his brush again and began drawing a rabbit with the leftover ink.

“He deserved it.”

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Jiang Cheng stared at Wei Wuxian.

Then he stared a little more.

When he was done staring, he stared a little bit more.

He frowned and turned to Lan Wangji.

"Did you decide to leave my brother for this well dressed man?" He said very seriously.

Wei Wuxian's mask of grace and ellegance fell.

"Jiang Cheng! I'm right here!"

"Who are you? Hanguang Jun, I have never seen this man in my life."

"Lan Zhan! Jiang Cheng is bullying me!" Wei Wuxian whined next to his husband.

"Jiang Wanyin," Lan Xichen intervened gently, "I am glad you could make it, I apologize for the inconvenience."

Jiang Cheng looked suspiciously at Lan Wangji, then at Lan Xichen, and finally at Wei Wuxian.

"Are they forcing you or something? Why are you dressed like that?"

"Aiyoooo Jiang Cheng! You're so mean! I'm dressed like this because I am teaching the guest disciples, right now I am Lan Ying, Hanguang Jun's husband. Talismans teacher."

"Uh..." Jiang Cheng said uselessly.

Once he was certain that indeed Wei Wuxian was not being forced to anything, Jiang Cheng was guided to a small tea room. Some disciples walked around here and there. Jiang Cheng almost chokes on his own saliva seeing how two guest disciples from the Jin Sect stopped what they were doing to stare at Wei Wuxian as he walked by his husband's arm.

What the fuck was wrong with these kids?

To him, the only difference between this Wei Wuxian and regularly dressed Wei Wuxian was the silver hairpin with white flores that was stabbed to his hairbun. Once inside the room, they all sat down, Jiang Cheng was surprised to see Jin Ling already there and he went to sit beside him.

"What did you do this time? Are you causing trouble to the Lan sect?"

"Easy there, stepfather." Wei Wuxian began. "Jin Ling is not to blame for anything, he was defending himself."

"Defending himself from who?" Jiang Cheng's whole demeanor changed this time, now he was on guard. "Who was bothering you? I'll break their legs!"

"A-Xian," Lan Xichen said to Wei Wuxian, "Jin Chan's parents did not respond to our letter."

A disciple appeared in that moment with a pot with tea, he served tea for everyone seated and then quickly left the room.

Wei Wuxian shrugged.

"Well, if the boy causes another fight, we'll simply expell him and let them know the situation. They were warned."

They told Jiang Cheng what had happened. The whole time, Jin Ling kept his head down. His split lip had already healed.

"So you see, we needed you to come here to talk to you about it. Our little pheasant would not tell you himself." Wei Wuxian said finally.

"Wei Ying is indulgent." Lan Wangji said.

"I hate to say it but Hanguang Jun is right." Jiang Cheng added. "You punched Jin Zixuan once and that was enough to get you booted."

Wei Wuxian made a dismissive hand gesture, as if he were scaring away Jiang Cheng's opinion. Jin Ling looked up at his uncle, he didn't know that story.

"That's not important anymore. Jin Chan is a silly boy, I'm giving him a chance to redeem himself, if he does something stupid again, then he'll have to go. We can't be too indulgent. Uncle Qiren won't be happy."

"Fine, if this kid bullies you again, don't respond to his words, tell Wei jiu immediately." Jiang Cheng ordered Jin Ling. The boy nodded firmly. "Were you at least winning when your Wei jiu arrived?"

"Sandu Shengshou!" Lan Xichen looked equal parts scandalized and amused with such question.

Jin Ling nodded eagerly and Wei Wuxian barks a laugh.

"Yes, Jingyi told me he was winning."

"That's my nephew, I've taught you well."


Once the meeting was over, Jin Ling was allowed to retire to do his tasks, Wei Wuxian offered to accompany Jiang Cheng to Cloud Recesses' exit.

"It seems everyone respects you now." Jiang Cheng commented casually. "You're still a scoundrel, even if you dress well."

"I never said I wasn't. I'm just a scoundrel that looks presentable." Wei Wuxian shrugged again.

Jiang Cheng grabbed his arm so he'd stop walking and stood awkwardly beside him.

"What exactly did that Jin Chan kid say?"

"Something unimportant. About me and about Shijie."

This time it was Jiang Cheng who bit his lip and looked down. Wei Wuxian thought that it was incredible how much he and Jin Ling looked alike. If the boy were his own son, they would probably not be so similar.

"Jin Ling doesn't know the whole truth and... Jin Chan's parents were there when..."

"I figured, they must have told him their version of what happened. It wasn't our fault, and now we know this, the only thing we can do now is move forward, for Jin Ling's parents."

Jiang Cheng frowned yet again.

"Who are you and what have you done to my brother?"

Wei Wuxian whined and pushed him forcefully to the exit, yelling that he had to get out of there as soon as possible because he was being a nuisance. 

Jiang Cheng laughed, actually laughed, as his brother pushed him out of Cloud Recesses.

He'd missed this.

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Wei Wuxian looked at the disciples after the introductory class. Lan Sizhui stood beside him, even his own son looked at him like he'd never seen Wei Wuxian before.

Wei Wuxian's lively eyes landed on one of the guest disciples, he stood a bit away from the others by himself, he didn't seem to come along with anyone else.

"Who's that poor lonely dumb looking child?" 

"That's Jin Ling, A-niang." Lan Sizhui said without looking away from the disciple list.

"No! I know what Jin Ling looks like! I mean that one." Wei Wuxian pointed at the solitary boy, standing awkwardly away from the other sects.

Lan Sizhui looked embarrassed and began fumbling through the pages of the disciples list.

"Ah! Umm... Here, he's Zhang Cheng Ling, from the... Aaah... Four Seasons Manor sect?"

"Which one is that one? Who brought him?"

"He was signed up by uuh..." Lan Sizhui's long finger roamed through the page with the boy's information. "The sect leader Zhou Zishu."

"I see. They are martial artists." Wei Wuxian commented. "Why would his master send him here?" 

"I don't know, I believe he knows nothing about cultivation, we think his golden core is very weak." Lan Sizhui shrugged. "A-niang, how do you know they are a sect of martial artists?" 

"They say there's no secrets amongs thieves, A-Yuan." Wei Wuxian smiled softly. "The sect business is very vast, but we're not that many people."

The truth is Wei Wuxian knew the boy's other annoying teacher. It must have been some bad joke on his part to send the boy here. Wei Wuxian huffed.

"He looks dumb. I'm going to have to look after him." 


"Send a letter to the Four Seasons Manor. Tell them Wei Wuxian is glad to look after their heir."

Wei Wuxian walked away from Lan Sizhui with a big smile. 

Days later, he received a fan that had the words "Screw you" written in perfect calligraphy painted in it, along with a letter that smelled like chrisanthemums, threatening Wei Wuxian to be nice to their disciple or else

Wei Wuxian laughed out loud. Ah, that Wen Ke Xing was really funny. 




Lan Wangji had not paid much attention to the way the guest disciples spoke about Wei Wuxian. He just decided to loom threateningly behind them and tell them gossip was forbidden. 

This time, however, they were getting quite bold.

"Did you hear? Wei qianbei slapped Jin Chan."


"They say Jin Chan insulted Wei qianbei's nephew."

"Ah, it must be awesome to be defended by someone so beautiful."

"You idiot! If Hanguang Jun hears you speak that way about his husband, he'll make you copy the rules until your hands bleed." 

"Hanguang Jun is very lucky, having a husband like Wei qianbei."

"And yet he never even demonstrates he loves him, he's always so cold."

"We don't know what their relationship is like behind closed doors, they say they're very noisy."

"Stop fooling around, we're late for class."

The disciples scurried away and Lan Wangji stood there thinking, did he really not show his husband constantly how much he loved him? Was their "every day" not enough for his husband to be happy? 

That afternoon when Wei Wuxian arrived at the jingshi, he found his husband sitting in front of the table with dinner all set up and getting cold, he was staring off into space.

"Lan Zhan? Lan er-gege?" Wei Wuxian sat in front of him. "Husband?" 

"Wei Ying, am I cold with you?"

Lan Wangji looked as if someone had kicked his bunnies. Wei Wuxian smiled softly. 

"Why would you think such a thing? You kiss me in front of your uncle and we both know your uncle barely tolerates me."

"Shufu does not despise Wei Ying."

"Sure he does, he made a rule so no one would come near me."

"That rule was not because he hates Wei Ying."

"Then what?"

"I don't want anyone to go anywhere near my Wei Ying." 

Wei Wuxian seemed to think about this for a long time. If Lan Qiren had wanted to despise Wei Wuxian and insult their marriage, the rule would be ideal, but it wasn't there to insult his nephew or his nephew in law, but to protect the rest of the sect from Lan Wangji's jealousy. 

"All this time I thought it was because he hates me... Now I see it's because I have a bottle of vinegar at home*." 

Wei Wuxian laughed, rounded the table and went to sit on his husband's lap.

"I love Lan Zhan just the way he is. Jealousy and all tal." 

Lan Wangji held his husband by the waist and covered his face with many kisses.




"That blasted Wei Wuxian!"

"Think of your blood pressure, husband." 

"He thinks he's all that because he bagged the precious Hanguang Jun, but if he does anything to our child I swear I will-"

"Lao Wen, sit down and eat."

"He's just been gone for two days and I already miss him, my poor idiot child..."

"So dramatic, Lao Wen..."



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Wei Wuxian had, indeed, been very indulgent with Jin Chan.

The situation is this: Wei Wuxian told Lan Sizhui to try to help Cheng Ling to feel a bit more like he belonged in the group of visiting disciples. Sizhui is not inconvenienced at all by this, Cheng Ling was a nice boy, though a little shy, it had taken him a while to open up to Sizhui and his friends, but once he felt included, everything was smooth sailing.

Wei Wuxian was satisfied, things had happened very naturally. 

"How is my little child doing?" Wen Ke Xing asked him the next time they met, as he poured some Emperor's Smile for both of them. The wine in Caiyi was really good.  "I hope you're not giving him a hard time."

"You, Wen Ke Xing, what are you planning sending the boy to Gusu?"

"A'Xu is worried that he has a hard time making friends."

"His meridians are strong, he has a weak cultivation and his golden core needs working on, but I think we can do a lot for him in the summer. These classes will do him good."

Wei Wuxian fanned himself with a beautiful black fan, it had a white lotus flower in full bloom hand painted in it. From an outsider's view, Wei Wuxian and Wen Ke Xing looked like a pair or rich scholars drinking calmly. 

"Look at you, you look very refined lately. That Hanguang Jun finally managed to subdue you."

"Oh, didn't you hear? I've become somewhat of an urban legend. Everyone talks about the beautiful Lan consort."

"I heard rumors when I arrived in Caiyi, interesting, indeed."

They looked at each other for a moment, covering their smiles with their respective fans, then they both barked a laugh.

"Ah, nobody would believe it from you, Wei Wuxian, you are truly shameless."

"Not as much as you, Wen Ke Xing, having the nerve to come here after trying to sabotage my second wedding."

"It was a little joke, dear friend, you know I only have eyes for my A'Xu."

"How is he now?"

"Irritable, as always. He misses Cheng Ling but won't admit it, and he's crankier each day. This poor wife can't take it anymore."

Wei Wuxian raised his arm to give his friend a few soft pats on his back.

"There, there. Maybe it'll make him rest easy to know that Cheng Ling is a good student and a very well behaved boy, and he's making friends! My A-Yuan likes him a lot."

"Ah, your little Radish will be a good influence for him. I am glad."


On hindsight, they should have worried more about Jin Ling y Lan Jingyi, and how terrible an influence they could be for Cheng Ling.

Since Wei qianbei was not in Cloud Recesses that day, once their classes Hanguang Jun ended, the disciples had their archery class earlier than usual. Now they were resting in the classroom.

"Aahh, that Lan Heng beat the shit out of us..." Jin Ling whined, as he was flopped on the floor. Lan Jingyi straddled his back, giving him gentle punches on his shoulders. "Ouch, lower, there, fuck, what is wrong with that man? Does he think we're made of wood?"

"Cheng Ling, are martial arts trainings this intense too?" Jingy asked, kneading Jin Ling's back as if he were trying to make bread.

"Shifu is strict, sometimes I have to practice one combat movement at least 300 times, if he's not satisfied, I have to do it again."

"Sounds harsh, compared to that, cultivation must seem like something very easy, huh?" Jin Ling smacked Jingyi's thigh, and the boy stood up from his back so Jin Ling could sit up.

Cheng Ling shook his head.

"The truth is, sometimes I don't understand anything."

"Well, you can always ask one of us." Jingyi grinned and then looked around. "Hey, where's Zizhen?"

"I don't know, I haven't seen him since the archery practice ended."

"Everyone, Wei qianbei is out, so there won't be Talisman making class today." Sizhui said as he wrote the instructions for their homework on the board for when the other disciples showed up.

The other three boys threw their hands up in the air, celebrating.

"So we're done for today?"

"I guess so."

Right that moment, the classroom door opened and Ouyang Zizhen walked in with a big smile.

"Boys, guess who has a girlfriend."

"Yao Bai?" Jin Ling asked jokingly. Yao Bai, the heir of the Yao Sect, was not too handsome and wasn't nice either. They all laughed and Zizhen looked confused.

"What? No! Me!"

"Oh really? And who's the poor unfortunate girl?" Jingyi asked.

"It's Lan Xiang! She said yes!"

Jingyi frowned. "Didn't she say she'd think about it?"

"But we both want to."

"Ugh, that silly girl, she's supposed to play hard to get. You're supposed to beg her for her love so men know she isn't easy!"

"Umm..." Cheng Ling was going to ask how Jingyi could possibly know that. Sizhui smiled.

"Jingyi is very popular with the girls, that's why he can very easily say no to them."

"Yeah right." Came a voice from the other side of the classroom. They turned around to see it was Jin Chan, how long had he been there? "He acts all chaste and later he goes crazy with all of them. Truly shameless."

Jingyi stood from where he sat, Sizhui made to stop him but didn't grab his sleeve on time.

Everything happened too fast. Lan Jingyi said something, to which Jin Chan responded with a taunt, suddenly Jingyi pushed Jin Chan and in a matter of seconds they were both rolling on the floor, exchanging blows and punches.

Sizhui was horrified, he couldn't even catalogue this as a young cultivators fight, they looked like children rolling on the floor. Jingyi was even pulling on his oponent's hair.

"We should separate them." Cheng Ling reasoned, thank Dianxia, someone sensible!

"No, let them," Jin Ling said "can't you see Jingyi is winning?"

"Jin Ling!" Sizhui and Cheng Ling looked at the young master Jin, scandalized.

"Give him one for me, Jingyi!" Zizhen hollered behind them.

"If he gives him a punch for each one of the things he's done to us, Jin Chan will wind up dead." Sizhui commented, then he seemed surprised at what he himself had said, while his friends encouraged Jingyi. "Cheng Ling, please help me separate them before a teacher is alerted of the ruckus."

"Mn!" Cheng Ling nodded, and they both went to take Jingyi by the arms to get him off a flailing and screaming Jin Chan.

Furious, the young disciple of the Jin sect stood, rearranged his clothes with as much dignity as he had left and wiped the blood off his lip.

"You'll regret this, Lan Jingyi!"

"Oh yeah! I'm quaking in my boots!" Jingyi was still trying to free himself from his friends' grip. "Whenever you want! Name a time and a place you brat!"

Right in that moment, Wei Wuxian's figure appeared at the door, with another person behind him. They all instantly froze in place.

"Ah, a tiny fight club!" Wei Wuxian's friend exclaimed joyfully.

"Uncle Wen!" Cheng Ling let go of Jingyi to greet Wen Ke Xing.

"What the hell is the meaning of this?" Wei Wuxian asked, looking at all the boys present there. "I was just away for two hours and you are all already killing each other in the classroom..."

"Wei qianbei, Lan Jingyi-!" Jin Chan couldn't continue speaking, because Wei Wuxian descended above him like a storm cloud and hit him in the head with his fan. "Ow! But he started it!"

"I didn't start shit! You called me a whore!" Jingyi pointed at him, with every intention to jump him again, but Sizhui kept him in place.

"You pushed me first!"

"SILENCE! I don't care who started it!" Wei Wuxian's voice thundered, silencing them all with a turn of his sleeve, the sleeves had Gusu clouds embroidered in them. "I am very disappointed in both of you. Lan Jingyi, you had never lowered yourself to this level, and you, I gave you plenty of opportunities to redeem yourself, but it's obvious you're nothing but a bully, you're now expelled!"

"You can't do that! My father-"

"I can't? Go ahead, young disciple Jin, tell me more of what I can or cannot do in my own home and my own sect, I dare you. Collect your belongings and return to Lanling. We will send a letter to your parents to tell them of this incident, we'll see if they're interested in complaining."

Jin Chan lookee hatefully at Jingyi, he tried to do the same to Wei Wuxian, but he realized the cold gaze was already being returned. He felt intimidated and scurried out of the classroom.

Wen Ke Xing clapped, pleased. 

"You really know how to deal with these children, Wei Wuxian, I'm very impressed. It wasn't such a bad idea to bring Cheng Ling for you to take care of, after all."

"Be quiet, Wen Ke Xing." Wei Wuxian mumbled, then he tiredly went to Jingyi. "What the fuck, kid?"

Jingyi looked down, he had a scratch on his left cheek. Wei Wuxian grabbed him gently by the chin to look at it.

"That's all he did to you? Can't even fight properly. But Jingyi, really? Getting into a fist fight? That's serious business. You know fighting is forbidden, so you'll have to copy the rules about fighting and violence 200 times, you understand?"

"At least it's not all the rules."

Wen Ke Xing still had his shit eating grin.

This place was really interesting.

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To say that Jin Chan's father was furious would have been a lie.

The man looked like a rabid dog once he finally decided to step foot on Cloud Recesses.

Wen Ke Xing left as soon as he was absolutely sure that his dumb child was in good hands, not before batting his eyelashes coquettishly at Hanguang Jun like some shy maiden. The only thing he earned for his troubles was a glare and a "shameless..." from Hanguang Jun, and a bonk to the head with Wei Wuxian's fan, but it had been fun.

A-Xu would be pissed and would probably smack him over this when he got home. But no matter, it had been quite fun to play there for a bit.

Now, Jin Wan, the unfortunate boy's father, was sat next to his bratty child in front of Lan Xichen.

The first Jade sighed.

"To what do we owe the honor of your visit?" He asked as cordially as possible. Jin Wan was an important man, so to speak, he had been Jin Guangyao's advisor and that made him believe he still held some kind of power. Jiang Wanyin had warned Zewu Jun to be wary of this man.

"I want to know why instead of punishing that little delinquent that assaulted my son, my poor child has been expelled. And by that degenerate Wei Wuxian! What power does that man have to expel my son?"

Zewu Jun was beginning to feel that soon, the headache he woke up with due to falling asleep on top of his reports the night before was going to become very annoying. He called for one of the disciples to bring 'Lan Ying' and Hanguang Jun.

"Lan Ying and Hanguang Jun will be able to better explain the situation."

"And who is this Lan Ying?"

"Hanguang Jun's husband, my brother in law, and teacher to young master Jin Chan."

Zewu Jun noted that in all this time, Jin Chan had not said a word. He sat primly next to his father, looking at the floor. His eye was turning blue and his scalp was red and bruised from where Lan Jingyi had pulled on his hair. He even had a bite mark on his right cheek.

Lan Jingyi was truly the most un-Lan Lan to ever be born in Cloud Recesses.

After a few minutes, the door to the meeting room opened and Jin Wan was ready to get up and demand an explanation from Hanguang Jun and Wei Wuxian, instead, however, he stood there, perplexed at the image before him.

Two elegantly dressed people in light blues and whites walked into the room. One was easy to recognize, as it was Hanguang Jun, but it was impossible that the beautiful and ethereal creature that held his arm was the fearsome Yiling Laozu.

Hanguang Jun guided his husband in, helping him sit down, and sat beside him. Jin Chan didn't even look up at them.

"Brother in law." Wei Wuxian greeted Zewu Jun, taking his husband's arm delicately once again. He then turned to Jin Wan and his son. "So you finally deign to show up for a meeting."

"Eh?" Jin Wan asked, dumbfounded.

"Master Jin, we sent you a letter before so you would come to Cloud Recesses to speak to you about your son's situation. I suppose it's not as important to you until he gets expelled." Wei Wuxian replied.


"In any case, it does not matter anymore, your son caused several fights and he was punished. He did not learn his lesson so he was sent home."

"My son would not dare to start a fight!"

"Lan Jingyi was born here in Cloud Recesses and grew here, he has never started a fight himself." Hanguang Jun commented, not looking at Jin Wan, his husband's delicate hand resting on the crook of his elbow.

But he sure does know how to end them. Is what Zewu Jun wanted to say, but he kept it to himself.

"How can you assure that my son was not manipulated by this wicked Wei Wuxian to fight with others? This is obviously a ploy to disparage our family."

"Master Jin, I don't even know who you are, why would I want to disparage you? Why would I make Jin Chan be a bully to my own nephew? Admit your son is a miserly little child and move on."


"Master Jin Wan, your son attacked and tormented Jin Ling constantly, he is my sworn nephew, son to my beloved Shijie, forgive me for wanting to defend my relative from a petty little boy such as your son. I warned Jin Chan several times in many kind ways that it is forbidden to fight here and he didn't care, if he managed to try the patience of a Lan sect disciple that's nobody's fault but his own."

Wei Wuxian looked away, he was no longer addressing Jin Chan, a sign that he had said all that there was to say.

Jin Wan looked like he wanted to throttle Wei Wuxian.

"It is more than obvious that the Lan sect is not what it used to be, allowing a treacherous fox such as Wei Wuxian to teach the youth. It's better if my son is not here any longer, this corrupt sect does not deserve his talents."

"Now listen here!" Wei Wuxian stood abruptly, with his white and blue robes and his lotus flower silver headpiece, he looked like a vengeful spirit. "I will not allow you to come here and insult my family and my sect!"

Dark clouds of resentful energy surrounded Wei Wuxian for a moment, dark silhouettes of what seemed to be hundreds of angry spirits surrounded him.

"Did you hear what he said?" One of the shadows said.

"He insulted A-niang." Gasped another one.

"We should eat him." A soft, childish one suggested.

"Let's eat him!" Another cackled.

"A-niang, let us devour this man." One of the shadows gently tugged on Wei Wuxian's sleeve.

Hanguang Jun stood and took Wei Wuxian's arm gently and soon the presences vanished.

Zewu Jun did not move from his place, instead, he took a soft sip of his tea.

"Jin Wan, please take your son and leave the Cloud Recesses, unless you wish to anger my brother in law further." Lan Xichen suggested placidly.

Now that Hanguang Jun had taken Wei Wuxian's arm, he had calmed and now smiled kindly up at his husband, he no longer looked like an angry demon, instead he looked like a benevolent god.

Jin Wan tugged on his son's arm and they traipsed out of the room as quickly as they could.

Once they were all sure they were gone, Wei Wuxian barked a laugh.

"Ah, that always works like a charm! I love to scare them like that."

"Wei Ying." Lan Wangji took Wei Wuxian into his arms gently. "It wasn't tiring?"

"I have a lot of energy today, and that loafer Wen Ke Xing taught me a few tricks."

"I don't think Jin Wan will be coming back." Lan Xichen commented, leaning forward on the table to look at where he had been sitting. "I think he left a strange stain there on that cushion, we'll have to burn it.."

Wei Wuxian continued giggling and cackling until they went back to the jingshi. It was really fun to be him


Chapter Text

Jingyi let out a horrid scream when Jin Ling touched him lightly with the medicine on the scratch on his face.

"AAAAAAAH HURTS HURTS HURTS!" He screamed, flailing, Jin Ling almost falls trying to avoid his flailing arms.

"But I barely even touched you!"

"Sizhui, who was that and why did he say those things about Jingyi?" Cheng Ling asked.

"Ah, Jin Chan is a petty little tyrant." Jin Ling said, carefully cleaning up Jingyi's small wound, Jingyi sobbed miserably. "He's bullied me since we were children, he feels he's all that because his dad was my shushu's advisor."

"But Lianfang-Zun has been dead for a long time and he still feels he's all that." Ouyang Zizhen shrugged as he said this.

"Since we're Jin Ling's friends, he bullies us too." Sizhui added. "It's a good thing Wei qianbei came back when he did and told him off."

"Wei qianbei won't get into trouble for expelling him?"

"Since he's the second Jade of Gusu's consort, he can pretty much do whatever he wants." Jin Ling said, he threw away the little ball of cotton and put the tonic away on the little first aid kit. "Such is the luck of husbands."

Jingyi took a step back and turned to a nearby mirror to look at his reflection.

"I swear if that nasty man left a scar on my face, I'll end him." He hissed, pressing his fingers gently to the scratch.

"Stop touching it." Sizhui chastised gently, taking his books. From between the pages in one of them, a piece of paper glided slowly to the floor. Eh?"

The piece of folded paper fluttered a moment before landing at Ouyang Zizhen's feet, he picked it up and gave it to his friend.

"Is it one of your notes? I think it's scented."

"I don't write notes in separate papers, I don't want them to get scattered." Sizhui looked at his books and noticed a small flower between a few pages where the note had been. "What's this?"

"Oooh! It seems our Sizhui has a secret admirer!" Jingyi elbowed Sizhui while waggling his eyebrows. Sizhui blushed and laughed nervously.

"Of course not! How can you think such a thing, Jingyi?"

"Oh sure! Someone is out there leaving flowers and notes for everyone in Cloud Recesses! So why don't I have one?"

"Maybe they ran out." ChengLing commented inocently.

"You don't have one either!" Jingyi yelled, pointing an accusing finger at ChengLing.

"And why would I want one? Stop reading lovey dovey stories."

"But what does the note say?" Zizhen peeked curiously over Sizhui's shoulder.

Sizhui took the note and began reading out loud.

Lan Sizhui
You are the most beautiful person in all of Cloud Recesses.
Your smile is so sweet and your eyes are like gems.
There is no one like you.
I am sure there's many that sigh for you and I am one of those unfortunate ones.

When he finished reading, Sizhui was blushing a deep red, he folded the note quickly and hid it inside the same book nervously.

"Wow, that's romantic." Cheng Ling smiled, he seemed touched by the note.

"Ah, maybe they don't have pretty calligraphy, but they're poetic for sure!" Zizhen's eyes shone excitedly. "You really have a secret admirer!"

"Gross! Who wrote that? It's as deep as a puddle!" Jingyi fake gagged and laughed.

"Are you alright, Sizhui?" Jin Ling touched his arm gently, Sizhui seemed to come out of his shock with this.

"Ah! It's just... I've never received something like this before... I never thought I'd have a secret admirer or something like that, why wouldn't they speak to me directly?"

"Maybe they're shy or they're afraid of being rejected." Zizhen leaned dramatically on the doorway. "It's so romantic and tragic."

"I... I think I need to not think about this for now, we have homework to do."

They all groaned and started putting their things away to leave the classroom.

"I'll bring you a balm for the scratch tomorrow, Jingyi." Jin Ling said, taking his things and hastily leaving the classroom.

Sizhui saved the flower carefully inside his talismans book.