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Iron Man is a Walking Tank

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“Did you know?”

“I didn’t know it was him.”

“Don’t bullshit me Rogers! Did you know?!”


It was everything Steve had feared. Tony found out about his parents and he lost it, throwing a punch and then going after poor Bucky who didn’t even do anything.

Steve wouldn’t let that stand! He launched himself forward and punched the chest of the armour. He hated having to use his knowledge of Tony like this but he needed to be stopped.

Steve had to save Bucky and Tony’s chest had always been his weak point.

“Ow!” he yelled, pulling his hand back and cradling it against his chest.

“What the fuck did you think that would do Rogers?” Tony demanded, rounding on him after throwing Bucky into the wall.

Poor Bucky! He didn’t deserve this!

“This suit is made to hold up against tanks. I’ve gone rounds with Thor in a less advanced model. Bruce helped me improve the durability with tests with the Hulk. Why would a punch from a steroid commercial work?!”

“I just-” Steve spluttered a bit. He hadn’t thought it wouldn’t work but he was pretty sure his hand was broken.

“Not to mention my chest plate is the most reinforced part of the armour because of all the shit my heart and rib cage have been through.” Tony flipped the faceplate up to narrow his eyes at Steve suddenly. “Wait, why the fuck did you go straight for my fucking chest Rogers?! You know I have a heart condition and an artificial sternum. Are you trying to fucking kill me?!”

Bucky was now looking at Steve in horror. “You told me to aim for the chest because of the blue light being the power source Steve. You didn’t say anything about his chest being compromised!”

Steve spluttered again before straightening up. “Don’t exaggerate Tony. You’d be fine. I just need to cut the power to your suit so that Bucky and I can escape. You shouldn’t be blaming Bucky for this. I knew you would! It’s why I didn’t tell you!”

Tony looked murderously angry. “Exaggerating?! Rogers I’ve had multiple heart surgeries! I’ve told all of you before that my chest is fragile! If it gets hit too hard it could send me into a heart attack! Why do you think Nat and Clint stopped giving me frights all the time?! Pepper threatened them with legal action because of my medical records!”

“You shouldn’t overreact like that Tony,” Steve scolded. Really, he needed to learn to be more of a team player!

Tony stared at him for a long moment before snapping the faceplate down.

“Right. Friday?”

He powered up the unibeam and hit Steve head on, sending him flying. Vaguely Steve heard Tony order Bucky to surrender. He tried to get up but his vision was rapidly going black.

The last thing he remembered was Tony taking the shield with a muttered “You don’t deserve this shield. You’re lucky I didn’t use the lasers asshole.”

Then he passed out.