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a pleasant surprise

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Sort of AU where they were saved from the island by a random boat, meaning that the interviews never happened. The experiment was revealed, Nora came clean, drama happened and all that but four years has passed)

Four years had passed since their last day on the island.

Four years has passed since Shelby had met Toni who had turned her life upside down, making her realize that she would never truly be happy unless she admitted to herself who she was and who she had pretended to be for her entire life. When she realized that the boat was coming to save them then she sort of blacked out. The only thing she remember was all the other girls jumping up and down screaming while she held on to Toni's hand for dear life, staring blankly at the boat approaching. She could sense that the brunette next to her was both happy and sad about being saved knowing what that would mean for the both of them.

Shelby and Toni were still very much a couple after tons of ups and downs but were now going on four years strong. Shelby don't even know how she managed to stand up to her dad, but the girls and especially Toni had given her the push that she needed to tell her parents to either respect her decision or she would move out. Sure, Dave Goodkind had given her hell at first preaching both left and right with lectures on lectures about God, sins and what's right and wrong till the point of Shelby packing her bags and moving in with Dot for a while. After a few months then her parents had showed up at Dotty's house and begged her to come back. Her dad said he would never accept her decision, but he would respect her since she's his daughter. As long as he didn't see or hear anything about it.

As three more years passed then all the girls found themselves in LA. They realized that their bond was too strong and they needed to be close to each other. Everyone except Nora. Even though the girls had forgiven Nora then she struggled to come to terms with the situation especially since she was partly the reason why her sister was now one hand down. She decided to move country to continue with her studies and get away, but still kept on touch now and then.

They all moved into Fatin's beach house, but as a year passed then Rachel was the first one to move about a ten minutes drive away to live with her current boyfriend. After being walked in on by every single girl in the house then Shelby and Toni decided that it was time for them to get their own little place. The last straw for Toni was when Marty walked in on them unfortunately while the blonde was sitting on her face right in the middle of possibly one of the strongest orgasms she's had.

The couple had been living together in their little beach apartment for the past 7 months, but that didn't necessarily mean a lot of privacy. Seeing as Fatin, Dot, Leah and Marty lived right down the street then they either called for them to come over every other day or barged into their apartment when they felt like it. If they were lucky then they usually got a day or two during the week alone together which Fatin meant was more than enough seeing as they got nightime alone.

Shelby had recently gotten a call from her mom saying that there was a nice gathering happening back in Texas and said that her dad would appreciate if she could make it, but didn't want to make the call himself. Dave hadn't exactly been thrilled about Shelby leaving Texas to go live with her girlfriend in another state. He had obviously been hoping and praying that she was going through a phase and would get to her senses, but that hadn't been the case. She considered saying no since he didn't even bothering calling himself, but if her attendance meant that much to her then it would be on her terms.

"Fine, but Toni will be there too."

The brunette had whined and resisted, but after Shelby had made her a few promises along with a pair of lips grazing her earlobe then she agreed reluctantly. "You're lucky you're cute too," she grumbled, rolling her eyes when a happy blonde jumped on her, a pair of arms wrapping around her neck.


Her dad had not been too pleased about Toni tagging along, but realized that he had no say in it if he wanted his daughter to show up. He had asked her not to showcase her relationship in front of everyone because of his reputation to which the blonde had just given him a look in return. She had zero intentions of hiding her relationship with Toni, but she knew that important people were showing up to the gathering and she also knew that her dad had told everyone that she had moved away to "rekindle her relationship with God after the plane crash" so she would try to keep it low-key as much as possible for his sake.

Toni and Shelby had booked into a hotel room in town for both Toni and her parents sake. The blonde was leaving about half an hour earlier than the brunette seeing as the latter realized a bit too late that she had forgotten to bring her buttoned up shirt that went with her slacks.

"You're unbelievable, you know that? I told you to pack it!" Shelby was beyond frustrated at this point. It was one thing bringing her girlfriend with her to a gathering her homophobic dad was hosting in a homophobic town but then to add on to it then she would be late too. "I can't be late because then my daddy will actually kill me so just come whenever you're ready or something," she sighed, waving her hand in the brunette's direction before walking over to the mirror for a final check. She was wearing a yellow dress, much similar to her last pageant dress but a bit more form-fitting and slightly shorter.

Toni looked up and down from her phone as she googled the nearest mall with an amused expression on her face. She knew that her girlfriend was mostly worked up by her parents, but she had a feeling that she was slightly sexually frustrated as well. They usually had sex everyday, sometimes even a couple of times a day. With the traveling and both of them being busy then it had been two days since their last time and she definitely noticed that the blonde was a bit more snappy around her. She would lie if she said if didn't turn her on. "Babe, I said I was sorrry... I'll be quick, I promi-"

"Yeah, fine, sure. It doesn't matter," the blonde cut her off, about to leave without saying bye. She stopped herself at the door, almost punching herself for not being able to stop herself. Shelby turned around and quickly walked over to where the brunette was standing, leaning forward to press her lips against the corner of her mouth. "Let me know when you're close."

"Uh huh," Toni chuckled, pursing her lips together to keep it in when she got a glare. She couldn't stop herself as her hand went out to smack her backside as the blonde turned to leave, holding her hands up when she just got a pointed look in return before a door slammed shut a second later. "She's gonna kill me," she whispered to herself as she walked over to her suitcase and looking through it before pulling out the buttoned shirt she had in fact remembered to pack.

30 minutes later then Shelby found herself being guided around by her dad to different people. She felt like she was back to being an insecure closeted girl again and it really wasn't helping her temper. The only thing holding her back was her mom saying that it was only for one night. She had promised to behave properly and even though she said she wouldn't be making out with Toni in front of everyone then she wouldn't hide her relationship either.

"There's Andrew!" Dave said excitedly, pointing his finger in the boys direction. Oh boy, here we go. "He's taken over his dad's business and he just recently got single again," he prompted, waving his hand to get his attention. "Andrew!"

Shelby shook her head, feeling a sense of panic starting to spread through her body. Panic mixed with anger and sexual frustration was definitely not a good mix.

Andrew's eyes lit up as he spotted the pair and started immediately walking towards them.

"Daddy, I'm-" she shook her head, grabbing his arm to pull it down. "Dad, can you not do this right now?"

Too late.

"Hey, Mr. Goodkind! Hey, Shelby!"

Dave smiled proudly, shaking Andrew's hand. "Glad you showed up. Shelby is back in town for a couple of days so maybe you two could catch up a bit!"

Shelby could feel her blood boil a bit, but was she surprised that her dad still didn't accept her sexuality and her relationship and still pushed for her to be with a guy? No. She pursed her lips together, looking down at her phone to see still no text from her girlfriend. "Hey," she smiled slightly at the guy in front of her.

Dave looked between the two of them with a proud expression on his face. He patted Andrew's shoulder before he turned on his feet and walked the opposite direction.

The blonde cleared her throat as she stared at the boy she had called her boyfriend four years ago. She had blamed it on needing some time alone when she got back from the island, not needing to deal with both her parents and Andrew finding out about her sexuality. She figured he would find out sooner or later anyway so she didn't bother wasting her energy on it. She wasn't angry at him for cheating on her four years ago either. Instead she thanked him because it definitely made it easier leaving him even though he begged her not to. Just like he was good for her parents then Shelby was the perfect example of a real Texas girl and his parents absolutely adored her.

"Want something to drink?" Andrew smirked at her, already guiding her over to the bar with a hand on her back.

"Sure," she answered simply, taking a small step to the side so his hand slipped away from her back.

Andrew raised an eyebrow, watching his hand that was now hanging mid-air. He brought that said hand to run through his hair instead before taking place opposite of Shelby at the bar. He grabbed two glasses of champagne, sliding one over to her. "I'm assuming you take a glass or two since you're old enough now?" he joked, but boy if he only knew how things had changed over the years.

"Actually she's not a big fan of champagne," a dark voice behind her spoke and it sent chills down the blonde's back when she recognized the voice. "I am though," Toni almost gritted, struggling to contain her jealousy even though she knew that he was nothing. She took the glass in her right hand as her left came down to the small of Shelby's back. "Can she just get a glass of white wine?" she asked the bartender who nodded in return, quickly pouring a glass before setting it in front of the blonde.

Shelby turned slightly to welcome the brunette into her side and her eyes fell down to the white buttoned up shirt that was tucked into her pants. She raised an eyebrow suspiciously as she definitely recognized that it was the same shirt that she had claimed to have forgotten. The blonde glanced over her shoulder to make sure they didn't have any major eyes on them before she spoke. "There you are," she couldn't help that amused chuckle that escaped her lips as she Toni's face screamed jealousy.

Toni looked Andrew up and down, keeping eye contact with him the entire time as she felt her cheek being cupped by the blonde and a pair of soft lips firmly kiss her cheek quickly.

Andrew furrowed his brows for a split second before he let out a chuckle, shaking his head. "So the rumors are true then," he eyed the brunette back before standing up more straight. "And you are?"

The blonde let out a small huff, placing her hand on her girlfriend's chest to keep her grounded. She didn't need her to make a scene and was hoping she would take a hint.

"Toni," the brunette replied, her gaze slipping down to the hand that was firmly placed on her chest before looking back up at the boy in front of her.

"I'm And-"

"Don't really care," Toni quipped as her left hand slipped down to grab on to Shelby's waist, pulling her in tighter into her front.

Andrew pursed his lips together as he observed the couple in front of him. Shelby was by far the hottest girl in Texas and he could tell her confidence had grown over the years so seeing who was supposed to be his girl wrapped up in not just another person, but another girls arms was pissing him off beyond belief. "Shelby definitely cared who I was once upon a time," he grinned, shooting the blonde a small wink before taking a sip of his glass.

"Yeah?" Toni was smirking now, knowing that her actions were getting to him. "She hasn't mentioned you much but..." she shrugged her shoulders.

"Do you really think a dyke like you can treat her better than me?" he snapped as he took a step forward, his actions making Shelby slide more towards Toni's front. "Do you really think you can make her feel better than me?"

"Andrew..." Shelby shook her head in a warning, feeling Toni's hand tighten around her hip to pull her even closer. She was about to start a new sentence when she felt something grazing the back of her thigh. She furrowed her brows until oh she felt it.

The brunette noticed her girlfriend tensing up meaning that she had probably felt her little surprise by now. "I'm pretty confident I can," she challenged him back. She wrapped her left hand fully around her waist, pulling her flush against her front. "Although I've heard she doesn't have much to compare it to."

Shelby's eyes closed shut for a split second when she could confirm that yep that was exactly what she thought it was. "Toni..." she tried warning her girlfriend too, but cut herself off when she felt Toni pull her even closer than what she thought was humanly possible. God, her sexual frustration was going through the roof at this point. "Let's just-"

"Have fun," Toni finished for her, loving the control she had over the situation.

The boy stared her dead in the eyes, but realized after a few seconds that he had nothing. He let out a huff, shaking his head. "You two dykes deserve each other," he downed his glass before leaving the two of them to stand alone by the bar.

"Are you crazy?!"

The brunette immediately let out a chuckle when the blonde turned around as she was sort of expecting a reaction out of her. "Crazy for you?" she tried, biting her bottom lip to hide the big grin that was forming on her lips.

Shelby looked around the big room, seeing that everyone was too busy watching the band that was playing. Not even her dad was paying attention. "I see you didn't forget your shirt," she stated as she stepped in between the brunette's legs subtly. "Since you're so confident you can make me feel better than a guy..." she started, leaning forward until her lips were brushing over her girlfriend's ear lobe. "How about you prove you're not all talk?" she finished as her hand came over to press against the fake bulge pressing against Toni's black slacks.

Toni's lips parted, air being pulled between her teeth. One thing that would never stop amazing her was Shelby's confidence growing and growing by the year because holy fuck. She nodded her head, barely being able to tear her eyes away from the hypnotizing green ones boring into hers. "W-where-"

The blonde grinned at the suddenly stuttering brunette in front of her and grabbed her hand, pulling her up with her. She opened her mouth to speak, but realized that they didn't have much time and immediately started dragging her along through the crowd before reaching a bathroom.

Shelby didn't even register how they got inside, who got inside first, but the next thing she knew then she was pinned against the door. Her eyelids flutter closed as she feels Toni's lips crash into hers. She quickly tried to get control over the kiss as she licked into her mouth, her hands moving to pulling up the brunette's shirt from her slacks.

"God, you drive me crazy," Toni whispered against her lips, feeling nails scratch over her toned stomach.

"Two days is way too long," Shelby mumbled, letting her head fall back against the door as she felt rough lips attach to her jaw, leaving open-mouthed kisses all the way down to her neck. "You can't leave a mark," she reminded her breathlessly, her mouth opening in a silent moan when she felt teeth sink into her skin for a split second before disappearing.

Toni let out a small growl in response. One thing she absolutely loved was leaving her claim on Shelby. It turned her on more than anything to watch her girlfriend walk around with her marks because that's what she was. She was hers. Toni immediately sank to her knees and pushed the yellow dress up Shelby's thighs, her mouth almost watering at the sight in front of her. She licked her lips before she leaned forward, pressing a few light kisses to the inside of her thigh. "I can feel how wet you are," she whispered as her nose brushed against the inside of her thigh, feeling that her wetness had run down her thighs.

"Toni... We don't have much time before my dad comes looking for me," Shelby reminded her impatiently as she tried bucking her hips to gain some friction.

The brunette ignored her girlfriend, turning her head so her lips brushed over her thigh before she started sucking on the skin there. Hard. She switched between sucking and biting, loving the way the blonde writhed beneath her touch. Toni hooked her fingers into the lacy black underwear her girlfriend was wearing before slowly pulling it down her legs, only pulling back from her thigh to get it down her legs before it hit the floor.


"Yes," Toni hummed before pulling back from her thigh, studying the newly formed mark on her thigh proudly.

"If you don't fuck me right now I might as well take Andrew up on his offer."

Toni's eyes snapped up immediately. She clenched her jaw as she stood up. She knew Shelby was just saying this to get a rise out of her, but it was definitely working. "Like he could make you feel the way I do," she hissed into the blonde's ear as her own hands started working on the zipper of her slacks, pulling it down so she could slip out the black strap-on that had been pressing against her thigh for the past hour. "Like he could make you moan the way I do," she continued, watching as Shelby's lips formed into a small smirk.

Shelby loved whenever this side came out of Toni. They had amazing sex, incredible even. Toni was amazing at what she did, but she was more of a sweet passionate lover while Shelby was usually the one taking the lead if things were gonna get a bit rougher. She didn't see this side often and she had definitely expressed how much she loved it as well so finally getting this side were making her insides turn.

The brunette swiftly grabbed a hold of her girlfriend's hips and turned her around and pushed her against the sink instead before lifting her up and placing her on top of the counter. "You think he could?" she whispered against her cheek as she grabbed a hold of the silicone in her right hand while pulling Shelby closer by her thigh with her left. "If you think he could make you feel the way I do..." she hissed against her lips, a grin forming on her lips as she watched Shelby's eyes flutter closed when the tip of the silicone grazed her, slipping between her folds teasingly. "Make you moan..." she continued as she suddenly pushed the entire length inside of her.

"Fuck," Shelby both whimpered and gasped at the same time, coming out a bit louder than expected. "Toni..."

"Then you're more than welcome to go to him," the brunette finished as she pulled out again smugly.

The blonde's eyes snapped open, not understanding what was happening. "Toni..." she whined, sliding her hands over her girlfriend's shoulder to pull her closer to her. "I can promise you that if you don't fuck me right now then I will-"

She didn't get to finish her sentence before she felt the brunette fill her again, slamming the entire length inside of her. "Oh my," she gasped, digging her nails into the back of her neck to hold on to something.

Toni let out a broken groan as she hooked her hands under Shelby's knees to hold them open as she thrusted into her. "Jesus, Shelby," she whispered, amazed at the sight of her girlfriend meeting her thrusts.

"Harder," she begged, letting out yet another loud moan as Toni immediately both sped up and thrusted harder into her. Her head falling back into the mirror, tapping against it with every thrust. "Oh my God, don't stop," she closed her eyes at the feeling building up inside of her. She felt like she was on fire with her whole body burning. She was not going to last. She-


Shelby was too much in a daze to hear what was happening, grabbing a hold of Toni's shoulders in annoyance when she felt the brunette stop thrusting into her. "Don't stop," she whined, lifting her own hips onto the black dildo.

"Are you almost done in there? I've been waiting for a while."

"Answer babe," Toni whispered into her neck, speeding up her thrusts again.

The blonde's eyes slammed closed again as she nodded her head, pulling Toni's upper body flush against hers. "Uh, a-oh," she stopped herself when she felt a thumb circle her clit, having to bite her lip to hold back a loud moan. "Baby," she whimpered, her brow furrowing as she focused on keeping quiet.

The knocking appeared again, this time louder. "Hello?"

"For fuck sakes," Shelby groaned, digging her nails as hard as she could into Toni's skin as she felt herself being pushed closer and closer to the edge. "It's fucking occupied, can't you see?" she practically shouted at the door when the woman one the other side knocked once more.

Toni chuckled into her neck at her girlfriend's tone, waiting until she heard the steps outside the door disappear before she slammed into her, placing her hands on her hips to pull her to meet her thrusts everytime.

"Fuck, fuck, I-"

"Are you going to come for me, baby?"

Shelby can hear herself growing louder and louder as she's being brought to the edge, but she can't seem to stop herself. As she open her eyes, her green eyes meeting her darkened eyes then she couldn't hold herself back any longer as she came, hard. "Toni!"

The brunette whined at the feeling of nails pretty much drawing blood from the back of her neck as she slowed down her hips, helping her girlfriend ride out of her orgasm before she slowly pulled out, almost moaning herself at the sound of how wet she was. "Jesus, Shelbs..."

"Fuck," Shelby sighed, her head feeling too heavy to stay steady as it fell back against the mirror. "That was...." she shook her head in disbelief because that's probably the hottest sex they've ever had. "Wow."

"I know," Toni agreed, leaning forward to claim her girlfriend's lips in a soft kiss. "I love you."

Shelby felt her whole body tingle at those three words she never got tired of hearing. "I love you too," she whispered against her lips. "You're putting that to use again tonight," she said seriously as her hand wrapped around the dildo. "You're so so hot with it."

Toni felt pride take over her whole body and she was getting so worked up that she was getting ready for another round already, the world outside of the room completely forgotten.


A loud clinking noise coming from the outside was enough to stop her from pushing herself back inside of her girlfriend and it seemed to get Shelby's attention too as she immediately pushed Toni backwards, almost looking like she was panicking. "Fuck, my dads speech," she jumped down from the counter, having to hold on to the wall as her legs wobbled a bit. "We need to go now!"

The brunette quickly pushed the strap on back into her slacks, pulling the zipper up before she followed her girlfriend out of the bathroom.

"How do I look?" Shelby asked suddenly as she raked her fingers through her hair.

"Like you just got fucked good and hard," she answered proudly, earning a slap on her arm in return. "Wait," she grabbed a hold of the blondes hand and spun her around. "You don't seriously want to take Andrew up on his offer, right?"

She knew the answer... Obviously.

Shelby raised her eyebrow as a response, bringing her bottom lip between her teeth.


Shelby shrugged her shoulders in return, only giving her a wink this time before she disappeared into the crowd.