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What About You?

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"Fuck!" Kaeya yells. His voice raspy from coughing and wheezing for the umpteenth time that day. After a few minutes, his coughing fit had decreased, but he was out of breath. As he was catching his breath, he opened his eyes and they immediately widened. On the palm of his hand were two Cecilias with traces of blood on their petals.

He starts to panic a bit, 'I might not have enough time..' He says grimly while composing himself somewhat.

He then places the Cecilias on the floor and lets out a sigh. 'Diluc...' He thinks, an itch forming on the back of his throat causing him to cough even more, but not as bad as the coughing fit he had a moment ago.

Kaeya gets up from the floor of his room with a groan and a wince of pain. The bluenette then tiredly looks up towards the clock in his room and lets out a small sigh while massaging his temple, ''s almost time for me to go to Jean's office...'

He closes his eyes once more, 'I feel like shit, but...I don't think I'll be able to skip work today huh...' He chuckles softly, "Well...I better get ready." He walks to his bathroom and frowns at his complexion on the mirror, "Wow...I really look repulsive..." he says with loathing.

"I should take a shower and try to fix my face or else people will start to suspect something..." Kaeya sighs once more and takes off his clothes. He steps into the shower and he turns it on.

As he was done with his shower, Kaeya did his usual routine, he toweled his hair dry, put some conditioner in it, and brushed it. Placed it in its usual hairstyle, and then he moved on to his face.

Kaeya was a bit pale than usual, and he couldn't really fix that, so he moved on to his huge eye bags under his eyes. He sighed as he placed some concealer to hide them. 'Hopefully, nobody will notice...' He thinks as he finishes up.

Moving on to his clothes, Kaeya grabbed the usual uniform he wore and put it on. After he was done fixing his uniform fitting perfectly on him, he grabbed his eyepatch. He lets out another sigh, and he puts it on.

Once the Cryo bluenette was fully ready, he left his room and headed towards his impending doom...

Earlier That Week...

Kaeya had just finished with all the paperwork that was due that day when he finally looked up to the clock in his office. He let out a small sigh 'I missed the tavern tonight huh...' He closes his eyes and pouts, "I guess I won't see Luc today..." he lets out a bitter chuckle and gets up from his seat.

Kaeya yawns and stretches his limbs out. After a few minutes of stretching his arms and legs out, he gets himself ready to head home.

As he was walking down the steps to head to the main plaza, he hears some hushed whispers. He raises an eyebrow and follows the sound of those voices to an alleyway.

He hides behind a wall and sneaks a glance. Four hooded men were all speaking in between themselves.

Kaeya tries to listen,


One of the hooded men was speaking. 'Hm...I can't hear them well...' Kaeya thinks while he quietly gets closer and hides behind some boxes.

"Are you positive this is the guy that boss wanted?" Another hooded man says. Kaeya strains his ears more and frowns. 'Who are they talking about....?'

He keeps on listening. "Yes, I'm sure! He is the Darknight hero everyone keeps talking about. Look, red hair!" The previous hooded men says and Kaeya pales. 'Diluc?! What?! How can that be...?!'

He tries to not panic, 'How could they corner Diluc? He is one of the strongest pyro-clamored users I know. Diluc would never let himself get captured!'Kaeya hisses in his brain.

The fourth man walks up, "How did you defeat him?" He says with a laugh. Kaeya grits his teeth, and in all of his willpower, he keeps hidden.

"Well, we just chased him, and he managed to injure one of us, but then we cornered him, punched him, and while he was trying to regain his balance, we got behind him and drugged him." Kaeya could hear the grin on his face while he spoke. He was going to kill the bastards that did this to Diluc. 

He couldn't take it anymore and stood up from his hiding spot. 

"Well Well Well, what do we have here?" He says as he claps and starts walking towards them with a smirk on his face, but under that fake exterior, he was livid.

"Shit! Get him!" The first hooded man says as he and the rest get into battle stances and charge Kaeya with knives in their hands. 

Kaeya laughs and easily dodges each one of their attacks, then he freezes them all in one thrust of his sword filled with cryo. Effectively freezing them all. 

Once he sees that they are all frozen in place, he gives out one wicked smile and with one kick, they all fall down to the ground and shatter into small pieces, killing them.

His face then turns into one of worry as he runs to where Diluc was on the ground, unconscious. 

He picks up Diluc gingerly, looking on his body for any sort of injuries. When he finds no external wounds, he lifts Diluc up into his arms and carries him to his apartment.


The end of chapter 1! Tell me what you guys think? :D