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A Nesting Sparrow

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Jack Sparrow snores incredibly loud. This is quite unlucky because he can also fall asleep incredibly quickly. With two other partners, one would think that one would not be alone and would share this burden with another but alas; all three of James’ lovers are quite soundly asleep in a tangle and only he is kept awake by the noise. Are sparrows a loud bird? His was. Blasted pirate. It was going to be a long night.

A long night indeed. After a general bone-weariness knocked her out initially Elizabeth awoke in the dead of night to the loud snoring of one particular pirate. Oh what she would give to be able to sleep all the way throughout the night like the rest of them could. It was becoming routine for her now. Fall asleep nearly as quickly as Jack, begin to dream and be pulled from these dreams by an especially loud snort aimed right into her ear. Oh well, it wasn’t like all of her dreams were ever sound anyways and there were far worse ways to be pulled from a nightmare. She has had the experience of dreaming a nightmare only to be pulled into a living one. Out of the frying pan and into the fire and what have you. And to take a stroll and gaze at the sea in the moonlight is as good of a pastime as any. She never needs to wait long to grow tired again anyways.

Wills day started as all of them did these days; insufferably early. Sleeping in was nigh impossible when a certain someone was sawing logs right next to his head.
Most days he doesn’t get up. Most days he pretends with himself that he can doze and eventually catch a few more minutes of shut-eye, but he knows that that’s impossible. He never says anything about it when Jack wakes up- he’s always the next to awaken being the only one who got a proper nights rest- so no one ever knows how he’s been bothered by his snores.
So on the days that he doesn’t give up and decide to start his day early, he just lays there, holding everyone and trying not to laugh at any of the funny sounds Jack makes or jostle anyone too much. He just sits in the dirty, smelly, noisy pile they all make and basks in the morning.

Of course, if any of them ever complained, Jack would only find a way to prove that it was their restlessness keeping them all awake in the first place. He was only providing the ambiance as it were.
He was always well aware that he snores; he’s lived his fair share of day as part of the crew and has spent many nights in shared quarters rather than the private captains quarters. Many a man has complained though he could only really see the upsides; it gave him a wide berth so he could sleep soundly and not be squished like a sardine.
Still, he would assess that he remains the luckiest man to be blessed with a snore; it means that he is always wedged firmly in the middle of the bed since he never has to get up. And if his snore guaranteed him a spot between his loves where the bed was always warm and there was no chance off falling off, well, he supposed he could live if a couple of his bedmates should deign for a midnight stroll. It was hardly his fault anyways.