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Sanders Sides Parenting One-Shots

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Virgil and Roman had been dating since high school so their relationship was 10 years strong, and they had been working hard to hopefully settle down - that time had come. They had officially achieved the suburban lifestyle with a two bedroom house, a golden retriever named Walt and two cats (Virgil couldn't choose just one at the shelter) named Jack and Sally. They were even engaged and planned to get married in the summer at Disney World.

The last thing on their relationship bucket list was kids - they had always wanted a family. Roman had a close relationship with his twin brother and Virgil had been an only child so they both agreed two kids was as far as they'd go. Of course though it was a lot harder as they were both cisgender men - and although they thought of adoption they decided raising a baby from a newborn was important for them.

"I'm telling you JD - she is the one!" Roman was shouting from the kitchen, mid cooking pasta while Virgil was sipping tea and organising the many design drafts he spent all day panicking over. His fiancé was talking about the surrogate of course that would be carrying their baby. And after what seemed like hundreds of interviews the pair had found an accepting, kind and non-money-hungry woman to carry their child for them. She physically looked like a mixture between the two of them too. "I'm so excited Smellington... We'll be Dads!"

"Now it's just whose seed we use first." Virgil responded quietly, making Roman chuckle. He rolled his eyes before even hearing what his lover was going to say.

"Definitely mine for the oldest, I give the better genes!" He proclaimed fiercely, kissing one of his biceps making even the sarcastic and slightly aggressive Virgil give him a fond smile. That was until he realised what Roman was implying and stood to correct him.

"I bet I could beat you in any competition babe." Virgil brought his arms around Roman's waist, his head laying on his lover's shoulder. The faint smell of tomatoes erupted around him making him smile and mumble. Roman smiled wider and kissed Virgil's cheek. "Can we make it a challenge? Because I'll win."

"You bet."


Roman thought he knew his fiancé well enough, and therefore he knew how to win this competition. The pair had decided on three categories: brawn, brains and dad jokes. Whoever won the most of these three categories had the first genetic child.

First categories was brawn, which Roman was confident about. Roman had been a gym rat since college with his twin brother (going to the gym was a bonding experience for both of them) and therefore was quite physically fit, while Virgil spent all his days inside listening to his Spotify playlists and drawing. So after Roman's latest rehearsal the pair visited the local gym, and they faced the dozens of weights available.

"Right, Doctor Gloom," Roman stood in front of Virgil and gave him a kiss on the hand. "Whoever holds the heaviest weight above his head wins, got it?"

Virgil chuckled to himself, stepping forward and focusing on the variety of weights in front of him. He picked up two 5kg dumbbells and held them both above his head; Roman chuckled and tutted in response and did the same with 10kg dumbbells. "Beat that Emo Nightmare." He laughed. Virgil rolled his eyes again.

"Alright..." Virgil dropped the two weights and examined the rest, his eyes landing on a 25kg dumbbell. Roman knew there was no way he'd be able to even hold that - his fiancé was a scrawny small 5'9 baby face that only picked up art supplies on a regular basis. Although, it would be fun to watch him try so he stood back. Virgil gave the weight a determined glare, deciding to grab it with both hands first before taking a deep breath and trying to lift it. He spread out his legs slightly and took a large huff - and he held it much to his fiancé's surprise. His only response was a half turn and his normally sarcastic and witty response. "The power of triangles motherfucker."

Roman knew he himself couldn't lift a weight higher than 25kg above his head. And Virgil knew that, placing the weight down safely with a smirk. "So do I win?" He said innocently, fluttering his eyelashes as Roman held him. Eventually he had to give in and nod. "Ha! I win!" Virgil gave his fiancé a kiss and lead him out of the gym back home for the next round.


Second round was brains - and again Roman was relatively confident on it. For this they decided to torture each other and found a worksheet with one question from each grade of education in English, maths, history, geography and social studies. Whoever got the most correct would win, extra boasting rights if the winner finishes first. They sat opposite each other after dinner, the 10 worksheets in front of them and glared at each other mischievously. Roman started the timer and then they scribbled.

Roman did steal a few glances at his fiancé of course. He doubted he knew Virgil as well as he thought after the triangle dumbbell incident - he was still going to marry him of course just not trust him around heavy weights. Virgil was concentrating, his head down on the paper as he chewed the end of his pencil to focus more. After an hour or so Virgil finally looked up with a soft smirk, and ushered his paper forward. "I would like the answers please Sir Sing-A-Lot."

The concentrated Roman pointed to an open laptop that was faced away from them but held the answers to all of the questions they had to answer. Virgil examined it all silently to allow Roman to carry on. He placed his phone (that was in his lap as always) on the table, and all was silent until the phone vibrated - indicating a text. Roman leaned over to read said text and sure enough it was from the pair's high school mutual friend - Logan.

Logan: Does that answer make sense Virge? Good luck on your quiz!

"AHA!" Roman screamed and stood, making his lover flinch and look scared for a moment. But he smiled and held his husband in a hug, giving him a kiss, and because of that Virgil initially thought it was some kind of good news. "I knew you cheated." Roman whispered, then grabbed the purple phone on the table and showed him. Virgil scowled but smiled again. "I think that means I win..."

"Not so fast." Virgil gave him a peck on the lips. "A good person would have no problem asking a friend for help on anything - even as silly as a quiz - rather than stressing. Life shouldn't be devoted to trying to be the best at a silly exam."

Roman only mumbled in response and crossed his arms, showing that Virgil had won. He pouted to try to persuade his fiancé but he wouldn't take it - instead cupping the beautiful man's face and giving him a longer kiss. "I wanted to share the Dad jokes I researched!" Roman whined, his voice angelic to Virgil. "I used to play piano by ear..." Roman started, and Virgil couldn't help but chuckle. "But now I use my hands."

"Well..." Virgil mumbled, trying to think of a joke at the top of his head. He wasn't that good without plans - but due to his anxiety he had to do it a lot. "If a child refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of resisting a rest?"

Roman giggled softly, getting even closer to Virgil if that was even possible. And after a lot of kissing the two went to bed happily, planning to call their surrogate the next day to organise a conception date. "I'm glad our kid will be half you." Roman eventually whispered as the two cuddled in bed together. "It will be perfect."


It took about a year but soon Roman and Virgil were fathers. Their little girl, Valentina Rae, was born on Valentine's Day (as cliche as that sounded Roman couldn't stop bragging about it) and she was perfect. Very loud like Roman, and cried a lot like Virgil, but that wasn't a bother for either of them. Although as soon as she was born Roman wouldn't stop reminding his now husband of their promise - he was going to be genetically related to their second kid in 3 or 4 years when Valentina begins Kindergarten.

But even Virgil must admit that when he saw Roman singing lullabies to their daughter at 1am, with Valentina's soft gurgles in the background as she tried to sing along, he wondered if that date should come sooner than they previously thought.

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"Roman, Remus - don't taunt your brother like that." Janus had to command as soon as he went down the stairs; he had just finished a Zoom call with his job and the loud screaming of children was understood but not at all enjoyed. His twin 7 year old sons, Roman and Remus, were holding their little brother Virgil's favourite teddy out of his grasp which was making the toddler cry. Janus swooped up the toddler and snatched the teddy back.

"Thank you Da." Virgil mumbled, cuddling his cat toy and glaring back at his brothers. The twins ran off in a different direction, deciding to steal each other's backpacks and search through it to annoy each other. Janus placed Virgil on the sofa with a iPad and turned the TV on to a Disney movie - Frozen II. Both twins were immediately captivated and sat on the floor directly in front of the TV. They still had each other's backpacks but at least they were silent.

This was the perfect point to get some of his 'juice'. It wasn't wine like most of the parents he knew had to use to get day by day, he always found that often got out of hand and set a bad example. Instead his drink of choice around the kids was Pepsi - it was a lot better than Coca-Cola - and it gave him all the energy he needed. He sat next to his youngest son and also watched the TV.

Roman was happily singing along to the songs at the top of his lungs. It was amazing for Janus to watch and he loved watching his son's joy but was also weary of possible neighbour noise complaints as that happened a lot. Eventually he became more fascinated by Remus' green diary (he carried it everywhere and didn't yet remove it from his school backpack as the family had only been home for about an hour). He then gasped maniacally and faced his brother, shouting. "Remus and Logan sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

Remus immediately became a ball of red and tried to snatch his diary back. Janus could faintly see into the diary and saw a whole page dedicated to writing the name of a classmate - Logan - down with hearts surrounding it. Janus had only met this kid a few times, the first when Remus and Roman were invited to a child's birthday party. He always found the 7 year old quite odd - he always wore a tie and had glasses too big for his face. His parents were nice and polite though and Remus absolutely adored him.

"I know about you and Patton!" Remus screamed back, also making Roman red. Patton was also a classmate of the twins, a lot cheerier than Logan and had an obsession with animals. "ROMAN AND PATTON SITTING IN A TREE! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" The green wearing twin screamed so loud it almost burst Janus' ear drums if he wasn't used to it. "Hey Dad - Dad - Roman kissed Patton today! On the cheek!" Remus ran over to his father and giggled, trying to get Roman in trouble with his innocent mind.

"And that's totally fine. No-one can tell you who you need to love." He spoke gently in response, deciding to take his older children in his arms for an impromptu cuddle. Both boys accepted it and were happy to tell their Dad about their crushes and their school day. It quieted them down to do that, and it's not like Janus would ever stop them. He was glad his kids had no fear being who they wanted to be.

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"Should we call the middle school before we get him?" Logan shouted from the bathroom where he was brushing his hair. He could hear the pattering of his husband's feet running around the house. Safe to say his husband, Patton, was over-excited about all this. They had been trying to adopt for almost 5 years and had finally met their perfect son. He was a little older than they expected but that didn't matter, they were ready for this.

Patton burst in the bathroom - the noise of the door slamming against the wall making the nerd jump. He had been doing a late shift at the hospital the previous night - he was head emergency medical doctor at the nearest hospital in the city while his husband was a paediatric nurse that had taken paternity leave the last few days. This meant his husband was always awake and energetic, while Logan was mostly half asleep. "Will he like this blanket Logie?" The excited blondie held a knitted black and purple blanket. Patton loved knitting and did it a lot as a past time, which was why they initially planned to adopt an infant, toddler or young elementary school child. But they were assigned an older child - and they had no right to say no.

"Remember he is 13 years old honey... He might want to be treated like an adult." He reached for his tie, preparing to take his time to tie it. He wanted to look the best for meeting the new member of his family. But Patton had a different idea and was trying to drag his husband away.

"Pleeeaaase! Come on!" Patton screamed back, but struggling to drag the man opposite him. "We have to get there sometime today!" Patton was quickly silenced when Logan brought an arm around his waist, kissing him gently with his tie half done. In all honesty Logan was probably more nervous than his lover, this was his first time being responsible for a child and it was his child. Well, his and his amazing husband's. Patton fell into mush beneath him, holding onto Logan's tie before leaning away. "Are you excited sweetie?" He mumbled, kissing Logan's cheek.

Logan's soft smile was one of Patton's favourite things. "Very. I love you." Patton cupped his face, gazing up at him with an equally corny look of love and happiness. Today would be the most important day of their lives and they were doing it together.

"Really? I couldn't tell."


Logan parked in the group home's car park, taking a deep breath. He had been shaking with nervousness the entire trip while his husband was clutching the purple blanket between his hands and shaking in excitement. When they left the car they held each other's hand, Patton was jumping up and down even as they met the social worker and went into the office for their last meeting with their new kid before he packs his bag and moves in.

The social worker was sat opposite the couple and letting them finish the last of the paperwork. Logan was struggling to write even his own name - Patton was trying to calm him with Dad jokes and puns. "Save a few for our son Pattoncake." Logan whispered, before hearing a knock at the door. The social worker stood and let the person in - and there he was.

A small early teen carrying a trash bag, wearing a completely black outfit with a giant purple hoodie. He could see Patton gasp realising the purple hoodie and hiding his purple blanket under the table. The teen looked shyly at the couple and then at his social worker. "Do I have to speak to them Scarlett?" The social worker, Scarlett, nodded and guided the teen further towards them. "Um... Hi - Logan, Patton." The teen, Virgil, had previously met the couple twice before so they weren't new people to him - but he wasn't exactly talkative.

"You ready to go Virgil?" Logan spoke gently as he stood, offering to take Virgil's 'suitcase' but he shook his head. Patton also stood with the widest smile Virgil had ever seen - Logan saw an equally wide one on their wedding day. Virgil looked over at Scarlett again before Patton leapt forward.

"I have a present for you kiddo!" Patton almost screamed and Virgil flinched and raised an eyebrow. Logan chuckled to himself knowing this was already his kid. Eventually he brought out the small purple blanket, only an A3 paper size, and gave it to Virgil. Virgil slowly took it in his hands, glancing at him confused before bringing it to his chest.


"It's no biggie kiddo!" Patton cheered back, giving him a hug, Virgil looked desperate to escape. "Come give your old Paps a hug! We've missed you so much! Are you excited about this? It's a whole new start! You'll start a new school and gets lots of new friends and..."

"Patton." Logan said quickly, ushering his husband away from the teenager. Logan could see all the nerves written all over the child, he encountered that look a lot at work. Patton glanced at him confused. "Let's not overwhelm him - take a breath... Shall we get home then Virgil?"

Virgil nodded, and followed the couple silently. He held the blanket close to him. He had never had something like this to hold - something handmade with obvious love and seemingly personalised. Maybe Patton asked Scarlett what his favourite colour was. The couple seemed nice - Patton was wild while Logan was calm and patient. Patton did seem to want an immediate attachment but Logan knew better and allowed Virgil to take his time with things. He did have a baby blue bedroom though, that needed changing immediately to his taste.


It was a Monday, and Virgil's first day at school. Both Logan and Patton offered to take him to and from school but he said no, he didn't want them to worry and fuss over him and wanted some time away.

Logan was slicing celery and humming to himself, having snacks of Crofters and crackers to wake him up a little more as he'd just returned from work. Patton was playing music from the living room and knitting extra baby-grows that he donated regularly to the maternity ward in the hospital they worked at together. It was adorable how much his husband cared about kids.

Then Virgil walked in, home from school. The pair expected him to come in happy and want to tell them about his day but that wasn't what happened. Virgil came in growling and grumbling, slamming the front door and marching upstairs. Logan watched him curiously but said nothing while Patton stood and ran to follow him with calming words.

The words could be heard clearly as both their volumes slowly got louder. Patton was trying to calm him down while Virgil was screaming at him to stop, to leave him alone, to go downstairs. Then there was a slam of another door, and Patton's tears were heard as he walked downstairs. Logan beckoned him over and put an arm around his shoulders. "I-I just wanted to see if he was alright..." Patton whispered through the tears, Logan gave him a hug and sighed.

"It's alright baby, just give him time." He whispered back, stroking his husband's hair and kissing his head. As both of them were doctors in a city hospital it was normal for both of them to cry over things, they were great at comforting each other. After a while Patton snuffled and calmed, going back to his knitting.

After about an hour the dinner was cooked, and Virgil hadn't come downstairs again. Logan took a serving and carried the meal upstairs, calmly knocking on the door. "I won't disturb you Virgil, I've got some dinner here for you. I'll leave it outside your door." He placed the plate down, and heard Virgil's sniffles before hearing sharp, sudden breaths. His instincts kicked in.

"Help..." He heard Virgil mumble, and Logan opened the door. Virgil was sat at the corner of his bed, clutching the purple blanket and mid panic attack with his neon purple headphones fastened to his head. Logan leaned opposite him and spoke clearly.

"4 seconds inhale... 3 seconds hold... 5 seconds exhale..." Logan said softly, letting Virgil copy at his own pace. It took a few minutes, but eventually he calmed his breathing. Logan brought his meal to Virgil in silence, but giving him a smile. Virgil smiled back.

"Thanks..." He took a bite of the food. "Wow, this is good..."

"Thank you." Logan smiled wider, glancing around the newly decorated bedroom instead of his son just in case Virgil was still nervous. The room was definitely different - pitch black walls with punk bands everywhere and stars in crevices of the walls. Virgil ate quickly and didn't talk. "I'll leave you now kid..."

"Are you going to take me back now? To Scarlett?" Virgil asked curiously, as if he actually believed that. Logan returned to his side and shook his head. "That's what happened when I shouted at the last family, I was deemed a danger to their younger kids..."

"Well it's a good thing we don't have any younger kids." Logan chuckled at first, making Virgil smile but retract into a ball. He pushed the roast potato around the plate. "And, in regards to Patton... He can get a little excited. We've been waiting for a kid for a while but I'm sure he understands we need to be patient with you." Virgil smiled wider, taking a bite of the potato he was procrastinating eating before. "Anyway, I should let you eat. Feel free to leave your room if you feel like it but at the same time you're free to stay up here." Logan stood and walked towards the door as he was speaking, Virgil watched him focused on a particular thought.

"Thanks... Dad." Virgil mumbled just as Logan's hand lay on the arch of the door. Worry then seemed to set in his face at Logan's silent, but happy, response. "Can I call you that?"

"Of course - as long as I can call you son." Virgil smiled at that and nodded. And later Virgil did come downstairs while Patton and Logan were mid-documentary, and sat with his family watching TV with them. His life was definitely different now, and scary too, but he was glad this change was happening. It only took another week for Virgil to call Patton Dad too, and he was very happy when it did.

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Logan and Janus often picked their kids up from school together. They were the average family, Logan was a librarian and Janus was a lawyer, and they had five kids of their own. Two were an adopted sibling group, one was adopted internationally and two were donor eggs from a family member. Their kids were a little older now and were all in elementary school together, minus the youngest who was still in Kindergarten. They never viewed their Dads as different from any other parents - and neither did the Dads view themselves as different. They were a family.

Janus was working on getting their youngest, Alex, out of the car while Logan waited for the rest of their family by the school gate. Summer, Byron, Kristoff and Maia all ran up to Logan as soon as they saw him - but not exactly happily. Logan could spot the tears streaming down Maia's face straight away and leant down to her just as Janus approached. "What's the matter my berry-boo?" Logan whispered, tugging a piece of Maia's curly hair out of her face. Maia choked on tears a little more before speaking.

"Mr Moho said that two Daddies can't have babies... He said it's not right!" Maia was in first grade, and Mr Moho was her teacher. All Logan knew about him was he was around 60 years old and fit the stereotype of who Janus would call a 'boomer'. He could hear Janus sigh hearing his daughter and mumble under his breath.

"I'm ready to kill a bitch... Honey? Shall we head to the first grade classroom?" Janus placed Alex on the ground to let Byron hug him, giving Maia a kiss on the cheek and a hair ruffle. "Get to the car lil vermin. We'll be back."

The kids obeyed and all went back to the car, the older ones holding the younger ones and their Dads watching them be all cute and such before going into the elementary school. Luckily the first grade classroom was at the front of the school so they didn't have to walk far - but they still held hands all the way. Logan politely knocked on the classroom door, Mr Moho looked up and sighed purely at the sight of them. Janus was the first to speak.

"Um... What were you learning in first grade today and when was your political ideology involved?" Janus was always very blunt with these things, especially around homophobes, whereas Logan usually kept his tone in check and remained polite in all situations. Mr Moho tutted, turning the worksheet he was looking at around and glaring angrily.

"Look, your child needs to know where she came from. It's only liberals like you that stop me from my right to educate children." Janus obviously rolled his eyes and scowled.

"Maia knows about how she came to be in simple terms but we will not have the sex talk with her when she's in first grade!" Janus almost screamed back, clutching into Logan's hand tighter. He had to deal with a lot of bad people throughout his life, Logan was his rock, when Logan was there Janus felt calmer and more in control of what's around him rather than the homophobe forcing him into a life he didn't want.

"Look, she just should know she's different before she gets bullied." The teacher said calmly, sorting through his papers rather than paying attention to the couple.

"The only bully here is you." Janus mumbled, his arm around Logan's shoulders. Logan was unsure whether he should intervene but he seemed to handle it well. He didn't want to get his husband or himself upset. "Kids don't care about that kind of stuff until adults tell them to. She won't get bullied for it in first grade."

"Well, what are you going to do about it? I have a right to say what I want in this country."

Mr Moho looked as though he had won the battle, and Janus silenced. However, this was the last straw for Logan. He had as much of a right to live as he wanted to and with who he wanted to as anyone else in his country, and it should be the world. "Excuse me!" Logan slammed his hand on the table in front of Mr Moho. The teacher hardly flinched. "I can get you fired just like that! We can take all our kids out of this school and say it's because of you! Where's your boss... The principal?" Logan looked behind him to the school corridor, where Janus had attracted the attention of the principal of the elementary school - Mr Sanders. Mr Sanders was a gay man himself from both Janus and Logan's college days, they were quite good friends and Mr Sanders was like a third father for all five of their kids.

"What seems to be the problem?" Mr Sanders asked, looking already done with Mr Moho's shit and glaring at him angrily. Mr Moho didn't care about looking up at the three of them, or maybe he was scared.

"This man is bullying my little girl! He's being absolutely ridiculous and impending my own free speech." He could see Janus suppress a giggle at his husband's behaviour, but knew not to stop it. When Logan wanted something he would not shut up until that thing was done - and for this that was a good trait. Mr Sanders nodded to himself and spoke up.

"Alright, I'll sort it you two. Get back home and comfort your kids tonight." Of course Janus had to drag Logan out, but as soon as he was away from that situation he calmed, and his next task was comforting all his kids. That didn't mean the pair were silent about it. They complained under their breath and in whispers about it at every single chance where the kids couldn't hear them - although that wasn't very many opportunities with 5 of their little berries/vermin.

But the next day Janus dropped Maia off and walked her to class, only to find they were being taught by Mr Sanders for the rest of the term. Maia was happy at that. And the next semester there was a completely new first grade teacher, one that profusely apologised for the last teacher's behaviour and had a very-not-subtle rainbow pin. Janus was always happy for his children to have such a great new role model.

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Days were always peaceful for Remy Dolce. He spent most days at home as he worked at home, managing all the Starbucks in the state. It was his dream job as a child and he worked hard to get it. He also worked hard to get his husband. Emile was the cutest thing Remy had ever seen - always dressed in pink and bringing a bag of candy floss to every class in high school. Just thinking of him made him want to cup his husband's cheeks and give him a kiss that lasted eternity.

Emile did have a very bad habit though - he was too soft around kids. He worked as a counsellor so didn't encounter small children that much but when he did it was game over for the couple's spare bedrooms. A lot of the kids he worked with were in foster care - and Remy and Emile were trained to be foster parents purely because they wanted to foster 'at some point'. The day after they finished their course came the concentual kidnapping of foster care kids to take care of them for as long as needed. Over 6 years the couple had taken around 14 kids in and out their house and they loved each and every one of them.

When the door burst open Remy already expected Emile had been assigned to play therapy that day. "My universe! I have a huge favour!"

"One child or two?" Remy shouted back, sipping his coffee and staring at his laptop. He could hear the chatter of a young voice/voices behind his husband so knew that at least they weren't taking care of infants. There were two or three times they took care of babies - Remy had no idea what to do with them without Emile around. There was an unusual silence before Emile appeared, holding a child maybe around 3 or 4 years old.

"Three..." Emile mumbled with a sheepish smile, making the coffee loving partner double take. They once had to take care of two kids - twins named Roman and Remus that had infinite energy and also developed an addiction to coffee - but mostly took care of one at a time. Three was an entirely new territory.

"What you doing?" A young child with big black glasses and dark brown hair appeared beside Remy's shoulder, staring at the laptop that was open on the dining room table. The child was maybe around 8 or 9 years old, cute with his features. "Is it maths? I like maths! I learnt my 15 times tables yesterday - 15, 30, 45, 60, 75..."

"Wow that's really smart kid, how good are you at addition?" Remy laughed, trying to stop the child from reciting the entirety of the 15 times table as he obviously wanted to. Then another child appeared, looking about the same but with curlier hair. He raised his hand enthusiastically as if in class.

"I am, I am! I can add 100 to any number - it just makes there be a 1 at the beginning!" The second child cheered, then tried to sit on Remy's lap. The brother - Remy assumed they were related - was just watching in cautious silence as if scared to move. Emile placed the smallest child he was carrying on the floor, showing him the direction of the many toys the couple had bought over the years and years of having foster children.

The next thing Remy noticed was that all three of the kids were dressed the same. They all had dark blue jeans on, too long for their little legs, and all wore glasses. The only distinguishing feature unique to each of them was the colour of t-shirt. The first child wore dark blue, the second wore light blue and the last wore purple. Emile seemed more concentrated on the purple one, as if guiding him towards the toys. Then he realised he was also speaking ASL to the young child - a language both adults spoke as they met in an ASL high school class and decided to become fluent as their special bonding activity.

"So what's your names?" Remy turned towards the first child, who looked scared when Remy suddenly spoke again but answered quickly.

"I'm Logan... There's Patton..." Logan pointed to the child on Remy's lap. "And Virgil." He finally pointed towards the youngest child. Emile heard Logan speaking and invited the rest of his family over. "Virgil's deaf and half blind... He needs a lot of help." Logan mumbled as he walked towards Emile, still speaking to Remy. "I have seizures too and Patton has allergies to pollen and bug stings. People think we're too much work to keep us."

The small child was unloading all this information without a care, he was desensitised to never finding a home. The sadness of it made Remy want to clutch all the kids and keep them safe. Emile seemed to realise his husband's thoughts, giving him a sympathetic glance - although it was begging as Emile always wanted to adopt the kids they fostered. Sometimes they could have, sometimes they didn't have the ability to. But they never did, they never felt the real desire to.

That had all changed in this small moment though. Logan and Patton seemed to naturally help Virgil and each other, but the husbands learnt how to help too. The idea of adopting the three of them stayed in the couple's mind. They used the foster time as a trial period, Logan had seizures almost every day but they slowly practiced understanding them. Remy brushed up on his ASL and got lots of equipment to help their smallest boy, and with Patton they learnt to avoid bug bites and bought every medicine or treatment for allergies they could find.

It took 9 months to reach their final court date, all three boys dressed in suits with their ties being their favourite colour. After the judges approval Remy and Emile got their boys.

"I can't believe we have babies now." Emile cheered, kissing Remy's cheek as the two husbands lay in bed after the chaotic bedtime of three kids. Emile had always wanted a family, and now Remy was proud to have one. It took a while to persuade him but now he was happy.

"They aren't babies babe, Logan's almost 11." Remy chuckled, staring up at the ceiling but stroking Emile's waist. He was surprised when he saw Logan's birth certificate, showing he was in fact a few weeks off 11 years old - turns out he had stunted growth to add to the list. Patton was only just 8, and Virgil was a few months off 5. They had been in foster care ever since Virgil's birth, but now they were going to have parents again.

Emile gave his husband a large kiss and lay on top of him, extremely happy and extremely excited for what was to come. It was a kiss of good luck for everything - every graduation, every possible coming out, every partner or break up, every bully that Remy will want to punch with an iron fist. They were ready.

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"His bedtime is 7:15pm and he needs one warm bottle before bed, his dinner is mushed carrot and is in the fridge - heat the microwave for exactly 1 minute and then stir it before putting it in..." Remus' brother in law, Logan, was chatting on and on about his (and his boyfriend's) duty as a babysitter. Logan's husband was Remus' twin brother, Roman. Roman seemed a lot more calm about this babysitting task, placing their son Mason in the baby swing and shaking a rattle. The married couple were going out for the evening for their anniversary to see a movie and stay at a hotel in the city - and had left Remus and his boyfriend to make sure their newly adopted baby doesn't die.

"We should get to driving mon ami." Roman leaned over and kissed Logan's cheek to silence him. Logan nodded and reached out to Mason. Mason held his finger and gurgled, making him smile softly. Roman quickly dragged him away before he could worry again and soon the pair were out of the door.

Remus turned to his boyfriend, Janus. Janus was staring at Mason from the sofa - an eyebrow raised and his lip being bit in thought. Remus had only been dating Janus for a year - and this was what their date had become. Mason tried to chew one of the toys on the swing and giggled to himself - seeming not to care about the fact his parents had left. He did seem to have his eyes glued to the door.

"What do we do with him?" Janus eventually mumbled, meeting eyes with Mason. The two stared at each other confused for a moment.

"Uh... Make sure he doesn't put forks in electrical sockets?" Remus sat next to Janus, and Janus put his arm around him. It was complete silence for just a moment, Remus shut his eyes and smiled absorbing Janus' warmth - then Mason started crying loudly. "Shit! Um..." He ran to Mason straight away and picked him up, but that didn't stop the crying. Mason just kept on pointing at the front door and screaming. "It's alright little guy... They're just gone for tonight..."

Nothing Remus said calmed the baby down, only made him louder. Logan might be able to hear his son from whichever road he was on, and would be panicking, but both babysitters knew Roman was looking forward to this getaway date and wouldn't allow Logan to turn the car around.

"Hey, Mace, look!" Janus suddenly appeared in front of his boyfriend, holding a small black ball with glowing stars on it. Definitely something Logan would buy. Mason was watching it curiously, Janus shook the ball in front of his face. When he was placed on the floor with said ball he seemed intrigued to touch it and push it around. Then the family cat, Duchess, appeared from around the corner also watching the ball. "I... I think I got him playing with a cat toy." Janus giggled, the pair sitting on the sofa again as Duchess and Mason began playing with the ball together.

"It got him quiet, he has Roman's lungs." Remus chuckled back. He gave his boyfriend a kiss, and he smiled softly. They put on a movie, but watched the baby play more than focus on the TV in front of them. The couple understood why Logan and Roman were so obsessed with their child - he was gurgling and giggling and screaming and it was all so adorable.

An hour or so into the evening Mason started to cry again, crawling over to the couple still watching movies on the sofa. Both men expected him to crawl over to Remus - Remus was there for his adoption and had come to visit several times before whereas Janus was a completely new person. Surprisingly though, Mason grabbed onto the ends of Janus' suit trousers and dragged himself up to pat Janus' knees. "What's wrong little boy?" Janus whispered, picking the baby up and sitting him on his lap. "I think it's time for food huh?" Mason mumbled an agreement and the two cuties left to go to the kitchen. Remus followed - seeing his boyfriend with a baby was the best thing in the world.

Can a gay guy have baby fever? Because that's what he was feeling watching the two together. He wanted to put a ring on the man opposite him's finger and adopt a dozen infants just to watch Janus give the fond, cute look to something that was theirs. Janus quickly dissolved into a baby voice, microwaving the mushed carrots and joking with the adorable baby. Mason was finally giggling and watching Janus with as much adoration as he watched his Dads.

"Ba!" Mason shouted, pointing towards the microwave as Janus placed his food in.

"Yeah, you almost got it! It's pronounced mic-ro-wave but ba would do!"

"Ba!" Mason pointed to Remus with a large smile, making Remus finally approach and ruffle the limited hair on his little head. "Ba!"

"That's Uncle..." Janus responded again slowly, making sure to stand close to Remus. Mason tried to reach out to tug on Remus' beard. Neither of his fathers had facial hair so he was very confused by the bush of black hair on the face opposite him. "Uncle has a beard kid..." Janus whispered, trying to drag the mischievous fists away so that Remus wasn't hurt by such a small cute thing.

"Uh..." Mason mumbled a response again, then giggling. Janus kissed his boyfriend on the cheek and sighed happily. "Uh!"

"Uncle?" Remus chuckled quietly but slowly, watching Mason's confused expression trying to figure out the sounds. Janus seemed to immediately understand what was going to happen - clutching his phone and starting a video at a decent camera angle so the viewer could see Janus, Remus and Mason. "You can do it sport - Uncle?"

"Uck-Ah!" Mason flailed his arms around after saying the word, smiling and giggling. Remus could squeeze him until all the air went out his lungs, but he won't, Mason was too adorable for that. "Uck-Ah-L!"

"Almost... Uncle?" Remus couldn't stop smiling at this, pronouncing the n sound even more and wiggling Mason's arms for him.


"Close enough. We should save the end result for when the Dads come home..." Janus whispered after that try. Mason was placed in a Disney themed high chair and given the mashed carrots which he ate with his hands. He didn't stop screaming 'Unk-Ah' every time he saw Remus and was congratulated each time. Bedtime was relatively easy, and watching Janus try to sing a lullaby made Remus fall in love even more.

Needless to say when Logan and Roman returned home they were fangirling over their son's first word, and Logan refused to let his 'berry-boo' go the rest of the day. But Remus didn't mind, it got even Janus talking about having a family some time in the future. That one babysitting gig showed that Remus and Janus were in a committed relationship rather than a long fling, and it only took another two years for Janus to propose and the two of them to begin their journey into parenthood themselves.

Chapter Text

"Of course I'll bring Nova to your performance Roman..." Logan said as he was ushering his friends out the door. It's not that he didn't enjoy the company of his five friends - he loved their support actually when Logan decided to be a single parent - but his life was very busy with an energetic toddler and his job as a high school science teacher. All his friends had invited themselves round his house on a sunny afternoon and the six decided to have a picnic in his garden. Logan's daughter was mid-nap when they arrived however and needed to be woken at some point.

"How about we take her off your hands for a little bit Logie? You work so hard for her you deserve a break." Logan's best friend since middle school, Patton, chirped. His usual jumps were constrained by his emo boyfriend, 'Storm-Cloud' Virgil, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. Logan was grateful for his equally introverted friend who understood the concept of a social battery.

"I'm fine taking care of my daughter Pat, don't worry, we're visiting my parents this evening so I need to get her dressed up." He could hear Roman and Patton squeak together at that. The pair often bought millions of outfits for who they viewed as their niece and dressed her up like a doll throughout her life. Logan wasn't going to dress her quite so fashionista though - probably just put the galaxy dress she likes on her and attempt to brush her hair before she runs away. "Maybe she can visit tomorrow."

Luckily Logan was saved from more conversation by Janus and Remus dragging their extroverted brothers away, saying goodbye and throwing the remaining three in the backseat of their cars. When the door was shut Logan could finally take a deep breath - creating a timetable in his mind of how he was going to get Nova presentable enough to see the extended family. After all, the extended family was important to her. Nova was technically Logan's biological niece, but Logan's sister gave birth to her young and didn't feel mentally capable of raising a child. As Logan was much older than his sister and financially stable he took her in. Nova didn't know that of course - she called Logan 'Dad' since she could speak and the sister loved being Auntie. Still, family reunions were special for that reason.

"Nova!" Logan called upstairs, expecting Nova to either be playing dolls in her room or still asleep. He opened his daughter's room to find it empty - the covers in a ball on her bed and dolls mid house-game. "Nova?" He called again. Maybe she was hiding in a closet or under the bed as she loved hide and seek. "Come on girlie! We're visiting Granny and Grandpa later!" Still nothing. He waited in silence for a minute expecting the 4 year old to pop out from somewhere but no, the room was empty.

Where could she have gone? Logan tried to remember all his child's other hiding spots. She could have been in the kitchen eating all her Dad's favourite jam - after inspection she wasn't there. She could be playing in the garden - she wasn't there either when Logan stepped outside. The only other place he could think of was based off the one time Nova managed to sneak herself into the backseat of Roman's car and had impromptu babysitting. There was one person to call.

"Hey Whale Penis, what's up?" The crackling voice of Remus came through Roman's mobile phone, making Logan roll his eyes. Nova was always extra chaotic when she'd seen Remus.

"Have you seen Nova? I can't find her anywhere." Logan said as calm as he could manage, trying to listen for any child giggles on either his end of the phone or Remus'. The house at the other end of the line seemed relatively silent, save for the ever-playing Disney playlist and Roman 'rehearsing' for his role as Snow White.

"Not here bud, maybe Patton took her?"

"I think Verge would snitch and tell me if Nova had managed to squeeze in Janus' car." Logan was starting to sound a little panicked now, walking upstairs and back to Nova's room. Losing the child he had adopted less than two hours before she was due to be judged by the extended family was not a good move on his part. She could also be hurt wherever she is, and that panicked Logan more. What if she was taken by a dangerous stranger?

The Disney music abruptly stopped on the other end of the phone line and faint whispering was heard for a minute or two. "I can tell you're panicking Wolverine. We'll be on the lookout and ask the group if anyone has her or saw anything." It was rare Remus was so serious, especially to Logan as he loved driving him round the bend, but he was thankful whenever he was serious. The seriousness usually appeared when the topic was Nova - Remus understood the best that Logan loved her.

"Thanks, bye..." Logan hanged up almost out of breath, ruffling his hair before deciding going to his study and reading would be the best way to calm him. He focused on his steps and made his way towards the constellation books he loved to read - then realised one was missing. A big book on the life and death of stars was now a gap. Would a person who took Nova also take a star themed book just to mess with him? It must be someone who knew him very well if that was the case because now he was anxious and annoyed.

Logan marched upstairs to his room without much thought. Maybe he should call the police if he believed Nova was in real danger, but he needed to call Patton first as he'd be the type to take a book of stars knowing Nova was named after a star cycle. He was about to type the last digit of his friend's phone number as he opened the door to his bedroom, and found a familiar pile of blankets and fairy lights.

"What the fu...runculosis... God... Nova!" Logan almost screamed, moving the blankets slightly to reveal the toddler he was panicking over. "Nova! That was a mean game of hide and seek, I was worried." He picked her up to give her a hug - and that revealed where the star book was. Nova was trying to read it and had a dictionary next to her to try to find the words she didn't know. Logan had told her the purpose of a dictionary the week previous.

"Sorry Dada." Nova giggled giving her dad an equally big hug, dropping the book on Logan's foot which of course made him wince a little at its weight. "Sorry again."

"It's OK Starlight..." Logan whispered, placing Nova on his bed as she watched him with admiration. "What were you reading about?"

"Am I a superhero?" The toddler asked with complete seriousness making Logan giggle. "Is that why I don't have a Mommy? I'm like Batman but you're not dead yet." Logan smiled looking at the front of the book: From Protostars to Supernovas.

"Well, I don't have to die for you to be a superhero." Logan brought out one of Nova's prettiest dresses and co-ordinated an outfit. Nova began sucking her thumb. "Just don't refine your invisibility power, got it? Then you can be a superhero."

Nova giggled far louder and got off the bed. "Where's my supersuit? I wanna tell Granny and Gand-pa!" And she ran off, out the room, in search of the superhero outfit Virgil got her for her birthday. And Logan knew that's what she was going to wear for her family reunion, and she wasn't going to change until tomorrow most likely. Still, Logan loved his little girl with all his heart. Maybe he'll tell his daughter what supernovas actually are later.

Chapter Text

"Lullaby sleep fairies... send my baby to sleep." Virgil sang, cradling his infant daughter in his arms and watching her eyes slowly close. Here he sat in a rocking chair, in a lavender bedroom that had been decorated for months and empty for a year. The most precious thing in the world was laid in his arms - they had waited a lot longer than any other couple to get their family.

Virgil thought he wasn't destined for a 'perfect life' when he first met Logan. When they started dating he believed he had the possibility of a happy life. When Virgil proposed he thought he had achieved the perfect life, but now he knew he was wrong. This was perfection.

"Kanojo wa nemutte imasu ka?" Previously mentioned fiancé, Logan, walked in to the nursery speaking his first language of Japanese. Virgil wasn't fluent but gathered a lot through body language, manga and anime, and by the fact Logan was whispering and kneeling opposite his daughter he assumed the nerd was actually asking if Ana was sleeping. "Oh my God... She's perfect. Kanpeki."

"Kanpeki..." Virgil repeated quietly, glancing at his baby. The pair decided to try to speak to her and teach her Japanese as much as possible - after all she was adopted from Japan so it was part of her culture.

Logan kissed Ana's forehead, making her mumble in her sleep. A small chuckle escaped Logan's lips and Virgil wasn't sure - but there were tears in one or both fathers' eyes. "I love you so much..." Logan finally whispered, gazing up at Virgil with definitely crying eyes. Virgil couldn't help but lean down and kiss him. "Thank you."

"How do you say 'I love you' in Japanese?" Virgil mumbled, daring to kiss his fiancé again even softer than the time before. Logan mumbled and stroked his lover's cheek as they leaned away from each other.

"Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu."

Ana woke up because of Logan's following laugh at Virgil's confused expression. He wasn't that great at copying Logan or even listening to him at some points - but it got even worse when it was a long sentence. The couple were distracted by Ana's quiet cries and Logan immediately picked her up and cradled her.

It was nothing less than magic when Virgil watched Logan with Ana. He dissolved into fluent Japanese lullabies, conversation and songs and just listening to her first language made Ana calm quicker than when Virgil handled her. Of course she didn't know or speak Japanese, but she seemed to recognise it without much hesitation. Whether Ana would ever be as calm around Virgil as Logan he didn't care. He just loved watching Logan sing Teru-teru-bozu (his favourite nursery rhyme) and slowly take their daughter to the bassinet and tuck her in. He was excited for the many sleepless nights he'll see that performance again.

The fiancé's left the room holding hands and giving each other a chaste kiss. They had a few more hours to kill before heading to bed themselves but they knew how they were already going to spend it: cuddled up together in bed and telling each other how in love they were with the other.

"Logan..." Virgil whispered at 2am after Ana's second night feed. Logan looked half asleep with his pyjamas and hair ruffled but smiled anyway and turned to him as they got into bed again. "Uh... Wat-shi anata shite?" He tried to say, although sheepishly and already knowing he'd gotten the sentence hilariously wrong.

"Almost..." Logan whispered in response choking a chuckle and placing an arm on his beloved's waist. "Watashi mo aishiteruyo darin." And before they could process both Virgil and Logan were asleep again, and managed to last the night with their daughter finally sleeping more than 4 hours straight.

Chapter Text

Virgil only went to churches to attend funerals. That might sound quite sad but he didn't mind - it's not like he went to funerals that often. He wasn't even invited to this funeral, he was just waiting in the church car park for his boyfriend to emerge and be in need of cuddles.

He did know who the funeral was for - Patton's cousin who was about the same age as them had just died. He didn't know how and didn't want to bother his boyfriend with it. He just wanted to support him through this tough time. The three had grown up relatively close, she was the one to suggest the pair began dating (even though that was in freshman year of high school, and they only started dating sophomore year of college). Patton was excited to invite her to the wedding he and Virgil would inevitably have, but that wasn't going to be possible now.

Virgil was dragged out of his thoughts by knocking on his car window. Patton probably wanted a large hug before going home - or there were some relatives that wanted to see him. He hoped he didn't have to talk to anyone as he wasn't in the mood. "What's the matter cupcake?" Virgil said as he opened the door - only stopping when he realised the small being beside Patton's hip.

"Virgil, meet Milo - Milo, meet Virgil." Patton chirped shyly, and the child looked up at Virgil sucking his thumb. Both Milo and Patton had bloodshot eyes and snuffly noses. But Virgil didn't know this child. "Can he stay for a while Stormy?"

Although Patton would probably be the type to kidnap a child in need - that probably wouldn't be at a funeral. The child looked a lot like Patton with long strawberry blond hair and deep blue eyes that Virgil often got lost in throughout his life of knowing Patton. He nodded and mumbled a 'sure', opening the car door for his boyfriend and this strange kid. Patton ran off again for a few seconds, talking to one of his relatives who gave him a lime green car seat.

The pair soon returned to their one bedroom apartment. It was a cheap place with a few holes in the walls (covered by posters) and peeling plaster. But it was good enough for the boyfriends - and their three cats. "Nightmare, Burton, Sir Fluffybutt! We're home!" Virgil shouted into the flat to the black, grey and white cat respectively. The cats were Virgil's sons. He'd had the American shorthair Burton since he was a high schooler, then when he moved out his family home he adopted the black stray Nightmare. Sir Fluffybutt was Patton's Persian cat that joined the pack when they moved in together. "You didn't destroy the sofas did you?" Virgil immediately put on a baby voice, stroking two of the cats that were lying on the sofa. The third jumped on his lap as soon as he sat.

"Kitty?" Milo whispered curiously and walked up to Virgil. It was definitely a more quiet reaction than Patton - but that might be because of where he'd been less than an hour before. Virgil smiled softly but didn't move his hand from the cats.

"Do you want to play with one of them Mimi?" Patton cheered, dotting a tissue under his eyes and grabbing a cat toy. Milo ran over with wide eyes. When the treat packet was shook both Burton and Nightmare ran over. Nightmare and Burton were the playful cats whereas Sir Fluffybutt stayed on Virgil's lap and watched.

Milo was perfectly entertained for a while playing with the cats. But dinner had to be made, and Virgil really wanted the time to comfort his boyfriend alone and spend some much deserved time with him. While Patton was getting the bowls and plates to cook Virgil walked over to Milo, kneeling down to him with a faked but realistic looking smile. "Hey kid, when's your Mom coming to pick you up? Are you having dinner with u-"

Before Virgil could finish speaking Milo burst into loud tears, making Patton rush over.

"Milo! It's alright buddy..." Patton picked up the little boy in a hug. Virgil stood straight again with a confused expression, unsure whether to comfort the boy or step back. Patton seemed to glare at his boyfriend somewhat angrily and sighed. "How about you play with Burton some more? I need to talk with my boyfriend kiddo."

Milo nodded and went back to the cat toys, and Patton dragged Virgil into their bedroom. "Don't say that to him Vergie! He's still very upset..."

"Wait, no, rewind. How long are we taking care of this kid?" Virgil growled, frantic hand expressions making his arms flail. Patton seemed to look nervous at that point, looking away and to the closed brown door. The room suddenly felt too small for the two of them. "Pat... Whose kid is Milo?"

"Lily's..." Patton whispered, the tone a lot sadder. Lily was the cousin who had just died, she was a year older than the boyfriends. Virgil remembered hearing about Lily having a kid but they didn't visit each other often at that point as Lily had moved to a new city. "She tried to get in touch with the father as she was..." Patton avoided the tears and skipped the following word. "But there was no luck. She placed us to take care of Milo in her will. She knew we'll be good parents for him!"

Patton was always so hopeful and naive. "Pat..." Virgil grumbled, pacing back and forth once before sitting at the bottom of the bed with his hands on his face. "When were you going to tell me that? We're still in college Pat, you remember that? Sure we're graduating this summer but we still can't fucking adopt a kid!" Now emotions were overtaking Virgil, his voice was getting louder and the desire to punch something was getting stronger.

"We can still do it kiddo! You and me, together. We love each other and that's the most powerful force!"

"Don't call me kiddo Pat you know how I hate that." Virgil snapped, and Patton immediately silenced realising how angry Virgil was getting. He was soon standing up and pacing again. "I can't believe you... I had no part in this huh? You always say I'm the most important person in the world when I'm having a panic attack but it takes one shitty piece of paper from a relative for you to chuck all that out the window!"

"Stop..." Patton could eventually mumble, taking sharp breaths and letting the tears fall freely. Virgil silenced too, all the anger dissipating when he saw the results of him not thinking before speaking. "I'm sorry! I love you, I do! I just couldn't handle Milo going through this alone..."

Virgil's arms wrapped around his boyfriend, kissing his neck, and counting aloud slowly so Patton could slow his breaths. Patton clutched onto him - the feeling comforted him too. Eventually he sighed, and Patton spoke. "We can put him into foster care if you'd like. I don't want to upset you, you're more important to me. I love you."

From what Virgil could remember of Lily, she was infinitely caring. She was like an older sister to him. And the thought of Patton's last memory of her, the small Milo, going into foster care made Virgil angry again. He had heard what foster care was like from friends and family himself and would want any kid to avoid that. Virgil separated from Patton's hug and cupped his cheeks. "Are we going to have help?" Virgil whispered, and Patton nodded.

"My Mom and Aunt say she can help us find a bigger apartment or a house, and Lily gave her inheritance to whoever takes care of Milo." Patton chirped quieter back, pecking Virgil's lips. His tone was still sort of sad.

Virgil nodded, just holding Patton in his arms and staring at him happily for a second. "Let's try..." Virgil whispered, before hearing a knock at the door. "Milo? You can come in kid!"

Milo revealed himself behind the door. "I'm sorry..." He mumbled at first, still crying. Virgil smiled and picked him up in response, ruffling his hair.

"Don't be kid, it's not your fault at all. Let's just have an eternal sleepover little guy!"

And with that Virgil, Patton and Milo began bonding. Patton's family helped a lot when the couple had classes - also taking Milo to school for them so they didn't have to get up extra early. And it only took a year for Virgil and Patton to formally adopt the little boy - and they tied the knot soon after to let Milo be ring-man.

Chapter Text

Logan stood straight and glanced around where he'd be spending the next 9 weeks. Unfortunately his father had spotted how little friends he had so decided going to a camp this summer was the best for him instead of letting him read in his room for the eternity between school years.

"Please talk to people Specs." Logan's father, Janus, pleaded as he brushed a hand through his son's hair. "I know I haven't been the best to allow this, but go and be a kid this summer."

"Did you have to send me to one of the... active ones?" Logan slung his backpack over his shoulder. Around him were wooden cabins, bonfires, and a giant lake with a pier and boats. He wasn't the type of person to go outside most days, let alone in front of a load of strangers that will judge him for no good reason. He would have much preferred a science or engineering camp.

"Because you're 10 Logan, you keep on forgetting that." Logan grumbled watching a few yellow shirted camp leaders blowing whistles and rounding up excited kids running around and screaming like they were hurt. They weren't hurt of course, just happy. "I'll be getting home now, call me every night. And if you hate it here I just won't enrol you next year."

And with that Logan's father left. Logan was alone, with his giant blue backpack that held all the books he wanted to read over the summer as well as a suitcase with all his actual belongings and camping gear. He took a deep breath, marching forward. It was just 9 weeks - 9 weeks of hell and avoidance.

"Hi!" A random new person appeared in front of Logan with no forewarning, a smile on his face and wearing a green cap with the camp's logo on. Logan raised an eyebrow and stepped back. "I'm Remus!"

"Good..." And Logan carried on walking. He needed to find a camp leader so he could distinguish which cabin was his, unpack his things, and escape into a Sherlock Holmes book until he was forced to participate in some useless activity.

"What's your name?" The cap wearer caught up with his quickening steps, tapping Logan on the shoulder and standing in front of him again. Logan tried his best to ignore him and continue walking but he was thoroughly blocked. "I know you have a name! And you can speak too, you speak English don't you?"

"No hablo ingles." Logan said plainly, but unfortunately he didn't have a good Spanish accent. Remus blocked Logan's steps again and surprisingly maintained his smile throughout this.

"You want to dive into the lake?" Remus chirped, leaning back and forth waiting for Logan to respond. Logan honestly had no idea how to respond to that - this kid was way too chaotic for Logan's taste. "So we can get to know each other without you speaking if you're shy."

"We're not allowed." The leaders were blowing their whistles again, trying to get everyone into their assigned cabins. Water activities were not assigned on the timetable today. But Remus didn't stop smiling, and didn't let Logan pass. "Can you let me find my cabin please?"

"What cabin is it?" Remus chirped again. Each camper was given the name of their cabin weeks before the summer was going to start, so Logan had a name just not a place.

"Black bear." He sighed as Remus looked even more excited, if that was even possible, and grabbed one of Logan's hands dragging him to one of the cabins at the back. "What are you doing?" Logan shouted almost frantically. Being kidnapped by a fellow 10 year old was not how he'd imagine his summer to begin.

"We're in the same cabin! We can drag our beds together!" And that's exactly what Remus tried to do, leaving the cabin door open and assigning himself and Logan to beds - then tried dragging the beds so they looked like a badly made double bed. "There! Now you want to go into the lake?"

So Logan was stuck with this person for 9 weeks straight, great. He didn't even bother to respond this time. He just unpacked his books, placing them in the shelves of the small bedside table - and the ones he couldn't fit on the shelves he placed on the actual table. Remus seemed to watch in amazement as more and more books appeared. He eventually decided to unpack his own bags. The first thing he brought out was a picture in a simple pine frame of him, two other kids which Logan assumed to be his siblings, and two adult men. The adult men were standing close and holding hands, one wearing a red jumper and beanie while the other looked a lot more nondescript, with what seemed like marker scribbled over his face.

"That's my Dad and The Dickhead." Remus said plainly, giving a softer smile. "We don't talk to The Dickhead anymore. He was mean."

"Your Dad likes guys?" Logan spit out without much thought, his eyes wide this time. As he lived in a small church-based suburban village there weren't many kids he knew that had gay dads. Logan knew his Dad was bisexual, but he never knew any other mother or father figure in his life. All he could remember was having Janus.

Remus looked a little weary to answer until Logan further clarified. "My Dad likes guys and girls." And after that Remus smiled wide again, jumping up and down and gasping.

"Is he single?" Remus giggled, jumping on his bed as Logan sat on his own. Logan nodded, opening one of his books and beginning to read. "My Dad said he wants to get into the dating pool again! Let's get them together! Then we can be brothers and hang out all the time!"

Logan thought it was best to entertain this silly idea in Remus' head. He knew that logically two 10 year olds could not set up two adult men from completely different parts of the state. "I think you need to know my name before we do that." Logan teased, turning a page as Remus leaned closer, treating this name as some kind of long held secret. "My name's Logan."

Chapter Text

It was Day 5 of summer camp and Logan was calling his father to update him on everything, as he did every day. "We practiced rock climbing today. We won't be able to hike until next week apparently as it's a 'dangerous trail'..." It was around 9pm at night so he wasn't disturbing any of his cabin friends by speaking at a normal volume. The three of them seemed to be chatting amongst each other anyway.

"I don't care about the timetable Lo, I've seen it! Tell me about your friends." Janus ushered at the other end of the phone, mid cooking dinner. He had found the evenings a lot lonelier without his son so they often called in the evening so Janus could sleep knowing his son was happy and safe. Logan didn't have many friends to talk about but out of everyone Remus was probably his best friend in the entire camp, only because he hadn't left his side like an overly attached dog so they were often partnered for activities.

"They're good. A little energetic but that's what you expect from 10 year olds."

"You are 10 Logan." Janus chuckled back, clear adoration in his voice. He may have expected his son to grow up quicker than he should have as it was just the two of them, but he was proud of moments like this where he could finally try to give his boy a childhood.

"Nerdy Wolverine - You want to dive into the lake with us?" Remus could be heard chirping beside Logan's bed. Logan looked up to find Remus and the two other boys they shared a cabin with in only their boxers and holding towels and flashlights. He could only give a judgemental glance before Janus spoke loudly through the phone so the other kids could hear him.

"Night swimming? Oh that sounds so fun Lo! Don't worry about your old Dad here and go have some fun." Remus chuckled at that, throwing Logan his towel as the nerd rolled his eyes.

"We're not allowed night swims Dad." He turned towards the boys but still spoke down the phone. "I'll stay here."

"Nu-uh. You're not." Janus argued back. He decided he wasn't going to be a responsible adult this evening, Logan presumed. "You're going to be 10. I command you to go with them Logan - or I'll confiscate all your books when you're back."

Remus giggled at that again, grabbing Logan's hand and dragging him up. Janus hang up on his son once he heard the movement and let him have fun. And that's exactly what he did. Turns out jumping into a lake at the beginning of July almost naked wasn't that bad. It was in fact really fun, Logan was laughing harder than he ever had before swimming around and splashing Remus with the stars above him. Logan told Remus about the stars on the way back to the cabin, about all constellations and mythology around them. Remus listened attentively, actually at peace, and surprisingly slept sound that night.


Since Remus knew the magic power to get him to do stuff by asking him when he was calling his father that's exactly what he did. Over the weeks they had visited the lake many times, chased owls around the forest, climbed the tallest tree they could find. The next adventure was the most rebellious yet - they wanted a bonfire.

"Max, Jax, can you go into the camp kitchen and steal some marshmallows for s'mores? I'll stay here to make sure Whale Penis doesn't chicken out." Remus commanded the other two cabin mates while Logan and he sat together on a log. Logan was the most cautious of the group as usual, constantly telling the group how fire was dangerous and they could all get into serious trouble. But Remus told him not to worry each time. "Now, let's light this." He mumbled, getting a matchstick out his pocket. Logan had no idea how his friend got a matchstick but he supposed he shouldn't question it.

The fire started and expanded quickly, making Remus giggle and Logan shuffle back. "Are you sure this is safe?" Logan asked again, fear in his voice at getting caught that Remus ignored.

"As safe as I could make it." Remus responded as Jax and Max returned with marshmallows and chocolate. Remus calmly made the sugar kebab with the fire crackling in the background for each of his friends.

Logan did enjoy making s'mores, he has to admit that. He managed to get one cooked before hearing the frantic screaming of a camp leader. "Remus Creativios - Not you again!" The head camp leader screamed. Remus had told Logan about how he usually did night adventures ever since he started the camp at 6 years old - and therefore he knew how to avoid them apparently. "Get that out!" She summoned other leaders with buckets of water who hastily put out the fire the four had worked so hard on. "All you boys go back to your cabin. Remus, I'm calling your father."

"Are you calling Logan, Max's and Jax's parents too?" Remus chirped as he picked up the marshmallows and gave them to the leader. The leader shook her head.

"They look like they were only accompaniments to your delinquency. They can enjoy camp while you're going home tomorrow afternoon."

Remus looked a lot sadder after hearing that, and went straight to bed. Logan and Remus lay next to each other, facing each other and whispering. "You'll come next summer right dork? I wanna hang out again." He mumbled, almost crying as he was so upset. The pair were excited to do the scheduled activities together too at this point, but that was over for this year.

"I'm sure my Dad will let me." Logan reassured, facing the ceiling again as he heard Remus slowly fall asleep. He didn't want to spend the rest of camp without his best friend - and they did want their Dads to meet. That meant one thing: Logan had to be expelled from camp too.


Logan had spent all night on this contraption. He had luckily brought his Junior Engineer textbook so he could understand all the forces involved and relied on a hidden caffeine stash (he believed it belonged to a camp counsellor named Remy) to stay awake. But as the sun rose he hid - still in plain sight but looking like he was hiding - ready for the leaders to open their cabin door.

The head leader that punished Remus was the first to open the door, which Logan hoped. She was deathly afraid of bees so as soon as the door opened Logan built a buzzing alarm into the door. This made the leader stay in place as a bucket of mud fell on her head. Lastly - as soon as the leader took a step forward a load of sprays were turned on in her direction - spraying a mix of paint from the camp's art room and salty water from the lake.

"Who did that?" The leader screamed frantically, scared to move and set another thing off. None of the campers were awake at this time so there was no-one to blame but Logan who walked out the bushes calmly with a mischievous grin. "You! Your father said you were nice you little..."

"Are you going to expel me?" Logan challenged. When the leader seemed to hesitate, knowing this was outside Logan's behaviour prior to meeting his best friend, Logan revealed his second contraption. It was a feather gun, and all the ammo fluttered and stuck directly to the leader's mud. She sighed.

"I'm calling your father now."

Needless to say Remus was overjoyed and proud of his friend for the prank, and both boys were banished to their cabin until their fathers arrived while Jax and Max got away scot-free. This did give them time to chat and plan about how to get their fathers to date.

Chapter Text

Janus got out his car, examining the sign for the summer camp. He couldn't help but smile surprisingly, thinking of his son. He had spent ages wanting his son to go out his comfort zone and try something childish. And for the first time he actually had to punish his kid for being a kid. He wasn't though, one prank wouldn't hurt.

"Hey, new face!" Janus heard a voice cheer as a man appear next to him - a brown haired man with growing stubble and wearing a red denim jacket. "I'm Roman. Is your kid in the camp?"

"Well, not anymore." Janus giggled, watching the kids make their way to the lake and instinctively looking for Logan - even though he knew he wouldn't be there. "He's just been excluded for a prank... And I'm Janus."

"Same with mine." Roman laughed, also looking out for his son. "Well, apparently it was almost arson. Not surprised though."

Janus chuckled again, looking out for his kid. He was wondering at first whether Logan was upset when he first got the phone call - but when the call revealed he had pranked the head leader willingly and independently he was weirdly proud. That's when he saw his 10 year old son, laughing and chatting with his suitcase and backpack beside another kid also with backpacks and suitcases.

"Dukey! Come here bud!" Roman shouted to the strange new child, and the child ran and immediately went into a hug. Logan also approached with a wide smile looking up at his father with wide excited eyes. "Did you enjoy it or was the arson out of boredom?"

"Can you two date now?" Remus chirped, pointing at his father and then Janus. Janus raised an eyebrow and awkwardly chuckled again. He could spot Roman's blushing cheeks at that which even made Logan laugh. "Logan and I planned it all camp! You're both single and lonely and attracted to guys... So you're perfect!"

Roman couldn't stop blushing. Did his son really know his type that well? Gently spoken, caring with kids, even the awkward laughs made Roman's heart flutter. He couldn't stop looking at the father next to him. He was ruffling his curly hair, knelt down to be level with his kid and speaking to him softly asking about the camp and the prank and his son's anxieties. When Roman finally dragged his eyes away from the man his 10 year old son was giving him a knowing look. "Maybe the boys can hang out at mine?" Roman felt compelled to say. Janus stood up straight and smirked shyly.

"I might join that... Hang out, if that's fine with you."

So that's what happened. Logan and Remus played on Remus' Xbox, and Logan met Remus' two siblings. They heard Roman and Janus chatting to each other downstairs, low voices while sharing sugary drinks (it wasn't wine time until 6pm). But the later it got the more deep their conversation got, talking about their sexualities and their exes that they avoided speaking about around their kids.

"You'll be surprised how hopelessly single I am..." Janus chuckled as he sipped his drink, making Roman smile softly. "I think having a son is a turn off if I'm honest. Logan's a good kid but whenever someone hears about him I never hear from them again."

"I've had the same thing too..." Roman sat opposite Janus, taking another sip of his drink and meeting eyes with Janus. They both silenced for a moment to stare at each other. They knew the kids wanted to set them up and that made everything slightly more uncomfortable. But Janus didn't mind staring at Roman some more, he seemed so soft. "We could just go on a date or two to please them."


Roman nodded and kissed Janus' cheek, making both of them blush. Needless to say Logan wasn't surprised when he came downstairs to ask for some soda and found the pair exchanging a not so chaste kiss with Roman sitting on the kitchen counter.

And by the time Remus and Logan started high school (which they went to together, soon Roman realised how much having Logan around calmed Remus relatively and therefore caused them to attend the same school), Roman and Janus were married. They already felt like a large mismatched family anyway, but the wedding tied the knot and further validated that Logan and Remus were in fact brothers. And it all started at a summer camp.

Chapter Text

"Flynn! Scarlett! Be careful!" Roman shouted up the stairs to his kids - 15 year old Flynn and 12 year old Scarlett, after hearing some crashes upstairs. He was stressed already about tonight. He had custody of the kids for the weekend and it was coincidently the same weekend of he and his boyfriend's anniversary. Roman had been avoiding showing his kids his new boyfriend for a very good reason. Roman divorced his wife after realising he was gay a decade too late - and that was the reason his kids had two houses and two Christmases and struggled with all the struggles of having separated parents. Adding a stepfather to the mix might make them hate him.

"When's he coming Dad?" Scarlett shouted down, her head hanging from the bannister and her smile wide. Roman sighed to himself and shouted back.

"Any time soon! Please be nice!" Logan had texted Roman that he was on his way around 5 minutes ago, so he was going to appear at any second. Roman met Logan around 2 years after the separation, they were both going to watch Hamilton and just so happened to be seated next to each other. It was heaven after that for Roman. He told Logan about his kids and he didn't seem to mind acting as a father figure when Roman was comfortable with that.

But soon there was a knock on the door. Roman saw his boyfriend and immediately smiled, catching him in a kiss and laughing. "Hey Book Germ." Roman giggled, clutching Logan's hand as both of them eskimo kissed. "You ready?"

"As long as you're comfortable." Logan soothed, stealing another kiss again before looking into the house where Scarlett was glancing confused. "Oh, hi little Miss. You must be Scarlett." Scarlett nodded shyly and stepped back as the couple walked in the house. "Your Dad told me a lot about you."

"OK..." Scarlett tried to pull the most neutral reaction, going towards the Nintendo Switch that Roman kept downstairs. "Flynn and I are going to play upstairs OK Dad?"

Logan could immediately tell Roman was hurt at his daughter's reaction, so grasped his boyfriend's hand tighter. "How about you two play down here so Logan can meet you?" Roman offered, but the curly haired ginger girl only shook her head and went upstairs again.

"It's alright Mr Meta Knight, give her time." Logan whispered after Scarlett disappearing, guiding Roman to the sofa and sitting down with him. "Let's just relax and watch a movie, if the kids come down again I'll introduce myself again. All you need to do is relax and support your kids."

So the pair decided to watch Lady and the Tramp together, cuddling and kissing as if Roman's kids weren't upstairs (although they kept it PG). But in all honesty this meeting was important to Roman. He wanted Logan to join the family within the evening as he wanted to propose to Logan. Sure, it was only their one year anniversary but he was the one, and Roman was sure of it. He just wanted his kids to support him in his decision.

"Hey, Flynn right?" Roman was dragged out of his thoughts hearing Logan's voice, and Flynn wondered into view holding a glass of water. "Nice to meet you bud, I'm Logan... You're in high school right?" Flynn nodded with the same somewhat angry look and stiff stance. "I'm a teacher at West End, you have any friends at that school?" Flynn shrugged after that and looked like he was trying to escape.

"Flynn please, try to be nice. Logan's being nice to you." Roman eventually said, leaning forward but keeping Logan's arm around his shoulders. Flynn shook his head and honestly looked disgusted.

"This is all disgusting Dad, you're just being gross with this." Flynn snapped before walking back upstairs. The boyfriends could only be silent. Roman didn't raise his kids like that, or at least he thought that was the case. Even before he came out himself Roman and his wife made sure to teach their kids that love was love no matter genders.

Logan kissed Roman's forehead and sighed. What if that seriously upset Logan? Were they going to break up after that? He couldn't handle being without Logan now. "It's alright sweet-jam..." Logan whispered softly, no nerve in his voice. "He's just finding it all difficult I guess."

"I need to talk to him." Roman stood again, giving his boyfriend a quick kiss before determinedly marching upstairs. He knocked at the door of his son's room - where Mario Kart music was playing - and spoke. "Kids. Out now." He was ignored. "Kids. I mean it. Come out."

"You already destroyed our life when you came out." Flynn's voice was heard shouting through the door. "Couldn't you just be normal and stay with Mom? Why did you do this?"

"Flynn that's enough!" Roman eventually had to scream, taking a breath. He thought he and his ex-wife sorted the divorce well for the kids. The ex-wife was perfectly understanding at Roman's coming out and shared everything equally. She even helped him get his own place and they took each other's wedding rings off when not around the kids so both could act as single before they lived separately. "Scarlett, Flynn - I love you both. I just want to be happy and Logan makes me happy."

"And Mom didn't?" Scarlett eventually chirped. Roman paused to think before seeing Logan also emerge up the stairs to support his boyfriend if needed.

"She did, but I was living a lie back then. It got harder to be happy as we went along as I had this secret that only I knew. Now that secret is out I'm much happier with someone I truly love."

"But soon you'll realise you're straight again and hurt us again!" Flynn finally shouted. The shout made Logan hold his boyfriend's hand, offering to take him downstairs again. Although he wanted to refuse, Roman eventually needed to give in and escape before being hurt by his own bloodline.

So the couple ignored the kids for a few more hours, only trying again at dinner. They ordered takeaway pizza and Roman shouted down for the kids to come to dinner. Roman disappeared somewhere while Logan served himself in the kitchen - the kids arrived and ignored the other adult in the room. It was only until Logan spotted a Rubik's cube he felt compelled to move, grabbing the cube and quickly solving it. It was one of his hidden talents, he could solve any cube in under 30 seconds, and he used to be in Junior competitions as a child for it. When he solved it he placed it down again, only to find Scarlett staring at him wide eyed. "Oh, were you trying to solve that? Sorry for destroying your game."

"How did you do that so quick?" Scarlett gasped, running up to the Rubik's cube again and shuffling it. Logan smirked and took a bite of his pizza. He sat down at the dining table opposite the little girl.

"Shall I teach you?" He spoke gently as Scarlett gave him the cube again. He examined it and then spoke through his choices and why he made them - teaching his tactics and cheats. Scarlett continued to watch wide eyed and asking questions. Roman soon walked back into the kitchen but stayed silent to allow Logan to have this bonding moment.

Then Flynn appeared. "Just get your pizza and go Scar." He growled, quickly grabbing a pizza and giving death stares. Scarlett shrugged and kept on listening. Flynn then approached after that and faced Logan. "Look, gay guy. You aren't going to be part of our family just because of a Rubik's cube."

"I'm not expecting that yet. I'm only expecting you to accept your father and I and not spout the bull-crap you hear at school."

Flynn paused, his expression softening for a moment. Logan also spoke gentler in response. "I know you're better than what you say. And you love your family, which is good. Just show that love." And after that Flynn got a chair and sat with Logan and his sister. It was magic, Roman thought at first, but he also sat with his family and joined the conversation.

So slowly they did become a family, and Roman was sure he wanted to propose. And Logan said yes of course, and they were happy.

Chapter Text

"Would Emmy's friend want cupcakes dear?" Patton shouted from the kitchen, already mixing the batter. Patton had no self control when it came to baking, especially when excited. And the pair were relatively excited. Their son, Emile, was bringing home a friend after school. That wasn't too unusual as the couple's teenage son had quite a few friends that often came for projects or sleepovers or a warm dinner - the exciting part was that this was a completely new friend that neither Roman or Patton had heard about before. They didn't even know this kid's name - they did make sure to ask what pronouns to use for the new friend, he went by he/him pronouns.

The only thing they knew about this new friend was he was new to the high school. According to Emile he had been homeschooled all his life, only starting public school junior year of high school and therefore being the same grade as Emile. Emile also said the friend was very introverted and solitary, kept to himself until Emile and he sat next to each other in AP psychology class. When the friend realised they weren't the top of that class like they were with all his other classes a friendly rivalry started. And they became friends. Today was the first day they were going to 'hang out' out of school, and they decided on Emile's house.

Before Patton's husband could answer he heard his son's voice echo, and the front door opened. There was one blond boy with pink tips, the son the couple loved, followed by a taller and darker skinned boy that was a lot quieter. He gave Patton a small wave as he walked in. "Dad! Can Logan and I play video games in the living room?" Emile shouted for either of his fathers to respond. As they were both visible they both nodded and the pair went into the living room - Roman escaped to the kitchen to talk to his husband and give the teenagers peace.

This 'Logan' immediately caught Roman's attention. He was definitely a lot quieter and more nervous than all of Emile's other friends (even the friend called Virgil - who was literally petrified of everything). He spoke gently to Emile, making him speak gently back, about something they were learning in class while searching through video games.

"Hey Puffball..." Roman whispered, wrapping an arm around Patton's waist. Patton smiled gleefully and gave his husband a kiss on the cheek, distracting himself from the cupcakes he was making for a second. Roman then guided his head towards the teens playing Minecraft together. "Do you think he's..." Roman flopped his wrist and giggled, keeping his voice low so the boys couldn't hear them.

Patton giggled too and whispered back. "Maybe..." Then they examined the pair together further. Emile seemed mostly concentrated on the game, telling Logan to get coal and iron and cut down trees. Logan, however, seemed less involved with the game and more involved with the person next to him. Soft stares that made him smile, often getting distracted from the game in this smiley state, and then turning a deep pink whenever he'd be found to be staring. "Has Emmy got his first crush-ee? Aw, they're so cute together! What colour scheme shall we wear for their wedding?"

"Paps?" Emile's low voice was heard shouting into the room during Patton's freakout, making Patton quickly turn with an over exaggerated smile. "Can Lo stay for dinner and maybe sleepover? He seems a bit anxious about something and I want to make sure he's OK."

"Of course sweet-bun! Anything for you and your... friend..." Patton giggled after saying 'friend' making Emile look confused, and even Roman had to smile. The timer beeped indicating the cupcakes were ready. "Oh! That's your snack!" And just like that Patton disappeared with the hot tray into the living room and started a conversation with Logan, who only gave polite short answers. Emile got some juice out of the fridge and began pouring.

Roman leant closer to his son. He decided not to use words this time, instead opting to point at Logan and flop his wrist. Emile immediately understood what his Dad was insinuating and shrugged. "We haven't talked about it, if he is he isn't out yet. Don't think he is though - a lot of girls flirt with him and he seems awkward but receptive."

"Have you tried flirting with him just in case?"

Emile went red at that question and quickly shook his head. "I can't! He's way out my league even if he was gay. And there's no way he'd like me back."

"So you like him?" Patton excitedly whispered as he skipped back in, giving his son who was as red as a tomato a large hug. It was surprising Logan heard none of this conversation, or maybe he chose to ignore. "That's adorable! You're destined together! Who's walking you down the aisle?"

"Shut up! He's not gay!" Emile almost screamed to try to calm himself down, chugging the juice he had just gotten to calm his nerves. Roman and Patton only looked at each other and rolled their eyes with a smirk.

"Look Bubblegum, Paps and I have spent over 40 years decoding who was gay and who was not. We know." Emile shook his head again, also getting some jam presumably for his friend. "$10 for every pick-up line?" Roman offered, and Emile laughed and nodded. The pair always bet money to get each other to do things.

So Emile confidently walked into the living room and turned back to his world - well, the world that he and Logan had been working on together to create the cutest looking survival world. "Hey Logan?" Emile chirped, making Logan glance up with a soft smile. "Are you Broca's aphasia? Because you leave me speechless."

Logan immediately went red as his jaw dropped. He decided the best solution to this - experience - was to just silently continue to build. Emile didn't have that in the cards though. "Do I remember you from my dreams? Or is that a false memory?"

The fathers chuckled watching their son try to flirt. They had known their son was gay for years, but they never saw him flirt - this performance was making all the struggles of being gay parents worth it. The pair watched from the safety of their kitchen, Roman's arms wrapped around Patton's waist and his chin resting on his shoulder. Patton was munching on the spare cupcakes with a wide smile feeling so proud of his kiddo.

"Hey boy, are you a conditioned stimulus? Because you're making me drool." Emile was slowly getting closer to Logan, his cheeks still as pink as his hoodie. Logan also looked nervous, but not uncomfortable, and he wasn't leaning away. In fact he seemed to glance at Emile's lips for a second and take a quick breath.

"You're... You're like an independent variable the way you enlarge my bar graph." He whispered back, and Emile was freaking out inside.

Score. Roman grasped around his husband tighter with a wider smile. It might be creepy they were hiding and watching their son but it was all worth it when both boys leaned closer to each other and shared a cautious but happy kiss. Roman did have to cover his husband's mouth the moment of the kiss to prevent a perfectly timed fan-boy scream. Just after the kiss Emile looked to the side and spotted his Dads, but didn't stop smiling even when Patton zoomed towards him and gave the two teens a large hug.

And for the record, Roman had to walk Emile down the aisle on his wedding day. Patton wouldn't stop screaming and running towards the wedding arch as soon as he held his son's hand and saw the end goal of getting a son in law. He was still crying throughout the wedding day though, and Roman had to hold tears.

Chapter Text

Roman and Virgil always thought adoption picnics were a weird phenomenon. They had avoided going to one until now, but since they were invited they felt like they had to go. It was at least a pretty area to have a picnic, Roman laid the cloth and put the hamper down watching the trees and listening to the birds. Virgil sat on the wet grass and also looked around - but instead looking at the many kids that were running about with all different toys. For kids it might be a heaven, a day out at the park where they meet loads of new people and play with infinite toys with lots of new friends. It just seemed a bit odd for the Prince couple - judging kids purely based on appearance most of the time.

"Patton said this is a good way to find our age range Verge." Roman mumbled as he emptied the hamper, bringing out his favourite jam and Virgil's favourite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And that was true, Patton was their social worker and was trying to place the couple with a child. However, the pair struggled to answer the first questions. They were sure they didn't mind the ethnicity, they would learn whatever they needed to about hair care or current issues. They also didn't mind any issues as both were patient and Virgil had a lot of issues himself. The problem was that they had no idea about age range or gender of their child. They just wanted one to love and didn't care about ages. "Shall we approach anyone?"

Virgil shook his head but looked around anyway. There were so many children that all looked and acted completely different, he couldn't just pick one. What if the kid he approached didn't like him? What if they were scared of him? What if they were homophobic? The only thing that calmed him was Roman giving him a kiss on the cheek and holding his hand, before getting distracted by a bunch of shouting teens. "Oh! Those are a few of my students - want to meet them Emo Nightmare?" Virgil shook his head and kissed his boyfriend's hand before Roman ran off to the teenagers sitting on the bench, Roman was a high school drama teacher and enjoyed talking to students whenever possible.

So Virgil was alone eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and feeling thoroughly out of place. No kids seemed to be paying him any attention - possibly because parents usually left their picnic to approach the child they were interested in and played with them there. Virgil wasn't the type of person to do that.

"Remember you won't get the perfect child running up to you!" The social worker, Patton, cheered as they registered their interest in this picnic. "You need to be gentle and careful and most of all happy!"

Just as Virgil was rehearsing Patton's infectious optimism he felt a warm patch on his lap and his sandwich being pried out of his hands. "Mine?" A quiet voice chirped as two small hands took the sandwich. Virgil's eyes followed the sandwich to see a very small toddler finishing the sandwich with jam and butter dripping down his shirt. Virgil looked around for any responsible adult, but none was coming.

"OK little guy, this is stranger danger OK? Where's your parents?" Virgil placed the toddler off his lap, expecting him to walk off towards his family's picnic, but instead he just looked confused and got on Virgil's lap again. "No, kid. I'm a stranger to you." After another try of carrying the child off his lap the little boy walked towards the open hamper and looked through it for more sandwiches. He got out another sandwich with a big smile.

"Mine?" The toddler repeated as he held up the sandwich, the filling in it dripping out again. Virgil caught a few of the drippings while the toddler sat on his lap again. "Da... Help..." He mumbled just before dropping the sandwich completely and covering himself in more jam. Virgil got a napkin and brushed him off a little, just going on autopilot even though his brain was panicking. Hopefully a parent would come soon and usher their son away without causing an argument, maybe they wouldn't mind Virgil's nervous help.

"You found one Hot Topic?" Roman's voice was heard shouting across the park, before seeing Virgil's panicked face and laughing. The toddler looked up at Roman and immediately walked over to him for a hug. Roman took the hug looking like the happiest man in the world and not minding being covered in jam and peanut butter. "What's your name little guy? Oh you're such a cutie!" When Roman squished the boy's cheek he giggled, and both mans' hearts melted.

"He just walked up to me, probably belongs to someone." Virgil sighed through the cuteness. He could never get enough of his boyfriend being cute with an equally adorable small human. Roman tilted his head and looked the boy over.

"Pat said that each adoptable kid has a sticker of their shirt with their name on..." Roman whispered, before finding a name tag now covered in all different condiments. "His name's Grey... That's cute!"

"G-ey!" The toddler copied - although without saying the 'r' which made both men snigger. After Roman entertaining him for a few more minutes Grey returned to Virgil, reaching up to his black hair and patting it. Virgil dyed his hair a lot, last month it was purple, the month before that lilac (he had a theme with his hair dye) but last week he decided to change it up a little and dye his hair back to his natural black but adding grey tips to the edges to give it a bit of spice. This seemed to interest Grey a lot, making him giggle and even Virgil smile. "P-etty..."

"Thank you kiddo..." Virgil smiled, gazing into Grey's big doe brown eyes and absolutely falling in love. "Ro - Is it too early to say I want to adopt this little guy?"

Grey gasped at that and clapped his little hands, absolutely overjoyed. Roman stood and picked him up quickly before helping Virgil stand, and the couple went towards the marquee where all the social workers, including Patton, were sitting and having coffee. Patton looked even more happy spotting his two favourite adopters holding a happy but messy Grey.

"There he is!" Patton ran over and took Grey out of Roman's arms, tickling him and getting a napkin to try and clean him up. "This little guy toddles off a lot from the marquee, did he find you?"

"I think he chose us to be his parents." Roman laughed, bringing his arm around Virgil. Grey looked so proud of himself and tried to reach for Roman and Virgil again but Patton sighed. All four of them were now covered in food because of the little toddler. But then Patton smiled realising what Roman was insinuating.

"I'll put you down as prospective adoptive parents of this little guy." Patton cheered, carrying Grey away. Grey waved goodbye as he was taken away, and the couple waved back just as enthusiastically.

"Bye-bye!" Grey's shout was heard across the park and his hands flailed very cutely. Virgil leant into Roman's chest as both of them waved back.

"Bye-bye, son."

Chapter Text

"Be careful Riley!" Patton giggled watching his daughter walk along the pavement out of her buggy, dressed in her frog onesie with a pink tutu and tiara. Patton will miss when his daughter won't be a small and adorable baby - but he knew he'd need to let go. There's always more dogs to adopt anyway.

The father and daughter had just taken their three dogs to the park (yes, three - all neutered and all loved), and now it was time to go home. Riley had enjoyed showing the swans her frog outfit and trying to blend in with the rest of the frogs at the park. There were lots of cute pictures taken for the picture book of course. Patton was so proud of his daughter doing anything.

"Cookie!" Riley shouted standing in front of the local bakery. Every step Patton took lead to sweet treats, and his daughter had as sweet a tooth as her father. "Cookie Dad?"

"Sure kiddo." Patton smiled, walking into the bakery with Riley enthusiastically following. "Just one though."

Patton and Riley admired all the freshly baked goods enthusiastically, Patton ordered a cup of tea prior to making the big decision of which sugar to ingest. Riley was pointing at each treat and reading its name or saying what colour it was, making Patton smile. He adored his daughter with all his heart - he said it once he'll say it again.

Soon the pair found a small round table by the window that they sat at with their dogs, their drinks and their cakes. Riley chose a blueberry and chocolate cookie and a vanilla milkshake and Patton chose a blueberry muffin. Both ate happily, giving a few crumbs to their dogs and watching everyone else continue their day. Riley was babbling about the frogs they saw at the park and how she was definitely a frog. Patton agreed and entertained her fantasy.

However the more and more Patton's muffin disappeared the more and more he glanced at the cabinet of sweet treats again. There were so many things that he wanted to eat: cookies, cupcakes, muffins, cake slices, waffles... And his mouth was watering.

"Papa... More?" Riley chirped with the smallest smirk, maybe something she learnt from her Uncle Virgil. But Patton shook his head and began to stand, the pair needed to get home soon for stories and movie night. "Pretty please with cherries on top?" Riley smiled again, her puppy eyes showing as she begged. Again Patton shook his head.

The family's Bichon Frise, Snowflake, yapped and sniffed around the store instead of staying by Patton's feet. Riley giggled and followed him - and the pair arrived in front of the sweets again.

"Would you like another cookie little one?" The baker smiled at the little toddler. Everyone that encountered Riley were immediately overcome with her infectious cuteness, inherited from her father, and that included complete strangers. Riley enthusiastically nodded just before Patton stepped in.

"No, honey, we already had our treat." Patton picked Riley up quickly, smiling at the baker. Riley mumbled and pouted, her puppy eyes watching her father that she loved with the whole world. In times like these Patton wished he had the inner strength of his friends like Virgil or Logan. They had the power to refuse the toddler's cuteness and say no, but Patton spoiled his daughter all the time. "Actually... Can we have one more thing please?"

Riley smiled wide at her accomplishment, then pointed at the thickest and richest chocolate cake in the world. "Chocolate cake! She screamed and giggled, then held up two little fingers. "Two! One for me one for Pa!"

The baker laughed and got two pieces on cake, placing them in a box assuming the pair weren't going to stay. Riley did choose the most expensive item on the menu unfortunately, but he didn't mind. The smile on his daughter's face was all worth it, even if that smile would soon be covered by chocolate icing that she'd refuse to wash off.

But Patton loved his little girl, and he'll love her for eternity and back.

Chapter Text

Logan was sat in his dark bedroom with his laptop in front of him, scrolling through dozens and dozens of emails. He had taken a break from work the week previous with his husband and his son, they had travelled across state and stayed at a hotel just for a small get away. But now his holiday was over and he was sat in front of the consequence - emails to answer. He had been working to catch up all day as they got back home late last night, and he was only halfway through.

A part of Logan's brain identified the noise of his son and his husband coming home. His son, Toby, was giggling and shouting. He had been to Kindergarten the entire day and he loved education just like his father. Virgil was cheering him on, the happiness in his voice immediately stood out to Logan and made him smile. He remembered when that joy was a rarity for the hoodie wearer.

"Daddy!" Toby screamed and ran into the bedroom, holding a now crumpled piece of paper. He saw his favourite father in front of his laptop, glaring angrily at his work instead of at him. But Toby didn't mind getting his Dad's attention though. It happened a lot but he always looked away from his work if his son wanted him. "Daddy, look at my drawing!"

"Not right now Tob..." Logan mumbled, typing another email instead of turning his head. "Daddy's busy."

"But I did a drawing!" Toby whined. He had worked all day on this drawing and wanted love for it. Next step was to get in front of his Dad's face. Toby tried to climb on Logan's lap, finding a gap between his arms and trying to keep his balance. "Look! It's us!" He was about to unravel his drawing before he was placed on the floor again by his father.

"I'm busy. Go show Papi your art." Logan tried to speak gently just as he saw another email come in, a reply of one just sent. Usually he'd think he was blessed by the Gods to have such a quick reply but this time he was descending further and further into Hell.

"I've already shown him! It's your turn to look!" Toby tried again to get on Logan's lap, making Logan grumble. As another email came in - flooding his inbox again - Logan finally lost his temper. "I'm proud of it!"

"I'm busy Toby can't you see?" Logan shouted, pointing towards the inbox that was full again. Toby didn't understand what Logan was pointing at and that began to upset him as he was carried off his father's lap again. "I'm trying to get my work done I..." Just as Toby was placed on the floor Logan looked at him - and immediately the guilt set in. Seeing his little boy with tear filled eyes trying to go into a ball upset Logan too. "Wait... Toby..."

Toby ran off before allowing his father to speak, crying loudly and shouting for his Papi. Logan turned back to his laptop to try and hide his tears, watching the email he was midway through typing before deciding he'd had enough for today. He logged off and turned his laptop off, putting the screen down and sighing just as Virgil ran in and closed the door.

"Explain." Virgil snapped quietly, his voice monotone. Logan just sighed and covered his face with his hands, trying not to cry even though it was obvious he wanted to. Virgil also sighed and walked towards him, standing behind his chair. "Have you been looking at emails all day babe?" He whispered, leaning down so his voice tickled the inside of Logan's right ear. But he nodded, pretending not to be seduced by his husband's words and closeness. "Oh, Logie..." Virgil's hands landed on his husband's shoulders and began to massage. That was Logan's weakness. Virgil worked at a spa as a massage therapist so he gave the best massages in the universe. Logan treated it as an addictive substance. When Logan uncovered his face and a smile escaped his lips Virgil stopped the tough but relaxing movements, smirking to himself. "Now you need your punishment."

Logan opened one of his closed eyes with a confused giggle. "Is that meant to be sexual or..." Logan thought he had learnt everything about human behaviour, not via experience but via books, and sometimes Virgil turned that on its head. But instead of a kiss he was greeted by a soft smack on the cheek.

"Nope, come with me." Virgil grabbed his husband's hand and pulled him to stand up, then left the room and began walking. The pair held hands and walked down the stairs - finally stopping at the final step where he was ushered to stop before reaching the floor. Toby was peering on the edge of the sofa with a small smile. "Sit on the naughty step sweetheart." Virgil cooed before sitting on the back on the sofa with his feet dangling. Logan did as he was told with no complaint.

"How long am I on the naughty step Stormy?" Logan smiled, feeling absolutely in love. Both members of his family was watching him with such a wide smile that he couldn't help but play along.

"No speaking too! You've been a very naughty boy!"

Toby's smile became wider and giggled, turning on the TV to Nightmare Before Christmas - a movie on constantly in Logan's house. And even though he was instructed to stay on the step every bone in his body was wanting to stand close to Virgil again - wrap his arms around him and kiss him until neither of them had any sense.

"As for how long you're on the naughty step..." Virgil contemplated, turning to their son for some advice. Toby looked so proud of himself now it was his Dad receiving the punishment, and Logan wouldn't mind that look staying forever. "How long do you think kiddo?"

"10 weeks!" Toby cheered in response, hopping off the sofa and finding another toy to distract him. Logan could remember cradling his son close to his chest and now he was walking around being independent and taking care of himself - just watching his son grow made Logan wonder whether he and his husband should adopt a little brother or sister for him. When Virgil giggled Logan smiled even more, melting into a puddle at his husband's tones.

"Maybe 10 minutes..." Virgil jumped off the sofa himself, wondering over to Logan nonchalantly as if he didn't know every fragment of a movement caused Logan to lose more and more of the few ounces of control he already had. "Is that alright with you babe?" Virgil knelt opposite him, his head slightly tilted and his hair bopping as he leant down. Logan nodded quickly. "Good..." Then Virgil leant closer, his lips touching Logan's, but resisted giving into the force.

"I'm sorry honey..." Logan mumbled, trying to chase his husband's lips while sitting. He knew he didn't need to apologise to his husband for anything. But Virgil being so charismatic and seductive and resisting his kisses was absolute torture. Of course Virgil most likely knew that, it was part of his punishment.

"I'm not the person you should apologise to." Virgil whispered back, also finding Logan's pleading irresistible at the moment but giving in for the sake of his son. But to not further tempt him he stood and walked away, getting distracted by the TV to let his husband speak.

"Hey, Toby, I'm sorry little guy." Logan got his son's attention from the step, smiling and beckoning his son over. Toby ran over happily and crossed his arms looking smug - a trick he'd learnt from his Papi when Logan was wrong about something (which was more than Logan would like to admit). "I'm sorry for shouting at you Toby. Can you forgive me?"

Toby got the crumpled piece of paper from a nearby table, waving it and running over happily. "Can I show you my drawing?" Of course this time Logan smiled and nodded, allowing Toby to sit on his lap and tell him all about his drawing and his day at school. Virgil watched happily, falling in love all over again and eventually deciding it was best to sit with the pair.

"Coming to the naughty step too Verge?" Logan laughed but invited his husband over, bringing his arm around his shoulders as he sat. Virgil leaned in and sighed happily, also listening to Toby chat and giggle and tell jokes. Then Virgil's eyes wondered to Logan, happy and not stressed anymore over silly, stupid things. He should tell his husband to relax more if it ended in something like this.

So Virgil gave into his wants and gave his husband a lengthy, passionate kiss. "Ew! That's icky Papi!" Toby giggled during the kiss, so they didn't go too far into their desires. Instead they just sat together - watched Toby play and thought to themselves about having another kid. Whatever they decided though the husbands knew their family was perfect - they wouldn't change it for the world, even if that meant a few missed emails.

Chapter Text

"I think we should get a guided tour of the National History Museum next time Pat..." Janus whispered, dodging all the busy people around them and keeping an eye on their teenage son Logan. Logan was trying to shelter himself from the noise with his headphones and staring at his feet which rhythmically hit the floor. Janus lingered behind for a moment to walk beside his son, he hated large crowds.

"Is Logie alright?" Patton also went beside his son. Neither of the fathers wanted to bother their son, just make sure he was reassured. Logan must have heard Patton's question as he nodded, hearing the question through his headphones. The three walked quietly to the station and got on the train back home - the day out in the city was fun for all of them. Logan eventually had the courage to speak, although in a whisper as he put the headphones around his neck.

"I liked the planet exhibit..." He whispered, fiddling with his fingers and looking at his fingers instead of his Dads. Patton sat next to Logan, blocking him from the aisle in case that made him nervous, and Janus was opposite his son with a wide smile. Janus had the day off work so decided to have a family day out in the capital city of their country - a few good hours from where they lived - to see all the museums and tourist attractions. "Textile museum was nice too..."

Patton giggled and reached over to hold his husband's hand, remembering Logan's joyful stims trying on all the ties and old suits from the Victorian era. The teenager was never proud of his stims, when he was first adopted he used to hide them or avoid things that caused them but slowly Patton and Janus reassured him that it was alright.

All of a sudden there was a large crash sound somewhere in the carriage. Janus and Patton looked around for the source of the noise and found a fallen suitcase, soon being sorted by the owner. But that one noise seemed too much for Logan as he swiftly put his headphones on again and shook his head.

"Take deep breath buddy." Janus whispered, making sure his hand was in Logan's view but also making sure not to touch him. But then voices began speaking and the carriage made noises again - and all that was too much. He clasped his headphones further into his ears and groaned loudly, loud enough to 'disturb' the lady the other side of the aisle. As soon as Patton and Janus saw her they knew they were in for trouble.

The lady at first giggled to seem non-threatening. "Is that a moody teenager or some kind of these 'mental illnesses'." The lady exaggerated the last two words which made both fathers physically cringe. "Which one of you is the father? You both seem so young for a high school boy!"

"We're both the father!" Patton cheered happily. His remedy for awkward situations with bad people was always toxic positivity. Janus hated it when he first met Patton in high school - first he had all these weird feelings of love he never felt for a guy and that guy was so amazingly positive. But then he eventually learnt Patton was an amazing boyfriend and husband and he wouldn't change the positivities for the world.

The lady looked even more disgusted at that and rolled her eyes. Nearby passengers were watching the altercation, a few giving sympathetic looks and others pretending they never heard anything. "Oh... That's probably why he's a trouble child. He needs a mother in his life to give him reassurance."

"He's just fine with us." Janus eventually snapped, getting the newspaper out of his bag and placing it on the table between him and his son. Logan reached for the paper and crumpled the edges, his way of focusing and calming down.

"And now he's destroying what you're reading! He needs help, I tell you."

"You don't need to tell us anything..." Patton mumbled, his voice almost a growl. Toxic positivity only went a short way, especially when it came to his family. His family meant everything. "And any help he needs he's getting by his two fathers who love him. It's that simple."

The lady did an astonished gasp at that, her hand on her chest as if the two fathers had commit a hate crime. For the rest of the journey the family ignored the rude woman as she spewed hate, eventually a kind stranger told her to shut up and Logan got the courage to speak again. "Can we go to the Charles Dickens Museum next time Dad?" Logan whispered to Janus who smiled and nodded, happy to see his son talking. When Logan was first adopted he struggled socially and academically in mainstream school - so luckily Patton felt secure and happy enough to quit his job as a Kindergarten teacher and devote his time to fully homeschool their son. Janus coming on their 'field trip' was just a bonus.

Just as the rude lady began glaring again Patton smiled at her, silently asking for permission to hug his son - which he agreed to by leaning in. "I love you kiddo, remember that." He giggled, squeezing his boy's cheek and then leaning over and basically making out with his husband. Logan giggled at that and rolled his eyes at the woman.

"Lovebirds, amirite?" Logan spoke to the rude woman clearly, making the lady couldn't even look more shocked if she tried. Maybe she was surprised Logan could speak so well to strangers, or speak at all, but he was relatively alright being a human if he wasn't stressed. His parents were still making out, Logan watched them for a second feeling a sudden burst of courage to do something he had never done before. He was usually quite secretive about his disability, even though it was obvious at times. "Oh, and I'm autistic - not a 'trouble child'." The family soon reached their stop back home - Janus and Patton stopped making out and walked away like nothing happened. "Have a good day ma'am."

Janus brought his arm around his son with a proud smile. "Well, that was a first. Proud of you boy."

Chapter Text

Today was a relaxing day. It was a weekend so Logan had no work, only lesson plans, and Nova was actually calmly playing with her dolls for once as it was raining outside. "Can you join me Daddy?" Nova looked over at her father, tapping the doll's feet on the dollhouse.

"Hang on a sec girlie." Logan whispered in response, typing the last of his plan with a soft smile at his little girl. "I'll join you when I'm done." Nova sighed and looked out the window, where the rain was hitting the glass quickly. She seemed more excited as she watched - she probably wanted to go outside which was something Logan procrastinated letting her do as it lead to more laundry.

The door knocked within the minute and Nova looked more excited, jumping up and down and running to answer the door. "Uncle Remus!" She screamed as soon as she opened the door, followed by a similar low laugh from one of Logan's kind of distant friends - Remus. Nova was picked up and sat on Remus' shoulders, which was when Logan finally finished his lesson plan and looked up.

"Alright dork, I'm taking Nova to splash in puddles." Remus marched through the house, grabbing Nova's ladybug rain boots and placing her on the sofa just to help her put a not-matching coat on.

"We're having an indoors day today Remus, there's no need for babysitting." Remus seemingly ignored his friend, zipping up Nova's coat and getting closer and closer to the muddy garden. After a sigh Logan stood, trying to beckon his daughter but Nova refused and waited by the door, looking up at Remus with a wide smile and big eyes.

Remus laughed and rolled his eyes, standing in front of him in a confident stance. "You have been AFK from the famILY group chat and you haven't contacted any of us to give you free time for 3 weeks." And again Remus went towards the garden, opening the door and letting Nova run out without any rainhat to cover her freshly washed hair. "I'm spending the day with her, go get a coffee and relax today."

Logan sighed and shook his head - retrieving a dozen worksheets that needed marking, glaring at Remus as if challenging him. He knew all his friends hated Logan's need to constantly work, and Remus was one of them. But for a moment Remus seemed to pause with a small smirk, watching Logan's eyes but then looking away sheepishly. "Do I have to babysit you too?" Remus giggled, noticeably shyer this time. "Seriously Lo, take a break." Remus took the worksheets out of Logan's hands and placed them on the table again, before taking Logan's hand and guiding him to the kitchen. "Crofters and Netflix. I know you well."

When Remus reached up to the cabinets his shirt rode up slightly. Logan had no clue why, but just seeing a little bit of Remus' waist made his heart skip a beat. It was all a bit weird, this situation, Remus wasn't usually a hands-on babysitter - only entertained Nova when Roman took care of her. But this time he seemed happy to help out and in fact a little forceful with it. The Crofters was placed in Logan's hand and he was pushed to the sofa again. "Enjoy yourself babe."

"Can I at least watch Nova play?" Logan stood again, not yet opening the Crofters even though he wanted to. Remus rolled his eyes and walked out in the rain, Logan stayed in the archway of the door to avoid the rain but watched them. Nova was giggling loudly, she loved all her 'Uncles' but liked being babysat by the Makaku twins - Logan always thought that was Roman's doing but maybe Remus actually was good with kids. The pair jumped in all the puddles and danced in the rain, pretending to be frogs together. It made him smile.

"Join Dad!" Nova screamed, grabbing Logan's hand with her wet own and dragging him to the middle of the decently sized garden. Remus giggled as she began to jump and dance, singing a song from one of the TV programmes that was on loop in Logan's house. Logan loved just watching her, feeling so proud of his daughter. Watching his daughter gave Logan enough distraction for Remus to grab Logan's hands again; they swayed together slowly.

"Dance with me Whale Penis." Remus whispered, somewhat sensually which caused Logan to develop a lump in his throat. All thoughts in his brain became empty, one hand landed on Remus' waist and the other on Remus' hip, he silenced and stared into Remus' very brown eyes. They were almost black, Remus thought his eyes were black and hated them - but Logan always noted the brown specs in his eyes and reminded his friend of them. It might be weird that he noticed that in his friend's eyes, his other friends teased him for it and told him that it was definitely a crush.

And maybe it was. Maybe he was in love with his weird and slightly immature college buddy but there was always something that stopped him. First he was busy with college, being such a workaholic; then he adopted Nova and she became his biggest priority - not wanting to change anything while she was still developing; when Nova appeared Remus became a little less present for a while. Roman mentioned a couple times that Remus was always scared around her, his humour was quite mature at times and he didn't want to ruin such a cute child's innocence. It was only in the last year or so he volunteered to play with her or babysit alone without his brother. But recently... Was there anything to stop him? Would Remus even realise that Logan's eyes had moved from his eyes to his lips?

Apparently Remus did realise that. Almost immediately Remus cupped Logan's face and kissed him. It wasn't a quick kind of kiss one might expect after a drunk college night (although neither of them were drunk - they were both extremely sober and extremely aware of what was happening), but instead it was slow and cautious - careful to not to overstep any boundaries. Logan's head was spinning as he couldn't help but smile, starting to kiss back just as Remus pulled away. "Oh sh... Sorry Logan, I..."

"Kiss him again!" Nova's scream interrupted Remus' red faced panic. "He liked it!" And that he did, which he tried to show by a small smirk. Ever since senior year of college he'd had a small crush on the more chaotic twin and never suspected the feeling to be reciprocated. But here he was, soaking wet in the rain and stood opposite his crush with his daughter screaming that they should kiss again and get married.

At least one of those things happened, Remus brought him close again and gave him another even softer, even more passionate kiss. And of course he kissed back. For the next few weeks Nova couldn't stop telling everyone how her Dad was kissed in the rain and was definitely the main character of a romance movie because of it.

Chapter Text

Logan Dodson and Janus Marcus started dating freshman year of college; Janus was a philosophy major and Logan double majoring in psychology and literature. People viewed the pair as the perfect couple, the most amazing boyfriends. Logan was comfortable sharing that he was trans to a few of his closest friends (mainly his best friends Patton and Virgil), but he passed quite well so ever since he started socially transitioning in junior year of high school he felt pretty comfortable in his own skin. He was going to wait for all the medical things when he had the money to support that - although Janus happily mentioned he could pitch in whenever the topic was brought up.

This was in past tense for a valid reason. Logan and Janus shared their 'first time' in June of their second year, it was amazing but almost immediately afterwards Logan began to feel very sick. He did use protection regularly, but mistakes happen. He didn't say anything about it though at first as it was nearing the end of the school year and Janus' parents had just moved several states away so he was already stressed with travelling. But soon came August and Logan requested Janus to travel back early and meet in the local park. The only thing calming him was the FamILY group chat:

🐶 Patton 🐶 : It's OK Logie! I already know Janus will support you whatever happens!

😈 Virgil 😈 : Yeah, you two are toxically cute and caring. If he turns into a snake over this I'll make sure he has no future children by a swift kick in the balls

🐶 Patton 🐶 : Virgil! Don't say that about Lo's boyfriend!

🤖 Logan 🤖 : Thanks so much guys. You're the best.

"What's the matter Ru-babe?" Logan heard Janus approach behind him, leaning down and giving his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek. "You seemed really emotional when you called me - Is it ketchup season? I brought ice cream in case it is." Janus sat next to his boyfriend and gave him a tub of strawberry ice cream he'd bought at the airport - it probably wasn't cold but it was the thought that counted. But instead of eating Logan only leant on Janus' shoulder, taking a deep breath.

"I... took a test Jan..." Logan began, trying to keep his composure and his voice monotone. The past few weeks he had been rehearsing this moment, imagining all the outcomes, logically thinking through what he'd do if he was left alone. He'd cry of course, but he couldn't cry for eternity.

"Well - I'm sure you aced it. You're great at exams and stuff." Janus interrupted to console, wrapping his arm around his boyfriend's shoulders and kissing his forehead. Logan only sniffled and shook his head, rendering Janus to silence and allowing his boyfriend to continue speaking.

"Not that kind of test Janus. A pregnancy test. I'm... pregnant." Logan found it hard to even utter that last word. It was like that shouldn't even be possible for him to say, which it shouldn't. He had spent all this time blending in and being who he wanted to be just for reality to hit him in the face that he could never be who he wanted to be. He could never be Logan, truly.

It was no mistake that Janus' face dropped for a moment, trying to process what he had been told. Logan began stuffing his face with ice cream to hopefully calm himself down. "OK... Alright, first..." Janus grabbed Logan's hand that was resting on his knee, grasping it and keeping eye contact with his nervous lover. "Firstly, you're my boyfriend and you're Logan. If you ever say otherwise after this $50 of my inheritance goes into your medical fund. And I know how much you'd hate that." Logan chuckled which made Janus smile in return. Logan could swear his boyfriend was a mind reader. "Secondly, this is my doing too. I'll be extra careful from now on to check for holes and sizes and make sure everything stays on." Logan leaned into Janus' chest further, humming in happiness. Janus really was the best. "Thirdly - it's your choice what we do from here. Although I will strongly advise you don't drop out of college completely as I remember what you were like during the lecture strikes and you deserved to be in a mental hospital after that show." After reassuring his boyfriend Janus wrapped both arms around him and just held him, stroking his hair and kissing his head. They stayed like that for a little while - Logan just smelling Janus' cologne and smiling.

"Will you be there if I want to keep them?" Logan eventually mumbled. Janus cupped his cheeks and nodded. "I'll have to move in with my parents instead of being in dorms - you're in dorms though right?"

Janus knew Logan's family wasn't the most accepting. They still called him by his dead name with she/her pronouns and spoke badly of LGBTQ people as a whole. Logan only just managed living with his parents during the holidays - and even then he needed nightly FaceTimes to feel valid. "I won't be. We'll rent one of the apartments together." Janus pointed to the block of flats behind the park, a walk from university and often used by college couples to give them privacy from campus. Janus and Logan didn't see a reason to rent there until now - and Janus' parents had the money to help out. "We'll be a family."

And with that Logan couldn't help but lean in, giving Janus a soft kiss. This was new, this was scary, but he was happy the pair were going through it together. Janus kissed back just as happily, holding him for security, feeling ready for the world.


It took a few months for the boyfriends to find an apartment and move in, but by November they were settled together. Janus opened the front door of the flat with a sigh, having returned from his History of Thought class which always bored him. He expected to see Logan working in the living room on one of his many essays or books he was writing - and was confused when he wasn't in the near vicinity until he heard an electric screwdriver.

Janus sprinted into the couple's bedroom to find Logan in his pjs sitting on the floor surrounded by abstract pieces of wood and vague building instructions. "Darling I was going to work on the bassinet this evening." Janus moaned, offering to help Logan up but he refused. He wasn't at the point in his pregnancy where he needed help standing up but Janus always offered anyway out of politeness. But instead Logan ignored his boyfriend, screwing two pole shapes together and examining it.

"I wanted to do it myself. Baby was being restless." Logan mumbled, concentrated, as Janus sat opposite him. "I figured out the legs of the thing and the bedding arrived today... Just the rest."

"You know if Baby's being restless you should be resting?" Janus tilted his head with a smile, his hand naturally landing on Logan's bump that was just starting to show. Logan secretly loved that habit, that Janus would always speak to him but also include their child in their lives by a simple reassuring touch. Patton and Virgil had begun to realise it too when the four hang out together - constantly commenting how cute it was and how the baby will have such good and caring fathers. It was surprising that not once had any lecturer (as the university needed to know of Logan's pregnancy) or student misgendered Logan yet, and he was happy to keep it that way. "Anyway..." Janus mumbled, trying to screw two planks together with one hand, "you're only like 5 months in right? We have time to get this done - doesn't have to all be today."

The couple hadn't got creative with naming at all. They didn't want to find out the sex of their baby just yet and had no clue what kind of names they liked. They both thought finding the perfect name would be a 'soulmate' moment - they'd see the name and every other name would feel weak in comparison, but they hadn't had that. Maybe it would just take time - so they called their little one Baby.

But eventually the pair did finish the bassinet, setting it up with the soft white star themed bedding Logan insisted on buying during heartburn insomnia at 2am. "Perfect..." Janus mumbled, tucking in the last of the bedding and looking back at his boyfriend who had been banished to the bed after feeling light cramps. "All ready for Baby."


Reading was a good pastime for Janus and Logan, it always relaxed both of them. It was late January and Janus had just finished his classes, so was sat in the kitchen trying to multitask while cooking dinner. It was pasta, a simple dish as both men had many classes to get through that day. Logan would finish his last class at 6pm which meant he would be home in 3... 2... 1...

"Everything hurts!" Logan screamed as he opened the front door, his bigger bump hitting the door as he came in making him grumble. When Janus appeared Logan's expression softened for a minute and he came closer, trying to cuddle in although it was harder for Janus to snake his arm around his waist. "My pelvis, my heart, my back, my chest, my legs... Why do I have to walk everywhere honey-bee?"

"Do you need to lie down?" Janus whispered, his hand landing on Logan's belly just as a slight movement was felt underneath it. "That's a kick." Janus smiled down at the belly, stroking the spot he was on with his thumb. Only two more months to go before Baby comes into the world.

"Sofa sounds good." Logan moaned and laughed, happily guided to the sofa where Janus lay him down with a look of absolute adoration. Logan could never get enough of that look. "Thanks honey..."

Janus gave Logan a soft kiss, leaning on top of him. It was meant to be one kiss, but it ended up being many passionate ones. The pair soon got too distracted by each other's lips, cuddled together on the sofa and flush against each other. The only thing that stopped them from proceeding further was Janus' timer going off, and Logan groaning in uncomfortableness again. "Baby did not appreciate that weight."

"Sorry babe..." Janus disappeared again to retrieve the now a little burnt pasta before stopping in the middle of the kitchen. There were piles of Crofters strawberry jam, Logan's craving, stacked against the wall. Almost everyday Logan returned from classes with half a dozen more jars and Janus wasn't the type to complain. "Do you want Crofters babe?"

"Yes please!" Logan shouted from the other room, more enthusiastic than he'd been all day. Janus had no problem giving him the snack during dinner, and getting a few more kisses in return. Logan surprisingly didn't move from the couch all day. "I love you!"


"And this research supports the theory of mirror neurons, although animal studies are invalid because..." Pain. That's all Logan could feel. But he was in class, trying to prepare for the big test next week and all this pain was highly inconvenient. He was already feeling bloated today and these cramps were just getting worse.

"Logie, are you alright?" The voice beside him, Patton, whispered. Although he couldn't see his friend due to his fuzzy vision as his eyes were beginning to water. "You're grasping that pen pretty tight buddy." And that too was true, the indents at the sides would soon form bruises if Logan doesn't stop. "Should I help you out the class?"

Logan was going to answer just before another surge of pain went through, making him cover his mouth and release a groan. Patton immediately stood into action and grabbed Logan, helping him stand although it was getting increasingly difficult. "Bathroom... Male..." Was the only thing he could utter out as he was pretty much carried out of the lecture theatre, clutching his stomach. His face was red and all he could feel was his sweat.

"Shit - Logan!" Logan heard in the corridor, hoping it was Janus only to see his hoodie wearing best friend sprinting towards him. "Fuck... I'm here bud. Let's go." Virgil took control quickly, he was a nursing student so had fully prepared both in class and in his own time for this moment. The three eventually got into the bathroom - pristine white with blue furnishings... And spinning relatively quickly. "Faintness - have some water Lo." A purple water bottle appeared in front of Logan which he gladly took, drinking as much as he could. "I'll call Jan."

"He's... in class..." Logan whispered between the groans, holding his stomach again. "It's probably just the fake ones - Braxton... Fucks... Whatever..."

Virgil rolled his eyes, knowing Logan's habit of procrastination could beat the emo himself sometimes. He quickly dialled Janus' number, letting it ring for a few minutes before an out of breath Janus answered - he must have sprinted to get out of his lecture to answer the phone and over these last nine months he had gotten gloriously unfit. "Right, Jan, no time to explain. Just get to the Beckett lecture theatre bathrooms right away."

"On my way." Logan could hear Janus pant through the phone. Virgil put said phone on loud speaker as soon as he could tell Logan was listening in. "Is it the real thing? Tell Logan that I love him and I'll always love him... It sounds like I'm talking to a dying person - I'm panicking."

"I love you honey-bee." Logan managed to gasp out, clutching on the nearby sink he was just leaning on before. But he tried to hide his pain to not hurt his boyfriend. Then the pain paused for a moment, and Logan made eye contact with a shellshocked Patton.

"Virgil is he meant to pee?" Logan immediately understood what was happening by that question - his water broke - so he began to push. "OK, OK... Do I have consent to..."

"Yes, yes. Help..." Logan had to groan, so that's what they did. Virgil held Logan upright (against all medical advice it was actually easier for a person to give birth standing up than lying down) while Patton was there in case Baby needed catching. Meanwhile Janus could hear all of this through the phone - still running and anxiety high.

"Shit - God - uh - I love you too Ru-babe. I'm just outside Beckett I'll be there in five minutes." And then he hang up. Time blacked out for Logan after hearing that. He wasn't in a hospital, had no medication, no professional help - he just had to push through the pain. He was soon reassured by his boyfriend's arms around him, speaking gently and stroking his hair. "We're going to be fathers Lo... We'll be Dads... Just push..."

"OH MY GOD HE'S FREAKING ADORABLE!" Patton's fanboy scream grounded Logan in the situation again, the pain stopped, and after a few minutes there were small wails. Janus' arms left his side and instead reached forward, where Virgil and Patton passed him a small naked skin sack.

"Wait... Him?" Logan whispered, still feeling a little dazed and deciding the best option was to sit on the dirty bathroom floor. Janus sat beside him still holding the small mumbling sack against his chest. "We don't have a name..."

"Name him after one of us." Virgil laughed, on hold with the university hospital that needed to do all the post-birth checks. But the baby looked healthy and happy, already opening his eyes wide and watching his fathers curiously. "Or after the place he was born."

"Such a cute little thing cannot be named Bathroom, Virgil." Patton taunted, a slight smirk on his face and looking at Virgil in order to avoid looking at - and therefore attacking in a hug - the new fathers.

"Beckett." Logan whispered, fiddling with the tuft of blond hair on his son's head. 9 months of uncomfortableness was all for this, and it was all worth it. "Welcome to the world... Beckett Marcus-Dodson."

Chapter Text

"If we don't find this daycare I will stop at another Starbucks." Remy threatened the air as he drove his car around the new city he'd moved to, his son Kaldi in the backseat playing with the buttons of his shirt. Yes, Remy named his son after the man who invented coffee and he was proud of it - it was a cute name. "Hey Kal?" Remy called to his son, who looked up from a button to smile at his father. "Tell me if you see a place labelled Universe Daycare got it buddy?"

Kaldi nodded and looked out the window, holding the teddy he took everywhere that Remy gave him when he adopted him. Well, technically his other father did. Remy and his then-fiance adopted a little boy when they decided to get married expecting a picture perfect life... But then Remy's lover died tragically leaving Remy alone with a newly adopted baby. Kaldi didn't remember his other father much because of this - but his other father had one dying wish. Raise Kaldi happily, with all the love and all the opportunities Remy could provide.

This promise included this new daycare. Remy had worked for years to move to this particular city, which involved moving state, purely for this famous daycare that gave the best care possible. It was a miracle Remy even managed to get his son in, he pretty much had to write an essay on why his son should be given such an opportunity - but it would set Kaldi for life, or at least until elementary school. The daycare was run by a Harvard graduate named Dr Picani who used well researched techniques that proved to help children be happier and smarter. All in all, this was a great opportunity for his son.

"Dad!" Kaldi screamed, pointing at a cottage looking building that stood out against the grey and drab city - just outside was a sign saying 'Universe Daycare' covered in rainbows and cartoon characters. Remy parked his car and got Kaldi out the car, giving him a kiss on the cheek and walking towards the door.

"Well, hello there!" The door opened just as Remy was about to knock, opened by a taller man with dyed pink hair wearing a matching pink tie and beige suit. The man almost immediately looked down at the little toddler next to Remy with a wide smile. "Hi buddy, you want to come play? We're just about to learn to draw!" Emile guided Kaldi into the house, where at least a dozen kids were sat around the table with art supplies you'd expect in an art school not a daycare. Remy was unsure whether he was meant to walk away or stay but that was soon remedied by the man walking back. "Do you want to sit and have coffee Mr Bucks? We can discuss how I can best help you!"

Remy nodded shyly and followed the man into his house, walking upstairs and into a room with many toys and cartoon posters covering the walls. The man ushered Remy to sit on a sofa while sitting opposite him. "Welcome to my office." He mumbled, getting a notepad and scribbling already.

"I love it..." Remy mumbled under his breath. He secretly loved cartoons despite his tough exterior, so being surrounded by merchandise from every anime and cartoon in existence was really activating his inner fanboy. "You watch Steven Universe?" Remy smiled, his eyes stuck on a limited edition Steven Universe poster Remy was too poor to get at the time.

"I'm obsessed with it... I'm Dr Picani by the way." Picani reached out a hand, holding the notepad to his chest so his tie wouldn't dangle. "Call me Emile though, we can get a little informal when I'm taking care of your cutie!"

Emile's giggle caused Remy to smile, and his inner flirt begged to come out. Emile was the cutie - and Remy wouldn't mind falling in love again. "I think I have the cutie in front of me right here." Remy leaned forward, his voice as low and sensual as he could make it. There was no mistaking Emile's slight blush at that, just like there was no mistaking Emile's rainbow pin on his blazer. "Call me Remy."

"Alright... Remy..." Emile giggled shyly, writing down on the notepad again. "How has life been? Is it just you and Kaldi?"

"Yeah... I've been single for three years. Maybe you can change that?" Remy leant forward again and crossed his legs, the smirk not leaving his face. He was effortlessly switching between his normal voice and a lower, more rough and sexier voice that he'd trained himself to make in order to make most gay guys swoon. He was a professional at making people swoon after all, with many years of practice.

"Maybe I can, but let's stay professional. Is Kaldi updated on all his vaccinations?" Emile's smirk was simply captivating, and he seemed receptive of Remy's attempts to 'get to know' him.

"Mhm, I'm happy to have anything injected in my son for his medical safety. Maybe I can fill you up on your sexual desires?" Remy dared to lean forward again and finally took his sunglasses off. He wore them everywhere, and only removed them in cases like these where he wanted to see every reaction.

Emile became red quite quickly and stood to walk away and take a breath, trying to distract himself by grabbing a few more colourful highlighters and giving Remy a million dollar smile. Remy smirked back, chuckling and keeping his eyes flicking between Emile's eyes and lips. "Let me be not-straight with you. You're real cute, you single?"

"I am..." Emile said sheepishly, sitting on the chair again and this time abandoning opening his notepad. "But I'm focusing on my research, you won't want to date me. The kids I take care of is my biggest priority."

The blush was still there though. Honestly, Emile had never been flirted with before. In high school he was the only LGBTQ+ student, in college he focused mostly on his undergrad and post-grad he was only surrounded by children and mostly-not-single parents. But here was a dark haired, dark clothed gay man who was openly interested - and definitely attractive. Part of Emile's brain was begging him to relax and take a chance.

"Can I at least take you out for coffee? It'll be on me, after your work." Remy tried one last time, if he didn't agree he'd take a step back and assume the daycare worker didn't find him attractive. He knew how important consent was in flirting.

"That... Actually sounds quite good!" Emile cheered enthusiastically, deciding to dare himself for a date. "Does 7pm sound good? Or is that too late?" Remy shook his head, happy to have coffee at anytime especially with such an attractive guy. Emile had to giggle at that, and continued to ask the questions he needed to ask about Kaldi. When he showed Remy the exit Emile dared to give the man opposite him a kiss on the cheek - and received a kiss on the lips in return.

And let's just say Emile never regretted anything that happened afterwards, and Kaldi loved having another father.

Chapter Text

"When did you come out to your friends Mr Holmes?" Virgil Starr said, looking up from his sketches to the psychology teacher he often spent his lunches with. Virgil was an anxious and introverted freshman so often escaped embarrassment by keeping his favourite teacher company where they talked about anything ranging from Doctor Who to the forced sociability ingrained in Western society and its correlation with social disorders. It helped that both of them were LGBTQ too, Virgil being homoromantic asexual and Mr Holmes greyromantic pansexual.

"Oh, I didn't figure it all out until college." Mr Holmes mumbled, flicking through emails. This evening he had to stay late, and not to finish marking like he usually did but rather to take part in Teacher Initiation Evening. And this evening was important as the middle school had merged with the high school, so middle school teachers joined in too. The middle school children had joined the school too, Mr Logan Holmes had already had the joy of teaching sixth grade and having to put up with them trying to learn math. "There's no pressure to tell anyone your identity unless you're comfortable Virgil."

"Yeah I know, I know..." Virgil laughed, sighing just to show he was happy. He enjoyed these moments in the school day where he could be alone, and Mr Holmes treated him almost as a friend or family rather than just another A+ he needed to give. "You excited to meet the new teachers Sir?"

"Oh you know we both hate social interaction..." Logan mumbled, giving the student a smirk. Virgil looked like he was about to say something in response before the bell rang, indicating the end of lunch and the start of both introvert's classes. "See you tomorrow Virgil."

"See you tomorrow Sir."


Teacher Initiation Evening was always a relatively big deal for the entire school. The principal, Mr King, was very creative and wanted all the teachers to get along so organised bonding activities every year. Once it was a school sleepover, another was a bake off and talent show, but one event stayed every single year and was the reason for the Teacher Initiation Evening's acronym - the TIE race.

Logan sighed to himself, taking off his tie as instructed when he walked into the auditorium. He looked around for any of his familiar introverted teacher friends but they had unfortunately all feigned sick that day so Logan was officially alone at this event. Mr King sat on the stage with a wide smile, watching the many new teachers all chat to each other over cups of coffee like how normal adults socialised. This false fallacy of a mature meeting event will soon be squandered.

"TIE time!" Mr King screamed through the megaphone someone gave him as a Christmas present last year, and rumour has it that person has since regretted that decision. "Now things are going to be a little different this year as we have the new teachers from Gainesville Middle School - so instead of randomly assigning people I now instruct you to pair up middle school teacher to high school teacher. And this time there will be no groups of 3!"

Unfortunately Logan could repeat the instructions for the TIE race like he could the Sherlock pilot script. It was a mix between a treasure hunt and a bonding exercise where two (or sometimes three) teachers were tied together by a tie usually around the wrist and given a list of items to find. The winners got bragging rights and whatever other teachers wanted to pitch in as a prize for the game. Logan had never won of course, and never cared to win as he was usually tied to a friend who didn't mind taking a walk around school rather than finding anything.

"Hi, do you have a partner?" A man with blond curly hair bounced up to Logan with a smile. He seemed to have flowers in his hair and rainbow paint all over his clothes like a child who'd just walked out of Kindergarten. Logan didn't recognise him at all, he must be a middle school teacher.

"Logan Holmes." Logan mumbled, beginning to tie his wrists to this excitable individual and praying he won't regret it. The teacher seemed happy with this outcome and receptive in the tying, offering to help but after 5 years of this game Logan was a professional at trapping himself to people. "I'm a psychology teacher and newly a mathematics teacher too, damn budget cuts. Are you... botany?"

"Close - art! And I'm Patton." Patton smiled wide just as Logan finished the tying, then he started running. Usually non-gym people avoided being partnered with PE teachers for the reason that they ran fast, but this Patton seemed to beat the speed of sound. "First on the list is pencils saying 'Justin Bieber is my bae'... Who owns those?"

Logan eventually caught his breath and grounded the art teacher to a halt. "It's not a teacher that owns them, they're part of the supply pencils for the English department. So students don't steal spares." Patton smiled at Logan expectantly, hoping he'd tell him the way to the English classrooms. To avoid being dragged and feeling like he's about to fall face first due to the speed Logan didn't verbally tell Patton where they were going, only walked. But Patton seemed to follow just as happily, asking Logan about the school and the other teachers and the students.

After almost an hour Patton and Logan had successfully found everything. They weren't the first as Patton got very distracted when he saw a racoon out the window and was determined to find his trash-baby and take a photo... Logan had no power to refuse this detour. At least the TIE race was the last activity of the evening so when Logan was untying himself from Patton he was mentally preparing himself to go home and read to his heart's content. "See you later Mr..." Logan paused his thought and looked at Patton, remembering he never asked Patton for his surname.

"Starr!" Patton cheered just as he was released, then he heard the shout of his previous middle school teacher friends. "See you later Lo!" And just like that Patton disappeared in the crowd, Logan holding his dark blue tie and looking lost. There was one thing he knew - he recognised the surname Starr.


Luckily Patton told Logan everything, including his new classroom. So before school Logan nonchalantly made his way to the art corridor, knocking on the door and expecting Patton to be covering his hair in daisies or painting on his clothes. What he actually saw was very unexpected - Patton jumping up and down and ruffling a happy but slightly annoyed Virgil's hair. Virgil rolled his eyes before spotting his favourite teacher. "Hey Mr Holmes, see you've met my Dad."

"Hey Holmey!" Patton screamed, waving his hand frantically with as wide a smile as he saw last night. "I can't believe you're the teacher my son keeps talking about! You're a real inspiration to him y'know? I feel like you're part of the family already!"

It didn't take long for a conversation to arise between the three men. Logan hadn't had the chance to talk to Virgil about his family, but turns out he was adopted by his old art teacher in 7th grade after not having lunch for an entire fortnight. And now in 9th grade Virgil was a little more confident, although introverted, and cared about his only father with his entire being. Having Logan was like having a second father that shared his introverted and nerdy tastes while all he shared with his 'real' father was a love of art.

But soon the three had to go to their own lessons or classes. Virgil and Logan walked out together as they were going to similar areas of the school and had a chance to chat just then. "Now Mr Holmes... I'm not meant to tell you this because my Dad will kill me with hugs but - My Dad thinks you're the most attractive teacher in the school and that's why he chose you for the TIE game. He told me about that too, yeah."

Usually knowing such an extroverted soul had a crush on him would make Logan roll his eyes or even scowl, but not this time. Instead this time he just acknowledged that fact had laid down and accepted it without disgust of that possibility happening. It would be nice to spend more time with Virgil, and Patton's joy was endearing in some way. He would even go as far to say Logan would like the idea of taking Patton out on a date.

"Well, we'll see what happens..."

Chapter Text

Roman Royal is a relatively famous actor when it comes to theatre. He graduated from one of the best drama schools in the country and starred in many musicals and plays. A good degree wasn't the only thing he got from college though - he got his husband. Patton was a joyful but quiet individual, became more extroverted around his lover, and their romance was strong. So strong that they decided they wanted a family pretty soon after their marriage even though Roman's job meant the pair were travelling a lot. First they had twins Rose and Melody (Roman's genes were more susceptible for making twins), they were cute identical almost-4 year olds with Patton's hyperness. Then recently the surrogate gave them Eric, and this was his first time travelling with the family after Roman's paternity leave.

For this performance they were in New York City, and Patton was backstage with the kids just before Roman was due on stage. Roman's family was often allowed backstage so his kids could watch their Daddy work and watch whatever play or musical close up. This particular performance was part of the Shakespeare Company Roman was employed by, they travelled across states performing a different Shakespeare play each year. This year was Twelfth Night.

"How do I look Puffball? Prepared?" Roman said to his husband just as he was giving his daughters a final hug. Patton was rocking Eric slightly in his baby sling to stop him from fussing, quickly giving his husband a kiss and a nod before he was instructed to go on stage.

"Can we join Daddy on stage Paps?" Melody said, waving her action figure around and staying close to her father. Patton watched his husband on stage with a fond smile - he was so happy to be a stay at home dad while watching his lover perform his passion.

"Maybe you can join him when you're older kiddo. You just have to be a good girl at Drama club." Melody looked confused but nodded, she and her sister had been in Drama clubs since they were very small toddlers and unfortunately had no filter when it came to good behaviour. Patton watched the twins giggle and chase each other with their Marvel action figures just as Eric began crying again indicating he was hungry. He sang a lullaby to his son and prepared the bottle just as he heard frantic whispering around him backstage.

Roman was stood centre stage wearing bright yellow stockings, his favourite scene in his favourite Shakespeare play. "Not black in my mind, though yellow in my legs. It did come to his hands, and commands shall be execu..." He saw the actress playing Olivia break character slightly, going into a small smile as two happy blond little girls came bounding towards their father. Looking at their little innocent faces made Roman smile, he couldn't break character and act angry around them. He had to let them play along.

"Ah! the daught'rs of the maid - cometh h're!" Roman exclaimed, calling over his daughters. It was then they realised the invested audience and stood straight by their father's side. Their smiles were still wide. "May thee giveth these flowers to mine own beloved? These art quite quaint like mine own lover's visage." Roman retrieved a plastic rose from his pocket that he was meant to give to Olivia himself, but now he gave it to his girls. The girls ran to Olivia and placed the flower in her hamper, before Rose glanced at the flower confused.

"Sire! This flower is fake!" Rose screamed with a wide smile, projecting her voice just as she'd learnt to do at Drama club. Roman acted a severe embarrassment which made the audience, and his daughters, giggle.

"Oh nay, it's a flower from the Garden of Eden. I wouldst nev'r buy a vile petal from a fraud!" The audience seemed to be enjoying this slight improv, which was good as usually the upper-class target audience would stage a walk out at a slight deviance from the thousand year old words. "Now children, cometh hither - may thee telleth the servants to leave Olivia and I alone?" The girls ran up to their father quickly and nodded, Roman gave each girl a ruffle of the hair as they ran backstage again. He took a deep breath and smirked at Olivia, before continuing his performance.

Rose and Melody ran back to their panicked father excitedly with extremely wide smiles on their faces. Patton held both of them in a hug and sighed, about to discipline them before hearing Rose's joy. "Did you see us actoring Paps? I projected my voice!"

"You did, you did..." Patton giggled, twirling her golden plaits with a soft smile on his face. He could never be angry at his family, that was sure, and he loved all his kids from the bottom of his heart. Melody watched Eric in the sling and giggled at him, pulling funny faces. "But don't go on stage again, OK kiddos?" Rose and Melody nodded happily, receiving a kiss on the forehead from their father.


Roman yawned, his arm wrapping around his husband's shoulder as he smiled. It was 1am, the pair had just sent all their kids to bed in the hotel. They were going home tomorrow night after Roman's last performance - but this performance was something special. He had never had his kids join him in his performances but he secretly loved it.

He looked over at his husband, his face glowing from the phone he was watching. "What are you looking at cutie?" Roman whispered, kissing Patton's cheek and giving him the fondest look. "Can I see?"

Patton turned his phone so Roman could see what he was looking at: reviews of Roman's latest performance. "The Malvolio (Roman Royal) was great!" Patton read, a smile on his face. "So were the 'maid's daughters' - I wouldn't have guessed they weren't an original part of the play." Patton giggled, giving his husband a soft kiss and tracing his finger on his jawline. Life might be difficult sometimes with the constant travelling with three young kids, which meant Patton never worked, but he loved it. He wouldn't trade his life for anything.

"I hope to see the maid's daughters in other plays soon. They're adorable!" Roman read another review with a smile, seeing his daughters excited faces on the stage in his mind's eye. He held Patton even closer. "Good thing they're in Drama club hey? We just need to calm their activeness."

"We don't..." Patton laughed before hearing Eric cry again. Roman watched his husband cradle the baby again, going into Dad mode immediately. The couple always mentioned they wanted a big family - three kids minimum - and even though Eric was less than a year old the pair were preparing to adopt again and bring a fourth child into their world. They were both excited, they loved their family.

And they loved their little girls, even if they were chaotic. "Yeah... We don't." Roman chuckled, walking to his husband again and kissing his son's head.

Chapter Text

"Daaad! Tell Tina that's my necklace!" River came bounding down the stairs with the family Labrador, Walt, to where Virgil was cooking dinner. Virgil looked up from the oven at his youngest child with a soft smile - screaming was normal in his household.

"Where is she?" Virgil mumbled. River pointed upstairs and he went upstairs to Valentina's room. Valentina was the average 16 year old, very girly with a mix of creams and pinks, pictures of family holidays to Paris and London and selfies with her friends dotted around the room. Roman and Virgil even spoilt both their children with double beds - the bed was being occupied by one of their cats, Sally, at that moment. The owner of the room was sat at her vanity straightening her pitch black hair and wearing high rise black jeans, a red crop top and a simple beaded necklace. She smiled at her father seeing him through the mirror. "You look pretty Mini-Me, where you off to?" Virgil said nonchalantly as he leant against the doorframe.

Valentina chuckled and ruffled her hair slightly. "Just to a party round Maddie's - I'll be back at 8, can you pick me up?" Virgil left his space at the doorframe and walked up to his daughter with a smile, tucking her hair behind her ear and taking a moment just to smile at his little girl. It felt like yesterday he was tucking her into bed for a nap at 3pm and reading her stories about princesses and evil dragon-witches.

"Definitely kiddo. Just promise to stay safe, no drugs but I trust you to have a drink if you do so responsibly." Virgil spoke gently and brushed his hands through his daughter's long hair. Both father and daughter had coily hair which they often straightened - but Virgil felt bad about that. Did Valentina watch Virgil straighten his hair growing up and therefore felt insecure about her hair texture like Virgil used to? "Why don't you go au-natural Vallie? Lots of people think coily hair is really pretty."

"I know Dad. Love you though." Valentina quickly stood, giving her father a hug and beginning to walk downstairs. Virgil caught her before she disappeared though as he remembered what he was summoned to her room for.

"River said you have their necklace." Virgil held out his hand with a smile, making Valentina sigh and take the necklace off. She rolled her eyes and laughed, going back to her vanity where all her own jewellery was stored.

"They're just wearing their overalls Dad, couldn't I have borrowed it? It's super pretty!" Valentina whined jokingly, spotting her little sibling also at the door now sticking their tongue out. Virgil switched his gaze between both before telling them to wait. He had a plan.

Virgil entered his bedroom quietly. Roman was stood in front of a map of America with several pins and notes, he worked as an events manager for a national theatre company, whispering to himself before turning to his husband and smiling. "Hey babe, dinner ready?" Virgil shook his head but didn't respond verbally. Instead he looked through the drawers and spotted two necklaces hidden inside. He remembered when he first got the necklaces - it was a gift on his 18th birthday from his 'new boyfriend'. They wore each necklace separately when they went to separate colleges but when they were reunited again Virgil wore both at the same time. The charm on the necklace was a red sword hitting a black cloud as the two jewels were attracted by magnets.

Roman walked over and kissed his husband softly, holding the charm between his fingers. "Everything OK baby? I heard River screaming."

"They're alright, little bit of sibling competition. I'll just give them something to compete over." Virgil waved the necklaces while Roman held his hips, stroking the bottom of his shirt distracted by his lover's eyes. "Do you mind that?"

"Just promise I can watch?" Roman smirked mischievously, daring to touch Virgil's soft skin. The couple might be reaching fifty now but Roman's smirk never stopped looking youthful, especially when around his husband. Whenever the pair were close to each other age seemed like just a construct - they were as joyful and loved each other just as much as they did in high school.

So soon the couple made their way to their kids, who were undergoing a friendly bicker. River was prancing around Valentina's room showing her how they can rock the necklace much better, and Valentina was faking annoyance with crossed arms. "You two are just like your Dads." Roman laughed, picking River up from behind and hugging them. River giggled and shouted to be freed from their dragon-witch captive. Roman kissed their cheek and let them go, both kids realised their other father in the room as he slowly came out of the shadows with a simple looking piece of jewellery.

"What's that Dad?" Valentina walked over to her quieter father as he revealed the necklaces. She smiled wide and admired the jewels - and she had every right to as they looked expensive. And they were, the customised necklaces were around $80 which was a lot for a high schooler. Roman always insisted Virgil's love was more than that though, Virgil's love was worth millions of dollars. "It's beautiful! Can we have it once you both die?"

"You can have it tomorrow if you want... But you'll have to win it." Virgil smirked at both his children who both looked equally excited. Valentina's phone vibrated and she looked at her texts. "Go off to your friend Mini, be safe."

Valentina gave both her fathers a hug (and her sibling a persuaded fist-bump), before trotting down the stairs and into her friend's car. Roman watched her get in the car and travel down the street, feeling proud yet protective of his daughter. Soon she'll be going off to college and be a real adult, yet Roman just wanted her to sleep on his lap and be tucked into her small Snow White themed bed.


"So what are the competition categories Dad?" River shovelled their rice with dumplings. The family had decided to have an early dinner and spoil themselves with homemade dumplings as Virgil had the day off work. Roman and Virgil raised their eyebrows in thought, Virgil finished his mouthful and smiled.

"First, I'm calling Uncle Remus..." Virgil stood and left the table for a minute, calling his brother in law and asking him to visit for the evening. "My kids need a brawn competition - so bring your exercise equipment."

Remus worked as a personal trainer at a local gym and also gave fitness and health advice to local schools and homes. Because of this job Remus had lots of exercise equipment in his possession that he could easily transport from one house to another. River looked excited hearing that, they had inherited their biological father's energy and was one of the top students in gym class and part of the swim team. Valentina, however, was passing gym and a cheerleader but preferred to not exercise. She even skipped cheer practice a few times to help her Dad with his designs. Soon Remus appeared again, sucking a lollipop with a whistle around his neck.

"Come on Royal Racoons - stand up." Remus instructed just as the kids finished their dumplings, both stood happily and laughed a little. They did really love their Uncle. "I'll do a basic fitness test for you guys - Go to the living room." Remus stole Valentina's chair to stop her from ducking out, and Remus blew his whistle before starting the orders. Valentina beat River with jumping jacks per minute by 2, River beat Valentina by 10 seconds on the balancing exercise, and for good measure Remus measured the quality of family hugs - but that was a tie.

"So is there no winner Re?" Roman asked, packing a few spare dumplings in a bag for his brother while Remus re-assessed his hugging verdict. Remus playfully hesitated, squeezing River's cheek and ruffling Valentina's hair.

"I'm afraid not Ro. Now I should let you all have your family time." Remus sighed, getting up from the chair and chucking his finished lollipop in the trash before summoning four more seemingly out of nowhere: a strawberry one, a grape one, a raspberry one, and a cotton candy one. He gave each member of the family their favourite flavours and getting one last hug before saying goodbye and disappearing into the darkness.

Virgil was smirking and typing on his phone, glaring at his kids in a playful challenge. Both were still bickering about who gets the necklace if they both win. "Ready for round two."


Valentina walked down the stairs in her dressing gown at midday, yawning and preparing to get some hot chocolate before going back to her room and watching more YouTube until someone needed her. What she did not expect was to hear the swipe of turning pages in a book, making her flinch and realise someone was sat on the sofa with some tea in front of him - Logan, her fathers' friend and her old math tutor. "Oh... Hey Logan..." Valentina said sheepishly, watching Logan look up from his book and smile back. "Did you just let yourself in or..."

"I invited him in Raindrop don't worry." Virgil's voice was heard behind his daughter, coming from the kitchen with a second cup of tea and a wide smile. River was following with their favourite smoothie shake. "He's going to help with the final challenge."

"You really didn't give enough detail about my mission Virgil. 'Brains' doesn't purely describe intelligence, there's logical intelligence, spatial, emotional..." Virgil scoffed and sat next to his friend, sipping his tea and rolling his eyes. Logan was one of Virgil's oldest friends - they were childhood neighbours - yet he was the most boring, even his voice was boring and monotone. But eventually Logan got the hint and cleared his throat, getting stacks of paper out from his messenger bag.

"I don't wanna do an exam!" River groaned and sipped their smoothie, lying on their father's shoulder. Virgil laughed and ruffled his child's hair, but Logan continued speaking.

"It's not an exam." Logan smiled, sorting through the pieces of paper. It was very rare for Logan to visit as he had moved away a few years ago to work as a university lecturer he needed to be close to campus. The only times he visited was for favours like this or when his husband Patton managed to persuade him to take a break from work to visit their friends' 'little babies'. Still, Logan always had a soft spot for Valentina and River. "How good are you both at origami?"

River immediately grabbed a piece of paper with a wide smile. "What do you want me to make Logan?"

"Try a dragonfly." Logan smiled and finished his tea as the kids began folding. The two men then walked together to the kitchen, chatting amongst each other and joking. After a few minutes Virgil spoke a little louder so his kids could hear, and both could see the adults from where they were sitting. "Work's pretty... good at the moment..." Logan mumbled, his face dropping as the corners of his mouth were drawn down. Virgil was looking away, cleaning some dishes and not realising the slight change in tone.

"What about Patton? He's just opened a daycare right - still not had enough child fever with 7 kids?" Valentina was the first to tilt her head watching Logan's eyebrows knit together as he sat on the dining room table and ruffling his hair. River then looked up too, raising an eyebrow and glancing at their sister. Both had the same thought.

"Why's he sad?" River whispered, watching the two adults talk and Logan hiding that he was getting more and more upset. Valentina shrugged. "Should we say something?"

After a few more minutes of watching Valentina decided to speak up, abandoning the origami to sit with the upset adult. "Is something up Logan?" Valentina said. River also went beside their father and kept their eyes on the university lecturer. But surprisingly instead of Virgil showing any concern he smiled mischievously, and Logan smiled back.

"Nothing..." Logan put on a sad voice, but his smile was giving away that it was fake. "I just think you both passed the brains test."

"But we didn't even try to make a dragonfly?"

Logan shook his head, retrieving the pieces of paper and placing them back in the bag. "You showed emotional intelligence, which in my opinion is the best intelligence to have. Some people need to be trained to be emotionally intelligent of course, but since you two have the ability it just shows how good fathers you have that it only took a few minutes for you to both comfort a family friend." Logan finished his lecture with another soft smile, and Roman appeared behind him grasping his hand to his chest.

"Look at the nerd being a softie!" Roman ruffled his friend's hair, making Logan sigh. "It seems like an eternity ago you refused to show any sort of anger at other people insulting us when Verge and I began dating."

"Blame Patton, best platonic partner out there." Logan smiled more mentioning his husband. He considered himself so lucky to have someone that supported his asexuality. "Anyway, why was I asked to do that?"

For the rest of the evening the family spent time with Logan, and soon Patton appeared to join in the hang out and bring along a few of the pair's foster kids who were similar ages to River and Valentina. When they left Roman and Virgil turned to their children, and Virgil revealed the necklace out of his back pocket. "Now, this piece of jewellery is very special to me and your Dad, promise to keep it safe and keep it to yourself..."

"Can I have the cool sword?" River ran up to their Dad, further admiring the necklace. Roman took his red sword necklace and placed in around his child's neck gently, smiling at them feeling so proud. Virgil walked over to Valentina and gave her the other necklace and a hug, also feeling proud when seeing how much his kids have grown.

"Don't grow up too fast Val, I love you too much." He said, placing the necklace around his daughter's neck. Valentina rolled her eyes and nodded before giving both her fathers another hug, joined by River.

Chapter Text

Remus and Janus always considered themselves quite independent. At 14 they began dating, at 18 they moved in with each other to a cheap but crappy studio apartment. They kept to themselves for a few years and focused on their jobs, until they realised their neighbours had a huge secret. They never met the neighbours but assumed they were equally introverted, not that they had 5 neglected and starving kids trying to get by on their own. It was someone else who reported it, apparently the oldest was asking for odd jobs by the motorway with mostly broken shoes. But Janus and Remus acted as witnesses in court and as soon as they spotted the kids they knew they needed to open their arms to them.

People said adopting 5 kids at once would end their relationship. People looked down on them, 'lost contact' with them, but the couple didn't care. If anything the sudden change made their relationship stronger, they both worked harder at their jobs and managed to get a house big enough for all of them (although two of them had to share a room - but they didn't mind). After a year of working for his family Remus realised he needed to take the next big step in their relationship to make it all chaotic - he needed to propose.

"Thanks for coming to help Princey." Remus mumbled as they walked into the mall, making sure his youngest daughter was strapped into her pushchair. "And sorry about having to bring Lucy too, she promised she won't tell Jan." Remus kissed Lucy on the cheek as she giggled - then finally looked up at his older brother. Roman was two years older than Remus yet was single and childless, his brother having 5 kids often acted as good birth control as he was always busy and had at least one child with him at all times.

"It's OK Trashcan, I'm just so happy you're getting married!" Roman almost screamed, being his usual excited self. "Where are you going to propose? Please tell me you'll actually be romantic about it - and please tell me I'll be there!"

Remus rolled his eyes as his brother babbled. Honestly he had no idea how he wanted to propose, the only examples of being romantic were from movies. Proposals he knew about were in front of waterfalls or rivers or on expensive holidays in front of the beach with the propose-ee having no clue anything out of the ordinary going on. But with 5 kids and introverted personalities Remus and Janus never went out together for walks on the beach or forest hikes. He had to have another plan.

"Hey Ratmus, you missed the store." Roman laughed, stood in front of an expensive looking store decorated in gold and silver. Lucy giggled again and called her father a 'silly billy' while waving about her doll chaotically. The brothers walked in carefully, admiring all the expensive jewellery they were too poor to afford. Remus had been saving up an entire year for this ring so he wasn't going to abandon it for some spider shaped earrings.

"Look at this red necklace Re-Re! I can get my name on it!" Roman screamed, tapping on the glass in front of a golden necklace with red jewels. Remus rolled his eyes and focused on 4 year old Lucy, now out of her pushchair and walking around the shop curiously. He always liked taking his kids out places, they didn't have much of a childhood before being with their Dads. "Maybe you could get one for Janus as like a teaser for the ring?"

"I don't have the money for... Don't run too far Luli!" Remus was a natural at switching between his brother and his children, making sure he kept his eyes on Lucy and kept her out of danger while chatting to Roman about what jewellery he should buy for himself or maybe the distant family member Roman was in touch with but Remus was not.

Roman sighed at his brother who was now distracted again by his oldest daughter, a moody 15 year old named Gabriella, texting him during class and asking for a 'family emergency' to happen so that she could get out of her history test. With focusing on three things at once his younger brother wasn't doing what he actually came here to do - look at rings for his lover. "Give me the phone." Roman proclaimed in his older brother tone, glaring down at the distracted man. Remus rolled his eyes and obeyed. "I'll pretend to be you over text - you go make sure you find the perfect ring... And protect your daughter too."

Remus nodded and chased up to his youngest daughter, staying by where she wondered while looking at all the jewellery she was looking at. She soon found the rings section, marvelling at all the pretty colours and asking Remus whether she can have a ring too. "Maybe when you're older." Remus mumbled, ruffling the little girl's brown haired smiling down at her. She happily smiled back and pointed out her favourites with rainbow diamonds (which were the most expensive rings in the shop).

"This one's for Janus!" Lucy shouted, pointing at a ring at the very back. It was a simple but unique design, with one side a green snake and the other a yellow snake - an emerald in the middle. The green snake had yellow eyes and the yellow snake had green eyes, both a smaller jewel. It was decently priced too, so it was perfect.

Remus reunited with his brother once they had both bought the jewellery they wanted. Roman had bought some ruby earrings and a gothic septum piercing for his brother, which Remus took happily. Lucy asked if he got her anything but he shook his head and promised that she'll receive the ruby earrings when Roman decides he doesn't want to deal with ear piercings anymore. Needless to say she was happy with that.

And Janus did say yes, and wore the engagement ring every day even when he was married to Remus.

Chapter Text

Remy took a smell of his coffee, marvelling over the slight cinnamon scent he always added at the beginning of the day for good luck. He wanted to go to a coffee shop and get his drink there but unfortunately it was 4am. Remy wasn't usually awake at this time, he slept like a baby, but was summoned to sit at the dining room table after hearing very loud toddler footsteps coming downstairs. And there was only one way to summon his toddler.

"Any luck babe?" Virgil, Remy's loveperson who was usually awake at this time, said in a whisper as he sat opposite him. A small smile graced his lips as he leant his head on the table, gazing up at his lover with his dark brown doe eyes. Remy smiled back down at him, struggling to believe 18 year old Remy actually had the balls to ask such a cutie from his college days out on a date 11 years ago.

"I'm afraid not cheery tree..." Remy mumbled back, taking another sip before hearing crashing from a nearby closet. The noise made Virgil giggle. "Well, spoke too soon."

"Coffee?" The family's toddler, Remus, appeared from the closet wearing a crown and a tutu - the closet was probably his palace in the imagination game he was playing. "Can I have Da?" Remus walked over with grabby hands. Remus loved his Da's coffee and often wanted to try a sip, but he was only 3 so he couldn't have all the coffee he wanted.

Remy smiled and got an espresso cup from the cupboard, filling it with coffee just as soft cries were heard from the other side of the house. Virgil disappeared in search of the cries which allowed Remy to carry his toddler onto a counter and gently give him the small cup for his coffee fix (although it was secretly decaf - Remus was too chaotic for actual coffee). After a few minutes Virgil appeared again cradling the small skin sack of the couple's youngest son - Logan.

"How is he?" Remy whispered even quiet than before, cuddling up to his lover and staring down at the baby. Logan was a blessing baby - always quiet unless he was upset, cutely curious about everything and he had the biggest and most beautiful smile. Every time he watched Logan open his eyes after a nap his mind replayed his birthday, and admiring how much the little boy had grown already in 3 months.

"He's per... ROMAN!" Virgil screamed spotting their oldest son, the adventurous 7 year old Roman, looking through the knife draw with a determined look on his face. Logan fussed slightly at the noise and was given to Remy, who cradled the infant and watched Virgil discipline. Virgil was the best at controlling their hyper boys. "You know the knife drawer is off limits, you could hurt yourself."

"But I want my sword! I need a sharp one for the dragon witch!" Roman screamed back, stomping his foot as Virgil gave him a glare.

"What about the one Uncle Emile gave you for Christmas?" Virgil responded back as calm as he could manage. Emile was Remy's twin brother, and was maybe the reason Remy's kids were so excitable. Emile travelled a lot with his husband Patton so wasn't around that often, only for Christmas and his and Remy's shared birthday. After a bit more glaring Roman sulked off and back upstairs; Virgil's glance softened and he looked back at Remy. "Was I too tough there on him?"

"You were fine sweetie." Remy walked over to Virgil, handling him Logan and kissing his forehead, making Logan gargle in between them and both of them smile. "Do you agree Logan?"

"Coffee!" Remus' scream interrupted the cute moment, his voice slight raspy as the toddler screamed a lot. He held the coffee cup up victoriously and got another refill before he complained more. Remus, however, soon decided he wanted attention instead of coffee and walked over to his second father with the big puppy eyes he mastered in infancy. "Up!"

Virgil smiled and placed Logan carefully on the table, watching him glance up at the ceiling curiously before holding Remus in his arms and attacking him with face kisses. Remus' little giggle was infectious when he got face kisses, really showing his cute and innocent stage of life as Virgil was swaying side to side during the kissing attack. Remy couldn't help but smile and watch, also taking part in the kissing attack and making Remus' laugh louder.

"I'm ready to fight!" Roman's scream quieted Remus' laughter, as Roman revealed himself with his plastic sword and prince outfit both given my his Uncle. "I'll protect you all from the dragon witch Dad!" And Roman continued to run around happily, soon joined by Remus who wanted to help. Remy took Logan again and sat down, smiling at his family before remembering the text he had received from his brother the night before.

"Oh Verge?" Virgil turned away from the breakfast he was preparing with a smile, passing him Logan's bottle in case father-sense kicked in. Remy took it just in case but kept it on the table to continue speaking. "Emmy's coming to visit soon, he's a father now - did I tell you that?" Virgil dropped one of the plates in the sink at that news, his mouth open. They had heard Emile and Patton were preparing to adopt for a while, Patton absolutely adored Remy's boys, but they both thought it would be a few years yet when Emile wasn't travelling so much. "A little boy, same age as Roman. I told them to prepare for a wild ride." The pair laughed just as they heard a crash and scream from the two running children, and then a loud 'we're OK' from Remus.

"Well, I suppose we can visit next week. Patton will freak out over little Logan though." The fathers smiled at each other watching Logan fall asleep in his father's arms. "Where's his unicorn onesie?"

Chapter Text

Tie organising was Logan's most relaxing activity in the evening. He was quite specific with ordering things, and had decided this week he wanted his ties organised via colour so was changing the entire order of the drawer. He would like to have music during this activity but he knew that was a risky game - he had just sent his daughter to sleep and she had an awful habit of waking up at a slight noise. So instead he focused in silence, taking a drink of water every few minutes and keeping his head down.

He was only distracted when he heard the door slowly open, expecting to see Hope coming for some extra night-time love but instead seeing his husband. Roman was Logan's childhood best friend, they both discovered their sexuality around the same time and therefore were each other's first boyfriend and now they were husbands. "Hey Princey." Logan whispered just as Roman came behind him, wrapping one of his arms around his husband and resting the other hand on his hip. "How was work?"

"I want attention..." Roman said simply, drumming his fingers on Logan's hip as he took a drink of water. He then began kissing Logan's neck, the soft warmth making both of them smile and Logan immediately relaxed into his lover's embrace. At the relaxation Roman's arm fitted under Logan's shirt and his hand left Logan's waist to instead drag down his collar to give more kissing room. "Is this alright babe?"

"Yes..." Logan whispered blissfully, holding Roman's hand to keep him close to him. Then he remembered why he was stood up by the chest of drawers, and leant away from his husband even though he didn't necessarily want to. "But not now, Hope's just gone to sleep and I don't want her to walk into anything." Roman pouted and still held onto him as if his life depended on it.

"But Specs..." Roman moaned and cuddled up to Logan again, moving his hips back and forth slowly against Logan's leg. Logan would be lying if he said he didn't love it, but he giggled and kissed Roman gently and stepped away. He had no need to worry about his excited husband of course - he understood consent like every good person should.

Roman sighed but smiled, stepping back and getting into his red pjs. He watched his husband organise his ties, falling more and more in love with his husband's weird habits. "I love you baby..." He whispered from the other side of the room. Logan turned his head and was about to answer before hearing a light knock at the door. Roman covered himself up quickly and answered the door - picking up the little angel Hope. "Hey girlie. I thought it was bedtime?" Roman rocked the little girl side to side as she leant against her father, sleepy but wanting attention. The man in Gryffindor pyjamas couldn't help but giggle at her cuddle.

"I missed you at work Dada." Hope sucked her thumb while enjoying her father's hand through his hair. "Did you meet Walt Disney?" The little girl asked that every time - and her fathers loved it. Roman was an animator for Disney, so spent long days in the studio but Hope fully believed Roman had tea parties with Walt Disney and was best friends with every character at the Disney parks (which he was - but that's because he treated them as humans rather than him having a magic power to birth them). But the look Hope gave when she saw a new movie with Daddy's drawings was incredible.

"You can find out tomorrow berry-boo." Logan eventually whispered, giving his husband a wink and taking Hope out of his arms. Roman immediately understood what that meant and cleaned the packets off the bed from last night's movie marathon while Logan took their little princess to bed again. When Logan returned he smiled wider, giggling as Roman enthusiastically held his tie and gave him a challenging glance.

"Sit." Roman commanded, and Logan followed suit enthusiastically. He sat on his husband's lap and started making out with him, wrapping his legs around Logan's hips. Of course Logan was receptive of this attention and was brushing his fingers slowly through Roman's curly hair, humming into each kiss and securing Roman onto his place. Roman began moving his hips back and forth again as his kisses got deeper and reached Logan's throat.

After a hickey was firmly placed on Logan's neck another five knocks were heard on the door (in the rhythm of Anna's knocking in Frozen). The couple sighed and mumbled to themselves realising who the maker of the knocks was, Roman standing up, gave Logan another kiss before answering the door and picking up Hope again.

"I wanna chocolate milk..." Hope mumbled as she leant against Roman, a small smile on her face at disturbing their father's 'sleep' again. When Roman disappeared to the kitchen Logan decided to get changed, feeling more relaxed and slightly more free in the Crofters themed pjs he often shared with his husband (although he did have a rather significant feeling between his legs due to Roman's attention). Roman returned and was immediately bombarded with more kisses and dragged onto the bed.

Logan took a large, shaky exhale at his body relaxed, giving Roman a last sloppy kiss and lying on the bed with his eyes closed. Roman smiled down at him as he cleaned himself and his lover up, feeling like the luckiest man alive for just having the permission to look at the nerd in front of him. "I love you..." Logan whispered roughly and dragged Roman closer, laying his arm over Roman's bare chest and keeping his face on the pillow. Roman gave him a kiss on the cheek and cuddled up. A minute of silence followed, and Logan turned his head. "Say it back bitch."

"I love you t-"

"DADDY!" Hope screamed and opened the door without even knocking. She had tears rolling down her eyes and more appearing by the second as she jumped on the bed to cuddle up with her fathers. Logan covered himself up while Roman picked their daughter up, kissing her forehead which calmed her slightly. Roman asked Hope what was wrong and she tried to speak, the only words Logan could hear were 'nightmare', 'monster', 'big noises' - It was difficult for the couple not to chuckle but they comforted Hope together, and eventually she lay against Roman's shoulder again almost asleep.

Logan watched Roman walk towards the bedroom door for the fourth time that night. The eye-bags didn't make him any less attractive, and the smile marks showing due to his age yet he still looked as young as he was in high school. Roman opened the door and glanced back to his husband, hugging Hope for a second before speaking. "I love you too."

Chapter Text

"Dad you're home!" Kase shouted from the dinner table, his food in front of him was still abandoned in favour of cuddling his Dad. Patton had just finished his midwifery shift, he made sure he was home in time for dinner. His husband Remus was serving some chow mien to prepare for their holiday starting tomorrow night. They were going to reunite with their daughter. "Are we going to China yet?"

"Only a few hours kiddo." Patton whispered, shaking Kase's hair and giving him a kiss on the cheek. Kase giggled and ran back to Remus, who gave Patton a soft kiss when they came close. They had waited a year for this moment, and it was finally about to happen.


It all began when Remus entered his bedroom late at night, yawning. He had just finished work, he was a streamer on Twitch so often spent the late evenings after Kase's bedtime playing video games or chilling with his audience. He loved his job, it had entertained him since sophomore year of high school and he kept it up throughout his college days and while living with Patton during his medical school days. Kase loved his Dad's streaming room too. In the mornings Kase was allowed to play in there and see all the fanart on the walls (Remus' fans had endearing names for Remus' family - Patton was 'Mr Cupcake' and Kase was 'Spawn Point') and the shining green LED lights.

Patton was laid in bed in a ball, that was normal. He often stayed awake for Remus to continue streaming if he didn't wander into the stream room himself. Nights were a time that the couple got to chat and kiss each other and get carried away in each other's love - they were addicted to each other.

"Hey cupcake." Remus whispered as he crawled into bed, kissing Patton gently as he smiled. Patton looked up from the phone he was staring at as he kissed back, then sighed and cuddled into his lover. "What's kept you up babe?" Remus stroked circles into Patton's cheek and glanced at Patton's phone screen. He was scrolling through something... adoption sites. "Is it baby fever or you mistyped looking for rescue dogs?"

"Baby fever." Patton sighed, his content sigh at Remus' strokes. "Kase was just being so cute at bedtime and telling me about his new girlfriend... even though it's straight I still couldn't stop smiling!" Patton was getting louder and louder in his excitement, making Remus smile like he'd never had before. Well, he always smiled like an idiot when facing the love of his life. "I mean look, they're adorable." Patton continued to show Remus his phone, full of pictures and pictures of children of all different races, genders and ages. At the top of the page was ''.

"They are... Do you actually want to go forward with this?" Remus turned on his back again, yawning and stretching slightly. The couple had talked about adopting again before, and adopting internationally too. They always just said they should wait for a few years first. But this time Remus didn't see a reason to wait, he was going to move his gaming computer and set-up into a smaller room that had just been built - it was further away from Kase's bedroom so Remus could be louder while gaming - so the streaming room would be free for a new little family member. And Patton was always happy to adopt both pets and children, he had a big heart.

After Patton nodded the couple cuddled for the rest of the night, sharing their excitement and imagining future situations between their favourite little boy and the new brother or sister. It took a few hours for them to sleep because of the adrenaline running through their bodies.


Remus entered his house with a smile on his face, placing his suitcase down on the floor and watching Kase turn his head and run up to his father. "You're back Dad!" Kase shouted, climbing into his father's arms. It was early fall and Remus had just returned from a weekend trip to a convention in San Diego. Sometimes Patton joined him to make it a date weekend and Kase would have sleepovers round friends' houses but as Patton had a lot of work and the family were preparing for paternity leave, Remus went alone. They were all still waiting for news from China, the country they decided to adopt from, on which child they were considered to care for. Everything else was signed, it was just the wait.

The house was unusually quiet. Usually when Patton was home, which at this point he was, there was always music or a movie playing or Patton would be (badly) singing a Queen song. But this time it was silence. Kase ran off to play somewhere, probably out in the garden where he was making his tenth flower crown of the month. Kase was an independent child. "Hey babe! I'm home!" Remus shouted, walking up the stairs. He eventually could hear a soft humming and followed it to his old streaming room (now new kiddo's bedroom) and followed it.

Patton was painting the previously black room white, and was almost complete. Furniture was lying about, some the couple bought together while others were new pieces of furniture Remus hadn't seen before. Remus couldn't help but smile looking at all the toys, bedding and drawers piled at one side - before seeing a new decoration that was too specific. A wooden structure with three white letters in cursive, spelling 'Jia'. "Jia?" Remus echoed with a small smile. Patton smiled back and giggled.

"The file's on your bedside table." Patton mumbled and Remus ran to his bedroom quicker than he'd done before. And there was a folder from their international adoption agency, one piece of paper inside with all different details. Jia, her 'English' name Joy, she was 4 years old and was born with a brain injury. Brain surgery would be needed once she finds her home but Patton and Remus were perfectly happy to do that. The picture showed a sweet little girl with a wide innocent smile which made Remus giggle to himself. Patton's giggle responded back quickly and Remus' lover leaned up against him, his head on his shoulder. "Isn't she adorable?"

"She's perfect darling." Remus whispered back, kissing Patton's forehead and sighing to himself. "She's ours."


After a full previous day of being tourists in China's capital, Beijing, Remus' family took the journey to the outskirts of the city to the orphanage that was little Jia's first home. Kase was looking out the window of the bus, looking at all the buildings and trying to guess what they were since none of it was in a language they could understand.

Patton was grasping onto his husband's hand with a soft smile. This was a nervous experience for both of them, they were scared about adopting Kase when they did, this was extra nerve-wracking as they had gone such a long way for their perfect little girl. She was already going to be perfect, they just hoped that no-one would get in the husbands' way. The couple eventually got to the orphanage and were greeted by two women.

"You're here for Jia?" One of the woman cheered, making both men nod.

The inside of the building was very cute and colourful. The walls were white with rainbow circles across the corridors and a few animals like giraffes or pandas around eye level of the kids. Kase was distracted by all these paintings and had to be called every so often to keep up with his parents and the two women showing them around the orphanage. Remus got his camera ready just to film the meeting.

They were all taken to the infant room, where several other women were changing nappies or playing with babies. Jia was in the infant room a lot because of her disabilities. "There!" Kase shouted, running up to a 4 year old in a Dora the Explorer t-shirt, sitting opposite her cross-legged with a smile. "I'm Kase, I'm your brother! They have roast cockroaches in the local market, you want to try them?"

The couple could help but giggle at first. Kase continued chatting and giggling, trying to ask her questions and maybe expecting her to respond (they weren't sure if the elementary schooler expected Jia to randomly speak English or maybe didn't understand she was mute). Jia seemed to not mind the attention though and instead reached out to tug at Kase's curly hair. She probably hadn't seen curly hair that often, and Kase didn't mind her curiosity. "Dad! I think she likes me!"

"I think she does kiddo." Patton laughed, sitting with Kase and Remus followed. They all played together, and it only took a few more weeks for the couple to take their daughter home and let her new life begin.

Chapter Text

Logan thanked the dean as he took his certificate from him. His graduation certificate, college graduation. When he turned to the audience he could see how proud his fathers and brothers were - both Emile and Patton were standing up and cheering with Virgil and Remy either side trying to drag them down and stop the stares from others. Logan chuckled to himself and admired the piece of paper he was sure to hang on his bedroom wall. He had graduated with a major in bioinformatics and a minor in forensic science, a lot of work but he enjoyed it. He was thinking of working in a hospital, maybe go to grad school, but he remembered a time when he believed such a feat was not possible. In middle school he suffered a lot with epilepsy - and while he still had seizures quite often as an adult they were controlled and didn't stop him from succeeding.

And his parents didn't stop him or his brothers from succeeding. It had been difficult, but while Logan was a graduate and now an adult, Patton had just started his college journey majoring in special needs education and Virgil was an anxious and constantly cringing high schooler - Emile and Remy never stopped loving them.

That was even more evident after the ceremony when both of Logan's parents ran up to him for a large hug. "When can you move out now Lo?" Remy joked, punching Logan's arm but keeping him securely trapped in his arms. Patton was practically jumping and Virgil was looking around the field where graduation photos would be taken in as a subtle way to promote their campus. The college did have a good non-hearing support anyway so it would be perfect for Virgil to go to if he decided to take the college path in a couple years' time.

Patton signed to Virgil asking if he was alright, and Virgil signed back saying he was fine but thinking about stuff. What stuff? Adult. With both of his brothers being college students Virgil was having an early quarter life crisis realising he was going to be independent in a hearing and fully seeing world soon.

You'll be alright, Logan quickly signed, you have all of us. Emile and Remy signed in agreement - they knew that the brothers' bond was strong so often just let the boys chat amongst themselves acting as just moral support. At least no-one seemed to be paying attention to the family, only their own graduates so there weren't any Karens thinking the family were gang leaders throwing terrorist gang signs. That's one thing Virgil was most scared of - judgement. While Patton and Logan had the first years of their lives being independent and taking care of Virgil; Virgil couldn't remember a time vividly he didn't have his two Dads. He wasn't ready for his world to change.

Virgil stared at his oldest brother for a minute or two as he ran off to a couple of college friends, probably chatting to them about career plans or getting their own houses. If only Virgil could hear him. He often wondered what his brothers sounded like, what he sounded like - during elementary school he asked once and Remy responded that the two of them always made quite a low and rough voice while Patton and Emile sounded higher pitched and cheery. Logan's voice was apparently monotone and he had a slight accent from Remy-didn't-know-where but assumed to be their bio family.

People said Virgil looked like Logan a lot, he took it as a compliment as his school friends simped for his older brother. The best way he could describe their similarities is they both looked sharp, with high cheekbones and a sharp jaw. Both his parents and Patton were a lot softer, Patton was blond - but it was nice having someone similar to him and that person being considered 'hot'.

Emile came into Virgil's field of vision and signed. That'll be you soon, if you want it - Virgil smiled out of politeness but continued watching his brother. Emile carried on saying his usual encouraging words. You can major in anything - communication, psychology, art history - anything! Virgil nodded again. Emile meant well, wanting to encourage all his kids to do things, but sometimes he was a bit overwhelming. Virgil was only a sophomore so had time to decide if college was really worth it for him, and he knew there was no pressure to actually go to college anyway.

I love you Dad, but please shut up. Virgil laughed as he signed, wishing to hear his laugh but accepting his fate. Emile laughed too, giving him a hug and squeezing his cheek. Virgil smiled and leaned in, finally closing his eyes and sighing.

Family dinner after the ceremony was largely uneventful as it always was, Patton cooked some Turkish food he was taught to make by one of his roommates, his mix of chatting and signing distracting him from the actual meal so he needed Logan's help. They did discuss Logan's next steps, he had an internship at a hospital and wanted to do that until he had a clearer view of his life plan. Patton happily told his family about the part-time job at a special education daycare and recalled stories from that. Remy complained about the latest Karen and Emile fangirled over his latest therapy session where he almost gave the boys a little sister via consensual kidnapping. Overall an ordinary dinner in an ordinary family with two loving husbands and three very much loved kids.

And to think Emile saw these kids 11 years ago, seeing their suffering and decided to take them in without even asking his husband's permission. And that would be the best decision of the partners' lives and would lead to adopting three amazingly intelligent, funny and loveable kids. Remy and Emile were one of the few people who could safely say they never regretted taking risks in life.

Chapter Text

"Everything will be fine Thomi." Nico mumbled as he leant his head on his husband's shoulder. They were on a plane together from Jacksonville, Florida to Los Angeles, California - a five hour flight not even taking into account getting to and from the airports. On each of their laps were their twin sons - newly adopted and going on a fun adventure. The identical twins were called Roman and Remus - named after two characters Thomas had created years ago and he thought they were perfect names for their babies.

But in reality Thomas had every right to worry. The pair were going to a convention together for the first time after Thomas was invited to do a panel or two, but Thomas had been secretive from the internet for a while. He had mentioned around 2020 that there was a guy called Nico in his life but painted him as a fictional character and in the next 5 years only half a dozen videos were produced and none of them mentioned Nico. While these videos were made Thomas and Nico strengthened their relationship, got eloped (a wedding would destroy Thomas' fans) and adopted two infants. The fans knew absolutely nothing and honestly view counts had gone down considerably which was why Thomas felt confident enough to bring his family along this convention.

Remus shook his rattle and hit it against the seat ahead of him while Roman began fussing due to the air pressure hitting his ears. Thomas felt so luckily having the cutest twins in the world, preparing some formula milk while Nico cuddled Roman and tried to distract Remus from annoying other passengers. On the chairs in front of the Sanders family were a group of teenagers presumably from Florida too - all of them wearing Animal Crossing cosplay and chatting about the upcoming Vidcon. "I heard Thomas Sanders is attending too." One of them, dressed as Tom Nook, said. The others turned to them surprised.

"That's the Vine guy right? I haven't heard anything from him in years!"

"Yeah, does he even post anymore?"

Nico cleared his throat relatively loudly, Thomas was unsure whether he wanted the teens to shut up or wanted them to turn around for an impromptu meet-and-greet. It could be either with Nico - the unpredictable extrovert that talked to literally anyone. The teenagers quieted for a second before turning around and looking between the gap in the seats - immediately spotting Thomas Sanders and a shouting hyper baby. "Wait... Are you Thomas Sanders sir?"

"That I am." Thomas smiled and let Remus stand up, being held by the belly and letting the baby press his hands on the seat. "Nice to meet you."

"Is he yours?" Another one asked, making eye contact with Nico for a moment before smiling widely. "There's two!" Nico laughed at the teen's excitement, also letting Roman stand the same way.

Thomas didn't mind chatting to the teens for the rest of the flight until Roman and Remus needed a nap. The nap lasted a great while including when Nico and Thomas got to the hotel room so they could finally relax together and be excited for the next day. Thomas always enjoyed cuddles after a long flight.

After a bit of networking the first social event of Vidcon began - an Influencer meet-up. Drinks were provided and lots of Thomas' friends were going. The only problem was the twins. "Honestly honey it'll be fine for an evening." Nico laughed as he changed Remus' diaper. Thomas was giving Roman one last cuddle. "Go and enjoy yourself."

"I want to show you off to my friends though!" Thomas pouted then blew strawberries on Roman's cheek. Nico sighed and lifted Remus into the air making the infant giggle. "Please?"

Nico rolled his eyes and got the pushchair, putting Remus in one seat and Roman in the other. The pair then walked together to the floor of the hotel - parents often brought their kids to these social events so having babies there wasn't unusual. Thomas tried to stay with his group of friends and had a civilised drink in one hand and one of the twins on his lap. Nico's main duty was taking care of the twins so they didn't disturb anyone - and he didn't mind. He was a family man.

Nico was juggling feeding Remus formula in the corner of the room while Thomas was in the bathroom changing Roman's diaper. So far Nico had been undisturbed in this party and just known as Thomas Sanders' husband. That was until an influencer approached him with the look of absolute joy only shown when faked and a video camera. Nico wasn't that involved in the YouTube sphere... Maybe she was called Gabbie or Hannah. "Aw is he yours? What channel are you?"

"I'm married to Thomas Sanders." Nico said as quiet as possible to hopefully make sure the audio would be bad enough to not be in the video. The influencer only tilted her head and gave a confused glance. Nico gave the same glance back then focused on his son.

"Is he a family vlogger?" The influencer eventually piped up just as Thomas emerged from the bathroom smiling and gave Nico a kiss on the cheek. She seemed to glow with joy seeing the identical twins, zooming in on them as they playfully hit each other and grabbed each other's hand. "Thomas Sanders - what's your channel name?"

"Thomas Sanders?" Thomas laughed, albeit awkwardly, and took both twins to let Nico duck out. He shouldn't have to deal with annoying vloggers when that wasn't his profession. "These are Roman and Remus, I'd prefer not to have the camera in their faces." He managed to nudge the camera away slightly and stood at a distance. Vloggers like these were a disease sometimes.

"So you're not a family channel? Your babies are so cute!" Thomas shook his head again, slowly beginning to walk away again back to his friends. The influencer followed. "How old are they? Are you thinking of starting a family channel? Do you have any merch involving the kids?"

"Please, I'd rather you put the camera away now. Thomas Sanders is my channel, not a channel to exploit my kids. Stop." And with that Thomas escaped back to his friends, and Nico held their boys again and gave them a kiss. They avoided the Gabbie/Hannah for the rest of the convention and introduced their fans to their kids when the twins weren't cranky or tired.

On the plane back home Thomas gave Nico a kiss on the forehead. Nico smiled and whispered. "I'm so glad I have you."

"I'm glad I have you too."

Chapter Text

Janus tied the rainbow flag around his shoulders cautiously, looking at the ground instead of the many people around him. This was all... new, for him at least. He was 20 years old and had yet to get a partner at all, people in high school always viewed him as stuck-up (or so he thought, he acted pretty introverted expecting his entire life he'd have some kind of magic romance moment that made him feel like other teenagers that age). That feeling hadn't happened yet, and he was a college student. He was joking at 2am with his friend one night after a house party, venting about all of this, and that's when they suggested maybe Janus was gay and hadn't had the opportunity to explore that yet. Janus slept on this idea and had no reasons why he wasn't - so when the local Pride festival came around he and his friend (who was non-binary) went together and prepared for Janus to finally have a revelation.

Everywhere was colourful, all colours of the rainbow. A parade of white, pink and blue crossed his path first - then a few drag queens that Janus couldn't help but marvel at. Janus was born with vitiligo on one side of his face and almost always covered it to fit in, yet only mastered a natural look with makeup. Instead of focusing on everyone around him, as doing so made him feel anxious since his friend had disappeared with their non-binary buddies and he was wearing a giant rainbow flag with rainbow on his cheeks, he focused on how he presented himself. He kept his posture, a determined glance, kept his gaze straight ahead... at a man decorated in two different shades of pink, black, and two different shades of blue.

The man had curly brown hair dyed light blue at the tips. He was relatively short, around 5'7, and rocking back and forth a little while chatting to a taller man with a pink, blue and white top on. Both people wore glasses. Just the look of this man - eating candy floss and smiling wide - made Janus stop in his tracks. His mouth was dry and his cheeks were hot. This was what the romantic teenage love moment was like, Janus knew that and honestly was more excited than he thought he would be.

He was knocked back into action when the shorter male's friend elbowed the cotton candy cutie, pointing at Janus with a smile and a wink. The shorter male giggled too and gave a small wave, and that one movement made Janus have the courage to walk forward again. As he got closer he could hear the two men's voices, the taller one's a little higher than the others but both still had a gentle and jokey tone of voice that made Janus almost swoon. "He's coming over Patton!" The taller male almost screamed just before Janus reached them. The shorter, Patton, giggled at that again and turned to Janus with a quiet hope in his eyes.

"Hey... I'm Janus."


Janus never imagined himself at the other side of the courtroom bar, but he was happy to be in this position. He was in his usual black and yellow suit, his husband next to him in a light blue suit and between them a short 4 year old with huge black glasses and a blue and black mini-suit. Patton was glancing at the little boy with a smile as the judge spoke the final words, also facing the little boy and holding his gavel. "I now officially pronounce you Logan Baker-Kant."

Little Logan smiled at the judge and then at his now fathers, holding the unicorn teddy Patton got him to his lips. Janus wanted to cradle his son and place him on his lap with a large hug, so he did. "Can we go home now Paps?" Logan watched Patton while Janus kissed his hair. Patton also couldn't mellow his smile, kissing Logan's forehead and brushing a hand through his hair before kissing his husband softly.

"Of course we can kiddo! We'll have your favourite food for dinner, how does Chinese dumplings sound?" Patton picked Logan up off Janus' lap and carried him as he kissed his cheek. Logan snuggled in but kept his hands clutching his teddy unicorn Loffy.

"With Crofters please." Logan chirped as he sucked his thumb. Janus and Patton giggled to each other but nodded anyway, jam was their son's comfort food and they didn't have the heart to stop Logan's obsession.

One half of Janus' heart belonged to Patton, the other belonged to Logan. Logan was the cutest little boy, had been in the foster system since he was 2 years old and abandoned at a church. Now he was turning 5 in a few months and had two parents again - he was very happy about that. As soon as he laid his eyes on the toddler Patton and Janus knew they needed to adopt him, and every single action Logan made Janus felt even more proud of his little family. He was weird, that was sure, very cautious and careful. He got scared like normal kids and had an extreme fascination with space and maths. Such a fascination that overwhelmed other prospective parents but the Baker-Kant couple found that endearing.

Patton felt like the luckiest man in the world tucking Logan into bed that night, reading him one last bedtime story and kissing his forehead making sure the star duvet covered his son's shoulders. Janus waited by the door with a soft smile. He felt lucky he had even managed to place a ring on Patton's finger, and now they had a new little life that they could help blossom into the perfect mix between their two souls.

"Have I ever told you how much I love you?" Janus whispered, kissing Patton's lips gently but passionately. Patton's giggle erupted as they locked lips and his arms wrapped around Janus' shoulders. Janus kept his hands firmly on Patton's hips.

"Say it to me again so I can treasure this moment." Patton said back, a hand on Janus' cheek and sounding utterly irresistible. Janus was definitely even more in love than before, if that was even possible.


For a while Janus and Patton believed Logan would be their only child, they just loved him so much. They especially loved watching him grow from a nervous 3'7 toddler who snuck out at 10pm to look at the stars to a studious 4'7 ten year old with a few good friends and a love of reading. Fifth grade was going very well and there were no medical concerns, he was their perfect son.

Patton had the day off work while Janus and Logan were in their respective work and school. To entertain himself he decided to visit Logan's godfather, Patton's best friend and the wingman when Patton and Janus first met - Emile Piccani.

Emile was a therapist for a children's LGBTQ+ charity, and he loved it. He was a really good role model for so many kids including Patton's son. Patton often brought cupcakes to the charity headquarters for the kids Emile saw and gave Emile company between appointments. This particular time at first seemed like every other meeting, Patton placed the cupcakes on the front desk before being told Emile was free to chat.

Emile wasn't exactly free though. He usually sat on his comfy pink chair with his patient on the brown sofa but this time the patient seemed to be in the corner of the room and Emile maintaining a distance and speaking gently. "Just take deep breaths Virgil, you're brave for coming here... Oh!" Emile rushed over with a smile and whispered. "Sorry Patty, just a little bonding. Did you need something?"

The child raised their head slowly and looked over. Long hair framed their face but somehow looked alien on them, their soft facial features were stained by tear marks and oversized clothes covering every other feature. Emile realised his patient looking over and smiled softly again. "Patton, this is Virgil. He uses he/him pronouns." Patton immediately understood what Emile was alluding Virgil's identity to be, and acted accordingly.

"You have a great name Virgil. You remind me a lot of Dr Piccani when he was your age." Virgil raised an eyebrow, probably scared at Patton's mind-reading skill. Patton's heart broke looking at the small sad child, he looked about the same age as Logan and just imagining Logan crying in the corner of a therapy office made Patton's heart crumble. "How old are you?"

"Turned 9 yesterday." Virgil mumbled, grabbing a tissue also at his corner and wiping his eyes. Patton wore his wide smile again and came closer to the little boy. He was so much like Logan, they could be brothers.

"Ooh! What did you get for your birthday?" Patton tried to drum up some excitement, but Virgil just looked down and sniffed again.

"A trash bag with all my stuff in..." Patton's heart broke again, he wanted to reach out and cuddle the little boy from the world hearing that sentence. Emile worked with lots of kids in the foster system before so it wasn't unusual, but this kid broke Patton's heart. He still worked to entertain the kid as much as possible, eventually leaving and heading back to his home.

While Patton drove home he couldn't stop thinking about Virgil. And now he thought about it, there was no reason why Logan had to be an only child. The family had a spare bedroom but even so, often Logan liked to pretend there was a bed at the other side of the room and that he shared his room with an imaginary friend (Janus and Patton of course found it endearing and played along).

When Patton came home he found Logan and Janus together in the kitchen, Janus teaching his son how to make a stir fry. "That's sugar Mr Calculator, salt's in the shaker." Janus had a wide smile on his face, not yet seeing that his husband had returned home and focusing purely on his son. It wasn't until Logan smiled wide towards the front door that Janus realised. "Hey sweetheart." Janus mumbled and nuzzled Patton's cheek, his arm snaking around Patton's waist. "How's Emile?"

"He's good um... Can we have a private talk baby?"

Janus raised an eyebrow and nodded silently, giving Logan more instructions and disappearing upstairs. He looked at Patton with the upmost concern, probably expecting bad news, he was such a pessimist. To be fair, private talks weren't that common for them. They were quite open with Logan and didn't hide things from him. "It's OK honey, whatever's bothering you I'm here for you."

But Patton's wide smile reassured him as he grabbed his hands. "Do you think Logan should stay an only child? Because I wouldn't mind expanding the family."

Janus again looked confused, glancing at the floor with a small smirk. Patton could already tell his husband was all for the idea. "Yeah, let's have more kids. Do you want to adopt again? Or we could go through surrogacy even though it would be quite a big age gap..."

Patton giggled and swung Janus' hands back and forth. "Actually I met one of Emile's patients today. He's 9, I think he's FtM transgender, and he's called Virgil! He's such a little cutie and he's just got into foster care and I absolutely love him!"

A laugh escaped Janus' lips and he brought Patton closer, kissing him. Patton kissed back and laughed too, letting Janus' cheeks heat up. And at that moment the pair of them knew they were starting their journey again, they were giving Logan a sibling.


"Oh I wonder why I'm blindfolded kids... It's totally not a big day today that I've lived through for 40 years..." Janus laced his words in sarcasm while being dragged downstairs by his teenage sons. Logan and Virgil were high schoolers; Virgil was a freshman and Logan was a junior. This day was Janus' 40th birthday, Patton had already turned 40 a few months ago and it was a momentous year for the couple. Symbolically this decade was going to make their lives change again, they would be entering the last stage of adulthood where they were sending their sons into their adult lives and maybe getting in laws and grandkids. Patton of course was excited at this prospect, Janus less so as he hated the idea of growing old.

He honestly didn't feel old yet, it felt like yesterday Janus was attending his first pride and awkwardly trying to flirt with who would be in the future the love of his life. Patton still looked like the awkward 20 year old he was back then, just with more smile marks and a few wrinkles under his still glowing baby blue eyes. They shouldn't be thinking about getting kids to college and downsizing the house yet, they were both still so young at heart.

Janus was turned and his blindfold was removed to show his husband in the kitchen, an apron saying 'kiss the cook' on and holding a lemon drizzle cake decorated in a snake theme. Janus smirked and walked closer. "Well, if you say so." He mumbled sensually and kissed Patton who gleefully kissed back, neither of them holding back. That was the good thing about having teenage kids, they may fake disgust but in reality there was no need to hold back affection when the other occupants of the house were almost adults too. Virgil and Logan entertained themselves by helping put candles on the cake, talking about how school started again tomorrow and the teachers they had to deal with.

Halfway through the day the family festivities were halted by a knock on the door. "Were we expecting anyone sweetheart?" Janus looked up from the book Logan had bought him, a book on types of snakes and snake care as Janus was promised a snake pet once Logan moved out to college (Patton was scared of snakes so procrastinated allowing a pet that wasn't their two dogs and three cats). Patton smiled and chirped as he walked towards the front door.

"There's an Amazon package non-birthday related that was being deli... OH MY GOD!"

"WHAT?" Janus screamed back and immediately ran towards the door Patton was stood at, thinking the worst as he usually does. Patton was silent, staring down in front of him with his hand covering his mouth. Janus put an arm around him and also looked down - at a small hamper. "Is this a surprise present or..."

Patton only let out a soft squeak in response, watching the blanket on top of the hamper move and a small cry come from it. This wasn't something planned. Janus knelt down slowly and removed the soft blue blanket covering the moving... things. Two things. Two crumpled small humans, one crying the other sleeping. "No way..." Janus kept his voice as quiet as possible while Patton leant down too, a smile immediately arriving looking at the newly found infants.

"They're so cute Jany!" Patton cheered softly, removing the blanket completely and picking up the sleeping baby. The infant was wet and almost completely naked, the only thing covering him was a small red t-shirt. The other baby was staring up at Patton and Janus, wailing, wearing a green t-shirt. "They must be twins! I think they're identical too..."

"I thought you were only allowed to impulse buy dogs Paps." Virgil's confused voice and tone dragged the fathers away from their sudden surprise, looking up at their teen sons who were standing at the archway of the door together. Logan was the first to step forward, lifting the second twin out of the hamper and clumsily trying to hold him. The baby seemed to calm almost immediately and snuggle into the 17 year old's chest. Virgil was a bit more cautious, approaching the one Logan was holding and stroking the wisps of the baby's hair with his finger. For a moment the four stayed in their positions, until Janus chirped up.

"We need to take them to the hospital. Maybe the parent just lost their kids?" Janus was the first to stand, also grabbing the hamper and examining it for anything. The rest of the family nodded in agreement. After a minute more of silent examining Janus found a post-it note at the very bottom of the basket and began to read it aloud.

"Dear Baker-Kant family, I know you don't know me but I know of your family and your amazing kids. You have raised your sons so well so I ask you one thing - please raise mine. I've only had them for a few hours but I can tell they're good kids, the one in red is Roman and the one in green is Remus. Please love them and care for them, you have full consent for this adoption."

Patton was almost tearing up as he heard his husband read the note, watching Roman finally open his eyes and mumble slightly against Patton's chest. He spoke to the infant in a baby voice for a few seconds, before looking up. "Janus, you drive. I'll hold Roman and can you hold Remus Logie?" Logan nodded. "Good. Time to go to the hospital."

Chapter Text

Take a deep breath, Logan thought as he did what his brain instructed. He was facing a mirror with a window shining light on his left side. It was summer, and a beautiful day indeed, it would be the most beautiful day of Logan's life. He looked at his engagement ring in absolute silence with only a small smile. It was a beautiful ring, just a simple gold as Logan didn't want anything his students would excessively ask about - and Roman knew that. Roman Princeton... was marrying Logan. They'd be a family.

Then there were Logan's new step-kids: Flynn and Scarlett. Both were teenagers now and very happy for this event, they wanted to go to every meeting with the wedding planner and see every detail going into their union. In return they were important parts of the ceremony with Scarlett being flower girl and Flynn being one of Roman's best men (the other was his brother Remus). Both of them were almost high schoolers, Scarlett was in fact going to the school Logan taught at the coming September. They'd be a real family.

Even though Logan was a teacher he still wasn't used to having kids. He never had experience of taking care of kids, only teaching them, and sometimes he felt as though he was too detached when at work to act in a father role. His main concern surrounding anyone under 18 was to make sure they memorised the quadratic formula and could calculate the area of a circle. This all was so different.

"You can do this Logan." Logan whispered to himself, tying his white tie even tighter. "You can do this! Flynn, Scarlett - they're good kids! They love you already..." But what if he wasn't actually good enough for them? Being an official stepfather was still a big step, and Logan had only known the kids for a year, what if the four of them were still in a honeymoon era and problems would soon arise? Roman loves his kids so deeply, any arguments after this moment will absolutely break him. Logan wasn't ready for a family.

And now Logan was holding tears. He shouldn't be crying yet, he should be crying of happiness rather than stress and second thoughts. He really didn't deserve Roman - Roman was so excited for this. They had agreed to not see each other's suits until the wedding day but he would guarantee he was looking so damn cute and happy at this current moment and Logan didn't want to destroy that. He would be able to tell Logan had been crying when they met each other at the wedding arch. Logan's stupid emotions could destroy the whole day.

"Hey Dad." The youthful voice grounded Logan back into reality, and he could see the silhouette of 16 year old Flynn in the mirror. He was dressed simply: black blazer and trousers with a white button-up and a tie split half in red and half in blue. Roman and Logan worked together to pick it out for him, and he looked so happy in his outfit. "You OK Dad?"

At this moment Logan regretted letting Roman's kids call him Dad too. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, letting him into the family easily and he loved such a simple but powerful word being associated with him. "I'm alright Flynn, go back to check on your father." He fiddled with his glasses as he tried to keep his voice contained. He shouldn't traumatise the kids with his thoughts.

"I already checked on him. I wanted to make sure you're ready." Flynn kept his smile and sat beside Logan. Logan looked at him for a moment, spotting the absolute joy in him that this day was happening. Things had changed between the pair a lot since their first meeting, maybe because Logan helped him with math homework and gave good excuses for being tardy on days Logan drove him to school. Now they considered each other good friends, and Flynn did consider Logan a father figure.

Eventually Logan sighed and looked out the window where people were starting to sit in the pews and admire the scenery. Of course Roman insisted on having the wedding in an Edwardian style manor house with a back garden full of apple trees and blueberry plants. And Logan couldn't resist his fiancé's beautiful smile. "I'm a good Dad aren't I?" Logan tried to sound nonchalant with his question, but Flynn could tell the severity of his stepfather's emotions.

"Of course! You're really chill, give off a good vibe." The following interaction was usual, Logan raising an eyebrow with a confused glance and Flynn chuckling. "I'll add it to your flashcards after the ceremony."

"Thanks kid. You're a pretty good son too." Logan smiled back at the teen, before realising Flynn's tie had becoming loose while they were talking. "Can I fix you up?" He asked, pointing at the tie. After a nod he leant down and tied the tie again, a smile on his face. "Is Scar ready too?"

"She's just getting her make-up done." Flynn chuckled, watching the tying and trying to memorise the pattern for future reference. "Such a girl."

"Don't you want some make-up too? Make-up is unisex." Logan laughed back. Even he had a touch up of contour before getting changed, Roman wore some eyeliner and foundation. But Flynn shook his head.

Before Flynn and Logan could talk more the pair heard Remus shouting across the corridor - it was time. "You should get into place!" The rough voiced uncle/brother-in-law shouted, followed by who must be one of Remus' three consensual partners dragging the man away from the door. Flynn and Logan smiled at each other one last time before the teenager disappeared down to the garden to stand beside his father. Logan soon left the dressing room too.

"You ready buddy?" Logan's best friend, Patton, linked arms with Logan before they revealed themselves and walked down the aisle. Patton had offered to walk his best friend down the aisle as soon as he found out he was engaged, and Logan had nothing against it as his mother would be crying too hard and his father was never in his life. Logan didn't want to be like his father, but this time he was sure he wouldn't be. He was happy to learn how to be a good father from his amazing soon-husband.

The doors opened and revealed the beautiful garden, the patient audience, Logan's amazing step kids and most importantly his amazing husband. His attractive husband. He was beautiful, an all red suit with a white button-up and black bow-tie. The bow-tie was slightly crooked, but Logan didn't mind that - he still looked perfect. His hair was neatly curled and he wore a wide smile, his eyes tearing up slightly as the music began to play and Logan walked slowly. Not that he was the only one crying at that moment, Logan was crying too.

"You look beautiful." Roman mouthed as Logan got to the wedding arch, grabbing onto Logan's hands as if his life would end otherwise. "Logan Thomas Princeton." That full name sounded so good, even though only one word had changed. Logan tried to contain his emotions again and stroked his fingers, glancing behind the drama nerd at the two teens also smiling. They were the best kids in the world.

Of course the kiss at the end of the vows wasn't the first, but it felt as good as the first. Everything seemed to halt - all that mattered was how warm Roman's lips felt as he held him. This was the dream life for many, and Logan had achieved it with one ceremony. He was a husband and a stepdad all in one, and he was going to be the best he could be. When the kiss ended both husbands couldn't let go of each other, just putting hands through each other's hair and gazing into each other's eyes. This was all perfect.

"Get a room!" Scarlett screamed, her curly hair messy again because of the wind and a smile as large as Roman's. Flynn was smiling too behind her, but distracted with older sibling duties of talking to relatives. Roman stuck his tongue out at his daughter just as snacks of brownies and chocolate strawberries emerged, which of course distracted his daughter enough for the husbands to have one final kiss.

And a few more kisses on top of that.

Chapter Text

"Daaaad! Hurry up!" Jade screamed from the living room, standing on the sofa and jumping on the cushions. Her little sister Emma was next to her and they were both enthusiastically watching the bathroom door. Roman was in the bathroom putting on make-up and a red princess dress - believed to be an old Barbie dress they wore once as a teenager but has since been used when their daughters wanted a tea party. Also in the bathroom was 3 year old Brooke who also wanted to wear some lipstick and blusher.

"Royal Roman has arrived." Roman leant against the wall as they entered, a hand resting on their forehead dramatically with a smile. The dining room table was all set up with pink chi tea, white tea-cups, cookies and strawberries galore and flowers in the centre of the table. Brooke, Emma and Jade sat at the table happily and started serving each other tea and cherry cookies. "Can you pass me a strawberry Princess Emma?"

For a few minutes Roman and their daughters had their tea party, acting posh and polite and holding up their pinkies while exchanging jokes and laughing. At the back of the room was the less extravagant Remus, Roman's cousin that was more like a brother. Remus brushed his sawdust hands against his shirt, as he had just finished some woodwork, and then smiled mischievously at the Brooke. The youngest daughter smiled back, feeling none the wiser.

Remus grabbed Brooke and began tickling her, making all kinds of vicious growling noises and cackles. "The Dragon Witch has trapped the Princess! We need to save her!" Roman screamed and stood, grabbing a fork and holding it like a sword. Remus laughed but continued the tickling dragging the small child away from the rest of her family. But while Roman prepared for action Emma and Jade were sat patiently but confused. "Come on princesses! Let's save your sister."

Jade and Emma looked confused again and chirped up. "Princesses don't save people, we're meant to be damsels!"

"Who told you that?" Remus snapped out of the Dragon Witch character straight away and let Brooke go, she ran back to her chi tea and continued feeding herself while her older sisters were interrogated. One thing both Roman and Remus hated were the forced heteronormativity.

"We were playing with a guy at school and he said only boys save girls and girls don't save boys." Jade shrugged again, sipping her tea and just continuing eating like her sister. Roman and Remus sighed and mumbled to themselves about how to properly parent this situation. They decided to sit down and have a chat about the everyday sexism in the 21st century in a way that's familiar for elementary schoolers.

"That might be what a lot of people think is right, but in honesty you can be both a damsel or a hero." Remus smiled and sat down for the tea party, also taking some food and drinks. "No-one can tell any of you what to do."

"Even though I'm a girl?"

"Having a penis does not equate to fighting Dragon Witches." Remus snapped back, taking a large sip of his tea while his nieces looked at him confused again. Roman risked letting a laugh escape. "Was that not PG?"

"What's most important is that you tell that boy that girls can do anything as soon as you start school tomorrow." The girl nodded happily at their parent's words, planning a way to show this sexist child that girls are all powerful beings and can defeat any guy within one recess. Remus smirked and picked up Brooke again with the same growls and hisses. "The Dragon Witch is back!"

So for the rest of the morning the girls repeatedly destroyed the Dragon Witch, taking turns with the final stab each time. Roman only played along the first two times, and for the rest of the display they watched the girls play happily and feeling immensely proud of their family. They loved their kids.

Chapter Text

Logan yawned and entered his bedroom. Office nights were long nights, and it was 10pm when he finally got inside and could hang his coat on the other side of the door. A usual person would come back late at night to see their partner fast asleep in bed, deep sleep surrounded by dreams that meant he could just cuddle in and fall asleep. Not Logan though - his partner was still wide awake at the desk staring at YouTube. "Time to sleep honey." Logan mumbled and placed his hand on Remus' shoulder, Remus only grumbled.

"Just this one video..." He mumbled. The video he was watching was some kind of gaming video - gameplay of something like Fallout or Call of Duty. Logan wrapped his arms around his husband and looked at how long the video would take - it was a livestream. The back of his head leant against the top of Logan's tie. "Mmm... Why are you still wearing your tie? You need me to get it off you?"

Logan giggled and kissed Remus' head, taking the tie off himself but not before ushering Remus' computer mouse towards the close window button. Eventually he managed to pry his husband away from the laptop screen and they both got changed into pyjamas, starting to cuddle and whisper sweet nothings to each other.

Until they were disturbed by soft wails across the corridor. Logan mumbled and shuffled out of bed - Remus wasn't going to move now his head was laid on the pillow. He opened the door opposite his bedroom cautiously, immediately spotting the crying small toddler grabbing out to him - the hood of his spider onesie covering his eyes. "Hey Virgil, had a bad dream?" Logan cooed, gently picking up his son and holding him. Virgil was the baby of Logan's small family; he was only just a year old but had only been with the family for half his life.

But Logan absolutely adored when Virgil's little fists grabbed onto his shirt as they sat together in the nearby spruce rocking chair. The baby still choked on his tears but was slightly comforted by his father's closeness. Virgil's room was decorated with everything a baby could want - textile sensory clouds on the walls, glow in the dark stars, the most expensive and best toys, and plenty of teddies based on his favourite movies.

"I'm here for Virgil Dada!" Logan and Remus' older son, Janus, smiled wide and walked in even though he was obviously half asleep. Janus was a 3 year old and the apple of his fathers' eyes, but he was protective of his little brother from prior to his adoption. "I can help!" Without even checking Logan needed him he grabbed one of Virgil's knitted teething toys designed after Jack Skellington and ran in front of Logan, starting to wave the teddy's hand. "Virgil, look! Jack-Jack said no more nightmares! You'll be OK!"

The glasses wearing father couldn't help but chuckle watching his sons. He remembered what they were like when the husbands first met them - Janus had grown up far too quickly and was insanely protective of his baby brother and Virgil almost always cried when held or talked to. Now the pair were spoilt by their fathers, Logan and Remus had a lot of money to spoil them as Logan was a very important financial manager and Remus was a... actor for a specific genre.

When Logan's mind focused on his current situation he realised Virgil was already fast asleep leaning on his chest, and Janus was smiling proudly still shaking teddy Jack's limbs. "I helped'd Dad!" Janus cheered as Logan stood and tucked Virgil into bed again. Virgil reached out for his Victor Van Dort teddy in his sleep. Logan placed his pointer finger on his lips and was about to turn - just as Janus was raised from the floor and a raspberry was blown into his neck by none other than Remus.

"What are you doing up little viper? I said it was bedtime 4 hours ago." Remus whispered loud enough for Logan to hear, and the two parents carried their other son out of the nursery and into his own yellow desert-themed room, sitting on his bed with him. Logan was thankful Remus could spend a lot of time at home if he wasn't on set, it meant their boys always had one of their fathers around and didn't have to worry about daycare or babysitters. Both Janus and Virgil loved Remus.

"I wanna read!" Janus ran to his bookshelf that was shaped to be many snakes twirled up against each other. With all his force he managed to drag his snake encyclopaedia on Remus' lap, and then dragged Logan to also sit on the bed and then sat in his lap. Of course Remus couldn't refuse another bedtime story, so cuddled up to his husband and leant his head on his shoulder.

"The green tree python (Morelia viridis) is a species of snake in the family Pythonidae. The species is native to New Guinea, some islands in Indonesia, and the in Cape York Peninsula in Australia..." Remus read slowly, watching his son's eyes light up hearing all the information and a small smile to appear on his husband's lips watching their boy's joy as he dusted off a few stains left on Janus' snake onesie from the chocolate milk snack before bed. Janus was just a smaller copy of Logan, and Remus adored them both (and Virgil) with all of his heart.

Remus loved his life - he used to hate it. He used to feel alone and unloved but Logan proved that was a 'falsehood' (his exact way to describe it), and now he had two sons that he would never stop smiling and laughing at and telling them they were the best kids in the world. As he read the snake book Remus focused on Logan's pulse, how his arm felt around his waist, thinking about what they should do when the pair were finally alone in their bedroom again.

That didn't take long though. "Oh you tired him out Dukey-doo." Logan cooed and stroked Janus' cheek, being careful to stand up and tuck Janus into bed as Remus placed the encyclopaedia back into the shelf. Remus could already feel his face heating up at the cheesy Dukey-doo nickname - it was only used a few times but every time the usually serious Logan said it Remus melted and needed hugs and kisses. "He's such a cutie..." Logan whispered again and gave Janus a kiss on the forehead. Remus smirked in response and placed his hand under Logan's shirt.

"You're such a cutie, you nerd." He whispered before kissing Logan and dragging him away. Logan's soft giggle escaped and he followed Remus enthusiastically for more kisses.

The couple eventually got into their bed again, kissing each other sloppily and giggling hoping that the kids couldn't hear them. Neither were sure when they got to sleep, but they woke up at 8am the next day with an excited Janus between them holding the snake encyclopaedia again.

Chapter Text

6am... Emile woke up. He may have set his alarm 10 minutes before to watch some TikToks on his phone and get his eyes ready for the day. But right on the hour Emile recognised the cries of his infant son Patton, and sure enough he was wide awake and hungry. "Good morning mister." Emile smiled and picked Patton up, straightening his rainbow pyjamas and kissing his forehead. Patton still fussed but was a little quieter as he walked down the corridor for The Morning Knocking.

First was a black oak door with a few Starbucks stickers. Emile knocked loud enough for the occupant of the room to hear and spoke through. "It's Wednesday Remy, you up for school today?" The mumble indicated that the teenage Remy was awake. Remy was a Senior in high school and was honestly more of a friend than a son to Emile. He was placed in the foster system at 15 with his little brothers, and since his mother was a patient of Emile's there was no issue in Emile being a suitable foster parent. Emile wasn't his Dad, he was just the fun rent-payer that made sure Remy didn't overdose on his coffee.

Usually after making sure Remy was alive Emile would wake up Remy's twin brothers. But that wasn't needed - shouting and laughter was heard through the door. "Remus! Roman! Go down and get your breakfast!" The door burst open and the twins ran out and towards the kitchen. No doubt they'd make a mess there.

Finally in The Morning Knocking routine was the galaxy door, which again he knocked and spoke through. "Virgil! Up you get buddy." Virgil was again a patient in foster care years ago, Emile fostered him for a few years until his parents gave up custody. Emile adopted the teen straight away after that around 4 years previous. Emile was Virgil's Dad, but it took a while for that name to not seem alien to the emo teenager when referring to the cheery therapist.

After Virgil emerged from his room Emile opened the final door, a door covered in children's book characters like the animals in Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh characters. There he let Patton down and allowed him to walk towards the bed to see his favourite brother - Logan. Emile placed a hand on Logan's shoulder and watched him slowly wake up. "Good morning!" He cheered then made sure Logan's leg brace was ready and got the tablets he needed to give the Kindergartener. Logan was a very sick child who was partially blind and had trouble walking, but Emile loved taking care of him. Logan was his baby - well, until Patton came into his care - but symbolically Logan was his baby.

Logan and Patton had a bath together in Emile's ensuite as Emile prayed the rest of the household hadn't used all the hot water. He loved seeing how close Logan and Patton were, they were a pair of biological siblings and actually the only children biologically related to Emile too - not that that mattered. Emile's sister suffered... a lot. It was difficult for Emile to talk about but it was the reason he became a therapist. When Logan and Patton were born, Logan with mostly physical difficulties and Patton with FASD. Emile was the best person for them, and Emile's sister was trying to get help.

As expected the kitchen was a mess with the older kids downstairs. Virgil was sitting quietly and munching on some Oreo O's with Remy eating some gluten-free cereal while Roman and Remus were fighting over whichever cereal had the most sugar. Logan sat himself down against the counter while Emile prepared Froot Loops for the smaller kids.

"Alhamdulillah..." Remy mumbled in a whisper when he finished his cereal. He got up and cleaned his bowl, waving at Patton and placing Logan on a chair so he wouldn't be trampled by the hyper twins. He spun his car keys in his fingers while Virgil also got ready for high school. "You need help Emile or should Virgil and I head off?"

Emile smiled wide at Remy and stuck his tongue out at Patton while making sure he didn't spill any milk. "I'm alright, you have work after school?"

"Yep - see you at 5." And with that the two teens disappeared, leaving Emile with the twins and little ones. He tried to keep his eyes on the twins during their chase but it was becoming more impossible the faster they ran. Eventually they ran upstairs, presumably to shower and get dressed quickly before school. The twins preferred to eat before they showered otherwise they wouldn't eat at all.

6:50am... Emile focused on getting the remaining kids in the car. Patton was in his car seat next to the drivers seat, Logan in the centre seat and Roman and Remus either side. The middle school opened at 7am and it was a 10 minute drive to the campus, even longer if the twins were more hyper that day. Sometimes Remy drove them to school as well as taking Virgil and himself to the high school but Emile didn't like putting that much stress on him so managed the school run most days. "What classes are you looking forwards to today?" Emile cheered to the twins as he started to drive. Both twins responded recess, as expected, before slowly starting to reveal their excitement about a school project they had been working on that they were giving in that day.

"And I have Drama Club after school, Remus has basketball practice." Emile nodded, that was also on his timetable today. That would mean Roman would have to be collected at 3:15, and Remus at 3:45. Knowing Remy he might want to collect one of them as he was fond of his brothers beyond belief.

He unleashed the twins into the middle school gates, making sure they got into the school before driving off for the final stop - Logan's Kindergarten. Logan seemed to realise this and started clapping his hands excitedly. He loved school. "You excited buddy? You'll be a little early so you can play a bit more!"

7:30am and Emile waved goodbye to Logan as he walked (with some help from his teacher) into the classroom. He also placed Patton in the daycare next door and waved goodbye to him too. And finally he was alone in his car, feeling odd about it but nevertheless deciding to continue his day. At 8am he finally got to work, and his day was about to begin.

But at 2pm Emile would reunite with his family again, so his day was far from over. Still, he wouldn't change this for the world. Emile loved his family.

Chapter Text

"Yay!" Grey screamed as Virgil tried to buckle him in the car seat, although he was moving around quite a lot so it wasn't the easiest. Still, Virgil couldn't stop smiling watching the toddler clap and giggle. "Yay! Yay! Yay!"

Roman laughed looking over Virgil's shoulder, kissing Virgil's cheek and smiling at their new son. "Hey - how about we play a game Grey?" Grey's eyes expanded and he silenced with a look of hope, but stuck his thumb in his mouth. Roman reached over and tucked Grey's little t-shirt down a little. It was a shirt decorated in cats given by his old social worker. "Let's play the statue game! Stay as still as possible while we make sure you're safe and happy on the way home OK?" Grey nodded and immediately sat up straight and still, letting Virgil finally buckle Grey into the car. The boyfriends got into the car and drove home, excited to show Grey his new home.

The first thing Grey spotted was a food truck and kitchen play-set about double the size of him. He immediately began walking over to it and looked back at his fathers curiously. "Mine?"

"All yours little guy." Virgil smiled as he sat on the floor beside the set, watching Grey hit the plastic pans against the plastic kitchen counter and try to turn on the sinks and lights. Virgil and Roman had made sure to spoil Grey even before he arrived home, buying all different toys and books and the best furniture for his bedroom the couple could afford. "You like it?"

Grey moved to sit on Virgil's lap before answering while Roman watched pleasantly deciding to cook a lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. "T'ank you Da!"

The family of three spent time together for a few hours: playing with Grey and chasing him around, reading and telling him stories, feeding him an obscene amount of candy disregarding the impending hyperness and showing him his new bedroom. The two Dads were just so happy to finally have their little son.

Around dinner time came a knock at the door followed by Virgil's brother, Logan, walking in. He was dressed in simple dark blue jeans and a black turtleneck, both brothers weren't particularly extroverted especially with their fashion sense. Virgil greeted him and started a meaningless conversation about space travel while Roman stayed on the floor with their son, watching Grey roll a tractor toy around the carpet making it crash and flip and get hit by trains.

"This is Greyson?" Logan asked, standing right next to the toddler and looming over him. Grey tilted his head in curiosity and sat closer to his father, staring up at the tall stranger as if it was his first time encountering humanity. Logan smiled at him, but a content smile that wasn't particularly reassuring.

"He goes by Grey." Virgil quickly picked him up, giving the boy a kiss on the cheek and holding him close to who would now be his uncle. Logan smiled again but quickly stopped when Grey hid his face in Virgil's neck. "Grey? Are you shy? This is my brother - Logan - he's a big gentle giant."

But for the rest of the evening Grey seemed to avoid Logan and stayed by his fathers. Logan wasn't put off by it particularly, he wasn't close to anyone himself as he lived alone with no current romantic interests in his life and barely had a social life. He was only close to his family and especially close to his younger brother. After all, they were both LGBTQ and even though there were five years between them they seemed to realise at the same time they liked men so often chatted about their issues of self-discovery growing up. It was just lucky that Virgil found his true love and Logan didn't.

Another knock on the door while they were eating alerted the four of another visitor. Roman answered the door this time, but as soon as Grey heard the cheery male voice he ran towards the door too. "Oh you look happy kiddo! You have a lot of new toys to play with - can you show me?"

Virgil tried to hold his laughter watching his brother's expression change. Logan, who usually held an extremely stoic expression, turned his head as soon as he heard the voice and his jaw almost dropped, he quickly cleared his throat before his face became one of pure gay astonishment and stared back at his food with his back arched and an extremely focused expression. Virgil elbowed him and chuckled whispering. "You're so gay bro."

"I think adopting a toddler with your boyfriend of six years is more gay Virgil."

"You know what I mean - and he's pan!" Virgil giggled back, still in a whisper and pointing at the social worker Patton. Roman and he were happily talking, Roman providing Patton a log of Grey's first day. The couple had agreed since Grey was their first child that they'll still have regular updates with Grey's old social workers and Patton would be their first port of call. "You should talk to him."

"We both know I'm not capable of doing that." Logan kept his eyes on his food and stirred it around the plate, sipping some cold water and moving his eyes to look at Patton every so often. Virgil smirked again and rolled his eyes. Patton soon paid attention to the two members of the household still eating and walked over with a smile.

"I don't believe we met - I'm Patton, Grey's social worker!" Patton cheered again and brought his hand forward in front of Logan. For a moment Logan just raised an eyebrow and looked at the hand, forgetting how social interaction worked until he kicked himself back into gear and shook the hand.

"I'm Logan, Virgil's brother. I just wanted to meet my new nephew and welcome him to the family - I can tell you he's loved already." Logan sounded more enthusiastic when he realised he had to be social, an awkward goofy smile on his face purely because he was looking at someone who he viewed to be one of the most attractive people he'd met. Virgil smirked and slinked away from the socialisation towards his boyfriend and son - praying Logan would have the courage to get a little more personal with the social worker and maybe ask for a date.

Roman had different ideas, or maybe he just knew what Logan was like. "He's gay as fuck too. And he can do math - perfect role model of breaking stereotypes for our little son."

There was definitely a blush on Patton's face hearing that, one that he quickly cleared with his smile. "Well, good to hear - but remember swearing in front of Grey isn't recommended. He's a confident kid who'll say anything he hears and thinks is a fun word." That point was proven as soon as the words came out of Patton's mouth when Grey screamed 'emo' at the top of his lungs while wanting the television turned on - signifying he wanted Virgil. Both Virgil and Roman ran away after him leaving Patton and Logan alone again. Patton giggled to himself. "I know those two are going to be such good parents - I'm so excited to see Grey grow up in their care. He has such a good name too - Grey Prince sounds like a Disney character!"

Logan looked in the direction they disappeared and nodded. "Do you have any kids yourself? You seem so fond of Grey, he must have been loved even before finding his family." When he smiled at Patton, Logan realised the social worker was in fact staring in an almost dream-like state and a smile, making him smile wider as his cheeks reddened.

"Oh, um, no I don't have any kids. I'm looking for love at the moment - but the kids I care for will always be my biggest priority." Logan sneaked a look at Patton's pink lips, luckily undetected or at least he hoped so, but that only made his blush wilder. "What about you?"

It was getting more difficult to speak and not stare at Patton's lips every second that Logan thought of it - he was so hopelessly single and gay. "Living the bachelor life, not seeing anyone but... I wouldn't mind seeing you." This was so awkward, Logan had never flirted nor even admitted he was considering going on a date before.

But it got easier for the awkward singles to talk to each other the more they tried, and eventually they were holding hands and discussing whether they should go out for dinner the next day to date and decide how they wanted to label themselves. Grey arrived into the dining room again to look for chocolate cake and saw the two men holding hands, a wide smile on his face. "You f'ends? I like you!" And with that Grey happily sat on Logan's lap for the rest of the evening. He could never hate anyone for too long.


The next night, at around 11pm, Virgil and Roman were just snuggling in bed after a loving session of Netflix and Chill. Virgil's head lay on Roman's chest, his heart beating softly beside Virgil's ear, his eyes slowly closing as a yawn escaped him. Tomorrow would be a busy day as they were going to let Grey have a taster day at his new daycare. While Virgil was a self employed artist (he painted a mural for the local high school - that's how Roman and he met), he did need to know Grey had a place to go if neither of his Dads could take care of him that day. "Hey Princey?" Roman looked down at his boyfriend with sleepy eyes. "I love you."

"Love you too Emo Nightmare." Roman stroked Virgil's hair and yawned again. There was still a high possibility Grey would wake up and want another Dragon Witch story or another dozen hugs. Virgil and Roman would still give them of course, Roman just wanted a bit of sleep beforehand. The night wasn't silent for long though - but instead of Grey's giggles Roman's phone rang. He sighed and picked up the phone - seeing it was Patton.

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! Logan's so hot!" Patton was screaming, hopefully he wasn't in near earshot of anybody otherwise that person would most likely be deaf. Roman could only let a tired giggle escape him, putting Patton on speakerphone and letting him chatter. "We went to the Mexican place - Los Chicos - for dinner... He was so polite and so cute and so nervous and it was adorable! Why didn't Virgil tell me he had such a heart-throb of an older brother?"

"Maybe because I remember when he shaved every piece of hair off his body to see whether they'd grow back, for science... It's stained in my mind." Virgil mumbled, also sleepy this time and comforted by Roman's strokes. Roman couldn't resist giving his adorable boyfriend a kiss on the forehead.

"Well I could probably tell you that. The heart-throb-ness is most likely genetic." Roman soothed, making Patton giggle before he gasped again and went on talking about the conversations the pair were having on their first date - some of which was a little too personal if the boyfriends didn't already know Logan and his quirks quite well.

"Oh and the best part - he kissed me! After he walked me to my flat he leant down and gave me the softest and most careful kiss I've ever had and it was adorable!" Patton was giggling loudly, most likely replaying the entire event in his mind. Virgil was already beginning to fall asleep cuddled into his boyfriend. Although Patton was quite loud he wasn't the type of loud to keep people up at night. He actually had the kind of voice people could fall asleep to. "Oh... I'm so sorry I didn't see how late it was!" Patton giggled for a final time and quieted slightly, sighing. "Good night you two! Good luck with Grey tomorrow!"

And after that Patton hang up, leaving the boyfriends in silence again. Roman closed his eyes and cuddled the almost asleep Virgil, kissing his forehead again and humming in happiness. One thing was for sure, Grey was an amazing little kid in Roman and Virgil's life. When he's older he'll not only know that his Dads were grateful to have him but his uncle too. After all, his uncle wasn't an awkward single loner anymore.

Chapter Text

Logan took a deep sigh as he walked outside to the smoking area, leaning against the glass walls and taking out a cigarette. Of course he had to be the one to go to hospital with his mother, and of course he had to endure the diagnosis. "It's terminal." The doctor's voice echoed in Logan's mind again as he blew some smoke in the wind and watched it gather into a grey cloud. "Please just give me a grandchild before I go."

His mother just didn't understand. Logan was a lost 22 year old struggling with life, and his mother was always on his back with getting his life together and sticking his penis into something to make a whole new dependent human being. His siblings were so much more successful: one was in med school, another studying a PhD in philosophy, and the oldest did charity work in Uganda for some education charity. All his siblings had long term relationships or were married or had children on the way - and were all in straight relationships. Logan was just the lost punk that only just scraped past high school, and didn't have any love life. He didn't want a love life particularly, he mostly described himself as aro-ace.

Logan stared in front of him with a determined glare - determined to not go back inside and face his mother's talks again. He focused on his smoke and his cigarette, nothing else until he felt a tug on his denim jacket. "Excuse me sir can you help me?" A small being chirped and looked up at Logan, a boy dressed in only a unicorn onesie. Logan didn't respond, instead looked around to see if he'd be saved from conversing but the little boy talked anyway. "Mommy said I need to find a nice person and stay with them."

"Where's your Mom then kid?"

The boy looked around curiously and towards a particular direction in the car park the pair were facing. He then chirped up again. "She went out. Said to find someone nice to talk to and tell them she's going to the shops."

Logan grumbled as he reached the end of his cigarette, throwing it in the nearby trash can expecting the child to be distracted by someone else and run off, but the boy followed. Why would someone trust him of all people with a child while they did grocery shopping? "What's your name? I'm Odion!"

"I'm Logan." Logan sighed, deciding to sit on a bench instead of smoking a second cigarette. He felt awkward smoking around a kid. Odion joined sitting on the bench and waved his legs back and forth with a smile. People passed the odd pair but didn't seem to pay any attention, maybe just thinking the older brother had to entertain the younger one. "How old are you kid?"

"I'm six! Why are you in the hospital?" Kids seemed to have no filter. But to be fair they probably thought hospitals were only for when people broke their leg or needed shots for a school trip - they were naive to all the other problems in life. Logan wished he could be that naive.

"My Mom's sick." Logan managed to utter out, feeling some sort of emotion he didn't like and quickly grabbing for a cigarette again. If this kid was going to make him emotional he wasn't going to care about being a bad influence. "She's... very sick. Don't ask about it anymore." Logan's last growl silenced Odion, and he looked up at the sky watching the clouds. Logan just continued to smoke.

"Look at that one!" Odion screamed and leaped off the bench slightly forward, pointing up at one of the fluffiest white clouds passing over the hospital building. He looked so amazed at the simple world, an amazement that would fade with age most likely and possibly become the endless pessimism and internal anger at the world Logan dealt with.

"That's a cumulonimbus, followed by a stratus." Logan eventually coughed out, trying to avoid blowing the smoke into Odion's face or in his general direction. Instead he blew the smoke to the side even though the smoke would end up hitting the side of his own head - he didn't mind.

Odion looked confused at the new terminology, and dragged his amazement to Logan and changed his expression to extreme confusion.

"No that's a cloud." Odion squeaked to immense comedic effect, making Logan chuckle. Instead of teaching the child about types of clouds Logan just looked up too, back at the many clouds and named each of them in his head. Odion said aloud the shape each of the clouds made, but after around 20 minutes Logan looked at his watch, and realised Odion's mother still hadn't returned to the hospital.

Logan was unsure what to do, he did have to return back to his mother at some point to drive her home. And he had to face the impending 'you should get a girlfriend' talk. "Hey Odion... When did your Mom say she was coming back?"

Odion shrugged and continued looking at the sky. "She didn't."

The child didn't seem to care he was without his mother; Logan would have thought any elementary schooler would be a crying mess by now. Maybe he just didn't know how kids acted even though he was an uncle of three. "What shops did she say she was going to?"

Odion shrugged again, but didn't answer verbally instead started sucking the tip of his thumb. Eventually he sat on the bench again and stopped looking up, instead looking forward at the car park. "I think she doesn't love me anymore."

Well, that was blunt - especially for a six year old. Logan was tempted to say how he felt the same about his mother, but another voice inside of him told Logan to try and give him hope. Logan would have loved that hope throughout his life, so he should give it. "Why do you think that kid?"

"Her boyfriend hates me, and she loves her boyfriend." Odion said again simply, his unicorn hood covering his head but Logan could still see a very sad expression. The sad expression Logan had worn throughout his life several times before. "He hits me when I've been bad and tells me I'm useless and a waste of space. I think my Mommy believes him."

The cigarette Logan was smoking dimmed again, maybe out of use or maybe the tears Logan was trying to hide had magically reached it. Instead of getting up to throw the stick in the trash he sighed, threw it down on the floor, and stomped on it. He wanted to stay with this younger version of himself for as long as possible.

"Don't believe him kid." Logan growled as he stomped, his eyes focused on his shoe rather than the upset child next to him. "You're young, you can get past that. Get a therapist, avoid stupid addictions, just... He's speaking utter bullshit." Odion's sniffles moved closer to Logan's ear, and soon he felt the soft material of the onesie moving between Logan's grey tank top and his tattooed arm.

After a few tears fell for them both Odion smiled. "Thank you Mr Logan." Logan sniffled and smiled back at the kid, looking at the car park again expecting an angry mother to appear and drag the small boy away shouting at Logan for being a spawn of Satan. Odion looked at Logan's tattoos and traced the ink of the designs curiously, then spoke again. "What does this tattoo mean?"

The particular tattoo Odion was pointing at was one of Logan's first tattoos: a simple semi-colon. He remembered when he got it, his 16th birthday and it was given by a friend rather than a professional. His family freaked out at the small ink mark, but they were used to all the symbols on Logan's body by now. "It's a semi-colon. An author uses it when they could have ended a sentence but decide not to. I... think it's a pretty shape."

Odion seemed satisfied with that answer but continued to look at it. The look of curiosity and innocence made Logan smile, and he felt soft. He just felt really protective over this small child. Logan looked up at the sky again where clouds were beginning to grey and cover the blue, and it had been over half an hour since Odion was left at the hospital. "Right, I think I should give you to a doctor or something - they can contact your mother and get you home." Even though Odion had a bad life, a bad life Logan understood, he couldn't babysit for the rest of his life and this whole predicament might have been an honest mistake. He stood and called Odion to his side. "Coming?"

Odion followed Logan happily inside the glass building, and Logan walked straight to the front desk and explained the situation and all he knew. Odion also didn't mind chatting happily to the receptionist, and was soon taken to a separate secure room while the staff did all they could do to locate his mother.

"Do you need anything else Sir?" The receptionist said as Logan watched Odion go, smiling as he waved goodbye. He shook his head but didn't speak, stepping to the side in case anyone was behind him. But his eyes were attracted to the fliers that always stood by the front desk, they never changed. One of them was for an anti-smoking campaign, giving addresses and names of programmes to get rid of the addiction. Logan took it and read it in silence before hearing his mother chirp that she wanted to go home.

Logan sighed and stuffed the leaflet in his pocket, definitely going to call one of the numbers later. For a few months he worked on getting his life together: renting an apartment, going through recovery, getting a job as he'd been unemployed since high school. His mother got sicker, but he got better and saw how proud his family was - even though in the end that didn't matter and didn't effect him. And after 10 months Logan got a phone call that made his life turn around even more.

"Will you consider being an adoptive parent of Odion Novak?"

Chapter Text

Emile walked into the park, putting an arm around his husband and kissing his forehead softly. It was a spring day like every other, but it was a special day anyway. Both kept their nervous son close, he was a lot more apprehensive about this day at the park. Emile still couldn't believe he had a son now - Janus was quiet and kept to himself, but that was understandable especially in this situation where he was in a completely different country and assimilating to a new lifestyle at only 7 years old.

Patton and Emile had only been stationed in Ireland, Janus' homeland, for a year and a half. They knew they wanted to adopt soon when they arrived at their abroad home but both believed it would be better to wait until they had a station in the US to make the change easier on their child. But after 3 stations in a row abroad (Belgium, Japan and Ireland), only having the chance to return to the USA on holidays, the couple decided they should start the adoption process in one of their stations. Janus was perfect and seemed alright with moving to the States, but the fathers still provided a therapist for their boy that was one of Emile's own coworkers.

At the other side of the park Emile immediately spotted his twin brother, coffee adoring Remy. Holding Remy's hand was something that Remy loved more than coffee (maybe the only thing) - college-best-friend-turned-loveperson Virgil. Two running and screaming brown haired kids were in front of them, Emile knew his nephews well and adored them - and cradled in Virgil's arms was a small new member of the family leaning into Virgil's chest and sucking a space themed pacifier while dressed in a rainbow unicorn onesie.

Still, Emile didn't stop running towards his brother and finally gave him a large hug when they reached each other. Remy's smile couldn't be wiped off seeing his identical twin brother, and he spoke as excited as his kids were running. "Emmy! How was Ireland? You adopted a kid while you were stationed?"

"That I did! Patton had such bad baby fever while we were away." Emile joked, turning back to his partner and son as they walked at their own pace towards the brothers. Towards them Remus and Roman were running, curious about the new 7 year old in a yellow hoodie. They eventually reached their new cousin with even wider smiles, Janus tried to stay beside his father but was eventually persuaded it was OK to run off and play and make friends with his new family.

"Hey! What's your name?" The younger cousin, wearing a green dinosaur t-shirt, smiled and offered a lollipop. Janus took it in silence before he finally had the courage to speak.


Janus thought he could properly introduce himself but apparently neither cousin understood how to close their mouths and words just kept on spilling out. "You'll be in my class at Westwood Elementary!" The oldest cousin exclaimed as he sucked a second lollipop he stole from his little brother. Patton and Emile had told their son that his oldest cousin will be the same age as him, and in the same grade. They didn't look the same age at all though, Janus was a lot taller and more lanky - probably just looking older from all the maturing he'd had to do in life. "Mx Joan is annoying when you don't do their math homework..."

The older cousin continued to chatter on while the younger one watched Janus with a faint curiosity. Janus slowly looked over to his fathers, both still fangirling over the youngest member of the family. He tried to remember what Patton and Emile had told their son about his new cousins and which was which - one was Roman... Maybe that was the baby and he was stuck with two kids he didn't know the name of?

"Oh - And I'm Roman!" The older boy eventually remembered his name, and the other one just decided to run off in another direction. "And that's Remus! We should make sure he doesn't kill himself!"

Remus did in fact try to kill himself as he went towards the play park. Instead of the normal risky behaviour you'd expect like going on the top of the climbing frame Remus had a master plan - go into every bush available in the near vicinity. Virgil read him a story about fairies being found in bushes, and he wanted to find a fairy. "Don't catch a nettle Remus!" Roman screamed behind him, Janus beside him watching curiously. Usually at this point Remy or Virgil would come and carry him out of the dirt but they seemed entertained with his uncles and showing off quiet Logan. Remus was indeed struggling with middle child syndrome.

But instead of being dragged away from his fun Remus was surprised by the yellow hooded Janus appearing next to him with a soft smile. "I think these berries might be poisonous..." Janus mumbled, poking one of the red dots on the green leaves. His accent was weird and kind of difficult to understand - but Remus' parents had told him to not ask him about it. He was just a Leprechaun immigrant.

"Fairies must eat those berries!" Remus cheered and dissolved into the bush, Janus trying to copy. "Did you have fairies in your old place?"

"Mhm. I was friends with them! They aren't here though." Janus whispered with a mischievous smirk, glancing back at Roman who was hesitating getting his parents. It was impossible to get Remus to co-operate with anything unless he was literally carried away from his goal. "They're in that bush over there!" Janus pointed at a different bush, a dock bush that wouldn't hurt Remus even if he tried. Remus ran enthusiastically to the safe bush and dived into it - rabbits and birds exploded from it but at least the chaotic toddler wouldn't get hurt. Janus turned to Roman wit a smile now he could play without a guilty conscience. "Wanna play on the climbing frame?"

Patton watched the three kids check on each other and play together, a smile creeping on his face. He gave his partner a kiss on the cheek and a smile, holding his hand. They had their own little family now, maybe they'd add to it, maybe they won't. All they knew is they adored Janus and were happy he's happy. They may not be prepared for the three chaotic kids Remy and Virgil dealt with everyday though.

Chapter Text

Tap, tap, tap... Logan focused on cutting tomatoes into quarters, thinking of absolutely nothing but the meal he was cooking. It was a late Monday morning, Logan didn't have work so was cooking some lunch for himself and his husband. The window he was facing omit light onto his fingertips, a plaster covering his middle finger after an accident while cooking last week but the cut was healing quite well. After cutting the tomatoes Logan waited for his timer to alarm and sighed in the silence. The garden ahead of him decorated in fresh blue flowers planted by his husband a month ago and at the corner was a small rocking bench decorated in white and blue blankets and a rogue teddy bear dropped the day before that had yet to be remembered.

Silence wasn't normal in Logan's house. His life had been full of noise since high school when he got a new neighbour and therefore a new friend, an excitable giggling mess of an adorable human Logan fell for straight away. Almost every day this louder person would come to Logan's house to hang out, his parents weren't that supportive of who he wanted to be, but that's how Logan fell in love. And that amazing human was named Patton - and was now the most important person in Logan's life.

Still, his chosen partner wasn't one for being quiet. But it was addictive, now silence was an alien concept to Logan and made him want to hold his husband close until giggles and bad Dad jokes entered his ears again.

He tapped his fingers against the counter and looked out the garden again. So many toys were scattered across the ground, toys the couple had collected to prepare for this day. Well, to prepare for 6 days ago. The day Logan and Patton started their own small but perfect family they didn't think they'd be able to get. As Logan was a genetics researcher he felt like the luckiest man in the world when his colleague wanted to test gametes and therefore Logan and Patton didn't have to pay for an egg donor. Instead for the sake of research Patton's sperm was turned into an egg and 9 months later the perfect mix between Logan and his lover arrived into the world.

The timer sounded just as some shuffling was heard in the living room. When Logan turned to cook again he spotted Patton silently sit on the sofa, a dog themed blanket on his shoulder and their infant cradled in his arms. Their little angel - Adonis Yerkes-Pope. She mumbled softly against her father's chest making Patton giggle, the usually loud Dad didn't yet realise his husband was in the kitchen.

Logan stirred the pot of the stove and listened to his husband's giggle and his baby voice talking to their daughter. "You a wittle sweepy?" Patton cooed, stroking the baby's cheek as she fluttered her eyes and mumbled again. Logan noticed the sweet little dress the baby was dressed in, pink with small rose patterns and puffed sleeves, paired with white socks and a pale pink sunhat. Patton loved dressing their daughter up to be a pretty princess, Logan just preferred to grab anything he could and get her presentable. "Your Dadas wove you... So much." And watching Patton give the baby a kiss on the forehead made Logan burst into a smile. The tomatoes were ready to serve so Logan could disturb the peace and quiet to be involved in the adorable moment.

He placed the bowl of tomatoes on the coffee table in front of him and his husband, kissing his daughter on the forehead and then his husband on the cheek. "Has she just woken up?" Logan whispered, not wanting to disturb the silence but keeping his eyes on his daughter. The little girl looked back, probably still curious about who this new person was and why he adored her so much.

Patton lay his head on his husband's shoulder and just nodded - seems like for once he wanted to continue the silence instead of chat and fangirl over their baby. Logan picked up a tomato from the bowl, knowing his husband had spent the whole day so far close to their girl and disregarding his own needs. "When was the last time you ate baby?"

"I had a cookie snack at midnight when giving Addie a feeding." Patton tried to retort but knew there was no luck in that. Instead he just opened his mouth and allowed Logan to place a tomato inside with a smile and another kiss. Without asking Logan took the newborn. Adonis had been a perfect child the week the two men knew her - but she did wake up for feeding at least five times during the night.

Patton loved watching his husband do anything, he was just such a quiet person that Patton couldn't help but marvel at. All this life started with Patton just enjoying Logan's habits when he was doing homework: his focused expression, the tapping of his pencil against paper, the biting of his lip. And now watching Logan hold their daughter was just as good, even though his face had a few more wrinkles and there was more blue under his eyes compared to his high school days. His smile widened looking at the baby as he stroked her cheek, then made funny faces and giggled to himself. Patton couldn't wait to hear both Adonis and Logan giggle at the same time - his heart would surely explode then.

Logan was tickling Addie's belly and laughing, but soon she started to fuss. "What's wrong sweetheart?" Logan immediately went into Dad mode, smelling her diaper, holding her over his shoulder and patting her back... Nothing helped. "When was her last feed honey?" He eventually chirped, stroking his daughter's cheek and catching a bit of spit. When his pointer finger that was covered in tomato juice got close enough Adonis sucked it in silence. The action made Logan smile. "Do you like tomatoes? We should get you some food sweetie."

So the family spent the whole day together, as they'd done every day so far. Adonis had lots of warm milk, cuddles and cooes to deal with but she seemed happy with it. Or at least the fathers hoped she'd be happy, as she'd spend the next 18 years with the two men absolutely adoring her to no end. It wasn't silent, but it was quiet, but the usually loud Patton didn't mind it. As long as he saw his husband and daughter this happy every day.

Chapter Text

Virgil held his son's hand and smiled widely at him, the joy the five year old showed was so infectious. "It'll be OK Pat." Virgil said as he looked ahead of him, the small village hospital, and avoided looking at his son as he said those words. He was trying to not over-react, the kid just fell over after all, but he was complaining his arm ached and that set off Virgil's anxiety. He had watched way too many medical documentaries to be calm over anything medical.

The village hospital was small and quaint, not a place that caused Virgil to be anxious. There was limited staff and limited patients, not many people had to stay overnight. Virgil knew each doctor by name as most of them had stayed at the same hospital since Virgil's first visit as a teenager to get some anxiety medication.

He walked up to the front desk and spoke gently, Patton ran off to the children's play area. "Is Dr Talyn available? They're my son's regular doctor."

The two ladies at the front desk looked through their databases or whatever they were employed to do. One of them eventually turned to him. "Dr Talyn's retired now, but there's a new doctor free if you want an appointment straight away."

"Yes, yes, that would be perfect." Virgil mumbled back, hearing his son giggling with the other kids waiting for their appointments and climbing on the seats for hide and seek with two boys Virgil recognised were in the same elementary school. After talking some more he sat in the waiting room and waited for his and his son's name to be called. Patton didn't seem to care his arm hurt while playing, although he was a bit less willing to use said arm and mumbled a painful squeak whenever he actually used it.

After a few minutes the nurse collected Virgil and Patton and placed them in a separate room. Patton was still running around and exploring the room, finding a stray stethoscope and grabbing it to pretend he was a doctor himself. "Is my heart healthy Dr Blitz?" Virgil laughed as he kept his eyes on his son who was now seeing what else he could use to play doctor.

Soon though the father and son were disturbed by the door opening and a low giggle to distract Virgil from watching his son. "Sorry about the wait." The new member of the room said to Virgil - Virgil's heartbeat was definitely not healthy now. It was beating fast. Patton paused his running and approached the new doctor with a curious look. The doctor smiled down at him. "I'm Dr Thomas, and you are?"

"Dr Patton Blitz!" Patton exclaimed and sat on his father's lap. Another soft laugh escaped Dr Thomas that made Virgil feel even more homosexual. Dr Thomas sat opposite the pair of them and grabbed the limited tools he still had, allowing Patton to still keep the stethoscope round his neck. His eyes glowed when talking to the little boy and asking him questions, exaggerating his facial expressions and making him laugh as he did all his doctor stuff. On his chest was a name tag: Dr Logan Thomas, paediatrics. He didn't look very much like a paediatric doctor, he looked too serious for that, but that might be why he was in this small hospital where he spent most of his time playing with the kids rather than dealing with actual serious illnesses in lives too young.

Eventually Dr Thomas got to his conclusion. "It's just a sprained wrist Mr Blitz." The doctor turned to Virgil and placed his equipment away where Patton couldn't reach. He then turned to his patient. "So that means lots of rest buddy and you can use an ice pack to make it feel better. Tell your Dad if it's getting worse or you get a temperature, OK?"

Patton nodded and leaped off Virgil's lap to the door, he had been promised an ice cream sundae before the appointment so that was his next task of the day. The doctor walked back to his desk for a moment and retrieved a rainbow lollipop, clearing his throat. "Dr Patton I think you forgot something." Of course the 5 year old ran back to his new doctor friend, but didn't realise he had to give the stethoscope back.

"Give the nice doctor the stethoscope back." Virgil smiled at his boy and tugged the stethoscope off the excited child. Dr Thomas chuckled in return and looked through his desk again. "Sorry about his enthusiasm."

"That's nothing to be sorry for - would he like a stethoscope of his own?" Patton's face filled with more excitement seeing a light blue smaller stethoscope emerge from a drawer, covered in flowers and puppies - seemingly designed for Patton. Patton took it without even a thank you and started examining his father's heartbeat again. While Virgil would love to stay with the attractive new doctor for the rest of the day he did eventually summon his son to leave the room with the promise of even more ice cream than before.

With any luck, and Virgil considered himself a lucky guy, Patton would get not-so-seriously hurt again by just being a clumsy elementary schooler and Virgil could meet the attractive Dr Thomas again. He didn't keep his hopes up though, he was a protective father after all.


Virgil kept his eyes on his weekly shopping list instead of the many people around him also doing the same. He must have been too distracted listening to his emo playlist to realise a person was stood still in front of him - and he walked into that person. "Oh, I'm sorry." The voice apologised, the voice made Virgil's heart quicken and his gayness increase. Dr Thomas also smiled in recognition.

"Dr Thomas?" Virgil eventually managed to breathe out, trying not to glance at the doctor's lips otherwise he'd probably have fantasies the following nights.

"Call me Logan." Dr Thomas smiled back, facing the shelves full of different brands of jam. Virgil grabbed one to pretend he was meant to be there, Logan grabbed four because... no, there's no sane reason why someone would need that many jams. "How's Patton doing? No temperature or changes to report?"

"Nothing of the sort, he's his usual happy self." Virgil chuckled and rolled his eyes remembering Patton's enthusiasm this particular day at the park to find the biggest fish in the river and get himself all wet. While in this daydream state over his son Virgil realised something - something very important to Virgil's attraction to the young doctor. On Logan's chest was a small rainbow pin - not too visible but not hidden either. But the more he looked and descended into gay panic the more he realised Logan's growing nervousness. "Oh - uh - Patton loves the stethoscope by the way. He won't stop using it."

Logan laughed only a little and nodded, nerves taking over. He probably thought the only gay single in the village was a massive homophobe purely because of a gay panic. Virgil had to reassure him. The only thing was he wasn't great at being subtle, and there were homophobes around the shopping centre that could explode like mines. "It's great there's another... prideful person in the village. I'm not the only one anymore."

"You're gay too?" Logan quickly chirped, his eyes widening slightly as he couldn't help bring a smile to his own face. Virgil smiled too. "Oh... well in that case, how about we get a coffee after we finish shopping? I wouldn't mind talking with you..." The nerves in Logan's voice increased again at the word 'talking' - but in a different way. A way Virgil found to be the most adorable.

"Sure. Let's do that."

Chapter Text

"You two got your presents?" Janus asked as he parked the car, his twin sons Roman and Remus in the back of the car and his younger son, Virgil, in the front. All three of them held presents in dark blue wrapping paper decorated in stars and planets. They were all invited to a birthday party for an 8 year old at an observatory - this particular friend was weird.

The family climbed their way out of the car, Janus carried Virgil while the two other boys ran ahead towards the gaggle of their school friends. The birthday boy was in the centre, smiling politely and dressed like a 40 year old businessman in a black button up with a dark blue tie and suit trousers but had a ridiculously bright birthday hat wrapped around his head. Remus was the first to run up to the birthday boy followed by Roman, and then Virgil toddled up when he was closer for the final present. The birthday boy thanked each and even accepted Remus' enthusiastic hug.

"Mr Viper! Hi!" The birthday boy's mother, only addressed as Mrs Bibliotek, strode over with a wide smile. Janus smiled back politely while Virgil returned to him and wanted to be held again. "Logan's really happy your boys are here! He absolutely adores them." She smiled towards her little boy who was being picked up by another - dressed in a cat hoodie. Janus knew the kid as the excitable Patton, Roman's best friend. "He especially likes Remus. They're so good together."

"A lot more chaotic." Janus chuckled and sighed. The group of kids were called by a man dressed as an astronaut with a name tag, asking if the kids wanted a tour. Logan was the first to nod enthusiastically followed by all his friends. Janus walked forward with them - he was supervising the trip after all along with a few other parents.

Remus walked at Logan's side, holding his hands together behind his back and keeping his eyes on his birthday friend. Logan was staring at everything in amazement and babbling about the life cycle of stars to the adult touring them around. Remus loved watching Logan babble. The tour guide on the other hand seemed to hate all the questions. These tour guides were employed to make sure kids don't kill themselves and to answer kids' questions like 'is the moon made of cheese' - not 'does every black hole contain a singularity?' or whatever words Logan managed to string together.

Behind Remus his brother Roman was chatting nervously to Patton. They were good friends - Patton was friends with everyone - but Roman was only nervous around Patton. Throughout the entire tour Roman was smiling and watching Patton's excitement only letting small giggles escape.

"Do you think the top of the tower will have dragons? Or witches?" Roman asked as the group stood at the bottom of a tall observatory tower the star-party would actually be held. The parents and tour guide did a head count while the kids chatted.

"There might be dragon witches!" Patton responded back in his cheerful way. "You'll be able to protect me Roman. You're a brave prince!"

Even Janus could see Roman's red cheeks, and his cheeks stayed red all the way up to the top of the tower. Janus loved watching his little boys' first crushes, Roman was often called a prince by Patton due to his love of Disney and every single time Roman burst into a blush. The top of the tower was decorated in blue stars with many cakes and cookies all space themed too. The pile of presents first given to Logan was now stacked neatly on the table. Kids dispersed in all directions. Logan and Patton went to the present pile as Patton had more presents he forgot to give; Roman and Remus went to the star battle arcade game and began to play.

The twins were giggling together and challenging each other to win, quite loudly too, but Janus knew there was no luck in quieting them down when they were both hyper. "Whoever loses has to kiss their crush!" Remus giggled, shooting rockets like his life depended on it. Roman also picked up his pace.

Janus kept his eyes on them anyway, Virgil was entertained by Janus' phone and was even filming badly shot videos of his brothers. Janus would keep them of course, and in ten or so years he'd look back on them happily. He still had the twins' baby pictures anyway. Eventually Virgil went closer to his brothers to film more details. The only problem with Virgil's amateur film-making - neither of the twins were looking at him. "Ro! Look at the camera!" Virgil shouted and tried to climb on the arcade box, pressing random buttons and hoping to get a good shot. Roman and Remus tried to salvage their game but both the rockets they were flying crashed... At the same time.

Remus pouted and ushered Virgil away (well, more like picked him up and threw him towards their father). For the rest of the party Virgil played extra close to Janus but the twins determinedly marched towards their respective crushes (who were both playing cards on the floor). Janus couldn't hear them properly, but was surprised at Roman's sudden courage as he sat next to Patton and kissed his cheek.

One thing that Janus learnt to always expect whenever gay behaviour was shown was a shriek of a nearby adult. "Patton! Get away from that boy!" A mother, the type that looked to be head of every school event and wanting her son to grow into a God-fearing homophobe. The bright eyed Patton immediately tilted his head and looked back at his mother. The mother was desperately trying to call her kid over - all the other parents looked around awkwardly.

The more dramatic twin, Remus, of course had to show off so just as Logan stood up to escape the situation Remus picked him up, dipped him, and gave him a peck on the lips. Unfortunately this only made the mad mother more mad. "Excuse me?" She screeched, snapping her head over to Janus in the corner with an evil glare. "You need to control your kids! Get him out of here! He's teaching the kids to sin!"

Janus sighed, picked Virgil up and took one last chug of Pepsi to finish it. As he walked calmly towards his twins the mother ran to her son and dragged him away. Patton didn't seem to understand what had happened that was 'wrong' and was trying desperately to let him play with his friends and wish Logan a happy birthday. Janus didn't speak or even look at the homophobe, instead got two rainbow pins out of his fanny pack and pinned a rainbow to each of his sons' jackets. Janus was going to teach his kids that they could be anything they wanted to be - a friend's mother had no ability to persuade them.

Within minutes Patton and his mother were out the door, desperately followed by Mrs Bibliotek. Logan's father stepped forward and started the party games to distract the kids from what just happened, and smirked at his son congratulating him for having his first kiss. Logan seemed pretty happy after the kiss, and even risked holding one of Remus' hands. Roman couldn't be distracted by games through, he was just looking towards the door.

After a few more games Mr Bibliotek approached Janus with a soft smile. "Where did you get the pins?" He whispered, pointing to the many pins Janus always had hidden in his bags.

"Etsy - you want one?"

Mr Bibliotek smiled and nodded, and Janus managed to get a badge out of his bag before buying another quarter dozen Pepsi's he'd finish in a quarter of an hour. Slowly surrounding parents also asked about the badges, and Janus was lucky enough to bring enough for every parent supervising at the party. Logan, who was still holding Remus' hand, smiled brightly seeing all the parents standing happily with a rainbow. He knew what that meant, and he knew it meant a lot.

A good few minutes passed before Mrs Bibliotek emerged again, enthusiastic Patton in hand and ready to party. He joined the other kids as if nothing happened, and after Mrs Bibliotek took the last rainbow badge she explained how she managed to persuade Patton's mom to let her son play 'as long as he was away from the gay kids' (he wasn't). One thing was for sure - all the other adults in the room supported the new little couples and treated them like every other kid. Life was nice.

Chapter Text

Friday afternoons were the best for Virgil. He didn't have work at all that day so could get up late, eat unhealthily and procrastinate getting in the shower until 5pm. At this point he was hanging off his bed upside down, his hood and hair reaching the floor as he tapped his feet on the wall, staring at his phone which was playing an interesting documentary he found on the lifespan of spiders. All was peaceful until he heard a knock on the door followed by his roommate, Remus, appearing in his room. "Hey emo?" Remus said, for some reason cautious, but Virgil didn't pay any mind to it.

"Hey Ratmus, what's up?" Virgil moved his head slightly to look at his friend. Well, a bit more than friends. Not that they were boyfriends or anything, just fuck buddies. They were both cis gay men who were lonely in college - if Virgil's memory served him right it was Remus who first suggested they relieved themselves together until they found someone they wanted to commit to. For Virgil at least, that hadn't happened yet.

For a moment Remus silenced, just staring at Virgil with his hands behind his back. Virgil glanced back at him confused, letting him finally speak after he took a deep breath. "I... I don't know..." He eventually whispered, giving up on explaining and instead just revealing his hand, holding a small pink stick. Virgil examined the stick and focused on it. It was a pregnancy test, and it showed two red lines. "I don't know how it's even possible Virgil but I'm sorry..."

Virgil couldn't help but laugh which interrupted Remus' ramble. He flicked his head up to sit opposite Remus head on. "Who gave you that? Great prank mate really, but you didn't realise there's no logical way for you to carry a baby?"

Remus sighed again instead of responding, bringing out another pink stick again with two red lines. "Yeah you probably expected me to be panicking by now." Virgil chuckled. "Seriously though, which one of our friends is pregnant?" Again Remus sighed and brought out a third stick with the same result. "Wow, you actually went all out on this and got the pregnant friend to pee several times for this prank." Another stick, making Virgil still look unimpressed as he leant his jawline on his knuckles. "And pregnancy tests come in packs of 5 of course, show me the next one."

Tears were falling on Remus' face as he choked, showing the fifth test and throwing it at Virgil's face. "I don't know what's happened either! But those are mine Virgil, trust me, I'm actually pregnant with your kid!"

Remus' red and tearful eyes caused Virgil to stop laughing and instead tilt his head. For a moment that's all he did as Remus tried to calm his tears. Remus wasn't the type to ever cry, especially in front of people as he often liked to give a stern exterior. That was something the pair bonded over. "Do you have a spare to test again?" Remus nodded, and Virgil followed him to their shared bathroom. While waiting Remus explained how he felt tired all the time, always emotional, and even couldn't eat his favourite food and instead opted for Virgil's old deodorants. And indeed the test again showed a positive.

So next step was a hospital appointment. Virgil was still convinced it must be some kind of mechanical error with the tests, but Remus was equally convinced something was up with him nevertheless. So they drove together with Virgil driving to the nearest hospital and scheduled a check in with a gynaecologist (even though they were very confused when they saw two cis men walking through the door).

The doctor examined the tests confused, then ran off in search of other doctors. Soon there were at least half a dozen doctors stuffed into the small meeting room with Remus grabbing tightly onto his friend's hand. The amount of whispers by people in smart white jackets would feel threatening to anyone. "Mr De Niro, can we schedule an ultrasound right now?" The gynaecologist turned to Remus nervously, Remus nodded and agreed to everything but still held Virgil tightly. Again the doctors crowded around the ultrasound screen, and all was revealed. "Um... Yes Mr De Niro, you are pregnant."

Remus' eyes widened and the doctors quickly left to chat about the findings and what to do next. This left Virgil and Remus alone in shocked silence. "This seems like a bad dream..." Remus eventually whispered, looking up at Virgil. Virgil had a stern expression and continued to stroke Remus' thumb.

"How do you know it's mine?" Virgil whispered back but didn't let go. "You kept on saying last week that there were other guys you're seeing. Of course I'll still support you anyway as we live together but are you sure you didn't fuck an alien?"

Remus couldn't help but laugh for the first time that day, but shook his head. "I... I may have been lying about seeing other people. I actually haven't wanted to." Virgil looked more confused after that and the pair met eyes. "You're just... You're good to me. You're nice. I can't imagine doing anything sexually or... romantically with someone else."

Another air of silence came between the two. Virgil just continued stroking Remus' hand unsure how to respond. He always secretly confessed to himself that Remus was the hottest guy Virgil had met and had the luck to be close to, his mind did wonder into the same thoughts with other people but he never felt the courage to act on it.

He had also never had the courage to act on his deeper feelings. Well, until now. He leant down to where Remus was lying, connecting lips cautiously but with a smile. This time they weren't drunk in a nightclub or bar or in each other's bedroom with one mission on the mind; this time there was no ulterior motive to the kiss. It was just Virgil wanting to be close, and he assumed Remus wanted to be close too as he started to kiss back. "I want to change our label." Virgil whispered breathlessly. Remus smiled back.

"Boyfriend sounds good on you babe, father does too - but I wouldn't mind calling you Daddy."

Chapter Text

"And if you get scared remember the breathing technique Logie taught you - Oh I can't believe my son is a high-schooler!" Virgil faced his excitable father with a soft smile, brushing the strap of his backpack against his shoulder and rolling his eyes. Patton was a very protective and overwhelming father figure at times - Virgil was adopted by a pair of doctor husbands at 13 years old, Logan was a head emergency doctor and Patton a paediatric nurse, and they were the best family Virgil could ask for. This particular day was Virgil's first day of high school, and the other father Logan was on an early morning shift so had to miss the school run. This left Patton with all the emotions and no-one to calm him.

After a few more suffocating hugs Virgil had to run to the school bus, getting on quickly and immediately spotting his best friend Roman. "Hey gay." Virgil greeted and sat next to his friend, who was no doubt blasting Disney songs through his AirPods. Roman smirked, removing an AirPod and sighing to himself. "Ready for high school?"

"They better do a historically accurate version of Romeo and Juliet or I will scream a high C and break all the windows." Roman mumbled in response, staring ahead of him and probably having war flashbacks to the World War 2 version of Romeo and Juliet where he was the lead (he was the only one that applied for Romeo - surprise surprise middle schoolers did not want to be a Nazi nor be involved in theatre).

Virgil chuckled and glanced towards the window as Roman complained more about the failures of the middle school theatre department. Neither minded their silent agreement of who talks and who doesn't, they had the same agreement since they met in middle school when Virgil was first adopted. Not many people wanted to talk to the kid with two dads - apart from the gay kid of course. They became best friends quite quickly.

Soon Virgil's attention was completely on the window though. He'd seen the high school several times before, they were pretty much named the same and all kids from the middle school went to the same high school maybe except two or three. It was the average suburban town with tall green trees and average architecture. It was a quiet town, nothing much happened so there was not much to say about it. At first Virgil found the move difficult as his first home was in the more built up outskirts of the city but now he loved it. He loved the peace and quiet.

The bus slowed down at the school run traffic, the high school was just around the corner. Virgil's mind was blank, only acknowledging the intonations of Roman's voice... All until he looked at the sidewalk. Walking on the sidewalk was a boy dressed in almost all black save for a yellow stripe on his t-shirt and a yellow beanie, staring down at his phone with earphones most likely playing music. He walked slowly but rhythmically, his posture perfect and his glance nonchalant but focused. Virgil had never seen him before - but God he wanted to see this mysterious man again as the bus finally zoomed past.

"I can see you drooling." Roman chuckled and elbowed his friend's arm in a taunting way. Virgil rolled his eyes and finally looked away from the window, gathering his thoughts. He just thought that kid looked cool - it wasn't romantic in any way, was it? He just wanted to be good friends with this cool guy...

The thoughts of the mysterious man kept in Virgil's mind all day though. He saw the boy several times throughout the day walking in the corridors with the same solid pace. The world seemed to stop whenever Virgil spotted this person, time seemed to slow and it felt like everyone was watching the mysterious new guy, but not as passionate as him. Virgil felt relieved when he finally reached his father's car - it meant no more mysterious man to confuse his already anxious mind.

As soon as he opened the car door Virgil was bombarded with his chippy father's chirps. "How's my high schooler? Oh Logie I think he's had a growth spirt!" Both Logan and Virgil quietly chuckled as Virgil buckled himself in, Logan reached for his husband's hand and held it while looking through the rear view mirror. Virgil loved his dads purely for the reason they treated Virgil like they knew him his entire life - they were proud of every moment.

"Did you meet any new friends Virgil?" The quiet Logan inquired, his expression becoming softer talking to his son. Virgil didn't know whether to mention the new intriguing man so shrugged. Logan didn't seem to be upset or happy at that, just held his husband's hand and looked ahead.

Virgil put his headphones on and tried to focus on his music, but his mind focused on his fathers' hands. What were all the little things that lead up to that small action? Did one of his dads ever try holding hands with a girl? Were they scared they were looking too long at each other in unsafe spaces? Were they ever overcome by feelings by purely a glance?

Logan's voice echoed again dragging Virgil out of his inner monologue. "Virgil? You don't need to tell us if anything's upsetting you but you look upset. Do you want to talk about it?"

Usually Virgil would shake his head at a question like that. He wasn't the type to openly talk about emotions, and his parents were supportive of that and didn't push their son to talk. This time was different. He needed to talk about what he was feeling. "There's this... New kid? I don't know - I just think he looks really cool and I want to speak to him."

Logan nodded as if he was taking in Virgil's words and analysing his thoughts and emotions. He grasped his husband's hand tighter as Patton became more jittery and giggly, a tell tale sign he was going to babble about love or the magic of friendship or the power of simple words making someone's day and saving/changing their life. Eventually Logan spoke softly with a small smile. "Well, you remember what it was like being a new kid not that long ago. I'm sure he wouldn't mind a new friend or even just a conversation."

Virgil mumbled an agreement and looked at the holding hands again. Logan realised where Virgil's eyes were landing and smirked slightly more mischievously, stroking Patton's thumb. "And if you want something more from this new friend we support you. Well, you know we always will no matter the circumstances."


Unsurprisingly Virgil did not end up speaking to the mysterious new student. Two weeks in and Virgil had pretty much avoided him in favour of focusing on his classwork and pushing the whole confronting his possible homosexuality to the back of his mind.

He was collecting his textbooks from his locker, Roman babbling beside him about something or another, but it wasn't until the mysterious man appeared that life stopped. This time the boy wore black jeans and a black botton-up with a majestic yellow coat almost reaching his ankles. His hair was straightened and tucked behind his ear, a few flicks rested on his shoulder that must have been forgotten in his morning preparations. His locker was at the other side of the row, and he quietly got out his own textbooks. "Ooh Janus sure dressed up today." Roman cheered, and Virgil raised an eyebrow repeating the name.

"Janus?" He echoed. The name was unusual, it felt new yet unique and intriguing. He wanted to repeat that name until he was sick of it, and even then he probably wouldn't stop as it sounded so good on his tongue. As Janus left Virgil's view Roman entered, giving a look like he'd identified a gay panic.

"Yeah Janus Lawe, you like him? He's part of the theatre crew and really chill - you'll get on great!"

Virgil tried his best to clear his mind as Janus disappeared from view into a nearby Debating classroom. He just stood in silence for a second or two while Roman giggled beside him. When he came back to his senses he shook his head, not even entertaining his best friend with an answer on whether he liked Janus or not. Not that Roman needed an answer - he was entertained the rest of the day coming up with cute date ideas and how they could ask each other out and what not.

At the end of the day Virgil was utterly exhausted. He unlocked the door as he turned his music down - he didn't know whether either of his dads would be home as sometimes they shared shifts and leave Virgil home alone for a few hours. It was the formula for a typical rebellious teenage house party but Virgil was not that kind of teenager.

In all truth Virgil was a little childish with some things. He panicked over everything, secretly adored hugs but hated to admit it, and owned a purple soft knitted blanket he took everywhere with him. He hadn't named the blanket like most children did as he got it as a teenager when Patton and Logan adopted him. It was knitted by Patton himself, and therefore it was a precious thing. He was weirdly attached to it... Maybe that's what a full childhood in foster care did to him.

He shuffled through his bag in silence looking for the blanket. He usually kept it hidden behind all his books as teens weren't exactly kind about attachment toys. Only Roman knew of it as Virgil liked to clutch it when he had panic attacks and Roman witnessed a lot of panic attacks during their friendship. But the more Virgil looked the more he realised his treasured blanket was not in his bag.

"Kiddo? What's wrong?" Patton's voice chirped around the corner as a blurry blue uniform appeared in front of him. Patton must have finished his shift just before Virgil got home and could see Virgil's falling tears as his anxiety rose.

"I-" Virgil's voice was cut off by tears. A careful hand stroked Virgil's shoulder - Virgil could identify the hand as Logan's immediately - and the hand guided the teenager to sit on the sofa. "I lost the blanket at school... It's not in my bag..."

This wasn't the first time Virgil had dropped his blanket, but it was usually picked up by his parents or Roman or he identified it as missing straight away. But high school was different - he hardly had classes a few classes with Roman and the school was so big and busy he couldn't keep a hand on his blanket throughout the day. He thought it was safe at the bottom of his bag.

Logan focused on searching the backpack again while Patton comforted his son. "It's OK sweetie! I'm sure a teacher found it at school and will take it to lost property for you to get tomorrow, and if it's completely lost I can knit another even better blanket for you!"

"It's not the same..." Virgil mumbled back, looking at his hands where his blanket should be. He remembered when he was first given it - he was standing in the social worker's room with his limited belongings in a trash bag and facing him were two almost strangers that he would soon realise were the best parents in the world. Patton looked so happy giving him the little purple blanket. It was only the size of his palms but even Virgil could tell then it was full of all the love the parents could give.

For the rest of the evening Virgil frantically texted and called Roman to try to track his steps. He had it at the beginning of the day, he had it at lunch, so he must have lost it in one of his afternoon classes. Roman was there for Algebra last period and didn't spot the blanket drop but also didn't see it in Virgil's backpack. That left fifth period - World History - where anyone could have picked it up and done anything with it.


So Virgil was very upset the next day without his blanket. He felt stupid about it - he couldn't even get the school bus as he felt so anxious without the clutch of softness his blanket provided. Logan drove him into school instead, practicing breathing exercises the whole way and trying to distract his son by chatting about Star Trek. Eventually he left the car just in time for his first lesson - World History again as if that lesson wasn't the cause for this horrible anxious day.

Virgil tried to focus as much as possible and strove to achieve the absolute minimum amount of participation points as he did with every class. The class was on the Cold War or the Russian Revolution or something like that as there was distant annoyingly bad Russian accents around him from other students. When packing up he avoided looking too deeply into his backpack to avoid bursting into tears.

"Virgil?" A quiet, low voice dragged Virgil out of his emotions as he looked up - immediately regretting looking the person ahead of him in the eyes. Simple yellow and green flannel t-shirt was half tucked into brown trousers, hair tucked into a low ponytail. Virgil could feel his whole body freeze and tense up that the one and only Janus Lawe had said his name. "Is this yours?"

For a moment Virgil forgot to look at what Janus was doing, he acknowledged Janus had something in his hand to show but forgot he needed to actually answer the question. Instead he just stared like every perfectly socialised, totally not baby gay would do.

But Janus only chuckled, a soft smirk coming on his lips as he looked towards the hand he had brought forward. That's what finally ushered Virgil to look down - and he saw his blanket. He grabbed it hastily and held it towards his chest before finally speaking. "Wait... You found it?"

"I suppose I did." Janus mumbled back, his hands landing behind his back and he unleashed a small sigh. He didn't ask about why Virgil brought a blanket to high school or what it meant, he just smiled and watched Virgil stuff it back more securely in his bag. Virgil appreciated that. "You dropped it walking out of class yesterday, Roman saw I was hiding it in Drama club and told me it was yours."

Of course Roman wanted Janus to give it back to Virgil instead of alerting Virgil the blanket was missing and safe in the first place. Slowly Virgil's brain calculated what Janus said, and what it meant, and met eyes with Janus.

"How did you see it fall?" Has Janus been watching Virgil too? Was this like a mutual thing where they both had a weird obsession with each other? Janus' eyebrow raised and his head tilted slightly before he chuckled a soft but something captivating laugh and shook his head. Of course Virgil felt immediately embarrassed.

"I sit at the back in my classes, so we share this class. We're in the same US History class too... Speaking of which..." For the first time I looked as though Janus was getting nervous. He watched the people walk up and down the corridor for a second. It was lucky the teacher wasn't telling the two freshmen to get to their next class - Virgil would kill if this moment was disturbed between them. "I just moved state so have no idea what the Seminole War is - can we hang out tonight and you can catch me up?"

Janus' eyes glistened as Virgil nodded, and all Virgil could sense was his heart beating as Janus thanked him and walked out the door. His mysteriousness came back as soon as he turned away - he walked gracefully and kept his focused glance that had fallen slightly when in a close conversation with Virgil. When Virgil spotted Roman he ran up to him, talking quickly and giving every little detail he could think of, making Roman decode and eventually he understood he was going to 'hang out' with Janus Lawe.

"Do you want to skip classes so I can dress you up for your date?" Roman taunted, and if Virgil's cheeks weren't beet red they were definitely as red as a tomato now. "Aww little Emo's getting nervous!" Roman was more excited than Virgil for this 'hang out' obviously, he couldn't stop talking about it all day and waved at Janus whenever he saw him. Virgil prayed Janus never heard the word 'date' come out the theatre geek's ever-moving mouth.


"Thank you again so much for the help..." Janus murmured as he and Virgil walked into Virgil's home. He had thanked Virgil most likely every five minutes since they left the school gates, Roman had also wished them luck throughout the bus journey. When he looked around the house he found it large but empty - Virgil was focused on placing his bag down and getting out needed textbooks. "Are your parents home?"

Virgil shrugged. "I think they mentioned they'll be at work this morning. All the days blend into one." Virgil kept his eyes on he textbooks as he disappeared into what looked to be a living room with a white sofa and loveseat with dark and light blue cushions and a flat screen TV on the wall. He no doubt lived the life of luxury.

The pair sat down together and chatted about their classes, their teachers, and of course the questions Janus had come to the house for. But they distracted themselves easily with their laughs and chatter - all until they heard an excited gasp coming from the doorway to the kitchen.

"Ooh new friend!" Patton cheered, still in his work uniform with a takeaway cup of coffee. He sat down with the teenagers quickly with a large smile. "Nice to meet you! I'm Patton, Virgil's favourite father. And you are?"

Janus nodded, his head ducking slightly in a respectful way. His smile and relaxed expression immediately became the stiff but gentle one that Virgil saw when he only knew Janus as the 'mysterious man' - he seemed to switch effortlessly maybe without even realising it. "I'm Janus Lawe, I'm in a few classes with Virgil here. He's helping me catch up a little."

The small silence allowed Virgil to spot his father's slightly mischievous smile. "Are you new to the school by any chance?" And of course when Janus nodded again Patton smiled wide, then winked at Virgil and stood again. "Well... I'll let you two chat. Feel free to stay as long as you want!"

Patton disappeared leaving the teens alone again, and they soon decided to watch a movie. Virgil couldn't stop stealing looks with his new friend, watching him finally relax instead of looking like a stern faced supermodel all the time. And he didn't mind seeing Janus close up too - his olive skin had slightly darker freckles, there was what seemed to be a birthmark on his neck, and his lips only slightly chapped. And now Virgil had been staring at Janus' lips instead of the movie. The spell was only remedied when he heard another voice emerge inside the room.

"Nice to see you have a new friend son." Logan - who was dressed in his star pyjamas - said clearly. Patton was jumping beside him holding his hand and whispering in his ear, probably updating him on the not-so-hidden crush Virgil had on this new friend. Janus looked away from the TV hearing the new voice and and looked at each of the men confused... That did worry Virgil at first but it was remedied by a small smile that graced his lips. "You have two dads Virgil? That's... pretty cool..."

"It is..." Virgil responded, looking at the TV again as both fathers disappeared into the kitchen with their own conversations. For the first time there was a silence between the two as they watched the film - Virgil didn't pay attention to what the film was but maybe it was Deadpool or Black Panther. Virgil embraced the silence for a while until he heard a quiet question.

"Are you... LGBTQ+?"

Neither teen looked away from the TV at that question like they were each other's predator and prey. This was the question Virgil had avoided since he first saw Janus - and he hadn't fully answered it yet. He supposed there was only one way to figure out the answer. He took a deep breath and stared at his hands, then at Janus. If there was one thing having Logan as a father taught him it was how to be brutally honest with himself and others.

"I'm questioning it. You were my realisation honestly - I know that's awkward. Are you LGBTQ+ too?"

Janus scoffed a chuckle and met eyes with Virgil, his cheeks reddening as he shuffled closer and placed his hand on top of Virgil's. Virgil erupted in red. "That's why I moved here - so yes. Would you mind dating so you can figure your things out?"

Virgil managed to choke out a nod and a happy hum, trying not to seem too enthusiastic. Janus smiled again, keeping his hand on Virgil's and kissing his cheek softly.

"It's a date."

Chapter Text

When Finn was a baby he was perfect. He had the cutest giggle and kicked his little feet when he slept and, most importantly, he only cried when there was a reason. Patton adored him to the moon and back and constantly dressed him up in bear, cat, dog and skeleton onesies. And Virgil loved Patton and loved watching his eyes light up at the sight of his family - that's why they married and Virgil had never regretted a day.

But now Finn had entered the toddler stage. The stage of absolute hell.

The morning had gone quite well as while Patton was at work Virgil took their son to the park to play with a few neighbourhood toddlers and feed sweetcorn and peas to the ducks in the lake. He did have to socialise with the local mothers and most of them were too toxically chatty for Virgil to handle alone. Before Patton got home Finn needed a snack and maybe a nap. First he was offered apple juice, then a bowl of raspberries, and even chocolate cookies but each and every meal was thrown onto the floor and the screaming only got louder.

"What do you want to eat then Finn? You'll be hungry before dinner without eating now." Virgil tried to reason as he sat beside Finn but Finn continued to scream, shouting 'no' and unintelligible screams. It was so difficult for Virgil to hear, he never wanted Finn to be hurt and didn't understand the reason he was shouting bloody murder because of fruit, juice and sugar.

After a while Virgil sighed and tried reaching out to his son for a cuddle. "It's OK buddy, Dad's here for you." He tried to plea, but Finn was still screaming and leaning away from his father's safe embrace. Eventually the toddler threw one of the bowls at him, and Virgil just gave up and leant against the counter facing away from the toddler.

"I'm ho- Oh what's the matter Finny?" Virgil eventually heard the sanctity of his husband's voice as he had his head in his hands. Patton immediately approached Finn and knelt to his level, speaking to him gently until Finn wiped his eyes and held his arms out. The only thing Virgil could think of doing was walking away from the situation and out of the house.

Patton heard the door slam just as Finn cuddled into his chest and sniffled. All Patton needed to do was take a deep breath and blow a raspberry on Finn's cheek, making him quietly giggle. While Virgil had never left the house before he had needed to leave the room when he was irrationally angry or anxious. He just needed to take a few breaths and then he'll be his sassy and relaxed self again.

The cheery father placed Finn down for a nap in his bed and kissed his forehead, then went downstairs and looked around for a sign of Virgil. Still no sign, it had only been a few minutes so that was fine, he just texted Virgil asking when he'd be back and turned the TV on. A few minutes after that Patton could feel a lump behind a pillow and saw Virgil's purple phone hidden in the cushions. That was also fine, it just meant Virgil would be home sooner as he couldn't live long without Spotify. Patton just tried to focus on the movie in front of him and hugged his leg for comfort.

Although Virgil was known as the anxious one in the couple's small shared friend group Patton was in fact also very anxious at times. It's how they met - they met in their shared counsellor's office when they were two newly graduated young adults beginning their jobs. They both had anxiety disorders. Patton was a people pleaser and Virgil pushed everyone in his life away - but they just clicked, fell in love, and helped each other adopt a mentally healthier lifestyle. This was why Patton slowly started to worry after a few more minutes. His mind thought of the worst case scenario that Virgil didn't love him anymore and hated being a dad and this was the final straw and he was never coming home again. Patton hugged his legs tighter as his mind wondered and he tried to think of what to do if this scenario in his head was real.

An hour passed and Patton couldn't just sit anymore. There was no way Virgil could entertain himself for an hour outside, it was getting dark and since Virgil hadn't taken his wallet he couldn't distract himself at the local store. After taking a deep breath Patton opened the front door and took a step out, immediately spotting Virgil sitting on the balcony steps with his head in a hand again.

Patton kissed his husband's cheek and sat next to him. "Hey Vergie, you feel OK?" Patton whispered, his arm around Virgil's waist for a moment as Virgil sighed.

"Finn hates me doesn't he... Where did I go wrong?" Virgil whispered back, leaning in slightly and looking up at the bright stars ahead of them. The pair had spent many nights together when they were younger watching the stars and falling asleep next to each other in a random field.

"He doesn't hate you! He was just a little sleepy after his big day with his favourite father." Patton chuckled and kissed Virgil's cheek. Virgil could only smile in return and cuddled his nose into his husband's neck. The pair sat in silence again for a while. "Finn went to nap pretty much straight away - I'm sure he had a really good day with his Dad."

After another moment of silence Virgil smiled, grabbing onto the soft light blue blazer Patton always wore to work. "I get why Finn likes cuddling you more, you're softer." Patton's giggle made his chest vibrate, and the flower spray Patton always wore hit Virgil's nose. He loved this, way too much.

When the pair met eyes again they smiled at each other, Patton brushed his fingers through his husband's hair. "How about you tell me about your day?"

So that's what the pair did, talking about their day at work and day at the park while they watched the stars. Virgil taught his husband some more constellations he heard about in a podcast. They eventually had to go back inside the house and Finn was awake - now demanding cookies.

Virgil picked his son up and eventually fed him strawberries, although he did spit out a few just to be difficult. Patton watched and encouraged the toddler to eat healthily to 'make him bigger', and he eventually gave in and seemed to enjoy the fruits and even asked for more. One thing was for sure - Patton absolutely loved this life. He loved being a father and a husband, especially of such a cute little kid and such an amazing although nervous husband. Even though Finn was difficult at times, he was perfect.

"Ew!" Finn giggled and shouted as Virgil brought his husband in for a kiss. Patton could never get enough of his husband's kisses.

Chapter Text

"What are we going to do if this doesn't work again Logie?" Patton chirped as Logan changed gear to reverse, preparing to park at the IVF clinic. They were going to have an early ultrasound after undergoing IVF - at first the pair believed they were lucky as because Patton was AFAB and Logan was AMAB they could have children naturally rather than going through the financial struggle of adoption and surrogacy. Unfortunately that was not how life went though, and they had to undergo IVF after Patton failed to carry a baby quite a few times. This was their third try which meant it would no longer be free if this time also failed.

"I... We'll come to that choice when we come to it." Logan responded, trying to keep his emotions in check, grabbing Patton's hand as he applied the break. "If we come to it." He corrected himself, putting on a hopeful smile to his partner who only nodded. "Ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be." Patton murmured, and the pair walked out of the car and towards the fertility office. Logan had his hand around his partner and tried to distract himself from where he was by reciting the book he finished last week. He wished he didn't have to be here. Why couldn't he just spend a few nights away from his work and with his lover and get a child out of it like in other relationships? Well, he knew why... This was the one area in his life he could never succeed in.

"Patton, you can come in for your ultrasound now." A nurse poked her head around the corner at the couple, Patton's hand was on Logan's leg and a look of worry was plastered over his face. Logan put a smile on again and held his partner's hand to take him to the ultrasound room.

The couple made as much small talk as they could handle while the sonographer prepared the ultrasound. Logan didn't let go of Patton's hand of course and kept his eyes on Patton's stomach as his shirt was lifted and his skin was covered with jelly. After a few minutes of small talk Logan just stopped responding, only dragged out his thoughts when he heard Patton gasp.

"It's OK Patton-cake..." Logan automatically filled his mouth with reassuring words expecting the worst news, but was automatically silenced by the smiling faces surrounding him and Patton's happy tears. The small screen scanning Patton's stomach had two dark black dots. "What... What does that mean?"

The sonographer smiled softly. "Two of the three eggs stayed - you might have to expect twins."

Twins... The word echoed in Logan's head as if he'd never heard the word before. Of course he did, his best friends were identical twins so he knew exactly what they were. He should know exactly what was happening and how to react but he just... didn't. He felt even more lost.

But Patton looked so darn happy. His smile was wide and he held such excitement in his eyes Logan hadn't seen since they started trying for a baby six years ago. Logan couldn't help but smile too, reaching down to give Patton a kiss. His heart started to beat quickly again just like it did on his wedding day. This was the moment the couple prayed about several years ago, they finally could be parents.


Logan faced his book as he sat on the sofa, a cup of tea beside him as he read. As an optometrist, optician and nerd Logan read a lot of textbooks and research about optical health when he wasn't at work with patients. It was an early morning about an hour before he needed to leave for work so he was just relaxing - until he heard Patton's scream.

"LOGAN!" Logan raised his head like a meerkat at the general direction of the voice, expecting Patton to emerge from the bathroom with bloody pyjamas like what had happened several times before. But this shout seemed a bit happier, and Patton emerged with a happy face which reassured the worrying husband. "Logan - I'm showing!"

Patton turned to the side and held the loose shirt he was wearing tighter around his body, revealing a small bump at the bottom that immediately made Logan burst into a goofy smile. "These are our babies Lo-Lo... you'll be Dad, I'll be Rennie... We'll be parents!" Patton continued speaking into the air, tears in both of their eyes at this small change. Such a small change was a big achievement.

"You're making me cry Pat you know I hate that." Logan eventually interrupted Patton's monologue, turning back to the book he was reading and sniffling. Patton giggled and sat next to him, his head leant on his shoulder and he looked down at an eye diagram Logan was comparing to previous research he had read. After a small silence Patton whispered and put his hand on his husband's knee.

"Are there any pretty eye themed names you know of?" Patton asked, his hand becoming warmer as Logan's hand fitted perfectly on top. "It would be great for our babies to have a special link to their Dad and his fascinations."

While the page turned Logan thought of all the terminology he knew that was actually pronounceable. "Maybe iris? It's the part of the eye that's coloured... I believe it also means rainbow, which really is perfect for us." Logan whispered back just as his alarm rang signifying he needed to stop reading and prepare to walk outside. "I need to get going, my boss said I'm on the track for a promotion."

"Ah, great!" Patton said with the tone of voice as if he wanted to say something. Logan slowed his movements down to give him time instead of rushing. "By the way Logie... How do you feel about me maybe being a stay at home parent? Daycare's expensive and I really want our babies to have us around."

Logan paused what he was doing and glanced back at Patton for a second, calculating. Patton worked at a daycare/kindergarten so didn't make the most money - but he loved his job and hadn't mentioned quitting before. He did definitely love their kids more, and they would still be making profit without the extra income. "I, um, when do you have to send your notice in?"

"By April." Patton mumbled back as Logan folded his shirt collar, Patton focusing on holding his bump close. It was late February, and the twins were due in September. "We don't need to decide now, we have time, don't fret about it..."

"No, it's fine Pat. I think that's a great idea." Logan gave his partner a peck on the lips and grasped his hand quickly, giving a smile. He then rushed into his car, started the engine and drove.

Unsurprisingly Logan started thinking again. He'll have to check they could actually support themselves and two infants on one wage, they definitely weren't the richest parents out there and two kids were a lot more to consider than one. And what if this didn't work out? What if Patton turned in his notice and then had a miscarriage or a stillbirth so his only previous distraction from what happened would be gone? So many things were zooming through Logan's head and he couldn't articulate it all.

He mustn't tell Patton his worries.


"I don't think Bo Burnham is beneficial to our babies' development Remus!" Logan shouted up the stairs at the loud-enough-to-deafen tune of 'White Woman's Instagram' coming from his and his partner's spare bedroom. Logan's childhood friends, Roman and Remus, who were interior designers and painters by trade offered to decorate the nursery for the soon-to-be-parents each time they got the news of a possible new family member - only this time they took up the offer. The music soon stopped and changed to a 'Best of Disney' playlist presumably started by the other twin. "Well at least it's more tasteful." Logan mumbled to himself before hearing Patton's giggle.

Patton was lying on the sofa on his back with a book of baby names in his hands and his growing belly uncovered. A happy smile was on his face that Logan couldn't help but kiss. "No luck with names, can you feed Cupcake?" Patton chirped and ushered towards the fat tabby sleeping on the pregnant person's ankles. Cupcake was the couple's cat they originally adopted just in time for their first baby... 6 years ago. Now Cupcake was an obese, spoiled and very loved adult cat.

Logan stood and ushered the tabby to his side with a simple question as if he'd been trained: "You want some Felix Cupcake?"

As Logan opened the packet of cat food in the kitchen, his jeans probably covered in orange and white fur, he heard a shout from the living room. "Is it weird to name your baby after cat food Logie?"

"A little, yes." Logan shouted back as he placed the food bowl on the floor. When he walked back into the living room Patton was pouting with a mischievous grin. "Do you actually really like it or do I have permission to veto?"

Patton sorted through his book again in silence for a moment. Logan sat beside his feet with a smile as he rolled his eyes. Soon he spoke through the book with a grin. "Aww Logie, Felix means lucky! And we are! It's so cute Lo-Lo please?" And Logan couldn't resist his partner's puppy eyes, so just grabbed his lover's hand and nodded. As he glanced at Patton's hand he spotted the growing belly separating Logan from his lover's lips. It had quite a few veins and stretch marks and was bigger than Logan had seen in a while. Their kids were in there, their babies. "You can touch them Lo." Patton chuckled, his own hand on one side of his belly. Logan only watched for a moment, his small smile almost disappearing until he was distracted.

"The reveal is ready!" Roman's sing-song voice echoed from upstairs. Patton smiled widely again, standing up quickly but cautiously and holding Logan's hand again as the couple went upstairs.

Remus was waiting by the open door with a wide smile, dramatically gliding his hands around the room and then ducking out and closing the door behind him. The entire room was almost completely white apart from one blue wall with white fluffy clouds, and grey birds were flying towards the blue wall. Against the blue wall were two white cribs with light blue blankets hanging on the edge. The entire room was full of pillows and fluffy seats for night feeds and playtime.

The door slowly opened again as Logan started tearing up, looking down to avoid embarrassment. Patton was babbling about how good the room looked and fantasised about where he'd cradle the kids and what toys they'd keep in the bedroom, Roman and Remus laughing along until Logan felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Chin up Calculator Watch, your babies will be here." Roman whispered lifting Logan's chin up slightly. Logan only sniffled and wiped his face, a small genuine smile escaping as he looked around some more. "We better be godfathers after this, got it?"

"Thank you..." Logan managed to choke out before feeling his best friend's hug trying to calm him down. "Thank you so much Ro."

"Fudging saps." The voice of Remus caused Logan to laugh again, maybe because this was the first time Remus had properly censored himself after Patton gave him a slap last week for saying 'damn'. Roman stuck his tongue out at his brother before whispering more encouraging words about how Logan will be the best father and the kids would love their new room.

In the evening Logan and Patton were cuddled together on the sofa watching a movie, Cupcake on the chair opposite them. Patton had his hands on his belly again while Logan's fingers grazed his partner's shoulder and he focused on the TV. "Did you tell them Robyn was on our baby name list? It's really cute how they made the birds fly all around the room..." Patton was chirping and chatting about nothing, being so carefree now he was almost in the third trimester. This was the furthest the couple had got in the pregnancy without complications that didn't result in a stillbirth or miscarriage. After a few minutes Patton raised an eyebrow. "What's the matter Jammy?"

Logan glanced at his partner for a second, watching his arm being pulled down closer to the belly. "Nothing, just... watching..." Logan murmured, but instead of watching the movie on the TV he was watching his partner desperately trying to get his hand to touch his stomach.

"Can't you touch our babies Lo-Lo?" Patton almost begged, his head quickly turning to his husband who looked almost surprised. Without responding Logan just watched his hand, very close to Patton's belly but dangling just beside it. "I want them to know their father's touch before they're here..."

Only bad things had happened when he touched Patton's pregnant belly before. He knew it was illogical, but he had started to believe it was a bad luck thing. Maybe he pressed on the belly too hard, maybe the strokes he used to do with his thumb were too rough, but it always ended in the same thing. That's why he hadn't touched Patton yet, or at least tried not to at every opportunity.

Eventually Patton did manage to get Logan's hand on his belly, but said nothing about it. Logan tried fiddling with Patton's t-shirt instead of touching his body, but couldn't resist after a while and laid his hand gently on the belly without moving it.

Again, what was going on in his mind he mustn't tell Patton about. He mustn't worry him.


Logan was woken up one night by some tugging on his t-shirt. He mumbled slightly under his breath and opened only one eye with a yawn. He couldn't see anything because of the mixture between the darkness and the lack of his glasses - but he could make out Patton looming over him with a desperate look on his face. "What's the date sweetheart?"

After taking a deep breath with his nose Logan turned on his phone. It was 2am on the 20th of August. He showed his partner his phone and tried to resist falling asleep again. "Is everything alright Patton-cake?" Logan mumbled, giving Patton a kiss but the usually cheery person moaned a complaint and sat up.

"I'm getting a little pain, like waves..." Patton whispered, grasping his bump again. This sentence immediately woke Logan up, he knew what that meant, so he stood and offered to help his partner up from the bed. But Patton just looked confused, tilting his head with his tired eyes glowing. "What are you doing Jammy?"

"I'm taking you to the hospital, have you counted your contractions yet?"

Patton's face became more worried after that question, and he shook his head. He looked down at his bump and stroked it, avoiding his husband's gaze even when Logan held out his hand to help him stand up. He could feel the kicks and movements each of them made - they were luckily very active so Patton never needed to worry about complications until this moment. This moment was big.

"What's the matter Pat?" Logan whispered, his voice raspy because of the time. He reached over the bed to put his own glasses on and then put Patton's glasses on him - the clearer look of Logan with messy hair and tired but excited with concerned eyes made Patton's heart beat fast and for a moment he forgot about his pain. This man will be the father of his children, whatever happens. "Have they stopped moving? The quicker we get to the hospital the quicker the midwife can find out why..."

"They're moving, but isn't it too early? Aren't we due in September?" As Patton tried unloading all his worries about the current situation Logan started to pack their hospital bags, glancing at the small onesies the couple had bought with a fondness and excitement. Patton was almost fully convinced their onesies will be empty. And the thing that would reassure him, that Logan hadn't done the past 8 months, would be for Logan to finally lay his hands on the belly. He instead relied on Patton to say if everything felt right.

Logan's soft lips hit Patton's and his hand cupped his cheek. "The midwife said twins usually come early, they're still viable now. Do you need help up?"

Patton burst into tears again, trying to go into a ball although that was nearly impossible when he had a large ball attached to his waist. His husband stepped back with only a short nod to try to reassure him. It was as if he didn't remember what had happened to several of their kids during labour before.

"I don't want to lose them Lo-Lo..." Patton finally screamed in absolute desperation, visions of the couple's previous babies tormenting him as he begged these twins wouldn't be one of them. But he had begged before - it didn't help most of the time. Loss and failure seemed inevitable when it came to Patton having a family with the person he loved.

"Hopefully we won't." Logan whispered back, sitting opposite Patton on the bed. He then turned back to Patton, probably thinking about their previous babies too but trying to distract himself with the current two. But Patton's expression didn't change, he was still thinking the same thoughts, he wasn't good enough at labour for one baby - let alone two.

Patton's thoughts were disturbed again by Logan gently placing his hand on Patton's stomach. "Are you scared?" Logan whispered again, and his partner nodded. "Well... Hopefully, we'll have our babies soon. We'll be able to hold them and they'd cry and scream and grab things and..." Logan had stars in his eyes, and he began to tear up as he felt a small kick from one of his babies. "And we'll be great parents. Trust me on this..."

"How are you so calm about this?"

Logan chuckled. "I am not. I'm petrified." The other hand stroked Patton's cheek, and he brought him in for a kiss. "I've been thinking about labour and finances and how we're going to take care of two at once and whether they're healthy in there... But at this point I'm starting to not care. We're not going to let our past troubles with this hinder what we have now." A few of Patton's tears were caught in Logan's thumb and eventually he started to smile again. "We have a family now Pat."

Patton nodded and slowly stood, wincing in pain again. But Logan was there to hold everything and help him walk - and soon they were walking together out the door with the one plan of going to the hospital and having their babies. "Are you ready Patton-cake?" Logan reassured, giving his partner a kiss.

"Ready as I'll ever be."


It was early in the morning, Logan had work in an hour, but he couldn't leave the nursery. He was just glancing down at his son, Felix, with a look of absolute adoration. The baby was kicking his legs rhythmically to the music Patton had put on and chewing on a strawberry shaped teething toy with small mumbles.

He was definitely still in the honeymoon stage of fatherhood over a year later. He just felt like the luckiest man in the world to be blessed with two amazing babies: a boy called Felix and a girl named Iris. And even better, they both looked exactly like Patton with infinite little curls in their hair and freckles covering their little round faces. Logan could never stop looking at them.

"You want one more cuddle Fe-Fe? My little Iron Man..." Logan whispered, picking Felix up and holding him even though he should really be getting his coat on and preparing to battle the winter winds by now. But who could leave this baby alone like that? He was giggling and making random sounds and was just the most adorable kid - well, his twin was also equally adorable of course. "Should Rennie take you to the park today? I know you love playing with Remus' kids..."

Patton's giggle distracted Logan from his one-sided conversation. The cheery parent held Iris in one arm and a couple of toys in the other ready for some early play-time. "Shouldn't you be getting to work Logie?" Patton chirped and gave his husband a kiss. The kiss lasted a little longer than expected due to Logan's joy.

"I'm the luckiest man in the world." Logan mumbled, placing his free hand on Patton's stomach again. This was also another reason why he was lucky - although it wasn't planned around 7 months after the twins came into the couple's lives Patton had some more news to share: he was pregnant again. While he was still high risk Logan and Patton tried keeping their hopes high and by whatever luck given to them Patton was now 8 months pregnant with their third baby, and all was going well. It was only one child luckily, and it would be another girl.

Logan glanced at the white clock in the nursery with a sigh realising he couldn't just stop time and stay cuddling his partner and kids like he wanted to. "I should be getting to work, yes." He sighed, kissing Patton and then cuddling Felix, picking up Iris with his spare arm and cuddling her, and then placing both of the twins on the play mat and waving a rattle to get some more of their wide eye cuteness at the world. "Call me if anything happens, I'll be here as soon as you need me." Logan whispered one last time and gave Patton one last kiss, placing both his hands on Patton's belly and stroking the skin with his thumbs.

Of course Logan didn't leave quickly, he watched Patton slowly sit on the floor with a little bit of grunting and sighing before chatting in baby voice at their babies. Felix was trying to stabilise himself to stand against Patton while Iris was crawling after one of her teddies. As the door was about to close both parents heard a voice they hadn't heard before - one of little Iris shouting 'Dad!'.

So Logan didn't leave for work for another twenty minutes of course, he needed to congratulate his daughter on saying a big word with lots of cuddles and snacks. He probably would have skipped work for the entire day if Patton didn't drag him out the house after twenty minutes so he could 'support his growing family'.

And he was so glad, after all this time and all the struggles, his family was finally growing.

Chapter Text

Janus loved being a father of three. He had three sons and adored them to the moon and back, he had each of them since infancy/toddlerhood and they had all grown up together. The eldest child, named Hugo, was the average almost-teenage middle schooler; the middle child, Xavier, was preparing to be the 'big kid' in elementary school; and the baby of the family, Connor, was only a few months off starting kindergarten.

On top of having three perfect kids Janus had a perfect husband. College buddy turned soulmate Roman worked from home as a children books' writer and illustrator - the test subjects for his new stories being their kids as they grew up. Roman was a perfect father, he was extremely playful and more energetic than even the kids could handle, as well as calm and understanding when the eldest had one of his blow-outs. Janus was a lot more mellow compared to Roman - but Connor said he was a better storyteller because of it which made that personality trait worth it.

Roman was very annoyed that the writer and illustrator of his son's favourite books was bad at reading them according to the five year old.

Whenever Janus got to work he was always confronted with new meetings and papers though. He worked as a lawyer in the city, specialising in family law as that area was always important to him. Once he got to his desk he sorted through emails - he wasn't meant to be in court that day. Roman always asked why he didn't work from home when he didn't need to be in the courtroom - but Janus knew himself and knew he'd be way too distracted by his kids if they were in the house and would never exit father mode. Even when he was sat at his desk near the courtroom he was cruising through 'preparing your kid from kindergarten' blogs without realising.

"Mr Plato?" A fellow lawyer approached Janus' desk which made him look up and realise he was on "I think I need your help with a statement, we have the kid of a custody disagreement that we need to talk to but he's not responding."

As Janus was now a father of a pre-teen (and almost a father of two since Xavier was beginning to get a little snappy) he was often asked to sort out any argumentative teenagers that the lawyers or police needed to interview. So he nodded and followed the lawyer forward into a small office where two policemen were facing a teenage boy maybe about 15 or 16.

Janus walked forward and introduced himself. "Hey kid, I'm Janus. I've been told I need to talk to you about your parents?"

"I hate them." The teen snapped back as he hugged his legs and glared forwards. Janus sat beside him with a smile, trying to meet eyes with the kid but all attempts failed. He must really hate being interviewed too - maybe this was just a sensitive topic for him.

"Who do you hate more?" Janus quizzed, knowing teens absolutely loved mellowing in self-pity for a little bit in a controlled way. The teen wore a dark green hoodie with a black shirt, jeans and beanie. He looked a lot like Janus' youngest brother, Virgil, who even in his late twenties could never be seen without a hoodie. He always says the hoodie provided an extra security nothing else in the world could.

The teen didn't respond to the first question, so Janus asked a new question. "That hoodie looks soft, I wish I could wear hoodies to work you know - don't you?" Janus tried to get the police officers involved with the conversation, they only nodded and spoke lowly. "Do you wear hoodies to school then?"

The kid nodded - and Janus felt a little bit of serotonin enter his body at the slight recognition he was in the conversation. "I'm quite surprised, hoodies were against dress code in my old school." One of the police officers eventually said. The teen looked up and met eyes with who spoke, then down again.

"They don't like me wearing a dress either. No-one likes me wearing a dress."

The police officers seemed to avoid meeting eyes with the teenager after he said that - looking towards the definitely-not-a-one-way-window mirror or the short amount of notes they had managed to make before. The teen seemed to expect that reaction and looked around the room before glaring at Janus as if expecting him to react in disgust too.

"Meh, dresses are unisex and comfy as fu...flip." The kid seemed shocked at that one sentence, he immediately leant forward as if begging for more. "I wear dresses sometimes during summer, especially around the pool. So does my husband."

"Aren't you male Sir?"

Janus shrugged. "Yeah, but that doesn't mean I can't wear a particular design of cloth or love a particular person. How do you identify? Of course you don't need to tell me and I'll respect that..."

The teen paused for a moment, hesitating and looking at the floor, holding his leg again. "Can... Can you use she/her pronouns please? My name's Charlie still but-"

One of the police officers, the older one, sighed loudly at this teen they were witnessing finally talking to them freely. "Mr Plato, thanks for your help but I don't think this is the time or place for that kind of political debate. It isn't June."

"But you are interviewing a vulnerable individual, and I ask that you respect her." Janus immediately snapped back, watching Charlie go into a ball out of the corner of his eye again. He wanted to hug her until all the pain would stop, even if that would be eternity. "If you want to leave you can leave and request another police officer to interview."

The younger police officer only smiled at Charlie, which reassured her a bit as the older officer stormed out like an angry toddler. The officer turned to Janus, and whispered a question loud enough so Charlie could hear and loud enough to make her smile. "How do I make this situation more comfortable for Charlie? What kind of things should I say to her?"

So Janus helped the police officer interview Charlie alone, and soon he saw her smile and laugh at the jokes the two adults could make - and unload the struggles she had with her parents. They were transphobic - to put it simply - but Charlie was insistent on her identity and that resulted in her parents begging the state to take her. The law of course had to get in the way first.

Late that evening Janus lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling and thinking through the day. It looked like Charlie would be going into foster care, and Janus knew how difficult that could be on a teenager. Roman and Janus were foster carers for a bit so knew a little about what the experience was like. She was an only child and was so nice and sweet - just placed with bad parents. "What are you thinking about sweetie?" Roman asked as he walked into the room after reading Connor to sleep. He tucked himself into bed and cuddled up.

Janus stroked Roman's red hair and smiled softly. "We should foster again, I know a kid who needs it." Roman's head tilted up when he heard that - they hadn't considered fostering since they started their permanent family. They just had their perfect three kids and weren't thinking of adding to that dream ever since they started dating. "Maybe we could even adopt again? Again, this girl really deserves parents like us."

"Another one?" Roman chirped, quietly as if he was still in whisper-mode from the bedtime routine. "And a daughter?"

"An amazing teen daughter. And she's in the local high school already. She's perfect Ro, trust me."

Roman paused for a second, putting his head down again and instead nuzzling his husband's chest. Janus was almost cold-blooded in terms of temperature and Roman was constantly warm, yet cuddles were addicting and perfect.

"Let's foster her." Roman mumbled, kissing Janus' neck which made him smile wide. The husbands smiled at each other for a while and Janus gave more information about Charlie until they gently carried each other off to sleep.

And just like that Janus' dream family of five, became his dream family of six.

Chapter Text

"Thank you so much Janus, I can't thank you enough." Patton whispered to his friend as he sat in the passenger seat, his two sons in the back with headphones on staring at the iPad. Janus only nodded, smirking at his friend. "I mean I looked up the hotel and it seems pretty pricy - are you sure we aren't hurting your wallet with our problems?"

"Wrong mindset Pat." Janus said quickly, staring ahead of him. Patton looked down shyly and then at his boys behind him. They were snuggled up together half asleep but wanting to finish the Peppa Pig episode, covered by Patton's favourite blanket that was probably still warm from the last time he used it. The ride had been quite a few hours and across all different states the boys hadn't even heard about before - so it was all tiring. "Logan's glasses are still on, you want to stop and get them ready to nap?"

"They're fine - they'll sleep like babies once we get there, won't you boys?" Patton called back to his sons who nodded and rubbed their little brown and blue eyes. Patton remembered when he first saw those eyes, he knew he'd do anything for them - including a task he previously thought was impossible of leaving his partner. At least his sons seemed happier now. He kept his eyes on them, Logan leaning on Roman's shoulder while Roman tried desperately to move as he hadn't for at least 8 hours.

"Can Janus read me the story of the frog and the princess? He reads good." Roman chirped, trying to balance himself to a stand against Patton's chair even though he was firmly held to his car seat. His twin must have been too tired to correct him as he only mumbled and grabbed more onto his unicorn teddy. "How long 'til we get there?"

"It's just around the corner bud." Janus chirped, turning his head slightly to smile at the four year old. "Can you look out the window and look for it? It's a big white building and should have Sanders Court on the front of it."

Roman looked at all the buildings enthusiastically while Janus drove, allowing Patton to have the peace and quiet to think. It was funny, when he first left his previous relationship he thought everything would get worse - he had no place to live, two kids under his belt and plenty of insecurities about his sexuality. He didn't expect his friend from childhood to hear about all this through family members and offer everything: a place to stay, babysitting the boys whenever Patton needed a break, and a friend to talk to about sexuality as this friend had come out in high school. Janus even spoilt the boys with things they hadn't done before with their old parent like resort holidays at the other side of the country.

"Found it Janus!" Roman shouted as Janus reached the car park of the resort, making Logan mumble a complaint and stretch from the small nap he managed to have next to his excited twin. Janus smiled back at him - but Roman couldn't stop staring at the place he'd spend the week of summer before kindergarten.

"You can get the boys and sign us in." Janus whispered to Patton who was equally amazed at the holiday Janus managed to afford them all. "We're room 169 - I'll find a place to park and join you with the suitcases."

Patton nodded and opened the car door, then opened Roman's which made him finally unbuckle himself and run and jump at his father's side, and lastly opened Logan's door as he most likely wanted to be carried out and cradled in the blanket. The reception looked as fancy as the outside with comfy sofas in the waiting area and games for children to entertain themselves when they first arrive. Roman ran straight to the toy cars while Logan snuggled more into his father's neck. It was amazing how Roman seemed to hardly get tired until he was read a bedtime story, and it was a bother at times too. Soon Patton managed to get the keys to their hotel room just as Janus joined them with the three suitcases - and they made their way to their rooms.

The twins fell asleep almost immediately like Patton promised, letting Janus and Patton to open the door to their own bedroom. Janus ordered a two bedroom semi-twin, which meant that although both beds were technically double beds they could be dragged apart to make two twin beds. That task seemed easy in the boys' bedroom while Patton focused on getting both of them in pjs - but their own room seemed different when Patton was trying to do it alone.

"I can't find the crease Jan..." Patton mumbled as he felt around the middle of the bed in the darkness. Janus closed the door and turned the light on to see if that would help, it didn't. It looked just like a double bed. "Are you sure this is the same design as the boys'?"

"It's what I ordered, we can go down to reception tomorrow and get another room if it isn't." Janus tried to unlock the beds to help Patton but he was right - there was no separation between the two beds. He then walked to the suitcase and got out his pjs to change in the bathroom. "I think we can deal with a double bed tonight, Roman will be cranky if he's woken up again." Patton nodded and also got out the pyjamas he was going to wear, as well as deciding what clothes his sons would wear tomorrow and neatly folding them on the dresser.

Turns out sharing a double bed wasn't that bad. Patton did adore cuddles almost as much as he loved his kids - and Janus gave good cuddles in his sleep. With one arm around his waist Patton settled in for a short relaxing night and long hyper vacation.

Chapter Text

The next morning Janus and Patton were sitting beside the resort's pool with a cocktail each, Roman and Logan entertained a distance from them by the hotel's kids' club. They were playing water volleyball - Roman swimming across the net so he could play on both teams against the leaders' request and Logan sitting at the side keeping an eye on points. Patton and Janus watched them, but Patton could spot the fondness in his friends' eye looking at kids that were no way his but he treated them like such. Patton felt unbelievably lucky he found someone platonically who gave his boys unconditional love.

The cocktail refills kept coming as Janus and Patton talked, the topic of conversation was Patton's ex - a normal topic when the kids weren't around. "I just want a partner that accepts that I'm bisexual, that seems too much to ask. She tried to convince me I was straight and just 'confused' just because I married her instead of a guy." Patton complained as he sipped, his eyes firmly on Janus as a not so sober thought came into his head. "She still calls me even though it's been almost 2 years asking if I have a girlfriend. I kind of want to fuck a guy just to show her I like guys."

Janus nonchalantly looked around in his not so sober thoughts then leant in, taking a sip of his cocktail for a bit of courage. "I have the parts, protection and a double bed - you up for it?" Janus' green eyes glowed a little at the suggestion, a small smirk on his face that Patton wanted to bring closer. Since when did Patton's childhood friend become so irresistible?

Patton burst into a blush and shook his head, but with another sip of his blueberry cocktail he reconsidered. "You think you can show me a good time?" He giggled, his words slightly slurred but so was Janus'. They didn't care, they had one thing on their mind - each other. Before Janus responded his lips clashed against Patton's, and he dragged Patton away to show him what a good time is.


Patton woke up in the double bed when it was dark outside - the clock showed 6:30pm. But he couldn't acknowledge much else, he had a blasting headache he hadn't had since he was out partying in his 20s and his lower half hurt like hell for a reason he couldn't remember.

Then he remembered.

He tried sitting up quickly before he felt his head explode and he crashed face first into the pillow again. He groaned and looked to the side - Janus' side on the bed was empty. He must have hated doing that. "Fuck... I fucked it up, literally." Patton didn't swear much but this reason was worth it. He could hear the faint noise of Dora the Explorer from the hotel living room, Roman screaming random Spanish words like he usually did. How could he sleep so long - he was a father - he shouldn't have abandoned his kids because of stupid drunk decisions.

The door opened and closed again, and footsteps came closer. "I got you water to drink." It was Janus, quiet and his voice emotionless. Would this lead to a friendship break up? Patton wouldn't be able to manage being kicked to the curb again with two toddlers to his name and nothing else.

He saw the glass hit the bedside table with a chime out of the corner of his eye and tried to turn, but experienced a short pain when he sat up. Janus couldn't help but let a laugh go, but quickly stopped and looked down again. "I... I'm sorry for taking advantage of you like that. I can get another hotel room if you want a bit of a break from me after this, we can just act like nothing happened if you want to. I'm just so sorry."

"It's fine..." Patton managed to mumble out, smiling a little at the memory of his and Janus' intimate moment. Nothing else mattered then but each other, and even though they were both drunk they still cared about making each other feel comfortable and satisfied with what was going on. He certainly didn't regret it. Janus, on the other hand, looked like he did. He then remembered that Dora the Explorer was on the TV. "Did you give Logan his Spanish notebook?" Janus nodded, sitting down the end of the bed and watching Patton drink.

Janus laughed - whether at Patton or the nerdy toddler's behaviour didn't matter. Both Roman and Logan loved Dora the Explorer, Roman because he could run around and go on Spanish adventures and Logan because he could write down any new words he learnt on the program. Most episodes had the same words but that didn't effect the fact he needed to write each word down every time. "I told them you're working on a secret project so can't be disturbed, I asked for room service to get food so you don't have to get out of bed. You have all the time you need to process everything, I'll sleep on the sofa tonight."

"Do you regret it?" Patton asked as clearly and loudly as he could manage, making Janus pause in place. He watched the person opposite him for a second as if trying to compute something, then shook his head.

"Honestly? No. You're... good. And I - fuck, how is this harder than what we just did? I... I've kind of had a crush on you since high school." Janus' cheeks were pink as he said those words, and Patton's were heating up too. Patton began dating his ex in high school, another insecurity of his as that meant he only ever dated girls despite his sexuality - but he never turned an eye towards Janus in that way. Now, it was different. "This doesn't change how I view you of course. I still think you'd be an amazing boyfriend even if we never do... that... again."

Patton giggled, patting the place on the bed beside him and winking. Janus quickly sat beside him like a child meeting Santa. He leaned in for a cuddle and smiled, still sipping his water but enjoying the feeling of his head tilting at the speed of Janus' breaths. "Do you want to try dating? We'll take it slow and won't tell the kids until you're ready."

Janus sighed and smiled, bringing a hand through Patton's dirty blond hair. "That sounds great." He whispered, then heard a shout from Roman saying the Dora episode had finished and he wanted to watch Paw Patrol. The shout made his eyes light up with joy as he slowly stood. "When they know... Can they call me Dad? I feel like I'm their father already I love them so much and since you're Papa..."

"Of course." Patton smiled. "I'm sure they love you too." And Janus ran off back to his sons, their sons. His boyfriend was going to watch Paw Patrol with their sons and then order food so no-one had to move a muscle.

Yeah, the hangover was worth it.

Chapter Text

Logan Master would never forget his first kiss with the guidance counsellor Virgil Burza. In a dark classroom - late in the evening - the only other thing he cared about was how the book he was reading dropped on the floor. He could never forget how it felt having Virgil's hand through his hair, as he tugged on Virgil's stray strands.

When Virgil first met the nerdy English Literature teacher he didn't believe he was the one to begin the LGBTQ alliance. He was just so attractive and intelligent - he must have had a wife and kids at home but before he met Virgil he was single and hopelessly gay. One thing led to another and under secrecy they shared their first kiss (and a lot more, though not on school grounds). It took two years for the pair to tie the knot also in secrecy, and adopt a middle schooler less than a year later without telling a soul.

"Wait, wait, wait - Dad's my teacher!" Zenn sipped their drink with a wide smile looking at their father's more embarrassed face. Even Virgil was giggling at Logan's raised eyebrow, a sound he could never get enough of especially when his hand lay on his leg.

"You're free to ask for a change if you want, you'll just have to arrange a meeting with Mr Burza." Logan smiled again, smirking at his husband slightly. The whole 'hiding your sexuality and marital status and whether or not you have a kid' was highly inconvenient - but it was worth it. It wasn't like it wasn't safe to come out, the school was a lot more open than when he started teaching there. He just liked having no questions about it - it was all private. And if he said he didn't enjoy the adrenaline every time he snuck a kiss in the direction of his husband he would be lying.

"No, I want to have Dad as a teacher." Zenn giggled then ran upstairs to decide what they were going to wear for their first day of high school, leaving their dirty plate on the table opposite the two men. Virgil smiled at Logan and stroked his cheek - he'd miss being able to do things like that without worrying about being found. He would miss holding Logan close and smelling his blueberry scented hair, feeling the stubble on his cheek and listening to him rattle on about the latest book he read or was teaching. He could still listen to him of course - he just felt like whenever he did in public he was tied back with rope.

So without much thought he acted on the urges he had in that moment - kissing Logan's cheek, then his forehead, then the tip of his button nose, then his pretty pink lips. Logan seemed receptive of all these kisses, kissing back just as easily once lips reached lips. All he focused on was the beautiful man in front of him as his hands wondered wherever they could go. "I'm definitely going to avoid your office this year." Logan whispered between kisses, a hand in Virgil's hair. "I can't believe I'm going to have to hide my kid in plain sight too."

"Our kid Logan." Virgil whispered back, his face only a few centimetres away, sitting on his husband's lap with his legs around his hips and hands caressing his lover's jawline. They were way too focused on each other's soft whispers that they didn't realise their teenager had bound down the stairs until they coughed loudly.

"Cough - get a room - cough." Zenn shouted, not really coughing. They held three t-shirts in their hands and held them up for their fathers to inspect. One was a red and orange hoodie, the other a black and purple flannel button-up t-shirt and the last a grey tank top that was apparently made of the softest material on earth. "Which one?"

Logan glanced at each of the shirts as Virgil climbed off him. He was always the fashionista of the family, insisted on things matching all the time and always looked professional. Virgil tried to also inspect the clothes but was distracted again by Logan - he was so hot when focused. "Dad - you can do stuff with your husband tonight. I can see it in your eyes."

Even Logan giggled at that, squeezing his husband's hand and talking slowly through the options. "The grey will keep you comfy, and you have matching sweatpants - but it might go against dress code. It's a faux pas to do that on the first day. It's August and the red and orange hoodie is thick - so I won't recommend wearing just that without a thinner layer. The black and purple seems nice and sensible but it's slightly sheer so people might see your binder... Are you alright with that?"

"I'll try it on and see." Zenn nodded and ran upstairs, presumably to their room to decide what of their many items of clothing would match that they owned. Logan was still squeezing his husband's hand, gazing fondly at the steps. He loved being a Dad - the couple talked about adopting quite a few kids to give them the love they deserved but they soon realised Zenn was all they needed. At least for now, although now all their teacher friends were having babies too and Logan's eyes widened and glowed whenever he saw a little baby face.

They knew they couldn't provide the most perfect family to kids at the moment though. It was fine for Zenn as they were a pre-teen when first adopted so could comprehend two adults hiding a relationship - but they were scared of adopting any other young kids and accidentally teaching them non-straight relationships should be hidden and not talked about.

Now that he thought about it Virgil wouldn't mind kissing Logan's cheek as they passed each other in the corridor, or holding his hand when they were placed on canteen duty together instead of just giving each other longing stares and counting down the hours until they could reunite again. It's not like the kids hadn't caught on - they were very smart - they just didn't know the extent. He would love to show his coworkers his wedding ring, and Logan could show off the engagement ring that he had to stash in his desk since their library proposal hours away from home. They could finally show their love.

"What are you thinking about Starlight?" Logan murmured, his fingers trapping Virgil's curls and pulling at them. Virgil adored the nicknames the nerd gave his lover, the first time a nickname escaped his lips Virgil would have jumped on the English teacher if they weren't mid rounding up freshmen on a school trip.

"I'm just thinking... about us." Logan tilted his head cutely, making it almost impossible to not kiss his cheek again. He didn't know how he was going to cope not being able to hold his husband close like he was now. "I think I'm ready for everyone to know about us."

Logan's wide smile made Virgil blush. His eyes sparkled as the English teacher reached for Virgil's ring finger and twisted the ring. The silence wasn't unusual for them, they loved quiet moments like this. They were undisturbed until they heard their kid loudly cough yet again. "Excuse me! I'd like to get to school before lunch break." Zenn smirked and rolled their eyes, a black backpack over their back. "I swear you two are more touchy than middle schoolers."

"We'll cut it back, promise." Virgil climbed off Logan and got his shoes on. Logan was still smiling wide and watching him with mild interest. The family soon made their way to the school - and Zenn climbed out of the car ready for their first day - probably expecting their fathers to disappear around the corner and emerge separately from separate areas.

They didn't do that though. They got out together, holding hands, Logan giving Virgil a kiss on the cheek. Students and staff stared and questioned, then realised the wedding rings and the new teen walking beside them and became excited. There were lots of questions to answer - but they were questions the pair were ready and excited to answer. They couldn't wait to be out and proud about their relationship and family, and maybe expand it now they were confident to.

It was different to have the door open when Virgil was with his husband on school grounds. He was in the same classroom they had their first kiss, his head on the teacher's shoulder as the school slowly got darker - but they could have the light on. And they were waiting for their child to finish dance practice and want to be driven home - the couple didn't have to hide and say to their coworkers they were doing something else and totally not doing anything together. Now Logan could rest his hand on his partner's leg as he read, the soft tapping causing Virgil to smile, and humming their only form of communication.

"I'm in love with you, Logan Burza." Virgil whispered the name he wanted to say to others for a while now. He hated having to call his lover Mr Master.

"I'm in love with you too, Starlight."

Chapter Text

It was a normal Friday in June, the Viper family were eating some homemade food and undoubtedly making a mess. But Patton and Janus loved it, they loved the family they had with each other, life was amazing. Life was so amazing they were thinking of adding to it - and not another dog like normal. They wanted to adopt a child again.

"Ma! Remus is throwing pasta!" Roman shouted across the table, pointing at his twin who was throwing macaroni into the air and catching it with his mouth. "And he can throw it higher than me! It's not fair!"

"We can play basketball later to see who can throw the furthest kiddos." Janus responded, looking at his sons fondly and then his husband. The boys immediately gleamed and ate quickly and normally, ready for a basketball match that would last until sunset. Their boys were super hyperactive and had been since they were babies - their parents adored them.

Patton's glowing eyes made Janus chuckle, erupting in red. The twins immediately spotted the increased romantic chemistry between their two parents and silenced - sipping their juice and giggling to themselves. The couple just read each other's eyes... They told each other they needed to tell the boys about the possible new family member. "Hey boys..." Patton chirped, noticing the hand on his leg from his partner. "Ma and I have been thinking about getting you a little brother or sister..."

Roman tilted his head. "My friend at school said babies are made by parents sleeping together - don't you sleep together already?"

"Mhm!" Remus agreed, his mouth full of cheese but he spoke anyway. "And we have to wait 9 months - we'll be 7 then!"

The parents paused for a moment, decoding how to approach these questions. Not all families were made the way they knew - including Roman and Remus themselves - and while they knew that to some extent they didn't know all the details.

"Well... Some families are different - we might take a little longer to get you a sibling." Janus mumbled, eventually grabbing all the empty plates and going towards the sink. The boys tilted their heads again, asking for more information as they always wanted. They were such cute and curious kiddos. "We're going to... supply love for a kid who needs it. A kid already made by two people sleeping together and for whatever reason they can't have the kid grow up with them. Not their fault. But we're just going to let them grow up here."

There was a silence and the parents thought their sons understood. But they sat still and looked at each other instead of running towards the basketball hoop. Patton just watched them while sitting at the dining room table as Janus focused on the dishwasher.

"We're kidnapping?"

Janus tried to silence his laughter but was luckily hidden by the wall between the living room and the kitchen. It was Patton who was faced with explaining the difference between kidnapping and adoption to first graders - and he wasn't the best with describing things as he recently called a frying pan 'Flynn Ryder Hitters'.

"We're... consensually kidnapping." Patton began slowly, thinking through every word which wasn't something he did often. "Which means we're allowed to. There's a lot of steps we need to go through first."

Of course the boys didn't really care whether the kidnapping was legal or not, they just ran towards the garden with the basketball shouting for their Ma and telling each other how excited they were for their first kidnapping. Janus soon emerged with bubbly hands and watched them throw the ball at each other and do cartwheels - staying inside for a moment. Patton soon walked over to him and held his husband's hand, and Janus gave him a peck of a kiss. "Don't get anyone hurt lovely." Patton whispered after the kiss, giggling. Janus rolled his eyes and just looked fondly until he heard a scream.

"Might be a bit late for that, I'll check." He replied quietly, giving another kiss and then disappearing into the garden telling the boys to avoid the bushes before a hole gets punched in their fifth ball of that week.


Janus and Patton were sat at the dining room table late in the evening, letting the twins play for a little before bed. They had paperwork in front of them to fill through - home check was next month, first interview was next week - they just needed to fill all the paperwork first.

"Do the twins need to fill in their own sheets or shall we?" Patton chirped, grabbing his husband's hand and leaning on his shoulder. Janus shrugged and examined the two sheets given to them to fill in information about their child's future siblings. It wanted all sorts of information like what school they went to and what grade, references from their teacher, their favourite hobbies and games.

"I don't trust anyone to read Remus' handwriting." Janus giggled, but soon heard the crashing of his boys that meant they were coming. The kids ran out with several Halloween costumes in their hands that they were trying to decide between. They looked at their parents with happy eyes and sat opposite them, looking through the pile of already filled paper.

"I heard my name - what you doing?" Remus leant over the table looking at the sheet with his name on. Roman also grabbed the piece of paper with his name on and straightened the crown he had found somewhere. "Can we help?"

"Of course bud - what do you want your new kidnap-ee to know?" Janus smiled and let both twins sit on his lap. It was an adorable moment, it always was when Janus was with their kids. He was an amazing Ma - and a great and loving husband as he was helping the first graders fill in all the forms they needed to fill.


Roman and Remus were running around the store ahead of their father chasing each other and looking at all the things on the shelves. It was Patton who was tasked with entertaining the boys straight after school - and it was reaching December so the kids were super excited about Christmas. He only planned to get a few groceries, maybe some new non-muddy clothes for the twins, a new jacket for his husband or cardigan for himself - but he had somehow wondered to the baby section.

There was high chairs and strollers and bassinets of all different colours. He hadn't worried about buying those things for the last six years. But now was different - and he was so excited. The twins were chatting together by the stuffed animals, pointing at all of them, and Patton believed they were deciding a toy for themselves and approached them.

"Can we get a green teddy for our kidnap-ee Papa?" Remus looked up at Patton as he walked over, pointing to a rough looking green teddy with a black eyepatch on its eye and a black bow. Patton took it and examined it for a second before Roman appeared with another teddy.

"No! Get this one!" Roman shouted and held up a more traditional teddy with fluffy golden fur and a red bow. Patton also took it and looked for the price of both. They were both decently priced, but Roman and Remus were snapping at each other about which one their new victim would want. "Mine's fluffy and cute!"

"But mine's unique and cool!" Remus shouted back, grabbing his teddy and shoving it in his brother's face. Roman did the same with both shouting louder and it was absolute chaos.

But the cheery parent managed to drag the twins away from each other and stay calm and speak slowly. "How about we get both? Then your sibling can have more teddies from you?" The boys nodded quickly at that, and then ran ahead together like best friends like they usually did. Patton placed both teddies back in the shopping cart and continued to shop, rounding the kids every so often.

And he couldn't wait to add another member to this chaos.


Today was the day. Patton had just returned from work and was running around making sure everything was safe and ready for his new family member. His family's new family member. He was ready for this - Janus was picking up the boys from school and then bringing home the new kidnap-ee.

The door knocked as Patton was placing the yellow and blue vase away from any young child's grasp. He was about to run to the door but it slammed open before he could even move - the two 7 year olds Patton loved were bounding towards him with wide smiles. "Hey kiddos! You look happy!" Patton giggled and picked them up, expecting to see drawings or classwork but the boys had nothing. "What are you so happy about?"

"We kidnapped someone!" Roman shouted just as Janus emerged from the door and closed it, a small smile on his face and a toddler around two years old in his hands holding two teddy bears. It was Thomas - the new family member they had been thinking about. He was finally here and this was the day Patton (and presumably Janus and the twins too) were dreaming about.

"You can't kidnap your sibling boys." Janus said, quieter than normal as he squished the toddler's cheek. Thomas only held his teddies to his mouth and looked around which made Patton fall in love even more. "You want to be in Papa's hands now?"

Thomas nodded and reached out to Patton, dropping the red teddy but he was saved from a possible temper tantrum by Roman's quick movements. His wide brown eyes were glowing as he looked around his new environment and all the toys his Papa and brothers had collected. He pointed at the Steven Universe toy which seemed to summon his twin brothers towards it - picking up the toy and all the things nearby to show him everything at a closer angle. He seemed interested but still a little shy, it only took an evening for him to warm up and begin chasing his brothers dressed as superheroes.

Janus and Patton sat together on the sofa with the kids running about, climbing on things and starting sword fights out of baguettes. Janus had an arm around Patton's shoulder as he shouted to each of the kids to be careful over their giggles. "Oh this is going to be even more chaos." He laughed, kissing his husband's temple. Patton smiled back and chirped.

"I think the kidnapping is successful, I wouldn't mind doing it again."

Chapter Text

Logan was reading when the door opened, and he saw the red suit of his husband walk in. "Hello berry-boo." He mumbled as he turned a page. The door closed and Roman soon appeared next to him with a kiss. The round faced redhead appeared in front of him with a slightly concerned look, and began looking around.

"It's quiet here..."

"I don't know why..." Logan followed, glancing at his phone notes that held the timings for the day. "Fraser should be playing somewhere, he likes playing with the train set in his bedroom around this time."

Roman nodded quietly, looking off into the distance as if trying to calculate something. He was probably trying to remember what day of the week it was - or listening for any noise change which meant their three year old was indeed in the house. "When did you pick him up from daycare?"

"2pm." Logan answered quickly, finally closing his book and checking his timetable again. "I fed him some strawberries and he should have some milk later - are you cooking dinner tonight?" The glasses wearer seemed surprisingly nonchalant about the quietness of the house - he just had his favourite book and a jar of Crofters that Roman was now stealing and munching on as he walked around the house.

He heard a shout from the other side of the house after a few minutes. "Of course Teach, but maybe we should make sure our boy is alive first?" It was then Logan gained consciousness and realised the house was way too quiet. Their toddler was not known to be quiet, especially when their other father had returned from work.

Logan stood and followed where his husband was walking, calling his son's name but no shout or running legs and cuddles came. His mind of course went to the worst case scenario - was there an open window or door somewhere and their precious son walked out? Maybe someone took him while Logan was reading? A multitude of things could have happened and he could only be reassured by Fraser's giggle.

Or when Roman's hands landed on his shoulders his heart rate immediately slowed. "When did you actually see him last My-Cro-Softie?" Roman asked with the nickname that always made Logan smile and his worries dissipate to a manageable amount.

"I... I honestly don't know. Let's retrace my steps." Logan took control of the situation again with a deep breath. After all, he knew he often went into a daze when he was in his regular routines - although that was usually at work not when he was in charge of a toddler.

The last place Logan went before going home was the library. He often went there several times a day either for his own pleasure or as a day out for Fraser as they often had activities going on in the kids section of the library that involved the kids being read to or practicing their reading or writing skills - or just playing until their adult wanted to take them away. And Fraser was becoming a book nerd like his father, often wanting to buy a book whenever Logan needed a top-up.

"So did he actually buy a book Logie?" Roman whispered as he held his husband's hand. Logan just had a look of determination searching for his little buddy in a unicorn t-shirt and wild curly ginger hair. A letter writing activity was happening in the kids area - but Fraser was not one involved.

But the pair walked to the librarian's desk and inquired what was brought last on Logan's library membership card. It was used that day: A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking, The Shakespeare Book by DK Books (a gift for Roman) and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. "And have you seen a little boy in a pink unicorn t-shirt - about yay high and happy as can be?" Roman interrupted making hand movements to illustrate Fraser's height. The librarian only shook her head.

"Mr Berry-King came here alone, I thought it was odd but expected the boy was being looked after somewhere else." She said, scanning an extra book that Logan bought 'since he was here'. Such behaviour was normal and expected from the nerd in stressful situations - Roman was surprised he didn't buy the entire store.

Before going to the library Logan (and supposably Fraser) went to visit Roman's brother. It was always lucky the two twins lived close together - in fact Remus lived between the daycare and library so almost everyday Fraser played with his uncle. Remus and his husband didn't have any kids themselves rather a pack of foster dogs that Remus loved to walk together for tough guy points. Sometimes Fraser walked with him, and while this decreased the tough guy points Remus loved him. He didn't love him as much as his partner though.

"Logie! Romano! What's the matter?" Patton chirped as he opened the door, immediately spotting the two men's worried faces. The Dalmatian Oreo circled and sat at Patton's feet with a chew toy.

"Have you seen Fraser? We maybe left him with you." Logan spoke quickly and looked behind Patton's shoulder. The miniature poodle Mia, pug Otis, and Saint Bernard Benji were playing together without Fraser. Remus wasn't there either which gave him hope, Patton loved giving Fraser extra snacks whenever he babysat and Remus often supervised if Patton was distracted.

But Patton tilted his head. "Fraser? I don't think so... I've just returned from work though." He then turned to the side and called for Remus, and Remus came bounding down the stairs with another dog - a Labrador named Boomer. "Hey baby, are you taking care of Fraser?"

Again Remus tilted his head and watched the two men confused before leaning against the archway of the door. "Well, you did come earlier Logan. You said Fraser wanted a water gun this weekend for the heatwave." And now Remus had said that he was correct. Logan remembered driving to the house and chatting to Remus about the heatwave over a cup of coffee - the house was silent apart from the constant barking so Fraser wasn't with him. But he should have just been collected from daycare.

So around an hour after Roman returned from work, and two hours after Logan visited the daycare the first time, the car parked at Sunny Sides Daycare again. The two fathers walked in holding hands, immediately spotting two of the daycare workers surrounding little Fraser in the sandpit. As soon as Fraser heard his fathers he ran up to them and tackled both of them in a hug. "Sorry I'm late buddy." Logan mumbled as Fraser strangled him with his arm. "Did you enjoy extra playtime?"

"Yeah! I made a pretty painting!" Fraser waved a red and blue painting as Logan explained the whole situation and paid the daycare workers for their extra hours. It turns out Logan did park in the car park, dissociated as he was finishing a chapter of his book, and thought Fraser was in the back of the car with him and went about his day. "Dad! Pay attention to me!"

Logan immediately perked up and grabbed his son from the floor, giving him a kiss on the cheek and an extra cuddle which made him giggle. "I'll never stop paying attention to you buddy - tell me if I do, OK?"

"OK Dad." Fraser chirped, and the three began finally walking home. The strawberries were still on the counter but the toddler didn't mind eating them that way, and was quickly given milk too so he was caught up with Logan's timetable. And lots of playtime together was added to the schedule too - Fraser would not be forgotten again.

Chapter Text

On Monday Thomas Sanders and Nico Flores were sat on the bench next to each other - Nico teaching his friends random words in his first language of Spanish. As Nico couldn't speak English that well he was shy around a lot of his class, but Thomas just took to him and was willing to ask his older brothers about what words he should know to make each other understandable.

This meant that the pair of five year olds were going to get married and grow to the old age of fifty together of course, at least according to their classmates. Two of these classmates were Roman Brenin and Virgil Puyal - Roman was the most enthusiastic about their friend's weddings and Virgil was just along for the ride because he always was. "I'm going to make them kiss!" Roman shouted, so loud that it was surprising Nico and Thomas didn't hear.

"Maybe they don't want to kiss?" Virgil whispered as he held his spider teddy close, a hoodie covering his brown features. Roman ignored his friend though, instead running over to the pair of lovebirds and jumping on Thomas' back.

"Do you want to kiss?" Roman chirped before the other kids could even say hello to him. They both just stared confused, but eventually they moved their heads - Thomas shook his head and Nico nodded. Roman's eyes glowed seeing Nico's nod - gasping loudly and pushing the two kids towards each other. They tried to mumble complaints instead of kissing and were only allowed to escape when Virgil quietly stood between them and stared Roman down.

Another thing with Roman and Virgil's friendship was that Virgil, although silent, had a magic touch over his friend. With just one disappointing look Roman stopped what he was doing and immediately began apologising - facing Virgil. "Sorry... You don't have to kiss if you want to! We'll leave now!"

And with that Roman and Virgil ran away, not speaking to the other pair for the rest of the day. Instead they played and Virgil tolerated Roman's hugs while they watched the other two children play.


On Tuesday Thomas and Nico were picking flowers together in the playground - Nico teaching Thomas the colours in Spanish. Opposite them, but far enough that the pairs couldn't hear each other, were best friends and neighbours Patton Hayvan and Janus Twyll. They were also picking flowers together making each other flower crowns (Janus reluctantly wore the flower crowns - Patton was happy to).

Patton's tanned hands waved in front of Janus' face, he then pointed at the pair of cuties. "We need to get them to fall in love!" He giggled, sewing the flower stems together. "We should collect flowers that Thomas could give to Nico!"

Janus had another idea, but helped Patton collect flowers from all around the playing field. The flowers were all different colours of the rainbow which Patton adored - he was shouting random colours and getting louder the more flowers he picked. When they got ample enough flowers they walked towards the pair, but not before Janus whispered: "distract Nico."

With one mission in mind Patton Naruto-ran over to Nico, pretty much trying to drag him away. "Come on, mi amigo! Let's go find squirrels in the trees!"

As Thomas was alone Janus saw his perfect time to strike. He was a mischievous little child - maybe he was going to be a compulsive liar as a teenager but those days were yet to come. All he knew was that lying got him what he wanted with his parents, and his friends and teachers believed him most of the time and it made magic things happen.

"Hey Thomas, you should give this bucket to Nico." Janus held out the bouquet of flowers shyly - he didn't quite understand words yet of course so exchanged the romantic French word for 'bucket'. Just like the day before Thomas raised his eyebrow and traced the daisy he was holding with his fingers.


"Because you should kiss him." Janus answered quickly, spotting Patton pretty much dragging Nico up a tree out the corner of his eye. The only problem with this whole plan was that his parents had said boys shouldn't kiss boys - so he shifted blame to get in trouble. "Patton said so."

When Janus looked back at Thomas he too was watching Nico and Patton 'play'. He then quickly turned back to Janus and gave him a challenging look. Without even realising the usually lying six year old was red as a rose. "Well - I dare you to give that to Patton." He said as he stood, then began walking proudly to the tree Patton and Nico were at. Janus followed noticeably shier and just watched Patton swinging his leg from the top of the tree.

He held the bouquet of yellow, white and blue flowers straight ahead of his as Thomas called Nico and Patton down. His eyes were just on the flowers - and eventually on Patton's blue eyes as the boy in the cat t-shirt realised what was going on.

Thomas and Nico ran away back to the flowers, giggling to themselves and the new romance they just caused.


On Wednesday Thomas and Nico were involved in a game of tag with two of their classmates - Roman's twin brother Remus Brenin and a more nerdy and reluctant Logan Akamai. The only thing that got Logan involved in this game was that Remus had grabbed the book he was reading. And Logan would never stop reading - it was a problem maybe diagnosed later or brought down to introversion.

"Nico! Stop catching me - you're on my team!" Thomas shouted, distracted from his prey of Remus by Nico's tap on his shoulder. For a moment the pair just stared at each other smiling - as if telling each other a little secret with his eyes - which made Logan and Remus stop.

Remus and Logan were another pair of best friends in their first grade class. But unlike other friends they didn't ask each other about what they'd do first - Remus just did things and dragged Logan along either out of concern or by force. During this staring contest was one of these times. Remus grabbed Logan's hand and ran opposite their classmates - then shouted something Logan definitely didn't expect. "Truth and dare! Kiss the person you're standing next to!"

Logan tried to duck from the impending action but unfortunately he was not born with quick reflexes and hadn't developed them yet in his six years of life. Luckily it was only a peck that lasted a second. It did make his heart beat faster a little and his cheeks became slightly red. Remus smiled triumphantly back at the other pair of kids - they just had raised eyebrows.

"Con...grats?" Nico mumbled, then smiled at them. "Can we carry on playing now?"

Quickly Logan nodded and began to run away. Whether because of the kiss or the game the other two were unsure - but they continued to play anyway. "Switch teams!" Remus screamed mid run and did a right angle turn towards Logan. For a moment Nico and Thomas stopped chasing and just watched Remus catch up to Logan - then grab him, dip him, and kiss his lips again. Logan erupted in red again and fell to the floor... just staring up at his friend in silence. "Do you like that dork?"

The small child nodded and erupted into a smile, and Remus gave him his book back but that was definitely not correlated. For the rest of the day Remus and Logan were more focused on each other and less on the 'best couple in first grade'. They did get lots of compliments from their fellow classmates and basked in the glory for the day.


While people were more distracted on Thursday by the 'new couple', there were still two best friends who wanted to see Thomas and Nico fall in love and get married. That was Remy Ikhofi and Emile Sadiq - they weren't involved in the main group of friends but still watched the two apparent lovebirds from afar.

Nico and Thomas were playing in the sandpit and making sandcastles together (or at least trying to), giggling and sticking their tongues out at each other. "Ooh! Imagine if they wrote love letters for reach other in the sand Remy!" Emile smiled as he draw in his colouring book. Remy was colouring with him but mainly just drawing coffee - his favourite drink.

"They're too cowardly for that babe." Remy chirped back, he platonically called everyone 'babe' and 'loves' - probably a habit learnt from his coffee-obsessed parents that he seemed to be following in the footsteps of. Emile was still watching the kids in the sandpit until they were distracted by Roman's shouts that Remus and Logan were 'doing cute married people things' and of course that meant they had to see. "You want to write a message for them?" Remy chirped - seemingly reading his friend's mind.

Emile quickly ran towards the sandpit and began to write (Remy gave advice on what to write but they were mainly ignored as they weren't cute enough). They wanted to make something that looked like it was made by Thomas - they didn't exactly know the logic of the whole thing but they were expecting Nico to hug Thomas and kiss him like the movies after reading it. "There! Will you marry me, Nico?"

Before Remy could give him input on the sentence he spotted Nico and Thomas making their way towards the sandpit again. He grabbed Emile's hand and ran behind a tree - his eyes wide expecting to watch magic.

Thomas and Nico both stared at the question in the sand in silence, then simply smiled at each other. It was underwhelming but it fit their character thus far. Both Emile and Remy complained for a little bit in mumbles and groans until they too were distracted by a nearby soccer game starting.


Everyone was playing together on Friday in a giant game of Mr Wolf. Partners took in turns to stand at the top of the climbing frame, covering their eyes and saying a number, whoever reached the climbing frame was Wolf next.

Nico and Thomas were sat next to each other. "What's the time Mr Wolf?" The group shouted at the pair. After some silence the couple decided on three o'clock. The group took their steps - Logan up first soon followed by his partner Remus who was cheating a little bit to be next to his playground husband, then Roman and Virgil were using Virgil's quick legs and Roman's smart (slightly cheating) tactics, then Remy and Emile were running off their shared coffee breakfast and lastly Patton and Janus were getting more distracted by butterflies and Janus had to make sure his friend didn't run off.

After a few rounds Remus managed to overtake Logan, grabbing Nico while he was counting and climbing on his back. Nico shyly laughed and tried to keep his balance. "Now because I win you two have to kiss!" Remus laughed before running over to Logan and kissing his cheek. They all expected Thomas and Nico to look confused and ignore the request again but they were incorrect.

Thomas smirked at Nico and grabbed his hand, making sure to reveal the holding hands to the rest of the class who gasped and grunted like monkeys. Nico then swooped in and kissed Thomas' cheek - and the shouts only got louder.

"It's our week anniversary!" Thomas shouted to the crowd, trying to ignore his pink cheeks as he held his partner. Needless to say there were lots of questions - and the game was forgotten for the rest of recess because of it.

Chapter Text

Virgil readjusted his purple patchwork tie as he walked up the stairs of the wedding venue, ruins of a castle build in the 16th century. It wasn't his own wedding, his time for romance had long since gone, rather his daughter's. His little girl that he used to dress up in spider onesies was now in a dressing room getting ready to marry the love of her life.

Violet was the apple of her father's eye. She inherited her father's obsession with purple and wore it all the time - it was even the colour of her wedding dress (her fiancee was wearing a matching blue one), but unlike her father Violet was quite a happy kid and adult. Even though a lot of things had happened in her life so far she kept her head up.

The cautious father knocked on the dressing room door. "Lottie-Love? Can your Dad come give you one last hug before you're a married woman?"

Violet quickly opened the door and trapped her father in a hug, shivering and not because her bare arms were showing. The father immediately kicked into the mode he had been in the last 25 years - and his favourite mode - the mode of a father. "OK, take a deep breath little sepal... You can tell me anything." He mumbled, carrying his panicking daughter inside the room with his limited strength and closing the door again. Violet eventually let go and took deep breaths, looking at the floor.

"I'm scared Dad. Really scared." She eventually mumbled out as she fiddled with her freshly manicured fingertips. Virgil only nodded, letting her speak. In silence the bride walked to her vanity and fiddled with her curls and hair pieces while staring at herself in the mirror. "What if this doesn't work out?"

"I'm sure it will love, Sapphire has adored you since you met." Virgil reassured and stood behind her, visible in the mirror as he brushed her hair through the mirror.

Sapphire was a cheesy, preppy, very extroverted sorority girl Violet met in college who majored in creative writing and was gay. She had strawberry blond hair and was obsessed with the colour blue. They became best friends quite quickly, firstly attending pride together (as Violet was pansexual) as friends until one year where a few interesting new interactions lead to a romance. Virgil had met her and her family several times and loved her.

"But... What if it doesn't work out - in a different way?" Violet quietly chirped, her hazel eyes glowing. Virgil could tell what she was thinking about even before she said it. "I wish Mom was here." She whispered, fiddling with the ends of her hair and fiddling with the jewelled flowers across her chest.

"I wish she was here too..." Virgil mumbled with a sigh, before lifting his daughter's chin up and smirking at her in the mirror. "But she'd want to see you happy, wouldn't she?"

Violet smiled too and wiped her eyes from the tears, fixing up her makeup again. She looked so pretty at the moment - Virgil was so proud and now he was almost crying. He reached down and hugged the woman just before she stood and smiled widely at her father. "You sure you're alright?" Virgil mumbled, his anxiety now kicking in that this moment was actually happening.

"I'm perfect Dad, I'm so excited." She gleamed wide, picturing her fiancee in her eyes also smiling wide and most likely jumping up and down with her fathers. "Do you need a minute before walking me down the aisle?"

Virgil needed more than a minute - he probably needed the entire service as he was already beginning to bawl his eyes out. Not long ago he was picking up his little girl from her first day of kindergarten with the Dora the Explorer backpack double the width of her on her back and dressed in a Barbie dress. She used to chat about dolls and dreams of being a princess and the cute friend at school; now she was talking about house prices and taxes and her job as a fashion designer. And on top of that she just so beautiful in her dress and holding her bouquet.

But he managed to sniff down a few emotions and hug her daughter one last time. "Stop growing up so fast you make me feel old." He chirped and punched her shoulder. Violet giggled too and looked towards the door that blocked her from her ceremony she had planned for an entire year.

The wedding went off without a hitch. Both brides walked down together, with their fathers either side. Well, Patton held Sapphire's arm while Roman was flower girl along with Violet's little sister and they were both dramatically throwing petals all over the venue (getting some giggles from the other guests). During the vows both Virgil and Violet began crying (and Sapphire and her family too but they cried at everything).

After the ceremony was the quite crowded reception - but Sapphire and Violet seemed to be enjoying themselves by dancing and eating cake. Virgil stayed by the bar with some grape juice and watched them, knowing he should let his daughter dance with her lover but also desperately wanting to dance with his little girl like before. "New family member!" Virgil heard in the distance before feeling a 'Pat' on his back and a giggle.

"Hey Pat, you can stop being hyper now." Patton's husband soon followed - also laughing but making sure Patton didn't break Virgil's back. "I think someone snuck too much icing in their mouth during the ceremony."

"Did not!" Patton shouted back, crossing his arms and sticking out his tongue. Even Virgil had to laugh at the cheery father being caught red handed. "Anyway... Now we're a family, you want to come to our family holiday to Disneyland next year? Violet said yes."

Roman, Patton and Sapphire went to the Disney parks every year since their family began - Virgil knew that but seemed surprised every single year that it was still happening. At this rate the hyper husbands will be pushing 90 and Sapphire and Violet will be pushing their teenagers around the 'magic'. But Virgil nodded anyway, sipping his drink as his eyes wondered to his daughter again. She was laughing and having fun with her wife.

And Virgil was so happy he let his daughter grow up.

Chapter Text

Technically the competitions all began at the twins' birth, but they only accelerated as they got older. It was always friendly of course - but Roman and Remus were identical and always mixed up at birth which meant they constantly wanted to outshine each other. When they became adults it didn't change. Roman got a wife, Remus got a husband and they planned to have kids at the same time. Whoever had a baby first would win this particular 'competition'.

It was 5am when Roman heard the cry of his first son - Harkin - and he immediately burst into a smile. Remus hadn't mentioned his baby was due yet (although he said he and his husband had a surrogate). "Wow... He's here babe." Roman finally realised his hand was not being crushed to death during the labour. His wife was sweating and panting slightly, her ginger hair now greasy but she also had a smile. "Looks like he has your red hair."

Harkin finally reached his mother for some skin-to-skin cuddles. He was so small and wrinkly, a tuft of ginger hair on his head as he seemed nervous to open his eyes and face the world. Roman's role as a father was to make sure all that worry would go away.

"Mind if I call Remus to give him the news?" Roman whispered, first cradling Harkin with a stroke of his hand before his wife nodded with a smile. She knew Roman and Remus' weird bond of course and absolutely adored it. Both twin's partner's got along with the opposite twin quite well and often encouraged their competitiveness.

Of course Roman wanted to take the call outside the ward to not disturb little Harkin; he watched the midwives and nurses all running around the hallways in and out of rooms around him. He brought his phone out with a triumphant smile in order to call Remus - but not before he heard a shout.

"HEY DORK!" Roman heard across the corridor before seeing Remus running to him in his pyjamas. His husband Remy was behind him with a baby carrier across his chest, seemingly talking to it which erased the new father's proud smile. "Is Emma giving birth? Get in there!"

"Did you just have yours?" Roman responded, smiling at his brother's new excitement which definitely meant he was now a father too. The twin nodded excitedly, beckoning his partner over so Roman could see his nephew. A full head of brown hair that was exactly like the twins, along with baby blue eyes and tanned skin. He was also a little cutie, not as cute as his own of course. "So this is Moss?"

Remus was jumping up and down on the spot and stroking his son's hair. "He's adorable isn't he? Seven pounds seven, came out screaming which is a mood, born at 4:34am. Does Emma want any good luck?"

"All the luck has already been given. Harkin was born at... 5:04am." Roman checked the time on his phone to make sure, maybe also to escape his twin's triumphant smile that he stole from him. "He's a little underweight but otherwise healthy. How about we meet up again when the sun's actually up to give our boys their first play date?"

"That sounds great." Remus' husband said as he choked a yawn. "I need a nap and coffee before my Starbucks shift in the morning."

And with that the two new fathers walked away with their newborn, leaving Roman to scowl to himself before remembering he had his own little son inside the ward by some soft wails. He quickly turned back and spotted his wife nursing their son - the proudest smile erupted on his face. Emma glanced at him and quieted her giggle, she probably heard Remus' voice from outside the door.

"What's the chance your boys were born on the same day huh?" She laughed, and the new parents stared down at their baby until they were allowed to leave.


Just over a year later the twins were having a little bit of a get together with their partners for Remus and his husband's anniversary. Remy was sat at the table with some coffee opposite their baby who was reaching to Remus to be carried out of the high chair. Emma, Roman and Harkin were sat on the play-mat with Harkin playing with blocks (although mostly chewing them as he was teething).

"You really want another infant?" Remus gasped with extreme exaggeration he shared with his brother, laughing at the idea that Roman and Emma were even considering giving Harkin a sibling. "Weren't you complaining last week that Hark's really fussy with his food lately?"

Roman rolled his eyes at his brother and made a funny face at his son, who was watching him with wide happy hazel eyes. Moss soon joined him and grabbed a block from the pile to throw across the living room and get his fathers to chase. "That's why we're waiting another year. Hark has been a really calm kid, I kind of expected the chaos you have with Moss."

The babies seemed to be really entertained with the block activity together. Harkin would stack the blocks and then Moss would take the one just placed and throw it across the room giggling. Remus was in charge making sure the blocks didn't hit anyone and returned to Harkin. "Moss is definitely being an only child with this behaviour. He's as bad as his Dad." Remy mumbled from the table, sticking his tongue out at the baby who giggled and threw another block in his direction back.

Harkin gave one of the blocks on the floor ahead of him a determined look which made Remus pause. The block was a short distance away from the pair as Moss had no arm strength yet but not close enough that the kids could reach for it staying where they were. Moss could crawl a little (in order to get away from his parents) but Harkin hadn't tried moving himself yet although he could sit up. Neither of them were close to walking until...

"Oh shit your boy's on the move!" Remus shouted excitedly, staying a distance away while Harkin walked to the block. Emma was filming their boy of course while Roman was whispering soft encouragements to his son when he waddled. He eventually reached the block and giggled as he finally fell and held it up.

"Looks like I win." Roman taunted and stuck his tongue out at his brother who only scowled. Their sons walking hadn't particularly been a competition from the start but since Harkin was the first to do it, it now was. Instead of making the little boy walk back on his own his mother picked him up and cradled him. "You have any strawberries? Hark loves those."

Remus sat with his son while Roman and Emma raided the fridge with their soon-to-be-toddler, soon joined by Remy. Of course it didn't matter that Harkin hit the milestone first in the long run - the fathers would adore their boy whatever they achieved in life and whoever they decided to be. Remy squished his son's cheek before he complained in a mumble and threw a block ahead of him again.

Instead of getting the block again Remus decided to instil a little discipline (which he hardly did). "If you want it you can get it yourself kiddo." Remus mumbled and smiled down at the baby, maybe even offering to help him stand up but it didn't look like he needed that. Moss stood and stuffed a fist in his mouth, marching towards the block and holding it up for his fathers to see. Remy and Remus immediately clapped which got the attention of the other family. "Roman! Can you get some grapes while you're in the kitchen?"


It was 6pm and Remus and Roman were driving together to meet their sons at the after school club they attended together - the elementary school's Theatre Club. Most of the time only one of them went to drop both kids home but this time both went. It was performance night, and their respective partners were busy at work.

"Did Moss tell you what song he's singing?" Roman asked while texting Emma on his phone - she wanted to know everything and have everything filmed. The only problem was that Harkin hadn't revealed anything about this particular performance whereas usually he'd happily share what song he'd chosen and practiced.

Remus hummed as if considering about it, before speaking slowly. "Don't think he did. He speaks a lot though so I might have missed it. It's Remy that actually listens."

The stage was decorated with the hand-painted decorations that the elementary schoolers made, scribbled letters showing 'Sanders School Talent Show'. The club did a talent show at the end of every semester for a bit of positive reinforcement, and there was usually some charity raising while they were there. But most important for the twins was that their sons loved it - they loved competing with each other like their fathers did.

After a few ear-screeching performances from the first graders and slightly easier to listen to performances from the second and third graders, it was the fourth graders' turn. Harkin and Moss had the same surname as their fathers were twins and usually alternated between the two each term. Roman and Remus were prepared to judge each other's kids with sweet and salty popcorn and Diet Coke.

That was not in the plans this time though. It was absolute silence when Moss and Harkin walked out together, holding hands, mischievous smiles on their faces looking directly at their parents. "What the fuck are they planning..." Remus whispered to his brother, quietly so that no parents or younger siblings heard him. Roman only shrugged - confused about what their performance would be - until they heard a familiar song.

'Whatever You Can Do, I Can Do Better' from Annie Get Your Gun (reasonably censored).

"Those smarty pants." Roman whispered with a chuckle as the song started, Remus was stuffing his face with popcorn. But eventually Remus had to unleash a chuckle as the cousins were playfully pushing each other and twirling toy pistols and empty water guns. "They knew this song describes their fathers."

"They also know how the element of surprise works apparently too." Remus laughed, helping Roman set up a camera so Emma wouldn't freak out that they missed a precious moment of their oldest son's life. She must have had at least 400 or 500 hours of footage throughout Hawkin's 9 years. But to be fair Moss was most likely the same apart from with photographs that decorated Remy's coffee shop.

When the song finished Harkin and Moss held hands again and marched off stage, but not before sticking their tongues out which made the fathers giggle. All the drive home they insisted joining teams for that performance was worth it to see their dads shocked faces - and that the song idea was given by their teachers and improved by their other parent. Emma and Remy had a lot of questions that night, and Moss and Harkin were encouraged to do that kind of performance again.

After all, they didn't want an actual rivalry between the cousins - just a friendly one. They wanted their sons to be eternal friends and grow old together with their own kids making silly but friendly challenges. And so far that mission seemed to be happening. They were best friends.

Chapter Text

Janus was relaxing by rewatching Law and Order for the fifth time that week, he had the day off work to relax. His husband, Remus, was nowhere to be seen but that was usual as he liked playing hide-and-seek with himself. Looking back, Janus was proud of what his life was now. He had moved in his Remus, married him, and they were working on the next steps together. Janus' life was actually exciting now.

But he was rudely disturbed from his binge-watching by frantic knocking on the flat's front door. "Come in Rat-Man!" He screamed, but Remus didn't open the door and the knocking kept coming. Instead Remus ran down the stairs (emerging from thin air like usual) and looked curiously at the door before opening it.

Roman burst in frantically, Mason attached to him at the hip and looking around happily but curiously. His father seemed less happy and calm, looking at his watch and speaking quicker than his lips could run. "Thank God you're home! I have to head off to work and Logan's still at the toddler play group with Aspen - thanks for the help!" And with that Roman ran off again and left Mason by the door staring up at his uncles. To be fair moments like these were quite common - Roman and Logan were now in charge of two little kids so were constantly running around after each other and managing full-time jobs at the same time. Slip-ups were bound to happen.

But Mason didn't seem to mind his father's sudden run off, instead smiled up at Remus who was looming above him. "Hi! Can we play a game?"

Without even getting a response the five year old ran towards the board games drawer Janus and Remus kept tucked away and only revealed in family gatherings. Mason loved all the board games though (mainly because his uncles weren't softies so he actually had to try to win instead of winning automatically due to his age). He set out the game in silence with only proud smiles needed to reassure him.

"Please tell Roman to get a family calendar if he and Logan want a third kid." Janus whispered to his husband as he walked past to get a glass of water. Logan and Roman were definitely family people and loved having kids, maybe because Logan felt insanely protective over both of them, but they would heavily have to reconsider their timetable if they wanted a fifth member of their family. They were good parents of course - just not perfect organisers.

"Did your Dad say how long you'd be here kid?" Remus said as he sat opposite Mason. The child only shrugged and sucked his thumb setting out all the Game of Life pieces. He seemed quiet - something that made Remus' protectiveness hit in. Mason was newly a big brother as Remus' brother and husband had adopted a new toddler that was making all their previous schedules fly in the air. "How are you finding being a big brother then?"

After another few second of silence Janus sat with the pair around the table again - then Mason answered the question. "She cries a lot, she likes books though." That seemed to be all that Mason said before he began the game, and for a while the uncles and kindergartener played together. The uncles loved it. They remembered when Mason was a shouting little baby eating mushed carrots and now he was an actual human with his own distinct personality.

Janus just watched Mason chirp and giggle, his mind completely in another place. The place of him being a father... That was coming soon. Remus and Janus had asked Janus' sister to be their surrogate and she was quite far into her pregnancy. Before they knew it they'd also be fathers with a wide eyed little kid of their own. Janus wondered what their kid would be like - what traits they'd have - who they'd be... Nothing could change the love for his kid of course but he did really hate his heterochromia that his sister also had.

It took two games of Game of Life and one game of Uno for Mason to be bored of all the games and he asked if he could watch TV. It was Logan who was hyper about screen-time and development - his uncles didn't care. So he seemed happy sitting on the floor and watching the Lego Movie, cuddling his teddy (gifted by Remus on his second birthday), and covered in a blanket. It wasn't late - the uncles just didn't know if Mason still had naps or not so thought he could be prepared anyway.

But the movie night was disturbed again when Janus got a call from his sister. "Hey Donnie..." Janus mumbled, his leg hugging his knee casually but he soon seemed more shocked. "Pain? Where?"

Remus also perked up at that question and looked away from the colourful television screen. Mason concentrated on the pixels sucking his thumb while Janus lowered his voice only loud enough to hear. "You think it's the real thing? ... Well, yes, but we just have Roman's squirt under our care at the moment." Every sentence Remus heard from his husband made him shake even more, and the shaking captivated Mason curiously. Eventually Janus ended the call and smiled at Remus and Mason. "Looks like we're going to the hospital today."

Walking down the corridor Janus was helping his sister walk to the ward while Remus carried Mason (he decided this time of all times he was feeling a little tired). As time went by the screaming from Janus' sister got louder, and of course this scared little Mason.

"What's the matter buddy?" Remus chirped happily, noticing a sign that said children weren't allowed in the birthing wards so he just placed Mason down and ducked to be eye level with him. Mason just looked side-to-side and then grabbed his uncle again as another scream erupted. "It's OK..." Remus tried to soothe as Mason started to cry - but he wasn't the best at soothing.

"What's happening Uncle?" Mason mumbled as he held the teddy he had close. Now this was going to be difficult... How much had Logan and Roman told their son about how babies were made? How much should a five year old know? Should he just ignore the crying boy and wait until Mason brought it up with his parents?

He decided against the whole ignoring act, and went the stereotypical baby-making route. "Have your Dads told you about the pelicans that deliver babies?" Mason nodded his head. "Well, in order to get the pelican to come someone has to scream really loud. Janus and I have tried to scream for it but it hadn't worked - so we have Janus' sister to help."

That answer seemed good enough for the kindergartener. He cuddled into Remus' chest and watched all the nurses and midwives around him. The tough looking uncle wasn't going to lie and say he didn't love holding Mason in a hug - and soon he'd be able to do the same with his own kid. Watching Mason just made him even more excited.

It took a few hours for him to be disturbed when Remus heard his brother's scream at the other end of the hospital department. Nurses guided Roman and his out of breath husband towards where Remus was standing with their boy.

"Thank you so much for taking him Remus." Roman chirped as he took Mason, Logan soon following behind him out of breath from running and holding the couple's two year old. It was only then Roman gave his brother a quizzical look. "What are you doing out here? Isn't your child being born in the other room?"

"Kids under 16 are not allowed in the mater-"

"Do I look like I want excuses? See your baby!" Roman screamed back, dramatic as always. So Remus did as told, walking into the room he was stood beside to help his husband and sister-in-law get the couple's baby.

Another few hours later Remus and Janus could finally hold their little baby... a little girl. The only problem was that the new parents procrastinated looking for names for their new family member - and after all the stress and energy taken from them during the birth Janus and Remus' heads were empty. Luckily the prepared parents, Roman and Logan, were soon allowed in the room too with their two spawn. They first attended to the person who just gave birth, but their kids were more interested in the new human that appeared out of nowhere.

"She's pretty - I like her!" Mason said proudly, stroking the baby's head and curiously poking her fontanels which Logan caught and persuaded him not to do. Aspen was just sucking on her pacifier and watching all of the humans around her talk. "What's her name?"

"We don't know." Janus said sheepishly. Mason seemed to light up at that.

"She looks like an Ella." He mumbled, sucking his thumb again as Roman and Logan finally paid attention to the newborn. But Remus and Janus were silent, watching their daughter, and saying the name 'Ella' aloud and in their heads. The child was right - it fit.

Ella opened her eyes and mumbled as she looked up at her fathers. Janus and Remus smiled widely and spoke in unison.

"Hey Ella, welcome to the world."

Chapter Text

Virgil was lying in bed and staring at the ceiling, only silence surrounding him which he hated. He turned to the side, wanting to see his husband lying next to him and whispering sweet nothings, sharing high school memories the pair had together. But instead he was alone, like usual, and he hated it. He yet again had to take their kids to bed all by himself, wrap up some leftovers and put it in the fridge... He just wanted to be hugged by his lover.

He went downstairs when he realised he couldn't sleep and just waited on the sofa with his hoodie wrapped around him. There were owls hooting outside and a little bit of rain hitting the windows - Virgil loved watching the rain. He actually saw rain more than the person he was married to.

The door opened slowly and Virgil saw the silhouette of his husband walk through the door. "Hey Emo..." Roman mumbled, yawning and getting the spaghetti bolognese out of the fridge, then sitting opposite Virgil. No hugs, no kissing, no anything - just a 'hey'.

But he soon realised Virgil's angry glare and sat up with his mouth full of pasta. He just awkwardly finished his mouthful and tried to think of some conversation. But Virgil knew he didn't know anything about what going on in his own house. He was too involved with his stupid business or whatever.

"How was Joey's performance?" He finally remembered what one of his children was doing. Joey was their oldest son and a keen musician - much like his father was a keen performer before this whole hotel job took off. Not that Roman seemed to care. He'd never take time off to do anything with his kids. That's why Virgil didn't answer - looking away from him. "What's the matter Hot Topic?"

That's when Virgil glared. He can't call him that when Virgil wanted to be in a mood with him - it was unfair. "What's the matter?" He scoffed, rolling his eyes and walking to the kitchen to get some water.

"What do you think is the matter? What time did you go to work this morning?"

Roman sighed, immediately realising Virgil's mood. "6am... I did give you a kiss before I went though." Virgil didn't stop his glaring, just leant against the wall and sipped his drink. Roman had avoided his home-cooked meal, the first time he was actually focused fully on Virgil in a while. "Do you want to talk about something?"

"I'll assume you don't have time... Surely you have a work call by now?" Virgil said nonchalantly, spinning the water in his glass with his finger. Roman just sighed and walked up to his husband, holding his hand and trying to give him a fond look if Virgil avoided each look. Then he quickly turned his head. "Let go of me." He said sinisterly, and Roman did as told.

But Roman never gave up anything without a fight even though he was now stood back. "Can you talk to me about what you're feeling instead of this... Silence?" Virgil shook his head. "Please JD, I'm happy to talk about this if I did something wrong."

"Oh you did nothing wrong Sir Sing-A-Lot." Virgil snapped with his arms crossed, and for a moment Roman actually looked happy thinking he did nothing wrong. He tried to reach for Virgil again, but again Virgil refused. The confused expression then returned to Roman's face. He really was clueless. But surely Roman must know what he did wrong - they were married and had known each other since they were 16. Roman should be able to read his mind by now. He couldn't help but groan and yell as all the frustration was let out. "I... God, you're so stupid! Why don't you understand why I'm mad?"

The tune of Roman's expression seemed to immediately change at that - to one of hurt and anger. "Because you aren't communicating Virgil. I've just been at work for sixteen hours I don't have time to deal with your shi..." Roman managed to stop himself when he saw Virgil tearing up and snuffling, and he immediately regretted raising his voice. "Sorry. I just need to see where you're standing on whatever issue this is here. You know I love you and always will."

"Can you do the bedtime routine with me tomorrow?"

Virgil's hopeful chirp unfortunately had to be squashed as Roman had a meeting tomorrow he needed to attend. "I can't. There's a meeting with an investor and the extra income would really help..."

And Virgil was glaring again. That answer was not satisfactory, and he was back to the beginning with all this. "I suppose I'll have to see what I can do." And just as Virgil began looking a little hopeful Roman's phone rang. He immediately picked it up and answered it, disregarding his previous conversation with his husband and talking about the meeting tomorrow and how to get the best investment with top-notch conversation skills.

Virgil scoffed and rolled his eyes, getting ready to go up to bed again and lock the door before he saw his youngest daughter - 3 year old Athena. As Virgil was seemingly the only father in the household he immediately walked over to his little girl. "Hey sweetie, it's late." He whispered, kissing the blond girl's forehead and glaring at his husband (who was facing away) for a second. Athena seemed to spot this body language and immediately piped up.

"Dad!" She shouted towards the man on the phone, who immediately turned his head even though he was midway through a phone call. Magically this seemed to get Roman to remember his previous conversation and he turned back to his phone again.

"Actually now I think about it... My kids have really missed me because of all the hours, can I have the day off?"

Virgil couldn't hide his smile as he watched Roman get permission to take the day off work, and then he turned back to his daughter and husband and smiled at them both. "Shall we have a fun day out tomorrow girlie?" Roman smiled and picked Athena up. She immediately smiled wide seeing her father pay attention to her.

So Roman took Athena to bed and read her another bedtime story, then realised the faint saxophone sound coming from Joey's room and told him to get to bed too. For once Virgil could step back from the constant routine of managing their two kids and watch Roman take over. And that night he could cuddle his husband and whisper sweet nothings and high school memories to him until the early hours of the morning, and wake up in his arms. Virgil missed his husband's nice soft arms.

Chapter Text

"Fried rice for my favourite rascal!" Remus shouted, placing the meal he'd just cooked on the dining table and grabbing Logan's daughter for a larger than life hug. The girl giggled loudly as she was tickled and Remus could see his boyfriend out the corner of his eye smiling calmly but with absolute love in his eyes. He could never forget that look.

"Is this a new recipe you found Remus? Or did Roman learn it at work and you stole the idea?" Logan chirped, first getting a serving for his daughter and then his partner and lastly himself. Logan was maybe the most selfless person Remus knew - or he just wasn't a food hoarder.

"Roman willingly gave it to me!" Remus said proudly as he kissed Logan's cheek. Nova also sat down as she got her serving and started shovelling it happily in her mouth. She was making her new t-shirt messy but Remus had managed to teach her hyper-clean father to not care and relax about those sort of things. Instead of trying to stop her Logan grabbed Remus' hand and smirked at him.

Nova seemed to watch the boyfriends hold hands and then chirped. "When are you two going to get married?" She asked, the question automatically making Logan blush and squeeze his boyfriend's hand. Nova used to ask the question all the time when she was a toddler - it only started again recently. Remus also coughed gently, pretending it to be on his food, as he didn't even know how to handle the marriage question. Being a boyfriend still felt so new. "Come on! You've been dating for almost 4 years!"

After a few seconds of awkward silence Logan finally had the courage to speak. "Some relationships go slower than others Nova... We aren't ready for marriage yet." Logan always spoke so clearly to his daughter and everything was even more understandable whenever he said it. And he was grateful he could speak for his boyfriend too, because he knew it was Remus that was scared about going quick. Sure he had known Remus since college and Nova since she was born but he was scared of everything involved with the next steps in their relationship. It felt like he had just kissed his crush in the rain 3 minutes ago and now everyone around him was married and being parents and had their lives together.

He started to feel that way when Virgil proposed to Patton four months into Remus and Logan's relationship. As Patton was Logan's childhood friend he heard every single detail about the preparations for the wedding, and also got constant nudges about how he could marry Remus someday. The married couple then adopted three kids called Leo, Thomas and Gavin that were now Nova's best friends. Yet Remus still lived with his brother rather than his boyfriend and every forward movement felt like an immense pressure into a life he was scared about.

So unsurprisingly when Remus went to bed alone that night his mind was still wondering what to do. Was the relationship healthy? He hoped so, he adored Logan with every fibre of his being and had since they were 18. He wanted to do all the typical relationship things with the person he loved but there was always something holding him back. What if they annoyed each other eventually? What if they fell out of love as quickly as they realised their love for each other? And most importantly - what if he actually became a bad father to Nova if he was with her all the time?

Remus' quick thoughts immediately silenced when his phone vibrated - from Logan.

Hey My Duke, Nova's school has just cancelled classes tomorrow (something about the plumbing) but the high school is still in action - can you take care of her tomorrow?

The curse of his boyfriend being a teacher - he was busy a lot. It was bad for when the pair wanted to take a date, but it meant that he and their other friends got the opportunity to help raise Nova growing up by almost-daily babysitting before she started school. When Remus started dating him however Logan preferred to pass his daughter onto his boyfriend. Remus did love it, he loved being the person someone like Logan relied on for once. That wasn't often on his track record.

Of course babe. Can't wait ;)


It was 6am When Remus drove to Logan's house, parking and spotting Logan only just leaving with his briefcase, laptop bag and the multitude of books he took to work every day. And he was dressed in the suit and tie that made Remus swoon. "Is she still asleep dork?" Remus called as he eventually caught up to Logan and gave him a long but soft kiss. Logan took the kiss happily and smiled, stroking Remus' cheek, his lover's arm was around his waist.

"She'll be up soon don't worry. Thank you so much for the short notice." Logan's soft voice was still in a whisper probably from getting ready for work so early - and Remus could never get enough of Logan's whispers. Such a simple thing drove him mad. Drove him so mad he had to take another long kiss. "Well aren't you touchy today?" Logan giggled as he broke the kiss and finally untangled himself. "After work I promise we can have a date - if you want - and we can pass Nova off to Roman or Janus. But I have to go now."

And just like that Logan ran to his car for work. Remus welcomed himself into the house and watched TV until Nova would emerge; luckily that wasn't until 8am when Nova emerged in her blue tie-dye night gown yawning. "Are you taking care of me Remus?" She mumbled and sat down next to the babysitter - Remus quickly turned the channel before she could realise what he was watching.

"Yep - what's the plan today?" He said, smiling at her but keeping his eyes on the TV he was watching. Nova only shrugged and stood again saying she was going to shower upstairs. Remus turned the TV down and listened just in case.

But Nova soon returned with her knotty wavy hair around her face and a hairbrush in her hand. "Can you do two plaits?" She asked, and then sat on Remus' lap. This was something Nova loved about Remus. Remus was the only friend of Logan who had long hair and therefore he knew how to do all different hairstyles that the others did not. Sometimes Nova used to have a tantrum if Logan didn't drive to Remus' house so she could have her hair how she wanted it - he had tried to teach his boyfriend a few hairstyles but all he could manage was a messy bun or a ponytail that only lasted 2 hours.

"What are you thinking about Remus?" Nova chirped, grumbling a little as Remus brushed through knots. Remus only mumbled to himself for a second and raised an eyebrow. Nova giggled. "You thinking about Dad's kisses?"

"Maybe..." He laughed. His smile was soft around Nova, it always was, she just always made everything feel so right.

"Do you really not want to marry him?"

Remus sighed, finishing one plait and moving onto the next. He really did want to marry Logan. He had ever since they were 18 and he spotted the nerd revising in the university library when he was recovering from a hangover after a frat party. He loved how unique he was, other men were head over heels with him when he became a fraternity brother and it seemed too easy to move forward. With Logan it was different - he was so independent and didn't care about romance until that one rainy day and that one small kiss.

"Why do you want us to get married anyway squirt? We love each other so much that marriage is just a party." Remus said slowly as he brushed, Nova was silent, the TV was the only background noise. There was one thing that felt right to remind her... So he spoke even more gentle and held her in a hug. "And... If you think you can only call me Dad once I married your father that's not true. You can call me whatever you want and a ceremony has nothing to do with it."

Nova's arms were crossed as she looked down. This was the saddest Remus had seen her and it made him want to hold her even more and shelter her until she was the laughing, shouting kid she always would be in Remus' eyes.

"Dad told me Auntie Amelia is my mom..." She mumbled, and just hearing that made Remus stop. This was not something Logan had updated him on - he had talked about telling Nova she was technically his biological niece for a while but had always procrastinated it. It didn't seem to go well though - Logan wasn't always the best with words.

"What do you think about that?" Nova shook her head and slumped into Remus some more. It was now all up to Remus to have a talk with a child dealing with confusing emotions he sometimes couldn't deal with himself. "Well... Just because she gave birth to you doesn't mean she's your mom. She could still be your auntie, and it doesn't effect how much Logan loves and cares about you."

"I want two dads."

"And you can! Little secret... I consider you my daughter and I have ever since I saw you wrapped in a little swaddle at a few days old." Nova smiled at that, still silent as Remus finished her hair and cuddled her. "As does Logan. You have two dads and you always will."

"Can my two dads live together?" She smirked, and immediately Remus chuckled and ruffled her now-not-neat hair. She was always so sly with getting what she wanted - and Remus always had to give into her cuteness.

"Of course they can kiddo." Remus stood up and turned off the TV, then thought about what he was going to do with his 7 year old that day. In the end he decided on seeing a movie at the cinema, going shopping, and getting ice cream.

Unsurprisingly Remus did not go home that night, and Roman threw his suitcase at the door the following weekend.

Chapter Text

Patton was running across the park picking flowers, all different flowers he didn't know the names of but didn't care. He was going to make a flower crown for his high school brother Logan who was reading a book on a bench close by. He could probably ask his brother what flowers he was picking but at the same time he didn't want to disturb him - and he'd hear all about the breeds of flowers on the walk home anyway.

When he got closer to the play area of the park he watched all the other kids his age on the equipment. He did like playing in the play park sometimes but not always as he didn't want to break his glasses (and they broke a lot). Most kids were playing with each other or otherwise occupied apart from one. One child in a Minecraft creeper t-shirt with messy unbrushed brown hair was staring at him.

The staring kid first walked forwards slowly towards the gate Patton was peeking over, a small smirk on his face that made Patton giggle and backed away. The kid seemed determined with a crazy smile on his face - and before Patton knew it they were both running in the field.

"Imma get you!" The Minecraft boy screamed, summoning a wooden diamond sword out of nowhere and also wiggling that about. He was very memorable with his slightly unhinged behaviour and laugh but no other kids seemed scared of him. At that age Patton wasn't scared of anyone though. And even if this kid was actually insane Logan was only a metre away with a giant thick book that he could hit people with.

Patton fell to the ground as the kid landed on top of him with a large smile. "Got you!" He shouted proudly, crossing his arms over his chest and pretty much straddling the child he just met. "What's your name? I'm Remus!"

"Patton!" Patton responded, giggling until he saw his 16 year old brother approach. "And that's Logan!" He pointed at his brother as he was carried to a stand again, not understanding why, but he also learnt to never question his brother's weird habits as he turned back to the bench with his book in front of his eyes.

Remus raised an eyebrow at the teenager as he walked away and poked his new friend with his sword. "You wanna kill Steve?"

"Who's Steve?"

"I'm a creeper and I'm finding Steve. I stole this diamond sword from him." Patton only had a vague idea of what Remus meant as his brother often played Minecraft (only on creative though). He nodded and asked Remus how he could help, and before he knew it he was running around the field again chasing squirrels, birds and other children.


"Wait... So my brother dragged me away from you because we were straddling?" Patton exclaimed as he walked across the park with his best friend Remus. It was summer again, and it was the summer before they both started at separate colleges so they were taking time to make final childhood memories with each other and reminiscing over ones in the past. Their friendship had lasted over 10 years and seemed nowhere near stopping soon - they were just going to have to get used to not seeing each other in person everyday.

"I guess so, I don't think I was aware of what I was doing though." Remus had his hands behind his back as he looked up at the blue skies. He didn't want to leave. He only realised his sexuality in junior year when he realised he had been pining for his best friend. He came out to Patton and he accepted him of course - he just wished he had the chance of a high school romance before he'd be placed in the big busy city that was the backdrop for his college life.

Patton was looking at the play park, there were quite a few kids running around all the equipment so the high schoolers couldn't join in. Sometimes they went on the swings before school and acted like they were children again. They were so not prepared for adulthood. "Hey Remus..." Patton smirked at his friend, who smiled back equally mischievous and raised an eyebrow. "First to reach the play park buys ice cream?"

And just like that the pair was running again, trying to grab each other and knock each other over as some kind of tactic they kept since childhood. Remus loved watching his friend run - his light brown hair bobbed up and down with his steps and his glasses almost slid off every time he turned his head. His giggle was infectious and just brought extra attention to his pretty pink lips that Remus was now watching more than the path ahead of him...

"I win!" Patton screamed, grabbing onto the gate to the play park and giggling. Remus slowed as he approached... Silent until Patton gave him a confused but still happy glance. The cheery teen smirked as he realised where Remus' eyes lay - coming closer and placing a hand on his cheek. "And I think you did too."

Before Remus could understand what was going on his lips were covered by Patton's. His eyes closed slowly as he kissed back; one of his hands reaching Patton's hips and the other twirling through his hair. This was like a dream Remus had a few years back. He only believed he wasn't dreaming when he heard the nearby kids shouting about true love and two boys kissing 'not being as yucky' as their adults said. When the pair stopped kissing he smiled, waiting patiently for Remus to open his eyes and have some kind of verbal reaction.

"Wow..." Was the only response Remus could think of saying before kissing Patton's cheek quickly again and laughing. "I... I didn't even know you weren't straight and now you're... Wow..."

"And now you're my boyfriend?" He smiled again, his arms landing on Remus' shoulder in a hug. Remus couldn't keep his eyes off his best friend now - or he should say his partner... His soulmate. Although he'd probably leave the whole 'soulmate' thing until later to not scare Patton off.


Two young children were giggling and chasing each other. Their parents were on a nearby bench watching them, one arm around the other and giving their sons soft smiles. "I'm surprised I still have that thing." Remus murmured as he pointed at a slightly bent wooden sword his oldest son, Roman, was running with. "Isn't that the same sword I chased you with?"

Patton nodded and giggled, making sure neither of his sons fell or got dirty on the grass they were running across. He absolutely adored his sons - especially Virgil - he was still so small and young and gave the best cuddles when he was sleepy.

"Ooh imagine if they have their first kisses here too Dukey!" Patton gleamed as he watched the chasing. Remus smiled too and grabbed his husband's hand, remembering every time they went to the park together and everything that happened because of it. Even their wedding was in this small village park during the spring a few years after they graduated college. They knew as soon as they had their first kiss that they wanted each other in life - and they wanted to have a family, which now they did. "Oh I can't wait for Princey and Vergie to have weddings and we can walk them down the aisle or stand beside them while they watch their partner... Oh I can't wait!"

"They're 6 and 3 lillypad..." Remus whispered back as his smile got bigger. Patton's joy was so infectious especially when he was being excited about their small family. He was proud of them too of course - he just wasn't painting a perfect life for his sons yet. They had years to decide who they wanted to be yet.

But Remus just held his husband's hand - happy and excited for what was going to come. Were they going to adopt another kid? Were they going to adopt a dog or cat (again)? Maybe they'd just keep their lives like this until their sons were adults with their own families and lives and they'd get to play with adorable grandkids. Whatever happened Remus would never stop adoring his soulmate and best friend.

Chapter Text

"Book down bitch we're watching Love Island." Roman cheered as he held his glittery red laptop in his arms as it played a familiar theme tune. The previously dark bedroom covered in Disney posters and star diagrams with nightlights dangling on the walls was now infected with trashy TV. Logan rolled his eyes playfully and placed the book he was reading neatly on the bedside table before his boyfriend sat down and snuggled next to him on their double bed. He placed an arm around his lover and fiddled with the red satin of Roman's pyjamas. He loved when his lover wore his soft nightwear.

He also loved watching Roman being passionate about certain things - even if he doesn't understand what he's so passionate about some of the time or why. Love Island was one of them - a show where stereotypically attractive cisgender and straight passing men and women compete for each other's love and backstab and cheat all for Instagram followers and supposedly 'to find their soulmate'. He already heard about it a lot at work being a college lecturer and now he was also keeping up with the episodes when his boyfriend wanted cuddle time while watching it. But just seeing Roman's eyes glow and the smile marks appear on his face when watching the trashy TV made it worth it.

"Ugh, ads." Roman groaned, his head already deep in the crevice of his boyfriend's neck. There was a Domino's advert, a Just Eat advert, and finally a Love Island merchandise advert. The Love Island advert showed the products in store quite quick - but one item stood out in particular.

"Wait - rewind, rewind, rewind... They're selling baby bottles?" Logan usually didn't show any extreme reaction when watching Love Island but this had thrown him completely off the loop. Love Island was pretty raunchy at times, why would they sell baby products? He hoped babies weren't being tainted with the toxic beauty standards the show portrayed.

"I think they're baby beakers... I guess it makes sense if their target demographic are people looking for love at a certain age group that are having kids." Roman responded, laughing slightly as he sounded exactly like his statistics loving business lecturer boyfriend. His voice was quiet so he could still hear the show while the pair talked. They often chatted during their Love Island watches but without a doubt when it got to the 'exciting part' Logan would be hushed in a hurry and brought into silence. "And they're quite cute to be fair. Clear white with a name on in blue, pink or orange - they're plastic though so my environmentally conscious self is slightly worried."

"Oh, so you might buy one?"

Logan meant the question to be a rhetorical joke, maybe even to see whether he should get one in orange font for his yellow-loving brother and his new baby, but Roman furrowed his eyebrows and just watched in silence for a second or two. His voice was quiet and cautionary but he in no way seemed to hesitate what he was saying. "I mean yeah, when we have kids."

And that statement made Logan pause in place, just watching his boyfriend instead of the screen. They had their two year anniversary a few months ago, they definitely did love each other to the moon and back, but they hadn't even thought of discussing something like this.

"We're having kids?"

It was then Roman realised what he said, and immediately sat up and looked at Logan with a worried look. The look he gave when he almost burned down the kitchen half a year ago when they first moved in together - the look that he fucked up. "I mean... Maybe? Not like right now of course but I see being a father in my future - and I think you'd be a great father too." Roman's soft voice often made Logan feel weak at the knees, but this unlocked a new feeling. A feeling he'd only got previously when he got a promotion or a new job. Not when he was facing Roman.

"Well, I also see having a family in my future, whether that's with only you or bringing others in." Logan chuckled, holding Roman even closer by wrapping his previously free arm across his hips. In all truth he would love watching Roman hold a small human that he could say was his and his lover's. "Not too many though - I'd forget their names. Maybe one or two kids."

"Agreed." Roman laughed, pecking Logan's cheek as one of the female contestants began crying which immediately engrossed him in the show again. Once the crying was over Roman turned back to his boyfriend, tilting his head and raising an eyebrow. "First though... You've got to promise if you're thinking about this then our relationship is like a - thing."

This was the first time Roman had forgotten how to use his ever-expansive vocabulary. Luckily Logan understood him anyway, glancing at him with care as he brushed his fingers through his hair. "Well, we became a 'thing' when I asked you to be my boyfriend. If you mean a 'thing' for forever, then yes, I'm thinking this is a very long term commitment."

"So this is a forever arrangement?" Roman chirped, a small smile decorating his lips that Logan couldn't do anything with but peck (even though he really desired something more with it).

"A forever and ever arrangement." He whispered - the lovey-dovey-ness had spread like a viral infection from one partner to another. That happened at times, when Logan felt like he needed to show his absolute adoration for the person in front of him. He would never leave or stop loving Roman for the world.

Roman gleamed at that and gave his lover a kiss - one that maybe lasted a bit longer than either anticipated at first. "Should I get a few baby beakers to prepare?" He whispered as they separated lips, his arms still firmly on Logan's waist.

"You might push that kids number up to three if you're not careful." Logan whispered again, giving Roman another kiss and stroking his cheek. He definitely would never get enough of Roman smiling at him, and when he'd be smiling at a little being they both loved he'd absolutely break.

"You might make me put a ring on your finger if you carry on like that."

Chapter Text

"For the last time class the Yerkes-Dodson graph does not show sexual arousal, arousal is just a synonym for anxiety." Logan lectured his class of sophomores. Lots of teachers believed the AP Psychology class was the easiest class Mr Rubik had - that was incorrect, sophomores were always chaotic. Almost as chaotic as Logan's own husband, but he remembered what Remus was like as a sophomore so he knew exactly how chaotic that certain grade was.

He was interrupted from his lecture about class behaviour by a knock on the door, the assistant principal (ie Logan's boss) wanted him and she looked disappointed. Luckily, or rather unluckily he wasn't sure, it was due to his son.

Logan was a father of two kids, Remy and Emile. Remy was a high schooler and Emile was in middle school - they were definitely very different kids. While Emile was the age kids would usually rebel and hate their parents the middle schooler was nowhere close. He loved psychology just like his Dad and watched cartoons a lot with his other Dad. Remy, on the other hand, was a sophomore and a very mischievous one at that. He wasn't an angry kid by any means - he was a great big brother and son - but he just liked causing mischief and disobeying. He was addicted to making coffee and snuck gallons of it into school and most of his lessons were either spent sleeping or pranking other teachers and students. It was annoying hearing his colleagues complain about his son more than mention his achievements but he loved his boy of course.

He was taken to the principal's office where his son was facing the principal and his husband was by his side. The stressed teacher was glad his husband was there. Remus often helped calm and ground Logan and could easily understand and communicate with their rebellious teenage son. But when he realised Remus trying to hide his smile he immediately regretted letting Remy enrol in the high school he taught at.

"Remy - P-please tell your dad what you did." Remus tried to hide his chuckle as he turned to his husband, but he could still see the little smile stuck on his lips. The rough looking man was a marketing assistant for a body wash company so moments like these where he could escape his boring job were moments he adored.

Remy also had a wide smile and was trying not to laugh; he whipped his head back to his more reserved father. "I just gave people free coffee at lunch period..."

The principal raised an eyebrow and sighed, shifting through their papers. "That isn't all you did is it Master Rubik. I'm sure your father would love to hear exactly what you did."

"Oh, I did!" Remus cheered, giggling and placing his hand on Logan's knee as he sat down. The principal also glared at the chaotic father as if he was a naughty kid but Remus didn't seem to care. He was almost jumping up and down with joy. "Tell the dork all about it, it's great."

"Well... The water fountain in the canteen is used a lot so I thought people would enjoy having a coffee one too."

"Instead." The principal corrected. They did not seem entertained by Remy's ideas even though Remus' soft chuckles were interrupting what they were saying. "He replaced all the water in the newly installed water fountain with cappuccino, we didn't find out until now when staff complained."

"It was espresso actually." Remy corrected - but the principal didn't appreciate that. To be fair Logan found the whole situation quite entertaining too. Remy was a smart kid, he just didn't apply it in the correct way, but even Logan would have to idea how to replace water in the water machine and keep it all quiet for the hour or two since lunch period.

"Pretty smart to be fair." Remus laughed, giving his son a fist bump which he automatically took. Logan swatted the fists from touching again - his boss was getting annoyed at both his son and his husband's behaviour and while Logan was nowhere near getting fired from his job or demoted he did not want to be anywhere close.

Logan knew he had to speak for his family as Remus definitely wasn't going to apologise for his son's actions. "I'm sorry about my family, I'll have a stern word with Remy at home about his behaviour and make sure he doesn't bring infinite amounts of coffee to school again." Logan hd no idea where his son got enough coffee to fill an entire machine, he assumed he had bought some or raided the coffee shop opposite the school by other means.

The more stern father tried giving a disappointed look to his teenage son - but he couldn't manage it. Remy pouted and did his best impression of puppy eyes, even removing his sunglasses he always wore to school so Logan could see the hazel eyes he fell in love with when he adopted the little rambunctious toddler twelve/thirteen years ago. Instead of the disappointed look he just smiled and rolled his eyes, otherwise silent until Remy was excused to go to his chemistry lesson.

It was only an hour later Remus was waiting in the car park to collect his husband and eldest son from the high school. Emile was in the back, the sound of Animal Crossing erupting from his pastel Switch. Remy and Logan soon walked out together - and by the look on his husband's face Logan was trying to instil some kind of discipline on Remy or at least reminding him that not everyone loves coffee.

"Hey, how's my coffee-man?" Remus cheered again as Remy climbed into the car, reaching back to give the teenager another fist-bump. Logan's smile was wide and he playfully scoffed and dragged his husband's hand back.

"Remember we are parents Remus." Logan said with his teacher tone. A lot of different outcomes had happened with that teacher tone - let's just say Remus hadn't had enough of it after the decades of years they knew each other. "And while we love our son he does need to understand school is for education not... whatever you managed to do to get a free coffee machine."

Remus sighed and pouted at his husband, the same pout Remy gave him. And just like that Logan remembered why he decided to date and marry the high schooler he spotted training rats at the back of the school to steal the ham sandwiches that everyone hated.

"It was pretty impressive though." Logan mumbled after a second or two of silence as he managed to drag his eyes away from his lover. He then relented and reached to the back of the car. His son did deserve a fist bump for his behaviour. Remy was so happy to receive a fist bump from his strict father that he promised he wouldn't try the same trick again (or at least he'd wait until he went to college).

And for relaxing his discipline Logan received a lot of love from his husband in the bedroom that night - and it was a lot more love than just a fist bump.

Chapter Text

"Aaaah the Dragon Witch is going to get you!" Roman shouted, wearing a mask he had just made with his son (as in he made it and his son told him what to do) and peaking from behind the sofa the toddler was sat on. The small child didn't seem to care and just watched his father with a confused and slightly judgemental glance.

Roman crept beside Logan with his eyes on one thing - the pile of books permanently placed on the coffee table living room. The only thing that Logan seemed to enjoy more than the world was being read to by either of his parent. "I think the Dragon Witch is going to steal something Lo..." The idea of his books being stolen seemed to interest Logan more in the game his father was trying to play. But he just sucked his thumb and looked more confused.

"You'll give it back Da? You bought'd it for me." He mumbled, and his little mumble made it difficult for Roman to not grab his son and trap him in a hug until he'd learn how to speak perfectly. He was the most adorable when he was wrong. The toddler realised his father's goofy smile as he broke the 'Dragon Witch' character and smiled again. "We read now?" He asked, pointing at one of the books. Roman immediately complied, kissing his son's cheek and opening a book.

Patton watched his family bond while he was cooking dinner, giggling to himself as Logan pointed at words and asked what they meant and tried to read by himself. He loved just watching the little boy that was a mix between himself and his lover - little black glasses like like Papa and freckles dotted over his face like his Dad. Just watching the boy do anything made Patton want a million more kids with his husband. Logan was the most perfect son the husbands could have, he was just a little difficult to entertain at times.

But soon Patton was surprised by his son toddling over with a smile. "What you cooking?" Logan chirped, doing grabby hands towards his father indicating he wanted to be lifted onto the counter. Roman was also following with a soft smile. Once Logan was placed on the counter he was combatted with two sloppy kisses from his fathers on both cheeks.

"I'm making pasta! What sauces do you want with it?" Patton smiled and grabbed the normal sauces like tomato, garlic or cheese. He often let Logan have a choice in what he wanted to eat, however small the choice is, as it helped his independence. He wanted his boy to be a very independent adult.

"Crofters p'ease Pappy..." Logan chirped again, making his other father laugh and give his baby another forehead kiss. While Patton could have some Crofters jam for breakfast with toast and Nutella the other members of his family absolutely adored it - going through a jar each every day if they weren't stopped.

"You can have Crofters for dessert, not main course lil' Cracker Jack." Patton squished his son's cheek as he watched him with bright and interested eyes. Before Patton knew it his little boy will be a nerdy maybe moody teenager and these days would be gone, life worked like that, so he took advantage of every second. He also took advantage of the feeling of Roman's arms around his waist - like what was happening at this moment. If they were going to extend their family at any point and have a less calm kid in their household Patton needed to remember the feeling of having his husband in close cuddles while he cooked.

Logan seemed very interested in the windows, maybe he wanted to go outside. "You can play a game outside with your Dad before dinner if you want to kiddo." Patton said but Logan didn't respond. He only put his fingers on the window and traced smiley faces and messy letters. Patton kept his eyes on the child just in case he accidentally touched the hot hob. "Be careful sweetheart."

"Why is the window cloudy?" Logan asked curiously as he practiced writing his name over and over again (he wasn't the best at writing but was better than quite a few kids his age probably due to the amount of books he had read to him).

"It's called condensation kid." Logan's eyes glowed hearing the new word. Roman ushered the small hands away from the window just in case. Instead held his son for extra cuddles which the toddler always loved (or at least learnt to like with two affectionate parents). "The window is cold and the cloud coming from the pasta is hot so when the two touch the window gets wet."

"And you can make condensation yourself!" Patton turned off the hob to make it a little safer and put the pasta into bowls, then picked up Logan from his husband's arms and ushered him towards another nearby window not touched by the pasta. He remembered when Logan was a newborn and the husbands were pent up in a one bedroom apartment. The best thing about that place though was the giant bay window in the living room that Patton could sit at with his baby and show him the world going by.

Roman blew at the window making a cloud, and then drew a smile to show his son it was the same as what the pasta did. Logan was almost jumping as he was held, doing the same and giggling. "Pappy! I'm magic!"

"Proud of you kiddo." Patton was always immensely proud of his son. Nothing will change that.

Logan shuffled in his father's arms indicating he wanted to be put down. "I need my f'ashcards Da. I wanna write conden-sen-sation!"

And just like that the little boy ran off again in search of a new activity. Roman would usually follow to check the toddler doesn't hurt himself but this time he stayed and watched his husband get the pasta on the dining table. Just watching Patton do that simple task made his heart flutter and he was so happy he started a family with that man. Before Patton could realise his husband was still in the room his cheeks were cupped and he was brought into a soft, slow kiss.

"Da! Where's blue pen?" Logan shout from the other room interrupted the kiss and finally caused the two to separate. They looked at each other with absolute love in their eyes.

"I love you Puffball." Roman whispered, starting to step back even though he'd gladly stare at Patton's eyes forever. Patton whispered back before they were too far from each other though - returning the cheesy nicknames they often gave each other.

"I love you too Jim Handsome."

Chapter Text

"And then Mommy's belly is going to explode!" Roman was telling his babysitter how babies were born (or at least what his best friend Remus said). His babysitter, a college student named Janus, seemed to care less on the inside but kept a smile. The child had grown up with three babysitters: the college student Janus and two high schoolers named Patton and Logan - the three of them were his neighbours. This babysitting gig was exciting though as Roman knew neither of his parents were at work. His Mommy was complaining of pain and called Janus in an emergency as they needed to go to the hospital and couldn't take their son.

"And then you'll meet your sibling?" Janus ushered Roman to think more about this momentous time in his life. He'd entertained the little boy for hours with games and activities but now he knew he needed to chat to him. Janus' life definitely changed when he got his first little brother Logan, and then again when Patton arrived. Maybe that's why he dealt with kids so well.

But Roman only nodded and went back to the colouring book he abandoned around half an hour ago. "How do you feel about getting a new sibling to play with?" Janus tried being a bit more direct, but Roman just shrugged.

"Can they play Dragons with me?" Roman chirped, a small smile on his face thinking he'd get another new friend. Janus couldn't help but chuckle and sit next to the boy.

"Not yet. They need to learn to walk and talk and all that stuff, they won't do much when they're first here." Janus' mind was filling with memories he had of when his brothers were babies - he was excited for this little kid going through the journey he started seventeen years ago. "But I'm sure you can still play with them - they'd love to spend time with you."

And it was that moment Janus got a call from Roman's parents. Their second child was born - a boy that weighed five and a half pounds and born at 1:26pm. They wanted Roman to meet his new little brother before the four went home together - and most importantly Janus would be paid at the hospital. His college drinking addiction (though not chronic) would not fund itself.

Janus waited outside the ward to let Roman have this special moment. The room Roman was put into was white and green, ladybugs were painted on the walls which interested the boy more at first. "Hey Rome, come here buddy." Roman's father whispered, way quieter than Roman had ever heard before. The man was sat next to his wife and was smiling wide. Roman's mother lay on the bed also with a wide smile and holding a ball of purple wool.

The man lifted his oldest son onto his lap so the elementary schooler could get a closer look at the purple blanket. Or rather what was wrapped up inside the blanket. A small wrinkly face with a small tuft of brown hair on his head and ten small fingers peeking out under its chin. "What's that?" Roman asked, his head tilted as he watched the thing mumble and hum.

"It's your little brother Roman. Meet Virgil." The baby mumbled a little louder and finally opened his baby blue eyes. He gave the older child the same confused look the older child was giving him.

"How long is he here?" Was Roman's next question, and almost immediately Virgil began to cry and was taken care of by his mother. Roman's father turned to his son with a laugh and soft smile - he hadn't stopped smiling yet on this great day.

"He's going to be here for the rest of your life little guy." He chuckled, squishing his son's cheek and remembering when Roman was the small size of a newborn. "But because of that Roman - Virgil will always need you to protect him as you'll always be bigger than him. Can you be his knight in shining armour?"

Roman immediately smiled and nodded. He loved pretending to be a prince or a witch or a dragon or a knight. But now he'd be a real one for this small chubby infant - and he was proud about that. He'll be the best big brother out there. After Virgil calmed down Roman reaches out to him, placing his finger on Virgil's small palms which he began to grasp.

Yeah, being a big brother seemed like a good deal.


Roman watched his little brother walk away from the high school and into his car - he looked unhappy and that made the older brother keep an eye out for who to punch. "What's wrong Marilyn Morose?" He chirped when his brother got in the car, immediately buckling himself up and staring ahead of him as if he was about to cry.

"Can I drop out bro?" He murmured, sniffling a little. Roman was definitely not going to drive home when his brother was like this. Virgil was a junior in high school so was overwhelmed with stress - dropping out was a thought Roman had several times at that age. Neither of them coped with stress well.

The college aged brother silenced for a moment, acting like he was considering it, before turning back to his brother again. "Why?"

"I've had enough of high school. Everyone hates me."

"Who do I need to punch then?" Roman interrupted and pretended to open the car door to storm into the high school. Instead of stopping him out of embarrassment like he usually did Virgil just shrugged and stared ahead of him.

"Literally every student and teacher. Not only do I have a dead dad but I'm gay, I'm like a bad dark humour joke and they love that."

"Teachers?" Roman copied, an eyebrow raised. He went to the same high school as his brother and was openly gay but things might have changed since he left. A lawsuit could be considered if the staff were bullying a student - and the Rinx family happened to know a very good lawyer. "Janus can help you deal with that, that's not what a teacher should do."

"I don't mean that." Virgil whispered, hugging his knee although that must be uncomfortable. "The teachers just don't do enough. Everyone is against me."

"Tell me about it." Roman smiled at his brother and let him rant about the bullying that was going on. It took a lot of effort for Roman to not echolocate these dicks and make sure they don't attend school again. It really did seem like something needed to be done - although dropping out of education completely was quite extreme. Maybe online school could work for a bit, or just an alternative school that had good LGBTQ+ support.

Virgil's monologue was interrupted by another high schooler knocking at the car window. The kid looked the same age as Virgil and wore a pink cardigan. He wore large white glasses and had crazy looking ash blond hair. Virgil seemed to recognise this person and rolled the window down with a fake smile.

"Hi Cloudy! Oh, is this your brother?" The boy pointed at Roman. Virgil nodded. "Coolio! Sorry to disturb, I'm just getting some publicity." Some fliers seemed to appear out of nowhere and were given to the two members of the car. It was a poster showing a charity Roman and Virgil remembered well... A play therapy charity. "Saint Steven's is really looking for some new volunteers, even just for one afternoon if you don't want to commit to a full volunteering place. It's really fun!"

"We'll... consider it Emile. Thanks." And just like that the cheery high schooler ran off in the direction of a grey-wearing coffee drinker Roman knew as Virgil's best friend Remy. Remy had also dropped out of public school at the end of middle school and was learning online - that was when the bullying seemed to step up. "That's Remy's cousin. He's just enrolled in my classes."

"He seems nice." Roman said, finally beginning to drive now Virgil had cheered up a little. There was one thing that he noticed the most about this new person though. "And did I see a pansexual pin on his jumper?"

Virgil stared ahead of him like his whole life flashed before his eyes. "Wait, what?" He snapped, his eyes wide and a soft pink dusting his cheeks. "I... uh... well..."

"You have a crush on him don't you?"

"No, shut up!" Virgil's shaky voice snapped back before he giggled to himself and looked at the poster again. There was a short silence before he gave a response his older brother fully suspected. "Yes I do."

Chapter Text

"Oh, you know, I just went to the bar with family to celebrate." Remy mumbled as he cleaned one of the teacups. He used to party a lot when he was young but now he had just turned 40 and therefore had become the typical old person that wanted to just stay inside and sleep.

Nothing else had changed in his life very much. He had a partner once but nothing went anywhere before they broke up and because of that he never expanded his immediate family and lived alone. The only thing he had in his life with the coffee shop (named Remy's - no-one said he was creative) he started as soon as he graduated college which was now the most popular spot in town. He even had partnerships with popular coffee chains and restaurants that helped him make a franchise.

"You need some Grindr in your life my friend." Remy's coworker Virgil (technically employee but he hated any power dynamic so called everyone in his chain a co-worker) said as he served a hot croissant with a side of strawberry jam for a stern looking book nerd that seemed to be a regular. Remy loved Virgil like a son - he was like a younger version of the sunglasses wearer as a gay college student. He wished he could show the emo that gay people could fall into a life of love as he was constantly hearing the opposite at home.

"I'm too old for a one-and-done Virgil, I want something more." He wanted to go back in time and meet 'the one'. He wanted to be a family man but he hadn't accomplished that. Maybe quick hook-ups were all he was good for...

With soapy hands Remy was brought away from his self-deprecating thoughts by hearing a soft and happy giggle. As he seemed distracted Virgil was the one to talk first to the customer.

He was a masterpiece. He wore pink overalls with a white t-shirt and white sneakers - his strawberry blond hair looked crazy and unbrushed yet beautiful. He had glasses that were pink and maybe put some pink glittery lip gloss on his lips. His entire outfit was covered in paint and beside him was a kid maybe around 13 with equally curly black hair and a red t-shirt with a yellow star on it.

"Oh yeah, that's my boss Remy. I can pass him onto you if you want." The masterpiece was looking directly at him. Fuck, he was so gay.

Remy cleared his throat and smiled softly. "Hi, welcome to Remy's, how can I help you today?"

The young teenager spoke instead of the pink wearing cutie, standing in front of him with a determined look with one hand on the table. "My Dad's never had coffee before, I need to fill him up on the drink of the gods ASAP."

Yeah, Remy liked this kid already. "Same page bud. What coffee would your Dad like?"

"I like sweet things." The older man chirped, his green eyes glowing as he looked at the handwritten board with all the types of coffee. He looked at the board as if it was an entire other language. "I'm not exactly coffee literate though..."

"That's alright, I recommend a mocha if you have a sweet tooth. Hot or iced?"

The man's soft smile absolutely captivated Remy as he leant forward on the barista desk, notepad in one hand and Starbucks pen in the other. Slowly, (after the man's son whispered a translation to him) the man seemed to understand what Remy was saying. "It's too hot for anything but iced right now. Can I have almond milk with it?"

Remy nodded and straightened his back when he heard Virgil whistle from the other side of the store. The boss did the same to the college when a man dressed in a prince outfit for no reason came in the other day and Virgil was swooning too much to concentrate. "Can do - would you like vegan chocolate sauce too?"

The cutie shook his head and turned towards his son. "What would you like Stevie?" He said in a chirp he hadn't got rid of yet. The teenager, Stevie or maybe Steven, smirked.

"I'm guessing Black-Out has the most caffeine?" The teen asked, and Remy nodded. It was in fact Remy's own recipe from his college says that was overdosed with caffeine and was very strong. It was in fact not recommended for anyone under 12 - but this kid looked like he'd get a pass.

"It'll come right up - can I get a name for your orders? Steven and..."

"Emile!" The man said his name excitedly, and Remy's heart began beating quickly. This was definitely a lot different than any hook-up the coffee shop owner had before this day - in a good way, Remy never wanted to let this man out his sight.

After a short silence Remy gained all his courage (or maybe lost all his sense) and spoke gently with wide blown eyes. "What's your number?" He whispered, then realised Emile's shocked face. "For... marketing purposes."

Surprisingly Emile totally believed that and offered to write his number on a napkin (he said something about how he worked as a freelance art therapist so often got calls and texts - he didn't mind getting one more as he liked the atmosphere). Remy stared at the numbers on the napkin like he just found a hidden treasure while Emile wondered to find a seat... Steven stayed.

Remy raised an eyebrow at the teen but he kept his smile. "I like you." He said simply - tilting his head and watching the barista slowly make the coffee. "You're single aren't you? You give off that vibe." Remy, although confused, nodded. "And you're attracted to men?" Remy nodded again. "You're attracted to my father?" Although that was phrased as more of a statement than a question Remy nodded anyway. Steven then leaned over the counter and kept his voice quiet. "I'll give you hints. Mention anything about any cartoon and he'd fall head over heels for you. If you use a pun he'll fall even harder. He studied animation in art school so if you mix that in he'd marry you."

And with that Steven walked away to sit opposite his father. While the coffee was brewing Remy looked up cartoon puns and once the coffee was made Remy served them with one pick-up line in mind. "Oh... Baby?" Remy said, eyes glued to Emile. Emile looked up. "You must be a model sheet - because you've got a nice turn around."

That was how Remy's new life began. He gained a husband and an equally coffee addicted son, and Emile had many more coffees throughout his life. It was love.

Chapter Text

"Now remember Lo, the adults around you don't have time to answer all of your questions. Leave a few for your Dad to answer at home." Virgil leant down to his five year old son, Logan, as they both stood outside the kindergarten. It was the semester after Easter so the child knew a lot of these things already - he just needed constant reminding. Logan was a curious kid, which was somewhat good but also overwhelming at points as Virgil was raising him alone. He wouldn't change it for the world though.

Logan nodded happily and skipped into the classroom, a book he had in his arms ready for show and tell. Children were chatting and running around like normal kids do - and that also usually meant Logan's favourite reading corner was empty.

It wasn't. At the edge of the reading corner was a child Logan had never seen before, hugging his legs and looking at everyone else terrified. He wore a yellow t-shirt decorated in ducks and held a long yellow teddy shaped like a snake.

The kindergartener remembered when he asked his dad what he needed to know for kindergarten just before he started. The one piece of advice his father gave was to talk to everyone, especially if they looked scared. Apparently Logan's father was quite a scared child himself and really wanted friends as a kid.

So Logan walked over and sat next to the scared person. "Hi! Who are you?" He chirped, but the person still looked scared and raised an eyebrow at him. Logan reached out his hand. "I'm Logan!"

"Hello." The boy said quietly, the 'h' slightly husky, but he shook the hand anyway. He then grabbed his teddy again and held it in front of him - he said the only animal name he knew in response to that. "Snake."

Even though Logan was confused why the new kid said the name of the toy animal he was holding with such confusion he nodded anyway. "Can I read to you?" He asked, whatever happened he'd make his father proud of him and get this boy to play with him. The boy nodded. Just as Logan was about to grab a book from the many shelves the teacher called the class to sit on the colourful carpet for lessons to begin. He ran to the rug and soon the boy followed too, sitting next to him.

"Good morning friends!" The teacher said in his usual ecstatic voice, placing his cat hoodie on a nearby chair and sitting with his students. Patton was Virgil's childhood friend and the main kindergarten teacher - so Logan was used to his eccentricities. As usual, everyone responded with a happy good morning - apart from the scared kid who just watched everyone confused. "We have a new buddy today - his name is Janusz." Patton ushered towards the child Logan just met - and finally he seemed to understand what was happening and waved. "I know you all will be super-duper nice won't you?"

Everyone nodded, including Janusz. The first lesson was learning about new words - which Logan always loved to do. He was the one to answer all the questions before everyone else. Meanwhile Janusz began sitting in a ball again, staring at the teacher but giving him a lost look.

Logan turned to his new friend, whispering to him. "We're learning the ch sound." Janusz still looked confused until Logan pointed at his mouth and made a 'ch' sound - then he copied. "Yeah! Like that!"

For the rest of the lesson Janusz kept his eyes on Logan and copied what he did rather than the confusing teacher. This included the games at recess and lunchtime although all the kids were speaking too quick for him to understand anything. Soon it got to the end of the day where the kindergarteners were allowed to play with anything. Logan looked around and then smiled at his friend. "What do you want to do?"

After a short pause Janusz pointed towards the bookshelves. "Książki?" He piped up - and this time Logan looked at his confused before realising where he was pointed.

"Shall we read together?"

Janusz pointed at Logan then himself. "You want me to read to you?" Logan inquired, and Janusz nodded again. So that's what the pair did. Janusz sat close to Logan and watched the words on the pages while Logan read aloud, pointing at some words and trying to copy. Logan was happy to correct or encourage his friend of course. He wanted to be a teacher when he grew up so adored all the questions Janusz had.

Soon Logan saw his father walk through the door. He ran up to his father straight away to show him the craft he made and tell him about his day, and it seemed Janusz was following as he went to a man just beside Virgil - they seemed to be speaking a gibberish only the pair of them understood. That didn't stop Logan from watching them and unleashing his deep desire to learn though.

"Ten chłopiec, tata. Ten chłopiec jest moim przyjacielem." Janusz spoke quickly, pointing at Logan and looking at who was presumably his father. The father had tanned skin, dark brown hair and blue eyes, sharp features but a wide smile. He wore a completely red suit and had a briefcase by his side so had presumably just come back from work. After some more babbling from the both of them the father approached Virgil and brought out his hand.

"Apparently your son was friendly with mine today. Thank you." The man said as the fathers shook hands. Janusz ran to be next to his friend and smiled widely at him. "I'm Roman Król, my son is Janusz."

It was clear Virgil was surprised to see this man talking to him. His face was red but he shook the hand enthusiastically, trying to gather himself. Virgil was never good at speaking to attractive men - that was the main reason he avoided them daily by being a very attentive father. He didn't expect his five year old to be a wingman.

"Uh... Does you son want to have a play date any time?" He managed to choke out. Roman gave him a confused look (that looked exactly like Janusz's).

"Date?" The father repeated, a small smile on his face. Fuck... How did Virgil convince himself he wasn't gay for the first 25 years of his life? Again, he managed to contain himself and laugh just in case this attractive man wasn't attracted to him and just misunderstood.

"Yeah. The kids can play together around my house. I can make you some tea or coffee?"

Roman smirked again, finally letting go of Virgil's hand and turning to his kid. "Chcesz bawić się z twoim przyjacielem?" He said, and Janusz excitedly nodded and grabbed Logan's hand - probably about to run outside so playing with his friend could begin quicker. "That's a yes." Roman laughed, Virgil still couldn't tear his eyes away from this new man.


Three years later Logan and Janusz were watching Roman go on one knee in front of Virgil with a diamond ring after a surprise, spontaneous trip to see Phantom of the Opera. Both boys had wide smiles and looked at each other. "Jesteśmy braćmi." Janusz smirked, crossing his arms just as Logan did and speaking the language that he and his father spoke fluently, Logan and Virgil were learning though.

"We are brothers." Logan smiled back, before giving his new brother a celebratory hug.

Chapter Text

When Virgil moved from his alternative school to a public school he didn't expect his life to change so much. He thought he'd just melt into the crowd and spend three years avoiding panic attacks - not discover he wasn't heterosexual and fall in love with a future chess champion.

It was just so cute how his eyes sparkled as he explained all the little pieces and how he bit his thumbnail when he was about to win. Who could not kiss him in the middle of the school canteen?

He was glad no-one else did as he now had a rather exciting and perfect life. The pair adopted three kids intermittent to travelling around the world for chess championships, spending days at a time in countries Virgil would have only dreamed about before. New York, Moscow, Paris, London, Berlin, Rome... The options were endless. But having three kids along with that made it all so much more exciting - and Logan absolutely adored them.

When Logan needed to practice he usually invited other champions to play with him, although he'd never tell his kids that. As much as his kids knew practices were reserved when he taught them how to play. Well - only two of his kids were old enough to play with their father. His daughters, Paris and Stella, were sat together opposite and stared at the black and white board. "Can I move the prawn Dad?" Stella chirped as he placed one of the pawns forward one spot - her older sister nodding in agreement with the move.

"Yes you can! But remember it's pawn Stel, prawns are the little sea creatures." Logan whispered, moving a piece near the back Virgil couldn't remember with complete determination. He'd never win when playing with his kids purposefully, but he'd still look like he's trying his best so the happy round faces Logan and his husband adored could beat a world champion. After making his move he pointed at the horse piece. "Do you remember what this one is called?"

"Knight! Like Uncle Roman!" The older girl, Paris, cheered. Logan smiled at her and whispered to Stella what moves were good to take a bishop.

Virgil wished he could understand chess as well as his husband did, he should have taken him up on those extra classes instead of making those a distracting kissing fest. He loved watching Logan play though whether it was in a darkly lit cameras-everywhere championship or in their cozy Georgian style cottage. He was sat on the floor with the couple's son Luka who could only just understand shape fill activities and sitting up for an extended period of time. He too though was watching his father with a block he was chewing in his mouth.

"You'll be able to join soon kiddo." Virgil whispered to the baby, smiling at his wide eyes curious at everything in the world. He was a little version of his other father with his happiness and love of the world.

"Dad! Dad! I can take that piece!" Paris shouted happily as she pointed at the king. Logan gave a proud smile back. "Are we in checkmate? Have we beated you again?"

With a simple nod both girls were dancing around the room and shouting about how they beat the world champion again. Virgil used to dance around with them when they were little but since there was a baby on the floor and he was paranoid he avoided moving his legs too quickly unless Logan held his son.

Speaking of Logan holding his son the man was now sitting next to Virgil and tickling the boy a little. "I can't wait for this little one to see the world..." He whispered, dragging the baby onto his lap and kissing his chubby cheeks.

"Where's the next one?" Virgil asked, also cuddling into his husband by leaning on his shoulder. Logan brought an arm around him, still entertaining Luka by sticking his tongue out and cooing.

"Nationals in Los Angeles, and then hopefully Xinghua for the global ones."

The stupidly large smile revealed on Virgil's face. Most of the global championships Logan attended were in Europe, apparently the contestants were more friendly even though they were mostly the same people each time, Asia was a new territory. "That sounds so exciting! You'll try your best won't you?"

"You know I always will." Logan's soft whisper was adorable, and irresistible when Logan's lips were mere centimetres away. So they kissed, softly and carefully even though they knew each other's boundaries well after years of a relationship. Virgil loved being held by his husband by a reassuring arm across his back and his other hand tracing circles on Virgil's cheek.

"Daaaad! Can we have another game?" Stella shouted which interrupted the body contact Virgil was craving. He knew he'd get more body contact that night but impromptu make-out sessions made Virgil's heart beat a million more paces and his love for Logan multiply more (if that was even possible - he adored his husband a lot as it is).

So again Virgil was sat on the floor with Luka while Logan, Paris and Stella were crowded around the chess board. Logan taught them some more and they absorbed all the information like a sponge. Stella wanted to be a chess champion just like her father after all.

Virgil was too distracted watching his husband adorably teach and entertain their kids he forgot about the baby under his supervision. Luckily nothing bad happened - Luka just threw the block he was holding under the sofa and began crawling to his other father. With a few screams he got Logan's attention and reached out with his little arms.

"Hey buddy! You want to be on Dad's team?" Logan whispered and lifted the baby on his lap, explaining some more but also keeping Luka's prying hands away from the small pieces. Usually when Luka wanted to teethe everything he'd be taken on a walk to explore nature but unfortunately it was the one rainy day in Florida.

Virgil remembered where he was watching them - falling in love a thousand times harder than he did as a teenager. He did want to be on his husband's lap at that moment though. He had to settle with walked over and giving his husband a chaste kiss, asking him what he wanted for dinner. Something with Crofters of course.

With that small smile Logan gave Virgil was automatically transported to their high school selves. When Virgil just watched Logan with adoration scared to do anything that would scare him away and break their friendship. When Logan's freckles were brighter and there was less smile marks and wrinkles on his face. When Virgil couldn't kiss his husband just like he wanted to now...

"Dad! You're distracting Dad from our game!" Paris shouted. Virgil rolled his eyes, giving Logan a kiss of the cheek, and then going to the kitchen to cook dinner. He would happily (and probably have to) drag his husband and daughters away from the wooden board when food was ready.

Chapter Text

Janus was cleaning the entire house. The husbands weren't the cleanest couple in their 30 year marriage but they managed to not kill any kids that came through their doors. But they were preparing to host their youngest son, Patton, and a very important visitor. His boyfriend. "How many times do you think they fucked Jan?" Remus shouted from the kitchen. Janus pulled the most disgusted squished face he could muster.

"I don't want to think about that with my baby son Remus." Janus mumbled, glancing at the photos of baby Patton in a light blue t-shirt surrounded by his older siblings and parents. Patton always adored his family and it was a huge shock when he moved from home.

That's why the couple was unsure whether to be surprised or not that Patton got himself a boyfriend pretty much as soon as he enrolled in college. His parents hadn't seen much of this boy - only a grainy picture on his pastel blue polaroid - but they had heard many stories. But because of Patton's love of his family it was established the boyfriend would meet his parents quickly to get their approval.

"What's his name again? Louis?" Remus chirped, making some stew (the only thing he could cook) for the feast of four the couple were preparing for.

"I think Logan. Some frat boy name." Janus perked his head up to say back, trying to remember any substantial detail Patton told him about this boyfriend. "I hope this kid isn't a frat boy."

The thought of Janus' little boy being cheated on or heartbroken by a frat boy made an anger erupt through his veins and the fork placing to become a bit more violent. He hoped this wasn't a 'frat boy flirted with me so we're in love' situation but he also knew his son was a hopeless romantic. He'd been imagining his soulmate all his life, he just hoped some stupid cheater hadn't taken advantage of that. He'd hate for his little boy to be hurt.

"Hey! I was a frat boy at one point dimwit." The slap at the back of his head then kiss on his cheek awoke Janus from his thoughts, also realising he had given each seating place two forks. "And you fell in love with a frat boy..." Remus' lingering hands was not helping the situation of Janus imagining this frat boy only using his darling son for his body.

"That was different - no-one wanted to do anything with you. What if this boy is the hottest man in town?" Janus' thoughts were always wondering, but this time they were chaotic. The only thing that calmed him was Remus' lips on his and watching his smile afterwards.

"If he's the hottest man in town then our son deserves him, if he's a dick the only thing Logan deserves is my mace." Janus sure did adore his more on-edge boyfriend. Willingness to protect his family was one of them. Nevertheless Janus knew he had to take a deep breath and hold his husband close. They had already judged two girlfriends, a loveperson and a queer platonic partner - what would a boyfriend added to the list do? They could manage this.

Patton's excited knocks were distinguishable, and he was definitely at the door. Remus ran to the door and opened it in a rush. The first thing Janus did, without even looking at this boyfriend he was supposed to judge, was run up to his son and give him a larger than life hug. The cheery college student accepted it happily before pulling away and turning to the person behind him. "Dads, you need to meet Logan!"

Behind Janus and Remus' baby boy was a tall, gentle looking man only holding a soft smile and waiting on the doorstep. He had chestnut brown hair and dark blue eyes, square glasses and wore a simple black button-up with a tie for this first meeting. But looks could deceive, so Janus kept his guard up.

Remus, however, seemed very excited about this new person. "Oooh! You scored a cute nerd Patty-Wat! Good going!" Remus had wide eyes while watching this new boy, chatting to his son as if he was a college student himself judging his frat brother's flirting tactic. Logan smiled along and then reached his hand forward towards Janus.

"Good evening Mr Greene-Summers - it's good to finally meet you." He had only known of Patton's existence for a quarter of a year, slow down the compliments kid.

Luckily the timer stopped Janus from unleashing his bitten tongue - indicating Remus' thanksgiving stew was ready. "Food! And Logan - you're next to me." Remus winked at Logan and disappeared. They sat at the dining table in silence, only Logan and Patton whispering to each other. Patton was watching Logan with absolute love in his eyes as he spoke; Logan looked at his food unbothered. No-one acts unbothered around his little boy... "How did you meet my son?" Janus snapped, trying to hide his distaste but ultimately failing. The new man looked up and smiled softly again - his shoulder moved slightly which indicated he was probably holding Patton's hand.

"Well, we were in the same psychology class." A look of love finally showed on Logan's face as he glanced at Patton and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Remus looked insanely proud of his son as he absorbed the food he made and served everyone else with leftovers of what he'd already snuck in. "Your son is certainly very intelligent."

"So you thought our boy wasn't smart when you first met him?"

Logan's eyes widened in shock and his cheeks became pink. "Of course not, I'm just hoping to major in psychology and become a teacher so I was happy to see Patton's excitement to learn." Patton was an art major, Janus would hate for anyone to underestimate his son in any way. "I can assure you, your son is perfect in every way."

Patton giggled and his cheeks pinked. His eyes had not left his boyfriend the entire dinner yet. He thought he'd love to see his son so love-smitten - but not when the person he was smitten about was like this.

The rest of the meal wasn't exactly peaceful; Janus asking Logan about everything from where he was planning to be in five years to what his relationship with his parents was like. Logan answered all the questions happily and politely, Patton was sneaking kisses whenever possible and sometimes Logan returned them.

After the meal Logan had his arm around Patton's shoulder, something that Patton obviously loved by his glowing eyes. "This was a great meal, thank you so much for inviting me."

"Pleasure's all ours." Remus cheered back. He was also completely under Logan's spell - whatever that was - but Janus was a bit more cautious.

Remus wanted to show Logan all of Patton's old baby pictures. Patton reluctantly agreed to it, lagging behind but was soon torn away from his boyfriend by his father. He seemed excited though, even when he saw his father's disappointed face. "Do you like him Dad? Logan's really so sweet..."

"I don't like his vibe." Janus was always honest with his kids and husband, and right now he was glaring in the direction Logan went with his arms crossed. "Something's... off about him."

"Why?" Patton tilted his head with a slight pout. The father could never stop seeing the little cute toddler Patton was years ago when Janus could just hold him and protect him from people he didn't like the vibe of. He knew college would be difficult for his protectiveness - not this difficult.

"I just... I don't know." He scowled, hating the fact he had adult children now. He knew he needed to let go if he had no reason to hate this new person Patton loved. "Promise he's good enough for you?"

"He's perfect for me. Trust me, I know the warning signs and there are none."

Unsurprisingly Patton soon gave his father a hug, and then spouted everything about every date and nice thing that had happened in the couple's short relationship. And to hear it come out of his son's mouth... It was reassuring. This kid was good for Patton, perfect in fact. Patton was in good hands.

Patton could hear Logan chuckling from the other room and Remus dramatically reconstructing every moment of his youngest son's life that was captured in the photos. The soft smile Patton gave him boyfriend reassured Janus again that it was alright to let go.

Logan was invited again for the following years as Patton went from his boyfriend to his fiance to his husband. A couple grandkids came too, and they were always welcomed. Janus let his guard down and became quite good friends with his son-in-law (they often chatted about philosophy theories they read about). But Logan fit right in, and he loved Patton deeply.

Chapter Text

"Anything new to report?" Logan said to his iPad that was on FaceTime with his partner. There was some seafood frying in front of him and pasta boiling in the other, lots of noise but it still felt quiet. He missed holding Virgil, or being held by Virgil - either would do. Alas, he was far away from his partner at the moment. He was in a different city in a different country. He was renting a one-bedroom apartment in Oslo, Norway for the few weeks it took to negotiate with this finance manager that could become a shareholder for the company he worked at.

He could see Virgil wipe his eyes and yawn slightly, a smile still on his face looking at his lover even if it was through a laptop screen. It was midday for him and early evening for Logan - Virgil wasn't an early waker. "Not much of the day has happened yet. I've only been up for two hours."

Logan desired to reach over and kiss Virgil's pretty pink lips, but he couldn't when there was an entire ocean between them. "What are you having for lunch?"

Virgil was shuffling about which Logan assumed was because it was lunchtime. The hoodie wearer appeared on the screen again with a packet of chips. If Logan was there he would snatch the salty snack from his lover's pale fingers and give him a kiss before making something nutritious. "Honey... Chips aren't a lunch food."

"You can't tell me off from four and a half thousand miles away." He said with his mouth full. That was true, but Logan was definitely going to be in charge of meal plans when he gets back. Speaking of which... "When are you coming back Sherlock? I miss you."

"Soon baby. There's a meeting tomorrow evening to see the finance manager's final verdict and then I'm back for around four to six months until I see the London investor." Virgil pouted, and Logan wanted to hold those cheeks and kiss that pout away (even though that pout was also covered by salty potatoes). Sometimes Logan hated that he had to travel so much for his job, but it was high paying and usually Virgil was allowed to come too. There were so many photos of the couple together all over the world. The only reason Virgil wasn't with him this time was... something that made Logan blush and giggle every time he remembered, they were preparing to be parents.

Their social worker was surprised with the amount Logan travelled for work, but he assured her that their kid would be their biggest priority and they'd enjoy a life of adventures and learning and love. Ever since the couple decided they were going to adopt wherever they went they thought of attractions their family would enjoy or activities they'd do with the kid/kids. They were so excited to be parents.

That reminded Logan of the market he visited that day, just a small set-up that he could walk through between meetings. There he found a kids' stall. There were books but most were in Norwegian, a few very small baby toys and onesies but Logan and Virgil were planning to adopt an older child. He still couldn't help looking through all the baby clothes before eventually landing on a small teddy with a 'I love Oslo' t-shirt. With his broken Norwegian he managed to buy it and was preparing to take it home for whatever kid comes into their house and calls him and his lover Dad (or whatever name they preferred to say).

A knock from a door distracted Logan from his thoughts (he could be in his thoughts freely when around Virgil, they both loved silence). He turned to see if it was the door to his apartment knocking but then turned to the iPad to see Virgil had disappeared again. "Who's at the door sweet?" Logan turned off all the hobs and sat directly in front of the screen with his meal. Virgil emerged again with a few letters, sifting through them until his eyes widened at one.

"The adoption agency..." He whispered, probably trying to hide his excitement but not managing to hide his wide smile. "Didn't the social worker say we'd get a letter when they suggest a kid to us?"

Logan nodded as his mouth was full of scallop - he wasn't the type to talk with his mouth full like his lovely partner. "Indeed." He said once he finished his mouthful. Virgil quickly tore open the letter (instead of using the letter opener that was left on the cupboard by the front door for this instance). "What does it say?"

Virgil's smile revealed everything - it was soft and beautiful. His smiles were either smirks or wide goofy smiles with no in between. Again, Logan wanted to hold the face in front of him but he had to wait another day or two. The suspense to see what Virgil was reading was impossible to stay calm about so he had to smile.

"Aw Lo he's adorable!" Virgil squeaked, the pronoun indicating they were offered someone who identified as male or somewhat androgynous. The paper was turned to show Logan the picture of said 'adorable' person but because of the FaceTime quality it just looked like a circular happy brown eyed being. After a second more reading Virgil gasped - very theatrical and probably learnt from their mutual friend Roman. "Guess his name love..."

This was a new challenge, and one that was impossible to win. The question didn't need to be answered though as once Logan tilted his head Virgil blurted out the answer. "It's Ossy! And guess what it's short for..." Again that question didn't need to be answered as Virgil was giggling like a schoolboy looking at the picture of their son. "Oslo! Sweetheart, he's adorable!"

And so was Virgil in that moment. Logan found himself just staring at his husband with wide pupils and a cheek leaning on his fist. His food was probably getting cold with how lovestruck he was at that moment. He was having a son with this man in front of him separated through two screens.

"He's nine; likes basketball, soccer and drawing; wants to adventure and would love to be an animal rescuer when he's older." He could hear Virgil's heart break in cuteness as his cheeks became red. "I love him already."

"I love him too." Logan mumbled. He'd have to wait before he could get purely excited by holding his husband and the reality of being a father soon would set in. "And I love you my star."

Virgil scoffed and smirked at his husband, rolling his eyes to hide the love in every cell of them. "You better not be running off to London in a few months. You have the responsibility of a son now." Logan chuckled - he was already imagining showing his son the world and thinking of the family pictures they'd take.

When Logan returned to America he couldn't let Virgil go. And when he finally met Ossy that teddy seemed to make a lot of sense. He sure did love Oslo.

Chapter Text

It was 5am when Janus heard the cries. His boyfriend, Virgil, was half asleep on his shoulder but smiled hearing the cries of their new family member. They were fathers now.

The small baby was in his hands, cooing and mumbling, Virgil was smiling at it and stroking the outline of the arm in the blanket. He was definitely smaller than Janus thought. Maybe that was because most babies he saw were in film and TV and they were usually a few months old when filmed. The baby eventually opened his eyes to reveal baby blue eyes just like Virgil's - brown hair like Virgil too but hopefully it would lighten to Janus' shade. He was a mix between both of them, rather a mix between Janus and Virgil's sister but that was the best they could do.

While the boyfriends expected Virgil's sister would want to be around them some more she ordered them to get home with their new son and get some sleep. The partners got to their apartment and reached the Moses basket their baby would be staying in for the first few nights. Virgil collapsed into bed and Janus just watched the bassinet.

"Do we send Noah to sleep now?" Janus mumbled. Their son, Noah, seemed wide awake or at least as awake as a newborn could be. Eventually he could hear Virgil turning his head and sighing.

"How long has he been awake?" The grumble of Virgil's voice emerged from a pillow. He wasn't the type to stay up at night unlike his security guard boyfriend, once he knew what to do with the infant Janus might make a cup of coffee for him.

Janus sighed and sat on the bed, keeping Noah close to his chest. "I don't think Violet kept a timer on Noah's sleeping schedule during the pregnancy." He whispered - he didn't feel like he could go above a whisper at this moment - Noah was just too small and delicate for normal speech.

One of Virgil's eyes opened and he slowly sat up to lean against Janus. "Do we have to... What's it called? Handcuff him?" Virgil could hardly get the words he was saying. But he was tugging on the blanket around Noah so Janus understood what he was saying.

Janus' chuckle woke Virgil up slightly and made him smile. "Raccoon, do you mean swaddling him?"

Virgil nodded softly. He leant down and gave Noah a kiss on the forehead - his smile was wide seeing what the couple now had together. When they first discussed having kids together they believed adoption was the only option, having Virgil's sister as a surrogate was little short of a miracle. Already, even though Noah had only been in the couple's lives for just over an hour, their little boy was perfect.

"I think he's swaddled tight enough already." Janus said after a moment of silence between the two. Virgil mumbled in agreement and gave his boyfriend a kiss on the forehead. "He has Logan's ever bored expression."

"I'm sure he'd love hearing Uncle Logan chatter on about quantum physics." Hearing the idea of quantum physics made Noah cry a little, Janus immediately rocking him and then placing him in the bassinet. Noah's eyes began to close and a small yawn escaped him. Janus could finally snuggle up next to his boyfriend and fall asleep too.


Soft cries woke Janus up in the morning. He turned his head and saw Virgil in his oversized hoodie and sweatpants holding their baby. He had messy hair and blue under his eyes - both father and son were yawning. "I'm holding him right aren't I, Jan? He's still crying."

Janus sat up and put his arm around Virgil's shoulders. Noah was turning as much as he could in his young age, his lips moving closed and open, his fists trying to escape the swaddle that was a bit more loose after sleeping.

Virgil finally looked at his boyfriend when he received a kiss on the temple. "I'll get him a bottle." Janus whispered, disappearing out the room and presumably to the kitchen. The other new father sat on the bed again and smiled at his son.

"How do you feel today buddy? Want to go back to the uterus yet?" Virgil chuckled, kissing Noah's forehead and unleashing him from the snake themed swaddle as he seemed to want freedom. Noah's head turned to Virgil's t-shirt and he began to suck. "I'm afraid I can't do that for you - we have to wait for other Dad." He laughed. He was in love with this little boy already and it had only been five hours. He was absolutely perfect.

Janus emerged again with a warm baby beaker and snuggled into his boyfriend, holding the bottle while Noah sucked. "Ooh you're definitely hungry aren't you?" Virgil asked his son in the baby voice Janus loved to hear. He was so excited to hear that voice every morning. "What's he going to be dressed in today?"

"I was thinking the blue dress as it's a heatwave." Janus looked towards the dresser that had all the newborn outfits the couple had bought in their excitement. This meant he couldn't see his boyfriend's pout though.

"But the onesies are thin!" Virgil moaned as Noah finished the entire bottle. "I vote spider or cloud onesies."

Janus scowled but kissed his boyfriend to remove the pout. "Those are nightwear. The apple and snake one is daywear." Virgil pouted again. The pout always made sure Virgil got his way. Things were changing though - Janus was a father now and would help his kid be safe even though Virgil's puppy eyes were absolutely irresistible.

"But we already gave him the snake swaddle! He needs variety Harvey Dense."

Before Janus could argue back Noah let out a loud unholy screech and threw his arms in the air. "Shit! What did I do with him?" Virgil almost screamed too - rocking Noah back and forth but that didn't seem to help - he was still screaming. And Virgil was panicked.

"Did you burp him babe?" Janus said calmly, pecking Virgil's lips and taking Noah in his arms. He pat the baby's back a few times as he screamed - but eventually the small being let out a burp almost as loud as his screams and stopped crying. "There we go. We'll learn."

"We definitely will." Virgil laughed, cuddling into his boyfriend again and smiling softly. This was a big change, a change that would last a lot longer than any of the other things Virgil had decided for a while, but he was happy for it. He'd be a good father for this little soft being that now relied on him and his lover.

Chapter Text

Patton was running around the house trying to gather his three kids for school. "Ami - Have you already got your Paw Petrol backpack?" He shouted as he ran into the kitchen, spotting his youngest daughter Amira sneaking an extra cookie into her lunchbox. Patton couldn't help but smile and cough, letting a giggle escape. "Have you shared with your siblings?"

Amira shook her head and nibbled one of the cookie she grabbed - chocolate chips were covering her face and the Paw Patrol backpack was on her back (it looked too big for her and was adorable). Patton couldn't help but kneel down and give her a hug before hearing his other daughter scream down the stairs.

"Papaaa! Can you call me in sick?" She screamed, already brushing her hair and braiding it into space buns. She was definitely not sick she just hated her math teacher Mr Crofters (who was also Patton's friend).

"I'm afraid not kiddo. But you look pretty!" The middle child of Patton's family was a middle schooler named Avery. She was a fashionista and Patton always marvelled at her fashion sense - this time was a horizontal black and white striped t-shirt and black jeans. Avery only shrugged and grabbed her bag, her eyes down on her phone now she had tried to skip school.

"Dad's almost on the radio!" And there came Patton's high school son Azaan, running through the kitchen with a breakfast bar and smoothie, switching on the radio to the family's favourite station. The voice of Patton's husband, Remus, greeting his listeners and hoping they were having a good morning. Remus was a morning radio DJ with his brother Roman so it was amazing that the family could hear their father's voice every morning.

After some more chatter Azaan, Avery and Amira ran to the school bus - Azaan holding Amira's hand and being a good big brother. Luckily it wasn't completely silent. Patton just sat on the stool beside the radio and listened in to his husband joking and laughing; telling the listeners about his husband and kids, laughing about Avery's detention the week previous, giggling about how big Amira was getting even though she'd only been in the family for a year. The time flew when Patton listened to his husband - and soon Remus' segment was over which meant he'd be home soon.

Remus came through the door quietly when Patton was still listening to the radio. A smile on his face as soon as he spotted his husband. "Good morning Lilypad." He said, kneeling down to be level with Patton and giving him a smile.

"Good morning Dukey!" Patton cheered back with his usual wide smile, his legs swinging, but Remus seemed a little calmer as he was glancing Patton up and down with a smirk. The cheery husband didn't hate where his eyes were going. "I missed you..."

Remus' lips attacked Patton's, creating a warmth between them both. His arms wrapped around Patton's waist as he lifted him onto the kitchen counter and he kissed as passionately as possible.

Just as Remus' hand snaked under Patton's shirt a phone rang beside the radio. It was Avery calling on Azaan's black iPhone with a Marvel phone case. Remus' lips left his husband, he picked up the phone and answered it. "Hey girlie." Remus mumbled, biting his lips and avoiding looking at his husband. "Yeah, we can give Az his phone back, yep." After a little more chatter Remus hanged up the phone and sighed - smirking at Patton. "Why can't I just stay and cuddle you?"

"Because we have kids now." Patton giggled, cupping Remus' cheeks and giving him one last peck. Remus scowled playfully and tried to lean the kiss back but Patton leant back and grabbed Azaan's phone.

"Oh I miss the days only you called me Daddy."


"Thanks Dad." Azaan said as he leant in the car for his phone, holding it in one hand and his algebra and American history textbooks in the other. Luckily he was allowed out of classes for a moment to get it. When he disappeared into the school again Remus held Patton's hand with a mischievous smirk.

"What's on your mind honey-bun?" Patton cooed, the coo making Remus feel weak at the knees.

"You..." He mumbled back, kissing Patton's cheek and not letting his eyes leave him. "When can we go back home and cuddle?"

Patton smiled wide, leaning in for a kiss just like he did in the kitchen, but then his phone rang. "It's Ami's kindergarten..." He mumbled, quickly picking up the phone and speaking through it. "Hello! Oh... Oh poor sweetie, of course. We'll bring one straight away!" When Patton hung up the phone he moved his hand from Remus' grasp - a small smile on his face. Remus' dad mode immediately kicked in once he realised he should be worried. "Someone covered Amira in mud during play time and she's upset - let's get her the blue flowery one she likes."


While it was difficult for Remus to not grab Patton and take him to a softer place he stood back and watched his husband run around the house to pick a completely new outfit for their daughter. Patton was smiling and giggling, marvelling over how cute their daughter would look in her favourite dress. Again, Remus and Patton got in the car again and drove to the kindergarten where Amira and her teacher were waiting outside.

"Hey Mira." Remus got out the car first, giving his daughter a hug as he didn't mind getting covered in mud. Even though Patton loved to play with his kids whatever the weather he hated getting muddy and wet - Remus was the absolute opposite and wouldn't consider the playing done if they were clean. "I'll make sure whoever gets you muddy won't ever again, OK?"

Remus was happy to threaten physical violence on a five year old; Patton was not. "Because you'll be super pretty!" Patton interrupted before Remus actually got to the point of facing a kindergartener. Amira's eyes glowed as she spotted the pretty dress and she snatched it out of her father's hands, squeaking a 'thank you' but then running away and back to classes. The teacher also thanked the parents for coming quickly and followed Amira inside.

After a second of silence Remus went behind his husband and wrapped his arms around Patton's waist, making him yelp as the mud touched his cat cardigan. "Cheeky!" He squeaked, a smile still on his face though. And now Patton's face was in front of him the more chaotic husband had to grab his face and kiss it.

But Patton's phone rang again. This time Remus could hear who called - a screaming Avery. "I WANNA GO HOME!" She screeched - even causing Patton to drag his phone away from his ear and scrunch his nose. Patton tried reassuring her quietly but her screams were too loud for her to hear. "KAYLA BROKE UP WITH ME AND DECIDED JAKE OF ALL PEOPLE IS BETTER THAN ME AND I WANNA GO HOME!"

Remus grabbed the phone and spoke clearly, slightly louder than his husband as he had lots of practice speaking over two teenagers and a kindergartener. "Punch her."

Avery silenced and sniffled - probably confused at her Remus' bluntness as if that's not how he always spoke. "Really?"

"Yep, do it."

"OK..." Avery hang up straight away. Patton was glaring at his husband this time - he did not want to be called into the middle school for the third time that week. But Remus smirked triumphantly and passed the bubblegum blue phone with a puppy themed case back.

"She won't sweetheart. I know she loves Kayla too much for that." Remus' arms went around Patton's waist for a forehead kiss, and he sighed and snuggled in. Finally... Remus could hold his husband without his phone ringing.


"Dad! We're home!" Azaan shouted throughout the house while Remus and Patton were snuggling in bed. Patton mumbled and turned his head to the pillow while Remus chuckled.

He kissed Patton's neck and sat up, tugging his shirt down a little as he got out of bed. "Up you get babe. Time to be Daddy to actual children now." Patton's giggle broke the peck of a kiss - his eyes were glowing watching the person he decided to marry so long ago. And he would do it all again. A million times.

Amira burst open the door and climbed on the bed. "I made papier-mâché! Is Papa sick?" She pouted and turned to her other father - as soon as both fathers shook their heads she began to chatter about how she made the best art in the entire kindergarten and she wanted to be a professional papier-mâché-er when she grew up.

Remus knew he had to go downstairs and check on his other two kids but he didn't want to leave his husband. Ever. So before he left he turned Patton's head slightly and gave him a soft kiss, whispering in a way that he knew made his husband crazy in love.

"I missed you..."

Chapter Text

"OK, OK... And what's the probability Anna will wake up before her alarm on exactly 7 mornings?" Logan turned from his whiteboard that had 'binomial distribution' at the top and plenty of formulae to his half-engaged students. At least his son, Virgil, was in this class and was always willing to answer a question just to move on the lesson so his father could get paid.

This morning though Virgil seemed distracted. His head was turned to the side looking at the corner - where his best friend Patton sat. Patton was the typical cheery high schooler also on the cheerleading team. Logan paused for a second and observed his son's wide eyes and small smile. His cheeks were red and he was even biting the corner of his dried lips. "Virgil?"

Virgil turned his head hearing his father's voice and immediately became more red. He examined the writing on the board and looked lost for a second before murmuring the correct answer. "0.0426?"

Logan smirked at his son, the simple facial expression telling his son he uncovered his secret. "Correct. Now let's look at why..."

The rest of the lesson went by smoothly. Virgil was still staring but Logan wasn't the type to disturb young love - especially the young love of his son. When the lesson ended Virgil followed Patton to the next class as he chattered along about cheer practice.

"Good morning Ru-bitch." Janus chirped as he entered his husband's classroom, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "You forgot to pack your lunch this morning." A blue and black patchwork lunchbox was placed on Logan's desk while Janus held his husband by the waist. He loved working across the hall from his husband for this reason. While Logan's voice echoed through his classroom walls he could reimagine his wedding day and every date and the day they adopted their son together. His life was nothing less than perfect.

"V-V has a crush honey." Logan whispered, quiet in case his son was walking by or wanted to see his fathers now it was lunch period. Janus' eyes widened hearing anything about his son and he giggled his usual giggle. "It's on Patton."

Janus looked so proud in that moment looking at his husband. He gave his lover a forehead kiss and sighed to himself. "I'm so glad you gave him the talk last week. He better be sensible."

"He is sensible. He's our son." Logan's arms winded around Janus' neck as they stood together. They weren't hungry yet, only hungry for each other's cuddles.

"And I decided to improvise all my lessons today because you were too tempting with your kisses over the weekend - stupid but worth it mistakes are genetic." After giggles and half a dozen more kisses the fathers separated from each other and grabbed their lunches, holding each other's hands and complimenting each other on their lunch making skills.

The door knocked revealing their couple's loved and much talked about teenage son Virgil. "Dad? Could you... Tell I was staring at Patton?"

Janus nodded quickly before Logan could answer, a chuckle escaping. "Your Dad's told me about it. You're very gay son."

A chair was dragged to Logan's desk where the couple were sitting by Janus' foot. Virgil sat opposite his parents sheepishly - thinking through what to say to explain to his parents how he was feeling. And he was never good at talking about feelings.

"It's only a small crush... I just saw him cheering at the football match last week and - I haven't stopped thinking about him since." He said softly, sucking on a lollipop he bought in the canteen tuck shop.

This time Logan smiled softly at his son. He felt immensely proud his son had become a nervous and anxious freshman to a confident and witty junior that was happy to talk about and explore his sexuality with his fathers by his side. "Define thinking about him." Logan commanded. He knew he shouldn't pry too far into his son's personal life but he couldn't help it. His son seemed so happy and relaxed around his best friend/crush.

Virgil's cheek became as red as when he was picked on in class, looking at his sandwich for a second before sighing and laughing at himself. "It's a lot of things. I just want to spend more time with him - but in a different way. Like I want to steal your constellation book and take Patton to lie under the stars and tell him everything I could find."

Even Janus was smirking. He was grasping Logan's hand tightly with his insanely proud smile he always gave his son ever since he was adopted the term before he became a high schooler.

But Virgil continued. "And I know Patton loved bubble-gum and cotton candy ice cream and there's a new ice cream parlour next to the school... I want to take him there and watch him get neon blue ice cream on his nose - and imagine his little tilt when I ask him if he meant to do that! God..."

"So when are you going on a date with him?" Janus interrupted, Virgil immediately paused in place. "During my ethics class he put a good and passionate point across for LGBTQ+ equality and acceptance. I won't be surprised if he isn't completely cis-het." There were several other reasons Janus had eavesdropped into that suggested Patton wasn't straight - it wasn't his place to reveal that though.

Virgil scowled and rolled his eyes. "That's probably because he's my best friend. He knows what we've all been through to get where we are."

The husbands had to agree with that logic. Things had changed since the days they were high schoolers - just because a person supports LGBTQ rights doesn't mean they're in the community themselves. But for their son they hoped Patton was somewhat attracted to the same sex. He deserved an amazing boyfriend like Patton would be.

At the end of year Prom Janus and Logan pretended to ignore Virgil kissing Patton in the corner and Patton kissing back. Logan did owe Janus $20 (given straight away when he saw his son kissing his best friend) and a dinner date though. When the night ended Virgil shyly walked up to his fathers and introduced his boyfriend to his parents. Patton was giggling and leaning on Virgil's shoulder making Virgil red again. It was the typical high school relationship - and the teacher fathers would make sure it lasts.

Chapter Text

"OK kids, the last panel is at 6pm - do you want to go home before then?" Roman was stood with his two kids beside a timetable of panels at this particular convention they had driven to for a couple of hours. Logan was the one to look at the timetable and examine it, Janus was too busy looking at everything else excitedly.

"The last one we want to go to at LGBTQ+ at 4pm... We'll text you if we want to go to another." Logan smiled proudly - making sure his younger sibling wouldn't escape. While they stood Roman decided where his kids would meet him once they'd done all they needed to do at the convention that day. When the young teen and pre-teen ran away to explore the centre their father watched them go, a proud smile on his face.

Logan and Janus were middle schoolers so too young for Roman to be in a right mind and leaving his kids completely alone - so he stayed in the convention centre and got a coffee to wait. He was so proud of his kids, especially when it came to their pride. Janus was non-binary and Logan was discovering and exploring his sexuality freely. It was a lot different from when Roman was a confused college student after a night out with his fraternity. Roman's kids knew they'd always be supported by their pansexual (yet very single) father.

After an hour Roman was bored of sitting around so he took a walk around the convention centre. It was a large place with a mix of panels hidden behind queues and merchandise shops, a gaming room and stage, and a lot of pop-up restaurants (he was have bought some noodles).

"Now what colour should the slime be... hmm..." A voice echoed across the hall Roman was stood in, noodles dangling from his face as he turned his head towards a centre stage where a man was standing with a giant bowl and spoon. The bowl was full of a glue substance.

The man on the stage entranced Roman. He was dressed simply in a blue crop-top and jeans, a cat hat on his head and every so often to made eye contact with a camera at the back of the seated audience. He decided on a baby blue food colouring and stirred everything in the bowl... It was definitely a giant slime he was making. The performance was entertaining though - and it was all over too soon.

When the man exited the stage he was immediately bombarded with presumably fans. He called all of them 'kiddo' even though they were all different ages - excitedly signing things and taking selfies. Roman stood back and admired from a distance with a soft smile. He was in his own world writing fanfiction about him and this new cutie, no thoughts until he spotted the man look over and wink at him.

He fucking winked.

"Hi! Do you want a selfie?" The man marched over with a wide smile, giggling as he spoke and his eyes twinkled. When Roman could finally put his thoughts into one he decided on a tactic to not look like he was a simp.

"Uh... Yeah, sorry. My kids really like you but they're in a panel right now. Um - what's your channel again?" The kids excuse was Roman's favourite excuse. It could be used in any situation and could bring him any outcome from a sick day from work to a free coffee if he had one less dime than he should. He was one of those people.

The man giggled again and swayed slightly. "SlimeMeUpBuddy is my Twitch name - call me Buddy... Or Patton..." The last part was said a little quieter, indicating that was this man's real name. But Roman's mind automatically went to the gutter like usual.

"That... Seems like it has other connotations." But Patton was cute, so he didn't mind the fact his username might be found on a porn site with no relation to him. He tilted his head confused and Roman desired to grab his cheeks and kiss him.

"Maybe that's why my friends advised me about the username." Patton laughed. They hadn't paused their eye contact yet - and Roman didn't want that to end soon. He could stare into those blue orbs for eternity. "Anyway, how about I go greet your kids once they're out of their panel? I'm free for about an hour and a half."

Roman nodded, praying his kids knew who Patton was even though their corner of the internet was gaming, true crime, LGBTQ+ and make-up rather than slime making. Patton did seem quite popular though as while they walked the crop-top wearer was stopped by dozens of people. A few fans asked who Roman was but Patton was happy to call him a friend. "Sorry, I'm openly gay on my platform so every guy I hang out with there's at least 20 dozen people who believe it's romantic." Patton said cheerily... Cool, Roman might have a chance to have a date.

"I'm pansexual so I get it. My son Logan is gay and my kid Janus is non-binary... We're a prideful bunch." Patton smiled wide hearing that, his expression softening as well as his voice.

"I'm glad they have such a good support group. What about your partner?"

That was where difficult topics came into Roman's life. He didn't like to think about it that much. All his children cared about was their one parent and it had been that way since Janus was in first grade. "Um... I'm single. And ready to mingle." He laughed shyly, and Patton gave a knowing nod and laughed nervously too. Roman examined the man's face for any reaction to him saying he was single... But the only emotion in his face was a glow when he heard two shouts Roman also recognised.

Roman's kids weren't in a panel for another hour.

"Dad!" Logan shouted, although he sounded slightly more mortified than happy. Janus was trying to shoo their father away from who they must know as a celebrity. Embarrassment was written over both of their faces. "Why are you talking to SlimeMeUp?"

"He was just telling me about you two kiddos." Patton cheered, a small pink on his face as he giggled. "He seems very proud of you two."

"Yeah, yeah, Dad go away before you embarrass us." Janus snapped getting their autograph book prepared and making sure their phone was on camera. Roman rolled his eyes and only took a step back - trying to not act like a gay mess. Patton already seemed to be such a good Dad with his kids. "Has Virgil come to the convention too?"

Virgil? Shit - he actually does have a partner. It seemed like he was alluding to being single when they were being stopped by those shipping fans...

"Oh he's at a sleepover and avoiding socialisation." Patton giggled. Grown men don't go to sleepovers so the poorly improvised plan seemed to be going to plan. "Virgil's my dark strange son - he's thirteen." Patton quickly seemed to clarify to the father. That was the same age as Roman's son... Maybe they could be friends?

After some selfies and autographs Patton's phone alarmed. "Oh! I have to rush off, sorry." Patton spoke quickly, but then turned to Roman with a smirk. "Close your eyes kiddos." He commanded, and weirdly the two kids did exactly as told.

Patton gave Roman a kiss on the cheek and winked again. Roman was definitely red, but soon realised Patton was also handing him his phone. "Number. Now." He whispered in that commanding voice again and Roman was beginning to swoon. He typed in his phone number quickly and told the kids to open their eyes again.

The interaction out of a romance movie ended with a simple handshake - Patton's grip was firm and his hand was warm. Roman definitely wouldn't mind holding it again. "Pleasure to meet you Roman." Patton chirped, and he ran off again. Janus and Logan could immediately spot Roman's blush and were freaking out.

A few minutes passed and Roman received a text: 'See you on a date at the Italian restaurant next door tomorrow evening <3'

Chapter Text

"Why aren't these... effing... buckles not working?" Virgil grumbled to himself as he tried to unbuckle his youngest daughter from the pushchair she was now stuck in. He turned to his partner Patton who was applying suncream to their other little girl. "Can you help me Patton-cake?"

"Sure thing Ky-love, can you take care of Gigi?" Patton chirped and walked over, cooing and chatting to the girl in the pushchair while Virgil walked forward to the kindergartener Gigi who was collected her bucket and spade from the beach bag to make sandcastles. The white suncream was still in blotches on her olive skin but she didn't seem to care. As her father Virgil did though, so got her to sit as still as possible and helped her rub the cream in.

Today was a good day. It was the first day of their beach holiday - and the summer before Gigi would start elementary school. The two parents had saved up their vacation days for this holiday and so far it was worth it. Just the thought of that made Virgil feel so old even though he was only thirty two. The small family had rented a house by the beach for the week so they could create some memories together.

"Are you excited for school next month Gi?" Virgil asked with his voice light and fluffy. He remembered days when he was convinced he'd never be a good father or even be able to be a dad at all - but here he was with two amazing toddlers on an amazing holiday with an amazing partner. Because of his past doubts he had to be soft and gentle around his kids - they were a miracle.

Gigi sucked her thumb and watched the waves hit the sand behind her. "I'm worried about the bullies." She chirped softly. Virgil could do nothing but sigh. There were a few kids in her kindergarten that liked pushing her and calling her 'midget' - her fathers had tried to bring this up but the taunting was just brought to 'kids being kids'.

Virgil walked with his daughter to the sea, watching her paddle in the shallow waves and build a sandcastle in the slightly wet sand. Patton soon joined with Bea at his lip dressed in her Barbie swimming costume and a pacifier in her mouth. Virgil could never get enough of Patton having a child close to him. "Do you want to toddle with your sister?" Patton chirped to Bea and placed her down close to her sister. She followed her older sister around shyly and pointed at pieces of sand for Gigi to shovel up.

Patton smiled softly and nuzzled into the creak of Virgil's neck, holding his hand. "I love you storm cloud..." He whispered. Virgil smiled back and kissed his forehead.

"I love you too." His voice was as quiet as it could be even though he'd happily scream his love for Patton from the rooftops. Their small demonstration of love seemed too loud for someone though - a middle aged blond woman that looked like she'd be the star of a Reddit post.

"Ew, no-one wants to see you f-" She said the slur word. The word that caused Gigi and Bea to stop what they were doing and look. They had luckily never heard that word before even though their fathers had. The man tried to ignore her, Virgil bringing his arm around Patton and watching the sea, but the woman marched over angrily and spoke directly to the girls beside their feet. "Are you OK sweetie? They aren't hurting you are they?"

"We weren't disturbing you, please don't disturb us." Virgil stayed a distance from the lady just in case. Usually if the homophobe had said a word to Patton she'd receive a quick punch from the purple wearing man - but as she was talking to his kids Virgil had to resist the urge to kick an almost-pensioner across the Atlantic Ocean.

The lady scoffed shocked. "You're disturbing me! God didn't want us to get together like you do - let alone raise sweet and innocent babies under your care!" She was screamed now. It's a shame two men just loving each other could do that, at least the old woman's family looked mortified by her behaviour. "You can act like that behind closed doors. We don't want to see you both undress each other on the beach!"

So one man having his arm around another was a sexual act... That must be a new kink Virgil hadn't heard about. "I was just holding him like any other couple would do." Virgil said calmly while the woman was stomping and screaming like a tantruming toddler. The actual toddler, Bea, was even looking at her like she was being ridiculous. "Can you please let us enjoy our holiday?"

"I'll call the police! This behaviour must be public indecency!"

Before the woman could actually act on her outlandish behaviour a person who the couple assumed was their daughter came over and dragged her away, apologising profusely.

It was then silence. Patton still stayed close to Virgil and tried to distract his kids from what happened - but Virgil could tell behind his eyes he was petrified. "Why didn't that lady like you?" Gigi chirped, still watching the lady as she glared at the family from the other side of the beach (ignoring her own grandchildren to show how good a parent she was). Patton sighed and knelt down, squishing his daughter's cheek with a soft smile.

"She doesn't like that I love your father instead of a woman. She's very mean." Patton had the blessing of explaining bad things without swearing and cursing people out unlike Virgil. The temptation to punch the lady was getting ridiculously stronger if his youngest daughter wasn't going adorable grabby hands for a cuddle.

He watched Bea suck on her pacifier and look around the beach at everyone running around and chatting. "We're not bad parents are we Bumble-Bea?" Virgil whispered, watching Patton play with Gigi in the sand and encouraging her to go into the water. Bea mumbled so cutely her father just had to hug her. "We're good parents..."

Bea pointed at Patton giggling gleefully in the water. Seeing Patton happy made Virgil's heart beat even faster and it reminded him every day how in love he was. His partner was absolutely perfect in every way and he was so glad he had a family with him - whatever other people say.

"Come give me a kiss." Virgil whispered, walking forward before he could realise and holding Patton around his other free hand. The two men stood in the water and kissed chastely. They would never stop loving each other despite what others say.

Chapter Text

"Oh shut up, let your Dad have a gay moment." Roman huffed playfully as he brushed his auburn hair, admiring the new jacket he bought in a rush for this moment. He just expected to take his kids to the convention in the city and then drive home on Sunday night - but he now had to stay an extra night to go out and have a date with this cutie he met at the centre.

Not that he was reluctant to. He may or may not have spent the entirety of the night previous rewatching all his streams. There he got a sneak-peek of his life - he didn't see much though as he seemed quite private apart from his slime. He did get to see talked about son Virgil though. A nervous, smaller than average, emerging teenager that reminded Roman of his own son Logan if his son's main personality trait wasn't being a giant nerd. The two boys would get on well.

"Just be sensible." Logan whispered - acting like a father himself like usual as he ate Crofters and read a book on the hotel bed. He and his younger sibling Janus were allowed to take their father's hotel room for the evening as it had better Wifi so they were taking full advantage of that and takeaway the parent bought for them.

Roman rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out at his son through the mirror, brushing a hand through his hair and sighing to himself again. Every time he closed his eyes he could see Patton's happy smile just before he asked the father on a date and whenever his smile moved he could feel Patton's lips on his cheek.

He was soon pushed out of the hotel room by his kids and walked to the front of the Italian restaurant he'd been instructed to go to. The night sky was clear and the stars were absolutely beautiful and bright. Maybe when he's in his eighties he'd be on his rocking chair and watching the sky - and he'd remember this moment. It had been a long time since he was thinking about romance and dates like this.

"Hey, love-boat." A voice appeared beside Roman making him look down. Patton was there - dressed a lot more simple than when he was at the convention as he just had a patchwork blue and white button up and blue jeans. "You ready to go in?"

Roman nodded quickly and ran to the front door of the restaurant to open it. "Thank you!" Patton cheered, his whole face seemed to glow when he smiled and Roman wanted to just hold him and kiss him until the sun rises.

The pair sat down opposite each other, a lit candle between them, and menus in posh font on the table with some appetisers the size of a pinky nail. Soft Italian choir music was playing in the background but Roman could not look away from the person in front of him. Patton just looked so happy and excited he was sat here with him - maybe that means there are reciprocated feelings and Roman had found his soulmate.

Or maybe he was just used to doing this. Maybe he did this kind of thing regularly - talking to a man for a few minutes and promising romance only to leave them after one night.

"What are you thinking about?" Patton chirped, tilting his head. He looked so cute.

But Roman shouldn't spiel on about his insecurities on a first date - even if said date meant nothing. "Uh... Are you having starters?"

"I prefer desserts. If you want one I'll get one though!" How can Patton be so charismatic and cute and expect Roman to function like a normal human? After all, Roman had not even dared to step into the dating world after breaking up with his ex as he had two young kids he needed to help grow up.

Conversation seemed to flow quite easily between the two men, laughs and jokes disturbing their eating although they didn't seem to care about their food. Soon, instead of speaking nonsense, they got onto the questions about their families. "So you have a son... Virgil right? Or is he called Virgin?"

"Virgil." Patton chirped. He looked even more happy (if that was even possible) when his son was brought into the conversation - that was much like Roman was like if anyone asked him about his kids. "He's in seventh grade - oh, almost eight now actually - he's my dark strange son I adopted when he was born and he's such a cutie!"

"You're a cutie." Roman spurted out without much control as his cheek landed on his fist. Patton chuckled and blushed, sticking his tongue out which made the other man realise what he said. He needed to be cool on a first date rather than a weird gay mess. "Uh... Logan's going into eighth grade too. How's he finding middle school, what district is he in?"

He assumed Patton lived in the same state as Roman: Florida. After all, the convention was in Florida and most of the other people he met there either lived in the city or drove there the day before like Roman did (driving for three hours with two pre-teens was very chaotic). But instead of answering a school or district Roman knew about the streamer said a state the adventurous father had never been.

"We're from Maryland." Huh, Patton must have travelled a lot to get to this convention then. That just gave more evidence that the dinner meant nothing but someone to talk to while eating. But seeing Patton's smile minimise distracted Roman from his thoughts. "Do you not want to date long distance? That's perfectly alright, just..."

"No, no!" Roman's face was as red as his t-shirt - he leant forward as if wanting to grab the streamer and hold him close. He would hate himself forever if this cutie walked away from a relationship from a bad misunderstanding. "I'm perfectly willing to work long distance... Does this mean we're boyfriends?"

This time it was Patton's turn to be red. His mouth was full of pasta with tomato around his lips - and Roman ever so wanted to kiss those lips. "Yeah! I'm sure me son will love you and your kids! I sure do..."

Roman gave into all temptation and leant over the table to give the man opposite him a kiss. Patton was very receptive and held his cheeks; begging for the kiss to be deeper but Roman wanted to leave some surprises for later in the relationship. "I don't think I've ever been kissed like that..." The cheery father whispered, scared to move his lips and forget what the sensation felt like, but alas to speak he did have to move his lips. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Roman sat down again with a wide smile on his face. He clutched Patton's hand and never wanted to let go. And he didn't - at least until he had to return to the hotel.


"Viiiiirgiiiiiiilllllll!" Patton shouted as he opened the front door. Virgil was laid upside down on the couch but looked away from his phone when he heard his father.

The pre-teen smirked, rolling his eyes and raising an eyebrow. "You look happy." He mumbled, sitting up properly and brushing a hand through his messy hair. Patton definitely was happy - he had spent an entire weekend with a hottie. He didn't think someone could be that attractive and still single. But on top of that he was already a father! He was a perfect match for Patton's hectic busy life. "What happened at the con?"

"I met someone..." Patton sang in his sing-song tone again, spinning as if he was on a cloud, if he was a cartoon his eyes would be heart shaped.

Virgil, on the other hand, looked even more confused and shook his head as if in disbelief. "As in a new friend?" He said, trying not to show any fear in his eyes. This was a new situation in his family. It had been him and Patton for years and he didn't want it to change - he didn't like any change in his life.

"As in a boyfriend! We're doing long distance as he's from Florida... I'm so excited though Vergie!" The father rang to his son for a hug. Virgil was used to being picked up by hugs and swung around for a few seconds. When he was a kid he used to love it and scream playfully and giggle, now he instinctively rag-dolled and froze but Patton didn't care either way. Would a boyfriend stop Patton from doing these hugs?

Patton immediately felt his son's anxieties and faced him with a soft smile. "He's amazing Virgil, trust me. He's called Roman, he's 36, he has red hair and beautiful shining brown eyes..." Patton stared into the distance with an in love smile that almost made Virgil puke over its sweetness. "Oh! And he has two kids."

Virgil had to double-take. "Two? Are they older than me or do I have to deal with two snot picking elementary schoolers or toddlers?"

"Well, Logan's in the same grade as you and Janus is going into sixth grade. So they won't be that different from you." Patton's soft voice always reassured the young teen, especially when he held him like the proud father he was. "I can get you in touch with Logan if you want. He's really nice kiddo, please let me have this."

Reluctantly as he was still anxious (he always was), Virgil nodded and smiled. He was glad to see his father in love after all. "Do I have permission to go to Florida and punch him if he breaks your heart?"

"Of course you do kiddo." Patton would never condone physical violence however, especially against someone he loved.


"Are the kids ready for the move?" Patton spoke through the FaceTime screen, his son also behind him on the sofa texting his step-brother Logan. He was facing his boyfriend that was packing his suitcase on the other side of the screen. The boyfriend and his two kids were preparing to board a plane to Maryland and stay there for forever.

"Logan's just concerned about the change in high school curriculum like the nerd he is. Janus just wants to get middle school over with." Roman seemed more concentrated on folding all his red t-shirts but Patton knew he was excited. Ever since he got the news he could move to Maryland he couldn't stop talking about it and telling Patton how amazing their life would be now they could cuddle all the time and maybe now they could get married and even possibly (very much possibly - as their lives were chaotic enough) adopt a kid or pet together. They were both unbelievably excited for this moment to happen.

"Well at least your kiddos know I'll always be with them as a stay-at-home-parent. Good thing about being a streamer." Patton giggled, glancing behind him at where Virgil was rolling his eyes and sighing as he remembered there was hardly an escape from his overly-affectionate father.

When Roman could finally hold his boyfriend, after a year, he was overjoyed. Virgil could meet his new step-siblings even though he had been talking with Logan since his father returned to Maryland with the news of the new relationship. When he was first told of the relationship he was confused - after all, he had known his father for his entire life and although Patton was friends with everyone he hadn't thought of romance. But within a year he had fallen head over heels for someone the other side of the country and was chatting about being a father of not just one kid but three.

Roman may have hidden a diamond ring in his pocket - but he hadn't told anyone about that just yet.

Chapter Text

"I'm coming!" Janus screamed at the top of his lungs as he guided himself around his dark house towards a door that was getting more action than it had got in a while. He was slightly annoyed with all the noise as he didn't know who it could be and he expected people to have the decency to not knock so persistently at 1am.

When Janus threw open the door the one person he didn't expect to see was his friend Roman crying and shaking on his doorstep. He immediately regretted the anger he showed in his expression while opening the door. "Come in Ro."

As soon as Roman stepped into the house he burst into a crying fit, looking down. "We broke up." Was the only sentence Janus could decipher between the tears. Janus only nodded to himself and guided Roman towards the sofa. With one hand of his shoulder Roman eventually calmed down enough to speak clearer. "I'm so sorry Jan, I had to go. He's horrible and I hate him and this was my one moment away from hi-"

"I don't accept the apology because you don't need to apologise. You just know I'm not a night owl." Although Janus tried to bring some humour into the situation but Roman didn't laugh, only hugged himself and let the backpack he was holding fall to his feet. "Do you want to take my bed and I can sleep on the sofa?"

Roman shook his head, going more into a ball. Janus hated seeing his friend like this. The Roman he remembered had been gone since he entered the relationship he had now ended; the freelance playwright used to be happy and optimistic and excited for the future but now he was just a shell of that. Janus prayed to change that now.

"Get yourself settled. Do you want anything to drink or eat?" Roman shook his head again - and then he began to tear up. Janus just silenced and let him get the emotions out, a comforting touch still present. "Shall I stay down here with you tonight?"

Another head shake. "I'm fine. Go." Roman whispered out, his voice hardly audible and raspy from all the tears. But Janus obeyed his friend - knowing he was the type of person to need a break when he was on high emotions like this. He nodded, giving Roman a soft hug and smiling at him.

"Night Ro." He said plainly. Roman sniffled and nodded again, but didn't speak back. Janus left him in the darkness but reassured him it was alright to wake him up if needed. He didn't though, he passed out as soon as his head hit the sofa cushion.


Janus returned from work one day humming to himself. It had been a couple of weeks since the early morning Roman came to join him in his usual solitude - and as a freelance playwright Roman had hardly left the home. When Janus returned home he was usually greeted by his friend. Roman had become a little more cheery in the few weeks but still subdued, nevertheless Janus enjoyed the average 'how was your day?' when he returned from work compared to before when it was silent.

What Janus didn't expect to hear was tears coming from upstairs. "Roman?" He shouted, making his way upstairs as quick as possible and finding Roman in the study where he stored the minimal amount of clothes he had. A suitcase was on the floor and exploding from it was every belonging Roman had. And Roman was crying loudly and shaking. "Roman what's wrong?"

Roman sniffled and choked on his tears. "I'm going back Jan. I deserve him, I need him, I can't do this alone..." All the words were separate and frantic but spoke quickly. Janus couldn't even gather who exactly he was talking about until he was zipping up the suitcase - maybe he was just shellshocked.

"Why are you going back?" The only thing Janus could think of doing was holding his friend's hands and raising an eyebrow at him. But Roman looked desperate and scared out of his life.

"I'm pregnant." Roman eventually sniffled, the words weren't exactly clear but the tone at which it was said outlined what the meaning was. Still, Janus had to double-take, stepping back and thinking for a moment of what to say. The only clear thing was that Roman should not return to his partner.

"Um... Termination is always an option, you know that though, but I'm definitely not letting you raise a baby with him." Janus wasn't usually a very forceful person but this time he felt like he had to be - he would never forgive himself if he saw his friend in that toxic relationship again with or without a child on the line. "You can still stay here with the baby - we have the money and space here to support them and raise them platonically. I can even help you get your own place. You are just not going back to him."

Roman sat and rubbed his nose against his arm, looking at his lap. They talked for a little more as Roman asked all the question and concerns he had and Janus answered them. He eventually silenced for a moment. "You're... right. I can raise this baby." He said eventually, standing to unpack his clothes instead of the hurried packing he did before. Janus helped him - still reassuring him and telling him he didn't mind there would be a new housemate in nine months. He would support his friend whatever.


"Do you really need another jar of Crofters right now while I'm cooking?" Janus asked his friend as he got some of his favourite jam out of the larder and slinked away to the living room again. The friend only hummed in response as his mouth was full of jelly but once he swallowed he spoke.

"I've just got too big for my prince outfit today, leave me alone." He snapped playfully. Roman was in the first trimester but was showing enough for his favourite prince outfit he made in college to be too tight. In memorial he wore his crown the entire day but apart from that he was in pyjamas and writing one of his plays while eating copious amounts of strawberry jam. "Your cooking just makes my morning sickness worse too."

"Oh blessings, I should call Gordon Ramsey to show your baby good taste." Janus shouted from the kitchen getting Roman's laugh in return. "Do you know what exactly causes the sickness?"

Roman shrugged to himself as he wrote the same sentence again and again and again to get the tone right. The only good thing about his past relationship was that his high emotion living made writing cold and macabre plays easy as he was constantly anxious and sad himself - now he was at peace (relatively, being pregnant was still life changing and scary) sad plays were more difficult to place himself in.

Janus sat next to his friend, turning on the timer and smiling. "Maybe you could get back into costuming now you're more free, you always made the best costumes for the high school plays." He laughed, remembering the ridiculous costumes his friend made when he was head of the costuming department in high school. It was impossible to make a modest but distressed Juliet - Shakespeare was a creep and meant for Juliet to be an overly-sexualised naive 14 year old.

And Janus would never forget watching Roman smile as he gathered all the satins and wool and ran around the high school backstage costume room chatting about different stitches and sews. He could stay there forever and watch him - or at least he hoped he did as that smile and excited chatter disappeared once he got a college boyfriend.

"Why are you staring at me?" Roman asked, tilting his head with a soft smile. Janus shook his head back to reality with a chuckle, but the memories he had in high school didn't fade. He missed Roman being like that - before Roman was distanced from his friends by this person that hurt him. Whenever he thought of the person that hurt his best friend he wanted to (as Roman would say) turn into a handsome prince and save his damsel.

Wait... These memories were quite different from platonic now he looked back. He did want to hold Roman a lot. He thought he was just a huggy person but now he was thinking about it, it seemed like a lot more. He wanted to snake his arms around Roman's waist and feel his breath on his face and never let go.

He had a crush on his high school best friend.

"Earth to Janus..." Roman chirped, waving his hand in front of Janus' face and laughing to himself. "Your timer just went." The beeping of Janus' timer finally registered in his ears and he ran back to the kitchen. Luckily nothing was burnt and he could serve the dinner quite easily - even though his mind hadn't stopped thinking.

He just kept on thinking about Roman running backstage and chatting about sews and seems, his eyes glowing and laughs escaping after sentences. His eyes were glowing and his imagination was flowing and Janus just wanted to grab his cheeks and give him a kiss. Those thoughts stayed when he was explaining the plot to his latest play and eating pasta.


"Right Mr Prince, would you like to find out the sex of your child?" Roman lay in front of the sonographer, Janus was beside him reading a book. It was weird - Janus had got quieter throughout the months and was now almost silent.

"Uh... Yeah I think I do if that's alright." At least having a silent Janus was better to have next to him than his ex. If he was still with his ex at this moment he probably wouldn't be allowed to speak or make a decision on anything. Then he'd be at the house and be hurt. It was like clockwork looking back - but now he was so happy it was all over. His ex was blocked on everything and Janus was there to support.

There was a universal silence while the sonographer examined the small ultrasound screen. Instead of looking at the screen Roman looked at his close friend. He seemed fully concentrated on the book in front of him (a legal book that Roman bought him). Roman couldn't look away - he seemed so concentrated and his features seemed to be shaded perfectly that he looked like some mysterious librarian in a dark academia post.

Janus was objectively attractive. There was no debate in that, if they weren't the only gay guys in high school Roman was 99% sure he would have found a high school sweetheart and be married by now. Roman would have prayed to a million gods that the baby inside him had Janus' genetics rather than his evil ex's.

But Roman wasn't attracted to him of course. He was just very appreciative of his friend's looks and possibly had some envy since he was cis and Roman was not.

"Mr Prince?" The sonographer hummed which made both Roman and Janus look at her. "I think... From what I can see here you have a boy." The lady pointed at the light being on the screen - they was moving slightly and sucking their thumb. Roman could hear a chuckle escape Janus' lips which made him smile too. "I think he has your nose."

The sonographer was facing Janus and for a moment he had to double take. "Thank... you?" He squeaked, his cheeks reddening slightly, Roman couldn't help but giggle.

Would Roman mind if his baby looked like Janus? Well, it's better than having the features of his ex. He'd probably have to get used to people mistaking Janus for the other parent if they were to stay roommates. He'd probably be asked if they were a couple or if they were married... And he didn't mind that. He never thought of marrying his ex - Janus would be a great person to marry. They could dance to each other's favourite music, wear yellow and red suits, they liked the same food so feeding guests will be easy, and Janus did look like a good kisser. Yeah, Janus would be a great husband one day.

"Ro?" The voice echoed into Roman's head again when he realised he was staring directly at Janus. He chuckled when Roman seemed to associate back to reality and offered a hand to help him up. The sonographer was gone. "So I'm guessing you want more Crofters on the drive home?" Janus smirked when Roman nodded, and the two men made their way back home.


A plate hit the sink while Janus was washing up. "I think Boa's a cute name!" He shouted to where Roman was laid on the sofa moaning in uncomfortableness.

"I'm not naming my baby after a snake Jan." Roman mumbled simply, not having the energy for anything else but lying down and examining the newborn onesie the pair had bought together the day before. The cashier had asked if they were expecting together - that resulted in both of them being a blushing mess. "I was thinking maybe Atticus..."

The world was silence for a little bit. Janus was panicking - although he was silent about it. Roman grew up not only with Janus but with Janus' little brother Remus (who was a middle schooler when the pair met as freshmen). His parents decided to name both their sons with named ending in 'us' to symbolise unity. It was a theme Janus adored and wanted to use for his own kids and Roman knew that. But that didn't mean Roman was thinking about Janus being an actual part of his family... Right?

"Why Atticus?" Janus eventually had the courage to chirp, looking back at Roman who was smiling shyly. "You know I like the 'us' endings."

Roman seemed to smile softly back, looking Janus up and down as he walked into the living room. "Of course I don't mind. I really like the name Atticus in fact - I bet he'll be a little cutie." Janus tried to calm himself by sitting opposite Roman and brushing a hand through his hair. He would not panic and let his imagination run wild over something as simple as a baby name.

"Well, maybe Atticus could be your kid too since I have a crush of you." Roman had become more and more brutally honest throughout the pregnancy due to the amount of uncomfortableness he was going through. That was fine - it brought some humour to their conversations but he had never been brutally honest about himself. "Maybe Atticus can have two dads?"

Very blunt, and Janus' cheeks were very red. "I mean... Sure. I kind of have a crush on you too."

Roman smirked, trying to sit up but ultimately giving up and lying down again. He lifted his pointer and middle finger and beckoned Janus over - and he quickly ran to be beside his friend's side. Roman could only lift his head slightly to give Janus a kiss. A soft and gentle kiss Janus couldn't get enough of. He hoped there'd never be an end to the kisses.


"I'm here!" Janus shouted into his home as he watched Roman chasing their son around the living room. Their son, Atticus, giggled and sprinted towards his father with glowing hazel eyes. "Hey kid, have you been annoying your Dad today?"

"I wanna wear my bear onesie for the wedding!" Atticus shouted, wiggling in Janus' arms as Roman approached with a soft smile. "Why do we all have to wear uncomfy ties?"

Janus giggled as he watched Atticus with a fond look. Roman was holding around a dozen ties in his hands that the tailor gave them to try (the child was too stroppy when his fathers were trying on their own suits). Eventually Atticus was wiggling too much so had to be placed on the floor again to run to his train game.

Roman gave Janus a soft kiss and smiled. "In a month are you ready to be Mr June-Prince?" He whispered, a hand on his fiancé's cheek so Janus could be comforted by the coldness of the engagement ring. Atticus ran into another room with all his toys which left the two fathers alone.

One thing was on Janus' mind... Something he'd been imagining for a while but never felt like he had the courage to ask. "Hey Wroammin..." He mumbled, snaking an arm around his lover's waist and kissing his neck gently that made Roman giggle. "After the wedding - I wouldn't mind giving Atticus a sibling. I think Cyrus June-Prince sounds cute."

Roman giggled and gave Janus another kiss in return. That was a yes, and Janus was excited about that. Atticus was his son whatever happens of course - the man that was biologically his 'father' was never in his life and was an evil man to the person Janus adored. But having another baby in the house would be great - although a little hectic - he'd enjoy it nevertheless.

Chapter Text

Virgil was trying to get comfortable on his older brother's lap as he played on his other brother's phone. "Mph... Why's your lap so bony?" He moaned and grumbled loudly - but Logan didn't care and seemed more involved with his organic chemistry textbook. His big purple hoodie was dirty as he'd refused to take it off for a week and his hair was also unbrushed as he had run away from every social worker that tried to help him.

Life wasn't that interesting for the six year old Virgil. He had three older brothers: Roman, almost a sophomore that had the stress of a college student; Logan, although he was a middle schooler he had the maturity of an old person; and Patton who was in elementary school but was more overwhelming than fun. But that's all Virgil had known since he was a small baby. Other children had parents - he had a band of brothers. "I'm bored!"

"Please stop complaining Negative Nancy, you're not a teenager yet no need to be moody." Roman's voice echoed from Logan and Roman's part of the small bedroom, staring down at a notebook he was scribbling on. Virgil knew he was probably trying to write one of his many poems about his life that was his way of processing everything.

Logan ruffled his little brother's hair but otherwise seemed occupied on his reading. Too occupied. "Can we play Uno please?" Virgil tried to do his best puppy eyes and put on the tone of a toddler that always got his older brothers to do anything. Roman and Logan ignored him though in favour of their other activities. "Please?"

"Yeah!" Patton cheered, already climbing on Roman's desk of drawers to get to the board games the high schooler hid from anyone he lived with that wasn't his family. Virgil pouted and got off Logan's lap to help catch the Uno cards when they fell. A yellow sneaker and cat hoodie fell before the cards though.

It was Patton's turn to pout when he realised his two older brothers weren't moving to play Uno with them. "Oh come on! Let's have a family game night!"

"It's not the night Patton it's 10am."

Patton glared at Logan once he said that - he strongly disliked being corrected and Logan had a habit of correcting everyone and everything. This glare was the real persuasion tactic of the family. It even made Logan close his book and stand up to join in the game. Now only Roman sat and scribbled on his notebook - not even looking at them. "Roman..."

"Just this stanza Pat." Roman responded. As both Patton and Logan were a little older than Virgil they could understand what their oldest brother was going through. He was shutting down. It had been three years of this life - Roman taking care of all of them with the help of the occasional social worker. His childhood had to be put on pause and this was the replacement.

As Virgil knew his brother wouldn't be looking up and playing any time soon the first grader wondered out the room and around the house. He liked doing that sometimes - no-one bothered him when he was just walking back and forth.

"Oh but imagine if we have an extroverted high schooler like I was! Or maybe a nerdy middle schooler that hates to talk to people like you! Oh, but I will always be tempted by cheery elementary schoolers - especially if they're almost in middle school as I want to keep that happiness..." Virgil could hear a happy voice blabbering from the head social worker's private office. The office often had people in that wanted to adopt kids but they usually weren't that excited.

Virgil peered into the room by looking through the door window. Inside the office the social worker faced two men... Huh, he never saw that before. Not many best friends adopted children together. One of the men was wearing green and black and had dozens of piercings and tattoos that looked like the drawings Virgil made in kindergarten. The second man looked slightly more formal with a yellow bowtie and a long snake tattoo peaking out of his collar. The green-wearing man kept on chatting to the social worker until his view was blocked by a second social worker at the other side of the window.

"Oh, who's that?" The man with plenty piercings chirped as the door opened so Virgil could be shoo'd away. The man peaked out from the corner of the social worker's silhouette with a smile. He unleashed a powerful throaty gasp as they met eyes. "Hi kid! Jan what the fu... I want that one!"

He was clever for censoring himself so quickly, even Virgil could realise that. "He's not available to adopt alone. He's in a sibling group." The social worker was always stern. It's like she never wanted Virgil and his brothers to leave this place and find a family.

But the man didn't seem to mind the infiltration of the social worker blocking him from this kid. "Who are your siblings kid? Tell me about it!" The man pat his lap for Virgil to come sit on while his snake tattoo friend smiled softly and seemed to examine everybody's behaviour.

With all the courage in Virgil's small body the young child walked past the stern social worker and kept his eyes on the two men. "I'm Remus and this is Janus." The green man pointed at the snake tattoo man who quietly nodded. "What's your name?"

"Virgil-" Virgil's face was squished as Remus gasped again and turned to Janus.

"Can we keep him Janny please I just want to squish him to oblivion!" Remus didn't let go of Virgil as he blabbered more about how adorable adopting a sibling group could be, how he was surprised they never considered it before, how excited he was to be adopting kids with his... husband?

"Are you friends?"

Janus couldn't help but let out a laugh. Instead of answering straight away the pair of them smiled softly - Remus brushed a hand through the child's knotty hair slowly and gently. Time slowed down when that happened. It was very different from a hairbrush, almost definitely, hairbrushes were cold and hard and made Virgil cringe. This hand through his hair was soft and already seemed to be full of love and the movements were due to people that would never hurt him.

"We're... roommates." Roommates seemed to have more meaning to it as Janus winked at his husband when he said that - but life moved on. "We're two men that love each other just as much as a husband and wife love each other. Is that OK with you?"

Virgil didn't have to say anything but instead he nodded, leaning into Remus' chest to get more of his soft movements. Remus chuckled at this and just held him with adoration lining his green eyes. "Before you fall asleep kid - can you tell us who your siblings are?"

"Patton's 10 and he won't stop talking, Logan's a nerd and he's almost 14, Roman's gonna be 16 early next year and he's really stressed about everything." All Virgil cared about was snuggling into these nice people. He only had vague memories of cuddles from people that weren't his brothers and only now he just realised how much he missed them.

"Virgil!" Roman's voice was screaming around the group home but he stopped as soon as he saw his smallest brother cuddling up to two excited men. Even a soft smile escaped as he realised what that could mean. "Um... Hi?"

Logan and Patton also peaked out from behind their older brother. Both men had big smiles seeing the four of them and Remus was bouncing in his seat seeing who he knew would be his four kids all together. "Hi! Come sit, tell us your story!"

Roman let out a sigh. Finally, after three years, he could unleash his story and not have to worry for once.

Chapter Text

"You're brave!"

"I'm brave!"

Remus and his daughter Dawn stood outside the little girl's kindergarten classroom on her first day of class, screaming at each other about how brave they were. The father was excited for this moment - maybe too excited as parents around him were giving him a confused and slightly annoyed glance. He couldn't help but be excited for his daughter though as she stood outside her classroom with her black hair in pigtails and a wide smile on his face.

The teacher soon started to call all kindergarteners into the classroom. This moment was why Remus' husband couldn't drop their daughter off today - Dawn was slowly realising she had to say goodbye for a few hours and was tearing up. "Hey, hey, emotions are valid but no tears right now. Didn't you say you're brave?"

While Remus would love to have his princess in his arms for the whole day he had to let go. Dawn sniffled but with a few encouraging words she made her way into the classroom with a smile on her face. Remus was almost crying seeing that.

"Wait - Remus Koshaku! Oh I haven't seen you since high school!" A woman's voice dragged Remus out of his proud father mode with a voice he was worried about hearing again saying a surname he no longer went by. "Which one's yours?" The woman said excitedly, glancing into the classroom and waving at a kid that looked an awful lot like her which was tearing the place down. Remus didn't speak - only pointed at Dawn who was playing tea party with another kid. "Wow Party Central Remus has a daughter! Her mother must be one lucky lady."

"She is." Remus hated pronouns when he had to use them wrong. This was one of the few people he couldn't tell that he was married to a man. That he was gay. And that he married someone he hated with a passion in high school.


Remus was sat with his friends outside of school, chewing gum and chatting about what lessons they should skip to get fast food and/or some alcohol for their first party of the school year the next week. "Pff looks like Mr Gay tried to have a glow up." One of Remus' friends chuckled in his fake low voice, a cheerleader over his shoulder as the group watched the most notorious bottle of nerves in their grade.

As he was surrounded both sides Remus had to duck his head to avoid people seeing his heated cheeks, pretending to glance at the time on his phone. Virgil did in fact have a slight glow up since sophomore year. His hair used to look like it never touched a brush but now he looked as though he learnt how to style it - and the tips were dyed a neon purple. Instead of covering himself with his hoodie he was wearing a simple purple t-shirt... And he had gone to the gym. That image would never leave Remus' mind.

This seemed like a typical gay love story but Remus was not going to let it be. He unleashed his anger over the way Virgil controlled him quickly, storming over and shoving past anyone that was in his way. He reached Virgil and glared ready to punch if he needed to.

"Came to suck my dick gay-boy?" Remus growled, face to face with Virgil. In freshman and sophomore year Virgil learnt to cower and silence once he heard Remus' question but this time he stood straight, raised an eyebrow, crossed his arms, and smirked softly. "What - you actually thinking about it?" Remus tried to laugh but he was rendered to silence by Virgil's glare.

"You still want that then?" Virgil smirked, looking Remus up and down like a predator hunting its prey. The dynamic had flipped - and Remus didn't know what to do with this information. "I thought we left that in tenth grade."

Before Remus could have time to process why his heart was beating so fast and his palms were getting so sweaty he gave Virgil a harsh slap - avoiding all eye contact. "Real mature." Virgil scowled, rubbing his cheek slightly but then turning back to the school gates and going inside. Remus watched him for a second, thoughts racing, and he wanted absolutely none of them.

But his friends were laughing and calling Virgil names, congratulating Remus for giving him the slap he deserved, and that reassured Remus that he was doing the right thing. He was just confused, these thoughts would disappear soon enough.


A few months later Remus was wondering the dark corridors to go home after an after-school detention. No teachers were watching him, the classrooms were dark, the world was empty all apart from... Him.

Virgil was listening to music and playing on his phone as he walked in the same direction Remus was taking, his face lighting in the darkness due to his phone screen. This wasn't unusual - Virgil often stayed after school to revise with his best friend Logan (there were rumours they were having sex in the library). But him walking alone was quite different. Virgil had quite sharp cheekbones - Remus had not noticed that before. In fact Remus was captivated by this distracted junior so much he didn't realise he had swerved closer to him until he was a short distance away.

So Remus shoved Virgil against the lockers with the angriest look he could pull. "Fuck you." Was the only thing he could utter out. God... They were quite close in this position. Why was he always stuck in situations like this?

A half smile crept on Virgil's lips as he looked Remus up and down yet again. "So you're a power bottom, huh?" Virgil chirped, a slight happiness in his voice even though he should feel threatened and meek like he did before. What had changed? Surely this 'glow up' hadn't changed everything in this dynamic which only happened to get Virgil as far away from Remus as possible.

Virgil raised an eyebrow before he spoke again, simply with no taunting or scared tone like before. "Look - If you have something to tell me just say it. Come out in your own time of course but-" He was slapped again, but sighed and continued speaking. "I won't tell anyone anything you tell me. I won't even tell Logan - and he loves gossip as much as he likes Ancient Roman literature textbooks."

"Shut up." Remus whispered again. His thoughts were getting louder and begging to be heard: bring him closer, kiss him, you know you want to. But Remus didn't want to. He knew the risks. He knew he'd lose all his family and friends if he just gave in to everything his mind was wanting right now.

But Virgil looked so determined. He was lucky - he had a best friend who also wasn't straight and presumably a family that supported him. Remus could never have that. Instead he was uttered to almost silence and confusion with these hard to ignore thoughts. "You're... making me..."

"No-one can make you gay Remus. It's always been there, it's up to you when you access it."

Lips met lips quickly - a load of anxiety seemed to finally relax all of Remus' muscles and the thoughts stopped. Well, they stopped for a moment only to be replaced. He liked this. It was much better than any girls he kissed during parties. Their skin just felt too soft and their lips were too chapped with lip gloss. This was different... This was nothing less than perfect.

Virgil was the first to tear away, his cheeks were pink and his lips were red. He stuttered for a little to fill the silence, looking away, Remus had to step back to avoid making the same (possible) mistake again. "I - um - wow - uh... I had my suspicions you were hiding something but not... Wow..."

"Don't you dare tell anyone Twink." The anger arose in Remus' brain again as he growled, crossing his arms so he wasn't tempted to do anything stupid again and maybe to let Virgil escape as Remus was almost begging him to do so that he wouldn't have to confront this.

A giggle escaped Virgil's lips which he seemed to immediately regret by the look of doom in his eyes. "Sorry - that my was my first ki... Why am I telling you that? Uh... We don't have to do anything after that if you don't want to."

Virgil's lips were quite good to kiss - he wouldn't mind repeated kisses after this moment. This time Remus himself decided to softly kiss Virgil again rather than his mind playing tricks on him. The kiss only lasted a second but Remus didn't mind. He just got serotonin from seeing Virgil's smile. "Can we... Do this secretly for a while? I can't forget this anytime soon..."


Again Remus was sat with his friends outside of school waiting for classes to start. They were all joking and talking about the party the night before - a party Remus had 'forgotten' to attend. That didn't affect his popularity of course, he still had a girl under his shoulder giggling and leaning on him and Remus played along. Luckily the woman was too involved in conversation to realise Remus' phone had vibrated to receive a text.

Virgil: I just got 2 school <3 meet me by the bleachers if you wanna :)

"I've gotta take a walk guys." Remus said to his friends, pushing the girl off him and stuffing his phone in his pocket. His friends mumbled permission to let their friend go and Remus slinked away to the school field where he found Virgil sitting in the darkness under the bleachers. "Hey Mr Gay." Remus whispered, a wide smile on his face as he sat next to Virgil who seemed preoccupied with plugging the earphones out of his ears. "Did you miss me last night?"

"You literally dropped me home at midnight babe I don't know what you're talking about." Virgil's eyes were shining seeing Remus again and a soft smile reached his lips. Slowly he couldn't resist his eyes staring at Remus' lips. Luckily both high schoolers had the same idea in mind and they shared another slow and careful kiss in the darkness hidden from everyone else in the school.

That's where the pair stayed until lessons began, cuddled up to each other exchanging kisses and soft words. When lessons began Virgil left the bleachers first and walked one side of the school, and then Remus left and joined his friends to walk the other side of the school. They didn't see each other for the rest of the day but that was alright - they cared about each other.


Virgil lay in bed at night giggling to himself. He couldn't help it. It had been a whole two months since his first kiss, and last week Remus even asked him to be his boyfriend. Remus seemed a whole lot more nice and happy now he was discovering his identity step by step and Virgil was proud of him. Things really seemed to be looking up for Mr Virgil Bul-An.

His phone vibrated under his pillow which woke Virgil up from his almost slumber. This was normal - Remus' parents were quite controlling so he could only sneak texts when his family had all gone to bed. Texts he gave were surprisingly quite sappy and loving... Apart from this one.

My Trash Man <3: I can't see you anymore.

The smile immediately left Virgil's face seeing those five words. He'd had nightmares about this moment - he didn't think it would come this soon. But before he could ask why he received yet another text.

My Trash Man <3: I'm not gay. I'm moving school to erase the sin you gave me. Goodbye forever.

And just like that Virgil's phone number was blocked. The next day at school Remus had apparently suddenly moved to the private religious school in the next district - and Virgil was alone and heartbroken. At least he had his best friend's shoulder to cry into, and the bullies didn't seem to care about him now Remus was gone. The bullies didn't know why Remus was gone though - that remained a mystery to everyone but the one who loved him the most.


"Yeah, yeah, vodka and coke - I hear you." Remus shouted over the loud college music, mixing drinks for a few friends in his mathematics class. It was the typical college party Remus either ran or attended now he was away from home - it's how he got popular in his classes and he had become quite a good bartender.

He felt comfortable like this. Women were fawning over him and leaning on him and he was flirting back willingly. He just wasn't happy with this life. He could never stop thinking about Virgil - about how it felt to kiss him and the certain way his voice would chime after a compliment. Even though his parents had spent their hard earned money trying to rub those thoughts out of him they were still there - like an addiction.

But at least he was far away from him now. Remus had no clue what college Virgil went to, if any, but there were thousands of colleges so the likeliness the one person he couldn't stop thinking about was in the same college as him was almost minimal. Although the probability was not 0%.

"Give me a rum lemonade sweetheart." That voice - shit. Remus turned to where the voice came from to spot the one and only Virgil, wearing a purple dyed tank top and skinny jeans. Virgil seemed to recognise Remus straight away too by the familiar doom in his eyes and pink of his cheeks. "Actually, make that for two."

Remus obeyed and quickly made him and Virgil a drink before abandoning his station behind the bar - it was soon filled by another man wanting to impress the plenty of people around them.

The pair walked in silence, sipping on their drinks. Remus was just staring at Virgil - he hadn't seen him since they were sixteen and now they were both twenty-one. He definitely had a glow-up. His biceps were bigger and his hair more styled and now completely a dark purple, stubble lay on his chin and he must have even learnt how to compliment himself with make-up. He looked irresistible.

"Now... We need to chat." Virgil said casually as he leant against the wall, seemingly unbothered about the answer. "There was no point in time you thought of meeting up with me to talk? Instead I was just blocked?"

"I couldn't help it! My parents found out I was gay and they couldn't handle it."

Virgil rolled his eyes. "Are you still hiding it? You seemed pretty straight over there." Remus wished he could tell Virgil (or anyone else) that he was bisexual or pansexual but both men knew he wasn't. There was nothing like kissing Virgil.

"It's just... big... I want to be gay but right now I can't risk it." Virgil's lips were looking so much more tempting as the thoughts began again that lead to the first kiss in junior year. Instead of being angry Virgil just nodded, sighing and taking a sip of his drink before speaking yet again.

"I missed you." He whispered out - the whisper only just loud enough to be over the music. Not that he needed to be heard necessarily. Remus' eyes had landed on Virgil's lips and they would not look away. Eventually Virgil did the same and they leaned slowly together and locked lips shyly - although gaining plenty of confidence as time went by.

This kiss was miles different to previous kisses. The two men were flush against each other, grabbing each other wherever the other felt comfortable. The kiss got deeper and deeper as they clutched each other harder - small moans and grunts escaped quietly until Virgil pushed away slightly. He was very blunt again like he always was. "Question - are you still a virgin?"

Remus nodded and placed soft kisses on Virgil's neck. He had the opportunity to have a sexual experience - but it was always with women and that just never did it for him. "Shall I change that in the bedroom?" He asked again, and Remus nodded and kissed Virgil's lips as if he had to in order to survive.

Virgil and Remus walked into the empty bedroom, Remus sat at the end of the bed and smiled at Virgil excitedly. Slowly, too slow for Remus, Virgil unbuttoned his jeans and brought his lips closer to his crotch. Remus' eyes rolled to the back of his head and relieved sighs and moaned escaped in line with Virgil's movements.

Fuck... Fuck... Remus was certainly, most definitely, gay.


"Oh shut being so sappy." Virgil yawned as Remus and his husband lay in bed together early in the morning. It was the weekend, neither had work, and their daughter Dawn wasn't awake yet. This meant Remus was free to annoy Virgil with his sappiness - this time he did so by staring at his wedding ring and complimenting the amount of love it was made by.

"I have every right to be sappy when I have this cutie in front of me." Remus kissed Virgil's forehead which made him giggle. The sweetest little giggle Remus couldn't get enough of. "I love you. I always have."

Virgil laughed but cuddled into his husband. He remembered when he only saw Remus as an annoying bully that would never leave him alone - now he couldn't stop cuddling into him. And he even had a little girl with his lover that just started kindergarten. He couldn't imagine back then that his life would end like this. "I love you too."

Remus gave him lover a playful slap which made both burst into giggles. They shared another sloppy kiss, smiling at each other as Remus whispered. "Don't you dare tell anyone Twink."

Chapter Text

Logan would never forget spotting those glowing baby blue eyes he saw in a news article about a premature baby abandoned in the NICU. They just had so much hope and optimism in them so even though he was single and young (in his mid-twenties) he adopted the newborn baby.

That baby was now grown and named Cherish. Well, grown by four years. She was always a nervous child, probably as Logan took her absolutely everywhere including his receptionist job. Hugs and playing games together was daily until nine months ago when Logan fell in love with his boss' son - a recently divorced father who loved to stay at home and take care of Cherish as well as his son, who became Cherish's best friend.

Roman waltzed into his and his boyfriend's bedroom and gave Logan, who was hunched over the desk looking at emails, a kiss on the cheek. "Is it nap time soon Sherlock?" He whispered, a reassuring hand on his boyfriend's shoulder. Logan sighed and leaned against him.

"I just have two more emails and then I'm done for the day, can you manage nap time without me?" While Logan felt uncomfortable asking his boyfriend to take care of two hectic four year olds Roman didn't mind. Roman was so good with kids, Cherish also fell in love with him as a father figure as soon as they met.

Roman nodded and left the room after a chaste kiss. This meant Logan could fully concentrate on the emails he had to do. He could hear Roman's sing-songy voice under his ASAP-Science playlist promise the children lullabies and bedtime stories. He listened to their giggles and smiled softly at his laptop screen...

Until he heard Cherish's scream and cry.

"Wow, wow, wow... What's wrong Cherry?" Roman was knelt down in front of Cherish when Logan ran down the stairs, a scared look plastered all over his face at Cherish's sudden outburst. Roman's son, Abraham (but called Abbey by everyone as Roman wasn't that posh), stayed by Cherish's side and tried giving her a hug but she was pushing everybody away.

But when Logan knelt beside her and whispered, she stopped screaming. "Cherish? Can you please tell me what's the matter?"

Cherish sniffled, anger in her facial expression but sadness overrunning it. She clutched her cat teddy spider to her chest and looked at Roman, then Abbey, and then Logan. "I know you don't love me anymore Dad." She said simply. A slight pout was on her face as Logan's heart broke in two. Of course he loves his daughter - why would she think otherwise?

"Kiddo I do love you. You're my little girl." Logan managed to utter out - honestly confused what to say. He didn't want to harm their relationship and convince her otherwise.

"But you love Abbey and other Dad more. I know you do."

Cherish had called Roman her 'other Dad' ever since she and Abbey spotted their two fathers making out on the living room sofa. Logan knew not to push it as did Roman, but she seemed to desire another father figure and Roman filled that. He filled that until now it seems.

Logan sighed softly, widening his arms to let Cherish go in for a hug if she wanted to. She did and leaned there for a few seconds as she continued to sniffle. "You're my daughter, I adore you. You were my family for four years." Roman and Abbey went upstairs - knowing it was best for Cherish to stay with the other father who, even though he tried not to, had been more pre-occupied with work and his new boyfriend than his emotional and clingy daughter. "Do you want me to help you with nap time?" He cooed, and Cherish nodded excitedly.

So Logan scooped up his daughter and gave her a cuddle. He did miss this, even though he'd avoided being a father for quite long. Holding Cherish reminded him of when he could fit his daughter's entire body in his arms, she would only drink warm milk and spit out anything she wouldn't like. She'd chew on all of Logan's ties so he constantly wore blue ties with wet spit at the end. Cherish was adorable - and growing up too fast.

Roman was singing Abbey to bed when Logan walked in holding Cherish. Cherish was almost asleep so all Logan did was smile at his boyfriend, placing his daughter into her pink princess bed and giving her a kiss on the forehead. Just in case she wasn't completely asleep yet Logan read to her using her favourite bedtime story. Abbey (who was never a light sleeper) woke up slightly to listen to the story too and whisper ways he'd be a better hero or villain.

The door closed silently to let both toddlers nap in the dark room. "Is Cherry OK?" Roman said still in a whisper. Logan nodded looking back at the toddlers' room still with concern.

"This is difficult on her." He said simply, stuffing his hands in his pockets and glancing at Roman before looking away. Roman sighed. He wanted to hold Logan's hand but that was now hidden - all the body language Roman knew about his boyfriend told him that Logan was worried.

"I mean I agree it's a lot." That was all Roman could think of saying before he went into a ramble of self blame. After all, he did move in pretty quickly into the relationship. Straight after his and Logan's first kiss in fact - when they decided to be boyfriends Roman and Abbey moved into Logan's house the next day. "But... We can get through it of course - right?"

Roman would hate it if he was broken up with now. He really had the perfect life with a man he absolutely adored (not as much as his son though). Luckily Logan nodded with a smile and cupped his boyfriend's cheeks to kiss him. And Roman loved Logan's kisses.

"I need to organise a day out with Cherry tomorrow - is that alright with you?" Logan chirped, his eyes glowing as he thought of his daughter. Tomorrow was one of Logan's few days off - and usually on days off the two boyfriends would sleep in and relax together, make sure their kids get adequate food and activity together, and then drop the kids off at their grandparents for the evening so they could go on a dinner date. Sometimes they'd take both kids for days out but always together. Each parent never really had time for each kid alone.

Roman laced his arms around Logan's waist in a hug and gave him another kiss. "Of course sweetheart, I'll take Abbey somewhere separate too. We'll spend more time with our kids."

After another few kisses and cuddles both four year olds awoke from their nap. They played together happily, Logan joining in with Roman instead of answering his emails. He'd only be a father to four year old Cherish for a year after all - and that year was coming more to an end by every second.

Chapter Text

"Oh come on Emo, you're paid twenty two grand for this kind of thing and you can't figure out your camera?" Roman playfully taunted at his husband was positioning his thousand pound camera for the most important video of their lives. Virgil was a professional photographer, and Roman would be lying if the man with purple hair didn't look attractive as he gave his device a soft glare and he bit his lip.

"This needs to be perfect." He said with no particular emotion. His eyes still didn't meet his husband but he was smiling. The social worker told them the video needed to be nowhere near professional of course but Virgil was a perfectionist and - as he said - 'since he was employed to work the camera he better show he's good at it'. "There."

Virgil ran to the sofa Roman was sitting on and sat next to him, kissing his cheek, and Roman brought an arm around Virgil's shoulders. "Hey lil' bambinos - we'll hopefully be your Dads." Roman was the first to speak to the camera, also bringing in some Italian that he sprinkled into his vocabulary a lot due to his heritage. "I'm Roman, and I'm self employed as an interior designer... hopefully you'll see that later."

"And I'm Virgil - I'm just a camera guy." Virgil chuckled, seeing the three kids he saw on the match profile already in his mind's eye and imagining their smiling faces. "Oh! And we have a present for all of you." Virgil reached across the sofa for three small teddies he bought when he found out he'd be adopting a young sibling group. The three teddies were black with red overalls; they each had a different eye colour. One had light green eyes, another lilac, and the last brown. They were each of the kids' favourite colour so he was sure he'd love them. "You can name them when you come here - but each one of these is for you!"

Roman was watching his husband with fondness in his eyes and a hand on his leg. He still couldn't quite believe he was having this moment with the man he loved. He felt like he had to pinch himself whenever he looked at Virgil to see whether this all was actually real.

"Shall we go show the kids their rooms?" Virgil chirped, giving Roman a peck of a kiss to wake him up and for a moment Roman just dumbly smiled at his husband's happy face. But eventually he nodded, also giving Virgil a kiss on the cheek before storming upstairs.

First they decided to show the youngest child's room (as it was closest to theirs). "Welcome to your room Rhys. Trisha told us you like bugs so we made you a green bug themed room!" Rhys was almost two and apparently seemed most fascinated playing outside (and eating worms) so Roman had spent weeks decorating the walls with grass patterns and realistic looking trees as well as installing a soft carpet so Rhys could toddle around and fall without hurting himself. Virgil happily zoomed in on all the toddler toys the couple had bought and even revealed the view from the bedroom window. They knew the little boy would love this room.

And Virgil loved standing behind the camera and watching Roman dance around the room as he talked to soon-to-be their child. Just imagining Roman doing the school run or preparing for their kid's football matches made Virgil fall in love even more. God, imagine how infectious his smile would be when he's playing with a baby.

Secondly was the middle child - a little girl in her first year of primary school that was the definition of girly. The feature wall was a giant dollhouse, in each room was a member of the family doing their favourite thing. "And this is your room Princess Becca! We gave you the most princess-y room - and you can customise it as you like. There are also plenty of toys and games you can play with your brothers..."

Even though Becca would be the only girl in the house they were sure she wouldn't feel left out. Roman always wanted to have a daughter after all - he loved to play tea party with his nieces and dress up as princesses. Virgil also wasn't scared of femininity, but he more preferred the older style of femininity, he wore make-up almost every single day and spoiled himself with manicure and nail art. As Becca (or either of her brothers) grew older or got more comfortable they were free to explore both femininity and masculinity.

"And Virgil is in his own dream world, aren't you babe?" Roman giggled, his low voice slightly raspy due to the excitement previously. He strolled over nonchalantly and kissed his husband behind the camera. "This happens a lot bambinos... It means your father's happy."

Finally the husbands walked into the oldest son's room - quite far away from the rest of the house in the attic. The oldest son was quite a little bit older than his other siblings as he was about to start secondary school. Roman and Virgil were told that he liked gadgets and computers so they had saved up to give their son his own laptop (although he'd still have to share the family Xbox). "And here is your safe space Dylan. We got you some cool computer science equipment - only rule is to do nothing illegal."

After the tour Virgil turned off the video camera and then plugged the footage into his laptop to edit it before sending it off. He didn't need to do that of course - but he didn't mind watching his husband dance and twirl around with a wide smile again. It reminded him of when the pair first met as Virgil was hired by Roman's interior design company to do some camera work. It was love at first sight as soon as the pair met.

"Come ooon! Can I please spend time with my husband before he goes into laptop-face mode?" Roman sighed and cuddled up to his husband, leaning on his shoulder and kissing his cheek. It was Virgil's turn to sigh - he left his laptop on the editing software but placed it on the coffee table, bringing an arm around his lover. "I love you Panic-At-The-Everywhere." He smiled wide, the gleam in his eyes as bright as an innocent child. Virgil still couldn't believe he was going to be a father with this man.

"I love you too My Prince..." And with one kiss on the forehead Virgil grounded himself in the situation. His life was about to get a whole lot more hectic but he was excited. He'd be a father.

Chapter Text

Dozens of kids ran out of the elementary school happily, laughing and chasing each other before they spotted their parents. He watched the first graders trying to carry all their books and the fifth graders strolling out with their brand new phones trying to look cool. He wasn't there for any of the actual elementary schoolers though. Just beside the elementary school was a small building that was the kindergarten - teachers were walking out with the smallest kids. And one of those small kids was Logan's son: Thomas.

"Dad! Dad! Dad!" Thomas shouted as soon as he saw his father, running into his arms and giggling. Logan accepted the hug as he always did - he'd probably cry when Thomas grows to be too big to carry. But he was a tough guy who hardly showed emotion so he'd try not to.

"How was your day at school buddy?" Logan asked as he buckled his son into his car seat. God, he was such a cute kid - how did Logan and his partner get lucky enough to adopt him?

Thomas gasped excitedly as he seemingly remembered his school day, and chirped excitedly. "We talked about jobs! Talyn's Parrie is a therapist - and Joan's Dad is a barista! I told Mrs Holiday that my Daddys are flower-growers and she said we must have a pretty garden..." He continued to chat about his classmate's parent's jobs while Logan drove and smiled like a goofball listening to his son's chirps.

"We're florists Thomas. That's what flower-growers are called." Logan corrected his little boy - but Thomas didn't seem to mind as he just continued his story but saying his Dads were 'flororists'. He peaked looks at his son through the backseat mirror, smiling all the way home when Thomas leaped out the car once he saw his other parent at the door.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!" Thomas screamed excitedly and unbuckled himself, tripping on the floor once he landed but getting up again and reaching his Pa's arms. Thomas' Pa was Logan's adoring partner Patton - whenever he was in the near vicinity Logan couldn't help but blush and marvel about how lucky he was to have a life like this. "You're a florist!"

"That I am! Did you learn that at school today?" Patton squished Thomas' cheek with a wide smile and walked inside, immediately giving Thomas one of the cupcakes he was baking. Logan followed behind still wearing his smile and feeling like a nervous teen facing his crush. It was lucky the two parents met in their 20s when Logan was more confident otherwise he'd never get the courage to talk to the cutie in front of him.

Logan was awoken by a cupcake hitting his face and baby blue ice cream rubbed on his nose. "Daaaad! Pay attention!" Thomas screamed and giggled when Patton began tickling him as a punishment for throwing the cupcake. He then gasped again and began to squirm excitedly. "I also learnt about flowers in science! They give bees their honey!"

"You're getting smarter by the day kiddo." Patton kissed Thomas on the cheek just as Logan put his arm around his shoulders. "Did they tell you about seeds being baby flowers? That's why Dad plants a lot of seeds around this time."

Thomas' eyes glowed as his lips were covered in cupcake, looking at his father in utter excitement. "Daaaad - Can you teach me how to make a flower?"

"Of course little guy, let me just get ready first." Logan sighed happily, disappearing behind a door to get changed into more comfortable clothes he used for gardening. This wasn't the first time his son was going to join in on his gardening but it still felt momentous - the first time was probably when he was a small baby and used to play in the garden while his Pa was at work. But Logan would never forget this moment his son actually wanted to help garden.

Thomas skipped out into the garden with a wide smile, watching his father go into the shed to collect his seeds and other equipment. The kindergartener looked confused - pointing at a wooden stick with a metal square at the end. "Dad, what's that?"

Logan looked up for a second. "A hoe Tom. I use it to make the soil comfy for the plants." He said simply. Thomas just looked at it curiously. "Don't touch anything here OK? Pa can prove things here fall very easily..."

"The fifth graders say moms are that." Thomas pointed at the hoe again, a finger in his mouth - luckily he was distracted enough to not spot Logan's giggle. "Moms aren't sticks right?"

"No, no." Logan hid his giggle, beckoning Thomas to his side as he left the shed, admiring Thomas' little smile. "Moms are humans like us. We must respect them and not call them, or anyone, gardening tools."

Thomas nodded, another gasp escaping as Logan knelt down beside a blooming bush of flowers. "I'm making sure these flowers aren't sick buddy. This fertiliser," he lifted a giant bottle of fertiliser, "keeps them healthy." Thomas leant beside his father and tried to copy Logan's examining nature, stroking the petals and even sniffing it (although that doesn't help, Logan just loves the smell).

"What type of flowers are these?"

"They're bluebells. Pa's favourite." Logan mumbled under his breath, giving the same fond look to these flowers he also gave his lover. He remembered when he got the courage to ask Patton out on a date he did so by giving him a dozen bluebells - they even had bluebells on their wedding day as the flower symbolised everlasting love. And their love was everlasting.

"What's your favourite Dad?" Thomas chirped, trying to do the same look to a couple sunflowers that were the height of him. Logan thought for a moment. Although he was employed as a flower expert and even went to school for botany he never really had a favourite flower. He only got an adoration for a particular type when he met Patton.

"Mine are bluebells too." He said softly, smiling before reaching an empty plot of soil ready for planting. "Ready for planting Tommy?"

Thomas immediately ran beside his father with wide, glowing, hazel eyes. Gently Logan dug a hole in the soil, bringing out the seed packets and showing them to his son. "Poppy, lavender or tulip?" He whispered. He didn't want this moment with his son to be disturbed by his voice - even though that was completely illogical.

"I like poppies. There's this girl in my class called Poppy and she's really pretty." Logan nodded and placed the seeds around the soil - his son chatted and giggled about this Poppy kid. This was new. Thomas had never had a crush before or at least one he talked about, although it may not be a crush and just be a new friend. He shouldn't be pushing heteronormative ideas on his son especially as a bisexual man himself.

Patton was watching his husband and son garden outside with a proud smile, encouraging Thomas once he spotted him. When they finished their short bonding activity Logan walked by the plants again and picked one flower - a bluebell. Thomas ran inside quickly for more cupcakes leaving Patton alone in the garden with Logan. "Hey flower-bud..." Logan mumbled and came close to his husband, hiding the flower he picked behind him and uttering out the nickname that made Patton weak at the knees. "I love you."

Logan was standing so close that not touching lips was impossible. The nerd smiled at that, kissing back and letting them distract each other for a good few minutes with the sun setting in the background. "I love you too." Patton whispered once their lips separated - and as if that was the magic word the flower Logan hid appeared. It was a bluebell.

The cheery father could only giggle, it wasn't that long ago his husband was scared of showing too much emotion, he was worried he'd be laughed at and ridiculed. But now he knew showing emotions was the sure way to make Patton's heart flutter. Not locking lips was becoming irresistible again. "You're as sappy as honey."

"And you're as sweet as a bluebell."

Chapter Text

Patton was woken up by hearing quiet shuffling and banging. It was not enough for him to immediately think of danger, just enough for him to be confused. He wasn't the type to panic immediately but he was alone in the house so he really should look at what or who was making the noise... But just 5 more minutes to nap...

Another crash caused Patton to sit up and run out of bed towards the kitchen. But instead of a tall man with a covered face and some kind of weapon Patton spotted his baby Jarah leaning on the cupboards and dragging pots and pans to the floor. He was so cute being a curious baby - although Patton was unsure how he got out of his bed. Patton would never punish innate curiosity. "Hey Jerry..." Patton whispered, picking up Jarah in his arms and cuddling him as he looked around curiously but he was definitely tired.

This had been Patton's life for around a year - and he loved it. He didn't have much money, he was quite young, and was single but he didn't mind any of those things. He already had the perfect little son and needed no-one else. Jarah leant against his father as his eyes fluttered sleepily and his arms grasped onto the loose t-shirt Patton was wearing.

The little arms went right towards the chest area.

"Ma..." Jarah whispered. Whether he was trying to say the cursed word or just the letter 'm' Patton was unsure but he wasn't going to overreact either way. He just sat on the double bed and rocked his son a little. He heard lots of adults say he was the mother either accidentally or purposefully but never heard that word come out of his own kid's mouth.

Jarah was still infatuated with the lumps on Patton's chest. He didn't see them that often his father guessed - Patton wore a binder most of the time even if it was unhealthy to wear it without a break.

"Um... I'm not your Ma kiddo. I'm Paps." Patton chirped, Jarah just looked up at his father confused. He probably was confused. None of his baby group friends had parents like his so Patton could have plenty to worry about. The baby group Patton was a member of was full of straight women who threw themselves happily into gender roles - Patton got anxious at anything feminine. The only 'feminine' thing he got used to was having a baby come out of him. "I'm your Paps. Paps can come into all different shapes and sizes, Ma's too, and that doesn't effect whether or not they are Mas or Paps."

Luckily the baby didn't seem to mind the fact that his Paps was different; but unluckily he seemed a little more awake and was standing against his father and looking around for more trouble. Hopefully Patton will raise his son to be an activist for all different types of social issues but he shouldn't expect much of him yet, especially at 3am. Right now he was a little mischievous baby Patton had to constantly keep his eyes on to make sure he doesn't hurt himself or cause financial damage.

Patton could swear after letting his son hit pans for a few more minutes he took Jarah to bed in the Moses basket - but he was mistaken. Patton was woken up at 6am when he felt a being crawling around on his bed and heard Jarah's shout when chest hit chest. "Oh... Jerry how did you get here?"

All Patton could see was a fuzzy version of his son smiling widely and giggling at himself as he tried chewing his fist. Patton couldn't help but giggle too as he reached for his glasses. "You're a little cutie kiddo."

Jarah screamed happily again and reached out for a hug. Today was going to be a day of outdoor adventures (they were free or very cheap so money could be saved for other things) and he was looking forward to this day like all others. Every day of Jarah's life was exciting and fun.

With the small infant in an appropriate animal onesie and Patton wearing his binder the family got to the park. It was a different park from usual as Patton needed some variety to travelled a little further with lunch in a picnic basket. The father and son sat together on a picnic blanket - Jarah was allowed to toddle a short distance away but knew to never go too far.

Other families seemed to have the same picnic idea and other kids were playing with Jarah and entertaining him with parents' supervision. It seemed like a diverse little group of people who never met before - a pair of two mothers, a stereotypical male-female pairing, a single mother in a business suit, a non-binary parent with their male partner, an older couple with only dogs that seemed to play with the surrounding children like they were humans themselves... Patton was lucky to live in a world like this. Jarah might be judged by a few outsiders but in the end there were always people in families like his.

"Connie! Steven! Don't disturb other picnic-ers!" One of the members of the older couple, a man wearing pink and other soft materials, shouted towards the gaggle of kids but at the two labradors chasing each other and falling into everyone's picnics. Their partner, one wearing black and had a large pair of shades, put an arm around the soft looking person and tried beckoning his dogs with a whistle. The two dogs didn't obey and instead ran up to Patton excitedly to say hello.

"Dog!" Jarah shouted as he toddled over. He walked back to Patton and sat on his lap, reaching out to the labradors that sniffed him all over. Jarah's giggle became louder as fur covered him.

The pink wearing person smiled at Patton and also came bounding over after their dogs. When they reached them the dogs ran over to their familiar family member barking and shaking their tail - the pink wearer gave them treats without hesitation. "Sorry about my puppies! They're super excited to see everyone - I'm Emile, you?"

"Patton." Patton smiled wide. "And this is Jarah."

"This is Paps!" A voice erupted from Patton's favourite little human - that was Jarah's first sentence. The young father felt immensely proud. All Jarah cared about was the dogs that were now licking his face though.

Emile turned to the man now sitting alone on the picnic basket and chugging a Starbucks coffee. "Remy! Come here!" He shouted, Remy seemed to obey and begin carrying their entire picnic towards Patton and his son. "Your kiddo reminds me so much of Remy and ours when they were young - you remind me of my younger self too." The cheery person sat opposite Jarah and squeezed his cheek. Jarah loved any attention and showed his two new friends the food Patton packed.

Remy and Emile were happy to talk about their five sons. The oldest was a theologian and lawyer, one was an accountant and book nerd in the city, another a musician that founded a mental health charity, and the youngest two were a comedy duo touring the local bars. They were LGBTQ parent too as they were both gay and Emile was gender fluid which was reassuring as it showed that Patton could raise his son being the man he was. And now Patton had two new friends that could give him advice - and maybe (as Emile and Remy's sons were around the same age as Patton) he could meet the rest of their family too.

Chapter Text

"I'm gonna miss the snow y'know." Virgil chirped as he spotted the frost on the trees beside the road, smiling softly as he admired it. It was late December, the day after Christmas, and Virgil and his fiancé were driving south to visit Virgil's family for New Year. And then they'd stay there in the home they bought together nearby.

Logan raised an eyebrow and chuckled. "Didn't you literally hiss at me when I asked for your help shovelling snow off the driveway last year?"

"I'm going to miss the look of it." He corrected, scowling under his breath but then reaching out for Logan's hand. It was hard to hide his excitement for this. Virgil was going to live with his soulmate - he wouldn't have to worry about saying goodbye to his lover and feeling empty afterwards - he was going to be able to hold onto Logan like a koala forever.

It was completely silent for a while as Virgil drove, they enjoyed silence like that. Logan's head was wondering about the future with Virgil. Of course he wasn't scared of it. He loved Virgil with his whole heart and knew that when he proposed to him in the middle of a bat forest last Halloween. And Virgil's smile and teary eyes were perfect to look at. Not as perfect as when he was happy of course.

He still couldn't believe he was going to spend the rest of his life with Virgil, even though he knew he wanted to ever since they met. But now it was actually happening. And Virgil was smirking at him knowing he was thinking about their future together.

"I love you." Virgil whispered three short words that made Logan remember the first time they confessed each other's love when they were drunk at a mutual friend's party after dating 'casually' for a couple of weeks. The L word was slipped a lot earlier than either of them expected but it fit their relationship as they became smitten with each other quickly too. "You really are super sappy though."

Logan admired the brown eyes in front of them that were plastered on the road. He couldn't help but giggle as he remembered the dinner party they had last week with their mutual friends. "God, I can't believe Roman called me Mr Straight Face last week. I cannot stop smiling at you." He sighed happily, looking at the road ahead as if it was the literal road to his future. Virgil grasped his hand for a moment.

"I'll miss them." Virgil said after a short silence. They did have really good friends in Colorado that they were now leaving behind for sunny Florida.

But Logan's smile reassured the nervous character that hadn't been able to make any new friends since their college days. Their four mutual friends had watched the pair's relationship grow from when they were strangers on different college schedules and now they were engaged and flying the nest to an entirely new world. And Virgil wasn't that fond of changes. "I'm sure we'll be back soon. A little birdie told me Roman is going to propose to Patton soon..."

"ROMAN WHAT?" Virgil screeched the same time the car grind to a halt - luckily because of the traffic rather than the driver's shock. Roman was Logan's best friend and Patton was Virgil's - when they began dating a year after Logan and Virgil got together Virgil almost shook his boyfriend to unconsciousness. They were the ones to set Logan and Virgil on a blind date with each other after all. "Did Janus tell you that? He'd definitely lie just to see our reactions while confusing the hell out of Pat."

"Nope. Straight from the horse's mouth, figuratively... It's definitely not straight." Virgil was vibrating hearing this news and a smile on his face wider than the day of their proposal. It was expected - Patton and Virgil were childhood friends that became roommates for college and were pretty much inseparable, only living apart now Virgil was moving in with his fiancé. "So no doubt we'd be invited to the wedding in about a year."

Virgil couldn't stop smiling as he drove, and Logan couldn't stop watching him lovingly. "Fuck... I bet those two will have the cutest kids. I know Pat definitely wants kids - Does Roman?"

There was a moment of silence before Logan answered - slower and in a more serious tone. "In a few years he does. He told me when he was asking when we'll have a family." Logan's grip on his fiancé's hand was more loose as he spoke, he was avoiding eye contact and tried relaxing his muscles as much as possible which just made him look more nervous. "He's... pushy about it. He has been ever since I told him I was proposing."

"Well, we can just give him payback now." Virgil tried to joke and smile but the road trip already seemed too quiet to bear. They hadn't even thought of discussing kids in their relationship yet - if they felt like they were ready for one they'd go through the adoption or surrogacy process and if they didn't then there would be no loss and they could entertain each other until they die. At least that was how Virgil viewed it. "There should be no pressure around that anyway - it's just you and me deciding that - that's all that matters."

The couple could luckily move conversation quite quickly when ASAPScience's playlist turned on and Logan was repeating the entirety of the periodic table with more detail and facts than could fit in the song. After a few days they arrived in Orlando and were invited into Virgil's parents' warm house (they were going to move into their own house the next day after they had a nice meal instead of takeaways).

"My Vergie-Purgie!" Virgil's mother, Dot, screamed as soon as she spotted her son and ran to hug him. Virgil accepted the hug of course - his father Larry was lagging behind and demonstrated where the emo got all his awkwardness from. "And Lo-Po too! Welcome to Florida!"

Logan was grateful he was accepted into Virgil's family unlike how his parents reacted to his coming out - Larry and Dot were always loving and accepting of Virgil and treated Logan like their own son too. He was glad he was moving away from his parents in Colorado. Soon the young couple were sat cuddling up to each other on the living room sofa with a lukewarm hot chocolate each and a Christmas movie in front of them. This was an amazing atmosphere Logan would never want to forget - Virgil's hair was rubbing on his neck and his arm was around his waist and grasping tightly. He could stay in this position forever.

"Uncle Virgil? Uncle Virgil!" Two little voices Logan vaguely recognised from FaceTime calls erupted across the house and two children ran into the room. Virgil recognised the kids immediately and smiled widely, beckoning them over. "We missed you!"

Virgil was trampled in hugs by the two children but he didn't complain. "Wow, wow... You two are a lot bigger than last year - OK..." He managed a choke between his laughs and that was what made Logan's memory clicked. These kids were Elliott and Kai and were Virgil's niblings - his older sister's kids. Logan only saw them once or twice as they visited Virgil quite a lot over the holidays when they lived apart just like Larry and Dot did. They were quite a bit older it seemed as they could actually walk and talk... And they were talking a lot.

But Virgil seemed so involved in their rambles and encouraging their stories and jokes. His brown eyes were glistening and him lips, while moving quickly, seemed irresistible to kiss. "Uncle Logan is staring at you." Kai chirped, interrupting their sibling's story. Virgil silenced and turned to Logan. He read his mind and gave him a peck of a kiss before turning back to the kids.

Elliott was watching their uncle curiously, eventually interrupting their sibling to chirp. "Does it always snow in Colorado Uncle Logan? There's no snow here."

Logan tried to smile wide like Virgil did. He wasn't used to smiling like a goofball in front of people though. "Not always, but we do have snow at winter... There's tall mountains there too!" Elliott seemed entertained enough by that and decided to wonder off somewhere else. Kai was still sat on Virgil's lap though and almost shouting about what they got for Christmas.

Now he saw Virgil playing and laughing with a small human he felt differently from how he did before. Maybe Virgil wanted to be a father but just never had the courage to tell his lover what he really felt about it - and if Virgil continued looking this cute he wouldn't mind helping him grant that wish. "I stole Uncle's glasses!" Logan's vision was suddenly blurry as he realised Kai was triumphantly holding up the nerd's glasses and Virgil was trying to grab them back.

Logan had enough co-ordination to give Kai a tickle - and the giggles that escaped the four year old was adorable. The laugh was in fact just like Virgil's. He'd love to meet any little kid that could be his and Virgil's if they all laughed the same. Eventually Logan could see again which made him let go of the young child. "Sorry Uncle." Kai giggled, but just like that Elliott appeared again with a wrapped box.

"Oooh! What's this Ell?" Virgil chirped as he was already starting to unwrap the present even though it was still in the seven year old's hands. Logan eventually managed to fight Virgil's claws and place the gift on his lap, unwrapping it himself now. The present eventually revealed to be matching Christmas sweaters with the word 'hubby' on. Virgil gasped. "Wow! This is great, thank you!"

Virgil looked so happy admiring the Christmas sweaters given by his niblings - and Elliott and Kai seemed happy too just being near their Uncles. They had cute glowing eyes and were telling the fiancés about how they saw the jumpers in a shop with a 'wifey' version but they managed to persuade the mean retail worker they did need two hubby ones for their Uncles.

But Virgil's smile was one to die for and one that Logan would do anything for. Yeah, maybe a kid or two might be a good idea once they're settled in Florida.

Chapter Text

Patton excitedly knocked on the door of his parent friends' house, the piece of paper he was holding shaking in his hand. This was maybe the best week his life - not only could he finally afford his top surgery but his darling son was on honour roll and had the best school report in the class. A freak out with Remy and Emile was in order.

The door opened to reveal one of Emile and Remy's kids - and Patton's best non-parent-related friend Virgil. The two were the same age yet completely different. Patton was a happy and proud father of an eight year old and Virgil was an up-and-coming musician with a mental health charity he started in college. But they enjoyed their differences. "You look happy Paps-Star." Virgil chuckled as he let Patton in. "Where's Jar-Jar Binks?"

"He's at school, are Emile and Remy home?" Virgil guided his friend to the living room where the two older men were cuddled together watching Steven Universe. Their dogs Steven and Connie were either side and luckily napping (Patton was used to getting trampled by them whenever he visited).

Emile smiled when he saw Patton walk in, immediately running up to him and giving him a hug. "Patton-cake - you came at just the right time to meet my oldest son!"

Remy and Emile had five adult sons that were all in and out the house at different times. The two eldest, Logan and Janus, lived together in the city; Virgil lived at home; and the youngest twins, Roman and Remus, were in their final years of college. Patton had met most of them at least once, minus Janus. He had seen plenty pictures of him growing up though as he was adopted at the same age Emile and Remy first met Jarah. He was a cute baby.

"Logan's moving in with his queer platonic partner and Janus agreed to give him the apartment - we raised such a generous boy!" Emile was chirping, Remy had already received the baby photos for them as whenever Remy thought about his kids living away he went into an existential crisis. "I believe he's at work... How's Jarah?"

Patton happily chatted about his son's achievements as well as his own, Emile listening enthusiastically and feeling so proud he could finally get his top surgery (even though he had said for years that he wouldn't mind funding it). All was at it usually was until there was a knock on the door.

"Ay Harvey Dense, did you give that judge a punch?" Virgil's voice echoed throughout the house, laughing at his own joke/suggestion. Patton could see the front door from where he sat, where Virgil was smiling wide and facing an olive skinned man in yellow. One thing was for sure, he was hot - very attractive in fact. The exact quiet, sensible type Patton liked.

At the corner of his eye Patton could spot Remy smirk. Remy was a mind reader. "Hey Jan!" The man turned his head from his brother was a raised eyebrow so he could see Patton. His cheeks got slightly pinker and he looked away. "Come meet our parent friend."

Janus walked over slowly and seemingly nonchalantly, brushing a hand through his hair and looking away from Patton quite a lot. Some people had a style of looking careless and Patton was always jealous of that - Janus was the master of that look though.

The lawyer sat opposite Patton with a small smile and hands crossed over his lap, his head tilted as he glanced up at Patton softly. "Hey." He said simply - and Patton's heart was beating a thousand times more. "You're Patton right? Verge told me a lot about you. Shame he's such a lame introvert otherwise I could actually see my little bro loving something other than his Panic At The Disco playlist." The insult was said a little louder and Virgil could be heard spitting out a rebuttal from the kitchen. He giggled at that and rolled his eyes. "He didn't mention you were a father - how old's your kid?"

"He's almost eight." Patton smiled wide whenever he talked about his son, but he soon realised Janus' eyebrows were knitted and his smile was gone. That expression made Patton panic - was he the type of person to judge young parents? Would he judge Patton for being trans? "Is that O-"

"Hey V, did I ever tell you how old you are?" Janus laughed once Virgil walked into the room with his mouth full of noodles. "God, I cannot imagine my little bro being a Dad any time soon. He's still in his moody, emo thirteen year old stage."

"I know you only poke this many jokes at me when you're facing someone you find attractive Jan." Virgil said so simply the statement couldn't have possibly been a lie. And Janus' face also revealed the truth as he ducked his head and glanced down, his face red. Patton couldn't help but giggle. He hadn't had chance of romance since he was a teenager and now there seemed to be a model having crush on him (according to Virgil - but he was an honest person).

But was Patton entering the world of romance even a good idea? Jarah seemed happy with just one father even though a lot of his friends had two parents (usually a mother and father). When he first entered pre-school he used to ask a lot about why he didn't have another parent but now he didn't care. Having someone new added to the family, especially someone like Janus as he seemed quite stern faced, maybe such a man would scare him.

"Virgil's right, there's no need to beat the bush about it." Janus glanced at Patton in the way that made Patton a giggling mess again. "Are you busy this Friday - around 6pm? I'll love to take you to my friend's new restaurant downtown."

Patton was about to nod before he remembered he had a son that he couldn't leave for a date so late in the day. "Oh, I don't know about that. Jarah's bedtime is around 7:30pm."

"Bagsie babysitter." Virgil raised his hand and spoke through his mouth of noodles. He adored Jarah and often babysat when Patton was busy with work during the day. While evening-night babysitting was different Patton knew he could trust him and Jarah would love a late movie night with 'Uncle Emo'.

"So... It's a yes then?" Janus smiled wider once he said that question, and Patton had to nod and even sneak a kiss on the man's opposite him's lips. The older man finally stood straight at that with a slightly shocked expression and red cheeks like he just experienced a miracle.

Patton would have kissed Janus again but his phone vibrated - indicating Jarah needed to be picked up from school. "Oh! It's 3 already - I'll have to go. Shall I come here on Friday?"

Janus paused for a second, standing up to walk his new date to the door and escape his younger brother's 'oohs' and 'aahhs'. When he finally spoke again it was in a whisper. "Well, I'll pick you up actually. Text me your address." Janus got a piece of paper out of his pocket - some sort of business card it seemed. "Don't worry, I don't have a business number or anything. But I'd love to meet Jarah on Friday."

And meet Jarah he did. Jarah was shy at first of course but eventually wanted to show Janus his favourite books and games. They went to the restaurant but only to get takeaway as Janus wanted to play with Jarah some more and show him the snake documentary the older man was rewatching on Netflix for the tenth time.

Chapter Text

"Yes, yes, I'll be at the 3pm meeting... The presentation is on the memory stick in the 'meetings' file and is named 'proposal for a financial extension'..." Today was a busy day for Logan Sanders, there was a very important meeting happening later in the day in the capital city which would mean his small business he began as a teenager when he wanted to paint constellations his friends liked with special messages would soon become an actual global business - or at least national. It was the dream he had dreamt about since high school.

And that was the reason the organised business man had arrived at his train platform an hour early. He wanted to make sure he didn't miss a second of travel that would inconvenience. He was a busy man, a busy successful man, nothing would distract him from the mission he was on...

There was a very young child close to the edge of the platform, past the yellow line. With a glance at the clock Logan could see a train was due to the platform in a few minutes and the kid didn't seem to care about that nor was a parent dragging them away. And Logan would never forgive himself to see a hurt child.

"Hey kiddo?" Logan knelt down a distance away from the yellow line, a smile on his face as he looked around for any nearby parent. The little boy looked over as he sucked his thumb. "Can you come a bit closer kiddo? It's dangerous to play there."

The boy followed the instructions quickly, looking at Logan with glowing brown eyes. Logan smiled politely and still kept his eyes out for someone in charge of this small child.

But the toddler mumbled loudly as he looked at Logan, trying to get the man's attention, and held out his little arms. For a moment Logan just watched the little boy confused and unsure. The boy wanted to be held but unfortunately gender stereotypes meant Logan couldn't do that due to the likeliness of getting a lawsuit. "Where's your parent kiddo? Mommy? Daddy? Parrie?" He tried out different parent names but the child didn't seem to care, he just held out his hands and screamed. People were looking but no-one was coming to collect the kid - so there was one solution. He knelt down to be level with the screamer. "I can't pick you up little guy."

The child grasped onto Logan's shoulders as soon as he knelt down, immediately silencing o the relief of others around the platform. "Hey, hey... No. I can't pick you up." This toddler had the grip of a god and didn't let go, which meant eventually Logan did have to carry him so his knees didn't give in. "What's your name?"

"Virgil." The boy said slowly, looking around from the sanctity of this confused stranger. After a few seconds of silence Logan realised Virgil was looking in a particular direction - beside the toilets.

OK, that made sense. The parent needed a toilet break and either decided not to take their son or Virgil managed to walk off and escape to the platform. Logan walked beside the toilets and placed the boy on the ground again to wait. Virgil looked at the older man confused and annoyed.

But Logan couldn't babysit Virgil forever, and time continued ticking with no parent emerged from the bathroom. Luckily there was soon a train guard patrolling the platform and Logan finally felt safe to put the toddler into someone else's hands. The train guard seemed nice as Logan explained the situation, took Virgil away even though he seemed to complain, and Logan could board his train on time and attend his meeting.


"Aww he sounds so cute though!" One of Logan's coworkers, who was also his older sister, sat opposite him and was geeking out over Logan's story of his morning at the platform. "You should have kept him!"

"That's illegal Penny." Logan laughed as he almost choked on his sandwich. His sister was already a mother and a good one at that - she wanted to see Logan happy with a family (with whatever Logan wanted his family to be). At the moment Logan saw no internal need for dating and described himself as somewhat asexual - so marriage was far from his trajectory at the moment. Secretly he had undergone the foster care assessments just in case he decided to help young kids in the future though. "He's probably having happy play time with his parents right now. He's in good hands."

As if someone was listening into his conversation Logan's phone rang - from the train security services. He gave his number to the train guard just in case he needed to but didn't believe he'd actually get a call back. So for a second Logan stepped away from his sister and spoke through the phone. "Hello? Logan Sanders speaking."

The security services introduced themselves following their script, but soon the script deviated from expected. "We'll have to have your witness statement... And we contacted the local Steven Universe Foster Agency and it seems as though you are a suitable foster parent for the current situation."

"Foster parent?" Logan repeated, wondering if he was just hearing things. But the security officer just seemed to hum along.

"Is Virgil a suitable placement for you at the moment?" The caller chirped, not minding the short silence that followed as Logan thought. His spare bedroom was only small; small enough for a purple bed, wardrobe, toy chest, and night light. Was Virgil even old enough for a bed or would he need a bassinet? Would he need a mother figure or at least a parental figure other than Logan? What was his full story so Logan could understand his trauma...

"Yes, yes... Virgil is fine with me." None of those questions seemed to matter as Logan spoke without thought. The caller seemed happy with that and asked Logan if he was available for interview soon so Virgil could move in as quick as possible. "Yes, I can do that too."

After a few minutes Logan turned to spot his sister gasping and squeaking excitedly about seeing another cute kid that she could cuddle even if it wasn't a permanent placement. But as the weeks went by the situation became clearer that Virgil was living with Logan permanently - at least for quite a few years - but Logan adored being a father of such a curious and cautious little boy.

Chapter Text

"Aurie! Come give your Dada a cuddle princess..." Janus sat on the floor, his back against the sofa as he watched his daughter Aurora walk around the room. The girl didn't seem to care about her father's calls - probably because her other Dad was on his phone and she hated not having all the attention. Yes, she was spoilt, but her Dads had no need to stop just yet. He was their perfect girl they had wanted for a while.

Janus giggled as he watched Aurora stare up at her father quizzically - she was so adorable. "Angel?" He said, laughing more when he saw both his daughter and husband turn their heads. "I'm talking to our little angel Raccoon." He laughed, standing to kiss his husband's cheek and pick Aurora up to sit on his lap. "Is the plan ready?"

"Mhm..." Virgil mumbled, then placed his phone down and smiled at his daughter. "We're going to have a visitor soon Aurie! They're super excited to see you!" The father cheered, waving his Aurora's hands around that made her giggle. "Where's her pacifier?"

"I think in the kitchen.." Janus disappeared to another room to retrieve the small pink sucker with a flower pattern, placing Aurora on Virgil's lap which she seemed entertained by. But when Janus emerged again Aurora's eyes immediately glowed seeing one of her comfort objects and reached out to it. "No girlie. Remember you're big now." Janus cooed, kissing Aurora's cheek and then Virgil's lips. But Aurora continued looking at the pacifier intensely, but Virgil had a good distraction tactic.

Virgil went into the kitchen with their one year old and brought out a couple of pots and pans for Aurora's favourite activity. The baby loved making noise and was a little musician like her parents were in high school. And when Janus could watch Virgil sitting with their baby and encourage her to try new things he just fell in love even more. His husband really was the perfect man and together they had the perfect daughter.

At first both parents used to be annoyed by any type of noise in their house. Silence was best, it made the world less anxiety inducing and one person didn't say something wrong. But now... Now was different. Aurora had never been a quiet baby but the fathers embraced her chaos as much as they did with parenthood.

Aurora only stopped hitting her pans when she heard the doorbell - she just cooed cutely as Virgil rushed to the door. The dramatic gasp that came from her father waddle over, curious until she saw who her father was facing. "Are you... A fairy?"

Janus couldn't help but take out his phone camera and record a video of his darling daughter's face as the fairy leaped and bounced around the room singing some kind of Disney tune he heard Virgil humming when he thought he was alone in a room. Said fairy was a lot bigger than the mystical creature of course - the fairy was actually Virgil's little brother Roman dressed up in a wig and an $11 fairy princess costume he found at the store he worked at. It entertained the baby though and anything that made Aurora smile made her fathers smile too.

"Why are you here Fairy?" Virgil continued the performance and picked up the baby on the floor. Aurora tries to lean towards the fairy and grab the sparkles on his chest curiously. This whole situation had been rehearsed and the two men had agreed Virgil would be the one to engage their daughter and Janus would be the one to film - the strict faced father would probably end up crying out of cuteness. He was a wuss.

"I'm here because I am the Pacifier Fairy!" Roman was good at adding extra dramatics to anything he said, he was also natural with kids so Aurora gravitated towards him. "And my Fairy Godmother told me someone..." He boop-ed the baby's face to make her giggle again, "there's a big girl here who's getting rid of her pacifiers!"

"That's correct! We have a very big girl here!" Virgil responded just as excitedly as the fairy, squishing Aurora's cheek yet again and smiling at the camera. When Janus' and Virgil's baby was a moody teenager they'd look back on this video with a smile, maybe they'd show it off at Aurora's wedding day or 21st birthday. They didn't have to worry about that right now - right now they had an adorable one year old that was having a momentous moment in her young life. "Now Aurie..." Virgil spoke softly as he placed their daughter on the floor and knelt down to her level. "Can you show the Pacifier Fairy where all for pacifiers are?"

Aurora did as told and marched towards the kitchen, flailing wildly and pointing to the kitchen counter that her four pacifiers were held by. Virgil carried her up so she could grab them, and Roman unleashed a brown sack from... somewhere... with a smile. "Wow! That's a lot of presents for me!" The little girl looked so proud of herself as she stored the old pacifiers in the bag and babbled in her baby voice about whatever babies babbled about. Roman listened anyway and talked back, knowing the next day he'd rid the disguise and come back as Uncle Roman and get to hear the babbles all over again.

After hearing enough babbles for the day Roman looked at his Disney-themed watch Virgil got him for his birthday last year (Aurora was a newborn so she'd not remember of course - she might be a little confused when she sees Roman with the fairy's watch though). "Oh! Is that the time?" It was kind of upsetting when Aurora silenced and pouted but she was reassured by her father's cuddles and kiss. "I have to go and see other big children now - you'll be good for me right?" She nodded of course and just like that the Pacifier Fairy disappeared out the door with Aurora and Virgil waving him goodbye.

The video ended at that wave, and Janus placed his phone down and snaked his hands around Virgil's waist. "You're such a big girl Aurie!" He cheered, a little quieter and softer but that's how he usually was around his daughter. He was always scared being too loud and boisterous would make Aurora upset or hurt someway. But Aurora looked so proud of herself and that was perfection.

It was just in time for their daughter's nap at that point so both fathers tucked Aurora into her Rapunzel themed bed and head her a Disney bedtime story before turning on the nightlight and leaving the door closed. As soon as the door closed Virgil grabbed both sides of Janus' hips and pushed him o the side, trapping his husband in a soft but passionate kiss.

Janus was given one command before being dragged to another part of the house so they won't disturb their sleeping daughter: "don't delete the video."

Chapter Text

Logan wondered into the playground at recess, watching all the kids around him run and giggle and scream. He was not the type to join in on those childish games. Instead he carried some of the books from the classroom into an empty part of the playground and sat to read.

Ahead of him the most popular kids in Logan's grade were playing, all dressed up. Virgil, who was the most agreeable person in the group, was only loud amongst his two best friends and loved stars and macabre things. He usually wore a giant black hoodie but this time he removed it because of the weather and wore a plastic knight's hat. Roman was the loudest person of the group and was utterly chaotic - this time he had stolen some tissue paper and a paper crown and was wearing both and waving a toy sword. Both boys were chasing their best friend Patton - the teacher's son - who was dressed in a light blue dress that was covered in sparkles, and also had a plastic pink tiara in his wavy blond hair. Patton was almost as chaotic as Roman but was definitely extroverted - he'd talk to anyone if he had the chance.

"Logan's a sorcerer!" Roman shouted as he turned a complete 180 and came bounding towards the first grader just trying to be peaceful and clean. Without even being asked Logan was dragged away from his precious book pile and placed on a swing-set that had been guarded away from anyone else using it. Logan was also given a magician's hat and a robe that he refused to put on. "We have a sorcerer now Virgil!"

"I don't want to be a..."

"NEW FRIEND?!" Patton's shout erupted from the gate he had reached as he was being chased. The happiness and hope in his eyes made Logan silence immediately, and he didn't particularly mind being away from his stories. Patton looked like a fairytale himself.

The three friends began chasing each other again and giggling while Logan sat and watched them. Eventually Roman and Virgil caught their friend and dragged him over to where Logan sat, Roman proclaiming: "The Princess was poisoned!"

"We should tell Mr Sanders." Logan said plainly. Yes, he knew about the concept of imagination and that kids enjoyed playing with their minds - but sometimes he felt like being too realistic and just watching the people around him look confused. The three boys just pouted at Logan's refusal to play.

Patton's pout stuck out more than the rest. His glowing eyes his themselves downwards and their glasses magically seemed to fog slightly. For the first time Logan felt the intense desire to give a living human a hug - and that living human was standing right in front of him. This was unusual... Logan felt captivated by Patton's magic spell to put on the robe and hat and play along. Something was definitely happening to him.

"What kind of poisoning is it?" Logan mumbled quizzically, almost rendered to silence again when he saw Patton's joy.

"He was poisoned by the Dragon Witch and that made him evil!" Roman shouted excitedly once he realised he could play again. Patton started to step away from the group to escape again but was caught by Virgil's hug. "You need to save him sorcerer!"

Beside where Logan sat on the swings there was a random stick some kid probably picked up from the nearby tree and then forgot about. It was long and non-splitery so perfect for a magic wand. "I know just the spell." Logan said triumphantly, waving the stick around and mumbling some big long words the would impress the people he was playing with. As Logan did the spell Patton twirled, his dress becoming more puffy and he looked so happy. The weird feeling erupted from Logan's stomach again and his face felt a lot hotter.

"Thank you sorcerer!" Patton eventually stopped spinning and attacked Logan in a hug. It felt like Logan's heart was about to explode as he hugged back - but why was he feeling like this? His older sisters said they felt this way when around cute boys and that he should feel this way about cute girls. Not Patton. "Would you like to be my protector Mr Sorcerer? The more the merrier!"

So the rest of the day Logan stayed with the popular group - chasing them in the playground, helping them with their classwork, and sharing apple snacks at lunchtime. They were still a little extroverted and scary but Patton was always there to check if Logan was OK and quiet Roman when he was screaming. He did the same with Virgil too who was always nervous about everything. All in all, Logan had found a new friendship group and although he was confused about what Patton meant to him he was still happy to have friends.


When Logan waved his friends goodbye and hopped off the school bus his mother was waiting for him with a soft smile. Logan's mother always wanted her only son to make new friends as easily as his sisters did. "Who were you waving to Logie? Do you have new friends?"

"Mhm!" Logan said proudly with a smile, carrying all his books in his hands and refusing to let them go as the mother and son walked to their four bedroom home in the cul-de-sac. "They're called Roman, Virgil and Patton. They're really nice, and Patton's pretty too!" There was nothing wrong with telling someone you find someone of the same sex pretty right? Patton was pretty in his light blue dress and his eyes were so captivating and beautiful when he was happy.

Logan's mother looked at her red-faced son with a raised eyebrow and small smile. "Does Patton give you butterflies in your stomach sweetheart?" She inquired, only to see her son get more red and nervous - maybe even ashamed. And Logan should never be ashamed.

"I don't eat butterflies Mom..."

"I mean do they make you nervous?" The mother clarified, knowing her son always took everything literally. "Because if they do you have no need to be nervous about it. You can't stop feeling butterflies about someone - and even if you never feel butterflies over anyone that's good too! You don't need to be a carbon copy of anyone else to be happy kiddo."

Logan was silent as he walked and thought, not looking at his mother. The mother continued to talk to her son about his feelings - and in her opinion it did seem to be a little crush forming. She assured her seven year old that there was no need to be ashamed about having a crush on a boy, there was nothing wrong with him for it. "Dad and I will always be proud of you whoever you choose to love or if you don't fall in love. And your sisters will gossip about it and give you pointers either way - you know how they are." Logan was the baby of the family - his teen sisters absolutely adored their baby brother whatever he did and whoever he became.

When the pair arrived home Logan's mother leant down to her son with a soft smile. "I love you Logan, unconditionally OK?"

Logan nodded shyly, a smile coming on his face too as he swayed side to side and blushed. The mother felt so proud seeing her son like that. "And I think I love Patton too."

Chapter Text

Roman walked beside his husband and watched his two kids chase each other around the forest the family were walking in. He wanted to hold his lover's hand but said man was holding his notebook with a camera around his neck looking up every single tree and taking a picture of all birds in sight before writing notes about it. This was normal behaviour of course when Logan had his mandatory hours of work.

So instead of focusing on his husband Roman watched his two five year olds run about and play happily. He was blessed with twins - being a twin himself Roman knew that blessing well. It was chaos when they were first born but the husbands pushed past it and now they actually got to see their sons' personalities come out. And they were both animal lovers like their father.

"Janus please don't hit your brother with a stick - even playfully." Roman's voice echoed as he realised Janus was chasing his brother Patton and throwing around sticks that fell on their path. Janus pouted but dropped the sticks as Patton came running over with a wide smile - doing grabby hands. "You want to be on my shoulders?" The small boy nodded and almost immediately Roman placed his son up high so he could touch the leaves at the top of the trees.

"I want to be up too!" Janus moaned as he also tried to reach up to Roman, standing in front of him and refusing to move out the way. Without realising his family's predicament Logan continued walking to a nearby bush to examine insects but soon stopped and placed his equipment on the dirty floor.

"Jan, kiddo, come here." The father called, smiling as soon as the little boy ran up to him and also letting the boy sit on his shoulders. "Can you make sure Daddy doesn't drop any of his stuff?"

Janus looked overjoyed and helped hold all the notebooks Logan stored while Logan held his legs. "I'm Dad's favourite helper Pat!" He cheered, sticking his tongue out at his brother who stuck his tongue out back. Then the family continued their walk, Logan holding his husband's hand until he found another species he needed to note. But soon the pair got to where they were going to spend the afternoon - a muddy dirty swamp.

As soon as Patton's feet reached the ground he jumped about in the mud like his favourite animal: frogs. Roman placed an arm around Logan once he was also free of Janus, whispering quieter than usual at this time of day. The straight laced father was obviously worried about the mud getting everywhere. "I'll do the laundry this time sweet-jam, let your kid have some fun."

Logan only rolled his eyes, watching Janus gather the mud in his hands and throwing it at his brother. "Now I know why Remus was uncontrollable... Janus don't destroy the snake's habitat bud."

"SNAKES?" The child screamed so loud that nearby birds left their trees. The child wasn't scared of snakes unlike most (his twin brother was absolutely petrified of spiders), instead he adored all and any types of snakes and stole his father's reptiles encyclopaedia as a toddler. It was a love Logan loved to keep and inspire so his son could be just like his Dad as he grew up. "I wanna see a snake Dad! Pleeeease!"

Logan scooped his son up and took him gently to the other side of the swamp, trying not to get muddy and plague his husband with uncontrollable dirty laundry after each day. He knelt down and pointed to the corner of the water covered by shrubs. "Wait a second kiddo..." A black snake emerged from the weeds. "That is a black swamp snake - you see the red belly? They live here."

"Can they kill?" The kindergartener said very plainly. God, he was so much like his uncle.

"No they can't. But they aren't totally friendly, they're probably scared of big creatures like us." Logan always spoke in a gentle voice around animals and kids - maybe because he was always ridiculously tall for his age and intimidating looking so he knew to always be gentle and kind to everyone.

Following his Dad's instructions and actions Janus got as low as possible in the mud, crawling around and calling the snake like a cat. Across the pond Logan could see his husband wrestling an excited Patton covered head to toe in mud. That only meant he found a frog.

"Dad! Dad! What's that one?" Patton pointed to a nearby tree where a bright green frog sat. Logan went closer quietly and examined it, making sure it wasn't scared by his frog loving son running over. "It's so pretty! Can we keep it?"

The bright green with brown leopard-like spots, bumpy skin, enlarged and sticky toe pads... "A Barking Treefrog. And no we can't keep it - it has a family here that it loves." Patton had such wide eyes watching the small animal hopping up the tree then stopping. It seemed to be watching for its next move...

Patton giggled as the frog landed on his forehead, looking so proud of himself for being quiet and still like his father had told him to do. Slowly Logan collected the frog in his palms and spoke gently to it. "It likes me Dad!" Patton shouted once the frog was back on the tree. "Bye-bye Mr Frog!" The wave Patton gave all the animals in the forest was adorable - it had become his own tradition since he was a baby. It was definitely a lot less chaotic when the twins were babies. They could only walk short distances and were scared of getting too muddy - Logan used to be able to manage taking the kids for adventures alone while Roman was at work.

Janus was army-crawling around the swamp following the black snake his father showed him. There was more than one snake, all the snakes were surrounding him, and he was in heaven.

One of the snakes was slithering towards him but Janus tried to stay quiet to make his Dad proud. The snake faced the young child and stuck its tongue out - Janus tilted his head and did the same. "Are you friendly?" Janus chirped quietly, the snake stuck out its tongue again and booped the boy's nose. The child giggled at that and booped the reptile back.

Behind the snake Logan stood proudly and watched his son make friends with nature. When he was a kid he loved to play with other small animals like mice and saved many creatures in trouble. It was good to find that love was genetic. Before tears reached Logan's eyes out of proudness he felt Roman's hands around his waist and a whisper. "This is perfect." The husband whispered, kissing Logan's cheek and smiling. "Do you think Virgil will enjoy this?"

Roman and Logan had not told their twin sons about the little baby they were going to adopt. They wanted to extend their family since they got the twins and now they knew they were going to have another little boy called Virgil. They had bought lots of outfits with different animal themes so their son would hopefully also become an animal lover. Logan nodded silently, calling the sons over when he realised it was time to head back home. The boys at first wanted to play more but eventually were happy to run back to the clean house and get mud everywhere.

When Virgil came home Patton and Janus absolutely adored him (especially Patton - he promised to be the 'bestest big brother ever', although Janus was constantly watching Virgil to make sure he never got hurt). And his favourite onesie was the spider onesie and as he got older he was attracted to spider behaviour (which scared his brother) just like Patton and Janus had a fascination with frogs and snakes.

The parents continued taking their boys to the swamp as it got more chaotic with more of them - but the parents would never replace moments like that for the world. They loved teaching their sons all about the beautiful world around them and how to respect it.

Chapter Text

"You're such a simp." Roman sat on his brother's bed and watched him apply nail polish on his broken nails. He only mumbled in response and shrugged. "Did I ever tell you how much of a simp you are Brad Pitt-iful?"

"I'm just helping a friend out - platonically." The teen eventually mumbled back, blowing on his black nails and looking at them through the mirror.


"I'm not! I only found out he was pan last week!" Roman still sat on his bed with a mischievous smile. He felt so proud of how far his brother had come since last time the two men had entered the Saint Steven's play therapy centre. At the start of this chapter Virgil was a scared five year old that used to cuddle into his older brother's bed at night, and now he was a nervous high schooler with one of his first ever crushes and was going to try to impress him (that much was obvious). The college student felt like a proud father - maybe since he was the replacement father while his brother grew up.

Virgil's hair was a mess even though he tried to brush it. Both him and his brother were given the everlasting memory of their Dad's curly hair - Roman always rocked the style but on Virgil it just looked alien so he mostly straightened it. On days he couldn't be bothered to straighten his hair, like this time, he wore his favourite beanie that hid most untameable strands.

His brother seemed to have a different idea as his glittery red curler was plugged in beside the desk the introverted teen sat at. "I know you want to look hot for Emile." That was the only thing Roman had to say before Virgil complied and removed his hat. He was so lucky to have such a supportive big brother in his life.

"Not hot, just less like I have a birds nest stapled to my scalp." Virgil corrected, but Roman just rolled his eyes and didn't respond. Inside his brain Virgil was freaking out as always - he'd had a crush on his best friend's cousin, Emile, ever since the cheery boy introduced himself at the beginning of junior year. Now he was most likely going to unload his feelings since he was in the place he spent a lot of his young childhood. A question escaped Virgil's lips before he could think about it as he watched his older brother delicately curl his hair. "Do you think Dad would have accepted us bro?"

There was a short silence before Roman answered as he was focusing. "I think so, Mom does. And he adored us to the moon and back." Virgil was almost five when his father died so he didn't remember/know much about the man that brought him into the world, but Roman was eleven so had lots of fond memories he liked to share. He did have to grow up quickly since he left but it was nice he had someone who related to him. After a few minutes Virgil's hair was fresh and curled - and just in time for his alarm to jingle telling him he needed to get to Saint Steven's.


The bell rang as Virgil opened the door. The reception was small and a mix of pastel colours, clouds on the walls and everything looked clean and comfy. There was no Emile but there was someone Virgil knew well - one of his and his brother's old babysitters. "Virgil! Oh my goodness, hi! You've had a growth spirt?" A man around thirty years old was jumping and waving at him from the receptionist's chair. "You must be almost as tall and Roman!"

Patton managed the front desk of Saint Steven's after volunteering for the charity during college while Roman and Virgil were there (as Virgil had a strong bond with him out of all the babysitters). He did communications in the nearest college and always stayed near the family he used to babysit while his two brothers (who were also babysitters) moved away to become a lawyer and a psychologist.

"Hey Pat, have you seen a kid called Emile Piccani? He's my classmate and we're meeting here..." Almost immediately Virgil heard a shout and finally saw him. He was dressed in a white t-shirt with a pink logo for the company - his hair was also mad but it looked so enduring on him... There was no doubt Virgil was attracted to men at this point.

"I can show him the ropes Pat!" Emile cheered as he grabbed his scared high school friend's hand. Panic set in for Virgil immediately as he hadn't checked his palms for sweat but Emile didn't seem to mind as he dragged him into the corridor past the archway. Before he left the reception Virgil could see Patton give him a subtle wink... Roman was such a chatterbox. "Right! We have three activities going on this afternoon..." Emile spoke as quickly as Patton - they must be great (read: chaotic) coworkers. "Infants are doing motor play, Young class are doing arts and crafts, Mid class are doing performances and Elder class are having a day out playing mini-golf..."

Just hearing that name reminded Virgil of what he was like being a child here. He was in Young class when he first came here, Roman was in Mid class - and they grew up through every single class (apart from Virgil 'graduated' after Mid class so he wasn't bullied in middle school - he still was). Nothing had changed since he left and he immediately felt comforted looking into all of the rooms and reminding himself of all the activities.

"I loved the art therapy while I was here..." Virgil whispered, peeking into the room where children aged three to seven were running around the room with paint on their hands and feet and a giant piece of paper on the floor. Virgil remembered this activity too - all the kids were making a giant art piece together that would be hung beside the reception desk for a good year or two - sometimes up to four years.

So he and Emile went into the room. Emile seemed to be such a natural around all the kids, joking and smiling wit them and not bursting into tears if they said something really depressing. "That's so pretty Thomas!" Emile cheered, facing a little boy who was showing his corner of the artwork covered in rainbow. Thomas was very small, maybe around four or five, and had dark blond curly hair... Quite similar to Virgil's natural colour.

"Daddy liked rainbows..." Liked. Thomas had a dead dad too, or at least a less present one. The kid continued his rainbow as Emile was distracted by someone else - and finally Virgil had the courage to sit down and talk. And Thomas seemed willing to talk back. "Why are rainbows colourful?"

"They're made out of rain." Virgil spoke gently, just watching the paint with a small smile. Thomas seemed to frown a little and sucked his thumb and interrupting the teen beside him.

"I don't like rain. Rain's sad..."

"Well, when we look at rain at a different angle we see rainbows." The child was silent after hearing that - thinking about things most people his age probably didn't think about. Grief did that to people. The more Virgil chatted to Thomas the more he opened up and by the end of the day Virgil considered himself to be a friend with this little kid he could see himself in.


"Thank you so much for the help Virgil." Emile spoke gently as the pair finally finished packing all the art supplies and made the art room not look like a pig sty. It was just the two of them as the other volunteers were adults and had to disappear for their adult lives. The room was dark and only lit by the light from the windows, Emile looked so peaceful. "Will you come next week?"

"Yeah!" Virgil cheered - turns out it wasn't as chaotic as he first thought it would be. It actually felt nice knowing he was making a slight difference in the lives of kids who needed support. Right now was the scary bit, facing a cute looking teen in his grade and not immediately freaking out and embarrassing himself. He'd probably embarrass himself anyway but he wasn't that future thinking.

Emile looked up from the pens he was organising to see Virgil with his hands in his pockets and wide, glowing eyes. His cheeks were red and his lips looked... Now was not the time to freak out about your crush Emile. "Let's... Talk..." He eventually managed to spit out. Virgil tilted his head cutely and sat next to him. "Patton told me you used to come here as a kid."

"Mhm, when my Dad died." Virgil looked calm when he said those words, but Emile could tell there was still a hurt deep inside. "He died when I was five - cancer. But from what I remember of him he was a really nice guy that I look up to."

"The kids here need a role model like you." Emile's soft smile was captivating and made Virgil lean in, only slightly, as he was entranced by his words. This was how his mother and brother described love - and if he felt this way around Emile he never wanted to leave his side. All these feelings were addicting. "You're brave, Virgil."

"Not as brave as I'd like to be." Virgil's whispers were deafening to Emile's ears. Virgil wanted to lean in and kiss the man in front of him but he knew he didn't have the balls for that. They were probably going to stay friends and forget each other at college. Still, Virgil couldn't stop himself from leaning forward and glancing at Emile's pretty pink lips.

OK, wow, kissing was as good as his family described too. It was impossible to say who leant in but they were fucking kissing... And it was amazing. He couldn't get enough of it even when he had to pull back as his phone was ringing. Roman was calling, probably to pick him up.

"Uh... Hey Princey..." Virgil managed to utter out, freaking out as Emile had grabbed his hand. And he had just been kissed - that was unforgettable.

"Everything alright over there Incredible Sulk?" Roman's voice echoed through the phone quizzically. Emile must have had good listening skills, or Virgil was just deaf, as he started to giggle quietly which made the nervous teen blush even harder. "Oh - are you still with Emile? What are you guys doing?"

Yep, the last question was definitely a taunt. Roman knew what was going on but was going to play dumb to annoy/embarrass his brother - like usual. "We were cle-"

"Kissing." Emile interrupted, giving Virgil a raised eyebrow and a kiss on the cheek. Virgil stuttered out unintelligible sounds while Roman was choking on laughter and let an 'oh shit' escape him.

Eventually Roman managed to catch his breath and speak through the phone. "My God... Right, get in the car Verge before I loose my baby brother to the sin of lust. I have condo-."

Virgil hung up before his brother could embarrass him more, smirking at Emile and falling even more when he smiled back. "I should go." He whispered, giving Emile a peck of a kiss before another question popped into his head. "Are we boyfriends now?"

Another kiss answered the question and made Virgil chuckle. The two walked out together and kissed each other goodbye - and Roman would not shut up about how his 'little boy was growing up so fast' and 'it felt like just yesterday you were shitting yourself without judgement'.

Virgil was only focused on one thing though - he finally had his boyfriend's, Emile's, number.

Chapter Text

Logan kissed his husband's forehead as he sat down at the dining room table. Today was a special day - Remus was usually never able to sit with his family and have dinner because of his job. He didn't particularly have long hours, it was just an inconvenient time as Logan often finished work in time fo dinner and their kiddos couldn't be left alone just yet.

"Dad! Dad! This looks like a snake!" Janus held a doner slice of lamb, wiggling it and giggling, making both his fathers smile wide. Janus was the couple's eldest - four years old. and was absolutely obsessed with snakes and reptiles. When he was adopted as a toddler he used to refuse to sleep until he had the entirety of a snake encyclopaedia read to him. Now he was slightly more sane but everything the kid did made his parents so grateful they had a family.

The slice fell apart after a few wiggles and back on the plate. Beside Janus was Virgil, the toddler in the high chair that copied his big brother by picking and dropping his chicken bits. Normally parents would be telling their sons to not play with their food - but these two cuties were too adorable for that.

"So what did you learn at school today Jan?" Remus chirped, trying his best to get his kindergartener to actually eat and play later. Janus raised his head and tilted it, his little legs were swinging and hitting Logan's kneecaps but he continued to smile wide.

"We learnt about jobs... What are your jobs?"

Ah, that question. Logan worked in finance like a normal person but Remus starred in - adult films - since he graduated from college. He of course wasn't ashamed about it around adults, and Logan knew what he was going in for as soon as they started a serious relationship, but explaining such a confusing job to such a little boy was completely new territory. They wanted to teach their son sex work was a valid career path is the person wanted it but they also didn't want all thirty four-five year olds in the local elementary school (and their parents) to know about Remus' occupation.

"I'm an accountant Janus, so I do a lot of math and make sure money goes to the right places and people." Janus seemed captivated by Logan's soft words - and even Virgil had stopped scattering his chicken bits all over the high chair and was listening. But Logan didn't seem to want to take this task alone and looked at his husband.

"And I'm an actor." Remus spoke so quickly that Janus looked confused for a solid minute, tilting his head and eating another piece of 'snake meat'. The parents hoped that would be enough of that type of questioning... But then the usually quiet Virgil spoke up.

"You in movies?"

Virgil's chirps were always so cute and quiet - he was such a shy baby and toddler that was difficult to not cuddle. This time though Remus' eyes were wide and he was trying to think about what to filter and what could be construed in a different way.

"Um, yes..." He started, looking down at his food as it seemed very tempting to stuff his face like Logan was doing. "But I'm in movies for grown-ups. You can't watch them yet."

"When can we watch them?" Janus was the next to chirp, making his other father cough out some salad and blush. It was already awkward when he had coworkers and random shopkeepers say they'd seen his husband somewhere - and some family members had the same experience when he introduced him to them. The last thing he wanted to imagine was his sons finding their dad somewhere like that.

"You can watch them when you're 18." Logan whispered out, still looking down but grasping for his husband's hand. Luckily that was surprisingly the end of the questions for the evening and the rest of the night went off like usual without overly invasive of curious questions from the couple's young sons.


It was the dead of night and Remus had his husband's arm around his waist just as he liked it. Logan was his one and only soulmate, he was a thousand times sure of it, no-one could beat the adorable nerd he adopted two kids with and agreed to marry him six years ago even though he dropped the engagement ring somewhere during their tour of the ancient library. Logan was perfect.

It didn't feel like that long ago Remus was scared to tell the accountant what his job was. They met on a dating app in their twenties and after lots of conversations over text they decided they wanted to meet in person. They went to the cinema to see The Book Thief and then decided to head to Logan's flat after learning they both adored Doctor Who and Logan wanted to show his date his 'sonic screwdriver'. Once he heard that Remus was sure the accountant had recognised him and knew his area of work (even though he said whenever asked on dating apps that he was a cashier) and this whole romance would just become a pump and dump and they'd never see each other again. Logan was a smart man.

Remus was luckily wrong though - Logan just had a sonic screwdriver collection and he was quite idiotic when it came to using words.

He could still remember it like yesterday, Doctor Who playing in the background as Logan was geeking out over all his collectibles until he sensed something was wrong. "Is everything alright Remus?" The young Logan's voice echoed in his head, watching the happiness momentarily leave his eyes as he looked concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Young Remus said quickly, rubbing the back of his neck, wondering whether he could finally reveal his true occupation because so far he was falling hard for the nerd in front of him.

"Falsehood." Logan's voice was reassuring even back then as he came closer, wrapping an arm around his date slowly to take sure Remus could lean or push away if he needed to. "Do you have work to go to tomorrow? You can go anytime - you do understand that - and I'll drive you back. As late or early as you want."

"I actually need to tell you a little about my job, I think, before we go further." Remus spoke gently and he was honestly scared out of his mind about this - but Logan continued to smile patiently and that smile was enough to reassure Remus even to the present day. "I'm actually not a cashier..."

Logan looked confused hearing that but didn't have any huge reaction. Remus didn't know if that was reassuring or not. "Go on..."

"Just - don't break up with me when you hear this O-"

"So I should ask you to be my boyfriend first?" Logan giggled, a smile escaping that looked so cute and made Remus' heart beat a million times quicker. His face was red but he nodded anyway, the temptation telling him to kiss the man but he needed to talk about his big secret first. "Do you want to be my boyfriend?"

"Oh definitely - but - um... I'm actually an actor." Logan looked even more confused hearing that and his smile dropped, he was examining his new boyfriend as if trying to figure out what movies the man opposite him had been in. Hopefully that meant Logan hadn't encountered Remus yet - something that was getting rarer by the week as Remus was getting a lot of gigs - but that could come with its own problems if Logan didn't accept the industry. But this was all too much stalling, he needed to come clean. "I'm a porn actor. You might recognise me as The Duke on certain websites?"

Remus was used to identifying recognition or embarrassment in people's eyes, but there seemed to be nothing but curious adoration. "I don't - but that's alright. It doesn't change how I view you."

God, that memory was so good to think about at night. It made him feel so validated and loved and it was the moment Remus realised he'd found his soulmate. A kiss followed at the end of that night and many dates happened that made both men adore each other more and more and eventually they adopted two little boys that left them where they were now.

And they were in heaven.

Chapter Text

"A Prince should not fall in love with a commoner and a thief." The King proclaimed, sitting opposite his two sons. Why did Roman's father have to find out? He thought it was all hidden - he only went to see his lover at night and even did the stereotypical climbing from the tower window yet he still spotted him! "And I can't believe such a fool has been made out of my eldest son! You're running the country for heaven's sake this behaviour is unacceptable."

"Can't Remus take the throne?" Roman growled and glared at his younger brother who was trying to catch olives in his mouth. The King just raised an eyebrow at his youngest son's behaviour and just sighed - the answer was already clear, from birth Roman had been programmed to be the king. Remus was just an unlikely plan B.

The King stood slowly, maids ran around him like a swarm of bees to collect his dirty plate. "The banishment is tomorrow."

Roman's heart broke even more hearing that. The idea he would never see his soulmate again hurt enough but for that soulmate to be banished was soul-crushing. Banishment was very rare in Roman's kingdom - only reserved for those who tried to kill the ruler - but this time seemed to be an exception. His one lover was going to be sailed away to the pirates that found their resources at sea. They were rough and loud and violent... Logan would definitely die there.

"Don't cry Roman." The softer voice of Remus echoed from across the table, and his hand touched Roman's arm. But tears were already falling from the young prince's face, he knew to be quiet before his father would hear and request a more severe punishment than seeing his one-and-only be sailed away... If there was any. "This is a shit situation but once you're king you make the rules. And you have my blessing to marry anyone you want."

It was too late. Roman had found his forever and had lost him just as quickly. Knowing how these things went in other kingdoms once Roman reigns he'd be proposed to marry a young princess to create a peace treaty and he'd have to create beings that would suffer the same torment he was going through now. There was no room for love in royalty.


The next morning, early in the morning, Roman walked around the royal prison basement with a lit lamp in one hand and a wad of coins in the other to turn away any patrolling guard. The prison was usually empty, it was meant to be filled with the worst of the worst treasonists and murderers, but this time the only person held there was Roman's lover.

His mind was transported back to his thirteen year old self, walking around the palace gardens late at night. He had no reason why - but his mind realised a reason as soon as he saw a boy his age in front of him. He was too skinny for good health but enough to be living, dark features but glowing black eyes and wide glasses. And he was stealing a decorating silver vase. Inside Roman knew he should inform his father of the burglary but he was rendered to silence watching this new, mysterious person's behaviour.

The boy flinched when they finally met eyes and Roman instinctively ducked his head. "Prince?" That was the first word he said - and he still couldn't get enough of that word four years later. Roman nodded shyly - he could see the boy distinctively even though there was no nearby lighting. After a minute of silence, the boy examining the prince, he resumed trying to fit the decorative vases into his satchel. "You won't tell anyone?"

Although that question was said more like a command Roman nodded anyway - his eyes were still transfixed on the person in front of him. "Good." The boy said, eventually fitting in all he could and nonchalantly walking over like he was a model. "Which one are you?"

"Roman." The boy smirked after hearing the other boy's first word - and that smirk was what broke Roman into a blush. He should be feeling this way around princesses at balls - not here, not now, not with him. But he was irresistible and he seemed to know that.

"I'm Logan." The name was whispered, it felt so secretive and coveted but as soon as that word met Roman's ears he wanted to shout it from the rooftops. Then the thief looked down at Roman's lips...

He couldn't help it. He didn't know what came over him but the prince kissed the guy that just broke into his garden, stole some pots, and told him his name. That's all it took and he was better than any princess Roman had been introduced to. He was so much better.

Logan didn't seem to mind the kiss and smirked again as soon as Roman dragged himself away, his eyes looking the young prince up and down like he was a possession to steal. And Roman would gladly be stolen if that meant a forever with the person that was in front of him. That's what they planned years into the future - the late evening of Roman's 18th birthday he was going to pack a small bag of belongings and sneak out the kingdom to meet Logan at the border and they'd get married and live together in the neighbouring country - just them. Roman had even told his younger brother of the plan so he was fully prepared to take the royal role when the oldest prince disappeared...

"Hey Sir-Sing-A-Lot how do you manage to walk past the only occupied cell?" Logan's voice dragged Roman to the real world as it often did and caused him to burst into an idiotic smile as he turned around and followed the voice. Standing there was Roman's soulmate, each hand grasping onto a metal bar and a ball and chain attached to his left leg - but he was still smirking. "Hey My Prince."

"I love you." Roman whispered out, wanting to kiss Roman again but grazing his hand on his revealed fist would have to do. "You know this isn't any of my doing don't you? This is hurting me as much as it's hurting you."

"Please don't cry..." Earnest sadness was spotted in Logan's voice when he saw Roman start to sniffle. They just wanted to hold each other and waste the day today but they were found only a fortnight early. If they had just managed to stay a secret for a fortnight and they'd be together forever. "I will come home."

Roman shook his head and managed to hold back his tears enough to speak. "You won't. Those pirates are bad news - you'll be their eternal slave or worse... Entertainment..."

Logan only raised an eyebrow, a smirk appearing on his adorable face again. "You know I'm smart, I'll manage it." He nudged the prince's hand, indicating for him to bring it forward. Roman did as told, placing his hand through the bars, just so his soulmate could kiss it and butterflies could erupt through his stomach another time. For the last time.

The prince had to watch the betraying commoner board the pirate ship in a few hours from a podium, his father and brother next to him. The man was handcuffs and the pirates seemed to be excited to have him. Roman wanted to run up to the man he loved and join him with whatever would happen to him but when the man turned he mouthed one simple sentence that reassured him: "I will come home."


"Bro, bro, shit's happening."

Remus burst through the doors to Roman's bedroom, slamming them behind him as he stared at his brother with wide eyes. Roman was sat on his bay window and looked out into the distant garden, having one of his many mopey days. It had been four years - the same length of years Roman knew the commoner - but every single day he was thinking about Logan. Up until he saw his brother's panicked face. "What's happening?"

"Pirates are climbing over the castle walls." Remus spoke quickly, and although he looked panicked at first he couldn't not reveal a smile seeing Roman's eyes widen. "And I think Logan is there."

He wasn't hurt, he wasn't dead, he had come home. It was a miracle Roman had been dreaming about since his 18th birthday and now he had the possibility of seeing Logan again. The prince didn't need to say anything before he was dragged to another window that faced the palace walls. The pirates had fully broken in now and must have been plotting - and in front of them was a vaguely recognisable man. It was the same dark features he fell in love with but the body was muscular, dressed in full pirate attire and brandishing a silver sword into the air. "I saw a few of them on my walk and they said they were under strict command to harm no-one but the king. The local village is safe." Remus would continue what he was told about the pirates but he could see his brother already had love hearts for eyes and was almost drooling. "I'm sure if you open the palace doors Logan will be thankful..."

Roman zoomed down the stairs faster than ever before and called out in utter excitement. "Logan!" The dark skinned muscular figure turned around mid speech and immediately unleashed a large smile. Roman's heart was beating faster than it had since he was 17.

"Keep the door open." Logan commanded back in a shout, instructing his army towards the door. The pirates passed by peacefully, most waving and saying hi, or jokingly threatening to not break their little brother's heart. As soon as the pirates walked in Remus was at the bottom of the stairs and offered to show them the way to the King. Remus skipped happily up the spiral wooden stairs with a double dozen sword waving pirates at his heel.

And that left Prince Roman with this attractive pirate he thought died four years ago. Maybe he did die and was born again as an even hotter version of himself. There was slight stubble on his chin, make-up on his face, and overall he just looked the part of his confidence. "Hello Prince..." The pirate whispered, coming closer so their lips were less than a centimetre away. "I told you."

"I honestly thought they'd kill you." Roman uttered to try to resist kissing the man in front of him. He had really missed his kisses though... So he gave in.

Logan nudged him against the wall and begged to go deeper - and of course Roman complied happily. They were both so hungry for each other after all this time since they used to see each other every night before they were found out. This was the first time they were making out in the daylight but it was like nothing else had changed. They both still loved each other deeply, and deeper than anyone could understand.

"They're just like us." Logan broke the kiss to say with his goofy smile, which confused Roman at first as his mind had fully transported to when he was 17. "The pirates. Turns out homosexuality and bisexuality is totally normalised in their culture. So they agreed to help us reunite."

So pirates weren't the evil people Roman's father had told him they were since he was a young child. In fact now he couldn't take his hands and eyes off this pirate in front of him who seemed to be listening out for any action inside the castle. But before Logan could hear the screams of his friends he saw the one person he never wanted to see again - the King.

Logan grabbed onto his lover, wrapping an arm around him as he drew out his sword. But the King continued walking, empty handed, and soon the pirates and Remus (somehow in a pirate too) emerged behind him. "You take him and I hurt you." Logan said clearly, but the King never seemed to make that choice as instead he took off his crown.

"I resign."

The fuck? Roman knew the pirates had good fighting skills but their persuasion skills seemed to be top-notch too. Logan smiled at the crown and withdrew his sword. "It's your choice darling. Either you or Remus can be King."

"Nah mate I vote gay pirate-prince unity kings." Remus shouted from the other side of the hall, followed by the rest of the pirates cheering and giving high fives. Roman had never seen his brother with such a large and close-knit friend group as he was often hidden away at the palace... He didn't want to drag his brother away from his new friends.

Roman took the crown in both hands. He'd never been allowed to do this before, this was what he was told was his destiny. That he'd be the only king in the castle.

And that thought made him turn to Logan, placing the crown on his curly hair. At first Logan seemed confused about the object on his head, tilting his head but catching the crown before it fell. He was still so adorable. "I don't want to be the only king, you know that right?" Roman started - he could feel his cheeks getting pinker by the second as he grabbed Logan's hands. He nodded shyly. "I want you to be king too - like as in you're my husband."

Logan's goofy smile never got old, and he nodded excitedly and twirled his fiancé around in circles. "I love you so much." He whispered, giving Roman a long kiss while the pirates cheered about their pirate king. And first rule of order was to allow the pirates into the local community so Logan could keep his two families together (and Remus ended up living with the pirates so it was nice to have reunions once in a while too).

Most importantly though Logan and Roman were free to love each other and create the family they wanted. They adopted their country's orphans and increased health and education all around their kingdom. Logan knew what his community was lacking so he knew how to help. Everyone was accepted for who they were with no hesitation - and Roman missed that treatment growing up.

Chapter Text

People always said Logan looked like his fathers. "You're just like Roman with glasses!" They'd cheer, and ever since he was a toddler he got used to the amount of cheek squishes from old ladies as he walked down the road - he even got some as a high schooler. But Logan had hardly any idea why he was in the family he was in... He was just different. His fathers and his little brother were so extroverted and loved talking to everyone, Logan preferred taking more empty paths just to avoid everyone.

"Logie! I have some cookies for breakfast!" Logan's father, Patton, was shouting up the stairs at his teenage son who was doing his tie. Yes, Logan was that one weird kid who wore a tie to high school. It just made him feel formal and ready for learning.

Breakfast went as chaotic as usual, Logan stored the cookies in his lunchbox along with a half empty jar of Crofters he'd already began to use to make Crofters and toast for breakfast. While he was waiting for the toast he watched his two fathers out the corner of his eye - both were dressed in suits and his apparent clone had his arms around the cookie maker. They were whispering sweet nothings to each other as if they were the only ones in the room.

"Daaad! Get a room!" Logan's little brother, Remus, marched into the kitchen with an empty bowl that presumably previously had cookies. Both his fathers turned their head and then laughed, Roman ruffling Remus' hair with a smirk. Remus was a typical extroverted eighth grader, in all the musicals and art competitions and slacking boring lessons he didn't think were important. He never got away with missing lessons though as Patton was every school's boss and the cookie fanatic did really care about everyone's education. Logan supposed he got that trait from his other father. "Can you sign my permission slip for the American history field trip?"

Patton raised an eyebrow quizzically at his youngest son. "Promise it's not an excuse out of lesson form this time?" Yeah, Remus was a master of forgery at thirteen years old. It was slightly impressive but as the responsible older brother Logan wasn't meant to reveal that.

"Reem's right this time Puffball." Roman said from the entryway where he was about to leave for work. "Thomas Middle School is due to tour the town hall in two weeks." Patton playfully scowled at that and signed the slip. No doubt Remus will use that signature for some excusing slips too when he doesn't feel like attending class.


"If you put your head up I'll get you a Slytherin keyring." Logan whispered to his best friend, Virgil, as they were sat at the back of chemistry class together. Virgil had been Logan's best friend for as long as he could remember - he seemed like the only person who didn't care that Logan was a local celebrity.

"I decided I was Hufflepuff this week." A mumble came from the desk and Virgil moved a little bit. Logan raised an eyebrow and tried not to laugh.

"Why Hufflepuff? You hate yellow with an absolute passion."

There was a silent for a moment which probably meant Virgil had remembered the conversation two days ago on which colour each of them would fuck, marry and kill. "I dunno I'm pretty fucking loyal for putting up with you for so long." A laugh escaped the desk after that too and Virgil tilted his head to see his best friend. "You know I'm joking about that."

"But you're not joking about being Hufflepuff?"

Virgil was about to shake his head but the two high schooler's conversation was interrupted by the classroom door opening and a new person walking through. The person was androgynous and wore a simple yellow hoodie with tracksuit bottoms, a large backpack and a beanie. Logan was immediately entranced by the person as they spoke to the teacher in a soft whisper that was only just out of his hearing.

After a few seconds of silence the teacher explained that this mysterious person was a transfer student and instructed that everyone should be welcoming. Then the new student was told to speak.

"Uh... I'm Janus..." Janus looked back to the teacher but she seemed to want him to speak more. And Logan did too. "I just moved here from Orlando, and I'm happy to be here?" Although the end seemed more like a question that information seemed adequate for the teacher so she told Janus to sit in an empty seat... And he sat next to Logan.

Logan's cheeks were heating up for no reason he could identify, but he covered them anyway. He couldn't help but sneak looks at this stranger too - he looked utterly focused on the task he was given although confused at the activity. When Janus raised his head Logan could see his eyes: one brown and one green/hazel, he must have heterochromia, how interesting...

"Hey do you have any idea what an ionic bonds are?" The man Logan was facing whispered, chewing the end of his pencil as he seemed ever so nonchalant about this new situation for both of them. Logan had never been nervous to talk to someone before - let alone a guy.

It took a second to gather himself, and he could hear Virgil trying to hold a laugh in the background. "They're when a metal gives a non-metal their electrons so they become attracted to each other." Attraction seemed like an unsuitable word right now - not that Logan was attracted romantically to this new student. It was just a platonic adoration because he wanted to finally have a new friend that wouldn't freak out about his fathers.

But when Logan finally dragged his eyes away from Janus he spotted Virgil glaring at him. "What?" Logan whispered, a small smile on his face as Virgil raised an eyebrow. He didn't need to say anything - his best friend already knew his every thought. Instead of verbalising said thoughts and embarrassing himself the high schooler only stuck out his tongue at his emo best friend.


It was soon dinner, pot roast, and since Logan was with his family it wasn't exactly quiet. His father was boasting about some meeting, his other father was chatting excitedly about another, and his little brother was encouraging all the talking and giggles. It was giving Logan a headache.

"I have news! I have news!" Remus shouted at the top of his lungs, waving his hands around and hitting his older brother in the process. Both fathers stopped their conversations with their head raised and a smile. "I have a partner, they're called Talyn and they're really cute..." The middle schooler couldn't stop screaming and gushing about his new love. And his parents had the toxically proud look that meant Patton was about to burst at the seams.

But Patton just unleashed a quiet laugh and held his husband's hand. "That sounds absolutely wonderful Reem, we'd love to meet them!" He silenced and his head slowly turned to his older son. "You seem quieter than usual kiddo, everything alright?"

Logan would nod but Roman spoke first. "Oh honey I think he's in love with someone! I can see it in his eyes - oh both our boys are growing up in front of our very eyes!" Roman was so dramatic sometimes... Most of the time actually. There was no change in eye contact or expression compared to every other dinner but Logan's father was somehow a genius. Were his cheeks red? Shit, they were. There was no escape from this. "Who's the lucky person?"

"He's called Janus." Just saying his name made Logan's cheeks unbearably hot. "And it's not love, it's just a series of unusual chemical reactions in my body that I'm not used to. I'm not even remotely attracted to him - I'm definitely not gay!" The last part was maybe said a little loud... And his dads looked hurt. "Not that there's nothing wrong with being attracted to the same sex of course. It's just not me." It was too silent.

Even Patton wasn't smiling. He just held his husband's hand and looked down, eating. This was an entirely new - entirely different - situation. He just wanted to reach over and cuddle his fathers to apologise but that also seemed like a bad idea. "I'll leave if you want me to..." Logan managed to whisper out, looking down at his food himself. No-one said anything yet again.

So Logan stood quietly and took his food in his hands shyly. He was sure he wasn't gay though - he only met this boy today and that just made him a little nervous. There was nothing not straight about that.

He just had pretty looking eyes that anyone would appreciate - boy or girl. They were just captivating and so interesting. Maybe Logan's nerdy-ness just portrayed like attraction because he wanted to examine Janus' interesting pupils to figure out all the genetic causes and stuff. Yeah, totally not gay stuff. He'd just carry on seeing Janus and eventually the blushing cheeks will wear off and he can continue with his thoughts.

Chapter Text

The walk to the canteen was always horrible for Logan. The entrance was colloquially called the 'recruitment zone' because all of the non-sport competitive teams tried to get more members there. And there was one club that always stopped him.

"Logan! Aren't you going to join the debate team this year?" The head of the Debating Club said, reaching out with a leaflet. Logan was in the debating team in middle school but he found such a tense environment made his undeniably angry. He even ended up insulting Virgil so joining the high school club was a no-go. "Oh come on! It's in your genes. Were you at your Dad's debate with the federal parliament last night?"

"What's this?" A quiet voice murmured from one side of Logan, a voice he had only heard in classes but it seemed to captivate him. And there he was. Janus was dressed plainly in a t-shirt and jeans again and had approached the debate team, a raised eyebrow as he read the nearby leaflet the team were begging their idol's son to touch. "What's mock bar?"

The leader smiled wide but still made eye contact with Logan as the nerd looked shell-shocked. Hopefully they'd never ask why. "Every fortnight we pretend we're lawyers and debate about a crime. It looks really good on college applications and we accept jury members all year round..."

Janus smiled softly and reached into his pocket, bringing out the pen and signing up the sheet. Why was he so captivating just doing normal things? It was the thing with his eyes again surely. They looked more different today than they did yesterday, one of the eyes looked green and the other almost black. He seemed very engaged in the conversation with the leader about what roles were available, he wanted to be a lawyer when he was older so was really excited to try this out. He'd be a cute lawyer...

"Logan I'm getting hungry!" Virgil's should came from the school cafeteria as he held two trays and hitting them against each other to get his best friend's attention. The high schooler was dragged out of his trance and rolled his eyes. He'd happily stay with his best friend for the rest of time and avoid Janus.

The conversation flowed quickly between the two friends with plenty of jokes and laughs. But that peace only lasted a few minutes as they were soon interrupted. "Hey, can I sit here?" Logan and Virgil often sat at a small table alone so Logan could get some quietness and people knew to not really talk to the two juniors. This man was different though.

"Sit down Harvey Dense." Virgil smirked, winking at Logan as the nerd gave the angriest hidden glare he could muster. Janus sat opposite the two of them and quietly ate the sandwich he bought, looking down at a book he was reading. Without speaking Logan glanced at the few words in the book he could actually see without being too weird - and he had read that book.

A smile graced Logan's lips before he spoke. "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd? I love that book!"

Janus glanced up and smiled softly again, leaving Logan with what felt like a heart attack as he tried to control his cheek temperature. "I've only just started reading it so don't give me spoilers." The reader giggled shyly probably just so he can hold even more of Logan's uncontrollable thoughts.

"It's um... It's really good." Logan eventually managed to whisper out, keeping his head down but seeing his best friend trying (and almost failing) to not laugh at this predicament. It was silent again - but Virgil wasn't going to let it be silent for long.

"So are you enjoying life here Jan? Orlando seems a lot more fun." Janus had been at the school for a week and had yet to make friends, he seemed to latch onto Virgil's words like they were the first he'd heard. He always looked so focused on anything like he wanted to make everything an everlasting moment.

Janus shrugged, leaning back and finishing his mouthful. "I don't know. It's quieter here, I feel like I can actually make some friends."

"Just friends?"

Why did Logan say that? Shit... Janus looked confused at the nerd but smiled again. "I'm open to a romantic relationship if one happens. Uh..." He seemed to hesitate for a moment but then looked to Logan and smiled again. "Do you have two dads Logan?"

He thought a new person would mean he'd escape this conversation. "Yeah, one's the mayor and the other is the head of the school district. They're pretty popular here." Janus smiled again at that in the way that hurt Logan's heart. His cardiovascular system wasn't used to this amount of exercise.

Janus' joy seemed so soft and Logan never wanted that look to go away - it was like the world would end otherwise. "Cool - I mean - I'm bisexual so I love that I can actually be myself here. I've gotten bored of girlfriends anyway, I want to try someone new."

Logan's new interest was into guys. Logan was interested in a person who would date his gender. And that made him feel undeniably happy. He sure had a lot to think about now.


"So how was school today my little Jam Nerd?" Roman ran to the door and hugged his oldest son, picking him up a little as he rag-dolled. It felt like one day his baby boy was a happy and curious little toddler and now he was so big and almost an adult. And that meant Roman was old.

"It was alright." Logan mumbled his usual response, but his tone was different, his tone sounded more confused.

"Are you alright kiddo?" Logan's other father, Patton, smiled and appeared from the kitchen with a blueberry muffin. Patton could always sense either of his son's concerns like a secret superpower (the non-secret one was his habit of making freshly baked goods appear out of nowhere). The teenager sighed, escaping to the living room even though he knew now his parents weren't going to leave him. "Oh, honey it's OK! What are you thinking about? Is it Virgil?"

Logan took another deep breath. "It's... Not. It's Janus." And the two forty something year old men were freaking out like high schoolers. They were shouting things like 'is our boy in love', or 'what if Janus is a bully', or 'what if it's both?'. "Janus is the new guy that makes me blush. He's actually a nice person too. I... really like him... like you two like each other."

The high schooler was tackled by hugs after that, his parents screaming about how much they accepted him and he was their baby boy and they were so proud of him. After a while Logan's pre-teen brother Remus came down the stairs and also joined in the shouting hug with no context why - he just liked hugs. Logan may not be as extroverted as his family but he was glad they loved him so much with all his quirks.


It had been a few weeks since that moment and nothing much had changed. The only change really was that Janus hadn't left Logan and Virgil's side and had become a close friend. It was a Friday morning and Logan could see his two friends at the other side of the hallway - Janus was getting his debating notepad out of his locker. The two friends were talking about something Logan couldn't hear. But Janus looked tense.

"Are you alright Jan?" Logan said as he approached his friends. Janus paused his hand as it brushed through his ebony hair. The fluttering in Logan's chest was still there but it had lessened slightly as every movement made the feeling happen - it was like the new normal.

"Yeah, yeah, I... uh..." He hesitated for a few seconds, looking for Virgil as if for advice or courage (Virgil was a very bad person to look at for courage though). "I have my first mock bar tonight as a barrister and - um... Would you like to come be the jury?"

The fluttering got worse as Janus met Logan's eyes, but that look only lasted a moment as Virgil disturbed them. "Yeah of course we'll come yellow-fellow - I'm sure Logan can't wait to see you." Ever since Virgil learnt Logan had a crush on Janus he wouldn't stop with taunts but luckily the usually smart junior debater hadn't caught on. The school bell rang soon after that and some more conversation, and the three ran off to their separate classes.

Logan had to hide himself at the back of the jury box when he saw Janus dressed in a smart black and yellow suit; he had to cover him entire face and keep his lip bitten while Virgil quietly laughed. "I'm so glad you know how I feel around Remy Picanni now." He giggled, writing notes on the evidence like he was told to do. For the first time Logan wasn't writing everything he heard down and kept his face covered until he felt a nudge. "Jan's going to see you soon."

The nerd took a deep breath and lifted his head, immediately captivated by Janus' words as he defended this criminal or something like that. The actually works didn't matter - his voice and actions did. He looked so happy and passionate as he debated with the person playing the prosecutor and Logan wanted to stand, run up to the man, and kiss him. He'd never thought so deeply of kissing before but in this moment is was all he could imagine doing.

Janus slowly turned his head to speak to the jury, prancing majestically and not particularly focusing on the people in front of him until he lifted his head and saw Logan. Every ounce he had of control since he met Logan vanished when he saw him gazing at him in astonishment like that. He was rendered to silence and paused with his cheeks becoming pink. "Uh... Mr Gonzalez?" Janus' debating friend turned to him, calling him by his surname as they all agreed to do in these mock legal sessions. "Are you alright?"

The whole courtroom was silent and most likely watching Janus - but he just couldn't bring his voice out. Logan was looking at him in a way he found utterly irresistible. Now he had completely forgot what he was saying and all that mattered was the way Logan looked at him.

But he took a deep breath and looked down for a second, gathering his thoughts, looking down to avoid Logan. He continued his speech and actually won the debate - he was complimented by debaters and jurors alike that he'd make a good lawyer one day and strive for law school.

And then came Logan.

"Hey Logan?" Janus called his best friend as the three of them walked out of the school at night and Logan had just spotted one of his father's car in the parking lot. Virgil was taking the bus and was walking back on his own so it was just Janus and the man in front of him that made him swoon.

Logan tilted his head with a soft smile. "Yeah Janus? You did amazing out there by the way - you looked a little nervo-"

It was just a peck on the lips but it felt amazing to finally do - and it made Logan look anxious, confused, and adorable. It took a few seconds for Logan to reboot himself and he nervously laughed. "Um... That's cool. Really cool." Janus never asked if Logan was attracted to the same sex, shit, he just always assumed so. But this reaction was very vague.

What wasn't vague was the excited scream coming from Logan's parent's car - and sitting on top of the car were two adult men (there was no idea how they got there) cheering and congratulating their baby boy for his first kiss. The scene made Janus smile and giggle, and this also allowed Janus to change conversation topics from what he'd just done. "I'm guessing that's your Dads?"

"Yep, they're very loud." The man opposite him said quietly, watching the silhouettes as they sheepishly ran back into the car with their giggles heard even from a distance. "Don't mind them. They're just excited to see me 'making friends'."

Janus nodded, backing away a little further just in case he'd be tempted to try another kiss again. "I'll see you later Lo." He said quietly, praying to not be asked about why he pecked Logan's cute pink lips. Logan looked away from the car and back at Janus - raised an eyebrow - and smirked softly, looking down and nodding. He seemed to turn and step away but then stopped, looking back and thinking for a second, examining the high schooler.

But instead of watching his kiss rejector slowly walk away Janus' cheeks were cupped and his lips met Logan's again. It was so good to finally kiss him after all this time of just thinking about it. But like all good things it soon had to end and Janus was facing Logan as both of them had blushing cheeks.

"See you later Janus, maybe a date on Saturday?" Logan whispered as he was still quite close, smirking as Janus nodded and blushing more. This was a moment Janus would never forget in his life.


Chapter Text

"Good morning freshmen - I have worksheets on the table for you but please don't touch them yet." Remy's maths teacher was marching around the room and giving directions. He didn't care to listen much as life just wasn't interesting when he was separated from his one true love. Yes, Remy was sappy like that. Emile was his one true love - even though there was a period in his life he thought that was impossible.

An important part of Remy's identity, as well as being bisexual, was the fact that he was the product of a single father. He had a few memories of his mother but she left Remy's life quite early due to divorce and moved far away for a new life - so since he was in elementary school it had just been him and a nervous wreck of a father. His father was great though and really supportive of his relationship (which made sense as he was also bisexual).

The teenager was interrupted from his memories by feeling a kiss on his cheek and a giggle. "What are you thinking about sweetie?" God, Emile was so adorable every action made Remy burst into a goofy grin. Emile was dressed in pink and cream as always and had a bag of chocolates hidden in his bag which he then offered to his boyfriend. Remy happily took the food just as the maths teacher finally began the lesson.

"Right." The man clapped his hands and stood in front of his students with a large smile. "Who's ready to learn some pythagorus?"

The question was met with thirty raised eyebrows and some annoyed whispers. Freshmen were a tough crowd to entertain but he continued the lesson anyway. At least this class was quiet so he could get his points across - until he was interrupted.

"Sir?" Emile had his hand raised mid-sentence but he looked excited about something. His boyfriend (the pair of 14 year olds were pretty open about their love for each other) was beside him facepalming into a textbook. "Is that a pride pin?"

... It was still on his suit. He thought he removed it before driving to work at six in the morning but alas, it was there. That's what he gets for attending a gay bar with his best friend Patton. "Um... Yes it is." He said quietly, debating whether to remove it or keep it. It's not that he wasn't happy with his sexuality. He just didn't want to hear the words he heard as a high schooler ever again.

"How do you identify Sir?" Emile chirped again even though Remy was trying to hush him - he probably wanted some peace to sleep rather than learning maths though.

"I'm homosexual - is that all Emile?"

The teenager nodded happily at that and let the teacher continue the class. When the lesson ended all the freshmen ran out to their next classes. Remy and Emile walked together, Remy was holding Emile's hand so they wouldn't run too quick down the corridors. And Emile wouldn't shut up about the new fact he found about their mathematics teacher.

Eventually the pair reached their lockers and brought out textbooks for their next class. Remy interrupted Emile's babbles with a raised eyebrow. "And why do you care so much about Mr Yerkes-Dodson being gay? You're out his league babe."

Emile paused his rambles and looked confused for a second, tapping his fingers against his Spanish textbook. "I guess I just want to see him happy - I want to see everyone happy! Just like if I ever see your Dad enter the world of romance again... Wait..."

"If you think we should set my Dad up with my maths teacher you're mistaken Em-" Remy's speech was interrupted by a peck of a kiss on his lips as he dissolved at Emile's excited giggle. He had the cutest smile when excited and Remy fell in love all over again when he saw it. The dark-wearing teenager couldn't help but kiss his boyfriend again. But then he remembered why his boyfriend was so happy. "I'm not letting you set up my father with Mr Yerkes-Dodson." He said clearly, but he seemed to be ignored. "Seriously, Dad cries if he sees any number bigger than a thousand. I can't imagine him dating a maths teacher."

Emile smirked mischievously and closed his locker, giving Remy another kiss. "There's no harm in trying."


After classes Emile and Remy wondered into Remy's house for an impromptu movie date. But the television seemed occupied by Remy's father snuggled in blankets with hot chocolate and Nightmare Before Christmas on for probably the third binge watch that day. "Hey kids, how was school?"

Remy did a mumble which his father knew indicated it was a decent day and there was nothing to report. All was peaceful until Emile perked up with a smile on his face. "Actually - Remy got in trouble at school today." Virgil turned his head like an owl at that and raised an eyebrow as he could hear Remy rebuttal - but he was interrupted. "It wasn't big. Our maths teacher just wants to see you tomorrow."

"I didn't do anything!" Remy shouted from the kitchen, coffee already around his lips as he liked eating coffee beans. "Emile's just saying that so you'll meet our gay maths teacher."

"To be honest Remy it's better to be safe than sorry with you sometimes." Virgil mumbled after a minute silence as he untangled himself from all of his blankets, examining Emile's smile and giggle as he saw his boyfriend's annoyed face. "What time does this teacher want to see me?"

"Oh, just before classes would do." Emile's smile was so captivating Remy couldn't pretend to be angry for long. He just sighed and admitted this defeat - most likely all that would happen would be a quick explanation from Mr Yerkes-Dodson about the misunderstanding and then they'll shake hands and go their separate ways. It's not like love at first sight actually existed for adults. Only Remy had that with his boyfriend.


It was early in the morning and Virgil had already complained around twenty times to his son about how he never liked getting up early and he thought he left this waking up business when Remy learned to get himself up in the morning. "This reason for the meeting better be good." Virgil yawned as he drove, stretching his arms a little as his son was in the passenger seat next to him on his phone.

"I told you there's no reason for this meeting - you're just on a wild goose chase because Mr Yerkes-Dodson came out yesterday." Remy playfully scowled as his thumbs hit his phone, he was probably texting a freaking out Emile if the coffee addict was telling the truth.

"Still, my anxiety gets the best of me around these things." Soon the two men were at the school and parked just outside, deciding to walk in together as this meeting wouldn't last long either way (since Virgil was still not used to social interaction even though he was thirty six). Remy walked to his maths classroom determined and Virgil followed more focused on planning the day ahead of him until he saw who this Mr Yerkes-Dodson was.

A tall gentleman was sat at the teacher's desk sorting out papers, the calm music of Bach in the background but he was completely focused on decoding some messy handwriting. Remy cleared his throat to get his teacher's attention and he looked up immediately. "Remy? And..." The man paused as soon as he met eyes with Virgil, his cheeks going slightly pink but he just coughed that away as he stood. "Am I right in thinking you're Mr Nocy?"

"Please call me Virgil." Virgil managed to breathe out - he hated that his surname existed and mostly went by Virgil everywhere and in every situation. And now this teacher was close to him... he was revealing a rather large hand which the father knew was the cue for a handshake. "Uh - I think Remy told me you wanted to see me?"

The teacher looked confused at that, turning back to his desk. "Let me just check my schedule..." He hummed, leaning over the desk which only made Virgil more fidgety and his teenage son began to cringe even more. "It doesn't seem I wrote it down. I'm so sorry, how long can you stay for?"

Virgil tried to keep his smile down but was ultimately failing. "As long as you need me..."

"And that is where I leave." Remy eventually managed to spit through his cringe, doing finger guns as he left and running down the corridor to presumably find Emile. So he left his own dear father in a gay panic - Virgil has definitely raised a good son (or they were just very alike).

A hand waved in front of Virgil's face when he realised he should still socialise. "Sorry, you zoned out there." Mr Yerkes-Dodson chuckled quietly - Virgil hadn't felt this way about another person's small actions for a while. "Would you like to look at Remy's latest pop quiz maybe?"

So that's what Virgil did, sitting opposite this very attractive teacher as he went through Remy's latest exam and his points of struggle. He seemed to explain everything perfectly - and he looked perfect while doing it. "I can promise you that Remy's a good student though." The teacher said quietly, giving Virgil an honest smile.

"He's a great kid." Virgil whispered back although he was trapped in the eyes of the man in front of him. "Yeah - he's been so understanding of everything from my divorce when he was little to me coming out when he was in middle school." That one sentence made Logan stand up straight again and clear his throat, stashing away the pieces of paper silently. "Oh, Remy told me you came out to your class yesterday. You know... If you have any questions about figuring any of that out I'll happily help."

Mr Yerkes-Dodson looked confused and even let a short laugh escape as he rolled his eyes. "I think he got the wrong idea with that one. I realised I was gay in high school - freshman year actually. Came out fully the summer before sophomore year." Virgil blinked slowly to decode all that information and his cheeks became pink. He looked so cute... Maybe the teacher should follow his theatre teacher coworkers advice...

"I'm single, are you?" He managed to utter out, and Virgil just nodded with even redder cheeks. Unfortunately that was all the cards the maths teacher had at that moment and the father looked too shocked to speak. But Mr Yerkes-Dodson was smiling like an idiot. "Great. That's useful to know."

"Do you want to do anything with me?"

Yes, this was going perfectly. This teacher might not be alone forever like all his students assumed. "I would actually. Does 6pm at the Chinese takeaway across the street sound good?"

Virgil's cheeks became pink again and he nodded just as the school bell rang for the beginning of classes. For the first time ever the teacher wished he didn't have to teach so he could spend all day with the man in front of him. But Virgil stood and smiled softly. "Should I pick you up or meet you there?" The man uttered out as they walked to the classroom door together. A few seniors were waiting to walk in but were adult enough to not freak out over what was happening.

"I'll meet you there unless you need a ride Virgil." The way the maths teacher said Virgil's name felt so good on his lips, and it felt even better for Virgil to hear it. They were both blushing almost immediately and had to look away from each other's eyes. It already seemed addictive to be together so there was one more thing the teacher should reveal. "And you can call me Logan when we're off school grounds."

The name Logan sounded amazing even though it was a pretty common name - but now it seemed like a name completely unique to the man in front of him. But unfortunately the two had to separate their distance and leave each other for the few hours until they had their date.


Virgil was checking himself in the mirror and cursing himself for not doing laundry earlier that day, but imagining Logan's eyes looking at him so happily made everything worth it. "Wait..." Virgil perked his head up as he heard his son's confused voice. "Who got you smiling like that Dad?"

He actually looked happy, that was a rare sight to see. The father couldn't help but hug his son in that moment. Hopefully now he was a high schooler he wouldn't mind another person coming into the two of their lives right now. Soon Remy would be moving out and being an adult himself - God Virgil was old.

"It's... A very nice man. He's super sweet." Remy wiggled his eyebrows at that, treating his father like one of his high school friends probably because Virgil felt like a giddy high schooler himself. "We're going to the Chinese takeaway around Sanders Avenue."

Remy sat beside his father and gave a smirk as he drank his coffee. "And when will you be back?"

The older man paused at that - trying to remember anything that Logan said that didn't involve a glance at the lips that made Virgil swoon. But he couldn't remember any time mentioned. "I don't know. You can buy yourself Dominos for dinner."

"Oooh Daddy's getting it on!" Remy cheered and gave his father another hug, laughing to himself. "You've gotta tell me who this guy is! Or is it a stranger kinda deal?"

"He's not a stranger kiddo." Virgil laughed back, squishing his son's cheek just because he was close by now. The teen looked so happy for his father but the father knew enough to know that smile will disappear as soon as Remy finds out this date is with his teacher. Still, this was an almost-adult he was talking to. He had a right to know. "It's actually a date with someone you know pretty well." Remy raised an eyebrow. "It's actually Mr Yerkes-Dodson..."

"No way."

"Yes, I understand if that's a shock of course but he seems really sweet and I promise nothing non-PG will happen tonight..."

Remy rushed upstairs before his father could finish his sentence, giggling and his footsteps were almost bursting through the ceiling. Virgil didn't know if his son was excited or panicked beyond belief. "Everything alright Rem?" Virgil shouted up the stairs, only to hear a shout in return from his son at the other side of the house.


Virgil giggled, brushing through the last few stray hairs before grabbing the house and car keys and stuffing them in his pocket. This man may be the love of his life or just a stepping stone into dating and a new friend but Virgil will be happy either way. He had an amazing son he was so proud of. "I'm going now!" The father called into the house - hearing the footsteps stop for a moment before Remy appeared again and give a final hug.

"Have fun Dad." He said softly, gazing up at the man he was hugging with the same eyes he had as an adorable baby Virgil saw when he started this purpose in his life. "Don't have too much fun though. I don't want to see Mr Yerkes-Dodson struggle to sit tomorrow morning."

"We'll take it slow for you kiddo, don't worry." Virgil stroked his son's hair and smiled. Nothing will replace the love he had for his son - only add to it.

Chapter Text

"Dad! Dad! I think I can see the Dad's school!" The elementary schooler, a little girl named Harley, shouted at one of her fathers as the other was checking his appearance. This was a new and exciting experience for her - her family had just moved to an entirely different city so that her father could attend university. She had to say goodbye to rural Florida and hello to Ohio... A lot of older people told her it would be different but she was still excited.

"OK Princess have you packed your backpack?" Harley was carried off the bay window by the father not preparing for university. The university father was probably too nervous to concentrate on anything else right now.

The little girl ran off in direction of where she last put her bag, giggling so loud that Roman couldn't help but smile. While moving so far away from everyone he ever knew was stressful he was with the four most important people in the world: his three kids and his loving husband. He spotted his husband nervously typing on his phone so believed reassuring him was the best place of action.

"What classes have you got today?" Roman mumbled, his arms wrapping around his lovers waist as he gave him a kiss on the forehead. Virgil's muscles immediately relaxed at the contact and he smiled softly and hummed.

"Two hour lecture on social policy and a seminar of political atmosphere - I'll be home in time for pickup." Virgil whispered even though he knew he didn't need to. His kids all knew their father was heading back to university to become a qualified social worker. It was his dream job when he was a teenager but love, marriage, and kids came first and he didn't regret a thing. It's just that now he had a complete family he wanted to work on his other dream.

The two husbands shared a soft kiss just because they could, but it had to end by Roman separating and ruining the quiet moment. "I cannot imagine focusing for two hours straight, I swear you're a genius."

Virgil felt his soulmate's face between his hands and wanted to keep this memory forever. "I don't think you can do anything straight darling."

"Daaaaaaad!" A screech was heard upstairs as the couple's two older kids, Sally and Jack, came bounding down the stairs - Jack chasing Sally with a look of determination. Roman immediately turned and tried not to laugh. "Jack keeps on hitting me with my philosophy book!"

"I'm bestowing moral knowledge." Jack giggled, hitting his sister on the head again just as Virgil untangled himself from his husband to drag the two kids apart. "Hey! No fair Dad!"

"It is fair. Aren't you an eighth grader now?" Just the idea of their first kid almost being a high schooler made both parent feel old. They wanted to hold their baby against their chest again and watch them fly the nest and become their own person at the same time. Jack pouted but nodded, giving his sister her book back just as Harley arrived with a backpack full to the brim.

The pink princess backpack Harley was running around with was heavy for her to hold and important books were falling out of it but she was still trying to put more stuff in. "I don't think you need all that sweetheart." Roman swooped up his daughter as Virgil tackled the two middle schoolers, giving her a kiss on the cheek and placing the backpack on the table so they could sort through together. Harley looked so proud of herself though. "What have you got in here?"

"I want to show everyone my favourite toys from Florida!"

Virgil was heard giggling in the background as Roman sighed, emptying the useless things from his daughter's bag. "I can assure they have the same toys here kiddo." The father laughed while Harley pouted and grabbed one of the toys from the bag to play with while her father packed her bag.

By the time Roman got his daughter's lunchbox into her backpack the horn for the school bus was heard outside. Jack and Sally were the first to run, hugging their father before they went as he checked his schedule for wider reading, and he hugged back just an enthusiastically. Harley grabbed her fathers' hands and dragged them out the door so they can watch her get on the school bus for the first time. Jack was almost a high schooler, Sally was starting middle school, and Harley was beginning elementary. They were all growing up way too fast.

The bus drove away as Virgil and Roman waved at their baby girl through the window, Roman's arm around his husband's shoulders until the bus was completely out of sight. "I guess that mean I should get going." Virgil mumbled, giving Roman a kiss on the cheek and smiling again. "Wait - are you crying?"

"I just can't believe our baby is an actual child now." Roman managed to choke through tears and held his husband's hands. But he was faced with Virgil's unimpressed eyebrow as he knew his soulmate well enough to know where this conversation was going. "Not that I want a fourth kid of course. Three are enough - I want you to focus on getting your dream job..."

With a kiss on the forehead both men were smiling again. Roman knew his husband would be an amazing social worker as he already wanted to help any kids he ever met in his life. He was such a good father.

"Can I walk you to your class?"

Roman was pouting so cutely that Virgil could't help but kiss his husband again and cup his cheeks. "It's a 15 minute walk babe, I can do it myself." The man continued to pout. "Honey... I have to go now."

Virgil took a step away but he was quickly grabbed by the hips and his husband moaned. "Betrayal! My one true love is leaving me! Betrayaaaaaaal!"

The shouting man was shut up by yet another kiss. "Shut up Drama Queen." Virgil sighed, stroking the cheek he was holding again. Even though he didn't want to let go he was super excited to face this next two year graduate degree. That one kiss was enough for Roman to let his husband go and explore the world, love still in his eyes and proudness erupting through him. "I love you babe." Virgil said as he stepped back. Roman just carried on smiling.

"I love you too JD."

Chapter Text

Janus flung his cape and patrolled dow his extravagantly long winding staircase down to his evil lair, watching as the snakes that covered the basement created an empty path like the water in the Red Sea. It was just a basement but that was beside the point. The point was that Janus was the smartest kind of evil and had a wondrous evil plan.

"Minion I have another plan!" He shouted as he leaped off the last step, speaking into the darkness where he knew his equally evil assistant sat. Since Janus started doing evil things he had his close friend (although friends weren't for evil people it was the best way to describe it) by his side to help him - the reason he was an assistant was because he was very chaotic and kind of psychopathic. There was no response in the darkness. "REMUS!"

A snore was interrupted as Janus turned all the lights on, and Remus lifted his head from the table he was sleeping under and looked around, hitting his head a few times in the process.

"We can't have you lose more braincells Remus. I have a plan." Janus said after lots of banging and Remus finally stood. He mumbled for a few moments and wiped his eyes. "Do you need a few minutes to gather yourself?"

"Nope, nope, fine." Remus mumbled, slowly opening his eyes. "What's the plan again?"

Janus smirked at that and looked towards his giant blackboard full of different designs. He had been down here for months planning this evil plan and he was going to be successful at it (unlike all the others). "The plan is..." He examined all the notes in front of him before he saw the very bottom corner of the board - a very bad drawing of the moon with some stars. The evil man couldn't help but smile as he remembered who would draw that drawing.

Remus cleared his throat to remind his friend of who he was and what he was talking about, but was holding in a laugh and smile. "Sorry, the plan is..." Now was the time for all the dramatics Janus loved to do. He stepped onto a platform that then raised and twirled, steam erupting from the bottom making his cape fly in the wind. "We will steal all the ties!"

Usually Remus had learnt to slowly clap after a plan was revealed, but this time he just raised an eyebrow and blinked twice. "What?" Janus snapped as the platform lowered again - the only response was a couple more blinks.

"Who gave you that idea?"


Down the stairs came a shout and giggle followed by a dozen little footstep sounds on every step as the boy the noises belonged to was running down the stairs. Janus leapt forward immediately to check the child bounding down wasn't falling, but soon the little boy revealed himself with a wide smile. Janus' son, Logan, was probably the cutest child in the universe. He had huge glasses and always wore black because he wanted to be just like his father. When he finally reached the basement a few of Janus' snakes came to greet him and he just giggled and hugged them.

"Wow, you're so evil! I'm in danger!" Remus cooed in his usual taunting tone whenever his best friend became a smiling fest at his little boy. Janus rolled his eyes and laughed. As soon as Logan got close to him he was swooped up into a hug. "Did you seriously ask a three year old to create your newest evil plan?"

"I'm four!" The child corrected, holding up four little fingers at his father's giggle, sounding ever so angry in tone even though that was not adequately communicated in his cuteness. Not even two years ago Logan was a scared little toddler abused and neglected at a children's home but now he was such a smart and happy little boy that Janus didn't mind adoring.

Remus continued having a raised eyebrow throughout this whole encounter even though he did stop for a moment to stick his tongue out at the correction. "Did you help your Dad with his evil plan then?" He asked, and Logan looked so proud of himself.

"Daddy's going to get me a tie!"

The evil plan was not in the forefront of Janus' mind right now, or even in the back. All that mattered was the evil man's adorable little boy that asked his dad when he can wear ties like big people do. So he was going to give his son all the ties he wanted just to watch that cute little smile. "What have you come down here for little guy?" Janus cooed, sitting on his evil chair while sakes surrounded the pair. Logan used to be scared of snakes - now he loved them as much as his father and the snakes seemed to be very protective of their little friend.

"Can Patton come play?" Logan chirped, his eyes glowing and his smile wide, Remus chuckled under his breath as he organised all the snake food until Janus was ready to be evil again. The father did a puzzled face and pouted even though he didn't really need to think where and where not Logan's best friend was allowed.

Logan cuddled into his father and had the cutest little smile that almost made Janus contemplate whether he should just be a 'normal dad' and retire his evil ways to give his son a good normal childhood where he could say his dad was an accountant or something.

"Not tonight buddy, I'm a little busy today." Janus said quietly as he watched Remus growing more impatient with his maintenance work as he wanted to be evil right now. "How about you play with the snakes?"

The child jumped off his father's lap and approached the biggest snake like it was a dog, patting its head and sitting on the ground. The snake gently hugged itself around the boy and tolerated his screams about how it tickled and the body was so slimy. After a few minutes Logan was carried away from his father and went towards the snake toys to play with the baby snakes that were only just starting to slither and hiss.

"Remus!" Janus shouted across the basement to his best friend, clapping and rubbing his gloved hands together. "Let's get some ties."

Chapter Text

"Sweetheart can you make me coffee?" Logan shouted to his husband as he spotted him walking past while the usually serious man was mid-bath time with their shared son Daniel. Daniel was the apple of both his father's eye - named after one of Logan's favourite experiments about intrusive thoughts. Both of Daniel's fathers did an undergraduate in psychology, Logan became a forensic psychologist and Remy a clinical psychologist known for... out of the box treatments. Most involved coffee and Logan had no reason to believe his ideas were wrong.

When Logan finally reached the kitchen he was greeted with a fresh cup of coffee and a kiss. "Was he OK during the night?" Remy chirped, immediately taking their son in his arms and cuddling him as he hadn't been able to yet this morning. He didn't cuddle him in the night either as he wasn't awake.

"I think he was - or at least I didn't wake up to his screams." Logan yawned and injected himself with all the caffeine possible to get ready for the day. His husband made the best coffee in the entire world - that may have been part of the reason he accepted the proposal almost three years ago. Their wedding anniversary will be in half a year. God, just thinking such an amazing day was three years ago made Logan smile more. "This is good babe."

Remy giggled to himself as Daniel did his usual mumbles, babbles and laughter at his father's tickles. "Well, this is good aficionado." He said, pointing at their son and placing him in a high chair ready for his breakfast. "Can you believe this little guy will be a year old tomorrow?"

If this was some kind of TV show Logan would spit out his coffee like a broken fire hydrant - he just paused and swallowed the mouthful instead. "It's his birthday?"

Remy just nodded confused and looked at his husband's shocked face. "Yes..." He said, raising an eyebrow and smirking at his husband's face. "Well, it's tomorrow. Someone's going to be a big boy!" Daniel's cheek was squished as he giggled - trying to say any words but it just sounded like coos and sounds. It would almost be too adorable for Logan to leave the room if he didn't realise he forgot the most important day in his son's life.

Another chug of coffee woke Logan enough to get him to think. "I need to work honey." Logan mumbled and kissed his husband's face before wondering upstairs. There was no way he'd be telling his lover that he lost track of time.

🤖Logan🤖 : I have an emergency.

🐶Patton_cake🐶 : What's wrong kiddo? 🥺

🤖Logan🤖 : I forgot it's Danny's birthday tomorrow.

👿V-Cloud👿 : You only remember when you push that child out of you dw. I had to remind Roman what happened the day after

🌟Princey🌟 : tbf it was 1am!

🤖Logan🤖 : That's beside the point, how do I prepare a birthday for a one year old with less time than I'd prefer?

🐶Patton_cake🐶 : OOH I'LL COME HELP 🥳🎉

🤖Logan🤖 : Aren't elementary schools open on Tuesdays?

🐍Jekyll and Hyde🐍 : No luck persuading them Lo. I already heard them screaming down the stairlift.

Logan was grateful he was still very good friends with his middle school friendship group - even though some were more excitable than others. There was just enough time for Logan to run downstairs and explain to his husband Patton was visiting before said friend burst through the front door with his partner at his side. "Hi Remy! Hi Danny!" Patton gave Remy a wave and Daniel a kiss on the cheek before grabbing Logan's hand (Remus held the other so there was no escape). "Come on loser - we're going shopping!"

The nerd was thrown into the car quickly and driven to the nearest mall. "So... What are Daniel's favourite toys?" Patton chirped as Remus was in charge of parking. Logan raised an eyebrow and thought for a moment.

"His feet." He said simply - but that wasn't a good enough answer for his best friend. Patton gave a disappointed look. "We give him toys but he prefers random things like my ties, random mugs we leave around, my glasses..."

Patton scowled and got out of the car, opening the door for his friend while Remus silently stood by (he was probably very confused why his partner was so set on celebrating the existence of a one year old instead of going to work). The three of them walked into the mall to find anything Daniel might like.


It felt like a few weeks ago Logan was in this mall with his husband, running on only coffee, with the newborn Daniel in the pram in front of them. They were stood in this hallway Logan was standing now after having a less than pleasant encounter with a homophobic boomer about their new family. "Oh I know Danny, it's alright." Remy was speaking quietly once the family were alone, whispering to the crying infant who had yet to form tears. "What do you think he needs Lo?"

Without thought Logan lifted his son out of the open box he was in and held him close to his chest - he calmed immediately. Remy chuckled to himself. "OK Mr Magic, I can see who the favourite father is now." One of Remy's hands lay on Logan's arm, the other helped cradle Daniel and stroke his very limited hair. The two fathers just stared at their son for a few minutes as he sleepily looked around his new environment.

"Where are we Danny-boy?" Logan happily chirped, turning slightly to allow Daniel to see more. "It's big isn't it, hey little guy?"

Remy was laughing again, giving his husband a kiss on the cheek. "Will you keep on speaking to him like he'll respond until he does?" He asked as he nudged Logan's face close enough to kiss. "Because it's absolutely adorable. I'm not complaining." Logan could never complain about his life - especially as he looked Remy in the eyes and reminded himself this was the father of his son. And that he even had the son. As the homophobe rudely said, it shouldn't be possible for two men to have an adorable baby. But they did - and they were never going to stop feeling amazing about that.

"God... Can you imagine us in a few years? Chasing after this little angel?" Logan looked around as he placed Daniel back in the pram. Even at a few weeks old Daniel was starting to kick his little legs in a rhythmic pattern when pleased and he was very vocal with his mumbles. He was going to be a memorable toddler that's for sure.

"And that will be his favourite store in middle school." Remy pointed at the Apple store they were passing as Remy started to push the pram again. "He's going to be begging his dads every day for the new iPhone just like I did with mine."

"At least the Starbucks is next door."


Patton and Remus were running around the toy store like they were kids themselves as Logan calmly walked in. Daniel wasn't old enough to enjoy shopping trips and Logan wasn't that bothered by the activity either - it was Remy who was the shopaholic. None of the toys seemed to figuratively 'scream' Daniel's enjoyment. There were a few baby shirts that made Logan think of his. son and smile but the father knew how quick his son was growing so a t-shirt will last a week.

"Logan I neeeeeed to get Danny this cat onesie! What's his size?" Patton was by his best friend's side again freaking out about how small his godson was but how big he was getting in the exact same breath. Logan was glad his friend had such a special bond with his family but at the same time the happy man spoke loudly when excited.

Remus was following his partner with a smaller bag that had a few toys, decorations, and shot glasses in the shape of genitalia that he hopefully got from another shop. It wasn't surprising he bought that though. "Any idea what you're going to get your son?" Logan shook his head. "I have an idea..." Remus smirked, grabbing Logan's hand and dragging him to a nearby clothing store.

The area Remus dragged his friend to was a collection of sunglasses - a present more suited to Remy as he had a couple dozen at home. Remus slowly walked to the corner of the display which made Logan follow him. There were a few smaller pairs in the corner: baby sunglasses. "Really?" Logan laughed, rolling his eyes, but he couldn't take his eyes off of one. Dark blue leading to a silver grey, a stripe of light blue at the ends too. "Remus you're a genius."

Remus had a proud smile after that. "Mind telling Patton that? He called me a dumbo for needing help with times tables."

Chapter Text

Virgil woke up from his slumber slightly but didn't open his eyes. He had stuff to do this day so he couldn't be an insomniac.

Firstly, Autumn had to find a homecoming dress. She wore a suit to Prom last year but she demanded to change it up this year and wanted a beautiful expensive pink dress. And she wanted a makeup artist too but Virgil didn't know any that would be available. Virgil knew nothing about fashion and makeup but he'd have to figure out that now - that's what he had to do to raise a happy teenager.

Secondly, Omri had a science fair. It was the coming day that he had to bring his project to school to make sure it was allowed. It definitely was going to be though, it was the classic cliche volcano because Virgil was shit at science. Omri was an amazing scientist and wanted to do something else but Virgil didn't know how to help him or what to suggest. It was difficult to see him look so upset but it's not like Virgil could relearn the entire science curriculum in a month.

There was a wetness in Virgil's eyes again and his breath was quickening - great. Not only was Virgil a shit father but now he was crying about it like a wimp. Fathers were meant to be strong and stoic not a complete crying and panicking mess.

An arm twisted around Virgil's waist before he made a sound. It grounded Virgil in his situation and reminded him that someone was there. In times before Virgil would be crying and panicking in his bed alone until morning and then he'd have to pretend everything was alright. Now he didn't have that.

He turned to the side still with his eyes closed and admired how it felt for the arm to stroke across his waist. His purple sleep shirt rode up a little and the arm's fingers strokes his bare skin happily which reassured him even more and made him feel even more sleepy. He missed having soft touches while he slept - he hadn't had things like that in years. But now was different.

Virgil met Remus three years ago, when Autumn was 13 and Omri was 9. For 9 years it had only been Virgil with his two kids and he tried managing everything parent-related alone along with his busy job as a psychiatrist. It was difficult but Autumn and Omri were good kids and understood their father's struggles. Remus worked as an art therapist, specialising in extremely traumatised kids which Virgil was super impressed at, and he was amazing when he first met Virgil's kids who was obviously super scared at the new man in their lives. The romance started quickly and continued through every step and now the pair were quite serious. Virgil was considering proposing to Remus whenever he had any free time to go ring shopping.

Remus mumbled in his sleep and kissed the tip of Virgil's nose, his hand firmly on Virgil's bare waist. They both knew the other was awake but didn't want to speak or move too quickly just in case. But when Remus kissed his boyfriend's forehead the nervous father finally had the courage to speak.

"Octopus?" Virgil mumbled the nickname Omri created when he first met the man. Remus smirked slightly and dragged himself further into a cuddle. "Are you alright?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing." Remus' whisper showed how close they were together even though neither had their eyes open. Virgil didn't respond and instead surrounded himself with Remus' warmth and smelled the bodily scent Virgil adored and missed smelling anything at night. They were flush against each other and speaking slowly because of their tiredness.

"There's a lot to do tomorrow." Virgil said after a silence and he kissed Remus' neck. He yawned and turned to lie on his back again so Remus could stroke his stomach. "I have work and Autumn's dress and Omri's science project..."

"We do. We can do it together." Virgil always forgot he wasn't alone and needed constant reminding - and Remus was happy to remind Virgil that they were going to be parents together. It took a while for Virgil to even accept someone else helping him with life but since Remus always wanted to be a father he was overjoyed when Virgil finally allowed him to see his kids. And when Omri and Autumn began calling him Dad he couldn't stop smiling.

The silence between the two boyfriends extended a little more as Virgil smiled, reaching over and kissing Remus' cheek again. He was so lucky to be in this part of his life with such an amazing boyfriend that supported every step. He really was so sweet.

"I think you forgot something else this coming day sweetheart." Remus mumbled, kissing Virgil's cheek repeatedly and moving down to his neck. One of Virgil's eyes opened at that as he tried to remember every detail in his calendar - homecoming, science fair, parent-teacher conference at the middle school, it was his best friend Patton's birthday next week and Autumn wanted to go to the cinema with her friends on Friday... What else was there? Remus seemed to sense the panic erupting in Virgil again and held him tighter with a giggle. "Do you really not remember?"

"Please don't tell me it's important."

Remus laughed again and kissed Virgil's neck, also opening an eye to watch his boyfriend look so cute and nervous in the darkness where the only light was a slither of sunrise through the window.

"Well, it's a big step." Remus mumbled, stroking Virgil's cheek as they both watched each other for a moment. There was still no activity in Virgil's brain reminding him of what he was talking about. They were already dating of course, Remus had already moved in, what other step was there? ... There was marriage, proposal. Was Remus going to propose? Virgil always thought he was going to ask the question and had been saving up to buy a ring. "Still nothing?" Virgil shook his head - he didn't want to guess and make things awkward.

Remus finally kissed his boyfriend's lips, softly, and it always seemed addictive. "We have our first meeting to become adoptive parents." He finally revealed. Virgil blinked a few times as if processing the information before erupting into a giant smile. He was right - for a few months Remus and Virgil had been thinking about adding to their family together with a third kid and now they were actually going to start that step. They were going to raise another kid together.

"I'm so excited." Virgil whispered and dissolved himself into Remus' entire body again for more cuddles until they have to wake up and get the kids ready for their exciting and chaotic day. Remus will be a great father - he already was of course but this new step will be amazing.

It didn't take long for Virgil and Remus to fall asleep again, cuddled up to each other, and they would never let go until they had to. Virgil was reassured and happy and didn't need to panic anymore.

Chapter Text

The last knot being completed on Logan's tie indicated he was ready for the day. He didn't have work until the afternoon but he still felt the need to dress up in a suit so he wasn't rushing just before. As he walked slowly to the kitchen he smiled at the pictures on the walls. There weren't any family pictures like normal people had - there were a lot of pictures of his achievements. People thought Logan was a little narcissistic because of it of course but he had a good reason to be estranged to his family. The only picture Logan had of him as a child was him sat with his favourite cousin Janus who was the same age as him. That cousin was the only person Logan spoke to.

Beside the scarce pictures of Logan's achievements was a growing collage of the love of Logan's life - Roman Redd. They had been dating for a couple of years and safe to say Logan was absolutely and completely in love. Roman was a waiter at Logan's favourite restaurant downtown so as well as falling in love with the food he fell in love with the cheery man's charisma. They had just seemed to find each other by chance and everything from friendship, romance, and now possibly living together was in the talks and it was all going smoothly.

"Keys..." Logan was blindly talking to himself and wondering around the apartment thinking through his day. He had 10 episodes of Brooklyn-99 to binge, then work where he had to organise three meetings with software developers about his business plans, and then Roman wanted to 'hang out' and have an impromptu date after dealing with the annoying public all day. Roman practically lived with his boyfriend already they had so many dates.

Half way through the second episode of Brooklyn-99 Logan's bell rang indicating someone was wanting to get into his apartment. Probably Roman wanting cuddles. "Hello?" Logan called through the intercom, expecting to hear his lover's sing-songs voice saying he brought some Disney discs and Logan should finally watch the Lion King. But he was greeted by a different voice - a more macabre voice.

"Hey Lo, I came for a visit. Can you let me in?"

Logan had never heard his cousin sound upset before, they were usually quite good together at being non-expressive. But he mumbled an agreement and unlocked the door, waiting at the front door for Janus to knock again. When he finally saw his cousin Janus let go a small smile that was obviously faked. "What's wrong Jan?"

"I have some news." Janus had his hands in his pockets and he walked to the sofa, pausing the TV for the homeowner. Logan followed cautiously and sat down opposite him - too confused to say anything. "Have you talked to your parents recently?"

"Not in 10 years." Logan's parents were homophobic, they didn't take their son's coming out well. He was their 'most promising' kid as he was relatively smart all his life so they were distraught such a good guy could provide no kids. He could - he just didn't particularly want to. Not until he was married and comfortable with Roman anyway. At this point Logan was settled with the fact his parents may not love him and was happy finding the love in other places. "Why do you ask? What happened?" Janus' expression already showed that something had happened and he bit his lips in thought before speaking again.

"Um... Well, your mom died last night."

Janus was a policeman so was used to saying shocking things brashly. And this was shocking - last time Logan even saw his mother was five years ago at another cousin's marriage and they stayed civil but didn't talk much. She was perfectly healthy though and there was no news of any illnesses reported to him. This just all seemed so sudden, like a joke. "Did she tell you to say that so she wouldn't feel guilty about my annual texts on her birthday?"

Janus sighed again and got closer to his cousin to hug him. "No, no, your father said it's good for you to know when though he doesn't approve of your 'choice' and yada, yada, yada... It was quite sudden so you didn't miss anything. Heart attack." It was obvious Janus was trying not to cry too, there were a lot of memories both of them had of Logan's mother even though she didn't like either of them. At least since Janus was bisexual with a preference for women he could stay slightly closeted and just secretive about his partner - but Logan missed a huge chapter of memories his parents could have let him have if they weren't homophobic.

Logan should be sad, and he was a little as he wasn't as happy as he was before this news. But he wasn't anywhere close to crying. "OK..." Was the only thing he could mumble. "Am I invited to the funeral?"

"It's next Saturday, you don't have to go if you don't want to of course." Janus spoke gently as he always did and put his arm around his cousin as said cousin just stared ahead of him in thought. "How you feeling? You want me to stay for a bit?"

Logan shook his head which made Janus stand up. He still stayed close and smiled enough to reassure but Logan was now focused, for the first time since their petty childhood arguments, on getting Janus out of the house. There was so much things to do today and now he had to deal with this confusing new emotion and new news he did not expect. Unfortunately Janus was one of his best friends and could read his family member like an open book.

"I take that question back actually. We're talking." Janus marched back into the apartment and lay on the sofa, turning the television off so there was no escape for Logan to talk about his emotions. "I know what you're like when you bottle up your emotions, and I'd much rather you'd throw a piece of paper at me rather than your darling boyfriend. Talk."

Talk about what? There was so much flying around Logan's mind and nothing at the same time. So Logan just stood opposite his cousin and stared as if he was having some kind of malfunction. "I don't know what to say."

"Perfectly valid. It must be difficult... What's your last memory of her?"

Logan paused again and looked ahead of him. His memories of his mother were fading, to be perfectly honest, and were being replaced with his boyfriend who did honestly love him unconditionally. He had vague memories of childhood and important events but out of adulthood conversations he had with his mother were minimal. They saw each other at Logan's cousin's wedding but didn't speak - they just kept to people their age that had similar views to them. The last in depth conversation was probably Logan's coming out where he desperately tried to explain why he felt what he felt as if he had to justify it.

He tried to pretend it didn't hurt when in reality it did. Now, even with a normal job and a normal romantic relationship the words said by his parents always made him feel abnormal. Even with years of therapy that feeling never disappeared, he just learnt to manage it. Until now.

"I wish she accepted me." Logan leant into his cousin and sighed, sniffling a little even though he didn't want to cry. He did think sometimes about driving with Roman to his parents' house just to show his parents he had found his forever person - that was going to be impossible for one of them now. Logan's mother probably died thinking her son was sinful and lonely and had no purpose in life. Logan was determined to show his remaining parent that wasn't the case. "I think I might call off work today, take a drive to Dad."

"Want me to come with you?" Janus chirped - Logan's parents still liked him so it would make the blow a little less hard. At first Logan was going to refuse but he eventually nodded just in case this spur of the moment decision wasn't going to result in more hurt. The man grabbed his car and house keys and stuffed them in his pockets before unleashing a little smile.

"Let's get Roman."


It felt like a miracle but Logan was being held by his father into a hug. His father was crying and actually apologising for how he treated his son before, saying how now he was his only family he should keep him close. He let Logan vent and explain any bad words he said but wouldn't stop apologising.

And Roman was behind him, smiling proudly, reaching out for Logan's hand while he was free. Logan knew he was never going to be best friends with his father but at least they were reconciling - but Logan's soulmate was all he cared about. "This is my boyfriend Dad, he's called Roman." For the first time Logan's father was smiling seeing his son looking lovingly and holding hands with another man.

"It's super nice to meet you!" Roman always sounded so enthusiastic, even in sudden situations like this that felt like judgement day. He had work in a few hours but reiterated that this was more important than a silly shift at a diner. They already knew they were each other's forever they didn't even need to tell each other. Logan's father seemed to get that vibe too and wore a smile.

It was still unbelievable Logan was in a relationship with Roman - and he was moving in soon. Imagining where Logan was in a year made him imagine lots of cuddles and kisses and watching him smile at his father made Logan consider buying a ring. This whole life was amazing.

Chapter Text

December 19th was never an important day for Virgil, apart from it was usually the last day before Christmas break. Everyone around him was loud and overwhelming and it was so annoying having to deal with people his age. Even worse, Virgil was walking to French class and the teacher absolutely hated him. Luckily he was best friends with the class nerd named Logan who spoke French at home so he copied off him way too much.

But while waiting for the teacher the straight laced class nerd was staring at the class clown Remus who was his complete opposite. "Staring at him won't make him notice you." Virgil chuckled as he sat, making Logan immediately cough and apologise. "You need to go up to him."

"No way." Logan whispered back, leaning back, his eyes still glued on the man throwing paper airplanes and chewing gum. The smartest kid in class was closeted and a mess when it came to sexuality - everything was so new to him that he was scared to act too brash and embarrass himself.

Virgil's only entertainment day-by-day was watching Logan freak out unfortunately. No-one else ever paid him any attention - even the types of kids that talked to everyone. Patton was one of those types of kids but even he seemed to avoid Virgil. It was even difficult for Patton to look at Virgil for some reason and it did hurt. Patton smiled at everyone as he walked down the corridors to classes, apart from Virgil.

When Patton walked in he was carrying a freshly baked birthday cake (Patton's parents were bakers and he made the best sweet treats in school). It must have been someone else's birthday today, Virgil thought, his birthday was the 73rd most popular birthday in America statistically so it was likely one of Patton's friends was celebrating this day. Virgil didn't expect the cake to land in front of his desk with a smiling Patton behind it.

"Hey... Virgil-io..." Patton squeaked, doing finger guns as he spoke to hide the embarrassment that was showing on both men's faces. Then his eyes widened as if death looked at him right in the face. "It's your birthday isn't it?"

No doubt Virgil also had a shocked face at this moment, his heart was beating a thousand times a minute, a lump was stuck in his throat. He could manage to nod and lean forward to grab the cake as if he didn't understand politeness. "Thank you." Virgil said after an elbow from Logan.

Patton swung back and forth on his heels with pink cheeks. For a moment Virgil believed this would be the end of his awkward chat with the cheery young baker but the high schooler had other ideas. "What are you planning for your special day? Are you having a party?"

A small giggle managed to escape. "I'll probably just sleep to be honest..."

"Oh well that's no fun - how about you go out with me?" Wait, what? Was Virgil just asked out on a date... By Patton of all people? Virgil would have pinched himself if he didn't recognise the look of regret on Patton's face as he began to stutter. "I-I mean - as friends if you want. We could get coffee or - oh - there's a new Tim Burton movie in the cinema right now - or you can come round mine and you can learn to bake stuff..."

Virgil knew what it was like to be in an awkward situation so he knew he had to help Patton out of his embarrassed rambles. "I'd love to hang out with you later, shall I meet you in the car park after classes?"

And that was how Virgil started a relationship with his husband (after a full afternoon of trying to bake without causing a house fire and having takeaway pizza). Turns out Patton was one of the best people in the world and was a professional at celebrating birthdays - every birthday was super memorable.


"Honey! Honey! Do you think kiddo will like these cakes?" Patton was running around the house with a batch of freshly baked cupcakes, trying to clean everything before the social worker arrived. Virgil did vacuum and dust everything but that was never good enough for the bottle of nerd he married (usually Virgil was a bottle of nerves but Patton also gained that trait from dating Virgil so long).

The only thing that stopped Patton running was his husband catching him by the waist and holding him in a hug. "They will, they'll love everything you make and do. Just like I do." He whispered, kissing Patton's cheek which made him smile and giggle.

Patton and Virgil were super excited today. They were (possibly) going to meet a kid they were going to adopt. The couple had wanted to be fathers for a while but now they were settled and now they were excited. They were going to be good parents to whoever walked through their doors and needed love.

The door knocked quietly which distracted the two men from each other's embrace. Patton was the first to run to the door and greet the social worker with a wide smile - freaking out even more when he spotted someone beside the social worker. "Oh my God, oh my God, hi!" Patton was speaking at a million miles a minute before his husband was there to calm him down. The little girl beside the social worker just looked up at Patton confused. "What's your name kiddo?" Patton knelt down to the same level as the girl with a freakishly wide smile - even Virgil couldn't get rid of that smile.

"Blossom..." She mumbled. Blossom seemed like a nice kid at least, a little quiet, but her hair was in two Mickey Mouse buns and she wore a plain pink t-shirt and jeans, accompanied by the backpack many kids brought when they were placed in a new house. She was around five years old, maybe six. Patton and Virgil knew they didn't want to foster an infant as other kids deserved a home so they were happy.

"Well... I'm Patton and this is my husband Virgil!" That was Virgil's cue to wave and Blossom smiled back. "Come in! Come in! Do you want some tea, coffee or hot chocolate?" Patton was ready to refill himself with coffee even though he already seemed to be on a caffeine high, Virgil was more of a hot chocolate person. The social worker requested tea and Blossom just watched all the adults - now was the time for Virgil to step in and introduce himself.

"Did you bring any games with you? We need more entertainment in this house y'know." He chirped, Blossom just watched him quietly again. Eventually she placed her backpack on the floor and brought out a single pack of Uno cards. "Oh, good choice kiddo. How do you play that?"

"Numbers match numbers and colours match colours..." She said simply, her voice becoming slightly louder but she still seemed to be whispering. It will take time to gain her confidence but Virgil loved his daughter already. "Can we play tonight?"

"Of course! I bet you'll win, Patton's very bad at Uno." Blossom giggled at that, she had the cutest little giggle. It was still unbelievable Virgil would be a father soon but here he was staring at a girl who could become his daughter if all legal proceedings go smoothly and how Blossom wanted.

"CUPCAKES!" Yep, there's Patton scream. The man emerged from the kitchen somehow balancing three mugs, a jar of cupcakes, and a plastic cup of juice. Patton, while very clumsy, did have amazing balancing skills. "Here you go, here you go, do you like orange juice kiddo?" Blossom nodded shyly again. Patton was very overwhelming for such a little child. "Oh I'm so excited for tonight! What will we do? Watch TV? Play games? Bake? Or we can just go to bed early if you're sleepy kiddo..."

Virgil grabbed Patton's hands to stop him running. He gave the look that meant Patton was getting too hyper for his own good. Patton knew that and continued to smile but stopped bouncing. "Sorry." Virgil received a kiss on the cheek which made him blush. "Let's just sit and chat about you."

The husbands sat together on the loveseat and Blossom with her social worker sat on the opposite couch, Blossom swinging her legs back and forth. Patton still wouldn't stop talking even though he was calmer. "Oh and our friend Logan and his husband Remus, they're super excited too! And I have three sisters so if Blossom needs other support she has lots there..."

Blossom didn't seem that interested in meeting loads of new people - she was Virgil's daughter already. Her face was full of cupcake as she looked at her feet. "When's your birthday Blossom?" Virgil smiled, making the girl perk up and interrupting her husband's slightly useless chatter. Blossom smiled wide.

"I'll be six on the 19th of December! Almost Christmas!" This was the most excitable Virgil had seen Blossom so far and he loved it. Patton gasped at that and shook Virgil, staring at him as if asking for permission to speak, he was going to speak anyway of course.

"That's Virgil's birthday too! You can be birthday twins!"

So December 19th was the day Virgil was born, but that didn't matter. The day only started to matter the sixteenth time it came around when Patton asked him on a date. The twenty second time that date came around Virgil bought the ring that made Patton smile so pretty. On the twenty fourth repeat Patton and Virgil were chatting about having a family together... And now they had this. They had a little girl who was excitedly asking about whether she could have double the presents.

Yeah, Virgil would love to have a birthday twin.

Chapter Text

It was only one time at their friend's party they did it - at least recently. It was Dr Orange's (stupid nickname from high school) party so of course there was drinking and dancing and overall Janus felt completely in love and safe to show that love. Protection became an afterthought but that was OK as Janus had been on testosterone for a few months. Apart from it wasn't OK now.

Janus sat on the toilet with two pregnancy tests in his hand, both showing a faint pink line. He hated the colour pink even more now. He was holding back tears as he stared at the two little sticks that were a life changer - normal people would be happy to see this result. Every kid deserved their parent to be happy at that result.

Crashing footsteps were heard coming closer which made Janus instinctively drop the tests into the toilet bowl he was sat on. "Jan - where are you?" Janus' boyfriend, Remus, called out and Janus tried not to make a sound. He didn't know how Remus would react to this unexpected news.

But unfortunately Remus had the hunting skills of a dog (or it was because they lived in a dirty one-bedroom apartment). Janus managed to flush the toilet in time and close the lid so he was awkwardly standing in the bathroom doing nothing when Remus opened the door. The smile rubbed off Remus' face automatically. "Shit you look pale, what happened?"

"Nothing, nothing!" Janus cheered and slithered out the bathroom as soon as he could. But Remus followed.

"Are you still sick?" Janus had thrown up this morning (and several times before), which was why he started on this whole panic. Remus held his boyfriend's shoulder as he paused and came closer. "You should have a nap Jan, I've already called Joan to give you one of your sick days..."

Shit, in this panic Janus completely forgot he worked as a pest exterminator - it was how he met Remus (he was one of his clients when he was an apprentice). But he knew as a pregnant person that job would be extra dangerous. He might even have to quit. Remus and Janus couldn't support each other on Remus' waiter salary let alone a new life. The two of them would be totally, utterly, screwed.

"Is that alright?" While Janus was panicking his boyfriend had pushed him back into bed and tucked him in, talking about his plan this day of attending his hours at work and then spending the entire day being his boyfriend's servant. Although Remus was a party-loving extrovert, slightly chaotic, he was really good at showing he cared - especially about his partner. "Now I don't want you to move the entire day my soulmate." Remus gave Janus a kiss on the forehead and fluffed the pillow his head was on before sighing to himself and closing the last button of his uniform. Soon he left, and Janus was alone, staring at the ceiling and contemplating all his next steps.


After work Remus returned home with a bottle of wine for his boyfriend and Haribos for himself (he already knew he'd be welcomed to the wine, but he also enjoyed a pop of sugar). The flat was silent, soft snores were heard from the bedroom indicating that Janus was having some well deserved rest. Quietly Remus placed his presents down and made his uniform a little more comfy to wear by loosening a few buttons, then he made his way to the bathroom to do his business.

But when Remus lifted the lid he spotted two things that confused him at first. In the bowl, floating there, were two pregnancy tests. And only one person in the household was able to get pregnant unless Janus had some friends round while Remus worked. He fished the two sticks out and examined them closely... Two pink lines. Someone he knew was pregnant... Janus could be pregnant.

Footsteps stopped right by the door and Janus was stood there with the look of regret plastered all over his face. Remus would expect his lover to be spurting out obvious lies but this time he was just silent. He was ashamed.

"Are these... yours?" Remus spoke slowly, not wanting to overwhelm his boyfriend, but Janus looked overwhelmed anyway and close to tears as he nodded.

Janus wasn't sure what he expected the outcome of Remus finding those pregnancy tests would be. Maybe he'd kindly ask for an abortion to happen or for them to put the baby up for adoption, the anxiety in Janus' mind was expecting Remus to burst into anger about how stupid he'd been and demand to break up. He didn't expect Remus to attack him with a hug.

"I think we can do this." He said softly, kissing Janus' cheek. "Do you?"

After a few seconds Janus had to nod - Remus' expression was a mix of love, shock, and excitement as he held his boyfriend close and hummed softly. They had discussed kids as an abstract concept if they ever had the money to care for them. They didn't have all the money they wanted but they had each other... And in the end that's all that mattered.

Later that evening Janus was relaxing and reading a book while Remus was entertaining himself elsewhere with the TV loudly playing some kind of torture documentary as background noise. But soon Remus appeared in the room again, his hands behind his back and a devilish smile on his face. "You feeling better after your crying fest?" His voice was giddy, a tell-tale sign he had something behind his back. Whether that was a bouquet of flowers or a dead rat he found in the kitchen was yet to be decided.

Janus nodded with a raised eyebrow, hiding his precious book in case it was a rat infestation and watching Remus' silly smile. Remus sat on the bed silently with his eyes still on his boyfriend. "Well, there was something that I was waiting to do but now it seems like the perfect time to do it since we're possibly creating a life together." He spoke so soft and had a goofy smile that Janus had to lean over and kiss. Remus chuckled in response and moved closer. As he moved closer he revealed a single Haribo ring. "Will you marry me, my love?" He chirped, kissing Janus' lips as his expression became slight shock. "As soon as we have the money I'll get you a proper ring... Or we can just get hitched anyway, I've just been thinking about this for a while."

Janus admired the apple and lemon ring quietly before nodding and cuddling against his now fiancé. There was no crying or severe emotions, just soft kisses and cuddles was enough to satisfy them. They were going to have a life together now - whatever happens. There was just one more question to ask. "So... When can I eat this or do I just have a mould fest on my finger now?"


"How many onesies do we really need Jan?" Remus was sat in the living room, having just returned from an extra shift at work to Janus running around the flat packing their hospital bag two weeks earlier than planned. He was used to his fiancé's nervous spells as he constantly worried about their child coming early (he was blaming it on the testosterone he started taking before he found out he was pregnant). Such anxiety spells were often jokingly blamed on the baby as Janus was definitely a very laid back person before.

"I don't know! The midwife said Virgil's a little small so it might be better to prepare for the NICU." The fathers smiled more whenever they heard or said their son's name - Virgil. It was unique and gave a few raised eyebrows, sometimes Remus had the Freudian slip of calling his coming son Virgin, but it seemed like the perfect name for their little family.

Remus stood and brought his hands around Janus, standing behind him as he folded all the small clothes the pair had bought over the several months they had been waiting for their new family member. But it was almost time, kicks and movement was happening, Remus seemed overjoyed by every second - and Janus was starting to get used to the idea of being a father too.

Janus burst into giggles as he brought out his most favourite Amazon buy. It was a thunderstorm and it was 2am, Janus was staying up late with heartburn and scrolling any online clothes store he could find. There he found an advertisement for customisable newborn baby hoodies, and although he was thinking about making a snake or mouse hoodie he decided a plain black and purple storm themed hoodie fit best. There was no reason why he thought that but Remus would get slapped if he was questioned on it. For a moment Janus giggled and cooed at the small piece of material, tears forming by the eyes, and Remus laughed and kissed his cheek. "You're such a sap."

"Can we bring it to the hospital?"

"I think they said something bad about cotton..."

"We're bringing it to the hospital." Again, no way Remus could argue with his pregnant fiancé. The hoodie was safely stored in the bag along with three other onesies (hopefully they'd last a while as the couple didn't have the money for the triple dozen they wanted), and Janus finally turned to give his lover a deserved but careful kiss.


It was late at night, maybe early in the morning. All Janus knew was that the last eight hours had been eventful. But it was over... Or the next chapter had just begun. Soft cries were heard along with Remus' excited chirps and gasps over how cute Virgil was. He was here - he was finally here.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck... Wait I can't swear now, shit - sorry..." Remus was whispering and stumbling over his words as a small mass reached Janus' chest, moving only slightly and crying softly. The little round face had his eyes shut and he was covered in Janus' favourite hoodie - it looked too big for his small frame. "Oh my God he's so cute! He has your button nose my love." Remus kissed Janus' nose and smiled down at the little baby they held together. They achieved together. They now had a child together.

Virgil finally opened his eyes as he leant into Janus' skin, Remus' arm was around his other side caressing him. He already looked done with life - hopefully that expression will fade. "Hi squirt!" Remus spoke gently and carefully kissed the baby's forehead. Virgil's mumbled silenced and he watched his lop-sided-smile father with slight concern (there was a lot to be concerned about with Remus). "Welcome to the world little guy."

"We love you already little... raccoon." Remus laughed a little at that nickname - it wasn't Janus' fault he was uncreative. "What? He's pale as fuck."

"I thought you said no swearing two months ago?"

"Backsie on that one. I won't be able to keep it for 18 years." Janus smiled back at his son who already seemed concerned finding his next food source (probably to wake him up a little). "He's cute as fuck too." He said softly, showing Virgil where to suck and watching Remus' addictive smile.

"He is." And with one final kiss this life was sealed. Janus and Remus were going to be the best parents to Virgil out there. They loved each other too much to not keep that promise now.

Chapter Text

"It looks like everyone here owns three houses..." Remus whispered to his husband as he sat in the church hall, watching Virgil run around with several kids wearing designer Gucci and Louis Vuitton - brands the couple knew they could never afford. Virgil didn't seem to care about the clothes people around his were wearing though as he was shouting and giggling like normal kids did.

The two husbands leant against each other and tried not to look at the adults around them. They were all mothers and fathers, or mothers alone but wearing expensive diamond wedding rings, and all were glaring at the two strangers who were new to this whole playgroup thing. Virgil was a hyper kid just like Remus was so he needed a way to get the energy out... And this was the cheapest option. It was just in the rich area Remus and Janus could never step foot in so they were outsiders in this new world.

"Daaaad!" Virgil emerged from a crowd of kids and smiled wide, tapping his fathers' knees and giving a loving gaze. It was impossible to think that three years ago this little human didn't even exist and was just a lump on Janus' stomach. Now he was the brightest-eyed kid that Janus and Remus adored to the moon and back - he was all they wanted. "I want my hoodie!"

As soon as Janus saw his newborn in a tacky purple and black hoodie he knew that was going to be a motif of his son. During his paternity leave Janus learnt to sew and every so often he made a new hoodie for Virgil that was black with some purple flannel on it randomly (Janus wasn't an artist). Remus fished the hoodie out of a nearby backpack and gave it to the happy toddler who put it on and ran off again.

Janus and Remus just watched their son if silence for a moment as he tried to make friends with the stuck-up kids that spoke Latin and knew way too much about their parents' salaries. Life was going to be more difficult for Virgil compared to them unfortunately but he had two loving parents that would do anything for him. Even sit in a cold church hall in silence when they were meant to socialise with other parents.

The last couple to come in turned everybody's heads though. Two men came walking in, holding hands with each other, one more nervous than the other but both seemed mainly focused on the child between them dressed in all types of cat memorabilia. "Looks like we're not the only ones." Remus chuckled under his breath, having the courage to grab Janus' hand and smile at the new couple. Both men acknowledged the smile and the more nervous one seemed to perk up and smile back.

"Run off Patton-cake..." The more confident one, wearing a simple red shirt, knelt down to the nearby child and pushed the cat fanatic into the crowd of children. The young child seemed to melt right into a conversation about the latest toys each kid last received. The man then whispered into the ear of his partner and pointed to both Janus and Remus - the nervous man smiled and that's when the pair began walking over. "Good morning! Is your kiddo new this year?" The nervous man retrieved some chairs so the four fathers could sit together while Janus and Remus exchanged small talk. "I'm Roman, and this egghead is my queer platonic partner Logan." Roman gave Logan a kiss on the cheek as they sat, making Logan smile to himself softly.

"Which one's yours?" Logan said quietly, his eyes a lot more concerned with others around him but Roman seemed there to comfort him. Remus pointed to the little boy chasing an entire crowd pretending he was an evil gothic vampire. The two fathers laughed at this new child's behaviour before spotting who was helping him in this capture. "Our one's Patton. He's a little... hyper."

"Oh don't worry, Virgil is too." Janus laughed. It was then Virgil managed to summon all the kids towards his and guide them to the back of the hall where the holy wine and bread was stored. The yellow wearing father paused and then whispered to his husband. "Did you tell Raccoon where the wine was stored?" Sure enough as soon as that question was said Virgil started shouting about the 'hidden grape juice' behind the door.

"That's my kid." Remus chuckled, he'd never stop being proud of his boy and his weird behaviour.

Roman laughed too and Logan raised an eyebrow - his eyes now firmly on his son who for some reason was being carried and gently thrown against the door like a battling ram. "It's great to see there's more... diverse parents here!" Roman cheered, grabbing Logan's hand probably so he wouldn't go into overprotective father mode. "It's kind of boring seeing all the same faces here."

"Kiddo needs more representation." Virgil looked so happy as he was giggling, Patton was next to him encouraging him to break down the door and do all the other activities available at the same time. Eventually all the kids dispersed across the hall again (some dragged away from the possible alcoholism by their parents) but Patton and Virgil stayed together and explored the rest of the hall side-by-side.

All was peaceful until a mother scowled towards the direction of the fathers, complaining to her husband about how they let 'anyone in this playgroup' and 'those boys are going to grow up deranged without a mother'. The normal things. Both Remus and Janus lowered their heads and hoped Virgil couldn't hear while Roman brought his arm around Logan and smiled gleefully.

"Ignore them." He said simply but loudly, smirking at the two new parents to the playgroup. "Does Virgil want a play date with us after this? I don't think Patton will rid of all his energy this afternoon." Patton and Virgil were chasing each other around the perimeter and pushing past adults without a care in the world like normal children did. Virgil looked so happy with his new friend in an oversized hoodie.

"Of course he does!" And that was the start of a beautiful friendship for both Virgil and his parents, one that would definitely last forever.

Chapter Text

Roman had been in planes before - but not like this. He was lucky enough to go on a few holidays abroad or just the other side of his home country Poland, this was probably the longest flight he'd been on. Sixteen hours with two stops, one in Germany and the other in New Jersey. And it was a one way trip.

Janusz was looking out of the window in absolute amazement at all the clouds. "Tata, spójrz!" The little boy shouted as he pointed at the window, the man in the aisle already looked annoyed with this young child's behaviour. At least this was the last flight to their new home in Jacksonville. It still seemed alien that Roman even managed to get the promotion that allowed him to move to the USA and take his very small family with him. Janusz was Roman's four year old son and the light of his world since his mother gave him custody when Roman realised he was gay. Sure, the USA wasn't the best country in the world but he was excited about what was to come.

"Tata... Tu są chmury!" The child cheered and pointed at the fluffy white clouds below them. To him it must just seem like a very long holiday rather than a life changing moment away from all the family and friends he'd ever known. Hopefully this was a good decision.

"Wiesz co jest 'chmury' po angielsku?" Living in the USA meant Janusz really needed to learn English so pretty much everyday Roman asked his son to translate what words he knew into English. He didn't know many words though as he'd only been learning English for a year. This was evident by the confused glance Janusz gave his father and he shook his head. "Jest 'cloud'."

For a moment Janusz didn't drag his eyes away from his father, watching him as if calculating how he said that alien word. "Cow'd?" He eventually said, tilting his head but then being congratulated by his father. It was going to be a long journey for Janusz to speak as fluently as his father but Roman was patient enough to help him take baby steps. "Bawić się! Bawić się!" The boy cheered and grabbed his snake teddy, waving it around and happily entertaining himself. Janusz loved that teddy.

Beside Roman an older woman from New Jersey sat, smiling at the little boy playing and happy even though she understood none of the words. "Is he your little boy?" She eventually had the courage to whisper to Roman, Roman smiled for a moment as he translated the words and then translated his answer. It will take a long time to get used to talking in English.

"Yes he is. We're moving here." It was two simple sentences but it was a lot of work for the bilingual businessman. Janusz only just comprehended that the woman wasn't speaking complete gibberish and smiled shyly before focusing back on his snake.

"Where's Mommy then?"

Ah, that dreaded question. It hurt just as much in English as it did in Polish. "Nie mam mamy..." Janusz whispered the answer in the language only the two of them understood.

"He doesn't have a mother. It's just us, that's why we're moving to Florida." That answer seemed good enough for the woman and she turned back to Solitaire on her iPad. At least she didn't question Roman's sexuality - at least not yet - as that never ended well. He tried repressing his feelings for years but in the last four years he couldn't help thinking about romance with the same sex. The butterflies were just too strong.

"Well, if you meet any girl take her to the restaurant called The Black Sheep. It's so good." The woman rambled about date locations to take a girlfriend on and Roman listened intently (or at least pretending to), distracting his son when needed just in case he figured out any English words that would reveal his father was attracted to men. Unfortunately the USA won't be the safest place for him either but it would do. "What grade will your boy be in?" She said, waving at Janusz who waved back.

Again Roman did calculations for a moment. Janusz was nowhere near school age in Poland but he supposed the USA might be different. Or his baby was just growing up. "Kindergarten, I think. He turns five in January." It was November too, near Thanksgiving, which would mean Janusz will have to be the quiet new kid. Hopefully whatever kindergarten Roman could find would be accepting of ESL students and would have kind kids that would give a confused kid a promise of friendship. And now Roman was wondering even more if this was a bad idea.

"Well, I'd recommend Sanders Academy Kindergarten. Small class sizes, good link to the elementary school and the community, the teachers and kids are super nice! My granddaughters all went there and they're..." She just kept on chatting like there was no end. At least that was the American stereotype but this seemed excessive for a two hour flight.

Roman didn't complain though, just stayed quiet and asked any questions he felt safe to ask about the local area and its customs and social rules. She seemed to know everything. But he did take the advice on enrolling Janusz in Sanders Academy Kindergarten and he was glad he did - especially when he met the eyes of that adorable father in an oversized purple hoodie and an excitable and curious boy at his hip.

It only took a year for Roman to feel at home in Florida. At the one year anniversary of that plane ride Roman cooked pierogi from scratch with his son (who could actually speak in sentences - including past tense - and Roman was so proud), and served the pierogi to his boyfriend and future stepson to teach them about Polish culture. Roman was so lucky to finally meet his soulmate.

Chapter Text

Here it was - Logan's new foster home. Not that it was a momentous moment though, he knew that. Just a few months or a year and he'll be gone again. That's what happened to teens in the foster care system and nothing was going to change.

The house looked like any normal house with a batch of flowers on the front patch of grass, a white picket face, and a stone pathway leading to a small balcony. There wasn't a waving family on the doorstep yet but that was also partly expected - he wasn't the cute little kid he used to be when he first entered the system.

"So I'm a bit unsure what these parents' jobs are kiddo..." The social worker, who had driven Logan to this place, started speaking. Logan was only called 'kiddo' by the people he knew as they had so many 'kiddos' they possibly couldn't remember their names. He was just another statistic. "Apparently one of them is a YouTuber? Do you know what that is?" The social worker Gina had been placed with Logan since he entered the foster care system at six years old - but she was reaching 60 now and incredibly out of touch. Even more out of touch than Logan.

"Yeah, they make videos online." Logan mumbled, too scared to get out the car just in case these parents had extra affectionate children. Gina looked even more confused. "And people watch them. I watch a few YouTubers... But I prefer Twitch which is a different thing..." Gina slowly nodded along, smiling the exaggerated smile she always did on her job, and Logan smiled back softly.

"Maybe you watch him!" Gina cheered, leaving the car to influence Logan to as well. Likeliness though was as this wasn't Wattpad said parent would really just be a channel with around 100 subscribers and no real influence. He might be using his foster son for content - that will be a new experience. "Anyway, so it's two fathers - no kids as you seem too old for little kid company. Thomas is a YouTuber and Nico... I'm not sure - I think he said he's a writer?"

Logan retrieved his trash bag of belongings from the back of the car and walked with Gina to his 'new home'. The house didn't seem to belong to two creative people, it seemed boring and ordinary. At least he won't have to deal with children but he might have to deal with both if both fathers worked from home. The teen could only pray to God they were introverts.

When the door opened Logan was faced with a taller man dressed in almost all black apart from a purple t-shirt and purple patches on his hoodie. On his face black eyeshadow seemed to be applied the wrong way round but he was greeting the two new people with a smile. "Oh! It's 5pm isn't it? Super sorry, I was just in the middle of work." The man then turned and began running around the living room removing cameras and stray pieces of paper with scribbled highlights and notes. Packing one of the cameras was a darker skinned man of the same age with wide glasses and softly smiling at Logan when he walked further into the house.

"Nice to meet you Logan. I'm Nico Flores." The camera man smiled and said softly, wiping some ink off his dark green shirt and coming closer. He did look nice but looks could deceive when the social worker was nearby. "Do you want to sit and have tea, coffee, or hot cocoa with us? Or Thomas can show you your new room and you can relax until you're comfortable."

Logan shrugged as an instinct but had already made his decision. "My room please." He'd only be in this house for maximum a year - he should make sure his bed is comfy.

The room was plain and boring as expected. A single bed with red, yellow, and green cushions but the rest in white; a birch wardrobe and dresser; a desk with a few of those 'positive messages' notepads and a window with dark blue curtains and a rather large windowsill. Large enough to sit on. The view from the window was the road Gina had her car, showing neighbour's houses and people just walking past living their lives. The whole environment seemed so quaint and normal.

"Hey kiddo?" The door knocked after a few minutes, showing the previously black-wearing man now dressed in a normal polka-dot shirt in rainbow colours. "Sorry about the chaotic introduction but I'm Thomas Sanders. I just want to make sure you like your room." Logan could tell he was this family's first placement straight away by his nerves. This was Logan's fifteenth.

"It's good." Logan hated talking to new people but unfortunately he was destined to a life of that in foster care. He just wasn't good enough for a proper placement. "Um... Why were you dressed like an emo archetype?"

Thomas laughed softly and sat on the bed. "I'm a YouTuber and I make sketches with different characters - so I dress up a lot. You won't be on camera don't worry." Logan had never even heard of Thomas Sanders before - that was something to look up later. The man then perked up for a second watching the teenager. "You actually remind me of one of my characters actually from what Gina told us. You're a nerd just like him, quiet, introverted, oh I think you'll like the jokes I pull with the character..." After having a half dozen placements with young children involved Logan was used to hearing wild stories from the imagination and just politely nodding along. It was weird to have a thirty year old tell him stories though.

Soon enough Nico also appeared in the room with the exact same soft smile. "Oh you got Tom on a tirade. Tom?" Thomas immediately silenced hearing his lover's voice and smirked. "We'll probably carry on filming if you don't mind Logan. Or we can watch a movie if you want to spend time with us..."

"I need to unpack." Logan interrupted, standing from the windowsill and facing the birch wardrobe with his trash bag. It will only be a matter of time before he packs again but he liked to be organised. It sounded harsh when he was sharp with new foster parents but it all resulted to nothing in the end. He'd just be moved on to yet another 'all loving' foster family that will replace him for a younger child in a few months. It was just a cycle. But at least Nico and Thomas seemed to understand that and leave him alone.


It was 1am and Logan had yet to fall asleep. He hated the first nights at new houses. There were cars driving by loudly, probably people returning from work, and the street lights were shining through the curtains. So Logan had to give up, sit up, and make his way to the kitchen for an early breakfast. That seemed like a good plan.

Logan was used to walking around strange houses in the dark by now, as well as going into the fridge without a care as long as no-one was awake. In previous houses people wouldn't ask him whether he'd stolen food in the night as they were scared he'd fit the violent, broken, teen boy stereotype. So he was free to do as he liked at night as long as he was quiet and cleaned up after himself. When Logan reached the kitchen he immediately opened the fridge maybe expecting to see some cold milk for cereal or a yoghurt.

Wait... They had Crofters. This was his favourite foster family now.

Just as Logan began stuffing his face with jam he spotted Thomas, buttering a piece of toast beside him with a soft laugh. "It's alright Logan, this is your home too." Logan shrugged again and sat on a nearby barstool to eat. "You struggling to sleep?" Logan nodded. "Anything I can do to help?"

"No." He said quietly, wondering whether Nico was the only person in the household with a normal sleeping schedule. "Do I have school tomorrow?"

"Only if you want to go." Thomas yawned and inhaled an entire slice of toast before making another. It already felt weirdly comfortable being with this weird man - or at least more comfortable than previous families he lived with. "I heard you're moving to the local high school instead of staying at your old one?"

Logan shook his head. "Nope. Gina said I'm still at the same school as I was with my previous family, I was only with them for two months so..." His voice trailed off by itself as he remembered the foster family he was with before this one. He was the fifth kid, they were ultra-Christian, and they were hurt by Logan's sexuality. Or even the fact he was questioning it. He was apparently the most influence his kids had ever had.

Thomas seemed to read the teen's mind and possibly nodded to himself quietly. "You've been in a lot of placements I've heard..." Ah, yes, that conversation. It always happened with new foster families as the more and more houses he moved between the more and more people believed he was some kind of rebel. Now was the time for Logan to validate his own feelings about every placement he'd been on since he was six. He just wanted no judgement - for once.

"It's what I get having an unreliable mother I guess..." Now Logan's voice was becoming soft as he spoke, and gentle. "She promised me I'd only be without her for nine months - in first grade - but she's working on it."

When Logan was six he had hope his mother would get better. She had mental health issues along with financial issues and addiction. She was improving financially slowly but the addictions were a huge part of her life, bigger than her only child at least. Now at sixteen Logan wished the social workers listened to him when he said he wanted to be adopted by someone else. Anyone else. He just wanted stability.

"I'm sure she's trying her best." Thomas looked so caring and gentle at that point, trying to say the best thing to comfort the boy he only just met. Maybe he'd listen... Maybe Logan will finally be heard.

With a sigh Logan said the five words he'd said under his breath for years every time he left meetings with his mother. "I want to be adopted."

Instead of calling Logan ungrateful and telling him to keep up hope for her Thomas just nodded and finished the last toast in the pile. Before even hearing the response Logan was reassured. "Well, I'm sure we'll see what we can do."

Chapter Text

Patton adored health class. He loved learning about people rather than boring numbers or old dead people, but unfortunately everyone else seemed to hate this compulsory class. People were chatting to each other instead of listening to the teacher talk about child development and pregnancy - a topic Patton was interested in as he wanted to go into childcare after he graduated; either working at a preschool, a kindergarten teacher or a midwife.

Logan hated health class. He loved learning about formulae and historical events rather than people and being nice, unfortunately this class was used mainly as entertainment so it wasn't quiet either. The teacher was talking about child development and pregnancy, definitely not LGBTQ+ friendly but that's what high school was like. As expected Logan wasn't interested in the topic in the slightest even though thus far he knew he was expected to place a woman through the torture of pregnancy and childbirth for his own 'legacy'. But Logan didn't want anything to do with children - his goals after high school would be to become a university researcher or financial accountant and not talk to anyone under the age of 18.

"Now to announce the group project!" The teacher exclaimed, gathering a sheet of paper and examining it. "You'll be in pairs - that I choose - and your task is to take care of a robot baby for the week!" Patton was overjoyed hearing this news, Logan was wishing he was anywhere else. The teacher then began reading out names as partners were placed boy-girl... And Patton wasn't getting called out.

After reading the list the teacher approached another student who hadn't been paired, the one who sat at the front. Patton didn't know much about him apart from he was the teacher's pet in all subjects and got the best grades. He did usually know the name of everyone in his grade, the boy was maybe called Lukas or Lewis or Leo...

The boy turned to Patton and stood to walk over, a smile not on his face. "We're paired. Too many boys compared to girls." He spoke to softly as he opened a textbook and made eye contact with the book rather than his partner. Looks like he wasn't going to introduce himself.

"I'm Patton! Are you excited to see what baby we're taking care of?" Patton's eyes were switching between the student opposite him and the cart of toy babies the teacher was beginning to hand out. The boy shrugged and wrote some more lesson notes in his book.

"It's a robot, not a baby. And this whole thing is stupid and worthless." The student spoke to matter-of-fact, but the cart of babies was getting closer and that's all Patton cared about. It was silent for about a minute before the boy finally revealed his name. "I'm Logan also, Logan Watch."

Finally the moment came when Patton could finally hold the little plastic and metal infant he was in charge of for an entire week. He took the small thing graciously and cradled them just like a normal baby should be held and looked down on them. The baby was dressed in a blue onesie and had a blue hat on... He was adorable even though they weren't human. "What shall we call him? I love him so much!"

Logan's face was a mixture between shock and confusion at Patton's reaction, raising an eyebrow and his eyes blown wide as he chew the end of his pen. "Steve? That's an adequate name." He managed to eventually mutter out - and this time Patton raised an eyebrow at his classmate.

"Are you joking?" He chirped, but Logan shook his head. Steve was the most boomer name Patton had heard of. "Stevie. He's called Stevie."


The project seemed quite easy in Patton's point of view. As Logan wanted to pull his share the pair agreed to swap Stevie each day: Patton had Stevie Monday night, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday while Logan had him on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. As his mother was a nurse she helped Patton a lot if he was ever stuck on what to do but the teenager was good at improvising and loved playing fun games with his baby during the night.

As Logan and Patton needed to communicate their custody of Stevie they had each other's phone numbers but Patton never had to communicate with Logan not in person. Well, that was until Thursday night.

Patton was lying in bed, playing a match-three puppy themed game before he'd cover himself in his soft blankets and doze off. But before he could set his alarm he received a call from Logan. He could already hear crying in the background from the little robot being they shared. "Hi Logie! What's up?"

Logan sounded more tired than Patton had ever known him, mumbling as if he had no energy to speak more clearly. "I... I don't know what to do Patton..." He said, his voice a whisper too which made it difficult for Patton to understand him. "I fed him, changed his diaper, kept him warm and cooled him down... He's not sleeping..."

The cheery teen sat up and thought for a moment about what else there was to try. He knew Logan had created a routine for Stevie to follow during the previous lunch break - and Patton had tried keeping to it but instead just let his instincts kick in when he went home. Logan however kept to the routine to the t and at most times it worked... until now at least.

"Where is he now?"

"I put him on the floor as I was trying to find the off button." Logan said simply, the crying got even louder as Patton heard a robotic rattle. Just imagining the calm and collected Logan sitting on the floor with a dangling robot by his side made Patton chuckle, but he resisted the urge. The main job was to figure out why Stevie was crying. "Can you just tell me what to do?"

It was silence for a moment until an idea popped into Patton's head. "Have you tried holding him?"

Logan was completely silent again. "That... works?" Once Patton mumbled in agreement he could hear some shuffling from Logan's side of the phone, assumably the phone was being placed on the floor, and the crying came closer. "I'm doing it..."

"Now rock him side-to-side a little bit." Patton chirped again and slowly the crying got quieter and Logan let out a relieved sigh. "You did it!" He cheered, and he could swear he could hear a chuckle from Logan's side of the phone.


When Patton arrived at school early the next day to collect Stevie he spotted Logan leaning against the locker, his nerd friend Janus beside him, and holding the doll by the armpits. On his face was a look of distaste as he seemingly complained under his breath to his friend - he didn't even smirk when Patton approached. "Morning!" Patton cheered to try and make his friend smile, but he just unleashed some sort of growl.

"You take it." He said simply, holding the doll ahead of him. Patton took Stevie back without complaint but stayed close to Logan. Something was obviously bothering him. "I'll take the fail on this project - it's stupid anyway. Goodbye." And with that he walked away and didn't even let Patton speak. Even though Patton had only known Logan for a couple of days he knew he wasn't the type to just give up on a graded project. Luckily Janus was still collecting books from his locker.

"He's totally pissed off at you." Janus mumbled as if he could read Patton's mind.


"You're better than him."

The answer seemed simple but complicated at the same time - and Janus didn't seem to want to reveal anything else. He grabbed a philosophy and literature textbook before smirking. "It's his fatal flaw - I'd recommend not speaking to him - ever again."

The rest of the day seemed odd as Patton avoided Logan. Usually throughout the day Logan would check up on the 'project' and record any unusual behaviour but now he seemed to avoid Patton at all cost. Even when they sat next to each other in English Logan completely ignored him and focused on his work (even didn't help Patton while he was struggling).


By two days Patton had enough of this childish behaviour - he really thought Logan was more mature than that. So when Friday came, the last day of the project, Patton marched up to Logan with the most determined look he could pull. "Mr Logan Watch!"

"I'm busy." Logan snapped, slamming his locker and not looking at his group project partner.

"But I want to talk to you." Patton insisted, and Logan scowled again and walked towards his next class. Like an annoying dog Patton followed and held a crying Stevie to show his point that this was Logan's project too.

"I said I'm busy."

"And I said I want to talk to you!" When Patton stood in front of Logan the nerd stopped, and loosened his muscles which indicated he was finally listening. "Can you take Stevie until health class?"

Logan looked defeated, only raising an eyebrow and glaring at the plastic doll that caused him so much mental pain. He was in a parenting school project with a man... and it felt alright. It got him thinking about things he didn't want to think about - like who he'd want to raise a family with. And he'd want to raise it with a man. With Patton.

"Are you listening to me?" Patton chirped angrily and pouted slightly... Logan's heart was killing itself. He must have been too focused on his thoughts to listen to Patton, hopefully he kept his stern looking face and didn't blush. "I have Gym third period and last time I placed Stevie in the locker room he screamed the whole place down. And from your schedule you seem to have AP Algebra that period. So you can take him at least until lunch." Patton being so forceful was a new experience and Logan would be lying if he said he didn't find it more intriguing than any of the books he read this week. One thing was now for certain - Logan needed to talk about these feelings with someone who understood them. Patton was outwardly homosexual and so was Logan possibly now, he was perfect to talk about this issue with.

It took a moment for Logan to realise Patton was still talking but the cheery teen tilted his head and the forceful look disappeared. The school hallways were empty as everyone had gone to their homerooms ready for the day. "Everything alright Logie?" And that damn nickname finally broke Logan into a blush. "Oh, are you sick? I can take you to the nurse."

"I'm gay."

Well, that was one way to sort this out. Patton tilted his head again and smiled widely, swinging side to side. "I'm honoured you wanted to tell me." He chirped, smiling softly instead of the angry look he had before. "Do you want to talk about it maybe... Of course it's not a necessity."

"Can we date?"

Logan was definitely not in charge of his lips nor vocal cords now. The only thing Logan's brain wanted was to get a boyfriend in this conversation and then deal with the outcomes later. Luckily Patton didn't seem completely disgusted.

Patton twisted himself side to side cutely, the action made Logan smile and even giggle. "As long as you take Stevie." That was a condition Logan could obey, and he was happy to if he got a date at the end of the day. Health was last period so after that they could go somewhere together. And that's what they agreed on - a simple ice cream date at the diner so they could talk about Logan's new sexuality and discuss steps from there. Logan knew what step he wanted to take: he had found his soulmate.

Chapter Text

Virgil adored having days off - and he didn't often as a massage therapist. He and his husband were quite quiet and introverted people so often kept to different rooms unless they wanted to cuddle. Logan was reading in the bedroom while Virgil was in the living room watching Netflix and surfing the web on his phone. This may be the third time today he had searched baby onesies and it was only noon. He couldn't help it - he just couldn't believe he will be a father.

The couple's surrogate had just reached 20 weeks and three days ago Virgil and Logan were invited to the second trimester scan. They got to see their baby for the first time and they found out he would be born a boy. Since Logan knew he was having a baby he had been creating a mind-map of baby names in the study and after lots of discussion the two of them had finally landed on the name Toby. It just suited their new little life so well. Anyway, because the two men were so excited to be welcoming Toby they may have gone overboard with preparations. In just the living room there were already a few toys scattered on the ground and a playmat on the floor, and Logan had even bought a bassinet that followed the living room colour scheme since it was on sale and that contraption sat right next to the TV. And Virgil couldn't stop staring at it in disbelief.

"It's too quiet in here." Logan appeared behind Virgil and spoke softly, also looking at the simple black bassinet. Unlike normal parents both Logan and Virgil were excited to hear their baby's cries and coos when it was finally time for them to become a small family.

Logan sat next to his husband and leant into him, also looking at his phone and smiling to himself. The two scrolled on their respective screens in silence until Logan's phone beeped an ASAP-Science song - indicating he received a text. "Wait... Shit." He said, sitting up slightly but still making sure Virgil's arm was around him. "I forgot Patton and Roman are coming to visit in 20 minutes."

Of course this was the first time Logan wasn't strict on his daily schedule. Patton and Roman were Logan's coworkers and great friends of the couple - they were the one to set them up actually when they finally managed to drag high strung Logan to a spa to destress. They were thankful the two friends were so extroverted but at the same time they could only handle a visit once a week. But because they were so loud, especially at exciting news, the two husbands had yet to tell them that they were going to be fathers - they didn't even know Virgil and Logan were thinking about it. All they knew was that Logan and Virgil were a newly married couple that loved each other so much.

So almost immediately the pair knew they had to clean all the baby things around the house. Like dogs Roman and Patton would escape anywhere in the house so nowhere was safe. The search history was cleared on all devices (including the TV where they often put baby shows in the background to get used to the noise), the toys were stashed in any drawer they could find and the drawers were locked... And lastly they looked back at the bassinet.

"Mmm... I don't feel like unscrewing all that again..." Logan whispered, bringing his arms around his husband's waist and examining any place in the room they could place the small box. "We might have to improvise something..."

It was silent for a few seconds as Virgil leant his head into his husband's chest, imagining the bassinet in different areas to see how it could be hidden. The bassinet had a square bottom, slightly raised for ease of the parents, but apart from that the bottom was flat. So it could be turned around. "How much weight can it withstand?"

"Something ridiculous like 200 pounds. Ridiculous but useful, I wanted the best for little Tob." The rush had seemed to be forgotten by the tough scheduling man, he spent time kissing Virgil's cheek and swaying a little. It was almost too tempting to lean in and spend the limited time they had to hide everything to instead cuddle and kiss his husband until they were blessed with the baby boy they'd wanted for eons. "Why do you ask my cloud?"

"Could it be a seat?" Logan raised an eyebrow at that and untangled himself from Virgil's waist to run towards the bassinet and experiment. He turned it over with Virgil's help and grabbed some blankets to cover the mesh shaping with (both Logan and Virgil were the type to cover themselves in blankets even in Florida's summers). After covering the box in blankets it did look like a good, albeit weirdly designed, seat.

And just like that frantic knocking came from the door. It was most definitely Roman and Patton. With a last kiss of good luck Logan ran to the door the answer his friends while Virgil looked occupied making some coffees for the guests. As soon as Logan opened the door he was bombarded with hugs as if the two cheery men hadn't seen their friend for years - even though they all saw each other at work yesterday. "Where's that anxious emo gone? Oh, Virgil!" Roman called, the soft laughs of Logan and Patton in the background as Virgil finally appeared with a hot cocoa, a mocha, a watermelon iced tea and a cup of decaf (he was magic when it came to quickly making drinks).

"You summoned me Ro, come sit." Virgil laughed as he placed the beverages on the coffee table on the number-themed coasters Logan insisted on buying (they were for Toby but they fit the theme so were allowed to be kept). After each person grabbed their drinks Virgil disappeared into the kitchen for a moment to clean up some dishes that were abandoned last night.

"Is this a new seat Logie?" Patton chirped, placing himself on the blanket covered bassinet as Logan's heart was beating faster wondering when he'd hear a crack. "It's comfy! Just doesn't look like your usual style."

Virgil shouted from the kitchen a good excuse to get Patton (who usually jumped while sat mid-conversation if he was even content) to avoid the 'new seat'. "It's just loaned from my grandma's while she moves into a retirement home. I'd advice leaving it as we don't know how durable it is." Immediately Patton sat up hearing that and wondered over to the sofa the other two men were sat on. Disaster avoided.

"So..." Patton started, jumping already. "What have you guys been up to this week? You've seen quite preoccupied for our usual visits and hang outs..."

"And Logan left work early on Monday." Roman finished, a smirk on his face as he seemingly challenged Logan to reveal what he was hiding. Logan remained calm though and brushed a finger through his hair - he tried not to smile thinking about the ultrasound meeting he went to on Monday as he remembered the soft little smile on his husband's face when he saw the little blue shape in the blackness. "You never leave work early Lo! What were you up to?"

Virgil appeared in the living room again. "I felt under the weather at work so Logan collected me." Virgil whispered, walking past Logan and giving him a kiss on the cheek while stroking his shoulder. "I feel all better now after he nursed me back to health."

"Aww..." Patton had a hand on his chest watching the young couple make the limited amount of physical contact they felt comfortable to do when with others. "He's so sweet to you, I swear he used to be a robot until he found you."

"Falsehood. I always had emotions, I just feel comfortable showing them in this setting." Logan finished his mocha just as Virgil curled up to him sitting on the arm of the sofa. A hand drifted through Virgil's hair as he swirled the limited froth left in his cup for a moment. He couldn't stop thinking about looking down into a happy baby face that was a mix of him and his soulmate.

"I'll get you another mocha Calculator Watch." The cup was taken out of Logan's hands without another word and the confident red-wearing PR manager strolled into the kitchen nonchalantly. The married couple didn't give it a second thought, Virgil beginning a conversation with Patton about cookie recipes until they heard a loud screech from the kitchen. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? PATTON COME HERE!"

Patton quickly stood and ran to the kitchen thinking Roman must have tripped and hurt himself. He hadn't, he was stood silently carrying the empty mug and staring at the fridge. On the fridge were three little black and blue pictures that looked like a baby ultrasound. Patton started screaming too.

At first Logan and Virgil looked towards the kitchen confused and even Virgil perked up a bit until they both heard words between Patton's screams. "Why's there a baby ultrasound on the fridge?"

Of course the lovers forgot to hide the one thing that revealed everything about their plan. They immediately ran into the kitchen to see their two close friends crowding around the fridge and looking at the three photos just like Logan and Virgil looked at the photos when they first got them. When the husbands first got the photos they hung them up on the fridge by Doctor Who and Sherlock fridge magnets just so they could stare at their son when they made coffees for each other in the morning. But now it revealed everything.

"It's our son." Virgil softly chuckled, leaning into Logan's chest. Logan brought an arm around him and smiled too as Patton and Roman screamed more. "He's called Toby."

"He's freaking adorable!" Logan and Virgil were choked in one of Patton's hugs before they could speak some more, and soon Roman joined too. They wanted all the story of when they decided to have a baby, why they chose their specific surrogate, and what they were excited about. And Virgil and Logan were happy to talk about everything.

Chapter Text

"This suitor's ball will be perfect for all three of you to find a partner." The King spoke to his three sons as they ate dinner. The two oldest princes, Roman and Remus, raised their head and sighed until they heard the word 'three'.

"Patton too?" Roman spoke, finishing his serving of chocolate cake first before looking at his father and younger brother. The chocolate cake was a local delicacy the family enjoyed almost everyday - that's the life the four of them received being the richest in the land. The royal father nodded silently which made both royal twins raise an eyebrow. "No way! Pat's only just 16! Why does he have to think about marriage?"

Patton raised his head at that from scoffing the chocolate cake and looked at the rising tension between the second oldest prince and his father. He wiped some of the chocolate off his face before paying attention to what the King had to say. "I met your mother at a suitor's ball at 16, we entered courtship for two years and married on the day of my 18th birthday. It's the best solution for producing heirs."

"And the best solution for killing your wife." The oldest prince, Remus, scoffed under his breath before trapping chocolate in his mouth so he didn't argue more. The Queen died of some kind of disease when Patton was just a toddler - it was a sore subject for the whole family but it was often used as leverage against the princes going up so now the princes were almost all grown they often used the death against their father and his weird rules.

The King was used to chippy responses from his sons so only sighed. "I want to die knowing all my avenues can take the throne if needed. There is no question about it - the ball is tomorrow."

There was no use actually arguing with the King of course. The princes knew to be quiet and only whisper to each other. The twins talked about how their brother was not old enough to think about marriage - at least they were in their early twenties while Patton was still a teenager. Patton was more concerned with stuffing his face with the remaining chocolate as he knew all this fuss was coming at some point in his life. That's what he got for being a prince.

After dinner Patton stood and bowed at his father before making his way to his room. Beside him at least now was his best friend and personal butler - Virgil who was also 16. "Well you don't look like the cheery chippy Prince Pat."

Patton fell on the bed face first and covered his head with a goose-feather pillow. Since Virgil had been the prince's best friend for a little over five years (and even more before he began working for him - he often had playdates with the prince as he was a grandson of a lord). Virgil sat on the bed and smirked. "Well I seem to be wrong. You're actually very happy aren't you?"

Eventually Patton revealed his head, his hair standing up due to static as he turned his head. "You'll still be with me when I'm married won't you?" Patton pouted, watching his best friend do a double take with his eyes. "The ball tomorrow is a suitor's ball. No doubt I'd have to choose a princess to marry by the end of the night." All Patton wanted to do was waltz to pretty music and drink non-alcoholic cider with his royal friends and brothers. He wasn't a kid just attending one of his brother's balls anymore though - he was an adult.

"Well, you knew this would happen since you're a prince." Virgil was always the type of person to bring reality into the situation. He sat on the bed next to Patton, staring ahead of him as if thinking of what to say. When Patton was a child he used to daydream of finding a princess and all that but now it just seemed completely alien and disgusting to think about. Love had never been disgusting before... "If you don't mind explaining, why are you feeling so... odd about this?"

Patton shrugged and turned to his back, staring up at the ceiling. Virgil relaxed and followed him at the other side of the bed - his face seemed concentrated on some thought. "What are you thinking about Shadowy Songbird?"

Virgil didn't look at his friend. He looked upset. "Do you have something on your mind?"

The butler wiped his face and sighed into his hands, his knees rising as his eyes kept hidden. "Yeah, yeah I do." He spoke softly, eventually ruffling his hand through his hand and sighing again. "Do you know what gay means Pat?"

The prince's face lit up and he smiled wide, laughing to himself. "It means happy! You're happy aren't you?" Patton was always quite innocent-minded - he was sheltered his entire life even from the kingdom his family ruled over. It was usually Virgil's job to teach him what the world was like outside the palace walls. And he was happy to do that until the moment he really wished his best friend made this easier on him.

"No... It means a person who's attracted to the same sex. Men attracted to men, women attracted to women..." Virgil's voice trailed off as he finally had the courage to look at his best friend. His heart was beating a million times harder than it should and Patton just looked confused. But the cogs in his brain were going - it would just take a little bit for him to put everything together. "I'm gay."

"So you want a prince?" Patton chirped with his smile on again, the smile that Virgil couldn't help but copy. There was a reason Virgil was best friends with this prince.

"I want a boyfriend - you know I can't marry princes." As Virgil was of a lower class he wasn't allowed to marry anything higher than a lord descendent. He did want a world where he could marry whoever he wanted but life wasn't like that yet. He'd try his best to educate Patton and change things though.

The friends were rendered to silence after that, staring at the ceiling together. "I didn't know you could do that." Patton eventually said, his hand trying to brush through his hair as Virgil turned to him.

"I wouldn't worry about it." Virgil laughed, his heart still beating but slower. Everything was alright now - his friend accepted him. He won't be hurt by the prince. "I just wanted you to know." Virgil's soft words were laced with happiness watching Patton's smile. Patton's amazing, joyful smile. "You'll find a princess tomorrow." He said, trying to convince himself. "And you'll be happy. Just like I'll be happy with a boyfriend."

Chapter Text

This was what a suitor's ball was like. Princesses and duchesses and other rich young ladies twirling around in pretty, flowing dresses of purple and pink. Patton's older brothers were dancing with them with soft smiles and gentle laughs that had been trained into the princes ever since they started 'politeness lessons' at six years old. The youngest prince didn't feel like approaching anyone though even though he knew he should. There just seemed to be no-one that caught his eye.

So he left. He quickly exited out of the ballroom by the large French doors into the back garden of the castle. When Patton was a child he used to play football out in the garden with his mother and brothers and forget he was a prince for a while... Now he hardly had the time to pick up a ball. The only balls concerned in his life was the one he just walked away from. But the garden was quiet and big - so the only thing Patton could do was unplug his mind from the world and carry on walking down the stone garden path.

The garden lead to a forest. This forest lead to the village closest to the castle but it was down a huge hill so Patton never went there. And villagers never went up the hill. It was like an unspoken rule between the two sides of society, meaning the prince would be alone.

There was a rustling in the bushes that dragged Patton out of his empty mind (he wondered whether it was a giant spider but then calmed himself). It was probably a rabbit but something commanded the prince to stop. The rustling continued but also stopped when a silhouette of a small being appeared in the shadows. "Hello?" Patton chirped, his prince smile on as he expected this person to run up to a royal excited. But the being stayed completely still, so he walked closer. "You OK there?"

The silhouette continued to be silent as Patton could spot features of a little boy. Patton knelt down to try and reassure the child but he seemed too scared. The boy may have been around five years old and had small glasses - he was completely covered in mud and rags. "What's your name?" Patton whispered, but the boy didn't respond.

This poor child seemed so dirty and uncomfortable and he was way too skinny for a healthy young child too. Paternal instincts were kicking in and Patton couldn't help but come up with the idea of taking him to the palace. "Are you lost? I can take you to the palace if you like and we can get you clean and give you food and you can have a nice sleep too!"

Even though the boy was looking down and swaying slightly he seemed to have a glow at his eyes hearing about food, sleep and clean-ness. He stood forward slowly and leant into Patton's arms, letting Patton pick him up and hold him. Patton could already tell how small and bony the child was and that he was in desperate need of help. And the prince will be happy to watch this young child become happy and smiley through the good health available to anyone in the palace. "Let's go kiddo..."


Virgil was sleeping in his butler quarters outside of the palace when he heard a knock on his door. It was late, the music from the ball was still going on which was what helped him get to sleep anyway. He dreamt about dancing to the music with Patton, laughing and joking with him and seeing him smile... And then he was thinking about leaning in...

"Virgil!" The shout from Patton woke him up more and finally got the young butler out of his bed. He'd truly do anything for his best friend. When he opened the door though he spotted Patton holding a young child and he had a panicked face. The child seemed cautious and was looking around, although blinking slowly and leaning closer to Patton by the second. "I found this boy in the forest! He looks like he really needs a snack and a nice warm bath and bed... Do you think we can get those things without disturbing my father?"

The King would definitely not approve of a young peasant boy being in his castle grounds - and this child was most definitely a peasant. Poverty was rife in Patton's kingdom but of course he was sheltered by that and probably thought the child got lost or something. Patton let the boy explore the small quarters Virgil slept in when he wasn't on duty, his walk becoming slower by the second as it was definitely past his bedtime. "He needs a nap first." Virgil said, watching the boy explore his drawers. "Just don't tell your father about this boy and we'll be grand. There are a lot of things hidden from royalty past a lost child." The young butler smiled at his friend after saying that - a thought arriving in his mind about how cute Patton looked watching this boy he only just met. "What's his name?"

"He didn't tell me. What does he look like?" Patton chirped, leaning on the doorframe instead of daring to lean onto his friend (although that would probably cause Virgil to blush and panic so he was glad he didn't).

The boy had found the tie drawer Virgil only opened for special occasions and was examining every tie, trying to figure out how to wear them by tying knots everywhere on his body. "Sherlock maybe?" Virgil laughed, hoping the small child didn't actually try to tie the tie around his neck. But Patton gave him an annoyed glance as he obviously wanted a real and cute name. "Or pocket watch. He looks like he'll own a pocket watch... Maybe Specs has a nice ring to it?"

"You're useless Vergie." Patton tutted and walked into the dark shed to pick the boy up again and place him on the sofa. Immediately the kid relaxed into the cushions and started to fall asleep - Patton's smile was getting too adorable again. The prince flowed out the room and back into the garden, keeping his smile on Virgil. "Goodnight, I'll be here bright and early in the morning!"


"Cook needs the weights right now Specs..." Virgil was sat next to the peasant boy he'd been actively caring for for a couple of weeks, trying to entice him to eat some carrot sticks for lunch instead of experiment on the cooking equipment. This little boy seemed like such a little nerd so was named 'Specs' by everyone that knew of his existence. And he was well loved too - although he had yet to say a word to anyone. "Patton and I can teach you how to plant a flower if you eat these vegetables!" That got the child's attention pretty quick and he grabbed the bowl of carrot sticks with excitement.

Virgil wasn't going to lie when he'd say he loved this - there wasn't much of a reason for him to use the phrase 'Patton and I' apart from his vivid midnight imaginations that would never come true. Now with Specs he got super excited at the idea of seeing Patton. It was almost like they were actual parents of this little silent nerd.

Suddenly shouting distracted Virgil from his thoughts of fatherhood: shouting between the King and frantic Patton. It was muffled but Virgil could hear it clearly. Patton was demanded to explain himself, reprimanded for finding a child instead of a wife, told he was betraying his royal line. Even Specs could hear the shouts and ran over to Virgil expecting to be stashed away like normal, Virgil knew there was no use in that though as the King came bursting through the kitchen doors.

"You've been caring for this thief Master Storm?" The King boomed as he approached Virgil. Specs was practically clutching onto the teen now as tears was in his eyes due to all the noise. Virgil was used to this treatment though so knew to stand straight and silent until the shouting was over. He didn't know how Specs was a thief but he wouldn't dare question it.

"He just really likes Roman's jams father! I just give him a spoonful as a little sweet treat like mother did with us!" Patton was shouting too but he couldn't reach his father's boom. Virgil focused on rocking Specs side to side and keeping his face hidden as the child obviously didn't want to see what the shouting was about. "He's not a bad kid! He's a little angel!"

"He's not meant to be here." The King finally said, rendering his son to silence. "You must take him to the village tomorrow. He's not staying under my roof."


Patton and Virgil walked side down the hill in the early morning, Specs in Virgil's arms looking around confused. He had grown accustomed to life in the castle, even though he was hidden, and he finally seemed comfortable with two strangers enough to communicate in his own special way. No-one understood him apart from Virgil and Patton - and that made everything special. Having a kid made Virgil finally feel special in Patton's eyes.

"It looks... dirty..." Patton chirped quietly as they finally reached the nearest village that Specs was probably from. He didn't seem to notice anything and leant into Virgil, he was usually quite an explorer and liked to wonder around any area he was in. But this was when Patton could explore the area his older brothers would be ruling over. "Was it always like this?"

"Yes. And worse. Childhood here was... interesting..." Virgil's childhood was very chaotic when he grew up in the village - even though he was the richest person living there. There were kids starving and without heating or love. He was lucky to get a good family and good job, and he didn't want to drop a cute kid like Specs off for a chaotic life again. He wanted to just hold Specs at least until he spoke.

Patton was kicking the litter on the ground towards an abandoned trash can. "I should really tell my father..." He whispered, finally spotting someone sitting on a bench having a cigarette. Patton approached like he was trained to do. "Hello good Sir, do you know who this young boy belongs to?"

The man looked at Specs for just a second before shrugging. "Street kid. Don't know which gang though."

"Gang?" Patton almost shouted, a hand on his heart, turning to Virgil who was more concerned with where Specs' eyes were going. "Virgil - are there gangs here?" Virgil only nodded - gangs were normal. A few of them were criminals but many were just harmless kids trying to get by. Nothing helped any poor children apart from kids also in their situation.

Just as Patton reached his friend again there was a shout across the street and Specs' face glowed into a sweet little smile. "Logan! Oh my God, you're OK!" A teen ran immediately to Virgil and faced Specs (or maybe 'Logan'), but Specs couldn't stop his smile and he wiggled indicating he wanted to be let out of the cuddle with the butler. "Wait... Where was he?"

"Are you his brother?" Patton chirped, smiling wider when Specs was happily picked up by the teen that ran up to them... he was held by one hand - the other seemed a lot shorter and ended at a stub above the elbow. He was extremely dirty and skinny just like Specs was when Patton found him. It must be a common trend.

"Just a friend - was he safe with you? He definitely looks happy!" And Logan looked happy with this teen, cuddling him and even mumbling a little to indicate he was comfortable (he did that habit a little when he and Virgil were getting ready for bedtime at night). "I'm Janus Pauvres, head of the Kiddo gang. I basically raised little Logan here since he was a newborn." With a squish of the cheek Logan was giggling and humming happily like he'd finally found his family again. It was definite Virgil and Patton would miss him though.

"We fed him and gave him lots of cuddles and care, but it looked like he missed you!" Patton cheered and leant into Virgil to feel some security now the little kid was in happy hands. OK - Virgil needed to calm his beating heart. He was not used to being close to Patton like this - but he can do this - he can bring his arm around Patton's shoulder. Yes, he did it, OK... He looks normal.

Janus' smile looked so earnest as he cuddled Logan softly. "Thank you." And that was the last thing he said before running away to another pile of street children who also seemed happy to have Logan back. Logan did have a family after all - just a dysfunctional one. It gave Virgil hope maybe he could have a dysfunctional family with Patton.

Chapter Text

It was a cold Friday evening in the Armstrong household, Logan had a mental health evening so lay on the sofa in his NASA pyjamas reading a good book he had been meaning to read this week. His husband, who had just returned from a long flight to Japan, was cooking some noodles he found at a vending machine at the airport. This was peaceful - not a common thing in Logan's household as Remus was like a playful puppy - in fact right about now Remus should be...

"Cowabunga!" Remus collapsed on top of his husband and snuggled in, squashing him in the process. Well - this was normal. Often When Remus wanted cuddles he just dived into his lover's embrace and flopped so that he couldn't be moved. "I missed ya y'know?" Logan smiled at his husband and kissed his forehead. Some days Logan did want to quit his job as a teacher and travel around the world with his husband but other days he loved how he was making an impact on so many teens. Remus made people's dreams come true by taking them to their dream vacation, Logan was the pilot of hundreds of young lives wanting to be grown ups. The main focus of Logan's eyes however was his book he held above his face, the other hand was stroking through Remus' hair. "I like it when you touch me..." Yep, that sentence moaned by Remus was normal too. Just because Remus was an adult didn't mean he was mature at all times.

"I'll be able to touch you more if you don't burn the house down." Logan gave Remus a peck of a kiss just as a timer went off in the kitchen. Remus mumbled a complaint but went to the kitchen anyway (so Logan could finally stand up and breathe). "What noodles is it Squiddy?"

"Yakisoba. I'll probably just go cabbage with it if that's OK babe..." It was addicting watching Remus cook, dressed in his pilot uniform as he hadn't bothered to change yet and pairing that with an apron that only consisted of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's face (Christmas presents were an easy buy for the head of chaos).

The door knocked quietly while Logan had his arms around his husband's waist, making both men look at the front door. Only one of the men were dressed to battle the outside world. "I'll get it sweetheart." Remus kissed Logan's cheek and headed for the door while Logan took over cooking. It was probably a delivery or something as Remus was speaking lowly and the conversation seemed casual...

"Logan? Um... One of your students is here!" Logan had to pause this thoughts hearing what his husband said. Since when did his students know where he lived? He thought he kept his life quite private, he only told his classes about his husband on the odd occasion the concept of sexuality came up in his science classes, his seniors often asked about kids when they found out he was married, it was just an expected step though. But he had definitely not revealed where he lived to anyone he taught or even worked with.

When Logan approached the front door he was greeted by Roman, quite a loud and distracting to classmates but he just wanted attention from Logan's observations of his behaviour. Now was different though - Roman was dressed in a simple but thin outfit and had his school backpack on his back but a trash bag on his side. His eyes were puffed red and he was sniffing and avoiding eye contact. "I-I need to stay with you..."

Remus was the first to burst into action with this strange high schooler. "Of course kid! Come and sit on the sofa and we'll get you some hot cocoa, we're having noodles for dinner - do you want to join?" Even Roman seemed hesitant at this warm welcoming and Logan was in half shock at the vulnerable position his own husband was putting him in.

"Stop for a moment." Logan commanded before Roman could sit, giving him the stern teacher look he wasn't used to pulling at this time of night. "How did you know where I live Roman?"

Roman raised an eyebrow as if there was a stupid question. " The school bus passes your house, I sometimes see you kissing your husband goodbye before work." Great, what Logan believed was a private moment between him and his soulmate was in fact on public display for all to see. The introvert inside him was hating the fact that people comprehended his existence.

"And why are you here?" That question seemed to cause Roman to crumble and emotions rose in him again as his lip quivered. Remus was the first to run to his side and sit the teen down, encouraging him to take his time and use tissues to wipe his eyes.

"I'm gay..." He eventually managed to whisper, sniffling and hugging his legs. "And - and my parents don't like that. But I know you have a husband Mr Armstrong so I thought I could come in and stay for a while and be accepted for who I actually am..." At this point Roman was rambling and crying while Remus was getting him a warm drink. "I like men Sir. You know I can't change that right?"

"Oh trust me, if Logan could change that he would have done so as soon as I showed him my domesticated rat colony." Remus appeared again with a laugh and kissed his husband's cheek. And Logan was just in shock trying to think through everything. Not that long ago he was in this teen's position - there was no way he could turn Roman away from a place he actively felt secure. Even if that meant he'd get a son - he guessed.


So Logan maybe wasn't totally prepared to be a father, he thought of all his students as family he'd help blossom into who they wanted to be. Remus was definitely not suited for young kids either as he worked a lot and had a relatively crude humour. Kids were just not a milestone the couple cared to reach and they were clear about that together.

But when Logan stood behind 17 year old Roman, watching him sign all the adoption papers with a wide smile, he felt like being a father was his destiny. Remus held his hand in an excited gasp and was joking with the teen about how many Pride festivals he could attend all around the world now he was their son. Roman was Logan and Remus' son... It felt like magic.

"Just make sure you work towards those SATs while travelling bud." Logan laughed, ruffling Roman's hair and examining all the signatures he had already done to see if there were any missing. It was clear Roman wasn't the most hardworking teen out there but he really bonded with Remus over the two years he had stayed with the Armstrongs and his mind opened to a lot more than the small-town views he grew up around. He wanted to travel, and work all over the world like Remus technically did. He didn't know how (charity work, teaching, translating, the options were endless) but he knew that was his purpose in life.

Logan reached down to hug his son, staying there for a while as Remus clambered on top for a family hug. He really was the luckiest man to be with an amazing husband and an amazing son. "Love you kiddo."

Roman hugged back just as tightly - he had finally found parents that loved him and he was beyond excited to make it official. "I love you too Dad."

Chapter Text

Here Virgil was, sat opposite maybe the most annoying person on the planet and there was nothing he could do about it. Roman was a varsity soccer player and a spoilt brat through and through without a struggle in his life. And this idiot had invaded his bedroom for a school project.

"What does he/they mean?" The jock spat as he fiddled with the pins Virgil had on his chest of drawers. Sharing a room for a night was sure to lead to lots of questions but he didn't expect gender identity to be the first question straight off the bat. Of course Mr Watson would create a happy group project where two students had to spend a day in each other's shoes - and since Virgil had no friends he was placed with the most annoying boy in his grade.

"They're pronouns - did you sleep through English class or something?" Virgil snapped back, his arms crossed as he leant against his closed bedroom door. It was just one night of this hell - he'd tell himself - and then Roman will be out his life forever. Virgil better get an A for going through this shit.

Roman raised an eyebrow and chuckled, his hands in his varsity hoodie pockets. "I literally saw you fall asleep in English last week - but whatever. I shouldn't question you I guess." With a shrug Roman turned to continue exploring the small room while Virgil finally stood and collapsed on his bed, throwing off a couple of pillows in the process. "What are you doing?"

"That's your bed. I'm sleeping so I don't have to deal with you - or life as a whole."

"Shouldn't we have dinner first? It's only 6pm." Roman sat on one of the pillows and stared up at the teen who was covering his face with another pillow that appeared out of nowhere.

"If you want to cook something then do so. I'm sleeping." Virgil snapped back, his voice slightly muffled due to the pillow but it still could be heard. He hadn't even changed clothes but now he was determined to sleep this whole 'sleepover' away until Roman returned to his soccer team friends and Virgil could carry on being alone.

"What about your mom and dad? Don't they cook for you?" Roman dared to ask, but he received a glare from the other high schooler.

"They actually work for a living so they don't have time for five star meals like you're used to." Yes Virgil had an attitude problem, no he wasn't going to sort it out. He had every right to be annoyed at Mr Perfect who never had to struggle to get his way. He was just a rich boy that would marry some rich girl straight out of high school and spread whatever lies his parents taught him that he hadn't bothered to challenge. There was no way, no matter what Mr Watson said, that he'd be besties with such an idiot. "Now, goodnight."

Roman lay down slowly but kept his eyes on Virgil quizzically (he'll go downstairs and raid the fridge for food later), allowing the silence to continue for hours until he could finally fall to sleep himself. Hopefully they can just talk through whatever misunderstanding they have in the morning.


Virgil was unusually warm when he began to wake up, his muscles moved slowly into a stretch like a cat would do when they first wake up until he was stopped... Something was blocking him from stretching his arms forward.

Thinking at first it was just a wall Virgil opened one eye - only to see red. With one reach out he could tell it wasn't blood though, rather a rough t-shirt with a few sweat puddles and tears showing pale skin. Virgil's eyes flicked up and he screamed. Roman had climbed into his bed. "What the fuck? What the hell do you think you're doing fucking..." In his frantic swearing Roman still hadn't woken up - not until he was pushed off the bed with great force and hit his head on an accent table.

"Ow... Fuck..." Roman mumbled, his voice slightly deeper than it was in the evening when the pair last spoke to each other. It took a few minutes of him rubbing his head before he looked up and realised how panicked Virgil looked. "What did you hit me with JD? A brick?"

"You were in my bed! You were cuddling me!" Virgil was still frantic, his hands flailing and his eyes wide as Roman slowly managed to stand even though his head still hurt. "That is overstepping a boundary! I may be known as 'The Gay' but that doesn't mean you can just do that! I mean..."

Roman seemed more concerned with circling the room - and it was only then Virgil realised he wasn't even in his room. He was in a double bed - lilac instead of his usual black covers - and red and white pillows covering all over. The room was a plain white but it did seem Virgil's personality had infiltrated one corner with a demi-boy pride flag and a black closet. Roman didn't seem to recognise this room either as he was exploring every crevice. "Where are we Roman?"

Virgil's chest was getting tighter as he retracted into a ball, his fight and flight kicking in as he didn't know where he was and he felt extremely vulnerable. It was getting difficult to control his breathing but he tried to hide it as best as he could. No way was he going to embarrass himself now in front of someone he detested.

"You look older." Roman said simply. That was a great compliment, but that was just a fleeting thought in his mind. With his eyebrows still furrowed Roman fetched a phone with a red glitter case and turned on the camera, allowing Virgil to see himself. He was pale as always and his hair was a mess (it did have purple at the tips - a style he always wanted but couldn't afford) but he had a little more stubble than he did before and a couple of smile marks. Roman seemed to have the same issue with his facial features and he seemed a little more built and tan. "And we're in bed together. We're older, and we're in bed together... We're..."

"Dad!" That scream was a new voice, but a happy one. Knocking arrived frantically on the door followed by giggles. For a moment both people stared at the door in slight shock and then at each other - this was a lot of process. Too much for process for Virgil as his panic was becoming more obvious.

"Just a second kid!" Roman shouted back at the door, immediately sitting the opposite side of the bed to Virgil and watching him as if analysing what to do. "Do you need water?"

"I'm going to throw up..." He was just nauseous, after years of having panic attacks Virgil knew that, but it was the only thing he could think of. But Roman looked determined and stood again - shouting something about getting him a bowl or something else Virgil couldn't quite decode. The man in the red t-shirt opened the door and ran past the small kid with the widest smile Virgil had ever been. There was a cute and happy kid in his house that seemed completely oblivious to everything.

"Dad!" The child screamed again as he climbed onto the side of the bed. "Cuddle please! I'm hungry too - can we go to the park today? Can Harry come for a playdate? Can I have spaghetti for dinner?" And now