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Sanders Sides Parenting One-Shots

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Tuesday, 4th of January 2000

Janus looked down at his worksheet holding his pencil by the fist, focusing on the matching activity his teacher had given him. All the other students were doing the same apart from the boy on the table next to the quiet first grader - the ever annoying Patton.

"Mrs Sanderson! Mrs Sanderson!" Patton was shouting, smiling, and waving an arm in the air; giggling ecstatically. The teacher, who was helping another student, eventually raised her head and brought a finger to her lips.

"Inside voice Patton. I'll help you in a second." She said, her voice a whisper compared to Patton's. Patton stopped speaking for a second - but only for a second as he tilted his head.

"It's not a question! I just want to know if circles are the same as balls? I love balls!"

Patton continued to chat and giggle to himself as if there was someone listening to him - there wasn't. Even the teacher had plugged the six year old out to focus on her other students that had more normal questions. The worksheet was just matching the shape to the name, it should only take a few minutes but Patton was making it take forever. Janus needed to concentrate but he couldn't. His classmate was just being too loud.

The cheery grade schooler was still giggling and asking questions about balls - a gleam on his face that seemed memorable. That gleam got stuck in Janus' mind after that and every single time the quiet kid saw Patton he had to look at his - even if it was just a second. There was something about Patton that seemed so... interesting.


Thursday, 13th of March 2008

It wasn't often Janus arrived early to high school - but here he was. The clock had barely reached 7am and most classrooms were empty. There was no-one in the corridors either. Still, Janus didn't want to be spoken to. He got his textbooks from his locker and went into the bathroom that would be empty for at least an hour. It would be silent and Janus could rest in a stall and catch up on sleep.

But then he heard crying. For a moment he wondered whether he should just leave and find another bathroom but something in his mind was commanding him to walk forward. He could recognise the mumbles.

You see, Janus never had any friends. He just didn't understand them and they didn't understand him. Janus was quite brash, not in a truthful way all the time but if he knew someone was fucking up he felt like he needed to tell them so. And kids wanted to fuck up a lot. He also wasn't one to give compliments unless they were sarcastic and recently, as he was a freshman, everyone was so concerned with flirting. Guys were asking girls out and girls were winking at guys and giggling cuter when they were around. Janus just didn't understand it.

The crying quieted as soon as Janus walked in and just became sniffles. "Don't worry about hiding it. I ain't judging." He said clearly, and it was quiet again. He tried to identify who the crying person was by the sniffles. The cries were quiet and although he was in the boys' bathroom it sounded feminine. He couldn't quite identify something who sounded like that...

Eventually the stall door opened and someone walked towards the sink while Janus was on his phone. "Sorry..." A whisper came out - and Janus recognised that voice. It was the one and only Patton Ciasto.

Janus knew his eyes were wide and staring at the fellow high schooler, he needed to gather himself and be cool. "Hey, no need to apologise. What were you crying for?"

Patton gave Janus the look he recognised as the 'why the fuck did you ask me that' look. It was very common, he was not good at acting cool. He could feel his cheeks heating up out of embarrassment. Unfortunately, after eight years of having this fascination with Patton, he still had no reason why he felt that way. It was just weird magic. "Sorry, sorry. You don't have to disclose anything of course. I'm just... here to talk to if you need to."

It was one way to waste the time until classes began I suppose, although Janus suspected that offer wouldn't be taken up. He was surprised when Patton started talking. "That would actually be helpful, thank you." Patton chirped, splashing his face with water for a moment. "I just, um, I mean... I just came out to my parents and they didn't take it well."

"Came out?" While Janus wasn't at the stage of creating flashcards for slang words (he had a cousin like that - it was very annoying) he didn't understand much about modern lingo all the time. The phrase 'came out' was new and he tried gathering it together. What did Patton come out of? I mean he just came out of a bathroom stall and he probably came out of multiple rooms - but which one upset his parents this much that he was crying?

"Yeah. They said I was going to hell and that someone at school made me this way and whatever..." Oh, it's gay. Janus got this now. He'd never met a gay person before but he was sure he could manage this. Gay people were just human right? Patton sniffled a little more but continued to speak. "That's why I'm here early and honestly I'm scared to go back home. But I have nowhere else to go so I guess that's all I can do."

"Live with me."

What was going on in Janus' mind right now? Chaos, that's what. His heart was beating and his palms were sweaty and he was even more confused than he was when he failed that math test last week. He needed to save this though. "Sorry, I mean, I have a spare bedroom and my parents are pretty chill. My sister's a little annoying but that's just her personality." Patton's eyes lit up once he heard that, and he giggled as a light pink came to his cheeks.

"Thank you so much." Patton whispered, leaning closer. Janus' heart could hardly take this anymore. "I'll repay you someday!"


Saturday, 23rd of July 2011

"Where are you taking me?" Patton screamed amongst his giggles, being driven to god-knows-where and commanded to keep his glasses off for the whole journey so he couldn't see a thing. His boyfriend, Janus, was driving him and laughing too.

Yeah, turns out it only took three months of living with Patton for Janus to find out why he was so intrigued by his classmate - and only another month for Janus to get the courage and ask his friend on a date. Now, identifying as a homoromantic asexual, Janus was glad he helped comfort Patton in that school bathroom all those years ago. Now the pair were planning to go to college and become actual adults doing actual adult things.

"Honey, that's not my thigh you're rubbing." Janus laughed, trying to keep his eyes on the road as he lifted his boyfriend's hand and kissed it. Patton chuckled sweetly and quieted down a little so his lover could drive.

"Can you at least tell me where we're going?" It was so cute when Patton pouted, almost irresistible in fact. He was super cute doing anything. Janus couldn't even imagine himself wit anyone else but the cutie beside him. The cheery man gasped as he remembered what day it was. "Hey! Is it to do with our anniversary? That's next week!"

Janus laughed and smiled to himself, the pink spreading to his face which luckily Patton couldn't see. It had been three wonderful years he'd been dating Patton - and he had to pinch himself every morning to believe it. He was entering his fourth year of heaven next week. "Well, we're almost here so I can almost tell you." Janus parked in the car park of a local nature reserve. It was a special nature reserve - and for a special reason.

Patton was guided out of the car and told to put his glasses on again, seeing he was covered by beautiful big trees every side. "Wow... Jany-bear, this is beautiful!" Patton cheered as he was being guided by his boyfriend. They didn't hold hands - they knew they couldn't - Janus just walked slightly in front of Patton and gave him an expectant look every time he turned. That's how the two had to act in public unfortunately, but as soon as they were alone they could be as intimate as they wanted. "Where are you guiding me?"

"You'll see..." And with a few more turns the pair reached a secluded platform beside a running river. The water was shallow enough for Janus to reach down and splash his boyfriend's feet. Patton, however, was more concerned with taking in the scenery until he was attacked by Janus' kisses. "Do you know why this place is special?"

"No, why?"

"It's where my father proposed to my mother." The words were spoken so gently, Janus' glabella laying on Patton's forehead as he smiled. "I always dreamt of proposing to my one true love here too, to continue the family legacy..." Both of Patton's hands were being cradled by Janus' and the whole world was quiet apart from birds chirping in the distance. Patton had to steal a kiss since his boyfriend was being so sappy.

Unfortunately, reality hadn't caught up with the couple's hopes yet. "I would love for that to happen, but there's no use as we can't get married." It felt illegal for Patton to disrupt the beautiful, quiet moment as Janus opened an eye and looked upset at that reminder. His hands moved to snake around Patton's waist and he spoke even softer than before.

"We can't get married yet. But trust me, as soon as we can I'll marry you Patton. I can't imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else." Both men smiled at that, enjoying each other's embrace for a while until Janus spoke again. "I'm sure there'll be a time we can live together like everyone else - whether that be next year or when we're in our seventies. Whatever happens - I want to give you a life you'd love."

Patton burst into a goofy smile at that, understanding what Janus was insinuating. It was still illegal for Patton to ever be a parent even though he really wanted to be. I mean, he was majoring in elementary education for God's sake, and he'd rather be trusted with 30 kids than just 1 or 2 that he and his lover adored? But now, now he could see Janus' smile when he spoke of the future they'd both have together - and he knew he wanted that future too. No matter how long it took.

"So..." The heat in Janus' cheeks brought Patton back to what his lover was saying, his voice sounded more nervous as he opened both eyes and looked into the grey orbs Patton owned. "Patton Alexander Ciasto. My Pac-Man, my favourite, my amazing... Will you marry me someday?"

Patton of course had to nod and kiss Janus again, whispering a yes the caused Janus to erupt into a large grin. They were so happy to finally be calling each other fiances.


Friday, 26th of June 2015

The music was starting, everyone was in their seats, Janus was in a yellow and blue flowery tie he picked out just for this occasion. He was jittery and jumpy and all around excited to see his lover. It only took just under 4 years for this moment to happen but it felt like eternity - an eternity that would lead to a much better eternity.

Janus cleared his throat as the doors opened, trying to cool his face down as the reality of the moment dawned on him. And there he was - dressed in a simple white and pastel blue suit, with gold details, his favourite four-legged friend to walk him down the aisle. Yes, the pair decided to adopt a dog together as soon as they moved in together for college. Anyway, Patton looked absolutely perfect. He was smiling wide and his cheeks were pink - just like they were when the pair first met. As soon as Patton reached the alter their furry friend was escorted away by one of the best men and Janus grabbed onto his soon-husband's hands. He gave him a kiss on the forehead before the vows were spoken.

"Do you - Janus Karl Swan - take Patton to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Janus smiled at his soulmate with absolute glee. "I do."

"And do you - Patton Alexander Ciasto - take Janus to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

There was no hesitation in Patton's voice as he spoke. "I do, more than anything I do."

The kiss was as wonderful as the first, and it had been long awaited. But finally they were husbands, they were together, and in a couple of years they could begin a small family they adored too. But that was for the future to worry about. Right now they were held by each other and kissing in front of their friends and family and they didn't have to hide it. They could double-bind their surnames and tell strangers they had a husband - they could kiss each other whenever and less people could speak about it. They'd be able to be in love.

"I love you." Janus whispered as he separated from the kiss. His eyes were tearing up and Patton's eyes were glistening.

"I love you too."