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Casey's POV

Everyone is excited about high school graduation, a milestone that tells everyone that we are ready for the real world either for more school or to work, it's a sign saying that we could take care of ourselves now and should be given the chance to. Well I've been waiting for this day since I was first told that I was going to high school. Now that the time has come, I'm even more ecstatic on the ceremony as I forget about all the pressures and decisions I had to make during this final year. I'm relieved that the day has finally come.

I never wanted to go to high school, I never wanted to leave my family but that's what my father wanted me to do. I had been home schooled up to that point while my brothers went to school with so many transfers on their transcript it's not funny. My family moves around a lot and putting me in school to learn the basics was pointless, so my family just taught it to me. My brothers are definitely smarter than your average teenager since they picked up on material so fast and then they taught the information back to me. I remember my oldest brother, Dean, being the slacker and 'player' of the school and not caring attitude but he still understood the material more than the rest of the class; I say he's a genius for it. My other brother, Sam, is the same thing but he actually puts the effort into school so that he learned the material faster, which allowed him to graduate faster than his fellow students. It was useful for me too since he just taught me the stuff anyways so that I was prepared for when I had to go to high school. I was learning high school material before I was fifteen. My dad, John, said that all of his kids had to have high school diplomas at least, and that if we wanted to continue then we could but he wanted us to stay and help him with the family business. All of us wanted to help our dad out in the family business which all started when my mom, Mary, died in a house fire when I was seven months old. My dad was never convinced that the fire was accidental and it turned out that my mother...was killed by a demon in my nursery.

Ever since that day we have lived on the road with my dad learning how to hunt down the supernatural and track down the thing that killed my mom. Along the way as we traveled across the country, my dad began training my brothers and me, once we were at the appropriate age and he told us everything that went bump in the night. I started training when I was eight and usually stayed back at the motel with one or both of my brothers while Dad went on a hunt. He was usually gone for awhile leaving me with my brothers as they basically raised me until I was fifteen when my dad decided that I needed a normal high school education and experience, and sent me to live with my Aunt Nora in Canada. I fought with him about it since I didn't want to leave and my brothers fought along with me but he promised that if I wanted to continue hunting after high school, I could come join them once I graduated.

So I moved in with my Aunt Nora and cousin, Lizzie and became a regular high school student. I didn't put all my efforts into school but I still managed to get the best marks. Thank you Sam and Dean for all those years of teaching me. I still gave the appearance of being so grade-conscious but I never needed it, so the long hours of 'homework' in my room ended up being a few hours with the extra time perfecting my martial arts training and staying in shape. Aunt Nora knew about the hunts but she never pursued it but she took the basic precautions that a hunter takes to protect themselves so Lizzie doesn't know what really happens out there in the dark.

For a year it was just the three of us and I was fine with it until Aunt Nora decided to get married to a George Venturi who already had three kids of his own. Aunt Nora never told them I was her niece but that I was her daughter since I would be staying until I graduated. Living with the Venturis was definitely new and weird for sure. His eldest son, Derek, reminded me a little bit of Dean which made me even sadder since I couldn't see them. Sam would occasionally email me telling me that they are still alive and asking how school was but that was it. The middle child, Edwin, was definitely a weird one with his spying, pranking and blind obedience towards Derek. Lastly there was little Marti, who was very sweet but seemed to only like her own siblings which was fine with me.

The more time went on, the more the Venturis accepted the McDonalds and me into the family, aside from Derek who took his free time pranking me and annoying me to death. Sure, I'm use to the pranks because of Sam and Dean but Derek just made it worse since it always reminded me of my brothers. Derek constantly wormed himself into my life to annoy me and I had to try so much harder to try and hide who I really was. As time went on, there were good times and bad with all the members of the family but I always thought about my family that were on the road in America. I had to try so hard to hide all my training from everyone that it got exhausting at times.

My hiding can finally come to an end as graduation was approaching. Hiding who I really am, hiding my true emotions can finally be let loose once I've gotten my diploma, the moment that will signify that I am free to be me again. I still applied to university just for the fun of it and was accepted to all of them. I was declared valedictorian and needed to write a speech. I wasn't nervous but I knew that my family would be proud if they found out. I got them what they wanted, I had gotten my high school education at its fullest.

It was a week before graduation when I told Aunt Nora that I would be going back to my family after the summer and she agreed to keep it a secret. I wanted the household to act as if I was just going away to university and not out of their lives for a really long time like distant relatives do.

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Chapter 1: Reunions and Preparations

[Sat. June 26, 2004]

Casey's POV:

Graduation day had finally arrived and I was overwhelmed with excitement. My speech was all memorized and basically what I believed the future had in store for us and something everyone could relate to. And if all else fails, I could just wing it. Everyone else in the house were all frantic, apparently Derek had already left and told Edwin that he wasn't going to graduation which caused George to freak out. Lizzie was stuck watching over Marti and Nora just seemed to have her mind elsewhere as if something else was going to happen.

I was all dressed and ready to go in my purple and black halter floral dress that went up to my mid-thigh with a black sash just below my bust. I also had the silver charm bracelet that Sam had given me before we had said our goodbyes as well as the silver ring Dean gave me as my goodbye gift. I was all ready and waiting downstairs when Aunt Nora came up from her basement bedroom.

"Mom, where is everyone?" I asked Aunt Nora as I waited in the quiet dining room. I had to call Aunt Nora 'mom' while I was living with her. It hurt at times but I never got the chance to know my real mom, Mary, since she died in the fire when I was only seven months old.

"Everyone's in the car but I'm just looking for something." Aunt Nora answered as she paced around the kitchen looking.

"Are you okay? You seem distracted."

"Yeah, I'm fine, just looking for my camera." Before I could say anything the door bell rang. "Casey, could you get the door for me?"

"Doesn't George have a key to get in?"

"It's not George. I'm expecting these people, so please could you?"

"Alright." I turned around and headed to the front door as I heard Aunt Nora scrambling to find the camera.

My eyes were staring at the doorknob and once I opened the door I saw two pairs of well dress legs that seemed to be in suits. I slowly moved my gaze to the two faces and my eyes widened at the sight of two guys in casual looking suits with huge smiles on their faces and I couldn't help but smile too. They weren't just two guys, they were my brothers. Sam and Dean were standing before me all dressed up which I don't remember ever seeing them like that. I was speechless.

"Are we too late?" Dean asked which brought my attention back to my brothers.


"For your graduation." Sam added in trying to get through my fogged out state but I could feel my eyes widen once again. 'I couldn't believe it.'

"You guys came for my graduation?"

"Of course, why else would I put on this monkey suit? It may not be formal but it's still a monkey suit." Dean explained while he complained about wearing a suit. Dean never liked dressing up, even when he had to do with the hunts; he just never liked it while Sam, on the other hand didn't mind it much.

"You look great in the monkey suit, Dean. You too, Sam." Casey quipped to Dean before spreading the compliment which gave her one smile and a smirk. It was like I was getting back in routine with my brothers, as if nothing has changed and no time has passed since the last time we've seen one another. My brothers did look good, damn good if I was to be honest. At least now I know why women keep throwing themselves at my brothers, the last time I physically saw them was well before boys were even an issue on my mind. Oh the simpler days.

"You don't look so bad yourself Case." Dean complimented me which caused me to mirror the smirk that was on Dean's face.

"You do look amazing Case." Sam added in turning my smirk into a smile as I looked between them.

"Thanks guys." I grabbed both boys and pulled them in for a group hug.

"No problem but what's with the surprised look?" Sam asked while we ended the hug. I ushered them inside before shutting the door before I answered.

"I didn't expect to see my brothers today. I thought I was going to see you guys in two months. Plus when I called yesterday you didn't say anything." I explained with a smile on my face. I still couldn't believe they were here. Sam and Dean both shared a questioning look with one another before Sam said anything.

"Didn't Aunt Nora tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"She called us last week telling us your decision and when your graduation was. Luckily we weren't on a hunt but we still had to drive a long way and cross the border. She told us not to say anything because she was going to tell you." Dean explained as he moved further into the house until he was leaning against Derek's recliner.

"Aunt Nora-" Just then Aunt Nora came to greet my brothers with the camera in her hands.

"Great! You boys made it. I hope it was alright to call them Casey." Aunt Nora rushed out as she moved to the end of the stairs causing Dean to straighten up.

"You kidding! I love it!" I quickly rushed to hug Aunt Nora before turning to my brothers. "But where's Dad?"

"He is on a hunt but he wishes he were here." Sam stated as I saw Dean giving me a nod before tilting his head to the side and really looking at me. Was there something on my face?

"Dean, what?"

"Just wondering why your eyes are all of a sudden blue. I'm pretty sure eye color doesn't change in four years." Dean smirked as I gaped at the comment. Dean chuckled and then Sam moved to look at my face too.

"Oh yeah, they are blue."

"Color contacts, since neither Aunt Nora nor Uncle Dennis have our eye color." I explained before looking to Aunt Nora, basically pleading to her with my eyes to let me take them off. I absolutely love my natural eye color and I've hated that I've had to wear the contacts. Both Dean and I have hazel green eyes, like our mom, while Sam has the chocolate brown eyes, like our dad, but if you look close enough you could see a swirl of hazel green mixed in there.

"You can take them out Honey, you should be you from now on." Aunt Nora stated with a smile on her face. I quickly ran upstairs to take the color contacts out as Aunt Nora stayed with my brothers.

Dean's POV:

I couldn't help but slightly chuckle when Casey ran upstairs to get the contacts out. I'm definitely glad that she didn't have her shoes on because then she may have twisted her ankle and that is never good. I can't believe how much Casey has grown up in four years. Sure I saw her on T.V. when she was in that dance contest but that broadcast didn't do Casey justice. Now I have to worry about guys going after her. A big brother's job is never done. Then again, that same broadcast not only showed that Casey can dance, but I think it was obvious that Casey liked dancing with Derek. Alright obvious to me because she can't hide anything from me, I am the one that taught her how to lie efficiently.

Before I could continue my train of thought, Sam nudged me in the side and I winced before giving him a death glare.

"What the hell was that for?"

"Snapping you out of your own thoughts, now pay attention." My little brother retorted back at me and I just rolled my eyes.

"Whatever Sammy. So Aunt Nora, I hope Casey hasn't been giving you any trouble these past few years."

"No, she's been great. Sometimes I forget that she's my niece and I do have to say that she's keeping up with this persona for some time. I'm glad she could be herself again." Aunt Nora stated with what I could tell was some pride for Casey in her voice. I would be proud of Casey too, it's like she's been undercover for so long. I am proud of her.

"No troubles?" I raised an eyebrow because I knew about the fights Casey has had with Derek.

"Besides her fights with Derek, no troubles at all. Surprisingly, the only time she could let her other side loose is whenever she's fighting with Derek. I think if Derek wasn't here, Casey would have gone stir crazy after being only half herself for this long."

"Yeah, Casey told us how intense those fights were and how sometimes they escalated." Sam said as he tried not to laugh.

We both knew about Casey's feelings for Derek, we kind of made her admit them after that dance contest and before we knew it, she was giving us practically a play by play on how her feelings for him had changed. I personally didn't like the fact that we were talking about emotions to begin with but hearing about them with Casey's insight was definitely interesting how she described certain emotions in different ways. It's quite funny how she probably fell in love with her enemy. Usually that would be an 'absolutely no' type of situation but since Derek isn't a supernatural entity, he's safe from my wrath.

"To be honest, I was a little worried when we first moved here that their fights would be too much but they gradually grew on each other and they have this dynamic between them that works."

"How so?" I couldn't help but ask. It's interesting to see what an 'outsider' would perceive Casey and Derek's 'relationship'.

"They may fight a lot but they seem to always be there for each other when they need it the most. Derek would never deliberately hurt Casey and she would always help him if he asks for it."

"Kind of like when it really counts, they can depend on each other?" Sam questioned.

"Yeah, their step-sibling relationship isn't like that of Edwin and Lizzie's but it's not like that of complete enemies either." Aunt Nora gave a small smile at the thought of her family's bonding. I could only smirk at Sam because we knew that there was no way Casey thought of Derek as a step-brother.

Any conversations involving Casey and Derek were put to a halt when we heard Casey coming down the stairs.

Casey's POV:

It didn't take me long to get my color contacts out but I couldn't help smile when I saw my reflection with hazel green eyes staring back at me. I quickly put everything back before I raced down the stairs. I stopped at the landing and took a seat, so that I could put my black heels on but returning to my spot between Dean and Aunt Nora.

"I'm ready. So how do I look?" I couldn't help but twirl a bit in my spot causing my dress to flow a little at the bottom.

"Like yourself." Aunt Nora complimented and it caused me to smile. I did feel like more of myself now like I did on my 18th birthday when I got the leather jacket from my family. It was like bits and pieces of my Winchester personality were slowly returning to me and I loved it!

"It's good to have you back, Baby Girl." Dean stated before pulling me into his side and placing a kiss to my temple. Dean's never going to let the nickname drop no matter how old I get. I'll always be his 'Baby Girl' because in a way, Dean raised me. Dad was always gone on hunts when we were younger so Dean was left to watch out and take care of me and Sam. So in a way, Dean is like my father, my brother, my protector and my best friend. So was Sam but it was Dean who had to carry that responsibility of protecting us. I'll always be grateful; he truly is the best big brother ever.

"I'm glad to be back." I couldn't help but reply.

"Now gather around, I want to take a picture of the three of you before we head off." Aunt Nora practically demanded and I couldn't help but laugh as I placed myself between Sam and Dean, each of them wrapping an arm around me as mine instinctively went around their waists. Even in my heels, I was still shorter than Dean (there is no way I was even going to get close to Sam's freakishly tall height).

"Just for the record, this is only one of the few moments that I will allow my picture to be taken in this monkey suit." Dean complained as he got settled into his pose. I had to keep my laugh in at the typical Dean response. It looks like things will never change with my big brother.

"Get use to it Dean, today is all about Casey and it will be filled with pictures." Sam reminded Dean as he too was trying to hold back a laugh.

"You better believe it! We are going to a normal graduation for once." I couldn't help but admit that. In the past, we never stayed long enough for the actual graduation ceremony. Dean took the test and immediately got his GED while Sam finished two years earlier and got his diploma before the ceremony as he stated that he was 'going on vacation' at the time. So today was definitely a big day for us Winchesters, I just wished all of us were here to celebrate it. I know my mom is watching over us but I wish my dad was here too instead of on a hunt.

"Alright, now say cheese." The cliché statement is what brought me back to the happy family moment I was currently in. A normal moment I could share with my brothers, something that they themselves couldn't experience. It was at that moment I was glad that I went to stay with Aunt Nora because it gave my brothers this moment to look forward to with me.

"I rather say pie." I had to hold in my laugh once again at Dean's statement and once the flash went off, I couldn't hold my laugh in anymore. Another flash went off to what I assume was Aunt Nora going camera crazy. I could feel Dean's stare on me and I could only assume that Sam himself was chuckling from my actions.

"What?" Dean questioned. It was only a few moments later until I calmed myself down long enough to answer.

"Nothing, I just really missed this." I smiled up at Dean and then to Sam and I could see their smiles before I saw another flash go off. Before I could say anything about the constant pictures, I heard the back door opening.

"Mom, Casey, hurry up! We don't want to be late!" Lizzie shouted before we heard the back door close again.

"I guess that's our cue to leave." Sam suggested and I just nodded.

"Alright so Casey if you want you could ride with your brothers to school and we'll see you after the ceremony." I nodded. "Good luck with your speech." Aunt Nora kissed my cheek before heading out to the back door to join the rest of the family in the garage.

"Okay, lets go." I stated while I grabbed my purse and ushered Sam and Dean outside. I locked up while Dean was already getting into the driver's seat as Sam was waiting for me at the bottom of the porch stairs. He was probably worried that I would be a klutz in heels. Thankfully, with all of my additional training I got rid of as much of my klutz problem as I could. Now I just have those rare occasional klutz moments.

Once I was in the backseat of the Impala and Sam was in shotgun, Dean tore out onto the road before I even saw the Venturis' car leave the garage. I gave Dean my school's address before I relaxed. Being back in the Impala just brought back so many memories that it was kind of overwhelming. Who knew I'd miss a car so much? The Impala wasn't just some car, like the Prince, it's been my home for 15 years and it will continue to be my home. It's been in the family even before my parents got married. It's a car that deserves to be dubbed a part of the Winchester family, it's been through everything with us.

"Case, you okay?" Dean broke through my thoughts on the Impala as he glanced at me from the rear view mirror.

"Yeah, just a little nervous that's all." It never occurred to me that I was until I said it out loud. In just a few moments I'll be giving my speech to the entire graduating class. Of all the times to be nervous it had to be right now…at least it wasn't on a hunt.

"You will do fine and just remember that we're so proud of you. Valedictorian is a great honor." Sam exclaimed as he turned around to face me with a smile on his face. I couldn't help but smile back. My brothers always did know how to cheer me up.

"Thanks guys. I'm really glad you're here."

"So are we, Case. Alright, time to put your game face on, we're here." Dean pointed out and I couldn't help but be surprised that we were already at my school. The car ride seemed so much faster, then again, Dean was driving.

"We'll see you after the ceremony." Sam stated once we all got out of the car simultaneously. I started taking a few steps towards the school, I didn't want to be late but I turned around before I got too far from them.

"Get ready for lots of pictures afterwards." I smirked at Dean, remembering what he said at the house.

"Don't worry Case, this day is about you, so I will take and be in as many pictures as you wish. Now go or you'll be late." Dean told me before shooing me off to the school. I rushed inside but I took a glance behind me to see that my brothers were slowly approaching the school. They probably didn't want to get caught up in the crowd.

I went in to find my gown, Emily and then my spot in the line up while my nerves slowly simmered down.

Derek's POV:

I left the house before anyone noticed because I needed time to think and get my prank set up as well as approve of Edwin's prank too. It was just all so confusing. The past few months have been kind of weird. Casey and I have actually become somewhat friends to say the least. Either I say it like that or I say that we've somehow 'bonded' over the last few months of high school but I still can't believe both reasons.

I think it started with that whole anniversary thing our parents had before senior year started when Nora made Casey and I retell the story of 'Operation Disengagement'. I personally didn't want to relive that moment because that was a point in time when I actually knew Casey and I wasn't connected to her in any way, a moment before we became the dreaded step-siblings. Then she helped me past my final exams with all the studying sessions and we actually didn't kill each other after all the time we spent studying together. That surprised me to no end because I usually don't study or get along with Casey for a long period of time. Then the whole cheating-Truman thing happened and somewhere along those lines, Casey and I have become friends and not the fighting enemies we were when she moved in. Just when I think I have her figured out, she does something that totally surprises me and I deem out-of-character for her, like take last night for example.


I was listening to some music and looking at my acceptance letter from Queens when Casey barges in and turns my music off while I quickly hide my letter. I wasn't planning on telling anyone about it yet.

"Do you mind? I'm trying to finish my speech." Casey semi-yells at me as she walks closer to the bed. I look up at her all annoyed with her being in my room.

"Do you mind? I'm trying to finish my thought." I retorted, still laying on my bed.

"Oh, planning your pathetic prank."

"For the last time, I'm not pranking. In fact, I've decided not to go to graduation." I admitted.

"Really? That is the best grad present ever!" Casey walks out of my room with excitement as I sigh in relief before looking at my letter again. It wasn't long before Casey entered back into my room with a confused expression but I covered the letter once again.

"How could you not go to your own high school graduation?" She asked in a flustered panic.

"Because I'm done with high school. My future starts now." I simply stated before putting my hands behind my head in a relaxed position.

"Oh, your future goofing off in Europe?" I smirked at that. I wasn't planning on saying anything but if it will throw her off her game then why not?

"Actually, I have options." I glanced a look at her before looking straight ahead.

"Oh, of course you do. Like whether to goof off in Spain or Portugal." I mentally rolled my eyes to the fact that she didn't get it. But I look up at her and smirk before telling her my secret acceptance.

"No, I just found out I got into university." I took my hands down from behind my head before sitting up straighter.

"You're going to university?" Casey said in an unbelievable tone and I was about to say something but she wasn't done. "Wow, congrats Derek." I was shocked by that but I couldn't let her see that.

"Oh…thanks, but I'm deferring because I want to see the world. You on the other hand, don't have the guts to make a decision." I sort of didn't want to get into a fight after she congratulated me on my acceptance but she needed to hear it. She can't put off making decisions forever.

"What makes you think that I haven't made a decision yet?"

"Because if you had made a decision of what school you were going to, you would have told the family and they would be celebrating with you. And if I'm not mistaken, nothing like that has happened yet."

"What if it's a secret?"

"You can't keep a secret. You're a terrible liar."

"Shows what you know and besides you're keeping your acceptance from the family, how is that any different from what I'm doing?"

"Quit changing the subject, I know you're just scared."

"Scared of what?"

"You're scared of the future. You can't handle that not everything is in your control. You have futuritis." I know it's not a real word but it fits.

"I don't have futuritis. And that's not even a word." Casey starts heading back to her room and I should have kept my mouth shut and shut my door but I couldn't help what came out of my mouth next.

"So? It doesn't mean it's not true. Just face it Case, quit running." I raised my voice so that she could hear me and the next thing I know Casey is back once again standing in front of me while pointing a finger at me.

"I'm not running from anything! I am scared but I'm NOT running!" Casey admits which confuses me yet I don't show it.

"Then make a decision." I simply stated.

"I will." Once Casey said that she ripped up the speech in her hands and she threw it down having it land on my floor. My eyes widened at the action.

"Why did you just do that? The ceremony's tomorrow." I couldn't help but state yet preparing myself for a 'Casey Blow Up' but it never came.

"It doesn't feel right to say that speech now." Casey quickly walks away and shuts her bedroom door behind her.

I was expecting Casey to scream in anger for ripping her speech up but it never came. I quickly shut my door and slid down the wall that separates my room from Casey's room before I opened up the air vent. I could hear Casey pacing in her room as well as her pushing buttons. I could only assume the buttons were from her phone, otherwise it would be from her computer but then she wouldn't be pacing now, would she?

"C'mon, c'mon, pick up." Casey kept saying to herself. I couldn't help but wonder who she was calling at this time.


"Hey Sammy, I need some advice." I couldn't believe it, why was she calling my best friend for advice and since when has she started calling him 'Sammy'?


"I kind of just tore up my speech for tomorrow."


"Short version, I had an argument with Derek and it made me realize that what I had in my speech wasn't really what I believed. So I ripped it up." I was a little ticked, why would she now confide in my best friend when she has Emily?


"He said I was scared about the future and that was why I wasn't making a decision about schools." 'You are scared Casey' I couldn't help but think as I heard her stop pacing and land on her bed, indicated by the bed springs' creaking.


"Of course I'm scared, why shouldn't I be? When I'm here, everything is planned out already, smooth sailing. But once I'm back out there, who knows what will happen? My life could change in a split second before I can stop it and that scares me." 'Typical Casey.'


"Please tell me that."


"Hey D and yeah, can you really blame me?" I couldn't help but think who this 'D' character was. Was he the same guy she mentioned awhile back? Where did Sam go? I remained silent as I continued to listen to Casey's side of the conversation.


"I just don't know what to say, I can't really say my fears specifically, you know?" 'Oh…what fears exactly?'


"Live with no regrets, live life to its fullest and don't hold back basically, right?" I couldn't help but nod in approval. It was actually some decent advice from a keener like her.


"Wingin' it does sound like a great option at this point." I silently scoffed at myself. Casey wingin' it? Yeah right.


"Thanks D. Tell Sammy thanks too."


"Night." I heard a click before a thump from the phone. I heard Casey sigh before the bed creaked again. I assumed she was going to write that new speech so I closed the vent and went back to my bed.


I couldn't stop thinking about who she called for that advice. I kept on wondering what Casey was afraid of. Did I really hit a nerve when I said she was afraid of the future? I know everyone is scared of the future at some point in their life but she sounded pretty freaked and I only wished that I could have heard the other side of that conversation. I usually didn't care whether I upset Casey or not but I guess with the whole new-found friendship and the specific topic in question got me wondering.

I had to snap out of my thoughts and focus on my prank. I was behind the stage setting up while avoiding Principal Lassiter. It was only a few minutes later that Edwin found me.

"Hey D, how's it going?" He whispered while looking around as if he were in spy mode.

"I'm fine but what are you doing back here?"

"I came to tell you that people are arriving." He warned and I could only nod.

"Alright, you know what to do?"

"Yeah, pretend you're not here and perform the prank everyone is expecting so that yours is more of a surprise." Edwin reiterated the plan back to me. I couldn't help but smirk. I originally wasn't going to do a prank but I figured why not since it would be my last high school prank, might as well leave with a bang.

"Exactly. Just remember to do it after Casey's speech."

"Why do you care if I do my prank afterwards?"

"Do you really want to listen to Casey complain possibly all summer about how we ruined her Valedictorian speech? I rather not, thank you very much." I explained with a hint of sarcasm. The fact that dad told me to pull the prank after her speech was another thing too but I couldn't have Edwin thinking that I was listening to dad now, could I?

"We?" I scoffed at Edwin's cluelessness that is 'Casey knowledge'. He should know by now that Casey practically blames everything on me, not as much recently, but still.

"You know she's going to pin it on me too." Edwin nodded before he agreed. "Now get started." I shooed Edwin off before I too got into place. My plan was to hide in the back, out of sight since everyone thinks I skipped and then Edwin will pull his prank after Casey's speech and I could pull mine by making my big entrance. I just hope I don't fall asleep during Casey's speech…timing is everything.

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Chapter 2: The Ceremony

[Sat. June 26, 2004]

Once Casey got inside the school, the atmosphere just hit her all at once. In just a few moments, she would be a high school graduate. It felt so surreal that she couldn't really believe it now that it was here. Sam and Dean were here to celebrate with her, Aunt Nora, Lizzie, and the Venturis were here to support her (and Derek) and then everything was going to change.

For better or for worse, Casey didn't know at this point, but she couldn't think about it right now. I have to get through graduation and my speech. Now is definitely the time to embrace my Winchester identity.

"Casey!" She turned around at the sound of her name and found Emily rushing over to her while carrying a blue graduation gown in her hands. Emily was already wearing her own gown.

"Emily, hi!" Casey greeted as she embraced her best friend at Thompson High. Emily was her very first friend and Casey will never forget that. Emily has helped Casey go through a lot when she couldn't get a hold of her brothers. I'll definitely miss Emily Davis.

"So, you excited?" Emily asked as she pulled away.

"You could say that." Casey blew out a big breath.

The ceremony would be starting any minute now, and Casey wished that she was sitting with Emily and not on stage due to her title as valedictorian. It wouldn’t have mattered as students were seated alphabetically for efficiently. (A/N: My graduation had us seated this way plus it made more sense for me so just go with it.)

"Might I say, you look amazing Case, it's a shame these gowns cover it up."

"Thanks Em, and I see what you mean. All I see is blue on you." Emily laughed and Casey just smiled. Emily did have a way of distracting her by talking about 'girl stuff.'

"Anyways, I grabbed your gown for you." Emily handed over the extra graduation gown. Casey immediately hugged her as her thanks. "I figured you might be preoccupied with your speech," Emily quickly explained as they pulled apart.

"That's very sweet, Em. Thanks." Casey started putting the gown on as Emily ushered her closer to the auditorium.

"No problem. You ready?"

"I think so." Casey took another deep breath.

"You'll be fine, Casey. Just relax." Emily assured her and Casey could only nod.

Before Casey knew it, one of the teachers was escorting her onto the stage to take her seat as Emily joined the rest of the graduates to take their designated seats.


Meanwhile, at the back of the auditorium, Sam and Dean arrived. They saw Casey being escorted to her seat on stage, while they moved to two empty spaces along the back wall besides two other graduates. Dean noticed that one of the graduates wasn’t wearing any pants. Interesting.

Sam nudged Dean again in the gut.

Dean groaned, "Quit hitting me, once was enough."

"Quit spacing out then."

"You space out more than me," Dean retorted back.

"Yet you're doing it a lot today."

"Can you really blame me? I got a lot to think about and process."

Sam shrugged, "What's there to think about?"

"You serious, Sammy? It's the first time in four years we get to see Casey. My mind is whirling, why isn't yours?"

"Oh, it's whirling, I can just multitask better than you." Dean grumbled to himself as feedback from the sound system intensified.


Everyone was getting seated at this point. The lights were a little blinding for Casey, but she could still see where everyone was. She could see Aunt Nora and the others seated on her right, while Sam and Dean stood in the back as Dean was casually leaning against the wall. Strangely enough, she saw Derek's friends, Ralph and Sam, standing a few feet away from her brothers yet close to the door instead of in their seats. That’s weird.

Casey continued to search the audience as the room got quiet. Emily was in the second row and there was an empty chair near the end of the graduates' row that was meant for Derek. Casey couldn't believe he was actually skipping his own graduation, when Sam and Dean didn't get to go to their own against their wills. Unbelievable that he would skip.

Meanwhile, Derek was hiding backstage as everyone was getting into their positions. No one could see him, and he couldn’t wait to pull his prank, having it all mapped out before everyone arrived.

"And now it gives me great pleasure to introduce Sir John Sparrow Thompson High's class valedictorian, Casey McDonald." Mr. Lassiter's announcement brought Casey out of her thoughts, and she was stunned to a point that she thought she couldn't feel her legs. The clapping got her out of her stupor as she made her way toward the podium as Mr. Lassiter took Casey’s seat.

"Thank you, Mr. Lassiter." He nodded to Casey before she looked back out into the audience.

She took a deep breath as she looked immediately to her brothers. They gave her two thumbs up in encouragement. Casey gave a small smile before she continued.

"Good afternoon parents, teachers and my fellow graduates." Casey gripped the podium tightly, unaware of Derek rolling his eyes at her intro. She slowly exhaled and smiled as her thoughts whirled in her head as she remembered what Dean told her as she generalized her feelings.

"I was supposed to give this inspiring speech about the future, but I don't really know where to start. For one, I am excited for the future, but the truth is I'm also scared." Her grip loosened as she subconsciously twirled the silver ring on her finger.

Casey was scared to dive back into the hunter's life because of all the uncertainty it held. Never knowing whether it's the hunt that makes or breaks you, not knowing what will happen next. She was so used to predictability for the past few years, she’s scared to see that diminish. Don't get her wrong, she’s ecstatic to be reunited with her brothers, but she just wished that they could stay and have a normal life together…Casey knew that won't be a possibility until they kill the thing that killed their mom.

Meanwhile, Derek couldn’t believe that Casey actually admitted to weakness in front of everyone. She rarely did that. His curiosity was peaked as he tried to peek around the curtains for a better look without being seen.

"I'm scared about leaving this part of my life behind, scared to say goodbye, scared for change in general because the future is unpredictable, unexpected, unreliable to a point that everything can change in an instant, whether it's a good change or a bad change, no one knows. The point though is that you choose what to make of it. It's up to us to decide how we want to live our lives." Casey paused to catch her breath, then she let go of the podium all together, not needing the physical support anymore. She tried to minimize the hand gestures, but some couldn't be avoided.

Derek really thought of her words, only willing to admit to himself that she did have a point. He was scared of those same things. He’s always been ‘King of the School’ and that could easily not be the case next year. He’ll be at a bigger school with so many more people who have never heard of him before. Derek exhaled at the thought. Intimidating, right?

"See we make all these plans, and we hope we're doing the right thing, but the truth is, we have no idea. We could be making a huge mistake and for all we know, something could get in the way," Casey paused for a moment, lost in thought, before she continued. "What we choose to do with those obstacles in life is what makes us grow as a person."

The fire was the first thing that came to Casey’s mind, it torn her family apart and it took away her mom, her home, and her ability to live an innocent life because once her family learned what was truly out there, they weren’t really innocent anymore. The next obstacle Casey could think of was moving in with her Aunt Nora. She was dead set against it, but it eventually turned into a positive. Casey learned a lot of things during her stay in Canada.

"There are so many adventures out there just waiting for us to take a chance, to take a risk and to just live life to the fullest as we found ourselves. It's better to do something and be wrong about it than to do nothing and regret it." Casey was optimistic in her advice yet she knew she was being a hypocrite on that last part, yet she couldn't help it. There are certain aspects of life that she’d rather remain in the 'what if' category because she was too afraid of what reality would make of it. Revealing certain emotions to certain people was something she didn't want to deal with right now, not at the chance of risking the already rocky dynamic between them. Casey couldn't afford any awkward moments at her expense.

Behind the curtain, Derek scoffed at Casey’s advice to taking risks and living life to the fullest. He found that odd coming from a keener like Casey, who avoided risks and who thrived on order and preparations. What does she know about taking risks?

Casey paused and looked out to her peers.

"I know my fellow graduates have mixed emotions about the future, but I hope this advice comes in handy for them one day. Whatever you choose to do, from this point forward, just remember, take any opportunity you get, live like there is no tomorrow, live with no regrets and spend all your time enjoying something that you love. Don't forget the loving support you get from your family and friends because what is life if you can't share it with the people you love?" Casey raised an eyebrow to see if anyone would object to the last part, and she saw a couple of nods of agreement. She couldn't help but smirk a little, unaware that Derek was doing the same thing.

Impressive advice, he thought.

"Someone told me that I have 'futuritis' but in a way, I think all graduates have that, even if they acknowledge it or not." Casey chuckled a little for using Derek’s quote from last night. It may not be a word, but what it represented did matter and she was glad that Derek brought it up last night.

Derek smiled at the mention, pleased to know that she was paying attention.

Casey quietly clapped her hands together for the final portion of her speech.

"So, graduates of Thompson High, it's time for us to embrace our fears, to stand up, to do something…even if you risk making a total fool of yourself." Casey waved her hand over the crowd, "I say thanks for everyone to everyone because we didn't get to this point alone. Graduates, it's been a pleasure, and who knows, we may run into each other in the future. Congratulations everyone, and let the adventures begin because I'm not running. Thank you." Casey smirked confidently for her strong ending. It quickly turned into a smile as the applause broke out. She could hear her named being called out by her fellow graduates, and she could have sworn she heard her brothers shout out a “yeah Casey” into the mix. Her smile widened after that.

Meanwhile, Derek had to resist the urge to applaud with the crowd. When he noticed that Casey didn’t grab any cue cards from the podium, he realized that she never looked down during her speech. “Quite impressive, Case.” He whispered to himself.

When Mr. Lassiter approached Casey at the podium, Derek slipped out into the hallway.


Dean was impressed by Casey's speech, not believing that she considered that as wingin' it. If she hadn't called last night about ripping up her original speech, he would have thought that this was the one she spent days writing up.

Sam nudged Dean in the shoulder, "It seems like your talk with her last night made her speech perfect."

"Thank you for noticing my contribution." Dean quipped as the clapping continued.

Sam rolled his eyes, "You're impossible you know that."

Dean smirked, "I figured you'd be used to it by now."

"Whatever man…"

Before Sam could finish his sentence, there was this weird guy in a wrestling costume that burst through the doors close to the Winchesters and he ran to the stage. Dean was highly amused since he practically looked like a homemade superhero only kids dream of becoming. The kid had great timing because if he interrupted Casey’s speech, Dean would’ve had tough words with the kid.

"Who is that masked man?" Mr. Lassiter questioned as it sounded like he was going to lose his temper.

"I…am…Edwin…Venturi." Edwin revealed as he slowly removed his mask. Dean’s eyes widened at the last name…it couldn't be.

"Do you think that's-" Sam whispered but was interrupted once again.

"There's another one?" Mr. Lassiter looked furiously to a guy who just sunk down in his seat just a little. That must be George.

"And I'll see you all in September! Venturi away!" Edwin took a bow before running off the stage with Mr. Lassiter closely behind him as he called out "Come back here!"

The two graduates close by earlier rushed to open the door for the prankster's escape before they made their way to their seats with the other graduates. Guess that's why they were back here, Dean thought with a shrug.

"I'm guessing we just met stepbrother number two," Dean stated as he looked around the distracted crowd.

"I assume no one was expecting that."

"Except for Casey."

"What do you mean?" Sam turned to Dean and all he did was point back to Casey on stage.

Casey waved for the crowd’s attention, "Well, I can't say that I wasn't expecting that, but let's get this show on the road. I have a feeling some graduates just want to get their diploma already, am I right?"

The graduates applauded, all of them wanting to get out of school.

Casey laughed, "Alright then lets…"


Meanwhile, Derek waited in the principal’s chair in his office. He waited until he heard accelerated footsteps in the hallway. Derek smirked at the thought of Mr. Lassiter chasing Edwin down. The footsteps came to a screeching halt outside of the door.

"Principal Lassiter, we haven't been formally introduced." Edwin started from the other side of the door.

"Oh, I think we'll have lots of time to get to know each other…You can take a seat in Derek's chair, Edwin. Or should I call you, Derek Jr.?"

Derek rolled his eyes at Mr. Lassiter's attempt to seem intimidating to Edwin. He twisted the chair away from the door.

"That's the coolest thing anyone has ever called me!" Edwin’s enthusiastic response was shortly followed by the click of the office door.

Derek slowly turned around to see only Edwin standing by the door.

He glanced down at his watch, "Eleven seconds late…not bad for a rookie." Derek smirked at the end, impressed by Edwin's first prank at Thompson High.

Edwin smiled at his big brother, a little winded by the run.

"Thanks Bro, but shouldn't you be getting into position?" Edwin pointed out and Derek glanced at his watch again. Mr. Lassiter would have started the ceremony up again by now.

Derek got out of the principal's chair and headed for the door, "That I should. Come on, Ed."


The back door opened again but with Mr. Lassiter walking back through, all the audience's attention was on the principal.

"Welcome back, Mr. Lassiter. Shall we continue the ceremony?" Casey questioned while he made his way to the podium.

"Yes, lets. I apologize for the interruption and thank you Casey for that wonderful speech."

Casey nodded before she headed to the empty seat reserved for her in the front row. Graduates around her were whispering 'great job' or 'nicely done' and all she could do was say ‘thank you’.


Mr. Lassiter started calling the graduates up alphabetically. Everyone was clapping after each graduate went up to receive their diploma with most parents taking a picture of that moment when their child was handed their high school diploma.

Casey’s smile widened when familiar faces got their diplomas.

"…Noel Covington…" Noel was her co-star in the spring play last year and they kept in touch after that whole miserable blind date thing that she and Derek tried to set up between him and Kendra. Noel has plans to go to Toronto to pursue a career in the performing arts or maybe in literature, he hadn't decided which one since the last time they talked extensively.

"…Emily Davis…" A true friend that Casey is eternally grateful fore. There are a few things Emily doesn't know about the secret hunter but other than that, she's been a great friend. Emily has plans to go to Toronto in the Fall, and Casey hopes to have some time to say goodbye to her this week.

"…Truman French…" Truman was definitely… something, and thankfully, he's heading back to Halifax. The chances of Casey running into him again in the future are slim to none.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean were having their own conversation as they waited for Casey’s turn. They whispered their praise for Casey’s impromptu speech and how she has changed over the last four years. She still had the same insight as the future, with pros and cons for what they do as hunters. They didn’t blame her as Casey always wanted a taste of a normal life.

"…Trevor Jones…" Although the friendship started out because of a bet, Casey was glad to have Trevor as a friend. He's a great guy and an excellent example of the common lesson 'don't judge a book by its cover' because Trevor's a sweet guy with a punk exterior. He's heading for Toronto as he continues his studies in human rights.

As they ignored the other graduates, Sam and Dean argued over whether Casey has changed. Sam claimed that while she’s grown, she is still the same. Dean disagreed, thinking that Casey’s teenage attitude and focus, or lack there of, has now kicked in. He would need to double his protection over her if he wanted to keep a lick of sanity when it comes to her safety. Sam’s already over the conversation, knowing that Casey won’t like the added protection.

"…Kendra Mason…" Even though it started off with her using Casey for a project and then to get to Derek, Kendra wasn't that bad. She did attempt to help Casey on occasion, and it was kind of thanks to her that she met Max when she did. Casey wouldn’t consider Kendra a friend but she's definitely more than an acquaintance like some of her fellow graduates. Kendra had plans to stay in London as she goes after a career in fashion.

"…Casey McDonald…"

Casey made her way to the stage, already seeing Nora take her place for the perfect photo once Mr. Lassiter handed over her diploma. She quietly thanked the principal before she made her way back to her seat as the applause continued. She caught a glimpse of her smiling brothers as they cheered the loudest for her.

"…Max Miller…" Max and Casey haven't spoken that much since their breakup but they don't have hard feelings like she does with Truman at the moment. Max ended up going back to his ex-girlfriend Amy a few weeks after their 'closure' ceremony. Casey’s kind of glad they didn't get back together because she didn't want to become the person she was when she was with him, and because of her other feelings she had for someone else. Max has a football scholarship to Western; if him and Derek went to the same school, their sports rivalry would have still continued.

"…Ralph Papadapolis…" Many were surprised that Ralph graduated (it was also a shock for the teachers) since he isn't the 'sharpest tool in the shed' but he is a great guy. It wasn't too long ago that Casey was told that Ralph was Derek, but in a way, she’s kind of glad he wasn't Derek. After that one weekend with Ralph staying over, Casey got to see Ralph as someone who was great company and how he got along really well with the McDonald-Venturis. Ralph is staying in London with Amanda, possibly going to community college maybe. Who knows, he might perfect his drumming abilities.

"…Sam Richards…" A lot happened between Sam and Casey. And she was glad that they decided to remain friends. He was supportive when she needed it, and he tried getting Derek to back off on his torture on her, so she was thankful for that too. Sam got into Queens on a hockey scholarship…maybe that's a possible school Derek was referring to.

There were a few more students before Mr. Lassiter announced the last student, Derek.

"And, uh, last but certainly not least…"

The auditorium lights go out and its pitch black in the room and stadium music is playing before "Derek Venturi" was announced like it would at an arena.

Suddenly the spotlights turn on and there in the limelight stood Derek Venturi. No one knew what to say, but there were whispers and gasps throughout the crowd. A few moments later, Derek's student photo dropped down in the background like a fast-moving projection screen and he continued to smile like he was king of the world.

Smoke effects and wind effects surrounded Derek as he looked into the crowd of his fellow graduates. He held his smile when he locked eyes with Casey, and he could make out her whispering his name in awe. It was the cherry on top when it came to reactions. For Casey, there clearly was only one Derek Venturi.

With help from Sam and Ralph, the graduates were chanting Derek's name as they raised their diplomas. Casey followed along with the others. Impressed and not surprised that this was how Derek wanted to end their graduation.

Derek raised his hands to lower the chanting of his name before he spoke into his microphone. "My fellow graduates, we did it, so let's make some noise!"

With that said, the graduates got up to head on stage to join Derek, while Mr. Lassiter tried to get everyone under control with no such luck.

Balloons started to fall and some confetti as many of the graduates hugged each other to celebrate. Casey hugged Emily, Sam, and Ralph.

Derek received praises, side-hugs and high fives from his teammates and fellow graduates, before he made his way to Mr. Lassiter for his diploma.

"Derek Venturi, how could you?" Mr. Lassiter grabbed his shoulder as he tried to scold Derek.

"Oh c'mon, loosen up Lassie." Derek quipped back as he knocked a balloon out of the way.

Mr. Lassiter tried pointing a finger at him as he fumbled on his words.

"Why you-oh, what the heck-ski." Mr. Lassiter raised his fist, and Derek reluctantly finished the fist bump before he got his diploma.

Lizzie and Marti ended up joining them on stage. Lizzie went to give Casey a huge hug while Marti tackled Derek into a hug of her own. The rest of the parents remained seated as some of them laughed to the fact that their child just completed a milestone. Casey was overjoyed, while Derek was relieved to be done with it all.

Let the adventures begin.

As everyone was getting up to find their graduate, Sam and Dean found themselves with more space in the back.

"That was some ending." Sam complimented as they watched the scene unfold before them.

Dean nodded, "Yeah, but it looks like Casey will be awhile. Let's head outside. Too many parents for my liking." He headed towards the door as some parents were getting out of their seats to find their respective teenager.

Sam snickered, "No wonder you have that rule."

Dean rolled his eyes as Sam followed behind him.


Once Sam and Dean reached the Impala, Dean took out his cell phone, ready to text Casey that they were waiting outside. To his surprise, she quickly texted back that they would be right out.

Dean pocketed his phone and leaned against his car as Sam paced in front of him.

"You regret it, right? The years we've missed?" Dean asked, causing Sam to stop and stare at him. They never really talked about it before, especially in the early years when they weren’t allowed to call Casey.  

"Yeah, maybe if we all fought harder against Dad's order, maybe things would have been different." Sam finally answered.

Dean nodded, "Yeah, maybe but then Casey wouldn't have had this experience and you know it."

"I know,” Sam sighed, "I just can't help but wonder."

There was silence again. Dean was tempted to go into his car and put on some of his classic rock music. But he resisted as more people started to leave the school.

"Do you really think she fell in love with him?" Dean blurted out before realizing what he was saying.

Sam shrugged, "Who knows, she's only nineteen but we could always observe the two of them together. Compare it to couples we know." He suggested.

"Like mom and dad?"

"Well, it would be harder for me to remember, but yeah basically." Sam sighed.

"Alright then, enough of that, I see Casey and Aunt Nora coming this way." Dean pointed out so that there wasn't a chance of Casey overhearing their conversation. Sam nodded in response as Casey got closer and closer.

Chapter Text

Chapter 3: Going Picture Crazy

[Sat. June 26, 2004]

Casey's POV:

As parents started to collect their respective graduate, flashes from cameras started going off while there was still chaos in the auditorium. There were flashes going off everywhere as everyone was taking pictures with their family and friends. I took a few pictures with Emily, a few with Noel and Max (for memory purposes), and a few with Sam, Ralph and Derek for the 'D-Rock' times we had, as well as a few separate ones with Sam and Ralph. I tried keeping the goodbyes vague because I wasn't sure if I was going to see them tonight.

I also took one with just Lizzie, then just Aunt Nora and then the both together before I took one with each and every one of the Venturis before taking a big Venturi photo. George was doing the same with Derek after grabbing Edwin from the principal's office (and waiting for him to change out of his costume) while Aunt Nora was doing my photos.

When Aunt Nora went to George to tell him her next photo idea, I faintly heard my phone buzz with a text message. It was Lizzie who confirmed that she heard the buzz too. I took out my phone and read the text message from Dean saying that they were outside by the Impala as they waited. My smile had widened from all the excitement as the reminder of my brothers' presence was made.

Lizzie noticed, "Is everything okay, Casey?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't it be? Today has been perfect!" I exclaimed as the smile remained on my face. Lizzie just smiled with a nod before the rest of the family returned.

Aunt Nora and George wanted one of Derek and me together without fighting and just being graduates and surprisingly Derek didn't fight with it and took the photos with me before Aunt Nora and George joined in on their respective sides. We finally took a family picture with help from a fellow parent before I dragged Aunt Nora away from the others.

"Is everything alright, Case?"

"Yeah, it's just that the guys are outside. So can we go see them now?" I practically begged and she just smiled.

"Alright, Casey." Aunt Nora told me before I started walking away to give my gown back to one of the teachers but I saw Aunt Nora turning towards George to tell him where we would be. George just nodded as he was looking at Derek's diploma as Derek chatted with Sam and Ralph.


As soon as we got in sight of the Impala, I could see Sam standing there while Dean was leaning against his beloved car. I quickly walked up to my brothers (I can't run in heels) and I was instantly in Sam's arms in a hug as he lifted me off the ground and twirled me around. I let a small squeal escape (causing both Sam and Dean to laugh) as my arms instantly wrapped around his neck as I tried not to crush the diploma in my hands. I could see a flash go off behind me as I assumed it was Aunt Nora that was taking the candid photo.

"Casey, you were amazing!" Sam excitedly announced as he placed me down. Luckily I wasn't dizzy but Sam twirled me around to look at Dean who still held a huge smile on his face.

"Congratulations Graduate!" Dean declared before pulling me into his arms as he hugged me tightly. I couldn't help but laugh at all the excitement and once again, another flash went off in the distance.

"Thanks, I'm finally free!" I happily stated as I pulled out of Dean's arms.

"Yes, you are. Welcome to the club." Dean smirked as he raised his hand towards my head. I immediately stepped back from his reach, knowing that he was going to mess up my hair. I had my arms up, giving him a don't-you-even-think-about-it look, causing Sam to laugh. Dean tilted his head to the side with an amusing look.

"Do not mess up my hair, Dean."

"Wasn't planning on it." He simply shrugged and I just glared. "Fine, I won't think about it anymore."

I relaxed as Dean stuffed his hands in his jacket pocket. I walked back to where I stood between my brothers and brought their attention to my rolled up diploma.

"Check this out you guys." I stated as I started undoing the diploma string. My brothers moved closer as they looked over my shoulder to see what was written inside my diploma. I immediately heard twin gasps from behind me when the document was completely flat and I just smirked to myself.

"How'd you get it to say Casey Winchester?" Dean was the first to ask.

"Yeah, they announced you as Casey McDonald throughout the whole ceremony." Sam added.

"Well it happened like this….."


It was a week before spring break and I had decided to have my session with Paul and not complain about Derek. I had other matters to discuss.

"Hey Paul, nice day isn't it?" I casually asked as I walked into my counselor's office, taking a seat in my regular chair.

I never intended to go to Paul's sessions in the beginning but they turned out to be a great way to vent about anything which usually involved Derek. I didn't realize that reoccurring fact until after my discovery so maybe Paul knew before I did. Anyways, not the point, but Paul continued to look at me strangely but I just waited for him to gather his thoughts.

"Casey, you seem…happier than when you usually come to see me. No Derek problems?"

"There will always be a Derek problem, Paul. We both know that." I simply stated causing Paul to give a slight shrug in agreement. "I actually wanted to talk about graduation, if that is okay."

"Sure, no problem, anything specific that you wanted to discuss?" Paul asked as he placed his hands together and elbows on his desk, like he always does when he's listening.

"I was wondering if it was too late to change the name that would appear on my diploma." Paul gave me a puzzling look before lowering his hands onto his desk.

"Change your name? The name on your diploma is the one on your transcript which is your legal name. Unless you legally changed it and informed us, it would still read Casey McDonald." He stated and I slowly had a grin forming.

"My name change just got finalized." Paul's eyes widened.

"What!" Thankfully he wasn't drinking his coffee.

"Well, I asked my mom when I turned seventeen if I could legally change my last name to my mom's maiden name. I just got notice that it's officially finalized as of last week." I simply explained leaving out that I'm about to turn nineteen, not eighteen, in less than two months. It wasn't like I was lying about the name. Aunt Nora's maiden name is my original last name.

"Okay, so what is it?" I could see the curiosity in his eyes. It wasn't written anywhere in my file what Aunt Nora's maiden name was. She kept 'McDonald' after divorcing Uncle Dennis since it wasn't that long ago…maybe a year or two before I moved in with her and Lizzie.

"Winchester. My new legal name is Casey Winchester." I proudly stated as Paul wrote the request in my file.

"May I ask why you considered the name change in the first place?"

"Winchester sounds more empowering compared to McDonald, don't you think?" I tilted my head slightly, silently questioning me to defy my reasoning. It also was because Winchester is also the name of a gun while McDonald just reminds me of the restaurant.

"I guess…but wouldn't the change have something to do with your father?" Paul's question didn't faze me, so it didn't show on my face but instead I still held my grin in place. I knew Paul would want a psychological reason behind my actions.

"Maybe, but I also have another request." I quickly added causing Paul to stop his writing as I cleverly diverted the subject of why.

"Okay. Shoot."

"Can the teachers still refer to me as Casey McDonald in class and at the graduation ceremony? I don't want the questions of why I changed my name and the school knows me as a McDonald, so three more months won't make a difference. Right?" I was a little nervous because I really wanted this to work out the way I wanted it to.

"Then why change it now?" Paul's hands were now crossed over his chest as he leaned back a bit.

"I want my diploma to have my new name. So can the staff do that? Can they still refer to me as Casey McDonald even though my file will now say Casey Winchester?" I practically pleaded to him with my eyes and thankfully he caved with a nod. "Thank you, Paul." I started to get up and head towards the door. "You don't know how much that means to me." I smiled before bidding him a good day.


"So you've known for three months that Winchester would be on your diploma?" Sam asked as Dean continued to stare at me and my real name on my diploma.


"Impressive…never thought you'd do that." Dean complimented with a sly grin as I smirked back at him. I say another flash go off in my peripheral vision but I just ignored it as I started to roll my diploma back up.

"Expect the unexpected, Dean." I simply quoted back as I tied the ribbon that came with my diploma. Dean gave a small chuckle and I think Sam smirked too. I think they knew that I wasn't just referring to that but to everything else that has happened to us.


"You three ready to pose for some pictures?" Aunt Nora asked as she stepped closer to me and my brothers.

"Might as well. How do you want them?" Dean shrugged as he started to lean against the Impala once again.

"Impala in the background for sure and let's start off with Dean and Casey." Aunt Nora suggested as she got the camera ready. I moved to stand closer to Dean while Sam moved to get behind Aunt Nora as he was now holding my diploma.

The first photo was of Dean with his arm on the roof of the Impala where the passenger door was while I stood in front of the side mirror with my right arm resting on Dean's left shoulder as I was slightly turned towards him. There were a few flashes before Aunt Nora told us the next setup which had out backs completely against the passenger side's door.

Dean had his right arm around my shoulder as if giving me a sideways hug but my arms were around his waist as if I were giving him a proper hug. I was slightly turned into Dean as he slowly lowered his arm so that he could now grip the top of my right arm lightly, having his silver ring visible in the picture like how my silver charm bracelet was present on my right wrist. With the way Dean was gripping my arm lightly, it kind of reminded me of all the times Derek did that to me like when we both worked at Smelly Nelly's or when we were at school in the hallways. I remained smiling through many of the repeated shots (due to the Derek memories and the fact pictures were being taken) and I knew Dean was smiling too because of the grin that was forming on Sam's face.

"Having fun, Dean?" Sam quipped and I rolled my eyes as Sam gave a soft chuckle.

I look up to see that Dean was giving him a death glare. Dean really doesn't like his picture taken when he's all dressed up.

"Lighten up, Dean. You don't have to look like a Blues Brother for much longer." I grinned and Dean's head snapped down to glare at me but I say that mischievous glint in his eyes that I know all too well.

"Telling a pseudo Blues Brother to lighten up are we?" I gave my brother a cheeky grin before he gave me one of his own. "I'll lighten things up."

The next thing I know, Dean's arms are around my waist and he's lifting me in the air. I couldn't help but laugh as he slowly turned me around. Dean started laughing too while flashes were going off. After a few candid shots, Dean attempted to put me down but my feet were only on the floor for a second before Dean swiftly lifted me once again, carrying me bridal style, my arms instantly snaked around his neck.

"Don't drop me, Dean." I whispered to him and I got a soft chuckle as a reply.

"You're not that much heavier than before, Case. Plus four years of hunting has done the body good, you know?" Dean smirked and I rolled my eyes after a flash was seen in my peripheral vision.

"I think you can do a close up shot with that one, Aunt Nora." Sam suggested and I looked back at the camera, watching Sam cross his arms while holding his own smirk as Aunt Nora positioned the camera once again.

A few of those shots were taken before Dean gently let me down. The next pose had Dean and me side by side with me on Dean's right but with me slightly in front of him. Dean would have his right arm around my waist (you could still see the silver ring) as I placed my own right hand on top of his, having both rings very close together. My left hand was on my hip and Dean's left hand was slightly on top of it, almost mirroring my right side. I was smiling wide at the camera and as Aunt Nora slowly counted down, it was right before she said 'cheese' that I felt Dean kiss the top left side of my head and holding it for two shots. I saw that 'aww' look on Aunt Nora's face as well as a smile on Sam's. I had a feeling that that shot of me and Dean would be one of my favorites.

Dean never liked showing any emotions but to have him show how much he cared for me, his little sister, and allow someone to capture with a picture, I absolutely love it. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very independent and strong-willed girl, most of my fellow graduates would say that I was a feminist at heart, but I will always love it when my brothers openly showed their emotions and protective nature towards me in public (up to a certain point, of course). It reminds me that we aren't just hunters doing a job together, but that we are siblings…a family that is doing what is necessary to survive in this world. Hunting may take a lot of things away from us, but it's because of hunting that our sibling bond is as strong as it is. We don't take each other for granted, we'd do anything for one another and we're always there for each other. Even with the distance between us for the past four years, they were still there for me, whether with a phone call or through email, they were still there for me. Sometimes we even broke the order our Dad gave us just to hear each other's voice, just to know for ourselves that the other is still alive.

I think I was openly staring up at Dean at this point but it was the squeeze by my side that caused me to jerk a bit. Dean smirked before asking if I was alright. I just smiled and thanked him. His smirk turned to a grin as he said "anything for you, Baby Girl."


"Now Sam, switch with Dean." I heard Aunt Nora command as Dean slowly loosened his grip and switched spots with Sam. Sam also passed my diploma to Dean as he got into position beside me as we repeated the same pose that I first held with Dean but with the Impala remaining in the back as it was. Aunt Nora continued to take multiple shots of the same pose before telling us to change it up.

Sam got directly behind me and draped his arms around my neck while he lowered himself. Sam was resting his head on top of mine while I held onto his wrists. I bet we looked like a totem pole because Dean wouldn't stop smirking as his arms were crossed over his chest.

A few shots later, Sam lowered down even more so that our ears were touching (as if his head was resting on my shoulder) and his hold on me tightened as if he was hugging me around my neck. I continued to hold his wrists in front of me as I assume Aunt Nora was taking these ones as close up shots. After the flashes, I heard a groan from Sam before he straightened up as he gently rubbed the back of his neck.

"You're still short you know that, Case?" Sam joked while I heard Dean scoff.

"It's not my fault you're just freakishly tall." I argued back with a victorious grin.

"She's got you there, Sammy." Dean added in with an amusing expression written across his face.

Sam chuckles as he pulls me lightly towards him as he says "come here" as he brought me into a big hug. I could hear the click from the camera before facing it as I was met with a flash. After a few shots, I twirled a little in Sam's arms so that I was facing the camera more and it wasn't long before Sam followed our big brother and kissed me at the top of my head.

Sam loosened his grip once Aunt Nora lowered the camera and told Dean to come join us once again for more photos. Sam shuffled to my right while Dean took his position on my left.

"Stealing my big brother moves, are we Sammy boy?" Dean teased causing both me and Sam to laugh a little so only the three of us could hear. My arms went around both my brothers' waist as I pulled them in closer while Dean's right arm went around my waist like before as Sam's left arm went around my shoulders. Dean still held onto my diploma as the next set of flashes went off.

Aunt Nora kept giving off compliments and 'aww'-ing about how cute we all looked as a family that's 'all grown up'. I couldn't help but feel a little dread since our mom should be the one in Aunt Nora's place with dad by her side as we all celebrated this moment as a family…not like how it was now with no mom in our lives and our dad being absent. I sighed and I knew that my brothers knew that my mood had shifted.

"You couldn't have burned all that excitement off by now Case, we still have a whole day of celebrating to do." Sam piped up.

"That's right, we're going to have fun doing…what is it that you can do in this town?" Dean questioned as he came up blank. I gave a soft laugh as a smile started to form once again on my face.

"I'll think of something." I smirked and both my brothers laughed. I guess they saw.

Flashes went off once again before Aunt Nora gave the signal to switch it up. I removed my arms as Dean moved closer to embrace me in a hug, still remaining on my left side. Sam covered my right side as he wrapped his right arm around my waist as his left arm went around Dean's shoulder. I felt like I was in a protective two layer brother cocoon as I placed my right hand on top of Sam's forearm (the one around my waist) with my bracelet and ring in full view as my left hand hung onto Dean's forearm (that cut across my chest). Multiple shots were taken and once I released my grip on their forearms, they loosened their grip on me as I started to shuffle in place due to my heels starting to really hurt my feet.

"I'm all for pictures but a girl can only stand in heels for so long." I whined a little causing my two brothers to grin. Those lucky bums!

"Aww, what's wrong, Baby Girl? You tired already?" Dean gave a sly smirk as he teased me.

"No, but you would be annoyed too if you had to be in heels." I argued as I pouted.

"Thankfully, I never have to know what that feels like." Dean quipped and I just crossed my arms over my chest as I gave Aunt Nora a pleading glance but she just shook her head with her own amusing grin.

"It's like Casey is fighting with an older version of Derek." Aunt Nora's comment caused Dean to instantly turn to glare in her direction.

"I'm nothing like him and if I were, it's him acting like me, not the other way around." Dean hissed.

I tried to stifle a giggle. Dean always prided himself in being his own person and doing things the way he wanted to so the idea that he was acting like someone else (when he was just himself) didn't really go over too well with him.

"Can't wait to see you two in the same room together." Sam amusingly quipped and got Dean's attention away from our aunt.

Unlike Sam's obvious amusement to see Dean and Derek in the same room, I was dreading it. I knew Dean was going to go all 'protective big brother to the extreme' when it came to Derek since they have so much in common with their behaviors that it still scares me at times. Like how did I fall for someone that acts very similar to my older brother? I still don't know the answer to that.

"Shut up Sammy."

"Dean, please refrain from that kind of language when you're around the younger children later." Aunt Nora pleaded but I knew she wasn't going to get it. The younger ones were already use to it from Derek (well except for Marti). I could see Sam was trying to hold in his laughter from the sight of Dean being reprimanded for his behavior, which only occurs when we're near Dad or Bobby.

"I don't guarantee a thing."

Aunt Nora sighed, "Alright then but you're gonna hate me now, Dean…"

My brothers gave our aunt a questioning look while I quirked an eyebrow at her as she held a smirk very similar to Dad's own.

"…How about both you and Sam lower down to kiss Casey on the cheek. Show the sibling love." Aunt Nora suggested, sweetly. I couldn't help but giggle at Dean's discomfort as Sam rolled his eyes at our big brother's behavior.

"You're right, I hate you now." Dean stated while holding a menacing front but we all knew he didn't mean it.

"Come on, Dean. Can't you cast your tough guy attitude aside and be the big brother for today?" I couldn't help but play the little sister guilt card on him. It's been too long since I used it.

"I've always been the big brother, right Sammy?" Dean instantly stated, looking to Sam at the last part.

"Of a girl?" I raised an eyebrow as I stated that. Leave it to Dean to go all literal on me.

"Well…I have been deprived of that for years." Dean put on an act as if he thought it over for awhile but he grinned down at me.

"I missed it." Sam joined in with a smile.

"I missed having big brothers." I smiled back at them and I could feel that the happy tears may come out at any second.

"Well then…how's this?" Dean quickly picked me up and placed me over his shoulder as he slowly started to twirl me around. Thankfully one of Dean's hands had my dress pinned to my leg, otherwise I thought the movement might have it blown upwards.

"Ahh! Dean, put me down! That tickles." I giggled since one of Dean's hands were slightly near the back of my knee, which was always ticklish and both my brothers knew that. When I was younger, they would always tickle me whenever I was in need for a pick-me-up.

"What? And miss this candid opportunity for Aunt Nora…never." Dean playfully added while I saw the flashes from the camera continuously going off.

"Dean, you can put her down before her face turns red." Sam finally got out as he was trying to calm his own laughter.

"Wreck my fun why don't you, Sammy." Dean whined be he slowly put me down, having his arms beside me just in case I felt dizzy. I could feel Sam's hand at the small of my back doing the same thing.

I took a few deep breaths before I nodded that I was okay and I could feel the excess blood leaving my face.

"You good?" Sam questioned when stepping closer to my right. I was straightening out my dress as Dean moved closer to my left.

"Yup, now you really have to do the photo." I smirked while Dean groaned.

I had my hands on my hips as I stared straight at Aunt Nora. I could feel Dean's arm snake around my waist and Sam's arm snaked around my shoulder like before. I could Aunt Nora counting down as I felt my brothers' breath on my ears. Dean whispered 'only for you' and my smile widened. I love the power I had over my brothers sometimes.

Aunt Nora took three kiss shots. One with Sam and Dean simultaneously kissing my cheeks, one with Sam kissing my cheek while Dean kissed my temple and the last one with them in the reversed positions. Aunt Nora mentioned taking a few more before she would let us go and I was feeling relieved. I could finally go and catch up with my brothers and get out of these heels.

"Can I be on the Impala for the last few?" I turned to look at Dean, hoping my puppy dog eyes were working on him. Dean just closed his eyes as he sighed.

"Ugh, you're really pushing your luck today, Princess."

"I know…and you know I love the Impala just as much as you do, so I won't wreck it." I assured my oldest brother. The 1967 Chevy Impala means the world to Dean, it's one of his most prized possessions since it use to belong to our dad. Our parents got it a few years before Dean was born and Dad gave it to Dean for his eighteenth birthday. That car was the only thing I could call home when I was growing up.

"Which I still don't understand." Sam added in, causing both me and Dean to glare at our brother. Sam never got Dean's obsession with the car or how I could care so much for it either.

"It's a classic car, Sammy." I stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

"That's my girl." I could hear the approving tone in Dean's voice as he walks closer to my side, brings an arm around me before kissing my temple once again. It felt like one of those moments where in movies, the proud father gives his daughter a kiss on the head and I couldn't help but smile. It was rare to get those moments from Dad but I always got them from Dean and Sam (yet they were always for different moments). I could see a few flashes before Dean pulled away.

"Hang on." Dean warned me before placing his hands on my waist to lift me onto the hood of the Impala. Dean leaned on the Impala from my left as Sam came over to do the same on my right.

"That's perfect guys!" I could practically see the excitement jumping off of Aunt Nora.

"Thanks guys." I said between smiles and shots as I shifted a little in my seat for new poses. Sam and Dean did the same, whether it's having their hands on the hood, arms crossed or in their pockets, they changed their position up too.

"No problem, Princess." Dean turned toward me so I could see the smirk on his face and I turned to look at him. I forgot that he called me Princess too. I guess I've been so use to Derek calling me that, I associated it with him more. Interesting.

"Today is all about what you want." Sam smiled as I looked to him then to Dean who nodded in confirmation while Aunt Nora continued taking pictures, ignoring the fact that we were now talking through them.

"Isn't that just like every other day?" I sighed at the sound of that all too familiar voice.

Derek's POV:

As parents started looking for their graduate in the crowd of students on stage, Marti started dragging me towards the rest of the family. I got stopped a few times by my fellow graduates as they praised me on my prank or they gave me a high five as a goodbye gesture.

I wasn't going to go all picture crazy like most of the graduates in the room but if someone wanted a picture with me, I wasn't going to argue. I was finally free and I could give the people a picture if they wanted, right? Surprisingly, Marti waited patiently beside me while I took a few photos with past dates, teammates and some fellow troublemakers.

Once we got to the family, I could see Edwin was finally let free from Mr. Lassiter's office and that he thankfully changed clothes while Dad was giving him a stern look. It seems like my little brother didn't get off so scotch-free from the principal like I did. Oh it was good to be King.

"Welcome back Ed, seems like you survived your first visit to the principal's office." I smirked as Edwin had a beaming smile. That kid is definitely seeking my approval. Dad was giving the two of us glares before he cleared his throat.

"We'll talk about that later. First, come here son." Dad said as he rushed to give me a hug. My eyes were widening as he was approaching me but I couldn't escape the hug. "My son's a graduate!" I could practically feel the excitement radiating off of him.

"Yeah Dad, I graduated." I nonchalantly stated as if it was nothing but it was definitely something. Graduation meant freedom and I was all for that. Dad pulled away causing Marti to rush me for another hug and Edwin to pat me on the shoulder.

"Congratulations, Smerek."

"Thanks, Smarti."

"Now some family photos, Derek." I groaned as my dad took his camera out. He snapped a few shots with me and Marti, a few with me and Ed, a few with the three of us. Dad then gave the camera to Edwin so he could take a few with just me and Dad.

Sam showed up next to give me a one-armed hug.

"Yo D, can you believe it? We're done!" My best friend stated with excitement, I laughed a little at the sight of pure exhilaration written on his face.

"Yeah, it's freakin' awesome. Where's-"

"Hey Sam, could you take a few pictures of all us Venturis before I take a few of you and Derek?" Dad interrupted me before I finished my question to Sam.

Sam nodded his agreement as he took the camera. Dad was ushering me into position, with me in the middle, Marti in front of me with Dad and Edwin flanking my sides. It was a few pictures like that until Dad and Sam switched spots, leading Sam and I to take some serious and funny pictures.

It wasn't long before Ralph was walking over with Casey and I had to tilt my head to the side. Why's she coming over here?

"Yo D! Great prank man!" Ralph praised as he gave me a one-arm hug once again. I pulled away and saw that Casey was smirking. Smirking? She rarely smirks. As I pulled away, I discreetly look at Casey and it didn't look like she was going to lecture me about doing a prank.

"Thanks Ralphie, glad I didn't disappoint." I gave my attention back to Casey, who looked like she was lost in thought. "Casey."

No answer.

"Spacey?" I questioned as I waved my hand in front of her, which got her attention as she quirked an eyebrow. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be going camera crazy with Nora?"

"Derek, be nice." I heard Dad say from behind me.

"Actually, I was hoping to get a picture with D-Rock, if that's okay." Casey calmly stated and it definitely caught me off guard, I wasn't expecting that.

"Why?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Today is all about memories. Why not capture them with a photo?" She shrugged her shoulders.

"C'mon Derek, it's not that bad." Sam offered as Ralph nodded along. I sighed as I agreed and I could see the biggest grin on her face.

Dad got into position to take this D-Rock photo as Casey and I were both in the middle facing each other while Sam was on Casey's left while Ralph was on my right. We took a couple serious ones like we would for a CD cover and then we took some candids before Casey thanked us and rushed back to Nora and the others.

Dad started taking pictures of me and Ralph before Sam joined in on a few more. We were just goofing off with some of the photos before I saw Lizzie coming over. Dad paused a bit as Lizzie told him something before he faced us.

"Derek, Nora wants you and Lizzie to take a few together. You know, every sibling taking pictures with both graduates. Marti and Edwin are doing the same with Casey right now." Dad explained as Lizzie came closer.

I looked over to Casey and saw that she was doing the same thing with Edwin and Marti.

I agreed and took a few shots with Lizzie. She quickly ran back to Casey as Nora were walking towards us.


Nora started dragging Dad, who was practically dragging me, towards the rest of the family. I had to briefly say goodbye to my friends but they said they'd find me once the family frenzy was over. Edwin and Lizzie were in charge of cameras as I was taking some pictures with Nora while Casey did the same with my dad.

Soon, my Dad and Nora wanted photos of just me and Casey before adding the younger kids in as well. Usually I wouldn't want to take pictures with Casey but since it was graduation, I was feeling generous. Plus, I figured, if I cooperate now then maybe they would be least angry about the prank and be alright with me going to the grad party. I would go either way but I rather not hear a 'Casey lecture' if she decides to bust me again for trying to sneak out. We must have been doing fine with the photos because the rest of the family was smiling like crazy and I just had to roll my eyes. They are just photos people!

After what seemed like forever (too many pictures with Casey), we finally took the huge family blended photo while Nora got one of the other parents to take the pictures.

As Nora was thanking the parent that took our photos, I saw Sam and Ralph approaching us but before they arrived, Dad asked to see my diploma and I handed it over to him. Dad carefully opened up the document as I looked over his shoulder and I couldn't help but smile when I saw my name on that important piece of paper. I finally made it. I couldn't believe it; with my lack of interest in school it was kind of hard to see me here at my graduation. As I looked to see my dad's face, I knew he felt the same way. I knew I must not have been easy to raise, when it came to school compared to Edwin or to Casey when she joined us.

"Well done, Derek. Well done." I heard my dad say and I didn't care that it would be one of those father-son moments. I needed this as much as my dad needed it.

"Thanks, Dad." Dad turned to look at me as I patted him on the shoulder. "For everything." I added when I saw the curiosity on his face.

"I'm proud of you, you know that right?" I smirked as I nodded, remembering my acceptance to Queens that no one knew about. Okay, Casey knew I got into university but she didn't know where. I wanted to tell my dad now but I knew it wasn't the right time. Maybe tonight I will tell them.

"Your friends are coming." Dad's statement snapped me out of my thoughts as he went back to looking at the diploma.

I patted my dad's shoulder once again before meeting Sam and Ralph halfway.


"Yo D, is everything alright?" Sam questioned after I high-fived both Sam and Ralph.

"We just graduated, Sammy. Everything is perfect!"

"I meant with Casey." Sam added and my smirk fell.

"Way to destroy my mood, Sam." I couldn't help but tease him about it. It didn't bug me to hear her name due to our quasi-friendship like it would have when she first moved in.

"Sorry D but she was saying some weird stuff to me after the pictures I took with her." Sam explained.

"This is Casey we're talking about, she's always weird…wait, you took a photo with her? Just you two?" When did that happen?

"Yeah, she said it was for all the memories…" Sam reasoned but I interrupted him on impulse.


"And she kept talking to me as if today was the last day she would see me." I could see the confusion on Sam's face and I knew it was reflected back onto mine.

"Or me." Ralph added in and for a second I forgot he was even there.

"You too?" Sam looked to Ralph who nodded before explaining.

"Yeah, she even thanked and forgave me too."

"She thanked me too." Sam added and I knew the wheels were turning in his head.

"Forgave you?" I looked to Ralph as I was confused on why Casey would thank him.

"For being a part of your prank when she came to meet you…or something like that." Oh that prank. Ralph shrugged his shoulders and you could tell he was just as confused as me or Sam.

"That makes no sense at all. You guys would still be seeing her at the house until I leave for Europe in the next few weeks." I stated as I tried to figure out Casey's odd behavior. Casey is usually predictable to a point that it made bugging her so easy but this wasn't usual for her.

"That's what I'm saying." Sam agreed with me.

"So what did she say anyways?" I couldn't help but ask. Sam and Ralph started telling me about their photo op with Casey.


Casey walked up to Sam and tapped him on the shoulder while Nora stood behind her. Sam said goodbye to the people he was talking to before turning to face Casey.

"Hey Casey, nice job with the speech earlier." Sam greeted causing Casey to smile.

"Thanks Sam and I was wondering, could I get a few pictures with you?" Casey questioned and Sam could slightly sense that Casey was a little nervous which he thought was odd.

"Yeah, no problem." Sam walked closer to Casey before turning her around to face Nora. Sam had his hand at the small of her back for some shots or it was around her shoulder for other ones. Nora continued to take photos ignoring the fact that Casey wasn't looking at the camera.

"Hey Sam?"


"I just wanted to say thanks, for everything. We've been through a lot and I'm glad that we became the friends that we are. It's been interesting." Casey admitted as she smiled up at Sam, who was a little confused on where this was all coming from.

"Yeah I'm glad we ended up as friends too. To be honest it was never boring once you moved here, 'cause your fights with Derek were always amusing for us outsiders." Sam added as he tried to lighten up the mood.

Casey laughed at the mention of her fights with Derek being amusing.

"Yeah I guess they were." There was a pause before Casey and Sam looked back at the camera as they both smiled. "Also, congratulations about getting into Queens. You'll do great."

"Thanks, Casey. That means a lot. Did you end up picking where you wanted to go?"

"Yeah but I haven't told anyone yet. I'm waiting for the right moment to tell the family." Sam nodded before hearing Ralph calling his name in the background. Casey pulled away as Ralph was getting closer.

"There you are Sam, I've been looking for you. Oh hey, Casey." Ralph greeted.

"Hey Ralph. Do you mind taking a few photos with me?" Casey asked before Sam could say anything to Ralph.

"Yeah no problem." Ralph added before he patted Sam on the shoulder to take his place beside Casey.

"Thanks for the photos, Sam. I'll see you in a bit." Casey added before turning back to Ralph.

"No problem, I'm gonna check where Derek is at." Sam stated as he started to scan the room for his best friend.

"I'll meet up with you afterwards." Ralph shouted back while Sam gave him a thumbs up as he walked to join Derek who was with his father.

Casey and Ralph were taking photos when Casey started talking out of nowhere. "You know I forgive you right, Ralph?" Ralph looked down at Casey with confusion all over his face.

"Forgive me for what?"

"For being Derek when I was supposed to meet him here before the wedding." She simply stated while Ralph had that look like a light bulb went off in his head.

"Oh right, that. It seems like forever ago." Ralph gave a slight chuckle at the memory.

Nora was still taking pictures as the two continued to talk.

"It does. And thanks for that one weekend you hung out with me. I know it got crazy in the end but still, thanks. I appreciate your help."

"No problem. It's what band mates do, right?" Casey laughed a little at that too.

"Right…Amanda is a pretty lucky girl, Ralph. Don't mess it up." Casey teased as she shoved Ralph in the shoulder playfully.

"I can only try." Ralph sincerely stated which gave Casey a smile.

"That's all you could do. Let's join back up with Sam and Derek."

Nora took the final shots before Casey started dragging Ralph in the direction Sam left. She shouted to Nora that she would be back shortly as they headed towards the duo they were looking for.


"Wow, you weren't kidding." I dumbly stated. I wasn't expecting Casey to say that to both my friends. If I didn't know any better, I'd think she was saying goodbye but why? It's not like graduation means the end of my friends coming over. Plus she told Sam that she had made a decision about her future. I couldn't help but think maybe she wasn't lying about keeping it a secret when I brought it up last night.

"Yup." Both Sam and Ralph stated simultaneously.

I looked around to try to find the girl in question but I couldn't find her. For some reason it was always easy for me to pick Casey out of a crowd. I still don't know why but it was always handy for whenever I needed to find her fast or avoid her like the plague when she would be on one of her rampages.

"Where is she anyways? Wouldn't she be going picture crazy with the rest of the graduates right now?" I spoke my thoughts aloud.

"Your stepmom's not here either." Ralph added as I saw him looking around the room.

"I saw Casey pulling her mom away saying 'the guys are outside.' I assume that she wanted pictures with some people that were leaving early." Sam shrugged his shoulders but I instantly tensed when he quoted Casey for some reason.

"But everyone is in here." Ralph stated with confusion.

I started walking towards Dad and Edwin. I could feel Sam and Ralph following right behind me.

"Hey, Dad, me and the guys are gonna get some air."

"Alright Derek, we'll meet you out there once the girls get back from the bathroom. I think Nora and Casey are out there too." Dad explained and I smirked at the confirmation. Edwin was eyeing me weirdly but I shrugged it off.

"Perfect…lets go guys." I turned to my friends who nodded in agreement as we headed to one of the teachers to give back our gowns before heading outside.


I was heading to the Prince while Sam and Ralph were heading to Sam's car that was close by but Ralph grabbed my arm before I got any further as he was already stopping in his tracks. I turned to face him, a little peeved since I almost fell backwards with his sudden backwards pull on me.

"What's with the tugging, Ralphie?" Sam too was looking at Ralph strangely as he was just staring out into the parking lot.

"Dude, isn't that Casey by the Chevy Impala? That's one sweet car!" Ralph questioned and I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Leave it to Ralph to stop in his tracks to admire a car.

Wait, did he just say Casey was by an Impala?

"D, I think he's right. It looks like Casey's taking pictures with some professionals." Sam added and I finally turned to see where my friends were looking.

It was a couple of cars away from us but there was Casey on the shoulder's of one of the well dressed guys. From where I was, he seemed to be shorter of the two guys, and he seemed to have a firm grip on Casey as he twirled her around. I could see Casey and the other guy laughing a bit. It was a few moments later that the shorter guy placed Casey down and instantly his arms were ghosting her side as the taller one's hand was near her back as if they were ready in case she was dizzy. I could have sworn that I saw her smirk before the two guys moved closer to her, all three facing Nora, who seemed to be completely comfortable that Casey was with these strangers.

Sam, Ralph and I continued to watch from afar as we saw Casey place her hands firmly on her hips, as I have seen her do many times during our stand offs. For some unknown reason, I could feel my shoulders tense and my hands ball into fists as the shorter guy snaked his arm around her waist as the taller one snaked his own around her shoulder. Those three were too close for comfort and all I see from Casey was that wide smile on her face.

I shift my gaze to Nora and saw that she was unfazed by how close her daughter was to these strangers. When I saw the first flash, I shifted my gaze back to the trio and saw them give her multiple kisses that I felt a little sick to my stomach for some reason. Stupid emotions…there is a reason I don't do you! I brushed off the unknown feelings I had and stuck with anger and confusion. Maybe I'm just hallucinating. I know Casey and she wouldn't do something like that…

"Do professionals usually kiss the girl too?" Ralph's comment brought me out of my inner battle.

"Damn it Ralph, I was hoping I was just seeing things." I complained as I tried to unclench my fists.

"It looks like she knows them." Sam calmly stated and all I wanted to do was punch him.

How is he so calm when he's just seen his friend/ex-girlfriend getting all comfy with two complete strangers that are definitely older than us? She's only my step-sister/quasi-friend and I'm freaking out inside.

"That's impossible." I nonchalantly stated as I shook my head at the ridiculous idea of her knowing them.

"How so, D?" Sam spared a glance towards me and I could feel Ralph's eyes on me too.

"Guys, this is Casey we're talking about, the keener who only knows people from school."

"Family?" Ralph asked and I had to think about that for a bit. Nah.

"I met them all at her Aunt Fiona's wedding a few years back and those two weren't there."

"Well let's find out then." Sam started walking towards them with Ralph right behind him. I had to quickly run up to catch up with them.


As we got closer to Impala, we could hear what they were saying but they didn't seem to notice that we were coming as if it was just the three of them and that just bugged me for some reason.

"Can I be on the Impala for the last few?" I could hear Casey asking the shorter man as her back was towards us. I could see him close his eyes and I assume he sighed out of defeat or something.

"Ugh, you're really pushing your luck today, Princess."

Princess? What's he doing calling her that?

"I know…and you know I love the Impala just as much as you do, so I won't wreck it." Casey assured the older man in a very sweet yet persuading tone that made me simply impressed.

So the Impala belongs to the shorter man.

"Which I still don't understand." The taller man stated causing both Casey and the shorter man to glare at him. I could see a bit more of Casey's face and I could tell that she was glaring, just like she always did in our fights.

"It's a classic car, Sammy." Casey replied in a matter-of-fact tone which just had my head swirling.

Is she just saying that or does she know what type of car that really is? Sammy huh, at least I have a name for the taller man.

I looked to the shorter man and saw him grinning from Casey's statement as he slowly walked closer to her.

"That's my girl." The shorter man said in that proud tone before wrapping his arm around her shoulder and kissing her on the head causing her to smile.

What is up between her and this guy?

I could still see flashes coming from Nora's camera but we were still unnoticed as we slowly approached. The next thing I see is the shorter guy grabbing Casey to lift her onto the Impala's hood before he himself was leaning against it as 'Sammy' joined them.

"That's perfect guys!" I suddenly hear Nora's excited tone.

"Thanks guys." Casey was smiling as she was oblivious to us approaching as she stayed focused on the strangers.

"No problem, Princess." The shorter man used the nickname once again as he gave her a smirk that I suddenly hated.

No one else but me calls her that…wait, where did that come from? I shook my head of the thought as we got closer for them not to miss us.

"Today is all about what you want." The taller man I learned she called 'Sammy' stated as he smiled back at my stepsister as the other guy nodded. I thought that was a perfect time to make myself known.

"Isn't that just like every other day?" I smirked as I saw Casey sigh. She knew it was me and I couldn't wipe the smirk off my face because of it.

I could feel Sam and Ralph stopping on my sides while taller 'Sammy' and the shorter guy turned to look at me.


"Hey, you don't have to talk to her like that." Taller 'Sammy' stated as he stood straight causing me to crane my neck just a little.

I was able to see that this 'Sammy' had shaggy brown hair and he looked to be around six-foot-four-inches with a weird eye color combination of chocolate brown with swirls of hazel green mixed in there. He was dressed in a casual looking suit that I could probably see myself wearing. I'd only admit this in my head but he wasn't that bad looking, making it even harder for me to believe that Casey knew him.

"You don't tell me what to do." I retorted back with my rebellious attitude and I heard a sigh from Nora and a scoff from the other guy. I turned to look at him and I saw that he had his arms crossed in front of his chest as he held a smug smirk while he was slightly in front of Casey who had her left hand on his right shoulder.

"So this is Derek Venturi." The other guy stated as if he knew everything and that just pissed me off. "I guess you weren't exaggerating, Case." He continued as he stared me down. What? Does he know all her nicknames or something?

I looked to Casey and saw her roll her eyes before she spoke.

"You know I tell you everything, so why does that surprise you?" Casey was looking at the guy in front of her while he still stared me down.

This other guy was different with his short dirty blonde hair and I estimated that he was over six-feet tall but he was still leaning against his car so I wasn't sure but I could see that he had hazel green eyes. He held himself as if he was the bad boy type, a guy you shouldn't mess with who also had the cocky attitude plus he had looks too. He seemed familiar but I couldn't place how. How does Casey know them?

"Can't put my finger on it but it does." He stated nonchalantly and I couldn't take it.

"Alright, it's obvious that you know about me but how did you know that I'm Derek?" I quirked an eyebrow hoping I stumped him as I crossed my own arms but all it did was have his own smirk widen even more as he gave a small laugh. I would feel my anger rising by his reaction.

"That's quite a prank you pulled in there. Got to give it to you, you sure know how to make an entrance." He quickly changed the subject as he answered my question as he now had an impressed/amused expression on his face.

I looked to Casey as she was smiling with the guy's statement.

"You guys were inside?" I couldn't help but question. He just nodded. "I guess you have great taste in pranks then."

"Oh you have no idea." Tall 'Sammy' added in as I quickly glanced to him as he was glaring at the shorter man who was smirking with a far away look.

"Oh, the memories…good times, good times." I could see Casey shake her head in amusement as tall 'Sammy' huffed a bit and I got a feeling that there was more than meets the eye. "If I do recall, you are in need of a good prank soon, Sammy boy." I could see the mischief in this guy's eyes and this all felt like déjà vu for me.

"For the millionth time, it's Sam. 'Sammy' is a chubby twelve-year old." Tall Sam explained as he looked to Casey and the other guy who were looking at each other before glancing at Sam.

Were we missing something?

"A cute chubby twelve-year old if you ask me." Casey smiled causing tall Sam to groan while the other guy was still smirking.

"You know Case, I think at times you're worse than Dean." He countered causing Casey to gasp as 'Dean' was looking quite amused.

"Sammy, that really hurts you know." Casey's voice was laced with mock hurt as she held her hand over her heart before a sly smile formed on her face, one that I only saw during our arguments. "You know you still love me either way." I could hear the confidence in her voice as 'Dean' chuckled beside her.

In my opinion, this whole exchange was surprising. There was no hesitation between any of them during their comebacks.

"She has you there, Sammy." Dean confirmed as he stared at Sam as his grimace slowly turned into a grin.

"You know I can't stay mad at you, Casey." Sam softly said as he walked closer to Casey.

"Exactly." She replied confidently before Sam placed a kiss on her temple. I quickly tensed before I saw a flash go off from beside me, bringing me back to the fact that Nora, Sam (my best friend) and Ralph were still there too.

I could feel one of my friends move closer to me before I heard one of them whisper something to me.

"D, how did the conversation veer off course?" My best friend asked and I couldn't help but shrug, I was wondering the same thing.

"I have no idea." I whispered back.

"Ugh, Mom, I think that's enough photos for now." Casey told Nora who I heard sigh.

"I know but the three of you are just so cute together." Nora stated and I instantly saw Dean glare at Nora. Once I saw that glare, I tried to hold in my laugh at that statement.

"We don't do cute, Nora. You know that." Dean simply stated and I saw both Casey and tall Sam roll their eyes.

"Not even for today?" My best friend questioned from behind me causing the trio to look more in our direction.

"I've done 'cute' for the past dozen photos, I think I'm done." Dean easily stated and I had to agree with him. Photos can sometimes be a pain.

"So who are you guys?" I heard Ralph ask and I was thankful that one of us could directly ask them. I knew their names through their conversations but it was nice to get some confirmation.

"If you must know, the name's Dean Winchester." The shorter man who still had Casey's hand on his shoulder stated. "The sasquatch over here is my younger brother, Sam." Dean stated as he pointed a thumb towards tall Sam who now stood on Casey's right side.

"How do you guys know the Princess over here?" I was looking straight at Casey who was giving me a glare and I instantly saw Sam and Dean turn to look towards Casey. Dean was sporting a smug smirk which I knew caught Casey's attention while Sam had an eyebrow quirked.

"Don't give me that look, Dean." Casey reprimanded Dean but he just turned around with an amusing smirk still on his face.

"I didn't do anything." He retorted as his amusing smirk was still intact before Casey looked back to me.

"If you must know Derek, Sam and Dean are really good friends of mine." Casey calmly stated but I saw another glint of mischief from Dean's eyes. There is something really familiar with him.

"Is that all we are, Baby Girl?" Dean said it with a very smug tone as if he was implying that there was more to the trio than what we saw.

Wait, Baby Girl? What the hell?

Casey didn't say anything but she did smack Dean on the back of the head lightly like I sometimes do to Edwin. I gave a slight chuckle at that but Dean's smirk didn't waver. "Oh how I missed those."

"You're impossible you know that." Casey leaned forward a bit as her arm was now dangling over Dean's shoulder. It looked like she could have whispered that line to him but she didn't.

"I know, but you still love me anyways." Dean said with a smile as he slightly turned to see Casey.

"Oh curse that dreaded concept." Dean laughed at the joking tone Casey was giving which I couldn't believe. She has every dynamic possible with these two, how is that possible? She went from teaming up on Sam with Dean, to teasing both men as Dean did the same with her and the word 'love' was mentioned at least twice. Is that normal?

"Could you guys help me down?" Casey asked as she pulled back from Dean's shoulder. Sam offered his hand for Casey to take a hold of while Dean grabbed her by the waist to lift her off the hood of the black car. She mumbled a thank you as she straightened her dress out.

"But how did you meet them? They are clearly older than us." I blurted out getting glares from Casey and Nora.

"Derek that's not very nice." I got reprimanded by Nora but I rolled my eyes.

"I'm just stating the obvious, that's all." I defended but I was still getting the glares.

"You could go about it in a nicer way." Nora offered but I just waved it off.

"We should probably go now." Sam stated as he started going to the passenger side of the Impala.

"Alright then." Nora said before motioning Casey over towards her and giving the camera to Casey. "I'll see you in an hour at the restaurant. You remember which one I told you?"

"I remember, Mom. See you soon." Casey hugged Nora before walking back to Dean.

"See you in an hour, boys." Nora shouted to Sam and Dean.

"Bye Nora." They simultaneously called back which I found kind of freaky.

"Bye everyone." Casey waved as she walked with Dean to the driver's side of the Impala. Dean already had his arm around Casey's shoulder as they walked and he was even leaning in to kiss Casey on the side of her temple before stopping at the back door and opening it for her.

"He always did know how to treat her." Nora commented mainly to herself but I still heard it. Nora approves of this Dean guy? No way!

Once Dean shut Casey's door, he turned his head to face me with a confident smirk in place before he gave a subtle wink my way before getting behind the wheel. I immediately felt anger rising in me as if he knew his actions towards Casey would bug me some how. How would he know they would bug me before I even knew? I don't even know why I'm acting the way I am. That Dean guy is really getting on my nerves.

"Nora, how could you just let her leave with them?" I couldn't help but ask as the Impala pulled out of the parking lot.

"Derek relax, she just needs some time alone with them." Nora calmly stated which bothered me. Her daughter was in a car with two twenty-something year old men and she is okay with that?

"Are you listening to yourself?"

"D, calm down." I could hear my best friend telling me but it irritated me even more.

"I am calm, it's just-" I reassured Sam but then Nora cut me off.

"She'll be fine, Derek."

"How do you know? You still think stuff will break when Casey and I are left alone together and I've lived with her for three years…how's this different?" I needed to know because her interaction with Sam and Dean (especially Dean), seemed really familiar to me.

"Yeah, from what I saw, those three reminded me of some of the fights Derek and Casey had." Sam added in. That's why it was familiar, our fights…wait, why is she acting all chummy with them then?

"That's why it was so familiar." I thought out loud causing Nora and Sam to slightly chuckle.

"Because they aren't like you Derek when they are around Casey and I know she's in good hands." Nora explained and I couldn't help but scoff.

"Didn't we all just see them together? I'm pretty sure there was some fighting there. So how is that different?" I crossed my arms ready for another explanation from Nora. She sighed.

"Your fights with Casey sometimes get pretty extreme-"

"Which hasn't happened for awhile, might I add." I defended which I did get a nod of recognition from her.

"Right but when those three fight, it's always the teasing/joking type. They won't hurt each other, just trust me on that. If you're so worried, you can see them at dinner."

"Wait what?" What dinner?

"You forgot, didn't you?" I shrugged causing another sigh from my stepmom. "We had plans to have an early family celebration dinner so that you could go to the grad party later on. So dinner is in an hour at the East Side Mario's that is just around the corner from Smelly Nelly's. Remember now?"

"Right, I forgot but all three of them are going to be there?" I really didn't like the idea of Sam and Dean tagging along but I did feel grateful that the family was willing to have an early dinner so that I (and Casey) could go out to the party.

"What a better way to get to know them?" I sighed causing Nora to pat my shoulder. "So be there in an hour. We'll meet you there because I can see the Prince from here."

"Fine." I grumbled before heading back to the Prince, leaving Nora to go to the family car as she waited for the rest of the family.


"Yo D, you okay?" Sam questioned as he walked into step with me.

"I'm fine." I knew I wasn't very convincing but I knew that Sam wouldn't push it.

"If you say so but we're still going to the pool hall before going to the party tonight, right?" Sam questioned once we got to my car.

"I'll meet you guys after the family dinner I have."

"You better get your head on straight before the party, man. You don't want to be depressed when you're surrounded by all the girls that will be there." Ralph added while he patted my shoulder enthusiastically.

I snorted.

"I'm not depressed, I'm just kind of-" I couldn't think of a better word for what I was feeling or why I was acting the way I was.

"Shocked? Confused? Angry? Take your pick." Sam offered.

I rolled my eyes.

"I think I was all those at one point back there." I admitted as if it was no big deal.

"No kidding. It has me curious about her history with those two." Sam acknowledged as Ralph nodded along with him. I could feel the smirk growing on my face as an idea popped into my head.

"I intend to find out."

Chapter Text

Chapter 4: What The Hell Are You Wearing?

[Sat. June 26, 2004]

Dean's POV:

After our little introduction with Derek, we were heading for the motel room so that Sam and I could change before heading back to Aunt Nora's place since, let's face it, Casey will take longer to change compared to mine and Sam's combined times.

While it remained silent in the car for the first few moments, I was revisiting our earlier encounter in my mind. I've seen Derek twice but this was the first time I got to see him up close and see what it was my sister was so attracted to.

Derek seemed to be around five-foot-eleven-inches tall with slightly shaggy light brown hair (not quite as shaggy as Sam's hair) and chocolate brown eyes that seem to hold curiosity and mischief at that moment. He seemed to have a good physical build for a teenager but then again, Casey did say he played sports. What was it, hockey? Anyways, he wore the typical outfit of red t-shirt layered over a grey long sleeve shirt while wearing some jeans compared to what most of the other graduates were wearing, who were a bit more formal in their attire. At least we both seem to agree about hating the dress-up portion of the ceremony. He seemed to wear this worn out pendant that Casey mentioned that he never took off as well as a watch and an armband. He seemed to be a rebel with too much attitude and I still couldn't peg how Casey could have fallen for this guy. It made more sense if she was just physically attracted to him but not the whole 'head over heels, he's the one' type of deal that she was in. It still surprised me when he approached that she wasn't really exaggerating anything about him. It's still weird to see for myself how much of a resemblance I had with him. So weird. It definitely was amusing watching this kid act all 'king of the world'. I guess I'm just gonna have to pay close attention to the two of them together.

Throughout the whole confrontation, I noticed that Derek can really hold his emotions in but I could still see them. Can't really hide anything from me. I saw it in his eyes when he got pissed off when I said his name as if I've known him all his life, I could see the confusion in his eyes at Casey's nonchalant attitude towards me or Sam and I was just loving it. I could see his need to know what was going on between us, all through his eyes as the mention of our pranks were brought up. I could see that he wasn't use to the Casey before him and I was excited to see how he would react once he got to know the real Casey. When the word 'love' was mentioned to Sam, I saw a whole bunch of emotions running through his eyes that I couldn't help but laugh again at the memory, and when Derek tensed as Sam kissed our sister on her head, that right there just proved that Derek does care about Casey and that he was subconsciously jealous. I really don't know how Casey hasn't seen it when I've seen it in one meeting with her pseudo-stepbrother.

I found it interesting how freely the nickname 'Princess' came from Derek's mouth when he was referring to Casey; it was very convenient how that nickname seemed to be so familiar between the two of them. How much more obvious do they have to be for the other to notice?

I smirked to myself when I remembered how I made the situation more uncomfortable for Casey in front of Derek as I called her my patented 'Baby Girl' and implied that there was more between the three of us. I saw a glint of surprise from Derek and I even got Casey to confirm that she loved me before we were joking around again. This was going to be one entertaining week.

"Dean, what was that all about?" Casey's voice took me out of my reverie as she leaned forward to rest her arms over the front seat, between me and Sam.

"What do you mean?" I innocently asked since I wasn't really paying attention before. Was she talking before?

"The comments, the kisses from both of you…" I saw her in my peripheral vision as she glanced between me and Sam before continuing with, "…are you trying to blow my cover?" Casey was getting angry now and I knew that wasn't good.

"Nope, just testing a theory out, that's all." I simply stated but I could feel her eyes on me as mine stayed focused on the road.

"What kind of theory, Dean?"

"A theory involving Derek's reactions when he saw the way you acted with us." I stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

"I wasn't acting any differently." Casey defensively stated and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Case, have you already forgotten that you've been acting like a 'keener' for the past few years? You weren't acting differently with us but to Derek, he seemed surprised, which I thought was very amusing." I explained while Sam was nodding along with me.

"Yeah I noticed that too. No wonder you were staring at him so much, Dean." Sam added with a smug expression directed at me.

"Shut up. I was making observations and…" I took a pause since I didn't really want to admit this but I still continued on. "I think he does care for you, Casey."

I took a quick glance at her before settling my eyes back on the road.

"I doubt it." She sighed before she leaned back into the backseat. "How could you even tell when you guys just met him?"

"Are you forgetting what we do, Case? It's practically our job to read people." I could see her roll her eyes in the rear view mirror.

Sam turned in his seat to look at her, "Why is it so hard to believe that he might actually care about you?"

"Because he's still Derek." She huffed in defeat as if that explained everything. It probably did but then again, she's known him for three years while we've only heard of him for the past two years.

"That's no excuse but we still have another problem." I chided before changing the subject a bit.

"Which is what?" I chanced a glance towards my little brother and saw the confusion on his face. And he's supposed to be the smart one. I sighed before I explained.

"Casey's inability to keep her cover while we are around her."

"I can't help it, it's a reflex." She countered.

"So what are you going to do then?" Sam asked as he looked to the backseat.

"I'm tired of hiding. Aunt Nora said I can be myself so that's what I'm gonna do, be myself." I could hear the determination in her voice and all I could do was smile at the thought that my Baby Girl was coming back.

"You sure about that?" I could hear the uncertainty in Sam's voice.

"I'm sure. How else am I gonna have some normal fun this week?" Casey confirmed and teased as I pulled into the motel's parking lot.

"True, just don't overdue it in front of the others. Don't want them to think that you've been swapped or something." I joked as I turned the engine off.

"No worries. I have you guys to look out for me instead of me watching out for myself." I turned around to see her smile after her statement causing myself to smile right back.

"Well then, welcome back little sis." Sam added in before we all headed inside.


While Sam and I were taking turns getting changed, Casey was getting herself reacquainted with the weapons while she told us in detail about her studies (never missing a beat when she handled our arsenal). We could never have long phone conversations during the past few years so she was able to tell us everything in full detail (plus she would always feel guilty about leaving very long emails as well). I sometimes would forget that she has a photographic memory because it was as if those events just happened the previous week with the way she was describing them.

Ignoring some of those embarrassing high school moments that most students can't ignore, Casey's experience seemed to be very rich and rewarding for her. She had taken the required courses that a Canadian diploma needed and all her electives had a reason behind taking them that she said would benefit us when hunting. I thought that was pure genius, she actually chose courses that are important to what we would do rather than pick the courses that led to dream jobs like what most of the students had done. (A/N: reasons listed at the end of the chapter)

She also kept busy with many extra curricular activities at school to keep up her grade-conscious, super-keener reputation. She had been a part of the drama club, the archery club (apparently, not many people outside of the club knew about this), the cheerleading squad for a short time during her junior year, volunteering for summer camps for the school, using the music instruments during her free time to record and practice her songs (apparently she's the music teacher's favorite student since she was also the drama teacher). She mentioned keeping up with her martial arts training either in private or at the gym near the house. That idea got me thinking that we should test her out sometime this week to make sure she hadn't lost her touch. Bobby's is another option too. I thought.

As she was switching between weapons, she started talking about her life outside of school, like more about the family/step-family, her friends, her recent relationships. Of course this part was a bit muffled since Sam and I switched spots and I got the bathroom but I groaned when I heard her say something about her being in a 'dating frenzy' during freshman year. Not even a year out of my protection and she already went boy crazy. I had scoffed at the thought before I left the bathroom to get my shoes.

"Finally man, you take too long." I heard Sam complain from his bed with Casey sitting on my bed. I noticed there wasn't a weapon in sight. I rolled my eyes at my whining brother as I sat on my bed to put my shoes on.

"I take too long? Casey hasn't even started yet, so I wouldn't be complaining just yet." I retorted before feeling a slight nudge in my back that I knew was from my little sister.

"Hurry up and let's go 'cause like you said, I take awhile." Casey scurried over to the door as I finished up, following her and Sammy to the Impala.


It was a few songs into the drive back to Aunt Nora's when Casey blurted out that I needed to get an Ipod jack. A what now? I spoke what I thought causing my sister to sigh and for Sam to hold in a laugh. Bitch.

"An Ipod jack." Casey repeated herself and I just rolled my eyes.

"I heard you the first time, Case. Now what is it?" I retorted causing her to roll her eyes back at me.

"It allows for an Ipod to be connected to a car's sound system." She explained.

"So you want me to douche up my car?" I didn't like the idea of hooking something up to my car. Nothing was going to hurt my car!

"It doesn't hurt the car, Dean. You just plug it in, that's it." She tried to assure me and it did calm me down a bit. I'll think about it.

"Yeah plus it will update you from your cassette tape collection." Sam added in and I took a quick glance to the shotgun position with my eyebrow quirked up.

"What's wrong with my cassette tapes?"

"For one, they are cassette tapes." Sam easily pointed out in a 'duh' tone.

I kept moving my glance from the road to Sam.


Casey sighed, "Dean, I have all of your cassette tapes on my Ipod with a whole bunch of other stuff too."

"You do?" I questioned as I looked in the rear view mirror to see a smiling Casey.

"Yup." She was confident with that answer and I couldn't help but try to burst her bubble. There is no way she has my music on her Ipod thingie.

"Black Sabbath?"

She nodded.


She nodded again as I saw a smirk forming.


She nodded once again as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"I have more of your songs, Sam's songs, my songs; both favorites and originals, and a couple of movies on it too." She quickly added and I couldn't believe it. We all have similar yet different tastes in music so a music collection for the three of us would be huge.

"And you still have more room? How big is this thing?" I quickly asked as I turned on the right street that led to the house.

"The size of my phone. It can also work as a hard drive too for my laptop." She explained as she pulled out her cell phone, the same one she's had since she went to live with Aunt Nora. Dad made sure that Casey had her own phone before he separated us but he told her to keep the phone a secret and to only have our numbers on it. (A/N: Casey still got the cell phone from Derek so after that, she had TWO cell phones; 'Winchester' phone and 'McDonald' phone)

"When did you get an Ipod?" Sam asked and I was glad he did. She didn't have one the last time we saw her.

"Aunt Nora bought it for me for my sixteenth birthday. She told everyone that I got it as a thank you for agreeing with the move in. Kind of like a bribe but she told me once we were alone that it was for my birthday." Casey explained while I parked on the road in front of the McDonald-Venturi household.

"That was nice of her." I said as I turned the engine off. Note to self: thank Aunt Nora A LOT before leaving.

Sam and Casey were already making their way out of the car and heading for the door while I locked my car up. Casey stopped in her tracks to face us before she unlocked the door as if she wasn't done speaking.

"Yeah it was. Oh, that reminds me, when I'm changing my outfit, you guys can listen to the song I sang last year for the open mic night. I finished polishing it up a few months ago." She finished off before twirling around to unlock the door to let us inside.


She immediately took off her heels, grabbed them and headed upstairs as she yelled down that she would be back in a minute. Sam was already inside looking around while I shut the door behind me. I took the scene in before me and I couldn't help but smile as I once again, got that home-vibe from it. Toys scattered near the walls so they weren't in people's way, family photos on the shelves and walls, a television that was off to the side to make room for a group of instruments by the window.

"Hey Dean, check this out." Sam grabbed my attention as he was staring at one of the pictures on the shelf.

I moved to a spot beside him and looked at the picture. It had what I would assume were the five children of the McDonald-Venturi household. I could see Casey and Derek near the top, Lizzie on a stool as well as Edwin and then the little girl who I could assume was Marti. Lizzie has grown up so much since we've last seen her and Edwin didn't look weird at all, then again Edwin in anything besides that superhero costume is an improvement. Little Marti was just adorable and seeing her brought memories back of when Casey was that small and vulnerable, a time where she could've still held on to her innocence from the supernatural world.

"That was taken for George and Aunt Nora's second wedding anniversary last summer." I whipped around to the stairs once I heard Casey's voice and I smirked.

"It's a great photo, you can't even tell that you don't get along with Derek." I smugly stated knowing that she liked the guy at the time the photo was taken.

"One big happy family." Sam stated as he moved to take a seat on one of the dining room chairs near the kitchen. I knew Sam was feeling down a bit since we didn't have photos like that. I was too, but I wasn't going to let that show.

"You guys are my family. They are just extensions to it." Casey simply stated as she walked down the rest of the stairs and headed for the music player. She started setting it up and messing with something that resembled a phone. I guess that's the Ipod. She then placed it in the dock while I took a seat at the head of the table closest to the couch. "I hopefully won't take too long but maybe you could hear a few of my songs while you wait."

"You better not take long." I commented before she turned towards me with the remote in her hand for the music player. She made a move to hand it to me but at the last second, she moved it out of my reach and gave it to Sam. Sam snorted while I gave him a glare. Just cause I didn't know what an Ipod jack was, doesn't mean I don't know how a stereo works.

"Just click play when you want to start. I better get changed." She stated before she rushed upstairs but I stopped her midway with a question on which song it was that she sang last year. She said it was called 'Zero Gravity' and that it should be the first or second one that would be playing. It was a few moments later that we heard her bedroom door close.

"How long do you think she'll take?" Sam questioned as I returned my gaze back to him.

"I'm hoping not more than fifteen minutes, now click play Sammy." I suggested and it was a few moments later that the music started with a pretty good beat before Casey's voice started singing her lyrics.

I can make the rain stop if I wanna,
Just by my attitude
I can take my laptop record a snapshot
And change your point of view

I just entered this brand new world
And I'm so openhearted
I know I've got a long way to go but I
I'm just getting started

I'm over my head, and I know it, I know it
I'm doing my best not to show it, to show it
Whatever it takes to be what I was meant to be, I'm going to try
Cause I'm living the dream and I know it, I know it
I'm trying my best not to blow it, to blow it
And I know everything will be fine
With me, myself and time.

That's not about a boy. I knew the song she sang at the open mic night had to do with her feelings for Derek and this song wasn't about that.

I got up and looked at the mini screen on the Ipod and saw that the song was called "Me, Myself and Time" (A/N: Demi Lovato).

"It's not the song is it?" Sam questioned still in his seat and I shook my head no.

"Nope, but she still sounds great."

"Yeah, she does." Sam agreed before there was a pause as we both continued to listen to Casey's singing as I returned to my seat.

I go where life takes me, but some days it makes me want to change my direction
Sometimes it gets lonely, but I know that it's only a matter of my perception
I just entered this brand new world
And I'm so openhearted
I know I've got a long way to go but I
I'm just getting started

I'm over my head, and I know it, I know it
I'm doing my best not to show it, to show it
Whatever it takes to be what I was meant to be, I'm going to try
Cause I'm living the dream and I know it, I know it
I'm trying my best not to blow it, to blow it
And I know everything will be fine
With me, myself and time.

Both Sam and I continued to either bob our heads to the beat or tap our feet or hands with the rhythm to Casey's song. I truly have one talented singer as a sister.

And baby there is nothing like this moment
To just be real and let the truth be spoken
Whatever's broke I can make it unbroken
Turn the lead in my hand into something golden
Just try more love, if I just try more love then I'll find
Myself and time.

I'm over my head, and I know it, I know it
I'm doing my best not to show it, to show it
Whatever it takes to be what I was meant to be, I'm going to try

I'm over my head, and I know it, I know it
I'm doing my best not to show it, to show it
Whatever it takes to be what I was meant to be, I'm going to try
Cause I'm living the dream and I know it, I know it
I'm trying my best not to blow it, to blow it
And I know everything will be fine
With me, myself and time.

I'll find myself in time,
I know I'll find myself in time

After the music ended, I noticed the next song wouldn't start and it wasn't until I looked to Sam to see the remote again in his hand aimed at the stereo. "She gets her singing talent from Mom, doesn't she?" Sam asked and I knew he wanted a conformation.

Sam was only two when our mom died while I was six so I would remember more about her than him or Casey. Mom used to sing all the time, and whenever any of us felt scared, she'd sing to us to calm us down. She'd always sing her favorite song, "Hey Jude", as a lullaby to us. I continued that after the fire for Casey but I would never be as good as our mother but I wasn't terrible like our father.

"Well she doesn't get it from Dad, that's for sure." I scoffed while Sam gave a slight chuckle. "Mom did love to sing." I couldn't help but add.

"Let's hear the next one then." Sam clicked play once again for the stereo and the music started. I checked the screen and told Sam that this was the song before Casey's voice was heard through the speakers.

As Casey sang her song, "Zero Gravity" (A/N: David Archuleta), it was amazing to hear what type of emotion she portrayed in the song. Was Derek really making her feel like that? I was also surprised that nobody figured out who she was singing about. Granted, we both knew it was Derek but wasn't it obvious to anyone else? It couldn't be a stranger because it mentioned spending time with the special guy and Casey did mention she didn't have that many good guy friends here after she moved. I saw from Sam's expression that he was thinking along the same lines as I was.

When the song ended, I motioned for Sam to pause it again before the next one started so that I could at least say something.

"To think no one figured out who she was singing about. Got to hand it to her for hiding it like that. Girl's a genius."

"If you hadn't already known, would you have figured it out?"

"Of course!" I exclaimed but Sam gave me that look that said he knew I was bluffing. "Alright no, but what do you expect? We don't personally know the guys she's hung out with." I countered and that's when I saw a shadow move in the kitchen. I could see a faint silhouette through the translucent windows on the door to the kitchen.


"You're right." Sam agreed but I signaled to him that someone was here and he knew what I meant and nodded. Maybe he knew before me since he was closer to the kitchen but Sam and I always knew what the other was thinking at times. It was weird but I guess that's what you get when you spend practically 24/7 with each other on the road, hunting.

"I always am." I smirked as Sam rolled his eyes at me.

"Ready for another song?" He asked but I was taking a look at my watch. I held my hand up telling him to 'hang on' before I stood up to move to the base of the stairs.

"CASEY! YOU ALMOST DONE?" I shouted up the stairs to my sister.

I heard a door open before I got my reply.

"MY TIME'S NOT UP YET!" I heard her door close before I could hear Sam scoffing as I rolled my eyes.

I could hear a faint laugh coming from the kitchen. It's definitely Derek.

Then I got an idea and I quickly looked to Sam and I knew I had a mischievous grin on my face before I looked up the stairs once again.


I could hear her door opening again, just waiting for what her reply would be.

"THEN GET SOMETHING TO EAT! I'M ALMOST DONE!" I heard the door slam again and I didn't hold back my laugh as I returned to my seat. She never disappoints me.

"Oh Sammy, how I missed that." I finally let out as my laughs died down.

"Yelling at her?" I saw the confusion on his face and I instantly needed to set him straight (and Derek).

"No! I meant the whole routine of it. Granted, I wish she just stuck with jeans and a t-shirt, it'd go by so much quicker."

"Low standards there, Dean?" I smirked at Sam as he had tilted his head in Derek's direction. Oh, messing with people is always entertaining.

"Ha! No. It's gonna take quite a special girl to be able to handle all of me." I boasted but then I heard footsteps upstairs after a creak of a door. Casey.

"DEFLATE THAT EGO, DEAN!" She called down before I heard another door close. Bathroom.

"NEVER PRINCESS!" I yelled back quickly but in a joking manner.

It's amazing how we still banter the way we use to. It wasn't foreign for us to be put in a situation where we just had to create our own entertainment and fighting for no reason was always our solution. Sam would usually want to read something, Casey would want constant attention since we wouldn't be with her during school hours and I always had to resist my need to leave the motel rooms (I didn't like staying inside all the time). We would fight over useless stuff but it always ended in both of us laughing and sometimes Sam would be laughing too for no reason, forgetting his book that he was trying to read.

"Yeah, it's like nothing's changed." Sam gave a slight chuckle with his statement and I couldn't help but smirk at how true that statement seemed to be.

It was still me, Sammy and Casey (all grown up yet still the same) but the thing that I knew that had changed was that Casey now had more people that she cared about. This wasn't just a normal trip for Casey, leaving a town after a short amount of time when a hunt was done. She'd spent a few years here building familial bonds, friendships and relationships that were difficult to make earlier when we were in a town for a very short time. I knew in my heart that next Saturday wasn't going to be easy for my little sister.

"Exactly! And here I thought four years apart would change that." I pushed my previous thoughts to the side as I blew out some air before I basked in the idea that nothing has changed between the three of us.

Sam gave me that all knowing look of his when he knew I was hiding something. At times like these, I just wish I could shoot that look off of his face but at least he wouldn't pester me about it now since we still had a sneaky audience in the kitchen.

"Dean, nothing could change that. It's been like that her whole life."

"What? Nooooo." I denied but I was gratefully that he was trying to cement that fact into my brain.

"Just admit that you love it." Sam tried coaxing me and I couldn't help but scoff at his attempt.

My smirk was still in place as I subtly looked to where I knew Derek was hiding. I admit nothing, just yet.

"I admit nothing." I smugly replied but I knew from Sam's smile that he knew that I did love it indeed.

"Sure you don't, bro." Sam joked while I rolled my eyes.

"Enough with the click-flick stuff, if she isn't down by the time the next song's done, I'm going up there." I made sure my tone was serious as I looked to my watch seeing that we were going to cut it close if she wasn't done soon. It was at times like this that I wish Casey was still the little girl that I grew up with. I didn't know how far the restaurant was but it wasn't like my driving was a hindrance.

"You're ridiculous, you know that." Sam joked once again as I removed my gaze from the stairs. I felt my eyebrow quirk up as I stared at my brother before I smiled, with the perfect comeback in place that'll confuse the hell out of Derek, hopefully.

"Yet, I'm the world's awesome-est big brother ever." I stated as cockily as I could hoping to irritate Derek. Casey told me that Derek had claimed that title whenever Marti was concerned and I couldn't wait to see his behavior to his own little sister. Did we really have a lot in common?

The thought definitely got me thinking since during this whole week, I would be able to see how Derek's relationships are with his siblings; to see how he treats Marti and Edwin and how differently he treats Lizzie and Casey. Casey mentioned that Derek gives off this persona of an 'I don't care' attitude but it's all pushed away when Marti is concerned. She said he uses Edwin as his slave but he does help him when he really needs it. Casey said that his relationship with Lizzie is going well as he taught her hockey and treats her in between how he'd treat Marti and Edwin. It seemed like Casey was the only one that was the target for his pranks as he caused her trouble throughout the years since the wedding. I wondered if the pranks were just a cover up Derek used for something else. I would have to look into that, maybe talk to Lizzie alone at one point.

"That's not even a word." Sam stated in a matter-of-fact tone a few moments later causing me to snap out of my thoughts and future plans.

"You're the bookworm, not me." I countered back instantly like I always do when he said that, kind of like our bitch/jerk routine.

"Yet you still know the basics, Dean."

"Sure I know them, I just choose not to use them." I reasoned with Sam since it was true.

Sure I knew all the advanced material from school but that didn't mean that I was going to use it during my everyday life, that's what Sam and Casey do. I rather have people underestimate me because it's better to pull something over their eyes if they think less of me, plus I can pull out more surprises too. It's always been like that, Sam would work his ass off to get ahead in school while I just coasted through it. I wasn't stupid, quite the opposite actually, I just chose not to have unnecessary attention drawn to me by not doing exceptionally well in school. Learning the material was easy and with all the constant school transfers, I was still ahead when compared to my peers. Stupid teenagers. When I didn't use all my brain power during school, I used it on teaching Casey the stuff just to confirm that I knew it backwards and forwards. Sam and I had to know the school material as if we, ourselves, were the teachers because we both had to teach it right back to her as she was being home-schooled. It didn't matter that Sam and I were learning different levels of the material, but Casey wanted to learn it all and we were just thankful that she could take it all in so easily. That could have been one reason why Dad didn't want Casey to go to school like Sam and I since she would draw attention to herself plus she'd be at a different school than us; he never did give us a full reason why she had to be home-schooled.

"Alright that's it. I'm starting the next song before we get into another fight." I could see Sam picking up the stereo's remote as he aimed it at the stereo.

I rolled my eyes, "Oh please Sammy, it's what we do. It keeps our lives interesting."

Sam sighed, "No, our job keeps our lives interesting."

I thought about it quickly and Sam was right, hunting was what kept our lives interesting. Dealing with the creatures of the night while everyone lived their normal lives; saving people as we hunted the unnatural down. No matter what my siblings say, hunting is invigorating and the life I could only see myself living. Sure I have had to sacrifice quite a bit but I get to help others in a way that matters, I get to prevent families from going through something that my own family had to, I can stop others from feeling the pain that we've had to go through. Isn't that what it's all about? I could go without the constant worrying about whether my family will be safe but I rather have them be trained and ready than helpless and vulnerable to what's out there.

"True, just click play already." I demanded of Sam before we gave too much of the truth away.

Instead of the music starting we heard quick tapping before Casey's voice was heard. "S & D, if you're listing to this version, I guess I haven't gotten to record the upbeat version yet or I have and didn't delete this version yet. Let's just say this song came to me after I saw some crumpled up papers with the word 'baby' repeatedly on them but this is what I got from those words."

I quickly got up and clicked stop before the music started up and I took the Ipod out of its dock. I started clicking back to go to the menu to my playlist that she claimed to make for me as I searched the list (I was paying attention when she did it earlier). Wow she does have everything. I found the song I wanted to listen to, placed it back in the dock before clicking play and returning to my seat. The familiar tune of AC/DC's "Back in Black" was bursting through the speakers.

I look to Sam with a smirk as he had confusion written all over his face.

"What?" I couldn't take the confused expression Sam had directed at me as I was trying to enjoy some of my classic rock.

"Why are we listening to AC/DC? What about Casey's song?"

"Like her recording said, she wasn't done so I rather wait and listen to the completed song than hear an uncompleted version." I explained as I looked to him as if it wasn't a big deal.

"But the completed version might be on there." Sam pointed out, but I gave him a pointed look which caused him to sigh and lean back into his seat. "Fine but why AC/DC?" He asked and I shrugged.

"First on my playlist and you know what? She actually wasn't kidding; all my songs seem to be on there." I knew Sam could hear the surprise in my tone.

"You doubted her?" Confusion was once again written all over Sam's face and I knew why. It wasn't often that I would doubt anything Casey said or vise versa. The same applied to Sammy but with him getting older and trying to 'grow up,' he's always trying to prove to me that he can do things without his big brother's help. I didn't like the idea of Sam not needing me anymore but I knew that he just wanted to prove that he can stand on his own.

"I doubted the fact she said she had ALL of my songs on that little device." I defensively clarified.

"Yeah well, those little devices can hold quite a lot of stuff." Sam agreed as I nodded with him and to the music. I glanced over to where I assumed Derek was hiding and I knew that it was time for him to show himself.

"Plus I wanted to end this little oblivious charade that we've got going on." I nonchalantly stated while Sam's head snapped to look at me.

"Dean." He warned but all I did was look at him and smirked as I stated my next command towards the boy in the kitchen.

"Derek, get out of the kitchen right now!"

Derek's POV:

I stayed at the school a bit longer after the rest of the family left before I told Sam and Ralph that I'd meet them at the pool hall after dinner before we'd head off to the party at Jason's place; might as well try our luck at getting some drinks at the pool hall before heading to the grad party.

I was in a pretty good mood before I saw the same 1967 black Chevy Impala parked in front of my house causing me to groan. I wasn't just hallucinating. I wanted to forget that Sam and Dean existed or how chummy Casey seemed to be with the older strangers, or how Nora didn't seem fazed at all that her daughter was getting too comfortable with two older guys right in front of her. At least they didn't park in the driveway.

I exited the Prince before staring at the black car. I knew that car was a classic and in good hands since it looks like it was just sold to its owner.

I shuffled around back but before I opened the back door, I heard a faint familiar rhythm inside causing me to pause in my tracks. I slowly opened the door and quietly walked inside, making sure my presence wasn't known. I gently closed the back door behind me before I tip-toed closer into the kitchen.

When things get messed up, you lift my head up
And I get lost in the clouds
There's no sense of time with you and I
It's zero gravity

As I got closer to the doors that separated the kitchen from the living room, the music intensified and after a few moments later, the familiarity of the song hit me. It was the song Casey was singing at Smelly Nelly's first open mic night last year and the vocals I was hearing now were Casey herself.

Nothing brings me down when you're around
It's like zero gravity
The world just disappears when you're here
It's zero gravity

I remained hidden behind the door but I could see that someone was sitting in dad's chair, swaying their head to the beat causing some of their brown hair to go out of place. I couldn't see much more than that since I didn't want to expose myself so I just waited.

Nothing brings me down when you're around
It's like zero gravity
The world just disappears when you're here
It's zero gravity
Zero gravity

When the song finished, I was surprised that another song didn't follow directly afterwards but the voice in the other room was what caused me to tense in my spot.

"To think no one figured out who she was singing about. Got to hand it to her for hiding it like that. Girl's a genius." Dean?

I couldn't believe that he was in my house. Wait…he knows who Casey was singing about? I still haven't figured out who the song was about and this stranger already knows?

"If you hadn't already known, would you have figured it out?" The second voice questioned but it was louder than the first so he must have been the one I could slightly see. If Dean is here, then that must be Sam then. Great, they're both in my house. I suppressed a groan.

Wait…she told them who the song was about? For some reason I was getting angry at that notion.

"Of course!" Dean exclaimed but there was a slight pause before he continued. "Alright no, but what do you expect? We don't personally know the guys she's hung out with."

I was getting irritated, I hate just listening. I have to see people when they talk; be able to analyze their body language, anticipate what they would do next before they themselves knew. It was that skill that usually gave me the upper hand in my encounters with Casey.

I shuffled a bit in my spot to try to move so that I could look into the other room without them seeing me, with not much improvement.

Maybe I could get some dirt on these guys. I smirked at the thought.

"You're right." Sam agreed.

"I always am." Dean replied with a cocky attitude that made me want to roll my eyes.

"Ready for another song?" Sam asked but there was no reply. Instead I heard one of the dining room's chair shuffle, followed by footsteps on the hardwood floor.

"CASEY! YOU ALMOST DONE?" Dean shouted up the stairs. I guess that's why they're here.

I faintly heard a door open before there was an answer.

"MY TIME'S NOT UP YET!" I heard her door close before I heard Sam scoffing.

I didn't realize that I let a little laugh escape until it was too late. I hope no one heard that.

Luckily I didn't hear them move anywhere near the kitchen.

"HURRY UP THEN, PRINCESS. YOU DON'T WANNA BE LATE FOR DINNER! I'M STARVING DOWN HERE!" Dean shouted once again causing me to cringe at the nickname use.

My nickname for her! Wait, what? I shook the thought away as I heard her door open again.

"THEN GET SOMETHING TO EAT! I'M ALMOST DONE!" I froze when she mentioned him getting food as I heard the door slam shut again.

I was tempted to run out the back door to hide in case Dean came into the kitchen but all I heard was Dean laughing, followed by the scraping of the dinner chair against the hardwood floor.

I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding in.

"Oh Sammy, how I missed that." Dean finally said after he stopped laughing.

"Yelling at her?" I could hear the confusion in Sam's voice and I too was confused. Dean missed yelling at Casey?

"No! I meant the whole routine of it. Granted, I wish she just stuck with jeans and a t-shirt, it'd go by so much quicker." I let another breath out, realizing that Dean objected to liking to yell at Casey. Wait, why do I care?

"Low standards there, Dean?" I had to suppress a chuckle at that. It would have to be the right girl in order for them to pull off jeans and a t-shirt.

"Ha! No. It's gonna take quite a special girl to be able to handle all of me." Dean boasted and I couldn't help but think that he has such a huge ego. Wait…is that what Casey meant when she complains about my ego?

I could hear footsteps upstairs after a creak of a door. Casey.

"DEFLATE THAT EGO, DEAN!" She called down before I heard another door close. Bathroom.

"NEVER, PRINCESS!" Dean yelled back quickly in a joking tone and the comeback startled me. It came out so natural and reflexive-like.

How often does this happen between them? I still wasn't use to this. It had only been half an hour since the trio left the high school's parking lot yet the dynamic between them left a lasting impression that still bugged me. What made these two older male strangers so special that it immediately got a different Casey when she was with them? How was it that it was so natural for her to change dynamics between them so quickly that it gave me a sense of whiplash? She had the joking, teasing, mocking yet playful attitude while bantering between them. It's usually me that gets the fun out of riling her up, but there she was, dishing out what I usually would throw at her. What the hell?

"Yeah, it's like nothings changed." Sam gave a slight chuckle with his statement that I could still hear, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Exactly! And here I thought four years apart would change that." I assume Dean was the one that blew out some air for relief purposes for which I didn't understand why. It's not like a person can change dramatically in four years, can they?

"Dean, nothing could change that. It's been like that her whole life." Sam's statement caught me off guard.

Have they really known Casey for that long? Was it possible that these two knew Casey longer than I have? Was it possible they knew her better than me? I tensed at the thought, not sure where it had come from. Sure, I had prided myself in the fact that I could rub it in her face that no one knew her better than I did, but did that fact still remain true?

"What? Nooooo." Dean denied.

"Just admit that you love it." Sam tried coaxing Dean while I tensed again when the L-word was mentioned.

"I admit nothing." Dean smugly replied but in his voice I could tell that he did agree with Sam's statement.

"Sure you don't, bro." Sam joked and I could tell that he knew that's all he was going to get.

Dean doesn't do emotions, huh? Interesting…complete opposite of Casey. I couldn't help but smile at the thought since there was no chance that Casey and Dean would have a relationship together if Dean rarely talked about feelings with his own brother while Casey would talk nonstop about them to anybody.

In the back of my mind I got this déjà vu feeling again but I pushed it aside.

"Enough with the click-flick stuff, if she isn't down by the time the next song's done, I'm going up there." The seriousness in Dean's tone was evident and I didn't have to see him to know that his demeanor portrayed the same thing.

"You're ridiculous, you know that." I could sense that the joking vibe was back.

"Yet, I'm the world's awesome-est big brother ever." Dean cockily stated and I just wanted to jump out and say 'no, that title's mine' but I resisted the urge to do that. I tried to calm myself down by telling myself that I wasn't just the only big brother in the world. I instantly got the thought that it would be interesting to see more of the brother dynamic between Sam and Dean. Would Ed and I be like that when we're older? I couldn't help but wonder, but I didn't know why I was suddenly comparing these brothers with Edwin and myself.

I started to scratch the back of my neck, praying that I could just stop thinking all together for the time being.

"That's not even a word." Sam stated in a matter-of-fact tone that was all too familiar to me. Casey always says that to me. No Derek, stop it!

"You're the bookworm, not me." Dean countered back as if it explained everything.

"Yet you still know the basics, Dean."

"Sure I know them, I just choose not to use them."

The way the conversation was going still surprised me. I could hear the arrogant tone from Dean and for some reason I wondered what Casey would think about it. Stop thinking, damn it!

"Alright that's it. I'm starting the next song before we get into another fight." I could hear something being picked up from the table and I only wished even more that I could see the scene before me instead of the little instances that Sam would move forward or lean back in his seat, correction, my dad's seat.

"Oh please Sammy, it's what we do. It keeps our lives interesting." I heard Sam sigh before he answered.

"No, our job keeps our lives interesting."

I couldn't help but smirk because maybe I could figure out what it is that they do for a living. Probably something boring but what kind of job could they have that was more exciting than fights? I personally thought that not much could compete against the fights I would get into it with Casey; it was always amusing getting her all riled up and fighting back. There weren't many people that would stand up and defy me the way she could. Don't go there! I halted my thoughts before they got more crazier for my taste.

"True, just click play already." Dean demanded of Sam before anything of the matter was said. I frowned.

Instead of the music starting I heard quick tapping before Casey's voice was heard. "S & D, if you're listing to this version, I guess I haven't gotten to record the upbeat version yet or I have and didn't delete this version yet. Let's just say this song came to me after I saw some crumpled up papers with the word 'baby' repeatedly on them but this is what I got from those words."

I froze when I heard Casey's voice and the events of last year came back involving the time when Smelly Nelly's had its first open mic night, back to the time when I was still dating Sally. The memory of D-Rock trying to write a ballad for Sally but all we got was repeating the word 'baby' so many times on paper before Sam and Ralph gave up and left, leaving me to turn to Casey for help. Wait…she came up with a song containing 'baby, baby, baby'?

It only took a few seconds after going over those events that part of Casey's recording clicked in with another memory: 'S & D'. Casey's announcement to the crowd that night ran through my head..."Alright, so I finally finished this song up thanks to some pushing from my two best friends, D & S. These guys told me music was a way to express myself and this song was me taking their advice and actually writing about it." 

Her two guy best friends 'D & S,' were acknowledged in another one of her songs that I've possibly never heard before. Then the insane thought came to me and I truly wished that I was wrong…was it possible that Casey was referring to Sam and Dean both times?

I was expecting some pop music junk that Casey likes to emit from the speakers but instead I got the familiar tune of a classic rock song. What just happened? I wasn't that spaced out to miss the song, was I?

I focused back onto the conversation in the other room.

"Why are we listening to AC/DC? What about Casey's song?" Sam questioned and I sighed to myself, somewhat relieved that I didn't space out during her song.

I paid more attention to the song and realized that Sam was right; it was AC/DC's song "Back in Black" that was playing. I guess Dean turned it to a rock station.

"Like her recording said, she wasn't done so I rather wait and listen to the completed song than hear an uncompleted version." Dean explained but once the words sunk in, I felt this weird pain inside me that I couldn't explain. Maybe it was the fact that Dean and I might actually like the same music or it was from the semi-confession that confirmed what I regretted, that the alleged 'D & S' were indeed Dean and Sam. I convinced myself for the time being that it was the first option since I didn't want any reason to like this Dean guy, but both thoughts were forgotten when I heard Sam's question.

"You doubted her?" I could hear the confusion from Sam as if the question alone was foreign when it involved the two in question: Casey and Dean.

"I doubted the fact she said she had ALL of my songs on that little device." Dean defended.

"Yeah well, those little devices can hold quite a lot of stuff." Sam agreed but I was confused. Aren't they just listening to the radio?

"Plus I wanted to end this little oblivious charade that we've got going on." Dean randomly stated and I wasn't sure what he meant.

"Dean." I could hear the warning tone coming from Sam but the next phase was what startled me.

"Derek, get out of the kitchen right now!"

What the hell?

I was stock still frozen once Dean shouted for me to come out of the kitchen. So many questions were going through my mind but mainly, how the hell did he know I was back here? I was quiet (which was hard with some of the things they said), I was still and I know I was hidden from their sight since I couldn't see them.

I slowly walked a few steps forward until I was in the middle of the threshold between the kitchen and the living/dining room.

I could see Sam had turned in my dad's seat to look at me with a smirk on his face and I noticed he was wearing different clothes. When did he change? Sam was now wearing this navy blue spring jacket, dark blue jeans and black boots while wearing a white t-shirt underneath a red plaid button up shirt. (A/N: Sam is wearing the outfit from "Hell House" [1.17] when he comes out of the library).

I shifted my gaze to Dean (in Nora's seat) who was leaning back in his chair, arms crossed over his chest with a very smug smirk on his face with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Dean too had an outfit change since he now sported a brown leather jacket with the collar up, blue ripped jeans and black boots. His jacket was open so I could see the dark blue button up shirt that wasn't buttoned up, revealing a black t-shirt underneath as well as an amulet around his neck. (A/N: Dean is wearing this outfit from "Dead in the Water" [1.03] when they first interview Will Carlton except it's a black t-shirt, not gray). My first impression of Dean being the bad boy type with a cocky attitude was just confirmed by that one outfit.

I shifted my gaze between the two of them before I found my voice again.

"How'd you know it was me? I could have been a burglar for all you knew." I questioned without the confusion in my voice but all it did was have Dean sporting off a knowing-grin. I hate that grin!

Dean uncrossed his arms and had his hand ready as if he was going to list off where I went wrong. Oh boy.

"Well it wasn't Nora because there would have been tons of noise once the three younger kids came in with her and your dad, plus I figured you for the sneaky type who was hoping to get some blackmail dirt on Casey by eavesdropping on us. Am I right?"

My eyes widened at Dean's reasoning causing him to chuckle and for me to quickly compose myself to the doesn't-bother-me façade.

"But how?" I was curious to see where I went wrong, but I wasn't going to admit that. I was expecting Dean to answer but I whipped around when I heard Sam's voice instead.

"It also didn't help that I heard the back door's lock click open followed by the door. Plus no burglar is stupid enough to rob a house in the middle of the afternoon."

I saw the stereo's remote on the table by Sam before I looked at his face that held his own smirk that resembled his brother's as if he was questioning me to deny his reasoning.

I was about to accept that challenge but Dean interrupted, "I also saw your shadow too. You're not very good with the sneaking around, kid."

I snapped to look at the older man after he called me 'kid'.

"I'm not a kid, I did just graduate, or did you forget already?" I snapped back at him but he seemed unfazed. What will it take to unnerve this guy?

"Nope but what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the restaurant?" He questioned as I cocked my eyebrow at his question.

"First off, it's my house and I can be here if I want to be, it's you that I should be asking that question." I stated in that intimating tone I usually use with Edwin or with whoever I wanted to know that I meant business and that I had a powerful influence. *cough*Casey*cough*

Again, Dean was unfazed. I wanted to huff because I wasn't getting the reaction I wanted but I decided not to.

"Oh, well we're just listening to some music while a certain someone takes her sweet time changing." He started off innocently before he ended off with sarcasm when he was referring to Casey. Casey always did take forever when she was changing clothes so I could only sympathize with him there.

I looked towards the stereo that worked with the remote Sam had and I saw a white Ipod in its dock with the light on, signaling that it was in use. Casey and I were the only ones to have the same Ipod but mine was the black one so…

"Isn't that Casey's Ipod?" I diverted the attention to the stereo causing both brothers to stare at me in confusion before reverting their glances to the Ipod in question and then back to me.

"Yeah, so?" Dean asked as if he wondered why it matter. I focused on the song and realized that even though "Back in Black" was over, the next song was still from AC/DC.

"Well, why is AC/DC coming off of it?" I questioned since Casey doesn't listen to rock music so it made no sense why said music would be coming off of her Ipod. I doubt that they would be able to answer but it didn't hurt to try.

"You know AC/DC?" Sam questioned with surprise as if he expected no one else to know who they were. Sure AC/DC wasn't listened to much these days but if you're a rock fan, then you have to know who AC/DC is.

"Who doesn't? Their stuff is actually good. I'm surprised that Space Case has them on her Ipod." I meant to keep it as a simple answer but I couldn't stop it until my surprise was mentioned.

I got a groan from Sam as he held his head in his hands but Dean was smirking out of amusement. Was he amused that his brother was groaning or was it something I said?

"Lighten up, Sammy. This just got even more interesting." Dean said with his amusement clear in his voice as he continued to stare at me.

I was getting even more confused.

"Says you," Sam mumbled a bit before taking his head out of his hands and looking between me and Dean. "I feel like I just walked into the Twilight Zone." Sam exclaimed.

I continued to look at Sam expecting him to explain but it never came. I could feel Dean's eyes on my back slightly but I ignored the feeling.

"Now you know how I feel, Sammy." The all too familiar voice came from behind me causing me to whip around and freeze in my tracks.

I knew that Sam and Dean's attention was now on Casey as she was standing on the platform at the bottom of the stairs but I couldn't make myself move. I knew that both brothers were now standing because I heard Sam's chair scuffle on the hardwood floor behind me while I could still see Dean in my peripheral vision and he seemed to tense when he saw Casey. I really couldn't blame him and I'm pretty sure it had to do with what Casey was wearing.

Casey's hair was different from the ceremony as it now had curls but it was still pinned up like it was earlier. (A/N: Casey's hair as it was when her and Derek were home alone in "March Break"). She was wearing a jean skirt that was definitely shorter than her graduation dress as it showed more of her toned dancer legs. Wait, what? Do not go there. I pushed that line of thought away as I subtly looked her over again. She had these really high heel boots that end at her ankles and they appeared to be black leather. Note to self: make sure not to make her mad enough that she'd want to impale one of the spiked heels into you.

I think the most shocking for me to see was the leather jacket she was wearing. Sure Casey would dress to impress when it came to these high school parties and yes, the heels were a surprise since she is still a klutz but it's the jacket that stunned me the most because I don't ever recall her even wearing it before, let alone having it. Wait she wore something like that last year, was it the same one? It seemed to fit her perfectly as the jacket was left open with the sleeves slightly rolled so they gave off the ¾ sleeve style. I could see the charm bracelet on her right wrist that she barely took off as well as that stupid silver ring on her right ring finger. What is so special about those? The silver necklace she was wearing at graduation was still around her neck (A/N: I may not have mentioned it earlier in the story but Casey did wear it with her graduation dress like she did in the episode) with a line of purple stones around it, connecting to her top that had purple, blue, white and black on it but with no identifiable pattern on it. Overall, she looked…well…I'm not even going to go there because that means I'm admitting it which I won't. She's still my keener step-sister but man, does she look hot. Crap, I can't believe I just thought that!

It may have seemed like a long time that I was staring at Casey (I wasn't ogling or anything, I was just in shock) but it was only for a minute or two until the silence was broken…by Dean.

"What the hell are you wearing?" I could hear the anger in Dean's voice as he continued to stare her down. I didn't know why, but I was a little bit worried, for Casey.

"Uh, clothes? I thought it was obvious." Casey replied back in a smartass way ending it off with a smirk as she looked defiantly at Dean. I could feel my eyes widen with the sudden attitude use from Casey.

"Don't give me those smartass comments, Casey." Dean berated as he stared daggers at her.

I could heard Sam shuffle behind me but it still startled me a bit when I heard him whisper "Don't say a word, Derek," to me before he sidestepped to stand beside me as the confrontation in front of me unfolded.

"And here I thought I was loosing my touch with those." Casey's voice was dripping with sarcasm as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

I took a glance at Dean and it wasn't what I was expecting, not from him. His demeanor wasn't the playful, arrogant guy from before but it held an overprotective vibe to it that I was thinking of labeling it under as obsessive.

"Casey." Sam tried to defuse the situation but it didn't work. In return he got Dean's hand motion for Sam to stop speaking while Casey was smirking.

What the hell has gotten into her?

Dean was pinching the bridge of his nose before sliding it down the rest of his face, in a way I believe was supposed to calm him down.

"I repeat. What. The. Hell. Are. You. Wearing?" His voice was more demanding this time but it didn't seem to faze Casey in the slightest. I thought she would have flinched or something while Dean was acting as if he's a father that just caught his daughter sneaking out in inappropriate clothing. Why would that thought come to mind? I know for a fact that Dean is not Casey's father plus Dean only looks like he's a few years older than us. I shook the insane thought out of my head.

I saw Casey uncross her arms as she innocently looked herself over before she looked back to Dean.

"My outfit for the party tonight since I'm not gonna change again after dinner." She said so nonchalantly that I actually believed that she didn't know what was wrong with it but it was the smirk on her face that told me otherwise. I still couldn't believe that Dean was making such a big deal out of it.

"Oh no. There is no way you're leaving this house wearing that!" Dean kept shaking his head while throwing his arms around as he gestured to her clothes.

Come to think of it, Dean was acting a lot more protective of what Casey was wearing compared to how Nora reacted when Casey wore that babe raider outfit a few years back. Then again, Dad, Edwin and I reacted more than her during our emergency guys' meeting. Which was odd or maybe it's a guy thing to react like that. I got why dad was freaking out, I understood Edwin's confusion of the whole feminism business but why was I a little worried? I do remember thinking that she was looking hot but I couldn't acknowledge that or admit that. It was a simple lapse in judgment on my part; I simply forgot that the girl who was dressed like my video game goddess was my keener stepsister. I don't even like admitting it now but why did I care? Why do I still care?

"Why not? It's just an outfit, Dean." Casey questioned as she tilted her head to the side as she watched Dean's movements as he started pacing a little.

I looked to my side and saw that Sam was watching his brother as well. I wonder if he knows why he's freaking out.

Dean stopped in his tracks and glared at the girl on the platform. "More like an invitation. You're just asking for trouble." Dean finished off with his arms crossed over his chest, practically challenging Casey to argue with his reasoning. He does have a point, her outfit is just all too inviting to guys…why do I care? Remember the Venturi-McDonald treaty agreement Derek, remember it! Do not get involved in personal lives!

I looked back to Casey and she was still smirking but she was now on the hardwood floor as her heels clicked in place.

"Then I welcome it with open arms." Casey confidently stated as if she could take on the world all on her own.

I was intrigued by this new type of confidence that seemed to radiate off her. She held herself as if she's had it all her life but I've never seen her like this, and if I had, I wouldn't expect it so soon after one of her break ups. Granted Truman was scum but there was still some form of a break up reaction from Casey. I wasn't sure if what happened at prom between them had anything to do with this newfound confidence but I wasn't going to analyze it, hoping that what I saw was just another hallucination. It was still too unbelievable to comprehend what Casey had done. For now I say it never happened, that whole night has too many unsolved questions.

"You cannot be serious." Dean's furious tone snapped me back to reality as he moved closer to stand in front of Casey as he still seemed to tower over her in her heels, trying to intimidate her from the looks of it. Casey's expression softened as she looked up at Dean slightly.

"Nothing's gonna happen to me, not when you and Sam are gonna be there." She admitted as a soft smile appeared on her face. I chose to ignore the weird feeling in my stomach as I waited to see what Dean would do.

"And what if we never came today, then what?" Dean's voice wasn't angry anymore but it still held a tense tone as he asked. I could even feel the tension coming off of Sam who stood in place beside me. I looked to him and I saw that he wanted in on their conversation but he just couldn't do it, he seemed like he was waiting for the right time.

"I would have had to boost up on my defenses. You know I can handle myself." Casey quipped, trying her best to defuse Dean's temper.

"She's right, Dean." Sam added in causing both me and Casey to look at the taller man. "She handled herself during that freshman frenzy of hers and she handled herself while she was here." I quirked my eyebrow in question when Sam mentioned her being in a freshman frenzy. That should be interesting intel.

Dean's head seemed to snap as he made eye contact with his brother.

"Those were high school guys! Nothing is gonna stop the other guys now that she's graduated." I could see the anger and fear in Dean's eyes when he implied the scenarios that Casey could get herself in to, as if he was trying to communicate with Sam how bad it could get.

I gulped as the actual thought crossed my mind. Great, Dean is ruining my night by implanting these caring thoughts into my head.

"Ugh, Dean, I've been legal for awhile now and nothing's happened." Casey's voice snapped all our attentions back to her.

I wanted to object to that and mention Truman but I remembered Sam's whispered warning moments ago and decided not to get on either Casey or Dean's bad side tonight. Don't need them ruining my night even more.

"Just let me have this for tonight, Dean. I deserve to celebrate like everyone else. I worked hard to get where I am, just like you told me to, so don't I deserve to celebrate it and let loose after everything I've been through?" She paused as she gauged Dean's reaction and when she wasn't getting anywhere, she continued on. "I promise to never wear which ever part of the outfit that bugs you but please, let me wear it tonight." Casey practically pleaded while sporting a pout that sometimes she and Marti used against me to get me to do something. He's a goner. The pout always works when Marti does it, and it occasionally works when Casey does it but no one knows that.

Dean sighed. "You promise?"

She nodded, "Yeah, I promise." Casey smiled afterwards and Dean just gave a smirk back.

"Good 'cause it's only the skirt that bugs me." Dean quipped as he looked her up and down. For some reason, that little action bugged me.

Sam chuckled beside me.

"It's 'cause you're not use to her in a skirt, Dean." He teased as his older brother turned to glare at him.

"Shut up." I could see it in Dean's eyes that he was just playing around and it seemed like Sam knew it too since he just scoffed.

"So I can wear it?" Casey looked between Dean and Sam as if waiting for permission. She never asked for permission before, why ask now and why them?

I looked quizzically at her but she was too busy waiting for an answer.

"Yeah I guess so." Dean finally said as he started to scratch the back of his neck as he looked at her.

I could see the smile slowly grow on her face as her excitement increased. If she weren't wearing heels, I think she'd be jumping up and down in joy. Sometimes, girls are weird.

"Yes!" I could see that she was tempted to clap her hands to celebrate her clothing victory, but she resisted.

"Just one more thing." Dean added causing her smile to falter but his own smirk was in place. Sam groaned.

"What?" Casey was hesitant to ask and I even knew it.

"Take the jacket off." Dean innocently stated as if it was the simplest thing to do but it caused Casey's eyes to widen.

"Wh-what? Why?" Casey slightly stuttered and I couldn't help but wonder why? What are you hiding, Case?

"Just humor me, Case. I'm already letting you wear the outfit for tonight." Dean reasoned as Casey sighed in defeat as she took her leather jacket off.

As Casey held her jacket in her hands, Dean gently turned Casey around so that he could see her back. Dean sighed and started pinching his nose as he closed his eyes. I knew from the lack of fabric by Casey's shoulders that her upper back was bare. Seems like Dean doesn't like that.

"Please tell me you didn't wear clothes like this during your freshman frenzy." Dean practically pleaded, hoping that he would like the answer she gave him but I interjected before she could say anything.

"What freshman frenzy?" I needed to know what that was about.

"Casey had a serial dating phase back in freshman year." Sam answered for me and my eyes widened in surprise as I looked to Casey who was staring daggers at Sam while Dean was smirking at his brother.

I couldn't believe that she was a serial dater like me when she barely had dates when she moved here. I was too shocked to feel irritated for all the times she's lectured me on my dating style when she's done it herself. Hypocrite.

"But I thought you went to an all-girls private school before the wedding?" I asked causing Casey to remove her glare from Sam and look at me for the first time since she came down.

"I did." She was smirking but it still didn't make sense.

"But then how?" I voiced my confusion while I saw that Dean too was waiting for an answer.

"Just because I went to an all-girls school doesn't mean that I was cut off from guys. The all-boys private school wasn't that far away. The two schools usually teamed up together for social events." She explained as if it was no big deal.

"But when we met, you were in a uniform." I stated as I remembered getting Ralph to pretend to be me when I was supposed to be meeting Casey for the first time.

"You had to wear school uniforms?" Dean questioned in shock as he waited for an answer.

"Yeah. Private schools tend to have that fact in common." Casey smirked as she looked to Dean, I could have sworn that his face paled a bit.

What's wrong now?

"Great." Dean wiped his hand over his face before he continued on. "No wonder you had that frenzy, you were practically living out every teenage boy's fantasy." He grumbled as he glared at Casey who shrugged her shoulders.

"Not every boy has that fantasy, Dean." Sam defended as I rolled my eyes. Even I knew that all guys got that fantasy.

"You and I both know that every guy has had a fantasy of a girl in a school uniform." Dean stated and I wanted to deny that fact but I couldn't.

"Great, I didn't need that association, thank you very much." I grumbled since I didn't need another reminder of the fact that Casey had been in a school girl uniform regularly in the past.

Don't think about it, don't think about it. Keener, she's a keener. I kept repeating it in my head. Why am I thinking like this now?

"Oh quit denying it." Dean directed that towards me before pointing a finger at Casey. "And you should have been home-schooled."

Sam scoffed while Casey only smirked.

"Where's the fun in that?" She quipped as she looked to Dean, who only groaned.

"Dear God, I need a beer."

"I second that." Sam added.

"It hasn't even been a day yet and I've already gotten you two wanting to drink; wow…I'm good." Casey smirked at that observation as I now looked at her with more confusion. She wants that to happen?

"Something tells me I'm gonna have a very long hangover while I'm here." Dean admits as he heads over to the stairs to pick up a duffel bag that I hadn't seen there before.

"Can I join you?" Casey innocently asked as she put her leather jacket back on.

"Geez, I forgot how annoying you could be." Dean quipped as he straightened himself up as Casey gave a little laugh.

"But you missed me." Casey smiled as Dean narrowed his eyes on her. "Now grab my Ipod and lets hit the road. Didn't you say you were hungry?" Casey looked to Sam before directing the last part to Dean who was already heading for the door.

Sam was already grabbing Casey's Ipod as I stood frozen in my spot.

"Don't be late Derek, 'cause we're not waiting forever for you to arrive." Casey called back to me before the trio exited out of the house.

Once I heard the car's engine, I rushed upstairs to change into a darker pair of jeans and the brown button up shirt that I wore to James Burton's party last year. No way was I going to leave those three alone at the restaurant for a long period of time. Something was up with Casey and those two brothers, and I was determined to figure it out.


Photo References:

Casey's Grad Party Outfit

Casey's Education Breakdown

Reference to "Second Chances: Outtakes": 'Open Mic Plight'

Chapter Text

SC Cover

Chapter 5: Who's A Hypocrite?

[Sat. June 26, 2004]

Casey's POV:

I was last to leave the house, telling Derek not to be late, as I locked the door behind me.

Sam was already in shotgun as Dean was just closing the trunk where he placed my overnight duffel bag. Part of the reason I was taking so long in getting ready was because I had to pack some clothes to sleep in and for the next day just in case. I also packed some things that I originally brought with me when I came to live with Aunt Nora, which thankfully, no one has had access to thanks to the little safe that she got for me that held my hunter's duffel bag. I already knew there was a possibility that I would be staying at the motel with my brothers, so I needed to be prepared, something a hunter always has ingrained in their brains: be prepared.

The Impala's engine was already roaring to life, causing me to rush into the back seat silently. I knew I was going to get an earful from Dean now that Derek wasn't present and I knew that Sam was expecting it too. So both Sam and I waited for Dean to say something but he just started to pull out onto the road and drove off. I gulped because a silent Dean was never good.

As Dean was getting to the edge of the street, I told him the address to the restaurant but he only nodded as he remained silent as he made the turn.

"A little warning would have been nice, Cassandra, so I don't loose my head next time!" Dean angrily stated a few moments later as his grip on the steering wheel tightened, causing his knuckles to go white.

I cringed at the use of my full name since we knew then that Dean was pissed.

I sighed.

"I didn't think you'd freak out that much." I whispered enough that he could hear me over the Impala's engine. "Sam handled it fine." I reasoned, hoping Dean would lighten up a little.

"I still agree with Dean though. You shouldn't be wearing an outfit that exposes so much skin." Sam defended as he continued to look forward.

"Plus I could have given away our connection to you by using the brother card." Dean added in, making me feel a little bit guilty of springing my outfit on them like that. I guess I forgot that the last time they personally saw me, I dressed for hunting comfort (if you don't count them seeing me in a dress for the dance contest's broadcast or my grad dress from earlier).

"But it's just an outfit. After this week, there would be no use for me to wear clothes like this anymore. One more week and then they're gone." I explained, hoping they would get why I was wearing what I was. I was originally going to wear this anyways (with or without them present) but now I didn't have to worry as much since they both would be there to have my back.

"So you expect us, your older brothers, to sit back and watch guys try to take advantage of you?" Dean questioned as he looked in the rear view mirror and I caught his incredulous gaze.

"Try being the operative word. Nothing's gonna happen to me." I assured them both.

Dean sighed. "You don't know that."

"I don't, but you also don't know that something will happen to me." I countered but Dean scoffed.

"I'm a guy. I already know that there will be attempts from other douche bags. All guys practically think the same, no matter what they portray themselves as." Sam turned to Dean, ready with a protest but Dean sent him a 'don't argue with me' glare causing Sam to shut his mouth.

"Then I'll use that to my advantage." I nonchalantly stated, causing Sam to whip around in his seat to look at me.


I stared at Sam as I said the one name that would explain my actions. Derek.

Dean groaned and I could see Sam had rolled his eyes before he turned to face Dean.

"Oh, great Case. Now I really want to kill that kid." Dean exclaimed causing me to roll my eyes.

The merged family think I'm over-dramatic, well they haven't gotten to know Dean like I have. Where do you think I learned it from?

"Dean." Sam berated as I tried to hide my smirk from them.

"What? I do." Dean confirmed as he quickly glanced to his side to glare at Sam.

"Let her explain." Sam told our brother before Dean huffed, which was my cue to explain, which I did.

I told them that I was originally going to wear the outfit to the grad party to prove to Derek that I can have fun and not have some keener reputation hold me back. I was going to hang out with Emily and if a guy was being too forward towards me then I wasn't going to hold back when it came to teaching the idiot a lesson, since I would have no real authority to worry about. I wouldn't be drinking because of the promise I made to them and my training would help me to stay safe.

"And all this to prove a point?" Sam tilted his head to the side as he turned back around to look at me.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Yeah, for three years he's been ragging on me about how boring I am or rule-conscious I am, so I wanted to prove that what you see is not all you get when it comes to me." I finished off with the feel of one of my jacket pocket's vibrating. My cell phone.

I checked both pockets (each one held a cell phone inside) until I pulled out the one Derek had given me a few months after the wedding when he had the chicken pox, which read 1 New Text Message on the screen.

"Sounds like you just want him to see that you can be his type of girl." Dean speculated causing me to smirk. Seems like Dean hasn't lost his touch on knowing what's going on inside my head at times.

I opened the text message from Lizzie, which said they would be five to ten minutes late because of some hold up with traffic. I texted her back saying 'That's fine, see you in a few' before I looked back up to see that Sam was staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Got a text?" He questioned as he stared at my phone before I put it back in my pocket, as I told them about the delay the rest of the family are having.

Sam nodded before he continued. "Anyways, I asked before and I'm asking again. Are you ever going to tell him that you like him?"

My eyes widened.

"Hell no! Plus if I did that, chances are he'd ignore me just so he wouldn't have to talk feelings and I rather not have that my last week here." I quickly blurted out before I heard Dean give a soft chuckle, causing both Sam and I to stare at our brother.

"What? He's a smart kid to want to avoid those talks." Dean explained causing both Sam and I to shake our heads.

"So basically, this week is when Canada gets to see the real Casey Winchester in action?" I gave an affirmative nod to Sam causing him to sigh. "You know you're just gonna get hurt if you do that, right."

"But then I'd be wondering 'what if'? Wondering if Derek could actually like the real me."

"And if he does then what? You're still leaving and he'll still think you're his stepsister. What could you possibly benefit from this week if you do continue on with your plan?" Dean questioned as I looked out the window to see that we were getting closer to the restaurant.

I didn't answer immediately because I didn't really know what to say. Why was I going back to the old me now if I only had to wait one more week? Was it because I can't be Casey McDonald anymore? Was the new presence of my brothers the reason for me to want to bring my Winchester roots to the front so badly? What do I truly want out of my final week in London? I know I wanted to make tons of memories this summer with my extended family but now that all had to be crammed into one week. Was I willing to have my Winchester attitude revealed in hopes that Derek would want to hang out with me and have some fun? Yeah, maybe that's it.

I sighed before I looked between Sam and Dean.

"I'd have more memories that I could cherish. I know nothing can happen; I wish it could if it came to that but either way, I can't be with him." I reasoned and I knew they could hear the slight defeated vibe in my voice. I didn't want to think like that but it was the truth.

"Why's that?" Sam softly asked and I knew he was trying to be sympathetic. It's probably the reason why I saw Dean tense up behind the wheel.

"Our lives, the lie, it's the reason why I can't be with him. I'm nothing special either compared to every other girl he's gone out with." I explained as I continued to look at the window, I couldn't look at anyone when I said that.

No matter how much confidence I had, the idea just diminishes it all away for some unknown reason. I couldn't be with Derek in London because of that step-sibling label that the lie has put me in, and I certainly can't have him coming with me as I would continue with the family business. There was no denying that Derek, on countless occasions, has stated that I wasn't good enough for anyone. Sure, I knew he was doing it to piss me off but I always wondered how much he believed in what he told me. Did he mean the insults he directed towards me?

"Don't sell yourself short, Case." I turned to Sam to see the soft smile on his face causing me to smile. "Any guy would be lucky to have you in their lives." Sam finished as Dean turned the engine off.

I looked outside to see that we were parked right in front of the restaurant in a packed parking lot.

"Yeah, Sammy and I are probably the luckiest guys in the world because no matter what happens, we'll always have you in our lives. Sure it's completely different compared to the guys Sam was referring to but if I had to pick any girl to be my sister, I'd always pick you, Case."

"You two are definitely the best big brothers a girl can ask for." I beamed after my brothers' words. They could always cheer me up even with the clichéd responses because when it came from them, I knew they meant it; especially from Dean since he doesn't do that many 'chick-flick moments' with an audience around (usually it's just me and him when he caves in to that particular rule).

"I think that's enough, we're here. We will continue this later though." Dean practically ordered as he took the keys out of the ignition and made his way out of the car with Sam and me following his lead.

Before I could walk ahead, Dean's voice stopped me, causing me to turn around to face him, still standing by the Impala. "Oh and Case, no more surprises tonight that will give me a heart attack, okay?" He finished off with a smug smile plastered on his face.

I quirked an eyebrow as I titled my head to the side as I looked at him.

"A little melodramatic, don't you think?" I smirked causing Dean to laugh as both of my brothers were walking towards me. Sam was smiling as he walked past me to the door as Dean turned me around, flung an arm over my shoulder as he lead me to the front door.

"With you, no." Dean replied back before we entered the crowded restaurant.


The restaurant was overflowing even at the early hour and one could only assume that other graduating families had the same thought that we had.

Dean was already up at the podium once he set his eyes on the redheaded hostess causing both Sam and I to roll our eyes at our brother's flirtatious ways as we grabbed a seat to wait. We were five minutes early so I was pretty sure that our table wasn't completely ready since we needed nine seats and from the fact that Dean was still charming the skirt off the girl as she tried to subtly flirt back while remaining professional for her job.

In a hushed tone, Sam told me that both him and Dean would help me out in any way they could with my plan and I couldn't help but hug him for the support. I knew that Sam hadn't told Dean that yet but I still couldn't help myself. I told Sam that I just needed them to be themselves and I would naturally be myself back, as if riding a bike, my Winchester ways would come back to me. He agreed and mentioned that I didn't seem any different, attitude wise and I was ecstatic that I hadn't lost myself.

I checked my watch as Sam asked some questions about the Venturis and what they knew for sure about me. I told them that I never mentioned their names before and that they think Aunt Nora and Uncle Dennis are my parents, plus I reminded him to remember everything I've told them over our many phone calls. Sam is usually the brother that remembers details so I didn't have to replay everything to him again, which was a good thing since it wasn't until moments later that I felt that all too familiar presence enter the restaurant…Derek.

Derek's POV:

Once I heard the car's engine, I rushed upstairs to change into a darker pair of jeans and the brown button up shirt that I wore to James Burton's party last year. No way was I going to leave those three alone at the restaurant for a long period of time. Something was up with Casey and those two brothers and I was determined to figure it out.

It didn't take me long to get to the restaurant with the shortcuts I took that I found during my time at Smelly Nelly's. The restaurant was probably a five minute drive from work so the only delay I really had was the traffic around it. Finding a parking spot was difficult at the crowded restaurant but once I did find one, I checked my watch to see that surprisingly, I was on time for once.

As I quickly got out of the Prince and headed for the front doors, I saw the black car that once again caused me to groan. They're already here. Once I was safely off the road, I did a double take and noticed that my dad's car wasn't parked there. I groaned again as I walked inside but the sudden idea of interrogating the two older men came to mind since Dad and Nora wouldn't be around to stop me. I was smirking the whole time until I saw for myself how crowded the restaurant was.

I scanned the room and saw that Casey was sitting down off to the side with Sam, so I slightly pushed my way towards them. I noticed as I got closer, Casey stopped talking but she didn't make any indication that she knew I was there. What was she hiding? I couldn't help but think since it seemed like her actions caused Sam to stop talking too.

"You know Case, you tell me not to be late yet here I am, on time and not at a table. Plus the rest of the fam aren't even here yet." I complained as my greeting to her and I saw her roll her eyes at me as I caught Sam glancing between the two of us.

"For once you're actually on time. Well done, Derek." She bit back sarcastically as she looked up at me from her seat.

I knew I was sporting an amused grin and surprisingly, so was Sam.

"As for the rest of the family, Lizzie texted me saying that traffic was holding them up and that they'd be here; ten minutes tops." She continued and I groaned because if they were late, that meant we had to wait to eat too.

"How long ago was that?" I annoyingly asked as I surveyed the restaurant.

"Maybe five minutes ago, I don't know. I got it while we were still on the road. Geez, you're crabby when you're hungry." She replied back with an irritated tone, causing me to look at her once again.

"Aren't I always?" I chirped with a smirk causing her to groan but before I could say anything about her actions, Sam interrupted us.

"Can you both not do this now?" The taller man said as he stood up from his seat, followed by Casey. I had to step back a bit so I wouldn't have to crane my neck so much.

"Why's that?" I asked Sam but he wasn't looking at me or at Casey.

"Because our table's ready, now let's go." Sam simply stated as he started leading Casey up to the podium and to our seats.

I was confused since neither of them weren't anywhere near the podium plus I didn't see the hostess coming to get us.

"How'd you-they didn't call us." I nonchalantly stated causing Sam to stop in his tracks to turn to me, as Casey paused to wait.

"Dean was signaling us over while you two were arguing." Sam explained before turning back to Casey, but his words did make sense since I hadn't seen Dean when I entered the restaurant.

"We weren't arguing." Casey retorted to Sam, causing me to roll my eyes at her denial. Even I knew that we were on some level arguing. Whether it was the real kind or the fun kind, who knew, it was still a form of fighting that we were doing.

"And I don't have a womanizer big brother." I scoffed when Sam countered Casey back in a way that said 'yeah right' as we arrived to our table; a very round table near the back of the restaurant that had nine seats surrounding it. I could smell the strong aromas that came from the kitchen and it was making my mouth water.

"What about your amazing big brother, Sammy?" Dean's question broke through my haze and I saw him sporting a smug smirk directed at his younger brother as Casey seemed to be moving closer to Dean.

"Nothing you don't already know, Dean." Sam retorted back with a glare, causing Dean to laugh just a little as a smile formed on Casey's face.

"Well, I'll see you all shortly when the rest of your party arrives." The hostess voices her goodbye and that was when I first noticed her presence. The hostess was definitely a hot redhead who looked perfect and I knew for a fact that I hadn't seen her before but then again the restaurant has hired multiple hostesses. I'd never forget a gorgeous face. I could only smirk at the possible idea of taking her out for a night of Venturi fun.

"Thank you, Kelly." Dean told the redheaded girl with an appreciative smile that caused Kelly to blush. My high hopes to snag the girl were put on hold the moment Dean said the hostess' name in that suave way that I've used myself.

"It's my pleasure." Kelly, the hostess, said before she wandered back to the front as Dean's eyes followed her every move as his appreciative smile turned into a smirk as he watched the way the girl was walking away. Dean had this hungry look in his eye as he continued to watch the redhead. She took a quick glance back towards our table before she turned the corner, leaving our sight.

I kept glancing my eyes back from where Kelly stood to where she left before I saw an arm hit Dean from the corner of my eye, causing my head to whip back to see Dean clutching his arm (in a mock type of way) as he glared at…Casey, who had a smug smile on her face. I could hear Sam snickering beside me as he took his jacket off before hanging it over his chair and taking his seat. The hungry look in Dean's eyes were now gone as he was glaring at the brunette that I love to annoy to death.

"What was that for?" Dean questioned before he grabbed the seat next to Sam and pulled it out. I thought he was going to take the seat for himself but he motioned for Casey to take the seat instead and she gladly did before she spoke.

"It was to get your head out of the gutter. Please, keep the dinner kid-friendly when the rest of the family joins us, Dean."

"My head isn't always in the gutter, Casey. Have a little more faith in me, why don't you." Dean teased as he took the seat to Casey's immediate right.

"So what'd you get?" Sam questioned his brother as Casey gestured for me to take a seat, which I did but I left an empty one between me and Sam.

"What do you mean?" Dean replied innocently but I could see it in his eyes that he knew exactly what his brother was asking him as he took a glance at the menu.

"Oh come on Dean, from where I was sitting, you were working your charm on Kelly, am I right?" Surprisingly, it was Casey that was egging Dean on about what he got from the redheaded hostess.

I was confused since she's never acted so interested in anyone else's dates before. Usually her interest in my dates was trying to figure out what was wrong with them since they would be dating me, of all people. I seriously don't get her problem since any girl would be lucky to date me, Derek Venturi. I don't treat girls badly as she assumes since I went on a date with three of her friends (Emily, Kendra and Sally) and I know that they praise my behavior, it's only Casey that gets the 'obnoxious jerk' side as she constantly calls it. I don't know why that is but, it is what it is.

I see Dean placing his menu down as he rests his crossed arms on the table before turning his head to look at Casey, who was still reading her menu. "So what if I was? What's it to you, Case? Didn't you just hit me moments ago?" He finished with a smirk as he continued to stare at the brunette beside him, who was acting as if his eyes weren't glued to her face.

"Oh, I'm just curious, that's all. Like Sammy. And I only hit you to bring you back down from your thoughts." Casey nonchalantly stated as if she didn't know that Dean was staring at her while she looked at the menu, but I could see her lips twitching a bit as if she's holding back a smirk of her own. Since when does Casey smirk so much?

I looked to Sam and saw that he was still looking at the menu, but when Casey mentioned his name, I did see him jerk up to look between his brother and my stepsister before shaking his head and glancing back down.

"Well, you know the saying that curiosity killed the cat right?" Dean evilly grinned as he waited for Casey to look up at him.

I could hear soft chuckles coming from the girl as she looked up at me with a triumphant grin and a mischievous look in her eyes before looking directly at Dean with a comeback on the tip of her tongue.

"Ah, but said cat has nine lives." Casey was smirking now and I was definitely amused with that logic. Why hadn't I thought of that?

Dean was still smirking as if he's heard it before but he still lets Casey continue.

"Now don't change the subject on me, Dean, unless you've lost your touch in the past four years and you're too ashamed to admit it." She taunts him as they continue to stare each other down.

My eyes widened. I couldn't believe that she was calling a guy's ability to get a date to question. She's done it to me tons of times, sure but I couldn't believe she was doing it to Dean, a guy a lot bigger and definitely older than us. It was as if she wasn't afraid, since I could feel the confidence radiating off of her from across the table but it was as if she knew he'd never do anything to her in retaliation. I was starting to second guess that idea.

"I'm insulted that you would suggest such a ridiculous thing, Cassandra."

Cassandra? I resisted the urge to cringe because that can't be good if he's calling her by her full first name. That is probably the first time I've heard anyone say Casey's full name; Nora rarely got mad enough to use it. The only reason I knew it was even 'Cassandra' was when I sneaked a peek at one of her report cards that had her full name on it.

Dean had said it in a playful yet intimating way as if he was secretly telling Casey to 'knock it off' but both of them were smirking, as if they were waiting to see who would be the first one to crack.

I knew that I should be able to place the familiar vibe before me but I couldn't at the time. I could see Sam grow stiff in the corner of my eye before he drops his menu down onto the table and turns his attention to the almost-feuding duo. The tension from Sam had the realization hit me as I continued to look between Casey and Dean. Is this how Casey and I look like when we fight?

"Casey. Dean. I know it's been fours years but come on, grow up already. We're not kids anymore." Sam reasoned as he tried to diffuse the situation.

I was just sitting there, now amused at what's happening in front of me that I was forgetting about the delicious aromas around me. So this is what everyone else sees when Casey and I have one of our fights. I easily thought but I did realize that although watching was fun, part of the thrill of the fight is being apart of it yourself.

"Relax Sammy, you know me and Case don't actually fight. It's just fun to see what the other would say in response. You know, to develop the quick thinking skill that we've all had to acquire at a very young age." Dean simply explained as he held his stare with Casey, who was still smirking.

"So in other words, you're just testing me to see if I'm rusty or not." Casey added as she tilted her head to the side as she waited for his answer.

"Exactly. I have to witness it in person, you know, can't just take your word for it." Dean chuckles when Casey rolls her eyes and returns her attention to her menu.

Throughout their whole little disagreement, I kept feeling like I was intruding or that I had this knot inside my stomach and I didn't know why. I looked to Sam and saw that he was unnerved by the duo after returning to his menu but I could still see the ghost of a smile on his face. He likes it when they fight? I would have to make a note to ask Edwin about what he feels when he watches my fights with Casey.

"So what's the verdict?" Casey asked while still looking at the menu but I knew that she wasn't reading it and I think Dean knew that too. He unfolded his arms that were still on the table and he shifted closer to Casey as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

"You haven't lost your touch, C." Dean told her as he squeezed her close to his side causing her to smile.

I didn't think it was possible but for some reason that knot feeling got worse when I didn't see Casey flinch or pull away from Dean's touch. Why do I care?

Dean started to loosen his grip, allowing Casey to look at him as he leaned back in his chair, causing his arm to slip from Casey's shoulder to the back of her chair. Casey turned to face the older man with the smile still in place but she didn't get a chance to reply as another voice interrupted her, causing all eyes to go to the intruder, who happened to be a hot blonde.

"How is everyone doing this evening?" I turned to my left to see the hot blonde address the table as she maneuvered a notepad out from her smock. "Sorry for the delay, we're a bit short handed tonight." The waitress explained as she had her pen and paper ready for our orders. I took the blonde girl in and couldn't help but smirk at the possibilities. Definitely my type.

I turned to see the different expressions that the brothers and my stepsister were giving the waitress: Sam was giving a friendly smile while Casey was smiling but I could see the annoyed glint in her eye, which could be due to the fact that Dean was sporting another appreciative smile like he did with the hostess a short while ago. What's Casey's problem?

"It's not a problem, Sweetheart." I could see the slight blush on the waitress after Dean's suave greeting.

I could have sworn that I saw Casey roll her eyes before she turned to look at her menu while all of Dean's attention was on the blonde girl. She could be pissed because Dean flat out ignored her, then again, why do I care? I mentally shook my concern away, as I reasoned that a happy Casey meant a happy me because then she wouldn't be ragging on me the whole night and ruining my partying mood.

Unfortunately, my own smirk was gone when all of the waitress' attention was on Dean.

"Well, I'm Layla and I'm your server for the evening." The waitress seemed to be only talking to Dean which caused myself to roll my eyes. It didn't seem like it bothered Sam but Casey still seemed tense from where I was sitting.

"It's nice to meet you, Layla." I watched as Dean was practically charming this girl with the simple sentences we use every day while his arm was still draped over Casey's chair.

"So have you made your choices for the evening or would you like me to give you more time?" Layla finally took a glance to the rest of us and I gave her a smile when she set her eyes on me, which got me a smile in return. Success! I wasn't really paying attention to my menu since we've ate her many times for me to know what to order, and I was completely ready to turn on my charm with the waitress but Dean was doing that all on his own.

"Actually Layla, the rest of the family should be here any moment but would our drink orders be enough for now?" Dean draws Layla's attention back to him as he removed his arm from Casey's chair to cross them in front of him once again as he leaned on the table once again.

I could hear a soft chuckle from Sam as he was now watching his brother charm the girl and I could have sworn I saw Casey holding back a chuckle as well.

"Of course, sir." Layla cheerfully stated as she took in the number of empty seats at the table.

"Please, call me Dean." Dean flashed a smile that caused the girl to blush once again and I couldn't believe it. Dean's only saying common phrases that everyone uses yet he's already got this girl swooning over him. I was seething even more when I saw Casey smirking at me. What's she so happy about?

"Alright Dean, so what will it be?" Layla questioned but I could have sworn she had a double meaning in that question. I was thankful that none of the younger kids were here just in case. Wait, what? I shook the concern away again because I sometimes make those types of comments all the time with them nearby.

Dean smiled before he ordered a coke for himself. Dean continued to stare at Layla with that appreciative smile of his as he called us one by one to give our drink order; Casey with an ice tea, Sam with a coke and I just ordered a mountain dew.

"Alright then, I'll be back soon." Layla was placing her notepad back into her smock and was about to head out but Dean stopped her.

"Hey Layla, can I ask you something?" She nodded. "In private?" Dean continues before she nods once again with a smile. Dean smiles back at her before getting up and excusing himself from the table, with Layla leading them towards the restaurant's bar that was out of ear shot.

I return my gaze back to my dinner buddies just in time to see Casey roll her eyes as she returns to her menu. I instantly smirked at the notion as an idea popped into my head. She couldn't be…..

"Is the Princess a little jealous?" I teased Casey causing Sam to laugh.

I was ready to hear the instant denial that she always responds with whenever I see her showing any signs of jealousy that it's hilarious for me to see her fluster, but that's not what I get. Casey is sporting her own smile as she too is joining in on the laughing fit that Sam is currently in. I quirk at eyebrow at her, wondering why she's laughing, and after a few moments she calms down enough to see that I'm basically asking her to explain.

"No…" She takes a few breaths to calm down before she continued. "I just forgot how fast Dean can switch into flirtation mode." She easily explains but then again it did make sense. What didn't make sense was the fact that she was so okay with it while she seemed irritated when all of Dean's attention was on Layla just moments ago.

"Yeah it does seem pretty fast but then again he is a guy." I voiced as I pretended to think it over, causing a chuckle from Sam and an eye roll from Casey.

"A guy with no restraints when it comes to that primal need of his. I swear, he is such a hypocrite." Casey explains so easily as if it's an everyday topic with her but my eyes widen when her words had sunk into my brain. If I was drinking something, I was sure that I would have done a spit-take moment.

I continued to stare at Casey while she shrugged her leather jacket off, hanging it over her chair as she talked to Sam about how normal it is for Dean to act that way. It was weird though because all I saw was that her demeanor was all natural and laid-back that if you weren't paying attention, you wouldn't have noticed that Casey was talking so freely about another guy's sex life. Is she really still talking about it? The thought shocked me that she was so nonchalant about bringing that up as well as knowing about it in the first place. Casey has always been a prude when it came to that subject of discussion that she'd even cut me off before I even said anything on the subject. The only time I probably heard her talking about the subject so freely like she was doing right now was probably in health class.

"So you think he's a hypocrite?" I finally asked causing both Sam and Casey to stop and stare wide-eyed at me and I didn't get why until I heard a voice from behind me say "Who's a hypocrite?"


I turn around slightly and saw that Dean was looking down at me amused and waiting for my answer. I looked to Casey and saw that she was actually worried about what I'd say which caused me to smirk.

"The Princess herself thinks that you're a hypocrite, Dean, and frankly I don't know why." I innocently stated as Dean softly chuckled as I looked to a fuming Casey.

"She does, does she?" Dean states with amusement lining his voice before he looks towards my stepsister. "What am I a hypocrite about this time, Case?" He was standing with his arms crossed, waiting as Casey was staring daggers at me.

Sam was chuckling to himself until it hit me: Dean knows that Casey has called him a hypocrite before. Interesting.

"Wait, you know that she calls you that?" I couldn't help but ask causing him to laugh a little as he returned to his chair beside Casey, who had her arms crossed now and still glaring at me.

Dean took his leather jacket off and hung it over his chair, took his seat as he pushed up the sleeves to his blue unbuttoned button-up shirt.

"Yeah, but what is it about this time?" Dean looked to Casey who refused to look at him because she was glaring at me. Dean was completely turned in his seat so that he was looking at Casey, with his right arm on the table and his left on her chair's back.

With no response from Casey, he then looked to Sam and they seemed to have one of those weird looks that make you wonder if they have a telepathic power and that they are secretly having a conversation between each other.

"Is this about the dating thing again?" Dean looked back to the fuming girl, who didn't say anything as her reply.

Both brothers smiled victoriously when they notice Casey shift in her seat.

"I guess that's a yes, what'd you think, Sammy?" Dean looked to his brother who nodded his agreement after rolling his eyes because of the childhood nickname being used once again.

"C'mon Casey, say something or I will start blabbing about the situation and you never know what I might say. I may let some very important things slip if you don't say something in…" Dean playfully threatened Casey as he looked to his watch.

Casey's eyes widened when Dean started counting down from five. She quickly turned to him and I could see the pleading in her eyes that made me wonder what was so important that she wouldn't want me or anyone to know. It did bother me however that Dean (and possibly Sam) did know whatever it was that Dean was talking about.

"You wouldn't." Casey countered but I could tell by her voice that she wasn't completely confident in that statement.

"I would if you really want to discuss that reason for why I'm a hypocrite, now of all places." Dean reaffirmed.

Casey shakes her head.

Dean sighed with relief. "Good and I'm just looking out for you. I don't want you regretting anything like Sam and I have in the past. You understand, right?"

Casey looked between the brothers to see Sam giving a shy smile while Dean was looking a little worried that Casey wasn't getting the message.

I couldn't get the idea out of my head that Dean actually cares for Casey since it was the second time I've seen him looking out for her and he didn't care who saw him do it. What puzzled me was what he didn't want Casey to experience that both he and his brother have regrets over.

She sighs before she uncrosses her arms and places her fidgeting hands on top of her menu. "Yeah but we're still talking about it later, right?" I could barely hear her but I wasn't seeing the confident demeanor that I had seen so much from her tonight, she actually looked a little vulnerable, as if she was worried that she wouldn't get the answer she wanted.

"I don't have much of a choice, do I?" Dean jokingly stated as he smirked while nudging Casey before looking to Sam.

Sam was chuckling at his brother's antics, but they both seemed happy to have the small smile grow on Casey's face. I had to resist the urge to smile myself.

"Not really, no. She's not gonna let you off the hook that easily. Plus I'm pretty sure she's going to spoil your fun until you give in." Sam reasoned with a chuckle as Casey's smile grew wider at the thought of possibly dampening the older man's fun.

Dean groaned and I guess the idea sunk through after seeing the mischievous glint in Casey's eyes. Oh boy, poor Dean.

"Then I'm gonna need a lot of alcohol in my system before you go all sentimental on me." Dean gave Casey a pointed glare before ending it off with a smirk, causing Sam to scoff while Casey tilted her head as she looked to Dean.

"You never needed it before." I quirked an eyebrow as I watched the trio since I couldn't imagine Casey actually getting Dean to listen to one of her 'feeling' talks. She tried multiple of times to get me to listen and usually it's an in-one-ear-out-the-other type of scenario and for the majority of the guys she's been with, she generally has to repeat herself.

"Before you were just a little girl, now you're a complicated teenage girl who will talk a lot about her emotions." Dean complained as he turned in his seat to be facing forward as he appeared to skim through the menu once again.

"I don't talk about my emotions that much." Casey denied causing me to scoff.

Did she seriously just say that? For as long as I have known Casey, she hasn't kept her emotions to herself. Whether she tries to hide it or not, she'll broadcast it to the world.

"Oh please, you practically announce it to the family whenever your mood changes. When you're happy, we know about it. When you're sad, we know about it. When you're in breakup mode, cue the tears. When you're with a new guy, cue the giddy attitude adjustment and you drown me with all your sappy happiness. Your moods are like a friggin' roller coaster ride."

When I had stopped my uncontrollable ranting about Casey's drama queen ways, Casey was sporting an amusing smile while the brothers' smile held that curious look as they looked my way. I couldn't help but feel like I said too much and now the guys knew more than they were supposed to, in fact, I think they knew more than I knew at that moment because their curious stares were creeping me out. The creepy feeling was pushed to the back of my mind when Casey started smirking at me, like I usually did to her during our fights.

"You forgot when I'm angry, you instantly know about it." She smugly stated as she leaned forward with her crossed arms on the table.

I laughed since I couldn't believe that I forgot that all too familiar emotion of hers.

"Well, that's because it's usually directed at me." I smirked right back at her while I stared her down.

She quirked an eyebrow in a way that I knew she meant 'duh!'

I was too wrapped up in my little stare off with Casey to take notice of the amused glances that we both were getting from the brothers. Maybe I was too wrapped up in it because I was finally getting some attention from my stepsister, but that means nothing. Right? I just don't like being ignored on the sidelines. Wait, why do I want Casey's attention now?

"Because it's usually your fault when I'm angry." She countered back but from the tone of her voice she wasn't angry with that fact, she almost seemed…amused. Is that even possible from her?

I chuckled a little before tilting my head to the side a bit. "Majority of the time, yes but not always."

I don't know why but I felt something weird when I said that. It wasn't a lie, that was for certain but I wasn't sure if I was happy or not with that statement. Was it a good or bad thing that I'm not the only one causing her to get angry? I remember in the beginning, it was practically my goal to torment her and get her angry just to have her fight back but with the whole Smelly Nelly's gig and the Truman fiasco, I didn't want anyone getting her angry or upset unless it came from me…why's that?

"True." For some unknown reason, Casey was smiling at me when she said that. Was she happy at that fact? Once again, Casey was making no sense to me and she wasn't following her usual patterns that I'm so use to. When will it all go back to normal?

I had to push the Casey confusion to the back of my mind when Dean interrupted, asking Casey why she took her jacket off. She said she was getting overheated which Dean didn't like. I guess it had to do with the little promise at the house when her outfit was being questioned again. I really didn't see the problem since we were at a restaurant, soon to be with family; it's not like a guy was going to walk up and do something. I know I wouldn't, I don't disturb family dinners to get to a girl. Awkward much?

Sam interrupted my thoughts by saying "I think we have company."

It was then that I noticed that the three people in front of me were straightened and aligned in their seats as they all stared to a view behind me. Great, I forgot that they had the view of practically the whole restaurant.

Well, now it's time to see what everyone else thinks about Sam and Dean Winchester.


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Chapter 6: My Stepsister Did What?

[Sat. June 26, 2004]

Derek's POV:

Sam interrupted my thoughts by saying "I think we have company." It was then that I noticed that the three people in front of me were straightened and aligned in their seats as they all stared to a view behind me. Great, I forgot that they had the view of practically the whole restaurant. Well, now it's time to see what everyone else thinks about Sam and Dean Winchester.


I could see the guys sporting smiles while Casey was waving.

Once I slowly turned to see who it was they were looking at and before I was fully turned around, I got my answer as "Smerek!" was called out to me before a pair of small arms wrapped around my neck. Marti.

I looked down at the little girl squeezing my neck and I gave a small laugh at my little sister's antics. I looked up to see that the rest of the family was just rounding the corner with the hostess, Kelly. I guess Marti ran ahead when she saw Casey waving.

"Smarti, looks like you finally made it." I greeted my little sister as she pulled away to look at me with her smile turning into a pout.

"Traffic was terrible." She complained and I couldn't help but smile. I guess that's the reason for the pout.

"So I heard, now we can finally eat." I joked as I tickled Marti a little before pulling the seat on my left out for her to take. She was still giggling a little when she took her seat.

"Always thinking about your stomach." I turned my head to look at a smirking Casey and I couldn't help but quirk up an eyebrow. Has she forgotten that I'm always hungry?

I heard a laugh coming from Dean and Sam and that's when I noticed that Lizzie was hugging Sam and talking in whispers that I couldn't hear over the restaurant noise.

"What guy doesn't?" I simply stated as I got an eye roll from my stepsister and a small laugh again from Dean. I guess he agrees with me.

"Well I hope that is everyone for the evening." Kelly, the hostess, greeted as Dad, Nora and Edwin finally made it to the table. I notice that Dad was looking at the brothers with confusion, Nora with happiness again like at the parking lot and well, Edwin was ogling over Kelly like I kind of was earlier. I kind of gave up on Kelly since she was only giving her attention to Dean.

"It is, thank you Kelly." Dean stated as he smiled sweetly at the redhead and I think she would have swooned at that if she were alone with the guy. Got to hand it to him, the guy's good.

I felt a tugging on my arm and I turned to see that Marti was giving me a questioning look as she quickly took a glance at the Winchesters, as she silently asked me who the strangers were. It was funny seeing Marti so quiet but I didn't like that she felt shy.

I leaned into Marti to whisper "It's alright Smarti, apparently they're Spacey's friends."

She just nodded as she kept an eye on the two older men. I could only guess that she was trying to see if they were good or not, kind of like how she did with Scott and Trevor. I got to hand it to the kid, she has a great judge of character. I wonder what she'll think about these two…I'm still sketchy about them.

By the time I looked up to see the rest of the table, I saw Dean wink at the hostess as she tried to stifle a giggle and I just wanted to roll my eyes. Does everything he do cause the ladies to swoon over him? I was annoyed at that thought but then another one occurred to me…Casey hasn't 'swooned' over Dean like the others but she has been acting differently around him. What does that mean? I think my head was starting to hurt with all the questions that keep popping up due to Casey's weirdness.

I looked between the two in question as Casey watched Dean interact with Kelly. I wasn't really paying attention to what his lines were but I kept looking at Casey in thought; was Casey changing once again for a guy like she did with all her other boyfriends? I swear, every time she did, it was very annoying since she wasn't really herself and she wasn't that predictable like I'm use to. It was also aggravating to have her all giddy over her new boy toy. But she's not showing signs of being giddy now.

I wondered how she was during that freshman frenzy of hers that Sam mentioned. From the way Dean reacted, I'm guessing he didn't like it, which makes me wonder, how bad it was exactly. I still don't get why Dean gives off this protective vibe but I still can't picture Casey being a serial dater. I could see that in Dean since it's obvious he is a fellow player like me but come on, Casey the keening grade-grubbing klutz having guys lined up to date her? I don't think so. Who would date a girl like her? I'll give that she is attractive (which I'll never admit out loud to anyone) but once she starts to talk, that alone could drive a date away. Like seriously, that's how my first impression of her was shattered when we met four months before the wedding.

I was lost in my thoughts for what seemed like awhile but it turned out to be only a few moments since I snapped out of it in time to see a smiling Kelly wishing the table a good night before winking at Dean, who gave her another appreciative smile right back. Thankfully Marti was obliviously to Dean's antics and it seemed like Dad was oblivious too as he was still staring at the brothers with curiosity in his eyes.

It seemed like Edwin was the only one out of the newcomers to notice Dean's interaction with Kelly when my little brother asked the older man "You know the hostess?" Edwin asked curiously as he titled his head to the side as he faced Dean. This question brought everyone's attention to Edwin and Dean as he now was just smirking.

"Not really but then again, I do leave a great first impression." Dean explained with a soft chuckle at the ending, causing Casey and Sam to both roll their eyes while Edwin seemed to nod his head in awe. I'd have to talk to the boy later; he wasn't supposed to emulate the guy already. He wasn't supposed to emulate him at all! Traitor.

"Why is it that I get the feeling you haven't changed much, Dean?" Lizzie voiced as she was still by Sam's side as his arm was still around her waist as if they just finished hugging while one of her arms was resting on his shoulder as she faced the older brother of the two. I guess she feels comfortable around Sam to greet him with a tight hug,

"And why do I get the feeling that you're too smart for your age?" Dean joked right back at my younger stepsister, who was smiling as he grinned.

"It's a gift." Lizzie countered back playfully.

Dean laughs as he leans back in his seat. I see both Casey and Sam smiling as they watch.

I was kind of surprised that Lizzie herself was greeting the two the way she was. Lizzie usually isn't the shy one when it came to people her own age but I figured that would be different if she met these guys who were older than me and Casey. Guess I was wrong.

"Sure is, now get over here and give me a hug and grab a seat beside me. I gotta have my one-on-one with the soccer star." Dean playfully demanded as he gestured for Lizzie to come his way. Casey nudged him a little causing him to laugh until Lizzie gave the older man a huge hug and he didn't hesitate to return the gesture. That's one thing that differs between us; I don't do hugs, except with Smarti.

"You're as charismatic as ever, Dean." Lizzie complimented him as she pulled out of the hug to take her seat to Dean's right.

I could see out of the corner of my eye that Nora was giving Sam a quick hug with whispered greetings that I wasn't paying attention to as I moved back to concentrate on Lizzie and Dean. I could sense that Edwin was standing behind me, watching in silence with Dad just off to the side as he was closer to Nora.

"And you're growing up more beautiful each time I see you. Just like Casey and your mother." Dean recited the compliment perfectly as he looked to each of the girls involved when he said their name.

I saw slight blushes from Lizzie, Casey and Nora as she turned her attention from Sam to his older brother. I could feel Edwin lean forward and whisper "He's good" but I only gave him a nod as my response. Dean was definitely good, there was no point denying that.

"Oh, Dean stop it. You're a charmer just like your father." Nora stated with a little giggle and a glazed-over look that caused Dean to smile proudly at the comment. With Nora's glazed look, I could only assume that she was caught up in a memory, maybe of one of Sam and Dean's father. I was actually caught off guard with the possibility that Nora knows their dad but I was curious to see what connection that left between them. Old Friend? Ex-boyfriend? Coworker? Relative? I was kidding myself with the last option but still, it was an option that can't be overlooked. But if that's an option, wouldn't she have mentioned them and wouldn't we have met them at Fiona's wedding?

"Ugh Nora?" I could hear the confusion coming from my dad as he was waiting for Nora.

"Yes Georgie?" My stepmom looked to my dad innocently before I could see the light bulb go off in her mind (Dad's confused face must have done the trick). "Oh right, boys…" Nora paused to look between the brothers before she continued. "I think introductions are in order so I'd like to introduce my husband, George Venturi." She finished as she looped one of her arms around Dad as she tugged him closer to the table.

Sam immediately stood from his seat, to his full height, and shook my father's hand as he greeted him with "It's very nice to meet you Mr. Venturi."

I could see the shock on Dad's face for the manners and I could hear the twin gasps from Marti and Edwin which was probably due to the fact that Sam was practically towering over Dad. I wasn't surprised since I'm taller than my dad and I had to crane my own neck to look at Sam's face when I was standing beside him earlier but it was funny hearing those gasps from my younger siblings.

"Please, call me George." Dad got over his initial shock as he remained calm and polite.

Sam just nodded before he released his grip yet he remained standing.

"Well George, we've heard many great things about you from Casey." Dean's voiced whipped all our attentions across the table and it was then I noticed that he had gotten up and was heading towards Dad while passing Marti, Edwin and I.

I had to turn in my seat just to get a good view of Dad's reaction.

"Really?" Dad asked surprisingly and I couldn't really blame him. Here we've heard nothing about these two and yet they know stuff about us.

I quickly looked to Casey who was smiling and I knew it was her doing.

"Of course." Dean stopped right in front of Dad as he held his own hand up, ready for a shake. Dad looked up slightly before conducting the hand shake as Dean made his own introduction. "I'm Dean Winchester and the giant is my younger brother Sam." Dean finished with a smirk and I think I heard a scoff from Sam and a giggle from Marti. Probably from the giant comment.

For a moment I thought I saw Dean's smirk widen into a grin when Marti giggled.

I quietly asked my giggling sister why she was giggling and I only got out the fact that Dean introduced his brother as a giant and she thought it was funny. Sometimes, Marti could be as weird as Edwin (unfortunately).

"Well, it's very nice to meet you boys." Dad replied back before releasing his grip from Dean. "Looks like you've already met my eldest, Derek." Dad gestured towards me and I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes. At least I'm first.

"Yes and this must be Edwin and Marti." Sam's comment caused both of my siblings to snap their attentions to the taller man who was smiling.

I completely turned around to see a gaping Edwin and then I turned the other way to see Marti giving him a timid wave.

"How'd you-" Edwin finally managed to get out, but Dean cut him off with a pat on Ed's back.

"Like I said, we've heard many things from Casey, plus your prank earlier kind of gave you away. So what'd you get from the principal?" Dean's curiosity and amusement were present in his voice as he asked the question that had slipped my mind earlier. I noticed that Edwin's eyes had widened when Dean mentioned seeing his prank but then he had the Venturi smirk plastered on his face as he told us his punishment.

"I've been suspended before I even start high school." Edwin's smile was beaming, causing myself to smile. I guess Edwin will carry the Venturi pranking throughout his years at SJST.

Dean patted him on the back in approval while he gave a soft chuckle. Then, he subtly led him to the next seat beside Marti. I gave Edwin a high five as he passed and gave him my approval. If I didn't know any better, I'd think his smile widened.

"Can he even do that even though you are technically not enrolled at the high school yet?" Sam questioned as he looked between Edwin and my dad.

Edwin was seated in his chair at his point and sporting that cliché thinking pose before he looked to Dad.

"Good point. Dad?" My little brother looked to our father to see if that was true. Sam did have a good point. If Mr. Lassiter can't official punish Edwin for the prank then it doesn't go on his record which I guess would be a good thing in the long run. I know Casey would prefer that scenario than to have it on his permanent record.

Dad seemed to be thinking it over too as if the idea never crossed his mind.

"I'll look into it but that doesn't mean you get off the hook for pulling the prank. You're grounded." Dad finished off as he gave Edwin a look while I noticed Sam pull out the chair between us for Nora to take a seat. I heard her say her thanks before Sam took his seat once again.

I looked around the table and saw that Dean too was back in his seat, whispering to Lizzie about something while Casey did the same with Sam.

"Oh, c'mon Dad, Derek pulled a prank too." Edwin complained as he tried to put the blame on me again, causing me to send him a glare which did cause him to flinch. Success. I could feel Dad move behind my chair as he stood behind both my chair and Marti's as he looked between his sons. Marti seemed to be focused on her kiddie menu while taking quick glances towards the Winchesters.

"Yeah but everyone was expecting it from me." I countered against my brother with a very good reason. Everyone expected the prank from me; my friends, Dad, Casey, Mr. Lassiter…everyone. I couldn't disappoint them, now could I?

"Even though I don't like it when you boys pull pranks, I am grateful that you waited until after Casey was done her speech, which was amazing by the way, Honey." Nora told the first part directed at me and Edwin before turning her praise to her daughter. I rolled my eyes but I felt Dad pat my back before thanking me for waiting with the prank. I just shrugged it off as if it were no big deal, which it wasn't, before Dad moved to his seat between Edwin and Lizzie.

"Again thank you." Casey thanked Nora as she smiled while getting a nudge from Dean in the shoulder.

"So, you guys were at the ceremony?" Lizzie questioned the older brothers while everyone else was skimming their menus.

We've been here a couple of times so it wouldn't take long for them to location their order in the menu. Marti was now half way done the kiddie menu activities and had half her attention on the conversation. I could tell because of her behavior; slow crayon movements, quick glances to the speakers, slight pauses. She's just as curious as I was (and probably Edwin too) to figure out the tie between our step-siblings and the Winchesters.

"Wouldn't have missed it. Didn't Nora tell anyone?" Dean proudly answered before leaving it off with everyone looking to my stepmom for an answer.

"I didn't want to spoil the surprise." Nora innocently stated with a smile.

"Well it's the best surprise ever!" Casey beamed once again and I couldn't help but think that she really must lo-like these guys to react like this. I mentally shook the thought of using the l-word away.

"I thought you hated surprises?" Edwin questioned as he placed his menu down and the boy did have a point. Casey has expressed many times that she hates surprises yet she loves this one? She hated the surprise party I threw for her sixteenth birthday, granted I changed her original plan to fit with mine but still, a party is a party.

She started grinning at Edwin before she replied, "Well this surprise is an exception to that." She looked between the brothers smiling and getting smiles back.

The weird feeling in the pit of my stomach was back again but instead of figuring out what it meant, I just blamed it on the fact that I was hungry.

"I hope everyone is ready to order because Layla is heading this way." Dean stated with a smile as his gaze was somewhere past Edwin's head.

I couldn't help but wonder if the hot blonde knew that I was hungry and she just chose that moment to show up. Probably not but still, a guy could dream about a girl knowing him that well.

"Layla?" Edwin turned to me with a questioning look and I had to stop myself from laughing.

"Our waitress." I simply stated as I smirked, causing Edwin to nod his head in understanding while he muttered an 'ooh!'

It was only a few seconds later that Layla returned with our drink orders. She had reintroduced herself to the rest of the family before asking if we were ready to order. Luckily everyone was ready to order, so Layla took the new drink orders as well as all of our food orders before leaving to place our order.

If I hadn't seen Dean in action earlier with Layla, I never would have guessed that he was flirting with her now with the little amount of time he had her attention for (she had to take all our orders, remember). I could still see the small blush form on her face as Dean kept on smiling at her. For that much effect for a little interaction was definitely impressive, but I wasn't going to tell him that. I guess he was taking Casey's kid-friendly warning to heart and I was glad for that. Don't want Marti to be exposed to the world of dating yet, now do I? That's a no. It seemed like only Sam, Casey and possibly Edwin had any idea of Dean's antics but they never questioned it. Edwin did look towards me with a questioning quirk of his eyebrow causing me to smirk and shrug at my brother.


It wasn't long after Layla's departure that Nora started the questioning of our guests. I thought it was too general of a question but I guess she wanted to ease everyone into it since from the looks of everyone, they were hesitant. I just wanted to ask all the questions that have formed in my head since I met the guys in the parking lot at school. I could sense that Edwin too was itching for some answers as he goes into super sleuth mode like when he interviewed Truman and Marvin for Casey and Lizzie last weekend. Weird thing to do but he just defends himself by saying it's his way of doing his 'step-brotherly duties'. Dad was just interested in learning anything about these guys and gauging whether they're safe or not, and I think Marti was trying to figure out if they were friend or foe too.

Apparently the Winchesters had a long drive up here and they only arrived yesterday evening. They seemed to come from Atlanta, Georgia, straight from a business meeting before coming here to start their vacation. When Edwin asked what type of business meeting, Sam just said they couldn't talk about it without confirming it with their boss so no one else pushed. I wanted to ask because of the stuff I heard back at the house but since Edwin had a thing for business situations, he backed down out of respect, I guess so I had to too, unfortunately.

Out of the blue I ended up asking why they couldn't just fly up here but Dean instantly said that it wasn't an option, in a tone that seemed nonnegotiable. Sam seemed to be smirking while Casey was just shaking her head comically causing Edwin to ask why. All Dean said was 'my car'. I found myself immediately looking to Sam for a translation and he just stated that Dean doesn't like leaving his beloved car behind anywhere. I nodded in understanding as my dad asked the 'what type' question, getting Dean into a basic run down of his black 1967 Chevy Impala that has been in his family since 1973. I whistled at the number because that car appeared to be in excellent condition for being around for almost forty years; seemed like my dad and Edwin had the same idea as me yet they haven't seen the car in person yet. It was then that my father and brother learned that Casey knew that the Impala was a classic car and according to Sam, she loved it just as much as Dean himself did. That shocked Dad and Edwin and I still couldn't believe that fact because that would mean that Casey knew something about cars, which I know she doesn't since she had to come to me for help when the family needed a new car on my sixteenth birthday. She's just going off of Dean's obsession over the car. I thought quickly pushing the crazy thought of Casey knowing about cars out of the way.

Layla then came back with the rest of the family's drinks, just before Dad started asking more car questions to Dean, and I think he would have gone on and on about his car just like how Dad goes on and on about his old rock band. Marti instantly grabbed her chocolate milk once it hit the table, causing me to laugh a little while I took a sip of my drink. Layla gave another warning about the restaurant's delay but she assured us it wouldn't be that long before our food was ready. Dean was the one who once again thanked our waitress with his swooning smile that I was getting sick of.

Once the blushing Layla was gone, Edwin finally asked the all important question to the Winchester brothers: how long have you known Casey? I was puzzled as to why he didn't include Lizzie in that too but I didn't say anything, hoping that they would cover that too.

"Since the day she was born." Dean replied with a proud smile as he looked to Casey who was beaming. Dean looked back at the rest of us with a smirk now on his face but I could clearly see the glint of mischief in his eyes like I had seen in the parking lot earlier at the school. "In fact, I was the third person to hold her, if you don't count medial professionals of course."

I think my eyes widened at the idea of Dean knowing Casey from that moment in her life until now. I looked to Sam and saw that he had a soft smile as he looked to Casey, who had a slight blush.

"Really?" Marti was beaming with excitement at the prospect of holding a little baby.

Dean chuckled and I could see that my little sister had that spark of interest in her eye.

"Yeah, I'll never forget that day." Dean paused with this glazed look in his eye as he gave a genuine smile before snapping out of it and looking to Casey, then Sam then around to the rest of us. "Sure I was only six at the time but I knew what a precious thing it was to hold this beautiful girl in my arms…" Dean landed his gaze on a smiling Casey before he continued "…a girl that resembled so much like her mother in that moment." Dean looked between Casey and Nora and I followed his gaze to see that both of them looked like they were about to cry over the memory.

My eyes widened and I instantly wanted to kick Dean's butt for bringing tears into this. I don't do tears!

"Really?" Casey questioned Dean with what sounded like a hopeful tone before looking to her mother.

Both Nora and Dean nodded a yes to Casey, causing her smile to widen. Come to think of it, there were only a few resemblances between Casey and Nora that never caught my attention before. Maybe that's why she was hopeful, because she could be growing up to a point where she won't resemble her mom at all. Girls are weird to worry about stuff like that.

"Was it like that when I was born, Daddy?" Marti piped up from beside me as she looked to our father for an answer.

I laughed to myself as Dad looked like he was a deer caught in headlights before he softened his look with a smile directed at Marti.

"Of course Pumpkin, you were the smallest bundle of joy I've ever seen; my little angel." Dad finished but he laughed a little when he saw that Marti gave him a satisfied look that said 'nicely put'.

I took a glance at Nora and saw that she too was beaming off of my dad's words to Marti as if she was falling for him all over again. I rolled my eyes at the crazy thought.

I couldn't help but smile too as I remember when I held Marti for the first time. Sure, I held Edwin when he was a baby but I was nine when my baby sister arrived, and I couldn't help but think that Dean's words were a perfect description for when I held Marti.

Wait a minute. Does that mean Dean views Casey as a sister?

I didn't know where that thought came from but I knew it couldn't be true since Casey didn't have blood brothers. But then again, he's known her since the beginning and he was overly protective of her back at the house. They can't be related. No matter how much logic I had against the idea at that moment, my body felt victorious over the thought. Now why is that?

I looked across the table for a moment to see a concerned Casey looking over at a hurt Dean. I don't think anyone else noticed but once she nudged him the hurt was gone and an emotionless mask was put on his face. She tilted her head to the side but she only got a shake of his head, telling her to practically drop the subject. She sighed.

"What about Sam?" Edwin piped up once again as he looked mainly at Dean, waiting for his response while simultaneously ending the silent battle between Casey and Dean.

Dean smirked. "Oh, I held him too but since I was younger, I needed some parental help but-"

Edwin chuckled, cutting Dean off  which caused Dean to give him a confused look. Edwin stopped and gave a nervous laugh before explaining what he meant. Looks like someone doesn't like Dean's glare.

"No, I meant when you met Casey, where was Sam?" Edwin hurried to finish.

Dean looked to Sam with an evil grin on his face before turning back to face us.

"Oh, he was in the room whining." Dean said nonchalantly as if it's the obvious answer in the room.

Casey was smiling but from where I was seated, she wanted to laugh.

Sam rolled his eyes. "I wasn't whining."

Dean looked to his brother with an 'are you kidding' look before rebutting back. "You were two years old, of course you were whining." Dean glanced around the table to continue on with his trip down memory lane. "He wanted to hold Casey but the parentals didn't think it'd be best."

Casey was smirking at this point as she leaned back in her chair with her arms crossed. "Not even a day old and you both were already fighting over me."

Both brothers laughed and it looked like Sam was nodding his head in agreement.

Who would want to fight over Casey?

Dean's laugh died down a bit before he was able to speak. "Fighting over you, fighting with you, fighting against you; all and all, I missed fighting with you in general, Case."

Casey smiled before hitting Dean in the shoulder playfully causing him to laugh again.

Sam was smiling before Casey turned to look at him. "I, on the other hand, missed you in general, Casey."

Casey smiled at that but it seemed like the taller man's words caused his brother's laughter to stop. I quirked my eyebrow at Dean's new demeanor.

"Suck up." Dean accused his younger brother with a playful scowl while Sam had a victorious grin as if they were competing on who missed Casey more. The thought just confused me more since I didn't know why they'd be competing for something like that.

"Not my fault you don't like saying it." Sam quipped causing Dean to give an eye roll.

I couldn't take it anymore.

The rest of the family was entertained by the dynamic the Winchester brothers showcased, which still perplexed me since the family didn't like it when I fought with Casey but then again, we somehow always got them involved at times. Either way, no one was asking the question that I've been dying to hear the answer to since I met them.

"So, you've known Casey since the day she was born but how do you know her? You guys are older which was confirmed by your 'how you met' story. So how?" I rambled off my question and I didn't realize that I provided proof of the statement until after it left my mouth. Well it was true since I had verbal confirmation that Dean is six years older than Casey, while Sam was two years older than her.

"Again with that question, Derek." Casey asked from across the table with her eyebrow quirked up in a way that told me she knew I was up to something as she leaned forward in her seat again.

Fortunately for me, I wasn't planning anything but finding out about the truth on these two.

"Well, I didn't get an answer before." I countered back as she huffed.

Dean seemed to have let out a few nervous chuckles before answering my question as he started to rub the back of his neck. I couldn't help but wonder why the topic made him nervous. He gave off this look that appeared like he wasn't sure what to say of the situation. He even took subtle glances towards Nora, Casey and Sam before looking back to us. It was too fast for the others to notice but luckily I did and unfortunately for me, it just raised more questions. For some reason the phrase, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, kept running through my head. Since when do I view the Winchesters, Dean especially, as my enemy? My head was hurting with all the unwanted questions forming in my brain.

"Ugh, actually it was through our parents." Dean finally revealed and I remained silent; so did everyone else. I knew on some level, with the stuff they were telling us, that they might have met like that but on some level, I didn't want it to be true. Why do I care? Is there something special about today besides graduation that's causing me to actually consider my emotions?

"Yeah, our Dad and Nora kind of grew up together and he's the one that actually introduced Nora to Dennis when they were younger." Sam continued off, ending it with a glance to my Dad when he mentioned Nora's ex-husband. Sam smiled and I think it might have been from the fact that Dad didn't flinch at the mention of Dennis. I wouldn't get why he would since those two seemed to be getting along when Dennis came to visit during our first year after the wedding. It still baffles me how a cool guy like Dennis could be Casey's father.

"So with that connection, we met Casey and grew up together until we had to move. After that she'd either visit us during her breaks or we'd see her during ours." Dean continued right where his brother left off, which was kind of freaky but it didn't seem to faze Casey or the brothers. The rest of us remained quiet as Sam finished off.

"Of course visits became strained after the divorce but we still kept in contact." I could hear some sadness when he mentioned the lack of visits afterwards, but I guess it was reasonable. If the guys' dad is the one to introduce the divorced couple then I guess any reminder would be tough to handle.

"What's this about not seeing each other for the past four years and to be honest-" Casey interrupted me with a scoff and I kind of figured that she would.

"Well that would be a first." I glared at my stepsister before continuing. You'd think she'd give me a break for the day, but it doesn't look like it.

"As I was saying, to be honest, I've never heard of you guys before." I innocently stated, which got the rest of my family nodding along with me. I could see that Nora's expression had softened while Lizzie kept looking at me as if she was searching for something. She's been spending too much time with my weirdo of a brother. Even with Lizzie's stares I could see them soften once I mentioned the lack of talk about the Winchesters in the past.

Sam sighed. "We started working full time for our father and since he's a workaholic, he kind of worked us to the bone. You know how heavy the workload is for a private family business."

I wanted to be a pain and say that I didn't but the glare Dean was sending towards his brother stopped me.

Before Dean could rip Sam apart (from the looks of it), Casey spoke.

"I never mentioned them before because it hurt too much, and I'd miss them even more." Casey had a sad smile on her face and for some odd reason, I wish I never asked the question in the first place. You don't care, remember! My mind kept shouting at me but it still didn't get the feeling to go away. Graduation has you screwed in the head with all the emotional graduates you were surrounded around earlier.

Dean sported a cocky smile as he looked to the graduate beside him. "Aww shucks Case, we missed you too."

Casey rolled her eyes as she smirked. "You're ruining it."

Dean laughed. "No, I'm just cutting this chick-flick moment short."

I tilted my head in amusement at the moment's name.

"But you started one earlier." Edwin piped up once again, and you could hear the confusion in his voice as well as on his face.

Dean turned to face Edwin. "And?"

Edwin gulped and I think I heard Marti snicker beside me, or maybe that was just me.

Marti was still working on her kiddie menu so I wasn't even sure if she was paying attention to the conversation now. I looked closely at her menu sheet and saw in the corner closest to me, in Marti's handwriting, the words: they are funny. I gave my sister a quizzical look but all she did was give me a giant smile.

I missed Edwin's excuse of an explanation but I did catch Sam's words as he gave his brother a knowing look.

"He can express them perfectly, he just doesn't like talking about them." Dean huffed before glaring at Sam. I only assumed it was playful since Casey was smirking.

"It's rude talking like I'm not here, Sammy. I thought I taught you better than that." Dean gave a disappointed look to his younger brother followed by the head shake.

Sam scoffed and I heard Nora give a soft chuckle under her breath due to the brothers' antics.

I looked to Dad and saw that he was only amused.

I turned to look at Edwin and I saw confusion and amusement on his face. If I had to guess, I think my face was showing that too. I was only confused about the whole teaching comment. Yeah, I caught that possible slip which by the way, makes no sense to me. Wouldn't parents teach that sort of thing, not older siblings? I certainly didn't teach Edwin or Marti that.

"Oh please, you did it earlier and would you rather say it yourself?" Sam quipped back with an eyebrow raised.

Dean was contemplating what his brother said before shrugging it off.

"Good point, continue." Sam was about to, but Dean stopped him. "On second thought don't, Layla's coming with our food."

My mood perked up at the prospect of my dinner coming and I quickly turned around to see where Dean was staring now.

I voiced my relief but I got that look from Nora that says 'manners Derek' and I just turned back before saying: "What? I'm hungry and it's been a long day."

"I second that. But the celebration has just begun." Casey agreed while grinning at me of all people. I couldn't help but grin right back at her because she was right, the night was just beginning and I still had my visit at the pool hall before heading to Jason's for the party.

"For once, I agree."


It was a few seconds after I admitted to agreeing with Casey, Layla came to our table with two other waitresses as they each balanced three orders in their arms. It didn't take long for them to pass out our food but in the meantime, I was enjoying the view the three fine waitresses were giving me. I saw Dean do the same thing too but sadly for me, once I got my food, I couldn't wait to dig in. Give me a break, I haven't eaten since before lunch.

Before Layla had left, I saw Dean whisper something to her before she wished our table a fabulous meal. I instantly took a bite from my burger and couldn't argue with the fact that it was really good.

After everyone had a few bites of their own food, Edwin spoke once again.

"So if you've known Casey for so long, then you've known Lizzie that long too, right?" I stopped my eating and saw that everyone else had too since they were waiting for an answer but this time it was Sam that looked hesitant.

Sam shrugged his shoulders a bit. "Yes and no."

I quirked an eyebrow in confusion but Marti did it for me, "What does that mean?"

"Well Marti, since I was a lot younger than the three of them…" Lizzie started off as she motioned to Casey and the Winchesters. "I was usually off with Mom or Dad but on occasion, I got to hang out with them too." There was a pause and Lizzie had that glazed over look that everyone seemed to be having tonight before she responded with a smile. "If I remember correctly, I think Sam's the first one I ever kicked a soccer ball around with."

I looked to Sam and saw that he was smiling at my younger stepsister.

"Oh I remember that. You were just a preschooler and it was around the time that Dean was obsessed with getting his license." (A/N: Dean =15, Sam =11, Casey =9, Lizzie =4) Sam reminisced as he gave Dean that look that asked if he remembered too but I think the mock scowl he was sporting was an indication that he did remember.

"I wasn't obsessed." Dean defended as he continued to eat his dinner.

Sam scoffed. "Are you kidding? You were ecstatic to get your license so that you could drive the Impala." Dean was grinning but it was Casey who snapped her fingers in a way that meant she just thought of something. So cliché but thankfully, it's a universal sign.

"Yeah, I remember that. You practically took the car apart and built it back up again just so that you got the mechanics memorized for the test." Casey explained as Dean nodded his head along.

"Oh yeah, you wouldn't leave me alone when I did that." Dean quipped as Casey responded with a shy smile.

"I was curious. It wasn't everyday that you were allowed to rebuild the Impala when it was already running smoothly." Casey shrugged off her explanation with an innocent expression causing Dean to give a low chuckle. My mind was still fumbling over the fact that Casey wanted to see Dean rebuild a car.

"What can I say, you learn by doing." Dean smirked but I had to agree with him, and be confused by the situation. I agree with his logic because you experience things and retain them better if you do them instead of just reading about them. I've told Casey that many times but she gave no sign of actually listening to me.

I was confused because I don't remember needing to learn extensive car mechanics to get my license and I know for a fact that if that was required then Casey wouldn't have gotten her license. Then again, I'm second guessing what Casey really knows. I didn't want to second guess myself but I was learning a lot of contradicting data on Casey today.

"Why'd you have to learn to build a car?" I asked between bites but I got glares from Nora and Casey. I rolled my eyes and swallowed before I finished. "We didn't have to for our driving tests." I took a sip from my drink while I waited making it easier for me to swallow.

"I only did it to prove to my dad that I could take care of the car." Dean took a bite of his own meal. He was about to talk but a directed stare at him, brought on by Casey had him thinking otherwise. He swallowed before he continued. "Once I showed him that, he was more lenient on letting me drive it once I got my license." He took a sip of his coke. "Then when I turned eighteen, that's when he gave me the Impala."

I quirked an eyebrow at Dean. "Eighteen?" I had seen Dad nod along with Dean's tale and I was thankful that Dad didn't do that with me. I couldn't help but feel pleased that I got the Prince on my sixteenth birthday and not have to go through what Dean did to get his car.

Dean shrugged as he took another sip of his coke. "Yeah."

Casey stopped eating her food as she looked to Dean then to the rest of us.

"I remember when he got the keys as a present he grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder, spun me around and took me out to get some ice cream that was all away across town." Casey laughed at her memory and both Winchesters had huge grins on their faces.

"You guys didn't come back until later that night." Sam added in before taking a sip of his drink.

"You could have joined us, Sammy. I still remember that we had loads of fun, right Case?" Dean regarded his brother before nudged my stepsister.

"Fun for who exactly?" Casey quipped.

Dean smirked. "Don't be like that."

"I'm just saying." Casey replied in a smug manner as she took another sip of her drink.

"So why couldn't Sam go?" Lizzie asked as she finished off half of her dinner. With Lizzie's question, it got me thinking that Lizzie wasn't there to celebrate Dean's eighteenth birthday yet Casey was. Why was that?

"I had to take over Dean's responsibilities for the day since it was his birthday." Sam explained before putting a forkful of food in his mouth.

"I do the same on yours, Sam. Fair trade." Dean interjected causing Sam to nod in agreement as he swallowed.

"I know." It was all Sam said before it was quiet for a bit except for the restaurant noises in the background.


I was practically done my dinner so I was able to glance around the table. It looked like everyone else was about half way done their dinner but what caught my eye was that Casey seemed to be shaking. It seemed that Dean noticed too because he seemed to be watching her every move. It wasn't until after she finished her drink that she turned to Dean.

Casey frowned. "What?"

"You're cold aren't you?" Dean said in a tone that says 'you can't hide anything from me' as he continued to stare her down.

"No, what makes you say that?" Casey tried to shrug the issue off as always but Dean held on a smug smirk.

"You're shaking and I'm close enough to see goosebumps forming on your arm. If you're cold, just put your jacket on again." Dean strongly suggested as he took another sip of his drink.

"But then I'll get too hot quickly." Casey was giving off a whining tone causing my own amused smirk to show.

"I told you to change earlier." Dean rebutted without missing a beat.

"Well, I didn't figure that the restaurant would have their air conditioner on full blast." Casey explained with a huff as she crossed her arms over her chest. I was still amused since I knew for a fact that Casey, the planner, knew that restaurants had air conditioning turned on full blast during this time of the year, reason why I usually wear pants to work (and not just because it was part of the dress code).

Dean rolled his eyes. "You're still as stubborn as ever." Dean shifted in his seat before shredding off his blue button-up shirt, leaving a clear view of his amulet over his black t-shirt. I glanced around and saw that everyone was eyeing Dean curiously except for Casey, who was fuming at being called stubborn and Sam who was finishing up his meal.

"And you keep acting like Mr. Know-it-all…" Casey started off with her comeback but she paused when she saw Dean's shirt in his hands being thrust into her direction. Casey was confused. "What's that for?"

Dean smirked. "What'd you think? Just put it on and give it back before we leave. I'm not gonna have you catch a cold while I'm here. It'd put a damper on our fun for the week." He quipped as he dangled his shirt, egging Casey to take it.

Casey bobbed her head in a way that made it seem like she was contemplating what Dean was saying. "I do hate getting sick."

Dean laughed, "Exactly."

Casey finally took the shirt from Dean and put it on, unrolling the sleeves so that her arms were covered.

"Thanks, Dean." She smiled as he grinned.

"No problem, and now that we're on vacation, we could have some real fun, just like old times." Dean grinned mischievously as he rubbed his hands together.

I saw Sam tense and his eyes widen as he snapped his head to glare at his older brother.

"No way, Dean. I don't wanna have to constantly watch my back while we're here." Sam protested causing Dean to laugh.

"Oh c'mon Sammy, we haven't done one in years since we've started working." Dean was grinning like crazy with that mischievous glint in his eye.

"Because it's unprofessional and it's distracting. Plus we aren't kids anymore." Sam argued causing Dean to roll his eyes.

"What? Didn't like the nair in your shampoo that one time, Sammy?" Dean quipped causing Sam to tense as he glared at Dean. Casey seemed unfazed as she was seated between the two semi-feuding brothers.

"No and they always escalate. We're always trying to one-up each other in our pranks." Sam reasoned while trying to convey his reasons through the stare down.

I was thrown off guard when Sam mentioned pranks. These guys actually pull pranks?

Casey was now glaring at Dean. "I got blamed for that nair prank if I remember correctly." Dean laughed.

"Good times."

"That revenge prank wasn't, it should have went to you, Dean." Casey pushed Dean in the shoulder. I assume it was playful since Dean was still laughing.

"I told you I was sorry for that, Casey." Sam got in, causing a small smile to form on Casey's face but Dean was still laughing.

"Not my fault Sam couldn't figure out who pulled which prank on him." Dean defended as his laughter died down.

"I didn't think you guys pulled pranks." I finally got out because I still couldn't believe it. Not only had Sam and Dean pulled pranks in their past and from the sound of it, Dean would still pull them if he could but they had gotten Casey involved in the crossfire as well. Maybe that's why she fights back with my pranks or reacts the way she does. I do love the way she reacts to my pranks. I smirked at the thought of one of Casey's freak out reactions.

You could see Dean's amusement rolling off of him as he gave a low chuckle. "How else were we supposed to stay entertained when we're growing up? Our prank wars were the best." He quirked an eyebrow as he grinned and I couldn't help but laugh in agreement. It didn't really register what his last statement was until Edwin brought it up.

"I'm sorry, did you say prank wars?" Everyone was curious and confused (except for the Winchesters) on probably the fact that Edwin caught on to that little tidbit. I, on the other hand, was curious but what they deemed as a prank war.

Dean was smirking like crazy. "I sure did, Ed."

My little brother seemed to have an awed expression on his face, while I was still waiting for Dean to say what he considered as a prank war.

"So you pranked each other?" Edwin clarified slowly.

Sam sighed as Dean was contemplating the question.

"Yeah and on occasion, Casey participated too." Dean stated nonchalantly but the last bit caused everyone of the family to shout 'what!' while Casey shouted Dean's name in a 'what the hell' type of way. I think if I was drinking something, I would have done a spit take. I seem to be having a lot of those moments today.

Dean was laughing. "Yeah, when she was younger, she'd either tag team with me or Sammy until she was old enough to fight back on her own."

Sam was snickering at this point before he continued from where Dean left off.

"One time, it got to a point that my dad told us if we were to have these wars, we couldn't have them during one of his cases since they would get too distracting." Dean was grinning with that glazed look in his eye as Sam finished off.

"How long would they last?" I found myself asking before I knew it.

"Well, the one he gave that warning was a week or two long." My eyes widened when Dean answered my question.

"Dad was kind of fed up living in a war zone, never being able to put his guard down since we practically booby trapped the ho-house in hopes that we'd get the other one." Sam finished off again with Dean out right laughing again at the memory. They seriously have to stop with finishing off each other's thoughts and sentences.

Dean blew out a breath after calming down and taking another sip of his drink. "Usually the prank victims were just Sam and myself but sometimes family got in the way. But, little did he know our last prank of that war was a triple joint effort on our high school." Dean was grinning like crazy and I couldn't help but think that this guy is always in a good mood. He has a great sense of humor, a way with the ladies, he can tell a great story; he seemed like the kind of guy I'd hang around with and I hated that. I wanted to hate Dean for some reason. Why do I want to hate him?

"I think he knew." Casey added with a smirk of her own.

Dean shrugged as he leaned back in his seat. "Well we weren't punished…"

"And no evidence was found to connect us to it." Sam finished off as he looked towards Dean, who just nodded as his smirk was still firmly in place.

I tilted my head in confusion. "Wait, we?" I knew Dean had to be referring to him and Sam at least, but Casey was acting like she knew from experience what the brothers were talking about.

I looked around the table and saw that everyone else was glad that I'm the one that brought it up.

"Yeah, we as in Sammy, Casey and myself." My mouth was gaping when Dean included Casey's name. I think Marti was doing the same because she immediately stopped drawing whatever it was she was drawing.

"No way! Casey was a part of this major prank? What was it?" Edwin was practically jumping in his seat in excitement at this new discovery about our stepsister. You could practically see the curiosity gleam through his eyes as he glanced between the trio in question, in anticipation.

I could see the surprise on both Dad and Nora's faces, but Dad's expression changed to one that practically screamed 'calm down' at Edwin when he called his name.

Edwin just turned to Dad and gave an innocent shrug.

"What? Dad, you're the prank master, surely you're dying to know what they did too." Edwin and I were smiling when we saw Dad having an internal battle with himself. I knew that Dad lived for pranks and he would be as curious as hell to know what this huge prank was, just like I was curious but I wasn't going to let anyone know about it.

Dad sighed. "That may be true, son, but as the parent, I can't condone it."

I looked to Dad curiously giving a 'since when' look before looking to Nora, who was smiling proudly at Dad's response. Oh boy. I shook my head disapprovingly at the fact that my dad can be so whipped at times.

"Don't worry George, I don't think they could repeat such an extensive prank anyways." Dean gave a smug grin which was directed at me and Edwin, even though he was addressing my dad.

I was fuming inside at the prospect of not being able to pull off any prank but I wasn't going to give Dean the satisfaction of knowing that he ticked me off by that comment. The whole reason I would bug Casey was for her over-dramatic reactions. Music to my ears when she screams the way she does in anger. I immediately shook the thought away.

Casey shook her head. "I rather not give them anymore ideas."

"Who cares what you think." I snapped at my stepsister, causing her to stare daggers at me. Normalcy! I ignored her and turned to Dean. "So what was the prank?"

Dean had an amused expression as he looked between me and Casey for some reason. Dean had raised an eyebrow to his brother, who was just grinning. They had one of their silent conversations before Dean chuckled and looked back at me to answer. "We performed the prank on the principal two days before me and Sam were supposed to transfer schools."

"Why two days before?" Edwin asked.

"So we could see the reactions." Dean replied with that 'duh' tone to it, "And Casey was visiting at the right time for her to join in."

I was nodding in agreement while Edwin was making 'ooh' sounds.

"I don't like what we did, but we were teenagers at the time." Sam sighed as he tried to justify his reasons for pranking to Nora since she seemed to be giving off amused yet slightly disappointed looks. The looks didn't seem to bother Dean since he shrugged off his brother's reasoning. I guess he's not a fan of authority figures. I chuckled at the thought for the similarity between us. I wonder if anyone else sees that?

"As well as being bored out of our minds. While Sammy had his nose buried in the books, no school could keep me entertained for long." Dean finished off as he took a sip of his drink.

"Why's that? I like school." Marti piped up and I had to groan at my little sister's confession. My little sister is turning into a keener like our stepsister.

"Ugh, you've been spending too much time with Spacey." I complained to Marti, who shrugged, while I got a 'hey!' from my stepsister in question.

Dean was smirking before he turned to look at my little sister and I do have to say, it was amazing how when he was addressing Marti, he wasn't giving off this intimidating vibe at all. Marti even relaxed when Dean's attention was on her.

"Well Marti, when you constantly have to relearn what you already know, it gets really boring really fast. Sure it's an advantage but it's a boring one. It's kind of like rewatching your least favorite television show over and over again to a point that you practically have it memorized." He finished as he placed his newly crossed arms on the table.

"Oh, then that does suck." Marti replied and you could hear the sincerity in her voice.

Dean smiled. "You've got that right, Munchkin."

Marti was smiling too before she grabbed her chocolate milk again to take a sip.

I look to Casey and Sam and saw that they were smiling at the older Winchester's antics towards my little sister. I guess I should be happy that he's nice to my Smarti.

Sam cleared his throat, causing Dean to scoff. "Anyways with lots of planning, we emptied the principal's office and scattered its contents all over the school."

"There was no proof linking it to us, the new students and with us transferring in the next few days, we got off scot-free." Dean finished off with a victorious grin for the fact that they got away from a prank like that.

The whole prank felt like déjà vu for me for some reason which I thought was odd because I didn't really pull any pranks on the principal except for the graduation prank. So why does it sound so familiar?

"That sounds a lot like the prank Derek did during his sophomore year when Mr. Lassiter first started." Lizzie piped up in her seat, causing Edwin to snap his fingers in recognition.

All of a sudden, flashes of that time when Mr. Lassiter started at SJST came rushing to my mind. That was around the time I pranked Casey with that 'Saturday is a school day' prank. I also took all of her clothes causing her to come to school in my orangutan t-shirt the day we met the new principal. I never did understand why she was wearing my clothes and not Nora's. It was the same time everyone was giving me kudos for a prank that I didn't do, but Casey admitted to doing later on when I was in my room. My eyes widened at the last thought. She reused a prank?

"Yeah, he almost got expelled but Casey saved him…" I interrupted my brother as I glared at Casey. I almost got expelled for her prank and I now learn that she's done that prank before without a hitch?

"Wait, you did the prank flawlessly before yet you screw it up, practically putting me in the hot seat?" I wasn't screaming when I said it but you could tell that I was angry with my tone.

I even saw Marti looking at me with a worried expression out of the corner of my eye as I continued to stare Casey down.

Casey directed a smug smirk at me. "You started it by taking my clothes."

"You almost got me expelled." I growled back.

"Almost being the key word. I bailed you out in time, didn't I?" Casey pointed out, without missing a beat.

"How could you screw up a prank the second time you pulled it?" I asked incredulously as I crossed my arms over my chest.

Casey shrugged innocently. "Not the right back up." I had to agree, anyone is better than Tinker Tomlin.

Dean laughed, "Nice to know that's finally been ingrained in your brain." He quipped causing his younger brother to sigh.

"Harsh much, Dean?"

Dean looked to Sam with a smirk. "Not at all."

Casey rolled her eyes.

"Wait so Casey really did pull that prank?" Edwin asked with curiosity and disbelief in his tone as he looked between me, Casey and the Winchesters.

Everyone else was looking at me so I just nodded yes.

All of a sudden, everyone was looking at Casey who was just grinning innocently as if no one just found out her pranking secret that I thought was only known between the two of us. Guess I was wrong once again.

"Why didn't you say anything Casey instead of letting Derek take the fall?" Nora asked as the overall shock was gone after learning her daughter was the one that actually pulled the expulsion prank.

Casey gaped at the question and I was finding myself now amused with the situation.

"Ugh, hello? I full out confessed at the dinner table that night only to get laughed at and cheered on for standing up for Derek." Casey explained with an incredulous look.

My dad sighed. "That's right, you did."

Nora was sporting a shy smile for not believing her daughter at that time. Yeah, well I guess Casey won't be getting away with anymore high caliber pranks. That thought did kind of disappoint me since she did have such an advantage with everyone thinking she was a goody-goody. I could have used her as a cover in the future with the pranks not directed at her. Wait, who says I still can't?

"Since it's now cleared up that Casey already pulled our prank on the high school, you have no worries George." Dean beamed at the fact that everyone now knew that my stepsister is a prankster herself.

Dad gave a nervous laugh as he rubbed his neck.

"Well I guess that explains how Casey's prank retaliations differ from others." My dad finished before taking a sip of his drink.

Marti went back to eating her dinner and so did Lizzie. Edwin was a little hesitant since he didn't want to miss anything in the conversation. I rolled my eyes. He probably wants to open a file on these two. I took a moment to reel that thought over and it did seem quite useful. I'll bring that up to my brother later.

Casey laughed. "Years of exposure and experience, George."

"I guess so but you rarely prank Derek back." Dad had a questioning look directed at Casey and he did have a point. I've pranked Casey multiple of times and she hadn't pulled a prank on me once (not counting the principal prank or the prank involving the medicine cabinet). If she's such a prankster, why hasn't she pranked me back? They definitely would have made our fights more interesting.

Casey quirked an eyebrow at her stepfather. "You rather I start pranking him back and end up bringing a prank war into the house?"

I was smirking at the challenge.

Sam cleared his throat. "No matter how amusing that may sound, you get tired really fast when you always have your guard up for pranks. Those around the pranksters are also affected." Sam had directed the first part at me but he ended it off by glancing between Dad and Nora.

Dad seemed to be thinking it over before he said anything.

"On second thought, don't prank back." I frowned as my dad went back to his meal and so did Nora.

At this point it seemed like Dean was done eating and Sam was just finishing up.

"Good call, George." Casey added in, causing me to glare at her. All she did was smirk at me. Stop with the smirking Casey! It's not normal!

I gave my prank victim a cocky grin. "Not like you could get the jump on me anyways, Spacey." I quipped.

She scoffed. "Says you. You haven't seen what I could do with a prank when I go all out, Der." She sported her own smug smirk as she finished her meal and pushed the empty plate away from her.

"I still doubt…" I was immediately interrupted by the ringing from a cell phone. I instantly knew it wasn't mine since mine also vibrates when I get a call plus my ring tone is specialized, while the ring I was hearing seemed like it was the default ringer, "…it. That's not my phone." I quickly defended myself as everyone was looking at me. Once I said that everyone looked to Casey, who patted the pockets of her leather jacket down to probably check if she missed her phone vibrate as the ringing continued.

"It's not my phone." Casey finally said.

Suddenly Dad, Nora, Sam and Dean were patting their pockets or taking their cell phones out to check. I saw that it wasn't Dad or Nora since they gave a negative nod to one another, causing everyone else to look towards Casey and our guests.

"Uh Dean?" Sam hesitantly stated as he held his ringing phone in his hands. The ring wasn't annoying (thankfully) but he wasn't answering it either. Why is he hesitant to answer the damn phone?

"Yeah?" Dean automatically answered but he didn't look at his brother as he took a sip of his coke.

"It's my phone." Sam stated causing Dean to almost choke on his drink.

Dean's eyes widened as he stared at his brother.

"Oh crap, is it-" Sam cut Dean off with an affirmative nod.

"Well answer it." Casey almost screamed causing Sam to flinch. It was then that I saw that both Casey and Sam were a little scared of the impending phone call.

"He's not supposed to be calling me. He calls Dean first before me!" Sam argues as he refuses to answer it.

I could see the rest of us were all confused as the trio were too caught up in their little disagreement.

"Don't keep him waiting, Sam." Casey strongly suggested causing Sam to sigh before he excused himself from the table to take the call.

Casey was rubbing the side of her temple while her elbows were resting on the table. "Dean, do you even have your phone?" She questioned the older Winchester as she turned to look at him.

Dean patted his pocket again. "Yeah."

She sighed. "Is it on?"

Dean gave her a look that said 'what type of question is that' before he moved to get his phone out of his pocket.

The rest of us remained silent as we watched.

"It's supposed to be…" Dean paused as he looked at the screen and by the look on his face, he silently cursed, "…and its dead. Great." Dean gritted through his teeth as he placed the phone back in his pocket.

Casey was shaking her head. "Sammy's probably getting an earful for your misfortune."

Dean shrugged it off and that emotionless mask was back on his face. I couldn't even tell if he was angry anymore.

"Nah, I'll be getting it too once Sam passes the phone to me. Can I borrow yours for tonight?" Dean looked to Casey as he took the last gulp of his coke.

Casey gave him an incredulous look. "What am I gonna use?"

"You'll have it back by tomorrow since I'll charge mine once I get back to the motel. Besides you'll either be with me or Sam all night anyways." Dean explained as he waited for her to make a decision. I could see the internal battle Casey was going through before she sighed.

"Fine." Casey rummaged through her jacket pockets before handing Dean her cell phone. She was about to hand it to him, but she pulled back. "Just don't give out my number to any girls."

Dean smirked at the condition before agreeing, causing Casey to give him the phone for the night.

It was only seconds later that Sam came back to his seat and faced Casey and Dean with his hand covering the phone's mouth piece. Casey and Dean looked towards each other before looking to Sam.

"Which one?" Dean questioned Sam, but all he did was hand the phone to Casey as his answer.

I saw Casey gulp before she took the phone from Sam, still covering the mouth piece.

"If I get yelled at for your crap, your night will be a living hell, Dean." Casey threatened causing my jaw to drop as she glared at Dean.

I think I saw Marti drop her half eaten chicken strip onto her plate from the corner of my eye and I think everyone else was surprised by Casey's threat. Dean was rubbing the back of his neck at this point, still under the scrutiny of Casey's glare.

"He won't yell at you, but could you sweeten him up for me?" Dean smiled as he tried to convince my stepsister to help him out. From the looks of it, Casey wasn't falling for Dean's charm.

She scoffed. "You can smooth talk yourself out of this mess. Now if you'll excuse me." Casey ended off as she left the table to take the call.

Dean was grumbling as he leaned back against his seat while he brushed a hand over his face in aggravation.

Casey's POV:

Once I was far away from the table, I removed my hand from the mouth piece and placed it close to my ear as my now free hand covered my other ear to hear better.

"Hi Daddy." I greeted my father over the phone in a very quiet manner because I didn't know what mood he was in. Sam didn't give any hints and it was very rare for our father to be calling Sam when he and Dean were together. It was just more work efficient that way.

Dad always called Dean because he was the most obedient between the two of them when it came to hunting. Sam always asked questions, suggested his ideas that rivaled our father's, while Dean just took the order without question, relying solely on our father's judgment. The only order Dean ever disobeyed was the one that separated us four years ago and any order that resulted in our family being harmed (leave one behind to save another or sacrifice; you get the picture). So when Dad calls Sam when the two are together, we all know it's never good.

"Hi Honey." Dad seemed to be in a good mood, but I wasn't going to assume that. I remained silent but I could hear my father sigh on the other line. "Relax Honey, I'm only going to yell at your brother." I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding go.

"Well, that's good to know." I joked causing my dad to laugh. "But in all fairness Dad, Dean's phone died sometime during the day. It must have been before we came out to dinner." I tried to get Dean off the hook, even though I told him that I wouldn't; I wasn't like that. I wasn't going to sell my brother out no matter what I had everyone believing.

"I just got a little worried that's all. The boys didn't check in last night to tell me they made it over the border safely. You know how quickly I jump to conclusions." Dad explained and I just nodded along with him even though he couldn't see me.

"I get it Dad, you're just looking out for them."

Dad sighed. "And you too, Casey. I actually was going to call your cell later but since Sam told me he was with you, I told him to pass the phone along to you before I spoke to Dean." I could feel my eyebrows furrow in confusion.

"You were going to call me?"

"I wanted to wish you congratulations for graduating today, and I wanted to apologize for not being there in person to see it. Sam said your speech was amazing, which I don't doubt." I could hear the proud tone in my father's voice and I started to fight back the tears that wanted to form.

"Thanks Dad, I wish you were here." I got out sadly and I heard another sigh.

"I know Honey and I'm sorry. This case went longer than expected." I couldn't blame my father for his absence. I would be selfish if I asked him to skip the hunt and come to graduation because by the time another hunter made the hunt, it could have been too late for the innocents he was trying to save.

At times I do wish that we lived a normal life but then I think back to all the people my family has saved over the past nineteen years and I knew that it would be selfish of me to take the lives of innocent people just so that I could live a normal life with my family.

"I'll probably see you in a week or two." My dad's voice brought me out of my brooding causing me to smile. I was going to see my dad again soon.

"I can't wait to see you, Dad. I missed you."

"I missed you too. But Casey, are you sure you want to go back into hunting? You can stay and go to university and stay safe." Dad tried to convince me to change my mind but I tried not to scoff at how pointless that was going to be. I guess Dad knew about my decision before hand but just like my brothers, he was trying to get me to change my mind. I know it's because they want me to be safe, but I just couldn't abandoned them when I could very well help them. I've been preparing myself for this and I'm not going to back out. So I told Dad that.

"Dad, I've made up my mind and I want in on the battle. I wanna be there when we find the thing that killed Mom. I wanna be there when we finally end this. Maybe then we could live somewhat normal lives afterwards, together as a family. But until then, if my father and brothers are hunting then so am I." I finished off confidently and a little out of breath. I guess I should have taken more pauses.

I could hear the slight chuckling on the other line. "I see your determination hasn't disappeared."

"Nope. It actually helped me get that full educational experience you wanted me to have." I pointed out, reminding him of that day when he told me I would be living with Aunt Nora for four years.

"I see. Sam gave me a summary on it. You've been busy and productive." Dad seemed pleased with that but I was surprised that he knew when I just told Sam today the detail summary of my high school experience.

"He told you all that? But he was only gone for maybe five minutes."

Dad gave another soft chuckle. "Well, you're brother talks fast when he needs to."

I snickered. "True."

"Well, you better get back to dinner and I should go yell at Dean now." I laughed.

"Don't go too hard on him."

"What? Me?" Dad joked and I rolled my eyes, thankful that he couldn't see.


"Have fun tonight, Casey. Don't party too hard tonight." Dad warned me and I nodded out of reflex.

"Thanks Dad and I won't, Sam will be there." I joked causing him to snicker this time.

"Don't rib on your brother too much either."

"But I have four years to catch up on, Dad." I whined a bit.

"Casey." I huffed as I gave a slight pout even though he couldn't see it.

"Fine. You be careful on your hunt, Dad."

"You be careful too."

"I know. I love you, Dad."

"I love you too. Now get back to dinner and hand your brother over to me." Dad joked ending the chick-flick moment just like how Dean would do it. Like father like son.

"Yes sir." I joked back, causing my father to laugh and putting another smile on my face. I know my dad is tough but it's to keep us safe, but at least he knows when to be a father and when to be a soldier. It looks like me calling him 'sir' like I'm in the army hasn't left my brain after all this time. How convenient.

I caught Derek eying me as I made my way towards the table with his eyebrow quirked up as he silently wondered why I was smiling (I could only assume since I left the table dreading to take the call). I instantly wiped the smile off my face and put the emotionless mask in place just to get on Dean's nerves since he wouldn't be able to gauge how my phone call went with our father.

I stood behind my chair and passed the covered phone to Dean. "Your turn." I told my oldest brother with no hint of emotion in my voice but all he did was stare at me, waiting to see if I would slip, which I wouldn't.

He sighed before he took the phone.

"No hint?" Dean questioned as I was taking my seat in my chair.

I took a moment to make it look like I was thinking that over but I wasn't, "Nope."

Dean grumbled before excusing himself from the table causing me to smirk as he dealt with our father.

I turned the rest of my attention to the table. "So what did I miss?"

Derek's POV:

It was still silent after the moments Casey left to take the call. I think most of the table was still in shock from Casey's little threat to Dean or it was because they were too worried about Dean's next move as he was still grumbling.

"Did he grill you?" Dean finally asked as he looked over to his brother.

Sam smirked. "Nope, he's saving that all for you."

Dean grimaced. I think I heard him mutter 'perfect,' as it dripped in sarcasm.

"Was he mad?" Dean seemed hesitant to ask but Sam was no help as he only said that the caller was acting like usual. Dean didn't seem to like that answer and he told Sam too. "That doesn't help, Sam." He was glaring daggers at his brother, but Sam was still smirking.

"I know. Think of it as payback for having him call my phone."

Dean shrugged. "So I forgot to charge my phone last night, so sue me." Dean finished in an irritated tone.

"You always forget to do that." Sam pointed out causing Dean to roll his eyes in annoyance.

"Well I was a little preoccupied last night." Dean explained causing Sam to roll his eyes now.

"I know and he knows too." Sam simply stated causing his brother's eyes to widen.

"You told him?" Dean gave an incredulous look to Sam, who now seemed pretty amused by Dean's reaction.

"Nope." Sam answered as he took the last sip of his drink.

It took a few seconds before Dean was smirking again. "The guy is good." I didn't know what Dean meant by that, but it caused Sam to laugh a little as he nodded his agreement.

"Maybe he'll be in a better mood after talking to Casey." Dean thought more to himself but Sam was shaking his head in disagreement, causing the older brother to sigh.

No one wanted to ask why this mystery caller caused both Winchesters and Casey to be on edge and I certainly didn't want to be the one to ask. I'm hoping they'd slip on who called and that way it'd be easier to question them about it. The Winchesters seemed to be tough guys that didn't have their cages rattled but it only took that mystery caller to call the wrong phone to set them both (and Casey) on the edge.

When I looked past Dean, that's when I noticed that Casey was coming back and she had a smile on her face. It seemed like she was laughing too and I was a little confused by it. Didn't she leave here not wanting to take the phone call? I quirked my eyebrow in confusion at her when she got closer, but the smile was still in place. It wasn't until she was standing in Dean's line of sight that the smile disappeared and all I could see was an emotionless face. You couldn't even tell that she was smiling moments ago. What the hell?

Casey stood behind her chair and passed the covered phone to Dean. "Your turn." She told him with no hint of emotion in her voice but all Dean did was stare at her, as if he was waiting for her to share anything, but she remained tight-lipped.

The older man sighed before he took the phone, "No hint?" Dean questioned as Casey was taking her seat.

She took a moment to think it over before looking back at Dean, "Nope."

Dean grumbled before excusing himself from the table, causing Casey to smirk as he dealt with the mystery caller.

She turned to look at the rest of us. "So what did I miss?"

"Nothing much." Sam answered before I could say anything. "Get any yelling?" He asked while smirking to the brunette.

Casey was smirking right back. "Nope. You?"

Sam shook his head no, causing Casey and Sam to laugh for no reason. I was confused and so was everyone. Marti was even looking at me weirdly as if I knew all the answers and all I could do was shrug at my little sister. Not this time Smarti.

"Everything is okay though, right Casey?" Nora questioned after Sam and Casey's laughter died down.

"No worries, Mom." Casey waved off Nora's concern as if it was nothing.

"Yeah, you know how Dad is sometimes." Sam added in as he looked to Nora, who just nodded in understanding.

After Sam's comment sunk in, it didn't make any sense. Why would Sam and Dean be that freaked about their father phoning Sam's cell? Why would he want to talk to Casey, who was equally as freaked as the brothers? Something didn't add up right.

"If it was your dad, why was he talking to Casey?" I found myself asking Sam, causing both Casey and Sam to snap their attention to me.

Casey was first to speak though.

"He said he was going to call me later on and wish me a 'congratulations for graduating' but Sam told him that I was with him so he asked to talk to me instead of making the original phone call." Casey explained easily and I couldn't detect whether she was lying or not. Either she's gotten really good at lying that I can't even tell or that's the truth. I chose to go with the latter.

"So Derek." Casey paused as she looked straight at me with a smile.

I felt my eyebrows furrow in confusion. Why the hell is she smiling at me? I didn't do anything to her to get a reaction like that. Even though it's nice to see a smile directed at me from Casey, it was still very odd after all this time.

Casey still didn't continue but she acted as if I knew what she was talking about. As if.


She wouldn't stop smiling, "I was just wondering if you told the family anything while I was gone." She voiced her thought aloud and I still didn't know what she thought I would talk about. All that happened while she was gone was Dean's freak out for his turn on the phone and Sam being no help to him.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Nope, now why would I?"

She sighed, "You can't think of anything to share?"

I contemplated the thought for a moment just for show because I still had no idea what was so important that she wanted me to share with the family. "Nope, nothing comes to mind. Why?"

Casey was tapping her fingers on the table at this point, "Really?"

I shook my head no.

"Nothing at all?"

"Nope." I simply stated.

Casey looked around the table before she started smirking at me.

I looked around and saw that everyone was either looking at me or at Casey.

"So you don't want to tell them the little bit of information you shared with me last night. To be honest, I'm curious to know the second part of it." The only thing about last night that I remember was Casey barging into my room and that resulted in her ripping up her speech.

"What are you talking about?" I was getting tired of not knowing what she was rambling on about.

Her elbows were on the table now as her chin rested on her folded hands. "Does the phase 'I have options' ring a bell for you?"

The whole theme of last night's argument with Casey came rushing back. It somehow got to the point of us discussing about our future plans without really discussing it. It started with Casey asking me how I wasn't going to go to graduation, to me throwing her a curve ball and telling her I got into university; I just never told her which one. She wants me to tell them that news?

I crossed my arms over my chest as I smirked at her. "Oh, that. I rather not say." I politely declined her idea.

Casey's smile dropped and I wanted to laugh but I didn't. "Why not? It's the perfect time to tell." I was going to tell her no, and if she wanted me to share my news then she had to share hers too since I still didn't have a clue what she was choosing. She said she made a decision but I still didn't believe her. I would have said that if I hadn't felt a slight tug on my arm.

Marti was looking up at me with curiosity. "Tell us what, Smerek?" I sighed. I couldn't deny telling them with Marti looking like she'd pout all night if I didn't say anything.

I turned to look at Dad, Nora, then the rest of the table with my smirk still in place. "I got into Queens."

It was silent for a moment but once the news registered in everyone's brains, I got their excited reactions which just caused my smirk to turn into a smile. Marti was hugging me tightly around my waist as I heard a muffled 'way to go Smerek!' while Dad and Nora both showed their excitement with Dad repeating my news (as if the second time would cement it into his brain) as Nora told me it was wonderful news.

"Yeah, I got a late acceptance." I added in before getting a high five from Edwin after saying how proud he was of me. Lizzie was smiling at me as she said how cool my news was while Dad had this proud look on his face that made it seem like he would be jumping up and down like a little kid on a sugar high if he could. Sam also gave me his congratulations and I nodded as a thanks.

Casey was still smiling. "Hey, you're going to the same university as Sam! That's wonderful!" She clapped her excited hands together and I couldn't help but laugh, but she was right. I was going to the same university as my best friend. How awesome is that!

"Hey, what's with all the cheers?" Dean questioned after making his way over to his chair, phone closed in hand.

Casey faced Dean with the smile still on her face. "Derek just told us he got into Queens University."

"The one in Kingston, right?" He questioned to make sure he knew which school that was. Has he heard of it before?

"Yeah." Casey confirmed causing Dean to grin as he looked to me.

"Well congrats, kid. I hear its one hell of a school." That took me off guard but I still accepted it. Don't want to be reprimanded now, do I?
That would be a no.

"Yeah, thanks."

"So how about some dessert to celebrate the news then." Dean suggested getting a very eager 'yeah' from Marti who practically jumped in her seat.

Dean was laughing before he asked another waitress for Layla so we could order our desserts. Once he did that, he made his way over to Sam with the phone outstretched in his hand.

Sam was smirking at his older brother, "Any problems?" Sam questioned with a smirk as he took his phone back from Dean.

Dean scoffed. "Nothing I couldn't handle."

Dean was now in his seat. Sam was about to put his phone in his pocket when a piece of paper that was attached to the phone caught his eye. The rest of my family didn't notice as they were still reeling over the fact I was going to Queens, but Casey seemed interested in what Sam was holding.

"What's this?" Sam held the folded piece of paper up as he questioned his brother. Casey too was looking at Dean, waiting for an answer.

"I thought you said there were no problems." Casey questioned as Sam was looking over what was written on the paper. What's on it?

"There weren't any." Dean assured Casey before looking to Sam. "It's just a few things he wants us to check up on later while we're here. No big deal. Just enter them into your phone just in case I loose that scrap of paper." Dean advised while Sam just nodded his head in understanding.

"I guess I'll look into it once we're back at the motel." Sam stated as he started texting whatever was on the folded sheet of paper into his phone.

"Do I get to see it?" Casey questioned as she tried to sneak a peek at what Sam was texting.

"Maybe later, Case." Dean addressed to my stepsister before looking again to his brother. "When you're done, text it to my phone."

"Already done." Sam stated as he shut his phone and placed it in his pocket while moving the sheet behind Casey and over to Dean, who pocketed the sheet of paper before Casey could grab it.

Casey huffed while she looked to Sam. "Don't I get a copy?" Sam furrowed his eyebrow in confusion.

"I sent it to your phone as well." I was confused at the idea of Casey wanting whatever it was on the sheet of paper. I knew I was curious about what was on it but she acted like she knew along the lines of what could be written on it.

"But Dean's using my phone tonight." She practically whined causing Dean to snicker as he checked his borrowed cell to see if he did get the text from Sam.

"Tough luck Case, you just have to wait until later." Casey sighed as she crossed her arms over her chest in defeat. The sight in front of me was just too amusing that I couldn't help but smirk. I was going to say something but I was interrupted.

"So I was told that this table wanted some dessert." Layla greeted the table once she approached standing between Edwin and my Dad.

"Glad to see you got my message." Dean gave another appreciative smile to Layla causing her to grin like crazy.

"Yes I did. So how does ice cream and/or coffee sound?" Layla suggested and I think everyone was just nodding their head in approval. The waitress got everyone's ice cream orders, and Nora and Dad's coffee orders before she started cleaning up our empty dinner dishes and walked away.

"So Casey, do you have something to tell the family?" I asked innocently as she looked to me with a confused expression.

"What would I have to tell?" She simply asked as she tilted her head to the side.

I shrugged. "You wanted me to tell them about Queens, now what about you? I know for a fact that you made a decision already." I confidently stated since my best friend confirmed it to me earlier at the ceremony that Casey had made a decision and she just didn't know when to tell the family. Also last night she claimed she already made a choice but I didn't believe her at the time due to the lack of celebration directed at her for her news.

Casey sighed. "I think that today has already dealt with a lot of announcements for the night. My news could wait a day, or two." She mumbled the last part but I still heard it.

I scoffed. "I knew you haven't made up your mind yet."

"I have so." She instantly bit back. She looked like she had more to say but she didn't as moments later Layla came back with our desserts.

Multiple 'thanks' were given to the waitress as she gathered up the rest of the empty dinner dishes. Layla had whispered something to Dean, who nodded in agreement, before she left.


It was a few moments into a dessert that Dad asked me what my plans were for tonight. I just told him that I was going to hang out with Sam and Ralph before heading off to Jason's place for the grad party. No need to tell him about our attempts to try to get some alcohol at the pool hall. Granted, there will be alcohol at the party but I don't know, it's more impressive if you've said you've had a drink at a bar when you're still underage, you know. Dad just nodded along and told me to be home by curfew and to not do anything stupid tonight. I snorted at the thought but nobody noticed.

Nora asked the same question to Casey and it seemed like she was going to show Sam and Dean around town before making a brief appearance at Jason's party. I kind of felt sorry for the brothers since they had Casey for a tour guide, which I knew wasn't going to have any entertaining stops along the way before the party. I did notice that Nora didn't give Casey the curfew speech that Dad had given me moments ago. On instinct, I wanted to bring that to the table but I stopped myself before I said anything. She probably doesn't think that Casey would be staying out too late anyways. Casey's not really the partying type of girl. I nodded along with my thought while I finished up my ice cream.

Shortly after I was done my ice cream, so was Dean and he was rummaging through his pockets for something. It wasn't long after that when everyone else was done with their ice cream and leaning back in their seats as if they were stuffed. Marti was looking kind of sleepy too. It's been a long day for Smarti.

"Well that was a lovely dinner." Nora commented after finishing off her coffee and Dad was nodding along too as he sipped down the last bit of his hot beverage. I noticed that Dean was now rummaging through something in his hands under the table but I couldn't really question him on it since Layla showed up right next to Dean.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. Is that everything else for tonight?" Layla greeted as her hand was resting against Dean's chair. He looked up and gave her another smile before nodding his head yes.

"Yes, that's all, Layla." Dean kindly stated causing the waitress to grin.

She pulled out a black cover slip thing that restaurants usually put the receipts in and handed it to Dean. I looked around and everyone else looked as confused as I felt. Why is she giving it to Dean?

"Okay, then here is your bill. There are two copies of the receipt in there, so one of them is yours to keep." Layla explained while Dean opened up the thing to look at the receipt inside. He smirked.

Layla was about to leave but Dean stopped her. "Hang on one second, Layla. I could give it to you now." Dean already had some bills in his hands as he placed them in the black cover slip thing (I've never associated a name to it before) right on top of the two receipts. "Does it matter which copy I take?" Dean raised an eyebrow at the waitress as she just smiled.

"Top one's yours." Dean took the receipt that was his, closed the black cover slip and handed it to Layla with a smile while holding the receipt in his free hand.

"Thank you and here you go." Layla took the black cover slip with a slight blush as she smiled. "You can keep the change, Layla." Dean added in before he released his grip from the black object.

"Thank you, Dean." Layla smiled appreciatively at Dean before putting the black object containing the money into her smock pocket.

"No, thank you, Layla. You have a good night now." Dean replied before she wished the rest of us goodnight then she walked away to put the money in the register.

I think once the initial shock was overcome by everyone at the table (due to Dean's act of kindness), Nora spoke up.

"You didn't have to pay for dinner, Dean. It must have been four times what you're use to paying." Dean shrugged as he stood from his seat.

"It's the least I could do Nora after everything you've done for Dad, Sammy and myself these past few years." Dean explained as he tapped Casey on the shoulder. She looked up to face Dean and I could see his eyes rove over her upper body before they went back to meet her face. Casey smirked before she started taking Dean's blue button up shirt off and handed it back to him. Dean took his shirt back and he started putting it back on before he slipped his leather jacket back on.

"You still didn't have to do it though, Dean." Nora politely countered as she too stood from her seat as she got ready to leave. She motioned for the rest of us to do the same.

Dean smirked. "What's done is done, Nora."

My stepmom sighed.

"Well then, thank you Dean. That was very kind of you." Dad added in once he was standing and ready to go.

At this point everyone was ready to leave and with that, we all followed Nora out of the restaurant as we got many 'have a goodnight' farewells from the employees of the restaurant.

Sam seemed to be talking to Nora up front, with Edwin and Lizzie following after them then Dad and Marti. Casey and Dean were just in front of me which was interesting because I was still able to hear Casey's question to Dean as we made our way to the front of the restaurant.

"So, did you get it?"

Dean took his hand out of his pocket to reveal the receipt for the dinner. He slowly turned it over to reveal a set of digits as well as Layla's name on top. He got the waitress' number? Such a subtle move, I wasn't even expecting him to get her number. I was definitely impressed.

Dean was smirking. "What'd you think?"

She smirked right back, "I think you haven't lost your touch."

It was at this point that we reached the front of the restaurant and before Dean could respond to Casey, the hostess (Kelly) said her farewell.

"You folks have a great time tonight." Kelly cheerfully stated as she gave a wink in Dean's direction.

"Maybe I'll see you later, Kelly." Another one of Dean's appreciative smiles were directed at the redhead.

She gave a seductive smile back. "Maybe." Dean grinned but Casey was tugging him out of the restaurant while she stifled a laugh.


Once she was outside the restaurant, Casey couldn't hold the laugh in anymore. Dean was smirking like an idiot when he led Casey in the direction of everyone else. After a few moments, Casey was able to speak. "You could never control yourself could you?"

Dean gave her a cocky grin before he replied. "What can I say? There's enough of me to go around."

Casey pushed Dean away in mock disgust (she was smirking the whole time which I couldn't believe), causing him to retaliate by pulling her in closer to him and wrapping his arm around her shoulder. "Don't worry, you'll get use to it again."

"That is what scares me." She quipped in mock terror.

"Ha ha Casey." Dean joked back before he was tackled by Lizzie with another hug, loosing his contact with Casey. "Woah Liz, almost knock the wind right out of me." Lizzie laughed before pulling away. Casey seemed to go off to where Sam was standing, next to the Impala.

"Sorry, but I get to see you while you're here right? This isn't the only time?" She questioned the older Winchester causing him to smile at her while lowering himself to her eye level.

"You'll see me all week Liz, don't worry. I'm not gonna take off without saying a goodbye to you." Dean explained before leaning closer to Lizzie's ear to whisper something. She kept nodding her head up and down before he pulled back.

"Well have fun tonight then!" She gave her farewell before rushing back to Nora, leaving me and Dean alone. I don't know why I wasn't at my car yet but I just stood still. It was Dean's voice that brought me out of the weird haze I was in. I blinked a couple times before turning to him.

"What?" He chuckled.

"Where was your mind at just now?" Dean smirked at me while I rolled my eyes. I wasn't going to say that I was trying to figure out why I hadn't left yet, no need for him to know that. I still didn't know why I wasn't on the road yet.

I shrugged. "Nowhere important."

He snickered. "If you say so. Anyways, you have your car here right?" He questioned as he scanned the parking lot. I was confused by why he would care.

"Yeah, why?"

He shrugged. "Just checking. I'll probably see you at the party Casey's dragging us to later." I could hear the annoyance in Dean's voice at the idea of going to a party for high school graduates. I guess it's not his scene now that he could go anywhere. Lucky bastard.

"I guess so."

Dean was about to say something but both our heads whipped around at the sound of Casey's voice.

"Dean c'mon! You're gonna wanna move your butt faster once you hear where I want to go first!" She shouted with her hands on her hips, staring at the both of us with Sam laughing just behind her as he stood on the passenger side of the Impala.

Dean chuckled at my stepsister's antics. "Can't say I missed her bossiness."

I snickered in response since it was true. When Casey wants to be, she can be really controlling.

"Anyways, have fun tonight Derek and congrats on the acceptance." Dean patted my shoulder before walking off to his car; I could only nod in recognition of his words.

I could see Casey's impatience as Dean took his time and he was just laughing his way over there. It wasn't long before Casey and the brothers were in the black car and they left the restaurant's parking lot. Probably won't see them for another couple of hours.


I walked over to the Prince and saw my Dad waiting there. I looked to where he was staring at and I saw the family car with everyone else in there waiting.

"What's up, Dad?" I greeted my father as I passed him to get to the driver's side.

"I came to remind you about your curfew before we left." Dad informed me causing me to sigh.

"I know, Dad. Relax." I assured my Dad causing him to let go of the breath I guess he was holding.

Dad started smiling as he patted him on the shoulder. "Alright, you have fun tonight, Son. And I'm really proud of you. Great news about your acceptance."

I smirked, but I did appreciate the recognition. "Thanks Dad."

"Have fun." Dad shouted to me as he made his way back to the family car.

I couldn't help the cocky grin that formed on my face with all the possibilities that could happen tonight, flooding through my brain. Oh I will.

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SC Cover

Chapter 7: What Do We Do Now?

[Sat. June 26, 2004]

George Venturi slowly made his way back to the family car after bidding his oldest goodbye for the night. He still couldn't believe that not only had Derek graduated from high school that afternoon but he also got accepted into Queens University. There was no reason for George not to be ecstatic for Derek's upcoming educational experience. It really surprised George how his son's academic habits have shifted during his final year. He even allowed Casey to help him with his final exams last year, which started the academic change for Derek. George was both relieved (because then he wouldn't have to relearn everything just to teach Derek) and confused by the sudden turn around. Casey was another thing that George was surprised for. It seemed like during their final year of high school together, they had somehow formed a quasi-friendship between them, as Derek would call it. George never pushed for answers since he didn't want this good thing to end. Things were finally looking up for his merged family.

Another thing that confused George was Sam and Dean Winchester. He never knew who the younger men were but from watching his wife and stepdaughters' interactions, he'd say that they were definitely important people, especially to Casey. George didn't notice a lot, like Derek had, but he did notice the basics. He noticed the way his wife's eyes would light up whenever Dean went into a story of a time when Casey visited him and his brother or whenever Casey was fighting with Dean or when Sam would try to smooth things over between the two. It seemed like Nora wasn't fazed by those two fighting (just like Sam, he noticed) as she was with Derek and Casey fighting. George knows although it's amusing to watch the two teenagers fight, it was never a good sign. Why was it different for Nora when Casey and Dean squabbled a bit? He did know for certain, maybe by gut instinct or something, but George knew that Sam and Dean definitely cared a lot for Casey. There was no doubt about it. Now the motivation behind it was what peeked his interest. What are Sam and Dean to Casey, and vice versa?

George definitely was surprised to learn that his eldest stepdaughter was a former prankster just like his children, with Sam and Dean as her targets or allies. He felt bad that he didn't believe Casey when she told the truth about that prank, but could you really blame him? Would you believe that your keener stepdaughter pulled a prank on the principal when all signs pointed to your prankster son? Then again, she's smart enough to elude suspicion and have it all point to someone else. Now that he thought about it, it was definitely plausible that Casey would pull that prank after hearing what Sam and Dean had done when they were younger.

As if on autopilot, George got into the driver's seat, buckled up, turned to his wife, and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

"Well that was an interesting dinner." He chuckled while Nora looked a bit nervous.

Although Nora was thrilled to see her nephews again (and in one piece), she was still feeling a little dread to the fact that them being here meant that Casey was going to be leaving soon. Nora couldn't help but see that instant spark in her niece's eye when she first set eyes on her brothers, back at the house. Nora knew that the past four years have been tough on Casey without her even mentioning it to her. Casey was a tough girl but she sometimes slipped a little when she thought about her family and the danger they constantly put themselves in. She would seem more spaced at times that Derek thought it was normal for her, hence the nickname Spacey or Space Case, but Nora knew that it was during those moments when Casey looked so lost or a tiny bit vulnerable, that she was thinking about her brothers. Thinking about whether they were safe, healthy or when the next time it would be until she heard their voices again. The time before her emergency surgery was the worst since John and the boys rarely called and Casey wasn't allowed to call them. Nora had yelled at her big brother for putting his own daughter through that and she was thrilled that he finally listened to her and called his little girl after her surgery.

The wedding and the unfortunate lie they got themselves into hadn't helped Casey all that much and Nora always felt terrible for that. Nora was supposed to provide her niece with a normal living experience away from hunting yet here she was having her niece hide half of who she was. Hopefully that will change this week. She mused to herself. On top of that, she was lying to her new husband and her new stepchildren. Granted she didn't want anyone in the family, including Lizzie, to know about the supernatural aspects but she wanted to tell them that Casey was her niece NOT her daughter, although she treated her like her own daughter and even at times, she even forgot that Casey was only her niece. John definitely had a remarkable daughter.

"You're not mad I didn't tell you about their visit, are you?" Nora questioned as she moved back into her seat after the racing thoughts passed through her brain.

George thought it over. Was he angry? Nah but he would have liked a little warning.

"I'm not angry but a little warning would have been nice." He teased as he started the car and pulled out of the parking space, trying not to hit any of the nearby cars.

Nora sighed. "I know Georgie, but I wanted it to be a surprise for Casey. I know she's missed those boys terribly."

"I for one, love the surprise, Mom. I still can't believe they're here." Lizzie piped up with excitement from the back seat which she shared with Edwin and Marti, who was in the middle.


It remained silent throughout the drive home with the adults reminiscing on their respective graduate while the three younger children were lost in thought. Marti seemed to be humming one of her crazy tunes while Lizzie and Edwin were thinking about the events that happened at dinner.

It wasn't a lie that Lizzie was thrilled to see Sam and Dean at the table when they arrived. Lizzie loves her cousins to death, and she definitely preferred them over their cousin Victoria. At first it was hard calling Casey her sister because sometimes instead of 'sister' the word 'cousin' almost came out of her mouth. Lizzie knew that for some reason Casey and her mom didn't want the Venturis to know the truth and she respected that. If Casey wanted them to know, then it had to be her to tell them. She also knew that her cousins moved around a lot and she knew that Casey was home-schooled before she came to live with them, so it kind of made sense that her Uncle John would want Casey to stay at one school for all of high school. Lizzie was thrilled when Casey first came to live with them but even she could see that her cousin missed her brothers terribly. Since Lizzie was an only child, she didn't understand the bond Casey had with Sam or Dean but she knew that their bond was definitely the strongest she's seen. She was thrilled that Casey thought of her as a little sister, and Lizzie eagerly accepted their new dynamic. Lizzie was aware that Casey wasn't herself once the wedding occurred, so she was a little surprised that the Casey she saw at dinner was very similar to the Casey that first moved in with her before the wedding (and before the boys left).

All throughout dinner, Lizzie could feel the happiness that was radiating off of Casey as she was surrounded by both her brothers. Sam and Dean were truly the best, they'd look after Casey as if she was a prized family jewel and they took special care of Lizzie whenever she was around. Lizzie got a much better treatment from Sam and Dean than she ever did from Victoria. It seemed like Casey was back to normal when it came to her attitude towards her brothers and throughout dinner, she paid close attention to Derek who seemed amused and confused by the situation before him. Lizzie knew that there was something between her oldest stepbrother and her cousin; she just didn't know what it was exactly. Seriously, how could their not be anything with all that's happened between them in the past three years? She was grateful that Edwin thought so too, he's had so much research on those two that it's amazing that no one had noticed earlier. She would have to ask about that later and compare notes about recent events with him.

Edwin, on the other hand, was trying to figure out what happened all throughout dinner. It was just so much of an information overload that he couldn't even believe it. Learning that Casey was actually a former prankster was definitely the shock of the night because no one was expecting it. He even saw that Derek too was surprised by that little tidbit but it did seem like Derek knew that she was the one that pranked Mr. Lassiter a few years ago when he started at SJST High.

Another was Sam and Dean Winchester. It was obvious they were brothers but they seemed to be complete opposites. Dean definitely gave off that rebel 'James Dean' vibe while Sam was the 'perfect son' type. They both clashed yet worked well together, especially when they did that creepy silent talk thing to one another. Dean seemed to be a lot more outgoing when it came to the ladies while Sam just sat back and watched as if he knew that it wasn't the time or place to act instinctual towards the opposite sex.

Another thing he noticed was the way Casey was acting towards Sam and Dean. It was as if she's known them her whole life (which was confirmed later he realized) but she had complete trust and faith in them. She wasn't acting within predicable parameters and it confused him as well as Derek. Casey had always been reliable and predictable, and that's what caused Derek to always be one step ahead of her when it came to pranks.

Edwin knew that he had to talk to Lizzie about their guests and about the new behavior his oldest stepsister was sporting. He didn't know if it was just from the high of graduating earlier that day and she'd be back to normal tomorrow or if this behavioral change was here to stay. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? He would have to keep a close eye to make sure for himself. After all, it's part of his stepbrotherly duties to watch out for his stepsister and make sure she doesn't spiral out of control, right? Granted Derek might be the one to take action when it came to Casey, but Edwin usually provided the intel that provoked Derek into taking action (if he wanted to).

They were just pulling up onto their street when Edwin started rifling through his pockets for a scrap piece of paper. He found a pen in one of the pockets at the back of the seat in front of him and he started scribbling a note for Lizzie.

The next thing Edwin knew was Marti's quick escape out of the car. He quickly passed the note to Lizzie before exiting the car after his little sister.

Lizzie stayed behind to read the note, Games Closet in 5 minutes. She smiled. Maybe this will be easier than I thought. Lizzie hopped out of the car and headed inside to her room to change out of the dress she was required to wear to the grad ceremony.


Edwin had five minutes before he had to meet Lizzie in the games closet so he decided to grab some intel from his little sister. He noticed over the years that Marti had a great judge of character. She instantly knew Scott, the soccer coach, was scum before Derek found out that the coach was scamming many of the sisters on Lizzie's soccer team, including Casey. Then there was the time with Trevor and from a first glance, he looked like a scary dude dressed in all black with black makeup but he was actually a great guy. Hopefully Marti could do the same when it comes to Sam and Dean. He thought as he took a deep breath.

Edwin knocked on Marti's bedroom door. He got a quick 'just a minute' before she opened her door. He saw that she was in her pajamas this time and he was glad he didn't barge in like Derek is so use to doing (at least when it came to Casey).

"Yeah Edwin?" Marti questioned as she looked up at her older brother with obvious curiosity in her eyes.

Edwin started to fidget. It wasn't foreign for him to go to Marti to help out with a spy mission but it was usually Derek who asked Marti this type of stuff. "Can I talk to you for a moment? Alone?" Marti tilted her head to the side before opening her door wider for Edwin to enter.

Edwin made his way to her bed as she closed the door behind him. Marti had an idea why Edwin would want to talk to her. She even had a feeling that if her Smerek were here right now, he'd be asking her the same thing later.

"Is this going to take long Edwin 'cause I don't want to miss my cartoons." Marti questioned as she moved to sit on her bed with Edwin.

Edwin rubbed the back of his neck. "Right sorry. I was just wondering what you thought about Sam and Dean."

Marti smiled. Just as I thought.

"I like them. Dean's funny and Sam seems smart but that's all I got." Marti was disappointed at the thought of not learning more about the mysterious Winchesters. She knew in her heart that she could trust them and that they wouldn't do anything to harm her or her family, which is what mattered to her the most.

Edwin chuckled at his little sister's words. "Yeah Dean did come off as funny but what about Sam? I got no indication about them personally. They barely talked about themselves. They just mostly talked memories." Edwin reasoned off. Edwin was excited that his questions were answered that night but there was just so much that he wanted to know. He wanted to crack the mystery as to why his predictable stepsister was acting so unpredictable that night.

"I like those memories. I want Smerek to take me out for some ice cream like Dean did for Casey." Marti smiled at the idea.

Derek had promised her just before he got his license that he would take her out for some ice cream but he never got around to it. She was proud that she had gotten him to learn how to drive carefully from Casey because she didn't want to see her Smerek getting into a car accident due to his reckless driving. That memory was also another reason why Marti liked Dean. He reminded her of her eldest brother and she couldn't think that anyone who reminded her of her Smerek would be bad. Never.

Edwin chuckled again. "I bet if you ask, he'll do that for you." Edwin knew of the special bond between Derek and Marti and he wasn't going to disrupt it. Surely the three of them have weird dynamics between one another (Derek bossing Edwin around being one of them) but he cared for both his siblings none the less.

Marti clapped her hands with excitement. "Awesome!"

Edwin smiled before clearing his throat, "Now back to Sam."

Marti snapped her fingers and started to focus.

"Right, well I just got this vibe like I get from Casey. It's just a gut feeling." Marti shrugged it off as if it was nothing while Edwin stared at her in awe. My little sister is definitely something special. He thought with a smile.

"And what did your gut feeling say about the three of them?" Edwin questioned; eager to find out what she thought. He personally thought there was more than meets the eye between those three but those were based on first appearances.

"Sam, Dean and Casey?" Marti asked causing Edwin to nod a yes to her. "I think they care about each other a lot." Marti answered proudly and she wondered how her brother hadn't picked up on that. Marti had her suspicions that Derek knew that fact and maybe that was why he was acting the way he was at dinner. He's just looking out for Casey, as always. Marti giggled at the thought.

Edwin was going to ask about the random giggling but he stayed focus as he glanced to his watch quickly. "So you don't think they'd hurt Casey?"

Marti shook her head. "Nope. She's safe with Sam and Dean just like how she's safe with Smerek."

Edwin quirked an eyebrow, confused as to why his sister would make that comparison when the teenagers in question fight all the time. The fights aren't that often anymore. He thought quickly before it was pushed to the side for further analysis later.

"That's not really a good comparison, Marti."

Marti was smirking at this point. Why doesn't anyone else see it? She wanted to ask that but she knew she couldn't. Not yet anyways.

"Trust me, it is, Edwin. You'll see."

Edwin knew by his sister's tone that she knew more than she was giving off. He would have questioned her some more but he knew how stubborn she could get when she wanted to keep something a secret, but he also didn't have enough time to ask her about it.

He glanced at his watch again as he stood from her bed. "Thanks Marti. I got to go." Edwin rushed to the door to open it.

Marti jumped off her bed. "Good because my cartoons are on."

Edwin laughed. He wished his sister well before he met with Lizzie. Time to figure out what Lizzie knows.

Dean couldn't help but laugh at his sister's impatience as she waited at the Impala. He could see that his brother was also finding her antics amusing. It's been too damn long. Dean chuckled at the thought as he got closer to his beloved car.

"So what is this oh so great idea that's going to get my butt moving faster, Casey?" Dean mocked as he stopped in front of the driver's door.

Casey's impatience was immediately replaced with her patent smirk. "Well now you just have to wait until we're in the car." She quipped back as she opened the back door.

Dean laughed. "Doesn't seem like you lost your demanding touch, Baby Girl." Sam laughed while getting into the shotgun seat.

"Yeah and don't you forget it. Now c'mon!" Casey hurried on as she got into the backseat, slamming the door gently after her. Dean wouldn't have been happy if she slammed the door hard on his car.

Dean kept shaking his head at his baby sister's antics as he too got into the driver's seat, started the car and hightailed it out of the parking lot and back into traffic.

"So where are we going or are you gonna make me drive aimlessly around London?" Dean questioned while focusing on the road.

Casey smiled with her destination already in mind but not ready to share with her brothers. She only gave Dean an address, not telling him what resided there. Sam too was curious as to why Casey was so excited on going to this place.

Casey cleared her throat. "First off, nicely done back there with sticking to the truth yet leaving out the gruesome details that is our family." She smiled as she leaned forward to lay her arms on the front seat between her brothers.

Sam shrugged. "Well we figured that if we lied, it would come to bite us in the butt later. Besides it seemed like Derek and Edwin were hanging off every word we said."

Dean nodded along. "I noticed that too."

Casey did notice that as well but she was very glad that Derek didn't press on anything that Sam or Dean revealed. It wasn't too damaging but the trips down memory lane were very amusing. She smirked at the thought and what she was about to do next.

"And secondly…"

The next thing Dean knew, he was getting a smack upside the back of his head. Thankfully they were at a red light but still he didn't see it coming. Dean quickly whipped around to glare at his smirking sister as he rubbed his head.

"What the hell was that for? I didn't sign up to be your punching bag." Dean declared as he glared at Casey, who was staring right back at him.

"That was for telling everyone that I pulled that prank two years ago and that I was a prankster back in the day."

Sam snickered as he tried to stay out of this banter while being amused at the same time. Some things never change.

Dean scoffed. "Back in the day? I bet you would still be pranking if you were with us." Dean finished off with an arrogant tone.

Casey huffed. "I guess we'll never know, now will we?"

Sam sighed. "At least Derek knows that you're a prankster, isn't that a good thing?" That was the only thing that was confusing Sam at this point. Wasn't it Casey's idea to get Derek to see the real her and the real her had pranks involved. So shouldn't she be happy that he now knows?

Casey leaned back in her seat. "He knew beforehand that I pulled that prank. I didn't want everyone else knowing."

Sam and Dean both made 'oh' sounds from the front of the car, realizing now that they practically ratted their sister out to their aunt and new-ish uncle. It was never really a problem before since their father never really worried about their pranks. He only worried about them getting out of hand to a point of it becoming a distraction for when the job needed to get done. Harmless pranks usually went unpunished when it came to John Winchester.

"But now he knows that that wasn't the only time you pulled pranks." Dean pointed out.

Casey sighed in defeat. Her brothers did have a point. "I guess but thirdly, what was on the sheet of paper? Can you at least tell me that?" She diverted the conversation easily causing Sam to look at Dean as well. Dean didn't say much when he came back from his phone call with their Dad, since we had others listening in but now was the perfect time to hear the real story.

Dean smirked. "It's a bunch of names Dad wanted us to check out while we're here. Nothing big he said, but it's just a precaution."

Sam started reeling possible cases in his head. He figured the names that Dean handed him had to be either possible targets or past victims. "Does he have a connection between them?"

Dean quickly glanced to Sam before he returned his focus back to the road. "It's a crazy one but he said if he's right then something should happen next week." Dean kind of had mixed feelings about a possible hunt. Sure there were supposed to be on vacation with Casey but if someone needed their help while they were here, then they were going to get it.

"Where?" Casey piped in.

"Waterloo, Ontario."

"Alright, I'm in on it too, right?" Casey questioned with anticipation since it's been so long since she's been on a hunt.

In the past, she would help with the research and if it was an easy case (ie: salt and burn type job) then she'd go out into the field too but with any other case, Dad just said she wasn't ready just yet. So she continued her training (secretly) so that wouldn't be a future excuse for her unless she was severely injured. Casey couldn't help but remember the time when she thought that her new home was haunted when Edwin brought up that dead plumber that one time during their first year after the merger. Wonder what Sam and Dean would think about that?

Sam sighed.

"If you want to be but I would think you'd want to spend the rest of your time in London." Dean tried to reason since he didn't want his sister to give up her innocence even though that technically was gone long ago. Even though he wanted her with him so that he could personally keep her safe but then again, he wanted her in London where he knows that she would be out of immediate danger.

"Well I will be, you said next week right?" Casey countered.

Dean sighed knowing she wasn't going to give up. "Yeah."

"Well there you go, I can do both." Casey piped up again with a smirk on her face.

Dean grumbled. "Alright, enough shop talk, where are we going?"

"Hunter's Bar and Grill." Casey responded immediately.

Both brothers gave her questioning looks.

"Does the name allude to…" Sam left his sentence trailing off hoping that Casey got what he meant. Did the title refer to actual hunters like themselves?

Casey scratched the back of her neck in thought. "I'm not really sure, Derek's mentioned it once or twice when he comes home from a party kind of tipsy. He said he goes there just to see if he could legally get a beer and when he doesn't he just gets it at the high school party that he was planning on going to originally." She explained with a shrug as if it was nothing. She knew Derek never drank a lot or enough to be called drunk. He rarely came home tipsy. Usually when Derek drank, you didn't know unless you smelt it from his breath. That was the only way Casey knew at times if he had been drinking.

"So you want to go to a bar? You can't really do much there, Case." Sam reasoned, not really sure why his sister would want to go there. He understood now why she thought that would make Dean move faster since he did love to make a stop at every town bar possible while on the road.

Casey shrugged her shoulders, not really seeing what the problem was. "Why not? I heard there are pool tables, a dance floor, a huge bar and a stage where they sometimes have live entertainment. Personally I've never been before but I've been waiting to go with you guys."

Dean smirked. "Why's that?"

Casey gave her brothers an incredulous look. Have they forgotten? "Seriously?"

Both brothers now had a confused expression on their faces, not really sure what Casey was referring to.

She sighed. "Guys, what's the one thing you made me promise before I left?"

"Watch out for boys." Dean immediately stated, causing Sam to scoff and Casey to giggle just a little.

"Alright, the second thing?"

Sam and Dean both pondered on what their sister could be talking about; that's drudging up a four year old memory that they rather forget since it was associated with them having to leave Casey behind for her safety.

"I've got nothing." Dean mumbled while Sam shrugged.

Casey rolled her eyes.

"I promised you that I wouldn't touch alcohol as long as I was here and now that you're here, I want some." Casey was determined to have some alcohol in her system. She tried some when she was younger. It was just after Dean's 21st birthday. It was just the three of them with their Dad on one of his overnight hunts. Dean had bought his first 6-pack legally and he had Sam and Casey share a bottle just for the taste of it. Sam didn't really like the brand and Casey had mixed feelings about it but it was only on special occasions like that did Sam or Casey ever drink underage.

Dean laughed at Casey's almost whining tone. "Wasn't there another part to it?"

"It was that my first legal drink would be with the two of you." Casey added in causing Dean to 'ah' in recognition.

Before they reached Aunt Nora's place in Toronto, Sam and Dean had Casey promise them a whole bunch of things before they separated. One of them being that she stayed away from alcohol (unless Aunt Nora gave her some for New Years) because you never know what teenagers put in that stuff during parties. The second one was that she wasn't going to have her first legal drink in a bar without Sam and Dean by her side. Need to have family to back you up, they had said at the time.

"There's our problem. You won't be able to get a drink at the bar." Sam pointed out.

"Yes I will." Casey bickered back with a smirk on her face.

"No you won't." Sam reflexively bit back while Dean was smirking at the image beside him. 'Bout time those two started to banter with each other. Dean thought with a chuckle. No sibling dynamic is complete without a little arguing.

"How old am I?" Casey asked, randomly in her brothers' opinion. She knew that age must have been the reason why they were hesitant (well Sam was hesitant at this point).

Sam shifted in his seat but he didn't hesitate to answer. "Nineteen and that's exactly why you can't get one-"

Casey cut him off. "In America but we're not in America right now." Casey was smirking now and Dean saw that in the rear view mirror with confusion evident on his face.

"What'd you talking about?" The oldest Winchester asked while Sam stared at his sister, waiting for an explanation.

"Legal drinking age in the United States is twenty-one. Legal drinking age in Ontario is nineteen." Casey stressed the location and the age when she told them the law that was holding her back from having some fun.

Dean was smiling like crazy, while Sam was looking at her in awe for the little legal lesson.

"Serious?" Sam asked as he fought down a smirk. Casey could see that the corners of his lips were twitching and she couldn't help but smirk.

"Dead serious."

Dean chuckled. "Hell, this night just got a lot more interesting."

Dean had a feeling that something was going to happen at this bar and he couldn't wait. It wasn't the gut feeling that something bad was going to happen but it was the feeling that something very amusing was going to happen. She did mention that Derek has been there a few times and I think tonight would be another night he'd make another visit. Dean smirked at the thought while a whole bunch of devious ideas ran through his brain that would get under Derek's skin. And help Casey out too, of course.

Derek finally got to his car, hopped right into the driver's seat, set up his Bluetooth for his cell before starting the car and hitting the road. He couldn't believe the day he was having already and the night had just begun. He still had practically two parties to attend that night so he knew he was in for long yet entertaining evening.

When Derek came to a red light, he quickly picked up his cell and speed-dialed his best friend Sam. It rang so many times that Derek thought it would go straight to voice mail before Sam picked up.

Finally he did. "What's up, D?"

Derek chuckled at the familiar greeting. "Nothing much, Sammy. I'm on my way to the grill now. Where are you?" He asked while staying focused on the road. He wasn't going to admit to anyone but he did still follow some of the things Casey taught him about driving. No way was I going to be driving like my dad. He thought to himself.

"Outside the grill talking to you." Sam joked.

"Explains why I had to wait so long for you to answer." Derek retorted back with a little bit of an accusatory tone.

Sam sighed. "Sorry D, but I couldn't miss Ralph strike out with a girl."

Derek couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of Ralph possibly using the 'nice shoes' line. But then he remembered something and frowned, "Ralph asking out someone else who isn't Amanda? Try again, Sammy."

Sam sighed, "Fine, I failed with the girl. She had a boyfriend."

"Aww, poor you," Derek teased.

"Ha ha, very funny. So how'd dinner go?"

Derek sighed. "It was crazy, man. You wouldn't believe me at all." Derek still didn't believe it himself.

While the dinner was kind of like a Q&A to learn more about Sam and Dean Winchester, he in a way felt like he was also learning about Casey too as if he just met her and he didn't like that feeling. I'm not supposed to feel like that about someone I've been living with for the past three years. It wasn't like Derek advertised it to anyone but before that day, he knew for a fact that he knew Casey the best and that no one else could top that. He would always bug Casey by saying 'I know you too well' whenever they bantered and he subconsciously prided himself with that notion being true. Now I'm not so sure anymore. He didn't like that thought at all because it seemed like with the presence of the Winchesters, he'd seen sides of Casey he's barely had a glimpse of before, in just a few hours.

"Good crazy or bad crazy?" Sam's question broke through Derek's thoughts.

"I don't even know. I'm still reeling in the aftershock, I think." Derek blurted out the honest truth before he could stop himself.

"What happened?" Curiosity evident in his best friend's voice.

Derek didn't know where to beginning.

Does he start with the fact that Dean is very suave with the ladies that they even passed over him, Derek Venturi because they all had their eyes on Dean Winchester? Nah, I don't wanna seem like I was affected by that fact. Although he was impressed by that, Derek wasn't use to it. He's always been the King when it came to social situations.

Since that was out of the question, does he start with how Casey was a prankster in her past that battled the Winchesters in their prank wars? That sounds far fetched even to me. Derek wouldn't have believed that if Casey hadn't told him she pulled that prank on Mr. Lassiter a few years back. So chances are Sam won't buy it either.

Memories were out of the question. So what about the constant competition between Casey and Dean before the family even arrived? Those two seemed to bicker about anything and they were quite amused with it too, like they've waited so long to have those words pass each other's lips as if it was long overdue. It was so long since they haven't seen each other in four years. His brain reasoned against him but it didn't mean that he agreed with it. Was it the fact that he wanted to be the only one to fight with Casey, Derek didn't know. All he knew at the time was that he didn't like the feeling he had in his stomach for some odd reason. It's too foreign.

Derek thought he was lost in his thoughts for awhile but it was only a few seconds before he answered. "Let's just say I got the vibe that there is a lot more going on between Casey and the Winchesters than I thought." He didn't know why but that's the vibe he got from the trio. It was as if there was more to the three of them than any one of them were telling. He felt like he was missing something and his damn curiosity wouldn't let him shake the issue off.

You want to know the damn connection between them, that's all. Derek was frozen for a moment with that thought but another one soon formed; why do I need to know?

"What'd you mean?"

Derek could tell that his best buddy was confused and quite frankly so was he. How am I supposed to explain it if I'm confused too? Derek didn't like this caring feeling and he sworn to the heavens that this was all the graduation ceremony's fault. Too much exposure to overly emotional graduates and their parents!

Derek sighed. "I don't even know where to beginning, Sammy."

After getting home and having all the younger kids rush upstairs while the two graduates were out partying with their friends, George wrapped his arm around Nora's shoulder, hers instinctively going around her husband's waist, as they made their way to the kitchen.

"Can you believe it? They graduated today." George finally said as he was still reeling with joy from Derek's announcement.

Nora sighed at the day's milestone events. "It seems like yesterday that they just started high school." Nora smiled at the memory of Casey starting her first day at an actual school. The girl was so nervous yet excited to finally experience that little thing that every child practically went through. Every kid would rather be in Casey's home-schooled situation than have to go to school. Nora had to stifle a giggle at the thought.

"So much time has passed by so fast. I still can't believe Derek's going to Queens in the fall." George couldn't stop smiling at his son's accomplishments after being use to his slacker ways.

Nora looked up at George when they made a stop at the kitchen island. "I'm so proud of him, Georgie."

George kissed Nora's temple before releasing his grip on her to head to the fridge to grab a couple of water bottles for them.

"I am too. To be honest, I thought Casey might announce what she plans on doing in the fall. They do tend to do that." He chuckled at the thought, remembering the one time they both revealed that they had gotten a job at Smelly Nelly's. George turned around to face Nora and saw that she was fidgeting a little. "When do you think she'll tell us?"

Nora sighed. She already knew Casey's decision but she wasn't supposed to say anything. "When she's ready."

George knew that something was up with Nora, since she rarely fidgets unless she was concerned about something. "What's wrong, Nora?"

"Are you mad that I didn't tell you about Sam and Dean?" Nora couldn't help but feel a little insecure about the issue since she felt so guilty about lying to George about who Casey really was. Nora knew that it was her fault to mistakenly say she had two daughters when she first met George, thinking he'd run but he didn't but then she never corrected herself. When she told Casey about it, she said she can't tell the truth since George was a lawyer which could lead to very complicated legal matters involving an investigation on how John was raising his children. Nora couldn't do that to her brother or his children so she went along with it, not realizing that her relationship with George would become so much more.

George on the other hand was confused about the abrupt change in conversation, not really sure why Nora was worried about that. Sure at first he found it awkward that two twenty-something year old men were joining them for dinner and they were apparently at the ceremony for Casey but as the dinner went on, it wasn't that bad.

"I told you before Nora, a little warning would have been nice. That's all." He teased once again as he wrapped his arms around Nora's waist to try to calm her down.

Nora nodded before letting a breath, she'd been holding, out. "So what'd you think of them?"

George took a minute to collect his thoughts before he spoke. "They seem like great guys. Dean definitely had that charisma and he came off as a people pleaser…"

Nora laughed at George's words for Dean. "Oh, Dean is definitely like that. After Casey first met Derek, she told me he was a Dean-in-the-making."

George chuckled, "So that's what we'll get in five or so years." He joked.

Nora held her chin in thought before nodding her head yes. "Probably."

George smiled at his wife's newly found upbeat behavior but his smile dropped when he didn't know what to say about Sam Winchester.

"Unfortunately I didn't get much on Sam but he seemed to be on the same wavelength as Dean throughout conversations…"

Nora smirked at that notion as she thought of all the times Casey had mentioned that little habit the boys had when they were growing up. "Casey used to complain about that all the time. She would always be paranoid that the boys would be having a silent conversation about her in her presence. When she was younger, she thought they had telepathic powers."

George chuckled as he directed them to their basement bedroom. "I had that same thought. It's creepy how they finished each other's thought or knew what the other was thinking."

Nora laughed as she descended the stairs with George following after her. "It's what you get with those brothers. They are real close yet they can fight like they are polar opposites."

George smirked at the thought as another pair came to mind. "Kind of like Casey and Derek."

Nora entered their bedroom and retrieved her pajamas before heading to the basement's bathroom while she shouted out "Kind of," to her husband. She left the door open a bit so that they could still continue their conversation.

George took off his jacket before proceeding to untie his tie while he leaned against his door frame. "Well Casey seemed very happy, so I'm glad you had them as her surprise." George couldn't deny that fact. His eldest stepdaughter did look very happy.

Nora stuck her head out of the bathroom. "I hope you don't mind but I invited them to the barbecue tomorrow. They have to drop Casey off tomorrow anyways so I figured why not have them stay for dinner and let them have some swimming thrown in too."

George nodded his head yes before Nora went back into the bathroom.

It was a few moments later before the second part of what Nora said registered in George's brain. "Wait, Casey's not coming home tonight?"

Nora finally left the bathroom and headed to the bedroom to where George stood still and confused. "No, I said she could stay with Sam and Dean tonight because I knew she wanted to catch up with them." Nora explained as she headed to the laundry bin.

George was a little skeptical. Sure he thought the guys were great but that didn't mean that they earned his trust that fast. "Are you sure that's a smart move, Nora?"

"Trust me, Georgie. You couldn't have asked for two better guys to look after Casey." Nora defended without missing a beat before she started helping George with the tie that he'd forgotten about.

Lizzie was already in the games closet waiting for Edwin when he decided to show up. Finally! She thought since her legs were starting to feel numb.

Lizzie switched the closet's light on. "Took you long enough." She snapped back a bit but she wasn't at all mad at Edwin, she just didn't want to talk about what she guessed would be on her stepbrother's mind.

Edwin was rubbing the back of his neck, trying to avoid any eye contact with his annoyed stepsister. "Sorry, was talking to Marti and she kept getting off topic."

Lizzie quirked an eyebrow, "Off topic about what?"

Edwin relaxed once he heard curiosity instead of annoyance in Lizzie's voice.

Edwin batted his hand in the air, practically gesturing that he'd tell her later. "First off, why didn't you mention Sam or Dean to me?"

Lizzie sighed. I knew this was going to be his first question.

"I wasn't supposed to bring them up." She could see the confusion all over his face.

"Why? They actually seem like great guys." Edwin added in with a nod of approval. They are definitely interesting. He thought.

She smiled. "I know they are great guys. They are the best and that's why I didn't say anything." She whispered the last part, which confused Edwin even more. If they're great, wouldn't you want to talk about them?

Edwin shrugged. "I still don't see the harm in mentioning their names before tonight."

Lizzie closed her eyes and had the palms of her hands rub over her tired eyes. Don't give away too much. She continued to think as she blew out a breath.

"You don't get it, Ed. Casey was devastated when they left four years ago." Lizzie opened her eyes to see Edwin's mouth hanging open just a little. Casey was devastated? He thought but he couldn't dwell on it since Lizzie started talking again. "They weren't allowed to contact each other. The only way they could keep in touch was through email." Edwin could see the sadness on Lizzie's face as she described Casey's turmoil. "Bringing them up would have been like opening up old wounds for her. I couldn't do that to her."

Lizzie looked down hoping that Edwin didn't see that her eyes had crestfallen tears from the thought of how badly Casey missed her brothers. Lizzie was never one to cry but seeing how much Casey had been through the first year she lived with them before the wedding, Lizzie never wanted to see Casey like that again. Casey was always strong and together when around people but whenever she was alone; Lizzie could hear the soft cries that came from her cousin. All of Casey's tears over boyfriends here in London were no match for the tears she shed over her brothers during her freshman year. I wonder if Mom ever knew to what extent Casey missed Sam and Dean.

Edwin heard Lizzie's voice waver a bit at the end before she looked down. He was so confused but he knew for a fact that his stepsister wasn't exaggerating about what Casey had been through before they had met. Edwin didn't get it, with technology today, there were so many different ways to get in contact with someone but he was still too dumbstruck to the point he only got one question out. "They couldn't talk on the phone?"

Lizzie shook her head no. She sighed a few minutes later before continuing. "At first, it drove her nuts when she couldn't hear their voices. Even though I was little and Casey would try to be strong after they had to leave, I knew she was crushed. They're practically her second family." Lizzie took in a huge breath before letting it out.

Edwin didn't want to ask, but he had to make sure. "So Sam and Dean would never hurt Casey?"

Lizzie finally looked up and gave him an incredulous look, "That's like asking if Derek will ever turn down food willingly."

Edwin laughed at that causing Lizzie to smile too.

"That's true but I just had to ask." Edwin shuffled a little in his spot as he avoided eye contact once again.

Lizzie sighed. "I know Edwin. You're just looking out for Casey."

Edwin nodded before his head jerked up to reveal a mischievous smile on his face.

"At least I'm not doing it alone; Derek showed some interest in that department." Edwin remembered the slight change in Derek's behavior at dinner whenever he interacted with the Winchesters. He definitely saw confusion, amusement, and Edwin at one point thought he saw jealousy coming off of his older brother. That couldn't be right, could it? A quick thought told him that Casey was acting differently too. Note to self: more investigating to do tomorrow.

Lizzie quirked at eyebrow, remembering Derek's changed attitude when he seemed to be dealing with Casey's dormant side. "Really? I guess I wasn't hallucinating at dinner then."

Edwin chuckled. "Nope, I made a lot of observations during dinner." Edwin finished while tapping the side of his head.

"Are any of those observations worthy enough to make it into your research?" Lizzie questioned as she silently thanked the easy topic transition while the moment Dean asked for a favor kept playing in her mind.


After Dean introduced himself to George and the rest of the Venturis, he made his way back to his seat in between Casey and Lizzie. George was discussing Derek and Edwin's prank timing at the graduation ceremony, which gave Dean the perfect moment to whisper his request to his favorite cousin.

Dean leaned forward enough to have his lips by Lizzie's ear so she could hear him perfectly against all the restaurant noise around them.

"I need a favor from you, Lizzie."

Lizzie tilted her head a bit to the side so that she could whisper into Dean's ear to respond. "What'd you need?"

"Word has it from my sister that you and Edwin are the family spies." Lizzie quirked an eyebrow at the randomness of that comment but she still nodded a yes before he continued to speak. "I'll keep this short. Do you have research on Casey and Derek?"

Lizzie felt her eyebrows furrow in confusion. "As in them together?"

Dean gave a soft chuckle.

"Yes and no. Do you have individual profiles for Casey and Derek?" Dean repeated but in a clearer way, causing Lizzie to nod yes. "Do you have one about the two of them and their encounters?"

Lizzie smiled. "Of course."

Lizzie could feel Dean smiling by her ear and couldn't help but wonder why he wanted to know. "Perfect. Is it more extensive than the one you had shown Casey when she was dating Sam?"

Lizzie laughed a little as she remembered that horrible graph Edwin made to show how long Casey and Sam's break ups lasted.

"Well yeah." She answered, causing Dean's grin to widen.


"I'm still not following, Dean." Lizzie added in, causing Dean to shake his head a little.

"Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie. I need those files. Is there anyway I could borrow them for a day or two?" Dean asked.

"Edwin has them." Lizzie told him without missing a beat. Edwin held all the research in his room.

"Can you get them?" Lizzie wasn't sure but she felt like she heard a little bit of desperation in her cousin's voice.

"I'll try but why?" Dean sighed.

"I wanna know what you two see when it comes to Casey and Derek. I wanna know exactly what kind of trouble those two have been in." Dean joked causing Lizzie to scoff when he mentioned the word 'trouble'.

"Does this have to do with some brotherly love thing?" Lizzie quipped.

"Of course." Dean mocked but Lizzie knew he meant it. Dean was back to being serious. "Will you do it? For me?"

Lizzie already knew that she would help Dean the moment he asked her for a favor, but she made him sweat it out a few moments before she nodded her head yes. Dean thanked her by kissing the side of her temple before pulling back and grinning at Lizzie, causing her to smile right back. Lizzie just hoped that he would tell her what exactly he found in those files that he needed to find.

Lizzie was brought out of her curious thoughts when Casey thanked Mom once again before Dean nudged his sister.


"I say all of it is." Edwin's response snapped Lizzie back to reality. She tapped her chin slowly as if she was thinking of something while she was actually reorganizing her thoughts and her game plan to get Dean what he needed.

"Maybe I could help fill in some of those blanks too." She suggested, causing Edwin to smile at his partner in crime.

"That'd be great." Edwin did love to spy but he enjoyed it more when Lizzie would help him out because between the two of them, they could observe and record a lot more than if it was just Edwin alone.

Lizzie titled her head to the side. "Did you finally merge the files together like I told you to?" Edwin shook his head no since those files were too big to simply just merge them together.

"No I made duplicates instead." Edwin added in. He kept the original hard copy that was usually the field notes and then he'd copy them to his computer and he'd save them in many places just in case he lost a copy. You can't easily replace three years of research. He thought to himself.

Lizzie was supporting a surprised look before she composed herself. "Is one copy for me?"

"I can email you one if you want." Edwin told her causing Lizzie to smile at how easy it was to follow through with her plan to help Dean.

"Perfect." Lizzie couldn't help but let her excitement show.

Edwin chuckled once again. "Shall we get started?" Edwin had his hand shadowing the doorknob but Lizzie pulled his arm back remember what he had said earlier as curiosity was overcoming her need to get the email and forward the files to Dean.

"In a minute, now what did Marti tell you?"

Edwin smiled before moving his hand away from the doorknob and he gave Lizzie a brief summary of his conversation with Marti, who was still downstairs watching her cartoons.

Derek had ended his phone call with Sam awhile ago when he couldn't take the constant questions his best bud was asking of him when he himself didn't know how to answer them. He told Sam the basics on the Winchesters that he learned like they've known Casey since the day she was born or that they haven't seen each other in four years. He mentioned Nora and Lizzie's interactions towards the brothers and some stories that Dean told the family. To say that Sam was surprised was an understatement and that was him getting a summarized version, imagine if he was actually there like Derek was.

Derek was just glad when he pulled up to Hunter's Bar and Grill that he'd have a few hours to relax and get away from the drama before it was a reasonable time to go to Jason's place for the party where there would be (no doubt) some emotional girls since it was the last high school party for all the graduates. It was usually Sam, Ralph and a few members of the hockey team that joined in on Derek's pre-party routine since they turned sixteen when they were allowed into the grill. Usually they'd play a little pool, grab a couple of numbers from the female populace at the bar and they'd attempt to get the bartender to give them alcoholic drinks with no suck luck in the past. Hopefully that will change tonight. He thought as he found a parking spot. Derek knew there would be alcohol at Jason's place (just like at all the other high school parties) but for some reason, he viewed this as a challenge since you had to deal with the legal stuff. Derek figured if he could get a drink from the bar while still being underage, well that would be a completed challenge. I'm never one to turn down a challenge. He smirked at the thought.

Derek got out of the Prince, locked it and then headed inside to greet his party buddies. It seemed like Hunter's Bar and Grill was packed tonight. He recognized some people from his graduating class and figured that some of them had the same idea of waiting it out here and having fun before heading out to Jason's party. He could see some of the usual customers that were a bit older and they probably went to the universities near here or they were home for the semester. There weren't that many older couples present but you could definitely tell that the majority were either in their late teens to their late twenties.

Before Derek even made it to his usual table, he was swarmed with two sets of arms blocking his path, followed by two slaps on the back.

"Congratulations man!" Over the music, Derek could hear the familiar voice. Derek turned to see Ralph grinning at him like crazy.

Derek quirked an eyebrow. "Thanks man. Ugh, congrats to you too?" Ralph laughed as he gave Derek another slap on his back.

"Thanks D, but I was talking about your acceptance!" Ralph explained, causing Derek to whip around to find Sam snickering. He told Ralph about my Queens acceptance?

"Way to spread my news, Sammy." Derek joked since he wasn't really mad at Sam. He should have expected something like that happening once he told Sam during their phone call. Somehow, that bit of news slipped out during his summarized version of dinner.

Sam smirked, not really fazed by Derek's antics. "Sorry D, but we're going to Queens together. Can you really blame me?"

"I'd say you're still coming off your high of graduating." Derek quipped as the trio walked to the table with the rest of their hockey buddies.

"You telling me you're off your high already?" Sam questioned as he quirked an eyebrow at his best friend. He still wondered what could have happened during dinner that made Derek act this way because he was sure that he didn't get the whole story.

Derek scoffed. "My graduation high was killed when I found the Winchesters in my house earlier. I'm running on my party rush."

"They were at your house earlier?" Ralph asked while trying to piece together what had changed for Derek since the ceremony.

"Long story but they were waiting for Casey." Derek rushed, not wanting to talk about his now unpredictable stepsister and her two lovely guests.

"I think the night is long enough to hear the story." Ralph added in while Sam nodded along side him. Ralph didn't get much from Sam and Sam was waiting for the stuff that Derek didn't feel like revealing. Why reveal something he didn't understand? Derek thought.

"I rather not dwell on Casey's older friends." Derek insisted as he started bumping fists and greeting his fellow hockey players once they reached the table. Derek turned to his best buds. "Let's get a drink."


Once again, Derek, Sam and Ralph had no luck in getting any alcoholic drinks from any of the bartenders. That alone would have dampened Derek's mood but he wasn't going to let it. He had many reasons to celebrate that evening and if he wanted a beer so badly, he could wait a few hours to try again after the bartenders switch shifts or he could wait to get one at Jason's party. He was a high school graduate, a Queens' freshman; he felt like he was on top of the world. He was getting girls' numbers, having fun with the boys around the pool tables and politely declining the ladies that wanted to dance with him. Dancing at house parties is one thing, dancing in public is a different story, he thought every time a girl asked him to dance. Like I told Ralph weeks ago, Crazy Legs is taking a break.

Derek was taking a brief pause and enjoying his coke, not really believing that only a little time had passed since he arrived. He had a perfect view of the grill; the crowded bar, the packed pool table area, the swarms of people dancing on the makeshift dance floor along with the many people just sitting at their tables and watching and resting just like he was doing.

Derek was too busy scoping out the room to notice Sam and Ralph taking their seats on both his sides. Ralph had to nudge Derek in the shoulder since calling his name seemed to be useless against the music.

"Tired already, D?" Ralph questioned while taking a sip of his own coke.

Sam scoffed while Derek snickered. "That's absurd. Derek's too excited to be tired already. Right D?" Sam patted Derek on the shoulder after Derek finished taking another sip of his coke.

Derek smirked. He didn't know why but he just had this feeling building within that something different was going to happen. He wasn't worried since this was a good gut feeling like when he'd play hockey and he just knew that they would win. "Relax guys. I have a feeling that tonight will be a night that we won't forget."

Ralph was nodding along in agreement while Sam sat frozen in his seat with his drink half way to his mouth. Derek saw his friend's weird pause and looked at him strangely.

"What's eating you, Sammy?" Derek questioned causing Sam to lower his drink and gulp a bit, still looking off into the crowd.

"You still have that good feeling, D?" Sam asked nervously causing Derek to following his friend's stare out of curiosity.

Derek was about to tell Sam that he worried too much but that was before he set his eyes on a familiar brunette who was laughing with two smiling guys flanking both her sides as they walked further into Hunter's Bar and Grill.

Derek's mouth hung open at the sight. Oh no.

Reference to "Second Chances: Outtakes": "Not So Sweet 16" and "Fright Night"

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Chapter 8: Hunter's Bar and Grill


Derek smirked. He didn't know why but he just had this building feeling that something different was going to happen. He wasn't worried since this was a good gut feeling like when he'd play hockey and he just knew that they would win. "Relax guys. I have a feeling that tonight will be a night that we won't forget."

Ralph was nodding along in agreement while Sam sat frozen in his seat with his drink half way to his mouth. Derek saw his friend's weird pause and looked at him strangely.

"What's eating you, Sammy?" Derek questioned causing Sam to lower his drink and gulp a bit, still looking off into the crowd.

"You still have that good feeling, D?" Sam asked nervously causing Derek to following his friend's stare out of curiosity.

Derek was about to tell Sam that he worried too much but that was before he set his eyes on a familiar brunette who was laughing with two smiling guys flanking both her sides as they walked further into Hunter's Bar and Grill.

Derek's mouth hung open at the sight. Oh no.


[Sat. June 26, 2004]

Moments Earlier:

"We need some ground rules." Sam stated as Dean turned into the parking lot for Hunter's Bar and Grill.

Dean and Casey both groaned in their seats.

"Why must you suck the fun out of everything, Sammy? We're at a bar to have some fun." Dean told his brother as he turned the Impala off after parking under the parking lot's light. No idiot is gonna steal my baby while it's in the light. The oldest Winchester mused to himself.

Sam looked pointedly at his brother. "Correction, we're now at a bar with Casey. So first rule…" Sam turned around to address his little sister, "We have to have you in our sights at all times."

Dean gave an 'are you kidding me' look to Sam.

Casey's eyes widened. "What? What do you think could possibly happen?"

She looked between both brothers and she saw Dean's jaw tense up, as possible 'worst case scenarios' ran through his mind while Sam gave Dean a 'do you agree with me now' look.

"Wait, don't answer that." Casey added in before Dean said anything.

"I actually agree with that rule." Dean turned around in his seat to face Casey. "If you're gonna drink, we need to keep an eye on you." After Dean ended the serious part of his little speech, he started to smirk. "Plus we have to look out for any potential threats."

Casey rolled her eyes, "Are you seriously referring to my potential dates as threats?"

"Yes, yes I am." Dean said in a nonchalant way.

Sam was trying to hold back a laugh due to his brother's antics.

"I can handle myself with the guys, Dean. I've proved that already and I'll give the same mini speech I gave during freshman year with the added bonus of saying 'my brothers are watching out for me' to them this time." Casey defended while smirking as she gave Dean the 'just watch me' look.

He laughed. Yup, that's my sister. "Good."

Sam cleared his throat. "You're really going to hate this one, Dean. No hook ups tonight." Sam was directing that rule to his older brother, who snapped his attention to Sam, as his eyes dilated in shock.


Casey laughed at Dean's reaction.

Dean glared at her, causing her to immediately cover her mouth as she tried to smother her laugh.

Sam shrugged as if it were no big deal what he was asking of Dean. "Can't have you ditching us tonight, plus I rather not get kicked out of the motel room tonight and I think Casey agrees with me on that one."

Casey nodded along in agreement.

Dean grumbled a few profanities to himself as he got out of the Impala. Sam and Casey looked to each other, stifling a laugh each before they themselves got out of the Impala.

"Well if that's the case, the same goes for the both of you." Dean finally retorted once Sam and Casey shut their doors, allowing Dean to lock his car up.

Casey gasped in mock surprise as she placed a hand dramatically over her heart. "What type of girl do you think I am, Dean?"

Dean gave Casey a pointed look but both his siblings could tell that he was amused by her theatrics. "My sister."

Casey took a moment to think that over. "Good point."

Sam laughed while Dean rolled his eyes before directing his attention to his brother.

"What about you, Sam? Think you can handle it?" Dean challenged as the trio made their way towards the bar.

"I can handle it a lot better than you, Dean." Sam confidently stated, knowing that his brother would have a hard time with the rule tonight.

Dean scoffed. "We'll see."

Casey paused in her tracks once she was off the road. "Hang on…"

Sam and Dean stopped in their tracks and looked behind them.

"We can still have fun with dates right? Or am I seriously stuck with you guys because I know for a fact that you won't want to dance." Casey continued, causing Sam to shake his head and for Dean to snicker to himself.

"Relax Case. We enter with just us three; we leave with just us three." Sam confirmed, getting an understanding nod from Casey.

"Fine, as lame as it is, I'll go with it." Dean didn't like this rule one bit and both of his siblings knew it.

I am definitely a hypocrite. Dean smirked at the thought. At least I had my fun last night, that's gonna have to do for now.

Casey smiled as she quickly walked to catch up to her brothers. "Excellent, let the partying begin, boys." She stated as she rushed past them, thrilled to have some real fun; Winchester style.

"Oh no. What have we done, Sam?" Dean said in mock horror as he saw his sister's excitement.

"Quick, grab her and let's get out of here." Sam suggested as he played along with his brother.

Casey laughed, before turning around to face her smiling brothers, who continued to walk towards her as she waited by the entrance. It's good to have them back. She mused to herself.

"Guys relax. Like you keep telling me, have fun. There's nothing stopping us now." Casey finished as Sam opened the door for her. Casey walked right in, followed by Sam with Dean taking up the rear.

"In that case, let the fun begin." Sam quipped as he stood by Casey as she took the crowded place in.

Dean walked up to stand on Casey's free side. "To the bar!" Dean smirked as his younger siblings laughed as they headed toward the crowded bar.


Dean was leading his siblings to the bar while a distracted Casey was taking in the bar's surroundings with Sam behind her (as he made sure she didn't get lost in the crowd). It wasn't like Casey had never been inside a bar before but it was the fact that it had been too damn long for her.

Growing up, the Winchesters were either seen at motels, diners or bars if they weren't researching for a hunt. She remembered one of her favorite past times being the time when their father was teaching them how to play pool. Naturally John was focused on teaching Dean first since he would be old enough to understand it better but Dean would pass along his lessons to Sam and Casey before John got around to teaching the other two how to play. Plus pool for the Winchesters could always be for work or for play; it could go either way.

Casey was too caught up in her memory to notice the nudge in her back but after a few times, she turned to face her brother. "What?"

Sam smirked at his sister. He noticed her demeanor had changed while they followed Dean and when he tried getting her attention, she didn't budge until after the third or forth nudge in her back. "You okay? Your attention seemed to be somewhere else just now."

Casey smiled. "I'm great." She beamed before turning around to find Dean already sitting at the bar, watching and waiting for them to join him.

Sam chuckled to himself as he saw Casey practically rush over to Dean.

Dean snickered at his sister's excitement. He definitely missed having her around. She would bring excitement to practically anything she wanted and it would be like a contagious reaction.

When his sister was finally in earshot, Dean greeted her once again. "Took you long enough." He joked as Casey took the bar stool right beside him. "I saw the faraway look, care to share?"

Casey smirked. "Nope."

Dean scoffed. "It better not be about lover boy." He quipped, causing Casey to laugh while Sam finally took a seat on Casey's other side.

"Not that time."

Dean groaned while holding a hand up to tell her to stop any future comment.

Casey rolled her eyes.

Sam looked confusingly between his siblings. "What'd I miss?"

"Nothing, Sammy." Dean told his little brother, hoping to spare him of any details before signaling a bartender over to them. Don't get him wrong, Dean wasn't against Casey's feelings towards a certain teenager, it's just he wasn't use to those comments coming from his baby sister. That has definitely changed in the past four years.

A few moments later a guy who seemed to be a year or two older than Casey with short blonde hair approached the Winchesters.

"Welcome to Hunter's Bar and Grill. What can I get for you tonight?" The bartender greeted while looking between the three Winchesters, his eyes lingering on Casey a little longer.

Casey smiled while Sam smirked when he caught his brother giving the bartender a subtle death glare.

Dean cleared his throat, catching the bartender's attention before he ordered three tequila shots.

The bartender looked skeptically towards Casey. "I hate to ask but do you have some ID?"

Casey expected this so she rummaged through her leather coat's inside pockets for her driver's license.

"Dude why do you seem disappointed when you asked her that?" Dean questioned while she got her ID out of her coat.

The bartender sighed. "A lot of teenagers tonight are trying to get drinks and think just because it's another graduation night that we'll let it slide, I've had to ask the question a lot tonight."

"Can't have drunk teenagers taking over this fine establishment now can we." Dean mused loudly as Casey passed the bartender her driver's license. He gave a chuckle to the older Winchester's comment before reading over the youngest Winchester's license, but his eyes seemed to freeze on one bit of information and the awaiting trio tensed when they saw it.

"Is something wrong?" Casey nervously asked. There shouldn't be a problem; all the info on there is accurate. She thought worriedly.

"No, it's just…" The confused bartender didn't get to finish as he caught sight of an older man walking towards him with a questioning look at the young bartender.

The Winchesters looked between one another and they seemed to have the same thought about the older man. Boss.

"Is everything okay here?" The older man questioned the bartender, who continued to stare at Casey's license.

"Yeah, huh, could you just take a look at this?" The young man hesitantly passed the driver's license over towards his boss, causing all the Winchesters to become worried.

The Boss Man took a quick glance at the ID, before handing it back to his employee looking annoyed. "She's of age, so what's the problem?"

The younger man didn't take the license back but he looked his boss directly in the eye. "Did you check the name?" He suggested, causing the older man to roll his eyes before doing what his employee suggested. After a few moments, the Boss' eyes froze just like the bartender's had before, his eyebrow quirked up as if he was collecting his thoughts.

The eldest Winchester didn't like the exchange between the boss and his employee when it came to his little sister's ID. "Casey?" He whispered to his sister, hoping she'd give him a hint as to whether she knew why they were so interested in her license. She didn't lie about her age, the Boss already confirmed that, unless…

The Boss Man made eye contact with the graduate. "Winchester?" The Boss Man didn't see the brothers' eyes widen but he did hear the groan that came from Dean when he dropped his head in his hands while his elbows rested on the bar. Damn it!

Casey gulped. "Yeah." She didn't understand why these two were so interested in her last name the way they were. She had a sinking feeling that maybe it was her name that caught their attention since as far as London, Ontario was concerned, she was Casey McDonald.

The Boss Man's eyebrow was still quirked up but now he had a small smirk showing. "As in John Winchester?"

Dean's head snapped up to look at the Boss Man in shock while both Sam and Casey's jaws fell slack.

"How do you know our dad?" Sam finally asked after a few moments of shocked silence from the Winchesters.

From the moment that Derek set his eyes on the familiar brunette that entered the bar, he was both shocked and furious. Shocked that his keener stepsister would be at a bar and furious for the fact that the Winchesters would bring her to a place like this. They practically told Nora that her daughter would be in good hands yet here they are. He just couldn't believe it.

He watched as his stepsister laughed with the tallest Winchester while they both followed the older Winchester to the bar. He could see Casey looking around, probably seeing the new environment that he knew she'd never stepped foot in, while he caught Sam Winchester trying to nudge for her attention. He could see the smile before she seemed to rush over towards Dean Winchester, who was seated at the bar waiting.

Derek took a sip of his drink as he grumbled about his luck. He figured he'd see Casey at the grad party, so he was hoping for a few hours away from her so he didn't have to see the tears that were expected to come. Stupid graduation sentiments.

Ralph's gaze continued to follow the new customers to the bar. "Dude, was that…"

Derek nodded his head before taking another sip of his drink. "Yup."

Ralph whistled. "Hell D, your stepsister is looking-"

"Different?" Sam offered but he had a pretty good idea which word Ralph was going to say. Hot.

Ralph smirked when he looked towards his friends. "Not the word that I was gonna use, but yeah!" He finished with a 'duh' tone. He may still have Amanda as his girlfriend but it wasn't everyday you saw one of your friends dressing differently than they normally would; that's just asking for a reaction.

Derek groaned. "Great, I can't believe she's even here." He complained. He had caught a couple of guys' heads turn when Casey walked in and he wasn't having a good feeling about it.

Sam saw his best friend's irritation. "Maybe she just wants to celebrate." He suggested while he tried to get a view of his good friend/ex-girlfriend from the bar. Please let that be the reason. He pleaded in his mind. Sure, he cared for Casey but that's what friends do, they watch out and care for one another but Sam had a feeling deep down that that wasn't the reason why his best friend was irritated all of a sudden.

Derek looked to Sam as he quirked an eyebrow. "With alcohol? Are you forgetting this is my keener stepsister we're talking about? She doesn't go near the stuff."

"It's not like she's gonna have any luck here." Ralph mumbled before taking a sip of his pop. That got Derek and Sam's attention.

"What'd you mean?" Sam asked in confusion, wondering what his friend knew that they didn't.

Ralph sighed, wondering how he was the first to think of this. Ralph turned to Derek. "You're older Derek and if you can't get a drink…"

Derek smirked once he caught on. "She can't get a drink."

"Then why would she waste her time? This isn't her type of scene." Sam mused out loud even though it was exactly what they were doing, but they liked coming to the bar and grill, they were use to it. Casey, on the other hand, hadn't stepped anywhere near a place like this.

"Try her luck maybe…" Derek spoke before he found his stepsister again at the bar reaching into her leather jacket to retrieve her ID for the bartender who couldn't stop smiling at her.

The three graduates watched their valedictorian give her ID to the bartender only to see him moments later tensing up and looking between the plastic card and the girl in question before an older guy came up to join them. They watched the little scene with no clue what they were saying but they saw the young bartender hand Casey's ID over to the older man. The older man had paused just like his employee and he must have said something because the graduates could see from their seats that Casey and both Winchesters had tensed in their seats.

Derek smirked. "I think she got busted." He said in a sing-song voice.

Ralph tilted his head to the side as he watched the bar from his seat. "Then why is the old guy laughing?"

"No way…" The Boss Man said in disbelief as he looked over his three new customers, "…damn you kids grew up!" He chuckled about how long it has been since that unfortunate time in his life. Seems like another lifetime ago, sometimes.

Dean looked to his younger siblings, who just shrugged in confusion before he looked to the older man. "Beg pardon?"

Boss Man smirked as the Winchesters saw a glassy look in the man's eye. "First time I saw John Winchester, his son was a senior and his two youngsters were rivaling in height." He laughed at the memory, while the young bartender shook his head in amusement at his boss' description. He remembered the teenage boy protecting his younger siblings whenever they were together and if they had to be separated, he would tell the little boy to watch out for their little sister while she held her grip around his leg, telling him not to go yet, that it wasn't his time to leave them yet. He thought the dynamic between the siblings was amazing and he had a feeling that their dynamic only strengthened with time.

Dean chuckled at the last comment as he pictured him and his siblings like Boss Man had described. Damn, has it been that long already? "Dude, that was six years ago, now I don't think anybody could rival against Sammy's height."

Casey was smiling as she stifled her laugh, while Sam was smirking when he remembered the brief time when Casey was taller than him.

Sam cleared his throat, "But how do you know our dad?"

Boss Man sobered up from the laugh as he looked to each Winchester, he had a slight idea which brother was who but then again, he was getting old, so enough said. "We use to live in Michigan, we had a wolf problem in town and unfortunately it got my wife."

Casey remembered that hunt. She was twelve when there was a werewolf problem in Michigan. She only remembered because a couple months later, Sam had to write a paper about his summer for school and he wrote about the werewolf that they had hunted. Fortunately, Sam didn't get penalized for writing a fiction piece when it was a nonfiction assignment.

"I'm sorry again." She gave her condolences to Boss Man.

Boss Man gave a sad smile and it appeared that the young bartender bowed his head down in sympathy. "It's not your fault, she was infected and going after the rest of the people that I love." He sighed.

The Winchester siblings looked between each other and they could tell that they all remembered which hunt the Boss Man was victim to now; wife turned werewolf goes after family to get them to turn with her.

"I understood then, I understand now." He concluded, which got Casey to sigh. Even though she loved that she was able to help people, it was tough knowing that there are families out there that have been victimized like them; only her family decide to fight back.

"So when did you move here then?" Sam gently asked.

Boss Man placed the plastic card down behind the counter before he poured himself a quick drink. He quickly gulped it down, allowing a hiss to escape through his teeth, causing Dean to quirk an eyebrow at the action. "About a month or two afterwards, couldn't really stay there, you know."

The Winchesters just nodded in understanding.

A few moments later, Boss Man's demeanor changed from a mourning husband to an upbeat head bartender. "Anyways, I'm Charlie Galloway, owner of this fine establishment…"

Dean interrupted with a smile on his face, "And it's a fine establishment indeed."

Charlie, aka Boss Man, smirked at the compliment. "Thanks and this is my son, Brandon…" Charlie pointed to the young bartender that had originally asked for Casey's ID and he just gave a slight wave as he stood behind his father, yet close enough to hear the conversation, "…my daughter Miranda is around here somewhere." Charlie continued as he looked along the sides to see if he could see his oldest child.

Brandon, aka young bartender, shook his head in amusement. "She's on break, Dad."

Charlie sighed. "Right." He always forgot that his daughter took breaks without him knowing, she usually told Brandon just so that her father/boss couldn't stop her from taking her break when she wanted. She was a great employee, always staying for longer shifts but it meant she took mini breaks whenever she wanted.

Dean chuckled. "It's good to meet you…again. I'm Dean Winchester. That's my brother Sam…" Dean pointed to Sam, who gave a polite nod when acknowledged. "…and my sister Casey." Casey beamed a smile when she was acknowledged, causing Brandon to smile, which Dean noticed.

Charlie smiled when he looked at the youngest Winchester. "Of course." Dean, Sam and Casey Winchester; wonder where their father is.

Casey gave a shy smile towards the owner. "Any chance I could get my license back?"

Dean's slight tension defused with his sister's words, causing him to laugh.

Charlie reached behind the counter where he placed the plastic card and handed it to teenager. "Right, here…I still can't believe how much the three of you have grown." He mused out loud before turning around to look at his son. "Brandon, get them their original order while I chat with our old pals."

Brandon smirked at his father before turning to their past saviors. "Sure, three tequila shots?" Brandon questioned, getting three nods in agreement before he left to retrieve the requested drinks.

Charlie turned back around to face the Winchesters. "So what brings you folks up this far?"

Sam scratched the back of his neck, nervously. "Well Mr. Galloway-"

"Please, call me Charlie." The owner cut the middle Winchester off.

Sam nodded in understanding, while Dean looked at his brother curiously due to his odd behavior.

Dean took over for Sam. "Well Charlie, Casey graduated today so Sam and I drove up here to celebrate with her." Dean slung an arm around Casey as he pulled her into a tight side hug, showing that he was proud of his little sister.

Casey continued to smile as her oldest brother hugged her. I missed these moments. She mused to herself.

Brandon returned with their shots and sees his father grinning like a Cheshire cat. "Well that is definitely a reason to celebrate." Brandon was confused but he didn't mention it as he placed the tequila shots in front of the Winchesters (mainly Casey). She smiled as thanks since Charlie wasn't done talking as he turned to his son. "Brandon, the Winchesters' drinks for the night…are on the house."

Brandon nodded in agreement.

All the Winchesters' eyes widened. "What?" The trio questioned simultaneously.

"That's very kind of you, Charlie, but we can't…" Casey stuttered a bit, still in a slight shock from the generous offer the older man made.

Sam and Dean were flabbergasted, they've never gotten that kind of acknowledgment from an old case before, usually if there was a 'thank you' involved, it was given before the hunters left town with the knowledge of never running into those they helped again. This was a new thing for all three of them.

Charlie waved his hand as if the offer was nothing. "Course you can. If it weren't for your family, my family may not even be here today." He paused as he tried to figure out what to say to have them accept his offer. "Think of it as a thank you."

Sam's mouth kept opening and closing without a sound until something finally came out. "Wow, that's very generous of you, Charlie."

Charlie shrugged. "It's nothing compared to what your family does…" Charlie turned down to view the far end of the bar where he had heard one of his other bartenders' calling for him. "…I better get back, don't leave without saying goodbye now." Charlie tapped the bar's counter top before he moved to assist his other employee.

"We won't, thanks Charlie!" Casey beamed, showing obvious appreciation in her voice.

Charlie looked back and nodded before whispering something to Brandon, then he headed to the other end of the bar.

"I can honestly say that I wasn't expecting that." Dean voiced as he dragged one of the tequila shots closer to him.

"I think none of us were." Sam responded while he followed his brother's action.

Casey looked to Brandon, who still stood before the Winchesters. "That's why you reacted the way you did to my name."

Brandon nodded. "I was old enough to remember what happened but my Dad always made sure that my sister and I never forgot the name of the family that saved us." He chuckled a bit before he continued. "I never thought I'd see the name again so it caught me off guard."

Dean chuckled, "Now that's another first, our name is usually feared."

Casey smirked at Dean. "A little dramatic don't you think?"

Dean gave his sister a serious look. "Nope."

Sam cleared his throat, hoping to defuse the anxiety between his siblings, while Brandon tried to mind his own business by wiping some of the empty glasses dry from the bar. "How about a toast for these shots?"

Dean gave his brother a 'what the hell' look, causing Sam to shrug but it was Casey who spoke. "Yeah, these would be the first drinks that we have together."

Dean shook his head in disagreement as he remembered that one time when he was twenty-one and he got Casey and Sam to share a beer with him at the motel. "Not really." He quipped.

His sister turned to glare at him for being difficult. "In a bar, yes." She gritted through her teeth, causing Dean to smirk.

"Technicalities." Dean waved it off nonchalantly.

Casey huffed. "So? I wanna do it." She glared at her oldest brother and after seeing him roll his eyes, she turned to Sam, who had an amused expression on his face. "We each pick one and we drink for all three with these shots." She glanced at her own tequila shot before her.

Dean groaned. "You got lamer while you've been away, haven't you?"

The two younger Winchesters glared at their older sibling.

Dean put his hands up to surrender, not really in the mood to fight with them yet he didn't want to do the whole emotions bit. "Fine, how's this for a toast; freedom. We have nothing to hold us back now."

Casey smiled at Dean for his cooperation causing him to grin. Only for my baby sister. He thought to himself as he then followed Casey's gaze and looked to Sam.

Sam nodded, "How about family; we've been scattered across the country and now we're together again."

Casey's smile got wider.

Dean groaned again. "Can you get any sappier, Samantha?" He quipped, causing Sam to scoff at the old joke of a nickname.

Casey lightly punched Dean in the arm, causing him to laugh. "Can it, Dean. And I agree with both." She looked between both her brothers before she continued. "And for the last one, how about to the future; we continue with the family business and avenge Mom while trying to live life to it's fullest as much as we can." She finished as she held her tequila shot in the air.

"To the three 'F's then." Sam added as he raised his own shot glass to align with Casey's.

Casey laughed. "Never thought I'd be toasting to that letter grade."

Dean snickered as he raised his shot glass.

"Bottoms up." Dean stated causing all three Winchesters to clink their glasses together before they brought their shot glasses to their lips as they gulped down the tequila at the same time before simultaneously placing the glass back on the bar counter.

Both Dean and Sam let out a breath, while Casey let a small hiss escape as the unfamiliar liquid slid down her throat.

Dean saw her reaction. "You good?"

Casey nodded yes.

Dean hummed, "What's next then?"

Casey smirked as she looked up at the young bartender. "Brandon, how about a round of scotch this time?"

Since none of the boys could see any of their faces, they could only go off of the two bartenders' expression to see how the confrontation was going. Sometimes they would get a glimpse of Sam Winchester's face but they tended to duck out of the way just in case he spotted them.

The trio were curious as to why the older bartender would be chuckling; for as long as they have been there, he's only friendly like that to his favorite regulars but tonight, Casey and the Winchesters were getting that special treatment. Why is that?

"What do you think they're talking about?" Ralph questioned while still watching the bar.

Derek shrugged his shoulders. "No clue."

On the other hand, Sam's attention was diverted to his vibrating cell phone.

"Check it out, the younger guy's leaving." Ralph pointed out as the blonde bartender who was smiling at Casey earlier headed towards the other end of the bar.

"I guess the older one wanted to serve them." Derek sneered as if the possibility of them getting served bothered him.

It shouldn't matter, Sam and Dean are obviously old enough to have drinks but why am I acting bitter towards the idea? Derek mused to himself before a name popped into his mind. Casey.

"What'd I miss?" Sam piped up after pocketing his phone and looking between his friends.

Derek snapped out of his thoughts before he thought too much into his reaction. "Just a switch in service. Aren't you watching?" He questioned as he turned to Sam.

Sam shrugged. "Got a text."

"From?" Derek pressed on the subject.

"The T.O. group. They'll be here in a few minutes." Sam explained as he turned his attention back to the bar as he grabbed his glass to take a sip of his pop.

Derek did a double take. "Wait, they're coming here?"

Sam quirked his eyebrow at his best friend. "Yeah D, you blew them off when you went down there for that party but you never met up with them after dropping Casey off. Besides we hung out when they graduated, now they're just returning the gesture."

Derek remembered. He was supposed to drive Casey and Vicky to that party down in Toronto before meeting up with some of his hockey buddies. He never planned on staying for the party but that blonde girl had convinced him, plus that whole situation with Casey and Truman.

Derek groaned at the memory. "I don't need a lecture about ditching."

Sam held his hands up in surrender. "Wasn't gonna give you one. It was a good thing you didn't go, otherwise who knows what Casey would have done to get home."

"Don't wanna think about that either, but they're gonna be pissed when they see me." Derek voiced as he finished off his pop.

After what happened between Casey and Truman, Derek was kind of glad that he never went to see his hockey buddies because he wasn't sure what Casey would have done in her state of mind if he wasn't there. Vicky definitely would have been no help. He thought to himself.

Over the past few years it has been tough meeting up with their Toronto hockey buddies due to school. Most of their friends from Toronto are a year older so last year they had to deal with university applications and this year was their freshman year so everyone understood that it wasn't so easy driving between London and Toronto whenever they wanted to hang out or have a pick up game of hockey.

Sam sighed, "No they won't, told them you had a family emergency."

Derek tilted his head to the side, not believing that his older friends accepted that as an answer. "That's it?"

Sam nodded his head up and down. "Yeah, they'll probably ask more about it when they get here but yeah, just say you're sister needed your help." He finished as he took a couple more sips from his pop.

"Step-sister." Derek replied instinctively.

"Same difference." Sam replied automatically.

Derek groaned. "No it's not." He couldn't believe that his best friend would say something like that; he knew how much those four little letters mattered. It represented the fact that he was in no way related to Casey and why would he want to be? He was cool, she wasn't and it would be impossible to even see them being blood related with how opposite they were from each other. That explanation had been brought up multiple times in the past by both parties involved but for some reason lately, Derek had this sinking feeling that those four little letters stood for a lot more; he just wasn't sure what it meant exactly.

Before Sam could question Derek's reaction, Ralph interrupted them. "Guys, he's back and it seems like the older guy just told Casey some shocking news."

Derek and Sam looked to the bar and saw the young bartender had returned and they could see that Sam Winchester had a flabbergasted look on his face. Ralph had seen earlier the side hug that Dean had given Casey, but his friends didn't notice so he wasn't going to mention it.

"How can you tell?" Sam questioned as he looked back to his observant friend. Sometimes Ralph surprised him with his observant and insightful moments and then other times it's like the guy couldn't come up with a smart idea; most of the time, Sam just wondered how both sides belonged to the same person.

Ralph smirked. "I'm pretty sure she's the one I heard screaming 'what' moments ago." He explained as he did a little mimic moment when he quoted what he heard.

Derek was disappointed that he missed that but he made a point not to miss anything else.

They watched as the older man left the young bartender with Casey and the Winchesters. They still couldn't hear anything due to the establishment's crowd and sound system (Derek even wondered how loud Casey must have been earlier for Ralph to hear her), but Derek's eyes widened when he saw Casey and the Winchesters holding up shot glasses in their hands, as if making a toast.

The jaws of the three graduates dropped to the floor when they saw Casey drink the liquid in the small glass in the same fashion as the Winchester brothers. To say they were shocked was an understatement since they had just witnessed Casey having her first taste of alcohol in a place where Derek, the eldest of their trio, couldn't even get himself a beer.

"That must have been some ID she gave them." Ralph mused out loud as Derek groaned while placing his head in his hands. Could this night get any weirder?

The shocked trio were knocked out of their stupors when four guys approached their table with grins on their faces as they looked between the table's occupants and each other.

"Dudes, what's with the long faces?" The leader of the four guys spoke as he looked to Derek.

The grumbling Venturi finally looked up to see his visitors, coming face to face with his older hockey pals from Toronto.

Derek waved his hand as if it were nothing. "Trust me, you don't want to know."

"Oh, c'mon Derek. When you say stuff like that, that just peaks our interest even more." The leader quipped.

Derek chuckled. "I see university hasn't changed you one bit, Devon."

The leader smirked. "Why should it? It's just another challenge to overcome." Devon McCloud stated as he quirked his eyebrow in a challenging manner to Derek.

Devon McCloud became friends with Derek and Sam when they joined the same community hockey league when they were kids. Whenever Derek went to Toronto with his mom, she usually dropped him off with Devon for the day so they'd hang out at the arcade or at the ice rink. Even with Devon being a year older, he was still friends with Derek and Sam.

Derek nodded his head. "True."

"So how was the grad ceremony?" Devon questioned as he looked between the three new high school graduates.

"Yeah, did you pull your final senior prank?" Tyler Jacobs, another guy from the Toronto group, piped in.

Derek scoffed as if the question was ridiculous. "Of course."

"What was it?" Carter Wilson questioned as his curiosity was evident.

Derek smirked at the recent memory of his senior prank. "My grand entrance into the ceremony, just when they called me to get my diploma." He gave a mischievous grin while his hockey buddies gave a light laugh.

"Nothing sooner?" Alex Johnston, the final hockey bud questioned.

Derek shrugged his shoulders. "Wasn't allowed to do it sooner."

While Derek was answering the questions, Sam tried looking around for any nearby vacant chairs for their friends, while Ralph still watched Casey and the Winchesters drinking something new; possibly scotch from what Ralph could tell from the far distance between them.

Tyler tilted his head to the side, wondering what would have caused his friend to rethink his prank timing. "Why not? Usually nothing stops you with your pranks." He stated while he got agreeable nods from the rest of his roommates.

Derek fidgeted with his empty glass, wishing he still had a few more drops left to consume at the moment. "Dad warned me not to screw up the valedictorian's speech."

"Why would that matter?" Carter asked before he grabbed an empty chair and took a seat in it.

"It wouldn't if the valedictorian was anyone else and not my stepsister." Derek was annoyed with all the questions but he understood it, he hadn't seen these guys in a long time and meeting up always got harder with conflicting schedules.

Devon quirked an eyebrow as he vaguely remembered a message he got from Sam. "Same stepsister that you bailed out of trouble instead of hanging out with us when you said you were coming into town?" He questioned, causing Derek's head to whip around and glare at Sam.

"I thought you said you didn't say anything about it?" Derek asked in an angry tone. For some reason, Derek didn't like talking about Casey to his Toronto hockey friends. It's because they would ask all these questions about her that I'd rather not answer. He pondered to himself.

Sam shrugged his shoulders, but he was unfazed by Derek's tone; he kind of expected it. "I didn't, I just said that she was the reason for the 'emergency' and why you didn't hang out with them."

"What was the emergency?" Alex quipped since he wondered what would have caused Derek to back out of their plans as well as the origins to his sudden anger. Alex quickly found a vacant chair and planted himself in it, leaving Tyler and Devon left standing.

Derek sighed. "She caught her boyfriend cheating with her cousin so she ended the night early and I was her ride home."

A couple of hisses and a few whistles were released from the university students. "Ouch, that sucks." Carter sympathized to both Derek having to cut his night short and for the stepsister having a cheating boyfriend. Not right. Carter mused to himself since he always believed in treating girls with the up-most respect.

Derek groaned in agreement. "Tell me about it, she ruined my night with this blonde chick." He complained as he silently added to himself that he was pissed off at what Truman did to Casey.

"Derek." Sam reprimanded his best friend; he couldn't believe that was why he thought the situation sucked. What about what happened with Casey and Truman?, was the question Derek could see in Sam's eyes when he glared at the oldest Venturi.

"What?" Derek asked innocently while being oblivious to the fact that a certain Winchester spotted him and his friends.

"So guys, how was freshman year?" Ralph piped in before Sam went into lecture mode on how Derek should care more about what Casey had to go through and not on his shortened date with a blonde girl he just met that night.

Alex smirked at Ralph, knowing that the guy was trying to prevent a situation from happening, so he went along with it. "Well they throw the best parties…."

"…Kick our asses when they test us, but we blow them out of the water every time…" Carter continued from Alex.

Devon continued the list of benefits of being a university freshman. "…And the victories are even sweeter…" The leader added, referring to their hockey team's victories.

Alex smirked as another benefit popped into his head. "…With the cheerleaders being a lot hotter…" That got a few laughs and smirks from the other guys.

"…Dorm life is practically a party 24/7." Tyler added in.

"Nice." Sam commented, truly impressed with their opinions and unfazed by them finishing each other's sentences; something he had noticed between the four guys a few months after meeting them years ago.

"Aren't dorms cramped?" Ralph questioned as he scratched the back of his neck.

"Our dorm's apartment style." Devon stated as if it explained everything.

"Meaning?" Derek questioned not really knowing what that meant since he hadn't looked at his dorm options at Queens yet.

"It's like living in an apartment in the city except that we're still in the dorm buildings with the other guys yet we get our own rooms, a mini kitchen, a place to hang, …" Devon explained their basic living arrangements but he was interrupted by a smirking Alex.

"And privacy when we have our dates over for some fun." Alex wished with a hint of a suggestive tone before Devon smacked the back of Alex's head for the comment. Alex was like the worst player out of the four of them. Having a girlfriend was not an option when Alex was involved.

Derek smirked, liking the idea of university more and more. "Sounds like a sweet set up you guys got."

Tyler nodded in agreement as he grabbed the next vacant seat near the table. "Yes, indeed. Now what was with all the shocked looks you boys had when we walked in?"

"Caught my stepsister drinking." Derek replied as vaguely as possible and everyone could tell.

Alex quirked an eyebrow. "So?"

Derek was irritated now as he thought about what he'd say next. "I'm older yet she's the one that gets to drink in this place." He grimaced.

"Ahh, you just need better IDs." Carter quipped.

"Tell me about it." Derek grumbled.

Devon clapped his hands together. "Speaking of drinks, I'm gonna get us some." Devon turned to his roommates with his hand held out as he waited for Tyler, Alex and Carter to get out their IDs for Devon to take with him. Once the plastic cards were in the leader's hands, he looked between the three of them. "The usual?" The three guys nodded in agreement before Devon took off towards the bar.

As Ralph watched Devon reach the bar, he moved his gaze towards where he last saw Casey and the Winchesters. Now he only saw Casey talking to the young blonde bartender while she took small sips from her newly acquired drink. Where are Sam and Dean? He silently asked himself.

"So why haven't we heard much about this stepsister of yours Derek?" Tyler questioned as he looked to Derek.

Derek shrugged, not really wanting to talk about Casey since he wanted a few hours that were Casey-free before the grad party. "There's nothing much to tell."

Carter scoffed. "Well from what I gathered in the past few minutes, she's your valedictorian, has a cheating ex-boyfriend…wait, she was smart enough to ditch the guy right?" Carter listed before he questioned Derek, who gave him a nod of agreement before he continued. "Good, and she knows where to get a decent ID to get herself drunk."

"Besides, when did you get a stepsister?" Alex retorted since the group wasn't even aware that Derek had a stepsister until Sam told them of Derek's reason for bailing on them a couple of weeks ago.

"The summer before sophomore year." Derek replied instantly as he nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders again.

Tyler's eyes widened. "That was three years ago! Why didn't you mention anything?" The university students thought that Derek had just recent acquired a stepsister, not that he's had one for the past three years.

Derek glanced between Tyler, Alex and Carter with an emotionless expression on his face. "Nothing much to say except she's the complete opposite of me and we hate each other."

"You guys don't hate each other. You just fight…a lot." Sam piped in as he set the record straight.

Derek groaned. "Fine, we barely tolerate each other." He stated since he didn't want to publicly admit that him and Casey had gotten along much better during their senior year.

"Do we get a name?" Carter genuinely asked with curiosity in his voice.

Derek sighed. "Her name's Casey."

Tyler's brow furrowed in thought. "Didn't we know a girl named Casey?" The name seemed very familiar to him but he just couldn't place it in his mind.

Alex shrugged. "How am I supposed to know? It's hard keeping track of girls' names." He finished with a cocky grin as his conquests all flashed through his mind.

Carter groaned, completely irritated on how easily Alex's mind could go to the gutter so quickly. "You're unbelievable, you know that."

"Why thank you, it's so nice for you to notice." Sarcasm was laced in Alex's voice, mischief obviously seen in his eyes.

Tyler glared at his joker of a friend. "Cut it out, Alex."

"What?" Alex stated innocently but the mischief was still evident in his eyes.

Derek snickered. Alex was an even bigger player than Derek so he found the scene before him quite amusing.

"I know your track record with girls but I think the name rings a bell before we graduated." Tyler explained to Alex, who had rolled his eyes, before turning to his other roommate. "What'd you think, Carter?"

Carter's brow furrowed as he thought the name over. It does sound familiar but where have I heard it before? "Name seems familiar but I can't place it."

"Maybe Devon knows." Ralph piped in after catching a sight at the bar that made his eyes widen from shock. I swear this night is just full of surprises.

"What makes you say that?" Sam questioned with confusion in his voice since he noticed Ralph's demeanor change slightly.

Ralph gulped a little before he subtly pointed towards the bar. "See for yourself."

Ralph's reply caused the five guys to whirl their heads around to follow where he was pointing.

Mixed emotions were obvious among the group as they all laid their eyes on their mutual friend, Devon McCloud, kissing a brunette girl; a girl the three graduates recognized as Casey McDonald.


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Chapter 9: When Past Friends Meet the Present


Carter Wilson's brow furrowed as he thought the name over. It does sound familiar but where have I heard it before? "Name seems familiar but I can't place."

"Maybe Devon knows." Ralph piped in after catching a sight at the bar that made his eyes widen from shock. I swear this night is just full of surprises.

"What makes you say that?" Sam questioned with confusion in his voice since he noticed Ralph's demeanor change slightly.

Ralph gulped a little before he subtly pointed towards the bar. "See for yourself."

Ralph's reply caused the five guys to whirl their heads around to follow where he was pointing.

Mixed emotions were obvious among the group as they all laid their eyes on their mutual friend, Devon McCloud, kissing a brunette girl; a girl the three graduates recognized as Casey McDonald.


[Sat. June 26, 2004]

Moments Earlier:

Brandon Galloway continued to stay close to the Winchesters as he served them their drinks. The young bartender remembered when he had hung out with the youngest Winchester during their ordeal in Michigan and with everything so tense back then when they first met, he was very glad to learn that the Winchesters were great company. They knew when to have fun and when it was business at the appropriate times. Brandon definitely agreed with his father on their saviors' drinks being on the house for the night. It was the least they could do for the hunters after risking their lives to save strangers from things that we wouldn't have thought of had existed.

"Yo, Brandon." The bartender snapped out of his thoughts when the eldest Winchester called for his attention. "Dude, you okay?"

Brandon nodded his head. "Fine, why?"

Dean quirked his eyebrow, hoping that the young man in front of him wasn't caught up in any thoughts that involved his sister. "I've been asking for a refill on my scotch for the past few minutes." Dean joked a bit while waving his empty glass in the air.

Casey snickered. "Done already, Dean?" She questioned before taking a swig of her own scotch.

"Hey, it's not my fault you're slow with the drinks." Dean retorted while Brandon refilled the empty glass with scotch for the oldest Winchester, giving a nod as thanks.

"I'm savoring it." Casey simply stated while Sam took another swig of his own scotch as he watched his siblings' antics.

"You have the whole night to savor your drinks." Dean quipped.

Casey glared her eldest brother but he could see the amusement in her hazel green eyes. "Well I don't want to get drunk too fast."

Dean laughed. "You won't. It takes a while before Sam and I get too intoxicated." Dean paused as he took a swig of his new drink. "Chances are the same applies to you too."

Casey shook her head. "Not gonna risk it."

It was at this point while the oldest and youngest Winchesters bantered, that the middle Winchester caught sight of something across the room. Sam had this weird feeling ever since he walked into the bar that he was being watched and before then, he didn't know what caused it. That was until he saw the group of guys across the grill; the group containing a certain Derek Venturi. Sam smirked to himself. Wonder what Dean would think about this?

Dean snickered. "Figures you wouldn't let loose so early into the night."

Casey rolled her eyes. "Oh bite me." She playfully snapped before taking another swig, slowly getting use to the burn the alcohol caused as it slid down her throat.

Dean clicked his tongue against his teeth as he slightly shook his head in disappointment. "Careful who you say that to, Baby Girl."

She gave her brother a tilted glare. "Spare me the warning, Dean. I can take care of myself in that area."

Before he could reply, Dean noticed his little brother subtly signaling to him to let him know that they needed to talk before Sam got up to head towards the bathrooms, after he had finished his own scotch. Dean didn't find it odd since he was use to the signal. Growing up they had created a whole bunch of signals and codes to use with one another, whether acknowledging something 'freaky' in the presence of others or during their hunts over the past few years. Wonder what he wants?

Dean downed the rest of his scotch before placing the empty glass towards Brandon, who continued to dry the other empty glasses.

"I'm gonna check to see if there's a table free for us." Dean whispered to Casey as he pointed in the direction of the pool tables. "Stay out of trouble." He warned his sister after giving her a kiss on the side of her temple.

"Yes sir." Casey mocked, but she still nodded at the slightly commanding yet caring tone her brother had just used.

She watched Dean walk towards the pool tables and was about to turn towards Sam but she saw that he was gone too. She sighed before turning back around to face the young bartender. "So Brandon, how's life treating you?"


After walking by the area with the pool tables and seeing a few tables still unoccupied, Dean made his way towards the bathrooms to meet up with Sam.

Sam was waiting patiently while he kept an eye on Casey, without her noticing him, as well as keeping tabs on Derek and his friends.

"What's up, Sammy?" Dean greeted his brother as he took his final stand between Sam's views of both graduates.

Sam didn't answer immediately causing Dean's brow to furrow in confusion. What the hell is running through his mind? Dean whacked his brother in the arm slightly, which caught Sam's attention.

"You've been on edge since we've got here. You alright?" Dean questioned as Sam's glare towards him turned softer once his brother's concern sunk in.

Sam nodded his head before switching his attention between the graduates and his brother. "I felt like someone was watching us."

Dean slightly tensed at the notion but he shrugged it off. "You're paranoid. It's just a couple of girls checking you out, wouldn't know why though." Dean joked, hoping to get Sam to lighten up but all that comment got him was an eye rolling brother.

"I'm serious, Dean. But then I saw who it was and I figured you should have a heads up." Sam explained, causing Dean's interest to peak in both amusement and concern.

Dean glared at Sam after a few minutes of silence. "Well who?"

Sam smirked at his impatient brother. "Derek and his friends."

Dean's eyes slightly widened. "Seriously?"

Sam nodded yes, before directing Dean's gaze to the boy in question. Dean smirked at the sight of a slightly irritated Derek when one of his friends headed towards the bar.

"Well looks like I was right."

Sam gave Dean an incredulous look. "What?"

Dean continued to watch Derek and his friends. "I had a feeling he might be here before we stepped foot in this joint." He explained before he turned to face his brother. "So he's been watching us this whole time?"

Sam nodded. "Basically yeah, what do we do?"

Sam could see the mischievous glint in Dean's eyes as all of his previous thoughts came into his mind when Casey first mentioned that Derek frequented at this specific hang out. "We raise a little hell tonight."


Instead of ordering another scotch when she was done, Casey ordered a glass of water while Brandon told her about his life as a Western student. He was going into his third year in the engineering program while working at the family bar during his semester breaks from school. He lived in an apartment very close to campus with Miranda, his older sister, while she just finished her freshman year in her graduate studies in anthropological studies; she has the job at the bar to fall back on, just like Brandon, while she continued her education.

"I guess life does go on." Casey stated as she took a sip of her water.

Brandon chuckled as he finished drying off another clean glass. "Yup but you already knew that. You did just graduate from high school."

Casey nodded her head in agreement. Casey could see the hesitation in the bartender's eyes and she knew he wanted to ask her something.

"What?" She asked curiously.

"There's something I've been meaning to ask you." Brandon softly stated, trying not to sound rude.

Casey quirked her eyebrow at his shy demeanor but inside she was a little worried about what he wanted to know. "What's that?"

"Your age." He gave a shy smile causing Casey to laugh a little at the simple question.

I was worried for nothing. She mused to herself.

"Right…" She took sip of her water before she answered. "I started high school a year later than I was supposed to."

Brandon nodded his head as he mulled over the answer. "Makes sense."

Casey made an 'hmm' noise in agreement and before she could say anything, Brandon's attention was diverted to another bartender calling him over for some help.

Brandon looked to the youngest Winchester apologetically, since he didn't want to leave her alone while her brothers were doing something else. "I have to take these, you gonna be okay?"

Casey smiled at Brandon's kind nature. "Go do your job, Brandon. I think I can manage being alone for a bit."

"Or I could keep you company." A voice offered just to the right of Casey. Brandon nodded to the newcomer before heading off to help his fellow employee.

"No thanks." Casey declined as she watched Brandon leave while she gulped down the rest of her water, slightly irritated at the fact that she was alone. In the back of her mind, Casey couldn't help but think that something about the newcomer was familiar to her.

The newcomer smirked even though Casey couldn't see it. She could feel his eyes do a quick scan over her body as if he needed a confirmation about who she was before he spoke. "Oh c'mon Cay, is that any way to treat your best friend after all this time?"

Casey's body quickly tensed when she heard the old nickname but it immediately relaxed when it registered in her mind who used to call her that.

Casey turned around quickly to come face to face with the brown haired, blue eyed teenager from her past. "Devon?"

Devon McCloud smiled once he saw the amazement in his best friend's eyes. "Hi Casey. It's been awhile." He had spotted Casey after he had shown another bartender the four IDs before ordering the four beers for him and his roommates. He was close enough to hear her voice and when the familiarity hit him, he had turned to see the brunette who looked so different yet all the same since the last time he'd seen her. He couldn't believe it. What were the odds?

Casey beamed a smile that flashed her perfect teeth before she squealed a little in excitement. "Oh my God! You have no idea, come here!"

Casey was instantly out of her seat, her empty glass forgotten, as she pulled Devon down for a bone crushing hug as her arms snaked around his neck, while his arms instinctively wrapped around her waist; just like old times.

Casey pulled back a bit so that she could look up at Devon, who was just a tiny bit shorter than Dean, her arms still around his neck.

Devon smirked down at the beautiful girl. "What? That's all I get?" He joked causing a sly smirk to form on the girl's lips.

"You were expecting something more?" She quipped playfully as the amusement was evident in her hazel green eyes.

Devon's grip tightened a bit around her waist as he thought about his response. "If you were single, yeah I was."

Casey diverted her eyes from Devon as she chuckled.

Devon grinned as he leaned down closer to her ear, so that he was sure she'd hear him. "Your greetings were always the best." Devon didn't have to see Casey's face to know that a slight blush had formed on her cheeks. He gave a slight chuckle at her reaction.

Casey was enjoying the fact she was in Devon's arms again. Memories of their time together floated through her mind as a specific promise buzzed at the back of her mind, remembering what exactly Devon was referring to.

They slowly turned to face each other, with their lips only a few centimeters apart. "Then, hello again Devon."

He could feel her breath on his mouth before he could taste the strawberry lip gloss that coated her soft lips as she gave him a gentle kiss. He parted his lips slightly, relishing in the taste of her in his mouth since his memory clearly didn't do her justice. She wanted to keep the kiss soft and gentle but as always, their kisses were always heated up by lust so she couldn't help but have her tongue explore the outline of his mouth, choosing not to go in just yet. Devon, on the other hand, wanted to kiss her like crazy and he could tell that she was teasing him too but he still remembered Casey's rules; even though he was an exception to most of her rules since he became her best friend, he still respected them. If you wanted a girl as amazing as Casey in your life at all, you do what she says.

Devon groaned once he felt Casey pull away but she remained close enough that he could rest his forehead on hers; eyes still closed as he locked the memory of that kiss away into his mind, knowing he won't be getting many of those in the future.

"Damn, I missed those." Devon admitted a little out of breath, causing Casey to giggle at the comment. Devon couldn't help but smile. It's been so long since I've heard that.

The moment was broken when the reunited pair heard someone clear their throat forcefully. Devon's eyes snapped open and he slowly raised his head to see two guys standing a bar stool or two behind Casey with emotionless expressions directed at him.

Casey's eyes snapped open and widened when she heard the sound, having an idea on who it was that was standing behind her. "Shit." She muttered to herself while still in Devon's arms.

"We're gone for what…five minutes and I turn around to find some guy's tongue down your throat, Case. Care to explain?" The voice of her oldest brother questioned with a tone that displayed so many different emotions that she couldn't pinpoint which one was dominating at the moment.

Dean had seen Sam's eyes widened earlier and when he turned around and saw what his brother saw, he became furious at the sight of some random teenager kissing his baby sister. She calls that looking out for herself? He had mused to himself when he first saw the duo. Both brothers didn't have to say anything to each other to know that they needed to get some answers, so they had calmly stormed through the crowd to get to the couple before they had cut their sister's kissing scene short.

Casey sighed a bit before deciding to tease her way out of this. "It's called kissing, bro. Get use to me doing it." She turned in Devon's arms to face both her brothers; one looking amused and another looking pissed off with his arms crossed over his chest.

Dean glared at his sister. "Nope, either start explaining or I'm gonna have to kick someone's ass." He ended off by directing his glare towards the boy that had his arms still wrapped around Casey's waist. This kid better get his hands off my sister!

Devon gave a nervous laugh at the scene before him. She wasn't joking about her brothers. "You must be Dean."

Both Winchester brothers wore emotionless masks, yet they both were shocked on the inside, as they glared at Devon while trying to intimidate the teenager.

"Who wants to know?" Dean demanded, wondering how this guy knew who he was.

Devon moved his right hand out, hoping to initiate a hand shake from the older man, while the other hand moved to Casey's back. "Devon McCloud, I'm a friend of Casey's from Toronto."

Dean was hesitant before he uncrossed his arms and took Devon's hand in a firm hand shake. "Seemed like you two were more than just friends a moment ago." He stated as he took back his hand and re-crossed his arms. If he's an ex-boyfriend, oh there will be hell to pay. The oldest Winchester thought to himself.

"It's…complicated." Devon amended, waiting for Dean to loosen up.

Sam looked between Casey and Devon. "Wait, McCloud?" Sam piped in after wracking his brain around for the kid's name since he had heard it before. His gaze landed on his sister. "As in the same McCloud from your emails?" He continued; getting a nod from his sister for confirmation.

Sam laughed, causing his sister to smile and his brother looking at him confused. Sam remembered the emails near the end of their first year apart involving Devon McCloud. There wasn't much since it mostly dealt with Nora dating George but it had mentioned that Devon was there for Casey during the whole deal and he was her confidant the whole time they knew each other.

Devon's the first guy Casey trusted outside of the family. Sam thought with a smile.

"Care to share, Sammy?" Dean commanded impatiently.

Sam gave his brother a questioning look. "You don't remember?"

"Why would I ask if I knew the answer?" Dean sneered as his patience was growing thin.

Sam sighed. "Casey's emails…" He paused to see if Dean remembered anything but when he saw no recognition, he continued. "Near the first year mark, she mainly wrote about Nora dating George and the possibility of a wedding but she mentioned a couple times of a guy who helped her through that…" Sam took another pause but Dean was still glaring at him which basically told his little brother to get to the point, "…a guy named Devon McCloud."

Once Dean heard how Sam knew the teenager's name, he couldn't believe he had forgotten that bit of info from his sister's emails. Practically every boy she mentioned in those emails set off a red flag in his mind automatically. "That was three years ago, how do you still remember that?" The oldest Winchester asked incredulously. He still couldn't believe that Sam made the connection so fast…then again, this was his little brother he was dealing with.

"Sam's great with retaining information, right?" Devon piped in, hoping to get on the brothers' good side.

Sam snapped his attention to the teenager that still held an arm by his sister's back. "How'd you-"

"I remember Casey would talk nonstop about you two when we hung out." Devon explained, remembering all the times Casey told him about her brothers and how they were with her and how they were to other people. She always said that she wished that Devon could meet them some day and how it would be a bonus if they all got along with one another.

Dean gave Devon a suspicious look. "Yeah that's another thing; no one was supposed to know about us." He could take that Devon was friends with Casey but that didn't explain how the boy knew that Casey had brothers. Casey was determined to not tell anyone that she had brothers in fear that it would somehow put her or them in danger.

"Devon's different." Casey stated while her right arm was still wrapped around Devon's waist as she gave her oldest brother a glare for being so rude.

Dean quirked an eyebrow in a challenging way to Devon, while ignoring the glare that was sent his way. "And why's that?"

Devon looked to Casey. Her eyes softened before she gave him a reassuring nod. He sighed and faced the brothers once again. "My parents were hunters before I was born."

Sam and Dean looked to each other, stunned, before looking to Devon. "Were?" Dean questioned a bit more softly than before, not liking what that wording would imply.

Devon let out a long breath before he said anything. "They gave it up after I was born but they both died when I was young in a car accident but I seriously doubt that." After learning about what his parents used to do before he was born, Devon was convinced that their deaths weren't accidental, but he could never prove it.

"I'm sorry." Sam gave his condolences, and Dean nodded along in agreement.

Devon shrugged but he appreciated the sentiment. "It happened a long time ago." He quietly reasoned before he felt Casey's grip around his waist tighten a bit, letting him know that she was still there for him.

It was a few moments of silence between the four before Dean spoke. "Then how'd you find out?"

"My mom's uncle is also a hunter." Devon stated, remembering when he told his great uncle that the car accident didn't seem like an accident to him. It was then that his great uncle told Devon the truth about what it was his parents did before he was born. It took some time but eventually Devon accepted it and learned the hunting basics to protect himself, before he had to move in with his dad's sister and her husband in Toronto.

"Any chance we know him?" Sam joked but curiosity was evident in his voice while it was evident in Dean's eyes.

Both Devon and Casey looked to each other with sly smirks on their faces before they turned to look at the brothers.

"Bobby Singer." Casey told her brothers, causing their eyes to widen at the news.

"You're kidding." Both brothers simultaneously stated, causing Casey to grin. I missed it when they did that.

Devon chuckled. "Nope."

"Wow, I wasn't expecting that." Dean stated, suddenly finding the need to guzzle down a beer.

Casey smiled since it looked like both of her brothers were more shocked than pissed off. "That's why Devon knows everything and why he's my best friend." Casey explained before she hugged Devon tightly around his waist, feeling her charm bracelet dangle on her wrist. The charm bracelet, that Sam had given her before they separated, was the reason her and Devon became best friends.

Casey had met Devon at a New Years Eve party during her freshman year, which was being held by one of the power couples that attended the two private schools. Casey was a little skeptical at first to attending but Lily, a classmate that Casey shared a majority of her classes with, insisted that she go and enjoy the experience. After learning that the party would be just like all the rest except for the countdown, Casey had agreed to go with Lily and her boyfriend Carter (who she later learned was one of Devon's good friends). It was midway through the party when Casey and Devon crossed paths, with both teenagers being their confident and charming selves, making an everlasting impression. They both had felt the instant connection but it wasn't until they shook each other's hands that they knew why they had felt the connection. Devon's eyes had widened when he noticed the charm bracelet on the young brunette's right wrist, a bracelet that held symbols that he memorized from his Uncle Bobby's books. Casey had tensed when she noticed his attention on her wrist but when she looked up at him, she saw an expression that was a mix of awe and shock. Devon had moved them to a more secluded area where he asked if she was a hunter. It was that night that Casey learned that Devon was related to Bobby Singer and it was that night she shared her first New Years kiss with Devon McCloud, and started the beautiful friendship she now shared with the guy.

Meeting Devon was like lifting off a weight that was on her shoulder; she had someone she could share everything with, someone outside her family that she could talk about her true family history or about her situation with moving to Toronto or about the possible engagement that had come true. She didn't have to hide anything when it came to Devon and the same went with him to her. He could actually talk about his parents and how he felt about their previous job without people thinking he was crazy. It was refreshing for the both of them. It was Devon who Casey had ended her freshman dating frenzy for.

Devon's arm, that was once rested on the girl's back, slinked around her shoulder as he pulled her into him, giving her a small peck into her hair, as memories of their time together, three years ago, flashed through his mind.

Dean rolled his eyes at the obvious display of affection, while Sam smirked at the scene. At least he seems to care for her, can't be mad about that. He mused to himself before Casey's previous words ran through his head, as it emphasized on one specific word.

Sam gave his sister a questioning look. "Everything?" He asked while Dean shifted his attention between his two younger siblings.

Casey nodded in agreement while Devon spoke. "Pretty much except…" Devon paused before turning his attention to his best friend.

Casey could sense Devon's eyes on her so she slowly turned to look up at him.

"…you never told me who your new 'step-family' was; you never gave me a name." Devon ended off in a playful tone, but Casey's brow furrowed in thought.

"I thought I did." She reasoned because she remembered talking about the possible new step-family and the complicated lie that went with it.

Devon smirked. "You mentioned the name George a couple of times but that really doesn't narrow it down."

While Devon was mainly talking with Casey, Dean was watching the two closely, trying to get use to seeing his sister so calm and comfortable in a guy's arms, but his mind was nagging at him to get another crucial bit of information.

"Hold on, before I'm okay with this…" Dean pointed his finger between Casey and Devon before directing his gaze to a fellow hunter's kin. "…how old are you?"

Devon smirked. "Nineteen. I just finished my freshman year at the University of Toronto."

Dean and Sam nodded in approval but for different reasons; Dean was just glad that Devon was the same age as his sister while Sam was impressed with the teenager's university choice, after hearing good things about the school.

Casey gasped as she looked to Devon with wide eyes. "You got in?" He smiled as he nodded, causing Casey to give a slight squeal. "Devon that's fantastic!" She rushed out, momentarily forgetting about his question on her pseudo step-family, as she gave him another tight hug. She remembered Devon talking about his goal of getting into U of T since it was a great opportunity and it wasn't that far away from his family and friends.

Devon laughed while she pulled out of the hug slightly. "Thanks, my grades were good enough, but I mainly went for the hockey scholarship they gave me." He explained but Casey could tell that he was just being modest. Devon always did have the best of both worlds; athletics and academics.

Casey smirked. "Of course, free money."

Dean snapped his attention to Devon. "Free money?"

Devon nodded.

Dean looked at his sister. "Oh Case, tell me you got some offers like that." He hoped and Casey could see it in her brother's eyes.

Casey giggled a little at her brother's reaction towards free money, "I did but I had to turn them down."

Dean sported a mock pout. "Now that just sucks."

Sam rolled his eyes at his brother's theatrics.

Casey smirked before turning to Devon. "Wait, what about the other guys? Did they get in?" She questioned as she remembered Devon's plan to go to the same school as his three closest friends and hockey teammates.

"Yeah, we're all on the team and we're all roommates too." Devon added, causing Casey to smile as she nodded for her approval to hearing the good news.

Dean smirked at the thought. "Sounds like a hell of a party."

Devon chuckled in response.

"Are they here?" She questioned while she tried to look around the crowd for them but with no such luck.

"Yup, they're probably grilling Derek for some answers on why he bailed a couple weeks ago." Devon explained but Casey's attention snapped back to Devon when he mentioned her pseudo-stepbrother's name.

"Wait, Derek?" Confusion was evident in her voice while her brothers' attention was focused on Devon.

Devon noticed all three Winchesters had their focus centered on him and he didn't know why. He shifted his gaze to Casey and he saw the confusion written on her face. "Yeah Derek Venturi. He's one of my London hockey buds. Why?"

Devon watched as Casey's pupils dilated in shock.

Sam and Dean were looking at each other with amused expressions on their face.

"Oh, now this just got interesting, Sammy." Dean quipped as he watched his stunned sister try to recompose herself.

After a few false starts, Casey was able to say something, "Derek's my stepbrother."

"What?" Devon's mind was whirling at the news. She's been living with Venturi this whole time?

Casey tilted her head in thought. "Or he thinks I'm his stepsister because of the lie-" She thought out loud but Devon interrupted her once his thoughts reorganized.

"Wait, your new step-family were the Venturis?" Devon questioned as he tried to get out of his shocked daze.

Casey turned back to look at Devon's face for any indication of where his thought process was heading. "Yeah…" She slowly responded.

"So then you're the reason he bailed out of a party in Toronto a couple weeks ago?" He questioned as all the things Derek mentioned about his stepsister earlier raced through his brain.



"What was the emergency?" Alex quipped before finding a vacant chair and planted himself in it, leaving Tyler and Devon left standing.

Derek sighed. "She caught her boyfriend cheating with her cousin so she ended the night early and I was her ride home."



Casey's expression hardened before she looked somewhere passed Dean's shoulder. "I don't wanna talk about it."

Devon knew what Derek said was true when he noticed the brunette's demeanor change as he felt her body tense in his arms, "You're the one that got cheated on at that party." He softly stated.

Casey's head snapped back to Devon once again with a surprised expression. "What?" His statement threw her since they haven't talked since she moved (which she has regretted), yet the only people who knew about the details of when she broke up with Truman were Sam and Dean…and Derek.

"Derek was supposed to meet up with us when he was in Toronto but he had to cancel."

Casey nodded along before Devon continued, since he saw the unasked question in her eyes.

"Before I went to get drinks, he told us that the reason he couldn't meet up was because his stepsister caught her boyfriend cheating and she wanted to go home."

Casey sighed as she looked back to the bar when she eyed the spot where her empty glass used to be. I could really use another scotch but I guess the bartender took it. She sadly mused to herself.

Devon didn't like that Casey's high spirits were disappearing. He took his free hand and tilted her chin up to look at him. "If I'd known it was you, I would have beaten the guy up myself." Devon grinned when he saw a small smirk form on his best friend's face.

Dean couldn't help but feel slightly responsible that Casey even attended that party in the first place. He remembered his Aunt Nora calling him to inform him that his sister was getting out of control and acting all rebellious due to her boyfriend. Dean told his aunt that he'd talk some sense into Casey and that was it. He didn't find out until she called him on her prom night that the scumbag had cheated on her with their cousin Victoria. Now there's a relative I hate to share blood with.

Sam remained silent during Devon's explanation but the more he watched the dynamic between the duo, the more he couldn't deny the fact that the boy before them truly cared for their little sister and Sam knew that his brother could see that too. Makes you wonder how Derek factors into all of this.

Dean smirked at Devon's last comment.

"Now I'm starting to like him." He stage whispered to his brother before looking to his sister, who still heard the comment. Dean looked to Casey, "Good choice Baby Girl."

Casey smiled at Dean's approval, having already received Sam's when he remembered the emails.

"We're just best friends, Dean." Casey clarified when she noticed the knowing look in Dean's eyes.

Devon leaned down close to her ear to whisper something that caused her to giggle. Both brothers wore amused expressions as their thoughts opposed their sister's comment on her status with Devon.

The teenager straightened up as he gave a serious look between the Winchester trio. "So who's the cheater?"

"You wouldn't know him." She mumbled but he still heard her.

"Try me."

Sam and Dean looked towards each other before they shrugged. Why not? They both mused before Dean turned to answer Devon. "Some kid named Truman."

Devon's jaw dropped. "Truman French?"

Sam tilted his head at Devon's response while Dean quirked his eyebrow. "You know him?"

Devon shook his head as he gave Casey a reassuring squeeze around her waist. "Personally, no but he got kicked out of our private school during my senior year. Guy was a real sleaze." Devon ended with venom in his voice.

Dean was getting more furious the more he learned about Truman. "Oh hell, we better not come across this kid tonight or I'll beat the crap out of him." He threatened because enough was enough. Dean knew that Truman was just a distraction for Casey but that still didn't mean that she deserved to have the scumbag cheat on her with her cousin, no less!

"Mind if I help?" Devon offered as he was in complete agreement with Dean's plan for Truman.

Sam sighed. "No one's beating anyone up tonight."

Casey nodded her head in agreement with Sam, even though she loved the thought.

"Yeah, I don't want to spend the night getting you guys out of prison." She reasoned before she was smirking as the thoughts of her prom night entered her mind. "Besides, I already took a swing at him, remember?"

Dean snickered while Sam rolled his eyes as both brothers had different opinions on how Casey handled the situation.

"You did?" Devon questioned in disbelief. He knew that she could handle herself but he didn't actually suspect her to do anything that involved her to use those specific skills.

"She sure did." Dean stated with a proud-laced tone for what his sister had done to defend herself as he watched her smile widen as she looked towards him. Dean couldn't help but smile back at his sister, since it had felt like forever since he'd seen her smile (today was like the start for them making up for lost time). The oldest Winchester looked back towards the grinning boy. "Devon?"

Devon shifted his gaze to the oldest Winchester. "Yeah?"

Dean didn't want to say what he was about to but he couldn't help but feel that the kid in front of him was no threat to his family in any way. "If you're this protective of Casey…" Dean paused as he scratched the back of his neck. "Then I guess you're okay in my book." He finished with a smirk directed at the university student.

Casey beamed a perfect smile after her brother's words before she ran to give Dean a hug, throwing her oldest brother off guard but he laughed it off as he returned the hug to his ecstatic sister.

Devon chuckled. "Cool."

Sam smirked at the sight of his siblings before he slapped a hand onto Dean's shoulder.

"I think with that said, why don't we all celebrate together tonight?" The taller man suggested as he looked between everyone. "That way Casey can have her two reunions." He finished off, getting another smile from his sister, once she stepped out of her hug with Dean.

"I'd like that. It would be an honor to get to know Cay's brothers-" Devon was interrupted by the bartender, who finally placed four beer bottles on the bar counter. Devon had forgotten his order, having his mind focused on the Winchesters but he shuffled closer to the bar to claim his drinks before he turned back to the awaiting trio. "But I should probably get these beers to my roommates before joining you guys." Devon finished with an apologetic shrug. He was kind of torn between getting to know the Winchester brothers and hanging out with Derek, Sam and Ralph, who he hadn't seen in a long time. Maybe I could do both, somehow.

Dean nodded in understanding before his attention drifted to the empty pool table that was in his sights. "Well, I see a free pool table so I'm gonna head on over there." Devon nodded before Dean turned to his brother. "Sam, you coming?"

"Sure." Sam answered.

Dean nodded, before turning back to Devon. "Join us when you're ready."

Devon nodded once again,

The oldest Winchester looked down at his sister, who was biting her bottom lip. "Case?"

Casey was thinking over her options for a bit when Dean was talking just now and she was kind of torn herself.

She wanted to say hi to Carter and Tyler, and for some strange reason, she wanted to say hi to Alex too yet she wanted to hang out with her brothers and celebrate her graduation the way only a Winchester knew how. She didn't make up her mind until a few seconds after Dean had asked her.

"I'll meet up with you guys in a bit. I wanna say hi to the rest of the guys before I grab a couple of dances. I'll meet you at the pool table afterwards…" Casey explained before Dean noticed the mischievous glint in her eyes, "…unless you want to dance with me?" She questioned, even though she knew what their answers would be.

Dean scoffed. "No thanks. Devon or one of the other guys can dance with you. Sam and I will be making some money." He bantered, ignoring the fact that he just pushed his sister off on some other guy to be her dance partner. Dean Winchester does not dance!

Sam remained silent yet he was smirking for his brother's little slip up. He's gonna regret saying that when he sees Casey dancing. He mused to himself, remembering when he first saw Casey dance with Derek for Dance Mania on television. That dance showed chemistry and it was choreographed; now he didn't really want to know what a freestyle dancing Casey was like. I have a feeling I might be a witness to that tonight. He mused to himself, knowing that he might not like what he sees but that would be forgotten once he gets a look at Dean's reaction. Sometimes Dean acted more like a father towards Casey than Dad himself. Sam stifled a laugh at the thought.

Casey gave her brother a sly smile, "Don't get caught now."

Sam snickered while Dean just scoffed at his little sister's comment. "Whatever."

Dean moved towards the bar so that he was now leaning against the side before turning back to look at Casey; his smug smile in place, since he had a slight idea on what she planned on doing. "Have fun toying with Derek."

Casey's eyes lit up when all the possibilities suddenly crossed her mind.

"Oh I will. C'mon Devon." Casey called to her best friend before turning to where she assumed Derek was seated.

Devon smirked before grabbing the four beers and quickly following into step with her.

"Be nice Casey." Sam called out to her but he figured that she'd ignore it. At least I can't say that I didn't try.

"Can't hear you!" Casey shouted back over the crowd, but neither Winchester heard as they only saw their sister give them a mock salute.

Dean laughed before turning his body around. "Hey bartender! Can I get two beers?" Dean ordered before turning to face his brother. "Ready for some pool, Sammy?"


The sight Derek Venturi saw before him was causing all sorts of emotions to arise inside of him that he had to turn away. After Derek had recognized the brunette Devon was kissing to be his stepsister Casey, the graduate was conflicted on the option of turning away from the sight at the bar or to keep watching. His fists were balled up under the table as his eyes stayed on his stepsister, long enough to notice that Casey kissing Devon wasn't something new between the two of them and that just irked him inside. How the hell do they know each other? The question kept passing through his mind after he turned his gaze away and started playing with the empty glass he wished was filled with vodka or something that would take the edge off.

Any conversation that was from the other guys was all a blur as Derek couldn't really concentrate on anything but that kiss. He couldn't figure out why he was reacting the way he did. He didn't get his reactions one bit today because he could have sworn he was acting like he cared for his annoying stepsister.

I'm just curious that's all; I don't care in the slightest. He tried convincing himself but a part of him wasn't buying it. If Derek didn't care then why was he experiencing this funny feeling in the pit of his stomach whenever he saw Casey with either Sam or Dean and now with her kissing Devon, he instantly knew that he was another guy that would cause the uneasy feeling in his stomach to occur, if he ever saw his friend lip-locking with Casey again.

Derek wanted so badly to be able to drown his feelings and thoughts in that moment and just forget what he saw; forget that he even had a stepsister for the night. I'm supposed to be celebrating tonight, so why do I feel like I'm over-analyzing everything, which is supposed to be Casey's job? Again with the Casey thoughts! He mentally reprimanded himself, causing a slight headache to form.

Derek was too busy with his thoughts to notice Sam and Dean interrupting Casey and Devon's kiss, and he was definitely too busy to notice the curious and confused glances from his friends.

Ralph was still watching the scene at the bar while Derek was berating himself. Ralph found it amusing how the Winchesters seemed to handle the scene and Ralph had a slight idea that Derek was conflicted on the whole issue. He sighed at his friend's internal battle. I may be oblivious at times, but I know something is up with Derek when it involves Casey. I just wished he figured it out sooner so that he'd let me know.

Sam was watching his best friend carefully as he tried to figure out how his ex-girlfriend/good friend knew their good friend Devon. He figured she must have known him from before moving to London because he knew that Casey wasn't the type of girl to just kiss some random guy that she had talked with for less than five minutes.

Tyler, Carter and Alex continuously looked between Derek and Devon for different reasons. The trio weren't shocked that Devon was able to get a beautiful girl to kiss him in no time but what brought on their curiosity was Derek's reaction to it. Did Derek know the brunette and was jealous of Devon? The thought crossed the university students' minds as they continued to look between their two friends.

Alex's attention was more on the brunette as he was practically undressing her with his eyes as well as fighting off his jealousy that Devon got to her before him. Lucky bastard. He mused to himself with a smirk. Tyler and Carter, on the other hand, were hit with a sense of familiarity with the way Devon was around the girl and with the girl herself. She looked very familiar but with the distance between their location and the bar, they couldn't be certain. Tyler and Carter exchanged a few glances with one another, but neither could figure out who the mystery girl was; they did know however, that they must have seen her before but her name was just on the tip of their tongue.

Everyone was too caught up in their own thoughts until they heard the clunk of three beer bottles on the table a few moments later. Everyone (except Derek) turned to see Devon, smirking, as he held his own beer bottle in his hand.

"Sorry for the delay boys, got a little…caught up." Devon greeted, while his roommates took their beer bottles. His mini conversation with Casey after leaving her brothers was still fresh in his mind and he couldn't help but smirk at how much she hadn't changed when it came to certain situations.

Alex noticed his friend's smirk and he scoffed. "I bet you did. Have fun making out with that brunette?" Alex quipped before taking a sip of his beer.

"What brunette?" Devon innocently asked, but he kind of figured that they might have seen his kiss with Casey.

Tyler laughed at Devon's attempts to being clueless. No way is a kiss like that going to be off his mind so quickly. "Oh don't play all innocent, Devon. We saw that kiss between you and your mystery girl." Tyler teased as he too, took a sip from his beer.

Devon smirked but he didn't say a thing when he caught sight of a girl, wearing a leather jacket, just behind Derek. She's gonna scare the shit out of him.

Derek still wasn't paying attention but he snapped out of his thoughts when he felt leather clad arms wrap around his neck from behind, followed by the feel of soft loose hair around his exposed neck. His senses were then engulfed with a scent that was so familiar that he couldn't place it but the voice that came from the mysterious visitor was all he needed to confirm their identity.

"What mystery girl?" Her soft yet curious voice asked as she tilted her head to the side as her breath tickled Derek's ear slightly. Derek resisted the urge to shiver at the sensation. Why am I reacting like this? He questioned himself.

Derek tensed immediately at their closeness as he slowly turned his head to face her. "Geez, do you have to sneak up on me like that?" Annoyance was evident in his voice.

Casey couldn't help the smug smile that formed on her face while her arms were still wrapped around her pseudo-stepbrother's neck. "Yes. It's fun. Now, what mystery girl?" She questioned as she looked around all the guys at the table that held different expressions; Devon was smirking, Sam and Ralph were surprised by her entrance as well as for Derek still letting her hug him the way she was, Carter and Tyler were shocked as the familiarity now hit them like a ton of bricks and Alex was a little bitter after realizing who Casey really was.

Carter was the first to laugh after connecting the mystery girl to their past. "You are definitely something, little lady." He teased, remembering when he first met the brunette at a Halloween party during his sophomore year while his girlfriend at the time, Lily, was having the somewhat new girl tag along with them.

Casey raised an eyebrow at Carter. "Now what makes you say that?" She quipped as she also remembered meeting the brown hair, brown eyed hockey player through her friend Lily. Carter Wilson was the first out of the four roommates that she had met and she had become good friends with Lily's boyfriend. It was even an added bonus when she found out later that he was great friends with Devon. Carter was always a very sweet, kind and caring type of guy that she didn't get to see that often. At times, Carter reminded Casey of her brother Sam.

Tyler smirked at the legendary brunette before him. "Well that was one hell of a greeting you gave Devon a little while ago." He quipped as he remembered how everyone in his sophomore class wanted to get some face time with the new, hot Fletcher Freshman. It was rumored around his school how she knew how to have a great time before anything intimate would happen (the guys would rave on about how much fun they had on their dates and how it was all before they got to kiss the girl). Of course, at the time, Tyler Jacobs had a girlfriend (Megan) but he had met Casey about three weeks after Devon had at the New Years Eve party.

Casey released her hold around Derek's neck and made her way to stand between Ralph and Tyler. "You saw that huh?" Tyler could see the mischievous look in her eyes which caused him to chuckle.

On the other side of the table, Derek didn't know why he suddenly missed having Casey's arms around his neck or why he was furious all of a sudden. Why is she acting like this with my friends?

"Pretty much everyone was a witness to that." Alex stated bitterly, as he glared at the brunette.

Casey scoffed as she looked up from Tyler to a bitter Alex. "Not my fault Alex." She stated as she took a good look at the blonde hair, green eyed player that sat next to the black hair, brown eyed hockey forward. Casey could tell by Alex's demeanor that he still blamed what happened between them on her. She rolled her eyes before speaking. "And for the record, it wasn't my fault what happened. You brought that upon yourself." She stated back a bit harshly.

Alex Johnston had been a part of her 'freshman frenzy' when she met him in November 2000. She hadn't known his connection to Carter or Devon at the time they dated; only that he was the goalie for the hockey team. She knew that he was his school's 'bad boy player' and she was fine with it because she was only dating to have some fun, to let loose and to gain a little something out of the experience. Alex was great company who knew how to have fun in any situation and he probably would have lasted longer than the others with that fact alone but he broke one of Casey's rules; he kissed another girl while going out with her.

"It was one mistake." Alex defended himself as he continued to glare at his 'ex-girlfriend'.

Casey snarled, not wanting to deal with Alex anymore. Why did I want to say hi to him in the first place? "Well that one mistake broke one of my rules."

Casey usually dated a guy for about a week (therefore a maximum of six dates, with a day of rest) before taking a few days break and then moving on to the next guy. Every guy knew this up front on the first date and they were told of her rules and her reasons for dating; to have fun and she wasn't looking for anything serious. They all would agree to it just to have that one week with the new legendary lady.

One rule that she emphasized the most was that she didn't tolerate being cheated on; any sign of the guy cheating on her during that one week she was dating him and she'd end it immediately. It was another reason why she was so furious when Truman cheated on her by kissing Victoria. Casey always made sure that she'd never go after a taken guy (she refused to be the 'mistress' type) and she never wanted to be the one who was being played like a fool in a relationship. She never told the guys that she had connections around town; she was a hunter after all, she had her sources of intel for all kinds (supernatural or not). She found out Alex had made out with another girl a day after it happened and she immediately ended it before their fifth date began. A huge fight ensued with Alex accusing Casey of not being able to handle him as the real reason for the break up before she told him the specifics of how he had broken one of her main rules. Casey and Alex never crossed paths until the day Devon introduced Casey to Tyler…and Alex.

Carter sighed. "Guys, we really don't need to hear that argument again." He stated before taking a needed swig from his beer. When is the guy ever gonna give up on that argument?

Devon patted Carter on the back before taking a seat between Sam and Carter.

Devon found it amusing how Casey was handling herself in front of Derek, Sam and Ralph. They aren't gonna know what hit them. He mused to himself as he took another swig of his beer, not really bothered by the Casey/Alex fight since he heard both sides of it so many times in the past.

Tyler turned to Alex. "Yeah dude, so just give it up." He piped in with his two cents before patting his friend on the shoulder.

Alex just shrugged it off before taking a huge gulp from his beer.

"So Casey, how'd you know our boy Derek here?" Carter questioned as he tilted his head towards Derek, who was watching the exchange with intense interest. He too was trying to figure out how his stepsister even knew some of his hockey friends. Maybe they met before I met her; before our parents got married.

Casey looked between the guys she hadn't seen in three years before looking to Derek. Her eyebrow quirked up in question at her pseudo-stepbrother, who had an emotionless mask planted on his face. She knew he had mentioned something about her to them since he was the one to tell Devon about what happened at the party in Toronto.

"He hasn't told you guys yet?" She asked the roommates while still maintaining eye contact with Derek.

Tyler shrugged as he took a swig from his drink. "Well, all we've learned today is that he's had a stepsister all this time-" Tyler trailed off as he didn't get to make the connection aloud but Devon saw the wide eyed look on his friend's face, indicating that he had made the connection.

Carter made the connection aloud as he stated the final clue. "Who's name is Casey…"

Casey could feel three sets of wide eyes on her before they drifted to Derek and back, but neither graduate broke the eye contact. No matter how hard Derek could try to hide it, she could still see the curiosity and question in them. She couldn't help but smirk at him.

"No way!" Alex stated before going slack jawed at the realization. He couldn't believe it, not only did Derek Venturi have a stepsister his age for the past three years, but it turns out to be Casey McDonald herself, the legendary girl from Fletcher. He was also confused on why Derek seemed to be annoyed with her or why he claimed to always fight with her. Sure, he's kind of on bad terms himself with Casey but that's because they broke up but he could admit to himself at least that Casey was a great girl to have around. So why was Venturi peeved with her?

"Dude! You think mentioning that your stepsister's last name was McDonald would have been helpful." Tyler questioned with a slight accusatory tone towards Derek, who broke the eye contract from his stepsister.

"Well sorry, how was I supposed to know that you would know who my annoying stepsister was." Derek sarcastically bit back at Tyler, who held his hands up in a surrendering position. Derek thought he could find the answers through Casey's demeanor like how he always could tell whether she was lying, whether she was uncomfortable or when she was confident in her decisions but all he got was a mixed combination that he wasn't use to but it held some familiarity to it.

Casey, on the other hand, laughed off Tyler and Derek's comment before she walked around Alex and Carter (she slightly ruffled Carter's hair as she passed him like she use to and as always, he shrugged away so that she couldn't do too much damage to his head) to get to Devon.

"Oh she's anything but annoying." Devon stated smugly before Casey shimmied herself into his waiting arms.

Casey's arms wrapped around Devon's neck while his right arm snaked around her waist, as his left hand held his beer.

Casey smiled. "Thanks, Hun." She gave him a quick peck on his lips before pulling back to seeing the smirk on his face.

"Any time." Devon responded before four sets of groans were heard; three for the familiar displays of affection that they were exposed to three years ago and one from a teenager that didn't understand why he was reacting the way he was.

First Sam, now Devon…who's she gonna go after next? Derek couldn't help but think to himself.

Sam and Ralph remained silent as they took the whole scene in.

"Oh, now I'm more interested on how Casey met all you guys." Ralph couldn't help but interrupt since his curiosity was reaching his boiling point. He could feel all the different dynamics that Casey had with each of the older hockey players and he wanted to know how his respectable, high-maintenance friend could be so laid back with the guys before him; it wasn't like she had many guy friends at SJST. Also, I think Derek's gonna blow a gasket if he doesn't find out soon enough.

Casey and Devon chuckled before they looked to Ralph, who had a genuinely curious expression on his face.

Casey bit her bottom lip as she looked to Devon, which Derek noticed, before Devon nodded for her to tell them.

Casey twisted a bit in Devon's arm as she now only had her left arm wrapped around Devon's neck, her fingers playing with his brown hair that just ended at the nape of his neck, and her right hand patted Carter's shoulder.

"Well, I met Carter here during a Halloween party during my freshman year through his girlfriend Lily. She's a sweet girl who was in a majority of my classes so we got along fine. Lily and I weren't best friends or anything but if I needed someone to accompany me to a party…if I didn't have a date, I usually went with her and Carter." Casey explained while shifting her gaze to Carter every once in a while as her hand remained on his shoulder. Midway through her explanation, Carter had moved his right hand to cross over his chest and squeeze the hand she left on his shoulder.

Carter was one of the few that hadn't seen Casey in a dateable way (one reason being his girlfriend Lily, who he really cared for at the time) but he was good friends with the brunette and he never minded when she tagged along. Sometimes it was even entertaining for him to see Casey try and weasel her way out of certain situations, in ways that he would never have thought possible. The girl was definitely something. Carter had missed Casey's presence in their group and it didn't really help much that Lily had to move to Calgary the January of the following year.

Derek snickered. "Third Wheel as always, Case."

Carter scoffed and defended the girl before she could retaliate. "Hardly, she was the 'meet and greet' type before she went to mingle with people." He stated before removing his hand from covering hers and taking a swig of his beer.

Casey shrugged off the compliment, but she was very pleased inside by the words. "Well, I am a people person." She quipped causing some soft chuckles from the others.

Casey could feel the slight rumble emitting from Devon's chest. "Yeah you are." Her best friend stated since he knew how true that statement was. Devon knew that Casey had this amazing charisma and charm to her that instantly won people over before she would have to resort to using her feminine charms to get what she wanted. She mentioned that being a hunter did require you to win people over with the façade you portray before them. He mused, wondering whether she picked up the technique from Sam and Dean or whether she developed it naturally.

Sam nodded his head along. "What about Alex?"

Casey looked to Alex before looking to her good friend/ex-boyfriend Sam. "I met Alex a month later. We dated for about four days before I broke it off with him." She stated with no emotion in her last statement.

"Why'd you break it off?" Ralph questioned.

Alex drank a gulp of his beer before he pointed a finger at Ralph. "That's none of your concern." He retorted, slightly acting like he was drunk, but his roommates knew that he wasn't.

Casey glared at Alex before she continued. "He broke one of my dating rules I had established when I was attending Fletcher."

"Care to share the rule?" Derek interjected as he saw the cold stares between Casey and Alex while their argument earlier rang through his head.



"It wasn't my fault what happened. You brought that upon yourself." Casey stated back a bit harshly.

"It was one mistake." Alex defended himself as he continued to glare at Casey.

Casey snarled. "Well that one mistake broke one of my rules."



Casey groaned. "Let's just say, if I was enforcing those rules now, Truman broke it." She stated before whispering something into Devon's ear.

Derek watched as Devon handed Casey his beer before she took a quick swig from it. She swallowed it down as if it were nothing before handing it back to Devon. Derek's hand once again formed a fist under the table at the sight; from jealousy over the fact they were sharing a beer together or from the fact that Casey was drinking and he couldn't, he wasn't sure and he really didn't want to think all too much about it at the moment.

Sam and Ralph immediately showed their shocked expressions towards Alex, who was still nursing his beer.

Ralph shook his head, disapprovingly. "Dude, not cool."

Alex took another swig. "Don't remind me." He grumbled.

"And Devon and Tyler?" Derek asked this time, as he looked between the two in question before settling his gaze on his stepsister.

Casey smirked. "I met Devon at a New Years Eve party and then I met Tyler through him a couple weeks later. It wasn't until I met Tyler that I found out that they were also friends with Carter and Alex." She explained while keeping eye contact with Derek. She could kind of sense that he was a little angry, possibly a few notches shorter than how Dean was when he caught her kissing Devon earlier.

"And you and Devon?" Derek pushed as he quirked his eyebrow out of curiosity.

Casey couldn't help but let a slight laugh escape her lips. He seems jealous. "Didn't start dating until Spring Break but we broke up mutually just before I had to move here."

Devon tightened his grip around Casey's waist, causing her to turn to him as they both smile/smirked at each other.

Derek rolled his eyes as he played it off as him being indifferent to the situation, but he had this sudden urge to pummel his friend. Get a hold of yourself, Venturi! You've known Devon since you were kids; you have no reason to beat him up. Derek tried reasoning with himself but he couldn't help but question himself; why did he want to beat him up all of a sudden?

Something Sam Winchester had said earlier that day had crossed Derek's mind, breaking him away from his internal battle and allowing for a smug smirk to show on his face. "So Alex and Devon were both a part of your little frenzy huh, Case." He teased, which caught her attention instantly.

She had a feeling that little tidbit that her brother let slip would still be lingering in Derek's mind. Remind me to give Sam a mental beating later on at the motel. She noted to herself before schooling her features.

Derek could see the amusing glint in her eyes, but from the way they looked, something was off; he just couldn't place it. "Still can't get what Sam and Dean said out of your head now, can you, Derek?" She quipped with another question as she avoided his. Derek didn't seem to realize this as his smirk grew.

"Can you really blame me? Some of the things they've said have me questioning how much I truly know about you." He bantered back as he looked like he was contemplating the dilemma of not knowing who his stepsister really was, which for Derek seemed like an impossible idea. Of course, I know her. He mentally reassured himself.

Casey grinned a victorious smile at her pseudo-stepbrother. Oh he has no idea how much I've kept hidden inside. "You'll be surprised at how much you don't know, Derek."

"I doubt that, I know you pretty well, Spacey." Derek cockily stated as he leaned forward in his seat, arms crossed and on the table.

"Seems like you can't go one night without calling me by those nicknames you've so graciously picked out for me." Casey sarcastically stated, yet enjoying the little banter between her and Derek.

"I wouldn't be me if I didn't call you one of the nicknames from time to time." Derek interjected with an amused expression. Now fighting with Casey is familiar; just what I needed to ward off those…unknown thoughts and f-f-f-feelings.

Casey gave a dramatic sigh. "I guess you wouldn't be interested in a truce then, huh Derek."

Derek scoffed. "We don't do truces, Case."

"Not even for graduation." She questioned with a little hope in her voice. 

Derek shook his head no.

"Come on, it's for one night." Casey stated in a slightly whiny tone.

Derek smirked. "Still not doing it."

"How about you play for it?" Devon suggested, causing everyone to look at him in confusion and some were disappointed that he had disrupted the amusing banter that Casey and Derek were creating.

Casey, on the other hand, had a slight idea what Devon meant.

"What'd ya mean?" Tyler questioned after taking another swig of his beer.

"Well, Casey and I were going to meet up with Sam and Dean in a bit at the pool tables." Devon explained as he gestured towards where the pool tables were located.

Derek could slightly see Dean playing pool with some guy while Sam was seated off to the side at a table.

"Why don't the two of you play each other to establish if you make the truce or not? Casey wins; the truce happens. Derek wins; no truce. What'd ya say?" Devon stated his proposal as he looked between his two friends. He found their banters quite amusing and he wondered if they did those often (it was unknown to Devon that Derek had told his roommates about his constant fights with Casey, and that they're complete opposites to one another). He did notice a certain spark in the fights but he didn't want to assume anything. I'll ask Casey about it later.

Casey shrugged as if it was no big deal but she was grinning on the inside; thankful that Devon was the one to think of it. I'll win for sure.

"I'm up for it. What about you, Derek?" She asked her pseudo-stepbrother, who seemed to be giving off a hesitant vibe.

"Seems unfair don't you think?" He questioned before an arrogant smile spread across his face. "We all know that I'm gonna win." Derek stated with confidence after he mulled over the idea of playing a game of pool against his keener stepsister. I've been coming to this place for the past two years, no way is she gonna beat me at a game of pool. He mused to himself.

Casey scoffed at his demeanor but she did have to applaud him for his confidence once again. Doesn't change the fact he's gonna loose. "So there's no reason not to play then since you have 'the money in the bag,' so to speak." She persuaded him to agree to the match. She would have mentioned that this was sort of like a bet but she refrained against it.

Derek laughed at the idea. "You really want to humiliate yourself, McDonald?" He quipped, as he couldn't really pass up an opportunity to rub it in her face that he was better than her at something else.

Casey smirked. "Bring it on, Venturi. But I assure you, it's you that's gonna get his ass kicked to the curb when I beat you." She ended off with her right hand outstretch before her, waiting for him to shake on their deal.

Derek snapped out of his momentary shock from hearing Casey curse before he took her right hand in his and shook it, making the deal official.

"Game on McDonald." The two smirked at each other, still holding eye contact as their right hands were still clasped together.

Everyone else seemed amused by the upcoming game.


Reference to "Second Chances: Outtakes": "Tuesday Afternoon Fever", "Truman's Last Chance," and "Surprise - Part 1"

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Chapter 10: She Was A What Now?


Casey shrugged as if it was no big deal but she was grinning on the inside; thankful that Devon was the one to think of it. I'll win for sure.

"I'm up for it, what about you, Derek?" She asked her pseudo-stepbrother, who seemed to be giving off a hesitant vibe.

"Seems unfair don't you think?" He questioned before an arrogant smile spread across his face. "We all know that I'm gonna win." Derek stated with confidence after he mulled over the idea of playing a game of pool against his keener stepsister. I've been coming to this place for the past two years, no way is she gonna beat me at a game of pool. He mused to himself.

Casey scoffed at his demeanor but she did have to applaud him for his confidence once again. Doesn't change the fact he's gonna loose. "So there's no reason not to play then since you have 'the money in the bag,' so to speak." She persuaded him to agree to the match. She would have mentioned that this was sort of like a bet but she refrained against it.

Derek laughed at the idea. "You really want to humiliate yourself, McDonald?" He quipped, as he couldn't really pass up an opportunity to rub it in her face that he was better than her at something else.

Casey smirked. "Bring it on, Venturi. But I assure you, it's you that's gonna get his ass kicked to the curb when I beat you." She ended off with her right hand outstretch before her, waiting for him to shake on their deal.

Derek snapped out of his momentary shock from hearing Casey curse before he took her right hand in his and shook it, making the deal official.

"Game on, McDonald." The two smirked at each other, still holding eye contact as their right hands were still clasped together.

Everyone else seemed amused by the upcoming game.


[Sat. June 26, 2004]

Moments Earlier:

"Ready for some pool, Sammy?" Dean Winchester questioned his brother as the bartender grabbed a couple of beers for the hunters.

"Sure." Sam agreed just before he was handed his beer. He followed in step with his brother as they headed towards the empty pool table Dean had spotted earlier. "So what are we playing for tonight?" He questioned just as they approached the table.

Dean took a swig of his beer before stopping at the empty table beside their pool table. "The bed." He placed his beer bottle on the table, took off his leather jacket and draped it over one of the chairs.

Sam eyed his brother quizzically. "What?"

Dean smirked. "Casey's staying with us tonight, remember?"

Sam nodded before the realization dawned on him. The motel room only has two beds.

Dean snickered when he saw it on his brother's face that he knew where the stakes were at. "So loser either shares with her or sleeps on the floor. Deal?" He stated as he searched for the perfect cue to use, turning to his brother when he was finished.

Sam took a swig of his beer. "Deal, but shouldn't she choose?" He questioned before placing his own beer beside Dean's and putting his jacket on the second free chair at the table.

Dean chuckled. "You know she's gonna pick the floor because we've had it rough due to our recent job." He told him with a know-it-all grin because it was just like Casey to put other people's comfort before her own.

Sam nodded his head in agreement. If Casey knew the type of case they were working on in Atlanta, Georgia, she wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice the bed for the night for her injured brothers and both brothers knew that. Hope she doesn't find out how we were thrown up against the wall a couple of times. He didn't know about Dean but Sam had to make sure that Casey didn't accidentally touch one of his bruises or that he didn't move in a way that would catch her attention to his distress. The bruises weren't huge but the hunter was lucky that they were healing fast. He could even lie and say that he got them due to a clumsy moment but its position would be tough to explain it as such if further questions were asked.

Sam sighed "Our way it is then."

Dean smirked. "As always and I break." He handed Sam his cue before getting into position for the break.

Sam took the proffered cue and stepped back, mainly leaning against his chair with his jacket attached to it. "You always break."

Dean lowered himself as he lined up his cue with the cue ball. "Well I'm older, so what's your point?" He made his shot and got a powerful strike, breaking up the group of colored spheres as they separated around the table. Dean stood tall, a smug smirk plastered on his face after watching one of the solid spheres going into a corner pocket. "Not like it would matter." He quipped as he moved to his next position, eyeing the table to see where his next shot would be.

Sam rolled his eyes as Dean lowered his body to align his next shot. "Jerk."

Dean laughed. "Bitch." He retorted back with the familiar comeback before taking his next shot; sinking in his targeted ball in the side pocket.

Sam resisted the urge to groan once again. He knew it was a possibility that Dean could take the game without him getting a shot in. It's happened before in their past and he knew that if his brother could, he'd do it all the time when he was hustling but Dean liked giving his opponent false hope and the fact that it lessens the chance of a fight breaking out was another reason for him not to run the game completely.

Sam had to think of a way to distract Dean and he knew just how to do it. "Were you serious, Dean?"

Dean was still figuring out his next shot. "About what?" He questioned without taking his eyes off the table.

"Devon." Sam saw Dean's hesitation when he was about to lower himself to line his cue up with the cue ball once again.

Dean mulled over the thought a bit before he spoke. "Oddly yeah, why wouldn't I be?" He nonchalantly asked while he pulled back his cue a couple times, getting the motion perfect before he executed the shot.

Sam shrugged. "Oh I don't know, how about the fact that you practically jumped down the kid's throat when you saw him kissing Casey." Sam timed the statement perfectly so that when he mentioned Dean's reaction to seeing Devon kissing Casey, it had caused Dean to mess his shot up, causing the cue ball to miss its target by a millimeter. Sam smirked victoriously when he heard his brother curse, before he straightened up with an expressionless mask on his face.

Dean walked to where Sam was standing. "Gut reaction." That's all the older Winchester said as he switched spots with his brother, causing Sam to take his position for his shot.

"That's all you're gonna say?" Sam questioned, keeping his eyes on the table as he figured out his first shot. Aim for stripes, Sam.

Dean grabbed his beer and took a swig. "I rather not talk about it, Sam. Can we just play?"

Dean didn't want to talk about it. He just wanted to play a game of pool with his brother after the week he had. He just wanted to have some fun after getting his ass thrown around by that very pissed off spirit back in Atlanta. He just wanted to celebrate the fact that they were back with their sister, where they could see for themselves that she was physically okay.

Dean took a quick glance at where he knew the youngest Winchester was at, seeing her wrapped around Derek before moving around the table until she was in Devon's arms. He chuckled when he saw the far away scene before him. She may be off hanging out with Devon and toying with Derek at the moment, but at least he knew that she was okay, he could see that she was okay and Dean was just too damn happy for the fact that his family was whole once again…well, as whole as he was gonna get.

Unaware by his brother's thoughts and quick glances towards their sister, Sam lowered his body to align his cue for his first shot. "When are we supposed to talk about it, Dean? Casey only has one night with Devon and that's tonight." He calmly stated before he took his shot, sinking a stripe ball into the side pocket.

The beer bottle was returned to the table before Dean ran a hand over his face as he exhaled deeply; brought on due to the topic and the fact that Sam sunk a ball in.

"What do you want me to say, Sam?" Dean shook his head before locking eyes with his brother. "I know I freaked out but that's who I am. You know I'm very protective of Casey when it comes to guys." Dean exclaimed, not really sure what Sam expected him to say. He knew he freaked out but it's not like he's use to seeing his little sister being all comfortable with a guy. He has four years of catching up to do when it came to Casey, in the sense that he now had to get use to the fact that it wasn't just him and Sam that would be out hunting for dates and for some action…but now his sister would want in on some action of her own too. Dean shivered at the thought. She's growing up too fast!

Sam could see the slight apprehension on his brother's face when he straightened up. Sam sighed. "I know, Dean. But it usually takes a lot more convincing for you before you agree to any guy for her." He reasoned to his brother slowly as he moved around the table, already spotting where his next shot would be.

Dean threw his free hand up in frustration while the other firmly held his cue stick by his side. "I don't know."

Sam paused in his step, looking questioning at Dean.

"Sam, I just…I mean I saw the way they were looking at each other and I just…I couldn't be mad at the guy just because he cares about our sister." Dean managed to stumble out the words as he remembered the way he saw Devon looking at Casey with such admiration that it kind of threw Dean off when he first noticed it. The more information Dean gathered about Devon McCloud, the more he saw the look strengthen between the two of them and he just couldn't believe it. He hadn't seen that look in a long time and it kind of had him worried and yet curious as to why it wasn't Devon that Casey was crushing on.

Sam noticed the look on Dean's face so he didn't bother to interrupt his thoughts. Instead he just returned to his alignment and pocketed another striped ball into the corner pocket. Dean gave no indication that he had noticed that Sam had just tied the game between them.

"He's the first guy, Dean. You know that right?" Sam finally spoke softly, trying not to startle Dean, as he moved to his next shot which was right where Dean was standing.

Dean nodded. "I put that together, yeah."

Dean had made the connection during the conversation and he honestly wasn't expecting it. He had just met the guy that Casey had given her trust to, the first one outside the family, outside of her brothers who knew the real her. He knew about her past, knew about what she's had to do; he knows everything and yet there he was, standing with his arms around her, looking at her as if she was the most fragile thing in the world when he knew that she could easily take him and anything that stood in her way down in a flash. There was no judgement, no resentment on what she's done as a hunter, just admiration for the brunette and Dean just couldn't be angry at Devon for that. He treats her like a normal teenage girl. He mused to himself as he recalled the smile he'd seen on Casey's face when he said that he accepted the dynamic between the college boy and his sister.

"And the smile on her face when I said that I was okay with him." Dean couldn't help but smile at the memory.

Sam smiled too. "It meant the world to her." He commented as he chalked the tip of his cue.

Dean nodded in agreement as he crossed his arms as he couldn't stop thinking about the best friends. Some things didn't quite add up. "Hey, did she ever mention why they broke up?" He questioned his brother, hoping that he knew the answer.

Sam mulled over the question in his head, trying to recall the emails in his mind. "I never got the impression that they were dating from the emails." He admitted as he put the chalk down before switching his attention back to the table and his next move.

Dean scoffed. "Well that impression can be thrown out the window because they definitely dated when they were in Toronto together." Dean huffed in annoyance, for the fact that he didn't know about one crucial relationship that could have affected Casey so dramatically.

Sam remembered the kiss he saw between Casey and Devon earlier and he couldn't help but laugh. Yup, they definitely dated.

"Point taken." Sam replied as he lowered his body into a new position before sinking another striped ball into the pocket in the far corner. "They probably broke up because of the move." He added in as he moved around the table.

"Which was three years ago." Dean retorted back, not believing that what was between Casey and Devon in the past was truly over.

Sam rolled his eyes as he lined himself up for another shot. "He did say it was complicated." He reminded his brother just before he executed the shot but unfortunately for Sam, the ball missed the intended pocket.

"Everything in Casey's life has been complicated since she moved up here." Dean grumbled under his breath, low enough for Sam to hear him over the music, yet his mood had brightened when he saw that it was finally his turn again.

Sam shrugged his shoulder as he headed towards their table. "True. Why the sudden interest?" He questioned before he grabbed his beer and took a small swig of his beverage.

Dean chalked up his cue before immediately lining up his shot, already knowing where it was the moment Sam had missed. "I wanna know what changed between them." He stated before he executed a flawless shot, sinking a solid ball into the side pocket.

Sam quirked an eyebrow as he waited for an elaboration but he never got one. "Meaning?"

Dean sauntered over to the side of the pool table closest to his brother before he leaned his back against the table, standing face to face with Sam. "If what I saw between those two was pure couple's bliss, then why the hell is she in love with Nora's stepson and not with Devon?" Pure confusion and irritation was laced in Dean's voice as he chalked his cue once again.

Sam's eyes widened as he quickly looked around him, his beer still in his hands. "Could you say it any louder?" He rushed out, hoping no one had heard his brother's statement.

Dean quirked an eyebrow in amusement for his brother's paranoid behavior. "I kept my voice down and I know you're dying to find out as well." He accused as he placed the chalk back in its spot.

Sam groaned. He couldn't disagree with his brother because he did want to find out just like Dean wanted to. "We can't just ask, Dean."

Dean crossed his arms over his chest, defiantly. "Why the hell not? Like you said, tonight's the only night that Devon will be in town." The older Winchester retorted back, using his brother's earlier words against him.

Sam swirled the bottle in his hand around, causing the liquid inside to slosh along the sides. "That doesn't mean I want to spend the night interrogating him? Casey won't like that." Sam argued back as Dean turned his attention back to their game.

"Don't think of it as interrogation, think of it as bonding with him, I guess." Dean reiterated his plan in a different way so that it would be more acceptable for his brother, as he bent down to make his upper body parallel with the table while aligning his cue for the shot.

Sam scoffed, "With hidden agendas."

Dean smirked while keeping his eye on the cue ball and his next target. "Few technicalities. Besides you heard him, Casey's spoken about us a lot so he's bound to be expecting some form of questioning from us. We wouldn't want to disappoint now, would we?" He finished as her performed the required stroke to get his next ball in the far corner pocket. Dean grinned victoriously as he stood up and moved around the table again.

Sam rolled his eyes, taking another small swig of his beer. "Whatever, Dean. But no deception."

Dean gave Sam an incredulous look, laced with some mock hurt, as if the statement had wounded him somehow. "What do you take me for?" Dean was amused, since a hunter's life was all about deception if they wanted to get the job done.

Before Sam could answer his brother, someone else did. "A guy who's stalling?" The stranger said with a smirk on his face, as if he was being humorous. He seemed to think he was since his buddy snickered in response.

Dean quirked at Sam, who just shrugged his shoulders, before he turned around to face the stranger.

"Excuse me?" Dean questioned the older man with an intimidating vibe to his voice while being polite, even if he didn't want to be. Casey wouldn't be pleased if I started a fight tonight of all nights. He reminded himself.

"If you guys are just gonna talk, then sit at a table and let others have a go at the game." The stranger complained as he looked between the brothers while his buddy remained silent yet he had a cocky grin on his face.

Dean sized the two men up to see if they were of any threat. Probably some regulars that think they could scare away the newcomers. Dean mused to himself before an idea struck him.

"Would you by chance be interested in a game against me?" The oldest Winchester offered with a charming yet innocent smile directed at his potential opponent.

Sam stiffened once the words left his brother's mouth. "What about our game, Dean?" He asked, trying everything he could to stop Dean from conning anyone tonight. He figured he'd have a game or two with Dean before Casey showed up but then the two older guys had to butt in and imply that they wanted their pool table.

This isn't gonna be good! If Dean gets himself into a fight, Casey is gonna flip. Sam was mentally freaking out because he didn't want to disrupt Casey's graduation night.

Dean glared at his brother, his eyes telling him to back off and let him do his job. "I know the score, we'll finish up later once Casey gets back." Dean told his brother as his expression now told Sam to just go with it.

Sam sighed, causing Dean to smirk and turn back to the two older men. "Well fellas?"

The two guys looked to each other in question before turning to Dean.

"I just wanted the table." The first guy mentioned, a little hesitantly, while the silent guy just nodded.

Dean gave a throaty laugh as he pulled out his wallet and took out a couple bills, insinuating that he wanted to play for money. "What'd ya say now?" Dean grinned at his opponents, pulling off the façade that he was a cocky college grad who thought he could beat anyone.

Sam could see the wheels turning in the two strangers' eyes, figuring it would be easy money for them to play Dean. Boy, are they wrong. He mused to himself. Although, Sam didn't like it when Dean hustled people out of their hard earned cash, it was amusing to watch how the game turned out and how Dean played whatever role he wanted his opponent to believe in.

The first guy turned back to Dean. "I say, rack 'em up." He proclaimed as his buddy took out his wallet to match Dean's cut.

Dean Winchester did as he was told while silently smirking inside.

Like taking candy from a baby.


Casey and Derek released their hand shake that officially put their little bet into motion, both of them now noticing the rest of the table's amused expressions.

"You don't know what you just signed up for, Derek." Devon quipped before taking another swig of his beer just after Casey's right arm wrap around his waist, as her left arm remained around his shoulder.

Derek scoffed. "Oh please. This game will be over before you know it." He proclaimed with a cocky grin as he stared at his stepsister, who was practically draped over his friend. Derek still had the urge to rip Casey away from Devon, not liking how touchy-feely she got with the guy. There's a lot more touching with him than I've seen from her and her previous boyfriends. He pushed the observation to the back of his mind.

Casey turned to smirk at Derek. "I agree." She confidently stated but her attention was turned away as a new song ["Dynamite"] playing over the sound system, causing her to smile. "We'll do it later though." She told her pseudo-stepbrother before turning to Devon.

Derek gave his stepsister a stunned look. I thought she wanted to do this now? "What?"

Casey turned back to Derek quickly. "I wanna dance." She turned back to Devon, her mouth just by his ear. "Ready, Hun?" She whispered, causing Devon to laugh.

"Like I would miss it." Devon teased before swallowing the last of his beer and placing it on the table.

Casey twirled out of Devon's arms and faced the rest of the guys as Devon got out of his seat. "See ya boys in a few!" She stated excitedly before Devon took her hand and led her to the makeshift dance floor, which was already filling up with dancing customers.

The recent graduates watched as their valedictorian strutted to the dance floor with their good friend before they started dancing to the music in a way that shocked the three friends.

Ralph couldn't take his eyes off his friend, not sure what to think about her. "Dude, what has gotten into your stepsister?" Ralph finally managed to ask before he had managed to tear his gaze away from her to look at Derek.

Derek shook his head, equally shocked at what he was seeing as well as learning about her that day. Can this day get any weirder? "I have no clue." It was the honest truth.

Ever since he saw Casey with Sam and Dean Winchester, he'd seen parts of Casey that he didn't know existed and now seeing her with Devon and the rest of his hockey friends, it just had more questions forming in his head about how well he truly knew Casey McDonald.

Carter shrugged his shoulders after seeing what the fuss was about, since he was use to that behavior from his friends, even though it had been awhile since he's seen it. "She seems like the same ol' Casey that I remember." He piped in before taking a swig of his beer.

Tyler, on the other hand, couldn't take his lusting eyes off the legendary brunette. "Just hotter." He subconsciously added in before getting a smack to the back of his head, causing him to search for the perpetrator, coming face to face with a glaring Alex. "What the hell was that for?" Tyler questioned with a quizzical expression.

Alex glared at Tyler before taking another gulp of his beer. "I don't need you reminding me who I screwed up with, Ty." Alex grumbled over the fact that he still held a grudge against the brunette even after he claimed to have moved on from her long ago.

Tyler rolled his eyes while rubbing the back of his head. "Just an observation and I thought you were over her." He gave his grumpy roommate a challenging look.

Alex was pulled into his thought as his brief time with Casey was brought to the forefront. He couldn't deny the fact that he had a great time with her and he still wished it didn't end prematurely and on such a bad note. He was skeptical of her rules but the fact that she was only dating for the fun factor was a plus for him since Alex didn't do relationships. So when she suggested that he pick out where they had their dates, he doubted the rumors of her being able to turn any date to her advantage, so he took her to places where he previously had his dates complain about it not being date appropriate, like a horror film or something athletic for them to try. To his surprise, she made the best out of the dates and he ended up having a blast with a girl without any of the intimate stuff, which was the main reason why he would date in the first place. Girls usually talk about themselves nonstop or on something I have no interest in and the only way to shut them up is to make out with them. It's a pleasurable way to spend a date but a guy might want a little variety every now and then. Alex mused to himself. He's dated a lot since then but he always remembered his few dates with Casey.

Alex quickly snapped out of his thoughts. "I am." He retorted back a bit too quickly, causing Tyler to snicker.

"Yeah right. Just give it up, man. It's in the past and besides, you wouldn't have lasted more than a week with her. No one did." Tyler sadly told his friend, which only prompted Alex to take another swig of his dwindling beer. Even though in the back of Tyler's mind, he'd always wanted a shot with her, even though he knew that it wouldn't last long. He'd just wanted to have a taste of what it would've been like, to see for himself what the whole fuss was about. He hated it when he was left in the dark.

"Except Devon." Carter added in, not wanting to interrupt his friends yet finding the need to clarify Tyler's statement.

Tyler waved off Carter's interruption as he took a quick sip of his beer. "Yeah, but I think that's only because they became like best friends or something before they started to date."

Derek's head snapped to his older friends, his eyes wide from shock. "What?"


The dance floor had the perfect amount of people surrounding it as it wasn't too sparse that it would cause some nervousness among the dancers yet it wasn't cramped that the dancers might have a slight claustrophobic feeling. Casey and Devon weaved in just a bit so that they weren't on the outsides of the dance floor yet they had perfect views of their friends and the two hunters playing pool.

As the words started to pour out of the speakers, Casey and Devon were dancing so close together without touching that it was unbearable for the both of them. Casey swayed her hips to the music while bobbing up and down in her small space while Devon filled in the dancing gaps between them.

She teased him with the way she moved her body so fluidly with the music, as she let the rhythm course through her veins as she freely moved to the beat, knowing that he was there to take care of her if she needed it. She couldn't stop the huge smile on her face as she danced with her best friend, because she was able to be herself with him, her Winchester self and she hasn't felt that free in the longest time. The youngest Winchester couldn't help but tease the teenager before her with her dance moves, coming so close to him without touching that she could hear his groans of disappointment or his breath hitching just a bit. She had an evil smirk as she turned in her place, her back now against his chest as she continued to sway her hips.

Devon couldn't help the groan that escaped him when she switched positions. He fought every need he had that wanted to have his hands run over her body like they had done many times before, but he knew he couldn't make the first move. Best friend or not, Devon always respected Casey's rule about her being the one to instigate anything further and he wasn't going to screw that up now. It got harder for the university student to concentrate as her neck was exposed from her leather covering; tempting him to kiss it and have a taste while her hips moved in a more distinct way that was causing his lower region to react.

He groaned into her neck, making sure he did not make contact with her soft skin. "You're killing me here, Cay." Devon grumbled, causing goosebumps to form as his breath flowed over her exposed neck.

Casey laughed. "That was the idea." She continued to move her body to the music as Devon mirrored her actions without touching her.

It was getting too much for the grown boy. "Permission?" He slightly begged in a whisper as he fought himself to keep his lips off her neck, while also fighting against his need to take her leather jacket off her body.

Casey smirked as she wrapped her arm behind her head to grab his neck, pulling him down closer to her. "Granted. No need to ask tonight, Dev." She licked her lower lip as she felt Devon's arms snake around her waist and under her leather jacket once she gave her consent, thankful that her jacket was already unzipped.

"Thank God." Devon stated enthusiastically before kissing down her neck, causing Casey to giggle. She could feel his smile on her skin as he descended down her neck, while his fingers played with the hem of her shirt.

Casey couldn't help but forget about all her problems while she danced in Devon's arms. He left a trail of kisses on her neck before he blew over them, causing her to shiver at the sudden coldness. She gave a soft moan before she felt his chuckle rumble deep in his chest through her back. She hadn't felt this connected to someone in a long time. After their mutual break up, Casey had never been close to a guy like she was with Devon, she never felt that connection…except with Derek and they weren't even like that. She felt closer to Derek through all those casual touches during their different encounters than she had with any of her boyfriends after Devon. It never made sense to the young hunter until she realized her feelings for the former bane of her existence.

Before Casey could think about the subject any further, she felt her hands being grabbed before she was twirled to face Devon. She eyed him quizzically, while she remained dancing in her spot, not thinking at all about how her body moved to the music.

Devon chuckled. "There's only so much I could do in public." He playfully stated with a suggestive smile as his hands found their spot on her gyrating hips.

Casey swung her arms around Devon's neck as she gave him a disappointed pout. "But who said you could stop?" She teased, making the temptation all the more sweeter for her partner.

Devon groaned, hating when she used that pout against him. "Now that would be torture for us both, Cay, and you know it." She saw the playful glint in his eyes and she knew it was true. If she didn't watch herself, their promise would be fulfilled sooner than they would like.

Casey sighed dramatically as her fingers played with the hair at the nape of his neck. "I guess but you know you can't do much when you're in front of my brothers." She told him as a playful warning, not wanting Dean to get all overprotective and do something damaging to her best friend.

Devon leaned his head towards hers. "I'll tone it down when we're with them." He assured her before his lips met hers in a chaste kiss.

In need of some air, Casey pulled away from the kiss but she still remained close. "Alright but don't say I didn't warn you." She looked up at him with a small smile, finally noticing that the song had changed to one with a slower beat ["Zombie"].

Devon nodded, knowing that she wasn't kidding. After all the stories he's heard about Sam and Dean Winchester and the lengths they would go through for their sister, he didn't doubt her warning. He already saw the anger in Dean's eyes earlier when Truman was mentioned. Don't mess with any Winchester. He mused to himself.

Devon was pulled out of his thoughts quickly when he felt the brunette's hold around his neck tighten as she moved further into his arms. He slipped his hands from her hips and wrapped his arms around her waist when he felt her head against his shoulder. Devon swallowed nervously as a weird feeling overcame him. Something's not right. He concluded to himself when she tightened her hold around him once again, as if she was holding on to dear life.

Devon lowered his head down so that his mouth was just at her ear. "Are you okay…" He jerked his head back quickly when he felt Casey pull back a bit. He could see the confused expression on her face. He cleared his throat a bit. "…with this, I mean." He clarified causing her expression to change into an innocent smile.

"Why wouldn't I be?" She questioned, not seeing the problem in their situation. Casey was a little nervous that he might have figured out that something was wrong since she only held Devon, like she was at the moment, when she had a lot on her mind or when she wanted to tell him something yet she had a hard time spitting it out. The last time I clung to him like this was the day I told him I might be moving and the day that I had to say goodbye to him. She sadly thought as she waited for his answer.

Devon sighed. "Your break-up was pretty recent." He didn't want to bring it up but if she was still broken up about her cheating ex, then he didn't feel like it was the right time to go through with their promise they had made the day she had moved away to London. Heck, if she still wasn't over Truman, Devon didn't feel like it was right to give her kisses the way he was now as if nothing was wrong. Maybe only pecks on the cheek are reasonable now. He sadly thought since he did miss kissing her.

Casey chuckled a bit before a smirk formed on her face. "Did you forget who I am, Devon?" She teased because he knew that she could get over dates in a flash if she wanted to and Casey was over Truman, no questions asked. There was nothing to get over in the first place!

Devon laughed while his hold around her waist tightened, bringing her in closer to him. "I could never forget who you are, Casey Winchester." He whispered before pulling her into another lustful kiss.

They pulled away again to catch their breath, both remembering how their kisses always made the other breathless.

Casey could feel Devon's eyes on her so when she looked up into his blue eyes, she saw this analytical glint in them that sent a nervous shiver down her spine. "What's the problem then?" She questioned, trying to keep her voice from wavering.

Devon continued to gaze into her hazel-green eyes, trying to figure out if she was hiding something from him. "There's something you're not telling me, Cay." He whispered, trying not to sound like he was accusing her but she wasn't acting like the girl he remembered. Devon knew everything about Casey and something inside of him was telling him that she was hiding something from him, something huge.

Casey adverted her eyes; taking in her surroundings and seeing all the other couples dancing slowly to the beat.

"What'd you mean?" The young hunter whispered, wishing that the song would change so that it was upbeat, so that it didn't give Devon the opportunity to question her. The youngest Winchester was also contemplating on distracting her partner even more by giving his exposed neck a few butterfly kisses, just to take his mind off of what he wanted to know, but Casey knew that it would just delay the inevitable. Devon was always persistent if he had a hunch. If someone told him to back off, he would but only to bring the subject up again later until he got an honest answer. It was both endearing and a little annoying at times.

Devon sighed. "I know that we haven't talked since you moved but you can still tell me anything, Cay." He removed one of his hands from around her waist and used it to turn her head towards him, so that she was looking at him. "I'm still you're best friend, right?" He questioned because he wasn't really sure.

He felt terrible that he hadn't stayed in contact with her like they had hoped. They had emailed each other at the beginning just after the move but those conversations started dwindling down as school and hockey became more demanding for him and he figured it would be easier for her to adjust to her new step-family if he stayed out of it for awhile. Unfortunately, they never picked up the emails again and he truly regrets that. Devon couldn't help but make a new promise to himself that he wouldn't let that happen again.

Casey's eyes widened in shock; the mere idea of Devon not being her best friend anymore was unthinkable. "Of course you are." She breathed out.

Devon gave a small smile at the confirmation. "Then talk to me."

She could see the pleading in his crystal blue eyes, begging for her to tell him what was bugging her, and Casey wanted to but she just couldn't. I can't tell him, he's friends with Derek.

Casey bit her lip nervously. "I don't want to wreck tonight, Dev." She buried herself again into his arms, still worrying over the way he might react if he found out about her feelings towards Derek. It was hard enough admitting them to Sam and Dean, how can I tell Devon when he's a friend of Derek's?

He nodded along, thinking her response as a slight victory since she didn't deny that she was hiding something from him. "Alright but could you answer me this?" He questioned as he loosened his hold around her waist, his hands now under the hem of her shirt as he traced faint circles on her skin.

Casey could feel the goosebumps forming everywhere Devon's fingers touched her skin. "It depends." She grumbled against his neck, her arms still around his neck.

"Are you and Derek always like that?" He whispered before placing a few kisses behind her ear.

Casey bit her lower lip to suppress a moan. "You mean with the fighting?"

She heard him groan as he continued to assault her with kisses just below her ear.

Casey sighed. "Yes…pretty much since day one. Why?" She questioned as he moved his kisses along her jawbone before answering her question with another bruising kiss.

Devon pulled back with a smirk on his face as he shrugged. "It was just amusing to watch." He protested, finally noticing that the next song was more fast-paced ["Whine Up"]. Can't really talk now.

Casey laughed. "So I've been told." She retorted before Devon twirled her, getting them both back into the dancing vibe to match along with the song, yet still remaining close to each other's bodies.


Derek couldn't believe what he just heard. "What did you just say?" He questioned, after a few false starts.

Derek had been listening to their conversation but all it did for him was make him more confused because the way they were speaking of the brunette didn't bring Casey to mind, even if it was her that they were talking about. Derek tried to process their conversation through his confused brain while his attention was still on Casey and Devon, not able to take his shocked eyes off of them. Derek kept glaring at the sight of how effortlessly they moved together, or how into the song they were or how into each other they seemed to be.

Casey was smiling, laughing and pretty much having a blast and deep down, Derek was happy about that but a more dominate emotion took over that made him unappreciative of his stepsister's current state. He didn't like that it was Devon that was giving her such a reaction and he still didn't get why he was feeling the way he was.

If I was going to place the emotion, I'd have to say that I felt it a few times when I dated Kendra and Sally when we had the Andre and Patrick incidents…but I was jealous then. Derek's thoughts were even more confused now. Why do I feel jealous towards Devon and Casey?

Carter, Alex and Tyler looked confusedly between one another before shifting their gaze to their three stunned friends; Derek was shocked out of them all.

Tyler cleared his throat. "Ugh, Casey and Devon were best friends before they dated?" It came out as more of a question but Tyler wasn't sure if that was what Derek wanted, which didn't make sense to either of the university students.

Derek rubbed his hand over his face. "Yeah, that – that doesn't make sense." He protested, wishing that he had a bottle of beer in his possession at the moment.

Alex's brow furrowed in confusion. "You didn't know?"

Derek gave his friends an incredulous look. "Are you fucking kidding me? I just found out that she knew you guys, so how the hell would I have previously known that Devon was my stepsister's best friend?" His anger was rising the further he got into his rant because to the graduate, the new information just seemed all too surreal for him. He didn't want to believe any of it, he couldn't believe any of it. He was perfectly fine with the keener Casey that he had come to know inside and out over the past three years but now, he didn't know what to think about his stepsister.

Carter's hands where up in a surrendering motion. "Relax D, it's just hard to process the idea that you didn't know." He explained calmly, remembering perfectly that Derek had a temper at times. Carter had to hold back a smug smirk because he had a slight idea of what the true source of Derek's outburst was coming from.

Tyler took another sip of his beer. "Yeah, I mean, we all know Casey has a mysterious side to her but we figured you would've known since you've been living with her." He rambled on with his explanation, but that only caused the recent graduates to look between themselves with confused expressions on their faces before they looked to their older friends.

"A what side?" Ralph questioned.

Carter, Alex and Tyler could hear the genuine confusion in Ralph's voice over the music. They kind of figured that it was just Ralph not putting the pieces together fast enough, but that idea was thrown out the window when they saw the confused looks on both Sam and Derek's faces.

"Wait, do you know anything about Casey's time in Toronto?" Carter asked, immediately getting a negative nod from Ralph.

Derek shrugged nonchalantly, even though he was dying of curiosity inside. "Not really, she doesn't talk about her past that much."

"That's because you were never interested." Sam retorted back, remembering back to when Casey first moved to London and how Derek wanted absolutely nothing to do with her except to mess with her life.

"Well, you dated her Sam, so did she talk about her past at all?" Derek challenged his best friend, not wanting to admit that his statement before was true. That bit of news caused the three university students to stare wide-eyed at Sam, who none of them knew, had dated Casey.

Sam saw everyone's eyes on him and gulped. "Not really, just vague points and that was it." He confessed as he remembered the short time where he and Casey had dated, which had consisted of more fights than getting-to-know-you moments.

Derek smirked victoriously. "So I'm not the only one in the dark then." Derek turned from his best friend to his hockey buddies. "Care to share boys?"

Carter scratched the back of his neck, a little hesitant on telling them about his good friend's past. "I dunno, it's not really our story to tell."

Derek glared at the reluctant hockey player. "Don't pull that bull on me, Carter. You guys are talking about Casey in a way that I don't recognize and I'm her god damn stepbrother! I deserve to know." He argued back, not really sure where his sudden need to know the truth about Casey was coming from, but all he knew was that the questions weren't going to stop unless he knew what they were talking about.

Tyler smirked. "C'mon Carter, what harm would it do?" He challenged his friend, hoping that he would help him out with the telling of Casey McDonald's time in Toronto since Alex might put up a bit of resistance.

Carter groaned. "I swear Ty, if she finds out, I am not taking the blame for it. You got that?" He gave his friend a look that told him he wasn't kidding around. Carter was very good friends with Casey and he didn't want her being mad at him and he's seen what she's like if someone crosses her. It's not like he wants her to treat him the same way she treats Alex.

Tyler waved off his friend's slight warning. "Whatever man, I still can't believe you're still scared of Casey."

Derek' eyebrow quirked up in amusement at the idea of Carter being scared of Casey. Granted, there were times in the past when Casey was so intense that it did freak Derek out a bit, like when she was freaking out about Ralph being in love with her that one weekend and none of her tactics to get Ralph to change his mind had worked.

Carter rolled his eyes. "I was never scared of Casey. I'm just fully aware of what she's capable of, unlike you, who still has his head up in the clouds when it concerns her." He retorted back with a smug smile directed at Tyler, who was gritting his teeth.

"Do not."

Alex rolled his eyes as he took another swig from his beer. It was no secret to the guys that Tyler was lusting after Casey during her time with them. Tyler never acted on it because of his girlfriend of the time but there were always those subtle glances he made towards the brunette while he tried to suppress his curiosity.

Carter scoffed. "Do too. Take your own advice to Alex and give it up."

Tyler shrugged, not really denying the little infatuation he had. All I want is one kiss. He thought to himself. "Can't blame a guy for dreaming now, can you?" He questioned before taking a small sip of his beer.

Carter rolled his eyes. "Just be glad that Devon isn't the jealous type otherwise he would've been kicking your ass a long time ago, whether you were friends or not."

Tyler scoffed. "You're overreacting."

Derek saw the smug smirk form on Carter's face as he directed his attention to his friend. "Am I? Devon is the most protective guy over Casey that I have ever met and that was once they became friends. Add the protection of him being her best friend and boyfriend…"

Derek was taken back by Carter's comment, not truly believing in what he was hearing. Did Devon care that much for Casey?

Tyler groaned. "Yeah, yeah, I get it."

Derek quickly looked between Carter and Tyler. "Well, I don't, so start over."

Alex moaned as he started rubbing the sides of his head, irritated about the constant talk about his ex-girlfriend. "Must we talk about Casey?"

"I rather not but I want answers and I know that she won't give them to me herself." Derek nonchalantly stated, trying to make it sound like he only wanted to know out of curiosity and the mere fact that he could learn something to use against his stepsister later. It's not like I'm truly interested about her past...right? He couldn't help but silently question his sudden interest.

Carter turned to Alex. "Can't you guys put your differences aside for one night?" He asked as he referred to the bitterness Casey and Alex had towards one another earlier.

"I have nothing against Casey anymore, I'm over it." Alex reassured his friends because he too wasn't really sure why he was as hostile as he was with her earlier. They've hung out as a group after their break up so why did it seem like he was holding onto the grudge?

Derek scoffed. "Riiiight. So the bitterness between you two was always there?" He interjected with a raised brow, as if challenging the goalie to deny his statement.

"Shut up." Alex grumbled before taking a much needed swig from his beer.

"What happened anyways?" Ralph asked curiously.

Alex glared at the drumming graduate. "Let's just leave it at a drunken mistaken, okay?"

"I guess that's better than cheating on her when you're sober, huh?" Derek retorted with a slight glare, which caught Alex by surprise.

"How'd you-"

"She mentioned her rules system earlier, which I'm still confused about, but anyways, she said her recent ex and you broke the same rule. She dumped the scum since he cheated, therefore…" Derek trailed off since everyone else seemed to make the connection.

Sam looked at his friends with a puzzled expression. "What rules exactly are we talking about?"

The three university students looked between each other before coming to a silent conclusion that Alex would be the one to explain that part of Casey's past since he had personal experience with the situation.

And so, Alex told the three graduates what exactly Casey's dating rules were when it came to her time at Fletcher Academy. He told them about the time limit (six dates in one week), her reasons for dating (nothing serious, just out to have a blast), her motives (like her subtle hints to initiate anything like a kiss) and her rules that would terminate the fling prematurely if they were ever broken (like cheating on her or forcing themselves onto her). Alex even went as far as sharing the fact that he did have fun with Casey on their dates and that he was stupid enough to get drunk during his limited time with her.

Derek was having trouble absorbing Alex's compliments about Casey when they had dated. He couldn't believe it since him and Alex were similar in many aspects (but not so extensively), so Derek couldn't fathom how Alex would enjoy the brunette's company while Derek couldn't stand living or being in her presence a majority of the time since they've met. Sure Derek and Casey have had their rare moments and they have become tolerable to one another over the years but with Alex's description, 15-year old Derek should have gotten along quite well when he first met Casey. Why wasn't that the case? Derek couldn't help but wonder.

There were many questions about why guys would date Casey if they knew that they only had a week with her and that's where Tyler started his explanation, which revolved around the rumors about the legendary brunette that had circulated throughout their all-boys high school. Tyler justified that part of his infatuation towards Casey was because of the rumors since he wanted to know for himself whether they were true or not. He told the wide-eyed graduates how everyone wanted some face time with the new, hot Fletcher Freshman since she was able to turn a date into an amazing time before anything intimate would happen between them. She was deemed legendary due to all the great opinions guys would have of her afterwards due to her charismatic ability to make them feel comfortable around her as if she's known them for a couple years and there was no awkwardness after the time was up.

Tyler was completely out of breath after all the praising he'd done on the brunette. "Does that answer questions?" He looked between his shocked friends, who were still digesting the information.

Derek cleared his throat. "That doesn't sound like my stepsister at all. She doesn't party, she doesn't date a lot since she's always absorbed into her school work-" He honestly stated as he looked back towards the dance floor to see her slow dancing with Devon even though the music was a little fast for it.

"That didn't seem to change." Carter interrupted causing the boys to furrow their brows in confusion.

Ralph tilted his head in confusion. "What part?"

Carter shrugged. "School work. Somehow, Casey always managed to finish any school work before school hours were up. She rarely did anything school related after hours unless there was a project or a test coming up or if it was one of her clubs." He explained, reassuring the fact that Casey was still focused on her academics even when she was a 'serial dater'.

"Therefore, leaving her open to date, party, go to games and hang out with us." Tyler concluded.

"Every night?" Derek asked in disbelief since Casey rarely went anywhere fun unless it was the weekend. She was either at Emily's house, school or the library.

Alex nodded his head. "Basically yeah."

"What about her mom?" Sam added in, causing Derek to nod along with his approval for the question.

Carter smirked as he remembered meeting Casey's optimistic mother one time. "As long as Casey maintained her grades, her mom let Casey do whatever she wanted since she was responsible enough to take care of herself. She even joked around sometimes that she was responsible enough to live out of a hotel room if she wanted to." He laughed whenever he thought of the idea, which the brunette had brought up multiple times in the past. Every time she said it, it was always in a way that no one ever knew if she was dead serious or just fooling around with the idea but she did always laugh it off.

Derek smirked as the comment described Casey's responsibility to a tee. His expression faltered a bit when he remembered something Tyler had said moments ago. "Wait, games?" He questioned as he looked towards Tyler.

Tyler furrowed his brow in confusion due to the puzzled look on Derek's face but he answered the question. "Yeah, mainly hockey games but if she dated a jock and he happened to have a game during their week together, she'd go and cheer him on before celebrating at the party with everyone else."

Derek and Sam's eyes widened once again as they looked to one another.

"Hockey games?" Sam asked; in need of some clarification.

Carter nodded his head. "Yeah, after she started hanging with Devon and the rest of us, she came to our practices and games. She's very supportive."

Derek and Sam continued to stare at Carter in shock, remembering all the times that Casey had told them she despised the game or how she thought it was barbaric or an immature sport.

"What?" Alex grumbled, not really like the looks on his friends' faces.

Sam shook his head while Derek scratched the back of his neck.

"Nothing, it's just she's shown a dislike for hockey ever since she's moved in with me and my family." Derek explained as he tried to make sense of all the new 'Casey facts' he's been learning that night.

Alex took another gulp of his beverage. "Maybe you should ask her about that." He suggested and Derek couldn't help but agree with his goalie friend as he looked out onto the dance floor to see his stepsister still dancing with his good friend.

He was about to return his focus back to his friends, not wanting to feel the unknown feelings again when he looked at the way Casey was with Devon, but he couldn't turn his attention away because something wasn't right.

Something's wrong with Casey.


Casey was having a blast dancing with Devon as she allowed herself to act so carefree and being herself once again but she suddenly felt her body tense up all of a sudden. She was still dancing but her body was more rigid and she couldn't figure out why. She was still dancing very close to Devon, so he noticed her tense up but he too didn't understand the cause of it.

"You okay?" Devon whispered into her ear as she slowed down her dancing, as she tried to figure out why her body felt like she was on high alert.

"I dunno." She replied back while trying to place the feeling she was having. She's had it before, many times she's sure, but she knows for a fact that she hadn't felt it in awhile.

Casey couldn't help but look towards the table where they had left their friends as the sinking feeling inside of her kept growing. She locked eyes with Derek, who had his head cocked to the side as he looked at her questioningly, and she couldn't help the deep breath she let out after seeing that he was fine as he was surrounded by his friends but the feeling was still there.

Casey's eyes widened when another thought entered her mind, causing her to rip her gaze from Derek and to focus on the area where the pool tables were located. She searched for the two people she needed to see and she didn't like what she was seeing, the reason for her high alert response.

Before Devon could process anything, Casey was pushing her way through the crowd as she made her way towards the back, not liking the fact that her older brother had gotten himself into a little situation.


When Derek locked eyes with Casey, he could sense that something was wrong with her and he knew he was right by the worried expression he saw on Devon's face. Derek had this sudden need to go to Casey and ask her what was wrong and why she was acting the way she was but before he knew it, she broke their eye contact to look towards the pool tables prior to taking off in that direction.

He turned to see Devon trying to get Casey's attention before he went after her himself.

Before Derek knew it, he was out of his seat and making his way towards Casey's destination. He ignored the rest of his friends' questions because he didn't care as he went after her. All he knew was that deep down inside him, Casey needed his help and he felt inclined to give it to her, unknown feelings aside.