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Chapter 8: Hunter's Bar and Grill


Derek smirked. He didn't know why but he just had this building feeling that something different was going to happen. He wasn't worried since this was a good gut feeling like when he'd play hockey and he just knew that they would win. "Relax guys. I have a feeling that tonight will be a night that we won't forget."

Ralph was nodding along in agreement while Sam sat frozen in his seat with his drink half way to his mouth. Derek saw his friend's weird pause and looked at him strangely.

"What's eating you, Sammy?" Derek questioned causing Sam to lower his drink and gulp a bit, still looking off into the crowd.

"You still have that good feeling, D?" Sam asked nervously causing Derek to following his friend's stare out of curiosity.

Derek was about to tell Sam that he worried too much but that was before he set his eyes on a familiar brunette who was laughing with two smiling guys flanking both her sides as they walked further into Hunter's Bar and Grill.

Derek's mouth hung open at the sight. Oh no.


[Sat. June 26, 2004]

Moments Earlier:

"We need some ground rules." Sam stated as Dean turned into the parking lot for Hunter's Bar and Grill.

Dean and Casey both groaned in their seats.

"Why must you suck the fun out of everything, Sammy? We're at a bar to have some fun." Dean told his brother as he turned the Impala off after parking under the parking lot's light. No idiot is gonna steal my baby while it's in the light. The oldest Winchester mused to himself.

Sam looked pointedly at his brother. "Correction, we're now at a bar with Casey. So first rule…" Sam turned around to address his little sister, "We have to have you in our sights at all times."

Dean gave an 'are you kidding me' look to Sam.

Casey's eyes widened. "What? What do you think could possibly happen?"

She looked between both brothers and she saw Dean's jaw tense up, as possible 'worst case scenarios' ran through his mind while Sam gave Dean a 'do you agree with me now' look.

"Wait, don't answer that." Casey added in before Dean said anything.

"I actually agree with that rule." Dean turned around in his seat to face Casey. "If you're gonna drink, we need to keep an eye on you." After Dean ended the serious part of his little speech, he started to smirk. "Plus we have to look out for any potential threats."

Casey rolled her eyes, "Are you seriously referring to my potential dates as threats?"

"Yes, yes I am." Dean said in a nonchalant way.

Sam was trying to hold back a laugh due to his brother's antics.

"I can handle myself with the guys, Dean. I've proved that already and I'll give the same mini speech I gave during freshman year with the added bonus of saying 'my brothers are watching out for me' to them this time." Casey defended while smirking as she gave Dean the 'just watch me' look.

He laughed. Yup, that's my sister. "Good."

Sam cleared his throat. "You're really going to hate this one, Dean. No hook ups tonight." Sam was directing that rule to his older brother, who snapped his attention to Sam, as his eyes dilated in shock.


Casey laughed at Dean's reaction.

Dean glared at her, causing her to immediately cover her mouth as she tried to smother her laugh.

Sam shrugged as if it were no big deal what he was asking of Dean. "Can't have you ditching us tonight, plus I rather not get kicked out of the motel room tonight and I think Casey agrees with me on that one."

Casey nodded along in agreement.

Dean grumbled a few profanities to himself as he got out of the Impala. Sam and Casey looked to each other, stifling a laugh each before they themselves got out of the Impala.

"Well if that's the case, the same goes for the both of you." Dean finally retorted once Sam and Casey shut their doors, allowing Dean to lock his car up.

Casey gasped in mock surprise as she placed a hand dramatically over her heart. "What type of girl do you think I am, Dean?"

Dean gave Casey a pointed look but both his siblings could tell that he was amused by her theatrics. "My sister."

Casey took a moment to think that over. "Good point."

Sam laughed while Dean rolled his eyes before directing his attention to his brother.

"What about you, Sam? Think you can handle it?" Dean challenged as the trio made their way towards the bar.

"I can handle it a lot better than you, Dean." Sam confidently stated, knowing that his brother would have a hard time with the rule tonight.

Dean scoffed. "We'll see."

Casey paused in her tracks once she was off the road. "Hang on…"

Sam and Dean stopped in their tracks and looked behind them.

"We can still have fun with dates right? Or am I seriously stuck with you guys because I know for a fact that you won't want to dance." Casey continued, causing Sam to shake his head and for Dean to snicker to himself.

"Relax Case. We enter with just us three; we leave with just us three." Sam confirmed, getting an understanding nod from Casey.

"Fine, as lame as it is, I'll go with it." Dean didn't like this rule one bit and both of his siblings knew it.

I am definitely a hypocrite. Dean smirked at the thought. At least I had my fun last night, that's gonna have to do for now.

Casey smiled as she quickly walked to catch up to her brothers. "Excellent, let the partying begin, boys." She stated as she rushed past them, thrilled to have some real fun; Winchester style.

"Oh no. What have we done, Sam?" Dean said in mock horror as he saw his sister's excitement.

"Quick, grab her and let's get out of here." Sam suggested as he played along with his brother.

Casey laughed, before turning around to face her smiling brothers, who continued to walk towards her as she waited by the entrance. It's good to have them back. She mused to herself.

"Guys relax. Like you keep telling me, have fun. There's nothing stopping us now." Casey finished as Sam opened the door for her. Casey walked right in, followed by Sam with Dean taking up the rear.

"In that case, let the fun begin." Sam quipped as he stood by Casey as she took the crowded place in.

Dean walked up to stand on Casey's free side. "To the bar!" Dean smirked as his younger siblings laughed as they headed toward the crowded bar.


Dean was leading his siblings to the bar while a distracted Casey was taking in the bar's surroundings with Sam behind her (as he made sure she didn't get lost in the crowd). It wasn't like Casey had never been inside a bar before but it was the fact that it had been too damn long for her.

Growing up, the Winchesters were either seen at motels, diners or bars if they weren't researching for a hunt. She remembered one of her favorite past times being the time when their father was teaching them how to play pool. Naturally John was focused on teaching Dean first since he would be old enough to understand it better but Dean would pass along his lessons to Sam and Casey before John got around to teaching the other two how to play. Plus pool for the Winchesters could always be for work or for play; it could go either way.

Casey was too caught up in her memory to notice the nudge in her back but after a few times, she turned to face her brother. "What?"

Sam smirked at his sister. He noticed her demeanor had changed while they followed Dean and when he tried getting her attention, she didn't budge until after the third or forth nudge in her back. "You okay? Your attention seemed to be somewhere else just now."

Casey smiled. "I'm great." She beamed before turning around to find Dean already sitting at the bar, watching and waiting for them to join him.

Sam chuckled to himself as he saw Casey practically rush over to Dean.

Dean snickered at his sister's excitement. He definitely missed having her around. She would bring excitement to practically anything she wanted and it would be like a contagious reaction.

When his sister was finally in earshot, Dean greeted her once again. "Took you long enough." He joked as Casey took the bar stool right beside him. "I saw the faraway look, care to share?"

Casey smirked. "Nope."

Dean scoffed. "It better not be about lover boy." He quipped, causing Casey to laugh while Sam finally took a seat on Casey's other side.

"Not that time."

Dean groaned while holding a hand up to tell her to stop any future comment.

Casey rolled her eyes.

Sam looked confusingly between his siblings. "What'd I miss?"

"Nothing, Sammy." Dean told his little brother, hoping to spare him of any details before signaling a bartender over to them. Don't get him wrong, Dean wasn't against Casey's feelings towards a certain teenager, it's just he wasn't use to those comments coming from his baby sister. That has definitely changed in the past four years.

A few moments later a guy who seemed to be a year or two older than Casey with short blonde hair approached the Winchesters.

"Welcome to Hunter's Bar and Grill. What can I get for you tonight?" The bartender greeted while looking between the three Winchesters, his eyes lingering on Casey a little longer.

Casey smiled while Sam smirked when he caught his brother giving the bartender a subtle death glare.

Dean cleared his throat, catching the bartender's attention before he ordered three tequila shots.

The bartender looked skeptically towards Casey. "I hate to ask but do you have some ID?"

Casey expected this so she rummaged through her leather coat's inside pockets for her driver's license.

"Dude why do you seem disappointed when you asked her that?" Dean questioned while she got her ID out of her coat.

The bartender sighed. "A lot of teenagers tonight are trying to get drinks and think just because it's another graduation night that we'll let it slide, I've had to ask the question a lot tonight."

"Can't have drunk teenagers taking over this fine establishment now can we." Dean mused loudly as Casey passed the bartender her driver's license. He gave a chuckle to the older Winchester's comment before reading over the youngest Winchester's license, but his eyes seemed to freeze on one bit of information and the awaiting trio tensed when they saw it.

"Is something wrong?" Casey nervously asked. There shouldn't be a problem; all the info on there is accurate. She thought worriedly.

"No, it's just…" The confused bartender didn't get to finish as he caught sight of an older man walking towards him with a questioning look at the young bartender.

The Winchesters looked between one another and they seemed to have the same thought about the older man. Boss.

"Is everything okay here?" The older man questioned the bartender, who continued to stare at Casey's license.

"Yeah, huh, could you just take a look at this?" The young man hesitantly passed the driver's license over towards his boss, causing all the Winchesters to become worried.

The Boss Man took a quick glance at the ID, before handing it back to his employee looking annoyed. "She's of age, so what's the problem?"

The younger man didn't take the license back but he looked his boss directly in the eye. "Did you check the name?" He suggested, causing the older man to roll his eyes before doing what his employee suggested. After a few moments, the Boss' eyes froze just like the bartender's had before, his eyebrow quirked up as if he was collecting his thoughts.

The eldest Winchester didn't like the exchange between the boss and his employee when it came to his little sister's ID. "Casey?" He whispered to his sister, hoping she'd give him a hint as to whether she knew why they were so interested in her license. She didn't lie about her age, the Boss already confirmed that, unless…

The Boss Man made eye contact with the graduate. "Winchester?" The Boss Man didn't see the brothers' eyes widen but he did hear the groan that came from Dean when he dropped his head in his hands while his elbows rested on the bar. Damn it!

Casey gulped. "Yeah." She didn't understand why these two were so interested in her last name the way they were. She had a sinking feeling that maybe it was her name that caught their attention since as far as London, Ontario was concerned, she was Casey McDonald.

The Boss Man's eyebrow was still quirked up but now he had a small smirk showing. "As in John Winchester?"

Dean's head snapped up to look at the Boss Man in shock while both Sam and Casey's jaws fell slack.

"How do you know our dad?" Sam finally asked after a few moments of shocked silence from the Winchesters.

From the moment that Derek set his eyes on the familiar brunette that entered the bar, he was both shocked and furious. Shocked that his keener stepsister would be at a bar and furious for the fact that the Winchesters would bring her to a place like this. They practically told Nora that her daughter would be in good hands yet here they are. He just couldn't believe it.

He watched as his stepsister laughed with the tallest Winchester while they both followed the older Winchester to the bar. He could see Casey looking around, probably seeing the new environment that he knew she'd never stepped foot in, while he caught Sam Winchester trying to nudge for her attention. He could see the smile before she seemed to rush over towards Dean Winchester, who was seated at the bar waiting.

Derek took a sip of his drink as he grumbled about his luck. He figured he'd see Casey at the grad party, so he was hoping for a few hours away from her so he didn't have to see the tears that were expected to come. Stupid graduation sentiments.

Ralph's gaze continued to follow the new customers to the bar. "Dude, was that…"

Derek nodded his head before taking another sip of his drink. "Yup."

Ralph whistled. "Hell D, your stepsister is looking-"

"Different?" Sam offered but he had a pretty good idea which word Ralph was going to say. Hot.

Ralph smirked when he looked towards his friends. "Not the word that I was gonna use, but yeah!" He finished with a 'duh' tone. He may still have Amanda as his girlfriend but it wasn't everyday you saw one of your friends dressing differently than they normally would; that's just asking for a reaction.

Derek groaned. "Great, I can't believe she's even here." He complained. He had caught a couple of guys' heads turn when Casey walked in and he wasn't having a good feeling about it.

Sam saw his best friend's irritation. "Maybe she just wants to celebrate." He suggested while he tried to get a view of his good friend/ex-girlfriend from the bar. Please let that be the reason. He pleaded in his mind. Sure, he cared for Casey but that's what friends do, they watch out and care for one another but Sam had a feeling deep down that that wasn't the reason why his best friend was irritated all of a sudden.

Derek looked to Sam as he quirked an eyebrow. "With alcohol? Are you forgetting this is my keener stepsister we're talking about? She doesn't go near the stuff."

"It's not like she's gonna have any luck here." Ralph mumbled before taking a sip of his pop. That got Derek and Sam's attention.

"What'd you mean?" Sam asked in confusion, wondering what his friend knew that they didn't.

Ralph sighed, wondering how he was the first to think of this. Ralph turned to Derek. "You're older Derek and if you can't get a drink…"

Derek smirked once he caught on. "She can't get a drink."

"Then why would she waste her time? This isn't her type of scene." Sam mused out loud even though it was exactly what they were doing, but they liked coming to the bar and grill, they were use to it. Casey, on the other hand, hadn't stepped anywhere near a place like this.

"Try her luck maybe…" Derek spoke before he found his stepsister again at the bar reaching into her leather jacket to retrieve her ID for the bartender who couldn't stop smiling at her.

The three graduates watched their valedictorian give her ID to the bartender only to see him moments later tensing up and looking between the plastic card and the girl in question before an older guy came up to join them. They watched the little scene with no clue what they were saying but they saw the young bartender hand Casey's ID over to the older man. The older man had paused just like his employee and he must have said something because the graduates could see from their seats that Casey and both Winchesters had tensed in their seats.

Derek smirked. "I think she got busted." He said in a sing-song voice.

Ralph tilted his head to the side as he watched the bar from his seat. "Then why is the old guy laughing?"

"No way…" The Boss Man said in disbelief as he looked over his three new customers, "…damn you kids grew up!" He chuckled about how long it has been since that unfortunate time in his life. Seems like another lifetime ago, sometimes.

Dean looked to his younger siblings, who just shrugged in confusion before he looked to the older man. "Beg pardon?"

Boss Man smirked as the Winchesters saw a glassy look in the man's eye. "First time I saw John Winchester, his son was a senior and his two youngsters were rivaling in height." He laughed at the memory, while the young bartender shook his head in amusement at his boss' description. He remembered the teenage boy protecting his younger siblings whenever they were together and if they had to be separated, he would tell the little boy to watch out for their little sister while she held her grip around his leg, telling him not to go yet, that it wasn't his time to leave them yet. He thought the dynamic between the siblings was amazing and he had a feeling that their dynamic only strengthened with time.

Dean chuckled at the last comment as he pictured him and his siblings like Boss Man had described. Damn, has it been that long already? "Dude, that was six years ago, now I don't think anybody could rival against Sammy's height."

Casey was smiling as she stifled her laugh, while Sam was smirking when he remembered the brief time when Casey was taller than him.

Sam cleared his throat, "But how do you know our dad?"

Boss Man sobered up from the laugh as he looked to each Winchester, he had a slight idea which brother was who but then again, he was getting old, so enough said. "We use to live in Michigan, we had a wolf problem in town and unfortunately it got my wife."

Casey remembered that hunt. She was twelve when there was a werewolf problem in Michigan. She only remembered because a couple months later, Sam had to write a paper about his summer for school and he wrote about the werewolf that they had hunted. Fortunately, Sam didn't get penalized for writing a fiction piece when it was a nonfiction assignment.

"I'm sorry again." She gave her condolences to Boss Man.

Boss Man gave a sad smile and it appeared that the young bartender bowed his head down in sympathy. "It's not your fault, she was infected and going after the rest of the people that I love." He sighed.

The Winchester siblings looked between each other and they could tell that they all remembered which hunt the Boss Man was victim to now; wife turned werewolf goes after family to get them to turn with her.

"I understood then, I understand now." He concluded, which got Casey to sigh. Even though she loved that she was able to help people, it was tough knowing that there are families out there that have been victimized like them; only her family decide to fight back.

"So when did you move here then?" Sam gently asked.

Boss Man placed the plastic card down behind the counter before he poured himself a quick drink. He quickly gulped it down, allowing a hiss to escape through his teeth, causing Dean to quirk an eyebrow at the action. "About a month or two afterwards, couldn't really stay there, you know."

The Winchesters just nodded in understanding.

A few moments later, Boss Man's demeanor changed from a mourning husband to an upbeat head bartender. "Anyways, I'm Charlie Galloway, owner of this fine establishment…"

Dean interrupted with a smile on his face, "And it's a fine establishment indeed."

Charlie, aka Boss Man, smirked at the compliment. "Thanks and this is my son, Brandon…" Charlie pointed to the young bartender that had originally asked for Casey's ID and he just gave a slight wave as he stood behind his father, yet close enough to hear the conversation, "…my daughter Miranda is around here somewhere." Charlie continued as he looked along the sides to see if he could see his oldest child.

Brandon, aka young bartender, shook his head in amusement. "She's on break, Dad."

Charlie sighed. "Right." He always forgot that his daughter took breaks without him knowing, she usually told Brandon just so that her father/boss couldn't stop her from taking her break when she wanted. She was a great employee, always staying for longer shifts but it meant she took mini breaks whenever she wanted.

Dean chuckled. "It's good to meet you…again. I'm Dean Winchester. That's my brother Sam…" Dean pointed to Sam, who gave a polite nod when acknowledged. "…and my sister Casey." Casey beamed a smile when she was acknowledged, causing Brandon to smile, which Dean noticed.

Charlie smiled when he looked at the youngest Winchester. "Of course." Dean, Sam and Casey Winchester; wonder where their father is.

Casey gave a shy smile towards the owner. "Any chance I could get my license back?"

Dean's slight tension defused with his sister's words, causing him to laugh.

Charlie reached behind the counter where he placed the plastic card and handed it to teenager. "Right, here…I still can't believe how much the three of you have grown." He mused out loud before turning around to look at his son. "Brandon, get them their original order while I chat with our old pals."

Brandon smirked at his father before turning to their past saviors. "Sure, three tequila shots?" Brandon questioned, getting three nods in agreement before he left to retrieve the requested drinks.

Charlie turned back around to face the Winchesters. "So what brings you folks up this far?"

Sam scratched the back of his neck, nervously. "Well Mr. Galloway-"

"Please, call me Charlie." The owner cut the middle Winchester off.

Sam nodded in understanding, while Dean looked at his brother curiously due to his odd behavior.

Dean took over for Sam. "Well Charlie, Casey graduated today so Sam and I drove up here to celebrate with her." Dean slung an arm around Casey as he pulled her into a tight side hug, showing that he was proud of his little sister.

Casey continued to smile as her oldest brother hugged her. I missed these moments. She mused to herself.

Brandon returned with their shots and sees his father grinning like a Cheshire cat. "Well that is definitely a reason to celebrate." Brandon was confused but he didn't mention it as he placed the tequila shots in front of the Winchesters (mainly Casey). She smiled as thanks since Charlie wasn't done talking as he turned to his son. "Brandon, the Winchesters' drinks for the night…are on the house."

Brandon nodded in agreement.

All the Winchesters' eyes widened. "What?" The trio questioned simultaneously.

"That's very kind of you, Charlie, but we can't…" Casey stuttered a bit, still in a slight shock from the generous offer the older man made.

Sam and Dean were flabbergasted, they've never gotten that kind of acknowledgment from an old case before, usually if there was a 'thank you' involved, it was given before the hunters left town with the knowledge of never running into those they helped again. This was a new thing for all three of them.

Charlie waved his hand as if the offer was nothing. "Course you can. If it weren't for your family, my family may not even be here today." He paused as he tried to figure out what to say to have them accept his offer. "Think of it as a thank you."

Sam's mouth kept opening and closing without a sound until something finally came out. "Wow, that's very generous of you, Charlie."

Charlie shrugged. "It's nothing compared to what your family does…" Charlie turned down to view the far end of the bar where he had heard one of his other bartenders' calling for him. "…I better get back, don't leave without saying goodbye now." Charlie tapped the bar's counter top before he moved to assist his other employee.

"We won't, thanks Charlie!" Casey beamed, showing obvious appreciation in her voice.

Charlie looked back and nodded before whispering something to Brandon, then he headed to the other end of the bar.

"I can honestly say that I wasn't expecting that." Dean voiced as he dragged one of the tequila shots closer to him.

"I think none of us were." Sam responded while he followed his brother's action.

Casey looked to Brandon, who still stood before the Winchesters. "That's why you reacted the way you did to my name."

Brandon nodded. "I was old enough to remember what happened but my Dad always made sure that my sister and I never forgot the name of the family that saved us." He chuckled a bit before he continued. "I never thought I'd see the name again so it caught me off guard."

Dean chuckled, "Now that's another first, our name is usually feared."

Casey smirked at Dean. "A little dramatic don't you think?"

Dean gave his sister a serious look. "Nope."

Sam cleared his throat, hoping to defuse the anxiety between his siblings, while Brandon tried to mind his own business by wiping some of the empty glasses dry from the bar. "How about a toast for these shots?"

Dean gave his brother a 'what the hell' look, causing Sam to shrug but it was Casey who spoke. "Yeah, these would be the first drinks that we have together."

Dean shook his head in disagreement as he remembered that one time when he was twenty-one and he got Casey and Sam to share a beer with him at the motel. "Not really." He quipped.

His sister turned to glare at him for being difficult. "In a bar, yes." She gritted through her teeth, causing Dean to smirk.

"Technicalities." Dean waved it off nonchalantly.

Casey huffed. "So? I wanna do it." She glared at her oldest brother and after seeing him roll his eyes, she turned to Sam, who had an amused expression on his face. "We each pick one and we drink for all three with these shots." She glanced at her own tequila shot before her.

Dean groaned. "You got lamer while you've been away, haven't you?"

The two younger Winchesters glared at their older sibling.

Dean put his hands up to surrender, not really in the mood to fight with them yet he didn't want to do the whole emotions bit. "Fine, how's this for a toast; freedom. We have nothing to hold us back now."

Casey smiled at Dean for his cooperation causing him to grin. Only for my baby sister. He thought to himself as he then followed Casey's gaze and looked to Sam.

Sam nodded, "How about family; we've been scattered across the country and now we're together again."

Casey's smile got wider.

Dean groaned again. "Can you get any sappier, Samantha?" He quipped, causing Sam to scoff at the old joke of a nickname.

Casey lightly punched Dean in the arm, causing him to laugh. "Can it, Dean. And I agree with both." She looked between both her brothers before she continued. "And for the last one, how about to the future; we continue with the family business and avenge Mom while trying to live life to it's fullest as much as we can." She finished as she held her tequila shot in the air.

"To the three 'F's then." Sam added as he raised his own shot glass to align with Casey's.

Casey laughed. "Never thought I'd be toasting to that letter grade."

Dean snickered as he raised his shot glass.

"Bottoms up." Dean stated causing all three Winchesters to clink their glasses together before they brought their shot glasses to their lips as they gulped down the tequila at the same time before simultaneously placing the glass back on the bar counter.

Both Dean and Sam let out a breath, while Casey let a small hiss escape as the unfamiliar liquid slid down her throat.

Dean saw her reaction. "You good?"

Casey nodded yes.

Dean hummed, "What's next then?"

Casey smirked as she looked up at the young bartender. "Brandon, how about a round of scotch this time?"

Since none of the boys could see any of their faces, they could only go off of the two bartenders' expression to see how the confrontation was going. Sometimes they would get a glimpse of Sam Winchester's face but they tended to duck out of the way just in case he spotted them.

The trio were curious as to why the older bartender would be chuckling; for as long as they have been there, he's only friendly like that to his favorite regulars but tonight, Casey and the Winchesters were getting that special treatment. Why is that?

"What do you think they're talking about?" Ralph questioned while still watching the bar.

Derek shrugged his shoulders. "No clue."

On the other hand, Sam's attention was diverted to his vibrating cell phone.

"Check it out, the younger guy's leaving." Ralph pointed out as the blonde bartender who was smiling at Casey earlier headed towards the other end of the bar.

"I guess the older one wanted to serve them." Derek sneered as if the possibility of them getting served bothered him.

It shouldn't matter, Sam and Dean are obviously old enough to have drinks but why am I acting bitter towards the idea? Derek mused to himself before a name popped into his mind. Casey.

"What'd I miss?" Sam piped up after pocketing his phone and looking between his friends.

Derek snapped out of his thoughts before he thought too much into his reaction. "Just a switch in service. Aren't you watching?" He questioned as he turned to Sam.

Sam shrugged. "Got a text."

"From?" Derek pressed on the subject.

"The T.O. group. They'll be here in a few minutes." Sam explained as he turned his attention back to the bar as he grabbed his glass to take a sip of his pop.

Derek did a double take. "Wait, they're coming here?"

Sam quirked his eyebrow at his best friend. "Yeah D, you blew them off when you went down there for that party but you never met up with them after dropping Casey off. Besides we hung out when they graduated, now they're just returning the gesture."

Derek remembered. He was supposed to drive Casey and Vicky to that party down in Toronto before meeting up with some of his hockey buddies. He never planned on staying for the party but that blonde girl had convinced him, plus that whole situation with Casey and Truman.

Derek groaned at the memory. "I don't need a lecture about ditching."

Sam held his hands up in surrender. "Wasn't gonna give you one. It was a good thing you didn't go, otherwise who knows what Casey would have done to get home."

"Don't wanna think about that either, but they're gonna be pissed when they see me." Derek voiced as he finished off his pop.

After what happened between Casey and Truman, Derek was kind of glad that he never went to see his hockey buddies because he wasn't sure what Casey would have done in her state of mind if he wasn't there. Vicky definitely would have been no help. He thought to himself.

Over the past few years it has been tough meeting up with their Toronto hockey buddies due to school. Most of their friends from Toronto are a year older so last year they had to deal with university applications and this year was their freshman year so everyone understood that it wasn't so easy driving between London and Toronto whenever they wanted to hang out or have a pick up game of hockey.

Sam sighed, "No they won't, told them you had a family emergency."

Derek tilted his head to the side, not believing that his older friends accepted that as an answer. "That's it?"

Sam nodded his head up and down. "Yeah, they'll probably ask more about it when they get here but yeah, just say you're sister needed your help." He finished as he took a couple more sips from his pop.

"Step-sister." Derek replied instinctively.

"Same difference." Sam replied automatically.

Derek groaned. "No it's not." He couldn't believe that his best friend would say something like that; he knew how much those four little letters mattered. It represented the fact that he was in no way related to Casey and why would he want to be? He was cool, she wasn't and it would be impossible to even see them being blood related with how opposite they were from each other. That explanation had been brought up multiple times in the past by both parties involved but for some reason lately, Derek had this sinking feeling that those four little letters stood for a lot more; he just wasn't sure what it meant exactly.

Before Sam could question Derek's reaction, Ralph interrupted them. "Guys, he's back and it seems like the older guy just told Casey some shocking news."

Derek and Sam looked to the bar and saw the young bartender had returned and they could see that Sam Winchester had a flabbergasted look on his face. Ralph had seen earlier the side hug that Dean had given Casey, but his friends didn't notice so he wasn't going to mention it.

"How can you tell?" Sam questioned as he looked back to his observant friend. Sometimes Ralph surprised him with his observant and insightful moments and then other times it's like the guy couldn't come up with a smart idea; most of the time, Sam just wondered how both sides belonged to the same person.

Ralph smirked. "I'm pretty sure she's the one I heard screaming 'what' moments ago." He explained as he did a little mimic moment when he quoted what he heard.

Derek was disappointed that he missed that but he made a point not to miss anything else.

They watched as the older man left the young bartender with Casey and the Winchesters. They still couldn't hear anything due to the establishment's crowd and sound system (Derek even wondered how loud Casey must have been earlier for Ralph to hear her), but Derek's eyes widened when he saw Casey and the Winchesters holding up shot glasses in their hands, as if making a toast.

The jaws of the three graduates dropped to the floor when they saw Casey drink the liquid in the small glass in the same fashion as the Winchester brothers. To say they were shocked was an understatement since they had just witnessed Casey having her first taste of alcohol in a place where Derek, the eldest of their trio, couldn't even get himself a beer.

"That must have been some ID she gave them." Ralph mused out loud as Derek groaned while placing his head in his hands. Could this night get any weirder?

The shocked trio were knocked out of their stupors when four guys approached their table with grins on their faces as they looked between the table's occupants and each other.

"Dudes, what's with the long faces?" The leader of the four guys spoke as he looked to Derek.

The grumbling Venturi finally looked up to see his visitors, coming face to face with his older hockey pals from Toronto.

Derek waved his hand as if it were nothing. "Trust me, you don't want to know."

"Oh, c'mon Derek. When you say stuff like that, that just peaks our interest even more." The leader quipped.

Derek chuckled. "I see university hasn't changed you one bit, Devon."

The leader smirked. "Why should it? It's just another challenge to overcome." Devon McCloud stated as he quirked his eyebrow in a challenging manner to Derek.

Devon McCloud became friends with Derek and Sam when they joined the same community hockey league when they were kids. Whenever Derek went to Toronto with his mom, she usually dropped him off with Devon for the day so they'd hang out at the arcade or at the ice rink. Even with Devon being a year older, he was still friends with Derek and Sam.

Derek nodded his head. "True."

"So how was the grad ceremony?" Devon questioned as he looked between the three new high school graduates.

"Yeah, did you pull your final senior prank?" Tyler Jacobs, another guy from the Toronto group, piped in.

Derek scoffed as if the question was ridiculous. "Of course."

"What was it?" Carter Wilson questioned as his curiosity was evident.

Derek smirked at the recent memory of his senior prank. "My grand entrance into the ceremony, just when they called me to get my diploma." He gave a mischievous grin while his hockey buddies gave a light laugh.

"Nothing sooner?" Alex Johnston, the final hockey bud questioned.

Derek shrugged his shoulders. "Wasn't allowed to do it sooner."

While Derek was answering the questions, Sam tried looking around for any nearby vacant chairs for their friends, while Ralph still watched Casey and the Winchesters drinking something new; possibly scotch from what Ralph could tell from the far distance between them.

Tyler tilted his head to the side, wondering what would have caused his friend to rethink his prank timing. "Why not? Usually nothing stops you with your pranks." He stated while he got agreeable nods from the rest of his roommates.

Derek fidgeted with his empty glass, wishing he still had a few more drops left to consume at the moment. "Dad warned me not to screw up the valedictorian's speech."

"Why would that matter?" Carter asked before he grabbed an empty chair and took a seat in it.

"It wouldn't if the valedictorian was anyone else and not my stepsister." Derek was annoyed with all the questions but he understood it, he hadn't seen these guys in a long time and meeting up always got harder with conflicting schedules.

Devon quirked an eyebrow as he vaguely remembered a message he got from Sam. "Same stepsister that you bailed out of trouble instead of hanging out with us when you said you were coming into town?" He questioned, causing Derek's head to whip around and glare at Sam.

"I thought you said you didn't say anything about it?" Derek asked in an angry tone. For some reason, Derek didn't like talking about Casey to his Toronto hockey friends. It's because they would ask all these questions about her that I'd rather not answer. He pondered to himself.

Sam shrugged his shoulders, but he was unfazed by Derek's tone; he kind of expected it. "I didn't, I just said that she was the reason for the 'emergency' and why you didn't hang out with them."

"What was the emergency?" Alex quipped since he wondered what would have caused Derek to back out of their plans as well as the origins to his sudden anger. Alex quickly found a vacant chair and planted himself in it, leaving Tyler and Devon left standing.

Derek sighed. "She caught her boyfriend cheating with her cousin so she ended the night early and I was her ride home."

A couple of hisses and a few whistles were released from the university students. "Ouch, that sucks." Carter sympathized to both Derek having to cut his night short and for the stepsister having a cheating boyfriend. Not right. Carter mused to himself since he always believed in treating girls with the up-most respect.

Derek groaned in agreement. "Tell me about it, she ruined my night with this blonde chick." He complained as he silently added to himself that he was pissed off at what Truman did to Casey.

"Derek." Sam reprimanded his best friend; he couldn't believe that was why he thought the situation sucked. What about what happened with Casey and Truman?, was the question Derek could see in Sam's eyes when he glared at the oldest Venturi.

"What?" Derek asked innocently while being oblivious to the fact that a certain Winchester spotted him and his friends.

"So guys, how was freshman year?" Ralph piped in before Sam went into lecture mode on how Derek should care more about what Casey had to go through and not on his shortened date with a blonde girl he just met that night.

Alex smirked at Ralph, knowing that the guy was trying to prevent a situation from happening, so he went along with it. "Well they throw the best parties…."

"…Kick our asses when they test us, but we blow them out of the water every time…" Carter continued from Alex.

Devon continued the list of benefits of being a university freshman. "…And the victories are even sweeter…" The leader added, referring to their hockey team's victories.

Alex smirked as another benefit popped into his head. "…With the cheerleaders being a lot hotter…" That got a few laughs and smirks from the other guys.

"…Dorm life is practically a party 24/7." Tyler added in.

"Nice." Sam commented, truly impressed with their opinions and unfazed by them finishing each other's sentences; something he had noticed between the four guys a few months after meeting them years ago.

"Aren't dorms cramped?" Ralph questioned as he scratched the back of his neck.

"Our dorm's apartment style." Devon stated as if it explained everything.

"Meaning?" Derek questioned not really knowing what that meant since he hadn't looked at his dorm options at Queens yet.

"It's like living in an apartment in the city except that we're still in the dorm buildings with the other guys yet we get our own rooms, a mini kitchen, a place to hang, …" Devon explained their basic living arrangements but he was interrupted by a smirking Alex.

"And privacy when we have our dates over for some fun." Alex wished with a hint of a suggestive tone before Devon smacked the back of Alex's head for the comment. Alex was like the worst player out of the four of them. Having a girlfriend was not an option when Alex was involved.

Derek smirked, liking the idea of university more and more. "Sounds like a sweet set up you guys got."

Tyler nodded in agreement as he grabbed the next vacant seat near the table. "Yes, indeed. Now what was with all the shocked looks you boys had when we walked in?"

"Caught my stepsister drinking." Derek replied as vaguely as possible and everyone could tell.

Alex quirked an eyebrow. "So?"

Derek was irritated now as he thought about what he'd say next. "I'm older yet she's the one that gets to drink in this place." He grimaced.

"Ahh, you just need better IDs." Carter quipped.

"Tell me about it." Derek grumbled.

Devon clapped his hands together. "Speaking of drinks, I'm gonna get us some." Devon turned to his roommates with his hand held out as he waited for Tyler, Alex and Carter to get out their IDs for Devon to take with him. Once the plastic cards were in the leader's hands, he looked between the three of them. "The usual?" The three guys nodded in agreement before Devon took off towards the bar.

As Ralph watched Devon reach the bar, he moved his gaze towards where he last saw Casey and the Winchesters. Now he only saw Casey talking to the young blonde bartender while she took small sips from her newly acquired drink. Where are Sam and Dean? He silently asked himself.

"So why haven't we heard much about this stepsister of yours Derek?" Tyler questioned as he looked to Derek.

Derek shrugged, not really wanting to talk about Casey since he wanted a few hours that were Casey-free before the grad party. "There's nothing much to tell."

Carter scoffed. "Well from what I gathered in the past few minutes, she's your valedictorian, has a cheating ex-boyfriend…wait, she was smart enough to ditch the guy right?" Carter listed before he questioned Derek, who gave him a nod of agreement before he continued. "Good, and she knows where to get a decent ID to get herself drunk."

"Besides, when did you get a stepsister?" Alex retorted since the group wasn't even aware that Derek had a stepsister until Sam told them of Derek's reason for bailing on them a couple of weeks ago.

"The summer before sophomore year." Derek replied instantly as he nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders again.

Tyler's eyes widened. "That was three years ago! Why didn't you mention anything?" The university students thought that Derek had just recent acquired a stepsister, not that he's had one for the past three years.

Derek glanced between Tyler, Alex and Carter with an emotionless expression on his face. "Nothing much to say except she's the complete opposite of me and we hate each other."

"You guys don't hate each other. You just fight…a lot." Sam piped in as he set the record straight.

Derek groaned. "Fine, we barely tolerate each other." He stated since he didn't want to publicly admit that him and Casey had gotten along much better during their senior year.

"Do we get a name?" Carter genuinely asked with curiosity in his voice.

Derek sighed. "Her name's Casey."

Tyler's brow furrowed in thought. "Didn't we know a girl named Casey?" The name seemed very familiar to him but he just couldn't place it in his mind.

Alex shrugged. "How am I supposed to know? It's hard keeping track of girls' names." He finished with a cocky grin as his conquests all flashed through his mind.

Carter groaned, completely irritated on how easily Alex's mind could go to the gutter so quickly. "You're unbelievable, you know that."

"Why thank you, it's so nice for you to notice." Sarcasm was laced in Alex's voice, mischief obviously seen in his eyes.

Tyler glared at his joker of a friend. "Cut it out, Alex."

"What?" Alex stated innocently but the mischief was still evident in his eyes.

Derek snickered. Alex was an even bigger player than Derek so he found the scene before him quite amusing.

"I know your track record with girls but I think the name rings a bell before we graduated." Tyler explained to Alex, who had rolled his eyes, before turning to his other roommate. "What'd you think, Carter?"

Carter's brow furrowed as he thought the name over. It does sound familiar but where have I heard it before? "Name seems familiar but I can't place it."

"Maybe Devon knows." Ralph piped in after catching a sight at the bar that made his eyes widen from shock. I swear this night is just full of surprises.

"What makes you say that?" Sam questioned with confusion in his voice since he noticed Ralph's demeanor change slightly.

Ralph gulped a little before he subtly pointed towards the bar. "See for yourself."

Ralph's reply caused the five guys to whirl their heads around to follow where he was pointing.

Mixed emotions were obvious among the group as they all laid their eyes on their mutual friend, Devon McCloud, kissing a brunette girl; a girl the three graduates recognized as Casey McDonald.


Original Character Photo References:

Galloways Toronto Hockey Guys