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Chapter 4: What The Hell Are You Wearing?

[Sat. June 26, 2004]

Dean's POV:

After our little introduction with Derek, we were heading for the motel room so that Sam and I could change before heading back to Aunt Nora's place since, let's face it, Casey will take longer to change compared to mine and Sam's combined times.

While it remained silent in the car for the first few moments, I was revisiting our earlier encounter in my mind. I've seen Derek twice but this was the first time I got to see him up close and see what it was my sister was so attracted to.

Derek seemed to be around five-foot-eleven-inches tall with slightly shaggy light brown hair (not quite as shaggy as Sam's hair) and chocolate brown eyes that seem to hold curiosity and mischief at that moment. He seemed to have a good physical build for a teenager but then again, Casey did say he played sports. What was it, hockey? Anyways, he wore the typical outfit of red t-shirt layered over a grey long sleeve shirt while wearing some jeans compared to what most of the other graduates were wearing, who were a bit more formal in their attire. At least we both seem to agree about hating the dress-up portion of the ceremony. He seemed to wear this worn out pendant that Casey mentioned that he never took off as well as a watch and an armband. He seemed to be a rebel with too much attitude and I still couldn't peg how Casey could have fallen for this guy. It made more sense if she was just physically attracted to him but not the whole 'head over heels, he's the one' type of deal that she was in. It still surprised me when he approached that she wasn't really exaggerating anything about him. It's still weird to see for myself how much of a resemblance I had with him. So weird. It definitely was amusing watching this kid act all 'king of the world'. I guess I'm just gonna have to pay close attention to the two of them together.

Throughout the whole confrontation, I noticed that Derek can really hold his emotions in but I could still see them. Can't really hide anything from me. I saw it in his eyes when he got pissed off when I said his name as if I've known him all his life, I could see the confusion in his eyes at Casey's nonchalant attitude towards me or Sam and I was just loving it. I could see his need to know what was going on between us, all through his eyes as the mention of our pranks were brought up. I could see that he wasn't use to the Casey before him and I was excited to see how he would react once he got to know the real Casey. When the word 'love' was mentioned to Sam, I saw a whole bunch of emotions running through his eyes that I couldn't help but laugh again at the memory, and when Derek tensed as Sam kissed our sister on her head, that right there just proved that Derek does care about Casey and that he was subconsciously jealous. I really don't know how Casey hasn't seen it when I've seen it in one meeting with her pseudo-stepbrother.

I found it interesting how freely the nickname 'Princess' came from Derek's mouth when he was referring to Casey; it was very convenient how that nickname seemed to be so familiar between the two of them. How much more obvious do they have to be for the other to notice?

I smirked to myself when I remembered how I made the situation more uncomfortable for Casey in front of Derek as I called her my patented 'Baby Girl' and implied that there was more between the three of us. I saw a glint of surprise from Derek and I even got Casey to confirm that she loved me before we were joking around again. This was going to be one entertaining week.

"Dean, what was that all about?" Casey's voice took me out of my reverie as she leaned forward to rest her arms over the front seat, between me and Sam.

"What do you mean?" I innocently asked since I wasn't really paying attention before. Was she talking before?

"The comments, the kisses from both of you…" I saw her in my peripheral vision as she glanced between me and Sam before continuing with, "…are you trying to blow my cover?" Casey was getting angry now and I knew that wasn't good.

"Nope, just testing a theory out, that's all." I simply stated but I could feel her eyes on me as mine stayed focused on the road.

"What kind of theory, Dean?"

"A theory involving Derek's reactions when he saw the way you acted with us." I stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

"I wasn't acting any differently." Casey defensively stated and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Case, have you already forgotten that you've been acting like a 'keener' for the past few years? You weren't acting differently with us but to Derek, he seemed surprised, which I thought was very amusing." I explained while Sam was nodding along with me.

"Yeah I noticed that too. No wonder you were staring at him so much, Dean." Sam added with a smug expression directed at me.

"Shut up. I was making observations and…" I took a pause since I didn't really want to admit this but I still continued on. "I think he does care for you, Casey."

I took a quick glance at her before settling my eyes back on the road.

"I doubt it." She sighed before she leaned back into the backseat. "How could you even tell when you guys just met him?"

"Are you forgetting what we do, Case? It's practically our job to read people." I could see her roll her eyes in the rear view mirror.

Sam turned in his seat to look at her, "Why is it so hard to believe that he might actually care about you?"

"Because he's still Derek." She huffed in defeat as if that explained everything. It probably did but then again, she's known him for three years while we've only heard of him for the past two years.

"That's no excuse but we still have another problem." I chided before changing the subject a bit.

"Which is what?" I chanced a glance towards my little brother and saw the confusion on his face. And he's supposed to be the smart one. I sighed before I explained.

"Casey's inability to keep her cover while we are around her."

"I can't help it, it's a reflex." She countered.

"So what are you going to do then?" Sam asked as he looked to the backseat.

"I'm tired of hiding. Aunt Nora said I can be myself so that's what I'm gonna do, be myself." I could hear the determination in her voice and all I could do was smile at the thought that my Baby Girl was coming back.

"You sure about that?" I could hear the uncertainty in Sam's voice.

"I'm sure. How else am I gonna have some normal fun this week?" Casey confirmed and teased as I pulled into the motel's parking lot.

"True, just don't overdue it in front of the others. Don't want them to think that you've been swapped or something." I joked as I turned the engine off.

"No worries. I have you guys to look out for me instead of me watching out for myself." I turned around to see her smile after her statement causing myself to smile right back.

"Well then, welcome back little sis." Sam added in before we all headed inside.


While Sam and I were taking turns getting changed, Casey was getting herself reacquainted with the weapons while she told us in detail about her studies (never missing a beat when she handled our arsenal). We could never have long phone conversations during the past few years so she was able to tell us everything in full detail (plus she would always feel guilty about leaving very long emails as well). I sometimes would forget that she has a photographic memory because it was as if those events just happened the previous week with the way she was describing them.

Ignoring some of those embarrassing high school moments that most students can't ignore, Casey's experience seemed to be very rich and rewarding for her. She had taken the required courses that a Canadian diploma needed and all her electives had a reason behind taking them that she said would benefit us when hunting. I thought that was pure genius, she actually chose courses that are important to what we would do rather than pick the courses that led to dream jobs like what most of the students had done. (A/N: reasons listed at the end of the chapter)

She also kept busy with many extra curricular activities at school to keep up her grade-conscious, super-keener reputation. She had been a part of the drama club, the archery club (apparently, not many people outside of the club knew about this), the cheerleading squad for a short time during her junior year, volunteering for summer camps for the school, using the music instruments during her free time to record and practice her songs (apparently she's the music teacher's favorite student since she was also the drama teacher). She mentioned keeping up with her martial arts training either in private or at the gym near the house. That idea got me thinking that we should test her out sometime this week to make sure she hadn't lost her touch. Bobby's is another option too. I thought.

As she was switching between weapons, she started talking about her life outside of school, like more about the family/step-family, her friends, her recent relationships. Of course this part was a bit muffled since Sam and I switched spots and I got the bathroom but I groaned when I heard her say something about her being in a 'dating frenzy' during freshman year. Not even a year out of my protection and she already went boy crazy. I had scoffed at the thought before I left the bathroom to get my shoes.

"Finally man, you take too long." I heard Sam complain from his bed with Casey sitting on my bed. I noticed there wasn't a weapon in sight. I rolled my eyes at my whining brother as I sat on my bed to put my shoes on.

"I take too long? Casey hasn't even started yet, so I wouldn't be complaining just yet." I retorted before feeling a slight nudge in my back that I knew was from my little sister.

"Hurry up and let's go 'cause like you said, I take awhile." Casey scurried over to the door as I finished up, following her and Sammy to the Impala.


It was a few songs into the drive back to Aunt Nora's when Casey blurted out that I needed to get an Ipod jack. A what now? I spoke what I thought causing my sister to sigh and for Sam to hold in a laugh. Bitch.

"An Ipod jack." Casey repeated herself and I just rolled my eyes.

"I heard you the first time, Case. Now what is it?" I retorted causing her to roll her eyes back at me.

"It allows for an Ipod to be connected to a car's sound system." She explained.

"So you want me to douche up my car?" I didn't like the idea of hooking something up to my car. Nothing was going to hurt my car!

"It doesn't hurt the car, Dean. You just plug it in, that's it." She tried to assure me and it did calm me down a bit. I'll think about it.

"Yeah plus it will update you from your cassette tape collection." Sam added in and I took a quick glance to the shotgun position with my eyebrow quirked up.

"What's wrong with my cassette tapes?"

"For one, they are cassette tapes." Sam easily pointed out in a 'duh' tone.

I kept moving my glance from the road to Sam.


Casey sighed, "Dean, I have all of your cassette tapes on my Ipod with a whole bunch of other stuff too."

"You do?" I questioned as I looked in the rear view mirror to see a smiling Casey.

"Yup." She was confident with that answer and I couldn't help but try to burst her bubble. There is no way she has my music on her Ipod thingie.

"Black Sabbath?"

She nodded.


She nodded again as I saw a smirk forming.


She nodded once again as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"I have more of your songs, Sam's songs, my songs; both favorites and originals, and a couple of movies on it too." She quickly added and I couldn't believe it. We all have similar yet different tastes in music so a music collection for the three of us would be huge.

"And you still have more room? How big is this thing?" I quickly asked as I turned on the right street that led to the house.

"The size of my phone. It can also work as a hard drive too for my laptop." She explained as she pulled out her cell phone, the same one she's had since she went to live with Aunt Nora. Dad made sure that Casey had her own phone before he separated us but he told her to keep the phone a secret and to only have our numbers on it. (A/N: Casey still got the cell phone from Derek so after that, she had TWO cell phones; 'Winchester' phone and 'McDonald' phone)

"When did you get an Ipod?" Sam asked and I was glad he did. She didn't have one the last time we saw her.

"Aunt Nora bought it for me for my sixteenth birthday. She told everyone that I got it as a thank you for agreeing with the move in. Kind of like a bribe but she told me once we were alone that it was for my birthday." Casey explained while I parked on the road in front of the McDonald-Venturi household.

"That was nice of her." I said as I turned the engine off. Note to self: thank Aunt Nora A LOT before leaving.

Sam and Casey were already making their way out of the car and heading for the door while I locked my car up. Casey stopped in her tracks to face us before she unlocked the door as if she wasn't done speaking.

"Yeah it was. Oh, that reminds me, when I'm changing my outfit, you guys can listen to the song I sang last year for the open mic night. I finished polishing it up a few months ago." She finished off before twirling around to unlock the door to let us inside.


She immediately took off her heels, grabbed them and headed upstairs as she yelled down that she would be back in a minute. Sam was already inside looking around while I shut the door behind me. I took the scene in before me and I couldn't help but smile as I once again, got that home-vibe from it. Toys scattered near the walls so they weren't in people's way, family photos on the shelves and walls, a television that was off to the side to make room for a group of instruments by the window.

"Hey Dean, check this out." Sam grabbed my attention as he was staring at one of the pictures on the shelf.

I moved to a spot beside him and looked at the picture. It had what I would assume were the five children of the McDonald-Venturi household. I could see Casey and Derek near the top, Lizzie on a stool as well as Edwin and then the little girl who I could assume was Marti. Lizzie has grown up so much since we've last seen her and Edwin didn't look weird at all, then again Edwin in anything besides that superhero costume is an improvement. Little Marti was just adorable and seeing her brought memories back of when Casey was that small and vulnerable, a time where she could've still held on to her innocence from the supernatural world.

"That was taken for George and Aunt Nora's second wedding anniversary last summer." I whipped around to the stairs once I heard Casey's voice and I smirked.

"It's a great photo, you can't even tell that you don't get along with Derek." I smugly stated knowing that she liked the guy at the time the photo was taken.

"One big happy family." Sam stated as he moved to take a seat on one of the dining room chairs near the kitchen. I knew Sam was feeling down a bit since we didn't have photos like that. I was too, but I wasn't going to let that show.

"You guys are my family. They are just extensions to it." Casey simply stated as she walked down the rest of the stairs and headed for the music player. She started setting it up and messing with something that resembled a phone. I guess that's the Ipod. She then placed it in the dock while I took a seat at the head of the table closest to the couch. "I hopefully won't take too long but maybe you could hear a few of my songs while you wait."

"You better not take long." I commented before she turned towards me with the remote in her hand for the music player. She made a move to hand it to me but at the last second, she moved it out of my reach and gave it to Sam. Sam snorted while I gave him a glare. Just cause I didn't know what an Ipod jack was, doesn't mean I don't know how a stereo works.

"Just click play when you want to start. I better get changed." She stated before she rushed upstairs but I stopped her midway with a question on which song it was that she sang last year. She said it was called 'Zero Gravity' and that it should be the first or second one that would be playing. It was a few moments later that we heard her bedroom door close.

"How long do you think she'll take?" Sam questioned as I returned my gaze back to him.

"I'm hoping not more than fifteen minutes, now click play Sammy." I suggested and it was a few moments later that the music started with a pretty good beat before Casey's voice started singing her lyrics.

I can make the rain stop if I wanna,
Just by my attitude
I can take my laptop record a snapshot
And change your point of view

I just entered this brand new world
And I'm so openhearted
I know I've got a long way to go but I
I'm just getting started

I'm over my head, and I know it, I know it
I'm doing my best not to show it, to show it
Whatever it takes to be what I was meant to be, I'm going to try
Cause I'm living the dream and I know it, I know it
I'm trying my best not to blow it, to blow it
And I know everything will be fine
With me, myself and time.

That's not about a boy. I knew the song she sang at the open mic night had to do with her feelings for Derek and this song wasn't about that.

I got up and looked at the mini screen on the Ipod and saw that the song was called "Me, Myself and Time" (A/N: Demi Lovato).

"It's not the song is it?" Sam questioned still in his seat and I shook my head no.

"Nope, but she still sounds great."

"Yeah, she does." Sam agreed before there was a pause as we both continued to listen to Casey's singing as I returned to my seat.

I go where life takes me, but some days it makes me want to change my direction
Sometimes it gets lonely, but I know that it's only a matter of my perception
I just entered this brand new world
And I'm so openhearted
I know I've got a long way to go but I
I'm just getting started

I'm over my head, and I know it, I know it
I'm doing my best not to show it, to show it
Whatever it takes to be what I was meant to be, I'm going to try
Cause I'm living the dream and I know it, I know it
I'm trying my best not to blow it, to blow it
And I know everything will be fine
With me, myself and time.

Both Sam and I continued to either bob our heads to the beat or tap our feet or hands with the rhythm to Casey's song. I truly have one talented singer as a sister.

And baby there is nothing like this moment
To just be real and let the truth be spoken
Whatever's broke I can make it unbroken
Turn the lead in my hand into something golden
Just try more love, if I just try more love then I'll find
Myself and time.

I'm over my head, and I know it, I know it
I'm doing my best not to show it, to show it
Whatever it takes to be what I was meant to be, I'm going to try

I'm over my head, and I know it, I know it
I'm doing my best not to show it, to show it
Whatever it takes to be what I was meant to be, I'm going to try
Cause I'm living the dream and I know it, I know it
I'm trying my best not to blow it, to blow it
And I know everything will be fine
With me, myself and time.

I'll find myself in time,
I know I'll find myself in time

After the music ended, I noticed the next song wouldn't start and it wasn't until I looked to Sam to see the remote again in his hand aimed at the stereo. "She gets her singing talent from Mom, doesn't she?" Sam asked and I knew he wanted a conformation.

Sam was only two when our mom died while I was six so I would remember more about her than him or Casey. Mom used to sing all the time, and whenever any of us felt scared, she'd sing to us to calm us down. She'd always sing her favorite song, "Hey Jude", as a lullaby to us. I continued that after the fire for Casey but I would never be as good as our mother but I wasn't terrible like our father.

"Well she doesn't get it from Dad, that's for sure." I scoffed while Sam gave a slight chuckle. "Mom did love to sing." I couldn't help but add.

"Let's hear the next one then." Sam clicked play once again for the stereo and the music started. I checked the screen and told Sam that this was the song before Casey's voice was heard through the speakers.

As Casey sang her song, "Zero Gravity" (A/N: David Archuleta), it was amazing to hear what type of emotion she portrayed in the song. Was Derek really making her feel like that? I was also surprised that nobody figured out who she was singing about. Granted, we both knew it was Derek but wasn't it obvious to anyone else? It couldn't be a stranger because it mentioned spending time with the special guy and Casey did mention she didn't have that many good guy friends here after she moved. I saw from Sam's expression that he was thinking along the same lines as I was.

When the song ended, I motioned for Sam to pause it again before the next one started so that I could at least say something.

"To think no one figured out who she was singing about. Got to hand it to her for hiding it like that. Girl's a genius."

"If you hadn't already known, would you have figured it out?"

"Of course!" I exclaimed but Sam gave me that look that said he knew I was bluffing. "Alright no, but what do you expect? We don't personally know the guys she's hung out with." I countered and that's when I saw a shadow move in the kitchen. I could see a faint silhouette through the translucent windows on the door to the kitchen.


"You're right." Sam agreed but I signaled to him that someone was here and he knew what I meant and nodded. Maybe he knew before me since he was closer to the kitchen but Sam and I always knew what the other was thinking at times. It was weird but I guess that's what you get when you spend practically 24/7 with each other on the road, hunting.

"I always am." I smirked as Sam rolled his eyes at me.

"Ready for another song?" He asked but I was taking a look at my watch. I held my hand up telling him to 'hang on' before I stood up to move to the base of the stairs.

"CASEY! YOU ALMOST DONE?" I shouted up the stairs to my sister.

I heard a door open before I got my reply.

"MY TIME'S NOT UP YET!" I heard her door close before I could hear Sam scoffing as I rolled my eyes.

I could hear a faint laugh coming from the kitchen. It's definitely Derek.

Then I got an idea and I quickly looked to Sam and I knew I had a mischievous grin on my face before I looked up the stairs once again.


I could hear her door opening again, just waiting for what her reply would be.

"THEN GET SOMETHING TO EAT! I'M ALMOST DONE!" I heard the door slam again and I didn't hold back my laugh as I returned to my seat. She never disappoints me.

"Oh Sammy, how I missed that." I finally let out as my laughs died down.

"Yelling at her?" I saw the confusion on his face and I instantly needed to set him straight (and Derek).

"No! I meant the whole routine of it. Granted, I wish she just stuck with jeans and a t-shirt, it'd go by so much quicker."

"Low standards there, Dean?" I smirked at Sam as he had tilted his head in Derek's direction. Oh, messing with people is always entertaining.

"Ha! No. It's gonna take quite a special girl to be able to handle all of me." I boasted but then I heard footsteps upstairs after a creak of a door. Casey.

"DEFLATE THAT EGO, DEAN!" She called down before I heard another door close. Bathroom.

"NEVER PRINCESS!" I yelled back quickly but in a joking manner.

It's amazing how we still banter the way we use to. It wasn't foreign for us to be put in a situation where we just had to create our own entertainment and fighting for no reason was always our solution. Sam would usually want to read something, Casey would want constant attention since we wouldn't be with her during school hours and I always had to resist my need to leave the motel rooms (I didn't like staying inside all the time). We would fight over useless stuff but it always ended in both of us laughing and sometimes Sam would be laughing too for no reason, forgetting his book that he was trying to read.

"Yeah, it's like nothing's changed." Sam gave a slight chuckle with his statement and I couldn't help but smirk at how true that statement seemed to be.

It was still me, Sammy and Casey (all grown up yet still the same) but the thing that I knew that had changed was that Casey now had more people that she cared about. This wasn't just a normal trip for Casey, leaving a town after a short amount of time when a hunt was done. She'd spent a few years here building familial bonds, friendships and relationships that were difficult to make earlier when we were in a town for a very short time. I knew in my heart that next Saturday wasn't going to be easy for my little sister.

"Exactly! And here I thought four years apart would change that." I pushed my previous thoughts to the side as I blew out some air before I basked in the idea that nothing has changed between the three of us.

Sam gave me that all knowing look of his when he knew I was hiding something. At times like these, I just wish I could shoot that look off of his face but at least he wouldn't pester me about it now since we still had a sneaky audience in the kitchen.

"Dean, nothing could change that. It's been like that her whole life."

"What? Nooooo." I denied but I was gratefully that he was trying to cement that fact into my brain.

"Just admit that you love it." Sam tried coaxing me and I couldn't help but scoff at his attempt.

My smirk was still in place as I subtly looked to where I knew Derek was hiding. I admit nothing, just yet.

"I admit nothing." I smugly replied but I knew from Sam's smile that he knew that I did love it indeed.

"Sure you don't, bro." Sam joked while I rolled my eyes.

"Enough with the click-flick stuff, if she isn't down by the time the next song's done, I'm going up there." I made sure my tone was serious as I looked to my watch seeing that we were going to cut it close if she wasn't done soon. It was at times like this that I wish Casey was still the little girl that I grew up with. I didn't know how far the restaurant was but it wasn't like my driving was a hindrance.

"You're ridiculous, you know that." Sam joked once again as I removed my gaze from the stairs. I felt my eyebrow quirk up as I stared at my brother before I smiled, with the perfect comeback in place that'll confuse the hell out of Derek, hopefully.

"Yet, I'm the world's awesome-est big brother ever." I stated as cockily as I could hoping to irritate Derek. Casey told me that Derek had claimed that title whenever Marti was concerned and I couldn't wait to see his behavior to his own little sister. Did we really have a lot in common?

The thought definitely got me thinking since during this whole week, I would be able to see how Derek's relationships are with his siblings; to see how he treats Marti and Edwin and how differently he treats Lizzie and Casey. Casey mentioned that Derek gives off this persona of an 'I don't care' attitude but it's all pushed away when Marti is concerned. She said he uses Edwin as his slave but he does help him when he really needs it. Casey said that his relationship with Lizzie is going well as he taught her hockey and treats her in between how he'd treat Marti and Edwin. It seemed like Casey was the only one that was the target for his pranks as he caused her trouble throughout the years since the wedding. I wondered if the pranks were just a cover up Derek used for something else. I would have to look into that, maybe talk to Lizzie alone at one point.

"That's not even a word." Sam stated in a matter-of-fact tone a few moments later causing me to snap out of my thoughts and future plans.

"You're the bookworm, not me." I countered back instantly like I always do when he said that, kind of like our bitch/jerk routine.

"Yet you still know the basics, Dean."

"Sure I know them, I just choose not to use them." I reasoned with Sam since it was true.

Sure I knew all the advanced material from school but that didn't mean that I was going to use it during my everyday life, that's what Sam and Casey do. I rather have people underestimate me because it's better to pull something over their eyes if they think less of me, plus I can pull out more surprises too. It's always been like that, Sam would work his ass off to get ahead in school while I just coasted through it. I wasn't stupid, quite the opposite actually, I just chose not to have unnecessary attention drawn to me by not doing exceptionally well in school. Learning the material was easy and with all the constant school transfers, I was still ahead when compared to my peers. Stupid teenagers. When I didn't use all my brain power during school, I used it on teaching Casey the stuff just to confirm that I knew it backwards and forwards. Sam and I had to know the school material as if we, ourselves, were the teachers because we both had to teach it right back to her as she was being home-schooled. It didn't matter that Sam and I were learning different levels of the material, but Casey wanted to learn it all and we were just thankful that she could take it all in so easily. That could have been one reason why Dad didn't want Casey to go to school like Sam and I since she would draw attention to herself plus she'd be at a different school than us; he never did give us a full reason why she had to be home-schooled.

"Alright that's it. I'm starting the next song before we get into another fight." I could see Sam picking up the stereo's remote as he aimed it at the stereo.

I rolled my eyes, "Oh please Sammy, it's what we do. It keeps our lives interesting."

Sam sighed, "No, our job keeps our lives interesting."

I thought about it quickly and Sam was right, hunting was what kept our lives interesting. Dealing with the creatures of the night while everyone lived their normal lives; saving people as we hunted the unnatural down. No matter what my siblings say, hunting is invigorating and the life I could only see myself living. Sure I have had to sacrifice quite a bit but I get to help others in a way that matters, I get to prevent families from going through something that my own family had to, I can stop others from feeling the pain that we've had to go through. Isn't that what it's all about? I could go without the constant worrying about whether my family will be safe but I rather have them be trained and ready than helpless and vulnerable to what's out there.

"True, just click play already." I demanded of Sam before we gave too much of the truth away.

Instead of the music starting we heard quick tapping before Casey's voice was heard. "S & D, if you're listing to this version, I guess I haven't gotten to record the upbeat version yet or I have and didn't delete this version yet. Let's just say this song came to me after I saw some crumpled up papers with the word 'baby' repeatedly on them but this is what I got from those words."

I quickly got up and clicked stop before the music started up and I took the Ipod out of its dock. I started clicking back to go to the menu to my playlist that she claimed to make for me as I searched the list (I was paying attention when she did it earlier). Wow she does have everything. I found the song I wanted to listen to, placed it back in the dock before clicking play and returning to my seat. The familiar tune of AC/DC's "Back in Black" was bursting through the speakers.

I look to Sam with a smirk as he had confusion written all over his face.

"What?" I couldn't take the confused expression Sam had directed at me as I was trying to enjoy some of my classic rock.

"Why are we listening to AC/DC? What about Casey's song?"

"Like her recording said, she wasn't done so I rather wait and listen to the completed song than hear an uncompleted version." I explained as I looked to him as if it wasn't a big deal.

"But the completed version might be on there." Sam pointed out, but I gave him a pointed look which caused him to sigh and lean back into his seat. "Fine but why AC/DC?" He asked and I shrugged.

"First on my playlist and you know what? She actually wasn't kidding; all my songs seem to be on there." I knew Sam could hear the surprise in my tone.

"You doubted her?" Confusion was once again written all over Sam's face and I knew why. It wasn't often that I would doubt anything Casey said or vise versa. The same applied to Sammy but with him getting older and trying to 'grow up,' he's always trying to prove to me that he can do things without his big brother's help. I didn't like the idea of Sam not needing me anymore but I knew that he just wanted to prove that he can stand on his own.

"I doubted the fact she said she had ALL of my songs on that little device." I defensively clarified.

"Yeah well, those little devices can hold quite a lot of stuff." Sam agreed as I nodded with him and to the music. I glanced over to where I assumed Derek was hiding and I knew that it was time for him to show himself.

"Plus I wanted to end this little oblivious charade that we've got going on." I nonchalantly stated while Sam's head snapped to look at me.

"Dean." He warned but all I did was look at him and smirked as I stated my next command towards the boy in the kitchen.

"Derek, get out of the kitchen right now!"

Derek's POV:

I stayed at the school a bit longer after the rest of the family left before I told Sam and Ralph that I'd meet them at the pool hall after dinner before we'd head off to the party at Jason's place; might as well try our luck at getting some drinks at the pool hall before heading to the grad party.

I was in a pretty good mood before I saw the same 1967 black Chevy Impala parked in front of my house causing me to groan. I wasn't just hallucinating. I wanted to forget that Sam and Dean existed or how chummy Casey seemed to be with the older strangers, or how Nora didn't seem fazed at all that her daughter was getting too comfortable with two older guys right in front of her. At least they didn't park in the driveway.

I exited the Prince before staring at the black car. I knew that car was a classic and in good hands since it looks like it was just sold to its owner.

I shuffled around back but before I opened the back door, I heard a faint familiar rhythm inside causing me to pause in my tracks. I slowly opened the door and quietly walked inside, making sure my presence wasn't known. I gently closed the back door behind me before I tip-toed closer into the kitchen.

When things get messed up, you lift my head up
And I get lost in the clouds
There's no sense of time with you and I
It's zero gravity

As I got closer to the doors that separated the kitchen from the living room, the music intensified and after a few moments later, the familiarity of the song hit me. It was the song Casey was singing at Smelly Nelly's first open mic night last year and the vocals I was hearing now were Casey herself.

Nothing brings me down when you're around
It's like zero gravity
The world just disappears when you're here
It's zero gravity

I remained hidden behind the door but I could see that someone was sitting in dad's chair, swaying their head to the beat causing some of their brown hair to go out of place. I couldn't see much more than that since I didn't want to expose myself so I just waited.

Nothing brings me down when you're around
It's like zero gravity
The world just disappears when you're here
It's zero gravity
Zero gravity

When the song finished, I was surprised that another song didn't follow directly afterwards but the voice in the other room was what caused me to tense in my spot.

"To think no one figured out who she was singing about. Got to hand it to her for hiding it like that. Girl's a genius." Dean?

I couldn't believe that he was in my house. Wait…he knows who Casey was singing about? I still haven't figured out who the song was about and this stranger already knows?

"If you hadn't already known, would you have figured it out?" The second voice questioned but it was louder than the first so he must have been the one I could slightly see. If Dean is here, then that must be Sam then. Great, they're both in my house. I suppressed a groan.

Wait…she told them who the song was about? For some reason I was getting angry at that notion.

"Of course!" Dean exclaimed but there was a slight pause before he continued. "Alright no, but what do you expect? We don't personally know the guys she's hung out with."

I was getting irritated, I hate just listening. I have to see people when they talk; be able to analyze their body language, anticipate what they would do next before they themselves knew. It was that skill that usually gave me the upper hand in my encounters with Casey.

I shuffled a bit in my spot to try to move so that I could look into the other room without them seeing me, with not much improvement.

Maybe I could get some dirt on these guys. I smirked at the thought.

"You're right." Sam agreed.

"I always am." Dean replied with a cocky attitude that made me want to roll my eyes.

"Ready for another song?" Sam asked but there was no reply. Instead I heard one of the dining room's chair shuffle, followed by footsteps on the hardwood floor.

"CASEY! YOU ALMOST DONE?" Dean shouted up the stairs. I guess that's why they're here.

I faintly heard a door open before there was an answer.

"MY TIME'S NOT UP YET!" I heard her door close before I heard Sam scoffing.

I didn't realize that I let a little laugh escape until it was too late. I hope no one heard that.

Luckily I didn't hear them move anywhere near the kitchen.

"HURRY UP THEN, PRINCESS. YOU DON'T WANNA BE LATE FOR DINNER! I'M STARVING DOWN HERE!" Dean shouted once again causing me to cringe at the nickname use.

My nickname for her! Wait, what? I shook the thought away as I heard her door open again.

"THEN GET SOMETHING TO EAT! I'M ALMOST DONE!" I froze when she mentioned him getting food as I heard the door slam shut again.

I was tempted to run out the back door to hide in case Dean came into the kitchen but all I heard was Dean laughing, followed by the scraping of the dinner chair against the hardwood floor.

I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding in.

"Oh Sammy, how I missed that." Dean finally said after he stopped laughing.

"Yelling at her?" I could hear the confusion in Sam's voice and I too was confused. Dean missed yelling at Casey?

"No! I meant the whole routine of it. Granted, I wish she just stuck with jeans and a t-shirt, it'd go by so much quicker." I let another breath out, realizing that Dean objected to liking to yell at Casey. Wait, why do I care?

"Low standards there, Dean?" I had to suppress a chuckle at that. It would have to be the right girl in order for them to pull off jeans and a t-shirt.

"Ha! No. It's gonna take quite a special girl to be able to handle all of me." Dean boasted and I couldn't help but think that he has such a huge ego. Wait…is that what Casey meant when she complains about my ego?

I could hear footsteps upstairs after a creak of a door. Casey.

"DEFLATE THAT EGO, DEAN!" She called down before I heard another door close. Bathroom.

"NEVER, PRINCESS!" Dean yelled back quickly in a joking tone and the comeback startled me. It came out so natural and reflexive-like.

How often does this happen between them? I still wasn't use to this. It had only been half an hour since the trio left the high school's parking lot yet the dynamic between them left a lasting impression that still bugged me. What made these two older male strangers so special that it immediately got a different Casey when she was with them? How was it that it was so natural for her to change dynamics between them so quickly that it gave me a sense of whiplash? She had the joking, teasing, mocking yet playful attitude while bantering between them. It's usually me that gets the fun out of riling her up, but there she was, dishing out what I usually would throw at her. What the hell?

"Yeah, it's like nothings changed." Sam gave a slight chuckle with his statement that I could still hear, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Exactly! And here I thought four years apart would change that." I assume Dean was the one that blew out some air for relief purposes for which I didn't understand why. It's not like a person can change dramatically in four years, can they?

"Dean, nothing could change that. It's been like that her whole life." Sam's statement caught me off guard.

Have they really known Casey for that long? Was it possible that these two knew Casey longer than I have? Was it possible they knew her better than me? I tensed at the thought, not sure where it had come from. Sure, I had prided myself in the fact that I could rub it in her face that no one knew her better than I did, but did that fact still remain true?

"What? Nooooo." Dean denied.

"Just admit that you love it." Sam tried coaxing Dean while I tensed again when the L-word was mentioned.

"I admit nothing." Dean smugly replied but in his voice I could tell that he did agree with Sam's statement.

"Sure you don't, bro." Sam joked and I could tell that he knew that's all he was going to get.

Dean doesn't do emotions, huh? Interesting…complete opposite of Casey. I couldn't help but smile at the thought since there was no chance that Casey and Dean would have a relationship together if Dean rarely talked about feelings with his own brother while Casey would talk nonstop about them to anybody.

In the back of my mind I got this déjà vu feeling again but I pushed it aside.

"Enough with the click-flick stuff, if she isn't down by the time the next song's done, I'm going up there." The seriousness in Dean's tone was evident and I didn't have to see him to know that his demeanor portrayed the same thing.

"You're ridiculous, you know that." I could sense that the joking vibe was back.

"Yet, I'm the world's awesome-est big brother ever." Dean cockily stated and I just wanted to jump out and say 'no, that title's mine' but I resisted the urge to do that. I tried to calm myself down by telling myself that I wasn't just the only big brother in the world. I instantly got the thought that it would be interesting to see more of the brother dynamic between Sam and Dean. Would Ed and I be like that when we're older? I couldn't help but wonder, but I didn't know why I was suddenly comparing these brothers with Edwin and myself.

I started to scratch the back of my neck, praying that I could just stop thinking all together for the time being.

"That's not even a word." Sam stated in a matter-of-fact tone that was all too familiar to me. Casey always says that to me. No Derek, stop it!

"You're the bookworm, not me." Dean countered back as if it explained everything.

"Yet you still know the basics, Dean."

"Sure I know them, I just choose not to use them."

The way the conversation was going still surprised me. I could hear the arrogant tone from Dean and for some reason I wondered what Casey would think about it. Stop thinking, damn it!

"Alright that's it. I'm starting the next song before we get into another fight." I could hear something being picked up from the table and I only wished even more that I could see the scene before me instead of the little instances that Sam would move forward or lean back in his seat, correction, my dad's seat.

"Oh please Sammy, it's what we do. It keeps our lives interesting." I heard Sam sigh before he answered.

"No, our job keeps our lives interesting."

I couldn't help but smirk because maybe I could figure out what it is that they do for a living. Probably something boring but what kind of job could they have that was more exciting than fights? I personally thought that not much could compete against the fights I would get into it with Casey; it was always amusing getting her all riled up and fighting back. There weren't many people that would stand up and defy me the way she could. Don't go there! I halted my thoughts before they got more crazier for my taste.

"True, just click play already." Dean demanded of Sam before anything of the matter was said. I frowned.

Instead of the music starting I heard quick tapping before Casey's voice was heard. "S & D, if you're listing to this version, I guess I haven't gotten to record the upbeat version yet or I have and didn't delete this version yet. Let's just say this song came to me after I saw some crumpled up papers with the word 'baby' repeatedly on them but this is what I got from those words."

I froze when I heard Casey's voice and the events of last year came back involving the time when Smelly Nelly's had its first open mic night, back to the time when I was still dating Sally. The memory of D-Rock trying to write a ballad for Sally but all we got was repeating the word 'baby' so many times on paper before Sam and Ralph gave up and left, leaving me to turn to Casey for help. Wait…she came up with a song containing 'baby, baby, baby'?

It only took a few seconds after going over those events that part of Casey's recording clicked in with another memory: 'S & D'. Casey's announcement to the crowd that night ran through my head..."Alright, so I finally finished this song up thanks to some pushing from my two best friends, D & S. These guys told me music was a way to express myself and this song was me taking their advice and actually writing about it." 

Her two guy best friends 'D & S,' were acknowledged in another one of her songs that I've possibly never heard before. Then the insane thought came to me and I truly wished that I was wrong…was it possible that Casey was referring to Sam and Dean both times?

I was expecting some pop music junk that Casey likes to emit from the speakers but instead I got the familiar tune of a classic rock song. What just happened? I wasn't that spaced out to miss the song, was I?

I focused back onto the conversation in the other room.

"Why are we listening to AC/DC? What about Casey's song?" Sam questioned and I sighed to myself, somewhat relieved that I didn't space out during her song.

I paid more attention to the song and realized that Sam was right; it was AC/DC's song "Back in Black" that was playing. I guess Dean turned it to a rock station.

"Like her recording said, she wasn't done so I rather wait and listen to the completed song than hear an uncompleted version." Dean explained but once the words sunk in, I felt this weird pain inside me that I couldn't explain. Maybe it was the fact that Dean and I might actually like the same music or it was from the semi-confession that confirmed what I regretted, that the alleged 'D & S' were indeed Dean and Sam. I convinced myself for the time being that it was the first option since I didn't want any reason to like this Dean guy, but both thoughts were forgotten when I heard Sam's question.

"You doubted her?" I could hear the confusion from Sam as if the question alone was foreign when it involved the two in question: Casey and Dean.

"I doubted the fact she said she had ALL of my songs on that little device." Dean defended.

"Yeah well, those little devices can hold quite a lot of stuff." Sam agreed but I was confused. Aren't they just listening to the radio?

"Plus I wanted to end this little oblivious charade that we've got going on." Dean randomly stated and I wasn't sure what he meant.

"Dean." I could hear the warning tone coming from Sam but the next phase was what startled me.

"Derek, get out of the kitchen right now!"

What the hell?

I was stock still frozen once Dean shouted for me to come out of the kitchen. So many questions were going through my mind but mainly, how the hell did he know I was back here? I was quiet (which was hard with some of the things they said), I was still and I know I was hidden from their sight since I couldn't see them.

I slowly walked a few steps forward until I was in the middle of the threshold between the kitchen and the living/dining room.

I could see Sam had turned in my dad's seat to look at me with a smirk on his face and I noticed he was wearing different clothes. When did he change? Sam was now wearing this navy blue spring jacket, dark blue jeans and black boots while wearing a white t-shirt underneath a red plaid button up shirt. (A/N: Sam is wearing the outfit from "Hell House" [1.17] when he comes out of the library).

I shifted my gaze to Dean (in Nora's seat) who was leaning back in his chair, arms crossed over his chest with a very smug smirk on his face with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Dean too had an outfit change since he now sported a brown leather jacket with the collar up, blue ripped jeans and black boots. His jacket was open so I could see the dark blue button up shirt that wasn't buttoned up, revealing a black t-shirt underneath as well as an amulet around his neck. (A/N: Dean is wearing this outfit from "Dead in the Water" [1.03] when they first interview Will Carlton except it's a black t-shirt, not gray). My first impression of Dean being the bad boy type with a cocky attitude was just confirmed by that one outfit.

I shifted my gaze between the two of them before I found my voice again.

"How'd you know it was me? I could have been a burglar for all you knew." I questioned without the confusion in my voice but all it did was have Dean sporting off a knowing-grin. I hate that grin!

Dean uncrossed his arms and had his hand ready as if he was going to list off where I went wrong. Oh boy.

"Well it wasn't Nora because there would have been tons of noise once the three younger kids came in with her and your dad, plus I figured you for the sneaky type who was hoping to get some blackmail dirt on Casey by eavesdropping on us. Am I right?"

My eyes widened at Dean's reasoning causing him to chuckle and for me to quickly compose myself to the doesn't-bother-me façade.

"But how?" I was curious to see where I went wrong, but I wasn't going to admit that. I was expecting Dean to answer but I whipped around when I heard Sam's voice instead.

"It also didn't help that I heard the back door's lock click open followed by the door. Plus no burglar is stupid enough to rob a house in the middle of the afternoon."

I saw the stereo's remote on the table by Sam before I looked at his face that held his own smirk that resembled his brother's as if he was questioning me to deny his reasoning.

I was about to accept that challenge but Dean interrupted, "I also saw your shadow too. You're not very good with the sneaking around, kid."

I snapped to look at the older man after he called me 'kid'.

"I'm not a kid, I did just graduate, or did you forget already?" I snapped back at him but he seemed unfazed. What will it take to unnerve this guy?

"Nope but what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the restaurant?" He questioned as I cocked my eyebrow at his question.

"First off, it's my house and I can be here if I want to be, it's you that I should be asking that question." I stated in that intimating tone I usually use with Edwin or with whoever I wanted to know that I meant business and that I had a powerful influence. *cough*Casey*cough*

Again, Dean was unfazed. I wanted to huff because I wasn't getting the reaction I wanted but I decided not to.

"Oh, well we're just listening to some music while a certain someone takes her sweet time changing." He started off innocently before he ended off with sarcasm when he was referring to Casey. Casey always did take forever when she was changing clothes so I could only sympathize with him there.

I looked towards the stereo that worked with the remote Sam had and I saw a white Ipod in its dock with the light on, signaling that it was in use. Casey and I were the only ones to have the same Ipod but mine was the black one so…

"Isn't that Casey's Ipod?" I diverted the attention to the stereo causing both brothers to stare at me in confusion before reverting their glances to the Ipod in question and then back to me.

"Yeah, so?" Dean asked as if he wondered why it matter. I focused on the song and realized that even though "Back in Black" was over, the next song was still from AC/DC.

"Well, why is AC/DC coming off of it?" I questioned since Casey doesn't listen to rock music so it made no sense why said music would be coming off of her Ipod. I doubt that they would be able to answer but it didn't hurt to try.

"You know AC/DC?" Sam questioned with surprise as if he expected no one else to know who they were. Sure AC/DC wasn't listened to much these days but if you're a rock fan, then you have to know who AC/DC is.

"Who doesn't? Their stuff is actually good. I'm surprised that Space Case has them on her Ipod." I meant to keep it as a simple answer but I couldn't stop it until my surprise was mentioned.

I got a groan from Sam as he held his head in his hands but Dean was smirking out of amusement. Was he amused that his brother was groaning or was it something I said?

"Lighten up, Sammy. This just got even more interesting." Dean said with his amusement clear in his voice as he continued to stare at me.

I was getting even more confused.

"Says you," Sam mumbled a bit before taking his head out of his hands and looking between me and Dean. "I feel like I just walked into the Twilight Zone." Sam exclaimed.

I continued to look at Sam expecting him to explain but it never came. I could feel Dean's eyes on my back slightly but I ignored the feeling.

"Now you know how I feel, Sammy." The all too familiar voice came from behind me causing me to whip around and freeze in my tracks.

I knew that Sam and Dean's attention was now on Casey as she was standing on the platform at the bottom of the stairs but I couldn't make myself move. I knew that both brothers were now standing because I heard Sam's chair scuffle on the hardwood floor behind me while I could still see Dean in my peripheral vision and he seemed to tense when he saw Casey. I really couldn't blame him and I'm pretty sure it had to do with what Casey was wearing.

Casey's hair was different from the ceremony as it now had curls but it was still pinned up like it was earlier. (A/N: Casey's hair as it was when her and Derek were home alone in "March Break"). She was wearing a jean skirt that was definitely shorter than her graduation dress as it showed more of her toned dancer legs. Wait, what? Do not go there. I pushed that line of thought away as I subtly looked her over again. She had these really high heel boots that end at her ankles and they appeared to be black leather. Note to self: make sure not to make her mad enough that she'd want to impale one of the spiked heels into you.

I think the most shocking for me to see was the leather jacket she was wearing. Sure Casey would dress to impress when it came to these high school parties and yes, the heels were a surprise since she is still a klutz but it's the jacket that stunned me the most because I don't ever recall her even wearing it before, let alone having it. Wait she wore something like that last year, was it the same one? It seemed to fit her perfectly as the jacket was left open with the sleeves slightly rolled so they gave off the ¾ sleeve style. I could see the charm bracelet on her right wrist that she barely took off as well as that stupid silver ring on her right ring finger. What is so special about those? The silver necklace she was wearing at graduation was still around her neck (A/N: I may not have mentioned it earlier in the story but Casey did wear it with her graduation dress like she did in the episode) with a line of purple stones around it, connecting to her top that had purple, blue, white and black on it but with no identifiable pattern on it. Overall, she looked…well…I'm not even going to go there because that means I'm admitting it which I won't. She's still my keener step-sister but man, does she look hot. Crap, I can't believe I just thought that!

It may have seemed like a long time that I was staring at Casey (I wasn't ogling or anything, I was just in shock) but it was only for a minute or two until the silence was broken…by Dean.

"What the hell are you wearing?" I could hear the anger in Dean's voice as he continued to stare her down. I didn't know why, but I was a little bit worried, for Casey.

"Uh, clothes? I thought it was obvious." Casey replied back in a smartass way ending it off with a smirk as she looked defiantly at Dean. I could feel my eyes widen with the sudden attitude use from Casey.

"Don't give me those smartass comments, Casey." Dean berated as he stared daggers at her.

I could heard Sam shuffle behind me but it still startled me a bit when I heard him whisper "Don't say a word, Derek," to me before he sidestepped to stand beside me as the confrontation in front of me unfolded.

"And here I thought I was loosing my touch with those." Casey's voice was dripping with sarcasm as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

I took a glance at Dean and it wasn't what I was expecting, not from him. His demeanor wasn't the playful, arrogant guy from before but it held an overprotective vibe to it that I was thinking of labeling it under as obsessive.

"Casey." Sam tried to defuse the situation but it didn't work. In return he got Dean's hand motion for Sam to stop speaking while Casey was smirking.

What the hell has gotten into her?

Dean was pinching the bridge of his nose before sliding it down the rest of his face, in a way I believe was supposed to calm him down.

"I repeat. What. The. Hell. Are. You. Wearing?" His voice was more demanding this time but it didn't seem to faze Casey in the slightest. I thought she would have flinched or something while Dean was acting as if he's a father that just caught his daughter sneaking out in inappropriate clothing. Why would that thought come to mind? I know for a fact that Dean is not Casey's father plus Dean only looks like he's a few years older than us. I shook the insane thought out of my head.

I saw Casey uncross her arms as she innocently looked herself over before she looked back to Dean.

"My outfit for the party tonight since I'm not gonna change again after dinner." She said so nonchalantly that I actually believed that she didn't know what was wrong with it but it was the smirk on her face that told me otherwise. I still couldn't believe that Dean was making such a big deal out of it.

"Oh no. There is no way you're leaving this house wearing that!" Dean kept shaking his head while throwing his arms around as he gestured to her clothes.

Come to think of it, Dean was acting a lot more protective of what Casey was wearing compared to how Nora reacted when Casey wore that babe raider outfit a few years back. Then again, Dad, Edwin and I reacted more than her during our emergency guys' meeting. Which was odd or maybe it's a guy thing to react like that. I got why dad was freaking out, I understood Edwin's confusion of the whole feminism business but why was I a little worried? I do remember thinking that she was looking hot but I couldn't acknowledge that or admit that. It was a simple lapse in judgment on my part; I simply forgot that the girl who was dressed like my video game goddess was my keener stepsister. I don't even like admitting it now but why did I care? Why do I still care?

"Why not? It's just an outfit, Dean." Casey questioned as she tilted her head to the side as she watched Dean's movements as he started pacing a little.

I looked to my side and saw that Sam was watching his brother as well. I wonder if he knows why he's freaking out.

Dean stopped in his tracks and glared at the girl on the platform. "More like an invitation. You're just asking for trouble." Dean finished off with his arms crossed over his chest, practically challenging Casey to argue with his reasoning. He does have a point, her outfit is just all too inviting to guys…why do I care? Remember the Venturi-McDonald treaty agreement Derek, remember it! Do not get involved in personal lives!

I looked back to Casey and she was still smirking but she was now on the hardwood floor as her heels clicked in place.

"Then I welcome it with open arms." Casey confidently stated as if she could take on the world all on her own.

I was intrigued by this new type of confidence that seemed to radiate off her. She held herself as if she's had it all her life but I've never seen her like this, and if I had, I wouldn't expect it so soon after one of her break ups. Granted Truman was scum but there was still some form of a break up reaction from Casey. I wasn't sure if what happened at prom between them had anything to do with this newfound confidence but I wasn't going to analyze it, hoping that what I saw was just another hallucination. It was still too unbelievable to comprehend what Casey had done. For now I say it never happened, that whole night has too many unsolved questions.

"You cannot be serious." Dean's furious tone snapped me back to reality as he moved closer to stand in front of Casey as he still seemed to tower over her in her heels, trying to intimidate her from the looks of it. Casey's expression softened as she looked up at Dean slightly.

"Nothing's gonna happen to me, not when you and Sam are gonna be there." She admitted as a soft smile appeared on her face. I chose to ignore the weird feeling in my stomach as I waited to see what Dean would do.

"And what if we never came today, then what?" Dean's voice wasn't angry anymore but it still held a tense tone as he asked. I could even feel the tension coming off of Sam who stood in place beside me. I looked to him and I saw that he wanted in on their conversation but he just couldn't do it, he seemed like he was waiting for the right time.

"I would have had to boost up on my defenses. You know I can handle myself." Casey quipped, trying her best to defuse Dean's temper.

"She's right, Dean." Sam added in causing both me and Casey to look at the taller man. "She handled herself during that freshman frenzy of hers and she handled herself while she was here." I quirked my eyebrow in question when Sam mentioned her being in a freshman frenzy. That should be interesting intel.

Dean's head seemed to snap as he made eye contact with his brother.

"Those were high school guys! Nothing is gonna stop the other guys now that she's graduated." I could see the anger and fear in Dean's eyes when he implied the scenarios that Casey could get herself in to, as if he was trying to communicate with Sam how bad it could get.

I gulped as the actual thought crossed my mind. Great, Dean is ruining my night by implanting these caring thoughts into my head.

"Ugh, Dean, I've been legal for awhile now and nothing's happened." Casey's voice snapped all our attentions back to her.

I wanted to object to that and mention Truman but I remembered Sam's whispered warning moments ago and decided not to get on either Casey or Dean's bad side tonight. Don't need them ruining my night even more.

"Just let me have this for tonight, Dean. I deserve to celebrate like everyone else. I worked hard to get where I am, just like you told me to, so don't I deserve to celebrate it and let loose after everything I've been through?" She paused as she gauged Dean's reaction and when she wasn't getting anywhere, she continued on. "I promise to never wear which ever part of the outfit that bugs you but please, let me wear it tonight." Casey practically pleaded while sporting a pout that sometimes she and Marti used against me to get me to do something. He's a goner. The pout always works when Marti does it, and it occasionally works when Casey does it but no one knows that.

Dean sighed. "You promise?"

She nodded, "Yeah, I promise." Casey smiled afterwards and Dean just gave a smirk back.

"Good 'cause it's only the skirt that bugs me." Dean quipped as he looked her up and down. For some reason, that little action bugged me.

Sam chuckled beside me.

"It's 'cause you're not use to her in a skirt, Dean." He teased as his older brother turned to glare at him.

"Shut up." I could see it in Dean's eyes that he was just playing around and it seemed like Sam knew it too since he just scoffed.

"So I can wear it?" Casey looked between Dean and Sam as if waiting for permission. She never asked for permission before, why ask now and why them?

I looked quizzically at her but she was too busy waiting for an answer.

"Yeah I guess so." Dean finally said as he started to scratch the back of his neck as he looked at her.

I could see the smile slowly grow on her face as her excitement increased. If she weren't wearing heels, I think she'd be jumping up and down in joy. Sometimes, girls are weird.

"Yes!" I could see that she was tempted to clap her hands to celebrate her clothing victory, but she resisted.

"Just one more thing." Dean added causing her smile to falter but his own smirk was in place. Sam groaned.

"What?" Casey was hesitant to ask and I even knew it.

"Take the jacket off." Dean innocently stated as if it was the simplest thing to do but it caused Casey's eyes to widen.

"Wh-what? Why?" Casey slightly stuttered and I couldn't help but wonder why? What are you hiding, Case?

"Just humor me, Case. I'm already letting you wear the outfit for tonight." Dean reasoned as Casey sighed in defeat as she took her leather jacket off.

As Casey held her jacket in her hands, Dean gently turned Casey around so that he could see her back. Dean sighed and started pinching his nose as he closed his eyes. I knew from the lack of fabric by Casey's shoulders that her upper back was bare. Seems like Dean doesn't like that.

"Please tell me you didn't wear clothes like this during your freshman frenzy." Dean practically pleaded, hoping that he would like the answer she gave him but I interjected before she could say anything.

"What freshman frenzy?" I needed to know what that was about.

"Casey had a serial dating phase back in freshman year." Sam answered for me and my eyes widened in surprise as I looked to Casey who was staring daggers at Sam while Dean was smirking at his brother.

I couldn't believe that she was a serial dater like me when she barely had dates when she moved here. I was too shocked to feel irritated for all the times she's lectured me on my dating style when she's done it herself. Hypocrite.

"But I thought you went to an all-girls private school before the wedding?" I asked causing Casey to remove her glare from Sam and look at me for the first time since she came down.

"I did." She was smirking but it still didn't make sense.

"But then how?" I voiced my confusion while I saw that Dean too was waiting for an answer.

"Just because I went to an all-girls school doesn't mean that I was cut off from guys. The all-boys private school wasn't that far away. The two schools usually teamed up together for social events." She explained as if it was no big deal.

"But when we met, you were in a uniform." I stated as I remembered getting Ralph to pretend to be me when I was supposed to be meeting Casey for the first time.

"You had to wear school uniforms?" Dean questioned in shock as he waited for an answer.

"Yeah. Private schools tend to have that fact in common." Casey smirked as she looked to Dean, I could have sworn that his face paled a bit.

What's wrong now?

"Great." Dean wiped his hand over his face before he continued on. "No wonder you had that frenzy, you were practically living out every teenage boy's fantasy." He grumbled as he glared at Casey who shrugged her shoulders.

"Not every boy has that fantasy, Dean." Sam defended as I rolled my eyes. Even I knew that all guys got that fantasy.

"You and I both know that every guy has had a fantasy of a girl in a school uniform." Dean stated and I wanted to deny that fact but I couldn't.

"Great, I didn't need that association, thank you very much." I grumbled since I didn't need another reminder of the fact that Casey had been in a school girl uniform regularly in the past.

Don't think about it, don't think about it. Keener, she's a keener. I kept repeating it in my head. Why am I thinking like this now?

"Oh quit denying it." Dean directed that towards me before pointing a finger at Casey. "And you should have been home-schooled."

Sam scoffed while Casey only smirked.

"Where's the fun in that?" She quipped as she looked to Dean, who only groaned.

"Dear God, I need a beer."

"I second that." Sam added.

"It hasn't even been a day yet and I've already gotten you two wanting to drink; wow…I'm good." Casey smirked at that observation as I now looked at her with more confusion. She wants that to happen?

"Something tells me I'm gonna have a very long hangover while I'm here." Dean admits as he heads over to the stairs to pick up a duffel bag that I hadn't seen there before.

"Can I join you?" Casey innocently asked as she put her leather jacket back on.

"Geez, I forgot how annoying you could be." Dean quipped as he straightened himself up as Casey gave a little laugh.

"But you missed me." Casey smiled as Dean narrowed his eyes on her. "Now grab my Ipod and lets hit the road. Didn't you say you were hungry?" Casey looked to Sam before directing the last part to Dean who was already heading for the door.

Sam was already grabbing Casey's Ipod as I stood frozen in my spot.

"Don't be late Derek, 'cause we're not waiting forever for you to arrive." Casey called back to me before the trio exited out of the house.

Once I heard the car's engine, I rushed upstairs to change into a darker pair of jeans and the brown button up shirt that I wore to James Burton's party last year. No way was I going to leave those three alone at the restaurant for a long period of time. Something was up with Casey and those two brothers, and I was determined to figure it out.


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Casey's Grad Party Outfit

Casey's Education Breakdown

Reference to "Second Chances: Outtakes": 'Open Mic Plight'