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In spite of the fact that the more youthful man tended to press Jang-Soos buttons with how energetic and rough he was

Jang-Soo delighted in the company given to him by his newly discovered buddy beyond any doubt he was sort of crazy and possibly lost a number of marbles but he wasn’t that terrible of a individual

“I think you’re a great man”The senior man communicates to his more youthful caretaker

“I don’t truly have any other individuals in my life but you now”Yeong-Gi shared with him

“You won’t be everyone’s container of tea all the time”The words gotten away streaming from Jang-Soos lips nearly like a warm winter breeze that calmed the storm of anxiousness entering him

“You sounds like you’ve got a few involvement in that department”Yeong-Gi rose a brow lines showing on his forehead as his brows began furrowing slightly marginally upturning the corners of his mouth

“I’ve been around on this planet for a long time”Jang Soo mutters

“Just like an annoying record”Yeong-Gi says


“Respect your elder”Jang-Soo cautioned him hesitantly grinning

“You adore to utilize that against me”Yeong-Gi says