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Mealy: Book Five

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In the world of The Simpsons there are many places. Filled with good and bad people. Every person has their own story. This is the story of a young adult from the town of Springfield Jari Kennish.

"So you see..."

Last month I delivered food to random customers who ordered via an online app called Uber Eats. One day I was stopped by Gal a Police Officer on the way to deliver someone's order.

"Jari? You being out at this time is violation of lockdown orders. What the hell do you think you're doing?" Gal inquired.

I tried to tell her that food delivery was exempt from the lockdown.

She made me stand on the street corner for a long time saying that she knew the law "better than I did." She fined me "ridiculously" with a warning that she'd better not "catch me on her streets again."

After her departure I dropped off the Chow King order at the listed address.

Jacob the customer it belonged to and Tareq his friend were "pissed the fuck off" about the food being late. Enough that Jacob reported me to Uber Eats. When my final delivery of the day was done Sam an Uber Eats Admin contacted me and "temporarily banned" me from using the app.

If it wasn't for Gal "preventing me from doing my fuckin' job." I would've delivered on time.

When I finished swimming with sharks Jessica, Nicola, and Emmy three people that witnessed my situation with Gal approached me. They were sympathetic. They even agreed to go down to the Police Station with me if I wanted to report the incident.

"Jari Don't ever feel like you can't win. Bitches like her shouldn't be able to get away with abusing their power like that. You weren't doing anything wrong." Jessica said.

"Thank you." I said.

Months Later I saw Gal again. She had long been fired after reporting her "abuse of power" to Chris the Police Sergeant and JJ someone from Internal Affairs. She apologized to me. I forgave her though the two of us would "never" be friends. I still delivered for Uber Eats who apologized for the "mix-up."