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It's odd. As cold as his stare could be, Senku found himself undeniably attracted to the warm body holding him close. He knew if the others saw this they would wonder what the hell was wrong with him. Sometimes he wondered that himself. But the chemicals of unstoppable science had drawn him here. In Hyouga's room within the Perseus. He didn't sleep with everyone else. Actually, this wasn't even supposed to be meant for sleeping really. It was a storage room away from the bunk room. Still, there they were on top of Hyouga's fluffy cape and covered by a fur blanket. The skin to skin contact sends shivers up his spine.

Senku knew Hyouga wasn't quite asleep. He never truly went to sleep until he was for certain Senku was. Some nights he wondered what he had to be afraid of. Then again, he's sure that Hyouga doesn't have fond memories of being shocked unconscious by him. He laughs at himself. Hyouga shifts but stays quiet, still holding him close. As if one wrong move and Senku would all but turn to dust.

Senku also wondered when they had become so close. Or rather, so attached to one another. They tried not to stay close to each other- or rather they didn't go out of their way to be close with each other in front of the others. If they did that would only cause suspicion. That's why Hyouga had told him one night that he would not cause him any trouble or even ever glance his way if Senku did him one simple favor.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize Hyouga was in love with him. Or maybe it was obsession. Either way, he had asked to simply hold Senku's bare body. It was a deal Senku didn't know why he accepted, much less went through with. After all, he had no reason to suspect Hyouga would betray him on a ship full of people loyal to Senku and the other captains. Not to mention a fully functional Shishio Tsukasa.

Yet Senku had accepted it. And as he made fun of Hyouga that first time as he took off his clothes, Hyouga had only watched him. Peering open those icy blue eyes to look at his pale, bare skin. And when he had exposed his own and brought him close to his chest he had heard Hyouga’s heart beating so fast in his chest.

His heart was always beating fast when they embraced this way.

Senku holds Hyouga closer at remembering this. He was sure they had made a truce on treasure island. Was he continuing this to repay him? No, that wasn't really Senku's style. How many nights had he snuck away to feel it again? The warmth. The closeness. The calm. And in the daylight neither said a thing about it. But if their eyes crossed at dinner they always had a glint in them. The knowledge that soon they would be back here in each others arms.

Sometimes he thought it should all be handled like an experiment. But there is nothing to test when the logical facts present themselves so clearly, so he chooses to see right through them. As each night passes he fears being caught, and why should he fear such a thing that comes without consequence? Maybe it's because he liked it. Maybe it's because he kissed the enemy. The ex enemy. The one they needed to keep an eye on. He wondered at times how it would have felt before Hyouga was petrified once again, and his lips would have had to cross the cracks etched by time on Hyouga's face.

Then again, he knew, at least knew how Hyouga felt about lingering his lips just over the two quirky scars on Senku’s forehead and eyes, letting his breath press over them so tender and quiet. Senku wonders and he wonders and he wonders.

But he knew.

Hyouga is now running his hands through Senku's hair. A tactic he used to get the scientist to sleep. Senku let's his eyes relax and close naturally. It's warm, but not too warm, and the sea sounds calm tonight. No one is there to bother them. Senku knows he is spiraling himself into falling for him. Or maybe he already has, he wasn't quite sure yet.

He sighs against Hyouga's chest and smiles. The body language of goodnight was good enough for him. Tomorrow he could ask himself more questions. Ponder what would happen if he didn't show up here as everyone lay to rest. Come back despite that once again. Receive another welcoming kiss. Embrace. Again, again, until he wondered if he would get sick of it.
Until he wondered if he never wanted it to end.

Maybe he already knew that he wouldn’t.