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doctor’s advice.

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Nayeon considers herself a fairly healthy person. Throughout childhood, she’s had parents with strict meal plans, which meant all food groups were accounted for. Including how much of certain foods were ideal for her to consume.


She doesn’t have much say for exercise, though. Having particularly sporty roommates, you’d figure she’d have no problem in engaging in pricey dance classes, or early morning runs. But Sana and Momo tend to do the most coupley things imaginable during these physical outings, and Nayeon can’t fathom hovering around those two for too long while they’re .05 seconds away from sucking face. Not to mention, she despises sweating.


However, she really can’t shake the thought of their eyes widening when she mentions that she’s having a gynecological exam today. Momo’s surprise comes in the form of stifling her laughter. I mean, what’s there to laugh at? Sana just smiles, and pats Nayeon on the back.


It really shouldn’t be that bad, right?


Sure, Sana relays to her that it can be more than a little awkward depending on the gynecologist’s approach, but she reassures Nayeon that there’s virtually nothing to worry about.


The short cab ride brings Nayeon to a small clinic on the other side of town. The beige walls with the purpose of welcoming -- cute and dainty furniture peppering the lobby like one of those children hospitals -- although Nayeon never really sees the point of that.


“You’ll be brought inside in just a moment.” The receptionist politely requests her to take a seat on the couch, and right then, her nerves cruelly catch up to her. Perfect.


She’s been spared the details -- kudos to Sana because ‘where’s the fun in the expectation?’ -- and now she just wants to turn heel and run. The logical part of her brain is telling her that the doctors are only here to help, but the latter poses a simple question: is there a need for such help in the first place?


Her nerves mute out the excessive tapping of her foot, and she’s only enlightened by her own disturbance when her name is called by a nurse, an understanding look on her face as she’s ushered into a room near the end of a short hallway.


If she isn’t mistaken, it looks exactly like a well-decorated doctor’s office. Plaques laced with silver borders and official certificates adorn the nearby bookshelf in glass casing, a shelf in the corner home to a handful of glass trophies.


To be quite frank, Nayeon feels a little out of place in this room. She gulps, standing awkwardly near the closed entrance.


But off to the side, a door is left ajar


“I’ll be just a minute,” A feminine voice calls, seemingly busy with some work from the sounds of shuffling coming from the open door, “Please make yourself comfortable, Miss Im.”


Strangely, the way her name rolls off her tongue releases a tingling sensation in Nayeon’s stomach. She settles in the chair next to what she assumes is her desk, scanning the room one last time before she hears a door click shut.


A woman in a coat, wavy dark hair swept to one side as she adjusts the glasses perched on the bridge of her nose, wearing a professionally placed smile on her lips.


“Hello, Nayeon, I’m Doctor Park.” She pauses, taking the seat on her side of the desk. “Is this your first gynecological exam?”


There are several things running through Nayeon’s mind right now. The most prominent one being: Holy fuck, she’s gorgeous.


She nods in response, letting out a wavering chuckle, “Yes it is, actually.”


The doctor’s grin only grows wider in recognition, “I take it you’re a little on edge, and that’s perfectly fine. The entirety of the examination will likely be finished within a few minutes.”


“That sounds.. great.”


Jihyo hums, grabbing her clipboard. “The first thing we’ll be doing is a breast exam, which should be rather brief. Then we’ll carry on with the pelvic exam. In both of these, we’ll only be checking for abnormalities.”


Nayeon nods along, completely trying to play off her nervousness by listening intently - it’s probably not working by the looks of it.


In a fit of attempting to distract herself, she searches for anything in the room. Her eyes naturally land on the doctor, features soft yet so pointed and angled while she scribbles hastily on the clipboard, observing her as she tucks a lock of hair behind her ear.


Stop it, you creep, Nayeon scolds herself.


“You can get changed into those behind the curtains, Miss Im.” Jihyo points her pen to the neatly folded up dressing gown on the counter near the station. “We’ll need everything off for the exam.”


The tips of her ears redden. Is that a hint of playfulness in her voice?



Nayeon gulps. Hard.


She’s sitting by the edge of the examining table, awaiting the doctor’s next request. But she can’t help but feel so bare. The air conditioner put on blast doesn’t help it either, shivering while she rubs her thighs together from the chills. Nayeon’s had experience, and this is pretty much how naked you get for x-rays, but at least the minutes don’t seem like hours.


Jihyo emerges from the curtains, setting her clipboard down as she puts some gloves on. The doctor’s dark hair is now tied in a low tail loosely, she notices.


“Lie down for me, Nayeon.” And she’s obedient, Nayeon follows as Jihyo adjusts the height to an incline, allowing her to sit almost upright. “Arms behind your head, sweetheart.”


She does as she’s told, and curses the timing of how her heart starts thumping dramatically at the pet name. Is she even allowed to say things like that?


“Ready?” Jihyo asks, eyes crinkling when Nayeon nods curtly. “If you feel any discomfort, don’t be afraid to speak up.”


In the end, Nayeon can only look at - feel - how Jihyo lifts the material of the gown so painfully slowly, sliding a hand beneath the fabric as the latex rubs against the skin of her abdomen, trailing upward to rest on her breast - a breadth of a hair away from failing to hide the hitch in her breath when Nayeon registers the cool sensation of her hand against the underside.


She knows it isn’t right to be this flustered. It’s her damn job. Still, she finds that the pink dusting on her cheeks is inevitable.


Jihyo takes a moment to feel around with two digits, pressing and pinching against the soft mound firmly. Her other hand promptly moves to Nayeon’s bare waist, steadying the older woman while she continues her inspection.


Her chest is now pounding from pure embarrassment. Who the fuck knew a physical exam could turn her into such an incohesive mess?


It simply doesn’t help how the gynecologist before her sports a concentrated expression, brows knitted, while she proceeds with the examination.


When the doctor pauses, Nayeon just about thinks they’re finished, and breathes out a silent huff. Suddenly, she lets out a startled gasp when Jihyo’s thumb flicks across her nipple in a smooth fashion, the pad of the digit gently pushing the tip before circling it languidly. Unrelenting, she squeezes her nipple, feeling it harden beneath her touch.


Heat runs from her abdomen to her cunt, and she mutters a curt ‘fuck’ under her breath, hoping that Jihyo didn’t hear it.


The universe must be playing sick tricks on her, because she lets out a sinfully low chuckle at Nayeon’s slip, “Deep breaths, Miss Im.”


And she tries, she seriously tries to. For the remainder of the exam Nayeon solely focuses on allowing her breathing to even out - or making it seem like so.


When Jihyo finally releases her hands and pulls back, a soft hum escapes her lips. “Looks like there’s nothing to be worried about. That wasn’t so bad, was it?”


“Right, yeah.” Nayeon manages as stable as possible, the slight gruff in her voice betraying her. “So now what?”


As the table reclines further back, Jihyo clasps her hands together. “The pelvic exam. But first, I’ll need you to answer a couple of questions.”


“Okay, shoot.”


For the most part, Nayeon begins to feel a little more at ease, answering questions about her family and medical history, menstrual cycle, past surgeries, etc. She actually kind of likes how the woman prefers to make eye contact, nodding as a sign of acknowledgement unlike most clinics she’s been to where they’d just listen and jot things down.


There’s a moment where Nayeon notices a few rings on her fingers - having removed the gloves - while she notes something on the clipboard. Curious, she doesn’t stop herself from commenting.


“You have quite the taste.”


Jihyo’s eyes shoot up to Nayeon’s, bringing her gaze down to where she’s looking, and she laughs, “Thank you. They’re just for show, though. I’m fond of how they look.”


And she’s right. They accent her slender fingers perfectly - not to mention they’re long.


“Don’t worry, I’ll take them off for the next part.”


She winks at Nayeon. Winks. Jihyo taps her pen repeatedly against the board.


“One last question; have you been sexually active in the past year?”


“I- uh- yes.”


“Have you had sex with men, women or both?”


“It was just a woman.”


The slightest raise of her brow throws Nayeon off by a bit.


To be fair, it was just a one night stand with one of the engineering students on her dorm floor about a month ago, but it’s still quite embarrassing to admit it if that’s the only action she got this entire year.


“Anal, vaginal or oral?”


“Just the last two.”


There’s a momentary silence when Jihyo scribbles in what Nayeon assumes is her messy doctor’s handwriting, until Jihyo clicks her tongue in satisfaction, “That should be it. Before we begin the pelvic examination, do you have any questions or sexual concerns you’d like to discuss?”


“Not at all.”


“Then let’s begin.”


It’s then when she realises how vulnerable she is, the only real barrier between her body being the dressing gown with the widest possible opening at the bottom. She’s laying down, knees stuck together out of pure instinct.


There returns that feeling in her gut.


“For this one, I’ll need you to spread your legs, darling.” It’s almost purposeful at this point, how sultry she lets anything sound. “Remember to breathe, don’t tense your muscles. It’ll be more efficient.”


And she thinks she’s about to faint when Jihyo slowly helps her part her thighs, feeling an all too familiar stickiness between them as they spread apart. The cool air reaches her cunt harshly; she's practically shivering, presenting herself without shame. It’s worse how Nayeon’s fully aware that her slit is fucking soaked.


Gauging the doctor for a reaction, her search is deemed useless - she’s seen countless vaginas in her occupation, why would there be any difference? - and her gloved hand is already beginning its exploration on her pussy.


Digits stroke around her lips, running lightly against the surface of her folds with little resistance. Nayeon’s never had a harder time in her life. Well, that’s a lie, but she could just about shrivel up and die right now.


Her mind goes to certain places, like whether or not Dr. Park has ever experienced being inside a woman outside of her profession - how skilled she must be if she has-


And Nayeon thinks of how pathetic she is for nearly protesting, as Dr. Park’s hands slide away from her body. On the other side, she grabs a thin bottle from the counter, dousing her fingers in what looks to be lube.


She observes a foreign look in Jihyo’s eyes that she hasn’t yet seen since she’d stepped foot into her office; her gaze darkens, “This part may be uncomfortable, but you’ve been taking it very well so far, Nayeon.”


Shit- the praise goes straight to her sopping heat.


Before she even knows it, a hand is on her abdomen, while two fingers prod gently on her core, slipping through with much ease, stretching the older woman out. It’s fucking bliss.


Her lids fall closed, brows knitting together while she releases a strangled breath. And she keeps going deeper, Nayeon feeling her walls tightening with the effort of Jihyo’s pushing, the only indication of her stopping being her long digits hitting where she ends.


Pressing on her abdomen, the doctor retracts her fingers shallowly, before pushing them back in with a practiced force. And she does it again. Of course she’s only checking for irregularities, but Nayeon almost finds herself begging for more - needing more - because curse her if she isn’t so damn good at what she does.


She’s cherry red, lips parted and vaguely drowsy, the sensation of fluid trickling down to her ass reeling her back into a reality of humiliation, “I’m so sorry, I-”


“Shh, don’t worry about it, sweetie. Vaginal discharge is fairly typical.”


Truthfully, she despises how reassuring she is, like she’s babying Nayeon; despises how her clit twitches from it. The reaction doesn’t go unnoticed by the doctor, however, who only reaches up to thumb at the sensitive bud.


A strikingly loud moan spills out of Nayeon.


“Oh, you poor thing,” she coos, “I’ve been trying to ignore it but you’re really that squirmish, aren’t you?”


“It- feels - oh - really nice,” And that pretty much sums up all Nayeon can muster from the immense pleasure. But Jihyo pulls away, and she whines softly.


“We’ll need to get one thing out of the way first, darling,” And the air around them grows thick for a moment, her gaze boring into Nayeon’s while she brushes a strand of hair away from her face, “Do you really want this? You want me to continue?”


Nayeon bites her lip in contemplation, but she’s already too far gone and she soon ends up blurting the words out, “Yes. Please, I need it badly.”


Humming, Jihyo doesn’t resume her ministrations, earning a confused look from the woman beneath her, “Spread.” The doctor positions herself in between Nayeon’s thighs, chuckling at the mess presented before her - not like she hasn’t seen it already but this time she really takes a moment to look at the pink pussy basically clenching, wanting to be touched.


Blowing at her clit, the effect is immediate, Nayeon moans as she hooks her legs onto Jihyo’s shoulders as if she’s done so a billion times over. The first lick to her sopping cunt is unhurried, the flat of her tongue tasting every sweet inch of the woman - she can’t help a satisfied groan herself.


The act is just as sinful as it sounds. Maybe it’s the thought in her head that someone can just walk in and witness the doctor having her head between her own thighs. Oh god, her mouth is so warm, clit fitting ideally in between her lips as she sucks, and Nayeon bucks, her hips unfaltering.


Her moans drastically rise when she nears the edge, hand clambering to grip at her hair.


“No touching, sweetheart,” Jihyo throws her a scolding look, though her chin is coated in her slick and her pupils are pretty much blown. “Get that gown off and play with your tits for me.”


Like mentioned before, Nayeon is very obedient. Without hesitation - although having been denied a sinful orgasm - she shuffles out of her garments in a rushed manner and gropes her breasts, teasing and twisting until they’re flushed an angry pink, whining out pitifully to the empty room.


Watching intensely, Jihyo bites her lip, beginning to unbutton her own coat, “God, I love that.” Off go her pants and blouse, leaving her just as bare as her patient, save for her underwear, “When you try so hard to be good for me.”


The whimper Nayeon lets out is breathless, only being able to watch when Jihyo straddles her hips, her clothed core barely rubbing against her naked cunt. The fabric already reveals a damp spot.


“Doctor Park, I-” Her train of thought ceases to function, words trailing out into silence.


The latter leans over her,“I’m listening.”


“I wanna feel you.”


“Oh yeah? Where?”


“..My pussy..”


A proud look plays on Jihyo’s features, and she places a chaste kiss on her cheek - the small gesture elicits a blush. Now kneeling above her, she makes the effort to peel her panties off, taking her sweet time as a string of her slick connects the fabric to her sopping cunt.


And she slips her legs to be able to weave into Nayeon’s, before thrusting down onto her heat. The first rolling motion of her hips draws out a guttural moan from the both of them, backs arching and heads being thrown back in sync. The sensation of their clits rubbing together is nothing short of euphoria.


“You feel so good, Nayeon.”


Right now, Nayeon’s enjoying the obscenely wonderful view above her. The gynecologist's toned hips gyrating with a constant rhythm, practically seeking nothing more than her sweet release, breasts bouncing from the sheer force of her motions, all the while her low groans sing in harmony with her own thready mewls.


“You do too,” Nayeon cries out, feeling a familiar sensation build up in her abdomen as they pick up speed, the lewd sounds of skin meeting skin and slick spurring the both of them on, “‘Bout to come.”


In a last minute act, Jihyo shifts their hips for a better angle, clits throbbing and engorged, and a final moan rips from Nayeon’s chest.


“Come for me, darling.”


Nayeon falls off the edge, nails digging into the other woman’s thighs, panting as she comes down from the delirious high. Jihyo thinks she looks absolutely beautiful, all fucked out and aglow. She gives her another few minutes of rest, then she makes a move to get herself off the table.


Nayeon halts her movements with a squeeze to her thigh, “You haven’t gotten off.”


“You don’t have to worry about that.” Jihyo finds it adorable how even in her post-orgasmic bliss, she cares about her state of pleasure, “I’m pleased enough just by having you come.”


“But I’m not,” Nayeon’s feigned fragility is soon replaced with a rather intimidating demeanour, and Jihyo’s more than just a little intrigued - and excited, “Pleased, that is. Let me take care of you, Doctor.


Jihyo isn’t able to protest, let alone process what happens next, Nayeon bringing her hips closer to her face while she’s still laid down, lids hooded and gaze directed up at the doctor while she drags her tongue through her folds.


She tastes just as sweet as she’d imagined moments ago, yet the relieved groan Jihyo lets out is much, much more delicious.


For the most part, she lets her do what she wants, the latter riding her face with newfound vigor, Nayeon doing her part by drinking and lapping up what her pretty cunt has to offer.


It doesn’t take Jihyo long at all to come, the sweetness that’s rushing down onto Nayeon’s face being almost immediately smeared by the doctor’s rolling of hips. And now Nayeon can’t say she isn’t pleased to see her like a puddle of mush.


A beat passes and no words are exchanged until Jihyo sits upright, clearing her throat. “So.. that was..”


“Fun,” Nayeon finishes, “Does this mean I’m all good for the exam, Doc?”


Jihyo breaks into laughter, “I’m sure it does. Although.. I’m sure we need to update a few things on your sexual history, Miss Im.”


They both start to get dressed, collecting their respective clothing from the piles of loosely thrown garments scattered on the floor.


“Say.. about that,” A tinge of hesitation laces her tone, but she shoots her shot regardless. “Is it recommended to have regular check ups with a gynecologist?”


For the moment that Jihyo doesn’t reply and instead walks off to her desk, Nayeon floods with awkwardness from the silent rejection. Her feet guide her to the door, but she’s stopped before she’s able to grip the doorknob.


Jihyo’s standing there, holding out a pad of paper with a neaty scrawled number on it - and a cute little heart.


“We’ll see about that, won’t we?”