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An Owl House Ten Second Tale: Rule 34

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“Oh, hey Amity!” Luz called out in the Hexside lunchroom. “You’re not going to believe what I found last night—I stayed up way later than I should have. I just couldn’t stop reading!”

“O-oh?” Amity stammered. “What was it? Some new book?”

“No! Even better! Boiling Isles fanfiction!” Luz held her scrollphone up excitedly. “See? ‘A Coven of Our Own’, or Co3 for short! Viney showed it to me yesterday, and it’s incredible! There’s so much out there—including some really fantastic Azura fanfics!”

Amity wondered how her blush could deepen at the same time as color seemed to be draining from her face. “R-R-Really?”

“Yeah! Man, this one fic was really something! It’s about Azura being captured by a human who intends to enslave her! Listen:

“Struggle all you want, Azura,” the auburn-haired human whispered in the good witch’s ear. “Those humanium bonds are very magic-resistant. I’ve been preparing for this day a very, very long time.” Her long fingers caressed Azura’s trembling features. “We are going to grow much closer,” the human smiled. “I am going to slowly break down your resistance, bend you to my will, until you will completely mine—soul, mind and…” Her fingers drifted past Azura’s neck and grazed her chest. “…body. Oh yes.”

“Isn’t that hot?” Luz gushed. “I left kudos, but man, I wish I could meet this ‘AzuraFanGirl’ and tell her how great her stuff is! She’s got like twelve stories up already, and this one’s apparently got another ten chapters to go! Though man, she really has a fixation on human/witch romances; all of her stories seem to fall into that bucket, you know?”

“ExcusemeIhavetousethebathroomreallybadseeyoulaterbye,” Amity blurted as she shot to her feet and raced away.