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Dark and Light

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“Sonny,” You breathed out, horrified at the state of the side of his bloodied head, “Your head!”

Sonny only set his blazer over the back of the chair in your living room, a casual shrug emitting from his shoulders as he entered. He had expected this reaction after the initial shock of being attacked had worn off.

“It’s actually my ear,” He corrected, “And I’m perfectly fine, doll. He missed my eardrum.”

You closed the newspaper in your hands with a light rustle, but your current demeanor was anything but light.

“He missed your- wait, who missed your eardrum? And what was he trying to do?” You gawked, hesitating to touch the bandages around his ear.

Sonny grumbled. Not at you, of course, but at the entire situation. It had taken a massive toll on his day, and for now he just wanted to sit down in the comfort of his home at the very least.

“Can I at least get a kiss first? Since when did you stop greeting me with kisses, baby girl?” He questioned, a sly smirk popping up on his face.

“Since the day that my husband walked in with a hole in the side of his head.” You bantered back, but obliged to his request with a sweet kiss to his lips.

Sonny crashed onto the couch, slinking down and spreading his long legs out as far as they could go underneath the coffee table. Despite the fact that Sonny really wasn’t in the mood to talk about it, he knew that you’d worry yourself over it until he explained. He couldn’t say that he didn’t blame you.

“Does the name Henry Mesner mean anything to you?” Sonny queried, resting one of his hands on your legs once you got comfortable next to him.

“I can’t say that it does. It doesn’t ring a bell. Why?” You admitted, racking your brain of any reason that you should’ve known that name.

“Mesner was put into juvenile detention when he was 10. He turned 18 this year and the court released him,” Sonny explained, “He went on a killing spree and murdered his family, attacked the family that his sister was staying with.”

“Christ...” You cursed, “How did SVU get involved?”

“SVU picked up the case before I was a detective there. Mesner’s first attack after his release happened when he raped and tortured the daughter of one of his psychiatrists,” Sonny answered, “Mesner had been stalking the daughter and then approached Jesse in the park with Amanda...”

You could tell that Sonny was getting stressed out by just talking about it. The vein in his forehead was beginning to show and his cheeks were flushing red. You gently rubbed your hand up and down his arm to try to soothe him, not wanting him to get overly upset.

“How did he get put into detention in the first place?” You wondered.

“He abused his little sister, drowned his friend’s dog, and shot Amaro in a standoff,” Sonny rattled off, “Long story short, he never should’ve been released. He outsmarted all of the psychiatrists there. He’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” Sonny admitted, rubbing the bridge of his nose to try and prevent the incoming headache.

“And your ear...?” You pressed carefully, trying to see how Mesner came into the equation of your original concern.

“Oh, he stabbed me in court today. I guess he was trying to prove that he was unfit to stand trial...despite that he is fit to stand trial.” Sonny went on, loosening his tie around his neck.

“He stabbed you?” You asked, your jaw falling open.

“Well, yeah. How else did you think I got this?” Sonny prompted as if it had been the most obvious reasoning in the world.

“I don’t know, but my first thought certainly wasn’t that you were attacked by a teenage psychopath,” You remarked, eyeing over his injury once more, “I thought when you started working for the DA’s office, you’d be less likely to have stuff like this happen.”

“Life’s full of surprises. Isn’t it, lovebug?” Sonny grinned, lifting his arm to invite you to cuddle up next to him.

“I suppose it is,” You replied, “You’re okay though, right?”

He nodded, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“Yeah, baby. I’m okay,” He confessed, “But if I’m bein’ honest, a night in is really sounding good right about now.”

You giggled as you wrapped your arms around his slender torso, the sound of your laughter bringing some of the weight off of Sonny’s chest.

“Sounds like a plan to me. I was kind of hoping you’d say that.” You admitted.

“Yeah? Why’s that?” Sonny questioned, “Another Golden Girls marathon?”

“You know me so well,” You laughed again, not surprised that he was able to dish out your reasoning for wanting to stay home, “But I know it’s not your favorite so we can-”

“No, no, doll. I’m good with that. As long as you’re here then I’m good.” Sonny cut you off, pulling you even closer, “I have to say that it’s kind of growing on me...”
With that, you scrambled for your phone to order a pizza, followed by the remote, turning on the TV and flipping to the correct channel. You maintained conversation, but much happier topics. You caught him up with all the drama you were enduring at work (which amounted to just gossip between coworkers), told him about the new book you were reading, as well as any other menial things that he loved hearing about.

Sonny managed a chuckle to himself. Even after all these years, your innocence always made him smile. You didn’t always see the dark side of things like he did. Sonny had seen his fair share of horrific things during his time working as a detective...and even still as an ADA. He always considered himself to be the darkness and you to be the brightness in the relationship. Polar opposites that just fit so well. He found relief when he came home to you every day. You were his release, his comfort from everything he had seen.

And you’d be his relief from all the things that he had yet to see.