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United Under The Same Sky

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Emma Swan’s sandals creaked slightly as she walked down the hallway. Her pace was brisk and the smile on her face unmistakable. Today was the day. At last. The last time she would be walking down the hallway. The last time she would greet the doctors and nurses she met along the way.

Today she was finally whisking Regina away from the hospital. Like she was the knight in shining armor, Regina the princess and the hospital the tower room she had been locked up in for the past twenty years.

Okay, so the hospital wasn’t a tower room. Emma wasn’t a knight. She didn’t own any clothes remotely close to an armor. She didn’t know how to wield a sword. She hadn’t slain dragons and ocres to find Regina. Only crossed an ocean and stumbled upon a flamenco dancer. And Regina was not the lost princess who had been locked up for the past twenty years.

But she had been ‘locked up’ for a week, though. Two days after being rushed to the hospital after Marian had made her fall down the stairs in the bar, Regina had suddenly started bleeding. Her doctor had called Emma in the middle of the night, and Emma had shot up from bed as she was a rocket being fired towards the sky. She had gotten dressed in top speed and then tumbled into a taxi. She had barked at the taxi driver to ‘fucking hurry!’, and he had.

In the hospital, she had raced to Regina’s room with her heart thundering in her throat and tears burning in her eyes.

But upon seeing Regina’s doctor, she found out that it had been a false alarm. It turned out that Regina had underwent a routine exam earlier that night and due to an ‘irritated cervix’ she had started spotting very lightly. The doctor repeated over and over again that light spotting during pregnancy was not a cause for concern, but she also stressed out how good it was that Regina had reacted and send for the doctor rather than assuming it was nothing.

When Emma was let into Regina’s room, she found Regina pale, meek, holding her belly and very, very relieved. And sheepish for having dragged Emma out of bed. Emma had brushed the apology aside. Of course. She had kissed Regina’s forehead and praised her for sending for the doctor. Then she had kissed Regina’s belly. Multiple times. While babbling nonsense to Blueberry.

Regina had laughed. And then she had called her father who also had been informed. He was already on his way to the hospital, and even through the phone, Emma had been able to hear the big, deep sigh of relief Henry had made. “So you and Pequeño are okay?” he had asked.

Regina had answered that they were both fine. There was absolutely no reason for concern.

Henry had believed her. But he had still showed up at the hospital. With flowers. And chocolate.

There was also flowers and chocolate waiting for Regina in her apartment. Emma had bought lots of fresh flowers and filled chocolates. And cream sodas. She had stocked up on Doritos and marshmallows and everything else that Regina craved. She had cleaned the place from top to bottom. Scrubbed every inch of it to make sure it was spotless. And then of course she had splurged and bought an enormous banner saying, ‘WELCOME REGINA AND BLUEBERRY!’ and had hung it in the kitchen. Alejandro and Ricardo, the two guys who played guitar when Regina danced had helped her hang up the banner, and all three of them had agreed that it was a great idea and that it would make Regina smile.

Emma did not care whether it had just been a week. Regina deserved a royal welcome home. She had been worried about Blueberry, in pain because of her broken leg, dizzy and nauseous from the concussion and generally upset because of what she called her ‘frightening appearance’. Emma didn’t agree with her. Regina didn’t look frightening in any way. Perhaps she was a bit bruised after her tumble, but it could have been worse. Way worse.

But now she would finally be let out of the hospital. At last. It had been a long week. A tough week. Regina had thrown up due to the concussion the first few days. That was one of the main reasons the hospital had kept her for a week. The other reason had been that she had to learn how to use crutches. The doctor had recommended a wheelchair for her because it would be easier seeing that she was pregnant and that her center of gravity had changed, but Regina had blankly rejected that immediately. Not even
Emma’s sweet attempts at convincing her to say yes to the wheelchair had not worked. Regina’s jaw had been set and her posture stiff. Arms had folded across her chest as she gritted out: “I live in an apartment where the wheelchair can barely fit through the door. And my leg might be broken, and I may be pregnant, but I am NOT sick enough to use a wheelchair so you might as well stop trying to convince me otherwise, Emma!”

That was how Emma knew Regina meant business. No ‘querida’ or ‘preciosa’ or ‘mi amor’. Just plain ‘Emma’.

Emma had winced and apologized for being an overprotective idiot. Regina hadn’t actually accepted the apology right away. She had glared at Emma and had coldly asked if she could get her something from the vending machine. She hadn’t specified what that ‘something’ was. It had been obvious that she had just used it as an excuse to send Emma out of the room.

Emma had walked out like a dog with its tail between its legs. She had felt properly scolded and rightfully so. It hadn’t been up to her to decide if Regina should use a wheelchair or not. When she got to the vending machine, she grabbed every last piece of chocolate and candy she could get her hands on. She had even walked down to the gift shop and had bought a huge yellow balloon. With a marker, she had written the word ‘Sorry!’ across the balloon and had even drawn a sad little face too.

But when she came back to Regina’s hospital room, Regina had been on the verge of tears as she spilled apologies for having snapped at Emma. She had opened her arms for a hug, and Emma had willingly given her one. She had accepted Regina’s apology because she could sense that Regina needed her to do that. But at the same time, she had told Regina that she wasn’t the one who had the most reason to apologize. Emma was the one who had been barking up the wrong tree when she tried to make the decisions for Regina. She had apologized. And then they had shared a piece of chocolate.

On the fourth day in the hospital, Regina had gotten company in her hospital room by a delightful, elderly gentleman called Diego. The two of them had developed an unusual friendship while in the hospital. Diego had given Regina his entire life story. He was eighty two and had broken his femur during a fall. He had been a widower since his wife had passed away six years ago, but he rarely felt lonely. His house was always full of life. He had seven children who each had between three and five kids themselves. He even had three great-grandchildren, so he was rarely alone, he had told Regina.

In return, Regina had told him about herself. Had told that she was pregnant with her first baby, and to Emma’s utter delight, she had come into the hospital one morning to find Diego in the middle of knitting a tiny little green hat for ‘señorita Regina’s bebé’.

Emma had silently fawned or that for the rest of the day. And she was happy that Diego had moved into Regina’s hospital room. On most mornings, Emma had come in to find the two of them nearly crying with laughter. And somedays, Emma came in and found the two of them engaged in a game of cards or chess. Sometimes she had joined in on their card games. She too had become incredibly fond of the delightful Diego Gomez.

Henry had of course stopped by the hospital every single day, and Emma and Regina had face timed with Emma’s parents and friends.

As for Robin Locksley, he had put his signature on the piece of paper stating that he would renounce any parental rights and would not try to become involved in the child’s life when it was born. Furthermore, neither he nor his wife would be harassing Regina.

If they abided these rules, Regina would not press charge against Marian for causing her fall down the stairs.

So far, Robin had been as silent as the grave and so had Marian. Which was exactly how Emma preferred it. She was done with those assholes!

“Knock-knock,” Emma said jokingly as she knocked on the already half-ajar door.

“Pasa,” came the amused answer from behind the door.

Emma pushed the door fully open and stepped inside. Smiled at what she saw.

Regina was sitting waiting impatiently on the edge of the bed. She was wearing a blue sundress that both flowed and hugged her baby bump in the most delightful way. Her hair was gathered in a loose side braid. The bandage around her head was gone and her black eye and puffy cheek had turned into bruises instead. Then of course there was the cast around her left ankle. It had been white a week ago, but now it was nicely decorated with silly little doodles. Words of encouragement. Drawings of smileys and little boats and swans and crowns and lots and lots of blueberries, of course. And plenty of other fruits, actually. Emma had read up on it and found out which fruit Blueberry would match in size over the weeks. And she had turned it into a mission to draw all the different fruits on Regina’s cast. She had also written silly little messages ‘from Blueberry’. Such as ‘I can’t wait to meet you, mommy!’ or ‘Emma says my mommy is the cutest!’. Regina had laughed a lot about that. And then called Emma a ‘silly goose’.

Which Emma had found utterly adorable, obviously.

“Querida!” Regina chirped as she grabbed her crutches and eased herself off the bed. “Finally! I’ve been waiting for ages!”

“I’m awfully sorry, Your Majesty. I had to prepare the carriage first,” Emma quipped as she hasted forward and gently grabbed Regina’s elbow.

“Oh yes?” Regina smirked. “Have the horses been brushed and their saddles cleaned?”

“And the velvet inside the carriage cleaned carefully,” Emma laughed. Leaned forward and pecked Regina gently on the lips. “You look great.”

“Stop it,” Regina scoffed. “I smell of hospital.”

“You smell amazing.”

Diego laughed from his hospital bed. “You should believe her, señorita Regina.”

“I am going to miss you, Diego,” Regina said fondly. “But you have my phone number, so don’t forget to call me, okay?”

“Of course I will not forget that,” Diego assured. “You take good care of yourself, young lady. And the little one, of course.”

“I will,” Regina assured with a chuckle. “Good luck with your leg.”

“Likewise. I’m sure you will master those crutches in no time.”

“Let’s hope so,” Regina said with a slight grimace. Even though she had rejected the wheelchair, she wasn’t less skeptical about the crutches. Or perhaps annoyed was a better word, and Emma could understand why. Wearing a cast on her ankle for six weeks was less than ideal. She would be annoyed too. But it was definitely to be preferred over anything else.

Had Regina fallen just a smidge more unfortunate, the consequences could have been devastating.

They said goodbye to the delightful Diego and then left the hospital room. Emma walked slowly and carried the bag containing the stuff Regina had needed while on the hospital. Regina was hobbling along on her crutches. She was actually doing a pretty good job at maneuvering around on the crutches. But then again, she had practiced pretty much all the time. Her protruding belly quivered every time she took a hop with the crutches. She was not allowed to put any kind of weight on her broken ankle. Meaning that she could not serve customers in the bar. Or dance. Meaning that two of the things she loved the most had been taken away from her. She had cussed her broken ankle far, far away many times, and Emma understood that too. She also understood why Regina was worried. Living on the third floor while hobbling around on crutches (and being pregnant!!) wasn’t ideal. Emma had some kind of vague idea of bringing Regina back to Storybrooke soon, but first she had to go back to her own place and decompress a little. Sleep in her own bed. Take a shower. Wash the hospital away.

“Careful!” Emma exclaimed as Regina lifted a crutch and used it to push the elevator button.

“Oh, vamos,” Regina said with a slight chuckle. “These are going to be my constant companions for six weeks. Surely, I’m allowed to use them to have a bit of fun, right?”

“Sure,” Emma agreed. “But seeing you balance like that is making me nervous.”

“Everything I do is making you nervous,” Regina said with a grin. “Isn’t that right, querida?”

Emma smiled. Couldn’t help it. Regina had been pretty concerned the first couple of days. Pale and meek and with a permanent wrinkle between her eyes. She looked better now. It helped that the headache from the concussion had gone away. Of course she
still had to take it easy and not strain herself, but she was definitely looking a lot perkier than she had.

The elevator arrived and the doors opened with a slurping sound. Emma helped Regina inside with a gentle hand on her back. She was still terrified that Regina would fall with the crutches. Being pregnant and having a broken ankle was definitely not ideal.

“Looking forward to going home?” Emma asked.

“Sí!” Regina said earnestly. “I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed and cook my own food. I’m telling you that hospital food…” she wrinkled her nose and rubbed her growing belly. “Blueberry was NOT impressed.”

“I bet he wasn’t,” Emma chuckled, fondly putting a hand on Regina’s belly. “How is our kid doing today?”

“He’s fine.”

Emma smiled. Always ‘he’. Regina was a hundred percent convinced that they were going to have a son. ‘They’. ‘Our’. Always that. One day when Emma had come to visit Regina, she had greeted her with the words: ‘are you aware of the mischievous things your son has been up to, querida?’

Emma had been delighted. And a bit misty-eyed too. The way Regina had said ‘your son’ had been so natural. And it still was. This truly was their kid. No doubt about that.

“Actually, he’s dancing right now,” Regina continued and chuckled. “It’s crazy. He’s just popping away in there.”

“Oh man,” Emma said and tried not to be jealous. She was yet to feel Blueberry move. She couldn’t wait for that day.

“So, do we have any plans today?” Regina joked.

“Yeah, we have a very difficult maneuver ahead of us,” Emma said mock seriously. “Getting you in the shower.”

Regina wrinkled her nose as she looked down at her cast-incased ankle. “And just how the fuck are we going to do that?”

“We’ll wrap it in plastic,” Emma said as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

“But how am I going to stay upright?”

“You won’t. You’re going to sit down.”

“Urgh.” Regina rolled her dark eyes. “Why don’t I own a bathtub? This is going to be so complicated!”

“We’ll manage,” Emma soothed and gave her belly another fond rub. “Don’t you worry about a thing, beautiful girl.”

“Easier said than done. But at least I’m not worried about this little guy anymore.” She patted her belly. “By the way, my dad is stopping by tomorrow night. He insisted upon cooking for us.”

“That sounds awesome!” Emma said earnestly. She loved Henry’s cooking. He had stopped by Regina’s apartment a few times over the past week and had surprised her with food. He had also shown up with food for Regina at the hospital, so she didn’t have to eat hospital food all the time. He had of course come to visit her every day. Something that couldn’t be said about Cora Mills. Emma hadn’t seen the shadow of her. Hadn’t heard anything from her since that startling phone call.

Emma had not told Regina about her phone call with Cora. Nor had she revealed Cora’s secret. The secret that had led to Cora’s divorce from Regina’s father. She still had some trouble wrapping her head around the fact that Cora Mills most likely was gay, and if it hadn’t been for the fact that she had talked with the ‘secret mistress’, she wouldn’t have believed it.

She was so disappointed over Cora. Had really hoped that what she had said to her had made an impact, but apparently not. Cora remained absent in Regina’s life. Why that was, Emma had no idea about. Was Cora afraid? If she didn’t know Cora, she could have been tempted to think so. But that was ridiculous. Wasn’t it? Sure, Regina would probably not welcome Cora back in her life with open arms, but being gay would not be one of the reasons why Regina potentially would reject Cora. Emma knew that. Regina would definitely find it strange that her mother was gay, but she would turn her away because of it.

“Penny for your thoughts, mi amor?”

“Hmm? Oh, it’s nothing. I was just… thinking about how cute you look today,” Emma lied.

Regina scoffed. “I smell of hospital.”

“You smell fantastic,” Emma brushed her off and tried not to wince. She felt bad about lying for Regina. She felt bad about hiding the phone call she’d had with Cora. But since Cora had not shown up at the hospital, Emma saw no reason to tell Regina about it.
And no matter how much she disliked Cora, she would never out her. That wasn’t the way she did things.

If only Cora had shown up, damnit! Emma was so disappointed in her. God knew she disliked Cora, but she was Regina’s mother. Regina was expecting a baby. Why couldn’t that motivate Cora to up her game and be the mother Regina deserved rather than vanishing in thin air.

And then there was the mystery woman who had answered Cora’s phone that night. Emma had thought a lot about her. Had pondered who she was and how she and Cora had come together. She still believed that the mysterious woman could in fact be the real reason why Cora and Henry had split up. Of course she had absolutely nothing that could prove it, it was just a theory and nothing more.

The elevator dinged and they stepped out of it. Regina elegantly maneuvered her crutches and was actually hopping along pretty swiftly. Too swiftly.

“Slow down!” Emma warned.

“Not my fault you’re a slowpoke,” Regina teased over her shoulder and continued hopping towards the door.

“Damn, you’re fast,” Emma said, half impressed, half complaining. “How can you even move that fast on crutches?”

“Hidden talent, maybe?” Regina innocently suggested.

“I think you have many of those, beautiful girl.”

“Perhaps I do. But I think you already know of a few of those talents, mi amor.”

Emma laughed. Regina was flirting with her. Something she had not been able to do while stuck in the hospital because she was surrounded by doctors and nurses and the delightful Diego. Another reason why Emma was excited about having her home again.

She had missed their flirting.

Regina looked rather triumphant as she reached the door. But upon trying to open it, she came up empty.

“Allow me, Your Majesty,” Emma quipped as she swiftly opened the door for Regina.

“Thank you, querida,” Regina said as she elegantly hopped through the door. Her injured foot dangled miserably a few inches above the ground. At some point in the hospital, Emma had called it ‘a sad little foot’ which had caused Regina to laugh so loudly one of the nurses had heard her in the hallway.

“Sunshine!” Regina cried excitedly and turned her face upwards towards the sky.

“Yep,” Emma confirmed with a chuckle. “Missed it?”

“You have no idea,” Regina said earnestly. “The open window in my hospital room somehow wasn’t enough, you know?”

“I get it,” Emma nodded, gently taking Regina’s elbow again. “Come here, you. I parked right here.”

“¡Mi coche!” Regina exclaimed and shot her little silver colored car a fond gaze. “I can’t drive it, but still….”

“You’ve missed it,” Emma finished the sentence, releasing Regina’s elbow again and warning: “don’t fall, okay?”

“I won’t,” Regina assured.

“You better not.” Emma hurried over to Regina’s car and opened the door to the passenger’s seat. Then she hastily walked back to Regina and took her arm once more.

“Emma, I’m fine,” Regina said gently once she was sitting on the passenger’s seat. “You don’t have to help me all the time.”

“I know.” Emma sighed, adjusting on the driver’s seat and gently closing the door. “I know that I am being too much, but it’s just….”

“What?” Regina asked softly.

“I don’t know if I should tell you. I don’t want to bring you down now that you’re excited about going home and-“

“Querida,” Regina interrupted. “You can tell me anything, okay? Anything.”

Emma took a breath and then admitted: “I keep seeing you falling down the stairs. I’ve dreamed of it a few times too. I run forward to try and catch you, but you fall every time.”

Regina was quiet for a moment. Then: “oh, querida.” She leaned sideways and planted a warm kiss on Emma’s cheek. Then took her hand and interlaced their fingers. “Look at me, mi amor.”

Emma willingly turned her head and looked at Regina.

“I’m okay,” Regina said softly. “I know that seeing me fall down the stairs was a really big shock for you-“

“It’s worse for you. You were the one who fell.”

“But you were the one who saw it, and you got really scared,” Regina gently continued. “I would feel the same if it were you who had fallen down the stairs, querida. I would be just as scared and worried and traumatized as you are right now.”

“You think I’m traumatized?” Emma had not even considered that. She had just thought she was a bit overprotective.

“Sí, I think you are. You saw me fall and got a huge shock. Of course you’re traumatized.” Regina squeezed her hand gently. “But I’m right here, Emma. Remember that. I’m here and I’m alright. And so is our baby. I’m not mad at you for wanting to help me all the time. I’m just asking you to remember that me and Blueberry are okay.”

“I hear you,” Emma murmured. Her throat suddenly felt awkwardly tight. “And I am sorry for being an overprotective idiot. But you’re right, I was really scared for you.”

“Me, too. Or not really. I was mostly afraid of loosing the baby.” Regina’s free hand automatically wandered to her bump.

“Blue’s not going anywhere,” Emma said, repeating what she had told Regina in the hospital. “At least not yet.”

“Do you think I can take Lamaze classes with a broken ankle?” Regina queried.

“Yeah, sure. I mean, it’s not your ankle you have to use.”

“Funny. That’s how I feel about sex and yet all the experts disagree with me.”

Emma spluttered. “Sorry, babe.”

“You and me both,” Regina said darkly.

It was true, sex was ‘off limits’ for at least two weeks. Because of Regina’s broken ankle. And because of the bleeding. It was only a precaution, the doctor had assured her. It was only temporary not to stress Regina’s body.

Regina’s answer to that had been a rather brilliant one. ‘And what if not having sex stresses my body more?’

Emma had been amused and sad at the same time.


“Home sweet home!” Emma proclaimed as she swung the door to Regina’s apartment open with an exaggerated movement.

“¡Ay Dios mío!“ Regina exclaimed and clapped her hands together upon seeing the huge banner Emma had hung up. “Querida, this is entirely too much. I love it!”

“Thank god,” Emma grinned. “Should I have carried you over the threshold?”

“Am I wearing a white dress and a veil?” Regina joked and rolled her eyes. “No, I am not. I may be carrying your baby, mi amor. But we’re not married.”

“Not yet,” Emma quipped.

“Planning on whisking me away to Vegas to make an honest woman of me?” Regina asked casually as she hobbled into the kitchen. “Look at this. I feel like I’ve been gone for a month and not a week.”

“It feels like you’ve been gone for a month,” Emma muttered.

Regina flashed her a soft smile. “And you’ve opened the windows too. Good call. I think it’s gonna be another hot day.” Her gaze landed on the banner and she smiled again. “I want to keep that banner up for at least three days.”

“Which we absolutely should!” Emma said firmly. Regina coming home from the hospital was something that was worth celebrating for months and not days.

Regina made her way to the cupboard and opened it. Let out something that reminded Emma of a happy bird chirping. “You’ve bought Doritos! And marshmallows! God, you know exactly how to take care of a pregnant woman!”

“I don’t know about that,” Emma said with faux modesty. “You’re the only pregnant woman I’ve ever taken care of.”

“And hopefully the last one too,” Regina joked, and Emma heard a tearing sound from the kitchen. She grinned. No doubt that Regina had just dug into the bag of Doritos. A few seconds later she heard a telltale crunching sound and the following ‘mmmm!’
which almost sounded like a moan. Yep, Regina was definitely eating Doritos.

Emma followed her into the kitchen and to her surprise found Regina sitting on the edge of the kitchen table. Emma’s eyebrows rose towards her hairline. “How the hell did you get up there?!”

“One of my hidden talents,” Regina purred and stuffed another Dorito inside her mouth. “I have so many of them, querida.”

“You’re flirting with me,” Emma accused.

“Oh, absolutamente……”

Emma groaned. “Refresh my memory… Why is it that sex isn’t allowed right now?”

“Isn’t it?” Regina feigned innocence and confusion. “Where have you heard that?”

Emma laughed. Acknowledged: “this is going to be hard.”

“Sí,” Regina said plainly and ate another Dorito.

They ended up sharing and consuming half of them before Regina decided that they should save the others for later.

“Good plan,” Emma praised. “What do you want to do now? Take a nap?” the suggestion was definitely said with far too much hopefulness. She couldn’t help it. She loved when Regina took it easy and relaxed.

“No,” Regina scoffed. “I’ve just spent the entire week flat on my back, querida!”

“Huh. If you hadn’t been in the hospital, that could have been the perfect sentence.” Emma cleared her throat and reminded herself not to get sidetracked. “So, what DO you wanna do if you don’t want to rest?”

“I would really like to take a shower,” Regina said and scrunched up her nose. “Sorry…”

“Why are you apologizing?” Emma raised an eyebrow.

“Because you have to help me…”

“That….” Emma laughed as she gently lifted Regina down from the kitchen table. “Is something that I happily do, beautiful girl. Come on. Let’s get you bathed.” She handed Regina her crutches and hovered behind her as she moved through the hallway and into
the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Regina stood awkwardly balancing holding one crutch while awkwardly trying to take her dress off with her free hand. It wasn’t easy. She swayed back and forward, grumbled and complained and cussed under her breath.

And Emma’s nerves were wearing thin. “Woah,” she said, stepping forward when Regina swayed again. “I don’t think this method is going to work, babe.”

“Really?” Regina said with her jaw clenched. “What are you suggesting then?”

Emma ignored her tone. She knew that Regina wasn’t biting at her. She was merely frustrated over the situation, and that was completely okay. “Sit down on the bed,” she said gently.

“Fine.” Regina hobbled over to the bed and plopped down. “There. I’m sitting.”

“That you are,” Emma agreed. “How’s the ankle?”

“It’s a bit sore, but not too much. Now what?”

“Well…” Emma walked over to her and pecked her forehead. “Now I help you undress, how about that?”

“Sounds dangerous,” Regina said with a quirk of her eyebrow. “I’m in.”

“Good.” Emma chuckled. Then she began lifting up Regina’s dress.

“Oooh,” Regina crooned.

“Behave,” Emma mock-scolded.

“I can’t. I’ve been stuck in a hospital for a week. Cut me some slack.”

Emma wanted to do so much more, but she wasn’t allowed to because Regina’s doctor had forbidden it. She pushed all her wonderful, forbidden thoughts aside and cleared her throat. “Lift,” she said gently. “But be careful.”

Regina lifted her bottom so Emma could pull the dress over her head.

“Damn your doctor,” Emma said plainly as her eyes roamed over Regina sitting there in her royal blue underwear. She looked so, so delicious in that underwear and with her swelling belly. Pregnant Regina was drop-dead sexy. Emma told her this and Regina
chuckled. “Thank you, mi amor. At least I can do this myself.” She reached back and unhooked her bra.

“Oh, fuck,” Emma sighed. Regina’s boobs were…. Indescribeable. She really wanted to touch them, but it wouldn’t be fair.

“Blueberry might be the size of a papaya now, but these are definitely melons,” Regina laughed. “My breasts have never been this big!”

“I’ve noticed,” Emma said strangled. Seriously, this was torture!

“Are you sure helping me undress is a good idea, querida?” Regina asked doubtfully and looked up at Emma. “I don’t want you to be frustrated.”

“Don’t you worry about me. A little frustration never killed nobody.”

“I hope not.” Regina hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties, but when she tried sliding them down her hips, she accidentally moved her broken ankle and yelped slightly in pain.

“No, no, no!” Emma said hastily. “Let me do that, okay?”

“Okay,” Regina said. Her jaw was clenched again.

But before helping Regina taking off the last piece of clothing, Emma gently grasped her hands. “Are you okay? Is your ankle very bad?”

“Estoy bien,” Regina said strained. “It was just… a flareup.”

“Are you sure?”

“Sí. It’s already gone.”

Emma believed that. “Can I help you taking off those?” she nodded towards Regina’s panties.

“Sí….” Now Regina was smirking again. “Go ahead. You have always been better at that anyway.”

“Well, you’re not wrong,” Emma snickered as she hooked her fingers in the waistband of Regina’s panties. “Lift. Carefully.”

Regina carefully lifted her hips, allowing Emma to slide the panties down her legs. She huffed a little. “And that’s the most action I’ll get in weeks. Great.”

“Sorry, honey,” Emma said, wincing slightly.

“Should I make it worthwhile and moan and pretend to be in the throes of passion?”

“Oh god, please don’t. Save it for later. When we actually can… You know.”

“Fair enough.”

Emma was being more than careful as she tugged the panties past Regina’s cast-incased left ankle. “This doesn’t hurt, does it?”

“No,” Regina said. “It’s fine.”

“Good.” Emma slipped the panties off Regina’s legs and dumped them on the bed. “Now for the plastic….”

“This is strange,” Regina commented.

“Very,” Emma agreed with a chuckle. “Gimme two seconds!”

“Well, I’m not going anywhere.”

Emma laughed as she quickly dashed into the kitchen and found a plastic bag. Then she dashed back to the bedroom where Regina was sitting gloriously naked. Except for the cast on her ankle.

“Your poor little foot,” Emma cooed as she crouched down and gently slipped the plastic over the cast on Regina’s ankle.

“I can’t decide whether this is sexy or weird,” Regina said plainly as Emma tied the plastic bag around her ankle.

“I think wrapping a plastic bag around your baby mama’s broken ankle definitely can be defined as sexy,” Emma grinned.

“’Baby mama’”,” Regina repeated. “I like that.”

“Me, too,” Emma beamed. “I think you’re all ready for your shower, beautiful girl.”

“Great!” Regina huffed as she grabbed her crutches. “Dios, this is so annoying!”

“Can I rectify that?” Emma asked softly.

“Yes, please,” Regina said immediately.

Beaming, Emma immediately and gently picked Regina up bridal style and carried her through the hallway towards the bathroom.

“Okay,” Regina chuckled. “Not quite what I had envisioned, but this works too.”

“It sure does, doesn’t it?”

“In a few months you won’t be able to carry me any longer,” Regina teased.

Emma scoffed. “Bullshit. I’ll always be able to carry you no matter what.”

“You think so?”

“Yep. I really think so, beautiful girl.”

Emma cleared her throat. Right now it was very hard to concentrate on anything except for the fact that she was carrying a stark-naked Regina.

Regina chuckled. She probably knew what Emma was thinking. She often did.

Belly or no belly, Regina still felt as light as a feather, and carrying her into the bathroom was the easiest thing in the world. She gently sat Regina down on her bottom in the shower. “There we go.”

“The tiles are cold!” Regina complained and pouted. “My ass is freezing!”

“It won’t be in a moment,” Emma said as she grabbed the shower head. “Ankle okay?”


“Awesome! Are you ready for your shower?”

“Weirdest shower I’ve ever taken,” Regina laughed as she undid her braid and let her dark locks tumble freely down her back. “You’ll end up getting soaked too, querida.”

“Then I’ll just take off my clothes too…” Emma smirked as she adjusted the temperature.


Emma grinned as she switched on the water and let it pour down on Regina who looked awfully cute sitting in the shower with her papaya-baby bump on full display. “Temperature okay?” she asked, raising her voice to be audible over the sound of the water.

“Yes,” Regina assured, laughing again. “I think I could get used to this!”

“You know what? I think I could too…”


To Be Continued……….