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The sun

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It was a nice sunny day in Mondstadt, different from the heavy gloominess yesterday was in which rain poured so heavily even Venti had to step in and blow some of the water away. It was dry enough to go to the beach, Ajax had suggested. Unfortunately Favonius work came first, and they had to delay said beach day for a little while.


Tug. “Come onnn!” Another tug.

He laughed. “Let me finish this first you needy shit.”

Childe pouted, face softening. He won’t fall for it. He won’t. “You said that the previous three times Kae…”

The blue haired man tried giving the most unamused expression he could manage, but the longer he stared at those round blue orbs the more guilty he felt. Kaeya sighed, pinching his boyfriend’s cheek harshly (which earned him a disgruntled whine) before spreading his arms and patting his lap.

“C’mon. I promise this is the last one, and then we can go. Sound good?”

He bet that if Ajax had a tail, it would be wagging right now with the way his face lit up so fast at those words. He let out a little oomf when Childe dropped himself onto his legs, weighing them down. The Harbinger hugged his neck, chin resting at the crook of it. He let out a soft chuckle, patting his boyfriend’s back before resuming to his paperwork with difficulty due to the fully grown man child hugging him.


Maybe agreeing to come along wasn’t such a bad idea. The air was fresh unlike his cramped office or the drunk aura Angel’s Share always had. And if he were ever so lucky, Diluc would be there and contribute his loathing to it.

Feather light kisses to his jaw made Kaeya crack his eye open again, giggling slightly and jokingly pushing Childe away. The both of them went silent, staring at each other with their different shades of blue. The Snezhnayan male suddenly began laughing with Kaeya joining in for no reason at all. When they finally recovered from the random laughing fit, Ajax gave a childish grin.

“Let’s build sand castles! Or maybe find some shells?”

“Both, whoever builds the best one and finds the best shell is the winner, loser pays for dinner~!” He was off before the redhead could reply, laughing at the yells of protest.


Childe lost. Kaeya was laughing his ass off at the abomination of a sand castle, if you could even call it one at least.

“Stop laughing…”

A deep inhale, the calvary captain’s voice coming out sounding somewhat weak and frail from holding back another laugh. “What… what is- that-!” Another outburst.

“I’m trying Kaeya, I’M TRYING!”

Kaeya wiped away a tear from his eye, gently holding Ajax’s face between his hands. “I’m-“ He turned away to let out a little snort at the face his significant other was giving before looking back. “I’m sorry love it’s beautiful…”

“’re a terrible liar.”

“You’re worse than me Ajax.”

“Shut up.”

A wink. “Make me.”

He rolled his eyes, giving only a peck to Kaeya’s lips before pushing away and running off to the water, the captain soon following suit. The sounds of splashing as they weakly flailed sea water at each other filled the air.


His head was rested on Childe’s shoulder. The two finally of them finally took a break from messing around after about 2 hours. Kaeya had a content smile before the sunset caught his eye, a sudden melancholy feeling washed over the darker man and the smile faded. Abruptly standing up, he began to walk to the shore again before breaking out into a run, gaze never leaving the sun that lit the sky ablaze. Kaeya waded into the clear waters until he was waist deep. A hand reached up to block the rays from blinding his eye too much. It was so bright, so beautiful. He wished to touch it. Caress it. Take a piece to light up his dark dreams and warm his freezing heart.


Warm arms slung themselves over his shoulders. His back was now pressed to Childe’s chest, said ginger pressed a soft kiss to his cheek when he didn’t respond. He didn’t need to know what was wrong, not pressing the matter and smiling softly into Kaeya’s bare shoulder. He reached up to bury his hand in those soft orange locks, tostling it.

Maybe it was true that he couldn’t reach the sun. But it didn’t matter when the sun had already come to him.