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The Other Kinsey

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Sam heard Daniel stumble and groan ”oh my God” from around the corner of the millennia-old hallway.

“Daniel?!” she called, running the last few steps and catching the doorframe to spin herself into the room Daniel had just entered.

“No Sam don’t --” he groaned, but momentum had carried her too far already and she couldn’t stop in time to avoid stepping over the threshold of the room.

Immediately, she was more turned on than she’d maybe been in her entire life. The arousal was almost crippling, painful in its intensity.

“Oh my God,” she said through gritted teeth and shoved her hand between her legs. Even that cursory pressure and friction had her feeling moments from orgasm.

“You too?” Daniel asked. He was on his knees, knuckles white on his BDU pant legs. He was pulling the fabric tight over a prominent erection. His tight, strained voice would normally have set her on edge, but now just turned her on more.

“Yeah,” Sam said. “Uh, do you mind if I?”

“Oh, no, please. What about…”

“Go ahead,” she said and shoved her hand in her pants without pausing to unbutton or unzip. The first brush of her fingers over her clit had her shouting and coming hard, as if she’d been teased for hours.

Daniel had apparently had the same experience; when Sam opened her eyes, he had one hand spread over the outline of his dick with a wet spot spreading across his right leg.

“What the fuck?” Sam asked him.

“Uh,” Daniel said. He got to his feet with some difficulty and stumbled to a desk off to one side of the room. “Some kind of Ancient sex therapy thing?”

“What the fuck?” Sam asked again.

“I have no idea. Whoever designed it thought that couples -- or, wow, actually it was designed for threesomes, that’s fascinating -- anyway, that trios, I guess, would have better sex if everybody had their arousal cranked up to eleven, zero refractory period, and, um,” Daniel trailed off.


“Do you have any idea how hard it is to translate technical documents written in a dead language on a topic I know nothing about in any language while I have the erection to end all erections?” Daniel snapped.

Sam winced. “Can we leave?” she asked. She was starting to ache again, and Daniel’s fingers were twitching irritably toward his groin.

“Not sure. Probably. What’s the worst that could happen?” He grabbed a journal and stumbled to the wall, bent double.

“God, don’t say that,” Sam said. She was only a few feet from the door; it shouldn’t have been as hard as it was to make herself take three steps backward.

As soon as she was over the threshold, the arousal vanished and she felt like she could breathe again. “I’m fine, come on,” she told Daniel, who gritted his teeth and nearly fell out of the room.

After they confirmed that they were both really fine, they sat on the hallway floor and tried to recover.

“I’ve had worse therapy,” Daniel said after he’d caught his breath.

“Yeah? You ever had to debrief a colonel on that worse therapy?” Sam asked.

“Shit.” Daniel looked forlornly at the wet spot on his pants. “What I wouldn’t give for my reproductive organs to be on the inside right now.”