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New Roommates

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“You what?!” Jo whisper yelled at Levi.

She had gotten home 20 minutes prior, after a wonderful but exhausting first day as an OB resident. All she wanted to do was lay on the couch and watch TV, not accommodate a third roommate, and one she didn't even ask for. She had come home to see that Levi had violated their guest’s policy and invited Taryn over without telling her. Which she wasn't initially upset by until Levi had hopped off the couch and nervously explained that he had offered to let Helm stay with them for the foreseeable future. 

“I told Taryn that..”

“I don't need you to explain to me again,” Jo said, holding up her hand as she closed her eyes and took a breath. “Levi, this isn't a frat house! I bought this place so we, I could move out of the frat house, and you're turning it into a freaking frat house!”

“It's just temporary, just until she can get some help and she needs help, Jo, please,” Levi pleaded with her as he looked back at Taryn with a look of concern.

“Look, I get that you want to help her, but you can't just invite her to stay with us without consulting me. Last I checked, you don’t pay the mortgage on this place.”

“Well, technically, I pay you rent so...”

“Just shut up, my name is on the deed, so as far as I'm concerned, any and all roommate adjustments need to go through me first,” Jo said, jabbing her finger at him. “Besides, I thought you were going to move in with your boyfriend or something.”

“Things between Nico and I are, well,” Levi faltered over what to say as he looked away from her and shrugged his shoulders. “I don't know what exactly, I just need to think about it, but this isn't about Nico and I. This is about Taryn needing some help.” 

Jo crossed her arms and gave him a look as she chewed on her lip. She hoped that her glare will be enough for him to understand that he needed to do something about the situation he had gotten them into, but honestly, Levi was good at getting himself into trouble but not so good at getting himself out.

“I know, and I'm sorry, but until she can get some help, she needs our help, Jo,” Levi said, gesturing to where Helm was still sitting on the couch, watching a drama. 

Jo sighed as she looked over at Taryn. She had never seen her like this, so out of it, and she couldn't help but remember what it was like to be in a similar state like that during her own depressive episode. 

“Fine, but this is a temporary thing,” Jo said with a glare pointing her finger at him before she walked over to stand in front of the couch. She grabbed the remote and turned off the TV, getting Taryn’s attention as she looked up at her. “Okay, starting off, there are a few ground rules. Number one, I get first dibs on the shower.”

“Okay, wait,” Levi started to protest, but she silenced him with another look. 

“Second, rent and utilities are due on the 1st. Third, everyone takes turns making dinner. I don't care if it's takeout or if you cook, it just has to be dinner food. If you eat something, you replace it unless it's from your cabinet. Apart from that, all the chores split the same between the three of us. Lastly, we are all going to go to therapy.”

“I don't think that's going to help,” Taryn said with a little sigh.

“Look, I thought the same thing about it when I first started therapy, but it really does help,” Jo said, looking over at Levi as he nodded before he caught her look and he finally processed what she said and started sputtering.

“Look, I don't really need therapy. I mean, I'm good, everything's good in my life, except for the pandemic, you know but, who isn't suffering. I mean, other than rich people, you know,” Levi said as he sputtered and waved his hands around.

“If anything, you need relationship therapy. Things with you and Nico are, and I don't know what, but it’s a mess, and you are not handling it well. We should all go to therapy, we clearly we all need it. I can recommend someone, so it doesn't have to be Carly, but at least someone,” Jo said, glaring at both of them to make her point.

“Fine,” Levi said, holding up his arms in defeat before they both looked down at Taryn.

“Okay,” she said before leaning back against the couch, still not looking at them. 

 Levi and Jo exchanged a look, it wasn't a lot, but at least it was something. Jo put a hand on her back and walked over to the couch before flopping down on the other end, leaving Levi to take the seat in between them.

“I guess we're all a little messed up,” Levi said, looking between the two of them. “But at least we're not alone.”

Jo smiled as Levi held out his hand. She held his hand and gave it a squeeze before he did the same with Taryn, connecting the three of them.

“It’s gonna get crowded in here real quick,” Jo said as she sighed before quickly curling up and pushing her feet against him. She pushed him over to take up more room on the couch as she flipped over to one of her shows. “Where am I supposed to put the crib now?”

“Where am I gonna sleep?” Taryn asked, looking around the small loft. 

“For tonight, you can take Schmitt’s bed, and then we’ll figure something out,” Jo said with a shrug as she looked around the loft.

“What if we get bunk beds!” Levi said, sitting up with a smile as he looked over at the little space where his bed was set up in the place where Alex’s weights used to be.

“I don't know,” Taryn said as she looked over at him with a weary look. 

The two of them just started discussing possible things as Levi began arguing about how he could make the bunk bed work while Taryn just listened, still not convinced. Jo just shook her head and figured that the two of them would figure it out, so long as they didn't steal her bed. They ordered pizza and watched TV for the rest of the night. Taryn didn't say a lot at first, just one word answers. Yet, she started to make little comments about the ridiculous drama. It wasn't a lot, but it was something, at least for now as the three of them all settled in.