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While we wait for the hunter to find us

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Gygax watched in delight as more and more people appeared to play Windtrace, the classic game about Mondstadt’s history that he thought was long forgotten by its citizens. Although only a few were really interested in listening to the reasons behind each aspect of the game, he already felt very accomplished when he saw the children hiding inside boxes and climbing trees to run from the designed Hunter of the match, wide grins in their faces. Even the adults, after a long day of work, passed by to play or root for or against their friends who were playing. Everyone was having fun.

Diona put her hand on her hips, her face red with anger and sheer cold.

“For the last time, you’re supposed to find ALL rebels, not just a SPECIFIC ONE!”

Razor hung his head low, not wanting to face the wrath of the youngest Katzlein. “S…Sorry…”

“Aw, c’mon guys, it’s alright!”

Bennett tapped Razor on his shoulder, giving him a bright smile. “Let’s try it again, but this time, he’ll be a rebel, yeah? What do you guys say?”

Aether stood near a fire, rubbing his hands and arms to warm them up. He had stayed just far enough from a heat source for the cold to start affecting him. “Sounds good to me.” Diona humphed, sending a death glare to each of them.

“Fine! But I’m not going after any of you!” She stomped away, muttering her discontent under her breath. “I can’t believe I ended up in this stupid mountain, even the winery would be better than this…”

Bennnett gave Razor a thumbs up before dashing away to find a suitable hiding spot. After eating a bit of goulash, Aether positioned himself at the starting line, signaling to Razor that he also should hurry up or else he’d be caught in no time. Still feeling a bit guilty, he went around the ice in the middle of the cavern they were in and ran towards the small slope that led upwards.

The light scent of mild summer day wafted through the air and hit his nose, halting Razor’s steps. His eyes navigated to the wooden crates located in the space behind the slope, particularly to the one in hidden in the far back. He made a beeline to the box, removing the lid to reveal what was inside. A startled yelp and wide green eyes greeted him.

“Razor! What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be hiding! Aether’s gonna come here soon!”

Razor’s eyebrows furrowed, a perplexed look in his face. “I… I found Bennett…?”

The adventurer groaned. “That you did, but you’re not the Hunter in this match, remember?” The starting signal sounded somewhere above their heads and Bennett panicked. “Get in here, quick!” With no time to respond, Razor was pulled inside the crate with him.

 The space inside a wooden crate was just enough for one person to fit, meaning Razor was half on top of Bennett, the one that emanated the comforting scent he so dearly adored. Said man was looking at him, traces of exasperation in his features. Razor lowered his eyes, speaking in a quiet voice. “Sorry…”

Bennett couldn’t stay mad at him for too long. The man was just too endearing, and his honesty always caught him off guard. He petted his hair, smiling when Razor leaned into his touch. “It’s okay, I know you did without thinking.” He touched the tip of the other’s nose. “Instincts or something, right?”

Razor acquiesced. Due to being brought up by his wolf family, he had a keen sense of smell, so the Windtrace game was easy for him. Except whenever he played with Bennett in the team and he was Hunter, he blatantly ignored any other players and spent his time searching for his boyfriend. Once, he passed by Albedo (who was simply standing near the maids in Dawn Winery) so many times that the Chief Alchemist left, saying he had research to do. Later they apologized, but Bennett could’ve sworn the Kreidenprinz looked a little bit hurt.

They sat in total silence, on alert for any sound of Aether being near them. Razor slumped against the adventurer, burying his nose in his neck. Bennett ran his fingers through his hair, short nails lightly scrapping his scalp, sending shivers up his spine. Dragonspine was a terribly cold place, but that was definitely not the reason why he was reacting like this. He pressed gentle open-mouthed kisses on Bennett’s skin, savoring its softness. His teeth grazed a tender spot right below an ear and the hand curled around his gray locks.



“What are you doing?”

Razor nuzzled his cheek, biting and pulling the earlobe before answering, voice barely a whisper. “Nothing.”

Bennett sucked air through his teeth, suppressing a moan from scaping his lips. “Don’t do that.”


“You know very well what!”

He pulled on his hair, bringing Razor’s face into view. He tilted his hand innocently, but his red eyes glinted with unreserved lust. He rubbed his nose with Bennett’s own, pecking his lips and parting them with his tongue. They were in a precarious, uncomfortable situation and he was thinking of this?!

“Listen, we can’t,” His speech was interrupted by a sigh as Razor nibbled on his lower lip. “Do this right now.”


“Oh, why…!” Bennett was finding it hard to stay coherent; deeper kisses had him out of breath and out of his mind. He murmured against the other’s chapped lips. “Aether… will find us…”

“Hmm…” Razor lifted his shirt, cold hands on his hot skin making him shudder. His fingers touched a swollen nipple and Bennett arched his back, his moan lost inside the other’s mouth.

“How will I… Explain…”

Trailing kisses from his cheek to his neck, Razor slowly made his way down to the other nipple while pinching one he had in his hand. Bennett had to cover his mouth in order to stop himself from making noise when the other reached his chest, his warm breath stroking his exposed upper body. It wasn’t enough to muffle his scream when Razor enveloped the lone nub with his mouth, circling it with his tongue and occasionally sucking on it. He flicked it with his tongue, drenching Bennett’s chest in saliva; once he deemed it wet enough, he switched sides, repeating the process with the other nipple until both were wet enough to roll easily under his palm. Moans spilled from the adventurer’s mouth, now lost in sensation of the changing temperature. The space they were in was close enough to a heat source, but Bennett felt like he was inside a Hilichurl caldron, burning under Razor’s passionate red eyes, and all he wanted was for him to quell this fire. He brought him up for a kiss that left them breathless.

It was hard maneuvering inside the crate without making a (even bigger) racket. Razor managed to take off one of Bennett’s boots, unfastening his belt and sliding down one side of the short he wore, leaving him half dressed. Finally free from its’ hold, his erection stood proudly, already dripping with precum. Bennett nibbled on his chin, a hand deftly opening his green pants and palming his bulging shaft. Razor sucked air as a wave of electricity surged up his body. He hadn’t realized how badly in need he himself was, his focus going entirely to his boyfriend’s own needs. Bennett hummed appreciatively, moving his gloved hand up and down the other’s length, heart leaping when Razor started rutting into it. He had closed his eyes, face scrunched up in pleasure. A smug smile bloomed in Bennett’s face.

“You’re leaking a lot, you know” He muttered into Razor’s ear. “Are you enjoying it, perhaps?”

The only answer he received was Razor’s fingers digging into his waist, his short huffs while he pushed down harder. The pliable leather of the glove, coupled with his fluids, allowed him to glide effortlessly in it. Its’ cool feeling was quickly warmed by his movements and Bennett was having a hard time concentrating in his work instead of imagining how great it would feel to have Razor inside him.

Bennett gasped when Razor took hold of his erection, mimicking his movements. He closed his mouth around a forgotten nipple, his moans’ reverberating on Bennett’s chest. Eagerly, Razor removed his own gloves with his teeth. Scooping as much precum as he could, he brought his fingers to the other’s hole, circling around it in a teasing manner. Shaky breaths descended upon him, impatient whimpers filling his ears. Razor slowly introduced a finger, pausing when he heard a pained hiss. He lifted his head, worry all over his face.


“A bit.” Bennett gave him a rueful smile. “We’re not exactly in the coziest of places.”

Razor retracted his hand, placing it in Bennett’s waist, disappointed. He was surprised when this same hand was taken and the silver-haired man put his fingers in his mouth, swirling his tongue carefully around each of them, making sure they were properly coated and slippery. Finally, he let go, a thin string of saliva connecting them to his lips. He looked down at Razor, eyes glazed with the promise of pleasure. The shadows of a smile graced his face. “I never told you to stop.”

With his heart beating wildly in his chest, Razor diligently worked to stretch him as best as he could without the usual lube. He hated the thought that could hurt Bennett in any way, so he kissed his neck, biting down on specific spots he knew the adventurer liked to diminish the discomfort. Bennett used his free hands to stroke both himself and his boyfriend, a difficult task, considering the place they were currently in. At last, the stinging sensation turned to a gentler, enjoyable one, as Razor’s fingers brushed his prostrate. However, it was still not enough for him.

Bennett shifted from his position, sliding to the crate’s wooden floor, prompting Razor to also readjust himself, laying completely on top of him. Like this, the silver-haired man held up his legs, using his hands to guide the other’s length to his entrance. Pushing his hips forwards carefully, Razor managed to fully sheath himself inside Bennett, that mewled loudly when he felt how deep he was, a delicious pressure right on the spot that made him roll his eyes back. He wrapped his powerful legs around the other’s back and tightly secured him, Razor’s body flush against his own.

 In this constricted space, sex felt much more intimate, their bodies rocking in unison, the air filled with sighs and heated whispers.

“Benny… Good?”

“Good”, was the broken response, “So good. Keep going.”

Fueled by his delirious words of encouragement, Razor kissed him and thrust upwards, drinking up Bennett’s startled scream. “A-ah, right there…!”

“Yeah?” Razor slowed his pace, licking his lips, their hot breaths mingling with the cold. Bennett whimpered, a weak complaint that only added to his boyfriend’s hunger.

“Yeah, do it again, baby, please…” Bennett nearly hit his head on the floor when Razor aimed and rammed him in that perfect spot again, and again, and again with no pause. “So good, you’re so good to me…!”

“B-Benny…” Razor hid his blushing face in the crook of the adventurer’s neck, taking in his scent, now mixed with the peculiar musky odor of their activity. Due to their position, Bennett couldn’t touch himself properly, so he arched his back, sliding his own length on Razor’s stomach enough to edge him. His hands clenched around his shoulders, making sure of his presence as he felt his climax crash down on him.

Bennett squeezed around him, willing him on to his own orgasm. Razor stopped, releasing his seed deep inside his boyfriend, and collapsing on top of him, both gasping for air. Razor looked up to the adventurer whose eyes opened to gaze at him fondly. Bennett laughed when the other kissed his cheek, his quiet sniffs tickling his skin. He sighed, starting to feel a chilling sensation.

“Ah… We better get out soon. It’s way past 4 minutes anyway…” Razor groaned, leisurely rolling his hips. He licked Bennett’s collarbone who yelped when the other started biting around his nipple again. “Wh…! H-hold on a sec… Ah!”

Aether met with a trembling Diona near a Seelie’s court. Whether she shook from hatred or from the cold, he couldn’t really tell.

“You haven’t found them yet?” Aether paled.

“N-no… Not a clue where they are…” The hesitant response was the last stir that shook Diona’s canteen.

“THAT DOES IT! I’M LEAVING! If they want to freeze in this Archonforsaken place, then SO BE IT!” She whirled around and left, the air around her forming little snowflakes from her Vision. “If they ever call me to play again, I’m making a drink so disgusting it’ll clog that wolf’s nose for good!”Aether strongly doubted that but he deciding against commenting on that.

The traveler turned towards the stack of wooden crates that had been moving suspiciously for the past half hour. He gave a single step before Paimon appeared in front of him, her face as pink as the crown she wore. “H… How about we explore the area ahead of us… Later?...” Aether was worried, but for once he was glad to abide by her request.

Later that day, he visited a very sick Bennett, being taken care of by a very happy Razor.