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Yuugi could not believe it was happening! No second-hand sensations no more borrowed depictions. She was finally going to experience what it was to be kissed...on the mouth! All grown up! Yuugi wiggled her bottom on the fluffy blue and white pinstripe duvet. A ticklish sensation erupted from where his brother’s skin met hers. His crimson eyes darted from the ceiling to the shelves and the bedding. She wanted to laugh at her brother’s obvious consternation. She had waited eleven years, she could wait a few more seconds.

Yuugi’s smell was impossible to ignore, wafting right at his nose. She smelled like mango, honey, and peaches. The second thing his mind registered was Yuugi's height. The top of her head did not reach his clavicle. She had flopped between his crossed legs, her thin calves encasing his hips. Lastly, he noticed how skinny she was. The back of her lavender butterfly print cami nightdress hung too low. His hand enveloped her entire back.

Inhaling deeply, he took her chin between his thumb and forefinger tilting her face up. Diminutive ivory fingers toyed with the hem of his charcoal oversized pullover hoodie. Yuugi’s pupils were dilated. Her smooth and moist lips stretched up in a smile. Boy, he really needed to stop indulging her. He fooled no one. Yami could not refuse his little one, especially not after she had thrown her big puppy eyes at him.

A fat drop of sweat slid from his temple. Stop thinking.

He licked his lips. Argh, they were dry and rough. He should have put on lip balm. No need, it’s just a peck.

He swiftly closed the gap and pressed his lips on hers. The girl drew in a sharp breath and closed her eyes.

Yami had planned it to be chaste. No more than 3 seconds, nevertheless the moment their flesh connected a bolt of lightning struck down his heart but instead of catching fire -burning everything in its wake- mellow rivulets of energy spread through him.

...3 ...2 ...1 He did not stop kissing that soft petal mouth.

Yuugi hummed in delight. Her brother's plump lips were dry yet gentle, gliding slowly but surely over hers. Different sensations danced around her body, it was like being wrapped in cotton candy, as if pumpkin spice ice cream had filled her mouth and a drizzling rain settled into her bones.

Yuugi could and would keep kissing him for as long as possible. Forever was nicer!

Snaking her arms around his chest, she pounced and tackled Yami down. As per usual he did not oppose.