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     Naruto walks around two lounge chairs, holding a drink in each hand. “You sure about this?” He offers a tumbler to Shikamaru and sits down across from his trusted advisor. They’re alone, at the end of a long week, in the Hokage office. It’s not uncommon for them to sit and drink and talk. In fact, this has become a familiar, cherished routine for them. Tonight, though, things are different. "There’s no changing your mind after we drink on it, yah know.” 

     Shikamaru eyes the amber liquid in his cup. It looks like scotch but the smell is far less pungent. He’s not really sure what it is; he just knows Naruto prepared it for him. Shikamaru swirls it around and then knocks back the entire thing in one go. "Yeah, I'm sure." He answers and holds the empty glass in one hand. "How long will it take?" 

     Naruto smiles. He's still holding his drink, though it doesn't look like he's even tasted it. "Don't worry about that. Just trust me, ok?" 

     Shikamaru nods, or he tries to nod. His vision starts to darken, and his head feels so heavy. The sensation is nice, like the bone-deep drowsiness he experiences under the warm sun after cloud watching. He exhales and remembers Naruto's kind blue eyes when he can't see anything at all.



     Shikamaru wakes some time later and doesn't know where he is or how he got there. He tries to move, to look around, but it’s taking all his strength just to keep his eyes open. His brain whirls and kicks, trying to recognize the room. It’s not his house. It’s not the Hokage Tower. It’s none of the buildings on the Nara Compound. A jolt of panic zips down his spine— has he been captured? Is he injured? Why can’t he move? 

     “You’re finally waking up, huh?” Naruto’s sugar-warm voice comes from behind. 

     Again, Shikamaru tries to turn and move but can’t. It’s then that he realizes he’s braced on his stomach, propped at an angle on something cushioned but firm, and he’s naked. His legs are spread and his ass is tipped up, exposed to anyone who wants it. His brain makes another, wild lurch when he realizes he can’t speak or do more than wiggle a finger—then he feels a hand slide up his bare leg. 

     “Shhh,” Naruto soothes him like a horse but doesn’t walk around into his friend's line of sight. He lingers behind the Nara and pets up and down his leg. “Calm down, baby.” 

     Shikamaru huffs through his nose and the pieces begin to fall into place. There’s no reason to panic. It’s just Naruto, his friend, who he trusts with his life. He relaxes like putty, drooping into the wedge-shaped pillow supporting him, and closes his heavy eyes. 

     Naruto’s wide hand glides up Shikamaru’s naked body from his thigh, over his ass, and across his back. "You still can't move much, can you?" His voice is kind, but has an edge of propriety and mischievousness that makes Shikamaru feel vulnerable. "That's good," Naruto hums thoughtfully and trails a finger back down Shikamaru’s spine. “I had so much fun with you while you were asleep.” 

     Shikamaru’s eyes snap open and he moans, sounding fascinated and horrified. The bed dips and he feels Naruto come closer, kneeling behind him, but still out of sight. Slow creeping fascination sinks into Shikamaru’s brain. What happened while he was asleep?  

     Naruto leans over Shikamaru’s bare, spread body and gently brushes his friend’s hair to the side. He moves slowly, taking his time as he positions Shikamaru how he wants, then kisses the other man’s neck. “You were so sweet and easy.” 

     “Hhh,” Shikamaru grunts helplessly and tries to imagine it. His thoughts scramble, conjuring wonderful, horrible, things. He can guess but he doesn’t know. 

     Naruto’s hand slides up Shikamaru’s warm, inner thigh until he cups the bottom curve of his friend's ass. “It was so good, Shika.” He fondles Shikamaru’s ass, playing with the petite curve. “I’ll never forget how your body gave me everything I wanted, how you couldn’t stop it.” 

     Shikamaru croaks weakly when three of Naruto’s thick fingers prod at his stretched, tender rim and then easily push inside. The fleshy, slick squelching sound makes Shikamaru’s face heat up. He’s so wet and he’s not even sure if that’s come or lube or both drooling out of his loose, used hole. He swallows and opens his mouth, tries to say something, but another moan tumbles out when Naruto grinds against his swollen insides. 

     “I bet you wanna know so bad, don't you?” The blond chuckles. “You’re dying to know every dirty thing I made your body do for me.” 

     Shikamaru gasps and tears spill down his flushed face. He doesn’t know what happened to him. His mind is blank but his body is slick and sore. A sob bubbles in his throat and Shikamaru would be scrambling up if he could move but he can’t. The best he can manage is a pathetic squirm against the pillow.   

     Naruto withdraws his fingers, leaving the other man’s limp legs splayed open carelessly. He fits between them and grips Shikamaru’s slender hips from behind. “Fuck, you’re still out of it, aren’t you?” He lines himself up with one hand and holds Shikamaru’s waist with the other. “I was hoping to have you one more time, before the drugs wore off.”

     Shikamaru’s head spins as he feels Naruto’s fat cock nudge at his puffy, loosened hole but he still can’t speak. He can’t ask Naruto for more or tell him to stop or beg him to go slow. He can only lie here, limp body slicked up and hollowed out from taking Naruto’s cock an unknown number of times, and take it again. 

     Naruto moans long and low as he sinks into Shikamaru’s body like he owns it. He takes his time, not because he has to but because he’s in no hurry. “It was so hot, Shika, having you all to myself, playing with you. Knowing you couldn’t say no.” He wraps both hands around the other man's hips and grinds, lazily humping his friend’s lovely, lax body.

     There’s lightning striking behind Shikamaru’s eyes and branching across every single nerve. He has full sensation; his cock is plumping up and his belly turns and tightens with pleasure but his limbs are heavy and useless. He can’t lift up with his knees, he can’t reach under his body to touch himself. Naruto picks up the pace and Shikamaru can only moan, mouth open and slack, as Naruto does as he pleases.  

     “Does that turn you on? Knowing you were totally defenseless and I fucked you anyway?” He snaps his hips, aiming for the spot that has his friend whimpering. “I untied your hair and took your clothes off like a fucking doll,” he laughs and palms the other man’s ass, prying him open to watch his rosy, slick cock dipping in and out of Shikamaru’s pretty hole. “I spread you out, took pictures.” 

     Shikamaru groans and bucks weakly. There are pictures? 

     Naruto releases Shikamaru’s petite ass and plants both hands on the bed. “Hmm, you want to see them? You want to see pictures of my favorite new fucktoy?” The wedge pillow keeps Shikamaru’s plush ass angled just right and Naruto finally puts his back into it, pounding into his lover so fast and hard their bodies slap together.  

     “Ah-ah-ah-ah,” Shikamaru’s head starts to bounce from the force of Naruto’s greedy thrusts. Fuck. Yes. He wants—no, he needs to see. He needs to know so badly his stomach is in knots; his heart is in his throat; his balls are tight and his dick is throbbing. 

     “You were warm and so tight. Well, at first.” Naruto pants, voice barely heard over the sound of his hips clapping Shikamaru’s ass. “I loosened you up. Got you sloppy and wet and when I was done, I left you ass out. Then I came back and did it again and again,” the blond growls and Shikamaru hiccups and stutters under him. “But you want to know what the best part was? The thing I liked the most?” 

     “Hnnn,” Shikamaru’s eyes are rolling back and there’s drool washing down his jaw. He’s humping the wedge pillow with the little coordination he has, mindlessly grinding his cock like a fuckdrunk slut. 

     “You fucking came,” he snarls and jacks his hips mercilessly. “I wasn’t even trying to get you off but you gave it up anyway and fuck it was so hot. You were so hot. My living, breathing, fucktoy that comes when I give it dick.” 

     “Nah—” Shikamaru’s tongue is thick and clumsy in his mouth, unable to form simple words. Everything feels too tight, too much, even though his entire body is limp and powerless. He forgets to breathe. He forgets his name. His vision shakes and clouds over. The only thing that matters is Naruto’s fat cock plowing into him, grazing his sore insides and overstimulated prostate. Each thrust grinds him into the pillow, giving his neglected prick a burst of friction. Naruto gives it to him again and again until there's a ringing in Shikamaru’s ears and soon he can’t hear anything at all. 

      It feels like he’s floating, like his body isn't even his anymore, and then pleasure stabs his belly and drags him back down to earth. He's coming. Shikamaru is coming and he's defenseless against it like everything else. He's unable to clench up and hug Naruto’s shaft, unable to throw his ass back and chase a deeper penetration, he just has to lie face down and surrender to the mind numbing pleasure.  

     It's unclear if Naruto notices or cares that Shikamaru has come. "I always knew you’d be the perfect pillow princess." He grunts and snaps his hips indulgently, licking beads of sweat off of Shikamaru’s back just because he can.

     Shikamaru isn't sure if he's awake or not, if he's under some veil of consciousness that's from the drugs or pleasure or something else all together. He's not even sure how much longer it goes on. Naruto rocks into his obedient, loose body again and again and Shikamaru thinks he sees God


     The next time Shikamaru wakes up his mouth is dry and he's still naked but he can move. He winces and shifts, feeling like he's been thrown into a wall half a dozen times. 

     "Take it easy." Again, Naruto’s voice comes from behind. He's not lurking behind Shikamaru like he did before, though. He's holding his friend, cradling Shikamaru against his chest and in his arms. "Can you say anything?" 

     Shikamaru opens his mouth and a dry rasp flies out and then he coughs. 

     "Yeah, thought so." Naruto leans to the side and brings something toward the other's face. 

     It's a drink with a straw. Shikamaru wraps his lips around the straw and sucks without questioning what it is. He's surprised to suck down chocolate milk, of all things, but it's strangely refreshing. 

     "Slow down, not all at once," the blond cautions and guides the drink away. "Better? Can you talk?" 

     "Yeah," Shikamaru groans and relaxes against Naruto’s chest. He feels worn out and tired, even though he's done nothing but sleep for… Well, he's not really sure. A while. "What time is it?" 

     Naruto laughs against his neck and Shikamaru notices the other man is lightly cupping his wrist. Naruto’s thumb slides over his veins, monitoring his pulse. "That's what you want to know first? You must really trust me, Shika." His voice is warm and kind. 

     The Nara turns his head to finally face Naruto. It's the first time he's actually laid eyes on him since taking that drink. "Of course I trust you, you moron."

     Naruto’s eyes are bright and loving as he slides one hand up Shikamaru's nape and into his hair. "How are you feeling? Any regrets?" 

     Shikamaru's eyes flutter as he presses into Naruto’s hand. "No regrets. I know you took care of me." 

     "Oh, you do?" Naruto asks, voice still deep with mirth. "So you're not curious at all about the pictures?"

     "Hn," Shikamaru straightens his neck and pulls away from the head scratchies. He had forgotten about the pictures. "Did you really?" 

     "Oh yeah," the blond smirks and pulls Shikamaru flush against his chest again. He hooks his chin over the other's shoulder and kisses his throat. "Wanna see?" 

     Shikamaru squirms in Naruto’s lap and feels sticky, runny globs dribbling from ass crack and coating his thighs. Naruto’s wide hand is over his belly, cupping his stomach and holding him close. He feels a little light headed suddenly, thinking about all the things he doesn't know...unsure if he's really ready to find out. 

     "Hey, we don't have to rush." Naruto must feel him tense or notice his heart jumping behind his ribs. "Take your time, just breathe." 

      Shikamaru nods. He feels silly, like he's messing up and ruining the moment. He enjoyed it, he fucking loved it, so why can't he calm down? "I'm ok," he insists but it's not very convincing. 

      "I know," Naruto agrees softly. "You're good. You're safe. You don't have to look at the pictures if you don't want, it's ok." 

      Shikamaru nods again because he can't talk. He feels dizzy and cold. 

     "Breathe in through your nose," Naruto guides him by pressing on his stomach. "And out through your mouth. Hold it, big inhale… let it go. Yeah, that's good. Do it again." 

     Shikamaru obeys and breathes in and out, braced against Naruto’s firm, warm chest. Naruto’s presence keeps him grounded as the dizziness washes away. He's still embarrassed, though. "I'm sorry." 

     "Don't be, it's normal," Naruto kisses his shoulder and holds him tighter. 

     Shikamaru exhales deeply and doesn't say anything else. He tries to reassess what he knows, what he can see and feel, but he does it from the safety of Naruto’s arms. He treads carefully. Slowly becoming aware of his tender ass, sticky back, and messy hair. He looks down at himself and is relieved but not shocked to see that he looks normal. He didn't actually think Naruto would do anything too crazy, like give him a nipple piercing. 

     While Shikamaru examines what he can, Naruto stays quiet and calm. He moves his hands to Shikamaru’s arms and strokes them up and down, massaging lightly, and giving Shikamaru time to fully accept what happened to him.

     "Did you…" Shikamaru shifts a little, becoming uncomfortable sitting in what must be rivets of Naruto’s come. "The last time, did you finish? I don't remember." 

     "Mmh-hmm," Naruto answers. "I realized you went under again but…" he shrugs. "I didn't care. You still felt good on my cock." 

     Shikamaru shivers and feels a tingling flush bloom across his face. Fuck. Fuck. 

     Naruto laughs, "come on. We should both shower." The blond helps Shikamaru stand and get into a bathroom. It's then that Shikamaru realizes they're in a hotel, maybe a penthouse suite. The shower is big enough for the two of them and he's grateful. He sways on his feet as Naruto scrubs them down, taking intermittent breaks to check on Shikamaru. 

     The Nara takes it in stride for the most part. He doesn't have anymore episodes of panic as he assimilates the details. 

     Naruto drugged him and while he was unconscious, defenseless, Naruto fucked him.

     Each time he tries to accept it, an electric whip cuts through his brain and Shikamaru is left stunned and aroused. By the end of the shower he's more calm, more like himself, and very very grateful to have someone like Naruto in his life. 

     Back in the room they strip the top layer of blankets from the bed and Shikamaru lights a cigarette. Naruto walks around the room, still in a towel. "So, I don't want to rush you but I sorta need to know if you want to see those pictures." 

     Shikamaru takes a drag, enjoying the combination of nicotine and post-orgasmic euphoria. "Right this minute?" 

     "Yeah?" Naruto winces and holds something in his hand. 

     "Fine," he sucks in a lung-full for strength then squashes the bud in an ashtray. "Let's do this." 

     Naruto leaps forward and slides into bed, holding a cell phone. 

     "That's my phone," Shikamaru deadpans. 

     "Wow, you are a genius," Naruto laughs and Shikamaru elbows him in the side. "Ow! You jerk, I was trying to be thoughtful." 

     "You… used my phone to take the pictures?" Shikamaru looks from the device up to his friend. He would be lying if he said he hadn't worried about… not having control over these photos. He didn't think Naruto would show people, but they're shinobi and with something this compromising… 

      "Yeah, I figured… you know, if you don't want to look at them we can just delete it all. Or, if you want to look once and then delete them, we could do that. Or you could save them, I just wanted the choice to be yours. I haven't even looked since I took them and if you want to review them alone I get that, too. Whatever you want." 

     Suddenly the cell phone in his palm feels very heavy. He looks down at it and swallows. With Naruto pressed to his side, he opens images.