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Legend of Anju _ Terminus of Memory

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Everybody in Clock Town, was celebrating the Giant Festival. For Kafiel, he had other troubLES, namely having nerves about his own Wedding.

Suddenly a monsterous masked man smashed through the window and grabbed Anju out of the Clock Tower wedding plaza and Mofun said. "Hey wait a minute, isn't that Gormon the leader of that theatre troupe who got rejected?"

The odd man carrying masks sighed at Kafiel, who was still a humanoid golden sun being. "Well, you've obviously met with a terrible fate, haven't you. Cursed to become a monster during the day, a kidnapping of someone you value the most, miasma corrupting the world and fears of Majora's Mask lurking in Termina once again. Rest assured, I know a way to change you back to normal. In return, I need your help tracking down a certain mask for me."

Kafiel gulped, as his voice reverbed like a hot summer's day. "You mean that odd hexing mask, the one on Gormon's face? Why do you want it?"

"No, I won't fall for your stupid tricks again, you big purple Cuko head!" The Skull Kid said with his two fairy friends as the Mask possessed Gorman yelled, in Majora' voice this time. "Well, I guess we won't be friends any more then! I'm going to go have some fun with 5he boring Gordon's!"

He stamped his foot, causing the ground to tremble with an earthquake and his mind controlled troupe all strode off like clockwork marionettes as Kafiel quickly ran over to help the injured Skull Kid, only for a Masked Deku Scrub to cackle as it climbed onto the horse ranch sign and create another barrier.


"Fine. You want to know why I did all of this , Hero chosen by the Giants?" Kafiel gulped as he cautiously drew the Inheritor's Sword at the possessed Gorman as Gorman actually started speaking. "Because Majora told me that the Ballad of the Wind Fish no longer exists. How could I go and live on once that was revealed. But so the final curtain calls, like a moon crashing into Termina. Hey Presto!"

"You're no fun Demise! Why you've literally made everything that's good in a game, but that could mean the other two Triforce chosen might be players in the game. I'm nearly wrapping up on my own game's finale right at this very moment."

Demise just huffed at the Demon Mask Spirit of Termina, before saying to Majora as they took on a shape that was a distorted amalgamation of Zant and Midna, wearing purple, red and blue jester robes with yellow trim on the cuffs and had more then two pairs of eyes, while skipping around barefoot.

"Cease your useless prattle Majora and tell me why you made appearances in Hyrule during The Timeline of Warriors while having that Skull Kid as a host. You could have ruined my plans for Ganondorf to win the conflict!"

"You mean for the two us to win? I was there too and so was the biggest bad guy, the Fierce Deity of Termina and your cootie friend Hylia. Apart from the one where time travel magic was involved." Majora stopped skipping as its own form cycled through multiple forms at once, including a child, a member of the Ancient Ones, a Zora, a Goron, a Gerudo and a Deku Scrub before switching back to it's own Majora's Wrath form as their voice changed rapidly throughout each form the capricious mask took.

The mask peeled itself off Gorman's face as Kafeil winced with nausea as he hurried over to check if both Gorman and Anju were alright. GOrman was still passed out, with a fresh bloody scar from the way Majora's Mask had deliberately hurt the former troupe master's face.

At least Tatl and Tale were trying to help out against the weird tentacle wielding mask though.

"He's always taken the form of a schemer behind the scenes. Now Demise is copying me, it's my turn to do that with my puppets. Makes things a bit boring and grown up though." The strange voice gurgled as a puff of smoke covered the whole room and he couldn't see where the voice was coming from.