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I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it

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If any of the people in the room noticed the countless heated glares Viren and Aavaros shared over the course of the weekly council meeting, they were polite and frankly smart enough to remain silent.

How Viren and Aavaros managed to sit through the entire meeting without tearing each others clothes off and fucking right there in front of everyone was beyond them. By the time the gathering drew to a close they were both at their limits, the memory of their morning together still too fresh and vivid in their minds, serving as a constant and nagging reminder of what they could have been doing instead.

What had started out as a slow and lazy make out session had quickly changed into something more heated, something much more primal and raw. But as soon as their hips had started to grind together in a delicious rhythm a harsh knock against their bedroom door had put a stop to the idea of staying longer in bed and they begrudgingly had to let go of each other and get up.

Ever since then they had been incredibly worked up. Worked up and increasingly frustrated. The meeting seemed to drag on forever but despite it being tedious it required their full attention and didn’t allow for more than occasional looks which only served to make them more impatient.

The minute it was considered appropriate to leave Viren rose from his chair and immediately walked out of the room. He didn’t have to turn around to know that Aaravos was right behind him, his deep voice resonating in the room as he told the other participants to excuse them both.

They walked together in silence as they made their way over to one of the many unoccupied rooms in the castle, neither of them having to say anything to know exactly what was about to happen. Every so often their hands kept brushing, sending a small jolt of electrical shocks through Viren’s body each time. It took all of his willpower not to grab Aavaros’ hand and devour him right there in the hallway.

He clearly wasn’t the only impatient one - as soon as the door was closed behind them Aavaros was on top of him, pushing Viren against a wall with his body pressed flush against Viren’s back. The mage let out a low moan which he tried to cover up as a shaky breath. The answering chuckle let him know that he had failed. Not that it mattered. Now that they could finally finish what they had started in the morning Viren was more than willing to swallow down his pride. Something that happened more and more frequently when it involved his elven lover.

Especially when said lover leaned in close, hot breath ghosting over Viren’s ear as he broke the silence: “I’ve wanted you on top of me ever since we woke up."

Viren scoffed. “Our current position hardly counts as me being on top."

“Viren, you know I’m nothing but adjustable to spontaneous changes as long as the overall success of a plan continues to be guaranteed,” Aavaros murmured against his skin, teasing the tip of his ear with his tongue.

"Tell me about this plan of yours,” Viren prompted as he turned around, grabbing Aavaros by his hips in a bruising grip. His cock, which had been half hard throughout the entire day, was now fully erect and pressed insistently against his thigh, beads of precome soaking the front of his pants.

“To get you inside of me,” Aavaros replied simply, his direct words making blood rush to Viren’s cheeks.

“Too bad you will have to wait a bit longer,” Viren said nonchalantly, his hands shoving down Aavaros’ pants unceremoniously. They fell down in time with him dropping to his knees. “Because I have been quite thirsty.”

“Oh?” Aavaros raised an eyebrow, feigning innocence even as he hooked one leg over Viren’s shoulder and nudged him forward without meeting any resistance. They wanted the same thing after all.

“Practically parched,” Viren growled.

“Like I’ve said before,” Aavaros shrugged, still way too composed for Viren’s liking who wanted the elf to come undone. He looked down at the man between his legs with a smirk on his lips. “I’m open to suggestions and don’t mind a change of plan.”

“That wasn't up to debate.”

“Oh, I know," Aavaros let out an amused laugh which quickly turned into a breathless hiss when Viren leaned forward and teasingly licked over his dick.

"Keep your hands to yourself," Viren ordered before he buried his face in the elf's crotch, inhaling deeply.

The rich, musky scent of Aavaros was intoxicating as always, never failing to make his mouth water. Up close he could feel Aavaros’ dick twitch against his forehead and his previously well-kept beard had to be glistening with slick by now. Aavaros was already so wet. Viren cut off a moan by sucking one of the elf’s folds into his mouth. A low cry rang in his ears while he greedily lapped at Aavaros’ hole. The leg that was now wrapped around his head trembled. So did the hands that were tightly clenched into fists at his side. Viren knew how much self-control it took for Aavaros to follow his previous order, always itching for more physical contact. He would get it. Eventually. Viren was no monster (at least not with Aavaros) but he had a mission first. To have Aavaros fall apart some more before he’d get what he was yearning for. Sexual desperation was a nice look on him after all.

For a while it was just this - Viren leisurely lapping at Aavaros’ hole, tongue tracing his folds with the tip of his nose rubbing against the elf’s throbbing dick, acting as if they had all the time in the world. He suspected that his lover did not appreciate the slow pace given the urgency in which he’d pressed Viren against the wall earlier.

So it was with no surprise that Aavaros slammed his fists against the wall after letting out a frustrated groan. Viren holding back and not being allowed to touch his lover drove Aavaros absolutely wild and Viren was all too aware of it. Thrived on it, in fact.

“Viren,” Aavaros let out between pressed teeth.

Now it was Viren’s turn to smirk. He wasn’t done yet. He was, however, feeling generous so he positioned his tongue differently, wiggling it in a suggestive way. Aavaros got the hint.

With a hissed “yesss” the elf snapped his hips forward, driving Viren’s tongue deep inside his wanting hole. He didn’t stop there. One of Aavaro’s hands snuck into Viren’s hair, holding him in position as he started grinding his hips back and forth. Viren didn't see a need in scolding Aavaros for disobeying his order, welcomed it in fact. Feeling Aavaros fuck himself on his tongue was exhilarating. Dizzy with lust, Viren swallowed the delicious slick his body kept producing as if his life depended on it. Aavaros’ taste was exquisite, flooding Viren’s senses, making it unable to think about anything but AavarosAavarosAavaros.

With their combined noises filling the silence in the room it didn't take long for Viren to reach his limits as well. He needed more. Aavaros seemingly agreed. He moved his leg off Viren's shoulder while increasing the grip he had on Viren’s hair to pull him back up. The mage complied, stepping out of his pants as he stood up. When they were face to face once again, Aavaros didn’t waste any time to seal their lips in a seething kiss. He wasn’t bothered by his own taste. Never had been.

When they pulled back ever so slightly so they could catch their breath, Aavaros licked over Viren’s bottom lip, his eyes shimmering with want and lust. He continued nipping at Viren’s lips before moving on to his cheeks, lapping at his heated skin to clean up the mess he himself had left. Aavaros let out a satisfied hum, his eyes never leaving Viren’s as he licked over his own lips afterwards.

He was beautiful like this - hair slightly disheveled, cheeks a purple hue and eyes shining with passion. Countless star constellations on his body were glistening, making his skin glow. Not that there was ever a moment Viren questioned his otherworldly beauty. There was just something even more special to see him in an unraveled state especially knowing it was because of Viren's doing.

This time it was Viren who leaned in for a hungry kiss. He pressed himself wantonly against his lover, trying to feel every inch of Aavaros against his body.

The two moaned when this action caused the tip of Viren’s cock to accidentally brush against Aavaros’ dick, their combined precome lubricant enough to turn it into a smooth drag of sensitive skin against sensitive skin. They were both shivering, panting into each other’s mouth.

Viren gently raised one of Aavaros’ legs, coaxing him to wrap it around his hips. Aavaros immediately complied, seeking his lips for another passionate kiss. And another.

“Do it,” he breathed between kisses.

“Do what?” Viren asked with a raised brow.

He received an impatient growl as an answer. A growl that went straight to Viren’s cock, more precome dripping down his length.

“You know exactly what I want.”

“Ah yes, my dear,” Viren replied, one hand slipping down to grab his erection. He teasingly nudged the head of his cock against Aavaros’ heat, coating it with even more of that delicious slick Aavaros’ body kept producing. The complete body shudder at the use of the endearment did not go by unnoticed. “I know exactly what you want. But I need you to say it again.”

I want you to beg for it remained unspoken.

His dick caught against Aavaros’ hole and all it would take for Viren was one little push to sheathe himself inside his lover. One push he still denied Aavaros whose body was continuously trembling with suppressed need by now. He was completely at Viren’s mercy and they both knew it.

Yet Aavaros was still holding on to a last shred of self control and refused to say anything. Viren had every intention to get rid of that as well. With focused calculation he circled his hips ever so slightly, just enough so the tip of his dick was applying constant pressure against Aavaros’ hole, alluding at what was about to come without fully giving it to him.

Aavaros let out a frustrated noise, a sound between a howl and a sob and his golden eyes bore deeply into Viren’s. He was almost at the point of breaking. Almost. Channeling his last shred of defiance, Aavaros grunted and tried to nudge Viren closer with one of his hands which had sneaked between their bodies without Viren noticing and was now clutching his bare ass. Viren was having none of that, however, and pressed Aavaros’ arm back against the wall. He returned the irritated stare he received with a triumphant gleam in his eyes.


They both knew that Aavaros could easily move Viren around, push him away and get what he wanted. There had never been any delusion about who the stronger one was. Him allowing Viren to continue meant that Aavaros was enjoying everything that was going on between them as well. And the exasperated sigh he let out, dropping his head back in defeat didn’t fool Viren. He saw the big smirk on the elf’s lips before his hair fell in front of his face.

“Viren,” Aavaros’ voice a deep rumble as he repeated his name and it took all of Viren’s willpower not to whimper. To not thrust forward with his hips and fuck Aavaros senseless right this second. Instead he rocked forward ever so slightly, so only the head of his dick entered his elven lover. He immediately regretted this decision, the sweet feeling of finally being inside Aavaros was heavenly to the point of driving him absolutely wild.

With gritted teeth Viren forced himself to stay still and wait for Aavaros' resistance to crumble entirely. Thankfully he didn't have to wait long. Apparently his action had been all it took to rid Aavaros of any remaining stubbornness.

“Please, Viren,” he panted, his voice having a desperate edge to it. “Fuck me.”

And even though Viren loved teasing Aavaros, their playful bickering a big part in their foreplay, there was something Viren loved even more - giving his elf exactly what he wanted. He had never been able to say no to Aavaros after all.

Locking eyes with Aavaros, Viren finally relented, pushing his hips forward to drive his dick inside and enter him fully. They moaned in unison when Viren bottomed out, both way past the point of holding back any longer. Usually Viren would drag things out more, would stay like this until Aavaros grew restless and started fucking himself on Viren’s cock. Not only was that nearly impossible in their current position but the mage didn’t leave Aavaros any time to grow impatient. Viren had run out of patience as well.

So instead of staying still, Viren pulled out almost immediately only to slam his cock right back into the exquisite heat of his lover. He set a fast, relentless rhythm, spurred on by the pleased sounds Aavaros made. One of Viren’s hands grabbed Aavaros by his hips again, hard enough to surely leave marks. With the other one he supported the slender leg that was wrapped around his hips.

“Yessss,” Aavaros moaned, rubbing his dick in time with Viren’s thrusts.

Viren’s only response to that was a grunt and a particular sharp snap of his hips.

Aavaros let out another moan, his free hand scratching over Viren’s skull as he pulled him in for a messy kiss. Viren increased the grip he had on his lover even more, earning him a low growl. Aavaros bit his lip and pulled on his hair which made Viren’s movement falter a little but only for a brief second before he caught himself and fucked into Aavaros with even more vigour. His hips were slapping furiously against Aavaros as he pounded him hard against the wall. They were panting into each other's mouths while still sharing sloppy kisses, neither of them willing to let go of the other one for too long.

Viren knew that he wasn’t going to last much longer but he needed to see Aavaros fall apart beneath him first.

"Come for me," Viren commanded in a hoarse voice, picking up even more speed and relishing in the tight heat around him.

It only took a couple of seconds for Aavaros to comply, a vision of pure beauty and excellence as he came with a loud moan, head thrown back and eyes closed in pure bliss. Viren fucked him through his orgasm with clenched teeth, his eyes never leaving the stunning sight in front of him as he drank in every reaction Aavaros made. He was so close to coming himself, the way Aavaros clenched and trembled around him almost enough to send him over the edge too but something was still missing. As if on cue the elf opened his eyes and a knowing smirk pulled his lips upwards. He leaned even closer until Viren could feel his breath ghost over his ear.

“Viren,” and oh, Viren would never tire of hearing his name said like this. “You’ve been so good for me, giving me exactly what I want. Now I need you to do the same for me. Let go, come for me, mark me as yours.”

Viren let out a noise that sounded too close to a whimper but he was too far gone to be embarrassed about it. He buried his face in Aavaros' neck when he got close, panting harshly. Aavaros’ hands were now both buried in his hair, his nails scratching over Viren’s scalp which sent pleasant tingles through his body. The mage pushed into Aavaros one, two, three more times, each thrust sweeter than the previous one before he finally found his own release. He bit down on his neck to muffle a shout as he came inside his lover. Aavaros shuddered and tightened even more around him, the sensation enough to drag out his orgasm until he was completely spent.

They stayed like this for a moment, catching their breaths as they allowed themselves a couple more minutes of being connected. Soon enough they’d have to go back to their usual busy lives filled with responsibilities and not enough time to enjoy each other’s company.

Eventually the position became uncomfortable and even though it was with reluctance Viren let go of Aavaros’ leg and pulled out, realising too late that his come would be dripping on the floor. His gaze dropped to see if they had already caused a mess, only to be greeted by the sight of Aavaros scooping up everything that had run down his thigh and licking his fingers. He made an obscene noise which made Viren’s dick twitch in interest despite having just come. Aavaros met his gaze as he let go of his finger with a wet pop, knowing exactly the kind of reaction his behaviour caused. He then graciously bent down to pick up his discarded pants and slid them on, somehow managing that nothing dropped on the ground.

"Get dressed," Aavaros told Viren who got pulled out of his daze. "We will continue this somewhere with more privacy."

Aavaros’ words provided a lot of distracting mental images, each new one more tempting than the one before. With his mind already occupied with all the fun they could have in their free time, Viren put his own pants back on, only noticing his lover stepping closer when he straightened his back and was suddenly face to face with Aavaros. The elf leaned in even closer, a teasing smirk forming on his lips.

“Do you realize,” the rumble of his deep voice creating goosebumps on Viren’s skin. “that I can feel your claim on my body with every step that I take?”

Viren immediately knew what Aavaros was referring to, and so did a particular other body part that was already beginning to stir in his pants once more. But the imagery of his seed dripping out of Aavaros, running down his legs and ruining his pants was more than enough to get him interested again. The knowing grin on the other one’s face told him Aavaros was very much aware of the impact his words had on the mage. Viren didn’t indulge him further, however, and walked right past him towards the door, only looking back to frown at Aavaros who was still looking way too smug and hadn’t moved a single inch.

“I remember you talking about continuing certain ... activities in private. That will be difficult to pursue if we remain here,” Viren said stiffly, refusing to let on how excited he was about the prospect. His lover saw right through him, of course, but he had a reputation to uphold.

An amused chuckle followed Viren out into the hallway, closely followed by the source of said noise. The guard standing across the hall looked oddly flustered, their entire face a crimson red, and they refused to look either of them in the face.

Viren closed his eyes for a brief second, barely able to contain an irritated huff. Apparently he had been wrong to assume that Aavaros would prevent the sounds they were making from leaving the room. Viren shot Aavaros a dirty glare but he only got a smug sneer in return, a possessive glint in the eyes of the elf.

To his own surprise, Viren repressed the mild annoyance and embarrassment he felt, instead opting to grab Aavaros’ hand as the elf passed him, entangling their fingers together. Their relationship wasn’t secret but Viren struggled to openly show affection, not used to letting his guard down like this.

The timid smile on Aavaros’ lips was answered with a small one of his own. Aavaros squeezed his hand, the eyes of the elf lighting up, and not for the first time this day Viren was mesmerized by the markings on his face which started glowing brighter. His beauty was always breathtaking but there was just something extremely special to see him be this happy and know that he was the reason for that.

As soon as they were out of earshot of their poor witness, the mage used the grip on Aavaros’ hand to push him against a wall.

“I can’t believe you didn’t silence us,” Viren snarled, no real malice behind his words. “I can only imagine all the things they heard."

Aavaros immediately melted against him, a smug expression on his face.

“Enough to know that no one has to concern themselves with our sex life,” Aavaros purred, chuckling at Viren’s answering groan which got silenced by Aavaros’ lips. He pulled away only to add: “And that you are mine.”

Viren shivered at his words but looked sternly at Aavaros. “As long as you know that you are also mine.”

“Of course,” Aavaros replied, serious for a moment before his usual playfulness returned. “Don’t worry, both of us were distinctively audible.”

Viren wanted to groan again but instead decided to pull Aavaros into yet another bruising kiss. His blood was boiling at the elf’s admission, making it impossible to stay mad.

“Careful or we won’t make it back to our bedroom,” Aavaros chuckled, making no move to pull away.

“Hmmm,” Viren hummed, currently busy sucking bruises into the elf’s skin to show off his claim. “I think there are still a couple of rooms we haven’t defiled yet.”

The answer came in a deep rumble, a laugh that quickly turned into a breathy moan when Viren pressed the outline of his growing erection against Aavaros’s crotch.

“Looks like we have some catching up to do.”


Privacy could wait a bit longer, they agreed.

It would be a while before they reached their bed, thrumming with content and satisfaction. They were both exhausted but that didn’t stop them from falling into each other’s arms the second their bodies made contact with the mattress, already lost in each other again.