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my neck, my back, my balls, and my crack (sexual healing)

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Wei Ying sits like a shrimp in front of the computer - working from home is great, but it means that he doesn't pay attention to his posture, so his body is kind of shot.

He gets a reference for a physiotherapist from his group chat with Nie Huaisang and Jiang Cheng: Cloud Recesses Rehabilitation.

Getting an appointment is easy enough, so he books one for the next day after work and limps kind of pathetically to the bed to find a good position he can sleep in. Chances are, his sedentary lifestyle, work stress and less than ideal diet have caught up with him.

He takes some painkillers and goes to sleep, waking up at night when he's shifted and some part of his body is twinging in pain.

Morning comes and he's sufficiently distracted by work and managing the body pain that he nearly forgets his appointment, barely making it in time. 

The office is pleasant - nobody else is waiting their turn, so Wei Ying must be the last customer of the day. He signs in with the receptionist and soon enough it's time to go in.

The physiotherapist is really hot. Oh no. 

The little plaque on his desk tells Wei Ying his name, and Wei Ying says it a couple times in his head, tasting the syllables. 

Lan Zhan is tall and he looks like he was chiseled out of marble with a sculptor's loving hands - it's absolutely unfair that he’s a pained mess in comparison. 

Dr Lan tells him to get onto the examination bed table thing and Wei Ying awkwardly clambers on, wincing when the movement jostles one of his tender bits. It's squishy and it smells like disinfectant, and there's a hole in the headrest which he thinks he's supposed to put his face in.

"Tell me about what's going on." The timbre of Lan Zhan's voice distracts Wei Ying enough that he takes longer to reply than usual. Lan Zhan asks more questions about the specific location of the pain and how long the pain is going on, and Wei Ying cringes as he answers them dutifully. 

To his credit, Lan Zhan doesn't judge him for his poor postural decisions. Instead, he gets Wei Ying to lay down and pokes around with his very nice hands and long fingers. Wei Ying grits his teeth at some parts when Lan Zhan pokes him just right, specifically the bits on his forearms and shoulders. 

Lan Zhan's face is calm and collected throughout, professionally assessing Wei Ying's reactions as he digs his fingers into little muscles he didn't even know he had. Wei Ying is just trying not to swear at the very nice, very handsome doctor person who's trying to help him. 

"It looks like you have some tension and inflammation in your body leading to a couple of pinched nerves in your shoulders and surrounding your elbows." Lan Zhan straightens in his seat next to Wei Ying, removing his hands. "I'll give you a massage to relieve the worst of it." 

"After that, I'll show you a few exercises to do at home for two weeks until our next appointment. Meanwhile, you should manage your stress levels so you don't further aggravate your injuries." 

He hands Wei Ying a pamphlet on workplace ergonomics, all of which Wei Ying does not practice. 

Wei Ying sort of tucks the pamphlet under his butt while Lan Zhan retrieves some stuff - he returns with a bottle of what looks like lube? Maybe his mind is in the gutter. Lan Zhan gets him to take off his shirt and he cringes a little as his nipples pebble in the office air conditioning. 

Thankfully, Lan Zhan doesn't say anything. He just leans over, his face disconcertingly close, uncapping the lube looking bottle of massage oil and warming it in his hands before he puts them on him. Wei Ying tries very hard not to make any weird sounds as Lan Zhan gets to work. 

Lan Zhan rubs his arms in slow, steady strokes, his palms warm and firm against his skin. He spends a little time moving his arm about to determine his range of movement and where the pain is worst, checking in with him in low tones. 

Wei Ying spends most of his time trying not to stare at Lan Zhan so much - he's actually so close Wei Ying thinks he can count his eyelashes, their length fanning across Lan Zhan's sharp cheekbone. He kind of wants to touch his cheekbones and jaw to find out if they're as sharp as they look. 

Lan Zhan's fingers dig in on a tender spot and Wei Ying hisses in pain, instinctively jerking out of his grasp before he catches himself and lays back obediently.

"Ah, sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your work."

"No matter, it's good that you react to pain."

Lan Zhan pats him gently. 

Wei Ying feels a blush creeping up his hairline. Is it just him or is the room kinda hot? Lan Zhan continues his work, the massage oil heating his skin - there must be some kind of warming agent in it.

"Please turn over so I can reach your back. Be careful, don't slip on the oil." 

Wei Ying turns over and puts his face into the hole in the headrest. Like this, he can't really see or hear very well - he jumps a little when Lan Zhan touches him again, his hands slick with fresh oil.

This is like a massage massage, but it's painful, but also Wei Ying kind of has a boner. 

Somehow, Lan Zhan manages to find more places to dig into on his back, moving his arms about and asking questions like he did when Wei Ying was facing up. He would have fallen asleep if not for the slight burn of the massage oil - it really is kind of hot but Lan Zhan's hands are soothing. 

Well. It looked like lube and it felt like massage oil but it was probably actually deep heating cream, Wei Ying's mind was just in the gutter. 

He shifts a little bit, trying to will his boner down. By the time Lan Zhan asks him to turn over again, he's got it under control. 

Lying on his front meant that he couldn't see Lan Zhan and brace for his touch, but lying on his back means that he has to be careful about his facial expressions and physical reactions, lest Lan Zhan see.

"You should try to relax." Lan Zhan comments, guiding Wei Ying through some stretches. 

Wei Ying laughs awkwardly - that's easier said than done. Some of these stretches are easy to do, his body already feeling better than it has in weeks. Some strengthening exercises are particularly evil, working muscles he didn't even know he had. 

"Relaxing is a conscious action." Lan Zhan hums, bending Wei Ying's arm this way and that. "The human body's default is to respond to stimuli. Take a deep breath and allow me to move you."

Wei Ying inhales as Lan Zhan inhales, and he exhales as Lan Zhan exhales. They move together, Lan Zhan guiding him through the motions. 

Before Wei Ying realises it, their time is up and the therapy session is over, Lan Zhan wiping his hands off on a towel under his desk.

"You can put your shirt back on. I'll fill this card out for you - try to do the exercises and stretches I taught you." He hands Wei Ying a little notecard. 

"I have also written down the date for your follow up appointment in two weeks. You can come any time, but two weeks is best for your body to get used to the exercises. We'll see how you recover and adjust the appointment intervals as needed." 

Wei Ying nods distractedly, inspecting the card.

"My contact information is on the card if you need any clarification, especially if you need additional guidance on a specific exercise. Just send me a message, don't worry about the time of day." 

Lan Zhan sits down behind his desk and puts on a pair of reading glasses, nearly giving Wei Ying another heart attack - is this man completely unaware of the effect he has on people?

"Thank you Dr Lan!" Wei Ying tries to sound bright and chirpy, but it comes out more like a strangled squeak. 

"Get well soon, Mr Wei. See you in two weeks." Lan Zhan gives him the tiniest smile, the first Wei Ying sees from him during their hour-long session. He slides off the examination surface thing and nearly flees before he can do something like kiss him. (He pays first though.) 

Wei Ying gets into his car and bonks his head a couple of times on the steering wheel, groaning. He feels a lot better, if not a little shaky because he's been using muscles he hasn't paid attention to in ages. He doesn't know if he's done some really good or bad things in his past lives to be tortured like this, but he's not going to question it too much. His body feels relaxed and he smells like deep heat cream - shower, food and sleep are in order.

When he sinks into bed later that night, he sleeps well for the first time in weeks. 

Two weeks fly by quickly - work is always busy. While Wei Ying tries to pay attention to his posture and do the exercises given to him, he succeeds only a handful of times, occasionally wandering off in the middle of a session and forgetting to do the rest.

He feels better, though. 

When there's nothing much to do at home besides work at a big screen, chat with friends on a smaller screen, and curl up in front of yet another screen, it's... really not much variety in terms of lifestyle. Wei Ying should probably be a better zookeeper to himself, but...meh. 

Once or twice he thinks about asking Lan Zhan about the exercises. He's a patient, right? And he figures Lan Zhan wouldn't mind too, he wouldn't intrude or be too much of a burden. Wei Ying's thumbs dance over the keyboard in indecision before he sighs and swipes out of the messaging app. 

He burrows under his weighted blanket and curls into his usual sleeping ball before he remembers to support his back and legs with a pillow. He'll figure it out eventually. They have time, at least until Wei Ying is better. 

He finds himself in front of Cloud Recesses Rehabilitation again, wincing at the prospect of seeing Lan Zhan and probably having him judge him for not keeping up with his exercises. 

Part of him is looking forward to seeing Lan Zhan again (how could he not?), while the other part is vaguely aware he's going to regret developing a crush on his physiotherapist. This happens to everyone, right? Cute doctor, caretaking role, lonely patient. 

Wei Ying snorts and scrubs at his face, emitting a little scream into his hands. He really is a fool. A very pained fool, so he should go inside and get treated so he can go back to just being a fool.

The usual happens, Wei Ying registering and then getting his name called to enter. 

Lan Zhan is seated behind his desk again, reading glasses perched atop his nose. Wei Ying tries not to stare too hard at his forearms - he's got the sleeves of his dress shirt rolled up and is it hot in here? Maybe Lan Zhan should call someone and get them to take a look at his air conditioning. 

"Mr Wei. How are you feeling?" Lan Zhan gets up and gestures to the examination table, Wei Ying moving over to sit on it. The table is tall and his feet don't touch the ground, so they hang in the air. Lan Zhan takes one arm and tests its range of motion, doing the same with the other arm. 

"Any discomfort?"

"Mm, no. I tried the exercises you gave me but I haven't been keeping up with them too much. I feel better, though." Wei Ying flushes, greedily drinking up Lan Zhan's touch. His very touch starved body was fine before this, but now that it's had a taste, it wants more. 

"Alright. It looks like there is some improvement. Good job, Mr Wei." Wei Ying emits an involuntary squeak and flushes impossibly more. "If you can remove your shirt and lie down, I can give you a massage and we will see how the inflammation is doing." 

Wei Ying does as he's told - it's a little less embarrassing now when his nipples pebble in the cold office, and he tries not to think about it too much. When Lan Zhan returns with the deep heat, he thinks he sees something flicker across the good doctor's face but it disappears quickly. 

Maybe he imagined it?

Lan Zhan applies the deep heat to his hands, then applies his hands onto Wei Ying's body - they smooth over his arms and chest, the rhythm steady and his touch firm. Wei Ying stares at the ceiling and tries very hard not to think about how much he wants to lick him. 

The sensation is mostly soothing except for when Lan Zhan rubs over the inflamed muscle on Wei Ying's arms and chest. Wei Ying hisses in pain when Lan Zhan pays attention to a particularly tender spot, his body tensed against the discomfort. 

He nearly misses it thinking it was a trick of the light, but Lan Zhan has a little smile on his face.

"Dr Lan, are you enjoying yourself?"

"No, I am helping you recover."

"But you're smiling."

"You're a good patient."

Wei Ying grits his teeth against the sounds that come out. 

"This really hurts." It comes out as an undignified whine, which somehow makes Lan Zhan smile a little more.

"It hurts because the inflammation is pinching your nerve."

"If it's inflamed, why do you keep poking it?"

"It has to be poked for the inflammation to subside." 

Wei Ying growls at Lan Zhan when he keeps at it, but Lan Zhan has mercy and lets up eventually, getting him to turn over onto his front. Wei Ying settles into his old friend, the hole in the headrest while Lan Zhan applies more deep heat to his shoulders and back. 

He nearly squawks when Lan Zhan's hands span the entirety of his waist - who knew his hands were that big? Lan Zhan presses him firmly into the table and Wei Ying sinks into it with a low sound. If his brain hadn't been thoroughly melted by then, he'd be embarrassed, but he barely notices. 

The rest of the massage passes in a daze, Wei Ying too relaxed to even react when Lan Zhan rolls his fingers across any tender bits. Most of the pain comes from his front, anyway.

Lan Zhan tells him to turn over and he does so without thinking, forgetting that he had a boner the last time. 

He's only alerted to his current state of being at the little intake of breath Lan Zhan makes, the sound making his eyes snap open and look where Lan Zhan is looking.

"Oh fuck! Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" Wei Ying covers his front with his hands. He wants to crawl into a hole and hide forever. 

"It's okay, it's a normal reaction - I'll give you some privacy and we can continue when you're comfortable." Lan Zhan awkwardly turns around, his body angled strangely as he crosses the room and leaves.

Wei Ying covers his face with his shirt and yells soundlessly for a few moments. 

Lan Zhan still isn't back by the time he's successfully calmed down and put his clothes back on. Wei Ying sits and twiddles his thumbs for a little while until curiosity gets the better of him - he's just about to open the door to look outside when he hears the receptionist. 

"Oh! Dr Lan, did you need something?"

Lan Zhan clears his throat. Wei Ying presses his ear to the door, straining to listen in.

"Ah, no. I came out for some water."

"Oh, you could have asked me to get it for you. Isn't there a water dispenser in your office?" 

"...The water outside tastes better." The door handle turns and Wei Ying scrambles backwards, nearly knocking over some expensive piece of fancy doctor equipment in his haste to sit down and look normal.

Lan Zhan walks in, looking slightly ruffled. Wei Ying isn't sure if his ears are pink. 

A panicked laugh bubbles out of Wei Ying's mouth. "I'm so sorry, I promise I usually have better control over myself-"

Lan Zhan holds up a hand and Wei Ying's mouth shuts with an almost audible snap.

"It's alright. It's an expected physiological reaction, please don't be upset over it." 

Wei Ying huffs a relieved sigh. His face is still burning from the embarrassment of it all.

"I'll take your word for it, you're the boss."

Lan Zhan sends a tiny smile his way. Wei Ying wants to record them in an album so he can look at them again and again. 

"If you would like to continue, we can move on to exercises and take a look at your progress so far."

Embarrassment forgotten, the rest of the physiotherapy session passes in a blur. It's tiring and rewarding, especially when Lan Zhan sometimes gives an approving hum and a nod. 

Before Wei Ying knows it, he's passing out in bed after a shower, his limbs pleasantly loose. Half asleep, he scrolls through a florist's website.

Sending an apology bouquet for inflicting his boner on his physiotherapist is normal, right? 

He falls asleep right after he orders it. 

The next day, Wei Ying wakes up to a call - he's overslept but it's alright because he makes his own hours (he tries to do 9 to 5 because coordinating schedules is easier).

"Hnngha?" He mumbles, still groggy.

"Mr Wei." Lan Zhan's smooth, velvety bass cuts through his sleep fog. 

"Wha- Dr Lan!" Wei Ying absently wipes at the drool that's made its way across his cheek while he slept, grimacing and wiping it on his sleep pants.

"Did you mean to send me a bouquet of flowers this morning?"

Wei Ying nearly throws his phone across the room. He'd completely forgotten. 

"Oh! Uh." He's not sure how to explain it, actually. "I wanted to apologise about yesterday. I hope I didn't impose, I didn't mean to."

There's a pause on the other end of the line. Wei Ying covers his face and exhales deeply. This is the part where he gets fired as a patient. 

"It's alright, the flowers are not a bother. They just surprised me and I wanted to check if you had sent them to the correct address."

Lan Zhan has a really, really nice voice. Wei Ying wouldn't mind waking up to his voice every day. Maybe he could have a podcast or something. 

"Thank you for the bouquet, Mr Wei. The flowers are...pretty."

"You're welcome! Thank you for uh, calling to check in, I appreciate it!" Wei Ying's words come out in a rush and he has no idea how Lan Zhan tolerates him, honestly. Some days he can't even tolerate himself. 

"Mn. Take care of yourself, I'll see you in two weeks."

"You too! Have a good day! Enjoy the flowers!" Wei Ying hangs up before he can make even more of a fool of himself.

If he went back to sleep, maybe he could turn today on and off again to reset it. 

Meh. If he did go back to sleep, he'd spend the entire day in bed and get nothing done. Better to wallow in misery while working, at least he can try distracting himself.

Wei Ying spends the rest of the day very studiously ignoring the phone so he doesn't try to text Lan Zhan. 

The weeks go by, and Wei Ying gets better and better - he's diligent about doing the exercises Lan Zhan has given him, even if he misses a couple days here and there.

One appointment, he spots a pressed flower framed on Lan Zhan's desk. Maybe he has someone special in his life. 

It makes sense, someone as attractive as he is would be widely welcomed. Wei Ying ignores the little pit in his stomach, telling himself they're just doctor and patient and he never stood a chance, anyway. 

Without realizing it, his life shifts to center around his physio appointments. They're constant and predictable, and knowing him, he'll find a different fixation once all of this is over. He'll move on or something, plenty of fish in the sea. 

More weeks pass, Wei Ying drinking up the physical contact and attention. He's so touch starved, it takes him by surprise when Lan Zhan pauses in the middle of a session to suggest that they gradually scale back the frequency to a stop. 

"Mr Wei, you've improved. Perhaps we can consider reducing the frequency of our sessions as you are doing much better."

Oh. Wei Ying knows it was coming, but it still stings a little bit. The logical part of his brain knows it isn't personal - it's a good thing, to be disengaging. 

"Ah...You're right, Dr Lan. You've helped me so much, I'm almost at 100%, maybe even better!" Wei Ying laughs. It sounds hollow, but maybe Lan Zhan won't notice.

"Actually, with the exercises I've been doing, I'm fitter than before, I'm so swole I could probably lift you!" 

Lan Zhan smiles. "You've done very well, Mr Wei."

Wei Ying steadfastly ignores the butterflies in his stomach at the praise. He's probably never going to see Lan Zhan again unless his body gives out on him again, which he's not planning on.

"So, what's the timeline for tapering off?" 

"This can be our last appointment. Alternatively, we can have another appointment to follow up if you have any more questions."

"Oh, I'm fine, I don't have any questions. You're very thorough, Dr Lan, I don't even need to message you to clarify, usually."

Lan Zhan hums, agreeing. 

Like so many times before, his hands skim over Wei Ying's skin, pressing into the muscle - Lan Zhan always looks deep in thought during a physiotherapy massage, like he's listening to his body speak to him.

"I'm glad. That means I'm doing my job well." 

He removes his hands from Wei Ying's body, professional as always. Wei Ying sits up and puts his shirt back on while Lan Zhan cleans his hands.

It's not awkward, they've been seeing each other for long enough that the silence is companionable. Wei Ying is really going to miss him. 

"Say, Dr Lan. What do you usually do in your free time?"

"I read. Sometimes I play the guqin. How about you, Mr Wei?" Lan Zhan seats himself at his desk, Wei Ying sitting in the usual seat meant for patients.

"Oh, this and that. I look at too many screens, I'm working on it." 

Another lull in the conversation. Wei Ying glances at Lan Zhan's desk - it's neat, which is in line with his fastidious nature. The pressed flower still sits in its frame.

If he delays any longer, Lan Zhan will have to gently kick him out of his office, and they can't have that. 

"Ah, Dr Lan. I don't have any more questions and sitting here is going to take up more of your time, so I'm gonna go home and do a bit more of this and that."

He sounds more than a little rueful, but Lan Zhan probably has plenty of experience saying goodbye to patients. 

"Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it. I enjoyed myself and I'm all better now! Be well, Dr Lan."

If Lan Zhan is surprised, he doesn't show it. Instead, he shakes Wei Ying's hand, his hand warm and his grip firm.

"I wish you well, Mr Wei. Take care of yourself." 

Wei Ying walks out the door and doesn't look back.

Days pass, and then the days become weeks. Wei Ying still keeps up with the exercises Dr Lan gives him, still works, still bounces around from screen to screen in his down time. 

A few times, he's gone for a walk - it's growing on him, the time away from screens and just taking in his surroundings. Once or twice, he considers adopting a pet, maybe a bunny or a cat or a lizard, but he works too much and he's too unreliable to keep anyone but himself alive. 

He deletes Lan Zhan's number from his phone, only keeping the number for his office. That way, he won't text him in a moment of weakness, and he won't accidentally send things like flower bouquets again.

He even tries cooking for himself. 

Adjusting portions for one person is a learning curve, and a couple times he's had to eat the same thing for three days back to back because he's made more than he should, but he's getting better at it.

Going to the grocery store is fun, and he likes being creative with food. 

His food expenses have gone down, and...he's just one person, so he doesn't know what he's saving for besides giving it to Jiang Yanli and Wen Qing for their little ones, which is a better use of money, anyway.

That doesn't mean he skimps on anything, though, he's just not very demanding. 

Wei Ying gets a pamphlet in the mail (who even puts pamphlets in mailboxes any more, really) advertising a bougie new grocery store some ways from his place.

It's new, so it might have a different selection of stuff - Wei Ying figures he can drop by during the weekend and check it out. 

He sleeps in on weekends, so he eventually gets around to visiting the new place sometime after lunch. It's a good thing, there won't be as many people and he can take his time browsing.

It's fancy and new and Wei Ying looks at the fresh produce aisles like an old uncle in a park. 

It looks promising, obviously a new grocery store would have their best food forward (ha) and a couple of things have caught his eye.

He makes it past the fruit aisles and nearly bypasses the vegetable aisle before he steps back, catching Lan Zhan frowning while studying a tomato. 

"Dr Lan!"

Wei Ying's voice rings a little too loud in the relative quiet of the grocery store - it also startles Lan Zhan enough that he nearly drops the tomato, but Wei Ying manages to catch it in time, tucking it into his basket with a laugh.

"Oops, sorry I surprised you."

"Mr Wei." 

"Oh, don't call me that, it makes me feel old - also I'm not your patient any more, just call me Wei Ying."

"Mn. Wei Ying. You stole my tomato."

"You mean I saved it from you, staring at it like that is going to make the poor tomato cry." 

Lan Zhan's mouth quirks a little and he picks up another tomato.

"What brings you to this side of town, Dr Lan?"

"Lan Zhan is fine. We're at the grocery store, not my office." Lan Zhan puts a couple of tomatoes in his basket. "I like it when there are no crowds, and this store is new." 

"Ohhh. I see. Makes sense that you'd cook, it's healthier than eating takeout all the time, huh?"

Lan Zhan hums in response, looking at him expectantly.


"My tomato."

"...oh." Wei Ying doesn't budge. 

He didn't think he'd see Lan Zhan again, and some gremlin part of himself is saying that he should drag it out for as long as he can.

"I'm not giving you back your tomato."

"Why not?"

"I'm saving it cause you were staring at it like you were going to give it a horrible death." 

"All tomatoes die eventually, Wei Ying." Lan Zhan makes to take the tomato out of Wei Ying's basket, but Wei Ying tsks and pulls it out of reach.

"That's awfully uncharitable of you, what happened to your Hippocratic oath?" 

Lan Zhan regards him with a bemused frown before trying to take the tomato again.

Wei Ying snatches it out of the basket and tosses it a couple times, laughing and holding it high above his head, nimbly evading when Lan Zhan tries to take a swipe at it. 

He missteps, though, tumbling backwards over his own feet as he loses his balance. He scrunches his eyes closed and braces for impact with the floor, but he doesn't fall.

Lan Zhan catches him about the waist, dragging him upright. They're so close together, Wei Ying could lick him. 

Lan Zhan makes a small distressed sound, looking between them - the unfortunate tomato they were fighting over perished in the kerfuffle, squashed between the two of them.

"Oh, no. I killed the tomato." The situation is so absurd, Wei Ying feels a hysterical giggle bubble up his throat. 

"We killed it together. I'm complicit." Lan Zhan deadpans. He hasn't let go of Wei Ying.

"Should we turn ourselves in?"

"We should. I am but a doctor unsuited to the criminal life." Wei Ying snorts inelegantly, wiping his hands off on his shirt.

"Collateral damage on our shirts, too." 

"I have extra clothing at my office if you need, and we can clean up there too." Lan Zhan offers, finally releasing Wei Ying.

The sad remains of the tomato drip a little onto Wei Ying's shirt from his fist.

"That's very kind of you."

"It's not far, and I should take responsibility." 

"Mm, let's go pay for the tomato and the rest of your stuff, then we can figure out logistics on the way out."

They pay at the counter, accepting tissues from the alarmed cashier and mopping up the worst of the damage outside. 

Wei Ying and Lan Zhan both agree to meet at Lan Zhan's office, so they're not leaving their cars in the grocery store car park.

Sliding into the driver's seat of his car, Wei Ying covers his eyes with vaguely tomato scented hands. What is he doing? 

He was supposed to leave his physiotherapist alone, not pester him in a grocery store until they murdered some innocent produce. Anyone watching them through the security cameras would have a field day.

Wei Ying grimaces at the tacky old tomato juice on his hands and starts driving.

Lan Zhan's office is empty when Wei Ying arrives - it's really strange to be going in with most of the lights off, on their off day. He tries not to feel too unsettled. It's just an innocent offer for a change of clothes and cleaning up, there's nothing more to it.

"Uh...Dr Lan?" 

"Mn. Inside." Wei Ying follows his voice to his office where they have their appointments. He opens the door and just as quickly shuts it with a squawk.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to walk in!" Behind the door, Lan Zhan is gloriously shirtless - he was wiping himself down with a cloth. 

The door opens and Lan Zhan has the cloth slung around his neck, peering at Wei Ying.

"It's alright. Would you like to clean up too?" Lan Zhan leaves the door open and gets Wei Ying a damp cloth, which he accepts gratefully. He's still topless and it's very distracting. 

Wei Ying wipes his hands as Lan Zhan lays out a spare shirt - he hadn't really thought about the ramifications, but this means he's going to be wearing Lan Zhan's shirt. Lan Zhan's shirt that smells like him, that he's worn close to his skin.

Lan Zhan jolts him out of his stupor by speaking. 

"Would you like for me to give you some privacy to change?"

Wei Ying blushes furiously. "Uh, no! It's not anything you haven't seen before, anyway." He whips off his shirt and quickly wipes at the bit of tomato juice on his chest before putting Lan Zhan's shirt on. 

That was a mistake. The shirt smells so good, Wei Ying wants to rub his face in it. When he looks up, Lan Zhan is staring, his ears visibly pink even from where he is across the room.

Lan Zhan approaches him and Wei Ying panics a little, skittering away and tossing his towel at his face. 

He somehow makes it behind Lan Zhan's desk without tripping over himself. Lan Zhan has the towel in his hand, looking very confused.

"Oh Dr Lan! I remember seeing this pressed flower, is it from someone special at home?"

"You don't have to call me Dr Lan, Lan Zhan will do." 

"Uh...okay? You can call me Wei Ying, then." Wei Ying laughs and it's a little hysterical. He pokes at the flower frame. "Wait, but you haven't answered my question about this."

"The flower is from you, Wei Ying."

Wait. What? Wei Ying gapes at him a little. 

"It came from the flower bouquet you sent me."

Wei Ying's brain is just laminated paper noises at this point. He was getting jealous over a flower he sent to Lan Zhan himself. He realizes he said that last part out loud when Lan Zhan speaks again.

"You were...jealous?" 

"I uh!" Wei Ying deflates a bit. "I might have a little crush on you. I guess. I know it's highly inappropriate but half the time I kind of wanted to lick you but I know I shouldn't do that because that would be assault and-"

"You can lick me now." Lan Zhan offers Wei Ying his hand. 

"That's not how it works!" He's a little high pitched again. "I can't believe I didn't know."

Lan Zhan offers him a bemused smile. "I couldn't do anything. We were still doctor and patient and I would have lost my license."

"You're talking in past tense, what changed?" 

Lan Zhan shrugs. "We met at the grocery store."

"We met at the grocery store." Wei Ying repeats, his tone disbelieving.

"Yes. We killed a tomato together, we're partners in crime now."

If Wei Ying hadn't spent so much time with Lan Zhan he would have missed the mischievous quirk of his mouth. 

He wants to kiss it, this insufferable man and his big hands and his mouth quirking upwards, so he does.

Wei Ying crosses the room, grabs Lan Zhan's face and kisses him soundly on the mouth, and it feels like coming home.

Lan Zhan hesitates a little before putting his hands on Wei Ying's waist. 

A beat passes, and then two, and Lan Zhan steps forward, his hands on Wei Ying's waist guiding him backwards as he steps towards the cushy table Wei Ying has spent endless massage sessions on. 

Wei Ying's back bumps into the edge of the table and Lan Zhan takes advantage of his surprised gasp, licking in with heady insistence.

"Hng, fuck." Wei Ying moans, Lan Zhan pressing him into the table. 

His hands are so big, one still at his waist and the other cupping the back of his neck like an offering. Wei Ying wriggles and rubs up against Lan Zhan, hooking one leg behind his knee, rubbing the back of his thigh with his calf. 

He barely notices how hard he is until Lan Zhan rolls his hips in a filthy grind. Pleasure zings through him and he's suddenly so on edge he thinks he can come just like this, his head tipping back, Lan Zhan nosing at his pulse point. 

"Ah, Lan Zhan, I wanna know." Lan Zhan hums against his neck, nipping at the sensitive bit behind his ear. "How long?"

"The beginning." Lan Zhan's hand slips up his shirt - Lan Zhan's shirt, his mouth settling to bite at Wei Ying's collarbone as he thumbs at a nipple.

"Same for me." 

Wei Ying gasps when Lan Zhan pinches his nipple, his hips jerking up to press against Lan Zhan's answering hardness. "I'm sorry it took so long."

Lan Zhan lifts his head and gives Wei Ying a look, his eyes previously unfathomable. Now, Wei Ying recognizes the affection in them.

"You're here now." 

Wei Ying kisses Lan Zhan, nuzzling his nose to his cheek as their mouths press together, soft and slow.

"I like you so much." Wei Ying mumbles, nipping at Lan Zhan's lower lip. "Do you have lube? Do you wanna do it here?"

Lan Zhan inhales and squeezes him, Wei Ying's hands still roaming happily. 


Somehow, Lan Zhan manages to extricate himself from Wei Ying's grabby hands to retrieve a bottle of oil - he recognizes it from their sessions when Lan Zhan opted not to use deep heat. Something curls low in his belly at the idea of Lan Zhan perverting physiotherapy supplies. 

"Oh, we aren't using deep heat?"

Lan Zhan raises an eyebrow at him. "You want to use deep heat?"

"Yeah, I thought it would be fun! I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I don't want a chemical burn in my butt."

Lan Zhan huffs a small laugh, looping his arm around Wei Ying's waist.


"Something tells me you're into that."

Lan Zhan nips at his throat with a small hum, his hands dipping under his shirt again. They're so warm and one hand nearly covers Wei Ying's lower back.

Wei Ying traces the lines of Lan Zhan's stomach, counting abs - his skin is smooth, supple. 

His stomach jumps a little when Wei Ying finds ticklish spots, Lan Zhan's teeth sinking into Wei Ying's shoulder in retaliation.

"Hey, I'm not a chew toy, you know." Lan Zhan doesn't answer. Instead, he gropes at Wei Ying's ass, fingers sneaking under his waistband to cup him properly. 

Wei Ying squirms when Lan Zhan rubs his thumb over his hole, panting into his mouth as they kiss, filthy and wet.

"Fuck. Fuck me on your table, Dr Lan." Lan Zhan licks into his mouth and spreads his cheeks wider, pressing his finger in dry. 

Wei Ying panics and whines for a second before Lan Zhan withdraws and turns him around.

"Bend over." One hand slides up his shirt, settling between his shoulder blades to guide him downwards. Once Wei Ying's cheek is pressed to the table, it pets his flank on the way back to his ass. 

Wei Ying turns a little, trying to watch Lan Zhan as he moves around behind him.

"Stop wriggling." Lan Zhan grips the back of his neck firmly and Wei Ying stiffens in surprise, squirming. He moans, low and needy when his hand doesn't budge - he didn't think he would be into that, but he really is. 

Lan Zhan rubs gently at the nape of his neck for a moment, his touch lingering as he cards his fingers through his hair. The next time Wei Ying feels his hands, they're on his hips, slipping under his pants to pull them down.

"Are you gonna probe me, Dr Lan? Give me a thorough checkup?" 

He hears a chuckle behind him before his underwear is taken off, too - Wei Ying toes off his shoes and kicks his pants and underwear completely off to the side. Lan Zhan tsks and retrieves them, laying them next to Wei Ying's head.

"Clothes don't belong on the floor." 

"You told me not to move!"

Lan Zhan ignores him and gently rakes his nails across Wei Ying's skin, leaving goosebumps in their wake. He's being methodical about this. Something about that makes Wei Ying's stomach flutter, and he can't resist making more jokes. 

"Ah, Lan Zhan, are you just going to stare? How about a deep tissue massage- ah!"

Questing fingers trail from just behind his balls, up his crack - Wei Ying instinctively follows them, his feet trying to tiptoe even though they barely reach the floor.

Lan Zhan emits a pleased hum. 

This time, his hands grab at his ass, squeezing just as Wei Ying sighs in relief. He squeaks a bit when Lan Zhan spreads him open and just... looks at him.

"What the fuck are you doing, don't look, it's embarrassing!" Wei Ying flaps his hands at Lan Zhan's ineffectually, trying to hide his hole. 

Lan Zhan makes an interested noise and pokes him, rubbing across his hole dry.

"F-fuuuck, stooop..." Wei Ying covers himself and Lan Zhan pulls his hands away, trapping them in the small of his back with one hand while he continues exploring with the other.


"You're so mean, why are you so mean?" Wei Ying wails, wriggling.

"You're not the only brat in this room."

Wei Ying is just about to respond when he feels the hot, wet swipe of Lan Zhan's tongue across his ass. Whatever sound he makes is lost in a breathy moan as he melts into the table. 

"O-oh, fuck. You can keep being mean. Okay." Lan Zhan groans and bites him, sucking a mark into the skin next to his hole before diving in for more.

Wei Ying's toes curl and his fingers clench involuntarily, still held in place as Lan Zhan eats him out like he's pudding in a cup. 

The room fills with the sounds of Wei Ying panting and whining, Lan Zhan thoroughly licking his taint and perineum, dipping down to mouth at his balls. At the edge of the table, Wei Ying is so turned on he's probably dripping precum onto the floor. 

He's almost mindless with want, tiptoeing as best as he can to push back into Lan Zhan's mouth. He's babbling, completely nonsensical as Lan Zhan takes him apart with his mouth.

"Oh god, oh god, stick your probe in me, this feels so good I'm going to need medical attention- ack!" 

Lan Zhan smacks his wet hole, once, twice, making Wei Ying jerk and moan, his legs trembling before he laps at him again.

"You're too coherent." He sounds amused, at least.

Lan Zhan presses one oil slicked finger into him, the slide smooth, slow, mind numbing as he licks around Wei Ying's rim. 

Wei Ying is already relaxed and loose, boneless from Lan Zhan's ministrations - in no time at all, Lan Zhan slides another finger into him, digits curling and twisting.

He's probably drooling onto the table, rubbing his thighs together, his calves straining as he unconsciously tries to tiptoe and push back into Lan Zhan’s touch. 

"Guh...Feels good..." He moans, sound rising in pitch when Lan Zhan successfully locates his prostate and rubs it in maddening, slow circles. "Lan Zhan, don't tease..."

Wei Ying's hands may be restrained, but his fingers are not - he gets them around Lan Zhan's belt loop when he stands up. 

"I want...In me? Please?" His fingers pluck ineffectually at the front of his pants. He can feel how hard he is, so close but yet so far.

Lan Zhan slides a third finger into Wei Ying, and then a fourth, making him whine and push back into the stretch. 

Wei Ying squeaks and squeezes down on Lan Zhan's fingers when he nips at the back of his neck and drives his fingers deep into him, his thumb teasing at his stretched rim.

"Aahhhh it won't fit, it won't fit!" Lan Zhan chuckles and licks at his earlobe before withdrawing, his fingers lingering. 

Wei Ying's hands are freed and he flails for a moment until Lan Zhan pulls him upright, spinning him around for a deep, bruising kiss. He tips him over, laying him on the table, spread out with Lan Zhan's shirt sticking to his sweaty skin.

"Huh, wha-" 

Lan Zhan gathers his legs up and puts them on his shoulders, pausing to look at Wei Ying.

"You look good in my shirt."

"Of course, I'm cute as fuck. It's my shirt now." Wei Ying sasses, wriggling while Lan Zhan slicks himself up, pressing kisses to the bit of calf next to his face. 

"Mn. Wei Ying is very cute. You can have it as long as you wear it often."

Wei Ying gapes like a goldfish while Lan Zhan adjusts him, his hands warm as they stroke his legs.

"Hey, who said you could agree with me?" The rest of his retort is forgotten when Lan Zhan starts to press in. 

"Ohhh. Fuck. What the fuck, even your dick is like that, why are you like that, did you walk out of a Build-A-Bear? Did they just pick the best bits to build a Dr Lan?"

Wei Ying tries to use his legs on Lan Zhan's shoulders as leverage to take more of him in, canting his hips. 

Lan Zhan covers Wei Ying with his body and kisses him as he bottoms out, their lips pressing together just as their hips do the same.

He swallows Wei Ying's gasp when he grinds impossibly deep, rubbing in his most intimate spots. Wei Ying moans and bites him, licking to soothe the sting. 

His nails dig into Lan Zhan's back, scoring into the muscle tensing when he drives into him. Lan Zhan mates their mouths together, muffling Wei Ying's sounds - without him, he would be loud, echoing through the office. Thankfully, it's empty, otherwise Wei Ying has no hope of keeping quiet. 

"Hngh, you're so deep, you're going to break me, Lan Zhan." Wei Ying breaks their kiss and pants into the air between them, pressing his forehead to Lan Zhan's cheek.

Lan Zhan rumbles in response and lays hot, open mouthed kisses along Wei Ying's jaw, sucking a mark into the skin under his ear. 

"I'll put you back together after."

Wei Ying tangles his fingers into Lan Zhan's hair, tilting his head to give him more access - Lan Zhan takes the offering and bites more marks into his neck. His hips roll, the drag of his cock against Wei Ying's insides mind numbing, toe curling. 

He slows down, earning a complaining whine.

"Don't stop."

"I'm not stopping." Lan Zhan stops and Wei Ying nearly bites him again in protest, except he pulls away, his eyes dark and intent. 

Lan Zhan arranges his limbs, sucking a mark into his ankle first, then into the arch of his foot. Wei Ying flexes his foot in response, trying to climb him to fuck him back.

He's thorough, paying attention to first the left foot, then the right. Wei Ying squirms like a fish on a hook. 

Lan Zhan lets him try to skewer himself on his dick a couple times before he grabs both his feet, using them to press his legs back and bend him almost double before driving in again.

Wei Ying chokes out a cry - with this new angle, Lan Zhan is so deep he thinks he can feel him in his throat. 

He's merciless, tilting his hips just so and fucking in just so until he finds Wei Ying's prostate, attacking it with a vengeance until his brain is melting out his ears.

Lan Zhan puts his feet on his chest and leans over, using his weight to add force to his thrusts. 

Wei Ying doesn't think he's going to last long at this rate, his cock flushed and weeping as it curves up.

"Come here, I wanna kiss you." He moans, Lan Zhan obliging and releasing his legs, hitching them around his waist as he bends to kiss him. 

He laces their fingers together, pinning his hands above his head - Wei Ying arches into him and cums with a soundless cry, his spend quickly smearing between them where their bodies rub together.

"Fuck, fuck, I'm gonna die." Wei Ying whines, edging over into overstimulation. 

Lan Zhan is still going strong, Wei Ying limp and pliant under him as he continues to plow him. He squeezes his hands weakly, whimpering.

His cock is still being stimulated, sandwiched between them. 

Wei Ying feels his goosebumps rise, he's shaking - it feels like he hasn't come down from his orgasm at all, with Lan Zhan pounding his prostate like this.

Finally, his steady rhythm stutters and he melds his mouth with Wei Ying's, his kiss bruising as he fills him with cum. 

Lan Zhan shudders through the aftershocks of his orgasm, letting go of Wei Ying's hands to cradle his face. He hums against Lan Zhan's lips, their kiss turning gentle and slow. He pets his back with light strokes along his spine, shivering when Lan Zhan continues to grind into him. 

Lan Zhan half flops on top of Wei Ying, pressing him into the table, his face in his neck while they catch their breath.

"Mm, Lan Zhan."


Wei Ying licks a long stripe up the length of Lan Zhan's neck, dissolving into laughter when Lan Zhan twitches and lifts his head to stare at him. 

"You said to lick you before this, hehe." Lan Zhan's ears pinken and he looks between them, where they're still joined.

"I can feel you laughing." He experimentally rolls his hips a couple of times, nudging into Wei Ying, still half hard.

"Oh, have mercy, I won't be able to walk!" 

"I'll carry you." Lan Zhan looks intent, but he stops, lifting off Wei Ying to touch where he's still buried in him.

"Mngh, why are you touching?" Wei Ying complains, trying to bat Lan Zhan's questing fingers away. Lan Zhan traces his inner thighs and rubs at his perineum, fascinated. 

"I can feel you and see you react." Wei Ying's soft cock twitches valiantly. Lan Zhan is so utterly shameless. He tells him so, earning a chuckle and more fingers rubbing at him.

Eventually, the fun ends - Lan Zhan deflates enough that he slips out along with a fair bit of cum. 

Lan Zhan, the perverted, terrible doctor, situates himself between Wei Ying's legs and spreads him, watching the cum trickle down his crack.

"Fucking hell, Lan Zhan, what are you doing?"

"Cleaning you up." Wei Ying nearly levitates when Lan Zhan licks up the cum in one long, smooth stroke. 

"Noooo...I can just clean up in the shower or something?" Wei Ying squirms through Lan Zhan's lapping at his hole. "That feels really good, oh..."

Lan Zhan sticks his tongue into his ass and hums in contentment as Wei Ying's fingers tangle into his hair. 

Job done, he licks him one last time and gets back up. Wei Ying has one hand covering his eyes, a blush high on his cheeks, spreading down his chest. Lan Zhan laces their fingers together and kisses him, Wei Ying opening up to him instantly. 

"You're so... I was stressing out about having to tell you my name twice earlier but I can't even remember what I was stressed about any more."

Wei Ying takes his hand off his face, just in time to catch Lan Zhan's soft smile.

"That's a good thing. Excess stress makes muscles tense." 

"So this was an elaborate stress relief massage? You got all up into my deep tissue too." Wei Ying waggles his brows at Lan Zhan, who raises an eyebrow at him.

"Don't tempt me."

Wei Ying laughs and tries to get up, but gives up and flops back down on the table. 

"Ah, I don't know if I have enough juice for another round. I don't know if I can make it home either, give me a moment or two."

"You could come home with me."

"Like a date? We skipped all the steps, though." Wei Ying takes one of Lan Zhan's hands and kisses his knuckles one by one. 

"Mn. We could try for groceries again."

"Although, if we've been into each other from the start, technically we've been sort of dating since then, huh."

Wei Ying traces the shell of one flushed ear before kissing Lan Zhan, soft and sweet. He's so fond. 

He doesn't know how he got this lucky. Lan Zhan slow blinks at him when they part, like a contented cat.

"Alright, Dr Lan. Take me home."