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All Clued Up: A Detective, A Surgeon and A Strap

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Cordingley’s howl echoed throughout the mansion. Tib and Rufus share a brief, quizzical glance before running toward the noise. They find Cordingley in the hallway, her hand over her mouth, her body shaking and staring at what lay before her. Anne arrives seconds later, immediately focusing her attention on the collapsed body of Thomas Ainsworth inside the Library, a frayed rope deposited beside his head. And, then she saw it. Laying in his cold, white hand: a strap-on.

Tib needlessly entered to check for signs of life, being cautious of disrupting potential evidence. She shook her head. “Better call the police,” she stated nonchalantly as she stood back up, drawing her phone from her pocket.

Anne turned to Cordingley, placing an arm around her to guide her away from the scene. “Let’s get you a brandy.”


“Good evening, I am the Detective Chief Inspector on this case. I understand there has been a murder not long ago?” The DCI introduced at the front door.

Tib’s eyes widened. The Detective was hot: piercing blue eyes, blonde wavy hair, dressed in a tight but professional skirt suit. She wondered if she might have some fun with her later.

“Yes, that’s correct. Thomas Ainsworth. We found him dead in the library, a rope by his side,” Tib informed the DCI.

“And how did you know he wasn’t alive?”

“I’m a doctor, Anaesthetist at the local hospital. Follow me, I’ll show you where he is."

Just before they reached the library Tib stopped her.

“Just to warn you inspector, he was found with a sex toy in his hand,” Tib declared, no embarrassment in her voice at all.

“Oh, okay. Unusual. What kind of sex toy?”

“A strap-on. Good brand as well. Rides nicely. Works for a lot of women when you also-” Tib stops herself realising she shared too much.

“I see. Anything else I need to know right now?”

“No one else but me has been in the room since we found him. We called your lot straight away. Everyone else is currently in the living room.”

“Right thank you…?”

“Call me Tib,” she answered, winking at the DCI.

“Thank you Tib. Can you please lead the way to the living room whilst we let the forensic team do their magic.”

Tib escorted Ann to the living room. As they entered they found everyone sitting down, shocked silence amongst them. Two couches faced each other with single seats positioned in-between them.

Tib made herself comfortable on one of the sofas, next to an attractive taller woman, comforting a lady dressed in a cook’s uniform. The taller lady was dressed in a fitted suit, one that hugged her in all the right spots. Her hair was tied up with a simple black bow and her eyes soft with care for the woman she had her arm around. Ann’s core twitched; she chastised herself for allowing her thoughts to wonder in the circumstances.

Next she noticed an older man and woman, sat next to each other on the opposite sofa, with their hands clasps together. The lady had tears in her eyes, her body stiff. He had a balding head, a few grey hairs still present. Her head full of short silver curls, wrinkles smeared over her face suggesting her age to be in the late 80s.

The remaining chap was thin and tall, slouched in an armchair, deep in thought, only rising his head when Ann made her presence known.

“Good afternoon. My name is Detective Chief Inspector Walker. You may call me Ann if you prefer. I am-“

“Oh you are a relation of Eliza and William Priestley,” the older lady stated, matter of fact.

“Yes, William Priestley is my cousin,” Ann added.

“They are good friends of ours, very close to us. They have told us many things about you Miss Walker,” the lady stated, almost threateningly.

“DCI Walker,” Ann reminded. “You can’t believe everything you hear, Mrs…?”

“Mrs Montgomery, Ada, and this is my husband Derek,” stated the elderly woman, exhibiting an outdated formal dress. Evidently the one who wears the trousers in the marriage, she sat up and spoke with faux dominance, as if she had any control as to how proceedings would pan out.

No. This is a murder case. I make the rules. Ann reminded herself.

Derek’s lips raised, as if to give sympathy to Ann having been in the firing line of his wife’s insecurities. Ann noted his short, plump appearance was covered by an equally old fashioned outfit as as his wife.

“As I was saying, I’m really sorry for what has happened here today. I will be doing a full investigation into Reverend Ainsworth’s murder. This will entail interviewing you all individually. Is this your property Mr and Mrs Montgomery?”

“It is indeed,” Ada announced proudly.

“And your guests?” Ann questioned the whole room.

“My name is Anne Lister and this is my cook, Mrs Cordingley,” the handsome lady stated confidently and enthusiastically, her eyes meeting the inspector, lust building in her core. “She found the body. She was here to help as the Montgomery’s cook is not well.”

“I’m Doctor Isabella Norcliffe but everyone called me Tib. Anne, Rufus,” Tib pointed to the skinny chap, “and I work together.”

“Rufus is my cousin’s boy,” Ada appended. “So I thought it would be a nice idea to have afternoon tea together.”

Rufus looked up, curling his lips to confirm. “My name is Rufus Biggs,” Rufus spoke with a deep and raspy voice.

“Oh wait, I recognise your name. ‘Biggs in name, Biggs in healthcare’?” Ann recited. She recalled the company’s advertisement for specialised healthcare equipment.

“That’s right, I own the company,” Rufus said, proudly.

“I’m a surgeon,” Anne’s sexy voice melted Ann. “And Tib’s an anaesthetist, we’re both-“

Tib interrupted, much to Ann’s disappointment, “interested in using the Biggs’ new groundbreaking products.”

“And the Montgomery’s already know Miss Lister, so it made sense to gather here,” Rufus added.

Anne’s eyes flickered to Ann’s, trying to work out her thoughts, but Anne’s eyes couldn’t help check out her body. It didn’t go unnoticed by the Detective.

“Was Thomas Ainsworth’s presence also business related?” Ann questioned.

“No. I invited Thomas,” Derek admitted. “Thomas, is…was… a Reverend. He was looking at getting a job in the local church. I invited him so he could mingle with some of these fine folks. More social than business for him.”

Tib noticed Anne’s eye line and knew exactly what she was thinking. Game on Lister.

“Plus, most of his family members work in healthcare so he would have fitted right into the conversation here,” Ada said.

“Mr and Mrs Montgomery, do you have specific business dealings with any of your guests?”

“No detective, purely social for us. We’re too senile for all that. And all the hospital talk goes over my head, doesn’t it Derek?” Mrs Montgomery laughed.

“Never too old to learn, Mrs Montgomery. Plus, I would not consider you senile, instead full of life experience. I am sure you could teach us many things,” Ann said affectionately, eliciting a smile from Ada.

Gosh, she’s perfect, Anne thought. Her gaze never leaving Ann’s lips, unconsciously licking her own. Tib, noticing this familiar stare, chimed in before Anne had chance.

“Well, Inspector Walker, I have to disagree for you are awfully young to be a DCI and yet are so wise and clever already! What’s the secret?”

“I work hard,” Ann replied, blankly. Trying to avoid Tib’s flirting.

“I’m sure you do,” Tib winks. “And play hard?”

Jealousy raced through Anne’s veins. Typical Tib. Always has to get in there first.

“Tib, now is not the time,” Anne chastised under her breath.

Ann looked away in avoidance, changing the topic, regaining authority in the room. “Okay. I am going to interview you all separately now. Mr and Mrs Montgomery, is there a room I could please use to conduct my investigations?”

“Of course, you can use the study,” Mrs Montgomery stood and waddled towards the door.

“No!” Mr Montgomery called a bit too loudly. “It’s got some sensitive documents in there. Like personal accounts and stuff. Ada, how about the conservatory?”

“Oh…yes…okay…” stumbling on her words. “In that case, come this way,” Ada changed her direction towards what looked like just a wall. Ann’s puzzled face must have hinted to Mrs Montgomery. “Oh, don’t look so perplexed! It’s a secret passageway used, once upon a time, for smuggling substances…if you catch my drift. Those things, thankfully no longer go on under my roof!”

Tib and Anne snapped a look at each other, knowing exactly the species of plant the Montgomery’s grew on their land.

Ann nodded, following Mrs Montgomery down a cold, stone-walled walkway. The dim lights guiding their route to a hidden door, opening into a bright and colourful space. A luxurious corner sofa stole the room’s focus, optimally placed for openness and comfort.

“This will do perfectly thank you. Now, as you are already here, please may I interview you first?”

“I expected you to, seeing as it is my mansion,” Ada spoke with distain.

Mrs Montgomery recalled events from the evening, from her point of view anyway. The Reverend had requested to go to the library to find a book regarding the bible’s teachings on successful marriage. Apparently, Mr Montgomery’s has a vast collection of such books. She took him to the Library but, on hearing Tib and Rufus play snooker in the Billiard Room, thought it wise to introduce them. At this point, she left them to chat amongst themselves.

Ann enquired about her movements up until Thomas was found. Ada claimed she was doing laundry, something Ann thought most unlikely considering she was not the type of person to do her own cooking, let alone housework!

“And do you know anyone who would have any reason to want him dead?”

“Of course not!” Ada’s threw her arms into the air as her attitude turned defensive once again. “How dare you?!”

“Ma’am, please calm down. I am trying to investigate this murder which occurred in your house.”

“My mansion! Are we done?” Mrs Montgomery spat out.

“Yes, for now. Thank you Mrs Montgomery, please can you send your husband in next.”

Mrs Montgomery stormed back through the secret passageway, shortly after Mr Montgomery arrived and took a seat.

He recollected how he had been in his study all afternoon up to the time Ann arrived. Mrs Montgomery had been welcoming their guests but seeing as Rufus and Anne had visited before, they would have felt comfortable enough to entertain themselves until it was time for afternoon tea. He had no, declared, motive for murdering Thomas. Ann dismissed him and asked if he call Mr Biggs into the room next.

Rufus’ interview was interesting. When he arrived at the Montgomery’s, Anne and Tib were already in the Billiard room so he went to join them. Anne asked him to take her place whilst she did some reading in the conservatory. Thomas did talk to them for a while before he went to the Library but otherwise neither of them heard or saw anyone walk past. He went to the lavatory for no more than five minutes but Tib was looking at the wall art when he returned, acting completely normal. He had never met Thomas before and didn’t have any known reason for wanting him murdered.

Ann thanked him and asked him to let Tib know she is wanted next. Ann couldn’t avoid her all night. As sexy as she was, Ann’s heart had always been with someone else.

“Hi Detective!” Tib beamed as she walked in. “How’s the investigations?”

“Fine thank you. Please sit,” Ann gestured.

“Ahh thank you. Knocking out that Reverend was exhausting work!” Tib caught Ann’s solemn gaze. “I’m joking!”

“Not funny Doctor Norcliffe. This is a serious crime and you’d be best not to make humorous comments to me, of all people.”

“You’re right, I’m really sorry. Just trying to lighten the mood.”

Ann questioned Tib in the same way the others. She confirmed she had been with Anne playing snooker and when Rufus arrived, she played with him instead so Anne could study anatomy in the conservatory.

“Clever one that Lister,” Tib commented.

“Quite. And did either you, Anne or Rufus leave the Billiard room in all that time, except when Anne left?”

“No I don’t think so,” Tib ponded. “Oh, Rufus went to the bog. Literally like two minutes and I didn’t hear Thomas shout anything like ‘argh! Don’t kill me!’ So I doubt it was him.”

“Was Thomas in the Library when Rufus was out of the room?”

“Yea, Mrs M introduced Rufus at the door. He stayed for a bit and then politely dismissed himself. He was being really rude, we’re glad he left.”

“Can you elaborate please?”

“Just being rude about some girl he wanted to marry. Fucking bastard the way he spoke about her. Like he…was going to force her into a partnership…ya know? But the way he spoke, she was like no way interested in him. I mean who would be?!”

“Hmm…and do you have, or do you know anyone who has, any reason to want him dead?”

“Me, Nope. But clearly someone I know had a motive.”

Ann kept a straight face, “Yes, evidently. Fair point. Do you have any reason why he had a strap-on in his hand?”

“Maybe someone thought he needed one? Man up a bit, ya know?! Or to humiliate him?”

Ann pondered that comment, “any…err…but…” she couldn’t articulate her question. “Only how? And why would anyone?”

“Well, I only met him today and been in his presence for a few minutes but I already wanted to beat him. I mean, he just kept going on about this girl he was going to marry, whether she liked it or not! He was so possessive and full of himself. Really very creepy. To be honest, I’m surprised he wasn’t murdered by Tib and Rufus in the Billard Room with cuesticks, or maybe candlesticks would be more apt! Rufus even make a comment about it afterwards and it’s unlike him to share that kind of opinion with me. He’s usually so proper and professional.”

“That’s really very useful, thank you Tib,” Ann smiled. “Anything else you’d like to add?”

“Yes,” Tib stood up, Ann mirrored her movements. “Can I have your number?” Tib licked her lips.

“I’m flattered Tib but you’re only allowed my professional one, for professional matters only.”

“Maybe when we’re done here,” Tib winked.

Ann rerouted the conversation, “Please could you ask Miss Lister to join me now?”

Tib nodded, walking off giggling to herself.


Ann considered the facts so far, both Ada or Derek don’t have anyone to vouch for their movements, technically Tib or Rufus could have sneaked out in those few minutes and strangled Reverend Ainsworth. She shook her head at the thought of his name. As happy she was he wasn’t going to bother her anymore, it was still painful to mention his name.


Anne strode in, interrupting Ann's thoughts, a book of human anatomy under her arm.

“DCI Walker, I hear you wish to see me,” Anne announces, making Ann jump.

“Ah, Miss Lister-“ Ann got cut off from Anne’s all consuming voice.

“It seems like you upset Mrs Montgomery quite a lot detective!” Anne stated, a grin on her face.

“I am very well aware she may have been upset by some of my questioning. I will certainly talk to her after my interviews to discuss her grievances.”

Anne laughed. “Oh inspector, trust me, she gets in a tangle over everything! You don’t need to stress yourself,” Anne checked her pocket watch. “In twenty-two minutes, she will start on the wine and then by seven minutes past six, she will be so wasted and embarrassed by her actions, she won’t care about you. Plus, you haven’t done anything wrong.”

Ann smiled and nodded, “Thank you for coming to talk to me.” Ann’s breathing sped up. She was already struggling. Told it together Ann.

“Of course. I was just reading a book about human anatomy. Specifically about the digestive system, not my favourite. But it had me thinking because as an orthopaedic surgeon, I’m all about bones and joints but is also important to keep my body in tip top condition with a good diet so I can build my muscles. Have a look at these bad boys,” Anne flexed her arm muscles.

Suddenly Ann was struggling for breath, her facial expressions turning from impressed to aroused. Anne’s plan of seduction was working well.

“You’ve got to be so strong to do my job. Twisting a screw into a broken bone, especially the femur, the strongest bone in the body, takes muscles and by the end I’m all hot and sweaty. But, I will tell you, I’m stronger than most of my colleagues!” Anne spoke with such pride it caused Ann’s heart to swell.

“And I guess it’s a male dominated job as well?”

“Oh gosh yes, but don’t you worry! I have gained a reputation, one where they know I don’t take any crap!”

Ann was in awe.

“Please take a seat Miss Lister,” Ann took a pew herself. “I feel it is important for me to mention we have met before.”

Anne took a seat on the sofa next to Ann, leaving only a small gap between them.

“When you were a teenager. I remember. Such a sweet, adorable young lady. You’ve certainly grown up into a beautiful, may I say, sophisticated, beautiful, sexy lady,” Anne admitted.

“Thank you. You are the energetic, full of life person I always looked up to!” Ann blushed.

“Well, well, DCI. I didn’t realise you looked up to me,” Anne pretended not to remember. Seeing the glow in Ann’s eyes, flicking up and down her body, she realised Ann’s thoughts must be getting dirtier. Well, this will be an interesting interaction.

“Anyway Anne, I do need to ask you some questions about today,” Ann said with a hint of sadness, not wanting to end their conversation but knowing she better move on if she wanted to interview her before it got anymore heated.

“Go right ahead,” Anne smiled, spreading her legs on purpose as the fire built up between them.

“Can you please tell me your whereabouts this afternoon, once you had arrived here?”

“Tib and I came together, in my car. We chatted to Mrs Montgomery for 8 minutes and 22 seconds and then went to the billiard room to play snooker. We had been playing for 33 minutes when Rufus arrived and took over from me because I wanted to do some studying.”

“Okay. And did anything suspicious happen?” Anne readjusted her position on the sofa, considering her answer. But then she saw Ann’s eyes flick up and down her body.

Ann took a deep breath in, biting her lip seductively, a hand going through her hair as her eyes flick back up to Anne’s. Her arousal growing at the obvious bulge she just saw moving in Anne’s trousers.

Seeing the fire burning in Ann’s eyes, Anne leans into her and hovers her mouth near Ann’s ear.

“It wasn’t mine detective,” Anne breaths out.

“What?” Ann replies equally quietly, suddenly unable to think.

“The strap. In his hand. It’s not mine.”

“The thing is Miss Lister, how…how am I meant to believe you?”

Anne gently took Ann’s hand and placed it over her crotch.

“Oh fuck,” Ann’s gasps, leaning her head back to look into Anne’s now black eyes. Her heart starts pounding, her core soaking her underwear. Ann, for goodness sake, what if she’s the murderer?! Is she worth losing your job over? But fuck she’s hot. And fuck, I’m wet. I want to rip her clothes off. I want her cock inside me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

“Is that enough proof Inspector?” Anne queries.

Ann couldn’t wait any longer. Her lips rapidly met Anne’s, their tongues tangling together. Anne’s hands met Ann’s waist, pulling her closer. Ann’s hands find their way to either side of Anne’s face and then into her hair, causing Anne to moan into the kiss. Ann jumps into Anne’s lap, rolling her hips into Anne’s cock, moaning at the sensation.

“Fuck me,” Ann breaths out, hardly separating their lips.

“Yes ma’am,” Anne growls.

Ann kisses Anne once more before they both hop off the sofa. Anne doesn’t waste a second, she pulls her trousers and boxers down, tightens the strap as Ann watches with a hungry gaze once she whipped her own panties off. Anne reaches down and grabs Ann’s thighs, encouraging her to jump into her hold. Ann leaps up, wrapping her legs around Anne’s waist whilst their lips connect once again. Anne walks to the side table against the wall, placing Ann down on top of it. With Ann’s skirt already lifted out the way when she was picked up, Anne lubricates her cock with Ann’s dripping core.

“Stop teasing” Ann begs.

Anne takes pity on Ann, guiding her cock slowly into Ann’s core, filling her up as much as possible as Ann moans quietly at the sensation.

“Miss Lister, I want it hard and fast, you got it?” Ann whispers, biting Anne’s earlobe gently.

Anne couldn’t believe what she was hearing but did as she was instructed. Her hips started a rigorous rhythm, moving as quickly and as deep as she could, eliciting a moan from Ann’s mouth with every stroke.

“Touch yourself gorgeous,” Anne requested when she could tell Ann was close.

Ann snaked her hand down to her clit and began circling it. In no time, an orgasm washed over her, lighting up every cell in her body. Her vision goes black, her legs shaking, her body damp with sweat. Anne slows her motions, letting Ann return back to the room.

“Welcome back,” Anne grins. That was the hottest thing she had done in years.

Anne slides her cock out of Ann’s core and releases her from her hold, placing her back on her own two feet. Ann immediately bends down on her knees, taking Anne’s cock in her mouth, pushing it back. Anne was not prepared. She throws her head back, her long digits threading through the DCI’s golden locks.

“You’re…you’re…going-“ Anne moans. “Make…meeee….ahh, fuck…yes…just there…oh yes….fuckkkkk…” As Anne’s hand grip tightens, Ann enhances the force pushing Anne back into the wall. She grins around the suspect’s cock as Anne’s climax crashes over her. Anne sees stars, consumed whole by her orgasm. Unable to hold herself up any longer, her legs turn to jelly as she slides down the wall into a heap on the floor.

“Wow! You’re good!” Anne breathes out.

Ann’s looks away, smiling. “You were just as I imagined,” Ann admits.


Ann nodded shyly.

“DCI Walker, you dirty girl!”

“Oh I’ve been wanking to the thought of you fucking me since I discovered my clit!” Ann smirked.

They both broke out in laugher, standing up and then getting redressed, trying to look like they haven’t just shagged.

“Do you know where Cordingley was beforehand?” Ann enquires as she neatens her skirt.

“It wasn’t her. I can vouch for her,” Anne replies.

“Do you or anyone you know have a reason for wanting him dead?”

“DCI Walker, come sit here,” Anne fastens the last button on her trousers and sits on the sofa, placing her hand on the seat next to her.

Ann wondered over and positions herself facing Anne.

“Not me personally but I think you might know the answer to why he died,” whispered Anne in a deep yet comforting tone.

“Me?” Escaped a squeak from Ann’s mouth.

“Yes you,” Anne continued her whispering as she tucks some of Ann’s hair behind her ear. “It’s ok, don’t worry, I know what he did to you and no one should have had to suffer that.”

Ann’s starts to sob, her breathing erratic; overwhelmed by feelings.

“That’s why I did it,” Anne admitted.

Ann’s blurry eyes shot at Anne, shock flooding through her veins at rocket speed. However, Anne’s soft features melted Ann. Ann blinked, completely in awe.

“So, no need to cry, gorgeous,” Anne wipes Ann’s tears from her face. “It’s all going to be okay. I promise.”

“So you…you,” Ann took a deep breath before saying the word. “Killed him…for…for me?”

“Yes. I overheard him talking to Tib and Rufus. He kept going on about how he was going to marry his widow’s best friend. It was disgusting what he said so I was going to give him a piece of my mind. I went to confront him in the Library. I told him that he should leave the poor lady alone, that she clearly didn’t want him and I would intervene if I saw him around this area again. Then he insisted ‘Ann is going to marry me!’ I took a deep breath and asked ‘Ann who?’. Then…then he…he said your name and I knew he had to be dealt with. So, I closed the door, grabbed the rope for the old call bell so hard, it pulIed clean off and did it. He was so weak, he hardly even put up a fight. I couldn’t let you marry such a piece of low life. I…you see, you always held a piece of my heart, from the moment we met so I was naturally protective.”

Ann was left speechless. Anne saved her life! She was beyond incredible, showing more love than anyone else ever had.

Ann leans over to Anne, kissing her lips gently. Anne pulled Ann closer into her, rubbing her back gently. Ann moved to straddle Anne’s lap, as their kissing becomes heated, tongues tasting each other, wet lips gliding. Ann hopes Anne might be up for another round, her core still soaking wet. Ann’s hands find Anne’s breasts, she wastes no time locating her nipples and circling them over the fabric of Anne’s white shirt. Anne’s hands paw at Ann’s perfect arse and thighs, rubbing and grabbing at random intervals.

Ann pulls herself away. “Anne?”


Ann took a deep breath in, placing her forehead on Anne’s. “I love you. I always have. But…”

“But you can’t keep this a secret?”

“No, I mean…” Ann leans back to look into Anne’s eyes. “Shall we just… abscond…together? Both keep it quiet?”

“Well, actually, we might not need-“

They get interrupted by Ann’s phone going off. Ann shuffles off Anne’s lap, grabbing her phone off the table and sits herself down on the sofa next to Anne. Her hand finds Anne’s and she starts to twist the ring on her index finger as she focuses on the phone call.

“Hello. DCI Walker…oh hello Sir…oh interesting…sure…ok, I’ll let everyone know…thank you…night Sir.”

“Everything okay?”

Ann squinted at Anne, suspicious of her actions. “They found incriminating evidence at the crime scene in the form of DNA of the one and only Christopher Rawson. So, they’re going to arrest him. But they still don’t know what the strap-on was about.”

“Well, that’s good news,” Anne smirked.

“Wait…this was your doing?”

Anne nodded followed by Ann shaking her head.

“So we don’t need to escape to some deserted tropical island!” Anne admitted, pulling Ann into her arms.

Ann sighed. “You are amazing!”

Anne kissed her forehead, “so are you!”

“And why Rawson?”

“He’s a bastard. He’ll probably pay someone to get off the hook anyway. He wasn’t even here!”

“How did you frame him, of all people?”

“You see, DCI, I have hated Christopher Rawson for as long as I can remember and so have many others, including my mates down in forensics who just so happen to have some of his DNA handy for this very reason. So, I just gave them a quick call when I went to get Mrs Cordingley a brandy. Told them the situation. They were very keen to help. See, most people want him in prison.”

“Yes, he’s not a nice man,” Ann agreed.

“Can I please ask you something?”

“Of course,” Ann said, smiling.

“Why didn’t you say you knew him?”

“My personal life is irrelevant. Yes I was in the wrong investigating it but to be honest, I wanted to thank the person,” Ann half laughed.

Ann angles her head up as Anne leans down, they share a brief kiss.

“Gosh, you are something,” Ann said.

Anne giggled, “So are you! I guess you better go and dismiss the others.”

They both stand up, readjusting their clothes to look as presentable as possible. They lock eyes.


“I-“ They both laugh at speaking at the same time.

“You first,” Anne says.

“I just want to say I can’t thank you enough for getting that grubby man out of my life. You have saved me from a life of misery. It’s the most wonderful birthday present ever!”

“It’s your birthday?” Ann questions.

Ann nods in response.

“Oh darling, happy birthday! I had no idea. Well that was good timing wasn’t it?! Now, how about a proper birthday celebration on me? Wine, pizza and birthday cake.”

“That sounds great! Can you please…um… also…err..” Ann looks down and gestures towards Anne’s crotch. “Bring your… your strap…for the bedroom? I’m not…sore enough yet!”

Anne feels her wetness building further. “Oh my, aren’t you just perfect. Anything for the birthday girl!”

Ann looks into Anne’s eyes and smiles, biting her lip seductively. “Oh wait, one more thing. If it wasn’t your strap in his hand, what was that about?”

“Well, Inspector, that’s a funny story, I’ll tell you when we get home!”