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All Clued Up: A Good Day, Indeed

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Ann was in a beautiful dream where she was chasing a little girl with dark brown hair in the expanse of Shibden valley. The little girl was squealing in delight as Ann lifted her, pair of familiar brown eyes radiating a familiar mischievous glint looked back at her, making her heart soar. Under the warm Yorkshire sun, they lounged on the neatly trimmed grass; the girl straddled her making funny noises and giggling carelessly. Ann felt happy as if her heart would burst from its confines then came a voice she loved so much:


She didn’t want to wake up from this dream, but the sunlight was directly hitting her face, making her eyes water. She slowly opened her eyes and took in her surroundings, she was in their bedroom turned to her side, her wife’s strong arms surrounding her protruding belly protectively. She couldn’t see her handsome wife but she could feel her eyes on her, she smiled and stretched against her. She slowly intertwined their fingers.

“Good morning darling.” Her voice was raspy and groggy, she needed so much sleep at the sixth month of her pregnancy. The beast in her womb was not giving her any peaceful day and night so she had to rest quite a lot.

Her wife cupped her belly, slowly caressing the bump and humming softly.

“Good morning Adney.”

Her hot breath was tickling the back of Ann’s neck and Ann had started to feel incredibly aroused by the minute. Which was another thing pregnancy had brought to their lives. Not that she wasn’t insatiable before but with the pregnancy, she was feeling horny all the time, she was craving her wife’s touch, to feel the warmth of fingers inside her.

Ann grinded her hips to her wife’s front slowly, signaling that she needed some release. It was their holy morning routine, Anne was always up before Ann, silently watching her and caressing her belly with a soft appreciation, then Ann would wake up with these raging hormones that needed some satisfying. Good thing that Anne was always ready for her, whenever she whined breathily or initiated something she would easily take the hint and ravage her pregnant wife. Now was no different.

“Very good morning indeed my love.”

Anne husked to ear as she bunched up Ann’s shirt, leisurely taking her time to discover every inch of her wife’s body. She had traced the stretch marks then her hands wandered to Ann’s full, swollen breasts. Foreplay was a must -generally- but in most of these mornings, Ann was so impatient to direct her wife’s attention to her urgent needs. She moaned when Anne cupped her breast and played with pebbled nipples but she needed more. So he cupped Anne’s hand and brought it where she needed her the most. She was already dripping to her knickers. Anne chuckled lightly but complied with her little wife’s urgent request, she pushed her soiled panties aside and dipped her hand to welcoming heat.

“Hmmm, you are so wet my love.”

She lazily drew circles to Ann’s clitoris not so fast not so slow, causing Ann to twitch with every moment. It was so early on but Ann was feeling like she was about to burst. One additional side effect of pregnancy. She could come fast. Like really fast.

Anne gathered wetness from her wife’s silky entrance and continued to rub her tight bundle of nerves. Ann was moaning and thrashing against Anne’s front, she was seconds away from her release then Anne withdrew her hand. Ann was furious, how could her wife deny the release she needed when she was so close?

“Anne? What the hell…” Before she could scold her wife any further, Anne turned her onto her back slowly minding her belly and got on top of her, and placed her strong arms bracketing Ann’s face.

" I want to see you Adney, you are so beautiful when you come.”

Her words took Ann’s breath; she could feel herself getting wetter and hotter. Her wife leaned and kissed her fervently, slowly devouring her lips and sucking her tongue to her mouth savoring every moment. Ann hugged her tight and lost herself in the kiss but tried to create some friction by rubbing herself on her wife’s legs. Anne then broke the kiss watching amazedly as her passionate little wife was grinding against her leg, smearing her wetness all over her.

She abandoned all the plans about teasing her impatient woman in her head, her wife needed her release so she would give her anything she wanted. Anne could never say no to her wife, especially when she was carrying their child. She delved into another searing kiss as she pushed Ann’s legs apart as far as they go minding her swollen belly, she didn’t want to disturb the baby. Anne quickly gripped her wife’s knickers and yanked it till it tore to half. Ann gasped with the display of power she loved every time Anne got a bit rough and brutish, she wanted her wife’s long digits within her, every second without her touch was like torment to her.

Then Anne broke free from the kiss, sucking a path down to her wife’s pale throat, leaving angry marks behind. When she sucked an especially sensitive area, Ann groaned and tried to grind on her firm body but Anne was keeping her steady and still. She continued trailing kisses and bites down Ann’s pale chest till she reached the exquisite valley of her breasts. Now her shirt completely discarded, knickers ripped and tossed aside Ann was completely naked under Anne, completely at her mercy.

Anne was always fond of Ann’s breasts, but especially after she got pregnant, she was particularly keen on attacking her wife’s breasts as much as she can. She circled the pebbled areola with her tongue and sucked firmly till her wife shook beneath her. She had fantasized a couple of times making her wife come just by fondling her breasts, now seemed like a good opportunity as Ann was already close to the precipice. But no, Anne wanted to feel her tight walls fluttering around her fingers, she wanted to be connected to her wife. Ann was holding onto her for her dear life, she was digging her nails to her back surely that would leave marks. Anne treated both breasts with equal adoration and affection till her spoiled wife started whining and grinding against her leg again.

“You are extremely impatient today Adney, I wonder why?” She left the gorgeous tits by leaving a couple of angry marks and returned to her initial position, her mouth close to Ann’s ear and her right hand slowly cupping her wet sex. Ann was in no position to form a coherent reply so she tried to coax her wife’s hand into her dripping entrance again.

Anne chuckled again and spent no time to plunge two digits to her welcoming heat, albeit slowly. She had grown extra cautious about the sex after they got the news on pregnancy, she knew how needy her wife was in bed that she was always ravenous, but the newly forming life in her belly was occasionally hindering their ever colorful sex life in the past couple of months.

Ann was rebellious at first, she wanted to continue as they were, but as her belly got big and her pregnancy hormones affected her daily routine, she had succumbed to less action in the bedroom. They almost had a big fight about using the strap last month, Anne did not want to wear it since she wasn’t sure if it would hurt the baby or Ann, but Ann was relentless and she had a breakdown claiming that Anne had finally lost interest in their relationship that was why she was refusing to fuck her with the strap. How ridiculous. Anne convinced her after fucking her senseless to three consecutive orgasms and they had closed the matter.

But Anne didn’t forget about it, of course, she wouldn’t. After secretly researching things, finally today Anne had a surprise for Ann if she would be in the mood, of course.

She increased the pace of her fingers, inserting them over and over; Ann was rocking against her hand. Good thing that her family was downstairs as Ann was so loud. They were no stranger to their noises by now, especially after returning from the honeymoon -Anne had to mend the wall in their bedroom as they nearly wore a hole by thumping the headboard against the wall-, but usually, Ann was reigning herself as she was muffling her cries by pillows. Anne loved to hear her wife’s sounds but she knew that her little wife was wary of scarring their family with their sexcapades.

Anne was kissing her flustered face, keeping the pace and massaging the spongy part of her wife’s walls each time she inserted her fingers inside. Ann was getting close, she grasped Anne’s thrusting hand and her walls started trembling around Anne’s fingers. She was so close and Anne wanted to etch this moment and every moment of their lovemaking into her brain.

“Open your eyes Ann.” She slowed the pace and Ann immediately opened her eyes. Anne’s breath was taken away for the nth time from seeing her baby blue eyes filled with lust and love. Anne felt her eyes watering. When has she got so lucky? Also since when has she got so sappy in bed, almost on the verge of crying?

Seconds later Ann came around her fingers, cerulean eyes still locked to brown eyes. It was the most beautiful thing Anne had ever seen. It was a total wonder. Ann arched her back and her body trembled, copious amount of slickness coating Anne’s hand, dripping onto her forearm.

“Happy birthday my love.”

She allowed Ann to come back to her senses, keeping her fingers inside her. As Ann’s breathing slowed down, a languid smile spread across her lips, her eyes closed. Anne slowly withdrew her fingers and bring her hand to her mouth, sucking her fingers clean with a moan. She could feel Ann’s heated glance on her.

“Are you trying to kill me, Pony?” Ann asked breathlessly. Anne smiled devilishly, normally she would chase her own release but today was an important day. A very important day indeed.

It was Ann’s 30th birthday. And soon, very soon they would have an addition to Lister’s family. Not Marian’s new boyfriend but their highly anticipated daughter.

Anne had planned a fully packed day for them, she was to bring breakfast to their bed, and they would go for round 2 for Ann and hopefully round 1 for her. Then she was supposed to take Ann somewhere special. A good surprise. Hopefully.

Anne got off from bed as Ann whined with the loss, she stretched like a cat flexing her muscles. Ann leaned on to her arm, watching her with hooded eyes.

“Are you trying to seduce me Miss Lister?” She asked playfully, appreciating her wife’s impeccable physique. Anne smiled and popped an unused joint.

“Don’t think anything naughty Mrs. Lister, I have a breakfast to prepare.” She winked at her then she took her robe and went downstairs to prepare the breakfast.

Marian was perched on a stool, her face stuck to her phone, scrolling endlessly.

“Good morning Marian.” Marian acknowledged her presence humming quietly. Anne rolled her eyes, her sister acted like a hopeless teenager. Maybe she was reliving her pubescent years after all.

She meticulously prepared the breakfast, cutting the edges of the toast, adjusting the temperature and viscosity of egg-benedict so that it looked perfect, it would taste perfect. Just when she was about to carry the tray upstairs Marian looked up from her phone, furrowing her brows.

“Where is our breakfast, Anne?”

Anne sighed impatiently.


Marian folded her arms, eyeing the tray in jealousy.

“You prepared breakfast for your wife and yourself but what about us? Who’s gonna prepare breakfast for me, my father and aunt?”

Anne rolled her eyes for nth time.

“You have perfectly capable hands Marian, two of them. You should have prepared something instead of fiddling with your phone.” She said exasperatedly and started to go upstairs. Marian’s voice rose couple of octaves higher. God damn, I should have brought my ear plugs Anne thought.

“Why do I have to do everything by myself? Why can’t you prepare the breakfast for once in your lifetime, as a change?” Anne walked past her, minding the freshly brewed coffee on the tray.

“Just please don’t scream to my ears Marian, okay I’ll prepare breakfast next time.” As she was ascending the stairs she could hear Marian grumbling behind her. But no, even Marian couldn’t sully her good mood today.

She met with Aunt Anne and her father on the landing. They were talking with each other.

“Lots of shouting this morning…” Her aunt told her father. Jeremy Lister scoffed.

“What’s new?”

After a delicious breakfast and several of orgasms, they were getting ready to go outside. Anne had done the dishes and cleaned up the bedroom, Ann was taking a shower.

Anne inspected her look from the mirror, she had chosen a casual outfit; her antique thermometer showed that today’s humidity was around 22% and temperature was around 72°F so it was gonna be a sunny day. She had chosen a tight polo neck t-shirt, slim fit black jeans and her usual shiny brogues. She knew it made Ann go mad when she wore that t-shirt, accentuating her arm muscles and toned body since Ann always had a trouble keeping her hands to herself.

Ann got off from the bathroom, wrapped in a fluffy towel; looking like a goddess she was. She was toweling her hair then she stopped when she saw Anne standing there fully dressed.

Anne could see her face flushing, which was not from the shower she took, she could almost hear her dirty thoughts. She shook her hand and chuckled.

“No, no Adney; we are tight on schedule. We don’t have time to waste.” She said as she folded her arms, bulging her biceps on purpose. A bit of teasing won’t anyone. Ann’s dazed eyes drifted like a cat trailing a smoked turkey. She licked her lips and inched closer, grasping Anne’s biceps and offering her best-practiced-sexy smile. Under different circumstances Anne would happily make her wife a very satisfied woman, but they had things to do, places to go.

“Uh-huh, no my love. I told you, we don’t-” Ann rose on her fingertips, leaning her mouth next to Anne’s ear.

“What if I make your-our time worthwhile, what do you say Pony?” Anne was nor far away giving in then she shook herself from the stupor. She took a step back and shakily stuffed her hands to her back pockets.

“I promise darling, you can make it worthwhile tonight. But we have some places to visit first. Now please get ready, I’ll be waiting you downstairs.” She kissed her cheek briefly and almost ran to downstairs. She couldn’t handle another attack from her passionate little person.

Ann was still a bit disappointed after her failed initiation on a little romp. Anne insisted that they had things to do today, she had succumbed to it as it was her birthday and Anne planned the 20th of May very carefully every year. Ann would indulge her wife’s plans, she knew how thoughtful her wife when it came to her; she would plan every little detail for their anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions. Especially when Ann felt amoroso.

She watched Anne handling the car expertly through the narrow roads of Halifax, they had opened the radio as Ann was lip synching with Robyn’s Dancing On My Own, Anne was drumming her fingers on the wheel. Roughly 20 minutes later, Anne stopped the car in front of an orphanage Ann knew, near Piece Hall. She was visiting this particular orphanage till she stopped because of her pregnancy, she was reading stories and helping children to draw or to paint occasionally. She also had an established a fund to contribute to several orphanages in Halifax and Bradford with the help of Anne, it was one of the most valuable things in her life she had treasured.

She looked at her wife, who was smirking conspiringly.

“What are we doing here Anne?”

“Let’s get inside.” Anne got off and ran to open her wife’s door, helping her.

Ann was curious, why did Anne bring her here?

They walked through the doors of small structure; the entrance was alarmingly quiet. Anne directed her to the small performance hall, and just as they went through the doors all the children and the staff started to sing ‘Happy Birthday’. Ann startled at first but then she saw people cheering, the banners they hung over the walls saying ‘Happy Birthday Miss Walker’ or ‘We love you Miss Walker’ she couldn’t help but to tear up.

Anne was beside her, gauging her reaction as soon as she saw that Ann’s started to cry she cooed and rubbed her back. Ann dried her eyes and took in the people looking at her with such affection. She had spent quite a bit of time there, she almost knew everyone. They had started to form a beeline to congratulate on her birthday and her pregnancy; Anne was next to her all time, her hand supporting Ann’s back.

They sang happy songs, danced a bit -not Ann since she was heavily pregnant but she insisted her wife to join in-, ate lot of cake and had a fantastic time.

The whole thing was extremely touching for Ann, she cried couple of times especially when children showed their hand-made artwork featuring her as an angel with magical fairy wings and all. She felt utterly loved and cared. Once she thought she had lost everyone she loved, her mother, father, brother -nearly her whole family- and even Anne, when she felt Halifax to go abroad. She couldn’t have imagined that her life would be like this couple years ago, if someone had told her, she would have scoffed and ignored it. But now she had many beautiful people in her life, caring for her, supporting her and more importantly she had Anne with her. Her wife, her first and last love of her life. Apart from their daughter of course, who was due soon. Oh, she was going to be spoiled so much between Lister family.

By the time the celebration died down, it was nearing early evening, Anne had to drag her out of the orphanage; Ann had promised to visit more frequently once she had given birth.

They held hands, and Ann leaned her head to Anne’s strong shoulder.

“What more do you have in your sleeves Miss Lister?” Anne stroked her flaxen hair, kissing her temple gently.

“Nothing much my love, we will have a quiet evening if it’s okay for you?”

Ann nodded, and they got up in their car, returning back to Shibden. Just they were about to continue with the main Shibden road, Anne turned to pathway leading to the chaumière – their cute love shack. Ann grinned to herself. She always loved being there with Anne, it meant she could be loud as much as she wanted. Her wife was ridiculous, as she had built that place to woo Ann at the first place.

Seconds later, Anne again came up to help her; she offered a bright smile to her chivalrous wife. They interlocked their fingers as they started to walk the short distance. Anne turned to inspect her beautiful wife in the orange haze of sunset.

“How was it today Adney, did you like it?” Ann tangled their arms together and pecked her lips.

“It was amazing. Thank you my love.” As Anne’s eyes shone up with satisfaction, Ann felt her heart soar. How did she get so lucky?

As they went inside, Anne ushered her to sit down and put her foot up. She had grown very tender during the pregnancy, always trying to cheer Ann up, getting up to fetch whatever Ann wanted because of her cravings. With constant foot massages, specially prepared meals, being carried around like a princess… Truthfully, Ann felt a bit spoiled with all the attention she got from her wife and her family, even Marian had agreed to a reluctant truce with her older sister to not overwhelm Ann with their incessant brawl.

“Why don’t you take a shower my darling, so I can make something for the dinner?” Anne asked while she rubbed Ann’s belly lovingly.

Ann hooked her thumbs to her wife’s pants, pulling her closer.

“Why don’t you join me in the bath, hmm Pony?”

Anne tutted and chuckled, extracting herself from Ann’s grasp.

“Dinner’s not gonna cook itself darling. You go to shower, I go to kitchen now, chop chop.”

Ann scoffed and pouted, hoping it would get her somewhere. But Anne just laughed at her ridiculous wife, pecked her lips and trotted back to small kitchen.

They had redecorated the place years ago so that Ann could use it as a studio whenever she wanted. It was also their literal ‘love shack’, when they couldn’t be loud back in Shibden, they would sneak into here, to make love all day long.

Ann finished up her quick shower and put on something not too comfortable but not to flashy, as it was her birthday. She was kind of tired but still, the night was young, and maybe her wife had planned something special.

She went to living room and her breath stuck in her throat. The lights were dimmed, there were many candlesticks placed on the richly decorated table, Anne had prepared her favorites. And her amazing wife stood there, in her freshly ironed dress shirt and a smooth looking slacks, all in her devilishly handsome glory.

“Anne, this…this looks amazing!”

Anne smiled brightly as she helped her to settle down. She served both their plates, stuffing Ann’s specifically. Ann quickly inhaled what was on the plate along with a light chitchat, their daughter was going to have a strong appetite. Maybe she should set up a fund specifically for the food expenses.

“Thank you darling, it was a delicious meal.”

She thanked her wife and offered to help with the clean-up but her wife just shook her head.

“No no, I’ll deal with these in the morning. Now, it’s dessert time.”

Ann licked her lips as she waited Anne to pounce on her, but instead Anne went to fridge to bring a tray full of different desserts; tiramisus, meringues, souffles…and plum pudding. Which was their daughter’s favorite so far. Ann felt a bit disappointed, she had waited for a different type of dessert, but still she got over it pretty fast delving into the desserts. She was always big on desserts, and if Anne had opted to pamper her with desserts, she was going to thoroughly enjoy it.

Chocolate covered kisses between laughter and some heated glances later, Anne told her to wait her in the bedroom. Ann quickly complied, nearly running to their bedroom. Anne had laughed her state as she piled up the dishes to handle later. She had previously put on something extra under her pants. For her wife.

Ann was waiting her wife on the bed; she had changed into a sheer looking night gown barely concealing her form. Before Anne came, she was thinking of starting without her wife, already wet and aching.

Anne stood in the doorstep, watched her wife lounging in their bed looking at her expectantly. She slowly stepped to bed, leaned down next to her wife; duvet’s dipping with her weight. Ann opened her arms and Anne immediately fitted her body between her arms, pulling herself on top of Ann but not weighing on her. She found her wife’s already inviting mouth, tasting the minty toothpaste and losing herself in the velvety warmth of her mouth. Ann moaned into kiss, tried to pull Anne down so that she could create some friction.

Anne lowered her hips slightly, her bulge grinding against Ann’s thighs. As soon as she felt the strap, Ann went wild moaning and bucking against it, trying to make Anne grind harder. Anne smiled into their kiss and withdrew herself causing her wife to groan.

“If we are going to use it, we are going to do this with the safest way, okay Ann?”

Ann nodded, her pupils dilated, her normally blue eyes swallowed by a darker shade.

Anne gently turned Ann so that she was lying on her side then she slotted herself behind. As her hand went to cup her wife’s tits, Ann bucked again and whimpered pushing her hips back to Anne’s groin. Anne pressed the strap to her wife’s buttocks, finding a rhythm that made Ann crazy. As Ann’s mewling got louder and more breathier she pulled herself back, pulling Ann’s nightgown up till it left her lower side bare. Ann didn’t have her knickers on. My good girl she thought. Then she went to pull out the strap, Ann whined and grasped her thigh, digging her fingers.

Anne had fetched the lube she had placed on the bedside table earlier and covered the strap with considerable amount -better safe than sorry- then she parted her wife’s legs trying to make room for herself.

She directed the strap to her wife’s wet entrance and started to sink it in, very slowly. She had read about this position in a scientific journal, it was safest and most pleasurable position for pregnant women.

Ann cried out first with the initial burning stretch, it had been some time they had used it. Anne was reluctant to use it as much as Ann wanted her wife to ram into her. After the first stretch, Ann got used to feeling full and pushed herself back against her wife trying to draw her deeper. But Anne was slow, she was thrusting shallowly which was making Ann impatient. She wanted to feel Anne deep inside her, she wanted Anne to mount her.

“You take me so well Adney, such a good girl.”

Ann purred and rocked against her, getting closer to cumming with every movement. As Anne picked up the pace, Ann felt herself nearing to explode. Too soon for her taste but still, she couldn’t hold it back. Anne sensed that Ann was about to come so she directed her hand to her clit, stroking it deftly. Seconds later Ann was coming with Anne’s name on her lips.

“Oh-Anne!” She shouted and grasped Anne’s hand that was trying to prolong her orgasm.

Ann jolted with aftershocks then she slumped down, strap still inside her. Anne cooed her wife, stroking her belly.

“Happy birthday the light of my life, my wife.” She said emotions taking over her. It was Ann who was pregnant but whenever Anne was around her wife, seeing her full of life -literally and metaphorically- she was getting all teary and sentimental. If someone from work would see her like that, she wouldn’t hear the end of it. Callous Anne Lister who went sappy for her wife. Well, she’d gladly acknowledge it, Ann Walker was the most precious thing in her life.

She slowly pulled out and disposed the strap to bedside table. Ann wiggled and turned to face her, her hands directly went to Anne’s face wiping away few stray teardrops.

“Why are you crying Pony?” Ann asked gently, kept trailing sharp edges of her face. Anne took her hand and kissed the fingertips and intertwined their fingers.

“I-I-never knew I could be so happy. I always thought that I would eventually end up alone, settle for what’s left. Then-then you came and you made my world brighter. You gave me courage to fall in love again, to not give up what I wanted for whole my life. A companion for life, a family of my own. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by thinking how important you are to me, how much I love you.”

Ann listened as her wife poured her heart out. Anne was not a sentimental person or she wouldn’t generally like to share her feeling per se, but every year at their anniversaries and at her birthdays she would end up crying. Ann adored her wife’s roguish, rebellious, bossy charm but she also loved seeing her like that. She was the only one who could see her wife like this, vulnerable and soft. A big softie. Her softie.

“You forget about the part when I spent quite a time to discipline you to be a good wife, dearest. You were so handful, but you’re lucky that I’m a patient teacher.”

Anne laughed between her tears, Ann joined her too. Then Ann trailed her hands below to her tuck them into her wife’s pants to take care of her, but Anne stopped her hand.

“No darling, today’s all about you. And besides, I’m tired, I guess all those years are catching up to me.”

Yes, she had few gray patches in her short brown hair but she was handsome as always.

“Don’t be ridiculous Pony, you are still as handsome as the first day I saw you on the Lightcliffe road.”

Anne scoffed and pointed the wrinkles in her face.

“Tell that to these monstrosities Adney.”

Ann leaned down and pecked all the wrinkles on her face, tasting the salt in her skin. Anne’s breath hitched as her brown eyes went nearly all black.

“Well now my love, it seems I’m not that tired after all, what do you say to round two?”