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Hoping For An Eternity With You

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The way home was quiet but comfortable. We were both tired, but I could feel that she was more tired than I. She did engage in battle after all, and her flames earlier were burning harder and brighter than usual. I only came to help them towards the end, after all.

As we were on the train ride home, Kiara rested her head on my shoulder. Normally, I would tell her not to do it… but for today, I just let her be. I will not say that it doesn’t affect me just a little, but having her beside me like this right now calms me.

“Hey Calli?”, I hear Kiara say in a sleepy voice.


“Thanks for saving our butts a while ago…”

“I’m just glad I got there in time.”, I say in response. I recall the hit she took a while ago. The impact was really strong and if she wasn’t careful, she would’ve gotten even more hurt. “How do you feel, Kusotori?”

“Huh? Oh… I’m fine. Just a little tired, and I guess a little body pain as well.”

“That was quite the impact you took a while ago. I’m impressed.”

She laughs softly. “If all that’s all I gotta do to impress you, then I guess I’ll have to take more deadly hits, huh.”

What? “What? God no, Kusotori. I didn’t mean- Guh! I didn’t know you loved living life on the edge.”

“Well…”, she yawns. “I mean, I’ve always did. I just started taking more risks because I met you.”

My head snaps in her direction, and gave her a questioning look.

“You almost always never leave the underworld. Dying was one way I could meet you after all.”, and she gives me a caring smile.

I didn’t know that she was willing to die just to meet me… Wait, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. But still. The way she always takes risks, most that even I would not take.

“That’s amazing.”

Shit. I said it out loud.

She gets surprised, which I very much expected, of course.

“I mean, Kusotori. It’s amazing, how you’re always so willing to take risks. But please don’t always risk your life, your all. I would be lying if I said I did not like seeing you die, every now and then.”, I look away from her as I say these things as I feel more embarrassed if I faced her. Ya boi is quite cheesy…

Kiara stays quiet after that, which I find a little odd since she’s usually the one who cries and then says “Oh Calli!~~~”, or something along those lines.

I look at her and see that her eyes are shut, and her face has a somber smile. Is she asleep? She then adjusts herself and puts her hand in mine. And in a small voice, she says “If that’s how you feel…”, she locks her fingers in mine and tightens her grip just slightly. “then I promise to not risk my life so easily again. I’ll take care of it.”

With her hands in mine, this quiet, peaceful ride on the train back home. This moment is one I will cherish… and one that I hope Kiara would not forget.

“Thanks, Kiara.”

“Oh? You’re here again, Kusotori.”

I finally get to use that word that I learned from way back when Kiara first brought me to Japan, her current place of dwelling in the overworld. Apparently ‘Kuso’ can be meant as damn, and ‘Tori’ meant bird, and so ‘Damn Bird’. Immediately, the word reminded me so much of Kiara.

“Kusotori??”, visibly confused and surprised, she turned to face me, however, her former expressions were soon changed to delight. “Calli!~ Did you come to meet me?”

Wah… this again?! She always does this every time we see each other. It’s already been a couple of years so I’m used to her and er antics by now. However, if there’s one thing I still haven’t gotten used to yet, that’ll be her hugs.

“Guh! Seriously, Kiara! I swear that your hugs get tighter every time we meet.”, I complain out loud.

She lets go and begins to pout. “Is that all I really get as a greeting?”

Ah jeez. “You know I don’t do that, you dumb bird.”

“Stop calling me a dumb bird!”, she exclaims, her face turning a pinkish red. Even the tips of her hair sparking little flames.

Ah, shoot. Yabai. Seeing her kinda annoyed is fun though. “I’m kidding… Anyway, why are you down here again? The frequency of you coming down here is becoming a little too frequent.”

“I saved a little blonde girl from getting hit by a rogue car.”, she smiles as she says this. “Besides, you wouldn’t come up to the overworld yet, so I figured that dying is one way to meet you after all.”

Uwah… This girl’s ability to keep taking hard hits is amazing and at the same time terrifying.

“You could’ve saved yourself too you know!”, I reprimand her. “Don’t keep throwing your life away! Just because you revive every time… just because you can doesn’t mean you should!”

She backs away slowly, eyes widened in surprise. ‘Shit’, I might have went to far.

I furrow my eyebrows and pinch them together, letting out a sigh at the same time.

“Look, I may be your reaper but it’s not exactly all that fun when I see you die, or have to see you dying. I don’t like it.” I manage to blurt out.

“What? C-Calli?”,  she says, visibly getting a little flustered.

Wait, what did I just say? Did I say something weird?

“What… what?”

She goes around me and hugs me from behind, which makes me just roll my eyes and let out a “guh”.

“Why not just come and stay with me in Japan, Calli? That way, I can just see you whenever and you won’t have to see me just whenever I die.”, she proposes..

I’ve thought of it, living up there in the Overworld, experiencing life with the living and what not. It just took some time thinking.

“You know you can just tell me if you wanna visit and I can bring you down here.”, I tell her before I start going back to my place.

“Eh?! W-Why didn’t you tell me? Oi, Calli!”, I hear her say from behind me, probably following me.

I reach the door to my place and she stops behind me. I take a deep breath before facing her. “I guess I’ll take you up on your offer.”, I say and give her a smile before facing my door.

Kusotori’s surprised face made me let out a chuckle. “Eh? S-So you’ll come up to the Overworld with me? Really Calli?”

“Unless you don’t want to-“

“Yes! I Do! Does Death-ojii san know about this?”

“You weren’t the only one pushing for me to stay in the Overworld, that’s for certain.”

“So I’ll see you soon?”

“Yeah. I’ll see you later.”, I go inside my place, not facing her as she might see my excited smile.