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It wasn’t worth being stressed over. 


It being… just about everything. Minji knew better than to dig herself into a hole, but things had been piling up lately. Her confidence in the choreography for their comeback had hit rock bottom, even more so after today. Their choreographer had really seemed to have it out for her. Her mother had it out for her right now too. Every day she got a passive-aggressive text about how horrible she was when it came to communicating with family back home. Anxieties about their new concept were eating at her. Rarely did her job ever feel like work, but for the past two weeks it had felt like the worst kind. 


She wished she could just get away from it all. 






A smile formed on her lips as she took Siyeon in. Peeking in the doorway to their room, she had a curious curve to her brow. 




“Were you going to sleep?”


She laughed, “I wish.” 


Even though she’d already changed into her PJs, she was sitting on her bed folding clothes. 


Siyeon came in, opting to relax on the edge of the bed. Her eyes were tired. Minji could only imagine how hers looked. 


“Wanna watch a movie or something?”


“Probably shouldn’t. We have to be up early tomorrow.”


Siyeon groaned and let her back fall onto the mattress. Amused, Minji tossed a shirt onto her face. 


“Help me… help me!” 


Her childish voice made her laugh and she reached to pull it off of her. A satisfied smile erupted into a grin as they held each other’s gaze.


“I miss spending time with you.”


The sudden confession made Minji’s heart heavy. They hadn’t spent much time together at all lately. With recording, practices, and meetings— even sharing a genuine word together had been hard. Being with Siyeon for work and being with Siyeon alone were two very different things. They’d realized that early on. 


With a sigh, she put the rest of her unfolded clothes aside. Siyeon watched with hesitant eyes as Minji crawled over and straddled her waist. Hands found her hips as she admired Siyeon’s small smile. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen her bare face. It’d been days. 


“Do you have something you wanna watch?”


Siyeon nodded. 


“Okay. Well, go put it in.”


“In here or in the living room?”


“I might fall asleep if we watch something in here.”


“You look tired.”




Siyeon’s quiet chuckle left them sitting in a comfortable silence. Caressing her cheek, Minji’s fingers lingered. It’d been days since she’d really even touched Siyeon. Her eyes closed in comfort and she leaned more into her touch. For a second, things felt calm. Everything was okay. 


“Should I close the door?”


Minji’s eyes shot up to see Bora now in the doorway. Her countenance matched her playful tone and Minji couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Siyeon’s hands took hers and she forced their fingers to intertwine as her and Bora talked. 


“What’s up?”


“Wanted to see what you were doing. I bought some wine.” 


Siyeon’s head popped up, “What kind?”


“Merlot. Nothing fancy.”


“What part of morning review meeting do you guys not get?” 


“Relax.” Bora cooed, “We’ve been nonstop for, like, ever. We deserve a break.”


“You deserve the world.” she looked down to Siyeon and held her hands tighter as she insisted, “But that doesn’t mean you don’t need sleep.”


“We can sleep when we’re dead.”


“What a thought.” Minji joked. Bora came in and waltzed behind her. Hands started rubbing her shoulders, “God, that feels nice.”




Minji’s head fell, letting Bora’s fingers work. No time for Siyeon also meant no time for Bora. She didn’t worry about her as much, though. Bora did fine on her own and was much more independent than Siyeon. When things got busy, it was Siyeon she couldn’t help but worry about. Siyeon tried hiding it, but she was definitely the more needy of the pair. 


“The others are konked the fuck out. I wanna drink.”


“What’s new?” 


“Were you about to go to bed or something?”


“We were gonna go watch a movie.”


“Perfect. Let’s get drunk and watch some stupid—”


“No one is getting drunk.” Minji warned, eyes closed in an attempt to relax under Bora’s touch.


Siyeon started snickering and Minji was sure Bora was mocking her. Siyeon brought her hands lower and kissed the top of each one before letting go. She gently ran her hands down her thighs before going up to hold her hips again. They slipped under her nightshirt and fingertips drew loose somethings along her skin. 


“I only bought two bottles so we can’t really get drunk anyway.”




“But forreal, though. You need to relax. You’ve been stressing all week. That’s why Hyorin was on your ass today. Dancers can tell.”


“I didn’t need the reminder, but thanks.”


“Sorry. I just hate seeing you stressed.”


She took a deep breath and strained to look back at Bora. Hands held the sides of her head as she forced a smile on her lips, “I’m fine.”


“And a liar.”


“Really, I’m fine.” 


“It’s okay to be stressed. You don’t have to hide that from us.” Siyeon softly insisted, “It’s pretty obvious anyway.” 


“Is it really?”








“Don’t apologize.” Bora kissed her forehead forcefully, “Especially to us.”


Feeling loved, Minji wasn’t sure what to say. Her eyes must have been revealing her heart because Bora moved some so she could hold her face properly. She tucked some of Minji’s loose hair behind her ear before leaning in. The kiss was sweet and simple. Not sweet enough and too short for either of their liking. They hadn’t kissed in days. Bora’s hand curved along her cheek to keep her close as their lips melded together once more.


Bora had missed her. Minji could tell by the way she moved. Their noses brushed against one another’s as Bora reluctantly pulled away. She probably didn’t want to start something they couldn’t finish. Minji was tempted to chase after her lips, but was glad she opened her eyes to find Bora smiling at her. Even when tired, her bright eyes never faded.


“I needed that.” Minji muttered.


“I want one too.” 


Siyeon’s quiet whisper brought a smile to her lips. Letting her hands fall on either side of her face against the bed, she leaned down and kissed her full lips. Siyeon was always so soft when they kissed. Sometimes too gentle for her own good. But Minji knew what she liked and that she always wanted more than what she was asking for. It was cute. 


Siyeon’s hands followed her curves as they kissed and it lit a dim heat between her legs. She loved the way Siyeon touched her. It was as if she knew all the right places, all the right feelings. The desire to toy with her bottom lip came to surface and Siyeon hummed as she sucked on it. Hearing it made Minji realize what she was doing. Breaking the kiss, the look in Siyeon’s eyes made her pause. 




She took a deep breath, hesitating to break the silence. They needed rest, whether they wanted it or not. Minji knew that. She knew that, yet she was getting closer again. The brush of Siyeon’s lips against hers lit another small fire that she couldn’t help indulging.


Realizing that it wouldn’t be fair to Bora was what forced her to pull away for good. She sat back up and Siyeon’s hands pulled at her nightshirt, urging her to stay closer. Before she could say anything, Bora moved her hair to the side and leaned in to kiss her neck. Warm, long kisses marked her skin slowly. Whatever words Minji had been about to say got lost. 


“What if…” Bora muttered against her skin, “What if we don’t watch a movie. Don’t get drunk. None of that.”




“What if we just took care of you tonight? Helped you relax…” 


The words whispered between kisses went straight between her thighs. Siyeon didn’t hesitate to start unbuttoning the buttons on her sleep shirt. Bora had moved again so Minji could lean right back into her as she worked. Once Siyeon got the shirt open, Bora slid it back off of her shoulders. Minji couldn’t find the sense to stop what was happening… Maybe she didn’t want to. 


Being taken care of sounded nice. 


“Close the door at least…” 


Bora let her tongue trace along her throat before leaving one last kiss on her skin. Her hands held Minji steady before she stepped away to shut their door. When she came back, Minji urged her close and wrapped her arms around her neck. 


“Would you like that?” Bora mused, a seductive curve to her brow.


“Yeah… I would.” 


“I knew you would.” 


Bora closed the distance between them. This time, kissing her much more intently. The way she kissed was so much more different than the way Siyeon did. She liked taking charge, knew what she wanted and how to get it. Minji just moved with her, letting her take the lead as they started to make-out. She loved Bora’s tongue. They slowly tasted each other. 


Siyeon had managed to sit up right. Her hands were rubbing up along her curves, teasing Minji’s breasts. Fingers lightly tugged at her nipples before she started fondling her properly. Minji moaned into the kiss as Siyeon felt her up. She was hoping for her mouth. Siyeon loved sucking on her nipples and it drove her crazy. 


As if she knew what she was thinking, Siyeon got close and toyed with one of them with her tongue. Minji let a hand get lost in her hair in an effort to keep her close. When she started sucking, another low moan left her lips. Bora gave her a loving kiss before pulling away. 


“Do you wanna watch her?”


Minji’s gaze shifted to watch Siyeon as she sucked on her breast. The other one was being fondled with her other hand. Siyeon’s alluring gaze held her still, even as Bora started leaving lingering kisses all along her bare back. The dim fires were getting bigger and she couldn’t stress over them anymore. She didn’t have to. 


They were going to take care of her. 


“Does mommy taste good, baby?” 


Siyeon nodded, sucking before gently biting with her teeth. She then switched to the other one. Minji let her head fall back as she moaned. It felt so good. She hadn’t had sex with either of them in weeks. She hadn’t realized just how much she wanted this. Needed it. 


Bora’s kisses went and trailed up along her jaw. Minji pulled her in for a kiss, desperate to kill some of the growing heat inside of her. Her body was starting to get demanding. She couldn’t resist sucking on her tongue. She needed more. 


“You should lay down.” Siyeon uttered. 


“Yeah, lie down.” 


Minji kissed Bora again before getting off of Siyeon and off the bed. Before she could even say anything, Siyeon hurried to clear the bed of all the clothes. She kindly put them aside. Bora spun Minji around and picked her up before gently dropping her onto the mattress. Now on top of her, she had a smirk on her lips. Lust in her eyes. 


She sat up on her heels before grabbing the top of Minji’s sleep pants. She pulled them off with ease. Her panties came next. Smiling in anticipation, Minji just watched. Ass in the air, Bora crawled down right between her legs. Hands ran along her thighs, burning everywhere they touched. Her lips marked random spots here and there. Minji could feel her core aching to be touched. 


Siyeon came to lie in bed next to her and pulled her into a kiss before going lower. Minji’s body threatened to rise off the bed when Siyeon’s tongue found its way back to her nipple. She started sucking again and Minji’s eyes shut in pleasure. They got tighter the second Bora’s lips finally found their destination. She kissed every part of her before using her tongue to languidly make its way up to her clit. Feet flat on the bed, Minji’s toes dug into the blankets as she started playing with it properly. Slow but firm. 


Siyeon was sucking hard and Minji whined when she pulled away to do the same to the other one. Her fingers played with her other nipple as she did. Minji held her close, fingers in her hair. 


“Fuck, you feel so good, baby.”  


Siyeon loved when she got praise. Minji always made sure to give it to her. Her eyes opened to see that Siyeon’s clothes were still on. Urging her to pull away, the second she did, she pulled Siyeon’s shirt up over her head and tossed it. 


“What do you want?” 


“You.” Minji breathed. 


It was hard to even think straight with Bora between her legs, let alone speak. 


“Take the rest off.” 


She watched as Siyeon got out of her sweatpants. She reached to her once she was done and urged her to straddle her face. 


“This is about you ...” 


“Please, baby. You’re doing such a good job— oh fuck . You deserve a treat too.” 


Siyeon straddled her hesitantly. Minji let her hands feel all over, but made home right on her ass. 


“Ride mommy’s face, baby.”


It didn’t take anymore coaxing after that. Siyeon lowered down and Minji kissed her lips. She used her tongue to make mess of Siyeon’s arousal before going to play with her clit. Her soft whimpers made her throb. Having Bora between her legs with Siyeon on top of her was lighting flame after flame under her skin. She was having trouble keeping her hips still. 


It didn’t take long for Siyeon to give up on being gentle. Her full weight came down as she started grinding up against Minji’s tongue. 


Thanks to Bora, moans and groans were jumping out of Minji’s throat every so often. She’d picked up her pace. Her hands were gripping tightly onto her thighs, just like she liked it. 


Minji slid lower and right into Siyeon as she moved. 




Letting her ride her tongue, she watched as Siyeon’s own hand came down to play with her clit as she rode her. 


Minji’s legs were starting to shake. She could feel a familiar feeling rise within her. Bora loved making her cum with just her mouth. She took pride in it. She could feel how much of a mess she was making down there already. Her body wanted more. The thought of Bora getting their toy pushed her closer to the edge. Minji was tempted to ask for it, but she couldn’t. Not being so deep inside of Siyeon. 


Her whimpers were filling the room, mixed with Minji’s own noises. 


“Do you wanna be filled up, babe?” Bora asked with a sultry tone, “It looks like it’s begging for it…” 


Minji moaned, hoping that would be a good enough answer. Siyeon was now riding her face with no hesitation. 


“I’ll be back.” 


Her clit was on fire when Bora pulled away from it. The loss of her touch almost made her whine. But she was able to focus more on Siyeon now. Her hands held her ass, guiding each move she made. Her skin had reddened, desperate to get as much of Minji’s tongue as she could. The finger she was using to play with her clit had slowed some. They held each other’s desperate gazes. Siyeon looked beautiful. 


“I don’t wanna cum yet.” she moaned, more air than words.


Minji pulled out of her and kissed her clit over her finger, “Then, don’t, baby. Stop.”


She just whined. Minji moved her finger so she could kiss the swollen bundle of nerves properly. Sucking on it made Siyeon’s entire frame shake. She urged her up. Once Siyeon got up and away, Minji sat up. Just then, Bora came back in and shut the door. She’d stripped down somewhere along the way and was now trying to fit the toy into the harness she’d put on. She came back over to the bed with a smirk on her face. 


“I bet your mommy would love to watch you lube this up for her.” she looked over to Siyeon as she spoke. 


Siyeon got down immediately and got on her knees in front of Bora. Just as she was about to take it into her mouth, Bora grabbed her hair just to tease her. She made her look into her eyes before letting her keep going. Bora hummed in satisfaction as Siyeon took the whole thing in. 


Minji took in Bora and all her beauty. She loved Bora like this. When she was in control. Cocky, even. She couldn’t wait for her to be inside of her. Her eyes moved up to meet Bora’s alluring gaze.


“I think mommy likes what she sees. Good job, baby. Good job…”


She kept her hand in Siyeon’s hair, guiding her with every stroke. Minji could feel her arousal leaking out of her. 


Wanting to give Bora something to look at, she spread her legs. 


“Bora…” she cooed as she started playing with her clit.


Her jaw slacked the second Bora started watching. It didn’t take much to get to that familiar peak she’d been climbing. She played with herself knowingly. She had to be careful. She wanted Bora to make her cum. 


“I think you’ve done good, baby.” 


Siyeon got up and Bora pulled her head close so she could kiss her. She was always much more gentle with Siyeon. Minji rolled over and got on her forearms and knees. Spotting a pillow, she grabbed it to put between her legs so she could rub her clit against it. Hands soon came and grabbed her hips as the bed dipped. Just the thought of what was about to happen made her throb. 


“You want it bad, don’t you?” 


Minji just nodded into the sheets. 


The toy ran through her wetness before Bora guided it to her entrance. She pushed in slowly, giving Minji time to adjust to the thickness. She moaned as it filled her up. Bora’s hands held her hips firmly as she started moving. Slow at first, but she knew what she wanted. With every stroke, Minji rubbed up against the pillow. She was so close already.


As Bora’s pace started to quicken, so did her force. Minji’s fingers gripped the sheets in an attempt to stay still. Bora was so deep inside of her each time. She quickly lost the ability to think straight. Quiet curses were leaving her lips as Bora fucked her. 


Not wanting to get too loud, she buried her face in the blankets. 


She could hear Siyeon, her soft whimpers fueling more arousal. She couldn’t see her, couldn’t even attempt to find her. But she imagined her sitting on her bed, fingers quickly rubbing her clit as she watched Bora fuck her. They’d done that a lot, as Siyeon and Bora both got off on being watched. Bora liked to put on a show. But right now, Minji knew it was different. Bora wasn’t trying to show off. Every stroke was with Minji in mind. 


She was feeling her in places she couldn’t even properly acknowledge. 


Bora’s hand ran down her back so she could take hold of the back of her neck. She didn’t fight the pressure Bora was putting on her. It was in that moment that she got a taste of pure bliss. She was incapable of thinking or worrying about anything, had no choice but to just take Bora in. She quickly lost herself in pleasure. The pillow between her legs was becoming too much. She wasn’t sure which felt better, it or Bora. She couldn’t tell anything anymore. 


Curses fell from her mouth as her frame started to tense, orgasm doing the exact opposite of creeping up on her. 


Her fingers dug into the bedding, body shaking as she came. Bora didn’t slow her pace at all. Her grip on her neck tightened as she kept going, her rough pants not loud enough to drown out Minji’s noises. The pillow was being forced up against her at this point and it became too much within seconds. She tried to pull it out from under her, but it was too hard to do with the way Bora was moving inside of her. Her hand reached back in an attempt to grab at Bora instead.


“Baby— It’s too much. It’s too much.” she managed to speak, but not without moans interrupting her, “Stop. Stop. Stop.” 


Bora thrusted into her with force once more before stopping, lifting up off of her some and opting to hold her hips instead. 


“You okay?” 


“Fuck… Fine. I’m fine.” she shuddered as she removed the pillow and started to melt into the mattress. 


She slid off of the toy as she moved. Her climax still making her thighs twitch, she felt like she was floating. Her eyes were barely able to stay open. She turned her head to the side, hoping to find Siyeon. She was sitting on the edge of her bed, legs still spread. Minji had missed her finishing. The way her chest rose and fell was mesmerizing. Bora’s hands ran along her ass and made her lose her train of thought.


“You’re so fucking amazing.” she quietly insisted. 


Minji let out a weak laugh.


“How do you feel?”


“Nice is an understatement.”


Limbs still jelly, she didn’t even think about moving. She listened as Bora got out of the harness. Once done, she didn’t hesitate to crawl on top of her before playfully falling to lay right next to her. She brushed Minji’s hair out of the way before letting a soft smile take her lips. She was about to speak, but Siyeon spoke up instead.


“I think we should push the beds together.” 


Minji cleared her throat, hoping she could get excitement to coat her tired voice, “I’d love that.”


“I’ll do it.” Bora popped back up in an instant. 


Siyeon got up to find her sweatpants and Bora playfully attempted to pinch her butt as she looked for them. Minji’s heart felt full in her chest watching them interact. She missed moments like these. Who knew when this would happen again? The question didn’t settle into worry as expected. Right now, she was content. 


Siyeon met her gaze as she got dressed and Minji was confident that the smile that took her lips would be permanent for the rest of the night.