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Running on ice

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So here's the thing. Because his dad decided to get married again he has to endure this invasion of the McDonald's moving into his sacred home. The home where everything was exactly how it should be.

But apparently (and he would Never agree to any of that) it wasn't "decoreded well enough" and the meals weren't "healthy enough" and everything was "just too messy". Bullshit. He was living his best life until this nightmare started, so yes, Derek was mad. At his dad, this marriage and the situation they forced them to accept just like that.

Luckily, he found a way of coping with this anger pretty quick. Casey, his annoying step-sister (ugh), was not only an easy but much more importantly a satisfying target of pranks and gags. God, how he loved to get under her skin that fast. Sometimes he just had to look at her a certain way (mostly after saying something inappropriate) and she was outraged.
Occasionally he tried to be nice and from time to time he managed a normal conversation but they just couldn't get along and honestly, he didn't care (he really didn't. Casey's dad was cool and he wanted him to visit more often. So, yes, Derek called her dad to make him get things good with Casey again. Sue him. That was purely on own interest.)


He was aware Casey owned a pair of ice skates, living in Canada and all he wasn't surprised, but the day she came home, grinning from ear to ear, informing Nora that she "found an amazing group" and "the rink was bigger than the one in Toronto", his curiosity was awaken.
"what group?", he asked after taking a bite of his freshly made sandwich. Caseys smile faded as she looked at him and her nose wrinkled like it always does, when he talked with food in his mouth. "figure skating - Ugh, can't you eat like a normal human being? You're loosing half your sandwich there", she looked at him disgusted, "you're such a pig.", she added. Derek rolled his eyes in answer. "anyone else can hear this annoying sound?", his eyes locking with Casey's again, "sure sounds like a nagging brat." she gasps, then yelled his name but Derek just gave her an unfriendly smile and left the kitchen.


Dinner would be ready in a few so he crashed into his recliner while he waited. Casey sat on the sofa beside him and flipped a page in her book (God, she's so BORING).
The thought of turning the TV on just to bother her crossed his mind but he decided against it. Instead he watched her reading for a second before he suddenly spoke up:
"Are you any good?"
Casey placed a finger between the pages as she looked up at him, both, confused and annoyed.
"I'm sorry, what?"
"this skating thing. Are you good at it?" There wasn't any reason why he was so interested, but he certainly was. Maybe because he assumed they both knew how much it could hurt to fall onto the hard ice but in some weird way loving the motivation behind the pain. Or something like that. He didn't thought that much about her dancing on ice (or these thight costume dresses she'd wear. Nope.)

Casey blinked a few times before she answered. "I, uhm, yeah. I think so. I never participated in contests, so I've never been officially compared to others but I'm not bad? ", she shrugged her shoulders before continuing, "I mean I could have, I just didn't want to."

Judging by the stare of disbelief she was taken aback by his interest in her hobby. He couldn't blame her since it's so unlikely of him.

"You're pretty ambitious, so I thought you'd love to compete", he added with a shoulder shrug in an attempt to seem nonchalant.

Casey fumbled with the hem of her shirt, avoiding his glare.
"yeah... Maybe that's what's holding me back?", she tried to explain although she stopped talking after that.

Derek furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. He would like to say something about that being stupid or her being a coward, but it felt wrong. She seemed unsure about the reason herself and he knew what it was like to do (or don't do) something without thinking through the reasoning of it. But didn't she want to be rewarded for the hard work? All the muscle strength she needed for the figures and the courage to learn them... He definitely would want that to be recognized.

"I think it would've been a too big distraction from school, you know? And I just do it for fun."

To him that sounded less like a reason but more like a justification. The moment Derek opened his mouth to tell her his thoughts, Nora announced that dinner was ready, so he didn't. He just nooded to Casey and gave a small smile which she returned shyly.