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Roselyn Wood

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I don't feel I was particularly receptive when I went by the name of Roselyn Wood. It never really stuck. Ruby, Jesse, Laydon, James, Sarah, all just slid off my tongue as if I had never had to think of it. From the moment I had them until I shed them off, they were mine. Unlike Roselyn Wood. Roselyn stuck to my throat like molasses every time I introduced her. She was shy and nervous when needed and hid the moment she wasn’t. I tried to get around it by using Rose, Rosey, Wood, R, but they never helped. Roselyn Wood never wanted to be used. She would have rather laid in her room reading, stayed in the corner of a party, sat in the back of the group. A loner with a stutter that never seemed to be able to leave her shell. I never really liked Roselyn Wood. I liked who I became after her instead.