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Discovering His Lady Has Back Dimples Hc w/ The Shield. Sheamus & Elias Samson

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Elias Samson;

Elias found out you had back dimples when he watched you change into a spare set of clothes.

“I never knew you had back dimples,” Elias spoke. Making you look at him with a shocked expression. Shirt halfway on.

“They are cute,” He spoke. Smiling at you. Making you feel flustered. You quickly put your shirt on.

Ever since then he won't stop gushing about them.

Telling you how cute they look.

Elias finds them cute.

His hand will go to them and trace them.

When he and you are cuddling, He will draw circles on them.


Sheamus was in awe and a little surprised he didn’t realize before you had back dimples until now. Your shirt riding up a bit revealing your back dimples, as you brushed your teeth.

You noticed Sheamus gawking at you. You finished brushing your teeth, spitting the toothpaste out then washing your mouth out with water.  Rising your toothbrush before cleaning your tongue, then rinse your toothbrush off again. You turned the tap off as you put the toothbrush in the toothbrush holder.

You turned around. Giving him a sly smirk as he realized he got caught. You skipped over to him. jumping on the bed. Lying down beside him.

“Had a good look,” You teased, thinking he was staring at your ass. But that wasn’t the case. Resting your elbow on the bed as you rested the side of your face on the palm of your hand.

“I was looking at your back dimples,” He defended himself. Making you let out a chuckle as you pulled the covers back. Crawling into bed. Pulling the covers over you.

“Okay, whatever you say,” You spoke. Leaning over to him. Pressing a soft kiss on his cheek. You pulled away. Laying your head on the pillow.

“I was,” He spoke a little louder.

“Mmhmm, Goodnight,” You responded as you closed your eyes…

Sheamus finds them adorable.

Often telling you how cute they are as he traces them. Or touches them.

He often traces them or touches your back dimples without realizing he is touching them. Or maybe he does.

Especially during intercourse.

Dean Ambrose;

Dean discovered your back dimples during sex.

He flipped you onto your stomach still inside of you. That was when he discovered you had back dimples.

Dean was in awe when he saw them. His fingers touching your back dimples.

“You are so gorgeous,” He moaned out….

He often traces your back dimples. Whether he is hugging you or not.

Tracing your back dimples when he gets possessive over you when someone flirts with you. It calms him down.

Dean will also touch/trace your back dimples during sex. Especially when he is giving you oral.

And kiss your back dimples.

Roman Reigns;

Roman adores all of your body. So, when he finds out you have back dimples he adores them as well.

Course he discovered them when the both of you were naked, in the shower. Doing more than just showering.

Roman was behind you. Leaving searing hot kisses along your neck. One of his hands entangled in your hair, while the other one grabbed his shaft, aligning it up with your entrance. Entering you. Both of you moaning.

Roman pushed your head down, making you bend in front of him.

“You can move now,” You gasped out. Grinding your hips against his. Trying to create friction. But he wouldn’t budge.

Roman let go of your hair, his fingers lightly tracing your back dimple. Mouth a gap. As he starred at your back dimples. His other hand touching your other back dimple.

“What?” You gasped out, turning your head and looking over your shoulder. You saw him staring at your lower back.

“Why haven’t I noticed your back dimples before?” Roman gasped out. Still staring at them, his fingers gently caressed them.

You starred at him for a second, mouth a gap. Feeling slightly sexually frustrated and feeling your heart flutter. As much as it made you swoon, he was still inside of you and you needed a release.

“Are you going to fuck me or are you going to keep staring at my back dimples,” You huffed out. not that Roman heard.

“You are so beautiful, He whispered.

“You know you can stare at my back dimples while fucking me, guess I got to do the thrusting,” You spoke, but he still didn’t listen to you, too caught up in admiring your back dimples…

Ever since then, he always compliments your back dimples.

Tracing patterns on your back dimples ever so lightly.

He often uses it to his advantage when both of you have sex.

Kissing your back dimples ever so softly. As he fingers you.  

Or when he eats you out. Either pressing your back dimples or tracing them during sex. Depends.

Seth Rollins;

Seth was in shock and awe when he discovered you had back dimples.

He was watching your match on the monitor backstage. Commentating on your every move.

He stopped talking when he noticed indentations on your lower back.

“She has back dimples,” He cooed. He wondered why he never noticed it until now. Maybe he wasn’t looking hard enough or paying attention.

Seth was too lost in his thoughts about your back dimples to realize your match was over.

He didn’t realize that until you raced over to him. Wrapping your arms around his neck. Pressing your body flush against his.

“I won,” You cheered. Seth quickly pulled away from you turning you around.

You furrowed your eyebrows at his behavior. What the hell was he doing? Did you do something wrong? You thought to yourself.

“So, beautiful,” He cooed, as he traced your back dimples. Making you smirk, then bite your lip.

Oh, he finally saw your back dimples.

“Can I get a hug from you? or do you want to trace my back dimples some more?” You teased. Turning your head and looking at him over your shoulder.

“The second option,” He spoke, still tracing them as you chuckled…

Just like Roman he uses your back dimples as an advantage during sex, and oral sex.

Caressing your back dimples, tracing them.

Staring at them in awe at night as you lay on his chest, or if you have your back to him.