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Mr Pickle Tickle

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Mr Pickle Tickle

With Nic’s words of “Less role, more play” ringing in her ears, and having just closed the nursery room door, Chloe pressed herself towards her girlfriend with Nic shuffling backwards to lean against the table in the middle of the room. 

As soon as Nic backed up to the table, the sound of her backside leaning onto the table wasn’t the only thing her ears picked up and she felt something behind her.

The clown lamp!

Nic felt the object tipping over as if in slow motion. Aaron and David’s prized possession that was sitting in the nursey her and Chloe were beginning to re-paint for the guys had been knocked over and was about to smash against the floor.

Nic had thought Chloe’s eyes had been all on her, like hers had been all on Chloe, but then in the fastest move she’d ever seen, Chloe’s long arm reached beside her towards the lamp. Nic held her breath as Chloe missed catching the lamp but almost couldn’t believe her eyes when Chloe’s hand latched onto the lamp’s cord.

The lamp still clattered towards the ground but stopped a mere inch from hitting it.

Nic breathed deeply as Chloe dragged the lamp up momentarily before tugging at the cord and then letting the lamp sit upright on the ground and dropping the cord from her hand.

Nic stared up at Chloe, “Thank you for saving my bacon, Chlo. I can’t believe I almost wreaked everything! Aaron and David never would’ve forgiven me if I’d smashed their lamp.”

“Oh, c’mon, it’s just a lamp…a creepy as hell clown lamp but a lamp,” Chloe chuckled.

“Yes, but it was in here with their special stuff which means it’s important to them and I almost ruined it,” Nic declared.

“Well, we could always actually knock it off the table properly to make it flawless with some nip and tucking with glue,” Chloe teased, then at the look on Nic’s face, “It’s just a lamp, it didn’t even break, David and Aaron aren’t going to know we nearly smashed it.”

“Thanks to your super quick hands,” Nic finally relaxed at knowing they hadn’t made a mess of something important to the co-parents of her baby.

“I do believe you’ve said before you like my super quick hands,” Chloe whispered flirtatiously.

“I have said that,” Nic giggled playfully, “Let’s put them to good use, Chlo.”

Chloe leant forwards, kissing Nic softly, “Let’s get out of these overalls so I can.”

Nic didn’t need any further encouraging as she kissed Chloe again, pulling her back against her body, then leaned up to undo the straps on her overalls, smiling when Chloe had already done the same to her own.

Chloe’s overalls fell to the ground quickly, with the blonde kicking them to the side, before seeing Nic’s overalls hadn’t quite done the same. Chloe brought their lips back together as she yanked at Nic’s overalls until they came lose over her pregnant belly, falling to the floor. Chloe helped Nic step out of the overalls, dragging them off her feet.

Nic blushed as she sat back gently on the table in the middle of the room, watching as Chloe stood back above her, then Chloe reaching her hand to the edge of her underwear.

Chloe paused, “Everything okay?”

Nic’s face flushed again, “I always get nervous with you…thought it was getting obvious by now.”

“Don’t be,” Chloe whispered gently as she leant closer to her girlfriend, before sliding her underwear down her legs and standing back up again when Nic had safely kicked them away, “I like making love to you.”

Nic placed her hand on her belly, “You mean despite the baby bump I have that I swear is getting bigger by the day and one day very soon like in the next week or so you’re not going to want--”

Chloe reached out and placed her own hand on top of Nic’s, “I want this, I want you, okay? Don’t make assumptions about me not wanting you. I knew what I was getting into when we started seeing each other. As long as you’re comfortable, I want to be with you.”

“Okay,” Nic whispered, kissing Chloe’s lips softly, “I just worry sometimes…”

“There’s no need to,” Chloe reassured her simply, then winking, “Now, can we do that thing that we…?”

“Should probably go home to do but it feels like we’re too late to…? Aaron and David are going to kill us if they find out we slept together in their house…the nursery,” Nic realized as Chloe slid her hand down her belly to her hip.

“It’ll be our little secret,” Chloe smirked.

Nic blushed once more, “Well, I am leaning against this table without my pants on…it would be rude not to let you take advantage of me here and now and make you wait until we get home.”

“You’re very noble, Nic, not wanting to make either of us wait,” Chloe teased, sliding her hand between her girlfriend’s legs.

“That’s one way to…look at it,” Nic sputtered out as she sat back more on the table, feeling the tips of Chloe’s index and middle finger teasing her entrance, “Stop driving me crazy wanting you, Chlo.”

Chloe smiled into a kiss with the redhead, feeling Nic wrap each of her arms around her upper back, before she slid her two fingers gently inside her girlfriend, “This okay?”

“Always gonna check to make sure I’m comfortable,” Nic pointed out gently, realizing Chloe always asked her if she was okay when they slept together, shifting her body closer to Chloe’s hand, letting her slide in deeper, “Is that just because I’m pregnant or because you like to make sure I like what you do to me?”

“Both,” Chloe admitted.

“I like,” was all Nic could manage to rasp out as Chloe began sliding her fingers gently in and out of her, picking a pace that she was glad Chloe seemed to sense she could handle, “Do you know what else I like besides your quick hands?”

“I think I do,” Chloe winked suggestively before ducking her head down and adding her tongue between her girlfriends’ legs.

Nic leant back further on the table, spreading her legs further, enjoying all the pleasure Chloe was offering her.

It didn’t take too long for Nic to cry out in orgasm as Chloe brought her over the edge. Chloe stood back up gently reaching out her arms and taking Nic into them, pressing her lips to Nic’s forehead lovingly, “Happy we didn’t waste time going home?”

“More than happy,” Nic chuckled happily, then kissing Chloe deeply, “And now I get to make you as happy as you make me.”

“Hmm I like the sound of that,” Chloe whispered, smiling when the redhead slid herself off of the table, Chloe taking her hands and twisting them around until Chloe was standing against the table.

Nic leant up, continuing to kiss Chloe as she slipped her fingers into the waistband of Chloe’s panties, with Chloe ducking down to strip herself of the garment.

Chloe then placed her hands over Nic’s, slipping them to their destination, moaning when she felt Nic’s fingers inside her. Chloe stood there against the table, thrusting her hips with the movements of Nic making love to her.

Chloe leant back when Nic brought her to orgasm, smirking to herself as her girlfriend barely took a breath before crouching down between her legs, spreading them further before pressing her lips to Chloe’s folds. Chloe threw back her head at the feeling of Nic kissing her softly, then moaned loudly when her tongue slid inside her fire.

“That’s it, babe,” Chloe encouraged, enjoying the love she felt from the woman with every moment she was with Nic.

A while later, Chloe slowly helped Nic do her overalls back up, leaning in and kissing her gently afterwards. Chloe blushed as the kiss made her want to be with Nic all over again but she pulled back from Nic and Nic moaned quietly in disappointment when the nursery room door suddenly opened.

Aaron stepped into the nursery, none the wiser over what he’d nearly walked in on had he been there moments earlier, impressed by the way the girls had set up the room ready to paint it, “Wow, so that’s the colour. Guys, this is going to look great!”

Chloe and Nic couldn’t help but stand there next to one another, feeling guilty that they’d barely gotten any work done on the room and should’ve had the first coat of paint on in the time they’d been working on the nursery, and gotten more than distracted by one another in the middle of Aaron and David’s nursery.

Aaron finally turned to the couple, seeing the flushed looks on their faces, “Well, unlike you two, what’s wrong?”

Chloe and Nic could only look at one another, blushing heavily, waiting for Aaron to realize they hadn’t done as much work as they should’ve.

Aaron suddenly frowned as it dawned on him, that the couple were blushing profusely and both their clothes were frazzled, then he saw the clown lamp sitting upright on the floor by the table they were standing next to.

Aaron quickly leant down and picked up the lamp from the floor, holding it in his hands, as he blurted out to the couple, “Oh no! No, no, no, no, no! Oh…c’mon! This is how you treat him…you had sex in front of Mr. Pickle Tickle.”

Nic nearly burst out laughing at the name Aaron had called the clown lamp but she was still so shocked she had nearly smashed the lamp and now it was clear the way Aaron was holding the lamp that it was important to them.

Chloe scrambled out an answer to her older brother, embarrassed at being caught out by him knowing she’d slept with her girlfriend in his baby’s nursery, “It’s not that big a deal. We can replace it with a less fugly one. One that will never know what we did here.”

“Chloe, I’m sorry but you cannot replace Mr. Pickle Tickle after you scarred him for life having sex in our baby’s nursey! It’s a Tanaka family heirloom! It’s bad luck to have sex in front of such an heirloom! Why do you think we had it stashed in here?” Aaron shook his head at the couple.

“Oh no,” Nic claimed in horror, “Well, it’s just one thing led to another and…I mean babies normally happen because of…so it didn’t feel wrong of Chloe and I to…do that thing here…we should’ve gone home to do it.”

Aaron watched as the girls both continued to look as guilty as hell about their sexcapades, “Yeah, David’s going to be a mess when he finds out you gave his family heirloom bad luck!”

As the words were out of Aaron’s mouth, David came into the room, “Hey guys, what’s the plan of attack?”

Aaron could do nothing but stare at the two women then down at the lamp in his hands before glancing over at his husband then looking in the same direction all over again.

Sensing the tension in the room, David asked, “Is everything…okay?”

Aaron then began to hand David the clown lamp as Chloe and Nic threw up their hands in embarrassment.

“We had sex in front of Mr. Pickle Tickle,” Chloe blurted out, at the same time as Nic apologized, “I’m so sorry, David.”

Chloe’s admission left David shocked and as he reached out for the lamp which Aaron was handing him, the lamp fell out of his hands and smashed into numerous pieces on the ground at his feet.

“We made you kill Mr. Pickle Tickle,” Chloe cried out in regret.

Trying to make up for making David drop his family heirloom in shock, Nic decided to offer, “David, I give you express permission to destroy one of my most prized possessions.”

David glanced at his husband, seeing the look in his eyes before turning around slightly, unable to face the girls.

Nic turned to Chloe, feeling David’s deserved disappointment at them, when all she wanted to do for the guys was something nice for them.

David finally turned back to the women, eying the shattered pieces of what used to be the lamp at his feet, “You mean…the cheap, creepy lamp Mum gave me that I’ve been looking for an excuse to bin?”

Nic groaned in confusion at Aaron as she shrugged her shoulders downwards, “What?”

Chloe glanced between Nic and the guys, “This isn’t a special heirloom where it’s bad luck to have sex in front of it?”

David and Aaron cracked up laughing at the pair with David announcing, “No! It’s an abomination!”

“You clown!” Chloe squealed at Aaron.

Aaron chuckled deeply as he pointed his finger at them, “You should’ve seen your faces! A family heirloom you can’t have sex in front of?”

David grinned at the couple, “We’ve got things under control with Brent getting help so we have time to dedicate to helping the pair of you…actually getting on with the job and painting the nursery for us.”

“We are gonna focus all of our energy on you,” Aaron declared to Nic.

“You and the baby are our number one priority, always will be,” David re-iterated.

“Even with my…tendencies to make you smash your clown lamp?” Nic teased gently.

“Trust me, making me smash this clown already sweetened an already sweet deal,” David decided.

Aaron grinned at David before looking over at the girls once more, “Next time, go home, have sex in front of your own…creepy clown lamp!”

As Chloe was about to point out that she would never have a clown lamp in her house, she could only nod because they were right that she and Nic should’ve gone home to sleep together, instead of losing control and having sex in the middle of her future nieces’ nursery.

Chloe blushed at Nic, “We’ll do that…next time.”

Nic blushed straight back, “Next time…”

The End