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Gojo kept chewing his straw.

He pulled it between his front teeth and worried small grey lines into the black plastic. He’d take a sip of his drink, then chew it again. He didn’t even bother to take out the straw when he spoke. Just let his lips and teeth bounce off it as he formed words.

It was driving Nanami crazy. He was fixated on it.

Gojo pulled his mouth off the straw for a second. Nanami noticed a small tear in the very top. It was only going to get worse the longer Gojo chewed.

Maybe he would run out of liquid in the cup before the straw gave out. Nanami wasn’t sure he was patient enough to find out.

“What’s up your ass?” Gojo asked, picking his cup back up.

“What?” Nanami responded lamely.

“You look even more serious and broody than usual. You know I think it’s cute but it's not very encouraging on a date.”

The straw disappeared behind Gojo’s damp lips. He pressed them together and sucked. Nanami finally blinked.

“This is not a date.”

“Sure it is. Your fine ass and my fine ass, sitting down having coffee.”

“Distracting me during our workday and making me buy your coffee is not a date.”

“You need to take breaks. Union rules.”

“We are sorcerers, Gojo. We don’t have a union.”

Gojo twisted the plastic between his front teeth. Nanami was gonna lose it.

“You should really work on that,” Gojo smiled. With his mouth wide open Nanami got a clear view of the flat of Gojo’s pink tongue pressing against the length of the straw before folding around it and sucking again. Nanami crossed his legs.

“Besides I know you love spending time with me.”

“Not when I’m supposed to be working.”

“Why do you insist on hurting me like this? You would rather be dealing with curses than sitting with little ole me. How will my pride recover?” Even through his blindfold, Nanami could tell Gojo's eyes were open and mischievous.

His tongue licked across his teeth. It made a small wet sound. Nanami willed himself not to crush his own coffee cup. Damn that straw and that man.

“Your ego is as never-ending as your determination to frustrate me,” Nanami lifted his cup and sipped at the to-go cup but there was nothing left. He had practically chugged it while watching Gojo.

“It’s your own fault for having the sexiest furrowed brows. I love when you get mad at me,” Gojo moved his jaw back and forth over the plastic. This had to end soon. It couldn’t last forever.

“That is one of the worst compliments you have ever given me.”

“We both know that is definitively not true! You cringed much more when I said you had a pretty-”

“Stop right there. We are in a public cafe.”

“How else are you supposed to know if I don’t tell you these things? Not like you can see it for yourself,” Gojo sucked on the straw then let it out of his mouth to rest the tip against his lower lip. “Or have you? Nanami, that is very naughty if you have.”

“Will you please shut up and finish your coffee?”

Gojo leaned back into his chair spreading his knees wide. He made a big show with his arms, putting his iced coffee to his lips and sucking hard. Nanami watched unblinking as Gojo’s adam’s apple bobbed with his quick intake of the drink. He only looked up from the lines of Gojo’s throat to watch his mouth. Pinched in a tight pink circle around the straw.

Nanami was gonna snap. Gojo was driving him crazy in every sense of the word. His skin felt hot all over and he barely noticed the shuffle of people around them. He had started to bounce his knee just for something to do.

Gojo finished his coffee with three very loud and dramatic slurps as the straw desperately tried to pull up more liquid. Gojo placed the empty cup in the middle of their table and exhaled. Nanami eyed the top of the straw.

It was destroyed.

It was bent in several places and had countless teeth marks and indentations. The tear was now over three centimeters in length and the sharp edges were chewed down. A droplet of liquid was stuck in one of the folds of the plastic. When Gojo shifted in his chair he bumped the table shaking the drop of spit loose. It ran freely down the length of straw settling on the cup lid.

Nanami swallowed the pool of spit in his own mouth.

“There. Now if you are so desperate to get away from me, you may.” Gojo pouted, Nanami knew he wasn’t actually upset. He just couldn’t resist being dramatic for more than five minutes.

He was right about one thing. Nanami was desperate. Not to get away but to get much closer. His skin was hot all over in need. His eyes could only focus on Gojo’s lips and the disgusting straw. Everything else was a gentle hum in the back of his mind.

Nanami flared his nostrils and pulled in two hard breaths. This was a bad idea that was sounding better and better by the second. He stood and grabbed their now empty cups. He carried them over to a trash can. He gave the mangled straw one last hard stare and made up his mind. He dropped it into the trash can.

“Are you at least going to kiss me goodbye?” Gojo asked playfully when Nanami came back over to the table. He stared at Gojo and clenched his jaw. Yeah, he was going to do this.

“Follow me.”


“I said follow me, Satoru.”

Gojo’s goofy smile slipped at the sound of his given name. They stared at each other for a moment. Something must have clicked because the mood between them shifted. This was no longer an innocent coffee break between co-workers. It was tense and thrumming with heat.

Nanami didn’t explain any more to Gojo. He simply started walking to the back of the cafe. He didn’t look behind himself for Gojo. He knew the other man would follow him. Knew he was likely watching Nananmi’s back intensely from across the cafe.

He turned down a short corridor that had three doors branching off it. He passed the first two and glared at the third. He pushed on the door, it gave easily under his hand. The bathroom was vacant. The contents of the single washroom were completely standard and thankfully clean. Well, clean enough.

Nanami reached up and loosened his tie and watched the door. Less than a minute later Gojo stepped into the small bathroom and locked the door behind him. He had on a wry smile that Nanami just knew went up to his eyes.

“You have really surprised me, Kento. Did I get you all worked up?” Gojo leaned against the locked door. Frankly, yes. Gojo had gotten him worked up and suddenly being locked in a public bathroom didn’t feel that surprising a choice anymore. “I didn’t think you enjoyed my compliments. Especially of that variety.”

“It’s not the compliments. It’s the fact that you never close your damn mouth.”

Like someone had fired off a starting gun they met in the middle of the space between them. It almost hurt, the force of their mouth meeting. Nanami didn’t really have time to register the stinging in his lips as his tongue was already moving of its own accord.

It pushed past Gojo’s soft lips and into his mouth. Gojo’s mouth tasted vaguely like coffee but entirely of himself. Nanami’s tongue slid and pressed into Gojo’s as they tasted the familiarness of each other.

Nanami cupped his hand around the back of Gojo’s neck and held him still as he forcefully licked into his mouth. Gojo’s hands slid under Nanami’s suit jacket and roamed his back pulling their bodies as close as their mouths.

One of Gojo’s hands went a little too far down and groped at Nanami’s ass. His strong fingers kneaded the muscular flesh and dug in almost painfully. Nanami used his whole body to shove Gojo back against the door.

The taller man slammed into the wood with a grunt but didn’t pause his mouth for a second. The same teeth Nanami had watched destroy that straw were now grinding on his lower lip. Gojo bit and sucked the flesh of Nanami’s lip into his mouth.

The entire thing was desperate and sloppy. He could feel the mixture of their spit running down his chin. It wasn’t enough. Nanami shifted a leg between Gojo’s and pressed up. Gojo groaned at the pressure on his groin releasing Nanami’s bottom lip.

Nanami kept his leg in place and went back to tasting Gojo’s mouth. His lips always had an inhuman shine to them but now they were covered in glossy spit that reflected the light of the bathroom. Nanami had needed this badly.

Gojo gripped Nanami by the hips roughly. He rocked down onto Nanami’s thigh and pulled him by his hips up against Gojo. They were both painfully hard as they rocked and grinded together. Nanami felt a stab of pleasure every time his dick rubbed against the zipper of his pants.

Their kisses devolved into a tangling of their tongues and heavy gasps. He pulled back from Gojo’s face and stared at the mess they had made across his mouth. Nanami brought up the hand not holding Gojo’s hand and pressed the pad of his thumb into Gojo’s bottom lip.

He pressed down on the wet lip revealing a row of perfectly white straight teeth and eventually the tops of pink gums. A red swollen tongue ran across the teeth and swiped at the tip of Nanami’s thumb. He involuntarily exhaled.

Gojo’s mouth curved into a smile against his thumb. He was going to say something. Something teasing and Nanami really didn’t care to hear it. He instead shoved to of his fingers into Gojo’s mouth. His lips were lax in surprise but quickly tightened to suck on Nanami’s fingers.

Nanami pried open Gojo’s mouth, putting pressure on his jaw, and watched intently as that absurd tongue licked over and between his fingers. Gojo worked his tongue and hip in a coordinated way, grinding down onto Nanami every time the tip worked between the knuckles in his mouth.

Nanami held open Gojo’s mouth as he licked inside. Gojo moaned deep and low around Nananmi’s tongue. He dipped into every crevice and traced the inner lines of Gojo’s mouth with his tongue. When he finally pulled back he wiped his chin on his sleeve before shoving down on Gojo’s shoulders.

Gojo went willingly, knees bending under Nanami’s strong grip. He slid down the bathroom door until his knees landed on the tile. Gojo looked up through his blindfold at Nanami. He watched his face with a dark smile as Nanami undid his own belt and the front of his pants.

As soon as the zipper was finally over his hard length Gojo dug long fingers into Nanami’s waistband and pulled. In two harsh tugs, Nanami’s cock bounced free and his pants settled behind his knees. The sudden exposure to the cool air of the bathroom made him shiver.

Gojo licked one sloppy line up the underside of Nanami’s cock. When his tongue reached Nanami’s head he leaned forward and took the tip into his mouth. Gojo’s lips clammed down like a vice under the head. Nanami swallowed a moan.

Gojo sucked again this time adding his fist to stroke around the shaft. The movements were smooth from the spit but still intentionally tight and rough. Because everything with Gojo was always equal parts suffering and bliss.

The tip of that evil tongue pressed into the slit of his cock tasting the precome Nanami knew Gojo was pulling out of him. He did it again and Nanami’s breathe hitched and his hips stuttered forward.

Gojo just hummed and sank down his head down the length. He couldn't take it all in but the pressure of his lips sliding down around Nanami was immense and incredible. Gojo started bobbing his head taking in a little more each time.

It was the sloppiest they had ever been. Spit mixed with precome dripped from Gojo’s chin and Nananmi’s cock. He was about to close his eyes and lean his head back when Gojo’s mouth and touch vanished. Nanami’s neck snapped down to look as Gojo put two of his own fingers into his mouth. He worked them over quickly, licking between his knuckles. The thick spit left stings connecting the digits when he eventually pulled them out of his mouth.

The wetness on his cock in the open air was practically stinging. He needed to be back inside Gojo’s sinful mouth. Nanami put a hand into Gojo’s hair and fisted it tightly. He pulled at Gojo’s wrist with the other forcefully removing Gojo’s fingers from his mouth.


Gojo smiled briefly before opening his mouth wide and Nanami pulled Gojo’s mouth back around his cock. Once he was back in the wet heat he relaxed his grip slightly and Gojo went back to bobbing and sucking.

Something cold and wet dipped between Nanami’s ass cheeks. He jumped slightly at the touch and pushed forward into Gojo’s mouth. Gojo swallowed reflexively and Nanami almost yelled. The cold touch persisted and Nanami realized it was Gojo’s slicked-up fingers as one pressed against his hole.

“Satoru,” Nanami half questioned and half moaned. The finger pressed in as far as the first knuckle. Standing made it hard to relax around the digit and Gojo was still hollowing out his cheeks over Nanami’s length.

Nanami tightened his grip in Gojo’s hair when he pushed in up to the second knuckle. He was pulled between the pleasure around his cock and the slight sting behind him. It all blurred into one when Gojo started pumping his finger in and out of Nanami.

He leaned over Gojo’s body to brace his forearm against the door and willed his hips to stay still. It was next to impossible to not thrust into Gojo’s mouth and try to relax enough for Gojo’s long finger.

He tugged roughly on Gojo’s hair when a second finger began to press at him. Gojo only moaned around Nanami in his mouth. The vibrations ran along his cock and he squeezed his eyes shut. “Oh, fuck. Satoru, ah.” Gojo hummed again and started to suck harder but slowed his bobbing slightly putting more vibrations and pressure at the head.

The second finger slid in right next to the first and immediately joined the quick drag in and out of the tight ring of muscle. It stung but Nanami couldn't help pushing back onto Gojo’s fingers. When he moved his hips back Gojo’s mouth chased him.

Then Gojo’s fingers brushed against his prostate. Nanami gasped loud over Gojo and bit into his own arm to keep quiet. Gojo adjusted the angle of his wrist and started prodding his fingers directly into the bundle of nerves.

He had no control over his hips now. They shoved back further onto Gojo’s fingers and then forward into his mouth when the fingers hit that spot inside him. It was overwhelming and he knew he couldn’t stay like this.

In mere minutes his thighs started to shake with the effort of holding himself up and not pounding into Gojo’s throat. His thrusts became more erratic as heat filled his stomach. Gojo’s other hand gripped at Nanami’s hip to keep him from thrusting too far forward.

Gojo rubbed hard but tender circles with his thumb into Nananmi’s hip bone while his other hand fucked into Nanami. It was a simple touch but it was completely different from every other sensation. Gojo gave one more hard suck around Nanami’s head and he was coming. He bit into his own arm hard and saw white. It was intense and unbelievably satisfying. Gojo took it all into his mouth and swallowed around Nanami’s quickly softening length.

The fingers brushed against his prostate again and it almost hurt with how sensitive he felt. It stung when Gojo pulled them out slowly a second later. He was still breathing heavily and braced against the door but he let go of Gojo’s hair. Gojo rose from the floor with a very accomplished look on his face.

Nanami took one more steadying breath and pulled his pants up from around his knees. When he was coming back up to stand he remembered how hard Gojo must have still been. He reached out and cupped Gojo through his pants. He was still painfully hard. Gojo tried to smile it away but when Nanami squeezed slightly he sucked in a tortured breath.

Nanami shoved one hand into Gojo’s pants gripping his cock roughly. It’s entire length was wet with his own precome. The slick was lewd and easy. Nanami's other hand came back up to Gojo’s mouth prying it open with his fingers like he had earlier.

His mouth was filled with so much spit like it was watering from Nanami’s cock. He almost felt like he could get hard again just staring at all the pretty pink of Gojo’s mouth. His lips only added to this feeling, covered in come and spit and swollen in a light shade of red. He loathed and loved that mouth.

“Do you see what I have to do, Satoru?” Nanami asked low and rough as he started stroking Gojo fast and hard. “All of this just to occupy that mouth of yours.”

Gojo gripped at Nanami’s arms, long fingers holding around his wrists but not pulling them away just squeezing like he had no control what those hands did to him. He was right. He didn’t. Nanami twisted his wrist at the top of each stroke, fast and cruel. Gojo groaned over Nanami’s fingers.

“Now that I know this is an effective way of using your filthy, loud mouth I think I’ll shut you up a little more often. How does that sound?”

Gojo tossed his head back, banging it roughly against the door. The action only stretched his jaw wider. Gojo was thrusting up into Nanami’s tight fist. His nails were starting to dig into Nanami’s arms. He was close.

“Your mouth only gets me into trouble. Has me needing to fuck your throat in a public toilet. So fucking disgusting. That’s what you want, isn’t it? That’s why you push me. That’s what you need. Someone to shut you the fuck up and fill this pretty mouth.”

Gojo moaned and banged his head again. His cock throbbed in Nanami's hand and come shot over his knuckles and up his wrist. Some even dripped down to the tile floor. Nanami continued to stroke him through his orgasm, the spurts of come getting less and less strong.

Gojo leaned his full weight back against the door. His mouth hung open even after Nanami retracted his fingers. Nanami finished properly putting on his own pants and redoing his belt before collecting a handful of paper towels.

He wiped away the spit that was covering Gojo’s chin and neck. He hummed at Nanami’s touch. The hum turned into a hiss when the rough texture of the paper towels brushed against his sensitive cock. Nanami diligently wiped at the spattering of come on Gojo’s clothes and then the floor. He wiped the excess sticky stuff from his hands before disposing of the towels.

He washed his hands under hot water, scrubbing at the sticky remnants of Gojo’s come and spit between his two hands. Large hands came around his waist as he scrubbed down with some soap. A chin landed on his shoulder. Nanami glanced up at the mirror and made indirect eye contact with Gojo who had a big lazy smile pressed between his lips.

“That was so fucking hot, Kento. Holy crap.” Nanami let half his mouth curl into a smile as he dried his hands.

Nanami twisted his head to the side and kissed Gojo. He no longer tasted like coffee. Nanami felt very good, his fixation about the straw and Gojo’s mouth completely alleviated. “Did you mean it?”

“Mean what?” Nanami asked, leaning his back against Gojo’s chest.

“You plan on shutting me up like this more often?” His smile went deviant and Nanami returned to his senses. The idea was very appealing but right now Nanami was remembering they were in a cafe’s bathroom and anyone might have heard what he had said.

“I have to go back to work.”

“No! Not the dreaded W word! We were having such a sensual moment!!” Gojo whined as Nanami detangled himself from long limbs.

Nanami threw away his wet paper towels and unlocked the bathroom door. He left the bathroom and started towards the entrance of the cafe.

Gojo was, of course, close behind and catching up.