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10 Reasons Why Jack Zimmermann Would Make The Best Dad Ever (Gifs included!!)


1. Ultimate Dad Bod

Let's get real here for a second. Hockey players are ripped, but they're not only muscle and bone either. When you're watching TV, Zimmermann's big enough for you and that baby, baby.


2. Ultimate Dad Strength

Okay, this is crossing on Reason #1's territory, but seriously, have you seen those arms? These are one-grocery-bag-trip arms. And definitely I-can-hold-two-toddlers-at-once-as-we're-mountain-climbing arms.


3. He cares

Zimmermann drives an electric car. A man who cares about the environment sure cares about the world he leaves to his kids.


4. A lot

Jack Zimmermann is a spokesperson for You Can Play. He's contributed money to the cause, coached at the You Can Play summer camps, and made speeches at events even though public speaking isn't exactly a favorite amongst hockey players. A class act, that guy, who will accept and support your kids just as they are.


5. Like a lot, a lot

Here you can see his contribution to the team's annual calendar fundraiser. You're welcome. Very welcome.


6. He's actually an artist?

Nothing screams emotional intelligence like the soul of an artist, and our sources say Jack Zimmermann has followed a photography seminar during his college years. You want pretty pictures of you and the baby on the beach at sunset for your Instagram? Have them. Have them all.


7. He'd treat your like a princess. Or a prince. Or a non-binary noble person.

This is a bit of an extrapolation because we don't know much about Zimmermann's dating life, but to quote Shark's goalie Christopher Chow when asked in a Puck Personality video which player in the league he would be most likely to go on a date with: "Oh my god, Jack Zimmermann, for sure! I played with him in college, can you believe that? He's the best. The absolute best! A real gentleman, too, like he'd open the door for me and ask the waiter for a candle, unless we're staying at home because he has insisted on cooking my favorite meal or— Heh. I mean. I'm married. But Jack Zimmermann? Yeah. You gotta love him!"

Yes, the internet's ovaries exploded. And if Chris Chow, the NHL's sweetheart, says Jack Zimmermann is a sweetheart, then who are we to believe otherwise?


8. But he's not all soft either…

No, Zimmermann is known for his intense style of playing, something that translates outside of the rink, too. Remember back in 2019 when he physically restrained a man who was bullying a woman in a bar? Yep. Jack Zimmermann would protect you and your babies with his very own life.


9. It's a matter of tradition

Zimmermann is an awesome guy all around, but let's not forget he's the captain of a hockey team. He has three Stanley Cups in his bag and the possibility to win a few more… And then, he'll need a baby to put in that cup, just like his parents did when he was a few months old. No poop, this time, we hope.


10. He loves kids

Jack Zimmermann has been working as a coach in his late teen years, and since then, has participated in the Falconers' kid program and hockey summer camp. That's a man ready to have your babies.