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Holiday in Turkey

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Charles arrived in Turkey a couple of hours before Camilla and he wanted to make sure that everything was perfect especially their room. Charles sat down on the bed and looked out of the window, he could not wait to see Camilla, after almost a month apart a holiday, love and some relaxation would be the best medicine for both of them. Charles decided to change into something more comfortable and something more holiday-like. Then he went into the living room and was greeted by his friend Jack and together they had a drink while waiting for Camilla and the rest of the guests to arrive. Jack looked at Charles over his drink, he could see Charles was impatient, he was walking up and down the room looking out of the window every 2 minutes.

"She is going to be here in half an hour, pacing the room will not bring her here more quickly" - Charles looked at his friend and nodded. He was very restless, his heart was pacing and he had butterflies in his stomach.

"I know, I just can't wait to see her. I haven't seen her in a month and I am going crazy without her" - Charles took a sip of his drink and started walking again. Jack smiled, he knew his friend was madly in love and he was happy to help the cutest and in-love couple he had ever seen. He was happy they could have this quiet and relaxing holiday together and he was especially glad to see Charles smiling, it did not happen very often recently and he could always see a big smile on Charles' face every time Camilla was around.

"I know. You are going to have so much fun this week and so much relax, this place is amazing" - Charles nodded and smiled.

"It is. Thank you for inviting us and for all you have done for us. It really means a lot" - Charles was grateful for his friend. He was one of the few people that always stood by his side and always supported his relationship with Camilla. He understood that they loved each other and that they just wanted to live a normal life and be together.

Charles, after 20 minutes, decided to go outside to wait for Camilla. He smiled thinking about her, he was really happy to have an entire week with her, without duty or worries. At home was hell, he felt out of place, misunderstood and a failure, but with Camilla, he could be himself without worrying about being judged and without worrying about not being loved. She made him so happy and he felt so loved when he was with her that he would never leave her again. It did not matter what life had in store for him, Camilla would always be in it, he was sure of it and he wasn't going to let his family break them up a third time. This time they had promised each other that they would stick together no matter what and they would fight for their love.

Finally, he saw a car approaching and his heart started racing, then he saw her, her beautiful blue eyes and her warm and sincere smile. He opened the door for her and helped her out of the car. Then without waiting to be inside he took her into his arms, kissed her passionately and hugged her tightly inhaling her scent. She smelled like flowers, summer and freedom and she looked absolutely beautiful.

"I love you" - Charles whispered sweetly in her ear, she smiled and kissed him on his cheek. She looked him in the eyes and caressed his cheek, oh how she missed her handsome Prince, she thought. One month was way too long without seeing each other.

"I love you too darling" - they kissed again and smiled, then they went into the house and Charles showed Camilla their room.

"I missed you so much" - once the door was closed Camilla put her arms around Charles' neck and kissed him deeply.

"Oh darling, you have no idea how much I missed you" - Charles lifted her and twirled her around. Camilla laughed and hugged her wonderful Prince, she was glad to see Charles so happy. During the last month, she had watched him on television during his engagements and she could see he was not happy, he looked depressed and sad and now seeing him so carefree and smiling lifted her heart.

"Do you want to change and get more comfortable?" - Camilla nodded and decided to take a quick shower and change. Charles in the meantime sat on the bed smiling like a dreamer, how lucky he felt. When Camilla emerged from the bathroom Charles gasped, she took his breath away.

"You look absolutely stunning" - Camilla smiled, she was wearing a summer blue dress that matched perfectly her eyes. Charles kissed his darling and looked at her again, he could not stop staring at her, she was so sexy. Then together hand in hand they went to the dining room.

They had dinner with their friends and had a marvellous time. They eat, drank and laughed. They talked and engaged with everyone, but Charles always made sure he was close enough to Camilla, he could not stand to be separate from her for more than a couple of minutes. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her and he had a big smile all evening. Their friends knew how much they loved each other and they were happy to see them together and carefree.

Around midnight they said goodnight to their friends and went back to their room. They were both exhausted after the long journey, and all they wanted now was to get some sleep. They changed and went to bed.

"I love you my darling" - they exchanged few kisses and smiled at each other. They were so happy and they always slept better in each other's arms, there was no other place they prefer.

"I love you too" - Camilla rested her head on Charles' shoulder and kissed his chest. Charles kissed her hair and caressed her back softly. Then they both fell asleep with a smile on their face knowing that they will have an entire week to be together and made up for the month they were apart.