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"Again?" Jisung says, more to himself than to anyone.

The same guy from the last weeks is sitting at one of the emergency rooms, looking horrible with bruises and cuts all over his body, his clothes torn apart. The leather jacket rests in his lap, folded in two, so his arms are in full display exposing the cuts all over his shoulders, mixed with the scars from previous healed wounds and dirt.

"You take care of him. No one wants to anyways, he will kill us if we do something wrong" one of the nurses says, a tall guy that's almost twice the size of the bruised stranger sitting at the emergency room waiting for treatment.

"You're literally huge, I can't believe you're afraid of him!" Jisung whines each word.

"Come on, you already treated him before!"

Because I was obligated to, he thinks but ends up picking up the ointments, bandages, needles, surgical lines and other things to treat the wounded guy that everyone is afraid of and doesn't want to lay a finger on.

Jisung takes a deep breath and approaches the guy, taking care to not look him in the eyes. He's covered in dirt and with some dry blood around the collar of his sleeveless t-shirt, one of his eyes with a big purple bruise close to the eyebrow and his bottom lip parted in the middle with a trail of dried blood at the corner of his mouth.

"Good night," he says, voice soft and Jisung can't understand… why and how.

The stranger already showed up in that same state during almost all the Fridays or Saturdays from the past month, looking like a kicked puppy… no, more like a street cat that got himself into a fight or something. Every time, Jisung is assigned to take care of him, amend his wounds, clean and stitch his deepest cuts, and place ointments over the bruises while the guy keeps staring at him in silence like he wants to eat Jisung's soul.

One month, today.

This has been happening for one month now.

"Good night, Sir." This is all that Jisung says to the guy, the fear of doing something wrong and ending up with a broken arm or something making Jisung act on autopilot. He concentrates and stitches the guy again, cleaning his wounds and treating his bruises.

Jisung acknowledges that if it wasn’t for all the blood and the red knuckles of his hands, the way his sharp eyes observe all of Jisung’s movements, the guy would actually be very… attractive. The stranger is good looking, he has a well-built body with nice biceps and thick thighs, his sharp eyes that dig holes on Jisung’s face every time he helps to treat his wounds, a defined jaw that clenches when Jisung has to apply some force to the stitches… all of that at the same time his nose has a cute shape and heart lips with a soft pink shade (after being cleaned from the blood, of course).

While stitching one of the deepest cuts at the stranger's left arm, Jisung remembers all the times he showed up beaten and covered in dirt and blood at the hospital. Jisung treated him from the very first night and being a med student interning at the nurse's office, he was used to being assigned to the strangest and hardest things but this guy… He was fairly easy to treat, enduring the pain really well and never complaining when he needed an injection of local anaesthesia or something. That was quite sexy from him…

Jisung was the only one to treat him just because everyone else was afraid of him.

He was afraid of him too at first, but, after one month of taking care of the guy… Jisung thinks that maybe he’s not that dangerous. Maybe. He was really polite towards Jisung and never offended him nor treated him badly.

“Okay, everything done,” Jisung says after cutting the excess of the surgical line and tying up a little knot at the wound he just closed on top of the stranger’s shoulder.

“Thank you,” he says, after long minutes of silence.

Jisung gets up, putting his round glasses on one more time, turning his back at the guy and taking some notes on the medical papers to send the stranger to see a doctor for medical prescriptions when he hears a fake cough close to his back.

“... yes?” Jisung says, turning to the guy. He’s standing right in front of Jisung, a little too close, which makes Jisung almost drop his papers from the scare.

He’s not that tall, just a couple of centimetres taller than Jisung but the threatening aura around him makes him look scarier than a freaking giant.

“you work here?” he asks with the same soft voice.

Jisung coughs.

“y-y-yes…” he stutters, afraid of what comes next.

Then, the stranger looks down, eyes wandering through Jisung’s white coat and then snaps up again.

“Mr Han? Nurse Han? How can I call you?” he asks and Jisung feels his legs tremble.


“I’m Minho, nice to meet you Jisung. Thank you for the stitches during the last month” he says and winks, fucking winks at Jisung who thinks that might just faint right in the spot. He never talked to Jisung beyond “good night” and “thank you”, this is… this is new.

Why Jisung likes that?

“You’re… you’re welcome” he answers and Minho takes a step closer to Jisung, who grips tighter at the papers.

“Your shift ends soon?” he asks and Jisung nods in silence, “nice. You would accept going out for dinner after your shift?” he asks nicely, a smirk stretching the corners of his bruised lips. Jisung stares in silence at Minho and, to his surprise, he nods again.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

That takes a huge bright smile from Minho, turning his eyes in two little crescent moons and it’s… it’s so adorable.

“I’ll make myself presentable… what time can I pick you up?” he asks with a more bright tone and Jisung tries to ignore the butterflies that fly inside his stomach, making him feel lightheaded.

“At midnight, Min… Minho” he answers and Minho smiles at him again.

“Okay, midnight then. See you soon, nurse boy”

And with that, Minho grabs his leather jacket and walks away, leaving a blushing Jisung behind, wobbly legs and racing heart staring back at the empty stool that Minho occupied moments ago.