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Strictly Professional

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“…You two are my best executives, and I want you to throw a little get-together where we can interact with our clients and partners.” Yaga sat at his desk, with his signature sunglasses shielding his eyes. Honestly? His new haircut is looking a little bit weird. You snap out of your thoughts, asking, “I’m sorry did you say two? Who is the other person working on this event with me?” I hope we can get along as professionals and I don’t end up doing the majority of the work.  

Yaga tilts his head, saying, “I said you and Gojo would be working on this assignment. Is there a problem?” Gojo? That man? I haven’t worked with him closely. But besides the frequent comments on his looks, I can tell he’s the type to cause stress. You had seen Gojo every once in a while around and yes his physical features were astonishing, but you just didn’t care enough to pay more attention to him than any other colleague.

  You sighed, “No, of course, there’s no problem,” Your expression changed to one of confusion, you asked, “Wait, if he is on this assignment, then why isn’t he in this meeting?” Yaga opens his mouth to talk when you hear the door open behind you and Gojo enters, striding in a blue unbuttoned shirt and black slacks with a cocky grin on his face. So he shows up late to a meeting, and he doesn’t even seem to have any remorse? Yeah, I know I’m not going to like this man at all. 

Seeing your expression, Gojo smiles and greets, “It's nice to finally meet you, [Y/n]. Now let’s get this meeting started.” Annoyed, you turn to him, replying, “I wish I could say the same for you Gojo, but I don’t have much respect for people who can’t be punctual. And this meeting has already started.” 

Feeling the tension, Yaga sighs, “Well, we’re already off to a rocky start, but I’m trusting that you two can work through this and throw an amazing event. And you have a month to put this together. I’m trusting you guys. Now leave.” 

You quickly turn to the door, leaving with Gojo trailing behind you when he remarks, “Hey, we should give each other’s phone numbers so we can communicate easily.” You maintain your brisk pace towards your own office, replying, “Yeah, sure, my assistant can send it to yours,” when Gojo grabs your hand, pulling towards him. He runs a hand through his hair, smirking, “Princess, why would you do that if you could just give it to me now.” Princess? What the hell is wrong with him? 

You took a breath, retorting, “First of all, I am not your ‘Princess’ and second, I’m busy, so my assistant will give it to you—simple as that.” You start to make your way towards your office again, but Gojo is quick enough to grab your phone from the side pocket of your bag. “Are you actually this immature? How did you ever get this executive position?” You sneered, reaching for your phone, but Gojo raised his hand, keeping it out of reach. 

You reach upwards a little too quickly, and wearing heels, you were about to lose balance when Gojo slipped an arm around your waist, stabilizing you. You feel your skin flush with heat, and Gojo lowered his tone, saying, “Because I’m such a charming gentleman that closes deals, Princess.” He takes a breath, and you feel it on your forehead when he continues, “You can relax, I’ve got you.” Shivers travel down your spine, and you take a step away from him. 

Gojo holds out your phone and beams, “Phone number, please.” You roll your eyes, snatching your phone back, reciting your number before continuing off to your office. Gojo exclaims, “Thanks again, Princess,” and you pick up your pace, not wanting to deal with the man-child for a second longer. 

Later that day, you feel your phone buzz notifying that you received a message from an unknown number saying, Can’t wait to work with you, Princess ;-). You sighed, leaning your head back on your chair, wondering, So, how much of a disaster will this be? 




Over the next few weeks, you and Gojo had to collaborate more and more, and you found that there was a little intellect inside that brain of his. Unfortunately, for the most part, Gojo teased you and just ruined the serene atmosphere you needed to get work done efficiently, and it took you finding ways to trick him into leaving for periods of time. There were also multiple heated moments, where Gojo made lewd jokes that made you flustered and distracted from your work. And yes, he continued to call you Princess despite your requests to stop, and too busy with preparations for this event, you decided to let it drop for the time being. So yes, in all, Gojo was a menace and you honestly hated how you couldn’t control your reactions around him.  


“So Gojo, you’re confirming that we can use the rooftop at your apartment building?” You asked, turning to Gojo, who was lounging on the couch in your office, his head buried in his laptop. 

Looking up with the same old smile, he responds, “Yeah, and it’ll be easy since we can store preparation material in my apartment beforehand.” Wow, he’s being helpful. I wonder how long this will last.  

Gojo walks up to your desk, proposing, “You know Princess, I think you should call me by my first name by the event.” 

You look up from your work with a confused expression, “Why Gojo?” He grins, “To show that we are close and work well together. Since we are hosts, it’ll set a better atmosphere for the event.” You shook your head, responding, “That’s not professional, so I’m not going to do it.” 

Gojo grabs the stack of post-it notes that you have on your desk and begins crumpling them one by one and tossing them at your face. Fuming, you snap, “What the hell is wrong with you?" Gojo quickly responds, “Agree to call me by my first name at the event, and it will stop. And you know that I’m determined to get what I want.” What’s the whole big deal about the use of his first name? I swear this man will give me a heart attack. It was towards the end of the day, you were exhausted and didn’t want to keep arguing, so you gave in, mumbling, “God, I hate you,” dodging the last of the post-it note balls. 

The day of the event eventually arrived, and it surprisingly went well. The atmosphere was relaxed and refined, and your clients and partners felt comfortable allowing for agreements and deals to get finalized. 

Everyone had left, leaving you and Gojo bringing the last of your supplies back to his apartment. Oh wait, you had been calling him by Satoru the entire night, and you were honestly surprised at first about how his given name felt natural to you. 

Satoru had been giving you weird glances the entire night and there were multiple instances of accidental touching and grazing. You couldn’t deny he was attractive, but his personality just irked you. Even thinking about Satoru frustrated you, and also went against your principles about professionalism. 

Setting your bag down, you let out a large sigh, “Thank god it’s finally over.” 

Walking over to you, stretching, Satoru said, “Yeah, now we can just relax.” You breathed, “Yeah, I can go back to not having to deal with you, Satoru,” a smile growing on your face. Looking up at Satoru, who was wearing dark glasses, you notice a smirk growing on his face, and you ask, “What is going on through your head, Satoru?” What shit is he trying to pull? Gojo chuckles, “I’m going to suggest something Princess,” closing the distance with his slow steps. You narrow your eyes, questioning, “Satoru what are—” 

Grabbing onto your wrists, Satoru whispers, “You hate me? Show me exactly how much you hate me. Use me.” You try to create more space between the two of you, but he holds on and you end up being cornered by the wall behind you. 

You reply, “I would hate to make this relationship unprofessional so it’ll be a hard no.” Satoru’s smirk grows into a grin showing his pearly whites. Even his teeth are perfect, every single aspect of this man aggravates me.  

Satoru’s movement interrupts your thoughts as he pulls down his tinted glasses to reveal his piercing eyes. He whispers, “Hate to break it to you princess, but our relationship is anything but professional.” You feel the heat rising to your cheeks and goosebumps down your arms. Hopefully, the melanin makes it hard for him to see what he’s doing to me. But the new glint in his eyes and extra smile line tells you otherwise. 

“Even then, I think we have different ideas of what using you entails.” 

“Oh really, because your racing pulse and heavy breathing tell me otherwise,” he maintains his cocky grin. He continues leaning down and his nose brushes your ear. His voice is now raspy as he says, “Princess maybe for once you should listen to what your body wants.” You feel chills travel down your spine at the mention of the pet name. He’s such a menace. You try to turn your head away from him, but his hand travels to your chin pulling you back to face towards his face again. He whispers, “Ah ah eyes stay on me, Princess.” 

You begin, “Look who’s desperate for att…,” but your voice trails off as he continues to close the space, his floppy white hair tickling your forehead. You lose the last sliver of patience you had, roughly bringing his lips down to yours and grabbing fistfuls of his hair. 

His fingers brush your jawline while your tongues begin a playful, yet desperate tango. Satoru’s other hand travels down your spine to rest on the small of your back, pulling your body closer to his. He breaks the kiss moving across your jawline towards the more sensitive spots on your neck and collarbone. 

Satoru begins mumbling, “You…don’t…know how…much…patience…that took,” leaving numerous kisses and marks to greet you later. You let out a breathy chuckle responding, “Heh, you don’t know how much patience it takes to deal with you every—.“ You let out a soft moan, failing to finish your thought as Satoru has found that special spot in the crook of your neck. 

You feel him grin against your skin as he says, “I’ve finally taken the words out of your mouth.” This little bi—. You’re snapped back to reality as Satoru has moved back to your lips and grabbed your thighs lifting you to take you back to his room. You wrap your legs around his torso and move your hands from his hair to his chest starting to unbutton his blue dress shirt. Satoru continues multi-tasking, continuing the passionate kiss while squeezing your ass causing you to moan into the kiss. 

Upon reaching his room, Satoru lays you on his large bed as you both continue to remove your clothing until you are left in your underwear. Satoru begins to kiss your chest and leave more marks as one of his hands travels up your thighs to start playing with the edge of your panties while the other begins inching towards your bra. You grab his hands causing Satoru to glance up sharply with a tinge of concern in his eyes. 

“Princess are you not ready yet?” He asks softly, shifting upwards so you are face to face once again. 

“Oh no, no, no, that’s not the problem!” Feeling a tinge of remorse for worrying him you begin to avert his eyes but once again his long fingers realign your gaze with his. 

He chuckles, “Princess, I don’t want to have to keep repeating myself.” He leans forward until your foreheads are touching. Continuing with a low voice he says, “Eyes on me when I’m talking to you.” His hands gently caress yours until they are intertwined while he asks, “If you’re ready then what’s the problem, Princess?” Forming a small grin you reply, “I remember you saying that I should use you to show how much I hate you. And I plan to do just that.” That glint in his eyes returns as he pulls your lips to his murmuring, “I’m all yours.” 

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You take his hand moving it towards your bra strap to slip it off mumbling into his mouth, “Start here.” 

A snarky grin begins to form again on Satoru’s face as he says, “Your wish is my command, Princess.” He takes one nipple into his mouth while using one hand to stimulate the other. Your breaths continue to become heavier while your cunt begins to drip with need. Satoru’s other hand moves from admiring your curves to your panties as he starts to rub you through them. You let out a breathy moan to which he replies, “Do you like that Princess,” which sends another shudder throughout your body. That name gets me every damn time

You groan, “Mhmm—fuck Satoru—make…me cum…on your…fingers.” He chuckles and begins to take your panties off with his teeth which makes you squirm a little. Fully exposed before him, he takes a minute to appreciate every part of your skin. Kissing up your thighs between groans he mumbles, “Your body is such a beautiful masterpiece, sweetheart.” Another pet name? I’m going to lose it if he continues like this. Feeling his warm breath move closer and closer towards your pleasure spot you instinctively begin to try to bring your legs together. 

Satoru quickly stops you saying, “Oh sweetheart, you can’t shy away from me now,” bringing two fingers to begin stroking your drenched slit. Satoru being the menace he is, comments, “Look how much your body aches for me, Princess,” as he begins to run circles on your clit. Distracted in a wave of pleasure that begins to build throughout your body you can only respond with soft moans. 

Satoru plunges two fingers into you immediately curling up to find your G-spot earning a loud moan from you. Looking up at your face contorted in pleasure, he begins swirling his tongue around your clit. You begin pulling his hair and he groans into your clit, the vibrations making the knot that has formed in your cunt tighten even more. Satoru begins thrusting his fingers at a faster pace and you begin rocking your hips chasing that release. The continued stimulation from Satoru’s tongue on your clit wears off your patience and you can’t hold back anymore. He knows you’re on the edge and ready saying, “Cum for me, Princess. You know you want to.” 

The use of the pet name pushes you over the edge and you become a moaning mess cumming on his fingers as waves of pleasure wash over you. Satoru takes his drenched fingers out of your pussy, licking all the cum off. You pull his face towards yours entering a passionate kiss tasting yourself on his tongue. Satoru, being ready himself, begins to grind himself on you. You moan into the kiss feeling the pressure of his hard cock through his boxers. 

You break away first saying, “Cute, but I don’t remember saying I was done using you Satoru,” with a sultry grin spreading on your face. He groans into your neck and you chuckle, grabbing his hips and switching positions. 

Rubbing your hands down his bare chest you reach the waistband of his boxers and begin to pull it off his body. Straddling him, you stroke his dick a few times eliciting a few groans from him. You begin to grind yourself on him and the room begins to fill with your lewd sounds. Teasing him, you rub his tip at your entrance. Satoru struggles to maintain his self-control, his hands at your hips pressing deeply. The bruises will be a nice reminder of this in the morning. You begin to slide onto his cock slowly adjusting to the length and girth. 

Satoru waits for you to adjust to his size groaning, “F-fuck sweetheart you feel so good on my cock.” Feeling ready and adjusted, you slide your hands up Satoru’s chest and leaning forward, you begin to move up and down. The sounds of your moans and your hips rocking together fill the room once again. 

Satoru is trying to control his moans and taking the opportunity, you ask him, “You like this darling?” Hearing you use a pet name for him makes the challenge of controlling his sounds even harder. He whines, “Y-yes, Princess” between his heavy breathing. Mustering up the self-control you have, you abruptly slow the pace. “Please Princess,” he begs. With a smirk on your face, you reply, “I like it when you beg.” 

You lean farther forward caressing his cheek and whispering in his ear, “I need to hear you, darling.” Resuming your previous pace, Satoru releases his moans and you feel yourself nearing that edge once again. Resting your forehead on his you say, “I want you to thrust for me—it’s okay to lose control darling.” He lets out a loud moan and begins to lift you and slam you down bottoming out. You feel his cock hitting your cervix and it’s like you were made for each other, stimulating yet not to the point where the only feeling is pain. 

Feeling the impending release you moan, “F-fuck Satoru I’m g- going to—.“ He interrupts you saying, “It’s okay Sweetheart, cum on my cock for me.” You let the coil in your cunt release again. Feeling the walls of your cunt pulsate around his cock Satoru’s thrusts get stronger as he chases his release. The overstimulation causes moans to spill out of your mouth as tears of pleasure balance on your eyelashes. You feel Satoru’s thrusts become irregular and more sloppy and you know he’s close. Leaning closer once again you whisper, “I want to feel your cum up my cunt Satoru. Release for me it’s okay, I’m on the pill darling.” Your moans fill the room once again as you feel Satoru’s dick twitch and shoot hot liquid up your cunt. 

Breathing heavily, you both look into each other’s eyes and share deep kisses as you come off your high. Satoru’s hands begin to move towards your hips to lift you off his cock, but you protest, “No, please can we stay like this a little while darling.” He chuckles and you lay on his chest enjoying the feeling of the two of you being physically connected. Already starting your banter he teases, “See what good happens if you listen to your body?” You groan saying, “Shut up Satoru, I still fucking hate you.” Satoru hums and replies, “Whatever you say, Princess, whatever you say.” 

Taking his arms, Satoru begins to rub up and down your spine eliciting a deep hum of approval from you. “Mmmmm Satoru you’re going to make me fall asleep,” you mumble into his chest. “Ah ah sweetheart we can’t have that happening,” he replies while trying to move you off of him to his side. You groan in protest saying, “No I’m comfortable, leave me alone.” 

He teases, “For someone who claims to hate me that much you can’t seem to get enough of me.” Hearing that motivates you to get up off him and move to the other side of the bed. It feels weird and empty without having him inside—no I can’t think that. I’ll have to get over this daze by the morning. Your body shudders, feeling Satoru’s arms curve under your back and legs picking you up in bridal style. 

“Idiot, what are you doing? Put me down,” you demanded. 

“Calm down Princess, I still have to clean you up.” Realizing that he’s carrying you into his luxurious bathroom you feel your cheeks heat up in embarrassment. 

You inquire, “Why are you doing this for me Satoru?” He looks down into your eyes and replies softly, “It’s the least I can do as a gentleman.” I can’t see this man as a gentleman, but he honestly is being sweet right now. The real question is: why am I not repulsed by this?  

Seeing the wheels turning in your head, he continues, “Besides you could just think of this as a continuation of using me to show your hatred.” He grins again but this time instead of mentally cursing him, you avoid his eyes and begin to admire his nicely furnished bathroom.

 You realize that there’s already a warm bath, towels, and robes waiting for the two of you and you ask, “Wait Satoru, when did you have the time to do all of this?” 

“Once you got off me you were stuck in your thoughts for a while there.” He was that fast? Because there’s no way I was thinking about the feeling of his cock for that long. His voice brings you out of your thoughts as he says, “Sweetheart? I lost you there for a sec. I asked if you’re ready to go in the bath.” You blinked, responding, “Oh yeah, I’m sorry—yeah I’m ready.” 

His sweet behavior is really throwing me off. Is this what sex does to this man? Satoru lowers you into the bath and enters behind you. Sitting down, he reaches for the soaps and loofahs gently cleaning and relaxing your body. Offering to do the same to him once he finishes, he teases you claiming that you just want to touch him more. Of course not taking his nonsense, you splash him with water accidentally getting soap in his eye. 

You found the whole thing hilarious while Satoru maintained a pouty expression on his face, but he secretly enjoys hearing your laugh. Drying off, Satoru gives you one of his T-shirts to wear to sleep and you both make your way to the bed. 

You opt to face away from him, but as you are falling asleep Satoru’s arm drapes over your hip and pulls your bodies closer. You begin to squirm in protest but now his lips are at your ear whispering, “Shhhh Princess, just relax and sleep.” You soon stop struggling as the lull of his words, breathing, and heartbeat pulls you under the current of sleep. Once Satoru knows for sure that you’ve fallen into a deep sleep he whispers, “Good night my Princess,” pulling you closer.

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Feeling the rays of sun beaming on your eyelids, you reluctantly open your eyes. For a second, you look around your surroundings in confusion. But soon after, the events that happened between you and Gojo return to the forefront of your mind. Feeling slightly embarrassed or no—just awkward you decide to go use the bathroom. It’s then that you realize the arm slung across the curve of your hip.

You slowly turn, seeing a sleeping Satoru with a wild mess of white hair. Wow, his eyelashes are long and pretty. You chide yourself for staring at him like some creep and that guilt is only worsened when Satoru mumbles, “Are you enjoying the view, Princess?” 

Your eyes widen in shock, “How long have you been awake, Satoru?” He yawns, “Not long, I woke up to the feeling of your movement.” You sheepishly reply, “Oh sorry about that, I was trying to get up without waking you.” Satoru shifts to an upward sitting position while you slide off the bed feeling an ache in between your legs. 

“Don’t tell me you are already starting to regret what happened, Sweetheart.” Here we go with the annoying teasing again. I kinda miss aftercare Satoru. Deciding that you’re still exhausted, and are not ready to walk yet, you plop back down on Satoru’s bed replying, “No…I mean it already happened and I enjoyed it so there’s no shame for me.” Satoru hums out an approval, “That’s good because I enjoyed myself as well.” Hmph, I bet he was expecting me to beg him to make this more than a one-time thing. But realistically, we’re still co-workers so it’s better we just stop now before it snowballs into a disaster. 

Satoru clears his throat, “Princess? I asked what you want for breakfast. You get caught in your thoughts often don’t you?” You rub the back of your neck and respond, “Yeah, sorry about that, it just happens. Um, I don’t need you to worry about breakfast for me, I can just get food at my apartment.” Satoru chuckles, “Yeah you should totally wait to get home to eat, even though you’re struggling to walk. You can easily just get food here, it's not a big deal.” 

You let out a breath, “Fine I guess, thank you Satoru.” 

“No problem. Also, I will not be cooking so I’ll just get your order from a nearby restaurant.” With such a large, nice kitchen in this apartment, you would think that it’s one of his hobbies or passions or maybe that he hired a cook. He’s so odd. 

You tease, “Oh wow, the charming businessman can’t cook?” A snarky grin forms on his face, “Oh so you think I’m charming Princess?” You huff out a breath and lightly poke Satoru’s bare chest, “Of course that’s what you pay attention to in that entire sentence.” 

“You didn’t deny ittt,” Satoru sings with a grin on his face. 

“The most accurate adjective to describe you, Satoru is maddening.” 

“Oh, so I make you mad with affection?” Growing more frustrated you decide to turn away from Satoru, enjoying the nice view of the city bustle from his high-rise window. Satoru continues, “Is that cold, rational front just a way to hide your affections from me? How adorable.” This man needs a serious blow to his ego. His stupid complex could make him believe that flight is possible for him. And he would be stupid enough to jump off a building testing that. 

Noticing your silence, Satoru reaches for you asking, “What’s going on in that cute head of yours?” You turn, taking advantage and punching him square in the weak spot of his stomach. He groans and leans back on the bed saying, “Ok, fair I should have known when to stop.” 

“Yes, you should have.” 

He replies, “You should be nicer to the man who’s your current personal transportation.” You raise your brows in confusion, “What transportation?” 

“Aren’t you going to need help getting to the kitchen Sweetheart? Or are you perfectly fine walking by yourself?” 

Feeling your last strand of patience begins to shred you retort, “You little—” 

“Mmmm, degradation is always welcome Sweetheart. I would like to see you put it to work,” Satoru interrupts you with a smug expression. Dropping the tone of his voice he continues, “obviously in a different context.” I really can’t with him. Literally how filthy does his mind have to be to think of these things? 

Seeing your shocked reaction, Satoru bursts out laughing, “Wow! I really took the words out of your mouth this time!” Once Satoru has moved past his laughing fit, he asks if you’re hungry and you’re starving by this point. The banter between the two of you has sapped what little energy you had leftover from last night and you seriously needed some food to replenish your energy. 

You both quickly ordered your food and once the food delivery came your personal transportation carried you to the bar seating at the large kitchen island. You first noticed the smell of the delicious food wafting through the apartment before you see Satoru place the bag in front of you. Quickly unwrapping the contents you take a bite relishing in the beautiful flavor that only a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich has. Satoru smiles, finding your pure happiness over the bagel sandwich amusing as he digs into his omelet and accompanying toast. Luckily, you didn’t have to rush your food since it was the weekend. 

Feeling reenergized, you get up from the island and stretch. Gojo remarks, “She finally rises,” with an impish grin on his face. “Shut up,” you reply, moving to pick up your clothes that were flung off in various parts of the apartment. 

Changed and ready to go with your stuff, you’re standing at Satoru’s door when he suggests, “I should walk you to your car.” You counter, “No, you’ve done enough for me in the last 24 hours Satoru, I’ll be fine.” Being the stubborn man he is, he follows you down to your car. 

The mood has changed slightly as you think to yourself, I know that we’re both wondering how we continue from here. We’re still co-workers and it’s not like our job can be taken lightly. Oh, wait—shit. We have a private meeting tomorrow…ugh well that’s going to suck. You finally return to the present noticing that the two of you are in front of your car, then you realize Gojo has wrapped his arm around your waist.

You begin to figure what words you’ll use this time to bring up that fact when he chimed, “Princess before you go all nuclear on my ass, I had to pull you out of the way from so many obstacles because you weren’t paying attention.” Oh...that’s actually nice...and a little embarrassing, you thought looking at your shoes. 

You spoke, “Thanks again Satoru…I guess I’ll…see you at work on Monday,” giving him a small smile. He lifted your chin upwards while he grinned, “I had fun, Princess. I’ll see your cute face on Monday.” Kissing your forehead he opened your car door for you. 

You turned on the engine, rolling down the window to add, “I still hate you by the way.” 

Satoru chuckled, “Of course Sweetheart.” 

You roll the window back up, giving a small wave before you drive off. Looking in the rearview mirror, you watch as Satoru’s figure gets smaller and smaller. You don’t notice the small smile that forms on your face as you replay the events of the last 24 hours in your head, driving through the late morning traffic. 

Chapter Text

Entering the office Monday morning, you didn’t bother to stress about what would happen once you saw Gojo in the office. But walking past the fangirls that gathered every day in the lounge and eventually his office, you felt a pit drop in your stomach. I failed to remember that I’m dealing with a literal man-child, meaning that anything is possible. And I don’t need to be embarrassed today. 

Dropping your stuff in your office, you head back past the lounge into the mini-kitchen area to grab some napkins. “Good morning Sweetheart,” Gojo sang. Upon hearing that voice, you feel your entire mood drop, and your back slouches slightly with annoyance. Reluctantly, you turn around, meeting the classic grin on Gojo’s face. 

Taking a deep breath, you respond, “I’d honestly really appreciate it if you didn’t call me that in a professional setting Gojo.” You noticed a small change in his expression when he remarked, “Ouch, Princess, I didn’t know that we were no longer on a first name or nickname basis.” Is he actually annoyed that I used his last name? What did he expect? That we’d become fuck buddies that would sneak around the office, slipping into janitor closets? 

“Well, I was under the impression that things would go back to the way it was before this weekend, you know…just co-workers,” you replied, crossing your arms. Gojo nods, “Mmmm, so you’re just going to pretend that it didn’t happen? What happened to saying that you had no regrets, Princess?” 

Gojo is starting to get on your nerves, but to prevent a scene, you calmly answer, “I would really like it if you would stop calling me that. Also, I’m not trying to ignore what happened, but it was a one-time thing, and I just want to move on from it.” 

“Ahhh, for the sake of professionalism, right?” 

“Yes Gojo, what’s the problem with that?” Gojo slowly walks to you, his voice dropping to a lower tone, “You and your stupid ideas of professionalism. I don’t understand what you appreciate so much about it, Princess.” You swallow, backing into the kitchen counter as he continues, “I’m going to suggest hmmm…something of a game, Sweetheart.” 

Irritated, you sneer, “I’m not interested, Gojo. And back away from me please.” He chuckles, “But you haven’t heard the best part, Princess.” 

“I don’t need to hear it, and I told you to stop calling me that.” Raising a hand to push him away, Gojo takes your hand, interlocking your fingers with his, and rests it against the upper cabinets. 

“Trust me, Princess, when I tell you that I will make it so hard for you to maintain your emotionless facade.” 

You sigh, “And trust me Gojo, that your plan won’t work.” Hearing the steps and murmurs of approaching people, you try to push Gojo off, whispering, “Gojo if you don’t move this will be extremely embarrassing for the both of us.” 

He smirked, “Sweetheart, I can’t be embarrassed, if it’s you, I have no shame.” Feeling heat rise to your cheeks, you kick his shin hard, causing him to stumble back a little. Your junior co-workers Itadori and Kugisaki enter the room, and a confused expression forms on their faces. 

Itadori, thinking that something was wrong, questioned, “What’s going on here? Is everyone okay?” Gojo turns around, showing his pearly whites, “No, everything’s fine. [Y/n] here was struggling to find something in the cabinets.” 

Although Kugisaki, still feeling suspicious of the close position you were in asks, “[Y/n] are you sure? Or is Gojo being annoying?” 

Gojo fakes a large gasp responding, “Kugisaki! How could you think so low of me?” 

Kugisaki rolls her eyes and sneers, “Oh please, Gojo, I was being generous with the word annoying.”

You laugh, responding, “Thanks, Kugisaki. But I’m okay.” Kugisaki and Itadori continue to grab their cups of coffee and eventually leave the kitchen, leaving the two of you alone once again. 

Sighing, you retort, “Don’t ever try to put me in a compromising position like that, Gojo, or I swear I’ll make you regret it.” 

Gojo beamed, replying, “Oh, I’m counting on that, Sweetheart.” 

Turning to walk back to your office, you remark, “As always, I hate you, imbecile.” Reaching your office, you sighed, A girl can’t just go out for napkins in peace anymore. 




Sometime around 10 a.m., all the executives pile into the conference room brightly lit with the natural light streaming in through the window panes. Sitting at a seat at the round table, you organize your materials to make any necessary notes. It is then that you notice that none other than Gojo has decided to sit directly across from you. 

Great now he’s going to be in my eyesight the entire time. Hopefully, he knows that this meeting is not the place to try something ridiculous. The meeting drones on, and you become distracted with a notification from your phone. Curious to find out what it is, you unlock your phone to see that it’s a message from none other than your favorite menace, Satoru Gojo.

 I want to take you right here on this conference table. Feeling bold and wanting to play along, you reply, Someone’s being bold today. You don’t mind having an audience? Interesting kinks, with a smug expression. You see Gojo smirking, typing a reply. 

You tried to get back to the meeting, but the buzz of your phone distracts you once again. This time he writes: Of course they’re invited, everyone should see how good your cunt makes me feel. Also, I’m interested in learning your kinks, besides what I can tell are cockwarming and a praise kink. You become flustered, moving around and fidgeting in your seat with the thought of telling Gojo your kinks. 

Looking across the table, your eyes land on the perpetrator of your tense state, seeing that he’s staring you down with the most obnoxious smirk. How I would love to straddle him and wipe that smirk off his face. Wait—straddle? Get a hold of yourself. 

Shaking your head, you quickly type: For the sake of professionalism I won’t share that information. I suggest you focus on the subject of this meeting. Shutting off your phone, you return to the matters of the meeting. Unable to resist your curiosity, you decide to sneak a glance at Gojo to find that he’s looking in your direction. Even though he has his blindfold on, you still feel the effect of his piercing blue eyes. You quickly look back at the presentation and stay that way for the rest of the meeting, avoiding Gojo’s gaze.

Immediately after the meeting concludes, you hastily leave the conference room, heading for the haven of your office and locking the door for good measure. Sitting at your desk, you turn on your phone seeing Gojo’s text messages. You and your ideas of professionalism. Why can’t you admit to yourself that we are way past that, Princess? 

You scroll down, seeing that he’s since then he’d written you another message right after the meeting ended. Oh, Sweetheart, your quick escape was honestly such a noble effort, but I assure you that will not be enough to get rid of me in this game. You will always find a way back to me. Feeling a mixture of frustration and fluster, you turn off your screen when your phone begins to ring. Who could it be now? Seeing that it’s Gojo, a chill runs through your body, and you decide not to answer. The phone rings again and again, and after the 3rd time, realizing the idiot won’t stop, you pick it up to get it over with. 

“Finallyyy, I thought it would take ten calls for you to answer me,” Gojo begins with a teasing tone. You snap, “What do you want Gojo?” 

“Oh…yes,” his voice becoming deep, raising goosebumps on your skin, “I wanted to tell you that you are sooo alluring when you’re flustered.” 

Feeling heat rise to your, cheeks you reply, “Fuck you Gojo.” To which he quickly comes back with, “You could right now,” you could hear the smirk in his tone, “or whenever, my door is always open for you, Sweetheart.” 

Too exhausted to respond, you quickly end the call reaching for a glass of water. I need to stop letting him do this to me. Maybe it should be him who’s flustered for once. 




Reading over the words on the notecard for the third time, you sigh and quickly make your way towards Gojo’s office. Knowing the special bond between Gojo and Itadori, you asked him to take Gojo out for lunch. Itadori being the kind-hearted person he is, easily agreed and didn’t probe you for reasons.

Opening the door and slipping in unnoticed, you quickly move towards the desk to hide it under the keyboard with just a corner sticking out. Noticing the impeccably neat state of his desk, in disbelief you mumble, “There’s no way this moron keeps his desk this organized by himself. His poor assistant must have to do this for him.” 

Hearing the doorknob turn, you quickly hide behind the desk when you hear a voice that’s more serious than Gojo’s. Peeking, you see that it’s said poor assistant, Fushiguro. You stand up, saying, “Sorry Fushiguro, I just came in here to quickly borrow something of Gojo’s.” 

His eyes narrow, “Which is why you hid behind the desk?” Caught and feeling uneasy, you rub the back of your neck, answering, “Umm…it’s kind of hard to explain, but I just wanted to get it done without Gojo bothering me.” 

Fushiguro shrugs, “I don’t really care honestly, but Gojo and Itadori are coming up from the lobby, so I suggest you leave now.” 

You let out a breath, answering, “Thank you, Fushiguro. Also, the discretion would be appreciated.” Lifting a brow, he replies, “Sure, no problem.” You quickly walk back towards your office, hearing the faint sound of the elevator. Whew, that could have been disastrous. I’ll have to make it up to Fushiguro later.  

Gojo saying goodbye to Itadori, turns, grinning once seeing Megumi. “Megumiiii, did you miss me? You don’t have to answer, I know you did.” Gojo attempts to pinch his cheeks, but Megumi, already tired of him, slaps his hands away, “You should have choked on your lunch.” 

“Megumi, you’re so cruel to me for no reason,” Gojo whined. Entering his office, he noticed a trace of perfume. Someone was definitely here. Was she looking for me? Sitting at his desk, he noticed a little white corner poke out from under the keyboard. 

Flipping the card over, he notices your handwriting and begins to read. I’ll bet that you think of me being here under your desk and pleasuring you. That I’ll stroke your cock a few times before plunging it into my mouth. You don’t have shame? Then it would be fine if I made you lose control over how loud your whines and moans are. I would continue, but I wouldn’t want to get you too flustered.  

Gojo was extremely glad that you couldn’t see his face of genuine shock and the small tint of blush on his cheeks. Breathing slightly heavier, he reaches for a bottle of water, thinking, She always finds a way to break my expectations, there’s always some other layer within her that she’s kept hidden. Don’t worry, Sweetheart, I will find them out.

“Megumiiii,” Gojo sang, “Please remind [Y/n] that we have a private meeting at the end of the day. And tell her the matter is of importance, so she should come promptly.” Turning to his work Gojo kept a small grin thinking of what he would say to you in the meeting. 




You’re five minutes late. You’re never late to meetings, but this one, you decide to take your time finishing your last task. It’s partly out of genuine exhaustion and also to see Gojo’s reaction. You turn the doorknob, opening the door to tinted glasses looking down at you. 

“I thought I was going to have to come to get you myself. Sweetheart, I thought you truly valued professionalism, so why are you late?” Gojo squints. Is that irritation? That’s priceless. 

“I had to finish a task before coming here, and I was feeling a little more tired than usual. Also, Gojo I don’t see the need for this meeting if the executive meeting already—”

 “Ah, ah, Princess. I promise you that this meeting is absolutely necessary,” Gojo chuckles, pulling you into the office. Sitting down in one of the chairs in front of his desk, you crossed one leg over the other and rested your face on a fist with the most nonchalant expression. “Gojo I would like it if you made this quick so I can go home.” 

Sitting down at his desk, he answers, “So…I got your note today.” Here we go. I’m going to play around with this a little to see how he responds. You yawn, “Note? What note? I’m afraid you’re going to have to specify Gojo since I’m extremely busy.” 

He lowers his glasses, giving you a small glimpse of his eyes, responding, “How inconsiderate of me, Sweetheart, let me refresh your memory. Do you remember—” Pulling out the familiar white notecard he reads, “being here under your desk and pleasuring you?” You chuckle, “Ohhhh, that one. Did you enjoy that little surprise Gojo?” Leaning back, he remarks, “Oh yes, Princess it gave me a nice picture to think about—” 

You interrupt, “It’s truly a shame that it will never happen.” 

He counters, “Oh, but Princess it’s all up to you. I said it before, my door is always open for you.” Lounging further into the chair, you reasoned, “Oh but you know I could never break my professionalism. Especially over something so trivial .” Gojo’s glasses slide a little further down, giving you a clear view of his bewitching blue eyes. 

A grin has fully grown on his face as you continue, “I like the idea of a little game that you proposed this morning, so let me suggest something.” You see a hint of mischief in his expression when he answers, “I’m all for it Princess, and I will get under your facade of professionalism and rationality.” I know he is already thinking of seven different things he wants to do. 

Taking a deep breath, you say, “Great. So you go on with that cute little endeavor while I will catch you off-guard and make you flustered. I think we’re clear on everything, so I'm going to go home,” you continue rising from your chair. 

You’re about to turn to the door when Gojo decides to get in a few more words. “Princess, I hope you know that you’ll lose this game you’re starting,” Gojo said, rising from his chair. 

Taking advantage of the evening quiet, you lean over the desk and move a hand up his chest. You grab his tie to pull him down to you and whisper in his ear, “Trust me, Gojo. With you, defeat is not a choice.” 

Pushing his chest away, you turn, walking back to your office, leaving Gojo to absorb your figure in your flattering jumpsuit with a smirk on his face and a growing hardness in his pants. Sitting back down, he mumbles to himself, “Oh, I can assure you, Princess. It is not an option for me either.” 

Chapter Text

At a summer social with your work colleagues, you are in an oversized T-shirt over your swimsuit while relaxing under the shade, reading, and enjoying the nice cool breeze. Suddenly, your book pulled from your hand, and who else could it be besides Gojo. You reach for the book, but he utilizes his height and keeps it out of your reach. 

Rising, you cross your arms and ask, “Gojo, what could you possibly want from me?” 

“You should try socializing more and enjoy the pool, Princess.” He made me lose my page number for this? Isn’t there someone else he could bother? He continues, “What was the point of coming dressed in a swimsuit if you’re not even going to swim?” 

You respond, “Aw, is the possibility of seeing me in a swimsuit messing with you, Gojo? Haven’t you heard of dressing for the occasion? Now give me back my book.” You reach for it, but he quickly lifts it above his head out of your reach. Stumbling, you end up bumping into his bare chest. Removing your hands off his chest, you step back quickly, turning away to find something else to do and avoid any possible awkward situations. 

Gojo quickly puts down your book, finding your bookmark to leave it where you were in the novel. Sneaking up behind you, he picks you up and throws you over his shoulder, eliciting a strong reaction. “Put me down, asshole! Where are you taking me now?” 

He chuckles and replies, “We’re just going to cool off a little! I promise you’ll be fine.” 

“Cool off? Gojo, I swear if you jump into that pool, it’ll be the end of you.” He says, “Welp, I’m willing to risk that,” jumping into the pool. He seriously doesn’t know when to stop, and today he’ll learn.  

You begin to splash around frantically, screaming, “I can’t swim, Gojo! Stop playing around, it isn’t funny anymore!” Gojo first doesn’t believe your act, but you fake going under unwillingly, and his whole expression quickly changes to one of concern swimming towards you saying, “Shit, I’m so sorry, Princess. I didn’t even consider that.” 

Right as he gets to you, you catch him off guard, grabbing his hips and dragging him underwater. He quickly grabs onto your torso and brings you both above water. Pressed up against him, chest to chest, both breathing heavily while treading water. You try to push away from him, but the arms around your back hold you tight in his embrace. His hair, heavy with water, drops downward, and a strand drips water onto your forehead periodically. 

Gojo has a wide grin on his face when he finally says, “I didn’t think you had that in you, Princess. You got me good.” You reply, “Whatever, Gojo,” breaking free of his embrace and swimming towards the side ladder. Gojo follows you out of the pool and pulls your wrist back to get your attention, “Hey, I’m sorry. Okay? What was even so bad about that?” Honestly, successfully pranking him was fun, but I didn’t want to get wet. I even got my T-shirt soaked. 

“Well, I didn’t plan to get wet, Gojo.” A mischievous grin forms on his face, and he whispers into your ear, “Well, sweetheart, there’s always a way to fix that, and I particularly have useful expertise there.” 

Realizing how your words could have been mistaken, you push Gojo away and release a stream of curses in your frustration. You begin to walk away, removing your T-shirt and squeezing the excess water so it could dry quicker. In your efforts to ignore Gojo, you missed the dazed expression on his face once he saw your swimsuit. 

Once you got back to your spot in the shade, you noticed your bookmark in the place you left off, causing the heat to rise to your cheeks, murmuring, “How? When did he even…” Across the pool, Gojo lounges, sipping his iced tea, watching you get comfy with your book as he lets out a small chuckle thinking, You are something else, Princess.  




Feeling a soft breeze on your face, you watch the sky gradually darken as the sunsets. Everyone gradually shifted to the fire pit, which is where you are trying to warm yourself. Turning your head back to look towards the fire pit, you watch as your co-workers pass out some cocktails and appetizers. Taking a plate of pigs in a blanket, you watch your co-workers get tipsy and play games like college students. Feeling another breeze knock into your side, you hug yourself tighter, trying to enjoy the savory flavor of your food. You feel a shadow fall over you, and you turn to see your least favorite moron. What does he even want? Wasn’t the pool altercation enough entertainment for him?  

You questioned, “What do you need?” 

“Can’t I check on you? As a good friend?” 

You scoffed, “Good friend? Are you even dumber than you look, Gojo?” He clutches his heart, changing to a hurt expression, “Ouch, Princess, is that what you think of us?” You reply, “Us? As good friends? That’s a cute attempt at a joke.” 

His slightly damp hair flowing in the breeze, he remarks, “Hmmm, now thinking about it, the word friends wouldn’t be the best word to describe us.” Taking a sip of a cocktail, you retort, “I’ll probably regret asking, but what word are you thinking perfectly describes us?” He grins, “Well, it’s not really just a word, it’s more of a phrase.” You roll your eyes, preparing yourself for some ridiculous answer when he continues, “The best phrase to describe us is: We’re lovers, but one of us is in denial.”

You choke on your drink in shock. Putting the cup down, you inquire, “But why do you like to say things like that out of nowhere, Gojo? When did one night make us lovers?” You feel his cold fingers under your jawline as he whispers, “I said it before, Sweetheart, seeing you flustered is one of the most alluring things to me.” Shivering, you move back, when Gojo adds, “You’re cold.” You riposted, “Nice observation Sherlock. I would have worn my T-shirt, but someone just had to get it soaked,” glaring at the perpetrator in front of you. 

Gojo smirked, offering, “Take my sweatshirt.” 

“Oh no, that’s really not necessary,” You quickly replied in protest. He answered, “Oh no, Sweetheart, I insist. It is the gentlemanly thing to do after what I caused.” He did put me in this predicament so he might as well be able to make it better. Grabbing the article of clothing from where it was lounging earlier, he tosses it to you. Catching it, you slip it over your head and shoulders breathing in the light, airy scent. It brings you back to the smell of his apartment that weekend. Mmmm, this smell is oddly comforting and nice—what am I even saying? This is Gojo we’re talking about.

Adjusting the sweatshirt that was slightly oversized on you, you acknowledged, “Thanks, I’ll make sure to wash it and give it back to you at the office.” After finishing your snacks, you walk towards your original spot by the shade and find a nice spot where you can relax and stargaze while the games are going on. 

A few minutes after you’ve settled in, you hear the grass rustle beside you and a soft grunt as Gojo lays down beside you. He asks, “Whatcha doing,” with a soft smile. You answer tiredly, “I’m not in the mood for games today,” shifting away from Gojo. 

Gojo chuckles, “Since when are you the type to be interested in games or just interacting with people.” You roll your eyes, saying, “Oh, please, Gojo. Just because I don’t want to interact with you doesn’t mean I can’t socialize once in a while.” With a small yawn, you continue, “Why aren’t you playing games if you love socializing with people so much?” He hesitates for a few seconds, then letting out a hum, “This is more important to me,” scooting back towards you. Important? Why does he say random things like that to me? What’s with this man’s obsession with seeing me flustered. Too exhausted to continue the little game of shifting around the grass, you turn to look up at the stars, replying, “Oh…” 

You both continue to enjoy the comfortable silence, and too distracted by occasional movement in the sky, you fail to notice the many glances of you that Gojo stole. Not something else, Sweetheart, you are truly one of a kind. It was at that moment when Gojo was admiring your face full of serenity that he realized that you weren’t like the other women in his past. He felt a pit dropping in his stomach realizing, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of you...and I don’t want to, and I don’t want you to get tired of me. Inhaling a breath he thought, What am I going to do with such a treasure like you Princess?

Chapter Text

Autumn had fully arrived, and the game between you and Gojo had not slowed down at all. Leaving notes on each other’s desk, catching the other off guard, and whispering lewd things in their ear only escalated. Some days, it was more of playing around the sexual tension, and on other days, there was just light banter between the two of you. Typically, you called Gojo irritating as he remained convinced that you were in denial of your affections for him. 

Both of your assistants, Maki and Megumi, had become a little involved in the game. Giving the other warnings and clues on how to surprise the other. One day while organizing files, Maki brought up an interesting observation, “[Y/n], you know I think that whatever is going on between you and Gojo is making work more enjoyable for you.” Not expecting Maki of all people to say something like that, you furrow your brows, “What do you mean? I have been able to get my work done the same as before—“ 

Chuckling, Maki replies, “No, not your work ethic [Y/n], everyone calls you the Machine because we all know how efficient you are at getting work done. But, actual, fun—enjoyment, I think Gojo has made the office a little more fun for you.” 

Crossing your arms and rolling your eyes, you scoff, “If anything, he’s given me more stress with his ridiculous behavior.” Maki laughs, “Touche, but are you going with him to the Halloween gala? His fangirls and other ladies in the office have already begun discussing this.” 

Halloween gala? That’s three weeks away. I’m just going because it looks bad if an executive doesn’t show and also the food. Why are people stressing about taking people? Is this a high school dance? Turning to another stack of files to organize, you answer, “Hmmm, I hadn’t even thought of taking anyone, and I don’t know if I want to stress myself about that.” Also, voluntarily signing myself up to be stuck with an imbecile an entire night sounds like hell. Why would I ever— 

Breaking your thoughts, Maki continues, “Just wanted to bring it up to you because they were also talking about Utahime as someone who may go with him. In fact, [Y/n] I’ll tell you now because I care, but Gojo has been quite the womanizer in the past. I mean, he’s slowed down in the last year or two, but I’d be careful if I were you, [Y/n].” 

You give Maki a small smile saying, “Thank you, Maki, but rest assured that I don’t plan to pursue that man in any way.” Nodding, you both continued through stacks on your desk to organize files. 



A week later, you and your closest friend and coworker, Shoko, go out to lunch at a nearby bakery. Walking past the store window about to enter, you groan, “Ohh no, Shoko, maybe we should go somewhere else. I’m actually kind of craving something savory instead of sweet.” 

Shoko’s expression turns suspicious, asking, “Why? We walked all this way, and the bakery has some sandwiches if you want something savory.” You tug on her hand, trying to pull her away from the entrance and windows when you hear the voice of the person you were desperately trying to avoid.

 “Oh my, I didn’t know that this bakery would be so popular today, Nanami! Look, our friends are here too!” Gojo beamed. Slowly turning around, you maintained a grim smile and remarked, “Heh, I didn’t know you liked the food from here, Nanami. How have your assignments been?” You and Nanami weren’t exactly close, but you deeply respected the other’s work ethic in the intense environments your jobs occasionally created. 

Pushing Gojo away from him, who was leaning on his shoulder, he replied, “This bakery has good pastries, and my assignments have been good, thank you [Y/n].” Walking into the establishment, you noticed the smell wafting smells of fresh pastries and sandwiches. Your eyes drift to the glass container full of food, and you walk to the counter with Shoko trailing behind you. 

As you approach where Gojo and Nanami are standing, you make a clear effort to walk past Gojo without acknowledging him. Noticing this, a small smirk forms on Gojo’s face as his fingers subtly brush your side as you move past him. You jerk your movements a little, still deciding to continue to the counter, trying not to pay any attention to Gojo’s antics. But being the man he is, he continues his efforts. 

While you’re looking through the display cases and menu, deciding to order, you feel him shift behind you. He lowers down to your ear, whispering, “This is a new cute little game you’re playing, Princess, but I wouldn’t consider this behavior professional,” lingering on your neck’s sweet spot, accentuating the word ‘professional’. 

Feeling your body respond to his lips on your neck, you compose yourself. Maintaining your gaze on the list of paninis, you sigh, “I would greet ‘nice to see you’ Gojo, but I would be lying.” 

“There she is,” Gojo chuckles while wrapping his arm around your neck. You immediately brush his arm off, quietly snapping, “I think you failed to remember that we have company Gojo.” Gojo places one hand in his pocket while resting the other on the counter in front of you. 

He releases a breath through his nose, slightly turning towards you, eventually asking, “Who are you taking to the gala?” You let out a dry chuckle, “You’re making a big deal of this too? Why am I not surprised?” Lowering his voice, Gojo answers, “Can’t someone have a little curiosity, Princess?” You roll your eyes, “It’s never just a little curiosity with you, Gojo,” taking a breath, you add, “No, I’m not taking anyone, nor am I interested in that.” 

Moving up to order your food, you continue, “But I did hear that you were taking Utahime,” turning to the cashier, ordering, “A chicken, pesto, mozzarella, and tomato panini, please. Oh, and a lemon iced tea on the side, thanks.” Reaching for your wallet, you stop your movements, noticing that Gojo had already given the cashier his card. 

Moving out of the line, you comment, “You didn’t have to do that, Gojo, I don’t need your charity,” crossing your arms. Walking towards you, Gojo smirks, “You know with that attitude, you make it hard for people to do nice things for you. Also, where in the world did you hear Utahime from,” chuckling by the end of his sentence. You retort, “I heard it around the office, but what’s wrong with Utahime?” furrowing your brows in confusion. 

Gojo lets out a sigh responding, “I just wouldn’t take her,” causing you to lift a brow in suspicion. “So, are you taking anyone?” Grabbing your food for you, he answers, “Nah, I thought of someone I wanted to ask, but I’m just going alone this time.” He wanted to ask someone? Why didn’t he? Did he know he was going to get rejected and couldn’t take the hit to his ego? 

“I already know you’re thinking that I wanted to avoid rejection, but I just didn’t want to be stressed about this whole event in general.” You snort, “You? Stressed? That’s something I would love to see.” Passing your food to you, he grins, “Of course you would enjoy seeing that.” 

Walking back towards Shoko and Nanami, who were both already halfway through their meals, you look at your watch and realize you need to return to the office to prepare for a meeting. “Sorry everyone, but I can’t sit and eat. I have to go make some preparations at the office, so I’ll be going.” 

“I could go back with you,” Gojo offered. You shook your head, “Oh no, you should stay and get some food Gojo.” Grinning, he beams, “Nope, it’s already decided, I’m going with you. Sorry, Nanami, I’m sure you’ll miss me, but you have lovely Shoko to keep you company.” 

Looking at your annoyed expression, Gojo chuckles, “You don’t have to thank me [Y/n], but you’ll have to wait for me to pick up some food first.” Going to sit down at Shoko and Nanami’s table, Shoko pulls you aside, questioning, “What is going on between the two of you?” 

Caught off guard, you quickly reply, “T-there is nothing between us, Shoko! Why would you think that?” Rolling her eyes, Shoko answers, “Gojo doesn’t act that way with anyone else. Also, he paid for your food [Y/n]. I have no problem with whatever you guys are. He’s rich and successful, so that’s an automatic yes from me.” Releasing a breath in exasperation, you acknowledged, “Thank you, Shoko, but there is nothing between us, I swear.” Giving you a knowing look, she whispers, “You don’t have to tell me now [Y/n]. Just know that I see what’s there, and you guys have my full support.” 

Gojo breaks into the conversation, “Are you ready to go [Y/n]?” holding his bag of food. Sighing, you answer, “Yes, I am Gojo,” waving to Shoko, and then Nanami, you say your goodbyes. Walking back with Gojo, you remark, “You can’t keep touching me in public like that Gojo. Or the office.” Pulling one side of his blindfold, he looks at you with a gleaming eye. His eyes in the sunlight—how are they even—whatever.  

“Sweetheart, I don’t know what behaviors you’re talking about,” Gojo smirks. Glaring at him, you sneer, “That. That right there is what I’m talking about! I told you so many times to stop calling me those stupid nicknames at work, and you still haven’t done so. And I know my name is in your vocabulary Gojo, so there is no excuse. And the touching Gojo, you can’t caress me any way you like. You even did it knowing Shoko and Nanami were there, and now Shoko is suspicious of us, and I can’t have ridiculous rumors flying around.” Finishing your rant, you took a deep breath, wondering, Why hasn’t this man said anything. Usually, he would have interrupted me or made a sexual joke by now. 

Looking up at the blindfolded man, you noticed that he just held an amused expression on his face. Before you could ask why Gojo teased, “You know, the way you’re talking makes it seem that there is something between us.” Stopping to turn towards you, Gojo pulls you closer, lifting your chin, asking, “Is there something between us that needs to be hidden, Princess?” 

Feeling heat rise to your cheeks, you smack his hand away from you and begin walking towards your office once again. Luckily, the street was pretty empty, so you didn’t have to avoid weird glances from strangers. Quickly catching up to you, Gojo chimed, “You haven’t answered my question.” 

“And I won’t answer your question as long as you continue to call me those names Gojo.” 

Releasing a large obnoxious sigh, he replies, “I’ll make you a concession, okay? I won’t call you those names if I see people that we know are in earshot, but if it’s just us, I’ll still use them, okay? Same thing with my caresses that you just can’t admit you love so much.” You shook your head, countering, “That’s not much different from what you’re doing now, Gojo. But I can keep you accountable to that now that it’s a clear-cut agreement.” 

Arriving at the entrance to your office building Gojo reaches for the door handle, holding the door open for you. “Thank you,” walking towards the elevator, you continued, “Also, why are you so insistent on using those names Gojo?” Moving closer to make sure no one else could hear, he spoke softly, “Because it’s something of yours that also belongs to me. And we both know I’m too stubborn to let it go that easily, Princess.” 

Feeling goosebumps raise on your skin, you turned to the elevator that had finally arrived. Why does his whispering always get to me? I need to get a hold of myself. Walking in the elevator with Gojo you avoided eye contact, pressing the button for your floor. Stealing a glance at him, you saw that Gojo was staring you down with a mischievous grin on his face. Taking a step towards you, he murmured, “We’re alone now, Sweetheart, so I can make you as flustered as I want.” 

You took a step back, hitting the wall, protesting, “Wait, Gojo,” looking around if there were security cameras that you could use to get out of this, but there were none. I’ll have to address that at the next executive meeting. Gojo was still getting closer and closer, “If you truly didn’t like this, Princess, you would have insulted me or have hurt me physically by now,” leaning down, his lips brushing against your ear. His leg pushed between your legs, finger gently playing with the hem of your skirt, causing your breath to quicken. 

“I did say that I would break that emotionless facade you try to maintain,” leaning his forehead on yours. Moving down to your neck, he breathed, “We both know that you’ll always find your way back to me, Sweetheart.” I can’t even respond. The feeling of his warm breath on my neck is what I can think about right now, and I don’t want it to stop. It should stop, it really should, but I can’t bring myself to push him away. What the hell is wrong with me? 

The elevator dings signifying the arrival to your floor, and Gojo quickly gets to the other side of the elevator, acting naturally as if nothing just happened. The door opens, knocking you out of your gaze as you see people waiting for you two to leave the elevator. Walking towards your offices, you notice that Gojo passed his own, of course having to walk you back to yours. Opening your door for you, Gojo pulls down his blindfold, winking and lowering his tone, “Your move, Princess.” Returning to a normal volume he chimes, “Good luck on your preparations!” as he makes it back to his office with a smug expression on his face.

You slam your door shut, hoping that you could at least focus on your preparations, but the next thirty minutes of you wondering what could’ve happened if you were in a place without interruptions, told you that you would not be on your game today. 

Chapter Text

It’s been a week since the elevator incident between you and Gojo. The entire office has been preoccupied with preparations for the gala, happening that night, and various other projects meaning that both of you haven’t had much time to continue your antics. 

Getting some water from the kitchen area, you hear the faint ding of the elevator door. Shaking your head, you reflected, That man can never know how much I wanted him to rip off my clothes right there in that elevator. Grabbing your water, you turn towards the door, bumping into a defined chest. The owner of said chest gently grabbed your arms, stabilizing you from falling. Looking up to see who it is, it’s none other than Gojo, causing your expression to droop a little. 

You mumble, “Thanks,” moving to go around him back to your office, but Gojo has his hand wrapped around yours, pulling you back towards him. “Heh, so no good morning, Princess? What’s gotten you into such a bad mood this early in the morning?” Gojo asks with a cocky grin on his face. Narrowing your eyes in disgust, you tilt your head responding, “You, Gojo.” 

“You wound me, Princess,” the use of the pet name causes you to look around in concern when Gojo continues, “Don’t worry, Princess. I’m not that stupid to break our agreement so soon.” 

“Yeah, because I definitely trust you not to pull something like that,” you retorted. 

“Yikes, Princess, should I order you coffee because you are firing shots left and right. We wouldn’t want you to participate in unprofessional behaviors, now would we?” 

Leaning closer, he says softly, “You know you could always use me for stress relief.” Pushing him away, you mutter, “Whore.” Gojo’s grin widens as he replies, “Oh, there’s that degradation again that I love,” dropping his tone again, he continues, “The offer for you to use that on me still stands, Princess.” 

Already mentally exhausted from this interaction, you turn once again towards your office to leave when Gojo adds, “Oh, it’s still your move, Sweetheart, I’m waiting.” Walking away, you retort, “Oh, don’t worry, Gojo, you’ll see or feel it sooner or later.” 




It was the early afternoon, you had sent Maki to check on Gojo’s schedule to make sure that he had his weekly meetings with Yaga today and that they would end when most coworkers were out for lunch. You gave Maki enough money to take herself and Megumi out for lunch so he wouldn’t mess with your plans. You were now waiting in Gojo’s office with the lights off. 

Hearing his nearing footsteps, you made your way to the door. Sensing that he was about to open the door, you quickly opened the door, grabbing his wrists and pinning his chest to the wall. “Heh, Princess, so this is your move? I can go along with—” Reaching up to his neck, you whispered, “Heh, right now I’m going to need you to be quiet Gojo unless I tell you otherwise.” 

Flipping him to his back, you pull on his tie bringing his face closer to yours while your other hand gently trails down his chest, grabbing his belt. Feeling his cock grow hard, Gojo groans, “Heh, Princess, are you sure you know what—” You suddenly yank at his tie, causing Gojo to beg, “Ah, please, Princess.”

Leaning into his neck, you replied in a low tone, “Aw, darling, is the whining and begging back? How adorable,” as your hand on his belt begins to run across his v-line. Gojo tilts his neck back, groaning, “Heh, so you’re bringing the pet names back, Princess?” You can hear his heavier breathing, and moving your hand from the tie to his chest, you feel his pulse racing. You chuckle, “Are you sure you should be teasing me right now? Look how your body is reacting when I’ve barely touched you.” 

You slide your hand from his v-line lower to feel his hardened cock through his pants, causing Gojo to let out a soft moan, replying, “More like what I said, Sweetheart. That you’ll always find a way back to me like now.” Beginning to rub his cock through his slacks, you gently cup his cheek, bringing his face down to yours, noticing a blush on his cheeks. Finding a sensitive spot under his jawline, you mumble, “Funny you say that when you’re the one chasing me around like the slut you are, Satoru. ” 

Gojo lets out another groan, and you place a finger on his lips, whispering, “Shush, you wouldn’t want people to see how I make you such a mess, Satoru, now would you?” Lightly biting his collarbone, you mumble, “I’ll see you at the gala Satoru. Hopefully, you’re able to pull yourself together before then,” pressing a light kiss on his cheek. 

Turning on the light, you open the door turning back towards the extremely flustered Gojo, saying, “This was a productive meeting Gojo. Your turn now,” slamming the door in his face. Walking at a faster pace towards your office, you thought, Damn, I just did that. Let me get out of here before Satoru—Gojo tries anything. You picked up your stuff from your office, leaving a thank you note to Maki for helping out with your plan. 

Entering your car heading to pick up your gown for the evening, you see a text message from Gojo. Opening it reluctantly, you read, Well played, Princess. I guess I will see you tonight. P.S. My offers still stand ;-). Scoffing, you put down your phone and turn on the engine. Driving off, you wonder, What will he try to pull this evening? I swear if he tries to embarrass me, things will not end well for either of us.  




Pulling up to the venue of the gala, you felt a pit drop in your stomach. I seriously dread large events like this. Now thinking about it, I don't even think good food is enough for me to put myself in a social situation like this, but at least my mask gives me a little bit of a barrier. 

You sit in your car seriously considering just turning home, but Shoko catches a glance of your car and sends you a message saying, I saw your car, so you better not try to leave after five mins. Also, Gojo was asking for you ;-). You let out a groan, turning your engine off, and step out into the chilly night, thankful that you asked your tailor to make a matching shawl if it was cold. 

Entering the building, you first noticed the extravagant chandeliers, beautiful arches, and gold crowning on the walls making intricate designs. Your eyes traveling down the stairs, you noticed the lower level where everyone was on in their decorative masks hiding parts of their face. 

Making your way down the stairs, the layers of your gown skirting over the tan stone, you mused, I need to find Shoko and stay around her the entire night, and I should be fine. Too preoccupied with making sure that you wouldn't tumble down the stairs, you failed to notice the glances here and there admiring your appearance.

Your deep midnight emerald jumpsuit with an overskirt caused whispers here and there, and the matching shawl with gold accents that you thought was a little extravagant, made you look almost regal. Not wanting to stress yourself, you had given your tailor just simplistic instructions to make an evening gown that suited your personality, trusting that it would work out fine. It most definitely did because she created a masterpiece that you—no that no one expected. 

Finding Shoko and Nanami at the bar, you made a straight bee-line for them, trying to avoid attention and unnecessary side conversations. Shoko slid off her mask, revealing her shocked expression exclaiming, “[Y/n] you look so good! You look as expensive as royalty! ” You rubbed the back of your neck, replying, “Thank you?” Shoko laughed, “Oh trust me [Y/n] that it is an amazing thing, right Nanami?" as she nudged Nanami. Shoko laughing? She really must have gotten a head start on her drinks tonight.  

Taking a sip of his drink, Nanami nodded, “Yes, you look breathtaking [Y/n].” You gave them a sheepish smile saying, “Thank you, guys. This color isn’t my usual, so I wasn’t sure about it.” Announcing his approach, Gojo replied, “Just because it isn’t your usual doesn’t mean it’s not your color, [Y/n.]" 

Not ready to deal with his shenanigans, you turned towards Shoko saying, “I’m going to get refreshments, okay?” Confused, she replied, "Uh? Okay? But we are right next to a bar [Y/n].” Quickly trying to put more distance between you and Gojo, you responded, “I-I saw some interesting appetizers over there that I wanted to try with other refreshments,” pointing across the massive ballroom. 

Walking towards the refreshment and appetizer station, you were too distracted looking out to avoid Gojo that you accidentally bumped into a man with long black hair. “Oh, I’m sorry! I wasn’t paying attention,” you quickly said, looking at the man. This man has gorgeous hair.  

“Oh, no worries—wait it’s you isn’t it?” Your expression changed to one of confusion when he continued, “Sorry, my friend was talking about your dress,” pulling down his mask, he introduced, “My name is Suguru Geto. What’s yours?” 

Replying, “Oh, it's—” Feeling an arm wrap around your waist, you look up to see that Gojo has found you. Grinning, he says, “Geto, this is [Y/n], [Y/n] this is Geto, my good old friend.” Furrowing your brows you asked, “Wait, you guys know each other?” Keeping his grin, Gojo answers, “Yes we do. I’m sorry Geto, I’d love for the two of you to become acquainted, but [Y/n] is my partner for tonight and we need to talk, so I’ll see you later.” 

With his arm around your waist, he pulls you away to an empty side of the ballroom with large windows looking out into the courtyard. You hadn’t taken the time to pay attention to him, but now you were able to see that he was wearing a nicely tailored black suit that had been paired with an intricately designed black and silver decorative mask that hid his eyes. 

Gojo teased, “Do you know that you have a habit of avoiding me, Sweetheart? Especially when one of us has made a move on the other.” Sighing, you replied, “Mmmm, maybe Gojo, I didn’t feel like spending my evening with the most irritating person in this ballroom. Especially when I had to suffer through time with them earlier today.” 

Forming a cocky smile on his face, he retorted, “Suffer? Pretty sure that you enjoyed feeling my cock in your hand.” Feeling the heat rise to your face, you looked downwards to pay attention to the designs in the tan stone. His fingers lifted your head to look up at him while he lowered his voice saying, “It's a shame you didn't continue. I know how hard it must have been to walk away from me.” 

You rolled your eyes, pushing his hand off your jawline. He chuckled, “You know Princess, I would consider you to be the most judgmental person here.” His nose brushing your ear, he whispered, "But you easily are also the most gorgeous one here.” 

Sucking in a breath, you feel chills run down your spine, wondering, This is going to be his move, isn’t it. I should have expected this type of reaction after what I did to him today. You breathed, “What is your move Gojo?” His lips still by your ear, he smirked, “I want a dance with you, Princess. I want to be able to spin around the middle of the ballroom. With your hand intertwined with mine and my arm around your waist. I want everyone to see us and envy that they aren't having as much fun as we are. And hopefully, I get a smile or laugh out of you.” 

Your pulse racing, you interject, “But I wouldn’t be having fun, I can’t do that in front of people—I’m not that good of a dancer. It’ll not only be embarrassing for me but you as well.” Gojo rests his forehead on yours, answering softly, “Just keep your eyes on me and it’ll be alright. I would never let you feel unsafe or would embarrass you like that. If you end up hating it you get to make up any punishment you want for me. Deal?”

Letting out a breath, you ask, “Of all the things you could have done to get back at me, why did you choose this one?” Gojo grinned, showcasing his pearly whites, “Because I want you to enjoy a social event for once and not sit off to the side in your little bubble Princess.” Feeling slightly flustered, you turn your head to the side, but Gojo tenderly realigns your face to his once again, mumbling, “What did I say about eye contact when we’re talking Princess?” He removes the arm around your waist continuing, “I’ll come to get you when it’s time okay?” 

You nod, turning to go back to the spot at the bar where Shoko and Nanami were still sitting, thinking, Watch me stumble over my feet in front of everyone. And I can’t wait to see whatever gossip this may create in the office. “[Y/n], you’re back!,” Shoko acknowledges, slurring her words. “Oh no, not already Shoko. Nanami, please don’t let her take any more alcohol tonight.” You answered, moving Shoko so she wouldn’t slip off the bar seating. Helping you, Nanami replied, “Oh don’t worry [Y/n], I already started limiting her around 10 mins ago.” You chuckled, “Thank you, Nanami.” 

Leaning her head on her arm, Shoko let out a small giggle, “Soooo, we saw you with Gojo [Y/n]. You know you don’t have to hide it from us. Right Nanami?” You turned to look at Nanami who still maintained his aloof expression saying, “I don't care, but I do applaud you for being able to put up with that dimwit.” That elicited a large chuckle from you when Gojo approached from behind, “ You’re laughing? Nanami, what did you say to make her laugh?” Sipping on his drink, he replied, “Nothing important.” Gojo frowned, “You're so cruel to me Nanami when I’ve done nothing to you but be an amazing friend.” 

Dimwit—what a perfect word for him, you thought, chuckling to yourself, causing Gojo to whisper, “Don’t worry, Princess. I’ll make sure to keep you laughing all night. Also, it’s time for us to go.” Glancing at him and then turning to Shoko and Nanami you said, “Sorry guys, we have to go for a sec. And no, there isn’t anything between us. We're just...just um—" 

"Friends, [Y/n] and I are just friends," Gojo interjected. 

Gojo slips off your shawl, fully revealing your exposed back and the v-neckline of your gown. He hands it to Nanami to hold for you, guiding you to where everyone was dancing with an arm around your waist. A slower song begins to play, Gojo’s arm around your waist settles a little lower, resting on the small of your back while the other hand intertwined with yours and your free hand rests on his chest, which was flush against yours as you begin to sway to the rhythm. 

Looking around at the smooth movements of the other couples dancing compared to your stiff movements, you looked up to Gojo, mumbling into his collar, “I’m sorry that I’m really not that great of a partner. Are you sure you want to spend your evening doing this?” 

He lowers his head a little, remarking, “Why wouldn’t I want to spend this time with you? I get to make you do stuff you never would have done and try to make you laugh, which is like a once-in-a-lifetime event. Also, I have all this time to tease you and make you flustered so you will finally confess your undying love for me.” 

Gojo’s grin widens, forming more smile lines, and like an infection, it spreads to your expression. You giggle, “You wish I had an undying love for you to confess, but it's just one of your delusions, Gojo.” 

Looking around, you notice that people’s glances have gravitated towards you, and feeling unease, you shift around when Gojo reclaims your attention, “Hey, I finally got you to laugh.” Giving him a small smile, you try to take your mind off the glances, but Gojo, noticing your discomfort, lets out a breath saying, “Hey, I have an idea, let’s go.”

Chapter Text

Pulling your hand, he led you towards the windows looking out into a courtyard. Finding the entrance, you both walked out into the chilly autumn air when you asked, “What are we doing, Gojo?” Squeezing your hand, he led you to a spot underneath a tree full of different shades of orange, yellow, and red leaves that stood by a small fountain. 

“I thought you might like dancing better without the unwanted attention,” smirking, he continued, “Hopefully, you’re less nervous, so you don’t step on my feet as much.” Rolling your eyes in annoyance, you retort, “What makes you think I only did that because I was nervous?” 

Gojo chuckles, resuming the hand placement on your lower back and holding your hand, pulling you closer than before. Leaning into your ear and gently running a finger on your exposed back, he breathes, “Harsh, but now I can get away with making you more flustered, Sweetheart, so it’s all good.” You feel goosebumps rise all over your skin as Gojo guides you through a slow dance to the sound of the gentle breeze and water fountain flowing. 

Gojo removes his mask at a certain point, and you continue swaying, looking into Gojo’s eyes as you gradually become as close as possible. Feeling the fatigue start to wear on you, you lay your head on his shoulder, asking, “Why did you take off your mask, Gojo?” 

He takes a breath saying, “To remember. I want to absorb every second of these moments with you,” sliding your mask off as well, putting both off to the side. He continues, “I definitely will remember that dress and what you did to me in my office, Sweetheart.” Not wanting to return to that moment, you murmur, “Okay, we can talk about something else, you know.” Gojo shakes his head, replying, “Nope, it’s my move now, so I’ll choose what we talk about, and it’s making you flustered so of course, I’ll continue.” 

You groan into his chest, “You know I wasn’t hating your company for once, but of course, you have to ruin it some way or another.” Feeling his breath tickle your cheek, he says in a low tone, “Do you how hard it was to keep myself from laying you out on my desk and fucking you into oblivion? I shamelessly wanted the entire floor to hear our sounds.” 

Do you know what’s worse? I can’t say that I would have been opposed to that. Looking up at Gojo, you noticed that he was quiet, and he had a blush on his cheeks. You asked, “What’s wrong, Gojo?”

“Did you say what I think you said?” A grin growing on his face, he continues, “You admitted to wanting me!” Realizing that your internal thoughts were not so internal, you broke away from Gojo’s embrace and headed back towards the ballroom when Gojo stopped you chuckling, “It's not something to be embarrassed about! I am an attractive man, so I totally understand.” 

You spin on him, snapping, “Yes, it is Gojo! I don’t think you realize that I don’t need people to think I’m less capable because I fucked you once. I would never hear the end of it, and all my hard work would be for nothing!” You see a sense of hurt settle into Gojo’s eyes, causing you to avoid his gaze when he speaks quietly, “Can we just continue as it was before? I’m sorry that I upset you this much—and I—I know that I can’t ever understand, but you are worth more than stupid little rumors, Princess.”

I—I feel terrible for snapping at him like that. I know that he was joking, but I just can’t risk all my hard work until now for a guy, especially a guy who probably likes the chase more than the actual commitment. Stuck in your thoughts, you didn’t realize when Gojo noticed your shivers and wrapped his suit jacket around you. Gojo begins to slowly turn you again, teasing you here and there. But for the most part, you’re just stuck in your head feeling guilty. 

Releasing a deep breath, you spoke, “Hey...I’m sorry for snapping at you like that. I shouldn’t blow up over your stupid jokes like that.” Looking up into his striking eyes, you noticed a small smile plastered on his face when he responded, “No, I should know when to stop pushing your buttons, Sweetheart.” Hearing him use the pet name in such a gentle manner, you feel the heat creep up on your cheeks, still holding his gaze. 

Gojo asks, “Can I continue telling you what I want to remember from tonight?” You slowly nod, and he says, “I want to remember how you took my breath away when you walked in tonight and how perfect it felt having you in my arms tonight. I want to remember how you always looked down at the floor whenever I made you flustered. And most importantly, how I was able to finally put a genuine smile on your face since that morning.” Your faces had slowly been inching towards each other when Gojo tenderly brushed a stray eyelash from your cheek.

Your pulse racing, your eyes began to dart from his eyes to his lips as he did the same to yours. You remain there breathing each other's air for a little while, slowly moving towards each other, and you close your eyes in anticipation. But that is when you hear a soft cough, and you turn to see Nanami clearing his throat, looking away awkwardly. You take a step back from Gojo, your intertwined hands falling between the two of you before you let go of his hand, looking at the flow of water in the fountain. 

Maintaining his gaze on you, Gojo inquires, “What, Nanami?” Is that irritation in his voice? Still not meeting either of your gazes, Nanami responds, “I just wanted to tell you that Shoko and I were planning to leave soon and that we still have [Y/n]’s shawl.” Gojo quickly responds, “You can just put it with the coat valet under my name.” Nanami returning to the ballroom leaves the two of you alone again, and silence fills between the two of you. 

You finally speak, “Uh…it’s getting late. I…I should go,” giving Gojo back his suit jacket and turning towards the ballroom. I’m—I’m frustrated. And not with Gojo for once, but with the fact we got interrupted. Why am I like this? Why can’t I ignore Gojo like the others? Gojo decides to return to the ballroom with you, and you both grab your stuff from the car valet. Walking outside the venue, Gojo offers to walk you to your car, striding off in that direction before you can even object. 

You trail slightly behind, noticing the state of his hands. Look how his hand is clenched—oh my god, his veins—I need to stop. He must be furious—wait, is he mad at me for wanting to leave? Ugh, why am I so concerned about his opinion of me? 

Opening your car door, you tossed your belongings inside and turned back to him, leaning on the car door. You noticed that he was in a daze, so you gently took his fist into your hands and unclenched them, saying, “Thank you for tonight, Gojo.” You chuckled, “It was definitely more eventful and interesting than it would have been if I wasn’t with you.” Lifting your chin, you see his small smile when he says, “There’s that beautiful smile again.” 

Feeling shivers down your spine, you look at the neatly folded handkerchief in Gojo’s suit jacket when he carefully runs a finger down your cheek drawing your eyes to his. Your faces inch towards each other once again, and Gojo takes the chance, smashing your lips to his. Melting into the kiss, your arms curve around his neck, pushing his head down to yours. Parting your lips, your tongues become familiar once again, and Gojo’s hands begin to travel down your back, pulling you closer to him. 

You break away first, lightly panting, and Gojo leans his forehead on yours when you whisper, “I should go." You were interrupted by Gojo pressing a light kiss on your cheek, murmuring, “You were the best partner I could have asked for, get home safely, Princess.” 

Sitting in your car, you rolled down a window to give Gojo a final goodbye when he said, “Text me goodnight to let me know you’re okay.” Giving him a small smile and nodding, you drive off, feeling a pit drop in your stomach. I—I want him. Shit, I want him. This wasn’t supposed to happen, he was not supposed to start meaning something to me. It was supposed to be a one-and-done situation. What if he—just so many things can go wrong.  

Arriving home, you went through your night routine, changing into comfortable clothing when you hear your phone buzz. Sitting on your bed, you see that it's a text message from Gojo thinking, Crap, I forgot to text him that I got home. Gojo had texted, Hey, are you home yet? 

You text back replying, Yeah, sorry I forgot, I was getting ready for bed, but I’m okay . He replies It’s fine, I'm glad you're okay. You see the bubbles forming, and then it stops and then continues again. What does he want to say to me that is taking so long for him to type? 

Feeling the phone vibrate against your covers, you reach for it reading Gojo’s message, So…where do we go from here? You take a breath, feeling your palms get clammy. I want to respond, but I honestly do not even know what to say to him. Whatever is between us is far from professional as hard as I tried to deny it. And…I do want him, but he can’t know that because I cannot deal with that possibility right now.

Typing, your thumb begins to hit the delete key as you second guess yourself. I can’t keep him waiting for too long, I feel like he’s just watching the bubbles form and disappear. Taking a deep breath, you type, I don’t have a good answer for you, Gojo. Dissatisfied with that response, your thumb hits the delete key once again, and you turn off the screen plopping your head on the pillow. I’m too exhausted to deal with this right now. 

Looking at his phone and seeing the bubbles disappear for good, he smirks, You know that you can’t use professionalism as an excuse. I will take that as a win, Princess. Texting you one last thing, Gojo puts his phone on his nightstand, shifting onto his side to look out his high-rise window. I wonder if she’s looking out at the same night sky as me. You lift your head off your pillow turning to your phone, which buzzes again. Reading, Goodnight Princess , you feel goosebumps rise on your arms. You snuggle further into the blanket, turning to your window to look out at the city skyline against the clear night sky, wondering, What am I going to do with you, Satoru Gojo?  

Chapter Text

A couple of weeks had passed since the gala, and you and Gojo had continued the game, but it had become tamer. There was something between you guys, that you knew for sure was there, but neither of you knew how to address it. So, neither of you could try to pull off the stunts like in the elevator and his office—it was just out of the question now. 

As you entered the office, you felt in the atmosphere that something was off. The first sign was the lack of fangirls being in the lounge area gossiping about whatever he wore. The second sign was not hearing Megumi shuffle down the hallway to get his coffee order. The last sign that confirmed your suspicions was the lack of a notecard with the usual immature joke that he liked you to start your day with. 

Yep, Satoru Gojo was definitely not in the office today. But he isn’t scheduled to be out, or maybe I looked at the wrong calendar. Why am I so affected by this again? I better get to work. Later on, hearing your assistants talk about why the nuisance wasn’t in the office today distracted you from your work. And you decide: I’ll send an email to catch up like a good colleague. Or maybe I should text since he would probably respond faster. 

Picking up your phone, you opened your messages and began typing, but you found yourself struggling to type words into the box. What do I even say? What tone do I even use when 90% of my dialogue with this man is cursing, sarcasm, or insulting him somehow? You know what? This is not even worth it. He is probably fine relaxing in his apartment or something. 

A few hours pass, and it's now your lunch hour. The message you haven’t sent Gojo continues to nag you at the back of your mind. I should really check on him, half of the day is gone already. You pick up your phone once again, deciding to remain true to how you would speak to him in person, saying, Idiot. Why aren’t you in the office?  

Instead of waiting for a reply to come through, you decide to grab some food and continue your work. The next time you go to check your phone is an hour after you sent the first message. Scrolling through your phone, you realize that Gojo has seen your message and chose not to respond. Feeling a bit bored and honestly a little irritated, you sent a message that was a tad passive-aggressive saying. Seriously, pretty boy? Couldn’t be decent enough to respond to my message? 

Before you lock your phone, you see that he has read this new message and there are moving dots, but as soon as those dots appear, they leave, the conversation falls flat once again. Your frustration begins to shift into genuine worry as you begin to wonder if there was anything that you did or said that ruined his mood. Did I go too far with one of my insults? Has he finally deemed me unworthy of his time? To get these concerns off your chest, you type, On a more serious note, is there anything I did to offend you? You wait a couple of minutes to see if he'll respond, but he doesn’t. Having to return to your work, you decide that you’ll have to show up at his door to figure out what’s going on at this point. 

As soon as you get off work in the early evening, you pack your stuff into your car and decide to stop by some takeout place, so it doesn’t seem that you are intruding. Arriving at his place, you make your way up the building to the higher levels with the penthouses and luxurious apartments, and you begin to remember what occurred between the two of you the last time you were here. Oh no, no, no, noooo, this was such a bad idea. Maybe I should go home and enjoy this takeout by myself. Since when was I the colleague that went out of their way like this? Ugh, this is so embarrassing, watch him laugh in my face. You were so deep in your thoughts you didn’t realize that you were standing in front of his doorway, food in hand.

You press the silver doorbell by the side of his door, thinking, If I sprint now, I can make it to the elevator and pretend this never happened. I say we do that instead. Turning in regret, you hear the click of the lock and the turn of the doorknob. Great, that is just my fucking luck. You slowly turn towards the opening door, feeling a cool breeze escape his apartment. 

“Princess? What are you doing here? What a pleasant surprise,” his words slurring and eyes taking you in even with the blindfold on. “I brought you some food, and it seems like you need it,” noticing the smell of alcohol dancing on his breath. Taking a deep breath, you continue, “Also, I think we need to talk. You are definitely not okay right now.” 

You step through the door taking in the distantly familiar surroundings yet also noticing how, unlike last time, everything is in disarray. You ask, “Fall cleaning gone wrong?” He chuckles, “Something like that.” You place your bag on the gray couch and the bag of takeout on the kitchen island. Your hands touch the cool, white stone before you turn to face him, fully taking in his disheveled state. It was a little odd seeing him wear gray sweatpants and a white T-shirt compared to the high-end suits and formal clothes he would wear at the office. But it’s kinda nice seeing him like this, like a normal person instead of the perfectly charming business executive that constantly bothers me at the office. 

You begin to open the takeout container, handing him one, saying, “What’s going on Gojo? And don’t try to say that you’re fine because we both know you’re not.” He takes a seat at the island, almost tripping on the footrest attached to the bar chair, eliciting a giggle from you as he says, “I’m so glad my compromised state is providing you entertainment, Sweetheart,” beginning to chow down on fried rice.

He groans in approval, mumbling, “Wherever this is from is going to be my new spot.” You protest, “No, no, no, that can’t work, I’ve claimed that as my spot for years now, and I refuse to let you find out.” Sitting on the chair next to him, you open your container munching on your rice as Gojo quickly grabs something from the bag. “Hey, what are you doing? Wait—no!” 

Being a regular at The Dragon Lily, you became so familiar with the menu, forgetting that they include a menu pamphlet in their takeout bags, which is what Gojo now held in his hands. “Ahhh, The Dragon Lily, one day you can take me there on a date, Sweetheart.” Replying in between bites, you say, ”In your dreams, Gojo. I’m hoping the fact that you’re drunk means that you’ll forget that. Which reminds me, you’re done with alcohol for tonight. You need to be okay at work tomorrow.” 

Resuming back to eating your food, Gojo comments, “Did you miss me in the office, today Princess?” 

You reply, “I was actually able to get more work done today, which was nice.” Gojo smirks saying, “You didn’t answer my question. Did you miss me or not?” You kept on eating your food as Gojo continued to stare you down, trying to pull an answer out of you. You finally stop eating to say, “I think I’d rather talk about what’s going on with you Gojo.” He smirks, replying, “What do you mean Princess? I’m perfectly fi—" 

“Stop lying to yourself Gojo. It’s not going to help anyone, especially you.” He slowly rises from the bar seating, his steps still unsteady responding, “I want to lie down now.” 

“Don’t think that you’re going to get out of thi—” 

He cuts you off, countering, “I’m not trying to avoid the conversation. I’d just rather have it comfortably lying down.” You rise from your chair, stretching when Gojo puts his arm around your torso, explaining, “I’m going to need you to guide me to the room.” You nod, wrapping your arm around his back, guiding him through the darkened apartment. 

In his room, he collapses on his bed, getting comfortable under the covers. You move to sit on the cushioned bench in front of the bed when he teases, “Instead of being so difficult, you could sit on the half-empty bed. And it makes it easier to talk too, you know.” I would  be more comfortable. I just need to be able to get up once the conversation is over so I can go home.  

Gojo interrupts your thoughts, saying, “And if you’re concerned about it getting too late to drive, you can just stay over. I have a guest room you could stay in if that would make you more comfortable.” You sigh, “Fine. But no shenanigans. Also, do you have something loose and comfy I could change into?” Gojo says, yawning, “Yeah, look in my dresser, top right drawer.” Once you've changed into one of his t-shirts and are sitting on Gojo’s bed, you begin trying to understand what’s going on in his head despite the growing goosebumps on your arm. 

You ask, “What started this Gojo?” He released a large breath, replying, “As much as it may seem that I have everything under control and I’m living this perfect life, I always feel that what I do is never enough, and it never will. Like there will always be an infinite boundary between me and this idea of perfection I have. That I’ll endlessly get closer to it yet never reach the destination.” I never would have expected Gojo of all people to think this deeply about these things. He never shows a sign of this so he must feel so alone with his problems, and as annoying as he is, he doesn’t deserve that.

Shifting onto your side looking at him, you reply, “Keep going.” 

“I know my personality naturally draws me to people, and they do compliment me, which feels good. But I think there is a certain point where the reassurance and praise from people that you are perfect or attractive or whatever has just become noise that I use to distract myself from the feeling of being inadequate. I don’t even know if what I’m saying makes any sense or if I can even truly complain. Like I know that my situation is far from the worst, and I don’t know how I truly feel.” 

Taking a deep breath, you take his hand into yours, fingers intertwining as you say, “I’m not the best communicator or giver of advice, but what I would say is that humanity and life doesn't require you to be perfect to be enough. If it did, then I don’t think that anyone would show any appreciation to each other. The mere fact that so many people go out of their way to show their appreciation for you, Gojo, shows that you are enough and that you do matter." I can definitely assure you that you matter to me wait… no, no, no, why am I thinking like this.  

Turning your focus back on Gojo, you realize that he has slipped off his blindfold. His arm slips over your torso, causing you to stiffen. He pulls you closer and whispers, “I noticed you were cold, is this okay, Princess?” You slowly nod, shifting closer to him under the blanket. Maintaining each other’s gaze, you enjoy the comfortable silence between the two of you, listening to the sounds of your soft breathing. Closing your eyes, you sleepily mumble, “You know, your eyes have always reminded me of a field of nemophila flowers. I should take you one day.” His hair tickles your face, and you giggle lightly, as he whispers, “Everything remotely beautiful in the world reminds me of you in one way or another.” 

You chuckle, blindly poking his cheek, “You’re just saying that because you’re drunk, aren’t you, huh.” His fingers find their way to your jawline saying, “No…I’m not…truly.” Hearing the sudden change to a serious tone, you wonder, How does he come up with these things that get me every time? Trying to hide your reaction, you snuggle farther into the pillow to hide your face, but Satoru knows better and kisses you on the forehead as you drift asleep, whispering, “Thanks for taking time to listen to me. I didn’t know how much I needed that, Princess.” You shift a little closer, yawning, “Hey, well...what are friends for,” finally falling under the lull of sleep.  

Gojo’s eyes shoot wide open as he looks at your now sleeping figure. Did she just? She actually called me a friend! She’s so adorable. I would totally tease her for hours about this, but how could I disturb that lovable face. She probably won’t remember she said that but I will...I definitely will.

Chapter Text

Pulling your coat a little tighter, you pick up your pace as you near the entrance of your office building. It was the holiday season, and you were offered a work trip to help your company scout out a deal with a tentative partner. You did not have much of an issue with the trip being over the holidays since you were not that close with your family, and you just felt that the holidays were overrated and a time of unnecessary stress. This trip was an all-expenses-paid trip to New York for two weeks (which included free time for you to enjoy the city), and your company decided to sweeten the deal by giving you a nice bonus to enjoy. Entering the office building, you relished the nice warm breeze giving you a break from the harsh wintery weather. 

Settling in at your desk, you noticed Gojo’s handwriting on a post-it note that read, My office ;-) . Squinting your eyes, you made sure that you were settled before making your way to Gojo’s office. Opening the door to Gojo’s office, you saw him ruffling Megumi’s hair before he pushed him in your direction towards the door. On his way out, Megumi greets you, giving you a bow, leaving you and Gojo alone in the quiet office. 

You asked Gojo, “Why did you call me here?” He strides towards you, throwing you over his shoulder, cheering, “Guess who’s going to New York together!” 

You begin kicking your feet, punching his back, snapping, “Put me down Gojo, you can’t do stuff like this here!” He lowers you to the ground, grinning, “So, you’re not opposed to me doing that elsewhere?” 

“You know that is not what I meant, Gojo.” You run a hand over your forehead, trying to prevent yourself from losing your shit. Why do I like him again? Actually, no. Let’s call this feeling intrigue instead—yeah, that’s a better word. 

“Why are you joining me on this trip, Gojo? Yaga didn’t tell me anything about this.” You crossed your arms letting out a sigh. Maintaining his gleeful expression, Gojo beamed, “He thought our different skills would work well together,” leaning in closer, “And from my standpoint, I must say that we do go well together, Princess.” 

You chuckled, gently laying a hand on his chest and tilting your head, sneering, “Bite me.” But of course, Gojo would turn your words against you. Pushing aside the neckline of your blouse, Gojo leaned even closer, his lips brushing your collarbone breathing, “I didn’t know you were into that Princess. All you had to do was say something. You know that I’m all yours.” Your body rushed with heat, feeling your pulse start to pick up once again. 

You swallowed, pushing him away, “Is that all Gojo?” 

“Mhmm,” Gojo replied, flashing a cocky grin. Opening the door to leave, he sang, “Can’t wait for New York Sweetheart!” You slammed the door, making your way back to your office, thinking, This trip might be the end of me. I don’t even want to think about what shit Gojo might try to pull.  




It was finally the time of the trip, and you and Gojo were now in your seats on the business class section of the airplane. Feeling the plane shift and begin to approach the runway, you began to play with the hem of your shirt, nervously tapping your foot against the footrest. Noticing your fidgeting, Gojo’s palm moved towards your thigh to stop it from shaking. Turning your face from the window, Gojo meets your eyes comforting, “Just look at me,” pulling down his blindfold, “I’ve got you, Princess.” 

Taking your hands, Gojo begins to rub his thumbs up and down, soothing your nerves. Taking a deep breath and resting your head on his shoulder for a bit, you feel the plane speed up before it tilts upwards into the sky. As soon as takeoff is over, and the plane has begun cruising towards New York, your nerves have cooled down, and Gojo turns to you suggesting, “We should watch a movie,” with a small smile.

Returning his smile, you cheekily respond, “Okay, but I’m choosing the movie.” While you go through the movie catalog, Gojo slips his blindfold back on. You finally decide on the classic, The Incredibles, and Gojo smirks, “I wouldn’t expect you to pick a movie like The Incredibles .” You face him countering, “I thought you would have learned by now to expect the unexpected when it comes to me.” Gojo laughs, “Touche, Princess.” 

The two of you shift around in your seats, getting comfortable when the flight attendants come and offer you food and beverages—perfect timing for your aerial cinematic viewing. Gojo then stands, reaching into the overhead compartment to get a blanket from his bag. Sitting down, he begins to spread the blanket over the two of you, making sure not to make your drinks and snacks spill over. You lifted a brow, “Why are you sharing your blanket with me?” He began munching on a cookie, replying, “Because I wanted to be comfy. Also, I noticed you tend to get cold easily.” What? He noticed that? What other things is he aware of then? 

Reading your expression, Gojo teased, “Yes, Princess, I do notice your little quirks and other things,” while his hand began to play with yours mindlessly. Not sure how to respond, you turn to the screen and begin playing the movie. Gojo leans closer, explaining, “Before you berate or punch me. Since we’re watching on your screen, I have to lean over to see better. Is that okay?” You nod, joining the game between your hands, just touching mindlessly. 

As the movie plays on, you move further into the blanket, thankful for the added warmth in the cold airplane. The little game that you two were playing with your hands had subsided to just holding hands. Around the plane scene, Gojo’s head started to droop, eventually resting on your shoulder as you continued watching the movie. 

Sneaking a look, you criticized internally, He’s missing the best parts of the movie, but this is okay, he looks peaceful so I’ll allow it. After finishing the movie, you felt tired yourself, and seeing on the flight tracker that there was still a while to go, you decided to sleep as well. Should I lean on his head? It is like the only option that I have that wouldn’t disturb him too much. Yeah, it shouldn’t be a big deal, it'll be okay. Convincing yourself, you slowly lowered your head to his, getting comfortable. Gojo shifted slightly in his sleep, holding your hand a little tighter, and you moved the blanket so that it would cover you guys better. Finally comfortable, you closed your eyes, missing the slight smile Gojo had on his face for a moment. 

Hearing the announcements of slight turbulence as the plane began its descent, you shot awake, waking Gojo up in the process. You rubbed your face, looking out the window to see that the ground was closer than before. Gojo stretched, nearly hitting your face with an arm when he yawned, “What happened? How far away are we?” 

Moving his arm away from your face, you tiredly answer, “Sorry, the announcements woke me up, but we’re landing.” Gojo’s expression lit up, leaning over you to look out the window, seeing the clustered city lights, bridges, and skyscrapers of New York. You push him back to his seat, groaning, “You know, personal space is a great concept you should learn.” 

Gojo snorts, “Weren’t you just laying on my head sleeping? What happened to personal space then?” You turn to the window looking at the cityscape, mumbling, “Oh please, Gojo, it’s only because you decided to fall asleep on my shoulder.” 

Gojo leans towards you again, “Well you could have just pushed me off, why didn’t you?” Looking back at him and jumping a little once you notice his closeness, you respond, “Well I wanted to be polite, Gojo. As a gentleman, you would understand that right?” An amused expression growing on his face, he chuckles, “Well thank you for being so courteous, Sweetheart,” playing with your hands once again. 

You smirk, teasing, “I didn’t know your vocabulary was advanced enough to include courteous.” Gojo opens his mouth to let out a retort but quickly presses his fingers to his ears, feeling them pop. You laughed, “Aw does something have your tongue Gojo?” You see a wide grin spread on Gojo’s face thinking, Shit. What is he going to say now? Maintaining a close distance, his voice drops to a whisper, becoming soft and raspy, saying, “Speaking about tongues, I remember you leaving me a note about a certain circumstance where your tongue would be oh so welcome. I’m still waiting for your demonstration, Princess. ” 

You feel a flash of heat rushing through you. Pushing him away to look at the window once more, you notice that in the next few minutes, you’ll be on the ground. You shift around in your seat in anticipation, tired of sitting for hours on end. 

Gojo looks over, teasing, “Someone’s eager to get off the plane.” You hold his gaze, narrowing your eyes, countering, “The sooner that more distance is between us the better,” turning away from him once again. Using his index finger, he moves your chin towards him, forcing eye contact, answering, “Princess, you forget that this entire trip we have to work together, and we’ll be in neighboring hotel rooms, so distance isn’t truly an option for us.” Leaning to whisper in your ears, he continues, “Not that I want to anyway, and I remember you enjoying the lack of distance between our bodies that night.” 

Your cheeks burning, you bring your fingers to your ears as you feel them pop. Pushing a smirking Gojo away, you decide not to respond and to listen to music while looking at your itinerary for the rest of the night. Once the plane has landed, and you’re approaching the jet bridge to the terminal, you see the flight attendant waving to grab your attention. 

Slipping off your earbuds, you turn to her, saying, “Hey what happened?” She giggles, ”No, I just wanted to say that your boyfriend—I mean you and your boyfriend are adorable together.” Your expression changes to one of confusion and then to slight disappointment when you realize she’s talking about Gojo. Playing with the handle of your carry-on bag and letting out a dry chuckle, you replied, “Oh no, we’re not dating—definitely not dating but thank you,” turning to walk into the terminal. 

You turn back for a quick sec wondering about Gojo’s whereabouts when you see him whispering something into the flight attendant's ear that made her giggle. Idiot. “ You’re holding up the line, let’s go,” you called, walking once again. Gojo caught up to you teasing, “Someone’s jealous !” 

You laid a quick jab to his side, rolling your eyes, “Keep dreaming Gojo,” yawning, you added, “I just really need to eat and sleep.” Gojo looked on with amusement adoring your little yawn. Once you had reclaimed your bags, you two entered the designated car your company had given to you. 

Facing the typical New York traffic, you begin to drift asleep to the soft rumble of the car's engine, finding your headrest to be Gojo’s shoulder. Heh, I guess we’re now even Princess , Gojo wondered, tracing the lines on your relaxed palm before holding it. A smile grew on his face seeing your hand return the gesture, intertwining your fingers. Looking at your serene expression and then the bright lights of skyscrapers down Manhattan, Gojo thought, We may not be dating now, but don’t worry, Sweetheart, it won’t be like this for long. I believe this city does magical things, and you can only deny me for so long.

Chapter Text

The hotel your company had given you and Gojo to stay at was a gorgeous 5-star hotel that overlooked the Hudson River. Your suite had nice large windows that gave you the best view of all the bridges and the Manhattan skyline. The next morning after you and Gojo had settled into your rooms, eaten dinner, and rested, you turned your focus to the assignment you were here to do. 

Entering the breakfast bar downstairs, you headed towards a seat by the window and began reading the menu. Once you decided on a Belgian waffle and an iced latte, you began to scour through your notes and email to see what would be on your agenda today. You were enjoying the serene atmosphere beginning to dig into your breakfast when you heard the chair across from you dragged backward. 

You look up to see Gojo plopping down into the seat, grinning, “Good morning, Sweetheart! Did you have a good night's rest?” Chewing your bite of waffle, whipped cream, strawberry, and syrup, you nod, with a muffled reply, “Yeah, how about you?” Gojo leans over your plate, and you raise an eyebrow when he chuckles, “So, you’re interested in my well-being? Princess, are you sure you don’t have feelings for me?” 

Gojo begins to reach for a strawberry, and you swat Gojo’s hand away, glaring, “There’s that narcissism again. You know, you seem to really struggle confusing politeness for affection. I could read the definitions for you,” taking a sip of your iced latte. Closing your eyes, you relish the smooth and creamy flavor, and being the pest he is, Gojo took this opportunity to sneak a strawberry off your waffle. 

Opening your eyes to see his large smirk and moving jawline, you narrow your eyes, retorting, “You know, you could just order your own instead of stealing,” scoffing, "And you claim that you’re a gentleman.” Laughing, Gojo picks up a menu, responding, “See that reaction right there is what I was after.” You rolled your eyes, taking another bite, thinking, How am I going to last the next two weeks with this man? Hopefully, we’re too preoccupied with work for him to continue bothering me like this. But at the back of your mind, you knew that on this trip, Gojo would find any way he could to aggravate or frustrate you. 

Gojo had received his waffle and latte and began munching, which reduced the amount of teasing he could do. You continued looking through unread emails that came in through your flight and made a mental plan for the day. Rising from your chair, you said, “I’m going to grab stuff from my room and head to the meeting location.” Gojo looked up at you, responding, “Nope, you’re not Princess. Not until I’m ready.” 

You crossed your arms, resting your weight back on one leg, asking, “Why not?” A corner of Gojo’s mouth lifted when he remarked, “Did you forget Princess? We’re supposed to be working together, and we have a shared ride.” Rubbing your forehead, you sigh, “Fine. But get ready quickly so we won’t be late,” turning to head back to your room. Gojo sang with a large grin, “Of course not, I’ll come to get you when I’m ready, Sweetheart.” 

Fifteen minutes passed. Twenty-five minutes passed. You texted Gojo, Hey! Remember that meeting we have? Yeah, we have to leave now so we won’t be late. Gojo casually replied, Don’t stress Princess! We have plenty of time to spare. :-) You furiously typed back, Ha, no we don’t. Did you forget that we’re in New York? We’ll be facing horrendous traffic along our commute. Another 10 minutes passed, and Gojo didn’t reply, so you decided to text, I’m leaving. You can find your way to the meeting Gojo. 

Briskly walking and swinging your door open, you meet Gojo towering over you, dressed in a nice gray suit with his classic grin on his face. You sneer, “Oh, so now you’re ready? Why didn’t you respond to my texts?” Both of you, beginning to head downstairs, he responds, “I told you not to stress Princess, and I thought my presence at my door would be a nice surprise instead of responding.” He is so annoying—I don’t think I’ll make it through this trip. It’s that or I might bash his head in.  

Walking into the freezing New York air, you adjusted your scarf, slipping into the company car for you and Gojo. The car ride was surprisingly quiet, with you taking in the towering skyscrapers and different city architecture, and Gojo invested in something on his phone, also looking out the window periodically. Your suspicions were unfortunately right, and there was a large traffic jam as you guys hit Midtown from the morning rush. 

Finally reaching the office building where you two and the prospective partners were supposed to meet, you turned to Gojo, warning, “You better put whatever skills Yaga sees in you to use. And don’t mess with or embarrass me because trust me when I say that I will make you seriously regret coming on this trip, Gojo.” You hopped out of the vehicle, rushing into the building, preventing Gojo from making a teasing remark. Gojo stood for a second, in awe of your ruthless manner, before a grin formed on his face. He jogged into the building, following your lead. Reaching upstairs, you began to look for the representatives of the other company. That was when you saw a familiar tall man with long black hair. 

He met your gaze and began approaching you smiling, “Hey, [Y/n] is it?” Reaching your hand out for a handshake, you replied, “Yes, and you are Geto? From the gala a while back? What are you doing here?” Returning your handshake, Geto opened his mouth to respond when Gojo caught up to you guys interrupting, “Geto is the representative that we will be working with [Y/n].” 

So this is why Yaga sent Gojo along. Hopefully, Gojo’s friendship with Geto makes this trip a little easier for me. You turned so you could see Gojo as well when you smiled, “Great! Gojo, I think that you and Geto should catch up, and in the meantime, I can prepare some data and analytics we need to look at.” 

Gojo clapped Geto’s back, directing him to the lounge area when he turned back, winking at you and giving a thumbs up. Feeling heat rise to your cheeks, you gave him a small smile and turned to the large conference table to begin your work. 




Over the next few days, Gojo and Geto picked up their friendship from where they left off previously, and you had gotten closer to Geto, finding him to be a great partner to work with. There were multiple instances where you two would end up working alone while you sent Gojo to do an errand for you. You noticed a few glances from Gojo that were a little off, but too immersed in your work, you thought nothing of it until one of the last days where everyone was planning to close the deal between your companies. 

It was a late night, and Geto had gone off to pick up some food. All the other supporting members had gone home, just leaving you and Gojo alone at the conference table. Finishing the last paper of the remaining document, you stacked your papers, looking up to notice Gojo glancing at you from across the table. 

You breathed, “Finally. All done,” yawning, "We can finally enjoy this city and this trip for ourselves now.” Gojo chuckled, replying, “Yeah, finally…So, are you going to see the city with Geto, Princess?” You arched a brow, “Where did you even get this from? We never made plans, Gojo.” Is he jealous of Geto and me? What is even there to be jealous of anyway? Geto is just a respectable colleague. 

Tired, you lean your head on an arm against the table when Gojo asks, “Do you like him?” That question sent a bolt of energy through you, causing you to sit upright, and you responded, “Where the hell did you even get that from Gojo? Did Geto say something to you? Because by my knowledge, we are just co-workers.” Leaning closer, you asked, “Why are you even so interested in what may or may not be between me and Geto? It wouldn’t be your business anyway, would it?” 

Gojo let out a dry chuckle, “No Princess, I would think it is my business seeing that Geto’s my good friend and you…well, you’re you.” What the hell is that supposed to mean? Is he trying to say that I’m not good enough for his friend, and he wouldn’t approve? Who is he to be saying this? Your frustration clearly shows in your expression, and you begin tapping your foot when you retort, “I don’t know what has gotten into you, Gojo, but I assure you there is nothing between us. And even if there were, your opinion wouldn’t matter Gojo.” 

Kicking his feet up, he murmured, “Yeah, okay, Princess, whatever you say, but I see the way he looks at you.” You roll your eyes, countering, “There is nothing to see Gojo, and you seem jealous.” Sitting back up, Gojo holds a cocky grin on his face retorting, “Jealous? Oh no, Princess, I could never be jealous.” 

You snort, “You’re acting as if you don’t flirt with me constantly, Gojo. You’re jealous of the idea of me entertaining someone else's approaches.” 

Gojo begins laughing wildly, “Oh Princess, I think that the exhaustion has finally gotten to you. We should start heading back to the hotel.” He stands and makes his way towards the entrance closet and elevator, slipping on his jacket, “Let’s go, Sweetheart.” You remain in your chair, countering, “You’re acting as if we didn’t send Geto to grab food for us.” 

Dropping his head back, accentuating his sharp jawline, Gojo counters, “And you say that you don’t have feelings for him.” It’s your turn to begin laughing hysterically, and you reply, “You have got to be fucking kidding me, Gojo. Are you being serious right now? Do you really think me not wanting to abandon Geto with a bunch of food is a declaration of feelings for him? You’re even more delusional than I initially thought.” He can’t be serious right now.  

Striding towards you, Gojo pulls down his blindfold sneering, “Delusional? Oh, Sweetheart, all you have to do is fucking admit it.” Bracing his hands on either side of your chair, he leaned down towards you. Not backing down, you lean towards him, hissing, “Why can’t you get it through your thick skull that there is nothing between Geto and me?” Gojo doesn’t respond, his mesmerizing eyes searching yours. You two remain like that for a few more seconds before you hear the ding of the elevator, and you both jump back. 

Geto enters the room, the bag of Chinese takeout filling the room with a savory aroma. Your stomach grumbles, and you gush, “Thank you so much Geto! I’m starving.” Gojo’s expression remains the same when he adds, “Yeah, thanks for the food Geto.” You rise from your chair, helping Geto distribute the food when you say, “I really appreciate the food, Geto, but I was thinking that we should all just head home for the night since it's been such a long few days. I’ve finished the last of the documents, and I can send anything to you if something is missing.” 

Geto’s hand grazes your arm, and he smiles, “No problem [Y/n]. Wait, I think it would be a great idea if we all go to a party or club to celebrate and let loose for a night.” You move slightly away from Geto’s hand, responding, “Yeah that would be a great idea!” Glaring at Gojo, you asked, “Wouldn’t it Gojo?” Still maintaining that less friendly expression, Gojo grumbles, “Yeah, sure.” 

Geto arches a brow asking, “Gojo, are you okay? You’re definitely not your normal self right now.” Gojo waves a hand, “I’m fine Geto, I just need to get some food in my belly and rest,” picking up his food and moving towards the elevator, Gojo asked, “Are you coming [Y/n]?” 

You tiredly answer, “Yeah,” picking up your order and trailing behind Gojo to the elevator. Before entering the elevator, you turn to Geto, saying, “Thanks Geto! It’s been a pleasure working with you.” Rolling his eyes, Gojo mumbled, “Hey, we gotta go. Bye Geto, see you later.” 

As the elevator doors closed, you started, “Gojo what—" 

Gojo interrupts, “I don’t want to talk about it Princess,” cutting you off and leaving an uncomfortable silence between you. It stayed that way throughout the entire car ride, the both of you eating your takeout silently and looking out of opposite windows looking at the different hues among the city lights against the night sky. 

That stupid argument really messed things between us—not that there is anything between us. Just like there’s nothing between Geto and me. Why can’t this moron understand that? And why would that cause him to react like that? It’s not like he likes me or anything? His flirting has got to be a joke, right? Or does he—no, I can’t think of that now, not when I’m supposed to be processing my feelings—predicament with him. Ugh, it’s this that makes my head hurt, not even those documents I had to finalize today.  

You stayed like that in your thoughts, reflecting on what had happened so far on your trip, making observations about the passing streets of New York City, trying to keep your mind off the man right beside you.

Chapter Text

It had been two days since the argument with Gojo, you had been avoiding him, and being done with the negotiations you were managing, you took to the city's tourist attractions. You enjoyed losing yourself in the jungle of concrete, steel, people, and trash, going to historic sites like the Statue of Liberty and Governor’s Island. And every time you went through the underground web of subways smelling the faint (or occasionally strong) smell of urine, you thought, Wow, I can’t get over that smell, but the Big Apple, right?  

You also began your quest to hit ten unique food stops, using the subways to find some great fried chicken in Harlem, the popular Levain Bakery on the Upper West Side, and one of the best gelato and ice cream places in Park Slope. 

It was evening now, and you, Gojo, and Geto had agreed to go out to the club tonight. You took one more glance at yourself in the mirror, smoothing down your black dress. It was different from your usual attire, the dress hugs your curves, stopping mid-thigh with a daring slit on your side and a halter top that left your back exposed. You felt sexy and powerful as you slipped on your black heels and added the final touches of gold jewelry. But that confidence quickly drained as you heard a knock on your door, realizing that Gojo was ready and you were not ready to interact with him. 

“Coming,” you reluctantly called, grabbing your purse and coat heading towards the door. Opening the door, you meet a Gojo that was dressed in all black, like you, and you noticed the return of the black tinted glasses that gave you a glimpse of his ultramarine eyes. Those eyes were absorbing every inch of your dress and your exposed skin. 

Clearing his throat, Gojo finally says, “Ready, Princess?” Holding out his arm for you to slip in, you nod, hesitantly slipping your arm in his. So, how is tonight going to work? Is he going to pretend we didn’t argue, or is it just going to be awkward? Please let it be at least just one instead of both.  

In the car, Gojo makes small talk, tossing in a grin or a tease here and there, but it is not clearly the same as before. There is still some obvious tension between the two of you that you refuse to address. 

Arriving at the club, you noticed its nice location by the river and a secluded outdoor balcony attached. On the inside, there were two levels. You look to Gojo, who surprisingly wasn’t as energized as you thought he would be. Is he still mad from that argument from before? The two of you walk in together with your arm still in his, finding a nice table on the side to sit and to keep your stuff. In the middle of the club on the first level, there’s a large lit-up dance floor. The close movement of bodies on the dance floor makes the atmosphere hotter, so you decide to remove your outer layers. 

Slipping off your coat, you hear a familiar voice when Geto says, “[Y/n]! Gojo! So glad you guys made it.” You turned, noticing a weird-looking man with light blue hair and wait—stitches? Is that a tattoo or should I be concerned? Honestly, that man's appearance is concerning either way. Geto continued, “This is my friend, Mahito. Mahito, these are my colleagues and friends [Y/n] and Gojo.” The four of you made small talk for a few minutes, sipping on some drinks before Geto invited you to head towards the dance floor. 

Noticing that Gojo remained by your table, you looked back, asking, “You’re not coming, Gojo?” He shook his head, “Nah, you go ahead, Princess. Have fun!” Gojo gave you a smile that you knew wasn't genuine and made your mind churn in curiosity. Why is he like this? If he’s just going to be in a sour mood for the entire night, why did he come?  

You turned your attention to the dance floor that was full of bodies grinding on each other. You opt to stay by the edge, so you have the option to escape if needed. Feeling the thumping bass of the music, you begin to move your body to the rhythm, spinning and enjoying the buzz and confidence the alcohol has given you. 

You were lost in the music when you felt a presence grow behind you, and you saw that it was Geto. Smiling, you shouted over the blaring music, “Hey, Geto! You seem to be enjoying yourself.” Taking a step closer to you, he shouted back, “Yeah I am, how about you?” You nod, exclaiming, “Yeah, I’m great, thanks.” Geto begins to pull you towards the center, and you scrunch your brows in confusion, asking, “Hey where are going?” Geto turns back to you with a wide grin responding, “Don’t worry, love. It'll be fun.” Love? Since when did that become a thing? Geto is acting diff—no...Gojo can’t be right about him. Right?  

You hesitantly follow him towards the center of the dance floor with more bodies pressing on you. As you two begin dancing again, you notice a glint in Geto’s eyes that feels predatory, and it causes a surge of discomfort to spread throughout your body. No, I’m being paranoid right? Geto only sees me as a friend and colleague—there’s no way Gojo could have picked up on any ulterior motives. You’re brought out of your thoughts as you notice Geto’s hand has now settled on your waist. Nervously chuckling, you said, “Hey Geto, I’m going to head out for some fresh air.” 

You headed towards the outdoor balcony area, looking over the city lights and river, smelling a hint of salt and grease wafting from a nearby restaurant. I’m reading too far into this right? Geto can’t be interested in me in that way.  

You heard the door to the balcony open, looking back, to see Geto approaching you. Mentally sighing, you smiled, questioning, “Hey, what are you doing out here? I thought you were enjoying the dance floor.” 

Geto leaned his head back, chuckling, “Heh, I found that it became dull after you left, love.” There’s that pet name again. You rubbed the back of your neck, giving a sheepish smile, and refocusing your attention back on the water. Geto’s index finger finds his way under your chin and pulls your gaze back to his, but it’s different from when Gojo does it because, this time, instead of heat rising towards your cheeks, your palms become clammy and your breath, irregular and shortened. “Why don’t we head back to the dancing?” Geto asks with a grin on his face that continues to instill more feelings of discomfort in you. You take a step back and begin fidgeting your fingers. Noticing this movement, Geto takes your hands in his and begins to lean down towards you lowering his tone, “No need to be nervous, love. Let’s just get back to having fun.” Seeing his hungry gaze, you take another step back, this time putting even more of a distance between the two of you. 

You reply, “No thanks, Geto, I’m not interested—,” 

Geto strides towards you, interrupting, “Oh please, [Y/n] you don’t have to deny what is between us.” You let out a dry chuckle, “What’s between us? Geto, it seems like you have the wrong idea.” Your mood shifts to irritation as you continue, “The only thing between us is a lacking amount of space.” You decide to head back towards the club to sit down, but Geto pulls you back closer than before. You feel threatened with him towering over you and an unsettling look in his eye. He whispers, “Love, there’s no need to be difficult. We both know that we want the same thing.” You try to put distance between the two of you once again, but Geto keeps a strong grip around your arms. You protest, demanding that Geto lets you go, and your efforts to leave his grip become more desperate when you hear the door to the balcony open once again. 

You turn, releasing a breath of relief when you see Gojo stride towards you. With Geto being distracted from the new intrusion, you slip out of his hold and back away towards Gojo. Gojo’s hand instinctively intertwines with yours, and looking up, you saw that he held a cool expression on his face, yet you could tell that was a hint of disgust there. 

Geto smirks, taunting, “What Gojo? You came here to tell me that she’s your girlfriend or something?” Gojo releases a single chuckle saying, “Actually, yes.” You snap your head up towards him when Gojo continues, “Me and [Y/n] are dating and are also madly in love! It’s just that [Y/n] loves to keep our relationship very private.” You feel your skin flushed with embarrassment, and Gojo flashes a large grin after he finishes talking. I know he's helping, but of all excuses, did he have to use that one?  

Giving your hand a subtle squeeze, Gojo gives you a quick reassuring glance before he lets go of your hand, slowly approaching Geto. Grabbing his collar, Gojo looks slightly downwards at Geto when he asks in a low tone, “So what is the best your sorry excuse of a brain can come up with to justify the way you treated [Y/n]?” Geto opens his mouth to speak when Gojo begins to lean his head back, laughing, “You know what, I don’t even want to listen to that shit anyway.” 

Gojo turns back to walk towards you, but Geto begins to lunge with a ready fist.” You yelled, “Gojo behind you!” Still maintaining his cool expression, Gojo quickly turns to catch Geto’s fist, and answers, “Don’t worry, it’ll be alright. He’s weak anyway,” with a cocky grin on his face. Gojo then bends Geto’s arm into an awkward position, pinning it against his back, and he leans down, whispering into his ear, “You’re lucky we had a good friendship beforehand, but try anything like that with her again and I will destroy you.” 

Gojo releases Geto to turn to you, almost skipping his way over cheering, “Alright, since that's taken care of, let’s go back inside!” Reaching you, Gojo wraps his hand around yours and begins to head towards indoors when you squeeze his hand, whispering, “Wait a sec.” 

You turn back, slowly approaching Geto, who was rolling his shoulder, leaning against the balcony. Noticing your presence, he mutters, “What, bitch?” Your expression full of irritation, disgust, and contempt for the man in front of you, you let out a dry chuckle, “You’re lucky that I’m going to let that go, Geto. See now what you forgot is that I’m still in a higher position than you in this partnership between our companies. So yes, I will be giving you a formal warning and telling your supervisors about this.” 

The anger in Geto’s eyes has increased tenfold, but you continue, “Oh, and if I hear from my colleagues who work with you an inkling of this type of behavior, I will not hesitate to destroy your reputation in our professional circles.” You smiled, “Have a good evening,” turning back to see Gojo leaning against the wall next to the door with a proud smile on his face. 

As you approach the door, Gojo holds it open for you, remarking, “I expected nothing less from you, Princess.” You head back towards your table, intending to leave, but Gojo squeezes your hand, whispering in your ear, “You know what would be the cherry on top for revenge?” 


He nods his head towards the lit-up floor, answering, “Dance with me.” You tilt your head, “How would that be the perfect finale for revenge, Gojo?” 

“Simple, wouldn’t it be more irritating to him to see that you’re having an amazing time without him or to just see you leave?” You slowly nod, saying, “Fine, I’m on board.” Gojo pulls you closer, grinning, “And perfect because look,” pointing to Geto, who had just returned from the balcony, heading back to the pool of dancing people. You take a deep breath when Gojo whispers in your ear, “Don’t worry, Princess. I’ve got you.” You feel the heat rising to your cheeks once again, thinking, Heh, he always gets me like this somehow.  

You two make your way through the dance floor, finding a nice spot giving you a clear view of Geto, yet not too close to him as well. You begin dancing, moving to the beat when a sudden song change causes Gojo to spin you around so that his chest is at your back. You’re about to ask what he's thinking, when he leans into your neck, whispering, “Just follow my lead, Princess.” You swallow, feeling sensations of extreme heat and chills running throughout your body. Gojo’s hands gravitate towards your hips, and you suck in a sharp breath. He notices your reaction and places his lips by your ear now. He says lowly, “Roll your hips with mine, like this Princess.” You lean further into his chest, following his lead, and begin grinding on each other. The two of you continue grinding, losing yourself in the rhythm of the music, not even remembering to watch for Geto’s reaction. The heat between your legs has been growing ever since you started dancing, and you feel the slightest hint of hardness in Gojo’s pants thinking, Is he—does he know what he’s doing to me? No—I can’t be thinking about that right now. He’s not thinking about that—right?  

Gojo pulls you closer, mumbling into your jawline now, “Did I ever tell you how irresistible you look tonight. You always look amazing, but tonight,” his hands continue to grip your hips and thighs, “I can’t get you out of my head.” 

Feeling the initial vibrato of his voice, sent your pulse into a frenzy, and his compliment on top of that melted you to putty. Gojo could have touched you in front of everyone anyway he wanted, and you would’ve been fine with it—you just wanted his hands to keep roaming your body. You responded, “Thank you, Gojo. We are sort of a pair tonight.” Pulling you as close as your bodies can get, he chuckles, “Aren’t we always quite the pair, Princess.” You shudder, thinking, I want him. I want him to have his way with me so badly. Ugh, fuck me—heh, I would like that. You know what, let me stop there. 

You guys would have continued dancing like that when Mahito approached you, saying, "Sorry for interrupting you guys, but I thought you should know that Geto and I are leaving." Giving an unsettling smile, he points to the exit, which you see Geto heading towards. You both wave goodbye, and looking up at Gojo, you notice that blush has developed on his cheeks. You say to him, “It’s late, we should start heading back to the hotel.” He nods, taking your hand in his and leading you off the dance floor. Throughout the car ride back, you guys tease each other, fingers and legs “accidentally” grazing one another. 

Tired, you lean on his shoulder as you ask, “Why were you so concerned about Geto in the office, Gojo? I know that you were right about him, but what did you mean by, ‘Geto’s my good friend and you…well you’re you.’” 

He took a breath, his hand moving to caress your cheek. He breathed, “I didn’t want to see you belittle yourself to be with a guy like him. You deserve someone so much better than him.” 

You didn’t expect a response like that, so you avert your eyes from his. He lets out a soft chuckle in response, turning his gaze to the window. Once you got to your hotel, you said goodnight at your room doors. You let out a groan as you slipped off your heels and quickly changed out of your outfit. 

Done with your routine and in comfy clothes, you sat on your bed, but you were restless, your head swarming with thoughts of Gojo. Why can’t I get you out of my head? I just need to sleep this off. You rolled onto your back and stared up at the ceiling, thinking, He was actually really helpful today with the whole Geto situation. Who knows what would’ve happened if he didn’t come by. Wait—how did he know to come to the balcony? Maybe I should go ask—I didn’t even thank him! I should go do that...or maybe not. You wrestled with yourself for some minutes before deciding to go next door. 

You knocked on his door in just a T-shirt and pajama shorts reflecting, This may be a mistake, but I don’t think I care enough to back down now. You heard the door open, and you were greeted with a chiseled chest. Gojo was leaning on his door frame in just grey sweats, and a towel in his hand, drying his damp hair. Flustered and embarrassed, you look downwards, saying, “Sorry for bothering you, I know it’s late, but I wanted to tell you something.” He laughed, “It’s fine, Sweetheart. What did you want to say?” Sweetheart again? God, this man will be the end of me.  

Looking up, seeing his amused expression, you said, “I wanted to say thanks for helping me with the club situation today.” Gojo chuckled, “No problem, it's just me being a gentleman as always.” You laughed at his typical cockiness, asking, “How did you even know to come to the balcony?” He answered, “I became worried once I saw Geto pull you towards the middle of the dance floor. I was going to talk to you once you had some time on the balcony by yourself, but once I saw Geto following you, I came over quickly.” He was looking out for me that entire time? And he was worried for me? Why did he want to talk to me alone? Does he have feel— 

Your rambling thoughts are cut short when Gojo clears his throat, “Is there anything else you wanted to talk about?” You noticed a slight blush on his face, but maybe that was your imagination. You rubbed the back of your neck, saying, “Um, I can’t think of anything else right now.” He smirked, “You know you could have just texted me.” 

Gojo leaned closer, lowering his voice, “Did you really come here to only talk about that? Or is there something else you’re trying to deny yourself that’s still drawing you here?” Okay, he is definitely blushing. You felt your breath quicken as Gojo’s hand cups your jaw, drawing you closer. He rests his forehead on yours, whispering, “Because I see it, Princess.” The pet name sending shivers down your spine, you mumble, “Fuck it,” your arms slipping around his neck. He chuckles, his hand on your jaw pulls your lips to his, and the other pulls you by the waist into his room, slamming the door. 

Chapter Text

You and Gojo remain intertwined, moving through the suite as articles of clothing get flung towards the floor. You reach up into his snowy hair tugging it as his hand finds the small of your back, pulling you closer to him. You parted your lips, and his tongue began to brush yours, deepening the kiss. You slipped off your T-shirt, which was the last article of clothing between the two of you, and slightly panting, you’re holding his gaze when his smirk enlarges into a full grin. 

Gojo says in a low tone, “The things I’m going to do to you tonight,” he begins kissing down your jawline and collarbone, continuing, “I will leave you begging for more, Princess.” You chuckle, breathily replying, “If I remember correctly, it was you who was doing the begging.” You release a moan as Gojo has found the sweet spot under your ear and the hand on the small of your back pulls you closer again, and you can feel his hard cock against your lower torso. Gojo smiles against your neck, replying, “Only for you, Princess.” 

One of your hands travels up his spine while the other continues roaming through his hair. Gojo groans, his hands moving to your thighs to pick you up. You wrap your legs around his waist and rest your arms on his shoulders, leaning down to connect foreheads. With a small smile on your face, you whispered to him, “This feels familiar.” He chuckles, “No, Princess, this feels—no, it is right,” spinning you around in his arms. 

Gojo heads back towards his bed and tosses you on your back. You giggle, and Gojo climbs over you, grinning, “That smile of yours is addicting, Sweetheart.” Now straddling you, you lean upwards, pulling his face to yours. He chuckles, “Someone’s eager.” Lightly tracing your fingers on his jawline, you close the distance, your tongue brushing his lips, asking for entrance. 

Gojo gives in, deepening the kiss and pushing you back down to lay on the bed when he guides your hands above your head, mumbling, “Sorry, Princess, but tonight you’ll be all mine.” Reaching over for his tie and blindfold that was on a chair next to the bed, you watch Gojo’s grin grow bigger before your sight becomes dark with the blindfold over your eyes. 

He then reaches for your hands above your head and ties them together with his tie. Gojo begins to shift downwards, once again kissing your neck and collarbone, leaving behind marks and also nipping at your sensitive spots. The room has begun to fill with your moans, and Gojo moves his head down towards your exposed chest, mumbling, “That’s it, Princess. I wanna hear you just like that.” 

The simultaneous praise with the light feeling of his warm breath and soft hair on your skin sends sparks and waves of heat through your skin. The warm, tingling feeling in your cunt continues to build, and you begin to squirm. Gojo grabs your hips, stilling your movements, shifting that his nose and mouth are grazing your ear, saying, “Already?” Letting out a soft chuckle into your ear, he continues, “Sweetheart, I’ve barely begun.” 

Gojo shifts down, taking a nipple into his mouth while his hand stimulates the other. You moan, shifting that you feel his hard cock graze the skin of your inner upper thigh, which elicits a sharp gasp to leave your lips. Switching to the other nipple, Gojo lightly chuckles, the vibrations going straight to your now dripping cunt. One of his hands begins to travel down your slit, lightly brushing your clit. 

Craving the friction, you buck your hips upwards against his fingers. Gojo teases, “Tsk tsk, Princess, you’re being quite naughty tonight,” his fingers gently running against your entrance. You moaned, “Gojo, please.” He plunges his two fingers in, going at a painfully slow pace, chiding, “You know not to call me that, Sweetheart.” 

You furrow your brows, snapping between pants, “Satoru—you fuck—ugh.” Satoru grins, replying, “There she is,” picking up the pace and curling his fingers upwards. Satoru begins to brush his tongue up and down your slit, licking up your juices, eventually focusing on your clit. You release a louder moan as you try to close your legs. But Satoru holds them down, groaning into your clit, which sends waves of pleasure down your spine. 

The knot that has been forming in your cunt, continues to tighten, and you’re on the edge. Satoru, noticing your legs beginning to shake, looks up at your expression with a grin on his face when he says, “Go ahead, Princess,” going back down to continue stimulating your clit. 

You cried out his name, letting the built-up pleasure spread throughout your body and cumming on Satoru’s fingers. Satoru pulled out his fingers, licking your juices off and making a popping noise. His hand gently caresses your jaw, pulling you in for a deep kiss, slipping off the blindfold and the tie around your wrists. 

Satoru shifts and begins teasing you, moving his cock through your slit. In response, you wrap your legs around his torso, arching your back further for more contact. The contact against his cock that was glistening with pre-cum at the tip causes him to groan into the kiss. He breaks away with a slight blush on his cheeks, speaking in a cocky tone, “You can’t get enough of me, can’t you, Sweetheart.” 

You let out a hum, “Didn’t you say you’ve barely started? Or is that the best you can do, darling?” You see a hint of mischief form in his eye when he begins pushing his cock into your cunt. The room begins to fill once again with both of your grunts and moans. Satoru groans, “Fuck Princess, you take my cock so well.” 

Once you’ve adjusted, Satoru begins to thrust, and you begin to clench the bedsheets with your hands. Satoru leans over, leaving even more bruises and kisses on your neck and chest, eliciting loud moans from you when he mumbles, “You like that, huh, Princess? Tell me how good I make you feel.” 

You try to respond, but Satoru continues kissing a trail stopping at the corner of your mouth while his thrusts have gotten harder, hitting your G-spot. When you open your mouth, all that comes out is a jumble of moans, and Satoru grins into your cheek, changing the pace to hard thrusts with pauses in between. Thrust. You moaned, “Satoru, I can’t—” Thrust. He interrupts, his lips now trailing your jawline, “Yes, you can, Sweetheart. I’ve got you,” as one of his hands intertwined with yours laying against the sheets. Thrust. “Tell me how good I make you feel.” Thrust. You thought, How does he expect me to do so if he keeps going like this?''  

Your thoughts are interrupted as Satoru thrusts even harder. You open your mouth, but only a shaky breath leaves and Satoru lets out a soft chuckle, “With words, Princess.” Thrust. Gaining confidence, you finally blurt between pants, “So…fucking…good—Fuck Satoru!” Satoru resumes at a faster pace, hitting your spot even more as he whispers into your ear, “That’s my girl.” 

Feeling the familiar knot in your cunt begin to tighten again, you murmur, “Fuck Satoru—I’m close.” Satoru continues to thrust, now whispering sweet nothings into your ear. As you near the edge of your orgasm, the hand you have on Satoru’s back begins to dig into his skin, leaving lines and little crescents into his back. 

Unable to hold back anymore, you threw your head back in pleasure, moaning his name once again. Hearing his name come off your lips, Satoru begins to thrust sloppily as he reaches his high. You mutter, “Come for me, darling,” your senses going berserk with overstimulation. Satoru lets out a loud groan, and you feel him shoot his warm liquid up your cunt. Leaning his elbow on the bed to the side of your head, Satoru leans down, peppering sweet kisses on your forehead, lips, and jaw. Resting his forehead on yours, he whispers, “One more time for me, Princess, okay?” You give him a smile with half-lidded eyes. 

He pulls out with a grin growing on his face when he hums, “Princess, you know what you’re going to do for me?” You sit up, arching a brow when he continues, “Get on your knees for me.” You chuckle as you guys shift on the bed, getting on your knees in front of Satoru. His hands find your waist and pull you closer to him. Feeling his cock press into your back, you teased, “Heh, I think it’s you, Satoru, who can’t get enough of me.” 

His lips once again kissing underneath your jaw, he gives you a slight nibble saying, “Careful Princess, or you might pay for it later,” his cock beginning to rub against your ass. You moaned, “Fuck you.” His lips by your ear, you’re practically in his control when he murmurs, “I would love for you to do that, but after I’m done with you tonight, Sweetheart.” While distracting you with his words, Satoru had been lining up your entrance with his cock, thrusting inside once he had finished teasing you. You let out a yelp, your nails digging into the arm wrapped around your lower torso. Satoru lets out a dark chuckle, the vibrations against your back from his chest adding to the building pleasure in your pussy. 

His other hand travels up between your breasts, eventually reaching your throat and placing a nice pressure on either side of your windpipe. Continuing to leave bruises and bites on your collarbone, he mumbles, “I told you that we’ll always find our way back to each other. You’re all mine just as I’m all yours, Princess.” His words send tingles down your spine, goosebumps rising on your arms. Feeling Satoru consistently hitting your spot again and the arm wrapped around your torso now rubbing circles on your clit, you moan louder, tilting your head back, leaning into the crook of his neck.

Just as you are getting close to the edge again, you feel Satoru’s thrusts become sloppier as he groans, “Tell me you want me, Sweetheart. I need to hear you.” His hand around your neck shifts to your jaw to tilt your face to his, and panting, you respond, “I want you, Satoru. I’m yours.” Satoru pulls you into a deep kiss and feeling the knot in your cunt snap, you moan into the kiss, breaking away and whimpering, “Fuck Satoru, I—” Satoru interrupts, “That’s it, Princess. Cum on my cock for me like the good girl you are.” 

Pulling you into another kiss, you melt, feeling the intense orgasm wash over you. Soon after, you feel Satoru’s dick twitch cumming into your cunt. Riding out your highs, you continue to make out when Satoru pulls out and grabs you, pulling you down to a lying position. You groan in protest, “I still want you inside of me.” Satoru lets out a soft laugh, replying, “I told you I would have you begging for more.” You roll your eyes as you turn on your side facing Satoru, and he grabs your thigh, placing it over his. He slides his cock in, which elicits a soft moan from your mouth. 

Satoru’s hand cups your jaw, and he leans his forehead on yours, his nose gently brushing yours. He whispers, “You lost,” with a slight smirk on his face. Your hand that was trailing down his chest gives him a light punch saying, “Technically, we didn’t set up a point system. Also, I refuse to admit defeat to you, Satoru.” He chuckles, placing a light kiss on your forehead, saying, “I don’t think I could lose either way. I have you now, which is all that matters.” Here he goes again with his sweet words. Not that I hate it or anything.  

You pulled him into a sweet kiss, losing your fingers in his hair. The two of you stayed like that for a little while, enjoying the feeling of being connected to the other. Feeling fatigued, and ready for bed, you both got up to use the bathroom. When making your way back into the bed, you noticed that snow flurries had been cascading intensely through the darkened sky. 

Now on the bed cuddling, Satoru suggests, “I say that we stay inside with robes tomorrow and watch movies all day. Maybe go out into the snow a little in the evening.” Laying your head on his chest, you reply, “Mmmm, that sounds perfect.” You snuggled closer under the covers, listening to the sound of his relaxed heartbeat. 

You were about to doze off when you mumbled, “You know, as hard as I tried, I can’t feel numb around you, and it scares me a little, honestly.” Your eyes were closed, so you missed the deep adoration in Satoru’s eyes that were glimmering in the small light filtering in from the windows. His arm wrapped around the curve of your waist pulls you closer as he mumbles, “I promise to not give you a reason to be scared of your feelings, Sweetheart.” He stays like that for a few minutes, admiring your peaceful figure and murmuring things that he’s not ready for you to hear. The fatigue finally weighing down his eyelids, Satoru gives you one more kiss goodnight, a slight smile remaining on his expression.  

Chapter Text

You yawned, noticing a ticklish sensation on your neck and back. Eyes still closed, you groggily move your hand to swat at the spot. It stops for a quick second, but once your hands are back laying on the mattress, it starts up again. You groan, wondering, What pest is doing that? Isn’t this a five-star hotel?  

You use your hand to swat at it again, but your hand is caught by another. You realize that the tickling sensation is from Satoru’s hair brushing your skin as he places light kisses on you. You twist your hand in Satoru’s, and he intertwines them, laying them on the bed. He chuckles, and his mouth still being on your neck, you feel the vibrations that tickle you even more. Throughout the night, the two of you had shifted into a spooning position, and now Gojo holds you close to his chest. 

You let out a soft laugh, and Satoru grins, saying, “I got a laugh out of you this early, Princess? We should have sleepovers more often then.” His voice in the mornings, my god. I could get used to hearing that more often. Feeling heat rush to your cheeks, in a warm tone, you replied, “Good morning, Satoru.” His lips behind your ear, he smiled, replying, “Good morning, Sweetheart.” 

You shift, turning in his embrace, you could see his brilliant eyes, reflecting the white, snowy landscape outside the window. Your hand reaches up for a loose strand of his hair that had fallen across his eyes, your leg sliding over his. Satoru’s slightly rough fingers brush your cheek, and you giggle and swat at his hand. Satoru’s eyes widen as he exclaims, “I have never seen you this happy, Princess.” He tilts his head back, running a hand through his hair as he says cockily, “But I understand, Princess, my cock does have miraculous effects on people.” 

You reached behind your head, picking up a pillow to smack him in the head, retorting, “You are so full of yourself, Satoru.” A hint of mischief reappears in his eyes as he answers, “If I remember correctly, so were you last night, Princess, and you enjoyed it, so don’t even try to deny it.” Feeling your skin flush and not knowing how to respond, you turned to face away from him. Satoru chuckles, his arm wrapping around you and leaning into the crook of your neck. 

Placing light kisses once again, he whispers, “I think my favorite part of last night was when you said the words ‘I want you.’” Your skin still flushed with heat, you fiddled with the hem of the bedsheet, replying, “Why was that your favorite?” He kisses you with slightly more pressure, and you’re thinking, I just know I’m covered in marks. At least today we’re just staying in the hotel.  

Wanting to hear his answer, you shift, once more, so that you’re facing him again, noticing a slight blush on his cheeks. Satoru inhales in a breath, finally saying, “I think you knew from the beginning that I wanted you,” your expression changes to one of shock when he continues, “I was just happy to know that you finally felt the same way.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen Satoru be this sweet. It’s like he teases or annoys you to hide this side of him.  

A bashful smile on your face, you said, “I thought you were teasing me just because you were hurt that I rejected you. It took me a while to even consider the possibility that you actually had feelings for me.” Satoru moved his hand to cup your jaw, smirking, “I’ll give you that. I wasn’t expecting you to straight-up want to forget—” 

You placed a finger on his lips, cutting in, “I never said I wanted to forget Satoru, I said to move on.” Your voice dropping to a murmur, you continued, “Even if I did, I don’t think that’s possible.” How you were feeding his ego this morning. Grinning, Satoru moved his fingers to play with your hand like on the airplane. 

You sighed, “I should go shower for our movie marathon,” sliding off the bed to move towards the bathroom. You were shocked that you could even stand, but that thought came to ruin as you struggled to take a step towards the bathroom. Gojo, who was wearing a smug expression, began to laugh as you were stuck leaning on the bed for support. 

He slid off the bed, chuckling, “Do you need your personal transportation again?” You slowly turned to face him, slightly frustrated, retorting, “Very funny, Satoru. It’s as if you didn’t do this to me.” His arms wrapped around your thighs and lower back, picking you up bridal style laughing, “And I would do it over and over again,” kissing your forehead. 

Setting you down in the large shower with dark grey tiling, Satoru mumbled into your ear, “I think it would be best if I help you out since you’re struggling.” You rolled your eyes, lightly smacking him and holding back a flustered expression insisting, “I’ll be fine. Now shoo,” as your hands motioned towards the door. Satoru smirked, saying, “Okay, but if you get lonely, I’m right outside,” giving you a quick peck on the cheek. Heh, ‘If I get lonely,’ yeah, more like he’ll get lonely.  

You turned towards the shower controls, turning on the showerhead, side jets, and the temperature knob to a nice steamy setting. Little did you know that it was about to get extra steamy in other ways. You had begun to relax, addressing your sore muscles when you felt his muscular arms and large hands wrap around your lower torso. Although the atmosphere was hot, his touch on your skin still sent shivers down your spine. Satoru pulled you close to him, lowering his head down to your neck beginning to leave a trail of kisses and soft bites again. 

You let out a soft chuckle, “It seems like you’re the one who’s feeling lonely, Satoru.” He let out a soft groan, and you felt the vibrations travel down your body to your cunt that was already reacting to his touch. His hair, now soaking wet, drips water and gently brushes your shoulder that sends tingles to your chest. Grumbling into your skin in a low tone, he replies, “I can’t help it, Princess. You’ve bewitched me.” His hands, at your waist, tightly pull you in towards him, and you feel his slightly hardened cock press against your ass. He groans, “See what you do to me, Princess. I can’t get enough of you.” 

You moan, the sensation going straight to your cunt as Satoru begins to place more pressure behind his kisses. You hummed, “Darling, you can’t keep leaving more marks on me when the first ones haven’t faded yet.” Satoru lets out a groan, pressing his cock harder against your ass as his hands around your waist increase pressure as well. He moves his lips to your ear as one of the hands at your waist moves to your cunt, running through your drenched slit, whispering, “I missed the pet name, Sweetheart.” You shudder against him, letting out a shaky breath, and turning your head, you cup his cheek to pull him into a kiss. Satoru parts his lips, and you take the initiative, slipping your tongue, meeting his. His hand traveling down your slit finally settles on your clit, rubbing it in a circular motion. 

You break away from the kiss, panting, and you rest your head in the crook of his neck. You feel the pool of heat that had accumulated in your pussy approach its high and legs beginning to shake, you moaned, “Fuck Satoru I—I’m about to—” Satoru removes the pressure from your clit, humming, “Sorry Princess, but you can’t cum just yet.” 

You whimper, craving the continued friction on your clit as you spat, “You’re so fucking annoying.” Satoru chuckles, “You can’t get enough of me, though,” suddenly plunging two fingers into your cunt, eliciting another loud moan. Pulling them out, he spread the fingers apart, showing the strands of your dripping cunt between his fingers, groaning, “And your cunt seems to agree with me.” 

Satoru takes the fingers and puts them deep into his mouth, sucking them clean, which sends another wave of heat through your body. His hands find your waist again, turning you so that your chests are pressed together. Lifting you from your thighs, you wrap your legs around his waist while you rest your arms on his shoulders. 

He moves until your back is touching the wall, and you tremble at the feeling of the slightly cool, damp tiles on your back. You pull him into another passionate kiss, moaning into his mouth when you feel him start to run his cock through your throbbing pussy. He then begins to tease your entrance, slowly pushing his cock in. You pull away, groaning, “Fuck Satoru, you’re such a brat.” 

He lets out a breath saying, “Heh, Princess, your degradation gets me every time,” plunging his cock into your cunt. You let out a cry, and Satoru begins holding you harder against the cold tile. Taking a nipple into his mouth, you moaned, arching your back against the grey tile and your nails beginning to dig into his shoulders and back. Increasing his pace, Satoru begins letting out louder moans as he hits your spot. You gain the energy to say between pants, “H—Harder Satoru…I need all of you.” He lifts your thighs a little higher, finding a deeper angle, and you throw your head back as the pleasure begins to build again in your pussy. You feel Satoru’s thrusts become less controlled, and you know he’s close. 

His lips were sucking on your sensitive spot in the crook of your neck when he grumbled, “Sweetheart, I want you to cum with me.” You gave him a weak nod, and after a few thrusts, the two of you cum together as if on a signal. Once you’ve ridden through your high, Satoru pulls out, gently placing you on the ground. 

Still shaky from the rounds last night, and now this one, he wraps an arm around your waist. You feel your cum and his ooze out of your pussy, and Satoru notices as well, collecting some of the liquid on his finger, commanding, “Suck.” 

You took the finger into your mouth, sucking it clean. Once you were done and showed a clean tongue, he groaned, “Good girl,” lowering his face to yours for a kiss. You wrapped your arms around him as he mumbled, “God, how precious you are to me, Princess,” causing you to snuggle even closer to him. The two of you maintained your embrace and physical contact as you guys finally began to clean yourselves up. 




Finally, in your robes, lounging on the cream couch in front of the television, Satoru grabbed the room service menu to look at some food options as you admired the cute smile he had on his face. I never noticed that he has the smallest dimples—I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of looking at that face. Maintaining his gaze on the menu, he sang, “You’re staring, Princess.” 

Embarrassed, you turned your gaze to the couch cushion and quietly replied, “Sorry, I just noticed you have dimples,” after a pause, you continued, “They’re kinda cute, so I’ll start calling you ‘Dimples’.” Looking back up towards him, you noticed that he was now looking at you with a slight rosy hue on his cheeks, gushing, “I love it. And besides, it’s only fair since you don’t really have pet names for me.” 

He pulled you to lay your head on his chest as you scoff, “Excuse me, you only have two for me, Satoru.” You felt the vibration as he laughed, “Do you want more? That’s no problem for me, Princess.” You began playing with the fluffy tie of his white robe as you responded, “Deal. And I’ll make more for you and get back to you to see which ones you like.” He chuckles, “Can’t wait to see the best you got for me.” 

His thumb casually rubbed up and down your side as he hummed, “I’m hungry so let’s order,” picking up the menu to hold in front of both of you. You guys ordered a platter of omelets, pancakes, and cups of hot chocolate, among various other breakfast items. In the meantime, you two decided which movie you wanted to watch. Satoru, mindlessly playing around with your hand lying on his chest, says, “I think I deserve to choose the movie since you chose the movie on the plane.” 

Sighing, you replied, “Fine, but I think you should know I was offended that you fell asleep during The Incredibles .” Satoru tittered, placing a kiss on your forehead, saying, “Aww, Sweetheart, I can make it up to you right now,” as his hands began moving to either side of your torso, tickling you. 

You shrieked, “Satoru, how is this making it up to me,” beginning to giggle with no end. Laughing along with you, he replied, “It sounds like you’re enjoying it, so I’ll keep going.” Twisting in his embrace, you begin to swat at his arms, giggling, “S-Stop Satoru, my stomach hurts! I can’t breathe!” 

“Hmm, what was that? You like that, Princess? I’ll keep going!” Satoru continues to roam his hands all over your stomach, and since you were twisting so much, you end up falling off the couch and grabbing Satoru down with you. 

He lays on top of you, looking into your eyes as you catch your breath, whispering, “What a beauty we have here.” Flustered, once again, your skin flushes with heat, and you avoid his gaze, pushing him off you. He lets out a soft laugh, pulling you back on top of him. 

Admiring his cute smile, you murmured, “Hey, Dimples,” lightly poking at the divots in his cheeks. A slight blush comes on his cheeks, and you rest your forehead on his mumbling, “Looks who’s flustered now. Seems like I really get you with ‘Dimples’.” Taking a breath, Satoru’s eyes keep searching yours, and he whispers back, “Yeah, you really do,” as his hand that’s cupping your cheek pulls your lips to his. 

The kiss is light and airy, the two of you releasing soft giggles in between. Mmm, I could stay like this for the rest of the day. Who even cares about the movie?  

You’re interrupted as you hear a knock on the door of the suite with a voice calling, “Room service.” You move off of Satoru, and he groans in reply. You pull him off the floor, saying, “Come on, we have to get the food.” He sighs, “But we were having such a nice time, Princess.” 

You laughed, reaching up to run your hands through his hair, “I know, but we can’t just keep them waiting.” A devilish grin grew on his face as he pulled you in by your waist, crooning, “Oh yes, we certainly can.” Hearing another knock and the voice of the room service hotel staff, you turned your head towards the door. 

You gently pushed him away, returning, “Mmmmm nope! Now go  Dimples ,” shooing him away with your hands. His lips turning into a frown, he slumped his shoulders, trudging towards the door, mumbling, “I don’t like how you're already using that name against me.” 

You cackled, “Oh really, now you don’t like it? You’ve been doing the same thing to me for months!” His hand now resting on the doorknob, he turned to show you his exaggerated frown, grumbling, “Whatever.” 

Finally getting the food from the hotel staff, he sat down on the floor beside you in front of the grey wooden coffee table, the both of you drooling over the wide variety in the spread of food. Satoru turned to you, suggesting, “I think a great movie to watch would be Fifty Shades of Grey .” You were taking a sip of your hot chocolate, and upon hearing his movie suggestion, you choked on your drink, nearly spilling it on your robe. 

Setting your cup down and coughing a little, you spat, “That’s a definite no , you horny bastard.” Satoru’s cocky grin became a laughing fit, and you were a little annoyed stealing a little bit of hot cocoa from his cup for payback. He’s such an idiot sometimes. Once he’d settled down, he breathed, “Okay, I think we should have a Hallmark movie marathon for the sake of holiday spirit.” 

You beamed, “Mmmm, great! I’m so going to make fun of these!” Taking a bite of his food, he whined, “Noooo, they’re so cute, and you’re going to ruin them for me.” You indulged in another sip, leaning your head on his shoulder, chuckling, “Of course you would appreciate something so ridiculous.” 

As you began chowing down on your food, he questioned, “What makes them so ridiculous anyway?” Turning your gaze towards him, you finished your bite, answering, “Well, they all follow the same storyline, and also, the plot is so unrealistic.” 

“Yes, they are realistic!” 

You shook your head, “No, I don’t think anyone actually acts that way.” 

He teased, “Princess if you want me to do them, all you have to do is ask.” You narrowed your eyes, “That’s not what I’m saying. I just don’t think people should watch these and then expect those things to happen in reality.” 

He countered, “Well, I think everyone deserves to at least experience one moment where they feel like the main character or at least imagine it.” I-I guess? I should’ve known someone like him would be so passionate about having one of those moments in life. How does this man freely set expectations without the worry of being disappointed?  

A stronger smell of delicious food disrupted your thoughts when you realized Satoru had set up the movies already and was holding a forkful of pancakes in front of your face. You also noticed that he had put his blindfold back on. Your expression changed to one of confusion, opening your mouth to ask him what he was doing when he interjected, “Your food is going to get cold if you don’t eat up, Princess. And I thought it would be cute!” 

You ate the forkful, settling into his side, as you turned to the movie that was starting. You stayed like that for a while, feeding each other bites of food. Throughout the day, you stayed in front of the screen, eating food, shifting positions from time to time, and occasionally looking out the window at the snow flurries, blown by the harsh winds. 

After movie number 4, (Or 5? You hadn’t been paying much attention after the middle of 3) you were now sleeping, laying against Satoru’s chest. His legs were on either side of you, and his arms wrapped around you. Wanting to stretch, Satoru gently tapped you awake, and you opened your eyes, noticing the dark evening sky. 

You stood up and stretched, Satoru following behind you. Yawning, you asked, “What do we do now?” Satoru grinned, pointing towards the window, saying, “The snowstorm calmed down, so let’s go outside.” You groaned at the thought of stepping out into the cold weather, but Satoru grabs your hand, pulling you towards the door of his suite. “Go change into your winter stuff and meet me back here in 5!” 

“Wait but—” 

“Ah ah Princess, I promise you that you won’t regret it!” You rolled your eyes, mumbling, “Yeah, sure .” 




You had changed, and you were both downstairs in the hotel’s courtyard making snow angels. “My snow angel is the most angelic one there is!” Satoru bragged while skipping over to yours. You deadpanned, “I didn’t know angels were supposed to be bratty and annoying.” He let out the most dramatic gasp, whining, “What did I ever do to you?” 

You began cackling, when he continued, “You’re such a sadist.” Which sent you into more laughter. The man-child began picking up pieces of snow, forming a snowball. Unfortunately, you were too busy laughing and wiping tears of amusement from your eyes, when suddenly you felt a cold sensation on your cheek. 

Wiping off the melting snow from your face, you turned towards him, seeing his cocky grin. I know he did not just do that. Your expression, turning into one of pure exasperation, you snapped, “You are going to fucking pay for that.” 

With that, a snowball fight began. The both of you used trees as shields and ran through gusts of wind to hide yourselves. You had gotten a few solid hits on Satoru, and he also managed to hit you with a few thunks at the back of your head. You turned to see him standing behind you in a cocky stance with his arms spread wide. I hate this man-child. Satoru had expected you to pick up a snowball and fling it at him. What he didn’t expect was for you to charge towards him, toppling him into the white powder. 

He mewled, “Heyyy, you made me hit my head.” Ha, that’s definitely not the first time that’s happened to him. He continued in a whiny voice, “I think you should kiss me to make me feel better,” his hand reaching towards the back of your neck, pulling your head towards his. You let out a breath, saying, “I guess since that will shut you up, Dimples.” He chuckles, pulling your lips to his as one of his hands slides down to your ass, lightly squeezing it, which causes you to moan into the kiss. 

You break the kiss, retorting, “You’re so damn annoying.” Satoru grabs your ass again, pulling your hips closer and leaning upwards to kiss you, teasing, “Even if you deny, I know you love it .” Your hands on his chest pushed him back to the ground, continuing the kiss before you break it again, whispering, “We should head back inside, it’s cold.” He groans, pulling you into another kiss, and you slide one of your hands off his chest, grabbing some snow, dumping it in his matching hair. The cold sensation on his head causes him to groan into your mouth, lightly biting your bottom lip. 

The kiss breaks and heat rushed through your body when he tittered, “You’ve been naughty today, Princess. You might have to make it up to me later.” You lean forward, with your lips at his ear, saying, “Mmm, more like you’ll be the one making it up to me, my little brat.” Satoru shifts slightly under you, muttering, “Fuck, I’ll be waiting, Princess,” with a mischievous grin on his face. 

The two of you got up and made your way to your suites. Arriving at your neighboring doors, Satoru tugs your hand, saying, “Can I come to you after I’m done? We don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.” You nodded, replying, “Yeah, can we just cuddle tonight?” Rubbing your neck and chuckling, you continued, “My body is still recovering.” Gojo nodded, humming, “Mhm, that’s fine,” kissing your forehead. The two of you were now on your bed, facing each other with Satoru’s arms wrapped around you. Resting his chin on your head, Satoru breathed, “So, what do you want to do tomorrow?” You turned upwards to look at his apatite eyes, shrugging, “I don’t know I’m down for anything, honestly. Wait, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, right?” 

He nodded, saying, “Wait, actually, don’t worry, I have a perfect idea!” You raised a brow, “Wanna share it?” Shaking his head, he smirked, “Nope, that is a surprise for you, Sweetheart.” You sighed, thinking, Honestly, his shenanigans will be the end of me someday. How have I even made it this far on this trip?  

You looked back at him, noticing that his usual grin was gone, and instead, he had a pondering look. You poked his chest, jesting, “Hey, what happened? Don’t tell me you’re actually thinking in there.” He blinked, a small smile growing on his face when you continued, “What’s going on, Dimples?” 

He took a deep breath, confessing, “I meant to ask you this yesterday, but you had fallen asleep.” Okay? His seriousness is kind of freaking me out. You shifted, leaning on your elbow when he resumed, “You mumbled something about being numb, and I was just wondering more about that.” Oh...I said that ? Mentally face-palming, you sighed, “I don’t want to put a damper on your mood though. We don’t have to talk about it.”

Satoru began to move his hand up and down, caressing your arm reassuring, “But I want to learn more about you. You’re always interesting to me.”   

You plopped down on your pillow, looking up at your ceiling, exhaling, “Well...I tend to try to leave emotions out of most things. I just—I don’t know—I’d rather just not be attached to lots of things, so there’s less chance of me being disappointed. I don’t know if that makes any sense at all.” 

You turned to meet Satoru’s gaze, which was unwavering, deeply invested in hearing you talk about yourself because you never did. He nodded, saying in a low voice, “Go on.” You took a breath, playing with the bedsheets, adding, “Yeah, I guess when I stupidly let that slip out,” which made Satoru laugh softly, you continued, “I meant that I couldn’t really ignore you or dismiss you as nothing because you were just there all the time, bothering me in some way or another.” 

He sang, “Anddd you liked it, Princess. No need to be ashamed!” You rolled your eyes, gently pushing him, grumbling, “Yeah, whatever, Satoru. Enough about me anyway.” 

He laughed, “You did great, Sweetheart,” scooting closer to you, a finger lifting your chin to kiss you once again. His arm now draped around you again, you began to feel the lulls of sleep as you listened to his calm breathing. 

Satoru leaned his face closer to yours, his hair tickling your forehead, as he whispers, “You don’t have to—no, I don’t want you to hide your feelings from me. I want to be with you through all of it, Sweetheart.” 

You nodded, burying your head into his chest, whispering back, “Thanks, moron.” He hummed, “Anytime,” feeling the vibration emit from his chest. You stayed like that for some minutes as the two of you drifted asleep. Feeling yourself slip under, you mumbled, “Good night, Satoru.” 

“Sweet dreams, Princess.”  

Chapter Text

It was now evening the next day. The two of you had spent the morning and early afternoon visiting all the tourist attractions you could before they closed for Christmas. You had been asking Satoru what he had been planning for the evening since he kept saying, “Princess, you’re going to love me at the end of this!” Seeing that you had become fed up with his antics, Satoru had suggested you part ways and rejoin around 5 p.m. You had decided that you would find some nice bookstores to look at while he did whatever it is that he didn’t want you there. 

Your phone buzzed, and you took it out of your pocket to see a message from Satoru saying, I’m outside :-). You quickly paid for the book you had been keeping your eye on and exited the bookstore. Satoru was nowhere to be seen, when you felt a soft breath on your neck, whispering, “Hey, Princess.” You were about to pull off a self-defense move but hearing the familiar pet name, you relaxed slightly, turning to meet Satoru’s face. He was holding a paper bag with the name of a bakery in one hand while you reached for the other, harshly pinching and twisting the skin. 

He yelped, “Owww, what was that for?” You narrowed your eyes, “Don’t ever approach a girl like that. Especially because we’re in New York, Satoru.” He apologized, “I’m sorry, won’t do it again, Boss!” Seeing your reaction to the word ‘boss’ he cackled, “You like that, don’t you?” More curious about the contents of the bag than answering, you reached for it, saying, “What’s in here?” He shook his head, responding, “Tsk, tsk, changing the subject, Princess.” He reached into the bag, pulling out a set of macarons of different flavors, continuing, “I got some sweets because why not!” 

A corner of your lips raised, giving him a slight smile, teasing, “You have such a sweet tooth, Satoru.” He plopped a macaron into his mouth, handing one to you, mumbling between bites, “You can never go wrong with sweets! I think that they even add more vibrancy to life sometimes.” Munching on a lavender honey macaron, you muttered, “And you add more stress to mine.” Walking, Satoru curves an arm around your waist, jesting, “You know, I would also say that I add more pleasure to your life as well.” 

You gently jabbed him in his side with your elbow, retorting, “Why must the conversation always become sexual with you?” Satoru wiped the crumbs from his mouth, answering, “Well, your reactions are priceless, Princess.” 

You sighed, looking up at him, asking, “So...what are we doing now?” Satoru leaned his head back with a cocky grin, chuckling, “Don’t you worry about a thing! I’ll take care of all our festivities tonight!” You shook your head, wondering, Doesn’t he realize that saying that makes me less confident? He continued, “But I will tell you that what we are doing first is kind of slippery.” Oh god, here he goes making things sexual again. I shouldn’t have left him to do the planning.  

The two of you kept walking, taking trains, and turning on different blocks until you saw the glittering tree at Rockefeller Center. You turned slightly, exclaiming, “Oh, so that’s what you meant by slippery,” noticing the ice rink at a lower level that luckily, wasn’t crowded because of the looming holiday. Satoru smirked, leaning into your ear, “What did you think I meant by slippery?” Your skin flushed once again, and noticing, Satoru whispered, “Who’s making things sexual now? But you’re always welcome to Princess. I would love to see that side of you.” 

You gulped, taking a step back, turning your gaze towards the speckled concrete. His fingers grazing your chin, he turned your gaze to his saying, “Come on, Sweetheart,” as his other hand slipped in yours, pulling you towards the entrance of the rink. 

Once you had gotten your skates and were ready to go, you made your way over to the ice, thinking, I swear if I embarrass myself here—maybe we could both learn together. Nope, that was not the case. Thinking that you would have a fellow novice in Satoru along with you gave you some confidence. But that confidence quickly disappeared as you noticed him gracefully gliding along the frozen surface as your fingertips were turning red from holding on to the wall so tightly. 

Seeing your predicament, Gojo’s expression turned into a cocky grin as he tittered, “You seem stuck, Princess. You know the whole purpose of ice skating is to move, and you’re not doing much of that.” Your expression turned to one of irritation as you snapped, “No shit, Sherlock. Maybe if you weren’t busy running your mouth and showing off, you could be helpful, Satoru.” 

You stretched one arm outwards from the wall to gain some balance before quickly pulling it against yourself, avoiding speedy passing skaters. You sighed, accepting that you would be pretty much stuck in that spot when you noticed Satoru’s skates nearing and slowing down by yours. He reaches for your hands, but he has to pry them off the wall. 

His voice now a tender whisper, you feel his warm air on your forehead as he soothes, “I’ve got you, Princess. Can you trust me for the time being?” Looking down at your sliding feet, you nodded, a slight smile growing on your face. 

You feel yourself begin to glide as Satoru pulls the two of you towards the center of the rink. He goes over basic moves and methods, like how to keep your legs straight or to get up if you fall. He was lightly touching your thigh, going over how you should push and glide when you began to notice the partners and couples around you. You saw a bunch of couples skate while making their rounds throughout the wall. There were countless ones holding hands and the occasional one kissing, but there was one that was slowly spinning in the corner. That’s really sweet. I would like to do that sometime. Hold on, what even are Satoru and me? We never established things. Are we fuck buddies—no but all the stuff he says to me. But no, he can just say stuff like that to get into girls’ pants. So what are we?  

You’re pulled out of your thoughts when Satoru lifts your chin to face him, saying, “You spaced out a little there but do you get the basics?” You nodded, as he clasped his hands, saying, “Great!” He turned to go into the middle of the rink. What’s he planning to do now? You were expecting him to direct you to do something, but no, that did not happen.

Satoru lifted his head to the sky, shouting, “HEY EVERYONE—” interrupted by a kid who accidentally bumped into him, causing you to laugh. He continued, “IT’S YOUR TIME TO GO! DON’T BELIEVE ME? ASK THE STAFF ON YOUR WAY OUT, THANKS!” You blinked, not expecting him to do that when he pointed towards you, hollering, “YOU! STAY HERE!” 

Feeling everyone’s attention turn towards you, your cheeks burned with embarrassment as you stared at the ground listening to people’s skates glide past you. He really just kicked everyone out of this rink. This dummy is something else. Two teenage girls who were making their way towards the exit stopped to compliment, “Your boyfriend is so cute! He seems like a keeper!” Giving you a wink and a friendly wave, they continued towards the exit. 

Finally approaching you, Satoru took both of your hands into his as you mumbled, “I didn’t expect you to do all that.” 

Satoru chuckled, “Yeah, well how did you put it? Expect the unexpected when it comes to me, Princess.” Your cheeks still tingled hearing his words. You breathed, “So how much time do we have?” He rubbed the back of his neck, saying, “About ten minutes before we have to move on to our second location,” now pulling your hands. Satoru wrapped his arms around you, whispering into your neck, “Let’s make the most out of these ten minutes, okay?” You hummed, “Mhm.” Satoru quickly pressed a kiss on your neck, “Okay, we’ll go faster if you push and glide with me. I’ve got you, so don’t worry!” 

The two of you began gliding, and Satoru was right. Where your skills lacked, he compensated, helping you turn with him or keep your legs straight. You yelled over the wind, “This feels like I’m on a rollercoaster or I’m falling,” referring to the butterflies in your stomach. Satoru’s head now resting in the crook of your neck, he smirked, “Then we’ll fall together, Sweetheart,” pulling you tighter against him. Hearing his words, you felt your heart begin to pound harshly against your rib cage, and the butterflies intensify in your stomach. What is he referring to? What did he mean by that? Noticing your rushing pulse, he began to press light kisses on your collarbone. Soon after that, he turned you that your chest was against his, his arms wrapped around the small of your back. Your speed slowed and the two of you headed towards the center of the rink again, slowly turning and gliding together. 

Resting your head on his chest, you muttered, “I had fun,” smiling against his broad muscles. You turned your head upwards as he looked down, seeing his perfect smile as he answered, “The night’s not over yet, Princess.” 

Satoru cut in, “We should start heading out of here before the staff banishes us.” You laughed, “What do you mean? You would charm them into letting us stay for two more hours.” His eyes were, twinkling, reflecting the lights of the Rockefeller tree, with the angle you just turned into. It caught you in a daze for a few seconds before he teased, “So you admit that I’m charming.” You rolled your eyes, chuckling, “You are so ridiculous,” the both of you now turning to the exit. 




Satoru’s hand in yours, you walked a few blocks, soon realizing that you were going to Central Park. You took in the sight of the undisturbed snowy ground, the dark branches contrasting the white snow that had accumulated on them, and the occasional evergreen trees. You wrapped an arm around Satoru’s waist, saying, “Hey, so what are we doing here,” as you guys stepped through the entrance. He stilled for a second, not expecting your touch before relaxing and returning the gesture, his arm settling around your hip. He took a deep breath, the breath becoming white vapor in the air, while he used his free hand to pull out a notecard from his back pocket, speaking, “You’re going to have to do a little decoding before we get there. But you’re smart, Princess, so I have faith in you.” 

Satoru had set up a little scavenger hunt with chocolates at each card. Honestly, Satoru’s cards weren’t the best clues, so you ended up blindfolded, as Satoru guided you to the last location. 

“Satoru, how was I supposed to know which tree to go under? There are like 800 acres of trees in this park!” Satoru groaned, “I knowww, I forgot to add the description of the tree you should have been looking for, okay?” 

His hands resting on your shoulders, he squeezed them to signify to you that you’ve arrived. Taking off the glasses and your eyes adjusting, you saw the last notecard taped to the trunk of the tree. It read: I hoped you enjoyed feeling like the main character today. But we have to do the Hallmark movies justice with one more thing. Look up. :-)  

You turned your head upwards to see mistletoe hanging from a low tree branch which made you laugh, “Satoru, you did all of this for a kiss?” His glasses off now, his hands cupped your face as he said, “Wellll yes, but no. I still have one question to ask.” You arched a brow, “And what could that question possibly be, Dimples,” smirking as you saw him begin to blush. Answering in a low voice, he said, “Would you give me the great honor of being your boyfriend? Will you be mine this Christmas?” Shit. I mean—yeah, sure. Wait, not ‘sure’ more like definitely—hold on, he asked? And he went through all this trouble? This is the cheesiest, sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from him. 

“You know, the mistletoe is waiting, Princess.” You blinked, realizing you never actually said ‘yes’ out loud. Wanting to tease him, you answered, “Mmmm, let me think about it and analyze the pros and cons.” He let out a dramatic gasp, whining, “Cons? Princess, you wound me once again. Don’t leave me hanging here.” You laughed, “Okay, okay, the answer is yes, of course. A princess needs her Prince Charming,” shrugging a shoulder. 

Satoru leans forwards, leaning his forehead on yours, his hair slightly tickling you once again, muttering, “May I also kiss you? You know, the mistletoe and all.” You smiled, “Well, we wouldn’t want to break tradition, now would we, Charming?” He shook his head, “No, we wouldn’t,” lifting your lips to meet his. The kiss was sweet and passionate. Your lips moved against his, and he pulled you closer by the waist, his tongue brushing yours. A gust of wind blew, sending some snow from the trees swirling around you in the air. It was truly a main character moment, and it was one you would remember fondly. 

He broke away with a bright smile on his face, and you remarked, “I think we did the Hallmark movies justice.” He shook his head, chuckling, “That was definitely better than a movie, Princess.” Lowering his lips to your ear, he whispered, “Do I need to prove it to you again?” 

“Mmmm, maybe. Extra proof never hurts,” you replied, slipping your arms around his neck and kissing him one more time. Once he pulls away, you mumble, “You know you’re so cheesy, right?” He begins swaying the both of you in your embrace, countering, “Okay, but I think it’s a good kind of cheesy.” You giggle as he continues, “You have to flip the card, Sweetheart. The night doesn’t end here.” 

You take a step back, thinking, I’ll bet that it’s a sex joke on the back. Flipping the card, you’re surprised as you read, Glamorous or chill? You turned to him, asking, “What do you mean?” Slipping his glasses back on, he answers, “I have a hold on a table at this nice restaurant, but I thought that you might be more comfortable at the hotel, so it’s your pick. We can just get some takeout or something else and head back to the hotel.” You looked at the time and saw that it was only around 9.

You stood there thinking for a minute before finally deciding on the restaurant because he put an effort to get that table. “Oh wait, but we’re not dressed for that type of restaurant, right?” You asked as you fiddled with a button on your jacket. Satoru shrugged his shoulders, “It’s a private table, and besides, who cares? We’re paying for the food, and I paid to reserve the spot.” You nodded, simply replying, “Touche. Alright, let’s go.”

Chapter Text

Tired of going through the subway for the entire day, Satoru decided to call the company car to pick you guys up. While you were waiting, you guys continued swaying together to keep warm. The car had finally arrived, and you were promptly dropped off at the restaurant Hibiscus. Entering the dining room, you felt totally out of place as the two of you were wearing casual jeans, boots, and sweaters, and everyone who was sitting down was in the formal apparel you would wear to the office. You felt the disdainful glances of the uptight elite that felt that you didn’t belong, but you continued walking, just focusing on the footsteps of your waiter in front of you. 

Your waiter continued to lead you through the dining room towards the glass stairs that curved around hibiscus trees that were staggered among platforms of different heights. Reaching the second floor, you were greeted with several beautiful private rooms that were behind tinted panes of glass that resembled the shades of hibiscus flowers. But at the end of the hallway, there was a larger private room titled “Rosa-Sinensis”. You looked up at Satoru, who held a satisfied expression on his face, “You know you didn’t have to do all of this, Satoru,” as you moved closer into his side. The arm that he had wrapped around you pulled you even closer, and he leaned down, “I think that this is the appropriate treatment of a Princess,” kissing your forehead. You smiled, “Why, thank you, my charming prince.” 

As you walked into the room, you let out a gasp seeing the interior of the room. The room was lined with the same hibiscus color tinted glass that gave the room a warm, rosy glow and view of the cityscape. On the wall without windows, there was a small waterfall with two hibiscus trees on either side. You heard the chair slide against the floor, looking over to see Satoru pulling the chair out for you. You walked over and sat, saying, “You’re giving me the full experience, aren’t you?” Satoru slid into his chair, replying, “As a gentleman would,” tilting his head down to wink at you behind his glasses. 

Once you guys had ordered and begun eating your food, Satoru pointed out, “Technically, this is our first official date as a couple,” pulling out his phone to take a picture. Thinking that munching on a bite of pasta wasn’t the most flattering, you held a hand in front of your face. 

Finishing your bite and narrowing your eyes, you retorted, “Nice observation, now why the unsolicited photos?” 

“You looked so cute, and I just couldn’t help myself,” Satoru replied, munching on a piece of garlic bread. He continued, “And you should get used to that now that you’re all mine.” You rolled your eyes, “Yeah, yeah, whatever Satoru.” He leaned closer, resting his hand against the table while you suggested, “You know, we should get to know each other like a regular couple.” He smirked, countering, “Sweetheart, I already know all that I need to.” Finishing your entree, you asked, “And what do you mean by that Satoru?” His thigh brushed yours under the table, “Like, I don’t know, the things I do that make you scream,” his voice becoming a deep whisper. 

Feeling your body begin to react to his words, you avoid his gaze, mumbling, “Yeah we’ll see about that next time, brat.” Satoru’s glasses slid further down his nose, giving you a sight of the mischievous gleam in his eyes, “Why wait for next time when it can be right now? The bathroom is right over there and I think it's calling our names.” Your cheeks burned, hearing his suggestion, making him die of laughter. You finally replied, “Again, you just not caring whoever is around,” calling the waiter over to clear up your now empty plates. 

His fingers found their way to your chin as he murmured, “I said it before Princess. When it comes to you I have no shame. And what better way to make use of the private bathroom we have in our package? You know you want it just as much as I do.” Feeling the mutual desire between the both of you, you stood from the table, clearing your throat, “I’m going to freshen myself up,” making your way to the door that led to said private bathroom. Walking past a cushioned bench, you now stood in front of the mirror, glancing over yourself, realizing that your expression totally gave yourself away to him. 

You grabbed some dampened paper towels, trying to cool down your face that was flushing with heat. Your hand slid down to the neckline of your sweater, pulling it to the side to look at the bruises that had begun to fade on your neck. You mused, Would it be so bad for him to leave more marks right now?  

So deep in your thoughts and thinking about what could happen right there and then, you didn’t notice at first when Satoru entered the bathroom behind you, locking the door. He stood next to the bench, leaning on the cream tile with his glasses now off. Now being able to see his eyes—god, his eyes were full of lust, eye-fucking you and holding your gaze through the mirror. Satoru slowly walked up to you, now talking in a low, raspy voice, “You never said that I couldn’t freshen up with you, Princess.” His lips now on your neck kissing a trail, he mumbled, “Oh we can’t let these fade away, Sweetheart. How else are people supposed to know you’re mine? We wouldn’t want to give people the wrong idea, would we now?” Still, in slight disbelief that you were actually doing this, you failed to respond. 

His arms wrap around your waist, one of them beginning to rub up and down your cunt through your jeans. You let out a soft moan as he groaned, “I’ll bet that if I feel your panties right now, they’ll already be soaked.” Knowing that statement was true, you swallowed, causing him to chuckle into your neck’s sweet spot, sending sparks all over your body. Seeing your reaction, he whispered, “Should I test my theory, Princess,” fiddling with the button of your jeans. You let out a shaky breath, and he continued, “I’ll take that as a yes then,” unbuttoning your jeans. Feeling the pressure of his fingers running up and down your clothed, dripping pussy, you shudder against him, your breaths becoming more unsteady and shallow. 

“Wait, Satoru, if we’re going to do this, then I—” 

“Anything you want, Sweetheart. Just say it,” softly biting and sucking under your jaw. You breathed, “T-then we’re doing it my way.” He chuckled, “I’m starting to like this side of you more,” turning you to face him. Your hands traveled down his sweater, feeling his defined chest. You lingered around his v-line before palming his hard cock through his pants, enjoying the sounds of his groans. You unbuckled his pants, pulling both his pants and boxers down to his ankles, feeling your pussy grow even slicker in anticipation of seeing his already hardened cock. 

You smiled, “I’m going to have my fun with you, Charming,” slowly stroking up and down. “So new nickname huh, Princess,” he groaned as you got down on your knees, your hands finding his hips. You licked the tip before taking his cock into his mouth, finally humming, “Mhm,” as a response. Satoru let out a loud moan saying, “F-fuck, Princess, so you’re making good on what you wrote on that ca—” He fails to finish his sentence as you began to bob your head on his dick, moving up and down, and your hands move in sync with your mouth on what can’t fit. Look who has no words now. Satoru’s hands move through your hair, grabbing a fistful of it and pushing his cock deeper into your mouth. He fucks your mouth, hitting the back of your throat and releasing soft moans and whimpers into the air. You moan as well, the vibrations traveling down his cock eliciting more lewd sounds from him. 

You look up through the tears that are balancing on your lashes to see his head thrown back in pleasure as he moans, “Fuck—that’s it, Princess. Your mouth feels so fucking good.” Satoru’s grip on your hair tightens, and he moves his hips at a faster pace. Knowing that he is close, you fight through the grip he has on your head, removing your mouth from his cock. “Sorry, but you can’t cum yet, my little brat,” licking his tip one more time. He groans in frustration, his chest heaving up and down as you get off the floor. Feeling all hot and bothered, Satoru takes off his top and looking into his aqua eyes, you see a pure desire and notice his clenched fist, seeing how hard it is for him to maintain control. 

You move a hand to his shoulder, pushing him to sit down on the cushioned bench as he whines, “So how long are you going to tease me for Sweetheart.” You took off your sweater, pressing a finger to his lips whispering, “Shhh, we wouldn’t want them to hear us, now would we, Dimples?” He hums against your finger, giving the slightest lick of his tongue and the sensation going straight to your throbbing cunt, saying, “Maybe I would Princess.” You removed your finger from his lips, slipping your jeans down your legs. You climbed up onto the bench, straddling him and grazing your clothed pussy against his cock. He throws his head back against the wall groaning in pleasure. 

You moved your panties aside, teasing his cock with your wet entrance, before sliding it in. The room began to fill with your moans as you thought, The staff can hear us, but right now, I couldn’t care less. You begin to bounce on his cock, moaning into his neck, “Your cock feels so good—fuck, you whore.” Satoru’s hands find their way to your breasts, rubbing circles on your nipples through your bra replying, “Ride my cock just like that, Princess. That’s my girl.” 

You hum into the crook of his neck, sucking and leaving bruises for him to find later. You feel the pleasure begin to build in your pussy, but the exhaustion from the entire day begins to hit you as well. You moaned, “Satoru—fuck, I ca—” One of Satoru’s hands turns your face to his as he mumbles, “It’s okay I’ve got you, Sweetheart.” His hands now at your waist, Satoru begins to thrust as he lifts your hips and slam it back down on his dick. 

The sounds of your moans and wet sex fill the room as Satoru’s cock repeatedly hits your G-spot. Resting your forehead on his, you command, “I want you to watch us through the mirror, darling.” He turns his gaze towards the mirror behind you, the erotic sight of your ass slapping against his hips, causing him to move you faster. You now rest your head on his neck, leaving soft kisses and whispering sweet nothings in his ear. “There—Satoru, I’m about to—” He interrupts you saying, “Cum for me, Sweetheart,” groaning as he feels your body tremble through the waves of pleasure. Your cunt squeezes his dick through your orgasm, Satoru releasing his cum into you shortly after. Once the both of you ride through your orgasms, you slide off his cock, both of you getting up to quickly put on your clothes.

When you guys are finally ready to step out of the bathroom, you approach your table, noticing that your dessert spread was already laid out for you. You looked up at Satoru with wide eyes, realizing that the waiters had to have been walking in and out of your room to set this up. Satoru’s eyes were twinkling with mischief as he leaned down to your ear, mumbling, “It seems that we gave them a show Princess.” 

You rolled your eyes, reluctantly approaching the waiter right outside of the private room. He jumped a little, not expecting you to be there, saying, “Yes, miss?” While avoiding eye contact. You were embarrassed, quickly asking, “If you could just pack our desert in a takeout container, that would be great!” Turning to Satoru, who sat in his chair with his man spread legs and an impish grin on his face. 

You were heading towards your chair when he used his long arms to pull you into his lap, whispering in your ear, “I would say that I’m satisfied with my dessert being you tonight, Sweetheart.” Your skin flushed with heat once again, responding in a harsh whisper, “I think we’ve done enough here, Satoru. Let’s get ready to leave with what dignity we can scrape by with.” 

He laughed, “I think that we should walk out of here like we own the place,” eliciting a swat on his leg from you. Finally getting your packed dessert, you stood up, pulling Satoru off his chair behind you. As you walked back through the hallways and the glass staircase, you noticed the knowing gazes of the staff with some looking at the floor when you passed by. 

You knew it was best to keep walking with a level head and not cause any interactions, but your favorite idiot, Satoru, was stopping every five seconds to greet all the employees. Upon reaching the entrance, you rolled your eyes, sighing and looking back at Satoru, who was still strolling like he owned the place with a grin on his face. He is so damn annoying yet charming with that stupid grin on his face.  

Once he reached your side, he turned to your waiter, grinning, “We had such a great time here. It set a great mood for intimacy.” Your expression quickly turned to one of exasperation when you punched his arm, beginning to drag him back to the waiting car. Satoru waved back at them, beaming, “Maybe, we’ll come back again!” 

Now seated in the car, you turned to the window, not wanting to deal with his shenanigans, when one of Satoru’s hands brushed your cheek. His voice was now sweet and affectionate when he asked, “Princess, why are you upset with me?” You kept your gaze on the passing city lights, grumbling, “Don’t ask stupid questions, Satoru.” 

“Fair,” he sighed, scooting closer to you. Whispering in your ear, he suggested, “I can make it up to you. You must be tired from all of our activities today.” You were exhausted and honestly needed a warm bath to wash all the grime from walking through the city during the day. You hummed, “I may be interested in a nice warm bath.” 

He shook his head, countering, “A warm bath? No, no, Princess, I’m giving you the entire experience. It’ll be my very own spa, only for you!” You finally turned to him with a slight smile on your face replying, “Where would you get all this stuff for the spa Satoru?” 

He shrugged his shoulders, “I could get the front desk worker to let us into the spa room on the first floor.” 

“That sounds good,” chuckling at his persistence. 




It was now around 11:30, and Satoru had successfully gotten the two of you into the spa room, with the help of a front desk worker that was anxiously waiting for their shift to end. The two of you had shared a nice steaming bath, and Satoru had insisted on giving you a massage, which he was surprisingly good at. He was now in a towel wrapped around his waist, laying on his chest with you straddling him, wearing a robe, and rubbing circles into his muscles. You released a breath through your nose, asking, “Is that good?” Hopefully, that’s good. Even though I'm loving the view of his back muscles, I’m pretty tired of rubbing circles.  

“I can never get tired of your fingers against my skin, but I’ll let you go for now.” You rolled your eyes, saying, “I can’t with you sometimes,” pressing a quick kiss on the back of his neck. 

He groaned, standing up from the bench, saying, “I have one more thing for you upstairs. Change and meet me in my room?” You nodded, “Yeah, we should also eat our leftover dessert.” 

So you now sat in Satoru’s suite, on his bed in your comfy T-shirt and shorts, huddling under the comforters and sharing bites of cheesecake, while Satoru had music playing on a speaker. You mumbled in between bites, “I’ve eaten so many sweets today. I’m becoming like you,” shaking your head. He stopped his humming to the background music to say, “You should treat yourself, Princess. It’s the holidays, and you deserve it for all the work you do. Besides, everyone should be like me!” 

You couldn’t contain the smile you were trying to hide from him as you slid off the bed to look out the window. Flurries had begun cascading through the sky once again. Like the windows in your room, Satoru’s had a beautiful view that allowed you to admire the flurries against the lights of the bridges and skyscrapers. Satoru put his plate of cheesecake down on a nearby table, walking over to you to look out the window as well. His arms wrapped around your waist, holding you in an embrace with your back against his warm chest, swaying you gently to the music. 

“Oh, didn’t you say that you had something for me?” Laying your head back on his shoulder and glancing at his eyes. He blinked, saying, “Yeah, I do have something,” glancing at the clock on the wall seeing that it’s past midnight. 

He releases you from his embrace, reaching for his jacket pocket that was hanging on a hook by the door. Satoru pulled out a small blue box that had a little gold crescent-like figure embossed on it. Interesting. You looked at him, furrowing your brows, asking, “What’s this?” You noticed that his cheeks had a defined blush, so you slowly approached him, caressing his cheek and pulling his face down to yours. 

He opened the box, presenting a small gold necklace with a pendant. The pendant was in the shape of the same crescent-like figure on the box. Looking closer, you realized it was a series of diamond “points” connected by pieces of gold to create the shape. He’s been showering me with his affection all day. I didn’t think that he could do anymore tonight. What do I even say?  

You were in shock, blinking, before quickly shooting your gaze back at Satoru, stammering, “W-what you didn’t need to do this Satoru. I can’t accept this! Please, I appreciate it, but it’s really not necessary,” shaking your head vehemently before looking at the gray wooden floors. 

He took a deep breath, chuckling, “Let me explain myself before you reject my gift,” his fingers gently raising your chin to find your eyes once again. 

He breathed, “It was after our little argument over the whole Geto situation,” you pressed your lips together, not wanting to remember those moments. “I was walking through the city, trying not to think about how I severely fucked up when I passed this small jewelry store. I saw the necklace sitting on the windowsill, and I immediately thought of you and bought it on impulse, even though I had no idea how I wanted to approach you.” 

You kept holding his gaze, feeling your entire body burn but not being able to move or react. He continued, “When talking to the woman who owned the store, she told me more about the necklace, saying that it was to take after the Corona Borealis constellation. I thought it was perfect, especially since when we were stargazing in summer, that's when I first realized that I wanted you to be mine. She then told me the myth behind the constellation and how it was a crown given to an ancient princess.” He rested his forehead on yours, now whispering, “And what better gift could I give mine?” You felt moisture accumulating at the corner of your eyes, and you shifted, avoiding his eyes as you mumbled, “Sorry, this is so embarrassing,” wiping your tears before they could roll down your cheeks. 

He shook his head, his hand cupping your cheek to make you look at him once again. “No, it’s not. Sweetheart, I told you that I wanted to be there through all the emotions you feel, so it’s okay.” Pulling you into a gentle kiss, he muttered, “You’ll always have me. Please know that.” 

Nodding, you asked in a shaky voice, “Why me, Satoru? It’s not like I’m the first girl you’ve been with, so why do all this for me?” He released a breath through his nostrils, answering, “Well, unlike them, when I’m with you, I feel like I can fall deeper and deeper and never get enough. That I can never feel tired of teasing you or seeing your reactions to things. And I know that’s something I don’t want to happen.” Sometimes he has such a way with words that I can’t ever get over. 

Putting the box in your hands, he continued, “Can I tell you the last part of my present, Princess?” Clasping your hands together, holding the box tight to your chest, you leaned into his chest, humming, “Mhm.” 

Both arms traveled to your waist, pulling you tighter towards him as he went on, “To remember how stunning your expression was that night when you looked at the stars with me, I wanted to call you Stardust if it was okay with you.” You nodded again into his chest when he said, “May I,” reaching for the box in your hands. 

He took the box from your hands, and you turned that your back was now facing him. His hands holding each end of the necklace, he clasped it and kissed your neck, crooning, “Merry Christmas, my little Stardust.” You huffed, “I haven’t even gotten you a gift yet,” your expression dipping into a remorseful frown. He laughed softly, mumbling, “I think our time in the restaurant bathroom was more than enough of a gift for me.” 

Your skin flushed as you teased, “I think the sugar you ate today went straight to your head for you to have gone that long without teasing me.” He pulled you closer to him again, his arms settling around your waist and head resting in the crook of your neck, swaying you to the music once more. “I think I am always the sweetest to you, Stardust.” You laughed, “Sure, if you say so, Dimples.” 

Satoru pressing another kiss on your cheek now, you inhaled, “Can we...stay like this for a little while?” He hummed, “Mhm,” in response. So the two of you stayed like that, looking out the huge window at the snowy city, swaying to the music playing, and enjoying each other’s presence. Relaxing further into his embrace, you finally whispered back, “Merry Christmas, Dimples.” 

“Merry Christmas, Princess.”       

Chapter Text

“Princess, why are we getting up this early?” Gojo groaned as he rolled over, draping his head and torso over your chest. It was now two days after Christmas, and you guys had been staying in and going through marathons of different movie series, and you were returning home the next day. 

You kept tapping him, “Come on, it’s our last full day in New York, and I want to make the most of it.” He whined, “But I’m so comfortable right here with you,” reaching up to caress your face, breasts, and curves. 

You rolled your eyes, reaching for a pillow and swinging it at his head, grumbling, “Alright, that’s enough of that. Now seriously, get up.” 

“Make me.” 

You leaned your head back on a pillow, sighing, “And here I thought we could get up early to spend some extra quality time in the shower. But suit yourself, Charming.” You smirked, That ought to motivate him out of bed. And you were right because Satoru was now standing, pulling you off the bed as well and speedily removing both of your clothes. 

“Sweetheart, you should have clarified sooner. We could have been in the shower five minutes ago,” Satoru mumbled, carrying you into the large shower. You furrowed your brows, “So you’re trying to say it’s my fault,” as Satoru gently placed you down on the gray tiles in front of him, turning on the sprays and jets. 

Kissing your cheek, he replied, “Yes. Yes, I am, Princess.” You exhaled out your mouth, reaching for a bottle of body wash, “You’re such an idiot.” 

“Maybe, but I’m your idiot,” Satoru chuckled, taking the bottle off your hands and pulling you into a kiss, “And this idiot is going to take his time with you this morning.” 




You were now riding the subway with Satoru over, bickering whether you should have used the subway or the car. “For the experience, doesn't it make sense to ride the subway? Also, it’s faster than sitting through Manhattan traffic, Satoru,” you whispered to him, leaning on his shoulder. He sighed, “I just don’t think a proper gentleman and a princess should have to subject themselves to the smell of urine and body odor.” You chuckled, “I’d never thought I'd hear you utter the words urine and body odor in a sentence.” 

He pulled one side of his blindfold upwards to reveal his wintry eye, scoffing, “I know you aren’t trying to insult my vocabulary again.” You blinked, exclaiming, “What? No, I could do no such thing, Dimples,” giggling at the end of your sentence, feeling Satoru’s wandering fingers begin to tickle you. 

“Satoru, you got to—STOP!” You shrieked, slapping a hand over your mouth, realizing the few people with you on the train had begun to stare at you as you two were disturbing their morning commute. At the next stop, the few fellow passengers all left. You looked around at the now-empty car beside the two of you, and the both of you burst out laughing. 

You now stood holding on to the pole in the middle of the car, laughing, “Look what you did, Satoru!” He stood, towering over you and a hand grabbing on the upper ceiling pole, jokingly countering, “What do you mean, Princess! We both had parts to play in that.” You shook your head, still chuckling, “Nope, you were the main perpetrator, Dimples! Just admit it.” 

Lowering his head, he murmured, “Oh really, I did all that myself?” Keeping a wide grin on your face, you nodded. Satoru rested his forehead on yours, whispering, “Well then, it’s all worth it if I get to see your smile and hear your laugh, Stardust,” pulling you into a deep kiss. You arched your back against the pole, your arms slowly moving to wrap around Satoru’s waist. Keeping one hand on the pole above him, the other hand brings your face closer, deepening the kiss as his tongue begins to move with yours. The two of you stayed like that, kissing in the empty train car as the train sped through the dark tunnels. Satoru's arms slipped tightly around your waist as you both felt the train suddenly begin to slow down as you approached the next stop, which happened to be yours as well. 




You made your way into the Met, becoming invested in the exhibits featuring Renaissance paintings and sculptures as well as some classical works. Satoru, being his immature self, kept snickering every time he saw a nude male sculpture, making lewd jokes in your ear. Fed up with his antics, you sneered, “I think your behavior right now is showing some insecurities, Satoru. Not that you shouldn’t be,” turning back to admire a painting. 

Satoru stood there for a moment, shocked by your comment. He then slipped his arm around your waist, pulling you into his side, retorting, “Are you sure about that, Sweetheart? We can test that theory right now. The bathroom’s right over there. We can easily steal the show away from these sculptures.” 

You quickly sucked in a breath, feeling a wave of chills run throughout your body as he continued, “Oh what, Princess, does the idea of people hearing us turn you on? You know you want it just as much as I do.” 

You whispered harshly to him, “Didn’t you learn from the restaurant the other day?” 

“What? That I want to show everyone how you’re mine? Yes, I did, Sweetheart.” 

Annoyed, you let out a dry chuckle, turning to face him and bringing his ear down to your lips, muttering, “Satoru, I’m going to continue to enjoy the beautiful artwork, and you can go wait in the bathroom and see if I’ll come. When you stop thinking with your dick, you can join me, okay?” You huffed, stepping around him to continue walking through the various exhibits. 

You were now standing in a quieter part of the museum, looking at different pottery pieces from Asia, when you heard a camera click. You first saw his signature wild white hair before he lowered his phone with a small smile on his face. “Hey, beautiful,” he greeted, slowly walking towards you. Your cheeks tingle as you turn back to the pottery to hide the smile that had grown across your face. 

You felt his arms come around your waist and his chin rest on your head as he apologized, “I’m sorry, my Stardust. I pushed too many of your buttons again.” Keeping your eyes on the pottery, you relaxed into his embrace, replying, “You did, but since you realized your mistake, I’ll forgive you this time,” which pulled a soft chuckle from him. You continued, “I know these aren’t your types of things anyway. I just wanted to enjoy your company, which I should have realized comes with your annoying jokes regardless.” 

He hummed, “But out of respect for you, I should’ve been less annoying,” kissing your cheek. Now moving to the next exhibit, you replied, “It’s okay, we still have things to learn about each other,” a hand playing with the gifted necklace that was sitting around your neck. 

Looking at your pamphlet, you realized that you were done with all the exhibits you wanted to see. You tilted your head up, asking, “Hey, do you want to get out of here? I’m done seeing the exhibits.” He leaned down to rest his chin on your shoulder, “Are you sure, Princess?” You nodded, and Satoru squeezed you tighter, singing, “Yayyyy!” The both of you quickly left the museum and got off at a stop on 5th Avenue.

“No, Satoru, I don’t want to splurge your money right now. I haven’t even gotten your gift yet! Besides, we leave tomorrow so we can’t buy too many things or they won’t fit into our bags. Maybe when we get home, Satoru.” 

“Fine,” he grumbled, “But when we get home, you’ll let me spoil you.” You sighed, “I don’t need that, but yeah, sure. Let’s go get some food.” The two of you headed to a Shake Shack to get a savory bite before you headed back down the avenues of Manhattan, stopping at the attractions and little spots you were interested in and deciding that Thai food would be your choice for an early dinner. 

You returned to the hotel with Satoru only to sneak out after you were sure he wouldn’t ask or follow you. See, you were trying to pick up his gift, and knowing the idiot, he would try to pry you for the information the entire trip to the store. Thank god, he didn’t notice or follow me. I didn’t need to make a stupid excuse to throw him off my trail. Let me just get the gift quickly and get back so I can surprise him.  

You speedily picked up the gift and returned to your hotel, slowing your pace once you reached your neighboring doors. Deciding to change into comfy clothes first, you entered your suite, setting down your bags, coat, and shoes. 

You were going to slip off your sweatshirt when you froze, “What. The. Hell. Satoru. What are you doing here?” 

He chuckled, crossing a leg on top of another, lounging on the couch, “Oh, don’t stop on my accord, Princess. I was enjoying the show!” You tugged down your top, “How did you even get in here?” 

“I asked the staff. They wouldn’t usually have done that, but since they’ve seen us leave and enter together so many times, and our rooms are paid from the same source, they were confident that I wasn’t a crazy person.” You rolled your eyes, mumbling, “I’d beg to differ,” as you turned to the bathroom. 

“So how did you know I wasn’t here,” slamming the door in his face so he wouldn’t get the wrong idea. Leaning on the wall outside your bathroom, he replied, “I didn’t know at first, but I wanted to have another one of our playdates because I missed our banter.” Playdates? God, I’m dating a child. How did he manage to get me to say yes to him again? 

He continued, “You weren’t answering my phone calls or knocks on your door, so it was either that I made you upset again, you were asleep, or you betrayed me and went out without telling me.” You finished your business in the bathroom, opening the door to his grin as you scolded, “So you thought it was a good idea to sit in my darkened suite like a creep?” 

Satoru shook his head vehemently, “Noooo! How could you think of me that way? I decided to wait for my beloved Princess as her charming prince would.” You laughed, bringing over the bag and plopping on the couch before motioning for Satoru to follow suit. “So whatcha got in the bag, Princess?” 

You reached into the bag, answering, “Let me bring it out. Sorry that it’s a little late anyway,” pulling out two boxes and passing the first one to him. “To my idiot. Well, Princess, I wouldn’t call myself an idiot, but since you said I’m yours, I’ll let it slide.” 

“Just open the damn box, Satoru,” you answered, chuckling. Satoru tore the wrapping paper revealing the packaging with a picture of a blue Fujifilm Instax camera on it. “Aw, you got me a camera? How sweet of you, Princess!” 

He wraps an arm around you as you respond, “Well, there’s more. I couldn’t choose which type of camera to buy sooo here,” passing him the second box. Satoru tore off the wrapping paper, revealing a box with a Canon DSLR camera. He just sat there staring at the boxes as you continued, “I wanted to get you a camera because you always mentioned wanting to remember our moments. So I thought instead of relying on your phone, you should have a proper device to store our memories together. I just didn’t know if you would prefer a digital or polaroid, so I got you both. Also, I thought that since I learned some photography, I could help you learn the basics of the DSLR, and you would use the Instax camera in the meantime.” 

You looked at Satoru, who had put the cameras on the table in front of you two. You noticed a blush on his cheeks and were put off by his silence, so you hesitated before saying, “Merry Christmas, Satoru!” Raising a brow, you asked, “Are you going to say anything? Did you not like it?” 

What happened next was the opposite of what you expected. Satoru pounced on top of you, your back now laying on the couch cushions as he peppers light kisses on your neck. You giggled, “I didn’t think you would like my gift this much, Satoru.” 

He paused the trail of marks that he was leaving on your collarbone when he spoke in a low, raspy voice, “Why wouldn’t I? This is the most thoughtful thing anyone has done for me, and one thing I can say for sure is that I won’t need cameras to remember this moment.” 

Satoru begins kissing you again as he mumbles, “Oh Stardust, you’re definitely getting spoiled rotten when we get home.” You begin to giggle, feeling the sensation of his hands roaming your body and the light pecks on your sensitive spots.

When you finally speak in between your laughs and chuckles, you replied, “Okay, I’ll be waiting, Dimples.” 




“Favorite meal of the day?” 

“Mmmmm, I would say brunch.” Satoru raised a brow, “Brunch? I’m interested in knowing the reason behind this one.” You shrugged your shoulders, “Easy. You have the option of eating sweet breakfast food or savory lunch food.” Taking a sip of water, you asked, “What’s yours?” Pondering and looking off into the distance, you said, “I'm guessing dessert.” A bright smile grew on Satoru’s face as he beamed, “I’m so touched that you know me so well, Princess!” The two of you were waiting for your flight in a quiet corner of the airport lounge reserved for business and first-class passengers and had taken up games to spend the time. It was also a great way to learn more details about one another. 

“Well, it’s pretty obvious since you love foods full of sugar. Like, look at you right now,” you replied, gesturing to Satoru, who was chewing on a chocolate chip cookie. He mumbles in between bites, “Good point...hmmm...How about biggest pet peeve?” 

You shifted on the couch you were sitting on, now sitting with your legs crossed and facing the blindfolded man. “Uh, I think when someone doesn’t respect my interests.” He chuckled, “Ok...a lot of things are starting to make sense now.” 

You laughed, reaching for the container of fries on the table beside you, “Yeah, well now you can use that information wisely, Charming,” munching and enjoying the crunchy, salty flavor. In between fries, you gesture to him, asking, “What about you?” He sighed, putting the bag of baked goods aside, “I don’t know, actually. I’m going to have to get back to you on that one.” 

You were looking at your phone clearing messages and notifications when you saw one from your job, which reminded you to ask, “Hey, so how are we going to go about us at the office, Satoru?” He smiled, “I like the sound of us, ” which caused his smiling expression to transfer to your face. You fiddled with the hem of your sweatpants, insisting, “But seriously, are we going to hide it? Or act like before with our game?” Because keeping up the game would be so exhausting. 

“Your choice, Stardust. I told you I have no shame with you, so I don’t mind anything as long as you're comfortably mine.” 

You took a breath saying, “I honestly think we should not tell anyone and just act like really good friends. We could say that we bonded over the trip.” You saw a hint of change in Satoru’s expression as you continued, “It’s not like I’m embarrassed or ashamed of you, Satoru. But I’d rather not deal with the gossip and questions from everyone right after our trip.” 

He nodded, “Okay, Princess. I’m fine with that,” laughing he continued, “I’m honestly curious to see how long we can keep this under the radar and what we can get away with.” Your mind began to wander through all the possibilities when he continued, “Maybe you can finally put your mouth to good use while hiding under my desk, Sweetheart.” You snap your gaze towards him, taking a sharp inhale, you swat at him, “Stop, Satoru! The office is still a profes—” 

Satoru interrupts you, leaning closer and pulling your lips to his, mumbling between kisses, “I...don’t...ever...want to...hear an...excuse...from you...ever…again.” By the time he pulls away, your breathing is heavier, and you feel your skin tingle with heat and energy. “But—” He moves his lips to your neck, leaving sloppy kisses, whispering, “When I’m alone with you, Princess, the only thing that should be on your mind is me and me alone. I want you to lose yourself in me just as I lose myself in you.” 

You let out a shaky exhale as you feel his fingers play with the hem of your shirt. You mumble, “Wait, Satoru—please,” your hands finding each side of his face. Pulling his face towards yours, you say, “Look at me, Satoru when I say this,” removing his blindfold, looking into his opalescent eyes. 

“I will gladly do that as long as you respect me and my boundaries, okay?” Resting your forehead on his, you continue, “One of my favorite things about you is how you challenge me to leave my comfort zone.” Taking a deep breath, you say, “Just promise me you’ll do that without violating my boundaries, and I will do the same with yours.” 

He gave you a soft smile, wrapping his pinky around yours, whispering, “I promise, Sweetheart,” kissing you on the cheek. You laughed softly at the pinky promise gesture, returning, “I promise,” pulling him for a quick kiss. 

Satoru blurts, “Wait a minute,” pulling out the Instax to take a picture of your intertwined pinkies, handing the film to you. “So you can remember and keep me accountable,” he says, giving you a cute, goofy smile which you returned. Hearing the airport staff call your flight to begin boarding, you quickly shift your attention towards grabbing your things, not realizing that conversation was a memory that would remain etched in your mind. 

Chapter Text

“So how was your trip, [Y/n]? Anything interesting happened? Between you and Gojo?” Shoko asked as she took a bite of her crepe. The two of you entered your office, Shoko settling on your couch while you sat on the adjacent armchair digging into your bagel with cream cheese and cinnamon dolce latte.

Finishing chewing your bite, you mumbled, covering your mouth, “Nothing much besides our assignment. Why are you so interested in knowing what goes on between Satoru and me?” She narrowed her eyes, sipping her cappuccino, “So when did Gojo become Satoru?” Shit. Shit. We are not off to a great start with this whole secrecy thing. Wait—friends call each other by their first name—yeah, that’s my excuse.  

You opened your mouth to counter with your prepared excuse when the subject of your conversation walks into your office. Satoru walks in with a wide smile on his face, singing, “Good morning Pr—ladies,” his tone slightly changing, noticing Shoko’s presence. 

“Hey Gojo, you walked in at a great time. I was just asking [Y/n] here when you guys began addressing each other on a first-name basis?” You sighed, becoming more interested in the ratio of cream cheese spread to the bagel bread, as you did not want to have this conversation be the first thing you dealt with once you came back. You took a bite and meeting Satoru’s gaze, you saw amusement on his face. This dimwit is enjoying this, isn’t he? He better not say something stupid that will cause Shoko to suspect us even more.  

He chuckled, “Princess and I,” which caused you to cough on the piece of bagel you were chewing. Shoko raised a brow, “Oh, Princess? What an interesting name Gojo.” Satoru’s grin is now wide, showcasing all of his pearly teeth as he responds, “I think it is fitting for someone who carries herself in such a dignified manner.” You feel simultaneous chills and waves of heat run throughout your body, hearing his compliment, taking another sip of your nicely heated latte. 

Taking a sip of her cappuccino, Shoko asks, “So...what are you guys?” You quickly interject before Satoru could say anything less helpful, “Friends. We just really bonded over this trip, Shoko.” He chuckles, “We definitely did bond,” mumbling under his breath, “ in various ways .” Guessing what he mumbled, you glared at him, saying, “Yeah Shoko, that’s really it. I have to prepare for a meeting with him, so I’m sorry, but you have to go now.” 

She waved a hand, “Don’t worry, we’ll see each other for lunch, right?” You nodded as Satoru suggested, “What if Nanami and I joined you two? It would be so much fun!” Shoko responded, “Honestly, I’m down for that. Are you [Y/n]?” Rubbing your temple, you replied, “Yeah, sure, that’s fine.” Screw what I said about him challenging me was one of my favorite things because this man’s shenanigans will be the end of me. I just know that he’ll be messing with me the entire lunch. Shoko exits your office, leaving just you and Satoru alone. 

“Princess? Really? Because that is keeping us under wraps, Satoru,” you commented, putting down the remaining parts of your breakfast on the coffee table and approaching him. Satoru wiggled a finger, “Ah, ah, ah, not so fast, Princess. I walked in, and Shoko already knew that we were on a first-name basis. So how did that happen?”

You crossed your arms, looking off to the side and incoherently mumbling when Satoru cut in, “What Princess? I can’t hear you, use your voice,” a finger lifting your gaze to meet his. You grumbled, “I accidentally called you Satoru instead of Gojo, and she caught on.” Letting out a breath, you covered your face with your hands, sighing, “This is going to be so much harder than I thought. We have to pay attention to the little things that we don’t think about anymore, Satoru.” 

One of his arms came around your waist, pulling you into his chest as he soothed, “Don’t worry, Sweetheart. I believe we can figure this out. Besides, the worst is that everyone finds out we’re the new power couple anyway.” 

You softly laugh as Satoru kisses you on the cheek and puts both hands on your cheeks, lifting your face off his chest. He breathed, “I’m sorry, Princess. I would love to just stay with you, but I have to go now.” You gave him a smile teasing, “You? Choosing to focus on work? I thought I’d never see the day!” He grinned, “Well, I can’t slack off. I have to keep being the best executive around here.” You rolled your eyes, “Oh please Satoru if anyone is the best executive here, it’s definitely me.” 

“Mmmm, I don’t know we’ll have to test this later, Princess,” Satoru replied, giving you another quick kiss and walking towards the door. Standing in the doorway, you gave him another smile, waving, “Bye, for now, Dimples.” A blush crept upon his cheeks as he echoed, “Bye, for now, Princess,” lifting his blindfold to give you a wink before he closed the door. 

Grabbing your remaining breakfast and sitting down in your desk chair, you leaned your head back, mentally preparing to start your work as your phone buzzed. You looked at the notifications seeing Satoru had texted: I still shamelessly want the entire floor to hear our sounds. You felt warmth creep up your cheeks as you pushed your phone aside. You took a deep breath, turning to focus on the contents open on your computer screen, ruminating: Let’s see how long this plan of ours lasts.  




It was now lunch, and you were sitting at a sushi place at a table with Nanami, Shoko, and Satoru. So far, the lunch had been good, and Satoru had been acting normal, deciding to focus his efforts on teasing and bothering poor Nanami, who was reflecting on why he had agreed to deal with Satoru today. 

You took a bite of your roll as Shoko asked, “So what are we doing for New Years'? I don’t care as long as there’s alcohol.” Rolling your eyes, you chuckled, “Please Shoko, you need to control yourself more when it comes to these things. You’re going to die young if you’re not careful.” 

Taking a sip of her sake that you compromised and limited her to two cups, she answered, “What’s so bad about that?” Lightly hitting her arm, you muttered, “Ha, ha, very funny.” Satoru jumped in, “But it’s a good idea! How about we have a countdown party on my apartment building’s rooftop and invite the younger ones too? We could watch the fireworks from there. It would be fun!” 

Nanami took a sip of his tea, adding, “That’s actually not a bad idea, Gojo. I’m a little impressed.” You laughed as Satoru’s jaw dropped open, clutching his chest, whining, “Nanami, I’m so hurt you think so little of me! I want a hug to make me feel better,” stretching his long arms around Nanami. 

Nanami was not having any of this, as he calmly threatened, “Gojo, let go of me, or I’ll drop my tea on your arms,” as he was still holding his cup, taking periodic sips. Satoru let go, relaxing once again in his chair as he mumbled, “You would never waste good tea like that, Nanami.” Nanami gave a small smile, taking a final sip and putting his cup down, answering, “No, I wouldn’t.” 

You finished up your sushi roll when you looked up, noticing that Satoru was looking straight at you through his blindfold when a small smirk grew on his face. What mischief is this idiot trying to pull now? You arched a brow as Satoru leaned over the table, his face nearing yours, when his thumb brushed the corner of your lips, humming, “Mmmm, sorry, Princess, but there was a little wasabi and sauce there,” sitting back down in his seat, licking the food off his thumb. 

Shoko’s eyes widened, her lips turning upwards into a smile. Even Nanami raised his brows, clearing his throat and deciding to read the newspaper he had been holding onto. Your skin was now burning as you excused yourself to the bathroom, and Shoko added, “Yeah, I’m gonna go with [Y/n].” You both got up, and upon entering the empty bathroom, Shoko turned to you, saying, “You two are definitely dating, and before you try to make up some excuse, just take a look in the mirror [Y/n].” 

You obliged, taking a peek at yourself in the mirror, and you knew that it was worthless trying to lie to Shoko just seeing your flustered expression. You sighed, rubbing your forehead, replying, “Fine, but please don’t tell anyone about this! I’m not ready to deal with his fangirls’ questions and the swarming.” 

She chuckled, “It’s not me you have to worry about, it’s that boyfriend of yours.” 

You inhaled, “I know. He’s a literal child.” 

Shoko gave you a soft smile, “But that literal child makes you happy, doesn’t he?” You crossed your arms, looking off to the side with a slight smile on your face, mumbling, “Yeah, I guess he does.” Shoko put a hand on your shoulder, “Well, I think he’s good for you. He can balance your seriousness with his silliness.” 

“Yeah I guess he does,” you replied, laughing. 

Meanwhile, back at the table, Nanami states bluntly, “’re smitten.” Satoru was sipping on his sweet tea when he placed it down and replied, “What do you mean, Nanami? With [Y/n]? No—” Nanami interrupted, “Don’t even try your bullshit on me, Gojo. I’ve suspected it for a while now. Remember the Halloween gala?” Satoru rubbed the back of his neck, “Oh yeah, that happened! But we weren’t dating then.” Nanami sighed, flipping a page of his newspaper, “I knew it would happen sooner or later.” After a short pause, he continued, “She’s a great woman and friend to me, so don’t be stupid and mess this up, Gojo.” 

He nodded, before he blurted out, “Oh! Please don’t tell anyone or tell her that you know! She wants this to be a secret for now.” Nanami adjusted his glasses, maintaining his gaze on the contents of the newspaper, “It won’t be a secret for long if you keep being reckless, Gojo.” Satoru huffed, “Yeah, but I can’t help myself! She’s just—I don’t know. I can’t help but want everyone to know that she’s mine.” Leaning on his palm, he continued, “But I won’t do that out of respect for her.” 

Nanami patted Satoru’s shoulder, replying, “Good for you, Gojo,” his attention shifting as he noticed you and Shoko were returning to the table. 

When you were all seated, you all looked at each other for a few seconds before Shoko said, “I know Gojo,” waving a hand. Nanami, following suit, added, “So do I, [Y/n]. I’m happy for you and wish you luck with this one,” gesturing towards Satoru. You laughed, as Shoko commented, “I’m also happy for you two,” turning to Satoru, she changed her tone, becoming more threatening, saying, “Gojo don’t screw her over, or I swear—” 

Satoru exclaimed, “Why is everyone attacking me and not her?”, only for Nanami to retort, “Idiot, you don’t have the best track record.” Hearing Nanami’s comment, you burst out into louder laughter, while Satoru frowned, “You are all cruel!” You took his hand into yours, reassuring, “It’s okay Satoru, I’ll make it up to you later.” Nanami folded up his newspaper, checking his watch, suggesting, “We should go pay and return to the office.” 

After paying and leaving the restaurant, you were walking next to Satoru with his arm wrapped around you. “ do you plan to make it up to me, Princess?” Lowering his voice, he continued, “I have some fun suggestions if you need any.” Shoko and Nanami were walking behind you when he said this, so Shoko groaned, “Gojo, I didn’t need to hear that.” 

Extremely embarrassed, you muttered, “I actually hate you,” elbowing him in his side hard and continuing walking, leaving him standing there hunched over. Shoko borrowed Nanami’s newspaper, rolling it up and smacking Satoru’s head as she passed by him. Nanami placed a hand on his back, speaking into his ear, “See? Reckless,” continuing with you and Shoko. 

You called over your shoulder, “And to think I was going to bake you the best macarons, Satoru. What a shame.” Satoru straightened and began running to catch up with you guys, yelling, “I’m sorry, Princess! Please bake them! I’ll make it up to you.” 

Upon reaching you guys, Satoru scooped you up and began jogging towards the office. “What the hell, Satoru?” 

“I’m sorry! I would love to have your macarons, Sweetheart,” placing a kiss on your forehead, “I’m making it up to you right now!” 

Sighing and resting your head on his chest, you mumbled, “I guess you are making it up to me right now, Charming. Fine, I’ll do it.” Slowing down to a walk to enjoy your remaining time, he beamed, “Thank you, Princess.” 

A little behind you two, Nanami breathed, “Opposites really do attract, don’t they?” Handing Nanami back his newspaper, Shoko hummed in agreement, replying, “Yep. They really are something.”   

Chapter Text

It was New Years’ Eve, and you were on the rooftop of Satoru’s apartment building sitting on the black couches. It was cold, but you were comfortable in your coat, lounging next to Shoko, who was pleased with the abundant amount of alcohol brought. Nanami was also relaxing with you guys, a glass of whiskey in his hand as he moved the other through his hair. You guys had agreed to invite the younger workers, so Nobara, Maki, Yuji, and Megumi were all there, standing across the rooftop by the refreshments. They had also brought their friends Inumaki and Todo, so it was a nice little group. Yuji and Satoru had gotten together and brought up the idea of singing some karaoke, so they were setting up, which kept Satoru from teasing you. 

Nobara groaned, “Are you idiots done yet? I want to have a battle with Yuji!” Satoru adjusted a final wire, standing up from his crouching position, confirming, “Yup!” Yuji also stood, pointing to Nobara and exclaiming, “You’re on Kugisaki!” The three of you who were on the couches laughed at their young and boisterous energy. 

Satoru approached you guys, plopping down on your free side, putting an arm around your shoulder, suggesting, “I think we should do a duet, Princess.” You giggled, shaking your head, “No way, Satoru. You may have gotten me to dance in public, but I refuse to add singing in public to a list of embarrassing moments.” Satoru was wearing glasses, so you saw his eyes gleam when he responded, “A list of embarrassing moments? Oh, you’re going to tell me that later, Sweetheart.” You turned your head so that your lips were by his ear as you whispered, “We’ll see about that, Dimples.” 

He puffed out his lips, asking, “A kiss for me, Princess?” 

“Mmmm, nope! Maybe at midnight, though,” you smiled, moving your hand to his lips to block his advance. He frowned, “Maybe at midnight? Not even a definite yes, Stardust? I’m deeply offended by your words,” crossing his arms, turning his face away from yours. 

You lightly squeezed his hand, replying, “Well, Satoru, even though they know,” gesturing to Nanami and Shoko, you continued, “we’re still around co-workers who don’t,” nodding towards the younger ones. His eyes softened, still holding a hint of disappointment, surrendering, “Fine, but I’ll find a way to get a kiss at midnight out of you.” 

Satoru stood, moving towards the refreshments to get a boozy drink. He quickly turned back to Nanami, “Hey Nanami! My bestie! We should duet!” He wiggled his shoulders with a grin, “It’ll be fun! And I’ll let you pick the song!” 

You and Shoko looked at each other with an amused expression, anticipating the way Nanami would quickly shut him down this time, but to your and everyone else’s surprise, he simply nodded. You raised a brow, “Nanami, did you just—” 

“Oh, yes! Yes, he did! Nanami, my good, good buddy!” Satoru cuts in, quickly going to hug Nanami. Shoko whispered, “I guess this is Nanami under the influence.” You laughed, “Yeah, I guess so. I wonder how he’ll react in the morning.” Shoko nodded her head, “Oh yeah! That will definitely be entertaining so I’ll record that for sure.” 

You went to get your drink, and sitting back down on the couch, Nobara and Yuji had already begun their battle. You watched, laughing with the others at their adorable friendship. Nobara had taken a classy approach to the song, just singing it and showing her sassy personality while poor Yuji had gotten a little nervous at his part, relying on the screen to remember the words. Todo though, made his way closer to the stage, chanting Yuji on and getting him fired up over the idea of the competition with Nobara. It became hilarious chaos. 

By the end of their supposed battle, Nobara and Yuiji were both exhausted, jumping around and taunting the other throughout their performance. As they made their way away from the little stage, Satoru turned to Nanami, exclaiming, “I hope you’re excited Nanami!” You noticed a little slurring in Satoru’s words, but you decided that a drunk Satoru singing would be funnier. Nanami took a sip of his whiskey, which he had gone to refill multiple times by this point, before following Satoru to the stage. 

Megumi, Maki, and the others made their way to sit by you guys on the couches, interested to see what Satoru and Nanami would come up with. Megumi drank from his cup, mumbling, “That imbecile will make a disaster of this. Just watch,” crossing one leg over the other. You smiled back at him, “Oh, he definitely will.” 

Nanami took the mic, announcing, “We will be performing ‘Leave the Door Open’ for you ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary tonight.” You laughed along with Shoko saying, “Even drunk, Nanami is still as polite as ever.” Maki smirked, “Well, it’s Nanami. What do you expect?” 

“Touche, Maki.” Satoru and Nanami began to sing the song, and surprisingly Nanami was amazing, as well as your moron Satoru. Satoru being the confident man he is, was a little heavy on the volume, but it was enjoyable. Once the song was over, Nanami said his thanks and took a bow, promptly leaving the stage and reclaiming his spot on the couch. 

“I’m still feeling Bruno tonight, so I’ll be soloing, ‘That’s What I Like’,” Satoru said over the mic, quickly taking another sip of his alcohol. The song began to play, and it was all good until the pre-chorus. Satoru sang, “‘Anything you want, just to put a smile on it/You deserve it, baby, you deserve it all,'” beginning to point and gesture towards you, telling you to come to him. 

Everyone else on the couches begins to turn their gaze towards you. You look at Shoko in pure and utter shock, but Shoko is enjoying herself and shooing you to go towards him. Everyone begins to cheer, and you even see Megumi and Nanami smirking and laughing at your predicament. Your blood runs cold as you’re thinking: This cannot be happening. This cannot be happening. That dumbass. You shake your hands, replying, “No, I’m fine staying right here.” 

That’s when Yuji and Nobara, having regained their energy, make their way towards you and pull you by the hands off the couch. Shoko joins in, pushing you on the back to get you off the couch. Realizing that your efforts are useless, you begin to grudgingly follow Nobara’s and Yuji’s guidance towards the karaoke stage. Standing right before the stage, you cover your face with your hands, looking up at Satoru through the gaps between your fingers. 

Satoru continues singing with a grin on his face, making sure no wires are wrapped around him before he hops off the stage. Reaching you, Satoru places a hand on your back, pulling you into his chest and beginning to sway you in circles as he continues singing along. You take a deep breath, and Satoru, feeling your chest rise with the inhale, Satoru begins to rub his hand up and down your back to calm you down. He moves the mic away from his mouth, leaning down to whisper, “Just be here with me, Princess. Don’t worry, I’ve got you as always,” pressing a kiss to your temple. 

The action elicits screams and cheers from your friends, and you move your hands from your face to wrap them around Satoru’s waist. You hear the group release a collection of 'awwws' and whistles as you turn your head to lay your cheek on his chest. 

Around the song’s bridge, Satoru tosses the mic to Yuji, and he and Todo begin belting the last parts of the song. Satoru, having another free hand, lifts your chin, your eyes meeting his, and you whisper, “So much for keeping us a secret, Dimples.” Satoru slides his hands to your lower back as he replies, “I’m sorry, Princess, but you deserve more than a relationship hidden in the shadows.” 

Feeling a little chilly, you mutter, “I honestly didn’t expect us to last three days, Satoru. And besides, now it’s known that we are the company’s power couple.” 

“Mmmmm, I love the sound of that Princess,” Satoru grins, leaning down for a kiss. You tilt your head back down, pulling out your phone to show him the time saying, “Hey hey hey, not so fast! We still have an hour left to go.” 

He groans, laying his head in the crook of your neck, grumbling, “You’re really serious about this, aren’t you.” You run a hand through his hair, chuckling, “It’s only an hour, Satoru. I believe that you can do it! It’ll be worth it, I promise.” Satoru shifts his head that it’s now resting on yours, replying, “Oh, I’ll definitely make it worth it since I know how hard it must be for you to deny my kisses that you love so much,” a wide grin forming on his face. 

You shook your head, smiling, “Your cockiness never ceases to amaze me.” Satoru lifted his forehead off yours, a mischievous grin forming on his face, and you ask, “What stupid sex joke are you going to make now?” His eyebrows raise, and he begins to laugh, “Why would your first guess of my response be a sex joke? What’s going on in that dirty mind of yours, Princess?” Leaning closer  his lips brush your ear, he teases, “You want me to do filthy things to you, don’t you, Sweetheart.” 

His words are going straight to your cunt, but you take a breath, lightly punching him in the chest, retorting, “You always find a way to turn my words into something sexual, Satoru. But I’m also not opposed to doing filthy things. Maybe we can do it next year.” His glasses have slid down his nose, revealing his eyes that are full of lust and desire as he replies, “Mmmm, I think that would be the best way to kick off the year, Princess.” 

“Hey! So are you guys actually like dating or something?” You turned, walking over to the group, seeing that Nobara grabbed the microphone from Todo and Yuji once the song had finished. Figuring there was no point in trying to hide or lie, you opened your mouth to begin. That's when Satoru tugged you closer against his chest, drawling, “Ahh yes, my, sweet, precious Princess right here,” which causes you to cover your face with your hands again, as you shake your head leaning further into Satoru’s chest. Oh god, here we go. Just why did he have to start with the names and adjectives. He continues, “Has finally accepted my feelings and realized that she held some affection for me.” 

Satoru moves his hands from your torso, moving your hands off your face to get you to look at him. Both of his hands cup your cheeks, and he holds your gaze, and he says, “And it was perfect because it was in time for Christmas, making it the best gift I could’ve received.” 

Satoru had been able to make you feel like the main character before, but at that moment, it was just you and him. You blinked, feeling the background and your colleagues fade away, just focusing on the playful energy behind Satoru’s irises. Satoru pressed a gentle kiss on your forehead, bringing you back to the chilly rooftop, and you registered the excitement among your friends lounging on the couch cushions. 

He turned his head back to the group, a grin forming on his face as he boomed, “So yes, we are the office’s power couple, and tell your friends.” After you guys confirmed your relationship, Satoru quickly sent Megumi off to do an errand for him, and meanwhile, you guys were on the couches discussing what you wanted for the New Year. 

“I want to go on a shopping spree and buy all the clothes I could want,” Nobara stated, kicking her feet up on the table in front of her chair. Yuji hopped around excitedly on the couch, beaming, “I want to meet Jennifer Lawrence!” Everyone chuckled, and Todo clapped Yuji’s back, “Good goal, Yuji. I’m proud.” Those two are definitely a dynamic duo , you thought to yourself. Inumaki, who had a quiet demeanor, simply added, “Salmon.” He’s a man of a few words. I respect that—  

You’re driven out of your thoughts as you hear Satoru’s voice, you turn to look at him, and as expected, he’s still bothering poor Megumi. And then there are people like Satoru. Who won’t shut up when they should , you smiled to yourself. You all continued munching on food and snacks, sharing your goals for the next year when Maki turned to ask you, “[Y/n], what do you want?” You shrug a shoulder, relaxing further into the couch, “I don’t know honestly. I still have to give it more thought.” 

Nanami inhaled, adding to the conversation, “I want to spend more time on my baking.” You looked at Nanami, replying, “Hey, that’s a good one! I want to get better in the kitchen as well.” Satoru was standing behind your spot on the couch, and you hadn’t noticed until he spoke, “Nanami! We should hang out and have a cooking fest!” You raised a brow, Doesn’t this man not cook? Maybe he wants to start learning, or maybe he just wants another opportunity to bother Nanami. Yeah, that’s probably it. Nanami, who was munching on a small platter of grapes, cheese, and crackers, replied, “Definitely not with you, Gojo. That would be pure chaos.” 

Satoru hops over the couch, settling beside you, mumbling, “Such a meanie.” You smirk at his childish response, and Satoru opts to rest his head on your shoulder. “You’re a real baby sometimes, Gojo,” Shoko observes, downing another cup of whatever alcohol she could’ve gotten her hands on. You laugh, nodding your head, “I agree, Shoko.” 

“How did the conversation shift from goals to just attacking me? Not that I don’t like the attention, but you guys are hurting my feelings,” Satoru jokingly whined, snuggling closer to you. You let out a soft laugh, “Get over yourself, Satoru,” running a hand through his hair which he appreciates despite your deserved criticism. 




It was less than 10 minutes till midnight. The others had gravitated towards the tables with food so they could pop open the champagne bottles when it came time to. Meanwhile, you and Satoru had moved to a corner of the rooftop, gently lit with string lights hanging between the wooden beams that were overhead, and gave you a view of the fireworks that would be showing over the water. 

Satoru’s arms wrapped around you with his head buried in your neck, murmuring, “So, what do you want from next year, Princess?” 

You inhaled, “I was thinking about it earlier, and I decided that I want to be better at communicating my emotions.” You turned your head up, looking at him, continuing, “Or at least I would like to try, and if it isn’t too much if you could be there through it that would be nice.” 

A hint of a blush came upon his cheeks, and he smiled, his dimples showing up once again. You reached to brush your fingers against a dimple as he breathed, “Of course I’ll be there, Stardust.” You smiled back at him, “What about you?” 

Satoru cleared his throat, and you felt the vibrations from his chest against your spine as he answered, “Mmmm, I want to get you under my desk at some point, Sweetheart.” You slid your hand on one of his arms, pinching it through his jacket, causing Satoru to release a small yelp. 

“Seriously, Satoru, what do you want for next year?” A corner of his lips lifted as he began, “Well, I do want that to happen, Princess,” which made you roll your eyes. He continued, “But I also want to enjoy my time with you and see where we go.” 

You heard the others begin to get more excited as there was now less than a minute left to midnight. The two of you shifted your embrace, now facing each other with your arms wrapped around one another. You looked up to him, watching as he slipped off his glasses, whispering, “Ready for what’s next?” 

“Always,” he replied, a large grin spreading on his face.

 They were counting down from ten, and you took the time to glance at the city lights before looking back at Satoru. You reach up, a hand resting on his cheek as you pull him closer to your face. The countdown finishes as you smile, “Happy New Year, Satoru!” 

“Happy New Year, Sweetheart,” he returned, as you were admiring how his eyes looked reflecting the fireworks in the surrounding sky. 

Satoru placed a hand on your neck, pulling your lips to his, your tongues beginning their intimate exchange. You ran a hand through his hair as one of his hands on your waist pulled you as close as possible. Satoru moved the hand on your neck to your back, dipping you back a little, as you now wrapped your arms around his neck. 

When you finally broke apart, your breath slightly heavier, you questioned, “Was that worth the wait, Charming?” He chuckled, answering in a low voice, “Definitely,” giving you a quick peck. Shoko approached you guys handing you glasses of champagne before returning to everyone else. You now stood side by side, both of you holding on to each other by the waist, sipping your bubbly champagne and watching the shimmery burst of colors from the fireworks display. 

Finishing his drink, Satoru turned to you, “Stay over tonight.” You looked at him as he continued, “I want you to be the first thing I see for my first morning this year.” 

He moved so that he was now behind you, with his hands trailing up and down your thighs. Grazing a hand on your inner thigh, he whispered into your ear, “And I still want to do plenty of filthy things to you,” lightly sucking the soft spot under your ear. You sucked in a breath, your hands tightening around Satoru’s wrist as you turned to look at him, replying, “I’m up for that,” a sultry smile growing on your face. Satoru grinned, “Perfect,” quickly turning you around and throwing you over his shoulder as you let out excited squeals. 

Chapter Text

Moving your cursor to send an email, you shift your gaze to the clock, noticing that it’s your lunch break. Hearing the door open, you looked up from your gaze to see Maki entering with the rice bowl you had ordered. You lifted a corner of your lips, “Thanks, Maki,” feeling your stomach grumble as you inhale the spiced air wafting from the paper bag. “No problem,” Maki answers, heading out your office door. 

Hmmm, I’d usually eat with Shoko or work through my lunch hour, but Shoko is in a meeting, and I don’t have much to do right now. Should I visit him? You spin in your chair, looking out the window, down at the traffic, wondering: Maybe he has a meeting—but no, he would have told me. Is it appropriate to see him? I mean, we would just be eating together, so that should be fine. Ugh, why do I overthink such simple things? I’ll just go before my food gets cold.  

You turned back to your desk picking up your lunch, and walked out into the hallway, shutting the door to your office behind you. You walked through the hallways until you reached Satoru’s door. Looking across from it, you saw Megumi sitting at his desk eating some stir-fry with a gingery aroma wafting into the hallway. You approach his desk, knocking on the doorway to his room, “Hey Fushiguro, sorry for bothering you. Is he in?” 

He kept chewing as he nodded. You chuckled, asking, “Is it okay if I see him? I don’t want to bother him if he’s busy.” Finishing chewing, he answered, “It’s fine. Even better for me because you’ll take the attention away from me,” which elicited a slight chuckle to slip through your lips. 

“Princess? Is that you?” 

You sighed, closing your eyes and turning to look across the hallway where you see the door open and the signature wild, white hair pop through. You met the blindfolded man’s gaze and smiled at him, “It’s me alright.” Walking over, he wrapped an arm around your waist, “What are you doing here right now?” Satoru kissed you on the forehead as you replied, “I was just checking in with Fushiguro if it’s alright if I came in.” 

Satoru turned his gaze to Megumi, “Megumi, you weren’t trying to steal her away from me, right?” You pushed his chest, “What is wrong with you Satoru? Leave poor Fushiguro alone.”

 You gave Megumi a reassuring look, “Sorry, Fushiguro. We’ll leave you alone now. Thanks for your help, by the way!” You began pushing Satoru back towards his office, “Come on, I don’t want my food to get too cold.” 

“Megumi. Just Megumi, [Y/n].” 

You turned back to look at the dark-haired assistant, “Hm? What were you saying?” Megumi pushed his finished food to the side, turning back to his computer, “Just call me Megumi.” You smiled, “Oh, thanks, Megumi,” giving him a wave before you continued to push Satoru back into his office. 

Now in Satoru’s office, you sit down on the couch and face the wide window panes eating your rice bowl, and looking at the skyline against the cloudy weather. Today you were wearing cream-colored, wide-leg pants and a pale blue chiffon blouse, so you felt comfortable as you sat crisscrossed on the couch to rest your feet that had been in heels all day. 

You kept munching along quietly as you heard Satoru shuffle around humming some tune before you heard a click. Knowing already what it was, you rolled your eyes and set your bowl down, and turned to your side with a hand covering your mouth while you kept chewing. Your eyes landed on Satoru holding the blue Instax camera with a wide grin on his face. 

You mumbled through the food, “It seems like the paparazzi doesn’t want me to eat my food in peace.” He laughs in response, “My job as paparazzi is to capture beautiful moments,” as he continues to walk towards the couch. You tilt your head, giving him a look that says, "Oh come on," as you swallow your bite. 

“I hardly think that me eating is a beautiful moment worth capturing, Dimples. Maybe something like the natural wonders of the world.” 

Now in front of the couch, he crouches down to your level, “I’d beg to differ, Sweetheart. Any picture of you is worth it. The natural wonders may be beautiful, but they aren’t as unforgettable as you.” Here he goes with his smooth-talking. I don’t know how he always says things that get me to react in such a way, and I still can’t get used to it.  

Feeling heat creep up your cheeks, you turn away, fiddling with the constellation pendant hanging from your necklace. Satoru notices and smiles, continuing, “Well, maybe except a picture of me,” shrugging his shoulders. You turned back to him, sticking your tongue out as he picked up your rice bowl, handing it to you and sitting in the previous spot where it rested. He leans closer to you, resting his head on your lap, asking, “So why did you come?” 

Still playing with your necklace with one hand and holding the rice bowl, you looked down at Satoru, who had lifted one side of his blindfold. His revealed eye, a calm blue, and your answer to the question made you feel a little embarrassed, so you moved your gaze back to the city skyscrapers past the window pane. 

You felt his slightly rough fingertips brush your jaw and neck as he whispered, “Hello, Princess, are you there? What’s up with you? Why’d you come to my office?” You moved your hands so that you could take a bite out of your rice bowl, mumbling, “Just wanted to see you.” 

“I didn’t hear that,” Satoru sang, “Enunciate, Princess I know you can do it.” You swallowed, taking a breath, “I wanted to see you—I just wanted your company, that's all.” Satoru sat back up, beaming, “Awww, you missed me, Princess.” You shook your head, placing the rice bowl in your lap, retorting, “Now you’re going to make a big deal about this, aren’t you?” The corner of Satoru’s lips lifted as he replied, “Nope, I just think it’s cute.” 

Gesturing to your food, he asks, “Can I have some? I’ll give you some of my pork buns when they get here,” taking off his blindfold to show you his puppy eye effect. You smirked, “Yeah, sure. Just come closer so I don’t spill it on your couch.” 

Satoru promptly lays his head back in your lap, his mouth open which makes you laugh, “You act like a child sometimes.” He chuckles, “I’d like to think of it as having a young, energetic soul.” 

“Mhmm yeah sure,” you hummed, feeding him a spoonful. A few minutes passed of you two sharing the rice bowl while you teased each other. 

Setting the empty container off to the side, you began playing with his hair saying, “When we’re not busy with work or friends can this be our time together?” 

“Of course,” he chimed, pulling your lips down to his. 




You and Satoru had accumulated a drawer full of things in the other’s apartment since you guys were always sleeping over—well, not lately . It had been pretty busy in the office lately, and you have been staying behind, working late nights at your desk consistently for the past two weeks. It was another one of those late nights, and your office was hectic, filled with the sounds of your fingers clicking against your keyboard as you simultaneously flipped through folders and binders. 

Hearing the doorknob turn, you looked up to see Satoru striding in with a white bag. You quickly looked back down at the contents of your screen, hearing Satoru place the bag on your coffee table. Satoru let out a sound from his chest, “So no hello, Sweetheart?” You kept typing away, mumbling, “Hey, Satoru. I’m sorry, but I still have so much to do tonight, so maybe you should head home, and I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

Satoru lets out a dramatic gasp, “First, no hi, and now you’re kicking me out without even looking at me? I miss our sleepovers!” Your head has been pounding from all the information you were dealing with, so you rest your elbows on your desk, your hands covering your face, answering, “I’m sorry, Satoru I wish I could spend time with you but—” 

“But you’re busy, and I’m distracting you, right? Princess, you've been telling me that for days , and I would say that I’m concerned ,” Satoru chimes, moving stacks of material to sit on the corner of your desk while running a hand through his hair. 

You groan in response to Satoru messing with your method of organization, “Thank you for your concern. Really . I need to get this done, and I’ll be all yours tomorrow— hopefully .” Satoru moves his fingers across his chin, tilting his head upwards humming, “Mmmmm, nope, that’s not good enough for me, Sweetheart,” snatching away your laptop and hopping off your table. 

You sat up quickly, narrowing your eyes and retorting, “Ha, ha, very funny, Satoru. Now give me back my laptop.” He begins to take steps away from the desk, walking back towards the door, laughing, “Nope!” 

“Why!” You snapped, rising from your chair and already at your wit’s end, “This isn’t the time for your games, Satoru!” He grinned, “I know, Princess. But It is time for you to sign off and go home.” You groaned, walking towards him, “I can’t do that if I don’t finish my assignment. So please, Satoru. Just let me do that.” 

He slipped off his blindfold, the genuine worry showing in his eyes, “Do you even know how you look right now?” He just won’t let this go, won’t he? I was already so frustrated before, and I didn’t need him to come in here and start pointing out things I already know.  

“I know I look like shit Satoru. I also feel like shit, and I don’t need you distracting me from my work to point out obvious things like that!” Satoru moves the hand holding the laptop, and you feel your heart drop as you watch him toss the gray computer into the air and let out a sigh of relief, seeing that it landed on a couch cushion. 

You immediately turn towards the couch to go retrieve it when Satoru strides towards you, wrapping his long arms tightly around your torso, preventing you from going, his lips behind your ear, “Don’t even think about it.” You wiggle in his embrace, grumbling, “ Let. Me. Go. Satoru ,” as your voice becomes more and more strained. 

He huffs, “Sorry, I can’t do that.” You let out a huge grunt of frustration, punching his arms, “Why can’t you just leave me alone, Satoru? I know you want to hang out with me, but this is my job!” 

You feel a stinging sensation in your eyes and throat as tears of frustration begin to pool around your eyelids. Satoru turns you in his embrace, lifting your chin so that you are making eye contact, “And Princess, it’s my job as your boyfriend to make sure that you are okay physically, mentally, and emotionally. I hate to break it to you, but you are none of those things right now, and it’s hurting me seeing you like this.” 

He took a deep breath, running a thumb underneath your eyes, continuing, “I went to check in with Maki today since we haven’t met for lunch in a while, and I asked her if you were taking care of yourself, and she just shook her head. Now seeing how frazzled you are and your eye bags means that you haven’t been sleeping.” 

Feeling a mixture of a lot of things, you finally burst, burrowing your head onto his chest as you let out a broken sob, “I have so much to do, and I don’t even know where to begin, and I’m—I’m exhausted, Satoru.” 

He rested his chin on your head, moving a hand up and down your back slowly to soothe you, “I know, Stardust. Which is why we’re going home.” He allowed you to stay like that for a while, letting out your stress and frustration as you stood there clutching his chest and letting the hot tears roll down your cheeks. In between sniffles, you shook your head, mumbling to him, “But I don’t want the higher-ups to think I’m any less capable. I can’t have that.” 

He took your face in his hands, thumbs brushing your tear-stained cheeks, replying, “If they’re wise, they’ll be able to see how priceless you are to this company.” He took a breath, his voice dropping to a lower, husky tone, “Princess, you can’t sacrifice your wellbeing for the sake of your work. If you begin to neglect your needs, it won’t even be the best work you can put out. So you know what we’re going to do?” 

You shook your head, wiping your eyes. He continued, “We’re going to take a day off tomorrow, and you are not going to think about work at all. You’re leaving your laptop here!” You furrowed your brows, “What if I want to watch something on it?” 

Satoru smirks, “Mmmm, don’t worry about that, I have every streaming service you could ever want, and if there’s something not included, I’ll buy it. I also don’t trust you to not switch to a spreadsheet or a PowerPoint tab when I’m not looking.” 

You scoffed, “I totally won’t—” 

Satoru’s hand travels to the small of your back, pulling your chest flush against his. He lowered his lips to your ear, teasing, “Were you going to lie to me, Sweetheart?” You blinked, “N-no,” a flush of heat growing on your cheeks. A grin grew on Satoru’s face, “You wanna repeat that then?” You feel his warm breath fanning the sensitive spot behind your ear, which causes your breathing to quicken. 

You slowly shook your head which elicited a deep chuckle to release from Satoru’s chest. You took a breath, “Satoru?” He hummed in response, moving that his hair now tickled your forehead as he maintained your gaze. You whispered, “Thanks for sticking with me.” 

Satoru’s lips curled upwards as he replied, “Why wouldn’t I? You’re my best girl,” his hand still holding you close to him as the other gently runs across your jawline. Hearing his sweet words, you smiled, feeling your heart hammer against your rib cage. Satoru lowered his head even further, his nose brushing yours, breathing, “There it is. I missed that smile of yours, Sweetheart,” his lips meeting yours. You moved your hand that had been holding his shirt, up his chest cupping his cheek and deepening the kiss. 

You pulled away, admiring the dopey grin on Satoru’s face that revealed his dimples. You chuckled, “And I’ve missed these, Dimples,” as you moved a hand to brush over the soft skin. Satoru’s cheeks become rosy, causing you to laugh. He clears his throat, “I’m glad I was able to make you feel better,” placing a soft kiss on your forehead. You rested your head on his chest, humming, “Thanks again,” reaching up on your tippy-toes to kiss his cheek, “Let me get ready to go.”  

You turned, moving around your office to tidy it for the day, grabbing your bag as Satoru placed his blindfold back on. You were about to grab your laptop out of habit when Satoru chided, “Not so fast! You won’t be needing that, so look away from the laptop.” 

You rolled your eyes, replying, “Yeah yeah, I just forgot,” turning and walking towards him. “Sure you did,” Satoru replied, grabbing the paper bag he left on the table and nodding his head. Reaching him, you mumbled back, “I hate you.” Satoru giggled, opening the door, “Shall we, Princess?” 

“Mhm,” you answer, exiting into the hallway, reaching back to hold his hand as you head towards the elevator. You furrowed your brows, pointing, “What’s in the bag, Charming?” Satoru pressed the button, and the doors opened, the both of you stepping inside. 

“Just a treat for the both of us,” he answers, flashing you a bright grin. You rested your head on his shoulder as he kept talking, “Remember that day in the elevator?” You snap your head to look at him, your eyes wide. 

Seeing your expression, Satoru snorts, “I should get back to teasing you in public. I’ve missed that flustered expression you get.” 

“When did you ever stop, Satoru?” 

He laughs, “I guess I never did. Well, don’t expect me to, Sweetheart.” You shook your head as you mused: As far as we’ve come in our relationship, I guess some things will never change with this man , a tired smile growing on your face.  

Chapter Text

As you walk towards the office building, you feel hopeful for spring, noticing the snowdrop flowers beginning to bloom in the flower planters at the entrance door. Oh, and you couldn’t forget that today was Valentine’s Day with the red decorations in store window sills and flower merchants selling roses up and down the streets. Even the red, off-shoulder dress you were wearing coincidentally matched the theme.

You looked down at the large heart-shaped metal tins you were holding in your hands, a smile coming on your face as you thought of the reaction your dramatic boyfriend would have. You yawned, fatigued from the efforts you put in last night for his gift. Maybe I should have gotten up early to finish baking the eclairs and macarons instead of slaving away at 3 am cleaning up batter and frosting.  

You had spent the significant hours of last night baking an assortment of goods that were rosy hues or chocolate-covered. The tins held anything from hand-dipped strawberries that included tempered chocolate you did yourself to chocolate macarons to sugar cookies with Valentine’s day decorations. You took a different hallway than usual, trying to avoid Satoru’s office so that he wouldn’t try to pop out and pry your gift before you were ready to hand it to him. 

Taking another yawn, you opened the door to your office, nearly dropping the tin cans as you were shocked by the sight of your office. Excluding a path that led to your desk, the entire room and the tops of the couches, coffee table, and your desk, was full of blue roses. Blue? Why blue of all colors? Was it a mistake, or is Satoru just trying to be unique?  

Maki walking by is caught off guard by the singular blue shade covering your room. Still standing at the entrance, your mind boggled and lost in thought when Maki said, “Why blue?” You blinked, turning to look at Maki, “I don’t know,” you shrug your shoulders. 

“Wait, I think I remember that different colored roses mean different things. Maybe you should search up the meanings.” 

You raised your brows, “Oh, really? Yeah, I’ll do that as soon as I figure out how to clear my desk and sit down.” Maki offered, “I could help you.” You walked towards your desk, shaking your head and replying, “Oh, it’s not necessary. I’ve got it from here, Maki. I’ll check the meaning of the rose color.” 

Maki nodded, “Okay, I’ll be here,” closing the door behind her. 




Unattainable love. You furrowed your brows, clicking on another site to see if there was any other possible meaning. Unattainable/unrequited love. You sat back in your chair, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. Satoru this better be some sick joke or I swear. Even if it is a joke, what the fuck is wrong with him. If it isn’t a joke—no, let me not think about it. But, if it isn’t a joke, Satoru, I’ll make you regret ever toying with me like this. I should have known better—ugh, I’m getting ahead of myself. He has some serious explaining to do. Fiddling with the doodle of himself he left on a card, you turned to your assignments for the day. 

It was now lunch, and you decided to meet with Shoko beforehand to maintain some aspect of your Galentine’s Day traditions when it was just the two of you. You drank from a bottle of water you grabbed from the fridge when you heard Shoko’s voice from behind you greeting, “Hey [Y/n]!” 

You looked back at her waving, “Happy Galentine’s Day!” Nanami was walking by, and you waved hello to him as well. Shoko arched her brow, “Hey, hey, hey! You actually do have a valentine, okay. By the way, have you seen Gojo today,” a smug smile growing on her face. 

At that moment, the man in question walked into the room, and you grabbed Shoko’s hand, going the opposite way, heading towards the elevator. I actually can’t see him right now. I'll talk to him later. You pressed the button, and Shoko shook her hand out of your grasp, asking, “What the hell happened now [Y/n]?” The elevator dings and you pull her inside, seeing that Satoru is walking with Nanami from the kitchen, heading towards you guys. You catch a glimpse of Satoru, and he’s looking straight at you, so you decide to prompt the door to close early, not even wanting to see his reaction. 

Now it being just you and Shoko in the elevator with privacy, Shoko says, “[Y/n] you have some explaining to do. Now.” You leaned back on the wall, inhaling, “It’s his gift.” Shoko crossed her arms, leaning back on the wall opposite you, “You’re gonna have to give me more than that.” 

You took another deep breath, “He sent blue roses, which I thought was weird or a mistake, but Maki told me the colors have meaning. So I searched it up, and it said unattainable or unrequited love and at first, I thought it’s probably a stupid joke.” You reached for the necklace, continuing, “But then thinking back, he was always so thoughtful when he did his gestures, so there’s no way he didn’t think of the meaning. And I know that he has a history as a womanizer, so I thought this was his messed up way of letting me go.” 

“I’m guessing you haven’t talked to him, seeing the way you bolted after one look at him.” 

You scrunched your brows, “I didn’t bolt I—” You cut yourself off, resorting to keeping your gaze on the floor seeing Shoko’s knowing expression. You breathed, “I was going to head to his apartment after work to talk about it. I was supposed to head over there for dinner anyway.” 

Shoko nodded, “I think that’s a good idea and maybe hear him out before you tear him apart.” 

You rubbed your temples, looking back up from the ground, as the elevator reached the lobby, “Yeah, I’ll do that.” Shoko gave you a kind smile, “So, where to for our gal’s time today? Bakery? We could stuff ourselves with French pastries and Belgian chocolates.”

“Mmm, that sounds delicious.” 




It was evening, and you were still wearing the red, off-shoulder, slim-cut dress that you had worn to the office since you were coming straight from there. You reached to press the doorbell beside Satoru’s door when you realized the door was already cracked open. 

You stepped into the apartment, sliding off your black pumps and putting down your belongings when you saw him in the kitchen with his back turned to you, doing something on the kitchen counter. His suit coat was off, hanging on one of the bar chairs at the island, leaving him in black slacks and an unbuttoned white shirt that gave you a view of his ridiculously hot back muscles under the material, and an apron in the front to protect his clothing. Your eyes trailed down his arms, seeing the sleeves rolled up to reveal the veins that traveled down his forearms, into his hands and nimble fingers. Why does he have to look so good even when doing mundane tasks? And since when did he cook—is that another thing he just decided to mislead me on?  

Your wandering thoughts cut short when Satoru remarks, “Look who finally decided to stop avoiding me.” He turns around, leaning back and resting his forearms back on the white quartz countertops, tilting his head downwards to look at you through his dark shades, giving you a glimpse of the eyes that were full of mischief and a little frustration. 

Just everything about how he looked against the dark grey cabinets, the tilt of his head showing off his sharp jawline just right, his hand hanging off the counter that showed his veins, the recessed lighting giving his snowy hair a soft shine. It all sent goosebumps all over your skin. I’m still mad at him, I can’t just get caught up in how attractive he is.  

Realizing he was waiting for your response, you blurt, “It was just another busy day for me,” moving to lean on the island countertops. He smirked, resting on the side of the island that was across from you, “So when it was your lunch, and you decided to bolt from the office kitchen when I walked in, that wasn’t you avoiding me?” 

You quickly looked away in embarrassment, that he knew you so well, causing him to chuckle. You looked over to the materials he had on the counter, “So you cook? I guess you are really misleading me about things.” 

He ran a hand through his hair, “Maybe, Princess, you could talk about what’s bothering you and causing you to avoid me, and then I’ll talk about cooking.” You crossed your arms, muttering, “Are you seriously going to act as if everything’s fine? Because if so, then I’m not even going to waste my energy,” as you turn towards the door. 

Satoru strides towards you and takes your hand, saying, “Okay, well, something’s got to be wrong if you’re this upset, Princess,” gently lifting your chin to make you face him. You feel a tingly sensation in your stomach, and you push his hand off your chin, moving away from him into the living room, mumbling, “Why were they blue, Satoru?” 

He follows you into the living room, “Blue? The flowers? I thought it would be a nice gesture.” You turned to face him, retorting, “So you’re serious about this. This wasn’t even a prank? How would blue roses on Valentine’s Day be a nice thing to send Satoru?” 

He took your hands in his, answering, “So what I’m getting is that you don’t like blue roses. I don’t think that’s something to avoid your boyfriend over on Valentine’s Day.” Hearing the frustration build in his voice, you brush his hands off yours, snapping, “Boyfriend? I think your flowers say otherwise, Satoru.” Satoru lets out a groan, rubbing his forehead, “Why are you making a big deal over some flowers? I don’t get it. I thought that the blue roses would make you think of my eyes. Sue me for being a little narcissistic.” 

You furrowed your brows, “Do you actually expect me to believe that bullshit excuse, Satoru? Just admit that you want us to be over.” You turned your back to him, looking out the high-rise windows when Satoru countered, “I think it’s you that wants us to be over.” 

“You’re the one sending stupid roses that mean unattainable love. It doesn’t matter what I want if you can’t get over your commitment issues .” Satoru approaches you, taking off his glasses, turning you and pushing you back on the windows, “ Commitment issues? So is that what you were assuming, Sweetheart?” 

You kept your gaze on his unbuttoned top, saying, “What else was I supposed to get from that? You didn’t put an actual note with the flowers, Satoru, and I know you have—history.” 

He rested his forehead on yours, mumbling, “I’m hurt that you would think of me like that Princess. But with someone like you who’s quick to judge, I should’ve added a note, I’ll give you that.” 

You put your hands on his chest, trying to push him away, but he doesn’t budge. Your hands feel the broad, strong muscles of his chest which make your breathing hitch. You huffed, looking at him, your eyes giving him a fiery gaze as you sneered, “Yeah, and you calling me judgemental is not making me feel any better.” 

One of his hands finds its way under your jaw as he whispers into your ear, “You’re such a force when you’re mad.” 

“Well if you don’t like that maybe you shouldn’t be so exasperating, Satoru.” 

He dips his head down, his lips brushing your collarbone as he chuckles, “Oh, but I didn’t say I didn’t like it. I find it sexy, Sweetheart.” You let out a shaky breath as he continued, “And I find it so cute that I still fluster you when you’re furious,” an impish grin forming on his face. 

You were now holding an electrifying gaze with him, both eyes filled with lust and pent-up frustration when you breathed, “I’m still mad at you.” 

He smirked, “So let me be your release, Princess,” a hand on the small of your back pulling your chest against his. 

You turned your head away from him, failing to conceal your shallow breaths. “What if I don’t want that?” Satoru chuckled darkly, causing your pussy to begin to throb in response. He moved his lips to brush down the veins and sensitive spots on your neck, shivers running through your spine. He murmured, “Hmmmm, oh really? Because I feel your lies and arousal in your rushing pulse, Princess.” 

You closed your eyes as Satoru moved your face to align with his, whispering, “Open your eyes for me.” You inhaled, hesitating before you slowly opened them, meeting Satoru’s eyes that were dancing with mischief and amusement. He brushed his nose against yours, “I’m going to say it again for you, Princess. Let me be your release.” Hearing how his voice became thick and deep with desire, the only response you could muster was the slight parting of your lips as your eyes darted from his eyes to his lips. Reading your expression so well, Satoru smirked, “There she is.”        

Satoru smashed his lips against yours, and you moved a hand off his chest to cup his cheek, pulling him deeper into the kiss. The kiss was hot and fiery, the two of you moving your lips and tongues together, neither giving in to the other. Your hand that was on his chest tugged the shirt out of his slacks. You reached under the shirt and ran your fingers up and down the toned muscles. You eventually began unbuttoning the shirt as Satoru’s lips made their way to the collarbones that your dress revealed. He smiled against your skin, “You still find me irresistible. How adorable, Princess.” 

You panted, “Shut the fuck up and kiss me, Satoru,” as the hand that was on his chest began trailing his v-line.” He groaned into your neck, “So demanding, Princess.” Your pulse begins to race faster than it already was, and Satoru notices and begins kissing and sucking on a trail down your neck. You mumble, “Well, Satoru, a Princess needs her stress relief.” 

You yelped, feeling Satoru suck on your skin with a bruising pressure as he says, “Oh no, Princess. Don’t even think about going back to those games. You want me just as bad as I want you .” He pressed his thigh into your clothed cunt, causing it to flutter in anticipation. You moan, and Satoru begins to slip your dress further down your shoulders. 

You spoke between breaths, “Here? Window?” Satoru lifts his head, murmuring, “Well why don’t we give the city a show, Sweetheart,” which caused you to involuntarily squeeze your thighs around his leg that pressed into your middle. He chuckled, “So you like that? Note taken, I’m always interested wherever you’re concerned.” You looked at him with a heated gaze, “Your flowers said otherwise, Dimples.” 

Satoru lets out a groan, a hand cradling your neck, tilting your head upwards as he answers, “You know that’s not what I meant,” pulling you into another kiss. You break away, with your breath heavy, “Mmmm, no. I don’t know. Maybe you should show me what you truly meant, Charming.” He smiled through eyes heavy with want, “Gladly,” his hand reaching around your back, tugging your zipper, sliding your dress until it was a pile of red fabric on the floor. You shudder against the cold glass as both of your hands work, quickly slipping Satoru’s shirt off, and you move to remove his slacks and boxers. Satoru kicks away his clothes, turning his attention back to you. 

Satoru removing your strapless bra, you were just in your lace underwear as Satoru takes one nipple in his mouth and rolls the other in between his fingers. You leaned your head back against the glass as the sensations from Satoru playing with your buds continued to build in your throbbing pussy that was leaving a darker, damp spot in your panties. 

He then got on his knees in front of you, dragging the lace panties down your legs with his teeth. Feeling his warm breath trail the skin of your inner thigh, your pussy clenches, and you try to squeeze your legs together, but Satoru keeps a firm grip on them, forcing them wider. He smirks, watching your wetness dribble out of your pussy and onto your thighs, kissing his way upwards until he reaches your entrance. He plunges two fingers in, and you scream his name in response. He curls them just right, hitting your G-spot while the other hand holds your ass, pulling the two of you even closer. Just as you feel the warm tingly sensation begin to build, Satoru slips his fingers out, and you let out a frustrated moan. 

He chuckles, "God, I love how wet you get for me, Sweetheart," dragging his tongue through your slit before pulling away and putting both of his fingers into his mouth, showing his tongue lick your juices as he sucks them clean. You let out a shaky breath at the erotic sight, and your pussy flutters once again. He stands and you move your hand to his hardened cock, slowly moving it up and down before you rub your thumb in circles over his tip, collecting some of the pre-cum. You pop the digit into your thumb, releasing lewd sounds as you suck it clean. 

Satoru groans, teasing, “You’re very impatient, Sweetheart,” leaving sloppy kisses on the soft spots on your chest and neck. You breathed, “Well, a Princess shouldn’t be waiting, Dimples.” Satoru leans in, his dick pressing against your stomach as he whispers, “As you wish,” his hand trailing down from the small of your back to your ass to the underside of your thigh, lifting your leg. Satoru bends lower a little, lining up his cock to your entrance before he slowly presses in. The sound of his hard cock pushing through your wet, pulsating cunt turns you on even more, causing you to clench around him. 

Satoru lays his head in the crook of your neck, grumbling, “Fuck—hold on to me, Sweetheart.” You whimpered, “Mhm,” your hands hold tightly onto his shoulders as he begins to move. You hook the leg Satoru is holding tighter around his waist, and he releases a loud moan, thrusting into you at a deeper angle. 

You faintly mutter, “There—right there Satoru,” as his dick begins to rub right against your spot. He continues thrusting, and you feel that familiar warm, tingly feeling builds in your cunt once again. Your hands' grip on Satoru becomes tighter, and he grunts, lifting your leg higher and his other hand at your waist grips tighter as well. You rest your head back on the window that has become foggy with the heat of your grinding bodies as the pleasure continues to build in your pussy. 

A full blush on his cheeks, Satoru rests his forehead on yours, muttering, “You look so damn beautiful like that, Sweetheart,” as he begins to kiss you senseless. You moaned, “More, I need more,” and Satoru begins fucking into you at a faster pace, the living room full of the obscene sounds of your moans, rocking hips, and Satoru’s cock pounding into your dripping pussy. 

Your eyes shut, your mouth agape, and you whimper, “Satoru I-I’m close,” as you feel the big orgasm approaching. Satoru kisses your cheeks and jawline, stopping right at the corner of your lips as he replies, “Release for me, baby.” His name slips through your lips as a loud moan as you let the intense waves of pleasure wash over you. 

Satoru doesn’t give up his pace, continuing to fuck you relentlessly. He groans, feeling your cunt throb and clench around his dick, moving his hand from your waist to your clit, beginning to run circles on it. You lean forward to rest your head on his shoulders as you whimper, feeling your legs begin to shake from the intense feelings of pleasure. 

You feel a second orgasm build on the first, the tingling sensation beginning to spread throughout your body, even down to your toes. Satoru knows you’re on the verge of a second orgasm, saying, “Go ahead for me, Princess.” 

You give in, screaming, “Fuck Satoru, oh god,” as your toes curl against the heated floors. Soon after, Satoru’s thrusts become sloppy, and he lets out grunts when you whisper, “Cum for me, Satoru. Fill me up with your cum.” He stills, and you feel his dick twitch, releasing deep into your cunt as he moans loudly, “[Y/n], oh fuck.” 

Still riding through your orgasm, your pussy still clenches around Satoru’s dick, sucking all of his cum. Satoru pulls out, and you hold each other, sharing deep kisses as your pulses slow and breathing calms. 

Satoru’s nose brushes yours as he smiles, “I think that was a good release, Stardust. We should use that method more often.” You smirked, your hands resting, wrapped low on Satoru’s hips, replying, “I agree, Charming.” He presses a kiss to your forehead, “You want to make dinner with me now?” You nodded your head. 

A few minutes later, you opt to wear one of Satoru’s robes instead of putting on your dress again. You pick up your underwear and begin to slip it on when Satoru grabs your wrists, stopping you when he grins, “Don’t put it on until you get to the bathroom.” You arched a brow, “Why?” 

He leans in, responding, “I want to see how your cunt is mine when my cum drips down your leg as you walk.” Your breath hitches as you feel your arousal begin to pick up again. Fuck, we need to control ourselves, or we won’t actually eat dinner. You began walking to the bathroom, feeling Satoru’s gaze on you, smiling, He’s definitely something. 


Chapter Text

Your feet pattered against the warm, espresso-colored hardwood floors as you made your way back towards the kitchen and living room area. You had finished using the restroom, now leaning against the edge of the grey cabinets, your arms wrapped around the slightly oversized white, fluffy robe you wore. 

Satoru had put on some music, now dancing around the kitchen, shirtless and his slacks hanging low on his hips. His back was turned to you as he pulled out a skillet from the cabinets, humming the melody of the background song. You noticed that the kitchen was dimly lit with candles that Satoru had lit and recessed lighting, creating a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. You kept admiring his cute movements throughout the space, a smile naturally spreading on your face. 

“Nice moves, moron. Or should I say, chef?” 

You pushed off the cabinets, walking further into the cozy space, running a hand on the cool, white quartz before resting your back against it. He turned to you, chuckling at your tease, your eyes meeting his shades that he’d put back on. 

He placed the skillet on the stove, answering, “I do cook, but because I’m a busy and impatient man, I only put myself through it for special occasions or people.” Satoru walks over to you as you shift your eyes to look down at the planks of the dark brown floors. 

A corner of your lips curled upwards, “So I’m a special person? I’m honored.” Satoru chuckles, his fingers slipping through yours and turning you, pulling your back against his chest. His forearms settled around your hips, still holding your hands. Resting his head on your shoulders, Satoru remarked, “Of course you’d feel honored. It’s me, duh.” 

You rolled your eyes, turning your head to look at him, and he laughed softly, seeing your expression. Satoru lifted his head from your shoulder and inhaled, his voice becoming soft and low, continuing, “But seriously, Princess, you’re the first person I’ve felt that I’ve found my equal in, so of course you’d be precious to me,” he leaned in placing light kisses on your cheeks. 

You were speechless, butterflies roaming your stomach, as you looked at the growing blush on Satoru’s cheeks, your eyes glassy as you gave him a small smile, leaning further into his embrace. You breathed, “Sometimes you speak like a romantic poet, and I never know what to do or how to respond, Dimples,” looking down at your intertwined hands. 

Satoru lowered his lips down to your ear, whispering, “Look at me, Princess.” You shook your head, letting out a dry chuckle, “I just wish I was good at that kind of stuff. Like I know that I’m not the most affectionate person, but—but I hope you know that I’m trying, Satoru.” You ran your fingers over the veins of his hands and arms as he replied, “Look at me, Princess.” 

You turned to him, looking at the soft blue eyes behind the glasses. Satoru took one of his hands, cupping your cheek and dropping his forehead to yours when he said, “Listen to me when I say that seeing you look away flustered, or feeling you relax into my touch, and seeing your smile—god your smile, it’s all more than enough for me, Stardust.” You leaned in, giving him a sweet and gentle kiss. Your stomach grumbled, and Satoru laughed as you looked away, your face scrunched up in embarrassment. 

Satoru kisses your temple, saying, “We should get to the actual cooking. I thought we could make some potstickers and some yakisoba, and I prepared some of the materials so it won’t be long.” You nodded, moving your hands to your stomach, “Yeah, that sounds delicious.” Satoru pulled out the ingredients from the fridge, and you two divided the tasks and began. 




You finished with sealing the pork and vegetable filling in the wrappers, and you began to place the potstickers in the hot skillet. You rinsed your hands, saying, “How’s it going over there?” You turned to Satoru, who was humming, standing over the stove, sliding the freshly cut vegetables from the cutting board into the pot that already had beef frying. Emptying the last of the vegetables into the pot, he turned to you, smiling, “Good,” walking over to you and wrapping his arms around you. 

He began swaying you to the music that was still playing, mumbling into your ear, “Your potstickers smell divine, Princess.” 

“Thank you,” you chuckled as Satoru loosened the embrace to spin you on the beat. “Satoru, what are you doing,” you laughed. You saw a glimmer of childish bliss in his eyes behind the glasses as he responded, “Dance with me for a little bit,” pulling you back closer to him, his hand settling on your lower back and the other intertwining with yours. This takes me back to the Halloween gala. What a long way we’ve come from then, Dimples.  

As Satoru kept leading you through a series of turns and spins around the kitchen island, a smile grew on your face as you went through all the moments that had occurred between you and Satoru for you two to get through this point. 

Satoru’s hand on the small of your back tugged you closer to him as you slowed to a sway. “What are you thinking about, Sweetheart?” You looked up at him, giving him a small smile, “Just us and how we got here.” 

You broke the embrace to add some water into the pan of potstickers, placing a cover over them. Satoru moved to stand beside you, stirring the beef and vegetable mixture and adding the yakisoba noodles and sauce. The sauce hitting the hot contents of the pan began to fill the dim kitchen with a nice savory aroma. You hummed, “That smells great, chef,” hugging him from behind, tucking your head into his side. 

He let out a warm hum as you continued, “And for someone who says that they’re too busy to cook, you seem to enjoy it a lot, Satoru. You should find a way to do it more.” He rested an arm around your shoulders, smiling, “I’ll do it as long as you’re around.” 

As long as I’m around? What should I expect from that? A few weeks or days even? Or months? Is this a casual fling, or does he see something more in us? How long do I have before I’m not worth his time anymore? You looked down, a hand playing with the tie of the robe, mumbling, “ long do you think that’ll be?” 

He raised an eyebrow, “How long will you be around? Princess, are you already getting tired of me?” The playful smile he has on his face disappears when he notices your solemn expression. He shifts you that you’re now in front of him, inhaling, “Is this what I think it is?” You nod, and Satoru takes both of his hands, cupping your cheeks and lowering his head to yours, your foreheads touching. 

You close your eyes, whispering, “Just—just promise me this, Satoru.” Satoru hums, “Mhm.” You take a deep breath, exhaling, “Promise me you’ll send me yellow roses if you want to end it in the future. They mean friendship, so I’ll accept them, and we could walk away on good terms, okay?” Moving a hand to intertwine your pinkies, Satoru gave you a small, cute smile, whispering back, “I promise, but Princess, I think if anything, it’ll be you giving me roses when I push you over the edge.” 

“Maybe,” you chuckled as Satoru pulled you into his chest, a hand cradling your head and the other wrapped around your back. You wrapped your arms around him, leaning further into his chest as he hummed, “But seriously, I don’t see that happening, Stardust.” I want a lot of things with you. Things that I wish to tell you, but I don’t want to risk overwhelming you. Fuck, I know it might be early, but I’m falling, Princess. I’m falling so hard and fast that I don’t know what to do with myself. I just need you to trust me and hold on a little longer till the moment’s perfect for me to tell you.  

You looked up at him, saying, “The potstickers should be done by now, Dimples.” You broke the embrace, turning to the stove, removing the cover to reveal the perfectly cooked potstickers. Flipping the potstickers onto a plate, you grabbed chopsticks and picked up one, dipping it in the accompanying sauce. You held it in front of Satoru, smiling, “Try it.” 

Satoru took the potsticker into his mouth and began to moan and fan his mouth. You giggled as he mumbled through chewing, “It’s perfect, Sweetheart, but my god, it’s hot.” You continued laughing at him, turning to take one yourself, responding, “That’s why you blow on your food first, idiot.” Satoru rolled his eyes, finishing the potsticker, grumbling, “That doesn’t do anything.” 

You raised a brow, “Oh really? Then watch.” You blew on the potsticker you held in between chopsticks before taking a bite. It was definitely hot just coming off the stove, but your tongue wasn’t burning. You hummed, “Not bad, and I didn’t burn myself, Satoru.” Satoru sighed, “No need to brag, but I’ll give you that you did make them amazing, Princess,” moving towards the stove to stir the noodles and turning off the heat. You smiled, “The noodles look great, Satoru.” 

“Because they are. I would say that this is the best yakisoba you will ever eat,” Satoru answered, picking up a bunch of noodles, vegetables, and beef with chopsticks. 

You chuckled, “And I would say that you shouldn’t let your confidence oversell your noodles, moron.” 

Satoru held the noodles to your lips, “Try it and then decide if I oversold them.” You blew on the noodles before taking them into your mouth, and the flavor was impeccable, but you couldn’t inflate his ego even more. Once you finished, Satoru held a smirk on his face saying, “And?” 

You crossed your arms, shrugging, “Yeah, they’re pretty good, but nothing special.” Satoru raised his brow, chuckling, “Really, Princess? I’ll take that as a challenge to surpass your expectations next time.” But in reality, Satoru knew your true opinion of his noodles as your face while you were eating gave it away. 

The two of you moved the food to the island, setting down plates, cups, and utensils. You sat on the bar chairs, and Satoru quickly joined you, bringing over a bottle of cider and a lit candle to place in between you two. You poured cider in the cups, handing one to him, saying, “Let’s dig in, shall we?” 




You had finished your dinner, and now you and Satoru were cleaning up. “You don’t have to do this, Princess. I can handle this by myself as a gentleman would.” You rolled your eyes, sighing, “Satoru you’re not going to convince me, so just let me help you,” as you put plates in the dishwasher. Satoru makes a funny sound which makes you laugh as you guys put the last of the dishes in the washer and wipe down the counters. 

You were both washing your hands at the sink. Once you were rinsing the suds off your hands, that's when Satoru flicked some water on you. You flinched, scrunching your brows together, “What was that for,” as you shake your damp hands in his direction. Satoru chuckles, failing to dodge your attack as water droplets landed on his skin. He quickly ran his hands under the faucet, and soon the two of you were running around the kitchen trying to splash water on each other. 

Your wet hands had been dripping water all over the floor, so it was only a matter of time before someone slipped. You went down first, your back hitting the hardwood floor, causing you to groan. Satoru takes off his glasses, exclaiming, “Princess, I’m so sorry,” running over to you, but he ends up slipping on the same area you did, landing right beside you. 

Satoru rolls to his side, groaning and still looking over you in concern when you begin to laugh hysterically. A wave of confusion passes over Satoru’s face, but soon his eyes crinkle as he begins to laugh along with you. 

You tease in between chuckles, “You’re such an idiot.” Satoru crawls over you, your face lined up with his as he responds, “You slipped first, Princess! I was being a good, concerned boyfriend.” You still couldn’t contain your giggles as you retorted, “It’s your fault for splashing water at me first!” 

“I think the entertainment that I’ve given you from my fall makes up for it.” You ran a hand through his hair, smiling, “It sure does.” Satoru runs his fingers from your shoulder that became exposed from the robe when you fell, to your neck and jawline, a thumb brushing your bottom lip. He leans his head down, his lips meeting yours. 

You arched your back off the floor into Satoru’s body, and he groans, his hand moving from your jaw to your hip with the other stays planted on the floor to keep himself up. The hand Satoru has on your hip, increases its grip pulling your bodies together, as he slowly begins to grind into you. Your pussy clenches at the pressure, and you moan into the kiss, shifting your legs that one wraps over his. 

Your hand that's tangled in his hair pulls Satoru into a deeper kiss. He slides his tongue against your bottom lip before it slips through to brush against yours. You move your hand from his hair, now both hands running over the lines of muscle on his bare chest. Your hands settled on his waist and using the leverage you had from the leg wrapped around Satoru’s you rolled over, his back now pressed against the floor. 

You continued kissing him, and Satoru’s hands made their way lower to your hips, eventually touching your ass. You broke the kiss smiling, “I have an idea.” Satoru kept moving his hands, trailing your curves as he replied, “Whatever you want, Princess,” a grin growing on his face. 

You stood, which caused Satoru’s expression to droop into a frown, complaining, “I was having fun, though.” You chuckled, pulling him off the ground, “Don’t worry we’ll have fun tonight, and we’re still having dessert.” Satoru spun you around, pulling your back against his front, feeling his erection through the robe and slacks between you. 

His lips were right behind your ear as he whispered, “Mmmm, my dessert is already right in front of me,” his tongue tracing a soft, light trail down the side of your neck to your collarbone. You sharply inhale, feeling your pussy react that was getting slicker by the second. Satoru chuckles at your response, the vibrations from his lips against your skin and his broad chest against your back not helping you. You swallowed, speaking in a calm tone, “So I’ll guess you’ll have multiple rounds then, Charming.” 

You took his hand into yours, leading him back to his room. Upon reaching the room that was barely lit from the city light filtering the windows and recessed lights, you looked to Satoru, commanding, “Get on the bed.” He smirked, “Okay, Princess, I like where this is going.” 

Satoru sat on the bed, resting his back against the headboard, his manspread giving you a view of his hard cock that was straining against the pant material. You knelt on the cushioned bench in front of his bed, with a mischievous smirk on your face, saying, “Take them off,” nodding your head towards the slacks. Satoru wasted no time getting them off, your attention is drawn now to the sight of his hard cock exposed, veins running through the shaft and the tip glistening with pre-cum. Your body burned with lust and need as you swallowed, giving the simple order, “Pump for me.” Satoru groans as he begins pumping up and down his dick and rubbing the sensitive tip. 

He let out a low breath, “I wouldn’t mind your mouth replacing my hand, Sweetheart. I wouldn’t want you to feel left out.” His eyes heavy with lust met yours as you smiled, “Don’t worry about me, Satoru,” as you climbed from the bench, now kneeling on the plush bed in front of him. You slowly slipped off your robe, exposing your breasts, your nipples already hard peaks with your arousal. Satoru groaned at the sight, the pace of his hand moving slightly faster. You teased, “Don’t lose control now, Satoru,” a smile on your face as you finished removing the robe. 

Your knees were wide apart, digging into the soft covers, your wet pussy on display for Satoru. You moved closer to him, and he moaned, seeing your fingers begin to work through your slit. You let out shaky breaths as one hand was working your nipple, and the other was teasing your entrance. You slowly moved your fingers upwards through your slit before settling on your clit, rubbing light circles. You both groaned, and you looked to Satoru’s hand, seeing that he’d begun syncing his pumps to your circular motions. You began moving your fingers slightly faster, and the hand that was working your nipple was traveling down to your entrance, teasing it. 

Your pussy dripping, Satoru muttering, “Fuck,” under his breath as he watched your juices begin to drip onto the sheets and down your thighs. His low, breathy voice sent sparks through your skin, and you plunged a finger into your cunt, releasing a moan that caused the blush on Satoru’s cheeks to intensify. 

You began moving the finger through your walls, soon after adding another digit. You curled your fingers as your fingertips began to rub against that spongy spot. Satoru’s hand moved faster as he began to release loud moans and buck his hips, mumbling, “That’s it, Princess. Fuck yourself for me.” You tilted your head back, closing your eyes as you added more pressure in the hand that was running circles on your clit. Your brows scrunched together as you felt the familiar warm and tingly sensation build in your pussy. 

Satoru groaned, “Look at me, Sweetheart,” and hearing the strain in his voice, you knew he was close. You obliged, your eyes meeting his, and you felt the intensity of the orgasm continue to build up. Watching Satoru’s chest move up and down and seeing his dick begin to twitch in his hand increased the sensation you were feeling. 

The air surrounding the two of you was heavy with the delicate tension the two of you had built up with your sounds and your heavy gazes. The feeling of being exposed and vulnerable as you both touched yourselves while being mere inches away from each other created a bubble of heat, intimacy, and building passion around you. You watched Satoru’s lips part slightly, realizing that Satoru was holding off his orgasm for you , not wanting to release until you unraveled right before his eyes. 

You were drunk on the new power he’d handed to you, deciding not to give in to what he wanted. You were panting as you slowly removed your hands from your cunt, removing the circular pressure your fingers gave your clit, releasing a small moan in disbelief you were actually edging yourself. 

Satoru’s lips curled upwards as he understood what you were doing, slowing his pumping hand to a stop, releasing a loud groan. You moved closer to him, straddling his hips and wrapping your hand around his wrist, causing him to tremble at your touch. 

He breathed, “Why, Princess?” You smirked, leaning forward that your lips were at the sensitive spot in the crook of his neck as you whispered into the skin, “You can come now or later with my pussy clenching around your cock. Your choice.” He moaned, shifting lower, his face now lined up with your cunt which made your cheeks flush with heat. 

You began, “What are you—” But you’re quickly interrupted as Satoru places a playful spank on your ass, replying, “Turn the other way.” Your eyes widened, butterflies filling your stomach as you realized what Satoru wanted from you. You shifted until your cunt was aligned with Satoru’s face again, but you were facing his cock now. 

Satoru’s hands were at your hips, pulling your slit flush against his lips as he grumbled, “You’re going suck my cock while riding my face. Okay, Princess?” You shakily exhaled, nodding when Satoru let a rumble out from his chest, breathily mumbling into clit, “I need to hear words , Princess.” 

You moaned, “Y-yes, Satoru,” your cunt tensing against his face. He notices, chuckling, “Look how your pussy reacts to me, and I’ve barely done anything, baby.” Simultaneously turned on and frustrated with Satoru’s teases, you lean forward, licking up the pulsing veins on his cock, circling the tip of your tongues on the head before deep-throating it. 

Satoru jerks, moaning, “Aw fuck, Just like that, Sweetheart.” You hum in approval before hollowing your cheeks and bobbing your head. Satoru begins to lap at your clit with his tongue, and you begin to rock your hips against his face, which causes Satoru to groan against it even more. You move your hands down his happy trail and across his v-line until one is secured at his hip. The other hand, moving up and down his dick with your mouth. 

You continue pushing yourself, and Satoru bucks his hips into your mouth, which elicits a loud muffled moan to release from your chest, the tight knot beginning to form. The vibrations flow into Satoru’s sensitive tip that was hitting the back of your mouth, and he begins to push his tongue into your entrance, moving it against your walls. You moved the hand that was pumping his dick to his balls, rubbing and lightly squeezing them, which causes Satoru to move his tongue faster inside you against your spot and thrust his dick into your throat again. 

You gag a little, your eyes stinging from the tears that began to accumulate, also feeling the tight knot in your cunt finally snap. Your whimpers and moans are muffled by Satoru’s cock, and you feel him grin against your cunt. He began thrusting into your mouth more frequently, and you moan as you continue to bob your head to make him release. Satoru loudly groans against your clit as he nears his release and you feel a second orgasm start to build off the first. 

You moved your tongue along his pulsing veins on his dick and finally swirled it on the tip. Satoru pants and you feel the warm breath against your entrance, making you ride at a faster pace. Satoru’s dick twitches, releasing the hot cum deep into your mouth. You slid your mouth off, swallowing and finally being able to let out pants and moans into the air. 

Your sounds were beautiful in Satoru’s ear, keeping his arousal going as he pulled your clit in between his lips. It wasn’t long before you reached the edge once again, releasing your juices onto Satoru’s face. 

You moved and shifted so that you straddled Satoru’s hips and your hands rested on his chest. Even in the dim lighting of the room, you were able to see the sheen of your juices that covered Satoru’s lips and the area surrounding it. Satoru kept moving his tongue over his swollen lips, licking up your juices, the sight causing your pussy to throb and flutter more. He read your expressions like a book, smirking, “You still can’t get enough of me, can’t you.” 

You smiled back at him and shook your head, lowering your face to his and kissing him. Satoru’s hands traveled from your hips to the back of your neck, pulling your lips harder against his, the kiss becoming more passionate. You could taste yourself on his tongue, the sensation driving both of you insane as you moan into his mouth and begin grinding on his cock. 

He groans, “Fuck—Princess, I’m liking this side to you.” You hum and chuckle against his skin as you continue kissing his neck and chest with bruising pressure. You sit back, breathing, “I did promise that I’ll lose myself in you, didn’t I?” He moans, “You did,” a smile growing on his face as he watches you line his cock with your entrance before slowly guiding it in. 

“God, I can never get enough of you, Sweetheart,” he panted as you began slowly riding his dick. The room quickly became full of the sounds of your hips rocking together and wet sex as you rested your hands on his chest and leaned forward, riding him faster and finding a deeper angle. You began to circle your hips, Satoru groaning loudly and your lips parting as your breathing became more shallow and quick. 

Satoru moved his lips to your ear, whispering, “You’re doing so well for me, Princess,” continuing to whisper other sweet nothings in your ear. Soon, the building tension in your cunt approached its peak, and you knew Satoru was also close as the hands on your hips began digging in further. Your face hovered over his as you whimpered, “Toru—I’m close,” letting out a shaky breath as you closed your eyes. Satoru understood your needs and began lifting you and slamming you down on his cock faster as he also thrusts upwards. 

Your orgasm quickly approached, and you became limp in Satoru’s embrace, letting the pleasure spread throughout your body. Satoru kept going, the sounds of your spasming walls against his dick contributing to your overstimulation. You rested your head on his chest, mumbling, “Satoru—I can’t—” You’re unable to finish your sentence as you release another moan, another orgasm washing over you. He groans, “Yes, you can, Sweetheart. Just hold on for me.” Your hands held onto his shoulders tightly, nails digging into his skin, the sensation going straight to his cock as he finally released his cum up your cunt. 

Not even taking a breath, Satoru slides your throbbing pussy off his cock, pinning you to the mattress under him. You breathed, “Satoru wait—” You cut yourself off as you look into his eyes that were feral, full of pure lust and passion. He pops a thumb into his mouth, pressing it onto your clit, and you arched your back into his touch, trying to close your legs, but Satoru keeps them wide open. He let out a dark chuckle, “ Don’t start what you can’t finish, Princess. ” 

Burning heat traveled down your spine to your fingertips as you managed a weak, “Mhm.” Satoru hummed, admiring your entrance that was already oozing with his cum. He lifted one of your legs, resting it on his waist as he began to line his cock up with your entrance once again. 

“Go slow for me, Toru. I want to feel you.” He met your eyes once again, and this time, he let himself really fall. Even though you were covered in sweat and were a mess, in his eyes, your expression was angelic, pure perfection. He leaned down, leaving sweet, light kisses on your face, whispering, “Anything for you, baby.” 

You gave him a sweet smile before your mouth dropped open, releasing moans into Satoru’s ready ears as he pushed his cock into your cunt. God, his cock feels even bigger. How is that fucking possible? As promised, Satoru went at a steady pace, adorning your body with kisses and soft bites. This time the sensation in your cunt began to accumulate again, knowing that this one was going to be a hard one. 

You reached around Satoru’s back, pulling him closer as your nails began to leave deep scratches on his back. He grunted, welcoming the pain as he rested one hand on the headboard and one on your hip as he thrust deeper and faster. Your legs had been trembling, now increasing to a full shake as you felt your orgasm come closer and closer. Satoru moved his hand from your hip to your clit, adding a strong, circling pressure. You yelped, arching your back even further as you were hovering right over the edge.

Satoru had kept his eyes on your face scrunched together in pleasure, your eyes closed and both hands digging into his back. He knew you were close, so he increased his speed, even more, leaving a wet kiss right below your ear as he murmured, “Let go for me, Princess.” 

Unable to hold back any longer, you threw your head back into the sheets, your mouth agape and your vision going blank as your orgasm washed over you. Your pussy was overstimulated, uncontrollably squeezing Satoru’s cock. He kept pounding into you before he grunted loudly, and his hips stilled, releasing his cum. He pulled out, collapsing on the bed beside you, pulling you closer to him. 

You were in a state of delirium and euphoria, your muscles shot, still trembling from the several orgasms you had in the past few hours. Laying your head on his chest, you spoke in a soft voice, “I see my equal in you too, Satoru.” Satoru smiled, pressing kisses to your forehead as you two felt each other’s breathing and pulse slow and relax. 

After some time of Satoru rubbing your back, feeling vibrations from his chest as he hummed a melody, he slid off the bed slowly walking to the bathroom to run the bath. He returned, gently picking you up and cradling you to his chest as he walked into the familiar bathroom. 

As he sat you down in the bubbly bath, you chuckled softly, “I think aftercare you is my favorite, Dimples.” 

He climbed in behind you smirking, “Oh? Why, Princess?” You leaned back on his chest, looking up at him, answering, “Because you’re usually too tired to tease me, and you take good care of me while being a nice gentleman.” You reached up to ruffle his hair when he laughed, a gleam appearing in his eyes, “Is that your way of trying to get me to tease you? Because I’m never too tired to tease you, Sweetheart.” 

You rolled your eyes, splashing water back at him, “How could you have possibly gotten that from what I said? I think you should go to an ear doctor and get checked out.” 

Satoru rested his head in the crook of your neck, mumbling, “Why? I hear your beautiful voice perfectly fine.” You blinked, feeling your cheeks begin to heat up again as you closed your eyes, muttering, “Nevermind, idiot.” Satoru wrapped his arms around you to pull you closer, beginning to press gentle kisses and his fingers into your back, massaging you. 

Enjoying the pressure, you hummed, “I still have to give you my gift, Toru.” You looked back at him once again, seeing his eyes light up in excitement when he beamed, “What is it?” You ran a hand across his cheek, giggling, “You’re going to have to wait and see.” 

You thought that in anticipation of your gift, Satoru would rush the bath, but no, he took his time with you, adoring and taking care of every inch of your skin, and you did the same for him. Back in robes now, you directed Satoru to carry you to the entrance of his apartment, where you dropped your stuff. Your feet touched the warm floor as you bent to pick up the large tins. 

You turned to walk towards the living room, but you were a bit unsteady on your feet, so Satoru guided a protective hand around your waist. You set the large tins down on the glass table and removed the covers revealing the large assortment of sweets you’d made him. Satoru’s lips parted before a wide grin spread on his expression. He gestured to them, giggling like a young child, “You made these all for me?” You nodded, giving him a bashful smile, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” 

He made his way to you, hugging you before he picked you up and spun you around. Satoru’s joy was infectious, spreading to you as you laughed as you spun around. Satoru places you down on the floor, leaning his forehead on yours, whispering, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Princess,” before he lowered his lips to yours. 

Satoru began munching on the different goods lounging on the couch with your head resting on his shoulder. He brought a chocolate-covered strawberry to your lips, and you took a bite, satisfied with your work. 

Once Satoru was full with all the sweets he could eat, for now, he stood, pulling you off the couch. You groaned, “We better be going to bed because I’m exhausted.” Satoru shook his head, his damp, white hair flopping around with the movement, saying, “No, we have to do something first.” He pulled out his phone, tapping on a setting that began playing a song over the speakers, holding out a hand when he asked, “May I have the last dance for the night? Just two songs!” 

You ran a hand over your face, chuckling, “Satoru, I can barely move, and we have work tomorrow.” He pulled you close, his arms helping to support you as he spoke, “Don’t worry about a thing. I’ve got you always. Remember, Stardust?” You felt his breath tickle you on your forehead, causing you to release a giggle. You sighed, “Okay, fine,” giving in and resting your head on his chest, letting him do all the work as you slowly moved around the living room. 




You slowly stretched, blindly reaching next to you, expecting to meet Satoru’s arm or chest and confused when all you felt was the slightly cooled blanket. You opened your eyes, confirming that Satoru was not in the room anywhere and taking in the surroundings. 

You were a little bit confused as to why you weren’t in Satoru’s room before you remembered your drowsy conversation with him. Both of you decided to sleep in a guest room because you’d thoroughly made a mess of his bed. You grabbed your phone to check the time, suddenly sitting up straight when you realized you were an hour late. You heard some commotion outside the room, sliding off the bed and yelling, “Satoru, we’re late!” 

You pulled a throw blanket over the T-shirt you were wearing that you’d stolen from Satoru, scrunching your face in discomfort as you slowly hobbled to the living room, using the walls and surfaces as supports. You kept hobbling, rubbing your eyes and yawning, “Satoru, why didn’t you wake—” 

You gasped, seeing the state of the living room and kitchen. Your eyes first took in the kitchen set up for a sit-down breakfast for two, then shifting over to the living room. The living room was full of bouquets of lavender, pink, and ivory roses with your white-haired idiot standing in the middle, dressed in all-black, holding a bouquet in his hands. 

He slowly walked towards you with a smile on his face saying, “So by my new knowledge of roses and their meanings, I got the lavender ones because they mean fascination, and you always do fascinate me. Also, I think a regal color like lavender is fitting for my princess. The pink ones were because I admire you a lot and lastly the ivory ones because they mean luxury, and you deserve to be spoiled in luxury.” 

You let out a chuckle, Satoru now standing right before you as he continued, “You also don’t have to worry about being late, I took care of everything, and I thought you would be starving after last night’s fun, so I made us breakfast. I know, I know. You’re at a loss of words because you have the best, sexiest, most intelligent boy—” 

You cut Satoru off, your hand holding his cheek, pulling him into a deep kiss. Satoru lets out a moan, and you smile against his lips, pulling away, whispering, “You talk too much, moron,” noticing his cheeks have become light pink. 

Satoru lets his forehead rest on yours, and you play with a piece of his hair, saying, “You didn’t have to go through all this trouble, Charming.” He shook his head, “Of course I did, after what I put you through yesterday. You’re worth any trouble for me Princess.” 

Satoru brushed his lips against yours, whispering, “I know I’m late, but will you be my Valentine, Sweetheart?” You smiled, and he chuckled, “I’ll take that as a yes,” bringing your lips to his. 




You had gone to the bathroom to freshen up a bit before you ate breakfast with Satoru. Satoru felt his phone buzz against his thigh in his pocket, and taking it out he saw that it was a Facetime call from Shoko. He pressed the answer button, first seeing Shoko’s knowing expression with Nanami in the background, causing him to smirk. 

Shoko rolled her eyes, asking, “So how’s the missus, Gojo?” Satoru began laughing, “What are you even talking about, Shoko? Have you been drinking this early in the day?” 

Shoko narrowed her eyes, retorting, “I wish, but no Gojo, and you know what I’m talking about, dumbass.” The blindfold covered the amusement in his eyes but failed to cover the tiny blush developing on his cheeks. 

He replied, “Nope, I have no clue.” 

Nanami grumbled, “We all see it and know where it can head, imbecile. Well...if you don’t foolishly mess things up like you were about to yesterday.” Satoru sang, “Thank you guys for helping, by the way!” 

Shoko took a breath replying, “No problem.” Nanami added, “Yeah, whatever. Also, are you still giving her the red dozen?” Satoru rubbed the back of his neck, “Noooo, not this time around. Maybe a different occasion.” 

Shoko ran a hand over her forehead, mumbling, “Coward.” Satoru shot back, “I’m not a coward! I just don’t want to go too fast.” Nanami furrowed his brows, “We’ve been watching the two of you dance around each other for months. I don’t think this is pacing. It’s cowardice.” 

Satoru frowned, “You guys are meannn. I will give them to her, just when the time’s right.” 

Nanami inhaled, “Hopefully, you don’t screw yourself over first.” 

“Of course I won’t!” Satoru heard you exiting the hallway bathroom, waving, “Alright, gotta go eat! Byeee!” He quickly ended the call, turning towards you with a wide grin. 

You arched a brow, “What were you up to?” You sat on a chair at the kitchen island as Satoru replied, “Just talking to Shoko and Nanami.” 


Satoru made his way over to you, smiling, “Nothing you need to concern yourself with,” placing a kiss on each cheek. Okay? That’s weird. You were about to press him when he asked, “Hungry?” 

Feeling your stomach grumble as Satoru sat down next to you, uncovering the stacks of crepes, eggs, and other foods, you gave up your questioning, answering, “Yep, starving.”         


Chapter Text

Satoru let out a loud sneeze, whining, “I’m dying, Sweetheart. You should cuddle me while you can.” You rolled your eyes, “You’re so dramatic, Satoru,” walking over with a mug of hot tea. You approached the couch where Satoru laid on with a box of tissues in his hands. 

Spring had fully begun, which meant not knowing whether to wear a winter coat or light sweater. Recently there also had been rainy days, which had given you a new patient to wake up to. 

You handed him the mug, saying, “I put extra sugar.” 

“Thank you,” Satoru sang, taking the cup with a wide grin on his face. You adjusted the blanket over his legs before walking back to the kitchen to grab your mug. You sat down on the armchair adjacent to the couch, beginning to sip on the black tea. 

Satoru frowned, “Why did you sit there instead of with me, Princess?” 

You set the cup down, clearing your throat, “You want me to sit next to you and catch your cold?” He retorted, “Yes, I think being sick together would be fun!” You narrowed your eyes, “Do you hear yourself? Because I don’t think your answer was very gentlemanly, Satoru.” He threw his head back in laughter, “I just want to cuddle.” 

“And I just want to prevent myself from catching your cold.” 

Satoru stood, a devilish smirk growing on his face as he slowly began to move towards you. You arched a brow, “I know you’re not doing what I think you’re doing,” sliding off your chair and moving behind it, so it was between the two of you. He giggled, “What do you mean, Princess? I’m not doing anything.” He kept taking slow steps towards you, and you began to move away from him before it broke into a chase around the penthouse. 

You sprinted through the hallways, sliding against the floors. You felt his fingers brush your arm, and you shrieked, running even faster around the apartment, screaming, “With all that energy, are you even sure you’re sick?” You thought you had lost him when he popped out from one of the hallway closets, grabbing your waist from behind, holding your back against his chest. “I’m as healthy as a horse, Princess, so we should cuddle.” 

You squirmed in his embrace, “Mmmm, as the person who’ll be making your food today and helping you, doesn’t it make sense for me to be unexposed to your germs.” He made a funny sound, replying, “Sweetheart, we are way past that by now, and I saw somewhere that physical touch heals people faster. Don’t you want me to be perfectly well?” 

You let out a dry chuckle, “With that mind of yours, is that even a possibility?” He furrowed his brows, beginning to walk you into the living room, grumbling, “You know, some people would consider my presence to be such a valuable thing. You take me for granted, Princess.” Is it me or is he more delusional when he’s sick?  

He placed you down in front of the couch, and you plopped onto the cushions laughing as you mocked, “Ahhh yes, I’m so blessed to have you in my company, Dimples.” Still standing, his arms crossed as the corners of Satoru’s lips dipped into a dramatic frown as he gave you puppy eyes, whining, “You’re being so meannn. I just wanted you to make me feel better.” You sighed, Let me just cut him a break for today . “And how can I do that, Dimples.” Satoru maintained his frown as he opened his arms wide and mumbled, “Cuddle.” 

You giggled at his childish behavior, answering, “Fine,” which made Satoru’s expression do a full 180 into a bright smile. You raised a finger, continuing, “But, no kisses on the face, and I have to make breakfast first.” He plopped down on the couch, resting his head on your lap and wrapping his arms around your torso, mumbling, “No, let’s cuddle for now. No breakfast.” 

Brushing the hair away from his eyes, you sighed, “But you have to eat and take in nutrients, Dimples.” He rolled, turning his face into your torso, groaning, “But I’m not even hungry yet, I just want to be by you, Princess.” 

You shook your head, rubbing your forehead as you inhaled, “I guess I can’t force you to eat if you’re not hungry yet.” Satoru turned his head back so that it faced you once again, smiling, “Yayyy, I have you all to myself.” 

You narrowed your eyes, retorting, “So you were worried that you would be competing against food for my attention? I might have to take you to the hospital because you sound more delusional than normal.” Satoru pouted, “This isn’t how you should take care of patients, Princess. I’m giving you a low rating.” 

“Pfft, since when were we ever giving out ratings and what criteria are we even using, idiot.” 

Satoru shifted, sitting upwards and scooching further down to the opposite end of the couch, mumbling, “I don’t want to talk to you anymore. Your negative energy is not good for my healing process.” 

You burst out laughing, adjusting yourself so that your legs stretched out on the couch. You lightly kicked his thigh, hidden under the fluffy blue blanket that Satoru had swaddled himself in. He didn’t respond, so you kicked him lightly again. The soft white hair sticking out of the blanket flopped around as he whimpered and shook his head. 

You tilted your head, kicking him again, sighing, “Satoru, turn around and let me see you.” He shook his head vehemently and replied, “No.” Seriously? His sickness makes him act even more childish, and I didn’t think that was possible.  

A small smile grew on your face as your voice dropped to a soothing tone, “Please? I promise I’ll stop making fun of you, okay? We can just cuddle, Dimples. No negative energy.” I never thought I would ever promise not to tease this man, but look where we are now. 

You heard sniffles and you suppressed the laugh and sarcastic remarks that wanted to come out, asking, “Are you actually that upset with me? I’m sorry.” Satoru coughed, “No, my nose is just runny, Princess.” 

“Oh,” you replied, reaching for the box of tissues nearby and handing it to him. He turned to you, grabbing the tissues blowing his nose as he continued, “I accept your apology, though.” Satoru stood, the blanket still wrapped around him, throwing out his tissues, and as he walked back to the couch, he arched a brow as he met your gaze. “What?” Your eyes trailed over his messy hair, the tint all over his cheeks and nose, and the way his lips moved a bit as he exhaled. An adorable mess. You smiled, answering, “It’s nothing.” 

Satoru stood at the edge of the couch, holding your gaze and waiting expectantly. Oh, he wants me to ask him to cuddle, doesn’t he? The pettiness is really amplified today. Shaking your head, you opened your arms, sighing, “Cuddle?” The corners of his lips turned upwards as he warned, “No bullying.” You were taken back, your mouth dropping open, retorting, “I was not bully—you know what, I don’t have the energy to bicker with you all day. Get over here,” waving your hands for him to come closer. 

Satoru chuckled, climbing between your legs and resting his head on your stomach. You groaned, “You’re a big baby, Dimples,” adjusting to the new weight on top of you. Satoru’s fingers kept wandering your sides as he mumbled, “What happened to no bullying or bickering, Princess?” 

You hummed, “Okay, okay, sorry,” running your hands through his hair and adjusting the blanket around him. Satoru let out a groan of satisfaction, and you chuckled, “How’s that for affection?” Satoru snuggled his face into your stomach, answering, “Perfect.” A ticklish sensation ran through your stomach, causing you to giggle, “Don’t tickle me, or we’ll both fall off this couch.” 




Hearing your phone ring, you opened your eyes and looked around your surroundings to see that a head full of fluffy white hair still rested on your stomach soundly. He’s sleeping this soundly? Poor Satoru, this cold must be taking a toll on him. 

You slowly moved your arm towards the ground next to the couch, your fingers brushing the floor until you finally felt the cool, smooth surface of your phone. You grabbed it, your eyes squinting as it adjusted to your screen’s brightness. Wow, a whole hour has already passed while I was napping? And this guy is still sleeping undisturbed. You had a missed call from Shoko’s office number, causing your brows to arch in confusion, thinking, What could they possibly want from the office? It’s a Saturday.  

You dialed the phone to hear Shoko’s voice immediately answer the phone. “Shoko?” You whispered, not wanting to wake Satoru from his needed sleep. Shoko chuckled, “Why are we whispering [Y/n]?” 

You let out a low hum, “Satoru is asleep right now.” You felt him stir a little and moved a hand to run through his hair, and he relaxed under your touch. “Oh, how’s that going,” Shoko asked with a hint of amusement in her voice. You twirled a strand of Satoru’s hair around a finger, letting out a soft sigh, “It’s...going,” which elicited snorts from Shoko. 

You continued, “Why’d you call? Is there an emergency because I kinda have my hands full here.” Shoko groaned loudly, causing you to quickly press the volume buttons on your phone, so Satoru didn’t wake up, giving you something else to worry about. 

“Nanami and I were working on preparing to interview prospective interns and staff, right?” 


“And Itadori was shadowing Nanami’s work, and somehow he manages to disrupt the file cabinets while looking for something, and it’s a giant mess. I can’t remember where everything belongs, and you have the master list on your computer, so we need you to come in and help.” 

Your thumb and forefinger are pinching the bridge of your nose, slowly inhaling, “The thing is, it's Itadori, and I can’t even get mad at him. I can already see his apologetic face in my head.” 

Shoko laughed, “Yeah, even Nanami was annoyed, and I thought he was going to go ballistic, but he just said, ‘It’s okay to make mistakes, Itadori. You’re still young.’” 

A smile grew on your expression, adding, “He’s the father figure of this office, isn’t he.” 

“Oh yeah! I always forget that he’s not as old as Gojo and I.'' 

Your brow raised, “He’s not? There’s no way.” 

“Yup, we all grew up together, so I can confirm that Nanami’s a year younger than us.” Your eyes widened as you whispered harshly into the phone, “Wait, you all grew up together? Why didn’t anyone tell me this?” Sitting in her office, leaning back in her chair and her feet resting on her desk, Shoko shrugged, “Well, it never came up, I guess. I can tell you more later, but you really need to get down here and fix this disaster.”

 You sighed, “Alright, Shoko. I’m on my way.” You leaned your head back, letting out a loud groan before you cut yourself off, feeling Satoru shift around again. Honestly, even though he’s needier today, once he’s asleep, it’s so peaceful. A rueful smile appeared on your face as you reflected, I wish I didn’t have to wake him, but I have to get up. Well, okay, here goes nothing.  

You reached down to where Satoru laid on top of you, speaking in a soft voice, “Hey, you’ve got to get up, Dimples. I have to head to the office for a quick second, okay.” Satoru slowly opened his eyes, furrowing his brows and shaking his head against your body, mumbling, “No. You stay here.” You rolled your head to the side, thinking, Here we go again. Pushing him to the floor would’ve been much easier.  

“No, Satoru, there’s an emergency at work, and I need to head over there as soon as possible.” He whined, “You’re just finding a reason to leave me, Princess.” You pushed his shoulders so that he would move to sit upright, shifting yourself so that you faced him, sitting with your legs crossed on the grey couch cushions. 

Your cupped his warm cheeks, pulling his face closer to yours, whispering, “Why would I purposely want to leave, Dimples. You’re a moron, yes, but you’re my favorite one nonetheless.” Satoru's lips began to curl up into a smile, and you looked down into your lap, hesitating on what you wanted to say next. You breathed, “You always say this to me, but know that I’ve got you too, Satoru.” 

You looked up to Satoru, meeting a bright blush on his cheeks. I know his skin is more flushed today because he’s sick, but I’ll say that I thoroughly made him flustered just now. You chuckled, brushing away his pale hair from his forehead, placing a light kiss on him. You moved back as Satoru crossed his arms, mumbling, “Fine, you can go.” You rose from the couch, stretching as you replied, “Thank you.” 

You walked into the kitchen, grabbing a cup of water. “Hey, you need to eat, so what do you want,” you called from the kitchen, opening cabinets and drawers. Satoru stood from the couch, the blanket still wrapped around him as he answered, “Don’t know,” sitting down at the island. You closed the cabinet you were looking through, turning back to him, “Well, I don’t have enough time to cook you something, so why don’t you eat some cereal and on my way back here I’ll pick up some groceries to make you soup. Sounds good?” Satoru nodded his head, laying it on the counter, causing you to chuckle as you turned to grab the cereal box and a bowl. 

With your bag in hand and your shoes on, you headed towards the door, hearing the sound of Satoru’s slippers drag around the floor as he followed you. Stepping into the hallway, feeling a small breeze, you turned to Satoru, holding out your pinky. “It’s only a couple of hours. You’ll be fine, I promise.” 

Satoru sneezed, “Okayyy, I guess. I’ll call to check on you,” wrapping his pinky around yours. You smiled, “Okay,” pulling his face down to kiss him on the cheek. “Bye, Dimples.” 

Satoru gave you a weak smile, waving, “Bye, Princess.”




Satoru shifted for the millionth time to a slightly different position on the couch as he kept clicking through the catalog of shows and movies. Should I rewatch Ouran? Or should I try something new on my list? He let out a groan, Since when did life without you become so dull? What is wrong with me? She doesn’t feel that way about me. Heh, of all people it had to be you to turn me into a wreck like this. What have I become? Over one girl? I mean she’s way more than that—maybe this is my sick-ridden mind talking. 

He sighed, murmuring to himself, “I think she would appreciate my charming voice, so let me be nice and call her.” 

Deep in your thoughts as you're scrolling through your computer, you startle a bit hearing your phone ring. There were stacks of files encircling you, so you gingerly moved around, looking for your phone, seeing that it was a Facetime call from Satoru. Sliding the answer button, you greeted, “It’s only been an hour, Satoru. You can’t begin to miss me that quickly.” 

Satoru frowned, “It’s so boring here, and I have nothing to do. How close are you to being done?” 

You flipped your camera, showing the disaster of a room with all the files emptied from their cabinets and drawers. Sighing loudly, you replied, “I still have to go through the master list to assort each thing. But, at least Nanami and Shoko are helping—and look, here they are!” 

“Oh, is that Gojo on the phone?” Shoko asked, grabbing a seat surrounded by stacks of files. You nodded, turning the phone and camera so they could see each other. “Hey, diseased person,” Shoko smirked as Nanami smiled behind her. 

Satoru was not having it as he retorted, “Hi, alcoholic,” grabbing a tissue and blowing his nose. 

“Oh, so you’re feisty today, Gojo,” Shoko quickly responded, flipping him a middle finger. You laughed, “Yeah, his personality is something else when he’s sick.” 

“Shut up, bully. Come back here.” 

Nanami rubbed his forehead, “Trust me, Gojo, none of us want to be doing this right now. Especially me. ” Knowing his stance on working overtime with his assignments, you chuckled softly, agreeing with him as he mumbled, “I could be reading in a cafe right now,” shaking his head. 

You groaned, “Satoru, why don’t you go take a warm bath. It’ll make you feel better.” And hopefully, it washes away some of your current pettiness. The white hair flopped around as he shook his head, returning, “Not if you’re not with me.” 

You closed your eyes shut, your fingers pinching the bridge of your nose again as your lips thinned into a grimace out of pure embarrassment. “Yup, that’s all the time we have to talk, for now, Satoru. I gotta go.” 

Satoru quickly answered, “I’m going to spam you until you decide to come home.” You let out a dry chuckle in disbelief, finally opening your eyes to end the call, acknowledging Shoko’s amusement with your whole situation, and see Nanami already beginning to organize a stack of files. 

For the first half-hour, you remained confident in your belief that Satoru wouldn’t resort to spamming you and would find something to grab his attention. How you were wrong. The first couple of calls were spaced by 10 minutes, and you answered, informing him how far your progress was. To which his only response was, “Come. Home.” Then the intervals quickly shortened down to 3 minutes apart, and then you decided that simply turning off your ringer wasn’t going to cut it, so you decided to turn off your phone completely. 

You thought you were free from distractions, but you were sadly mistaken and underestimated Satoru’s stubbornness. You were about two-thirds done when your office phone began to ring incessantly. You turned to Shoko, grumbling, “We can even unplug this one. It’s connected to the main system.” Shoko shrugged, “At this point, I think Nanami and I can take it from here with the list.” 

Nanami hummed, “Yeah, [Y/n] you should go home to take care of that man-child before he does something more drastic.” 

You laughed, “Alright, thank you, guys. I’m sorry Satoru has been a distraction today.” Shoko shook her head, “Well, that’s Gojo all right, and besides, you were such a help, right Nanami?” Nanami chimed, “Definitely. Thank you [Y/n],” as he finished one of the last remaining stacks. 

You gave your thanks, beginning to pack up your things to return to Satoru’s apartment when your office phone rang again. You rolled your eyes, quickly picking up the phone, answering, “I’m on my way, so stop spamming, idiot.” Satoru, who had his feet kicked up on the glass table in front of him, watching a cute puppy compilation on Youtube, grinned. 




You pressed the doorbell, exhaling as you were exhausted, your arms weighed down with bags of groceries. The door opened to a grinning Satoru, his nose still tinted red and still wearing the blanket as a cape. He began, “Finallyyy my Prin—” 

You interrupted, “I fucking hate you,” stepping into the apartment. You brushed past him, quickly dropping the bags on the kitchen counters, turning back to him, ordering, “Clothes off. Now.” Satoru began to step towards you with a mischievous look in his eye. 

You glared, “Don’t you even think about it, Satoru Gojo. You’re going to take your clothes off and get in the shower.” 

He gasped, “Full name? I pushed it this time, didn’t I?” You nodded, pointing in the direction of his room before you turned to put the groceries away. He began walking, calling back, “Can you join?” 


“But I need help! Pleaseeee,” he whined. You mumbled to yourself, “This man will be the death of me,” meeting him and pushing him down the hallway. “I need compensation for this. You’ve sapped all of my energy.” He chuckled, “Fine, you name your price, Sweetheart. I’ll get you anything you want.” 

Reaching the bathroom, you hummed, “Mmmm, I have to think about this carefully,” starting the shower and beginning to help Satoru remove his clothes. Once he was stripped, he moved his hands to remove your clothes. You grabbed his hands, questioning, “What are you up to? You need the shower, not me.” 

He rested his forehead on yours, retorting, “So you don’t mind your clothes getting soaked?” You let out a groan of frustration, replying, “Fine, whatever.” Satoru laughed, “You know I’m right,” his hands moving again to remove your clothes. You grumbled, “Shut up,” removing your leggings. 

Both naked, you turned him towards the glass shower door, ordering, “Get in,” as you smack his ass. Satoru let out a moan, chuckling, “Mmm, I like that Princess. Do it again.” I t never ends with him, does it?  

You muttered, “Kinky whore,” stepping into the warm shower after him. 




You slid the bowl of chicken noodle soup across the white quartz countertops, chiding, “You know, maybe you can try blowing on your food this time or you can burn your mouth, Satoru. Your choice.” Satoru smirked, “Fine, I’ll do it.” Your brows raised, “So there is some intelligence in there, wow, that’s nice to know.” Satoru squinted his eyes, “Good one,” blowing on the noodles between the chopsticks before taking them into his mouth. He mumbled, “They’re yummy,” giving you a cute smile while his cheeks continued munching on the food. 

You grabbed your bowl, sitting next to him, saying, “I bought a bunch of ice cream so we could make sundaes or milkshakes since desserts make you feel better.” 

Satoru pulled your chair closer to his, his arm slipping around your waist, holding you to his side. You rested your head on his shoulder and he rested his head on yours, saying in a soft tone, “I know I gave you so much shit today, and I annoyed you.” To which you laughed, adding, “Yeah, you really did.” He chuckled deeply, “Thank you, though. Even though you left me and were a bit of a bully to me,” which caused you to groan in warning. He continued, “You stuck with me and made this day way less miserable for me than it would’ve if I didn’t have you.” 

You smiled, feeling him kiss your temple. Holding out your pinky, you whispered, “I said that I’ve got you, Dimples.” Satoru lifted his head, wrapping his pinky around yours, your eyes finding his. His hair brushed your forehead, and he gave you a small smile, whispering back, “And I’ve got you. Always.” 

He moved his hand off your waist to cup your cheek, his nose brushing yours and asking through his eyes. Well, I definitely have whatever cold he has by now, so fuck it. You lean in, brushing your lips against his as his hand on your cheek pulls you deeper into the kiss. 




You woke up, your eyes adjusted to the dark room, feeling your head pound and your throat sore and dry. Well, the symptoms were bound to show up soon anyway. You let out a breath through your nostrils, seeing Satoru’s peaceful expression and noticing the color of his nose and cheeks were back to normal. 

Slowly climbing off the bed, you headed to the kitchen, carefully making your way through the dark apartment, the only light coming from the cityscape outside the living room windows and various appliances around the space. You smiled, seeing the fort you two had made last night after your dinner, sitting inside, drinking your milkshakes while watching musicals. 

Filling up a kettle with hot water, you placed it on the stove, grabbing a tea bag, mug, spoon, and honey. The water quickly heated, pouring it into your mug and avoiding the steam coming off of it. Once it had steeped and your cup was ready, you picked it up, turning to return to Satoru’s room, nearly jumping when you saw two blue orbs floating in the dark. 

Realizing it wasn’t a demon, it was just Satoru’s reflective eyes, you exhaled, “Satoru, why’d you sneak up on me like that.” He ran a hand through his hair, yawning, “Sorry, I was just wondering where you went.” You took a sip while he asked, “Why are you making tea now?” 

You cleared your throat, grimacing at the soreness, “I’m not feeling great.” Satoru’s eyes reflected worry as he came closer to you, lifting your face towards his so he could look at you. “I’m sorry, Stardust. I got you sick.” You turned, sneezing, “It’s okay, it was bound to happen. I just hope Nanami and Shoko didn’t catch it from me.” 

You took a sip as Satoru responded, “Well, I’ll take care of you, just as you did for me.” You shook your head, saying, “No, no, it’s fine, I don’t want to be a burden. Besides, I think I’ll be better off taking care of myself at home.” 

Satoru huffed, “I’m not going to take offense from that statement. But seriously, you don’t need to suffer alone. It’s only fair after what you’ve done for me in the past 24 hours. I’m choosing you, Princess, so don’t feel like a burden, okay?” 

You began, “But—” 

Satoru placed a finger on your lips, assuring you, “You'll be perfectly taken care of, I promise, Sweetheart.” You sighed, surrendering, “Okay, fine.” Satoru's hands cupped your cheeks as he brought his face down to yours, murmuring, “We can do whatever you want tomorrow, okay? Say the words, and it’ll get done, Princess. This is my chance to spoil you.” Your lips curled up into a smile as you nodded, Satoru pulling you in for a gentle kiss. Once he broke away, he smiled, “Let’s go to bed. You need the rest, Stardust,” giving you another kiss. He took your hand into his, and you picked up the teacup with your free hand, Satoru leading you back to the room. 

Now your back against his chest and his arm curved around your waist. Satoru lays his head in the crook of your neck as you’re drifting asleep. He begins whispering things, but you’re too tired to make out his words, thinking you faintly heard him say, “I’ll choose you, Stardust. Every single time.”


Chapter Text

“It’s open,” you yelled to the door as you grabbed a book from the large white bookshelf in your living room. You hear the doorknob twist, and the door unlocks, turning to see Satoru stride into your apartment, dressed in a plain, deep blue tee and black sweatpants with his signature dark shades covering his eyes. 

You brushed the little dust off the hardcover, titled, Your Lens to the World: Photography Basics. You looked out the windows in your living room that led to a balcony high over the city, admiring the bright, sunny weather. This weather is perfect for photos.  

You kept your gaze out the large panes of glass, asking, “Hey, you brought both cameras, right?” Satoru gasped loudly, “Shit. Princess, I forgot I’m so sorry.” You turned to look at him, Satoru sitting on the arm of your slate blue couch. 

“Did I not remind you multiple times to bring it? Now we have to—” You narrowed your eyes, watching a smirk grow on Satoru’s face as he brought out the cameras from where he hid them behind your couch. “But what was the point of that, Satoru?” 

Satoru stood, walking over to you, and you decided to face the windows again. Satoru hugged you from behind, leaning his chin on your head as he answered, “Just teasing, Princess.” 

You crossed your arms, holding the book to your chest, saying, “You’re so funny.” Satoru laughed, “I know,” pressing a kiss to your forehead. 

“You have a nice view here,” Satoru commented, his thumbs brushing your arms. You nodded, a relaxed smile coming to your lips, “Yeah, it’s my favorite thing about this place. It’s a nice place for me to read or relax when I have the chance.” 

Satoru hummed in approval, “Ready, Princess?” You looked up to him, saying, “Yeah, let me grab some stuff.” 

You crossed the space to your kitchen, pulling on the brass handles to open the navy blue cabinets. Grabbing napkins and utensils, you plopped them into the picnic basket that rested on your white and gray marble countertops, already storing your bento boxes and drinks. Wrapping your hands around the wooden handle, you picked up the basket making your way to Satoru, also grabbing the lilac picnic blanket on the couch. “Alright, I’m ready.” 

Satoru hummed in acknowledgment, holding the door open for you. You made your way down to the sidewalk, Satoru pulling out his keys to unlock his grey Mercedes sedan. Placing the items down in the backseat, you sat down in the passenger seat beside him. 

You began driving through the city streets, looking at the blooming cherry blossoms as you passed different districts. Satoru had been messing around with the audio until he settled on a playlist he wanted to play. Satoru began singing along, tapping his thumbs on the steering wheel as you guys entered the freeway, leaving the city. You were also humming, moving your hands to beat against the middle armrest. 

Cruising along the highway, you watch the landscape begin to transform from urban to suburban. Hitting some traffic, you felt the car begin to slow down as one of Satoru's hands slid off the wheel to meet yours on the armrest, squeezing it. You turned your face from the window, “Hmm?” 

“Sing along, Princess.” 

You arched a brow, “Me? Sing? Oh no, definitely not. You know that I don’t sing, Satoru.” He waved a finger, “No, you said that you don’t sing in public . It’s just us, Sweetheart, or do you not trust me either,” moving his hand to clutch his chest as he frowned. 

You turned to the window, fanning yourself, “I’m feeling hot,” winding down your window, “I guess we are in public now. That’s too bad.” Satoru quickly returned, “Oh, we can fix that,” turning on the AC on full blast, “So do you trust me, Princess?” 

You smiled, “I do trust you, but I just don’t feel like singing right now,” turning your eyes back to the passing landscape out your window. Satoru’s hand found yours again, gently playing with it, and you returned the action. 

He inhaled, “You still haven’t told me an embarrassing moment of yours.” You closed your eyes, leaning on the window, “Also will not be doing that right now, Dimples.” He chuckled, squeezing your hand, which got your attention again as he whispered, “Whenever you’re ready. I’ll wait for you.” 

Feeling comfort from his touch and his words, you leaned towards him and squeezed his hand back, pulling it closer to you. Satoru kept singing while you guys kept driving, his soothing voice and the cruise of the car lulling you to sleep. 

It was closer to the late afternoon once you guys had arrived at your destination. You were asleep, your head leaning back on the headrest and still firmly holding on to Satoru’s hand and lips slightly parting as you gently exhaled. Satoru turned off the engine, turning to your restful figure and a small smile coming to his lips. He exhales, moving his hand to rest on your cheek, leaning in to place a light kiss on you, whispering, “Wake up, Princess. We’re here.” 

You slowly open your eyes, first seeing your reflection in his glasses before you dimly see Satoru’s eyes hiding behind the lens. Satoru chuckles softly, “I also kinda need my hand back.” He lifts your intertwined hands, and your eyes widen, noticing how tightly you were holding it. You dropped your hand from his, murmuring, “Sorry about that.” His hand still on your cheek, Satoru moves his thumb against the skin, exhaling, “Don’t apologize, I love feeling connected to you, but we need to get out of the car first.” 

You saw the amusement in his eyes, and you began to giggle, turning to open the door. Satoru, who was also laughing, got out of the car and began helping take stuff out of the backseat. Both of your hands now full, you began walking away from the car, seeing small nemophila flowers planted at the base of two trees on either side of a small dirt path. You turned back to look at Satoru nodding, towards the path’s entrance, saying, “It’s through here.” 

You began walking through the dirt path that was canopied by overhanging trees and surrounded by a small forest. Looking down at the path to make sure there weren’t any tree roots sticking out, you saw occasional groups of nemophila flowers on the side of the paths. As you went on, the groups of flowers became more common, and soon you found yourselves stepping out of the canopied path into a large rolling meadow full of the nemophila flowers. 

You were wearing a light blue wrap dress, and as a breeze flew through the meadow, you felt the cool air on your arms and soft petals of the nemophila against your legs. Your lips curled up into a smile as you closed your eyes and took in the warm rays of the late afternoon sun. You couldn’t hear through the wind, but Satoru had captured your blissful expressions on the Instax camera. 

You set down the picnic basket and began unfolding the lilac blanket. You chose a spot with fewer flowers and was more grassy. The blanket, now on the ground, Satoru placed his phone, wallet, and keys, and the Instax camera down, and you placed the basket on top, making sure the blanket wouldn’t fly off in the breeze. Satoru held the Canon in his hand, and you brought out the book, making your way over to him. Wrapping an arm around his waist, you hummed, “Isn’t it so pretty, Charming?” 

Satoru ran his hand up and down your side as he smiled, “It is pretty. Not as much as me, but very close, Princess.” You rolled your eyes, punching him lightly in the stomach. “The flowers look like your eyes too, Satoru.” You looked up at him, letting out a soft gasp when you saw his intensely blue eyes behind the shades. 

“What happened? Are you falling in love with me at a single glance?” 

You narrowed your eyes, sliding off his glasses and putting them on yourself, enjoying the view. “No, moron, I was going to compliment how pretty your eyes looked reflecting the flowers, but I’m just going to enjoy these glasses of yours.” 

He laughed as you took his hand, stepping away from him and doing a light spin, “Does it look good on me?” He tugged you in, letting go of your hand to hold you at the waist, “Mhmm, I’m going to have to buy you a pair so we could be that hot couple.” You laughed, taking the DSLR that he’d been holding in one hand the entire time. 

You inhaled, “Alright, I freshened up on some of the topics, but if I don’t remember, you should read it over in the book.” Satoru nodded, and you sighed, “Great,” taking the camera from his hands. You turned around, your back against his chest as you held the camera, beginning to explain the different tools and settings. 




“Did you see the bar? See how it’s positive? It means you’re a little bit overexposed. Let’s shorten the shutter speed to this, okay?” 

Satoru sighed, “Photography is a lot of work, Princess.” 

“It is, but soon you’ll properly understand. You just need practice!” Satoru frowned, and you laughed, “You haven’t even taken pictures on your own yet, let’s walk throughout the field and get pictures before the sun sets!” A corner of Satoru’s lips curled upwards as he thought, She’s really enjoying herself. I better be able to catch all these moments on camera.  

Satoru hung the camera from his neck, and taking his hand, you began to walk through the nemophila field. Satoru lifted the camera seeing that a butterfly landed on the flower, snapping a photo in time before it flew away. Good exposure, and it’s clear, seems I’m a natural at this like most things, Princess. 

You were distracted by the fact that there were a bunch of butterflies fluttering around in a flock, holding a finger out to see if one would land. Satoru kept snapping away, quickly figuring out for himself how he wanted the photos to look, catching your excitement and joy when one butterfly finally landed. You slowly turned to Satoru with a wide grin, whispering, “Look, I finally found a friend!” 

In awe of your smile, Satoru just kept pressing on the shutter button, also catching your frown once the butterfly flew away. You kept walking through, as Satoru kept taking photos of the flowers and the sky that began to resemble cotton candy as the sun began to set. 

You were standing at the top of a hill with your arms wrapped against yourself, enjoying the gentle breeze, looking down at the endless nemophila and a small pond. The field of flowers became a beautiful ombre, the light of the setting sun making some sections of flowers look more lavender than blue. You faintly heard the click of the camera lens as Satoru kept taking pictures of you and the landscape. You noticed Satoru's footsteps as he approached you. 

Being careful to move the camera out of the way, he gave a hug from behind as he whispered, “Hey.” Leaning further into his chest, you exhaled, “Hey, Satoru. Do you want to eat now?” He made a weird sound before slipping off the camera bag and placing it on the grass, then sliding his glasses off your face, putting it down on the ground. You furrowed your eyebrows, “Hey, what are you doing?” 

He smirked, “Let’s go down the hill,” seeing your expression full of suspicion, he continued, “We’re just going to roll down it like kids. It’ll be fun I promise!” You narrowed your eyes, “What’s your move here?” He blinked, his mouth dropping open a little before he chuckled, “Sweetheart, I thought we were way past all those games.” 

You crossed your arms, shrugging, “We are, but I know you Satoru, There is something you’re not telling me.” Satoru sighed, “Fine, you got me. I think this should be a competition, and if I win, you take my glasses, and if I win, you tell me an embarrassing story and sing on the way home.” 

You tilted your head, “Seriously?” 

“Deadass,” Satoru replied with a wide grin on his face. You sighed, sitting down on the field, saying, “Wait, I feel bad for the flowers, though.” 

Satoru shrugged, “Oh well,” as he laid down against the flowers with no remorse. You scrunch your face slightly, putting your back down on the flowers as well, inhaling deeply. 

Realizing something, you hollered, “Wait—Satoru I’m in a dress!” A breeze begins to blow on the meadow, and he yells, “Mmm, what was that? Anyways, three, two, one, GO!” Satoru pushes off and begins to roll down the hill, and you holler back, “Cheating bastard,” quickly beginning to roll down the hill after him. 

You did a great job closing the initial gap due to Satoru’s dishonesty, but you weren’t able to beat him to the bottom of the hill. Satoru stood, extending a hand to help you stand, but you put your hands into the ground pushing yourself off and walking past him, heading towards the small pond you were admiring from afar before. 

Scooping a handful of water, you turned around, splashing it into Satoru’s face, “That’s for being an asshole.” Satoru furrowed his brows, pulling his shirt up to wipe his face off, giving you a sight of his abs. Your cheeks tingle a bit, and you’re waiting for a response from Satoru when he drops his shirt back down, letting out a huff, a smirk full of mischief telling you that he was up to no good. 

You were slowly backing away from him, back towards the hill and the picnic blanket, when he let out a dark chuckle, “Oh, I’m getting you back for that one, Princess.” He began striding towards you, and you took no chances, letting out a shriek as you began sprinting up the hill. Two-thirds up the hill, Satoru began closing in on you, and you grumbled, “It’s those damn long legs. It’s an unfair advantage!” 

“What was that, Princess?” Satoru spoke in a low voice, his lips by your ear and his hands resting on your waist. You spun around, too quickly and about to lose your balance, when Satoru’s hands pulled you into his chest. You took a step back, falling backward into the hillside, the nemophila cushioning your fall as Satoru stuck a hand against the ground so he didn’t crush you. 

You huffed, “You creep,” as you pushed against his chest to get him off you but to no avail. Satoru chuckled, saying, “You knew I was coming after you, Princess. It was a cute attempt to get me away from you, though.” 

“Very funny, Satoru.” You began to mindlessly play with his tee as Satoru’s hands played with the hem of your dress, his fingers sliding higher and higher on your inner thigh. You let out a breath, looking into Satoru’s eyes before he closes the distance between the two of you, his lips capturing yours. 

One of your hands finds the back of his neck, pulling him closer to you as you move your lips against his, the other running against his chiseled chest muscles under his shirt. 

Satoru’s hands have reached your underwear, playing with the band. You moaned, arching your back against him, causing Satoru to groan, beginning to grind his hips into you. You pulled your lips away from him, both already slightly swollen and breathing heavy. 

You inhaled deeply, “We should pick up the camera and glasses and head back to the blanket before we can’t find our stuff anymore,” looking at the darkening sky as the sun finally set. You saw a hint of disappointment in his eyes, whispering, “Maybe when we get home or in the car, Dimples,” shrugging your shoulders. Satoru smiled, giving you a quick peck on the lips. 

You had grabbed the glasses and camera bag you two had dropped on the ground before your hill race, now sitting on your picnic blanket you had left. Passing Satoru his onigiri and dango, you pour yourselves your strawberry-peach seltzer water and iced tea into cups, passing Satoru his own. Satoru bit into the onigiri, humming in satisfaction over the spicy tuna flavor. A smile grew on your face as you watched Satoru enjoy the food, swallowing your bite of the onigiri and reaching into the bowl of fresh fruit in front of you. 

Satoru sipped his seltzer, clearing his throat, “So, spill Princess. What was the embarrassing moment?” You stopped chewing the grape you were munching on, a low groan coming from your throat. 

You swallowed, “I was hoping you would let that one go, Charming,” reaching for a cup of your seltzer. He chuckled through his bites, reaching for a napkin, “Nope, Princess. I wanna hear it!” You rolled your eyes, placing your bento box down on the blanket by the fruit bowl, sighing, “Where do I even begin? I guess to start it was my first executive meeting with the board of trustees.” 

Satoru shook his head, grumbling, “I hate all those stuck-up bastards.” You nodded in agreement, replying, “Yeah, definitely. Well, the short old baldy with terrible facial hair—Gakuganji, didn’t believe it was my place to be in the meeting, despite me showing him my badge that accredited me. He went on to say some sexist shit about women’s role in society.” 

You sighed, fiddling with the laces of your cream-colored Converses. “I expected a comment or two about my qualifications for the job, and I was, and I’m still prepared to prove them wrong, but it was still embarrassing being in a room of people who didn’t believe or respect me. Yaga eventually cut them off, giving me a space to do what I was there for, but the damage was done. That’s when I dedicated myself to making sure that no one could find an excuse to say I wasn’t capable enough—which is why I insist on remaining professional at work.” 

You shrugged, “It helps if I’m numb towards people who don’t even hold me with regard so I can just keep moving on my path. But yeah, that’s an embarrassing moment. I hope it was good enough for you, Dimples.” You kept your gaze on the lilac blanket, moving to begin eating again when you met Satoru’s eyes. His eyes crinkled a bit, his expression holding a soft smile, reserved for you. “What?” 

Satoru’s hands traveled down the cotton blanket until it reached your knee, softly brushing the skin with his cool fingertips. Another gentle breeze blew through the meadow as Satoru responded, “I don’t think you should be embarrassed, Sweetheart,” causing your eyebrow to lift, he continued, “You should be proud that you didn’t stoop to their bitchy behavior.” Your eyes staying locked on his, finally realized that it was wonder—not amusement that was making Satoru’s eyes crinkle. Satoru added, “Your dignity—no, you amaze me, Sweetheart. I mean you always do yet you still find new ways to do it.” 

A shiver traveling through your spine to your hands and feet, your chest became tight with the fluttering sensation like at the Rockefeller ice rink in New York. But the exhilarating feeling didn’t come from gliding through the air, it was just from the snowy-haired man in front of you. You looked down into your lap, trying to hide your reaction once again as you whispered, “Thanks, Toru.” 




Finishing your dinner and packing the stuff back into the basket, you asked Satoru, “Can we stargaze for a bit before we head back? There’s supposed to be a small meteor shower.” Admiring the clear, navy sky, you pointed out, “We can eat our tiramisu there.” 

Satoru’s eyes brightening at the mention of dessert, you laughed, continuing to pack away all the items. Now sitting in the car, Satoru turned on the engine. The interior LED lighting turned on, sensing the dark environment. “I have the perfect place for us to stargaze Princess,” Satoru spoke, shifting the gear in drive, heading down the empty road. 

The car windows were down, the large sky roof propped open as you two cruised down a small road lined with a mixture of Yoshino and weeping cherry trees. As a stronger breeze flew by, you smelled a hint of salt in the air, also admiring the swirling white and pink petals from the trees. The road opened up to a huge grassy cliff overlooking the ocean. 

You stepped out of the car, your eyes full of awe as you looked out into the horizon, admiring the ombre in the sky from a royal blue to a midnight black as night fully came over you. You turned to Satoru, who was stepping out of the car, camera in hand, snapping photos of you, the trees, and the view over the ocean. 

You opened your mouth to comment on the scenery, but you couldn’t find the words that would do it justice. The camera clicked once again, Satoru capturing your wondrous mien, a full grin on his face, showing his perfect teeth. “I know, Princess. It’s breathtaking, isn’t it?” You gave him a nod as he approached you, wrapping an arm around his waist. 




You settled on the grass, the lilac cotton blanket underneath you once again. The moon was bright, fully gleaming on you both as you laid down, looking at the stars for constellations and the occasional shooting star. 

At one point, you noticed from the corner of your eye, that Satoru wasn’t looking at the stars, but instead, his eyes were on you. Trying to hide the sheepish smile that wanted to grow on your face, you kept your eyes on the sky as you murmured, “Someone’s missing the show.” 

“I’m already looking at the sight that I’m supposed to be, Stardust.” He shifted closer to you, resting his head on his elbow, looking over you. The fluttering sensation returned to your stomach, this time the most intense as it had ever been. 

You looked up into Satoru’s face, and he was not only beautiful, but he was breathtaking—even more than the view. The angle of the soft moonlight hitting his hair and his eyes caused it to gleam in a way that made Satoru seem angelic. 

Your eyes matched the sense of wonder in his eyes, looking at him as he looked at you. The fluttering feeling in your stomach was delicate, but you were sure it was there. I’m losing myself in him—in his eyes, his touch, his words, and his whispers. I know there’s no coming back from this, but I’m okay with that. I think—no, I’m sure. Anything for the feelings that he brings out of me. Shit. Is this what falling for someone feels like? No. No, there’s no fucking way. Fuck, I need to calm down

You slowly inhaled, running a hand through his soft hair before you turned slightly, trying to avoid Satoru from catching a hint of the spiraling thoughts that were in your head. He spoke in a gentle whisper, “What is it, Princess?” He’s so damn attentive, and I lov—like that. I like that a lot. I’m not ready for the other word yet.  

You let out another breath, answering, “No, it's nothing, Toru. Don’t worry about it.” Leaning his head closer to you, his strands of hair brushed your forehead as he whispered, “Tell me.” 

Figuring out a response, you exhaled, a corner of your lips lifting into a gentle smile, “It’s just how beautiful you look in the moonlight—you know, like your eyes and your hair. I don’t know just— you . I guess the word to describe it all is perfection.” 

Satoru’s cheeks became a deep rosy color, and your cheeks burn as well, reaching for his hand to rub circles into his palm. Satoru’s breathing hitches as his mind runs wild, thinking, I love you. I love you, Princess. There—I admitted it. Fuck. I mean not verbally, but God, I’m in love with you, Princess. And it’s been consuming me for so long—it still does. Fuck, what am I doing?  

Concerned with his silence and his expression, you lifted a hand to his cheek as you furrowed your brows, “Satoru?” He blinked, a pure, genuine smile that radiated warmth growing on his lips. He leaned down, brushing his lips with yours before he moved to the sensitive spots on your jaw and neck, mumbling, “Yes, my Princess?” Which caused you to close your eyes in laughter and pull him closer to you. 

He moved, his legs now between yours as he kissed a trail back up to your lips, kissing you deeply as his hand was already moving up your thighs, reaching the damp spot of your panties. He groaned, grabbing behind your knees and sliding you closer to him. 

You felt his hard cock, strained against his sweats, brush against your clothed cunt, moaning at the sensation. Satoru began sucking on the skin in the crook of your neck as he ran his nimble fingers on your drenched panties, placing pressure on your clit. You arched your back against him, fingers running through his hair, tugging on the pale strands. 

He groaned, beginning to grind his hips against yours, his fingers now at the band of your panties, moving to slide them. He mumbled between kisses and bites on your collarbone, “Why even bother?” 

You furrowed your brows in confusion, not understanding what he was referring to when Satoru yanks at your panties, ripping the navy lace away from your body. He tossed it over his shoulder, the breeze carrying the ripped material over the edge of the cliff. 

You let out a gasp in shock, “Satoru, you did not just—mph!” You couldn’t finish your thought as he began running his fingers through your drenched slit, his lips still moving around your neck and chest, leaving bites and marks for you to find later. 

Satoru removed his lips from your skin, his face hovering over yours as he pressed quick kisses on your lips, mumbling, “Oh yes, I did, Sweetheart. I’ll order a thousand more tomorrow to make up for it.” You let out a hum, chuckling at Satoru’s willingness to spend his money on you for whatever reason. 

Your hands moved to the hem of his shirt, tugging it up over his defined muscles. Satoru tossed his shirt to the side, using his hands to slip off your wrap dress. The dress quickly comes off, and Satoru’s pants and boxers quickly follow afterward as you both kick off your shoes. Satoru ducked his head down, his tongue teasing your entrance, licking all of your juices before he quickly swirls his tongue around your clit, removing pressure. 

You groan in frustration, bucking your hips upwards as you’re craving the contact. Satoru smirks, pushing your hips back down on the blanket, lifting your legs, and placing them over his shoulders. 

You moaned, “Wait—Satoru,” feeling the chills spread through your body as your dripping pussy was fully bare. He kissed a line down your inner thighs, mumbling, “I’ve got you, Princess. Trust me.” You nodded, and Satoru began to push his hard, veiny cock into your cunt. 

The atmosphere around you became full of your moans and soft breaths as you felt your walls relax around his cock, fully taking him in. Satoru muttered softly, “Fuck, Princess, the things you do to me,” as he began to slowly thrust his cock deep into your pussy. Feeling his cock rub your spot just right and hearing the lewd sounds your drenched cunt was making, you closed your eyes, panting, “That’s it, Toru. Oh, fuck.” 

His ego absorbing the praise, a smug smirk on his face was growing as he answered between groans, “Mmm, I wanna hear you, Sweetheart. You know what to say,” as he began to increase his pace. 

You opened your eyes, meeting the apatite eyes that were full of desire, amusement, and were feral. Your brows beginning to furrow as the pleasure began to build in your cunt, you grumbled, “You’re so goddamn annoying, brat.” Satoru lets out a deep chuckle, moving his hands to your thighs, pressing them further back and wider as Satoru begins to pound into you at a faster pace and a new deeper angle. 

Satoru huffed, “I love it when you tease, but you know that’s not what I wanted to hear, Sweetheart. Try again.” Your pussy involuntarily clenched around his cock, as you were pushed closer to your edge by the sounds of your hips and Satoru’s moving against each other. You began clenching the blanket in a fist, saying, “You feel fucking good, Toru. Is that what you wanted to hear, bastard?” 

Satoru moaned loudly, “Oh, fuck yes, Princess,” a hand intertwining with yours against the blanket, the other beginning to rub circles on your clit, which causes you to shudder against him. Satoru grumbles a low, “Fuck,” feeling your body reach closer and closer to your climax. You were holding on to his hand tightly, your nails digging into the back of his palm as you hovered right over the edge. 

You whimpered, “Cum with me, Toru,” Satoru hung his head as he kept his intense pace, speaking in a strained voice, “Yes, baby,” that showed you how close he was as well. After another few thrusts, both of you climaxed, releasing loud moans into the sea breeze that passed by, strong waves of pleasure hitting you. 

Satoru moved your legs to wrap around his waist as he continued thrusting through his orgasm, you feeling him release more hot cum up your cunt. You threw your head back further into the blanket as you bucked your hips with him, your cunt quickly becoming overstimulated with Satoru’s relentless pounding. 

Satoru lowered himself over you, his lips working your sensitive spots once again and his hands now playing with your breasts over your black bra. Tears began accumulating at the corner of your eyes, and Satoru’s name is the only word your lips know as you orgasm again.

 You curled your toes in overwhelming pleasure, and Satoru admires your face contorted in pleasure, thinking, I love you—fuck, [Y/n]. His lips part as he mutters, “God, I—you’re so fucking gorgeous.” Feeling your cunt clench and spasm around his dick uncontrollably, he thrusts deeply once more, his hips stilling as he releases again into your cunt. 

He remains hovering over you, you two breathing the heated air as you come down from your releases, sharing lighter, sweet kisses. Satoru pulls out, a satisfied grin coming on his face as he admires your cunt, oozing with both of your cum. Satoru collects some on his finger, holding it in front of your mouth to suck. 

You slowly take his fingers into your mouth, swirling your tongue on the fingertip, and suck it clean of cum. Satoru groans, “Princess, if you’re not careful, we’ll end up sleeping out here.” 

You chuckled, countering, “Charming, if we stayed out here all night, I don’t think there would be much sleeping.” His eyes widened as he laughed, “Is that a request, Princess?” 

You sat up humming, “Mmmm, not tonight but maybe another weekend. Or a trip?” 

He smiled, “I’d like that,” he stood, tapping your shoulder, “Stay here, I need to clean you up.” 

Once you both were cleaned and dressed up, you looked out to the horizon once more, looking at the dark waves blending with the sky. You held Satoru’s hand in yours, lightly tapping your fingertips against his veiny hands. 

Satoru rests his head on yours, pressing light kisses on your forehead, cheeks, and lips, whispering, “I had fun today, Princess, thank you.” You smiled, brushing your nose against his, “I’m glad, Dimples.” 

Satoru’s hand traveled to the small of your back, pulling your chest flush against his, the other hand at the back of your neck, pulling you into a deep kiss. You rested your arms around his neck, leaning into him, when his hands found the underside of your thighs, lifting you and your legs wrapped around his torso. 

He spins you slowly as a breeze flies past you, the Yoshino and weeping cherry petals floating in the air around you. Your lips curled upwards into a smile as he continued kissing you and spinning you gently in his arms. 

He broke away first, whispering, “I’m yours, Princess.” A cute grin grew on your face as you rested your head in the crook of his neck, whispering back, “And I’m yours, Charming.” 




You sat in the car as Satoru began playing ‘Mayonaka no Door/ Stay With Me’ by Miki Matsubara. You beamed, “I love this song!” He chuckled, “Good because you have to sing along.” 

Your smile dropped into a frown as you grumbled, “Don’t ruin this, Satoru.” He tilted his head back, laughing, “You lost the race, Princess. Besides, don't you trust me?” You sighed, beginning to sing the lyrics, and Satoru smiled, joining you. Satoru grabbing the tiramisu from the backseat, you groaned, “Can't you just wait to eat when we get back? A few minutes now can help us beat traffic.” 

Satoru released a breath out his nose before replying, “Nope, I want it now.” You rolled your eyes, “Seriously?” 


“Are you sure?” 

“Mhm.” Deciding to use the time to eat your tiramisu as well, you retorted, “You’re so annoying. But what else could I’ve expected? You did say that desserts added vibrancy to life.” Savoring the flavor, Satoru closed his eyes, replying, “I did, but I forgot to mention one thing, Stardust.” 


Opening his eyes to look into yours, he smiled softly, “That you do too.” Goosebumps began to rise on your arms as you shoved a spoonful of tiramisu into your mouth, failing to control your reaction as you grumbled, “Stop doing that, you stupid poet.”

 Shifting the tiramisu into one hand, Satoru laughed at your flustered reaction, an arm out the open window, touching the floating petals as you both continued to hum along to the song.


Chapter Text

The two of you were still belting out songs as Satoru continued driving on the freeway, shades back on his face, covering his eyes. The terrain had become more suburban, and you were about to enter the city limits. Hearing ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay begin to play, you smiled, “Oh, this is a good one, Satoru.” 

He nodded, adding, “But it’s so sad. We should switch to a more happy song, Princess.” You shook your head, answering, “I say no because the lyrics are so pretty, and I want to listen to it. Please ,” holding your intertwined hands in a pleading manner. 

Satoru released a dramatic sigh, “Fine, I guess we’ll have it your way,” moving his hand away from the skip button on the wheel. You were humming along when the car automatically paused the song, the navigation system announcing, “New detour on your route due to an accident as of a few minutes ago, please prepare for heavy traffic.” 

You groaned, “See Satoru, maybe if we left earlier, we would have beat this traffic, but someone couldn’t wait for their tiramisu.” Satoru countered, “Hey, now you have time to thoroughly enjoy your sad music,” beginning to slow down the car as the traffic began to build up. 

You were looking out the window as you guys slowly inched forward on the highway. You weren’t paying attention at first because the night sky camouflaged the smoke from a far distance. But as you two continued inching towards the accident causing the detour, you gasped, noticing the billowing smoke from some car in the distance. “Oh my god, Satoru—” 

Your window was still cracked open, you began to smell the strong scent of gasoline, coughing before Satoru closed up the window. The two of you were still not able to see anything for the next few minutes until you realized that all the cars were merging into one lane to exit the freeway onto another one. The car in front of you shifted into another lane. Both, gasping at the unbelievable sight in front of you. 

Behind the police barricade, you saw a huge truck, heavily damaged on its side, and you could tell that this was a chain reaction accident. Cars totaled, one flipped over and many more colliding into another. A van rammed into the guardrail of the freeway, and your eyes traveled to where the billowing smoke was coming from, a passenger car completely totaled and rammed into another car engine. 

Glass and metal shards covered the streets and the people—the blood. Your eyes were stinging watching ambulance workers carry body bags on stretchers and people with mortal wounds trying to save their families from the wreckage as some lifeless bodies already laid on the asphalt. Satoru kept his composure, slowly shifting into other lanes preparing to exit the freeway, but you were frozen, trying to convince yourself the stinging in your eyes was coming from the thick smoke. 

A loud crackle traveled through the air, and you flinched severely, Satoru’s hand instinctively reaching towards yours on the middle armrest, slowly rubbing soothing circles on the back of your palm. Just a few minutes ago, all these people were trying to get somewhere. Some families were just trying to go home like us. What would’ve—  

You’re snapped out of your babbling thoughts as you hear a woman scream, turning to see a blonde woman with blood seeping through her pants from a wound on her thigh, escorted by a paramedic to the ambulance. Her voice was slightly muffled, but you could still understand her as she screamed, “I can’t leave him! M-my husband Yu, he’s still in the car. Please , someone , help him! He’s a father— please ! Yu , hold on for me , please !” 

Her screams fade away as she enters an ambulance. Looking back at the car the woman was gesturing to, a medic pulls a stretcher with a closed body bag. Unable to look anymore, you exhale weakly, closing your eyes. All those people are gone—their families, broken in unrepairable ways. And I’d been nagging Satoru to get going—that could’ve been us if I didn’t listen to him.  

Satoru inhaled as he continued switching lanes, both of you finally leaving the awful site, heading home. The rest of the car ride was silent. You remained, leaning your head against the window, watching as you drove through familiar streets until your high-rise came to view. 

You were still frozen, not moving even when Satoru had parked and turned off the engine. He tugged your hand, “Hey, let’s go home.” Meeting his gaze full of worry, you swallowed, nodding your head and opening your door. You took the stuff out of the back seat and Satoru as well, making your way back into your apartment. 

You walked through the high-ceiling hallways, riding the elevator and unlocking your door. It was all done in silence, especially weird for Satoru since he couldn’t get you out of your daze. Stepping into your apartment, you put the stuff away in silence, while in your living room, Satoru turned on the television. The first thing shown was the news station covering the accident. 

Standing behind where Satoru sat on the blue couch, you read the headlines reading: Large motor collision on a major freeway; leaves 10 dead, 18 injured (8 critical). More info on the collision cause later.  

Not wanting to relive the scenes you saw or think about that woman who was screaming for her husband, you breathed, “I’m going to shower and go to bed. You don’t have to come now if you don’t want to.” You turned to the hallway that led to your room, hearing Satoru’s voice call after you, “I’ll be right there, Princess.” 

You were still thinking about random small things trying to get your mind off the crash as the warm water runs down your face and arms, but it wasn’t working as it was still at the forefront of your mind. It was only a difference of a few minutes, those few minutes that I was so insistent on using to beat traffic. I could have put him in that. And the thing is, you never know when your time is up. I was so concerned that I could receive yellow flowers from him, but those people now have to be concerned about laying flowers on a gravestone. 

As your mind continued to spiral down that rabbit hole, your breathing became more shallow, your arms wrapped tightly around yourself, and you were so out of it that you didn’t hear Satoru enter the shower, jumping when you felt his hands move down your arms. 

His long fingers came under your chin to get you to look at him as he spoke gently, “I know you, Princess. And I know that you’re overthinking things in that beautiful mind of yours. I ask you to be with me here and now, to not jump to impossible conclusions. I know it’s hard, but I’m here, you’re here, and I think that’s all we need, Stardust.” Satoru moved to grab your soap and loofah, beginning to run circles on your skin as he leaned in, whispering, “Can you do that for me?” You nodded, taking a deep breath as Satoru kissed you gently on the cheek. 




You blinked your eyes open, looking around to see that your surroundings were Satoru’s dark Mercedes interior, turning your eyes to outside your passenger window, seeing that there were cars, but they were all wrecked or in flames. 

You turned to the driver seat that had blood stains on it, wondering, Where is he? Oh god, please let this be a bad dream. Where are you, Toru? Feeling something begin to drip down your face, you touched your head noticing a large wound on your head that was seeping blood into your hair and down your face. 

Your heart begins to race as you fumble with your seatbelt, quickly stepping onto the street, wincing at the pain going through your foot. You quickly see Satoru’s white hair lying against the asphalt. Groaning through your foot pain, you run over to him, quickly dropping to your knees as you assess his injuries. 

Your hands are shaking as you notice a large wound on his torso, blood darkening his shirt and running onto the gray pavement, a head wound identical to yours. You move your hands to his cheek and his hand, grabbing his attention as his eyes slowly open. Your voice broken and hoarse, you whispered, “S-Satoru?” 

His signature grin grew on his face, but it was weaker as he responded, his voice also broken, saying, “Princess? There’s my best girl!” You nodded, giving him a weak smile as you took both of his hands into yours. Satoru began to cough, a line of red dribbling down from the corner of his lips as he continued, “Heh, I’m about to go, aren’t I?” 

You shook your head vehemently, the corner of your vision already becoming blurred as you answered, “No, you’re going to stay with me, Satoru. It’s going to be alright because I’ve got you.” His eyes, gleaming in the moonlight, began to show despair as he countered, “But if it isn’t alright, Stardust, thank you for everything.” Slowly inhaling he continues, “I-I wish our adventure could’ve been longer, but I’m grateful that we had one at all.” 

You choked out a sob, “Stop talking like that. You’re going to be fine. I promise because—because you’re the strongest person I know, Dimples.” 

He gave you a sad smile as his inhales became more shallow, speaking gently, “I’m going to miss hearing that nickname, Princess.” Tears began to stream down your face as he asked, “Do you trust me, Sweetheart?” To which you nodded, as he kept speaking, “Then trust that you’ll be okay because I believe in you, alright?” His eyes begin to droop, and you hear the soft wheezes in his breaths as he’s struggling to keep breathing. His expression now a smile with his eyes closed, he whispered, “And know that you’ll always have me,” releasing his final exhale, his smile faltering. 

You blinked, lightly tapping his cheek as your sobs became uncontrollable, “No, no, no, no, no, no. Satoru, please stay awake. Please, open your eyes for me. Let me see how beautiful they are in the moonlight. Please, I can’t lose you.” 

The burning sensation in your eyes continues as blood from your head injury drops into it. Rubbing your eyes and squeezing his limp hand, you continue, “If not for me, then at least for Megumi, for Nanami, for Itadori, for Shoko! For everyone who loves you, Satoru.” I can’t breathe for him. I can’t pump his heart for him. I can’t heal his wounds for him. I can’t save him. I can’t do shit. I wasn’t—I’m still not enough for him.

Your voice gets quiet as you continue, leaning over his face, running a hand through his hair that had become stained with red. Your voice sore from sobbing and the dry atmosphere from the nearby flames, you faltered, “I-I was supposed to be yours . Who am I supposed to share pinky promises with? W-we were supposed to make more memories.” 

Your head pounding, you watched your tears slide down his deathly pale cheeks, adding, “I hope you felt cared for or appreciated or loved. I’m sorry I wasted those months bantering when we both knew. I’m sorry I couldn’t put my feelings into words. I know I wasn’t enough for you, and I’m sorry . Fuck, Satoru, please, just breathe for me . Choose me Satoru—” 


You gasped awake, your eyes searching your surroundings, realizing that you were in your bedroom before your eyes met the familiar aquamarine eyes that were heavy with worry and concern. “S-Satoru?” Your cheeks and the collar of your t-shirt are soaked in tears, and Satoru’s thumbs are brushing the tears off your face as he answers, “I’m here, Sweetheart. Come over here.” 

Satoru guides you to lay in between his legs, your damp cheek resting on his broad chest. You wrap your arms around his torso, snuggling closer as one of Satoru’s hands run up and down the curve of your back and the other cupping your cheek and holding your face to his chest. 

You slowly snuggled into his chest, tears still running down your face as he said, “Tell me what you need from me, Princess.” You inhaled, trembling slightly, which caused Satoru to adjust the blanket over you. Letting a breath out your nose, you responded, “Just hold me—and don’t—don’t let go, please.” 

He hummed, and you felt the comforting sensation of feeling the vibrations through his chest. “Now, how could I do that to my best girl?” Remembering how he said that in your dream, a slew of tears began to fall from your eyes again. 

Satoru asked, “Accident?” You nodded in response. Not wanting you to have to go through the details again, Satoru kept to simple questions saying, “Who? Family? Shoko?—” 

You blurted between stifled sobs, “ You . It was you , Toru.” 

Satoru’s eyes widened, and you felt just a slight jerk in his movements. After a moment, he whispered, “Take a second for me, Stardust. Listen to my breathing and feel my heartbeat. I’m okay, you’re okay, and we’re safe.” 

You noticed his heartbeat quicken as he hesitated, taking a breath before he continued, “Princess, my heart still beats, and every beat is for you,” lifting your head, kissing you gently. Your cheeks burned as you whispered your thanks, still listening to his calm heartbeat. Tapping your fingertips onto his skin, you were in your thoughts, feeling Satoru’s chest rise and fall calmly. I-I need you, Satoru. Not to survive. It’s not like I’ll die if I’m not with you, but—I don’t—I don’t know if I would consider it living either. Oh fuck, I’ve really fallen for him, haven’t I? What am I supposed to do with myself now? I hope I have enough time to explore this feeling with him. And I hope he feels the same—because I’m not ready for our adventure to end, Dimples.  

He held you in silence for a few minutes before he leaned down into your ear, mumbling, “Sweetheart, please listen when I say this. You’ll always be more than enough for me.” Exhaling, Satoru leaned his head back on the pillow as he mused, I really love you. I know you don’t know, but you will, when the time’s right, my love. Heh, you really have become my everything and I can’t lose you either, Princess. 

Mustering up the courage to speak, you thought, He deserves to know where I’m at, so we can end this before either of us gets hurt if the feelings aren’t mutual. You deeply inhaled, pushing off Satoru’s chest, lining your face up with his before whispering, “I’m falling, Satoru.” 

The slight blush that you didn’t notice that was already there intensified as his hand on your jaw pulled you closer to lean your forehead on his, “Together, Sweetheart. Then we’re falling together. ” 

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“Ugh, it’s been so hot and humid lately,” Shoko complained. It was late June and well into summer, everyone suffering from disgustingly hot weather. You nodded, thankful for the exposure your legs got in your lilac short suit that you paired with a white v-neck button-up. 

Returning from another lunch with Shoko, you two were suffering from the uncomfortable walk back to your office, five mins feeling like an eternity. Shifting the lilac blazer that draped over your arm, you replied, “There’s a storm brewing. It’s just anytime from now,” as you reach for the door handle to walk into the office building. 

Shoko groaned, “How I’ve missed air conditioning,” pressing the button for the elevator. The elevator door opening, you stepped into the elevator and continued, “There was no way that walk was only five minutes.” Shoko took out a small napkin from her bag, patting the little sweat droplets that had begun to form, grumbling, “No. Fucking. Way.” You laughed, the two of you reaching your floor and heading to your offices.

“So, how’s Gojo? Is there anything I should know?” Shoko asked, a suggestive smile on her smile. You narrowed your eyes, “He’s fine. What do you think you should know?” 

“Maybe if some important words have been said.” Shoko, looking at your perplexed expression, continued, “You know, three important words .” Your eyes widened as Shoko began to chuckle before you replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. No such words were said yet.” 

Since that date to the nemophila field and the eventful night that followed, your relationship with Satoru had been stable. You both knew you were falling for each other, not knowing where to go from there, so you were just trying to enjoy yourselves and continue to see where you guys went. 

You turned down another hallway with Shoko when you stopped to look at an unfamiliar figure. Standing by the door to Satoru’s office, you saw a woman with pale blue hair, dressed in a sleeveless turtleneck, jeans, and boots that were all black. How is she—  

Shoko was on the same wavelength as you, harshly whispering, “Mei Mei? How’s she not dying of heatstroke? And why is she here?” You furrowed your brows, whispering, “Wait, you know her?” 

Shoko opened her mouth to respond, but she stopped hearing the door open. When you saw Satoru’s door open, he stepped out and pressed a kiss to each of Mei Mei’s cheeks. You raised a brow. Okay, someone needs to answer the many questions in my head right now.  

Shoko rubbed her face, mumbling, “ Dumbass . Why is he putting up with this again?” 

You nudged her, “What do you—” 

Hearing familiar voices, Satoru turned to his side, looking down the hallway to see you two whispering. “Princess?” Your attention on Shoko lost as you turned to meet Satoru’s smiling face, greeting, “Hey.” Satoru walked towards you, the darkly dressed woman or ‘Mei Mei’ following behind. “So who’s this?” Satoru looked back at Mei Mei before looking at you once again, “This is Mei Mei. She’s a good—friend, Princess.” Shoko rolled her eyes, mumbling something intelligible. 

Satoru grinned, “Hi, Shoko.” 

“Hello, Gojo. Mei Mei, it's been a while.” The blue-haired woman finally spoke, “Hi Shoko, and nice to meet you [Y/n], right?” You nodded before Satoru spoke, “Sorry, Princess, but Mei Mei and I have to go for lunch to catch up on things. I’ll see you later, okay?” You gave him a small smile, nodding as Satoru lowered his lips to yours, giving you a quick peck. He began walking past you towards the elevator, Mei Mei following behind. 

You couldn’t see her face well before, her hair in a braid that shielded a large part of it. As she walked past you, she gave you a kind smile which you returned. But her brown eyes were glittering with something else that made you feel uneasy. 

You turned to Shoko, asking, “Is there anything I should know about those two?” Shoko closed her eyes, shaking her head, “It’s really not my place to tell—I don’t even know the whole thing myself. But maybe Nanami could help give you some context.” 

You sighed, beginning to continue to head towards both of your offices, “Good because as much as I trust Satoru, I don’t trust Mei Mei.” Slowing down in front of Shoko’s door, she inhaled, “You shouldn’t, [Y/n]. A storm is brewing here.” You raised your brows, saying, “Oh, okay. Thank you, Shoko. See you later,” giving her a wave before you headed off to your office. 



The next day, you were in your office once again, calling your business associates and company partners. You moved your hand across your stomach that was clearly empty with the growls that were coming out. Reaching across your desk, you picked up your white mug, chugging the last of your coffee. You stood from your desk, straightening your beige pencil skirt and white silk blouse. 

You stretched, your fingers straining towards the ceiling before they closed in on themselves, forming fists. Releasing a yawn, you lowered your arms and tapped the cool black screen of your phone. 

The screen brightened, revealing that your lunch hour just started. You sighed, grabbing your bag, placing your purse and phone inside as you moved from behind the desk and began to make your way towards the door. What should we eat today? I hope Satoru has an idea because I’m stumped—oh wait, The Dragon Lily—that’s perfect! We’ve ordered delivery, but I never actually took him to the restaurant on a date as he suggested. Oh, I’m actually excited now!  

Now walking in the hallway, a smile grew on your face as your steps became more light-hearted and energetic as you quickly made your way to Satoru’s office. You first turned to Megumi’s office, giving him a quick wave and a hello before you turned the opposite way to enter Satoru’s office. You opened the door, slowly entering and looking over the office with a grey color scheme before you found your boyfriend lounging on the couch with a packet of paper sitting on his face. 

You gently set your bag on one of his nearby black ottomans, covering your mouth to stifle the laughs that wanted to escape. He’s totally focused on his work. Look how close he’s looking at the papers! Truly paying attention to every detail, Dimples, aren’t you.  

You took ginger steps, not wanting your nude-colored pumps to clack too loudly against the grey ceramic tile and wake him up. Using your pointer finger and thumb, you carefully picked up a corner of the stack of papers, seeing Satoru’s closed eyelids. 

You lifted the paper, chuckling softly, when Satoru groaned, a drowsy smile coming to his lips. His voice was low and gruff as he spoke, “Hi, Princess,” slowly blinking his eyes open. He squinted, getting used to the light coming in from the windows that lined his office, reaching for his blindfold that was nearby on the couch. 

Once his blindfold covered his eyes, he yawned, standing and stretching before he stepped towards you. You ran a hair through his slightly tousled hair, teasing, “So how was your nap, sleeping beauty?” 

He grinned, his perfect teeth reflecting a subtle sheen. “So you think that I’m beautiful. If sleeping in the office gets me compliments from you, then I should do it more.” 

You flicked his forehead, which elicited a whine from Satoru’s throat, chiding, “Well, if you do that Satoru, I won’t have my competition for the best exec.” 

He hummed, “We couldn’t possibly have that, now could we?” 

You giggled, taking his hands into yours as you shook your head. Satoru exhaled, “So what’s up, what brings you here, Princess?” 

“Lunch,” you chimed, Satoru noticing your eyes glitter with excitement. 

Though you couldn’t see through the blindfold, his brows arched as he questioned, “Are you changing it to become your favorite meal of the day, Sweetheart?” 

“No! Brunch is too sacred to me! I want us to go to The Dragon Lily for our lunch date today!” 

“Ohhhh,” Satoru breathed, his hands moving from being interlocked with yours to now cupping your cheeks. “Sorry, Princess, but I can’t do lunch today.” 

Your shoulders slightly slumped forwards as you frowned, “Why? We haven’t been to the restaurant on a date like you suggested that night. Is it work?”

Satoru shook his head, the corners of his lips dipping as he answered, “I have to meet up with Mei Mei again today.” 

You inhaled, “Really? That sucks.” Satoru placed a light peck on your cheek, whispering, “I know, she’s just a lot to deal with, you know. But I promise to make this date up to you, okay?” 

You nodded, resting your head on his chest, feeling it rise and fall as you returned, “Oh, don’t worry. We can always go to The Dragon Lily. It’s no big deal!” 

Satoru’s fingers once again found their way under your chin as he moved your head so that your eyes saw as he gave you a gentle smile, “Thanks again, Stardust.” 

You returned the smile, leaning in to kiss him as Satoru’s hand on your chin shifted to your jaw, intensifying the kiss. Your hand rested on his shoulder while the other was lightly grabbing the white hair pulling Satoru closer to you. Satoru groaned, a hand settling on your lower back and traveling to your ass, squeezing it. Your pussy was already throbbing as you arched into him, feeling his dick through the materials of your skirt and Satoru’s slacks. 

You were already getting carried away as Satoru already began lifting one of your legs to rest around his waist. His veiny hands and long nimble fingers were traveling towards dangerous territory, brushing your upper inner thigh when you heard a knock on the door. You both abruptly stop your movements, pulling away from each other as you both were panting, hands fixing your slightly ruffled clothing. 

Satoru called, “Yes?” You moved to pick up your bag from the ottoman, hearing Megumi’s muffled voice replied, “Mei Mei’s here for lunch.” 

“Come in,” Satoru sighed as you turned to him, seeing his exasperated face. You mouthed, Will you be okay? He nodded, blowing you a kiss as you chuckled, your cheeks warming at the gesture. The door opened, and you blew him a kiss, mouthing, You can always talk to me. You were waving goodbye as you passed Mei Mei that was strutting in, wearing a black turtleneck, form-fitting dress. Seriously, is she just immune to heat in general? How is she not melting? You shook your head in disbelief, giving Satoru a final wink before you closed the door behind you. 

Walking through the hallways, you noticed that you were passing by Shoko’s office when you decided to step in. You gently knocked, opening the door to see the black and white decor of Shoko’s office. Her desk was by the far wall, facing the door like yours. 

You smiled, seeing the extensive gold mixology set resting on a glass table by the large window behind her desk that you gave her for Christmas. Not at her desk, you saw Shoko sitting in a white armchair by the black display case that showcased her large collection of alcohol of all kinds. She was scrolling through her iPad when you teased, “Early happy hour today?” 

Still scrolling, she chuckled, “A girl needs her rewards to keep going, [Y/n].” You laughed, plopping down in an armchair that was adjacent to hers. She sighed, putting the iPad down on the glass side table in between you two. “Why aren’t you getting lunch with Satoru right now?” 

Your bored fingers began to play with your necklace as you exhaled, “Satoru canceled at the last minute. He has to go for lunch with Mei Mei.” Shoko arched her brow, “Are you okay with that?” You looked at her, waving your hand, saying, “Yeah, yeah, it’s fine. I trust him,” shrugging your shoulders. 

Shoko shifted in her seat, crossing a leg over the other as she spoke, “I know you trust him, but you don’t trust Mei Mei. And you have good reason to, trust me.” 

You hummed, “I know, but it’s fine, Satoru and I have talked about it, and he’ll make it up to me.” 

“Oh [Y/n]—” 

“Shoko, I honestly don't want to keep talking about Satoru and Mei Mei. I came here to see if you’ll grab lunch with me.” Shoko let out a sigh as she stood, “Yeah, of course. Do you want a drink before we head out?” Standing as well, you chuckled, “Yeah, you may be able to start your happy hour early, Shoko, but I have a few meetings this afternoon so, it’s gonna be a no.” 

Shoko takes your arm in hers, picking up her purse, answering, “Okay, where to?” You were walking out of Shoko’s office, heading towards the elevators, as you answered, “Mmmm, I’m still craving The Dragon Lily.” 




You were waving a piece of paper that you found in your bag, creating a makeshift fan as you walked through the slightly busy streets, the sun beating down on you. Shoko groaned, “Finally! God, that walk felt like forever.” The walk that was 10 minutes felt more like 45 with the humidity in the air, the heat of the sun, and cars driving through the streets. You were excited seeing the store sign for the restaurant, the both of you walking faster towards the establishment. 

Your hand on the warm metal handle, you were about to push the door open when you stopped in your steps seeing the familiar tousled white hair next to long straight pale blue hair. You closed your eyes, letting out a sigh as you turned to Shoko, who had also seen the two. 

“I’m assuming you were supposed to go here with him for lunch before he canceled.” You nodded, giving Shoko a smile that she instantly knew was forced. “You know I just wanna grab something else if that’s okay.” 

Shoko pointed her thumb over her shoulder, pointing down the block, “Burgers?” You nodded, turning and walking down the block to the burger joint. I’m overreacting, aren’t I? It’s not like he lied to me or anything. Why am I acting like this? I trust Satoru, so I shouldn’t worry. I would notice if something is off about him. Right?  

What you didn’t notice was your boyfriend looking at you through the window with a slight pout, watching you walk away. I shouldn’t have canceled lunch with you, Sweetheart. I’m sorry, but I’ll make it up to you. I promise.  

Satoru feels a tug on his sleeve, turning to meet Mei Mei with a concerned expression on her face. “Are you okay, honey?” Honey. God, I need to get rid of her as soon as possible. I know you don't understand, but Princess, this is for you—for us.  

Satoru inhaled, forming a charming grin on his lips as he answered, “Yeah, I’m great Mei Mei!” Sitting down in a booth with Mei Mei across from him, Satoru quickly checked the time on his phone, smiling at the background picture of you grinning as a butterfly landed on your finger. As long as you’re with me it’ll all be alright.   


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The past few days, you haven’t been able to see much of Satoru, what between your conflicting meetings and schedules. But it’s not like he didn’t also cancel two more lunch dates because “something with Mei Mei came up”. 

You slouched in your office chair, turning the mini fan on your desk towards your face as it still was uncomfortably hot and humid even with full air conditioning. You sighed, feeling the breeze through the material of the teal shirt dress with white floral designs on it, mirroring the tropical temperatures. 

It’s lunch now, and I haven’t heard anything from know what, I’m not even going to bother. I’m going to take Shoko’s advice and talk to Nanami to figure out what’s going on.  

You stood from your desk, walking through the hallways and grabbing napkins on your way to Nanami’s office to wipe off the sheen of sweat that had developed on your collarbones. 

Knocking on the door, you heard a voice that was deep and unenthusiastic. Yeah, this is definitely the right office . You gently opened the door, popping your head and seeing the blonde sitting behind a walnut desk and munching on a raspberry danish with a cup of coffee by his side. 

He looked up, meeting your eyes as he set down his newspaper. “Oh, [Y/n], I didn’t expect you to stop by. Come in.” 

You stepped inside the office, noticing how it was just Nanami. It fitted him and his personality perfectly. The minimalist decor in various shades of nude with gold touches created a classy look that embodied Nanami. 

You sat down in a plush, cream armchair in front of his desk. “Sorry for bothering you during your lunch, but I wanted to talk about something with you.” He nodded, “This is about Mei Mei, isn’t it?” Your lips parted, and Nanami formed a small smile as your reaction confirmed his suspicions. 

You shifted in the chair, “How did you know?” 

He sipped on his coffee, sighing, “Well, Shoko came in yesterday talking about it, and I figured that you would want to know the history between those two since we all grew up together.” 

You breathed, “Yeah, I just want to know the context—and it’s not like I don’t trust Satoru. It’s just that—he hasn’t been talking or communicating to me about this, and my intuition and Shoko’s words tell me that there’s something up with Mei Mei that I think I deserve to know.” 

Nanami leaned back in his chair, his fingers draped over his forehead and eyes, “It really should be Satoru telling this to you—not me. But,” he exhaled, “since he won’t, and you don’t deserve to be in the dark, I’ll do it.” 

The past few days of being left out of information and being in a constant state of ignorance had taken a toll as you let out a sigh of relief that you didn’t know you were holding. “Thank you, Nanami. I just want to know where I fit into all of this.” 

“Well, let me begin. You know Shoko, Gojo, and I all grew up together right?” 

You nodded, and he continued, “Good. We also grew up with Mei Mei. Now we all know how Gojo’s family is prestigious, well-respected, and wealthy.” I mean who doesn’t? The Gojo family owns one of the most prosperous technological empires and holds a massive amount of stock in other large companies like ours. 

You raised a brow, “I mean, yeah, but what does that have to do with Mei Mei and Satoru’s past?” Nanami took another bite of his danish, clearing his throat, “I guess you could say that being the heir of a prominent family has its effect on your perspective and mindset. He has a lot going on his mind even though he may act like a complete fool to make everyone think he’s okay.” 

Your lips frowned, mumbling, “Oh, I know.” He is an idiot, but you can’t say that he doesn’t try for those he cares about. How many times have I been down, and he’s been there? I wish I had more opportunities to be there for him because, despite his words, I still worry that I can’t give him what he needs. 

Nanami continued, “Once he knew what his looks could do for him, he began using casual flings with women as a distraction. But with Mei Mei, I think it was that they both understood each other’s flaws and allowed the other to fully indulge in them to escape. Mei Mei’s overall insatiable greed, whether it be wealth, possessions, or men, and Gojo’s need for his ego or whatever value he holds dear to be praised.” He already believes that it’s a fact that he’s better than everyone. But at the same time, he just wants to be perfect, and I understand that, and it shows in his narcissism and over-confidence, I guess. He just thinks he has to reach this impossible standard for him to be valued. I do understand him, but how do I express that to him?  

Nanami groaned, “When did I become the therapist or an evaluator? I don’t even know what I’m saying is totally correct, but it’s my guess from being with both as we’ve grown up. I think the most important point is that their relationship was toxic and not healthy for either of them, especially Gojo. And I—I think it’s contributed to his womanizing behavior in the past.” 

Nanami shrugged, “I can’t be a hundred percent sure, but that’s what I can tell you.” You stood from your chair, sighing, “Thank you so much, Nanami.” Nanami added, “Wait, [Y/n] I think that out of all that I’ve said today, you should take this to heart. Before you maybe make your judgment or accuse Gojo of anything, just talk to him first.” You gave Nanami a smile and your thanks again before leaving his office. 

You sat down on your desk, pulling out your phone to order some food when you noticed a notecard with Satoru’s handwriting. Dinner? Tonight ;-).  

You inhaled, I guess when the opportunity presents itself, you should take it, right? I guess I’ll be talking to him about it tonight. You texted him, Dinner sounds great!  




Ringing the doorbell to Satoru’s apartment, the door quickly opened to a beaming Satoru who wore his tinted shades and casual wear, greeting, “Princess, it’s been so long!” He quickly pulled you into the apartment, hugging you and lifting you off the ground, spinning you. 

You chuckled, “And who’s fault is that, Dimples?” He put you back down on the floor, and you dropped your bag, slipping off your shoes as well. 

He hummed, “I knew you were mad about those canceled dates. Shows how much someone misses me, Sweetheart.” Satoru leaned in for a kiss, and you dodged, laughing, “Honestly, I thought you were going to cancel this one too.” 

“I’m sorry, Princess, but I’ve been busy—” 

“Catching up and dealing with Mei Mei, yes I know, Satoru.” He slipped off his shades, arching a brow, “Is that jealousy I hear? Because—” 

“No Satoru, you heard wrong. I’ve just missed insulting you a bit, that's all.” Satoru’s lips curled up into a smile, pulling you closer, his hands at the small of your back, “Well, it’s good that we have this time now, Stardust.” You smiled, Here we go, just slip the question casually into conversation.  

“So anyway, how are you feeling, Satoru?” Satoru flashed a bright grin, saying, “Amazing, but hungry so let’s eat,” as he released your embrace to turn to get the homemade pizzas out of the oven. 

With those features, his smile would always be perfect, but you knew the difference as you were familiar with this one. It was the same smile he put on when you were arguing over Geto in New York. It was forced, ingenuine—you felt his unease and lingering feelings of frustration that were hiding underneath. 

Holding out the two margarita pies, he beamed, “Aren’t they so beautiful, Princess?” A corner of your lips lifted, admiring the golden crust and the beautiful pockets of melted mozzarella, “It looks amazing, but Satoru, seriously, how are you?” 

You hopped on the island bar seating, picking the chair that had become your spot. Satoru, holding a pizza cutter, began to roll it through the crust, cutting slices. He replied, “Is there something wrong, Sweetheart?” 

Finishing cutting the pizza into equal slices, he slid the pie in between the two of you, picking a slice up as you sighed, “No, I just want to know how you’re doing, Charming.” He held your gaze, arching a brow, chewing on the fresh hot slice when he swallowed, “And I said I’m doing just fine, Princess. Don’t worry about me.” 

He nudges the pie towards you, silently asking you to begin to eat when you countered, “But I have a right to be worried about you, Satoru.” Satoru finished his slice, his hands holding on to the edge of the quartz countertops as he closed his eyes, grumbling, “Why? Is this because of Mei Mei? Are you not able to trust me?” Shit. This is already going to shit. Great fucking job, [Y/n]. I want to just drop this conversation, but I can’t give up on him.  

You reached across the island, taking his hand into yours, “I do trust you. I mean it’s just when you have a history with someone like that, and they show up out of nowhere, you can’t just be fine .” 

Satoru’s eyes shot open, the happy-go-lucky facade, gone as he retorted, “And what history are you talking about [Y/n]? I hope this time it has nothing to do with my commitment issues .” Feeling your palms get clammy and your breathing gets shaky, you whispered, “I just want you to talk to me. I want to be there for you, Satoru. That’s all this is, I promise.” 

The sound started small and muffled before Satoru threw his head back, laughing loudly, maniacally, the sound instilling fear in your chest. What is going on with him? It’s like he’s a whole different person right now. Satoru chuckled coldly, “I know the girl who’s emotionally inept is not lecturing me on talking about my feelings.” 

You jerked backward, nearly falling off the seat at the impact of his words. Your cheeks stung with embarrassment as if you were physically slapped. But why? I just wanted you to be able to trust me with your problems. I want to be enough for you to rely on me. Why can’t you get that?  

You stood, feeling hot tears of frustration begin to build in the corners of your eyes as your mouth was overwhelmed with a sour taste. You looked down at the hardwood, not wanting to look at him and feel even more embarrassed, exposed to the parts of yourself that he knew that you struggled with. 

“You know what, I’ve lost my appetite, and I'm heading to bed.” 

You headed towards the door when Satoru asked, “Why are you heading towards the door? The bedroom’s the opposite way. Are you feeling confused today, Princess?” He’s such a narcissistic dumbass. I hate him—god, I hate him. I want nothing to do with him right now.  

You gritted out between clenched teeth, “I’m heading to my own bed in my apartment, Satoru,” sliding on your shoes and picking up your bag. 

He sighed dramatically, resting his back against the counter, he crossed his arms, “Don’t tell me you’re upset. It was just a joke , Sweetheart.” Your hand at the door, you retorted, “Well, it didn’t feel like one.” 

You opened the door, and Satoru’s eyes widened, beginning to walk towards the door, “Princess wait—” 

You snapped your head around, sparing him one glare that told him everything he needed to know about the effect his words had. “Don’t even bother, Satoru. I’m tired, and I want to go home since it seems that my emotionally inept self is not welcome,” slamming the door in his face. 


Chapter Text

It had been a few days, and having been humiliated by Satoru, you opted to stay out of his way and take some necessary space. Shoko had been giving you reports since Mei Mei was still here, and you obviously couldn’t approach Satoru. 

Your phone buzzed against the white surface of your desk and already knowing it was another update from Shoko, you sighed, flipping it over to see the text message. I saw some dangerous hands [Y/n] yesterday. I know you don’t want to talk to him right now, but I think you should before Mei Mei gets into his head first.  

You typed back, Get into his head? What do you mean by that? You plopped your phone back on the desk, continuing to write an email report on your computer when you heard it buzz again. 

From Shoko: Mei Mei can be very convincing. I don’t want you and Satoru to end up in a terrible situation because of her.  

You groaned, stretching your arms above your head, leaning back in your chair until you felt a satisfying crack in your spine. I guess by avoiding him, I’m proving how I am emotionally inept, and I shouldn’t push him away when he’s struggling with his past haunting him in front of his eyes. Your fingers hitting the keys on the touchscreen of your phone, you texted, I’ll talk to him at the end of today.  

You sighed, cracking your knuckles, looking out your window at the city that was darkening with the heavy cloud cover. So I guess that gives me about four hours to figure out whatever shit I have to say to him. Let’s hope this doesn’t crash and burn.  




It was nearing the end of the day, Satoru looking up from the doodle he had written on a blue post-it when he heard a light knock on the door. Princess? Hopefully, that’s her. Satoru inhaled, remembering your last conversation musing, I’m such a dumbass for not expecting her to respond that way. I literally made fun of her largest insecurity and expected her to laugh it off as a joke with me. God, hopefully, I didn’t push her final button. Satoru shakes his head, removing himself from his thoughts as he hears the door open. 

“Pri—oh, it’s you ,” Satoru’s voice quickly loses its excitement as it is not you that steps through the door. Mei Mei steps into his office, pale-blue hair cascading down her shoulders, bare in the black bodycon dress that she was wearing, held up by thin spaghetti straps. Satoru hummed, putting on a dazzling smile that was taking all of his energy to maintain, “Mei Mei, why are you here?” 

Mei Mei seductively strolls into the office, gently closing the door behind her. She stops in front of Satoru’s desk, pulling a chair to sit down, leaning forward, giving Satoru a tease of her cleavage. Mei Mei delicately ran her fingers against the edge of the black wooden desk, whispering, “I missed you, Satoru.” 

The blindfolded man ran a hand through his hair as he answered, “Really? I thought we had a good time catching up over the past week? Was I mistaken?” 

Mei Mei pouted, “You know what I mean, honey.” Satoru shifted as he released a hum deep in his throat, feeling discomfort at the old pet name. I’ll take Dimples any day over that.  

“Spit it out for me, Mei Mei. What is the real reason you still haven’t left town?” 

“What do you mean, Satoru? We always had a great time, and I missed our fun! Don’t you?” Satoru smirked, opening his mouth to let out a retort when Mei Mei caught sight of one of the polaroids Satoru took of you when you weren’t paying attention. 

She let out a loud, dramatic sigh, “She’s really cute Satoru, but you know you could never replace me,” standing in front of the desk with her arms crossed. 

Satoru let out a dry chuckle, kicking his feet up by the edge of his desk, “You’re right. How could I replace what was never mine, to begin with?” Mei Mei gasped, clutching her chest, “You’re so mean today, Satoru. Is that how you treat a friend you haven’t seen in ages?” 

A wry smile came upon Satoru’s lips, quickly returning, “I’m so sorry you feel that way,” standing up and collecting his gray suit jacket from the hook on the adjacent wall by his desk. “Now leave, I’m going to meet [Y/n].” 

Mei Mei approached Satoru, placing her hand on his to prevent him from putting on his jacket, “Please, I just want to talk to you for a little while.” 

“That’s too—” 

Mei Mei cut in, her voice now frustrated and determined, “Satoru, we both know that no one will understand you as I do. She will never satisfy you as I do.” 

Satoru bit back, “She does, and I lo—” 

“Oh, that’s really cute, Satoru, but I don’t want to hear your bullshit. You care for her deeply? Good for you, Satoru. But I just fear that she doesn’t feel the same way.” Satoru's hands clenched into fists at his waist as Mei Mei leaned in, gently pushing him down to sit back in his chair.  

“What do you mean?” Satoru gritted out, his annoyance finally leaking into his voice. Mei Mei wraps her fingers around the armrest on each side of Satoru, caging him in, whispering, “I mean come on , she’s successful, wealthy, organized, well put together, and you’re successful but aren’t serious about anything. What makes you think she’ll take your relationship seriously?” 

Satoru felt his heart rate begin to rise as he wondered, Fear? You really do things to me that no one else does, don’t you, Stardust? A small smile began to grow on Satoru’s face as his cheeks began to turn pink. 

He chuckled, “Mei Mei, you’re really speculating today.” 

“Mmmm maybe, but you’ve thought of some of the things I’m saying, haven’t you.” 

Satoru tilted his head back, “What are you talking about?” Mei Mei gave him a pout of pity, “Satoru, I know you’re nervous. It’s why you’ve tried so hard to prevent her from seeing me, and you wouldn’t even tell her our past .” 

Mei Mei arches a brow as one of her red, manicured nails traces Satoru’s vein on his neck. Mei Mei leans closer, her freakishly cool breath fanning his cheeks, “Your heart is racing. It’s either that I’m right or I chose well with this dress.” 

Mei Mei sits on one of Satoru’s thighs, Satoru groaning as he shifts with discomfort. She brushes her lips against the crook of his neck, leaving hints of her berry lipstick, mumbling, “See, I know you best , Satoru. I’ll bet that girl doesn’t even know how to tell you’re nervous. You belong to me, Satoru and that cheap replacement will never be good enough for you, and you’ll never be good enough for her. Honey, you’ll always come close, but you’ll never be the one for her .” 

You were wiping your clammy hands down your grey pants that you had paired with a peach v-neck blouse. Your strappy white heels were clacking against the white tiles, making your way to Satoru’s office, sick of the procrastination you were doing for the past half-hour. I can do this. I won’t let this crash and burn. We’ll just talk, and we’ll communicate why we’re both frustrated or hurt, and it’ll be okay. It’ll work out in the end, and we can get ice cream before the storm starts.  

You were now standing in the hallway, noticing that Megumi wasn’t in his office across from Satoru’s as you turned, taking a deep breath as you fiddled with the gifted gold and diamond necklace around your neck. 

Meanwhile, in Satoru’s office, Mei Mei still rested on Satoru’s thigh as one of her hands wrapped around Satoru’s chin, her red stiletto nails digging into his pale—no, blushing cheeks. The other hand ran down his white shirt, feeling the muscles underneath. 

A smile grew on Mei Mei’s face as she leaned downwards, her long eyelashes fanning Satoru’s cheeks, breathily speaking, “Look at your cute blush. See, I knew you wanted me after all this time. I’ll always be the one for you Satoru, we both know that.” Mei Mei's lips began brushing against his, Satoru softly chuckling in disbelief, and Mei Mei took the opportunity to slip her tongue in, moving against Satoru’s. 

Right. I’ll never reach the perfection that she needs me to be. She probably doesn’t even see us as a relationship going longer than a couple of months. But...I love her—but she also deserves more than me. My everything could never be the thing she’s looking for. I should push her away for her good, she should fall for someone that could give her everything, and she can do the same. Fuck, I’m sorry, Princess. I’ve failed your one request. I didn’t get you the flowers on time—I let this go on for too long, and now I’m breaking myself and, more importantly, you. Mei Mei is what I deserve, she’s familiar—nowhere even close to you, my love, but that’s good enough for me. 

Satoru was frozen, stuck in his internal dialogue before he slowly moved his hand, cupping Mei Mei’s cheeks, hesitantly kissing her back as Mei Mei chuckled against his lips. But Satoru wasn’t the only one who froze for a minute or two. 

You stood there in the doorway, a hand shaking at your side. The other held desperately onto the gold and diamond necklace Satoru had given you, but it was also holding onto much more than that. Your shared laughs, the silly yet serious pinky promises, your embraces, the comfortable silence of both of you enjoying the other's company. It felt like all the nerves and butterflies trapped in your heart, chest, and stomach were slipping through your fingertips as the memories with him you held fondly began to distort, crash, and burn with pain and betrayal. 

Your breathing was shallow, eyes stinging heavily, full to the brim with salty tears of anger, disappointment, and hurt. Unable to look at the disaster your relationship had become any longer, you gripped the door handle, slamming it behind you. Your hand that encircled the necklace felt like lead, dropping to your side, quickly turning towards your office so you could get out there as quickly as possible. You faintly hear the sound of something metal hitting the ground, but your mind is rushing with so many conflicting ideas and thoughts that you don’t bother to look back and see what it is. 

Satoru jerks hearing the door slam, breaking his lips away from Mei Mei. Mei Mei leans her forehead on his, whispering, “What’s wrong?” Underneath the blindfold, Satoru is blinking as little puffs of air escape through his lips. What the fuck is wrong with me? I let her get into my head that easily? What happened to the bold, confident man, Satoru? That man would be too stubborn to accept the fact that [Y/n] could be happier without him. I am too stubborn to admit that bullshit, and if she doesn’t feel that way now, you bet that I’ll get her to feel the same because I don’t lose. I want her—no, I fucking love her, and there’s no way I’m going to give up like a bitch and let her go because she’s mine. 

Wait. Wait—the door slammed. The door slammed, and it wasn’t the wind, meaning that someone came by. Fuck, please don’t let it be who I think it is. Satoru snapped his head up, pushing Mei Mei off his lap, grumbling, “You better fucking hope that what I think just happened didn’t happen.” He stood making his way to the door, first seeing nothing when he looked through the halls before noticing the gifted necklace he’d given to you was on the ground. I’m such an unlucky, fucking bastard.  

Mei Mei came up to him, running a hand up to his back, with a pout, “Satoru, why did you stop? I really—” 

Satoru spun, grabbing her hand and pinning it on the wall over her head. He quickly slips off the blindfold, revealing his eyes that were swirling with rage and fury. A dry chuckle left his lips before he growled, “ You have possibly just ruined the best thing to happen to me. So what you’re going to do is get your stuff and leave .” 


A cocky grin was now on his face as Satoru continued, “ No fucking negotiations . Get your shit and leave. Now .” Satoru closed his eyes, inhaling, “You better be gone out of here by the time I get back,” opening his eyes that had become purely feral, “Because what I’ll do to you if you’re not, is not on me. Understood?” Mei Mei swallowed, slowly nodding, and quickly picking up her stuff, strutting down the hallway with a full frown of disgust on her lips. 

You were also speed walking, hoping that you could go home and possibly talk to him tomorrow, most likely never. You stepped into the elevator, inhaling deeply and tilting your head back to look at the ceiling, holding the sleeves of your peach blouse to your eyes. Hold it together [Y/n]. I just need to get home, and then we can call Shoko and eat all the ice cream we could ever need while I shit on men.  

You were taking deep breaths, keeping your composure as you exited the elevator and crossed the lobby over to the exit. You heard a commotion behind you, seeing wild white hair stumble out of the door of the staircase. 

His eyes were wild, full of nervous energy as they met yours, and you froze for a moment, looking over Gojo seeing the faint trace of lipstick on his neck. You squeezed your eyes shut as the hand wrapped around the handle of the door tightened, grumbling, “Just—don’t Gojo.” Gojo felt the blood drain out of his face and his heart pound against his rib cage as he clenched a fist. No. No, no, no, no, no. Shit, she’s already back to last names. I’m already losing her. Shit. Fuck. What have I done?  

You turned to exit the building leaving Gojo, shaken to his core, standing in the lobby. Heading towards your parked car, you looked up at the dark grey clouds, feeling the drizzle begin to hit your face. Heh, I guess I couldn’t avoid this storm after all. Gojo had stepped out and you heard his voice call, “Princess, we need to talk. Please , just listen to me.” 

You continue walking at a brisk pace, not looking back at Gojo and ignoring his pleads. God, I am so stupid. Why did I think that I would be something meaningful to him? Why did I allow him to convince me that I was his and he was mine? Why did I think the feelings that I only felt around him were a good thing? I let him play me like a fucking game of cards. Numbness—that’s exactly what I need right now. Numb all the pain, and everything will be okay—right? Right. What meant nothing to me can’t hurt me. So yeah, Satoru Gojo is just a fucking piece of nothing, just a void and nothing more.  

The rain has become a full drizzle as Gojo finally catches up with you taking your hands to make you face him. You avert your eyes, deciding the sediments in the sidewalk have suddenly become interesting and a complex subject to look at as you watch raindrops darken the ground. 

“Sweetheart, please. I promise you I can explain—I mean there’s no excuse, but we need to talk. Princess, please look at me.” Princess. Ha, it feels so right yet so wrong.  

His hands gently cradle your face as if he’s afraid that if there’s any pressure, you might break. But no, in his hands, you’re already shattered, cracked under the scarring pressure of his betrayal. Gojo moves your face upwards so that now the sidewalk is out of frame. You close your eyes before he can fully see your face. He whispers, “Please, Princess, open your eyes for me,” but when you do, it’s not the same eyes as the ones he’s looking for. 

Despite the peaking humidity in the atmosphere, your icy stare makes him feel that the temperature has suddenly dropped 20 degrees. You blinked, feeling a tear seep past your eyelids, thinking, Shit. Please, think that it’s just a raindrop. Keep yourself together [Y/n]. He’s nothing to you. Just like you’re nothing to him. 

Watching the single tear roll down your cheek, he realizes it's the same stare that he would receive from you when he was nothing but just another co-worker to you. Her eyes are empty—fuck I’m really losing her. I’m looking into her eyes and they’re just empty. Just give me something—anything. Shit. I’m really not perfect enough for her. I gave her a reason to leave just like I always do. What the fuck is wrong with me? Addressing you with your first name, he asks, his voice breaking slightly, ”Please say something, anything.” 

Forcing a smile, you let out a dry chuckle and respond in your formal professional tone, “I’m sorry, but I think you have the wrong person. I don’t know a Sweetheart or Princess. You should try looking elsewhere.” 

Roughly brushing past his shoulder, you resume your brisk walk, when Gojo catches up with you once more, blocking your path. He feels his heart race even faster, a heavy pit dropping in his stomach. 

“I know I hurt you, Princess—just let me fix it. Don’t leave— please. ” Gojo steps towards you as his voice lowers to a desperate whisper, “ I’m still yours ,” reaching towards your cheek. You sharply inhale, flinching, your muscles tensing as you wrap your arms around yourself and step away from him. Gojo knew he was fighting against your mental barrier but seeing its physical effect shattered him, feeling his chest quickly fill with despair and your next words only worsening the sensation.

Unable to even look at him, your gaze was on the damp ground, still maintaining a steel, cold demeanor as you whispered, “I don’t think—I don’t think I know you anymore. You look the same, but the person I trusted, the person I stupidly fell for isn’t there . So just let me go, Gojo. Don’t...don’t find a way to worsen what you’ve already ruined.” 

I can’t read you—no, don’t do that Princess. Don’t shut me out. Please let me fix this. I-I love you, Sweetheart. I just need more time with you. Just tell me what you need from me.      

 You brush past him once more, desperately clinging onto the emotionless mask you were trying to keep up, speeding away from what seems to be the biggest mistake in your life. Immediately once your back is faced towards him, hot tears begin uncontrollably rolling down your cheeks. I’m fine. It’s just the rain—just the fucking rain.  

Gojo turns back to look at you, his eyes full of anguish, shifting towards the sky as a flash of lightning streaked through the dark sky, a loud clap of thunder following, and a downpour falling on both of you as the distance between each other grows wider and colder. 


Chapter Text

You shook your hands, taking a deep breath as Shoko smoothed her hands down your arms. “Are you ready, [Y/n]? The elevator dinged as you looked at the LED display showing that you were approaching your floor. You slowly nodded, instinctively reaching for your necklace that was no longer there, and you didn’t know how or where it got lost. It is honestly poetic in a way. I lost the necklace the same day I lost the guy. I’m really living life.  

You hadn’t gone to work or had seen Gojo because it was the weekend, meaning that you and Shoko were able to marathon all the episodes of bad reality TV you wanted to while treating yourself to a homemade spa, ice cream, chocolates, and of course, wine. 

Your fingertips were brushing the collar of your white shirt dress that you paired with gold heels and a matching white bag. Shoko notices the behavior, giving you a sad smile. 

“You know, it’s okay if you still have feelings or an emotional connection to him. It takes some time to move past that.” 

You let out a dry chuckle, shaking your head, “Feelings? Don’t be ridiculous, Shoko. That man means nothing to me, and I’m feeling splendid and ready to start my day.” 

The door opened, and you began walking towards your office, your strides confident as the gold bracelets on your wrist jangled and you dangled your sunglasses in your hand, bag resting on your forearm. Shoko walked behind you, mentally sighing. Your body language two seconds ago said quite the opposite [Y/n], but I’ll give you that you do put up an amazing front. I just hope that doesn’t end up hurting you more. 

You looked around the hallways seeing that it was clear thinking, Hmph, this is a great start to what will be a productive week. You passed by the kitchen and lounge area when you saw Maki and the other co-workers waving good morning to them. 

Catching movement in the corner of your eye, you shifted your head slightly to see Nanami and— him . Not giving him a second glance, you waved good morning to Nanami and continued on your way to your office, saying goodbye to Shoko having to take different hallways. 

Back in the lounge area, the younger workers had set off to start their assignments, leaving only Gojo and Nanami as Nanami fixed himself a cup of English breakfast tea. 

Gojo pushed his black glasses up the bridge of his nose, sighing, “She looks stunning, alluring as always,” a pout settling on his lips. He tugs on the sleeve of Nanami’s beige suit, whining, “Nanamiiii, what do I do? I need to fix this.” 

Nanami stirs in some cream and sugar, lifting the yellow mug with black polka dots that Itadori had gifted to him recently for his birthday to match his favorite tie. He sipped the tea, letting out a hum of satisfaction and clearing his throat, “I wouldn’t talk to her, Gojo.” 

Gojo gasped, clasping his hands, “That’s it! I’m going to talk to her and convince her of my feelings.” Gojo nodded his head in pride over his plan. 

A vein of irritation formed on Nanami’s forehead, “What part of wouldn’t do you not understand, idiot?” 

Gojo ruffled Nanami’s hair earning a deadly glare as he answered, “You said that you wouldn’t talk to her. So I will, and it’ll be perfect. And it’s not like she can get rid of me as easily as cutting a phone call. So she’ll hear me out and fall in love with me!” 

Nanami shook his head, taking another sip, “Hasn’t she made it clear this weekend that she doesn’t want to talk to you?” 

Gojo rested an arm around Nanami’s shoulder, which Nanami quickly flicked off like it was a pest. “Nanami, persistence is the key here! I promise! It’ll work just watch!” 

Nanami rolled his eyes, grumbling, “Whatever. You’ll soon see for yourself anyway,” as he turns and heads to his own office. 




You had settled into your desk, going through your calendar and planners to see what tasks you had to deal with this week and what upcoming meetings you had. Writing down your plan for the day, organizing your desk to begin working, you smiled, releasing a sigh. This is what I needed—no distractions or nuisances.  

Hearing the door open, you looked up from your papers seeing the white-haired man dressed in all black walking inside. You furrowed your brows in irritation. Well, I spoke too fucking soon. “Leave,” you stated, looking back at your papers without a second glance. “We need to talk, Princess.” You feel chills and discomfort settle in your body at the pet name. It still affects me, doesn’t it? Dammit.  

You sighed, rolling your hand out, facing palm up, “Why? I thought I made it clear that I wasn’t interested in a conversation, Gojo.” 

You stood, crossing your arms as you looked him in the eyes through his glasses as he retorted, “Heh, yeah, I guess you could say that declining my calls and even telling the doorman of your apartment building my description to not let me in was a sign. But I think it’s also made it clear that you still don’t understand my feelings for you.” 

You let out a dry chuckle, stepping around your desk to meet him, “I don’t understand your feelings? Oh please, Gojo, your actions in the past week have made it pretty clear.” 

Gojo took a step towards you, his floppy hair dangling in front of your forehead, chuckling, “You’re mistaken, Sweetheart.” 

You tilted your head up, meeting his gaze, your voice barely staying calm as you snapped, “ I. Wasn’t. Enough. Having Mei Mei shove her tongue down your throat made it fucking clear.” You lowered your voice into a whisper, your tone dripping with venom as you continued, “ Or am I too emotionally inept to even understand that, Gojo? ” 

Gojo’s expression that was full of confidence and determination shattered, his lips forming into a thin line hearing you demean yourself with his ‘joke’. He began to move his hands that were shoved into his pockets, wanting to reach for you before he abruptly stopped, his eyes fluttering to the ground remembering how you flinched away from his touch. 

He inhaled, meeting your gaze as his eyes that were usually dancing with energy was heavy and a bit dewy. Is he—why is he so affected by that? It’s not like I even insulted him.  

Gojo’s voice now thick, he whispered, “I didn’t mean that, but I realize my words don’t mean much to you right now. And I...I understand that you hate me, Princess, and what I did was totally deserving, but it was a mistake. ” 

You stepped back, arms still crossed, as you looked at the ceiling before returning your eyes to his, a soft laugh leaving your lips, “You know I asked you what time frame did you see for us. I told you that if you wanted to end it and see other people, send me the flowers, and I’d understand and walk away. There would be no hard feelings and we could have been friends.” 

“But I want more—”

“But no , you couldn’t even give me that courtesy. So no, Gojo , I don’t hate you. You give yourself too much credit by implying that.” 

Gojo furrowed his pale brows, “What? How?” 

You turned, now your back facing Gojo as you began to stroll towards the door. You shrugged, “Simple. I don’t hate you because hate is a feeling, and I feel nothing for you. ” Moving a hand to run across your collar, you spoke, “Hopefully, you’re able to understand that, and we can move on as professionals.” 

You rested your back against the door, watching Gojo slowly walk back towards you. “Let me also make some things clear, you will not be able to walk into this office freely, Gojo. You’ll have to make an appointment with Maki, and I’ll approve of the reason before that happens. Maki will make sure even if you try, not a strand of your hair makes it inside. And I’m keeping your number only if we have to communicate for work. If you abuse this, you can bet that it’ll be blocked. Understood?” 

You took a deep breath, put off by Gojo’s silence as he nodded. I have to stay strong, say these last words, and you’re good. See it’s not so bad feeling numb. It has its uses.  

You wrapped your fingers around the cool handle, coldly smirking, “Now get the fuck out of my office.”  

Gojo was halfway out the door when he turned back to you, a cocky grin reappearing on his face as he leaned into your ear. His voice a low rumble, he chuckles, “Merely remember this Princess. I broke your cute facade before, and I’ll do it again. Don’t worry because we’ll always find our way back to each other.” 

Your smile has faded, your cheeks beginning to tingle and burn when he moves his head, his nose brushing yours, smiling at you, “You can’t hide your feelings for me for long, Stardust. I’m all yours just as you’re all mine .” 

Trying to ignore your shallow breaths and rushing pulse, you sneer, “You can try all you want, Gojo, but there are no feelings for you to find.” 

Gojo’s index finger lifts your chin as he hums, “I accept that challenge and trust me, with you, Sweetheart, defeat is not a choice. ” 

Your eyes widened, your body frozen in the doorway as Gojo turned and headed back towards his office with a wide grin on his face. You slammed the door behind you, striding back to your desk to distract yourself with your work. That fucking idiot. You want to play Gojo? Fine, let the games begin. 


Chapter Text

It had been a couple of weeks, and one could call what was between you and Gojo back to square one. But it wasn’t like Gojo was teasing you to get you to admit your attraction to him, he was certain that you couldn’t lose it that easily. The game now was deeper as Gojo had to dig up your emotional connection to him, not just the physical. And what better way could he do other than using some of the original strategies that worked in the first place. 

You sighed, flipping over the notecard to see the familiar handwriting. You arched a brow looking over the card that read: Princess, I may not be yours currently, but I did promise you to help you communicate your feelings, so we’ll start with identifying them. We’ll start with something positive, like joy. 

Joy: the delightful emotion you feel seep through your skin like the sun on a cool day. I sn’t it such a love ly feeling? Personal experience - the sensation I get every time you crack a smile, Stardust. 

Your cheeks warm as you smack your hands onto your cheeks, internally chiding yourself. Come on [Y/n], we have to be stronger than this. These words don’t mean anything. Remember actions are greater than words, [Y/n]. 

You exhaled loudly, taking the notecard into your hands and crumpling the cool paper. Your hand now hovered over the trash can by your desk, tightly wrapped around the little white ball. Now release. Just put it in the trash can, and it’s over with. It’s so simple. 

You inhaled, placing the crumpled ball on your desk, staring at it, wondering, If it’s so simple, then why is it so difficult? You looked over your desk, your eyes falling over a large empty glass mason jar. There. I’ll just keep it there until I’m ready to throw it out. I just need some time away from it, and then throwing it out should be easy. You shook your head gently, setting the note in the jar and turning to the pressing emails that were flooding your inbox. 

It was mid-morning as you stepped out of your office, making your way to the kitchen and lounge area to grab a cup of coffee. You wore a monochromatic outfit, wearing a pale blue sleeveless jumpsuit with a matching blazer on top. 

You yawned, covering your mouth with a hand as you made it through the hallways, the other hand carrying your matching pale blue mug. Those emails have annoyed me. I need coffee to boost my mood, or else this will be a long day.  

You were waiting for the coffee to brew, scrolling your phone when you heard a little commotion enter the room. You looked up to see Nobara and Megumi walking in with a short girl with pale blue hair and big blue eyes. I’m guessing the people Shoko and Nanami were interviewing were chosen and are starting today.  

Nobara walked over, Megumi trailing behind him, she greeted, “Good morning [Y/n], Megumi and I are just showing our newbie Miwa around.” Megumi simply nodded, adding, “Yeah,” which caused you to chuckle. I know he’s just running from um—him.  

You looked over Miwa, seeing her dressed in a flowery mint dress, and noticed that she held tightly a notepad and pen, which already contained almost a page worth of neatly written notes. I haven’t had my best luck with blue-haired girls, but Miwa seems like a sweet person. I should give her a chance. 

You inhaled, sticking out a hand to her, “Nice to meet you, Miwa. I hope you enjoy working here!” Miwa's big blue eyes widened as she quickly returned your handshake, stammering, “T-thank you, Miss [Y/n]! That means so much coming from you!” 

You shook your head, chuckling, “It’s no problem.” You turned to grab your coffee that finished brewing, adding your flavoring, milk, and sugar. Nobara teased, “You’re such a big fan of [Y/n],” which made you smile as you continue stirring the sugar around. 

She continued, “What are you even going to do when you eventually see Gojo around here?” Megumi grumbled, “Don’t say his name too loud. You’ll summon him here to start bothering me.” Yeah, him coming in here would be another problem that would do the opposite of boost my mood. Can we honestly just not bring him up in conversation. 

You picked up your mug, taking a sip, and walking past the three. Miwa lightly tapped your shoulder, causing you to stop in your tracks and turn. You pulled the mug away from your lips, raising your eyebrows as you hummed, “Hmm?” 

Miwa, a huge smile on her face, chirped, “What’s your advice for working with someone like Gojo?” 

Taking a sip of your coffee, somehow the taste in your mouth becomes bitter and uncomfortable as you murmur, “ Don’t even bother. Manwhore.” Not even waiting for a response, you stalked out of the room, more interested in just finishing your work for today and going home. 

Still, in the break room, Nobara's lips parted in shock as she murmured to Megumi, “Do you know what happened between them? Trouble in paradise?” 

He shrugged, “No clue,” keeping the rest to his thoughts. It seems like there is no paradise anymore, and I can bet it’s that bastard’s fault.  

Sitting back down at his desk, Megumi quickly checked the calendar on his computer. Grabbing his phone and walking across the hallway, he entered into his personal hell. He should be in there by himself right now. 

Gojo was sitting back in his chair, scrolling through documents on his large iPad Pro which looked normal-sized in his massive hands, long fingers gracing the screen. The white hair flopped backward as Gojo looked up from the screen, his expression brightening as he chimed, “Megumiii! What a nice surprise!” 

Megumi’s aura remained dark, irritated, and unaffected by Gojo’s overly positive energy. “What did you do, idiot?” Gojo’s expression remained gleeful as he chirped back, “Megumi, you know it’s not nice to call people names.” 

Megumi let out a dry chuckle, “I know that. And [Y/n] knows that.” The cocky grin on Gojo's face falters at the mention of your name. “So what did you do to provoke her to do so and use manwhore of all words.” 

Under the blindfold, Gojo’s eyes widened, his eyebrows raised as he chuckled internally, his head tilting downwards. You never seem to stop amazing me. I can’t lie. I never expected you to do such a thing. But as you said, I should expect the unexpected when it comes to you, Sweetheart, shouldn’t I? 

Megumi watched the faint smile grow on Gojo’s lips before he tilted his head back up to meet his gaze. Immediately donning a cocky grin, Gojo remarked, “Oh no worries, Megumi! It’s just a game we’re playing right now. Everything will be back to normal soon enough.” 

Megumi narrowed his eyes, his hands resting in his pockets. He huffed, shrugging his shoulders once again, “We both know you fucked up in some way, Gojo. So what’s it going to be this time? Are you going to pretend everything’s fine or convince yourself that you’re above this and can’t be bothered? Or maybe for once, you’re going to put your ego on the line for someone that actually means something to you.” 

Gojo sighed, interlocking his hands and stretching them out in front of him. “Megumi, I know I messed up already, and I’m working on it.” Megumi turned towards the door, his back facing Gojo as he mumbled, “Good. Try not to screw yourself over even more.” Megumi promptly leaves Gojo’s office, leaving Gojo to listen to the gentle hum of the air conditioning. 

Trust me, I’m willing to do anything to fix things with her, but I have to be obnoxious a little bit for this one. It’s just in my nature to do it. 




It was now evening as you stood, grabbing your things and resting your navy blue bag on your forearm. You exited your office, making your way towards the elevator when you saw that Gojo had stepped into the same hallway, walking towards you. 

Are you serious? It’ll be fine, keep your eyes on the elevator, and he’ll know not to bother you. Just pretend he doesn’t exist—I mean he doesn’t mean anything to you, so yeah, it’ll work out fine. 

You continued walking, your white heels clicking against the white tiles. Gojo also maintained his gaze straight forward, giving you a false sense of security. 

You thought you were in the clear when Gojo abruptly stops, grabbing your arm to stop you in your path when he whispers in your ear, “ Degrading me in public now, Princess? I’m not opposed but what happened to that professionalism you always talked about?” 

You froze, your body ridden with chills, feeling his breath fan your ear like all the times before. I should've expected this. I don’t even know what came over me when I said that. Now he probably thinks that his efforts are working. I have to nip that in the bud. 

You looked down at the tiles, smirking, before you leaned up into his ear, breathing, “I guess we both said things that we couldn’t stick to, Gojo. And I see that you’ll still have to keep looking for your Princess or Sweetheart because it damn well isn’t me.” You roughly broke out of the hold Gojo had on your arm, continuing to stride towards the elevator, listening to the echoing clacks of your heels. 

Descending through the floors, you felt your phone vibrate in your bag, pulling it out to see a message from the menace. I’m taking that pleasant conversation as no professionalism needed, Princess. Have a good night! ;-). 

Letting out a dry chuckle into the humming air of the elevator, you typed back, Gojo, whatever you do is not my concern. And it’s [Y/n] to you. You shoved your phone back into your bag, seeing the elevator door open and walking out into the lobby. 

You quickly got into your car, set your things down on the passenger side beside you. Turning on the engine, you brushed your hands over the soft brown leather before you sigh, your shoulders drooping as you placed your head on the steering wheel, closing your eyes. 

Why did I do that? Why did I have to call him that? Now I just riled him up to keep at his shenanigans which was the last thing I needed. Even if I don’t entirely feel nothing for him yet, I have to try. If I put it into practice, it’ll become my habit and then reality. I just—I can’t let myself fall for his tricks again. 

You reached for your neck, softly exhaling as your fingers only met your skin, feeling your thundering heartbeat underneath. I miss—no, I can’t think like that. I have to be stronger than this. I wasn’t enough for him, but I’m enough for myself. I depend on no one.   




It was around mid-August, the temperatures slowly beginning to cool and transition into autumn. The office had taken on a new buzz as more new co-workers came on to work. You had just grabbed lunch with Shoko, and you two had parted ways at the lounge area, Shoko rushing for a meeting while you decided to grab a cool drink from the fridge so you wouldn’t have to leave your office unnecessarily. 

You're now caught in a serious dilemma that could make or break your meal. What drink goes with my shrimp yakisoba? Definitely not something heavy. It should be light, refreshing, crisp. Mmm, iced tea is always a good choice, but so is a nice ginger ale. Actually, no, I don’t want to be burping, so iced tea it is. I think a lemon iced tea would be fine. 

You were holding the options in your hand, opting to return the losing picks to their rightful place in the fridge. You placed the bottle of lemon iced tea on the counter, your patience to eat evaporating as another wave of the savory flavor wafts in your direction. 

You slid over the paper takeout bag that held the familiar pink and orange floral design, referring to the plant from which The Dragon Lily had gotten its name. Unbeknownst to you, your lips curled into a gentle smile as you opened the bag, taking a plastic fork in hand as you began to dig into the pile of noodles, vegetables, and shrimp. 

Your eyes closed, your expression truly reflected your state of bliss as you happily munched on the food, the level of savor and spice spreading warmth throughout your chest. It’s been so hectic in the office lately, and the quiet of the lounge and just some good food are what I needed. 

As if on cue to ruin your peaceful moment, Gojo strode into the lounge, trying to locate Megumi to bother since he was bored. His eyes sparkled with mischief behind the dark glasses he wore, a smirk growing on his face. You were too deep in your thoughts as you enjoyed the food to notice the door opening when Gojo walked through. Although, somehow, you felt your bliss slip away from you, knowing that something wasn’t right. 

It was then, Gojo leaned his lips behind your ear, murmuring, “Oh, yakisoba? Did someone miss my expert cuisine?” 

You slowly inhaled, trying not to stab your fork into your food as you grabbed the next bite. I jinxed myself, didn't I? Great, just fucking great. This is what I get for not being patient enough to wait until I got to my office. I’m not even going to bother to entertain his shenanigans. You continued eating, and with Gojo’s next words it was like he had a live feed of your inner monologue, but no, it was just his attentiveness when anything came to you. 

He chuckled, “You know, ignoring someone—especially a colleague isn’t what I would call professional [Y/n]. Not that I care for such, but I know you do. You finished munching on your bite, taking a long sip of your cool drink, licking your lips slowly as you relished in the refreshing sensation. Gojo arched a brow, taking a deep breath to make sure his warming cheeks weren’t going to give him away. 

You weren’t even trying to get a rise out of Gojo. You hadn’t even taken a look at him since he’d walked in the room. You were determined to enjoy your food, and no one—not even your supposedly least favorite person was going to ruin that. It just so happened that your actions had made Gojo’s breaths a little heavier, his heart rate a few beats faster just watching you be you— unashamed and comfortable as if Gojo either didn’t exist at all or he was right where he belonged right next to you. Obviously, a man of his confidence and hubris assumed the second possibility. 

Your mouth and throat now clear, you finally turned to meet his gaze, returning, “Gojo, as much as I value professionalism, I have other values that I take into consideration. One such as this: I don’t partake in utterly useless conversations of no importance. ” 

Gojo opened his mouth to speak when both of your attention turned to the door that had opened. A man with black hair, packed in twin, wild ponytails and a black rectangular strip going over his nose. 

You brightened your expression, waving, “Hey, Choso! How are you doing today?” Gojo rolled his eyes in disbelief, leaning back against the counter, closing your food container. Seriously? She’ll talk to him and not me? I can bet that anything that comes out of that thing’s mouth is ‘utterly useless conversation.’ Gojo and his pride continued to rip poor Choso to shreds internally while you caught up with him. 

Choso was one of the new co-workers that just joined your company. He shadowed your work for a few days as it was your role of managing inter-corporate relations that he was particularly interested in. Well, that and something—no, someone else. You were laughing softly, Choso having made a joke over one of the difficult representatives from another company you were dealing with in the past week. 

Gojo kept looking on, his internal prideful dismantling of Choso’s character coming to a stop as he looked on in longing. That sound—god, that sound. I knew I missed it before, but now hearing it, knowing that it’s not for me—now I know how deep its absence has ripped into me. What do I have to do to get that back, Princess? To get everything back. 

You didn’t notice as your back was turned to Gojo asking Choso, “So what brings you here? Were you looking for me?” Your body language further ripped at Gojo, your hands held together behind your back, your chest slightly leaning in, and your eyes engaged with Choso’s. Maybe the first possibility really had become the reality between you and Gojo. Your current posture was in much contrast to the stiff posture you had adopted even while trying to eat your food while Gojo stood at your back. Gojo slightly shook his head, bitter thoughts over your body language coursing through. Not to mention that flinch—no, I can’t even think back to that moment. 

“I was looking for you actually,” Choso responds, a hand nervously twirling a strand from his ponytail. Gojo eyes widened in interest, continuing to watch the interaction as if he was a live studio audience to a sitcom. There’s no way—there’s no way he’s doing what I think he’s doing. Choso continued, letting out a nervous chuckle, “I was wondering if you would like to get coffee. I’ve enjoyed working with you the past weeks, and I would like to learn more about you and you the same with me.” 

You blinked, He’s serious, isn’t he? I mean he’s attractive. Not conventionally, but unconventionally like—like oh, never mind. Besides, I find his personality to be way more suitable for me, with an interesting face like his, what’s the worst that can happen? 

Feeling ready to agree, you opened your mouth to respond when you heard the loudest, most obnoxious sneeze. You tense your muscles, freezing for a moment as you remember that you indeed did have an audience no matter how small, or I guess a better phrase would be how tall he is

You cleared your throat, “I’m flattered, Choso, but right now, I’m dealing with personal things, so I would need some time to consider.” 

Choso waved a hand, “Oh please, [Y/n] it’s okay. Take as much time as you need. I look forward to an answer.” Choso waved goodbye to you, quickly exiting the room the same way he came. 

You deeply inhaled, knowing that you couldn’t simply go back to enjoying your food. Gojo pushed off the counter, walking closer to you as he hummed, “Mmm, so coffee date. We both know you want to go, Princess, so why didn’t you agree?” 

Gojo fingers find their former spot under your chin, turning your hand to face his. You quickly moved, grabbing his wrist and moving his hand off your chin as you snapped, “Don’t.” 

Gojo merely chuckled, “You just didn’t want to do it with a much better option standing not too far from you. Right, Princess?” 

He leaned his head downwards as you let out a dry chuckle dripping with irritation, “You know your ridiculous hubris never seems to have a limit, Gojo. It really amazes me.” A cocky grin grew on Gojo’s face, “Glad to know there’s still something about me that amazes you, Princess.” 

[Y/n]. ” 

“Anyways, I’ll guess if you do go, it won’t only be the coffee beans that will be grinding ,” Gojo chuckled, wanting to draw a reaction from you. Your eyes slightly narrowed, retorting, “You’re sick in the head,” failing to notice Gojo’s other hand moving towards your neck. He ran a finger down the side of your neck, moving his lips to hover over the skin. 

“I wonder, will he, will anyone else understand you as well as me, Princess?” You looked away, unable to mask the effect of Gojo’s breaths hitting your skin. “Will they be able to know by the way your body trembles exactly what you need? I wonder if they will be able to know what spots to whisper and what filthy things to whisper to make your pussy drip with want.” 

The air in your lungs was coming and going in small shaky inhales and exhales, your grip on Gojo’s wrist weakening. He didn’t even have to whisper filthy things—your body just reacted to him, and it was the same vice versa. 

You closed your eyes, “I thought I told you there’s no feelings for you to find, Gojo, and yet you still try.” He hummed, wiggling his wrist out of your grip, his fingers now playing with your palm and still drawing shapes into your neck. 

Why can’t I move? Why is it always like this with him? I get so close to thinking that I’ve done it, I got rid of the invasive species that is Satoru Gojo in my head, and then he does shit like this. And then my body betrays me and now I can’t fucking move.  

Gojo was thoroughly enjoying this, having missed the feeling of his fingertips against your skin, feeling your heartbeat pick up when those fingers brushed over the sweet spots on your neck, wishing it was his mouth instead. 

His lips now against the shell of your ear, his voice is a low whisper as he answers, “Why wouldn’t I go through this trouble? You’re mine, Princess. I know every fucking beautiful aspect of you like the back of my hand, and I want it all.” 

Gojo’s hand around your palm gently drops it, his hand turning your face to meet his as he whispers, “ For my best girl, I would do anything, and I’ll wait for the moment that facade breaks. It’s you and me, Princess. I’m just waiting for you to choose it for yourself. That’s my final move here.”  

Pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead, Gojo whispers, “You know, fluster is an emotion as well. Enjoy your noodles, Princess.” And just like that, he was gone. 

You stood there, still trying to calm yourself down as Shoko walked in, asking, “[Y/n]? Are you okay? I thought you would be chowing down since you were so excited for your noodles.” 

You spun around, smiling, “Yeah, I was eating, but then I had a distraction for a little bit.” 

Shoko, who had just walked past a Gojo releasing a small “hehehe”, saw your face and quickly connected the two dots. “Are you okay?” You turned, grabbing your takeout box, wondering, Who closed it for me? That was thoughtful—wait, oh. 

You replied, “Swell,” packing your lunch back into the bag, planning to continue the meal at your desk, thinking that’s what you should’ve done from the beginning. 

Just because I wanted to eat.       


Chapter Text

You yawned, shuddering despite the tan coat you wore over your white dress shirt and black slacks, the early September breeze already carrying a slight chill. But warmth spread through your chest as you took a sip of your chai latte, picking up your pace as you neared the glass doors of the office. 

Stepping out of the elevator onto your floor, you rubbed your eyes, another yawn slipped through your lips, closing your eyes and gently shaking your head. I was hoping this chai latte would have woken me up, but I guess it’ll take a while till it kicks in, you thought as you walked towards your office. 

The heels of your black ankle boots clicked against the tile, the sound bouncing off the walls forming a steady rhythm. “Good morning,” you greeted Maki, the clacking of your boots remaining on rhythm as you passed her office and turned towards yours. 

Your hand turned the cool handle, another shudder running down your arms as you stepped through the door. The steady rhythm of your steps was interrupted, your movement coming to such an abrupt stop that a drop of your latte escapes the lid, forming a tiny puddle on the floor. 

Your eyes were no longer droopy as they fell over the state of your office, taking in the sight of it once again being full of roses—lavender, pink, and ivory, of course. Well, this woke me up, you observed, shaking your head as the memory of Gojo’s living room that morning comes to the forefront of your mind. 

Your cheeks warmed as you walked through the small path to your desk, setting your things down as your eyes glanced over the little white note titled Surprise in the typical rushed strokes of Gojo’s handwriting. 

You groaned, shaking your head before you downed the rest of your drink, mumbling, “I have to be awake to deal with this,” turning to Maki’s office. 




“So [Y/n], Megumi told me that Gojo stayed out of your office as you wanted but did force Megumi to leave the note and direct the florist to your office.” 

Poor Megumi, you thought. He just can’t be left alone. You sighed, stuffing two bouquets into a glass vase with water, placing it on the table in the lounge, turning to look around the break room. Two on the table, two on the kitchen counter, one on each side table by the couches. There is no other place to put more. I guess I’ll move to the visitors’ lounge.  

“Did you hear me, [Y/n]?” 

You snapped your head to look at Maki, answering, “Oh yeah, I heard you. Sorry about that. This whole thing is just...a lot.” It’s a good thing he didn’t enter my office, but still, now I have to deal with this shit. And I know he thinks this is cute too—god, he is such a nuisance.  

Maki chuckled, “Yeah, it’s definitely something that screams Gojo.” 

You shook your head, rolling your eyes as you replied, “Yep, filling someone’s room with unwanted flowers—something both annoying and frustrating. Just like the man himself.” 

Turning your attention to the cart of bouquets you still had to place somewhere or throw out, you pinched the bridge of your nose, letting out an exasperated sigh. “Anyway, Maki, let’s move on to the visitors’ lounge.” 

About 45 minutes had passed of you and Maki placing bouquets around the office and offering them to your co-workers that would pass by. “Yeah, guys, please feel free to take them and do whatever you’d like,” you spoke, gesturing towards the half-full cart. Nobara decides to take four, Yuji with his excitement taking six, and sweet Miwa grabbing two. 

“Thank you!” They chimed, eagerly talking with each other as they exited the visitors’ lounge, leaving only you in the lounge as Maki tackled another floor. 

You turn your back to the door, counting how many bouquets of roses on your handy cart you had left to get rid of. About eleven left here, and I might have some in my office. God, I hate—  

Your thoughts are cut short as you hear the door open, replying with your back still turned, “Hey if you came for a bouquet, just grab one or two, or take them all. Please. Do whatever you want with them. I don’t ca—” 

“So I see you’ve received my gift, Princess.” 

Your posture straightened, shoulders now rigid as you slowly turned. Your eyes trailed upwards from the ground, first taking in the long legs in black slacks before the white turtleneck and grey jacket, his arms crossing over his torso. Eyes finally meeting his face, you noticed the slight pout he held on his lips, taking a deep breath as you tried to not smirk, trying to avoid making him act even more profusely. 

He cleared his throat, taking a slow, long stride closer to you as he spoke, “It seems you misunderstood the reason why I’ve gifted these to you. This wasn’t for you to give away or decorate the office with. ” 

You snorted, “Well, Gojo, I really can’t consider these as a gift,” gesturing with your hands as you began to list off your points. “ One, they filled my office, which is quite inconvenient for me to do my work. Two, after looking at them for a while, they’ve just become an eyesore to me and are distracting. And three, I don’t have use for them, so they were completely unnecessary. If anything, Gojo, you’ve made my morning worse with your ‘gift’.” 

Taking a step closer, Gojo moves a hand to remove his blindfold as the other reaches for your hand. “ Don’t, ” you spoke, your tone completely distant and cold as you deflected his hand and took a step back from him. 

Gojo eyes widened, his frown deepening, looking at how unnatural and tense your stance was as you played with the hem of your shirt. I know that behavior. She only does that when she’s uncomfortable or nervous. She shouldn’t be doing that now—not with me. It’s me, Princess. Your favorite moron. Shit. I didn’t make things better at all, didn’t I? Now she doesn’t even want to be around me. Great job, Satoru.  

Gojo inhaled deeply, trying to fight the ball of frustration and near hopelessness settling in his stomach. “Look at me, Princess.” 

You swallowed, keeping your eyes on your fiddling hands, wondering if you could run past him and head back to your office. But you knew that wouldn’t work. Gojo would keep bothering you until you had no choice but to talk to him because you value your sanity. 

Please , just look at me.” You sighed, tilting your head upwards, shock running through you as you met Gojo’s eyes that hid no emotion. His lips curled into a weak frown, his eyes slightly duller without their usual excitement as this was genuine , not his usual dramatics. 

Gojo’s voice lowered into a gentle murmur as he continued, “I was really hoping you would like the flowers. I...I tried really hard to get the same shades as the one from Valentine’s day that you liked so much. Even if they were hard to find in this season—not that you should feel bad or pressured! I just...I just wanted you to know that I’m still here, fighting for you .” 

You closed your eyes, feeling a heaviness settle in your gut at his words. I just need to get this over with. This whole fiasco has wasted so much of my morning. I don’t want him to make a scene, but I can’t let him think that he’s winning this. I have to shut this down. 

You took a deep inhale, looking back at Gojo, squaring your shoulders, your fingers still fiddling with the hem of your shirt. Clearing your throat, you replied, “You really shouldn’t have Gojo. I would say that the time you took getting the specific shades was appreciated, but I also won’t lie to you. A—” 

You paused, your words coming to a halt as you watched Gojo’s lips part, his cheeks slightly rosy and his eyes—the look of anguish in his eyes causing your stomach turmoil. 

“Did it mean nothing to you, Princess?” Gojo asked, opting to look down at the design of the floor tile, his hands sliding into his pockets. “The colors and what they represent, do they not mean anything to you anymore? Does that moment between us mean nothing?” 

You purse your lips, biting the inside of your cheek as you try to ignore the uncomfortable weight in your stomach and the ball of sourness lodged in your throat. Opening your mouth to close it again, you huffed, finally replying, your voice a deceptive calm. 

“I thought I made myself clear, Gojo. It all means nothing to me.” Since it all didn’t mean enough for you to trust me and stay loyal. Since I wasn’t enough for you to choose me. 

You let out a weak chuckle, “It’s going to take a lot more than a reused gesture to fix things, Gojo. But not like I was interested anyway.” 

You took a couple of steps, stopping by Gojo’s side as you placed a tentative hand on his shoulder, feeling his shock at your touch. Gojo shifted his gaze upwards to meet your face, his heart sinking further as he watched you force your muscles into a gentle smile, trying to hide an emotion he couldn’t name. 

You hummed, “But hey, your flowers aren’t a complete waste. At least everyone else in the office can enjoy them.” 

But what does that matter if the one person I bought them for doesn’t find any meaning in them? Gojo thought, his hand clenching into a fist in his pocket. Feeling your hand slip off his shoulder as you take a step back to grab the cart and leave, he clears his throat, running a hand through his hair and over his face. 

At the door with your back turned towards him, you’re about to leave the lounge when Gojo says, “See you around, Stardust.” Warmth flooded your cheeks, your grip on the cart’s bar tightening as you promptly left the lounge, not bothering to answer him or even look back. 

Watching the door close behind you, Gojo’s shoulders sagged slightly, plopping into a nearby plush seat, tying his blindfold back on. Turning his gaze to the nearby bouquet of lavender roses on the small black coffee table as he thinks, Lavender, fascination. How ironic that now you can’t even seem to look at me, Sweetheart. 

Reaching over, Gojo plucks a singular rose from the bouquet, twirling the thick stem between his sturdy fingers, kicking up his feet onto the corner of the coffee table. The cushion lets out a soft wheeze as Gojo slides back further into the chair, his fingers fiddling with the delicate silkiness of the rose petals. 

His fingers pinch one before he yanks, letting the petal fall against his thigh, the pale lavender a contrast against the dark slacks. The door opens, Shoko walking in, dressed in a navy blue turtleneck and a black skirt. “There you are. I needed your help,” she sighs, walking over and raising a brow, looking at the newly formed pile of lavender rose petals in Gojo’s lap as he continues twirling the stem in his hand. 

Shoko crosses her arms, closing her eyes, as she remarks, “So I assume that you got those roses for [Y/n], and it didn’t go well.” Seeing that they’re all over the building. On desks, on windowsills, and some unlucky ones in the trash.  

Another yank, another petal, falling into Gojo’s lap as he grumbles, “Something like that.” 

“Well, what was [Y/n]’s response?” 

Yank. “It meant nothing. It was, using her words, ‘an eyesore, completely unnecessary.’ Yank. “What am I supposed to do?” 

Shoko hummed, leaning on the side of Gojo’s chair and pulling the abused flower from his hands, half of the petals already plucked. “You know this isn’t something that resolves over a gesture like this, Gojo. This takes time . You hurt her, so it’s going to take a lot of effort to get her back.” 

It’s going to take a lot more than a reused gesture to fix things. 

Reused gesture...I get it. Where’s the originality? The small effort in redoing a gesture—that’s the problem, isn’t it, Princess. Don’t worry, I understand, and I’ll do better. I don’t have it in me to give up on you. 

Gojo sat up, bunching the petals into his hands as he stood, a small regained confidence exuding from his grin. “You’re right, Shoko. This is a challenge, and it won’t be easy, but she’s worth it all.” 




Leaving the now empty cart in the hallway outside your office, you felt the tension in your shoulder slightly release, some of it still lingering with the sight of Gojo’s pained expression. 

“See you around, Stardust.”  

You reflected on his last words as you plopped into your office chair, finally being able to open your computer to deal with the floods of emails, partners, and contact information that had come in since yesterday evening when you logged off. 

You knew what he was doing. You knew that sentence was a test, a reach from Gojo to see if that name would do anything for you. And it did of course, but at that moment, all that mattered was getting out of there. And with such a great performance, you couldn’t just crumble in the last seconds. So you bolted, making it to your office, grateful that the nuisance didn’t follow. 

You take a glance at the white notecard on your desk, absentmindedly reaching for it, and before you knew it, you were already reading the words in Gojo’s sloppy handwriting.                   

Surprise - the emotion that makes you freeze for a moment since something caught you off guard. I’m proud to say that I haven’t found myself in a situation feeling this as much as I love to do it to other people. The only person who has surprised or caught me off guard is you, Princess. And with you, I have no issue with it. Keep doing it. You don’t even have to try—just be you. 

P.S. I hope you found the flowers to be a pleasant surprise. I still mean every word I said back then. You’ll always fascinate me and be someone I admire. And you’ll always be the person I lose myself in, give my everything to.

Feeling the uncomfortable sensation return to your stomach, you shake your head, crumpling the note and tossing it into the jar that had accumulated a little collection of crumpled balls. You turned, wanting to look at anything but that jar. 

But your eyes now noticed a lingering bouquet of roses that sat in the corner of your office that you must have overlooked. Your eyes now closed, you reached over to the phone, quickly dialing Maki. Hearing her end of the call pick up, you cleared your throat, noticing the familiar ball of sourness had settled once again. 

“Yes, [Y/n]?” 

“Hello Maki, there is a bouquet here that we must have overlooked. Could you please come to pick it up?” 

“Yes, I’ll be right there,” Maki quickly answered, almost instantaneously appearing in your office to grab the bouquet, making sure no other ones were hiding. About to leave your office, Maki turns to ask, “What would you like me to do with these?” 

Your eyes glued to the screen of your computer, already in the midst of corresponding with partners, you shrug, “At this point, just throw them out.” 

Maki nods, promptly leaving your office. She made her way through the hallway towards the trash can in the lounge area when she passed by Shoko and Gojo. 

Shoko comments, “There’s no place for that one, Maki. Everywhere has already been decorated.” 

Maki sighs, “I know, [Y/n] wanted me to throw these out,” her eyes passing over Gojo, noticing how he swallows and clenches his jaw, looking away. 

Shoko’s lips thinned into a line, nodding before looking over at Gojo. Maki turned to place them in the trash as Shoko was distracted by a notification on her phone, both of them looking up as they heard the door slam, Gojo no longer in the lounge. 


Chapter Text

“Hmmm,” you hummed in satisfaction, feeling the warm sensation of a blanket wrapping your body in warmth. The blanket knew where to touch and caress your skin to give you the comfort and pleasurable feeling you wanted. 

The blanket moved as you shifted slightly, sliding your feet against the plush covers underneath you. It now was pressing soft kisses on your neck, a trail reaching all of your sweet spots. Wait. A blanket moving of its own volition? You were beginning to ask questions, but they're answered as you felt familiar soft hair graze your cheek as a familiar pair of lips continued working your neck and collarbone. 

Not-blanket chuckled into your skin, causing it to tingle as your nerves were firing, sparks traveling over your skin. You move a hand to run a hand through the hair, pressing the Not-blanket's lips harder against your skin. Not-blanket chuckles, the voice deep with a hint of rasp as it mumbles against your skin, “You know for someone who claims to feel nothing for me, your hums and body language say something completely different.” 

“Shhh, Satoru, let me enjoy this,” you murmured back, feeling his body shift lower. 

Satoru lifted your legs, beginning to kiss the soft skin of your inner thighs, traveling higher and higher. He inhaled, breathing into your skin, “I do want you to enjoy this, Sweetheart. But I need you to tell me something first.” 

You hummed in agreement, feeling his lips now in the crook of your hip bone. Satoru whispered, “Admit that you miss me, Princess.” 

Your eyes opened, shifting your head to look at him, your resolve falling apart as soon as you meet the wintry blue eyes. His eyes kept searching yours as you maintained eye contact, creating a stare-off for a few seconds. You inhaled deeply, closing your eyes before you looked at Satoru again, confessing, “I miss you, Satoru. More than I thought I would. More than I’d like to.” 

Satoru smiled, lowering his lips to your cunt that was already wet, licking through the slit. You squirmed, feeling him hover above your clit, waiting for his expert tongue to start working. Satoru hummed, “I miss you too, Princess. Desperately ,” the anticipation building in your cunt until he continued, “ It’s a shame this isn’t real. ” 

All the pleasurable warmth in your body vanished as you looked down to see that Satoru was no longer there. Feeling cold, vulnerable, you curled against yourself, feeling your eyes begin to sting and fill with tears at the corners. 

You jolted awake, unlike the dream, your body covered in a sheen of sweat as it was burning, a contrast to the cool sheets that laid underneath you. You sat up, noticing the strong pounding pulse throughout your body and your cunt that was indeed wet. Now he’s in my fucking dreams. I’m really doing well at getting over him, aren’t I? I should try to go back to sl—  

You groan loudly, flopping back on your bed as your phone alarm begins to go off, vibrating against the white wood of your nightstand. You buried your head into your pillows, blindly reaching for the phone until you heard it fall against the area rug on your floor, grumbling, “What a great fucking start to my morning.”          




You were walking into the office wearing a black skirt with a hunter green satin button down, your black handbag with gold finishes in one hand, and in the other, the paper bag holding your breakfast. Setting down your things on your desk, you unwrapped your avocado egg bagel sandwich, taking a half into your mouth. Chewing on your bite, you noticed another hand-written note from Gojo, this one titled: Fear

Fear - the emotion you feel as your body runs cold, your stomach is in turmoil, and your heart beats out of your chest. I rarely feel this (because I’m so great). But from my few experiences with it, I wouldn’t say it's a love ly feeling like joy. Personal experience - the emotion I felt when I realized I’d lost you —well, that and despair, but that is for another day. 

You swallowed your bite, your mouth now feeling dry as you crumpled the notecard, routinely placing it in the mason jar that was now half full with a bunch of crumpled white pieces of paper. You shook your head. Why are his notes still affecting me like this? How hasn’t he run out of lies to write? Ugh, I hate the bastard. 

You had tried to get him to stop delivering them through Megumi, but Megumi was trying to avoid giving Gojo a reason to bother him. Unlocking your computer, your reminders automatically popped up, a small notification on the side of the screen. 

Meeting with Yaga and the Board of Trustees. <2 hrs.  

It was mid-September, and you were supposed to have them quarterly, but there were some difficult members on the board—meaning Gakuganji, that prevented the first two from taking place in person. The board was relatively old and leaned towards sticking to the conservative methods that they were familiar with. 

There were also some younger members—one of them being Gojo with the amount of stock his family held in the company. But it was unofficial, and he didn’t care for the role.  The other younger numbers consisted of Yuta Okkutsu, a relative of Gojo that stood in for his role, Yuki Tsukumo (who barely attended meetings), and Naoya Zenin (another arrogant bastard). 

You sighed, leaning back into your chair, running a hand over your face at just the thought of seeing Gakuganji again. I need to calm down before this meeting. Maybe I’ll make matcha—but I have to prepare some more. I’ll ask Maki to do it for me. 

You pressed the button on your desk phone, immediately connecting you to Maki’s office across the hall. “[Y/n]? Are you okay,” Maki answered, her voice full of calm, a sharp contrast against your current state. 

You nervously chuckled, “Yeah, well, with that board meeting today, I need to be calm, so I was wondering if you could make a matcha latte for me?” You heard Maki roll back her chair, her heels clicking against the floor as she replied, “No problem.” 

“Thanks!” You replied, cutting the call. In an all-black pantsuit, Maki made her way to the kitchen and lounge area. She pulls out a paper cup and the matcha powder container. Sifting some into a container and adding hot water, Maki spun the bamboo whisk she found in the cabinet, frothing the ingredients when she heard someone enter the room. 

“Mmmm, is that matcha, Maki?” Gojo hummed, watching her hand move around in circles as a light green foam began to develop in the cup. Maki nodded, replying, “Yeah, it’s for [Y/n].” 

She’s stressed about the board meeting, isn’t she? I wish I could help soothe her or tease her to get her mind off it, but that would just make her even more irritated with me. Or actually...  

“Oh, Maki! I just remembered!” Gojo exclaimed, tapping her shoulder. “[Y/n] has a package down in the lobby so you should grab it. I can make her matcha and give it to you on your way back.” Maki narrowed her eyes, pushing her glasses up her nose. “I’ll go check Gojo, but you better stay here and wait for me. If not, well—I don’t think that would make [Y/n] happier with you anyway, now would it?” 

Gojo grinned, “I understand, don’t worry! Now you get that package,” taking the cup and whisk out of her hands. Maki backed away from Gojo, her eyes still narrowed behind the glasses before she speedily headed towards the elevator to check for the non-existent package. 

With your nervousness, it felt that Maki was taking too long. You rose from the chair, now heading through the hallways. Walking through the open door frame, you smelt the scent of matcha wafting through the kitchen and lounge. But something was clearly wrong, as instead of seeing your green-haired assistant around your height level, you were seeing a much taller white-haired man dressed in a navy blue shirt with grey slacks. 

You were in slight disbelief, thinking that after your dream, or what you were internally referring to as a freakish nightmare, your brain was still playing tricks on you, so you pinched yourself. He’s still there. You pinched yourself again. Why is he still there? Closing your eyes didn’t help either, so you decided to converse with the demon man in front of you. 

“What have you done with my assistant?” 

Gojo chuckled, opening the fridge and pulling out two cartons of milk. “Oat milk or 2 percent?” He asked, turning to face you. His eyes behind his signature dark shades were an electric blue, sparkling with humor and excitement. 

You crossed your arms over your chest, “Oat. Now answer my question.” 

Gojo began pouring the oat milk into the cup, returning the cartons to the fridge as he replied, “Oh please, it’s not like I killed her or something. You can at least believe that, Princess. Honey or sugar?” 

“Honey, and when it comes to you, Gojo, I don’t know what to believe.” You took a tentative step closer, watching Gojo from his side as he added the honey into the cup. 

“Ouch, that one stung a little, Sweetheart.” He passed you the cup, moving his hands to clutch his chest, feigning his pain as you looked at the cup, inspecting it for anything. Gojo noticed how long you were staring at the cup, clearing his throat, “You know I’m not trying to poison you, Princess.” 

You hummed, a corner of your lips curling slightly upwards, “That’s what a person who’s trying to poison me would say, Gojo.” Gojo's eyes widened, the arrogant tease was no longer there—no, Gojo was now a struggling addict with his favorite drug being dangled right before his eyes. 

You sighed, “How do I know that you’re not trying to give me a potion in this drink to make me confess ‘undying love.'” 

Gojo guffawed, “Oh please, I can get that confession out of you without any help of a potion.” 

You took a sip, closing your eyes, doing a fake check on your body, exhaling, “Nope. No potion here. And no coerced confession.” 

“I’ll bet you're glad.” 

“Mhm,” you replied, your faint smile disappearing and Gojo mentally reaching for you, trying to find any way to pull it out of you once again. You had begun tapping your fingers against the paper cup, silence falling between the two of you. 

You felt Gojo’s long fingers come under your chin, gently lifting your face to meet his, the blue eyes now soft and sincere. “Hey,” he whispered, “Don’t worry about the meeting today. You are more than qualified to attend, and,” he paused, lowering his face a little, continuing, “You’re not alone. You’ve got me, Princess.” 

Gojo brought up his pinky, and your eyes widened, a stinging sensation building in them as you thought back on the promises between you two, the ones that have broken and the ones unbroken. 

“Hey, Gojo, you liar, there were no—” Maki walked in, immediately blushing once she saw the two of you and turning away. “Sorry, [Y/n]! I was told by an idiot that there were packages for you in the lobby, but there were none.” 

You blinked, turning to Maki, “Oh, it’s okay, Maki. You’re free to go back to your desk.” Maki nodded, promptly leaving the two of you alone again. You moved, grabbing a bunch of napkins, turning to head towards the door when Gojo took your hand into his. 

“Wait [Y/n] are you—” 

Just stop.” You shook your head, looking at him with hollow, icy eyes once again, feeling a twinge in your gut as you noticed the gloom and despair settle in his. “I’m fine, Gojo. Thanks for the matcha. I’ll see you at the meeting.” 




You stood in front of the frosted glass door leading into the conference room only used for board meetings. You were holding your laptop in one hand, another freshly made cup of matcha in the other. We’re ready to go [Y/n]. It’ll be okay you have Go—no, no we don’t, and we don’t need him. We got this—  

You felt a hand on your back when Gojo leaned in, whispering into your ear, “You ready, Princess?” You straightened your back a little, eyes ready to give icy stares, voice professional, void of any emotion. 

Nodding, you replied, “Yes, let’s not be late, Gojo,” your gaze still on the door, missing the concern in his eyes. 

Gojo sighed, “Wait,” his warm breath tickling the soft spots on your neck as his long fingers came by your collar, adjusting it a little. You’d decided that breathing wasn’t really necessary, too distracted by the waves of warmth emanating from Gojo’s body standing closely behind you. “Now we’re ready.” 

You gave him a small nod, mumbling, “Thanks,” your forearm meeting the cool steel of the bar handle.

Pushing the door open, you stepped into the brightly lit conference room, lined with large glass windows on two walls and a wall lit displaying the agenda for the meeting. In the middle of the room sat a black table surrounded by white ergonomic chairs. 

Looking around the table, you saw the members of the board meeting and observed their personalities. Yuta sat off to the side, minding his business as he looked out a window, probably wanting to get this over without landing himself in arguments. Naoya’s body language was the exact opposite, leaning back in his chair, his legs spread wide apart as a cocky grin graced his face. Surprisingly, Yuki was there as well, sitting in between the two young men, casually scrolling through her phone, waiting for the meeting to start. Yaga was taking a quick phone call as he stood by the window behind Yuki, trying to remain in a neutral spot within the room. 

At the other end of the table sat the elders, all dressed in traditional garments with a short bald man sitting in the middle of them as their leader. The door opened behind you, Nanami entering with a briefcase in his hands before he quickly exited again to grab a coffee. You were setting your things down on the table as Gojo pulled out a chair for you to sit when of course, someone had to stir the pot.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t the little girl who’s still pretending to be an executive. Yaga, please stop giving this young woman hope.” Gakuganji commented, standing up and making his way towards you. 

Standing before you and Gojo, his short, hunched frame made it seemed like you towered over him in your heels, and with Gojo standing by you, he looked puny. 

You hummed, your eyes remaining locked on his as you retorted, “Ah yes, Gakuganji. Nice to see—” 

“Young lady, how about you make yourself useful and make me some tea,” Gakuganji cut in, his bald head reflecting the ceiling LED lights while his eyes creepily trailed your figure, lingering around your chest. Fucking perverted bastard. Only two buttons are unbuttoned on this top, and the chiffon material is loose. Maybe hitting elderly people should be socially acceptable.  

You inhaled, giving him a tight smile, “I know at your age, it may take a little longer to process things, Gakuganji, but making tea is not what I’m here to do.” 

Gakuganji sighed, “Gojo, nice to see you present for once. Could you send for your assistant to grab me some tea since the bitch—” 

Gojo stepped forward, grabbing the collar of Gakuganji’s white kimono, “Call her bitch one more time. Do it, I dare you, old man. We’ll see what other bullshit can come out your mouth once I rip out the few teeth you have left, you senile old fuck .” 

Your eyes widened, tugging Gojo’s sleeve of his navy shirt, “Gojo, please you don’t have to—” 

“Hey, [Y/n] was it? A pretty girl like you shouldn’t worry yourself with those guys. Come sit with me.” Naoya grinned, patting the chair next to him before moving his hand to his lap, chuckling, “You have two great options. I have my pick, but you—” 

Not. Interested. God, men.

“Oh, come on [Y/n], don’t be like that,” Naoya feigned a pout. Yuki put her phone down on the desk, sighing, “Naoya, can you at least try to keep your dick in your pants for just 10 minutes?” 

Raising her voice a little louder, she continued, “Gakuganji stop fucking instigating and sit down so we can get this started.” 

Thank you, Yuki. Somehow they are the rational ones.

Gakuganji snorted, “Yuki? You’re actually present for once? How nice of you to join us.” 

“Thank you, old man, but do you know what’s really funny? How I still do more for this company than you without being physically present. So go sit down so we can get started.” 

Yuta—poor Yuta, who was actively praying against something like this from happening, kept looking out the window, tapping his foot against the grey wood floors. He murmurs, “Why can’t we all just get along and finish this meeting?” The other elders at the opposite table sat in their kimonos, whispering and watching their spokesperson bicker and argue with Gojo. 

“Anyway, Gojo, it's nice of you to take an interest in something. Maybe instead it being a stupid intern, it could be your role as a major shareholder and board member.” 

Gojo’s lips formed a cocky grin, laughing wildly before he quickly changed his attitude, his voice becoming low, lethal as he snapped, “The person that you’re referring to as a ‘stupid intern’ is an executive to intercorporate relations—same as me. That person is the one who secured a multi-million dollar contract for us in New York this past Christmas. The person whose ideas you’re so against, yet those ideas are what are actually pushing this company forward, unlike the fucking gibberish that comes out of your mouth.” 

Gojo moved his hands, taking a piece of Gakuganji’s long beard between his fingers, his other hand sliding down his glasses. His voice calm yet still lethal, he continued, “You better hope these long strands of dust are strong because the next time you refer to [Y/n] as a ‘stupid intern’, I will personally be dragging you out this office with them in my hands.” 

Gakuganji blinked, unable to respond for a moment before he turned to you, narrowing his eyes, “Gojo if this woman is as capable as you believe then, why doesn’t she defend herself?” 

You let out a dry chuckle, keeping a cool gaze on the bald man as you retorted, “Gakuganji it seems you’re still confused, so I’ll explain myself. Like with every conversation I’ve had with you, this one has become utterly useless and a waste of my time and energy. And honestly, why should I be so concerned about the opinion of a senile man desperately clinging for influence he’s losing regardless?” 

Gakuganji's face reddened as he raised a finger, opening his mouth, baring his crooked, yellowing teeth to release a stream of insults when Yaga finally finished his phone call. Walking up to the table and setting his phone down gently, Yaga adjusts his glasses, these having lenses that reflect everyone sitting and standing by the table. 

Yaga takes a deep breath, sighing, “Gakuganji, a word please.” 

Your eyebrows lifted in surprise, saying, “I’m quickly going to go to the restroom Yaga, before we start.” You quickly took care of yourself in the bathroom, now standing in front of the mirror checking over yourself. Wow. That was a great start to the meeting. Gakuganji can’t just have things anyway besides his. I wonder if even the other elders like him or if they just feel they have to stay in line. 

You reached for the door handle, still in your thoughts as you wondered, And Satoru—wait Gojo, he really did—  

You stepped out into the hallway, jumping when you saw a figure in navy blue to the side of the door. You felt two large hands on the side of your arms before they slid down. You sighed, relaxing as you looked up, meeting the familiar shades and white hair. 

You breathed, “What are you doing here? This is clearly the Women’s bathroom.” 

Gojo’s eyes crinkled, a gentle smile coming to his lips as he replied, “Oh? I guess I’ve lost my way, but I can’t complain because I found you.” 

Your cheeks tingle as you look down at your shoes, mumbling, “Thanks for what you did in there.”

“What I did? Princess, you stole the show with that last comment!” 

You laughed, “Yeah, Gakuganji was so red after that!” Gojo couldn’t even laugh at the picture of Gakuganji being humiliated. He was stuck, his lips parted as his cheeks were tinted pink. 

She…she laughed. And it’s for me—no one else but me. Oh my god, she laughed! I wish I could kiss her and whisk her away to Italy right now. I’ve missed that sound so much—the cute, sharp inhales, the soft giggles, the warmth—everything about it. I miss it—no, I miss her.  

You continued, “We were kinda like a dynamic duo of some sort.” 

Snapping Gojo out of his thoughts, he hummed, “We are always quite the pair, Princess.” 

Taking a small breath, you replied, “Yeah, we were,” the memories of the club in New York in the forefront of your mind. He’s always been there to defend me. I guess certain things really don’t change.

You were still looking down at your shoes and the ground wrapping your arms around yourself as you whispered, “But seriously, thanks for saying those things, Gojo. You really didn’t need to.”

He chuckles, “It’s no problem, I’m just glad this manwhore could’ve helped.” You snapped your upwards, your face heating up before you saw the playful energy dancing in Gojo’s eyes. Do I laugh? Or ignore that? I’m—I’m confused. I don’t know how to act around him. I don’t know what ‘us’ this is supposed to be. Not that there is an ‘us’. Looking down once again, you remained quiet, a delicate silence forming between the two of you as you couldn’t figure what to say.

Gojo took a small step towards you, a hand cupping your cheek, causing you to tense a little before you exhaled softly. “Look at me, Princess,” Gojo spoke softly, setting your stomach into a frenzy as you obliged him, meeting the blue irises that still shimmered despite the dark shades covering them. You two held each other’s gaze for a moment, Gojo murmuring, “I’ve got you. Always. Never doubt that.” 

I want to believe that Gojo—you don’t know how much I would love to believe that. But—but how can I at the same time? Why would I set myself up for failure again? Let’s be honest. The banter and tension between us a year ago kept things interesting for you, but once it was just me—it wasn’t enough, Gojo. So you may believe what you’re saying wholeheartedly, but I know better.  

You shook your head, closing your eyes as you answered, “Don’t say that, Gojo. You don’t mean that.” 

Gojo’s eyebrows furrowed, asking, “What are you talking about?”

You slowly inhaled, opening your mouth to speak when Nanami turned into your hallway, saying, “There you are. We’re starting the meeting.” 

Turning to face Gojo, you answered, “We’re just co-workers. So keep things professional as they should be.” 

You both began trailing Nanami, heading back to the conference room. It was an uncomfortable silence, the both of you stuck in your thoughts as the frosted glass door came into sight. 

I want to miss him. I really do.  

I miss her so much it hurts. 

But if I do, it will hurt so much that it will ruin me.  

She doesn’t see that she’s all I want.  

What I possibly want doesn’t matter. Numbness is my only option. It has to be. 



Stepping into the room, you both shake off your thoughts, a cocky grin growing on Gojo as he looks at a tame Gakuganji, your icy stare up and running as you barely glance at Gakuganji and pay no attention to Naoya’s invitations. 

Clearing his throat, Yaga finally sits down at the middle point of the table, addressing, “Let’s get started, shall we?”   

Chapter Text

It was a late evening. Gojo sighed, stepping out of the bathroom, dressed in just a white towel wrapped around his hips. His slightly damp feet left footprints on the espresso hardwood floors as he walked out into his bedroom. 

He crossed the room, walking through a door across the bed leading into the walk-in closet. Yawning and rubbing his eyes and blindly pulling out a drawer, he felt a small rectangular piece hit his foot. 

His hand now away from his eyes, he arched a brow, noticing the drawer he pulled out was not full of his boxers, but instead it was your things that you hadn’t bothered to pick up and the same for his own in your apartment.

 He deeply inhaled, recognizing the plastic material of the Instax film that now rested on his foot. Now, what could this possibly be? Why is this in her drawer? Bending down, a hand holding the towel up around his lower torso while he grabbed the film with the other. He sharply inhaled, seeing the two of you in a mirror picture, sitting on the floor against a cream wall with your feet resting on each other. 

You were dressed in grey leggings and wore one of Satoru’s navy sweatshirts as he wore black sweats and a robin blue T-shirt. You had been resting your head on his shoulder, a small smile graced your lips, humming the song that was playing throughout the studio. 

Your eyes closed, you shifted a little, hearing the click of the Instax, mumbling, “The paparazzi man is back already?” 

Satoru chuckled, “Well, someone has to capture the moments,” handing you the film to place in your pocket. As Satoru shifted his arms to wrap around your shoulders, you snuggled in closer, your head pressed into his chest. 

You breathed, “Why can’t we just do this at home, Toru? You didn’t have to get a whole instructor for this.” Playing with the material of your grey leggings, you felt Satoru’s hand slip from your shoulder to your waist, tugging you closer as he answered, “Come on, everyone’s learning it for the gala this year since the theme is Neoclassicism.” 

You scrunch your brows, “That’s such an interesting name for a theme. Who even thought of that?” 

Satoru laughed, taking your hand into his to begin playing with it as he replied, “I’m pretty sure Nobara found an outfit that she really wanted to wear for the gala, and being Nobara, convinced Yaga and the planning team of the theme. All I know is that there’s going to be ballroom dancing, and I want you in my arms. It’ll be fun, I promise.”




Fun was definitely not the word to describe what you were experiencing right now. Maybe for Satoru, but not for you. Clinging harshly onto Satoru’s shoulders, you’re tilted back as Satoru holds you up with his arms around your hips. He pulled you up into his chest as you straightened your legs, standing upright once again. 

You let out a dry chuckle, “What was that promise about this being fun, Satoru? Because I don’t think constantly falling or tripping is fun.” 

Satoru smiled, his voice soft, replying, “You just have to relax, Princess. You do fine until you get in your head and begin questioning every step you take.” 

Shaking your head, you grumbled, “This isn’t working, Satoru. I’m sorry,” turning to your instructor, you continued, “Akari, I think it would be best if we tried another day.” 

The blonde woman approached you two, shaking her head, “No, you guys are such a good pair, and you’re doing so well! [Y/n] like Gojo said, you just have to get out of your head and loosen your movements a little.” How the hell do I even do that? I just don’t think my body moves like that.  

With a hopeful smile on her face, she continued, “I think you could get it mostly down today and continue practicing at home until it becomes muscle memory.” 

You opened your mouth to counter when Satoru chimed, “I agree, and I think Akari if you would just give us some time alone to practice right now, that would be great!” Akari nodded, exiting the door and leaving the two of you alone in the studio. 

“What are you doing?” You asked, sliding your hands off Satoru’s shoulders. 

Grinning, Satoru quickly walked over to the speakers, starting the music once again. He took your hands into his, placing one on his shoulder and intertwining the other in his. He leaned down, whispering, “It’s just us, so you don’t have to freak out.” 

“What are we going to do when we’re in the ballroom full of people?” 

His hand moves up towards his face, pulling the blindfold off and letting it flutter to the ground as he smiles, “Just keep your eyes on mine. They don’t matter.” 

You inhaled deeply, your fingers lightly tapping his shoulder as his hand came around your waist, pulling your chest against his. His lips brushed the curve of your ear as he mumbles, “You ready, Sweetheart?” You swallowed, trying to shove your fear of embarrassment down your throat as you nodded, beginning to sway along with Satoru. 

The two of you began with steps so small, if anyone were looking at the two of you, they wouldn’t be sure if you were moving. As the music picked up, so did your movements. You were now going at a good pace, your feet turning against the pale hardwood floors. 

Satoru hummed, “You’re going to do a spin soon, Princess. But don’t worry, I’ve got you.” 

Your muscles tense, your head looking down at your feet as you began counting steps, your ears straining as they closely listened to the music to make you were on beat, but the music began to fade, your pulse rushing too loudly in your ear. Your eyes were beginning to dart as you lost track of the number of steps you had taken, your breathing too shallow, too fast. 

You felt Satoru’s hand slip off your waist, his fingers now brushing your chin, making you look into his eyes. His eyes were a calm blue, though his eyebrows furrowed a bit, showing his worry. Resting his forehead on yours, Satoru whispers, “You’re doing it again. Just look at me, and it’ll be alright Stardust. I believe in you.” 

You huffed, “I’m sorry, I just want it to be perfect. I don’t want to mess you up.” Slowing to a sway, Satoru lowers his lips to yours and your lips part, allowing him to brush his tongue against yours. 

He broke the kiss, his eyes now sincere and gentle, saying, “You don’t realize that everything is perfect when you’re you , Princess.” Your eyes widened as he continued, “I didn’t ask for a robot that would be able to perform every move perfectly. I asked you. I want your feet to step on mine, I want to lose rhythm with you. I don’t give a fuck whether there are mistakes or not. I just want to dance with you, Princess. Weren’t you the one to tell me that I don’t need to be perfect to be enough? Well, the same goes for you, Princess. Now, I’m going to try this again.” 

Satoru shifted, stepping away from you, staying connected to you by your intertwined hands. He brushed his soft lips against your hand, continuing kissing a trail down to the inside of your wrist before he pulled away, whispering, “May I have this dance, Princess?” 

Your lips curled upwards into a small smile, looking at him, the corners of your eyesight distorted through tears as you gave him a nod. He grinned, spinning you around before he pulled you into him again. The speakers were still going through a playlist, so once again, going to the beat, you began swaying, increasing your movements until you were twirling around the room. 

Your eyes were on Satoru’s, and his were on you, and your gazes remained locked, losing yourselves in the rhythm as the surrounding mirrors and cream walls faded away—it was just you and him. Satoru moved the hand wrapped around yours, pulling it upwards, and you spun, giggling that you were doing pretty great. Satoru pulled you back in, his cheeks warm and pink as he adored your closed eye grin, but then an anomaly occurred. 

In his eyes, he was no longer wearing sweats and a T-shirt, but instead a navy blue suit, white shirt under and nemophila flowers in his breast pocket and you —there were no words in Satoru’s mind to describe the intensely beautiful sight you were to him right now. Your dress was white, the plunging v-neck perfectly hugging the silhouette of your chest before it cascaded into layers of tulle at your waist, blue and white petals floating on the material. 

As brilliant as your dress was, your smile was brighter, reaching your eyes, Satoru’s breath staggering as he looked over the faint smile lines beside your eyes. No, this isn’t—this isn’t real. You’re going too fast, Satoru. Actually, it doesn’t even matter. You’ll give her a reason to leave anyway—just like everyone else. 

But why her? Why you, Princess? Why are you the only one to do this to me, Princess? You’re driving me fucking insane. I’ve become a fucking fool in love, and for what? For me to sabotage things sooner or later, right? 

Satoru snapped out of his daze, feeling your hand move from his shoulder to his cheek. Pulling his face down to yours, you whispered, “Hey, are you okay? You just stopped dancing. Did I do something?” 

Yes. You’ve made me fall for you, and I didn’t realize before now, but it’s scaring me shitless. I haven’t even told you yet, and you’re making me panic like this. What if I do tell you, huh? You won’t feel the same way—I mean, how could you with someone like me? I can’t even work past my commitment issues. No matter how close I get, I ruin everything sooner or later. Shit, I need time if I ever work up the courage to say it out loud. 

“Hey, a thinking Satoru is a dangerous one, so tell me what’s going on Dimples.” 

He closed his eyes, shaking his head, stuttering, “I-I’m good. Sorry, I just...I just got distracted.” 

You smiled softly, the sight making Satoru’s chest tight and uncomfortable as you spoke, “It’s okay. It seems—” 

“You guys did so well!” Akari chimed, walking back into the studio, “Just some regular practice, and you should be good!” 

You raised your eyebrows, “You saw that?” She nodded, a bright face forming on her face, answering, “Yup! You looked like such a cute couple in love!” You both froze, nervously chuckling, fidgeting when Akari's eyes widened, “Oh, I’m so sorry if I made you uncomfortable!” They totally haven't told each other yet. Oops. 

Satoru waved a hand, his other arm wrapping around your waist as he replied, “No problem! So you said that we were good?” 

“Mhm, I would just recommend practicing weekly, so you don’t forget before your event!” 

Now back in Satoru’s place, he turns to you, exhaling, “So, Friday nights?” You turned to him, your hands pulling your borrowed sweatshirt over your head as you hummed, “For what?” 

“To practice.” Left in a black bra, you head into the walk-in closet, Satoru trailing behind you as you fold and place the sweatshirt in your designated drawer. You replied, “Mhm,” giggling as you felt Satoru wrap his arms around you from behind, placing kisses on your neck.

Gojo takes a breath, the warm skin hitting your shoulder as he murmurs, “Even though you may think it was all silly and unnecessary, thanks for sticking with me today, Stardust. Thank you for not giving up on us.”  




And just like I predicted, I fucked things up terribly, and with the one person I wanted to make an effort to prevent that from happening. Gojo sighed, placing the polaroid back into your drawer of things, slamming it shut as he grabbed a pair of boxers to sleep in. 

Now changed, he turned to exit the closet, pondering, Should I grab it? No, never mind, that would make me pathetic. Gojo successfully distracted himself with ice cream sundaes for half an hour before he ended up grabbing the polaroid and sweatshirt before climbing in his bed for the night. 

I’m really so pathetic. When people talk about love, they don’t mention the stupid things you do once you’re in it. It really is a twisted curse, isn’t it? Pulling his sweatshirt to rest next to him as he places his head on his pillow, Gojo feels his cheeks flush. I hate how she—just one person, has so much control over me. It drives me fucking insane.  

Deeply inhaling, Gojo turns to grab his phone, dialing the one person who would be so irritated that he called but at the same time the most reliable and best option. Nanami’s tired voice grumbled, “What now, Gojo?” 

“I’m fucking hopeless.”    



Chapter Text

The office was abuzz again with the anticipation of the annual fall gala that was coming up in a couple of days. You were in the conference room, sitting at the round table with everyone, waiting for the general staff meeting to begin. 

“[Y/n] you’re going to the gala, right?” Choso asked, sitting next to you. You looked up from your phone, noticing fluffy white hair pop through the door as Gojo walked in. 

Taking his usual seat across from you, Gojo chimes, “So what are we talking about here?” 

Gojo’s perfect teeth are on display as his signature confident grin begins to grow on his face, almost reaching his blindfold. Shoko, who was sitting on your other side, looked between the two of you, smirking, “Oh, this is going to be good,” earning a glare from you. 

Choso turns to Gojo, replying, “Oh, I just asked [Y/n] whether she’s going to the gala this Saturday or not.” 

Gojo settled into his chair and took out his notepad and pen, chuckling, “Of course she’s going. I bet you want to ask to go with her, Choso.” 

Shoko, who was drinking coffee (probably spiked with something knowing her), let out a snort and began coughing up her drink. Nanami, who was opposite her, handed her his handkerchief, grumbling, “Always starting things, idiot.” 

Choso’s eyes widened before he looked downwards, failing to keep away the blush that was rising on his cheeks. You blinked, shifting a little in your chair as Choso cleared his throat, “Well yeah, I was going to offer, but Gojo beat me to it.” 

Shoko leans over, whispering into your ear, “This is priceless ,” eliciting a swat from you. You whispered harshly, “You have more energy than usual. It seems like someone spiked her coffee.” 

She chuckled, “Well, I have to get through my day, don’t I?” 

You shook your head that was pounding as several thoughts were swirling. I—he was going to do this now? Okay, what do I do? I wasn’t planning to go with anyone, and I don’t want to be stuck with someone all night no offense Choso.  

You inhaled, quickly glancing at Gojo who was heavily invested, looking intensely at the two of you while he tapped his pen against the table. Choso let out a nervous chuckle, “We never did get coffee, so I thought that we could do this instead.” 

You smiled softly, “I didn’t plan to go with anyone Choso, but I wouldn’t mind having a dance or two—” 

You froze, hearing a snap come from across the table, looking over to see blue ink and broken plastic pieces over Gojo’s fingers and the dark wood of the table. Gojo laughed bitterly, inhaling, “Looks like I was tapping my pen too hard. I’ll clean it up, don’t worry.” 

Megumi, who sat on the other side of Gojo, grumbled, “No one offered, Gojo.” 

Gojo pouted, reaching for Megumi’s cheeks with his inky hand, teasing, “Awww, is Megumi grumpy today. Do I need to buy your favorite treat?” 

Megumi dodged the hand covered in blue as Nanami grabbed onto Gojo’s white shirt, yanking him back. He snapped, “Gojo, go clean yourself up before you get ink everywhere.” Gojo replied, whining, “Meanie.” Gojo now out of the room to not distract you, you sighed, turning back to Choso. 

“Yes, like I was saying,” you stopped, Gojo returning, his hand still stained a faint blue as he sat down, wiping the table. “I didn’t plan to go with anyone,” Gojo relaxing in the seat when you continued, “but I would be interested in a couple of dances.” 

Gojo sat up straight, his lips parted in astonishment before Nanami pressed a hand to his chest, pushing him back into the chair. “ Relax,” Nanami grunted, flipping to another page in the book he was reading. 

Gojo hummed as if he was going to make a teasing remark when Yaga burst through the door apologizing, “Sorry I’m late, guys. My pet panda had an emergency.” 

What was that idiot going to say? And what—a pet panda? Is that even legal? Or humane? I swear Yaga gets weirder every day.   




“Alright, here's your coat check ticket miss,” the coat check employee spoke. You grabbed the ticket, placing it in your silver purse, rolling your neck as it was a little sore from the long drive. The venue for this year's gala was out in a rural area, at a massive palace, its features of Greek architecture doing well to match the Neoclassical theme. 

Approaching two large wooden doors, uniformed workers reached to open the doors for you. Stepping through the doors, you let out a gasp looking over the ballroom for this year. Wow. How Nobara convinced Yaga and the planning committee to spend this much money, I have no clue.  

The ballroom, as expected, was massive, the double doors you’d just walked through leading to a balcony that overlooked it all. You heard the doors close behind you, sending a warm breeze against your back and your dress. 

You wore an off-shoulder A-line gown, the chiffon material beginning as a lavender at your chest and melting to a periwinkle as it reached the marble floors, covering your feet in silver heels. If it wasn’t obvious before, your seamstress had outdone herself again with your outfit. 

With the theme being Neoclassicism, the obvious interpretation was influenced by ancient Greek and Roman society. Your outfit took influence from Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt, displayed in small references in your accessories. The silver vines of your bangles curved up your arms into intricate designs as silver crescent moons dangled from your ears and a pearl necklace resting around your neck. To top it all off, a wreath of green vines and purple and white moonflowers crowned your head. 

Smoothing your hands down your dress as it flowed in the little breeze from the door, you noticed the slight iridescence of the material as it twinkled a bit. You took a couple of steps forward towards the cascading marble stairs to the massive ballroom below. Damn, this must have cost a fortune. 

In the large space, circular tables sat on the edge of the room and a bar on each side. The wall facing opposite the humongous staircase was primarily glass, the oversized french doors opened, leading out into a courtyard with a lush green maze. Corinthian marble columns stood at the corners of the room, reaching towards the ceiling with beautiful floral designs carved into it. 

You chuckled in awe, looking over the middle of the room, a good amount of couples dancing already and classical statues distributed far and wide throughout the space. Taking a deep breath, you began down the stairs, your fingers brushing the well-kept greenery decorating the railings of the staircase. 

Already in the ballroom, standing by Nanami and Shoko at the bar, Gojo stood in an all-black suit. His glasses had slid further down the slope of his nose, his lips parted. His eyes were widened, focused, the blue of his irises swirling in disbelief and pure adoration as he watched you make your way down the stairs. 

Shoko, downing another shot, placed the glass against the wood of the bar, arching her brow, “What has you all quiet, Gojo? You were chatting up a storm just a minute— oh. Nanami, look. Shoko nudged the man who’d finished his glass of whiskey, requesting another before turning to look as well. 

Gojo’s hands were in his pockets, a grin coming to his face, still just watching you. Shoko smiled, her arms crossing her chest in pride, remarking, “Stealing the show is really her talent, isn’t it? She makes it look so effortless.” 

Gojo sighed, removing a hand from his pocket to run it through his hair as he hums, “Because it is so effortless for her. She never has to try—she’s just breathtaking all the time.” 

Nanami, who was already feeling the effects of alcohol from the numerous rounds of whiskey he’s had, nudges Gojo, mumbling, “Go bring her over here.” 

Shoko pushes Gojo on his back, teasing, “Yeah, Gojo, go grab your Princess . I wanna say hi.” Gojo, being the man-child he is, sticks his tongue out at Shoko before striding to meet you at the base of the stairs. 

Reaching the last stair, you looked up from the marble floor, looking into the crowd of people before seeing a familiar face that caused your expression to become a bashful grin. Gojo maintained his eye contact with you, his cheeks becoming warm as he noticed you were looking in his direction with a smile on your face. 

He began to raise his hand to wave you over as he noticed you were waiting at the bottom of the stairs. The cute, bashful smile on your face was sending warm tingly feelings through his chest as he thought, This is too good to be true. She’s this excited to see me? Gojo continues to move towards you when he notices movement from the corner of his eye. 

Seeing the familiar spiky black hair move from the corner of his eye to stand by your side, Gojo freezes his movement, the heat of pure rage, embarrassment, and disappointment running through his skin. Choso offers his arm, and you slip your arms through him with a stunning smile that, knowing it never was reserved for him, sends a pang through Gojo’s chest. 

Turning your head a little, you finally meet the eyes of the man who was desperately hoping the excitement you once held for him was still there. You and Choso had begun walking away from the stairs, but you froze, instantly recognizing the hollow ache in Gojo’s eyes as they were once in yours. You deeply inhaled as if you wanted to say something, but instead, you closed your eyes and continued to walk with Choso. 

Brushing his shoulder against yours, Choso asks, “Hey, you okay there?” You opened your eyes, looking at Choso’s soft, dark ones, feeling a twinge in your stomach, noticing there’s no sensation like with the blue irises that your favorite idiot—or who used to be, had. 

You took a breath, forcing a wide grin, exhaling, “Yep, I’m perfect, Choso.” 

Watching your interaction with Choso and feeling his skin crawl seeing your ingenuine smile come out once again. Gojo huffed, his hand traveling up to the neck of his tie and shirt, pulling it loose and unbuttoning the top button. 

Shoko and Nanami were sitting at the table, munching on hors d’oeuvres and continuing their alcohol fest. Shoko looked up from her serving of shrimp cocktail, chewing through the bite before she asked, “Where’s the showstopper?” 

Plopping down in a chair beside her, Gojo nods in the general direction you and Choso walked towards, mumbling, “Ask spiky ponytails,” shoving a shrimp into his mouth off Shoko’s plate. Quickly finishing it, he clears his throat, “I need a drink.”


Chapter Text

After talking with Choso for a little while and greeting some of your co-workers, you walked over to the table where you were meant to be sitting with Shoko, Nanami, and— him. Crossing the ballroom to find the table, your mind was full of a series of questions, full of wonder and confusion. 

Why was he there? And why did he look so hurt? There’s no way he was expecting me to go with him. What am I going to do once I get to that table? Ugh, why has everything become so complicated? 

Your eye caught Shoko’s hand that was waving to get your attention. You scanned the table, noticing that fluffy, white hair was nowhere to be seen, lifting a weight off your chest and allowing you to take a deep breath. 

You made your way over to the table, sitting in the seat next to Shoko. “Dionysus, I’m guessing,” you greeted, looking over Shoko’s outfit, which was a simple, yet elegant straight-cut silk dress in a deep berry purple. 

Shoko chuckled, “You know me too well.” 

You gave her a face, nodding to the multiple empty glasses in front, replying, “It was a little obvious.” Turning to Nanami, you asked, “Nanami, who was your inspiration? If you had any.” 

Nanami took a sip of the wine he’d gotten with his appetizer plate of bread, crackers, grapes, and cheese. He shook his head, clearing his throat, “I didn’t even bother to stress myself.” 

You laughed as Shoko requested from a passing server another plate of shrimp cocktail. Turning to you she remarked, “But you [Y/n], you’re something else. I’m guessing you’re Artemis right? Because you look like a beam of moonlight.” 

Your eyes widened as you nervously chuckled, “It’s that obvious huh. Did I overdo it?” 

Shoko rested her hand on your shoulder as she took a sip of whatever alcohol she could get her hands on. Placing the glass down she shook her head, answering, “No definitely not! You look—” 

“It seems as [Y/n] has stolen my seat, Shoko. Or should I say Artemis ?” 

You stiffened, feeling a tingling sensation travel from the back of your neck down into your fingers and toes. 

You turned around in your chair, your eyes falling on the soft, pale strands first that were gently illuminated by the floating chandelier of candles overhead. Your eyes worked their way down, looking over his black suit before settling on the dark glasses, noticing the messy tie and lack of his usual grin. 

Who’s his inspiration? I’m guessing he just chose darkness or the god of the night. Shoko spoke, breaking you out of your little daze, saying, “Sorry, I forgot! These shrimp cocktails and [Y/n]’s outfit kept me a little distracted.” 

You smiled at her, “It’s no problem, I can move to the seat by Nanami so Gojo can sit.” 

Gojo hummed, “I appreciate the courtesy Artemis, but it’s really not necessary. I’m just going to say hi to some people. See you guys later.” 

You arched a brow, Is he going to call me Artemis all night? And if he wanted to sit, why is he choosing to instead go across the room? You shook your head when Nanami stood, sighing, “I’m going to head over with Gojo to make sure he doesn’t start any fires tonight.” 

You chuckled, “You know it’s bad when Nanami purposely gives himself a stressful responsibility.” Picking up his glass, Nanami chugged it, saying goodbye before he followed Gojo’s path through the ballroom. 

Picking up the menu, you wondered, What is up with him? While picking up her menu to choose her entree, Shoko mumbles, “You two are something else.” 




You were settled, twirling your fork in the small pile of pasta on your plate that you couldn’t finish. Nanami and Gojo didn’t return to the table to eat their entrees. So out of curiosity, while you were eating, you stood up to scan the ballroom. You first noticed Choso sitting at another table with Todo, the two of them discussing something passionately with Itadori sitting in between them with a face full of confusion. 

Itadori stood, excusing himself before he turned and walked over to another table. Your eyes followed him, seeing the new table where Nobara and Megumi sat. Also at the table were Gojo and Nanami, Gojo taking the free space beside Megumi. 

You laughed, seeing Megumi’s expression turn into one of exasperation matching Nanami’s, who kept pulling Gojo out of Megumi’s personal bubble. Your laugh quickly faded as Gojo turned towards your direction, holding eye contact. 

Your eyes widened as you were frozen for a moment, your pulse rushing and the blood draining from your cheeks. Your breathing was shallow, as you maintained eye contact with Gojo’s face that was a chilling calm. You blinked, awkwardly turning around and plopping down into your seat, taking a sip of your champagne glass. 

As you were playing with the pieces of linguini in the creamy marinara sauce, Gojo and Nanami had yet to return to your table. You looked around the ballroom, noticing people heading to the center and pairing up to dance. 

His movement sending a soft breeze against your back, Choso leaned down towards your ear, his voice gentle as he asked, “Would you like to dance, [Y/n]?” He held a hand, and you shifted your head, looking into his eyes, smiling, “I would love to.” 

Taking his hand, you stood from your chair, Shoko rising behind you. “You know where I’ll be [Y/n]. Have fun!” 

You smiled, “Try not to get alcohol poisoning, Shoko!” 

She rolls her eyes, crossing her arms as she walks past you, calling, “Is that even possible?” 

You laughed, shaking your head, now turning to Choso, exhaling, “Shall we?” 

You were now on the dance floor, arms resting on Choso’s shoulders, his hands settled on your waist as an orchestra played in the background. There was a comfortable space between you and there were moments of awkwardness, but that's expected with a new partner. 

You had turned into a new angle, looking to your side to see Megumi and Nobara dancing, Megumi looking like he was dragged to the dancefloor. You laughed softly, finally seeing Nobara’s outfit she needed the gala's theme to work around. 

It was a halter top gown, fitted around the chest, the silky material maintaining a slim silhouette from her waist to the floor. That wasn’t all though, the dress had slits on the sides, allowing you to see the gold winged heels she wore that matched the gold jewelry adorning her ear, neck, and hands. Like you, Nobara also wore a wreath in her hair, her’s just vines and leaves. 

With my recent research, I would say that she’s trying to emulate Nike, the goddess of victory. What a Nobara thing to do. Choso cleared his throat, grabbing your attention as he spoke. “Hey, are you having fun?” 

You blinked, giving him a soft smile replying, “Yeah, why do you ask?” Choso had a blush creeping up on his cheeks, his voice soft, saying, “Sorry, I just wanted to get to know you more, but I didn’t want to impose.” 

You shook your head, “No, that’s totally fine. We can learn some new things about each other.” Choso’s lips lifted into a grin that spread to your expression. 

Sticking to a slow sway, Choso began, “So what do you like to do for fun?” Hmmm, what do I like to do for fun? That’s a good one. You furrowed your brows, beginning to think through the past activities you’ve enjoyed spending your free time on, but there was a problem. All the memories were with Sa— Gojo . You inhaled, gasping when you realized a simple past-time you had been doing for as long as you could remember. 

You hummed, “I like stargazing. I find it peaceful and…” Your voice faded away as the memories of you stargazing with Gojo came to the forefront of your mind, traveling to the night he told you he wanted to call you Stardust, traveling to the day on the breezy cliff after the nemophila field. Your cheeks were tingly, a weird sensation overtaking your stomach as your skin flushed with heat. Taking a inhale, you looked downwards at your feet before looking up again, your eyes looking over Choso’s shoulder and landing on him. 

Gojo stood leaning against one of the classical statues, a cup of bubbly champagne in his hand as he kept your gaze. You expected for him to maybe look away in embarrassment, not wanting you to think that he was looking at you from afar, but the man didn’t budge. 

Your eyes remained locked on the blue ones that you could still faintly see behind the lowered glasses despite the distance. The way he stood so nonchalantly against the smooth marble, it was like he was waiting for you two to have eye contact. He wanted you to see him. 

Your nerves were tingling as sparks traveled across your skin under the heat of his gaze. You blinked, tearing your eyes away from his and back towards Choso’s. Choso’s brows were furrowed, moving a hand off your waist to run down the side of your arm. 

He leaned closer, whispering, “Are you okay, [Y/n]? You’re covered in goosebumps. Is it too cold? Do you want to take a break?” 

Your eyes widened as you slowly adjusted out of your daze, smiling, “I’m perfectly fine, Choso.” 

Daring to look over his shoulder again, you looked towards the same spot, releasing a sigh of relief, seeing that the man in all black was no longer there. You turned to Choso, who coincidentally also wore all-black. 

You took a step closer, suddenly taking an interest in his outfit choice, tilting your head upwards. “Hey, I’m curious. What was your inspiration for your outfit?” Choso’s eyebrows raised before his expression became sheepish, answering, “I came as Hades. Did you not like it?” 

You chuckled, shaking your head, “No, definitely not Choso. You look great!” 

Choso grinned, his adorable smile still bright under the low lighting from the candles around. He replied, “I never told you how pretty you look tonight [Y/n]—not that it’s only tonight you’re pretty, you always are. But tonight, you’ve outdone yourself—and not in a bad way—wait you’ve never done it in a bad way.” Closing his eyes in defeat, Choso sighed, “I’m going to shut up now.” 

You laughed, “No, it’s okay, Choso. Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it.” Choso opened his eyes, his irises full of hope and admiration as you continued, swaying to the music. The eye contact between you two remained, staying a nice calm. 

But soon, your body was no longer calm, goosebumps rising on your skin again as your pulse picked up. You felt as if you were being watched . You looked around the ballroom, taking note of your surroundings when of course, your eyes met wintry blue ones again, this time to your side and a little closer as you saw Gojo dancing with Miwa. 

Miwa was too starstruck to notice, her cheeks a bright red as Gojo continued to sway with her. You gasp lightly, noticing that with the movement of you and Choso and Gojo and Miwa, you were bound to move past each other. 

Why is he doing this? I can’t function with him doing that. You swallowed, your eye contact locked with Gojo as your pairs became closer and closer, noticing the hint of an emotion you couldn’t quite put a name in his eyes. The contact broke when you closed your eyes and turned away as you and your partner brushed past Gojo’s and his. 

The next time your weird staring contest with Gojo happened was when he stood by the bar. The music had picked up slightly, you and Choso increasing your movements from a simple sway. The two of you had asked more questions about each other, learning that Choso had brothers of which he was the oldest and that they constantly met up for meals since they were close. 

Choso took your hand, lifting it so that you could spin, accidentally stepping on his foot since his foot placement was a little different from Gojo’s. You cringed, pulling away in embarrassment, speaking remorsefully, “I’m so sorry, Choso! I’m not that good of a dancer.” 

He shook his head, offering you his hand again as he answered, “No worries! I’m still having a great time.” You smiled, exhaling in relief, giving your thanks as you took his hand once again. 

You were about to begin dancing—at least try to when your skin flushed once again, your stomach-turning. You knew before your eyes caught the pale-haired man, his eyes unsurprisingly on you once again. What the actual fuck? Can he just not? Why can’t he leave me alone?  

Your patience had burned away, your frustration and annoyance coming to the surface when you abruptly spoke, “Sorry, Choso. I need a break for now.” 

You stalked off the dancefloor, your eyes burning with irritation as you kept Gojo’s gaze, walking straight for him. His eyebrows lifted, a smirk coming to his lips which irked you even more. So he was going to keep doing that until I came up to him? He seriously has the maturity of a toddler. God, I hate him. Gojo spun in his bar chair, ordering a glass to offer to you as you approached him. 

He grinned, “ Artemis , how nice of you to visit me? What did you—” 

“You know why I’m here, so cut the bullshit.” 

Gojo furrowed his brow, feigning total confusion as he chuckled slowly, “Why Artemis, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Lifting the glass, he offered, “Champagne? You look a little thirsty. I mean, you were dancing for a while there.” 

You snapped, “I’m not here to stay for refreshments.” 

He pouted, “Then what are you here for?” 

You narrowed your eyes, “You know exactly what you’re doing. Just stop, Gojo.” 

“How can I stop if you won’t even tell what it is I’m supposedly doing?” 

Supposedly ?” You scoffed, “You’re actually a delusional bastard. God, I hate you.” 

Gojo’s expression brightens, “Hey! Hate’s an emotion, Artemis. So we are making progress! Good to know.” Your eyes widened, your fists clenched, and your skin flushed with heat. Why did I fucking say that? I’m so dumb. 

Gojo slipped off the chair, leaning down towards your ear, whispering, “It takes two people to truly stare, moon goddess. You had to have been looking back to even notice. Maybe you should ask yourself why your eyes kept finding mine. ” Your pulse quickened, moving your eyes off his and looking down, noticing the tie that’s still messy. 

Rolling your eyes, you grumble, “Your tie is loose. You should fix it,” brushing past his arm as you promptly walk away, leaving Gojo with a glint of amusement in his eyes. 

You were back on the dance floor swaying and doing the little turns you could without taking one of Choso’s toes out. You both lifted your heads, hearing the music pick up. 

Choso hummed, “It seems that I won’t be your partner for much longer, unfortunately.” 

You arched a brow, “Why is that? Are you leaving early?” 

Choso shook his head, “No I saw on the program that this is the dance where everyone turns and meets a new partner. I think it’s supposed to be a fun bonding activity for everyone to break out of their comfort zone.” Break out of their comfort zone? I’m not interested in that at all right now.  

You moved your hands off Choso’s shoulder, reaching to run a hand across your collarbone, your fingers brushing against the cool pearls. It’s not the same as his necklace—wait, why am I even thinking about that.  

You inhaled, saying, “Okay, well, I had a great time Choso. I think I’m going to sit down for this one.” Giving you a soft smile, Choso waved goodbye, and you returned the motion, turning to go sit at your table. 

As you turn, Choso gently grabs your hand once again, his voice a little shaky and apprehensive as he speaks, “Hey [Y/n]? I would like you to know that I...” 

Choso’s voice becomes dimmer and more far away as you spiral deep into your thoughts, panicking on how to take his words. Please don’t say what I think you’re going to say. You’re a great guy Choso, but I don’t think we could ever—I don’t know—I just don’t feel a spark. Not like I do with… with— 

“Oh, you don’t feel a spark? I get it [Y/n].” 

You lifted your head that had turned downwards to look at the ground, looking at Choso’s expression that was drooping, his dark eyes dulled with disappointment. Wait, I said all of that out loud? Oh no. Fuck. Wait, I didn’t mean to say it like that.  

You reached for Choso, trying to explain yourself in the way that it meant to come out, but he took your hand, moving it down as he took a step back. A sad, weak smile on his face, he whispered, “I don’t give you goosebumps . And there’s nothing that you or I can do about that. So no hard feelings. We can continue as great colleagues. Thank you for giving me your time tonight, but I think it’s time I head out.” 

You opened your mouth to reply, but you fell short as the words on the tip of your tongue refused to come out. As soon as Choso turns and moves out of your view, you’re left staring at Gojo, the ache you saw earlier in his eyes. The best word you could come up with now to describe his expression, torn

And indeed he was torn. Gojo was internally jumping with glee that you weren’t interested in Choso, yet his heart was heavy with despair, seeing that didn’t do anything for the way you looked at him. Your eyes still held that same hurt and icy barrier to prevent him from knowing what you were truly thinking. 

Your breathing, now too shallow and fast, you feel the need to go outside for some fresh air. You weaved your way through the people dancing, losing Gojo once again and reaching the far wall of glass windows in stone frames. You walked out through the french glass doors, walking into the expansive courtyard with lush green landscaping that formed a thick maze. I don’t even care about finding my way out of this maze right now. I just need to be outside in the quiet air. You began walking on the cobblestone paths, taking turns to take you deeper into the courtyard. 

Gojo, back in the ballroom, grabbed another drink, the cool condensation on the glass making his hand damp as he decided to explore the courtyard as he felt the air in the ballroom was now stuffy with people dancing and some tension. 

It had been about fifteen minutes of you wandering the courtyard maze, passing by benches and sitting areas under the orange, red, and yellow trees. You approached a crossroads of paths once again, this time deciding to turn left, hearing the sound of water nearby. 

The cobblestone path opened up to a beautiful small lake, brilliantly reflecting the warm hues of the trees and the cool light of the full moon overhead. The pond itself had this certain glow and lively hum around it. The moonlight reflected off the small ripples in the water, smooth pebbles gleaming alongside bioluminescent algae, making it look like a fantasy. 

You turned your head, noticing a marble bridge connected to a gazebo of the same material from both sides of the pond. Your curiosity tugging you by the hand forward, you began to walk across the bridge, your silver heels softly clicking against the marble. Running your hand across the cool railing, you looked down at the water, watching a school of small koi fish pass underneath the bridge. 

You were halfway to the gazebo, freezing in your steps, as you saw white hair gleaming in the moonlight. Your cheeks tingle, your heart frantically beating out of its chest as you try to quietly turn around, tiptoeing back towards the maze. 

“I’m pretty sure this gazebo is big enough for both of us, Artemis .” 


Chapter Text

“I’m pretty sure this gazebo is big enough for both of us, Artemis .”

You squeezed your eyes shut, cringing as you called back, “It’s fine. I didn’t really want to see it anyway.” 

“Wait,” Gojo called back, his voice an urgent plea, a hint of desperation present. You inhaled, your silver bangles jingling as you wrap your arms around yourself, noticing your goosebumps had returned once again. 

I don’t give you goosebumps.  

Choso wasn’t referring to that, right? Did he notice Gojo when he was looking at me? I really can’t do this anymore. Everything’s become so confusing and such a mess I don’t even know what to do.  

You looked up, your eyes meeting Gojo’s that were glimmering as he stood in the middle of the gazebo. You noticed that at some point, he’d taken off his glasses, and his tie was still irritably messy. This is probably a mistake. But I’m going to go for it regardless.  

Reaching the gazebo, you were impressed with the glass ceiling allowing the cool beams of moonlight to filter in. Gojo watched as you turned around, taking in the features of the gazebo slowly. He was busy admiring how the light danced across your features and silver accessories, the iridescence of your dress in full effect underneath the moonlight. Even as you wanted to escape into the quietness of the fall air, you both could still hear the music float on the gentle breeze from the orchestra playing the ballroom. 

“What were you doing here?” You finally ask, resting on the marble railing, looking out at the lily pads floating on the water. 

Gojo deeply inhaled, shifting a little to take the spot on the railing next to you, also looking out on the water. “I just needed to think. I thought this was a good place to do it.” 

You nodded, “It is. It has a magical feel to it.” 

Hopefully, that magic can fix everything that broke between us, Gojo thought as he turned to look at you. His cheeks warmed as he watched you look out across the illuminated lake. Breathtaking. Always have and always will be. 

Holding out his hand, Gojo’s voice is lighter with energy as he says, “We should dance. Take advantage of the magic here.” You shook your head, eyes remaining of the slowly moving water, answering, “No, my feet are a little tired.” 

Nudging your arm, Gojo pouts, “Come on, it’s not like we get to be in a place like this every day. And won’t you dance with me for a fraction of the time you gave Choso?” 

You faced him, furrowing your brows, “Don’t tell me you’re jealous, Gojo. Weren’t you also dancing with Miwa? That looked…nice.” 

Gojo chuckled, “You pretend as if my dance partner was who I was paying attention to.” 

Ouch, poor Miwa. But I think she’s just happy she got to dance with her biggest idol. Gojo took a step closer, absent-mindedly reaching for your pearl necklace, an unrecognizable emotion passing over his face. 

Trying to keep your pulse under control, you slowly inhaled when Gojo remarked, “We practiced though. It would be a shame if our lessons went to waste.” 

We...did practice. Wow, I haven’t thought about that since that date. “We did,” you exhaled. And it took a lot of work for me to get comfortable with the movements. You sighed, “Fine. I know what I went through to make sure I wouldn’t totally embarrass myself. I’ll do it just so those hours don’t go to waste.” 

Gojo grinned, the sight making your chest feel weird in a way you couldn’t describe. Gojo steps forward, reaching for your hand when you knock it away, gaining a confused look from him. He began, “What are you—” 

You grabbed the silky black tie, sliding it upwards and adjusting it around his collar, and fixing the undone top button. You mumbled, “For a guy who claims to be a gentleman so much, you really can’t just fix your tie?” 

He chuckled as you rested your palms on his chest, feeling the familiar muscles. Is it me, or are they more defined than I remember—I can’t believe I just thought that. This never happened.  

Gojo's eyebrows rose as he watched your facade melt slightly, your embarrassment showing on your face as you cleared your throat, taking a step back. He hummed, taking your hand in his, lifting it to his lips as he murmured, “May I have this dance, Princess ?” 

You sharply inhaled, expecting to be called Artemis instead as you nodded, feeling one of Gojo’s strong arms wrap around your waist and your other hand intertwines with his. 

“Do you remember?” Gojo asked, his voice a whisper against your temple. You swallowed, giving him a nod as Gojo pulled you closer to him. The music was still floating in the air as you two began to sway and move under the glass ceiling of the gazebo. 

Your heart was pounding wildly, and sensing it, Satoru’s hand on your back spread wider, supporting you as he whispered in your ear, “I’m right here with you, so don’t be afraid to fall.” And I mean that in more ways than one, Stardust.

Your speed increased, twirling against the marble floor to the harmonies of the string instruments. Satoru lifted your hand, taking a step back to let you turn. Your heel skimmed Satoru’s foot, and you gasp, ready to stop right there, but Satoru pulls you right back in, murmuring, “Don’t even think about it. Just keep going.” You breathed, “Okay,” continuing to move with him. 

Maintaining eye contact, the lake faded to a combination of cool hues with some reds and oranges from the trees behind you and Satoru. Satoru kept his eyes on you, this time calm and collected. With a soft smile on his face, Satoru asks, “You ready?” 

Going through all the steps of the dance, you arched a brow, replying, “For what?” 

Satoru laughs, his lips brushing your ear, sending waves of warmth throughout your body. “Just hold on.” 

Your eyes widened, suddenly following his instructions, the hand on his shoulder gripping him tightly. The arm Satoru had kept around your waist held you a little tightly now as he bent a little and picked you off the ground, spinning you in the air, your dress flowing behind you. 

Though it was only a couple rotations, time slowed, and your chest became a whirlwind, the fluttering sensation you had begun to forget existed, returning, this time the sensation spreading to your feet, your hands, your face— everywhere

No. No, no, no, no, no. This can’t be happening. Oh god, what did I get myself into? I’m falling for him all over again—that’s if I ever truly stopped. Fuck. What is wrong with me? Haven’t I learned my lesson? He’s already ruined me—why would I give him the chance to do it again. Why is it that with him I can never ignore my feelings?  

It was simple, really, and you knew it too, even if you wouldn’t dare say it internally—not to mention out loud. You loved him. it was a fact you knew as well as your name, a fact you were as certain about as the sun rising every morning. It was something that you kept locked away for months, but that wasn’t possible now. No, it had become too overwhelming, and now you were drowning. You were drowning in him . He’d become your fresh air, and you were too scared to breathe

Satoru could tell that something changed, he felt it like a buzz in the air and then realized when he looked more closely at you. It was your eyes. Satoru’s breath staggered, his cheeks becoming rosy as he noticed in your eyes your facade, your shell was completely down. You were you again, and he noticed that you were still his to a small extent. 

Feeling your heels touch the marble floor of the gazebo, you closed your eyes, your pulse still rushing through your veins. Gently slowing to a stop, Satoru lowered his forehead to yours, “ Breathe , Stardust. Just breathe, I’ve got you.” 

I—I can’t. It’s all too scary, and I don’t feel prepared. I don’t know how to feel prepared. Is this even something I can ever feel prepared for?  

Taking your time, you finally opened your eyes, noticing from the angle the moonlight was hitting Satoru, that on his suit, there were faint specks of silver and white against the black material. You looked up with a furrowed brow, “Who were you supposed to be, Satoru?” 

Satoru’s eyes widened, clearing his throat as a slight blush remained on his cheeks, returning, “I came as Astraea, the Greek goddess of the stars.” You blinked, goosebumps rising on your skin as Satoru slipped his hand into his pocket, fiddling with something. 

Satoru’s smile was purely blissful, his thoughts rambling. The moon and the stars, huh. We didn’t even talk about if we were going to match together before we broke up. But I guess we really didn’t need to. The moon and stars, dancing through the night—kind of poetic in a way. Meant to be. 

Looking off to the side to hide the bashful smile you were trying so hard to hide, you mumbled, “I...I should head back.” 

I get it. I see the signs too. But it’s just a hopeful fantasy because it won’t work. And I can’t afford to break myself like that ever again. Whoever said, ‘It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all’ fucking lied.  

Feeling the bashful smile disappear, you turned back, reiterating, “I should go now.” Gojo's fingers brushed your arm, sliding down to take your hand as he offered, “Let me walk you.” 

You shook your head, taking a step back letting your hand slip out of his. “No, it’s really fine. I’ve figured my way around the maze after walking for so long, so your help isn’t necessary.” 

Gojo’s brows furrowed, letting out a deep sigh as he saw your icy barrier begin to grow between the two of you. It wasn’t perfect though, the ice was thin, cracking in places and little holes as your feelings for the man in front of you were thawing the ice despite your best efforts. 

Gojo took a step closer, countering, “Oh, but I insist. I wouldn’t be a gentleman if I didn’t.” 

The confusion and fluttery energy coursing through you quickly turned into frustration as you replied, “Why can’t you ever just leave me alone ?” 

A dangerous smirk grew on Gojo’s lips as he leaned down in front of your face, whispering, “ You know why. Because it’s you of all people, Princess. How many times do I have to say you’re mine and I’m yours?” 

You chuckled dryly, an uncomfortable sensation settling in the back of your throat as you spat out your bitter words. “Did you believe that as Mei Mei kissed a trail down your neck? Or when you humiliated me on the piece of myself that I struggle with the most— something that I told you in confidence, Gojo? Is that how you show that you care because if so I’m not interested —” 

“Princess, would you take the time to let me explain myself and give you the full picture? Because you haven’t for the past few months!” 

Pinching the bridge of your nose, feeling your entire body flush with anger. “I’m done wasting my energy talking to you.” 

You turned towards the bridge, begin to stalk off the lake when Gojo pulled you back towards him, your back against the smooth material of his suit. You felt the vibrations emitting from his chest, your muscles tensing as he hummed deeply, “But I wasn’t. Isn’t it rude to walk out in the middle of a conversation?” 

You huffed, “Why, Gojo? Why can’t you see it?” 

“See what—” 

“That we’re terrible for each other!” You blurted, your voice strained as your breathing hadn’t calmed down. 

His lips by your temple, he mumbled, “ Oh? Explain that, Princess.” Let's see what lies you’re convincing yourself of to ignore the truth.  

You sputtered, finally responding with, “We’re complete opposites! We constantly bicker even over the stupidest of things.” 

He laughed darkly, “I would say that our conversations are some of the best parts of our relationship. Besides, haven’t you heard opposites attract. ” 

Pushing away Gojo’s arms that were wrapped around your waist holding you to him, you turned to face him as you replied, your voice slightly breaking from exhaustion. “We crashed and burned, Gojo.”  

A glint passed over his eyes before he cupped your cheek, his fluffy hair tickling your forehead, a familiar yet distant sensation. His voice dropping to a low whisper, he says, “Do you even believe that we were that bad together, Sweetheart?” 

You inhaled slowly, feeling the flutters still pooling around in your stomach and lower torso. Despite everything? I still can’t control myself around him? You swallowed, a weak “Yes,” slipping through your lips. 

Gojo’s nose brushed yours, feeling his soft exhale fan your warm skin. “I think that a person with this idea of me wouldn’t want me near them. So why haven’t you done that? Do it right now. Push me away, Sweetheart. ” 

You were enduring an internal war, your mind felt obligated—no, felt desperate to prove him wrong and to push him away, but your chest and the rest of your body had other plans. Your fingers itched, wanting to relive the sensation of his soft hair through them, the feeling of the curve of his chest muscles. Your hips wanted the feeling of being paid attention to as his hands would travel over them, pressing himself into you. Your lips, hungry for the feeling of his pillowy ones against yours, the slight skim of his teeth over them before he would slip his tongue in, exploring your mouth in the way that made your insides melt. Your ears, waiting hopefully that his lips would brush them, whispering sweet nothings so beautiful, rendering you speechless. Your chest moving up and down with your heavy breathing, you began, “I—” unable to form a response. 

Gojo raised his arm, his slightly rough hand gently cupping your other cheek as he whispered, “What were you just thinking about?” A mischievous grin danced on his lips. 

You closed your eyes, inhaling, “Nothing.” 

His touch—no, his everything seemed to envelop you. The notes of cool cotton, cucumber, cedarwood wafting from his cologne to the vibrato of his voice in the cool air. Your every sense was activated by him, and you were drowning out of stubbornness but also fear. 

Your eyes lingered on his before glimpsing down at the curve of his lips, taking a small swallow as you shifted your head so that it no longer lined up with his. With how close the two of you were, you noticed how the tension in Gojo’s jaw shifted as he swallowed.

Gojo whispered, “If I talked now—if I told you everything would you listen? Would you believe me?”

Now? Why now? I’m not ready—no I can’t do this right now.

“What else is there to say, Gojo,” you whispered, choosing to keep your eyes on the collar of his suit jacket. You took steps back, turning your back towards him, now facing the bridge once again. 

“That I…I,” he began, his words faltering as you turned around, your eyes locking. Gojo felt his cheeks burn, the words trapped in his throat as he recognized the distrust that had settled in your eyes. 

“I—l,” he blurted, the words falling short again. I can’t tell her like this.

Your lips formed a thin line, tears threatening to blur your vision as you cut in, whispering, “I can’t—I can’t do this, Satoru.” You turned, paying attention to your steps as the path changed from marble to cobblestone.  

Gojo remained at the gazebo, now leaning on the railing with your gold necklace between his fingers. She still isn’t ready. Neither am I honestly. But will she ever be ready? Will she ever look at me the same way she did before? I don’t even know what to do anymore. It feels—

Gojo pauses his train of thought, noticing a damp sensation on his hands. He’s confused for a moment since it wasn’t raining before he realizes that one of his cheeks was damp as well. 

It feels damn near impossible.


Chapter Text

Turning on the engine to your Volvo SUV, you noticed the orange check engine light flicker on. Your brows furrowed, turning to the digital clock on the dashboard, mumbling, “I’m already running late, and there’s going to be traffic.” I should be fine for a trip to and from work, you convinced yourself. 

Now walking into your office, you rested your bag beside your desk, stretching as you looked out at the gray clouds slowly rolling into the city. It’s not supposed to rain. Maybe a little drizzle, but I’ll be fine without the umbrella today. 

Straightening your cream, high collared blouse that you paired with black slacks, you sat down in your chair, letting out a sigh as you saw a new notecard, the rushed strokes of Gojo’s handwriting dancing on the page. 

It was only the Monday after the gala, so your encounter under the glass ceiling of the gazebo was fresh on your mind. Feeling your cheeks warm and your chest tighten with an uncomfortable sensation, you thought, I’m so embarrassed. What came over me that night? I didn’t even drink that much. Watch his note just tease me—you know what, I won’t read it at all.  

You huffed, crumpling the note and plopping it into the glass jar that sat to the right of your monitor. Unlocking your computer and checking your email, you sighed with satisfaction, stealing a glance at the jar that was nearly full with crumpled balls of paper. Yup, definitely not going to read that. What a waste of my time. I have so much better things to do.  

Ten minutes passed. Twenty minutes passed. Forty minutes passed. You were now tapping your index finger against the edge of your desk, leaning back as you finished delegating contacts for Nobara, Itadori, and Choso to look at. 

You closed your eyes, tilting your head up to the ceiling, taking a deep inhale. Choso’s email had taken so long to write. God, why was I stuck on the closing salutations for fifteen minutes?  

To clarify, the choice to close either with ‘With regards’ or ‘Sincerely’ was important, one that could easily destroy whatever friendship you were trying to keep with the man. 

You rolled your head to the side, sneaking another look at the glass jar, which was another reason why you had taken so long to send three emails practically saying the same thing. You kept looking back at the jar, your mind wandering and then returning to the task at hand every time you noticed the brightness of the computer screen lower from disuse. 

You stared at the jar, the fall weather apparent today as the jar reflected gray clouds in the window behind you. I didn’t bring an umbrella today. So please, please don’t rain as I go home. For the next few minutes, you walked around the building, checking in on the younger associates you assigned work to and looking over the rest of October and what contracts and deals were due. 

Sitting back down in your chair, placing a cup of coffee you’d acquired on your rounds, your eyes found their way back to the mason jar once again. Has the amount of crumpled notes increased? Did someone sneak one in? I better look through them to check—wait, no, no, no. This is just me wanting to read the note from this morning. You know what, it's meant to be read. The effort put in shouldn’t be wasted—but I know it’s going to be humiliating. But he’s not like that—wait I take that back. The bastard literally called me emotionally inept—that was fucking humiliating, so he’s definitely capable. Actually, no. Fuck it, I’m reading it I won’t be able to focus until I do.  

You exhaled, reaching over your desk to grab the jar so quickly you almost knocked over your cup of coffee onto your keyboard. That might’ve been a sign not to read it, but oh well. You moved your fingers gingerly, carefully unwrapping the ball of paper as if the message was urgent, of most importance. Maybe to you, it was, but you would never admit that to yourself or the man behind it. You arched a brow, expecting the normal short paragraph with the usual emotion as the title, but it was simply just a sentence. 

Choose me. Choose me for yourself, [Y/n]. 

You blinked, your mind swirling with so many questions as you continued to stare at the vague message. What the fuck? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Maybe I’ll ask him later if I have the energy.  




It was lunch as you went solo to a cafe, deciding on a heated panini, a brownie piece, and an iced green tea with honey to keep you going for the rest of the day. Turning around as you’d picked up your order, you met a broad chest, your eyes darting away and cheeks tingling as soon as you saw the white hair. 

Gojo clears his throat, and you cringe slightly, expecting the man who currently towered over you to remark about Saturday night. As he opened his soft lips that your eyes still hadn’t gotten with the program to avoid contact with them, you deeply inhaled, bracing yourself for embarrassment. 

Gojo opened his mouth, placing a hand on your shoulder, saying, “Sorry about that, [Y/n].” You reared back, your brows furrowed as you clutched your paper bag of food in your hand. Gojo blinked before bringing his usual charming smile onto his lips. “Are you okay? I’m—” 

“Am I okay? I think the question that I should ask is, are you okay? Did you hit your head on something?” 

Gojo chuckled, shaking his head, “No, but I’m happy to see you taking an interest in me, [Y/n].” 

Your eyes widened as you gestured to him, your bag shaking in your hand with the movement. “ That . Since when was I [Y/n]? Haven’t you always insisted on calling me any pet name you could come up with?” 

Gojo’s eyes twinkled with amusement as he responded calmly, “Isn’t that your name?” 

You narrowed your eyes, “Yes. But you don’t use it, and you’ve been weird.” 

“Weird? Weird how Pri—[Y/n]?” 

Your eyes widened as you took another step back, So he’s pulling the same shit as me calling him Gojo, isn’t he. Fucking manchild. You know I’m really starting to get hangry. You closed your eyes, taking a breath, “What did you mean this morning?” 

Gojo’s face scrunched in confusion. “This morning? Oh! My note, right?” Shifting your bag into the crook of your elbow, you pulled out the rich, warm brownie, taking a bite. Mmmm, and it’s still warm, fresh from the oven. I can feel my frustration draining away with each bite— Gojo cleared his throat, opening your eyes that you’d closed, relishing the piece full of decadent chocolate. Never mind. It’s back.  

“Yes, I’m referring to your very vague note, Gojo.” Gojo took a step closer to you, his large hand coming towards your face. You leaned back, but Gojo’s other hand came around your waist as he brushed the corner of your mouth, collecting some of the brownie crumbs that remained on your lips after eating. You blinked, looking away as your heart rate increased, your stomach rotating the new piece of brownie inside as it turned in embarrassment. Yep. I need to get out of here. Now.  

But Gojo didn’t stop there. You turned your head back to look at him, watching as his tongue slipped through his lips, licking his thumb. Your body instantly reacted, a rush of warmth gathering in your lower abdomen. He’s always doing something, my god. Can’t I just have an easy conversation with him?  

Gojo grabbed a napkin from the nearby side table wiping his thumb. “So we were talking about a vague note that was left.” 

He’s just going to act like what he did was normal?  

You sighed, “Yes. What’s all this about me choosing you, Gojo.” 

Sliding his hands into his pockets, he shrugged, “I think that by this point, I’ve made myself very clear about how much I—how much I care for you, [Y/n]. So I’m giving you what you want.” 

“What I want? How?” 

“I’m going to give you the space you need, okay? So you can think of what I’ve tried to communicate for the past few months.” 

You chuckled dryly, “So you’re going to avoid me?” 

Gojo tilted his head, asking, “Is that a problem, [Y/n]? Do you like me bothering you? ” 

You squeezed your eyes shut because if it wasn’t your eyes, your iced tea in your hand would burst out of the cup, making a mess all over the cafe. 

No .” You gritted out, “In fact, I think this will be a great thing for the both of us!” 

Gojo nodded, “Great because I’m not interested in talking to you until you’ve admitted some things to yourself first.” Even though I’m not having that great of a start, I will stand my ground until you choose me, Princess. The choice is yours at the end of the day. I can’t think of anything else now that makes it clear that I’m in love with you besides confessing out loud, which I’m not ready to do yet. So I’m putting the ball in your court. Maybe I’m taking the cowardly way out, but I also need you to understand our connection for yourself, Princess.  

You adjusted yourself, taking a sip of your iced green tea as you began to walk towards the door. As you pass Gojo, you mumble, “Whatever. This seems like a great idea Gojo,” your cream blouse brushing past his black suit. Noticing that it rained a little while you were getting your food, you exhaled, This is great. Such an amazing thing Gojo. We’ll finally be able to get out of each other's hair and do the job we're hired to do. I won’t miss any of it at all.  

Gojo watched your back as you strode out of the store, a new large crack in the icy barrier. He chuckled softly, turning to place his order. Let’s see how long you think it’s a great idea, Stardust.   




It was almost 7, and you were stepping into the elevator, heading down to where you’ve parked your car. Looking up at the darkening sky since the sun had already set, you reach the car, sliding in the front seat. Sliding your key in the ignition, you turn it, expecting your car to start so you could finally go home after such a long day. Turn. Nothing. Turn. Not quite there. Turn. Not even close. 

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Today of all days? Literally, the check engine light only came on this morning, I should have been fine until tomorrow. Closing your eyes, you rested your head on the steering wheel, your anger bubbling over as you hit the wheel repeatedly. This has been the worst fucking day in a while.  

You were now watching a tow truck drag your dark grey car down the street as they would drop it at your mechanic for you. It had also begun drizzling as you turned your attention down to your phone, trying to order an Uber. 

No rides are available at this time.  

You narrowed your eyes. How the fuck is that even possible. Well, it’s rush hour, so they’re all taken right now, aren’t they? Shit. Let’s try Lyft.  

No rides are available.  

You laughed dryly, mumbling, “Yep, for sure the worst fucking day.” You startled, hearing a rumble of thunder behind you and feeling heavier raindrops hit your blouse. So I didn’t grab an umbrella because it wasn’t supposed to rain—wait! There was supposed to be one in the back of my car, but guess where that’s gone. And now there are no couriers to drop me home. Great. So I have to walk through this rain and get my blouse wet because guess what else I left in the car. My fucking fall jacket. 

You let out a grunt of frustration, looking up to see that you spooked some passing pedestrians. And now some random people think I’m a crackhead. Round of applause for [Y/n] everyone! She wins the award for being the stupidest idiot today! 

You had begun walking down the block, heading towards the train station, feeling your shirt get heavier with water. From the corner of your eye, you noticed a grey Mercedes sedan pull to your side, and the window slid down. Oh great. Just the person I needed.  

“Hey, do you need a ride, Princess?” Gojo called out from the car. I really don’t want my hair to get any more soaked, but— 

“No. No thanks! Not necessary. I’m fine, thank you. I don’t want your charity.” 

Gojo huffed, “Come on, Princess, I’m trying to help you out here.” You scrolled through your phone, seeing if you could find any luck with the driver service again. 

No rides are available. 

Crap. You crossed your arms and tilted your head, retorting, “What happened to avoiding me, Gojo? And I see you’re back with the pet name.” 

Gojo rolled his eyes, sighing, “You need to get home.” 

You let out a sarcastic chuckle, “No, I’m really fine, thanks. I’d like to utilize the space you’ve given me, so good night, Gojo.” You walked away, looking at your phone, seeing a new interesting piece of information. 

Flash flood warning in your area. Walking is not advisable.  

You sighed, switching over to the public transportation app, finding another interesting piece of information. 

Due to the possibility of flash flooding, certain train stations will shut down.  

And guess which train station was at the top of that list. The one you were walking to right now. This is a simulation. Someone has to be shitting me right now or have put me on hardcore survival mode because what the hell! You noticed once again people steering clear of you on the sidewalk, realizing that you were talking out loud the entire time. 

Okay, the next nearby train station that's open is...1.8 miles (3 km) away! That's like a 45-minute walk! In these heels? I hope whoever is running this simulation suffers. You began walking again, your brows slightly furrowed in a pout as your calves and feet already began to hurt. 

You were about to cross an intersection when the familiar Mercedes sedan pulled up in front of you. 

“Get in.” 

You stared at the blue eyes, still somehow bright in the lack of sun. “You’re going to catch a cold, Princess.” You took a deep breath, exhaling as you remained in your spot. You heard a honk from a car behind Gojo’s, noticing the Uber logo on the window. No rides available, huh.  

His voice now lower, more impatient, Gojo says, “Sure, take your time, Sweetheart. But preferably sometime this year .” 

The Uber behind honks again, and in a fit of rage, you do something out of the norm for you. You yelled, “ Fuck off ,” giving the driver a middle finger before you opened the passenger door and slid into the seat. 

Gojo snorted, “What the hell was that for?” Keeping your eye out the window, you watched as the Uber carefully made its way around Gojo’s car, unable to cast a glare at the driver due to the windows blurred with rain. 

You uttered, “Stupid fucking ubers,” placing your wet bag on the floor in front of your seat. Gojo laughed again, his gaze looking at your hair soaking wet, your eyes full of exhaustion and rage. Even a mess, you’re still so gorgeous.  

His eyes moved down to your cream blouse...that was now drenched , your grey bra on full display underneath. Gojo’s cheeks warmed before he looked away, pulling the car back out to the middle of the street, making its way through darkened city streets, lights from the LED signs blurring together from the raindrops on the windshield before they were wiped away again. Stopped by a red light, Gojo took another glance at you, noticing that your eyes were on him, gazes locking, and he quickly found himself lost. 

“I love you,” you whispered to him before Gojo lost all control of himself, shifting the car gear to park in the middle of the road. He reached over, grabbing your cheeks and pulling your lips to his before he shifted to suck the crook of your neck, the skin so supple and soft—a potent drug that brought Satoru Gojo to his knees. His lips brush over the skin, feeling you tremble and your pulse quicken, sending an electrifying sensation through his skin down to his dick that was already painfully hard. Gojo mumbles against your skin, “You don’t know how many hours I stayed up at night thinking about how those words would sound on your lips. How it’s still infinitely better than anything I came up with. God, I’m in love with you. I would do anything you asked, Princess.” 

“Can you take me home? The light’s green now.” 

Your voice snaps Gojo out of his daze, realizing what he wished for didn’t happen. His cheeks are burning as he shifts in his seat, noticing that he’s in fact, painfully hard. He moves his feet off the brake to the accelerator, the engine just revving up instead of the car moving. Looking down toward the gear shift, he realizes that he actually put the car in park and shifts the gear into drive. You blinked, watching his movement and his blush on his cheeks, turning to look at the road. You were trying to ignore the flutters all over your body, the tingling sensation in your cheeks, not to mention the throbbing sensation in your cunt. 

With the wetness of your clothes getting to you, you began to shiver, looking out the window, not wanting to ask Gojo to turn on the seat warmers. But you didn’t have to, Gojo casually turned them only on your seat and turned on the heater to warm up the car. 

His eyes still on the traffic, he mumbles, “Sometimes you’re too stubborn for your own good, Princess.” 

Turning your head back to look at him, you squinted, snapping, “What happened to not being interested in talking to me? I’d appreciate it if you kept to your word.” 

Sparing a glance at you, he sighs, “Of course, whatever to make you comfortable [Y/n].” Gojo's large hand brushed over the large touchscreen of the dashboard, turning on the music, and of course, the song to play has to be Mayonaka no Door/Stay with Me by Miki Matsubara. 

Your eyes widened as you turned towards the dashboard as Gojo mumbled, “Let’s skip that one.” 

You were now in front of your apartment building, the large glass doors and windows in front allowing you to look into the lobby. You smiled, seeing your doorman—no, doorwoman relax in her chair with her feet kicked up on the desk in front of her. Feeling the car stop, you began to grab your things, itching to peel off the wet clothes and take a warm shower to wash the grime off. 

Noticing the gear shift was in park, with a large red P glowing in the dark interior, you ask, “Why’d you park the car?” Gojo hummed, gesturing with his hands to his mouth, acting as if he was zipping it shut. Oh right. He doesn’t talk to me. 

You shook your head, stepping out of the car, murmuring, “Thanks for the ride.” 

Stepping through the glass door, you greeted your doorwoman, “Good evening, Nishimiya.” 

The short woman hopped off her chair, greeting, “Good evening, Miss [Y/n]. Long day of work?” 

You tiredly nodded, “Too long. Way too long,” heading towards the elevator. 

“Umm, should I allow him in?” 

“Who?” You asked, turning around to see a smiling Gojo standing out in the rain, pointing to the door. Knowing that he would wait out of stubbornness, you sighed, “Yes or else he’ll keep bothering you.” Nishimiya buzzed Gojo in, Gojo happily stepping in and running a hair through his damp hair. You stood watching him, expecting him to whine about how you didn’t hold the door for him until you reminded yourself. Wait, he still doesn’t talk. Since he loves to run his mouth, I wonder how hard he’s finding this. 

You wanted to ask him why he got out of the car and followed you inside, but you could already hear his response in your head. I’m walking you to your door, and why wouldn’t I? That is what a gentleman would do. 

Stepping into the empty elevator and Gojo coming to stand beside you, you thought, Gentleman, my ass. More like an imbecile. It was only a minute before you stood at your door, unlocking it and stepping in. You drop your stuff under the entry table, slipping off your heels. You looked through the door opening, noticing that Gojo was still there. 

Making your way over, you say, “Good night. Thanks for the ride, Gojo,” looking into his eyes. His eyes. He must be exhausted. Clearing your throat, you add, “I appreciate you being patient with me today. I wasn’t the most cooperative person when you were trying to be nice.” Gojo smiled, a laugh slipping through that caused a weird sensation to build in your chest.

You blinked, wrapping your arms around yourself as you looked towards the ground, mumbling, “Well then, good night.” Promptly closing the door, you lingered, your brows furrowing as you didn’t hear any movement. But soon, you relaxed your shoulders that you hadn’t realized were tensed up as you listened to Gojo’s fading footsteps. 

You sighed, leaning back against the door, cringing slightly at the cool sensation of your soaked blouse pressing into your back. You curled up into yourself, your chin now resting on your kneecaps as you twidled your intertwined fingers, a damp mess on your hardwood floors. 

Why does he still go through all this trouble and then say that he doesn’t want to talk to me? Why did he look at me like that in the car? Why does he still give me the same feeling? Why…why is it like this with you Satoru?

Your mind began to wander as you sat there, holding your gaze on the damp material of your sleeve. 

You heard a knock on the door, standing up and turning the cool gold knob. You froze, your eyes meeting the all too familiar impossibly brilliant shade of blue. Your lips parted as you began, “What happened—” Satoru took a step forward, taking your hand and pulling you into the hallway. You gasp softly as he lowers his head, hovering over yours as your trembling hands brushes his defined chest. Satoru whispers, “This is just a kiss goodnight,” pressing the softest kiss to your cheek. But as he pulls away, he stops in front of your face again, one of your hands traveling up his chest and gently cupping his cheek. 

You whisper, “Please, just say it. Make me forget that day, Satoru.” 

His nose brushes yours as he answers, “Will you trust me? Will you believe me?” 

You nodded your head, saying, “Yes, I’ll be all yours. I just need you to say it. So I can be sure we feel the same.”  

He breathes, “You know I would do anything for you because I––

A gentle knock against your door pulls you from your thoughts, realizing that you should have been halfway through a warm shower instead of sitting on the floor thinking of him. You stand, a shudder running through you as you rest your hand on the door, a warmth in your cheeks as you hesitate, unable to face Gojo after your little escape on the floor. 

You hear a soft sigh and feel the door shift a little as Gojo rests his hand and forehead on it, his eyes facing towards the ground. Gojo tapped his fingers against the door, taking a deep breath. 

“I know we just started our no talking rule,” he began, his voice soft as he continued, “But please drink some warm tea so you don’t catch a cold.” 

Gojo pushes off the door, his hands now in his pockets as he notices a slight shift in the doorknob’s position. A small smile comes to his lips as he keeps his gaze on the slightly turned golden handle, but it’s painful as he breathes, “Just please, take care of yourself. That's all I wanted to say.”


Chapter Text

It was every morning. The same time, the same spot in the same hallway, the same soft, cool breeze that Gojo felt against his arm. 

At first, it was pure coincidence––it just so happened that you came into the office at the same time Gojo wanted to pay a morning visit to Nanami. But it soon became a routine, the elevator dinging and your heels announcing your arrival as they clacked against the marble tile. Then Gojo would turn into the same hallway with perfect timing, maintaining the perfect distance away from you. Not too close for your arms to brush past each other, but not too far that Gojo couldn’t catch the warm scent of amber of your autumn perfume. 

You would look straight ahead, your face unreadable, while Gojo did the same. It was just two people, heading in opposite directions in parallel lines, not acknowledging the other’s existence. 

Sure it was a moment that constantly reminded Gojo how strained and distant things had become between you two. Yet, for some reason, every morning, he still found himself at the same corner, leaning on the wall, waiting for the fateful ding of the elevator. 

Letting out a soft exhale, Gojo shifted his weight, leaning on the wall in the same spot as he crossed his arms, catching a glance of the time on his watch. In a few seconds, Gojo thought to himself as his lips curled up into a small smile. He waited, listening to the sounds of the empty hallway, the blow of air through the heating vents, and the small clicks coming from his watch as time passed by. 

A few minutes had passed, Gojo’s brow now arched in confusion. Did she schedule a day off? No, there’s no––  

The elevator dings, cutting off Gojo’s thoughts as the clacks of your heels begin to fill the hallway. Gojo let out a small hmph, shaking his head and pressing his hands to his face, trying to prevent a grin from growing. He steps out into the hallway, turning towards your direction, sliding his hands into his pockets as he begins to take long strides. 

What could happen this time? I mean, she was a little late. Maybe that means something is bound to happen. Maybe I would say, “Someone’s tardy today.” And maybe she would startle a bit, her eyes going wide in the cute way they always do before she’d maybe respond, “I didn’t consider this to be a rendezvous, Gojo.” Her snarkiness would make me laugh as I might comment, “You know you can be grumpy in the mornings.” And maybe if it’s a good day, she would retort, “You know that’s so intriguing because I feel that you are a little more deluded in the mornings.” And maybe, just for a moment, it would be how things used to be––how they should be. Maybe. 

Your warm amber scent wafts in the air, drawing Gojo out of his thoughts, and he spares a glance at your expression from the corner of his sight. You were exhausted and running on fumes, and it was apparent when you woke up fifteen minutes after your alarm went off. 

But it was also apparent to Gojo as he immediately noticed your sunken eyes. His lips formed a thin line as he fought the urge to remind you that you were supposed to be taking care of yourself because to him, those were terms of this no-talking rule. But those concerns quickly went on the backburner as Gojo noticed that you were trying to suppress a grin. 

Why is she smiling––  

The familiar soft breeze brushes the side of Gojo’s arm once again, and as quickly the moment comes, it’s gone, your footsteps fading down the hallway. 

What was she grinning about? Maybe she does enjoy this little routine. 

Gojo swung the door to Nanami’s office wide open, Nanami peeking from behind his computer screen, an apparent frown on his face as he grumbled, “Why are you here? I told you to stop coming.” 

Gojo pouted, closing the door behind him as he whined, “Can’t I visit a good friend?” 

Nanami mumbled, “Why is this becoming a habit?” 

Gojo let out a nervous chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck as he answered, “Well, it’s a part of a fun routine!” 

“So why have you dragged me into whatever it is with [Y/n]? And aren’t you two not talking?” Nanami grumbled as he picked up a newspaper, relaxing further into his chair. Gojo opened his mouth to defend himself, quickly shutting it and looking away bashfully as Nanami bore an irritated stare into him. 

Gojo huffed, “I just get to pass her in the hallway! That’s all.” 

Nanami narrowed his eyes before moving his gaze to his newspaper, sighing, “I’m not even going to ask why.” 

Why does he keep with this routine? 

It was a good question one Gojo pondered on as he plopped down in a chair in front of Nanami’s desk, much to Nanami’s dismay. A normal person wouldn’t look forward to awkwardly passing by their ex in the hallway, so why did Gojo care so much? 

Gojo sighed, tilting his head back and looking at the ceiling, his thoughts swirling around. I like being the first one to see her in the morning, even if it’s just passing in the hallway. I guess it’s a small moment, but it’s a moment nonetheless, and it’s all I have. 

Nanami cleared his throat, “Gojo,” not looking up from his paper. 

Gojo hummed, “What’s up Nanamin?” 

“I thought you should know your fly’s been down.” 

Gojo’s eyes widened, his cheeks warming as he quickly fixed himself. Oh wait, that’s probably why she was smiling. Shit. Well, that means she was paying attention to me so that must be a good sign. Maybe she is realizing her feelings! If that’s the case a little wardrobe mishap is worth it, so nothing to be embarrassed about. 

Turning his attention back to Nanami, Gojo teased, “So, why were you looking there, Nanamin ?” 

“Get out.” 

“Gojo laughed, now standing in front of Nanami’s desk, his fingers reaching towards the paper in Nanami’s hands. “Oh please, Nanami, it's okay to admit it! I know I can have an effect on peo––” 

“Gojo, I swear to God if you’re not out of my office by the time I put this newspaper down, I’ll fucking kill you.” 

“Well, it seems like it’s time for us to part ways,” Gojo sighed, moving towards the door, “We’ll be reunited soon, Nanamin!” 

“In your dreams,” Nanami mumbled to himself, letting out a grateful sigh hearing the door close. 




“So, how’s she been?” Gojo asked, leaning back into the chair as he picked up a cinnamon sugar doughnut from the pink box that sat on the white table in front of him. 

Across the table, Shoko grimaced, “How can you eat that disgusting filth, Gojo?” 

“Disgusting filth? Shoko, I don’t think you meant to use those words to describe this doughnut. Maybe something like heavenly ––that’s more like it!” 

“Nope, disgusting filth, Gojo,” Shoko deadpanned. 

Gojo frowned, “I will not have you insult these delicious doughnuts. Just because you may not like happiness in your food doesn’t mean you can ruin it for me.” 

Shoko rolled her eyes, “Okay, whatever, Gojo. You were asking how [Y/n]’s been?” 

Gojo nodded, taking a bite of the doughnut, causing Shoko to cringe visibly. “Um, well, I wouldn’t say good, Gojo.” 

Gojo swallowed, opening his mouth to respond when the sound of the door opening distracts the two of them. Maki enters the lounge, heading towards the kitchen area and pulling out the matcha powder from the cabinets. 

Matcha? And her eyes bags this morning? She has definitely been staying late. “Maki, when has [Y/n] been heading home?” 

“I couldn’t tell you, Gojo,” Maki called back, stirring the powder into hot water. 

“What do you mean by that,” Gojo inquired, his box of doughnuts forgotten as he stood, making his way towards the fridge. 

“She’s been busy working, Gojo. What else do you expect from her?” Shoko chimed in, yawning as she lifted her cup of coffee to her lips. 

“You mean overworking,” Gojo challenged, pulling the carton of oat milk out of the fridge and honey from the cabinet. “May I,” he asked, reaching for the cup in Maki’s hands. 

Maki raised her brows, “I don’t think she asked you to make it, Gojo.” 

“Just let me do it, Maki. I know how she likes it, and you can quickly take it back to her.” 

“If you do it I hope you know I'm not putting in a good word for you or anything,” Maki replied, sliding the cup in Gojo’s direction. 

Gojo chuckled, “Good, I’d rather her not know it’s me who made it.” 

Maki narrowed her eyes in confusion, leaning on the counter as she waited for Gojo to finish making the cup. Handing off the cup to Maki, he asked, “What do you mean you couldn’t tell me when she leaves?” 

Maki took the cup, sighing, “She doesn’t want me to wait for her, so I don’t know the actual time she leaves here.” 

Gojo exhaled, running a hand through his hair as he clenched his jaw. She’ll be the death of me. I told her to take care of herself, and she does the exact opposite. How am I supposed to keep to this no-talking agreement? 

“Don’t think about it.” 

Gojo tilted his head, “Think about what?” 

“Do not even think of trying to go to her office, Gojo.”

“How do you know if I was thinking of doing that, Maki.” 

Shoko stood, tossing her now empty cup of coffee in the trash, crossing her arms, “Because it’s her .” Gojo hummed, a small smile coming to his lips as he slid his hand into his pocket. 

Maki cleared her throat, “Um, I should get this back to [Y/n],” exiting the lounge. 

A lightbulb lighting over Gojo’s head, he spun towards Shoko, a bright grin growing on his face as he opened his mouth–– 

“What now?” Shoko frowned, slightly shaking her head. 


Shoko’s brows furrowed in confusion, “I’m going to need more than that, Gojo.” 

Gojo chuckled, “I need you to bring dinner to her office when you’re about to leave Shoko.” 

“Wait, why?” 

“Trust me, I wish I could just throw her over my shoulder, lock her office and drop her home but,” Gojo sighed, his smile fading away as Shoko cleared her throat. 

“So what did you want?” 

“I’ll order the dinner. You just have to give it to her on your way out of the office.” 

Shoko hummed, Gojo cutting in once again, “For every week that you do this, I’ll order a case of fine alcohol from wherever you want. Wine from Italy? Done. Vodka from Russia? Done. Just make sure she eats, please .” 

Shoko's eyes widened, a knowing smile growing as she responded, “And you don’t want her to know it’s from you, right?” 

Watching Gojo nod, his cheeks slightly tinted as his gaze traveled to the floor, Shoko thought, [Y/n], you’ve really done the impossible. You’ve turned this dummy into a lovesick fool. If only you knew [Y/n]. If only you knew.  

“The alcohol’s not necessary.” 

Gojo looked up, his shocked expression causing Shoko to chuckle, “I expect that offer to come through for my birthday or Christmas.” 

“Then why––” 

“You forgot that [Y/n] is also my friend, Gojo. So I don’t need compensation for something a friend is supposed to do.” 

Gojo grinned, barreling into Shoko and giving her a big hug, and ruffling her hair. 

“I’m beginning to regret this, Gojo.” 

Gojo promptly unwrapped his arms around Shoko, giving his apologies as he picked up the box of doughnuts again. 

Shoko headed off to the door of the lounge, calling, “I’m going back to work, Gojo. You or Megumi should drop the food off at 5:45.” 

“Wait, Shoko,” Gojo replied, his voice muffled through bites of fluffy doughnut and sugar coating his tongue. Shoko turned, standing in the doorway as Gojo continued, “Thank you. Really.” 

“No problem,” Shoko replied, waving a hand. “For once, I’m rooting for you, Gojo.” 




You lifted your hand to your mouth, covering your yawn as you recognized the gnawing hunger begin to settle in your stomach. The door opened, your green-haired assistant peeking in, saying, “It’s getting late, [Y/n].” 

You shook your head, another yawn escaping you as you answered, “No it’s okay, Maki. You should go home. I just need to finish up things here.” 

Maki sighed in defeat, giving you a nod as she answered, “Good night, [Y/n], and please go home at an appropriate time.” 

You nodded, your shoulders slumping as soon as you heard the door close. Only a couple more hours, [Y/n]. You can do this, and then we can grab food and go home. 

Your mind was determined, dragging your exhausted body along as you turned to your computer, wanting to begin working when the door opened again. You sighed, “Maki, I’m okay. I won’t stay too––” 

“Not Maki, but I do share the same concerns, [Y/n].” 

You looked up, a weak smile coming to your face as you greeted, “Hey Shoko! Sorry I’ve been holed up here recently.” 

Shoko narrowed her eyes, causing you to look away as your cheeks warmed as Shoko chided, “Yeah, well, someone’s been staying late consistently.” 

You took a breath, preparing to present the same speech you’d been giving Maki every day of why you were “fine”, ignoring the grumbling coming from your stomach. 

But Shoko cuts you off, humming, “Don’t worry [Y/n], I’m not Gojo.” 

Gojo, the name causes you to straighten your posture a bit as Shoko continues, “I know better than to try to convince you, so I’m dropping off some food.” 

Your eyebrows raised, the grumbling of your stomach clear as she drops the all too familiar bag with The Dragon Lily’s logo. “Oh my goodness, Shoko, you didn’t have to!” 

“Just know it's because I’m rooting for you.” 

What is she talking about, you wondered as you furrowed your brows in confusion. Shoko was already at the door when she looked back, saying, “You have people worried for you, [Y/n]. So please go home and rest soon.” 

And as quickly she appeared, she was gone, confusion still apparent on your face, but quickly changing to hunger as the smell of fried rice floats in the air as you open the takeout container. You had gotten in a few bites thinking of Shoko's weird behavior before you paused, Gojo's mumbled voice coming to the forefront of your head.

Just please take care of yourself.

Chapter Text

For the past few weeks, you've buried yourself in your work, trying to get back to how you operated in the office before Gojo. It was odd passing by his office or him in the hallways and not having him say a word to you, and it drove you insane sometimes. 

You didn’t realize how much his notes affected your mood until your heart sank when they no longer sat on your desk every morning. You didn’t realize how you looked forward to lunch hour, hoping to banter with the tall, white-haired man. You did like him bothering you— no you loved it. Whether you were on good terms with him or not. 

Maki had been right from the very beginning. He made work so much more enjoyable for you, and without him, the office became dreary, the lights and color of the walls more muted and grayscale. Maybe you were more efficient at getting work done, working ahead, but you didn’t care anymore. 

You fiddled with the glass jar in your hands full of the crumpled notes. I know he said to choose him, but I can’t. He doesn’t feel the same way I do, and it’s too scary. Imagine how humiliating it would be to confess and for him to just—I don’t know. I just know that if the response wasn’t reciprocal, it would shatter me beyond what I could imagine. So this is what I’ll do. I know I can’t feel numb for him, but I don’t have to choose him. I’ll just wait it out until the feelings fade. That’s what will work. Pretend until it’s my reality. Fake it till you make it.

“You and I are going drinking, [Y/n],” Shoko announced, walking into your office and sitting on your couch. “This Thursday.” You opened your mouth to decline, but Shoko cuts in, saying, “Before you use your bullshit excuse of work, I know you’ve been working ahead, and it’s also my birthday. So you can’t say no.” 

Right, it’s the first week of November. Christmas is so far away. Shit, time is running so slow. You pouted, placing the jar down and crossing your arms, knowing that she got you. “Plus,” she added, “We can talk about what’s going on with you and Gojo.” 

You shook your head vehemently, “No. No, Shoko. There’s nothing to talk about anyway. We don’t talk. And that’s how it should be.” 

Shoko rolled her eyes as you stood, plopping down in the armchair adjacent to the couch. “You’ve been lying to yourself for how many months, [Y/n]? It’s been about five months, and you haven’t given him a chance to explain.” 

You shrugged, “And why should I? I can’t trust him, Shoko.” 

Shoko groans, tilting her head back. They’re both so stubborn and clueless at the same time . She mumbles, “I need a drink right now.” 

You chuckled, saying, “Sorry, I don’t have a stash in my office.” 

Shoko shakes her head, her face full of disappointment. “You can’t call a room a bathroom without a toilet, and it’s the same for an office and alcohol.” 

Laying your head on the armrest, you mutter, “Mhm, yeah sure, Shoko. Buy me some then.” 

She smiles, “I have great recommendations for you.” 




It was Thursday, and you had found yourself sitting at your desk, once again with nothing much to do as you had worked ahead for the next two weeks. The cool glass jar sat in your hands once again as you reflected. I should be ready to throw them out by now. Yep, I’m ready to toss them. I’ll put them in the recycling bin. 

So you stood, walking over to the blue bin nearby your door when you paused your steps. I can’t. I don’t know why but I can’t. It’s like this is the last piece of him I have. Why do I care so much? He isn’t interested enough to talk to me—wait no, he’s doing that because he wants me to choose him. But why is he so convinced that if I’ll think about it then I’ll choose him. Did I miss something? Maybe there is more that I should have let him explain, but...I can’t think like that. I need to let these feelings fade, but I can’t throw these out. You sat back down at your desk, thinking, You know, maybe to pass some time I should reread them. 


Amazement - an emotion I’m very familiar with because I’m simply that wonderful—I’m kidding. But more seriously, it’s the swelling emotion you feel expanding in your chest and causing your lips to smile in satisfaction watching something or someone special around you. Sort of a tingly feeling—as if you’re floating on a cloud. Personally, I love the sensation. Personal experience: Watching you kick ass when dealing with jerks like Gakuganji—even when you don’t put up with my bullshit. P.S. You amaze me. You always do. ;-) 


Joy: the delightful emotion you feel seep through your skin like the sun on a cool day. Isn’t it such a lovely feeling? Personal experience - the sensation I get every time you crack a smile, Stardust. 


Fear - the emotion you feel as your body runs cold, your stomach is in turmoil, and your heart beats out of your chest. I rarely feel this (because I’m so great) but from my few experiences with it, I wouldn’t say it's a love ly feeling like joy. Personal experience - the emotion I felt when I realized I’d lost you —well, that and despair, but that is for another day. 


Boredom - the emotion you feel like everything in the world has come to pretty much a standstill. I can’t stand the feeling at all—I love having something to look forward to, someone that makes life more vibrant for me. Personal experience of something I look forward to - spending time with you , Princess. It doesn’t have to be some crazy activity just being with you is enough. You are more than enough for me. 


Amusement - the emotion as something catches your eye and it's entertaining—not to say that I think of you as entertainment, Princess—you mean a lot more than that to me. But you do certain things that give me so much laughter and amusement. I’ve always been to smile and chuckle at a joke or two, which I love about myself. But I can’t say that anyone has put as many smiles on my face, or made me chuckle as much as you .


Surprise - the emotion that makes you freeze for a moment since something caught you off guard. I’m proud to say that I haven’t found myself in a situation feeling this as much as I love to do it to other people. The only person who has consistently surprised or caught me off guard is you, Princess. And with you, I have no issue with it. Keep doing it. You don’t even have to try—just be you. 


Pleasure - the emotion that either be light and airy as it courses through your body or it can be rich, deep, maybe the word decadent works. All I know is that I love the feeling and I know that's apparent with my past, but it's sweeter with you . Personal experience - well, I don’t hope to fluster you too much, but the feeling of your body trembling under my touch, the softness of your inner thighs as I kiss them and leave marks behind. That’s how far I’ll go, Sweetheart. You get the idea.


Guilt - for this emotion, I’ll be honest. I rarely feel this. I just can never do wrong except in certain situations (which I’m sure you know what I’m talking about). But it’s a feeling that fucking sucks—especially when sometimes it brings in hopelessness when you don’t know how to fix things. All I know is that if you care or love the person, you try with everything you have. You give it your fucking all. Personal experience - losing the best thing—no, the best person that happened to me because I was too cowardly. For breaking you and all the promises we made. But know that I’m trying, Princess, and know that I don’t have it in me to give up on you because I care and care deeply. Please know that.


His handwriting has always been rushed and weird. There are some words slanting one way and some that are not slanted at all. It’s so sloppy. You chided him internally, thinking that he should work on it as you looked back on the note. Looking specifically at the words written in a slightly different way, you feel the blood drain away from your face and pool in your feet. Your hands are clammy and your breath is shallow and unstable as you begin gripping the paper, holding it closer to your eyes. No. I’m seeing things right? Let me reread them. There’s no fucking way.


Amazement - an emotion I’m very familiar with because I’m simply that wonderful—I’m kidding. But more seriously, it’s the swelling emotion you feel expanding in your chest and causing your lips to smile in satisfaction watching something or someone special around you. Sort of a tingly feeling—as if you’re floating on a cloud. Personally, I love the sensation. Personal experience: Watching you kick ass when dealing with jerks like Gakuganji—even when you don’t put up with my bullshit. P.S. You amaze me. You always do. ;-) 


Joy: the delightful emotion you feel seep through your skin like the sun on a cool day. Isn’t it such a lovely feeling? Personal experience - the sensation I get every time you crack a smile, Stardust. 


Fear - the emotion you feel as your body runs cold, your stomach is in turmoil, and your heart beats out of your chest. I rarely feel this (because I’m so great) but from my few experiences with it, I wouldn’t say it's a lovely feeling like joy. Personal experience - the emotion I felt when I realized I’d lost you—well, that and despair, but that is for another day.


Boredom - the emotion you feel like everything in the world has come to pretty much a standstill. I can’t stand the feeling at all—I love having something to look forward to, someone that makes life more vibrant for me. Personal experience - spending time with you , Princess. It doesn’t have to be some crazy activity just being with you is enough. You are more than enough for me. 


Amusement - the emotion as something catches your eye and it's entertaining—not to say that I think of you as entertainment, Princess—you mean a lot more than that to me. But you do certain things that give me so much laughter and amusement. I’ve always been to smile and chuckle at a joke or two, which I love about myself. But I can’t say that anyone has put as many smiles on my face, or made me chuckle as much as you .


Surprise - the emotion that makes you freeze for a moment since something caught you off guard. I’m proud to say that I haven’t found myself in a situation feeling this as much as I love to do it to other people. The only person who has consistently surprised or caught me off guard is you, Princess. And with you, I have no issue with it. Keep doing it. You don’t even have to try—just be you. 


Pleasure - the emotion that either be light and airy as it courses through your body or it can be rich, deep, maybe the word decadent works. All I know is that I love the feeling and I know that's apparent with my past, but it's sweeter with you . Personal experience - well, I don’t hope to fluster you too much, but the feeling of your body trembling under my touch, the softness of your inner thighs as I kiss them and leave marks behind. That’s how far I’ll go, Sweetheart. You get the idea.


Guilt - for this emotion, I’ll be honest. I rarely feel this. I just can never do wrong except in certain situations (which I’m sure you know what I’m talking about). But it’s a feeling that fucking sucks—especially when sometimes it brings in hopelessness when you don’t know how to fix things. All I know is that if you care or love the person, you try with everything you have. You give it your fucking all. Personal experience - losing the best thing—no, the best person that happened to me because I was too cowardly. For breaking you and all the promises we made. But know that I’m trying, Princess, and know that I don’t have it in me to give up on you because I care and care deeply. Please know that.

No, it just can’t be possible. My brain just wants me to see what I want to hear from him. There’s no way he’s ever felt that for me because...because if he did, he wouldn’t have hurt me as he did. It’s just his stupid handwriting. It’s just… 

You can’t finish your thought as you choke out a sob, hot tears falling onto the unwrapped pieces of paper. You looked towards the glass jar still mostly full, wondering, If I unwrapped every ball would my eyes trick me that many times? Did he stop talking to me because he gave me his last move, his last card, and I was still too stubborn to see? Why didn’t he just talk to me? Wait—no, because I never gave him the chance to. But he could be lying to me just to get a fuck buddy back. I can’t—I can’t do this anymore. I’m so confused. I need to talk to— 

Shoko walks in, surprisingly in an energetic mood, “It’s time for drinks, [Y/n]! Let’s go!” So maybe it wasn’t too surprising since alcohol was involved. You blinked, looking up from your desk with your eyes red, with tears. Shoko’s smile immediately drops, looking at the pieces of paper and noticing Gojo’s handwriting and her lips frowning with sympathy. 

“[Y/n], we don’t have to—” You quickly stood from your chair, cleaning up your desk and packing your bag, swallowing the ball of sourness down your throat. Your voice still unsteady from your sobs, you whisper, “I think I'm ready for those drinks, Shoko.” 

She blinks, watching you wipe your tears and stride to the door. Opening it and standing in the doorway, you look back, asking, “You ready?” 

“Uh, y-yeah. Always ready for booze!” 




The two of you first got some dinner so you wouldn’t get alcohol poisoning with the copious amounts of alcohol Shoko wanted to have. You now sit at a bar, sipping a gin and tonic as you watch some strangers butcher a karaoke song. You winced hearing the feedback from the mic, someone drunkenly dropping it to the floor. 

“So, talk to me about you and Gojo. What’s going on?” Shoko asked, taking a drink from her tequila glass. 

You spun in your chair to look at her and shrugged, “I told you already. Nothing is happening between us.” 

Shoko nodded, “Right, you’re not talking,” to which you nodded to confirm. 

She continued, “Well, even though you’re not talking there’s still something between you two.” 

You shook your head, “There really isn’t. We don’t even briefly interact in hallways or group settings, Shoko.” Shoko, finishing her cup, asks the bartender for another glass of tequila. As she raises the glass to her lips, you grab her wrist, chiding, “Hey, pace yourself. We still need to get home somehow.” 

Shoko waved a hand, “We don’t need to worry about that.” 

You arched a brow, “Aren’t we taking an Uber home?” 

Shoko shook her head, “Nope! Nanami is supposed to pick us up so we can drink to our hearts' content. So what you’re going to do is ditch the gin and tonics after that glass and take tequila with me.” 

You shook your head, “No, I’m content with my choice of drink.” 

“Hey, a glass of tequila for her, please,” Shoko called to the bartender. Turning to you, she points her finger at you, saying, “You’re going to do what the birthday girl wants. You don’t want to disappoint me on this day, don’t you?” Shoko pouts, sliding over the fresh tequila glass that the bartender had left towards you. 

You ran a finger across the cold glass, playing with the condensation and drawing small designs into the side of the cup. You murmured back, “Fine.” 

Shoko hummed in satisfaction, “Plus, you need to loosen up and talk about what’s going on. You’ve been drowning yourself in contracts and just work in general . You need this, and you need to talk about Gojo.” 

You opened your mouth to retort, but Shoko cuts you off, narrowing her eyes, “You guys may not be talking, but everyone sees the longing puppy eyes you give each other when the other is not looking. It’s depressing .” 

You snap your mouth shut, turning away in embarrassment when Shoko rubs your knee, chuckling, “It’s going to be okay, [Y/n], but right now, all you need to do is drink.” 

You took a sip, finishing off your gin and tonic, countering, “I’m already doing that, aren’t I?” 

Shoko nudges the tequila towards you and you indulge, downing the entire glass. Shoko claps her hands, “Great! And we’ll make this a fun game. I’ll ask what’s going on between you and Gojo, and until you give me a satisfying answer, it’s another shot of tequila.” 

You shook your head, and Shoko laughed, ordering some finger foods to munch on. “I know. I’m a great friend [Y/n]!” 

You smirked, shaking your head. The alcohol is already making her so much more energetic than normal. You replied, “I think bad influence is a better description, Shoko.” 

She shrugged, “We all need one or two of those in our lives.”        


Chapter Text

“Nanaminnn,” Gojo whined, “Give me advice! Helppp! ” Gojo rotated from sitting upright onto his back, sinking into the couch cushions as he sent his long legs and feet into a danger zone. Gojo continued to stretch his legs further and further, his pale feet inching towards Nanami’s thigh. 

Not looking up from his newspaper, Nanami grumbles, “If you know what’s best for you, I suggest you stop right there, Gojo.” 

“Wha” Gojo chuckled, “What could you possibly be referring to, Nanamin?” 

“If you love your feet Gojo you’d understand what I said,” Nanami replied, taking a sip of coffee, placing it on the nearby side table. Gojo pouted, “Nanamin I seriously need help, and you were ignoring me!” 

Nanami sighs, placing the newspaper down, tilting his head back against the back of the couch. “What do you want?” Gojo perked up, reaching to embrace Nanami when Nanami stuck out his hand into Gojo’s face, pushing him back down. 

Gojo pouted, “Why won’t you let me hug you?” 

“I need hand sanitizer.” 

Standing up, sanitizing his hands in his open kitchen adjacent to the living room, Nanami shakes his head slightly from exhaustion. I need a vacation. Desperately. Nanami walks into the living room and looks to the couch, seeing that his bothersome friend has become quiet. Gojo’s curled up on the sofa, his floppy hair dangling off as his head rests on the edge of the cushion. 

Nanami picks up his mug, deciding to leave the couch for the miserable blindfolded man, settling into a nearby cream-colored armchair, resting his feet up on the matching ottoman. 

“I missed her today.” 

Finishing off his coffee, Nanami cleared his throat, “I wouldn’t say it’s only today that you’ve missed her, Gojo.” 

“No, I meant,” Gojo sighs, sifting his position to sit upwards, his knees tucked up to his chin. “I meant that I tried to see her, but she’d already left.” 

Nanami hummed, “Yeah, she and Shoko went somewhere to celebrate Shoko’s birthday.” 

Gojo sighed, “I wanted to give her my final note today. But on second thought, I don’t know if I should even do it.” 

“Why,” Nanami asked, picking up his newspaper once again. Gojo shrugged, his voice becoming muffled as he rested his cheek on his thigh, “I’ve given her time, and despite her feelings showing a bit more, I can’t seem to convince her to be mine again.” 

“What does being yours mean for her, Gojo? Because the last time you claimed that, your actions said something else, so she has a right to be more skeptical and guarded. So what do you want? ” 

Gojo huffed, “I want a lot of things. I want to give her everything—no, be her everything.” 

Nanami hums, “Ask yourself what that means and what it looks like to you.” 

Gojo looked up, murmuring, “What does being her everything look like?” 

“Let me think,” Gojo adds, closing his eyes. 

“Good,” Nanami replies, a small smile on his face as he thinks, I can read in peace for a few minutes. 




“So Gojo,” Shoko began, “Anything new you would like to share about your feelings for him.” 

Finishing a fry, you snorted, “Feelings? What feelings? What are feelings, Shoko? I think you ,” you pointed a wavering finger at Shoko, “ You should answer that first.” 

Shoko narrowed her eyes, “Cute, [Y/n]. Drink, and we’ll see your answer in 10 minutes.” 

You downed the shot, scrunching your face a little as the strong flavor hit your tastebuds, a slight burning sensation traveling down your throat. You groaned, “Shoko, are you certain Nanami will drop both of us home?” 

Dipping her fry into ketchup, she nodded, “Yep, so keep drinking.” 

Ten minutes had passed as Shoko pushed the accumulating glasses to the side, “How about now?” 

“Why can’t we talk about ummm about you? You, Shoko! That’s a much better idea.” 

“Mmmm nope, you need to deal with yourself first before we get to me.” 

You let out a groan, resting your head on your palm against the dark wood of the bar. Shoko shook her head, “No, no, no, [Y/n] sit up. You’re going to be alert and talk ,” her hands reaching for your shoulders and pulling you upwards.   

You huffed, straightening your posture, “I do feel for him. And I hate that, and I hate him.” Shoko smiled, “We’re off to a good start. Now, why do you hate him?” 

Embarrassed, you took another shot, shifting in your chair, “Because I can’t control how I act or feel about him. I can’t pretend like he’s nothing to me. I’ve tried and it hasn’t worked for the past few months.” 

Shoko inhaled, taking another sip, “So what do you want [Y/n]?” 

“I don’t...I don’t have an answer,” you closed your eyes, shaking your head. 

Shoko took out her phone, answering, “Yes, you do. You know the deal. Drink.” 

“I hate you.” 

Texting Nanami, Shoko types, Can you be ready to pick us up in about an hour? Looking down at his phone, Nanami quickly replies, Sure, but I have my issue that I’m stuck with here, so I might be derailed a bit. 


Yeah, Gojo is miserable on my couch, asking me for advice I don’t have. 

Wait, did he come in his car?  

Yeah, why? 

I had an idea, but never mind. Just keep talking to him. I’ll send the location shortly. 

Sounds good. 




After some time had passed, Gojo shifted on the couch, on his back once again. He took a deep breath, letting out an obnoxious groan, turning to look at Nanami. 

“Yes, Gojo,” Nanami replied, the vein in his temple already slightly showing out of irritation. 

“I have a lot on my mind Nanami. Can I share?” 

“Do I have a choice?” 

Gojo grinned, “Nope!” 

Nanami rolled his eyes, mumbling, “Carry on then.” 

Gojo took a deep breath, “Let me start with the last note I was supposed to give to her. So the notes were helping her identify an emotion, and I would tell her how she makes me feel that way, right?” 

Nanami looked up from the newspaper, blinking his eyes a few times before he uttered, “Sure.” 

Gojo furrowed his brow, his voice louder and whinier, “Nanami, you’re not even listening to me when I’m trying to tell you how I’m in love with her!” Nanami froze, looking above his newspaper before he placed it down. 

“You were saying,” a smirk on his lip as he watched Gojo’s expression become flustered and red. I never thought I would hear him say the words. 

“I-I was saying,” Gojo stuttered, trying to cool down his cheeks that were bright red, a sheepish smile coming onto his face. “I love her. Wow, I said it out loud.” 

“Not to her ,” Nanami interjected. 

“Okayyy, I was getting to that. I was writing that in my notes to her every day, and she didn’t talk about them to me. Never. Only when I said she should choose me.” 

“So you wrote out the words in plain sight? And she didn’t care to reply? That doesn’t sound like her.” 

Gojo rubbed the back of his neck, murmuring, “Well, it wasn’t in plain sight. It was written in a pattern that she totally could’ve gotten!” 

This coward. He expected her to see a pattern with his handwriting. Fool. “Don’t you know how messy your handwriting could be? What even was the pattern?” 

Gojo looked down, mumbling something incoherent when Nanami snapped, “If you want me to listen, you have to speak up, or else I’m going to start watching my show.” 

Gojo frowned, “I slanted the words or letters that made up the message a little differently.” 

Nanami pinched his nose, shaking his head, “So she didn’t see it is what you’re saying. If you wanted her to know so badly why would you use that method?” Gojo averted his eyes, bringing out the gold necklace in his pocket, not responding. 

“You were fine if she didn’t see it yet because you’re scared ,” Nanami accused, shifting the glasses on the bridge of his nose. Gojo sat up, opening his mouth to defend himself, but instead slumped back in the chair. 

“I’ll ask again. What do you want from her, Gojo? ” 

Gojo grabbed a pillow, burying his face in the smooth surface, letting out a grunt of frustration. I want… I want… 

Moving the pillow to the side, Gojo deeply inhales, “I want everything . I want to hold her in my arms and feel her relax against me. I want to bury my head into her chest when I’ve had a bad day. I want to tease and banter with her until we’re out of breath, and the only thing left to do is to smash our lips together. I want to go to bed knowing that I can wake up with my arms wrapped around her watching the sun peek between the skyscrapers. I want to be able to say to her face all the things that I’ve whispered to her when she’s asleep. I want her on the good days and the bad days. I want a life with her. I’m so in love with her, and it’s fucking scary. And it’s baffling me how she still hasn’t figured it out.” 

Well, your notes didn’t show her the message clearly, but your heart’s in the right place. Nanami thought, standing up and heading to the bathroom. 

Seeing Nanami turning his back towards him, Gojo calls out, “The last note was going to be a confession to her. Should I do it?” 

Still walking towards the bathroom, Nanami shrugs, “It’s up to you, Gojo.”




It had been about forty-five minutes since you’d started this “game” with Shoko, and after countless shots of tequila with numerous handfuls of onion rings and fries, you were pretty much a goner. 

You nearly tripped trying to slide off your chair to head to the restroom, so a bartender ended up coming around, guiding you to the bathroom and back (obviously giving you your privacy). 

Wiping crumbs off her mouth from your feast, Shoko nudges you, “Come on, [Y/n]. Nanami’s about to come to pick us up. So how do you feel about him? Be honest with yourself .” 

“I hate him.” 

“There’s more than that.” 

Fine. I want to break him. I get so close to thinking that I’m free of the idiot, but then he’s there flashing that stupid , cocky grin that still makes me tingle everywhere, even though it shouldn’t. I hate how shitty it’s been not talking to him these past few weeks and feeling like there is nothing to look forward to. I hate how much he affects me and that my mind, for all its rationality, can’t fucking get rid of him. I want to mentally rip him apart atom by atom so he feels how insane he drives me. I want him to shatter to pieces in my arms as I unravel in his. I want to hurt and baffle him as he does to me. I want everything and nothing from him. ” 

Staring at your fist that clenched around your cold, wet glass, you finish your last drink, your voice full of exhaustion. “Was that good enough , Shoko?” 

Shoko remains speechless, watching you as you hang your head, tapping your fingers against the bar table. You close your eyes feeling the ball of sourness come back up to sit in the back of your throat. A couple of tears slip past your eyelids, falling onto your grey pencil skirt, darkening the material in spots. 

Your voice is weak, broken, as you look up at Shoko, whispering, “The worst part is, is that I say all those things and try to convince myself in my head, and yet I still can’t throw out stupid pieces of paper.”  

Shoko scooches her chair over, wrapping an arm around you, and you lay your head on her shoulder. “What’s stopping you, [Y/n]?” 

“I—I love the idiot. And pretending that I don’t has been so exhil—no, I mean exhausting. ” 

“Then why do you do it,” she asks, passing you a napkin. 

Taking the napkins between your fingers, wiping your cheeks, you respond, “Because he doesn’t feel the same.” 

“But how do you know that if he never said it?” 

“How can I possibly entertain the idea that he loves me when the picture of him kissing Mei Mei or even worse calling me emotionally inept replays in my head too often?” 

Rubbing her hand up and down your arm, Shoko soothes, “I promise you. That man is head over heels for you. He just doesn’t know how to communicate it, and neither do you. Plus, you’re both scared.” 

“Why...why would he be scared?” 

Shoko whispers, “Because just as he baffles you, you do the exact same thing to him, and he doesn’t know what to do. As someone who’s been with such an annoyance for so long, I’ve never seen him as hopeless and foolish in love until you. I mean I can tell you all the things I’ve observed between you two, but I think it’s best if you hear it all from him.” 

You poked her, “How are you able to function so well, yet you’ve drunk twice as much as me?” 

Shoko laughs, “With dedication, time, and experience, you’ll get there!” 

You shook your head, “I think don’t,” earning a laugh from Shoko, you continued, “I don’t... think— that’s it! I don’t think so. God, I’m tired .” 

Hearing her phone buzz against the bar countertop, Shoko grabs it, exclaiming, “Oh, Nanami’s on his way!” 




Gojo placed the phone down, calling Nanami who was now cleaning in the kitchen. “Hey, Nanami! I’m going to the bar for karaoke! Bye!” 

Where did the interest in karaoke come––what has this dumbass done? Nanami arched his brow in confusion before he ran out of the kitchen, noticing a notification from Shoko saying, Thanks for picking us up again! Nanami grunted, putting on his shoes and grabbing his keys before running downstairs. 

That bastard somehow put his face back in my phone to unlock it. Why did I leave it by him? Now he’s going to cause trouble and make this favor far more complicated than it needs to be. Looking at the street, Nanami’s head snaps to his left, watching Gojo honk and wave, driving away in his car. 

I’m going to kill him, Nanami thought, quickly fiddling with his keys to unlock his car as he jogged towards it. Hopping into his black Audi sedan, Nanami speeds off after Gojo, yet still careful to obey traffic and watchful for pedestrians. 




Karaoke was now over, and the DJ took over, so you were on the small dance floor trying to enjoy the last minutes before you went home. 

“I’m berry sorry, Shoko. I ruined your birthday with tr— drama . We didn’t even get to talk about you.” 

Shoko shook her head, squeezing your hand, “Trust me, it’s fine. I wanted you to talk about it since you and Gojo are so entertaining.” The entertaining comment earning a scowl from you, she laughed, “And besides, I got my fill of booze anyway so it’s a good birthday!” 

Both of you swaying to the rhythm, you choose to keep your movements small as your balance and coordination vanished about an hour ago. Shoko taps you, “Hey,” grabbing your attention, “You should really talk to Gojo, though. Although you may have trouble believing it right now, he cares a lot, and you love him, so you should clear things up. You guys are like the perfect match and also please for everyone else in the office. We’re all sick and tired of being depressed watching you two mope around each other and not talk.” 

You gave her a small smile, “I will.” When I’m ready. Feeling bold with your movement, you did a little turn, but then disaster struck. Your lack of balance causes your heel to slip out from under. You brace yourself to hit the floor, but instead, you're suspended in the air. Large, warm hands held you from your back, strong arms encircling your torso. 

Your eyes closed, you mumbled, your words slurring, “Oh look, my knight in shining armor has saved me from falling to certain death. I’m ever so grateful.'' 

Yeah, the alcohol had really begun to hit hard. 

The low voice chuckled, “I wouldn’t call myself a knight. More of a Prince Charming, Princess.” 

That voice. It can’t be. You hummed, your eyes still closed, “Hmm, is this another one of my dreams?” The voice laughed, pulling you upwards, and the familiar fresh scent of cotton, cedarwood, and cucumber envelops you. You stood as the owner of the voice moved, his lips grazing your ear in the familiar way you’d notice from anywhere. 

Your lips parted when he whispered, “I’m real this time, Princess. Not a dream. But I’m glad to know I’m in yours.” Your body flushed with warmth as you slowly opened your eyes, adjusting to the light before you turned slightly, meeting his eyes brightened with a familiar sense of amusement. 

“Gojo?” you whispered, fully turning to him until your chest faced his. 

Placing his blindfold in his pocket, he smiles, “The one and only.” 

“What are you doing here?” 

His hand finding the small of your back, he pulls your chest flush against his, mumbling against your temple, “Didn’t I say that I’ll be right there if you fall, Stardust?”  


Chapter Text

“Didn’t I say that I’ll be right there if you fall, Stardust?” 

Your mind flooded with thoughts. You didn’t know whether to be annoyed by his presence or grateful. One thing you were sure about though, was that you were fucking nervous. 

He’s here. He’s here? For me? Was Shoko right? I should talk to him—wait no, I shouldn’t. I should wait till I’m a little soberer. Right? But you have to live in the moment—wait, why is he here? Wasn’t it supposed to be Nanami picking us up? 

“Princess? Princess, don’t black out on me.” 

Princess. God, I’ll never, ever get over his pet names. 

Gojo chuckled, “Good because I don’t plan to stop using them any time soon.” 

You blinked, looking upwards into Gojo’s eyes, your words coming out a jumbled mumble, “I said that out loud? Fuck.” 

Gojo smiled, “No need to be embarrassed with me, Princess.” You hummed, turning to walk towards Shoko, your balance and coordination still non-existent and Gojo preventing you from face-planting again. He wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you into his chest, and you relax, relishing the familiar warmth and feel of his muscles. Gojo’s cheeks became a light pink, looking around for Shoko until he notices her talking to Nanami. 

Gojo guiding the both of you over, you hum, “Heyy, Nanami! Time to go home now, right?” Nanami nods when Shoko cuts in, “Hey, actually [Y/n] you should go home with Gojo!” She gave you a little wink, and your eyes widened, countering, “Oh no, I couldn’t do that to Gojo! Don’t you have plans , Gojo?” 

Gojo grinned, shaking his head as he tied his blindfold back on. Okay. I take back whatever nice things I said in the last hour. I hate him. Nanami’s voice draws you from your thoughts as he adds, “Actually [Y/n], looking at my map, it seems that yours and Gojo’s apartment buildings are on the other side of the city. So logistically, you would get home faster with him.” 

You sighed, “Can I see the map?” Nanami nodded, handing you his phone. His phone is so clean. And he wasn’t lying. Not that I would expect Nanami to. Dammit. 

You handed back the phone, turning to Gojo, resting a hand on his chest, the action taking a few seconds to register before suddenly pulling away, looking towards the wood floor of the bar. You hear a satisfied hmph from behind you that could only be Shoko’s. 

Deciding not to entertain that, you reply, “Um, I-I can take an Uber, Gojo. Don’t worry about me.” 

Gojo laughed softly, lowering his lips to your ear, whispering, “You’d rather use what you referred to as ‘stupid fucking ubers’ than me . I am your personal transportation after all.” 

Flustered again, you inhaled, looking away and looking towards the glow of the small dance floor. Gojo’s fingers found their way to their spot on your chin, bringing your eyes to meet him, goosebumps rising on your arms once again. Gojo rests his forehead on yours, whispering, “You know how I feel about eye contact. Now, would you please let me take you home?” 

You closed your eyes, slowly nodding when Gojo grins, giving a thumbs up to Nanami and Shoko. “Alright, guys! Travel plans are set! I’ll see you at work tomorrow morning!” You all walked out of the bar, turning different ways to the cars as you hit the sidewalk. 

Unlocking the car door, Gojo’s arms wrap around your lower waist and behind your leg, lifting you against his broad chest. You sputtered, “W-what are you doing? I’m perfectly capable of walking!” 

Gojo let out a dry laugh, “Oh please, in the bar, you were going to face-plant twice.”  

You huffed, crossing your arms as Gojo lowered you into the seat, clicking in your seatbelt. Gojo hopping into the driver seat, you turned away, looking out the window as you mumbled, “I could have put on my seatbelt, you know.” 

Gojo smiled, reaching over and turning your head to face him. You jerked, not expecting the proximity between your faces as Gojo answered, “I know you could. You’re more than capable, but I just wanted to do that little thing for you, Princess.” Your eyes widened as you turned away again, feeling your body warm with his words, soon falling asleep as Gojo kept driving. 




Changing the gear to park and turning off the engine, Gojo let his hands rest on his thighs as he let out a soft sigh. Leaning back in his seat, he turns his head to face you, a small smile coming to his lips as he watches your lips shift with your soft exhales. 

“I’m fucking tired of missing you. Don’t you know that?” He began his voice a low whisper, cautious to not disturb you. His hands, mindlessly reached over the console, his fingers brushing over the back of your palms. 

“Don’t you know how insane you drive me? How much torture this is?” Gojo let out a dry chuckle, his smile slightly faltering as his cheeks became pink, noticing your hand wrapping around his. He continued, “It’s gotten to the point that if someone else calls me ‘moron’ my day is ruined. Just because it’s not you. ” 

He allowed himself to lean in closer to you, his hand cupping your chin and thumb brushing your bottom lip. His voice, a ghost of itself now as he mused, “How insane you drive me? An unfathomable amount. It’s cruel really, especially how you do it with no effort.” 

“ You’ve ruined me, Stardust. My cruel, heartbreakingly beautiful, Stardust.”




The chirp of the car jerks you awake when you feel arms wrapped around you and the sway of Gojo’s steps. Immediately noticing when you woke, Gojo ran a thumb across your arm, whispering, “Don’t worry about a thing. I’ve got you, Sweetheart.” 

Making your way upstairs to the door of your apartment, Gojo sets you down gently as you clutch his side for support, unlocking the door. Immediately stepping in, you kicked off your shoes and dropped your bag, Gojo taking the time to put your belongings in their proper place, exactly how you liked them. 

You walked down the hallway, entering your room, the air comfortably warm as you plopped down on the mattress. Gojo quickly walked over, shaking his head, “Oh no, no, no. You know you have to shower, Princess.” 

You moaned into the bed, shaking your head as Gojo laughed, rolling your body over so you could face him. At the side of the bed, Gojo crouched down, coming down to your eye level. His hand gently brushes down your cheek, which makes you slowly open your eyes, your body subtly moving into his touch. 

You mumbled, “Go home. Your job is done.” 

Gojo slipped off his blindfold as he hummed, “I’m not going to leave you here drunk and alone. I’m going to make sure you’re safe in bed first and then you can kick me out.” You scrunch your face, feeling your stomach churn in response to his words. 

You open your mouth to counter when you suddenly sit upright, a hand covering your mouth and an arm wrapping around your stomach. Gojo’s eyes quickly become full of concern as he takes no time to get you off the bed and into the bathroom. 

You were now in the bathroom, your knees against the cold, white tiles, your hands braced on each side of the toilet seat, clutching the porcelain. Gojo’s hands were also around you, making sure that your shirt or hair wasn’t going into the bowl, the discomfort lessening slightly as he ran his hand up and down your back. 

Grabbing tissue paper to wipe the corners of your mouth, you sat back on your knees, as you thought, I feel so fucking disgusting and tired. Between this cold sweat and puking everything I ate in the past few hours, I know I’m quite the sight right now. And yet...he’s still here. 

Gojo’s arm came around your side, pulling you to rest on his chest as he spoke, “You okay?” 

You let out a dry chuckle, replying, “Yeah, thanks to you.” 

After a brief moment of silence, you inhaled, “Why are you still here? How are you not repulsed by this?” 

You felt Gojo’s chest raise as he took a deep breath, lifting your face to look at him, whispering, “Because it’s you, Princess.” Because I love you. “So for now, you’re stuck with me.”

You look away, your nerves and skin tingling at his words. “I-I need a bath.” 

You had slowly stood up to change into a towel as Gojo made you a bath, stepping out when you were settled and comfortable. Now all cleaned up, you pulled your blue pajama shirt over your head, using your towel to wipe any damp spots you missed. Sliding in between your covers, you were about to call Gojo in when you heard his knock on the bedroom door. 

“Come in,” you called, shifting the comforter over your bare legs in your grey shorts. You picked up your phone, seeing that it was somehow already past midnight, looking up to Gojo entering the room. 

“It’s late,” you yawned, stretching your arms towards the ceiling, snuggling into your soft sheets. 

Gojo breathed, “I can go if you wa—” 

“No, wait. I wanted to ask you something first,” you cut in, patting the space on your large bed. “How did you put it that time? ‘You could sit on the half-empty bed.’ It’s for ease of conversation.” 

He smiled, climbing into the bed, leaving a good space in between the two of you. Fiddling with the fabric of the blanket, you murmur, “I’m sorry for bothering you, but I just needed to know something.” 

You turned your head to look at Gojo, your body reacting under his gaze as it always did. “Did I...did I mean anything to you?” 

His eyes widened before they drooped slightly, Gojo’s gaze traveling to the piece of blanket between his fingers. He deeply inhales, thinking, She’s not going to remember much of this conversation, so it doesn’t matter. 


His fingers traveled across the space, playing with your hand, a hint of nervousness in his movement. “You were,” he began before he paused, shifting a little deeper into the bed. He continued, “No, you are everything to me.”

“Then why her?”

“You are the only person who has ever become that important to me and that terrified me. It still does. I was terrified that you wouldn’t see me the same way because how could you? So, I took the cowardly way out and made you hate me before you came to that point yourself.” 

Your eyesight quickly became blurred as you inhaled, your voice shaky, saying, “ How do you see me? What do you mean by that?” 

Satoru smiled softly, “I don’t think I should answer that right now.” 

You nodded slowly, letting out a dry chuckle, resting your head on the thick pillow. “I never expected for you to be perfect, Satoru. I didn’t want you to. I just wanted the stupid idiot that still found new ways to make me smile. I just...I wanted to be enough for you.” 

Moving his hand from yours to your cheek, Satoru mumbles, “You always have been, though. You’ve always and will be more than just enough.” 

A tear slid down your cheek as you took Satoru’s hand into yours, sliding it off your cheek, resting it on the soft covers. You shook your head, your voice a whisper as you replied, “Do you know how much it hurt when you pushed me away? I wanted to be there for you, and you chose her . I felt like an idiot , Satoru.” 

After some silence, you squeezed your eyes shut, tears spilling over and onto your cheeks. You spoke, your voice breaking, “ I gave you my trust. And you shattered it—you broke me. And it hurt so much, Toru—it hurt way more than I thought it would. And I hated you for it, but I hated myself more for allowing you to–– God, I felt like such a fool .”

Satoru couldn't help but pull you in closer to him, holding you to his chest as you take shallow breaths, trying not to sob. It became a rare moment as he found himself speechless, his heart going a million miles in his chest, feeling his shirt dampen with your tears. 

Finally finding the words, Satoru lowers his lips to your temple, his voice soft against the skin. “Why didn’t you talk to me?” 

You inhaled, “It was easier just to pretend you’re nothing than talk.” 

“Am I? Am I nothing to you, Stardust?” 

You choked out a weak laugh, “I think we both know you’re more than that, Satoru.” You paused, taking a deep breath, “You made me feel— even when I didn’t want to, even when all I wanted was to feel numb. You were the one who always gave me goosebumps. ” 

Your voice now a faint whisper, you continue, “So yes, you’re more than nothing, Satoru. I feared that you were too much of something—that you meant too much to me. I guess...I guess I was right.” 

The two of you stayed like that, holding onto each other, listening to each other’s gentle breathing. The soothing circles of Satoru’s hands along your arms and back combined with the enveloping, cool scent of his cologne caused you to fall asleep quickly. 

Satoru watched your peaceful expression, adoring the shadow of your eyelashes on your cheek, the gentle glow of your skin in the moonlight. He could’ve stayed like that forever, just you in his arms as if nothing had changed, nothing had broken between you two. 

Not expecting a response, Satoru whispered against your forehead, “The notes. You didn’t throw them out. Why?” 

You groaned, finding a comfortable spot as you rested your head in the crook of his neck. “I don’t know why—I just couldn’t,” You mumbled, “I guess it was all I had of you.”  

After some time of holding you and feeling your body relax against his as you slept, Satoru slowly began to shift to grab some water and go home. He sat upright, moving off the bed when you sleepily took his hand. “Are you leaving?” 

Satoru turned back to you, “Should I?” 

You ran your thumb across the back of his hand, murmuring, “You don’t have to. I don’t want you to drive if you’re tired.” 

Satoru leans down towards you, a strand of his hair tickling your nose. He whispers, “I think the question I should ask is: Do you want me to go? ” 

The tickling sensation gets to you, and you scrunch your nose and close your eyes, gently shaking your head. “No. I don’t...I don’t want you to leave me.” 

Satoru's eyes widened, a blush creeping up his cheeks, a small smile growing on his lips. His warm breath fans your cheeks as he replies, “I could never leave you. You’re my best girl, after all, Sweetheart.” 

Your body fills with a sweet, gentle warmth as you snuggle further in the pillow, trying to hide your expression. A knowing glint appears in Satoru’s eyes as he watches you drift asleep once again. Satoru slid off your bed, quietly adjusting the covers over your restful figure, gently brushing your cheek whispering, “I’m going to drink some water. I’ll come back. I promise.” 

He lingered over you, hesitating before he finally lowered his head, kissing you on the forehead. You stirred a little, and he moved back, making sure that you were fast asleep before he turned towards the door of your bedroom. 

You sleepily mumbled, “Satoru,” causing him to turn back towards you. After a short pause and your eyes still closed, you continued mumbling, “I hate you, idiot,” a corner of your lips turning upwards, giving him a weak, lopsided smile before returning to your peaceful expression. 

He deeply inhaled, his eyes falling onto the polaroid of your intertwined pinkies from the New York airport that sat on your nightstand, responding in a soft voice, “I know, Princess…I know.” 

And I hate that this conversation will all mean nothing by tomorrow morning.

Chapter Text

You wake up the next morning feeling groggy and your head pounding. You groaned, slowly stretching your limbs against the warm sheets, mumbling, “I shouldn’t have let Shoko convince me into drinking that much.”

You suddenly sat up, your brows furrowed as you remember snippets of last night, glimpses of white hair flashing through your mind. Did Gojo bring me home? How did he even know Shoko and I were at the bar? And why did he help me?  

Walking into your kitchen, you immediately noticed a note on your counter next to a paper bag with a savory smell wafting from it. God, what happened last night, you thought, rubbing your eyes with one hand as the other picked up the note.

I thought my face would not be a welcome sight for you first thing in the morning, so I headed home early. I also notified Yaga that you might be running late using the excuse that you aren’t feeling great. There’s a bagel sandwich in the bag how you like it, and I’m sorry if it cooled down a bit. 

At the bottom of the note, you see scratched-out scribbles like Gojo wasn’t sure about his words. Gojo continues, I’m sorry for a lot of things, but I’m terribly sorry for making you think I chose her over you. It was always you, Princess. 

Your brows furrowed in confusion before you groaned, quick flashes of the conversation coming back to you, realizing that you must have said a lot of embarrassing things to Gojo while you weren’t in your right mind. Great, now I have to face him in the office with him having heard god knows what. Actually, no, I’d rather not. Looking at the time, you decide to start getting ready and that you’ll find a way to avoid that conversation for as long as possible. 

Arriving on the floor of your office, you inhale, squinting as you walk through the bright hallways, dressed in a white turtleneck sweater and a navy blue pencil skirt. The sound of your black heels hitting the tile announces your arrival, your co-workers greeting you as you walk past them. I should grab some coffee, you decided, setting your belongings down on your desk.

You walk towards the lounge, pausing when you catch a glimpse of Nanami and Gojo standing by the coffee maker and effectively all the equipment you would need to make a cup. So maybe coffee can wait. You turned on your heels, heading back towards your office, bumping into Shoko in the hallway. 

“Oh! Hey Shoko, would you like to order some coffee from a nearby cafe? I can have Maki pick it up.” 

Shoko yawned, rolling her neck as she ran her hands down her burgundy cardigan. “Hungover?” 

You rubbed the back of your neck, chuckling, “Yeah, a bit,” watching as Shoko tilted her head, crossing her arms, giving you a knowing look. 

“But why can’t you just make a cup in the lounge, [Y/n]?” 

You blinked, nodding your head as you replied, “Good question. I...I wanted to try a new coffee shop!” 

Shoko arched her brow, “Okay...then we can go there for lunch, but grab one from the lounge to hold you till then, okay? Let’s go.” 

Shoko walked past you, heading in the direction of the lounge, but you stood there, prompting her to turn back, asking, “Why aren’t you coming?” 

You let out a nervous chuckle, “Um, it’s okay Shoko, I just remembered I have a lot of work to get through, so I’ll just wait for lunch!” As if you weren’t ahead in your assignments by a couple of weeks.  

“Uhh, sure [Y/n] that works,” Shoko answered, waving, and she continued on her way to the lounge. Well, that was bullshit. But why is she––

Pushing the door open, Shoko shakes her head, a sigh leaving her as the realization hits her, seeing who’s in the lounge. 

“Shoko!” Gojo exclaimed, waving her over. 

Nanami nodded, greeting, “Good morning, Shoko.” 

Shoko smiled, making her way over to the counter as she sighed, “Did anything happen between you and [Y/n] yesterday, Gojo?” 

Gojo’s lips parted slightly before he cleared his throat, saying, “Um, kind of. Why are you asking?” 

Shoko shook her head, replying, “Oh, it’s nothing. I was just curious.” 

Underneath his blindfold, Gojo furrowed his brows, the corners of his lips slightly dipping as he thought, She hasn’t come to talk to me. Maybe she’ll stop by at the end of the day. 

You now sat at your desk, your hands smoothing over the surface of your desk, your eyes falling over the familiar white notecard by your keyboard. Your gaze lingered on it for a few moments before you let out a sigh, rolling your shoulders as you turned to your computer screen, turning it on. 

I’m not ready to read that now, so I’ll just read it later.




Logging out of his computer and letting out a yawn as he looked out at the darkened sky, Gojo stood, stretching and humming a tune as he packed his things. Making his way to the door of his office, he stopped, looking at his phone for any messages or emails from the person he wanted to hear from the most. 

Nothing from her, Gojo thought as a frown grew on his face. Not even a thank you for last night or even a response to the note I left on her desk. I guess she wants to pretend nothing happened last night. But she still should’ve responded to the note from this morning.

Closing the door to his office and walking through the dimmed hallways as everyone had already left, Gojo found his gaze drawn to an office that was still brightly lit. 

God, not again, he thought, letting out a frustrated sigh. Why is she like this? Well, I’m going to save her from herself. And good thing Maki’s not here to stop me. 

Hearing the door of your office open, you startle, not expecting anyone to still be in the office at this time. Looking up from your computer screen, your eyes widen as they catch on the navy suit before they move to the fluffy white hair and all too familiar blindfold. Your cheeks warmed as you decided to look back at your screen, murmuring, “What are you doing here?” 

Gojo walked over to your couch, plopping his bag and crossing his arms, “So no, thank you for yesterday?” 

You spared him a glance before quickly returning your gaze to the screen, your lips forming a line. Taking a breath, you spoke, “Thank you, Gojo. I’m grateful for what you did, but please leave.” 

Gojo walked closer to your desk, turning his wrist to check his silver watch for the time. He leaned on the wall adjacent to your desk, tilting his head in an almost unfair way. The light coming in from the nearby window perfectly highlighted the angle of his cheekbones, jawline, nose. He cleared his throat, and you spared a look before suddenly looking away, your lips forming a line again as you were caught off-guard, small flutters forming in your stomach. 

A smile formed on Gojo’s face as he watched you try to distract yourself, finding your flustered expression adorable. He clears his throat again, this time saying, “It’s late.” 

“I know,” you quickly reply, not looking up from the screen. Gojo takes a deep inhale, walking over to the side of your desk, leaning on it as he sneaks a peek at what you were working on. 

Rolling his eyes, he groans, “Are you serious, [Y/n]?” The clicking from your fingers hitting the keyboard pauses as you hear him address you by name, continuing as if nothing happened, hoping that Gojo didn’t notice anything. But deep down, you knew he noticed and didn’t want to give him anything else that would keep him there longer. 

He continued, “You are working on contracts that don’t need any work done for a whole month. Why are you here instead of at home?” 

“They need to get done some time, don’t they?” 

Gojo shook his head, moving behind you, reaching over your shoulders, snatching the wireless keyboard and mouse from underneath your hands. Your eyes widened, brows furrowing in irritation as you spun around in your chair. 

“Could you, I don’t know— not , Gojo? I know it must be hard to understand that I have a better work ethic than you, but that doesn’t mean you can disturb my work.” 

“Cockiness is hot on you, [Y/n],” Gojo grinned, flashing his bright teeth, his finger hitting buttons on the keyboard as he feigned a gasp, saying, “Oh, whoops.” 

You raised your brows in alarm, quickly turning back around to face your computer screen... that was now black. You clenched your jaw, slowly turning back around in your chair, your aura now dark as you slowly meet Gojo’s gaze, giving him a lethal stare. 

Gojo let out a chuckle, a hint of nervousness in the sound as you stood from your chair, grabbing his tie and pulling him down to your level. You took a deep breath before you spat, “I’m going to fucking kill—”   

This is fucking hot, Gojo thought, his hands wrapping around your waist as he turned around, pinning you to the window behind the desk. Honestly, it wouldn't be a bad way to go. 

Feeling the cool glass at your back through your white turtleneck you paused your threat, Gojo cutting in, “Before you murder me, let me ask something.” 

You narrowed your eyes, leaning in as you retorted, “ What the fuck is wrong with you, you moron?”  

Gojo’s cheeks flushed, causing you to arch your brows as he asks, “Have you been avoiding me today?” 

You blinked, “No.” Yes. “Why do you ask?” You felt a tingling sensation build in your hips as Gojo’s hands mindlessly traveled your curves. Pursing your lips, you looked down, biting your cheek, murmuring, “Can you stop?” 

Gojo leans closer that now you feel his exhales on your forehead, answering with a smirk, “Stop what, [Y/n]?” 

“God, you are so fucking annoying,” you gritted out as you punched him in that familiar spot in his stomach, sending him staggering back into your chair. 

Gojo groans, using his quick reflexes to wrap an arm around you, pulling you down with him. Gojo now sat in your chair with you standing in between his thighs, holding on to the edge of the desk behind the chair, on either side of Gojo. 

Your eyes were wide in shock at the position you were in, your cheeks warming as your lips hovered mere centimeters above Gojo’s. If anyone had walked on you two at that exact moment, you would have a challenge explaining yourself out of it, especially knowing that Gojo would welcome any and all rumors.  

Gojo smirked, reaching upwards and pulling down his blindfold, his eyes now locked on yours. Your pulse increased as you blinked, pushing off the desk and standing, wrapping your arms around yourself, and moving to stand on the opposite side of the desk. 

Why is he like this? I know that Shoko said things yesterday, but I still can’t be sure and pretend like everything’s fine when he hasn’t said anything.

“Someone looks flustered,” Gojo commented, a smirk still on his lips.

You breathed, “You have got to stop doing this to me.”

“Stop what?”

“You know,” You began, turning and grabbing your things, quickly slipping on your wool coat, “I’m actually going to go since you seem so determined to stay in this office.”

Your fingers wrapped around the cool handle of the door to the office as Gojo called, “You’re running away from things.”  

“Am not. I just feel like going home all of a sudden. Self-care ,” you mumbled, promptly leaving the room. You speedily headed to the elevator, letting out a small sigh of relief as you saw the empty hallway behind you and an elevator already waiting for you. You quickly stepped inside, a chill running through your chest as you began to hear footsteps in the hallway that were getting louder.

Frantically, you pressed the close door button, the elevator doors beginning their slow progression to shut. You lost hope as the steps grew louder and louder, even seeing a tuft of hair, but the doors thankfully closed. You let out a dry chuckle, relaxing against the wall of the elevator as you began your descent to the lobby. Hearing the ding of the elevator signaling you were arriving on the ground floor, you shifted towards the elevator doors, a small smile on your face as you were proud to have escaped.

The doors open, a cool, gentle breeze hitting your face as you step out into the lobby and proceed to walk towards the main door. You stop in your steps as you see Gojo burst out of the stairwell, his hair completely disheveled and his piercing eyes exposed, meeting yours as his blindfold dangled in his hand. Your smile falters as you bite your tongue, opting to continue walking to the door as if nothing happened.

“I need to talk to you. Please .” Gojo called, his voice bouncing off the marble walls of the empty lobby as you continued on your way. 

“Could you stop running for one second? Could you stop running from me, [Y/n]? ” 

You froze, looking outside the front glass windows and seeing that it began raining. Your breath became staggered, your mind flashing back to the day where everything fell apart. Gojo noticed as your shoulders became tense, the pieces coming together as he remembered the last time you two were like this. He begins to take steps towards you, the clacking of his shoes against the marble spurring you to walk at a fast pace, pushing the front door open. 

You enter the cool fall atmosphere, the freezing rain meeting your cheeks as only the sound of rain pattering against the concrete fills the air of the empty sidewalk. Light from towering lampposts gave the sidewalk a warm haze as you looked through the downpour for your car.

You let out a huff, feeling your coat become heavier with each drop that darkens the grey wool as you stride towards your car.

“The note. That’s why you’re avoiding me, right?” 

You kept walking, hoping that would discourage Gojo from continuing whatever this conversation was supposed to be. But those hopes are quickly dashed as you hear splashing noises against the concrete coming closer to you as Gojo jogs up, now standing in front of you as he chuckles dryly, “ You could have the decency to respond. Even if you don’t feel the same way.”

Gojo watched as you looked up at him, your brows furrowed and your eyes full of confusion. You opened your mouth to retort as Gojo cut in, “You haven’t read the note, haven’t you?” 

Your eyes flickering to where it was being kept in the bag in your hand, you mumbled, “I’ll read it later,” brushing past Gojo’s arm. You stop once again, feeling Gojo’s fingers wrap around your wrist as he replies, “Well, later’s not going to work for me, Princess.” 

You close your eyes, mumbling, “God, you drive me insane .” Standing behind you and still anchoring you by the hold he has on your wrist, Gojo tilted his head back, letting out a loud chuckle with frustration you could easily detect. 

Why is he upset? He’s the one who’s been bothering me. 

Gojo let out a low hum before he returned, “Oh trust me, Sweetheart. The feeling’s mutual.”  

Mutual. Are you serious, you thought, feeling your fingertips being to burn with the frustration you had been trying to squander and ignore. 

You turned around, taking a step towards him as you sneered, “Ha, that’s really interesting, Gojo. If I drive you insane, then why are you here? ” 

Gojo runs a hand through his damp hair, shaking his head as he mumbles, “You can be so oblivious sometimes.” 

“No. Answer the question, Gojo. Why do you continue to bother me when I supposedly drive you insane?” 

“Look, who's using the word supposedly now,” Gojo scoffed, a dry chuckle leaving his lips as he looked down at the sidewalk.

Look at who’s avoiding things now, Gojo. ” 

You waited, watching the muscle in his jaw tense before a wry grin grew on his face, his eyes still not meeting yours. 

“Answer the fucking question, Gojo.”

Gojo shrugged, “Maybe we should save this conversation for later. You know, get out of the rain. Wouldn’t want to catch a cold.

“Oh, now you don’t want to talk?” You were on the brink of losing it, the heat of your frustration building in your chest as you stepped closer to him, pushing a pointed finger into his wet dress shirt. “Is it because I’m the one doing the pestering? Well, now you know what I’ve felt for months, being cornered into conversations with you!”

“Oh please, you wanted to talk to me!”    

You moved your hand off his chest, now pinching the bridge of your nose as you grumbled, “God, you are such an insufferable menace.

“And you’re so clueless .”

Then explain! What have I done to drive you insane? Why are you here?” 

Gojo let out a dark chuckle, his hand reaching for his tie and pulling it loose. The whole display causes your pulse to quicken as you take a step back, but Gojo quickly closes the gap as he replies, “What haven’t you done? You're you, Princess. You frustrate me.” 

You let out something between a huff and a laugh, retorting, “ I frustrate you? You frustrate me—”

I fucking love you,” Satoru yelled, his chest heaving against his drenched dress shirt as he continued, “That’s why I’m here.”

Your eyes widened as you felt all the blood drain from your cheeks and pool in your toes. You blinked, shaking your head as you whispered, “No.” Did he really just say that? Now? Maybe Shoko told him to say certain things––there’s no way. I’m not ready for this––  

“What do you mean no ?” Satoru asked, his eyes watching as your gaze dipped to the ground, your arms wrapping around your torso. 

You purse your lips, trying to prevent them from trembling as you breathe, “You don’t mean that.” 

Satoru let out a forced laugh, slowly nodding his head as he replied, “So you’re going to tell me how I feel, Princess? I'm not even that cocky.”

You let out a shaky exhale, trying to ignore the corners of your vision that had become slightly blurred. “You can’t possibly mean that. You don’t even know what love is, ” you shot back, turning away from him.

“Ha,” Satoru scoffed, “I’m pretty sure I know the reason for everything I’ve done in the past few months.” 

You turned, now facing him with blurred vision as you whispered, “ Don’t mock me. Not on this, Satoru.” 

“Mock you?” Satoru began, cheeks burning and his voice straining, his words coming out in exasperated ramble, It’s why I wrote every one of those damn notes. Why I made sure Shoko brought you dinner when you were too stubborn to go home and rest. Why I tortured myself yesterday, deciding to hold you as you fell apart because of something I did. Over a moment that I wish I could erase, but I can’t. That’s why I continue to make a fucking fool out of myself! What other reason would I have but being in love with you? Why can’t you see that? Why is that so hard to believe?

You blinked, your cheeks burning, replying, “The notes?” So I–I wasn’t seeing things. Shit. This can’t be real. This has to be another dream.

“Every single one, Princess.” 

Tilting his head down towards yours, you feel cool raindrops drip from Satoru’s hair onto your forehead as he whispers, “It was...” He pauses, looking for the words before he settles, continuing, “ It was always you. It was only ever you, [Y/n],” the gentle whisper of his voice, causing the ball of sourness to return to your throat. 

Eyes locked on each other, you relax your muscles, feeling your stomach turn and goosebumps rise along your arms. Your brows furrow slightly as you notice an emotion— hopelessness settle in Satoru’s expression. 

He closes his eyes, resting his forehead on yours. “ I...I hope this works,” he whispers, his voice on the verge of breaking. “I really hope this does something for you. I hope I’m not too late, Stardust, because this is the only move I have left. I I hope it’s enough.” Your eyes sting as you wait for him to continue, his hands cupping your burning cheeks. 

Clearing his throat, he begins, “I’ve never needed anyone, but I find myself needing you, and it scares me. You frustrate me because you make me hope for things that I shouldn’t. Things that I never even considered. You do things to me that no one else has ever done, and for some reason, I’m okay with all of it. That’s why I say you drive me insane. You drive me so fucking insane Princess I don’t think you’d ever understand. But , when I say you drive me insane, I mean it in the best way possible. And that is exactly why I love you.” He sighed, “ Fuck, the note was so much better than this. I’m sorry, Princess. I can tell you what it says, don’t worry— ” 

You choke out a sob, causing Satoru to pause, his eyes full of concern and his jaw clenched as he uses his fingers to brush the tears running down your face, gently trailing the curve of your cheek. 

You open your mouth to speak, but only sobs come out, causing Satoru to whisper, “ Was I too late, my love ?”

 You close your eyes, pulling away from him, causing Satoru’s heart to sink as he watches you reach into your bag. You pull out the white notecard, covering it slightly with your free hand, not wanting it to get soaked as you begin to read. 

Love - the overwhelming—

“Love - the overwhelming emotion that only accurately describes what I feel when you smile or laugh, especially when it’s only meant for me.” Satoru began, prompting you to turn to look at him, as you wiped your tears with the wet sleeves of your coat. 

“The frustrating emotion I feel when I realize how much your happiness has become essential to mine. The feeling of longing I get when all I want is to banter with you over silly things, have you in my arms at the end of the day.” 

Satoru pauses, taking a slow step towards you, fingers lifting your chin and slipping an arm around your waist. You look up at him, the fluttering sensation spreading throughout you once again as you notice his eyes are glassy. 

“I know...I know you told me to expect the unexpected when it comes to you, but fuck , this was unexpected. Falling in love with you was the most unexpected, scary, frustrating, mind-boggling thing to ever happen to me—but I’d do it all over again, my love. I’d do it in a heartbeat for you. My personal experience: the girl who wore the necklace of a starry crown.” 

He blinks, a few warm tears slipping onto his cheeks that you reach up to wipe away along with the cool raindrops. You let out a nervous chuckle, breaking eye contact as you stared at the puddles in the dipped lines between concrete slabs. Satoru’s hands fall to yours, taking them into his. 

You closed your eyes as you fiddled with his hands, breathing, “You’re annoying.” 

“I know,” Satoru quips, letting go of one hand to tenderly trail his hand across your jaw. 

“The bane of my existence,” you add, using your free hand to lay a weak punch against Satoru’s chest. 

“Mhm,” Satoru hums, his hand that was trailing your jaw now settling in the small of your back. 

“A stupid moron,” you continue, the two of you falling into a pattern. “Imbecile.” 



“Mmm, youthful.” 


“ handsome.” 

“A fool.” 

Satoru took a deep breath, dropping his head so that now his lips brushed your ear, murmuring. “ Hopelessly in love with you.” 

Your eyes widened, cheek tingling as you mutter, “I hate you for that, you know.” 

Satoru moved his hand to tilt your head upwards so that your eyes were on his as he replied, “For what?” 

You took a shaky breath, slightly leaning into him more as you continued, “For being a stupid romantic poet. For knowing what to do that gets me every time. For making me lose myself. ” 

The arm Satoru had placed on the small of your back pulls you closer as his other hand cups your cheek, his thumb brushing the teardrops off. 

Satoru lowers his head, his nose now brushing yours. He mumbles, “Say it for me, Stardust,” his warm breath fanning your lips and causing your nerves to awaken, suddenly aware of how once again you were enveloped by him. 

His pale, dripping hair had fallen between the two of you, brushing that same spot as it always did. It was weaker in the rain, but you were still able to smell the crisp scent of his cologne wafting off the navy jacket of his suit. The comforting touch of his palm and long fingers on your cheeks and the arm holding you against his torso that you had unknowingly melted into. You pursued your lips, feeling tears slip down your cheeks as you looked at Satoru’s eyes, the intense fluttering sensation accumulating in your stomach and chest that no one else had been able to make you feel. 

I hate you ,” you paused, your voice breaking over the next words. “Because you made me look forward to our lunch arguments. Because you became the only dance partner I could ever want. Because you’re the only one that makes life more vibrant for me. Because…” You paused, your lips curling into a weak smile, “Because I couldn’t help but fall, Satoru.” Satoru’s lips began to grow into a dopey grin, his cheeks now a flushed pink. 

“I hate you, you idiot because you made it impossible for me to ignore how much I love you.” You inhaled, closing your eyes as more tears fell down your face. “But, maybe that makes me the bigger idiot because I’m in love with you. I love you, Satoru Gojo. ” 

And I love you too, Sweetheart."

You softly exhaled, “I think this is the part of the movie where we kiss, Charming.”

“I thought you hated movies like that,” Satoru laughed.

“Do you really want to get into this now?”

Satoru moves his head closer to yours, his lips barely brushing yours as he whispers, “Seems like someone is desperate, Princess.” 

“You are so fucking annoy––”

Satoru's lips land on yours, and this kiss is so much different than the ones before. It’s a kiss full of passion and heat, yet still so hesitant as you both are scared, exploring this new shared emotional connection between the two of you. Satoru took his time, wanting this moment to become one that would remain burned into your memory as his lips gently moved against yours. Satoru let out a soft hum, his teeth skimming over your bottom lip causing you to let out a gasp. Satoru took the chance, his tongue now brushing against yours as you feel a warm tingling sensation flare in your stomach. You dropped your things to the ground, your hands trembling, even as you clutch Satoru’s shirt, pulling the material and the man closer to you.

Satoru moans into the kiss as he wraps his arms around you, pulling you flush against him. You let out a soft moan as tears fall down your cheeks, your hand getting lost in Satoru’s silky white hair, the other relishing the feel of him through the wet dress shirt. Satoru moves a hand to your cheek, brushing your tears away, and you shudder, allowing yourself to fall again. It’s a terrifying feeling, but you welcome it, you welcome the fluttering sensation, allowing it to spread all over your body and fill your senses. You allow yourself to tumble and fall into the dark, to lose yourself in him, and breathe him in because you love him, because you know he’s at the bottom, waiting to catch you whenever. 

Breaking the kiss, Satoru mumbles against your lips, “You were saying something?” 

“Shut up, moron,” you whispered, a hint of a smile on your lips as you pulled his lips down to yours. Despite the cold fall air, your clothes and belongings completely soaked from the piercing cold rain, you feel warm, your body tingling as you kiss him again, more tears escaping your closed eyelids. 

It’s as if time slows as you finally realize what Satoru actually meant every time he’s whispered, “I’ve got you” or “I’m yours” into your ears. It slows as you realize how many different ways he’s been saying the big three words to you all long, even before he realized it himself. It slows as the fond memories you’ve tried to forget, rise and piece themselves back together, the images undistorting. It stops for a millisecond as the last shard of your icy barrier shatters into a million glimmering pieces, evaporating away.

You finally broke away, both of your soft pants becoming little puffs of vapor as they met the cool atmosphere. You reached up, brushing away a soaked strand that had fallen over Satoru’s eyes as you whispered, “We should really get out of the rain soon.” 

Satoru grinned, “Mmmm, maybe we’ll get a cold together. That sounds like fun!” 

You rolled your eyes, laying your head on his chest, fighting the smile that wanted to grow on your lips as you mumbled, “I think we have very different ideas of fun, Satoru.” 

A laugh slipped through your lips as you thought back on the very chaotic weekend in early spring where Satoru had gotten sick, and subsequently, you had too. 

Satoru bent to pick up your dropped bag, the two of you now heading towards your car. His lips now hovered above your temple as he mumbled, “I missed that, you know,” pressing a light kiss on the warm skin. 

You lifted your head off his chest, letting out a hum of confusion. The arm that Satoru had curved around your waist tugged you in closer as he answered, “Your laugh, I missed it so much.” 

Your cheeks warmed once again, your fingers now grazing the small divot beside Satoru’s lips that curved into a lopsided smile. “And I missed these, Toru,” placing a soft kiss at the corner of his mouth. 

The both of you had just approached the side of your car when Satoru stepped in front of you, his hand taking yours into his as he fiddled with it. “So, what are you doing now?” 

You furrowed your brows, “Oh, umm, I don’t have––” 

You were interrupted as Satoru took a step closer, lowering his head towards yours as he began pressing light, borderline ticklish kisses to your jaw and neck. “What’s all this for, Satoru?” you asked, a chuckle slipping through as you tried to push Satoru’s lips off your neck, but to no avail. 

Satoru stopped his attack, his warm breath now fanning your neck as he whispered, “Come home.” 

His hand that was now resting on your hip began distractedly running circles through the wet wool. “I could make you my food I know you missed so much, or watch the cinematic masterpieces that you’ve finally admitted to liking––” 

“I did not say that, moron.” 

Satoru shifted, your eyes now aligned, his own full of bright energy and determination as he replied, “Well then, maybe I’ll convince you.” 

Satoru took a deep breath, murmuring against your temple, “And we can talk about it––about Mei Mei if you’re ready since I figured you forgot some of the things I said yesterday.” Moving his head to hold your eye contact once again, he continued, “I know it’s not a conversation to look forward to, but I want clear things, so we move on and be a better us this time around. Because...” 

He paused, his cheeks slightly pink once again as he looked away, his eyes finding yours again when your hand gently cups his cheek, grabbing his attention. 

“Because what Dimples?” 

He inhaled, “Because you’re endgame for me.” 

Your eyes widened, a buzz traveling down your limbs as your stomach became full of flutters once again. Your lips had parted in shock, causing Satoru to chuckle softly as his hand came around your chin, his thumb brushing your bottom lip. “So no matter how slow or fast you want to take things, I don’t care. We could just dance in the kitchen making hot cocoa or have a movie marathon, and I’d be perfectly happy. Just come home tonight. ” 

“I hope you know you’re not going to convince me to like these movies.” 

Satoru grinned, “Is that a––” 

You nodded, your thumb brushing over his dimple, “I’ll come home, Satoru.”

Satoru laid his head in the crook of your neck, his hands settling around your waist as he pulled you in as close as humanly possible. You felt a light peck on the soft spot of your neck, Satoru beginning to gently sway the both of you, murmuring, “I love you.” 

You wrapped your arms around him, listening to the steady, strong thumps of Satoru’s heart, whispering, “I really missed you, idiot.” 

“I missed you too, my love.”


Chapter Text

You now stood at Satoru’s door, pressing the silver doorbell, slightly shivering in your soaked coat. Not wanting to leave your car at the office, the two of you had decided to take your separate cars. And now, you were fiddling with the handle of your bag, pacing in front of the door. 

You pressed your ear against the door, listening for any sound of movement, pulling away again when you heard nothing. It’s been a few minutes. What is going on? Let me call him. 

You pulled out your phone, finding your way to his contact, pressing the dial button when you heard the ding of the elevator and the faint ringtone of Satoru’s phone drifting down the hallway. 

You heard shoes bustling against the hardwood floors, turning to see a blindfolded Satoru striding towards you with a grin on his face and a bunch of bags in his hands. “What is the meaning of this, Toru?” 

Shifting his bags into one hand, Satoru gently cupped your cheek, pressing a light kiss against the skin as he mumbled, “I’m sorry, Princess. I wanted to grab some ingredients for us.” 

“I can take some of the bags,” you offered, reaching for the paper totes in his hand. “Don’t worry, I’ve got it,” Satoru replied, quickly shifting the bags to one hand, moving it out of your reach. 

You rolled your eyes, “Ever the perfect gentleman, Satoru.” 

Satoru laughed, pulling out his keys and unlocking the door, “You ready?” 

“I mean, I had been waiting here for fifteen minutes before you—” You narrowed your eyes, “What did you do?” 

“What?” Satoru replied, his brows furrowing with confusion. “I didn’t do anything. But, ” he continued, the ends of his mouth curling upwards, “I do have fun things for us tonight.” 

“Oh really,” you replied, a smile growing on your face as Satoru comes behind you, dropping the bags next to the door, his arm curving around your waist. He hummed in response, his hand turning the handle of the door, warm air meeting your face as the door opened. 

You entered the apartment, Satoru trailing behind with his arms wrapped around you. “It’s been a while,” you exhaled, leaning back further into Satoru’s embrace, looking around the large kitchen and living room, memories drifting to the forefront of your mind. 

“As much as I love this place, I hated how dull and empty it felt like without you,” Satoru murmured in your neck, kissing the soft spot behind your ear. You jerked, giggling at the ticklish sensation running down the side of your neck. 

“There’s my girl,” he mumbles into your skin, a grin quickly growing on Satoru’s lips as the sound of your giggle echoes through the otherwise quiet apartment. “See, this place is already so much brighter, and you’ve been here for one minute, Sweetheart.” 

You hummed, a bright smile on your face as you fiddled with your fingers. Satoru moved to slip off your jacket, placing it on the nearby coat rack and grabbing the dropped grocery bags outside as you dropped your bag and slipped off your shoes. Satoru plopped the bags on the kitchen island as you came to your familiar spot, climbing into that specific bar stool. 

“Stay right there,” Satoru pointed at you, dashing away from the room. You tilted your head, your eyes narrowing in confusion as you watched him disappear down the hallway going towards his room. 

What is he up to now? Anyway, let’s look at what he grabbed. You reached over the island, grabbing the bags and opening them to see three different kinds of sugar, a bag of flour, butter, even more different kinds of chocolate, and tons of more ingredients. 

“I forgot how bad his sugar tooth is,” you chuckled softly, continuing to rummage through the bags of baking supplies when you heard a click behind you. You shook your head, already knowing what Satoru was up to as you hum, “I see the paparazzi has come out of retirement, Satoru.” 

“And it’s back and better than ever!” The sound of the shutter continued until you annoyedly looked back, seeing a grinning Satoru with his blindfold now off. You slid off your chair, Satoru still taking a slew of pictures as you tried to approach him with your hands blocking the lens. 

Satoru began to make a little game of it, shuffling away from you and dodging as you began reaching for the camera. 

“This is overkill , Satoru,” you say as you nearly miss the camera again.

“What do you mean, Princess,” Satoru whined, “I can’t help it, you look so cute!” 

“This is harassment.” 

“Wha—this is art !” 

“These pictures are probably all out of focus with the way you’re moving around, moron!” 

Satoru's eyes widened, “Shit, finally coming to a stop. You laughed, finally landing your hands on the camera, grabbing it out of his hands, walking back to the kitchen island. 

“I think your sweet tooth has gotten out of hand, Charming,” you sigh, placing the camera on the cool white quartz countertops and pulling out the three different types of sugar from the bag. 

Satoru frowned, “This is for our food tonight!” 

“Food? This isn’t for dinner, it’s for dessert!” You countered, crossing your arms, leaning on the island counter as you watched a mischievous smile grow on your favorite moron’s face. 

“Wellll, see, I thought dessert could be dinner!” 

You blinked, “What?” 

Satoru giggled, grabbing the camera and snapping your current expression of disbelief and exasperation. “I planned for us to make all sorts of desserts to eat tonight! You know, like sugar cookies, chocolate chip, brownies, cinnamon rolls..there’s a whole bunch we can do!” 

“So no real food tonight?” 

“Well, I consider desserts to be a food group, but—” 

“God, you’ll be the death of me, Satoru.” You ran a hand over your forehead, turning to grab supplies from the cabinets, naturally finding your way around the kitchen as if you’d regularly been around as if no amount of time had separated the two of you. 

“We better get started right,” you called, pulling out a stack of mixing bowls, put off by Satoru’s silence. Still not receiving a response, you frowned, “Is there something wrong?” 

You turned to him, finding Satoru propped up against the counter with his hands in his pockets, looking at you with a smile that seemingly filled the room with a warmth you could feel in your bones. “What is it?” You murmured, looking away, feeling a tingling sensation run down your arms to your fingertips, leaving goosebumps behind. 

“Nothing.” You hear Satoru shift, coming closer to you before you feel his lips against your forehead. “Nothing’s wrong, my love,” he gently speaks, moving to grab measuring cups. “Let’s get baking.” 

He’s added ‘my love’ to his catalog of names, hasn’t he? Stupid romantic poet, you thought as you watched him begin measuring flour. But it’s not totally despicable. 

No, not despicable at all.    



“We’re going to get diabetes, Satoru,” you commented, placing a tray of sugar cookies in an oven. 

Placing the last cinnamon roll on another baking sheet, Satoru waved a hand, “Oh, please. Don’t you know your mind only runs on sugar?” 

You rolled your eyes, pushing the finished tray of cinnamon rolls next to the other trays of baked goods that had yet to be baked. “You’ll do anything to defend this addiction, won’t you?” 

“I think we have different definitions of ‘addiction’.” 

“Okay, sure whatever you say,” you laughed, the both of you now wiping down the counters and placing the used equipment into the sink and dishwasher. You sighed, now sitting at the island, resting your head against the cool countertops, enjoying the sweet, chocolatey scent wafting through the kitchen and living room as you listened to the sounds of Satoru moving around the kitchen. After he switched out the trays in the oven and adjusted the temperature, you heard Satoru’s footsteps approach you. 

You hum as you feel his hands settle on your shoulders, sliding down your arms as he leans in, resting his chin on your shoulder. “Shower or bath, Princess?” 

Your eyes widened as you quickly sat up, turning to look at Satoru, a corner of his lips turned upwards, his eyes dancing with amusement. “What are you talking about, Satoru?” 

“I thought you should take a shower or bath to relax since you’re exhausted, and then we could eat while watching movies.” 

“T-together?” You sputtered, your cheeks burning as you found yourself looking at Satoru’s dress shirt and slacks, now dusted with flour. 

Satoru’s nimble fingers come under your chin, tilting your eyes towards his as he chuckled, “I was thinking you would enjoy the privacy while I watch the stuff in the oven. But, I’m never opposed, Princess.” 

Satoru reached for your hands, pulling you off the bar seating you into an embrace. “I meant it when I said we could go however fast or slow you want,” Satoru whispered, his lips hovering over your temple. “I didn’t expect to just pick up from where we left off before as if nothing happened. What matters most to me is that you’re comfortable, you’re smiling, and you’re mine.” 

You let out a soft laugh, “I think a shower sounds nice then. A solo one for tonight.” 

Satoru nodded, “Then I’ll grab the stuff I kept for you and get the shower warm.” 

“Thank you,” you whispered, going up on your tiptoes to kiss his cheek.  

He’s always been so good at romantic gestures—whether big or small , you reflected, watching him disappear down the hallway. This time around, I want to be better at returning the favor.  

“You’re okay?” Satoru asked as you entered his bathroom, holding the basket of your things that Satoru had kept. 

You nodded, “Yup, I have everything I need.” 

“Alright then, I’ll give you your space. Call me if you need anything. Or me, Princess.” A mischievous grin grew on Satoru’s lips as he watched your expression quickly become flustered. “ Just teasing, ” Satoru giggled, “You’re so cute when flustered.” 

You narrowed your eyes, now shooing Satoru out of the bathroom as you grumbled, “Okay, that’s enough, idiot. I’m taking that privacy now.” 

“Byeee,” Satoru exclaimed, holding up his hands and wiggling his fingers as the door shut. You quickly stepped into the large shower, letting out a soft hum at the nice pressure of hot water against your skin. 

You were left to your thoughts, reflecting over the eventful day, how you didn’t expect to be standing there, naked in Satoru’s shower. 

Wait. I’m naked in his shower. In Satoru’s shower. And he confessed to me. And I confessed to him. And now I’m in his shower—what the fuck? All in one day? 

You took a deep breath, reaching for your soap and loofah when you became distracted with Satoru’s voice now at the forefront of your mind. 

Call me if you need anything. Or me, Princess. 

You blinked, now looking around the shower as all your little past trysts came to memory. You shook your head, trying to focus on grabbing your soap from the shower niche, but even that unlocked a memory. 

Your cheeks burned as you remembered Satoru on his knees in front of you, one of your legs thrown over his shoulder as his lips slowly crept up the skin of your inner thigh. A shallow exhale escaped through your lips as you remembered the feeling of the cool tile pressed into your palms, as you held onto the edge of the shower niche, feeling Satoru finally reach your wet cunt. 

Fuck, your taste, Sweetheart. I’ll never get enough,” he had groaned into your slit, beginning to work his tongue around your throbbing clit. You felt a tingling sensation move down your arms and your backside as you remembered how Satoru’s arm hooked around the back of your leg when it began to shake, his other hand cupping your ass deepening the sensation from his mouth. You had slipped a hand into Satoru’s pale hair, soft whimpers leaving your lips as you felt him pick up his speed edging you nearer and nearer to your climax. 

No, you smacked your burning cheeks, looking down at the dark grey tile. I just need to shower and go back to the living room.  

But your imagination had other ideas, and there was no escaping it as every corner of the shower held one passionate moment or another between the two of you. You quickly realized that as you felt flutters expand in your lower torso picking up the showerhead. 

“Look at you about to cum, Stardust.” Satoru had chuckled, leaving a trail of wet, sloppy kisses across your collarbones, leading up to the corner of your mouth that was slightly open as you let out soft pants. 

“Fuck, Satoru— please, more ,” you had moaned, feeling Satoru fixate the handheld showerhead on your pussy. A wide grin had grown on Satoru’s lips as he gently trailed his teeth against your jaw and neck, leaving soft bite marks on the skin. 

“You have no idea,” he groaned, stepping further into your body, cornering you against the shower tile. “How fucking beautiful you are right now.”  

You had let out a moan at his words, Satoru quickly swallowing the sound as he kissed you deeply, abandoning the showerhead, continuing to stimulate you with his fingers. 

God, Satoru , you thought, setting the showerhead back in its holder, feeling a throbbing sensation in your cunt. You’re driving me insane. 

Your imagination continued to work hard as you imagined him there right with you, how he would settle his arms around your waist. You thought about the lewd sound that would escape you as you’d feel his hard cock press into your ass. 

Is this all for me, my love? He’d ask, dipping his fingers into your slit that's drenched currently, aching for his touch. Call me then, Princess. Since you need me so badly, Satoru’s voice floated around in your head. You know I’d do anything for you.  

“Hey Princess,” Satoru called, knocking on the door. “Are you okay? You’ve been in there for a while.” 

Your eyes widened, stuttering a bit before you answered, “Y-yeah, I’m fine! I’ll be right there!” 

You sighed, letting out a soft groan, quickly lathering and scrubbing yourself with your soapy loofah. Don’t get ahead of yourself, [Y/n]. Things need to last this time. Besides, so much has happened today already, let’s take our time. 

You finally exited the bathroom, quickly going into Satoru’s closet to find your old designated drawer, grabbing some lounge shorts and one of Satoru’s hoodies to put on. 

Hearing your footsteps, Satoru paused his glazing of the now-baked cinnamon rolls, his cheeks heating and the sensation traveling down to his cock as he watched you walk in, his sweatshirt that was oversized on you falling over your hips nicely. 

“What took you so long? I was worried.” Satoru says, placing the bowl of glaze down, walking closer to you as he crosses his arms. 

You purse your lips, averting your eyes as you return, “Sorry, I-I got a little distracted.” 

“With what?” 

With you, moron. 

“It was nothing,” you smiled, waving a hand. 

“Well, the last batches are baking now, so you can watch as I take a quick shower.” 

You rolled your eyes, moving behind Satoru to push him towards the bedroom, saying, “ Yeah, yeah. I got it. Now go change out of your floury clothes.” 




You now sat on the couch, the last batches of brownies and cookies now cooling on the countertop. You heard shuffling down the hallway, seeing Satoru striding into the space, making a bee-line for the warm chocolate chip cookies. 

You couldn’t get a break, it seemed, blood rushing to your cheeks as you looked at a shirtless Satoru, just wearing dark grey sweatpants low on his hips. His back was turned as he decided which cookie to make his victim first, the deep lines and definition of muscle doing weird things to your chest. 

The sensation only worsened when he turned around, your eyes traveling miles over his chest, your skin tingling as you noticed stray drops of water traveling over the curves and divots of his chiseled muscle. You swallowed, noticing that all too familiar pale happy trail that started below his navel disappearing underneath the waistband of his sweats. 

“Someone’s ogling, ” Satoru teased, a hint of a smirk on his lips as he continued munching on his cookie. 

You shifted, turning your back towards him and your attention towards your phone, replying, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

Satoru giggled, “Okay, let’s go with that, Stardust. Come on, let’s put our dinner—” 


Delightful meal, on platters and set up the movie, so we can get to chatting.” 




(Bonus snippet)

Satoru watched as you expertly moved around the kitchen, remembering the organization and layout of things without any question as if it was the back of your hand. For a second, Satoru believes that this is all a dream, that he’s just watching a ghost of a past you, that it’s a moment of bliss that he’ll have to wake up from and deal with a much less blissful reality. 

But your voice reminds him it’s real, that the dreary, cold months of hopelessness and despair are over. Your voice reminds him that he has a new fight to fight, a fight to make these moments with you last forever. 

“Is there something wrong?” You asked, turning to look at Satoru, and a bright grin grows on his face that he can’t help as he confirms once again that the icy barrier is gone, as he's sure that you’re his

“What is it?” 

Satoru’s brows raise, watching as you flusteredly avoid his gaze. “Nothing,” Satoru replies, walking over to you, kissing your forehead. “Nothing’s wrong, my love.” 

In fact, it’s perfect, Satoru thought, grabbing measuring cups. Everything’s perfect.

Chapter Text

“I think we should start with the last night you were in this apartment, Princess.” Satoru swallowed a bite of a cinnamon roll. “I think…we can both agree that was really the beginning of the disaster.” 

You were in the kitchen, scooping vanilla ice cream onto a gooey piece of brownie, grimacing at the memory of the awkward, embarrassing dinner. “Oooh, fun times ,” you hummed, walking back to the couch. 

You plopped down on the soft cushions, admiring the melting ice cream mixing with pockets of melted chocolate. You took a bite, chowing through the decadent flavor when you felt the cushion beside you dip as Satoru scooches next to you. 

“Before I say anything, I think you should say what was on your mind first—if you’re comfortable,” Satoru whispered, wrapping an arm around you. 

You swallowed your bite, letting out a soft exhale as you leaned into Satoru’s chest. “Well, that day,” you began, fiddling with your fork, “I visited Nanami to know what was going on and your history with Mei Mei. I know it would’ve been better to hear it from you, but we were both busy and had barely been talking.” 

Because I kept canceling,” Satoru exhaled, running a hand over his eyes. 

“Yeah,” you slowly nodded, setting aside your plate. “So, since I wasn’t in the dark anymore and I finally had time to talk to you, I wanted to make sure you were okay.” 

“I wanted,” you paused, Satoru’s hand coming around yours, resting it in his lap, “I wanted you to know I was there for you, that I was in your corner because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. And I was afraid that you didn’t see me as someone to rely on, that you thought you had no one to listen to you again.” 

“So,” you paused, moving your hands to fiddle with Satoru's, “when you said those words…” 

“It confirmed your worst fears,” Satoru finished for you, pulling you into his lap. “God, I don’t think there are enough words to express how badly I wish I could take them back. But, I can start with, I’m sorry. I’m so terribly sorry” 

You shook your head into his chest, “It’s fine now, Satoru. Don’t worry about it.” 

“No, it’s not. I wanted to solve this whole issue without getting you involved and ended up hurting you. That’s not fine to me. ” Satoru let out a deep exhale, gently cupping your cheek, silently asking you to look at him. 

“I like the person I become when I’m around you, Stardust,” he whispered, “I love how you make me pay attention to the small details you don’t think matter, so I can plan surprises for you later. I love getting you to try things outside your comfort zone. I love being the person you love constantly arguing with. I love seeing you get flustered easily when I call you a nickname or kiss you in certain spots.” 

“It’s because I like that version of myself, I didn’t want you to worry about Mei Mei. I didn’t want you to see a part of a past me that I’m not that proud of where everything was transactional, with no real feelings involved. It was all a nice distraction from feeling inadequate, from feeling something was missing, but none of it was real . I didn’t want you to think what I had with her is what I want with you, Princess.” 

You laid your head in the crook of his neck, whispering, “Do you still have that feeling that something is missing?” 

Satoru chuckled softly, his fingers gently brushing your cheek. “You probably don’t remember, but it was when you first called me a friend that night I was extremely drunk a year ago. That was the first time I didn’t feel that gnawing feeling.” 

Satoru shifted slightly, the curve of his lips ghosting over your forehead, “I mean I’ve had good days, and I’ve had some bad days since then. But the general pattern I’ve had is that I don’t feel it when I’m with you.” 

You smiled against Satoru’s collarbone, “Are you sure about that?” 

“I think my theory has gone through enough testing. And I don’t have it in me to test it again.” 

“Why not,” you giggled, lifting your head off Satoru’s shoulder. 

“Because I refuse to lose you again,” Satoru muttered, his hand on your cheek pulling your lips against his. You melted against him, your hand trailing across Satoru’s jaw as you slipped your tongue between his lips, kissing him slowly. 

Your skin was burning by the time Satoru had pulled away reluctantly, whispering, “It would be worse than losing every dessert on the planet.” 

You snorted, “Are you serious?” 

“Deadass. I really mean it when I say you're stuck with me, Princess.” 

“Okay,” you smiled, resting your forehead on his, “Sounds like a plan.”




It was now extremely late in the night, or you could say the early hours of the next morning. The two of you were now a pile of intertwined limbs on the couch, dealing with a severe sugar crash from your ‘meal’. Your eyes were closed as you had buried your face into Satoru’s side, hearing the faint murmur of the movie in the background as you faded in and out of consciousness. 

The two of you had been talking for hours, the conversation alternating between ridiculous runs of banter and the serious questions you and Satoru had to figure out so you both could move on. The credits finally began to roll as Satoru yawned, “Let’s go to bed, Stardust.” 

You let out a deep groan, further wrapping your arm around Satoru’s torso as you mumbled, “Nooo, I’m comfortable here. I don’t want to get up.” 

“Well, you don’t have to,” he chuckled, shifting you to now carry you towards the bedroom. You were still in a daze as a corner of your lips lifted, glad to not have to walk yourself to bed. 

Satoru laid you down on the cool sheets, a yawn leaving your lips as you stretched, shifting yourself further into the covers. You relaxed again, on the brink of dozing off once again when you felt the mattress dip behind you. Your eyes shot open, suddenly hyper-aware of the distance between you and Satoru and how it was quickly decreasing as Satoru scooched towards your side. 

Shit. I didn’t think this through. What if I begin kicking him in my sleep? What if one of us falls off the bed? You wondered, surrounding yourself in the comforter. God, this is so stupid. I was just all over him on the couch, but why does this feel different? What's wrong with me? 

Satoru furrowed his brows in confusion, looking over the makeshift cocoon that you created for yourself. He let out a sigh, the corner of his lips slightly turned upwards as he moved the comforter off your face. “I think I’m going to sleep in a guest room. Good night, Princess,” he murmured, pressing a light kiss on your cheek. 

You stiffened, listening to the sounds of him shuffling off the bed, walking across the hardwood floor. “Oh—um, good night, Satoru,” you sputtered, heavily cringing as you buried your head into your pillow. 

He must have noticedwait, I hope he doesn’t think that I’m not comfortable with him or anything. Oh no. No, no, no, no. Fuck. You know what, I'll see him in the morning and explain myself. I don’t know how, but I’ll come up with something. 




You were struggling to sleep. You first were trying to relax, getting up to wash your face in the bathroom and brush your teeth multiple times, even resorting to pacing around the room. But, the question of what Satoru was thinking when he left kept your mind too preoccupied. The minutes of silence dragged on and on, your nerves melting into frustration. You tossed to your other side for the fifth time in the past ten minutes, squirming to find a comfortable position. 

“At this rate, the sun’s going to come up before I get a minute of sleep.” You sighed, sitting upwards, curling into a ball, and reaching for your phone to look at the time. 


Well, at least it’s the weekend, and I don’t have to worry about getting up early, but this still sucks. You sat there, looking around the room, noticing a polaroid or a photograph print lying around here and there. I wonder if he’s awake, you thought, sliding off the mattress and wrapping yourself in the blanket, leaving the room. 

I look ridiculous. Actually, maybe I shouldn’t bother him. He might even be sleeping! Now that would be selfish of me, you thought. You had already reached the door to the guest room that Satoru should’ve been in, now subconsciously pacing up and down the hallway. 

“I’ll gently knock so that if he’s awake he can answer, and if he’s asleep, he’ll probably won’t even hear,” you murmured, nodding to yourself, raising your hand to the door. You didn’t get to knock as Satoru opened the door, his eyes widening as he asked, “Is the room too cold, Princess?” 

Your expression quickly became one of confusion as you wondered where such a random question came from, before you remember, you practically looked like a marshmallow, wrapped in the huge blanket. 

“No,” you shook your head, “It’s perfectly fine, Toru.” 

“Then,” Satoru breathed, taking a slow step towards you, “Why are you up?” 

“I couldn’t sleep. Why are you awake?” 

“Same reason,” Satoru shrugged. 

You looked downwards at the lumps in the comforter where your feet were. “Why’d you leave?” 

Satoru smiled, running a hand through his bed-disheveled hair, “I think we both noticed you made quite a cocoon around yourself earlier, Stardust.” 

Shit. I was right. You looked up at Satoru, a wave of embarrassment washing through you as you noticed the smirk on his face. “I didn’t—” 

“It’s okay if you need time to ease into this you know. Don’t ever feel like you can’t ask for space.” 

“I don’t want space. I don’t want that at all,” you blurted, averting your eyes as you felt the simmering heat of Satoru’s gaze. “And it makes me scared that you make me feel these things when it’s only been a couple of hours, Satoru.” You covered your face with your hands as you felt your cheeks tingle and burn. 


“I just don’t want us to burn up too fast.” 

“We won’t.” Satoru takes your hands into his, lifting them to his lips. “Trust me, no matter how seemingly insignificant, there will always be another photo to take, another topic to argue, another moment to be had with you.” 

“I…I have a few questions.” You began fiddling with Satoru’s hands. “What if I accidentally kick you in my sleep, or murmur something embarrassing, or any other weird thing?” 

Satoru laughed, “You don’t do any of those things, Princess.” 

“It’s a hypothetical!” 

“A) I would kick you back—” 

“Are you serious?” 

I believe in fairness. And it would be a light kick!” 

You rolled your eyes, “Continue.” 

“B) I would giggle and bring it up when you woke up if I want to see how annoyed or embarrassed you get.” 

“What the hell is wrong with you?” 

You asked for my honest answers to these silly hypotheticals, and I answered,” Satoru retorted, breaking down into laughter. 

“Morning breath. What would you do?” 

Satoru took deep inhales, trying to stop another outbreak of laughter. “I would tease you a bit, and the rest I’m going to keep a surprise until tomorrow morning.” 

“Now, can I have my room back,” Satoru mumbled, a smirk on his lips. 

“I never kicked you out!” 

Satoru grinned, bending low to wrap his arms around your thighs, throwing you over his shoulder. “I’m so grateful that you decided to be so generous with my room, Stardust!” 

You rolled your eyes, watching the passing ground as you mumbled, “Hate you, moron.” 

“Sure you do,” Satoru hummed, entering the room and plopping you down on the bed. You were getting settled, which included dismantling the complex cocoon you had swaddled yourself in, shifting under the covers. 

You startled a bit, feeling Satoru’s arms wrap around your hip, pulling your chest against his. Noticing the firm hold he held around you, you decided to lean back a bit. “What’s this for,” you mumbled, a yawn slipping out. 

Satoru hummed, his exhaustion more visible now as his eyelids drooped slightly. “I’m seeing you first thing in the morning, Princess. There’s no avoiding this.” 

“What if I need to use the bathroom, and you’re still asleep?” You asked, a tired, bashful smile growing on your face. 

“I won’t be, but on the off chance, you can wake me up if that makes you feel better.” 

You shook your head against your pillow. “Why are you so insistent on this, Dimples?” 

A soft laugh left Satoru as he murmurs, “I mean, don’t you want to know how I’ll respond to your morning breath question?” 

“Hmmm, maybe I will kick you ‘accidentally’ until you fall off the bed, moron,” you grumbled, laying a punch into his shoulder. 

Satoru’s hand wandered up and down your side, finding a patch of exposed skin between the hem of your shorts and your stolen sweatshirt. “Was that a threat,” Satoru challenged, his voice becoming lower as he shifted, his lips now hovering over your forehead. 

“I’m suddenly feeling extremely sleepy,” you whispered, releasing another yawn and closing your eyes. 

“How convenient, Princess.” Satoru dipped his forehead to yours, one of his pale strands now brushing the bridge of your nose. “Now, why were you stressed over these hypotheticals?” Satoru whispered ever so gently, causing your pulse to uptick as you slid your legs against the covers. “I know how you think, and I know how you like to get inside your head, Princess,” Satoru breathed, reading the small shifts in your movement perfectly. 

“I don’t know,” you sighed, “I guess I was worried about what it would take to make you look at me differently or feel differently towards me. I know it’s stupid and ridiculous, but I couldn't help it.” 

“I wish,” Satoru whispered, his nose brushing against yours. “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.” You let out a short hum of confusion when Satoru began moving his lips across your jaw. “Because if you could, for even just a minute , you would never be insecure. Not with me, Stardust.” 

Your eyes shot open, lips parting as the fluttering sensation erupted with warmth in your torso. You blinked, desperately searching for the words to describe the overwhelming, bursting sensation with the pressure of contained fireworks in your chest. But you were speechless, the words not coming to mind as you crashed your lips against his. 

Your fingers traveled up the side of his neck, grazing his undercut as Satoru groaned deeply, his hand hooking behind your knee and sliding your leg over his. 

It’s not fair, you thought as you kissed him, I wish I could come up with words half as beautiful as yours, Satoru, but you always manage to leave me speechless.  

It was then that the words that you were so desperately looking for came to you. Sure it was simple, the main message being only three words. But it was three words woven so deeply between the two of you that it just made sense because sometimes it’s the simplest words, the simplest gestures that have the deepest meaning. 

You pulled away, your breaths coming out in soft pants as you whispered, “I may not be as good as you at expressing my feelings eloquently, but know this, Satoru Gojo.” 

You moved your hand, blindly looking for his own, wrapping your pinky around Satoru’s once you found it. “Know that I’ve got you, idiot. Always and forever. ” 

Gojo felt his cheeks flush as he watched you balance the edge of slumber. He smiled, brushing your cheek as he whispered back, “Look, who’s becoming the romantic poet now?”     


Chapter Text

A large yawn left you as you stretched your limbs, curling back into your pillow and the wall of warmth right beside you. Vibrations traveled through the bedsheets to your skin as your neighbor hummed, “Wow, I guess you did have something to be worried about, Princess. You could kill armies––end all war with that breath!” 

Still half-asleep and your neighbor’s remark flying over your head, you let out a disgruntled noise, not wanting to be disturbed. Your neighbor laughed softly as it took a minute for the words to digest. 

You suddenly sat up with your eyes wide open, feeling a pit of worry and embarrassment sink in your stomach until you looked over at a giggling Satoru. 

“I hate you. So. Fucking. Much,” you snapped, punctuating your words with hits to Satoru’s head with your pillow. Letting out a low grumble, you plopped down on the mattress once again, turning away from Satoru and covering your head with the pillow, hiding your cheeks that were tingling. 

Satoru draped an arm around your waist, pulling your back against his chest. He tries to snake his hand underneath your pillow, softly chuckling, “I was joking , Princess! I guess you’re not much of a morning person.” 

“I think, Satoru, that you should realize that your jokes aren’t doing well with this crowd.” You curtly replied, your voice becoming more muffled as you pulled the pillow tighter against your head. 

“You wound me, Sweetheart,” Satoru frowned, moving a hand across your stomach and hip. 

“I don’t want to talk to you. Especially because I haven’t brushed my teeth––wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable, you know.” 

“Your morning breath isn't bad!” 

You let out a dramatic yawn, stretching against Satoru’s embrace. “[Y/n] is currently sleeping. She can’t be reached at this time.” 

Satoru rolled his eyes, resting his chin on your shoulder as he found a spot on your neck to mumble into. “Don’t you want to know the other part of my response? The part that’s a surprise ?” 

I’m now intrigued, you thought after a few seconds of deliberating, subtly shifting further into Satoru’s chest. “What is it,” you breathed, turning back around to face him. 

“Come here,” Satoru whispered, successfully knocking the pillow off your head, his long, gentle fingers grazing your jaw. He lowered his lips to yours, instantly meeting your tongue with his, his hand now cradling the back of your neck, deepening the kiss. 

Satoru hummed, his lips curling upwards into a smile as he braced the other hand into the mattress, swinging his leg over yours. With Satoru now hovering over you, you wrapped an arm around his neck, running your other hand over Satoru’s rippling chest. You moved that hand to Satoru’s back, pulling him down as you arched up into him, craving the warmth and press of his body. 

You’re playing a dangerous game, my love,” Satoru groaned into your lips, a faint curse escaping him as his hips momentarily rolled against yours. You smiled at his words, taking his bottom lip in between your teeth before letting go, attempting to pull away. But Satoru wasn't done with you, quickly capturing your lips, his hands wandering over your curves. 

The air was heavy, dense with fiery tension when you two pulled away from each other, both of your pulses rushing, your bodies still buzzing with the energy it desperately needed to release. Satoru rested his forehead on yours, your noses lightly touching as you both released heavy pants into the air. 

“That,” Satoru exhaled, his cheeks still flushed, “That’s my response.” 

“It’s a good one,” you whispered back, moving a hand to brush over Satoru’s warm cheek, traveling to his wild, snowy, bed-disheveled hair. “It definitely makes up for how you started this morning, Dimples.” 

A corner of Satoru’s lips lifted, forming a lopsided smile with small divots in his cheeks on either side. Your heart seemingly stumbled for a second, the feeling of your chest expanding with a light, warm energy. He’s a cute one. Annoying as hell, but cute, you thought, your thumb lingering on a dimple. 

“Good morning, Toru,” you exhaled, giving him a delicate kiss. 

“I think,” Satoru hummed, lowering his lips back to yours, “you mean…good afternoon…Princess,” pausing for quick pecks in between. 

Your eyes widen, looking out the windows parallel to the bed, noticing the midday sun peeking out behind clouds. The peeking sunshine looked so warm, so deceptively warm as you knew when you stepped outside, the wind would present itself as a piercing, crashing wall of cold. 

“What time is it?” You asked, turning back to Satoru, the both of you now shuffling to an upright sitting position against the headboard. 

“A little before one,” Satoru stretched, taking your hand into his, fiddling with your fingers. 

“Wow,” you muttered, reflecting on how the past few months you hadn’t allowed yourself to relax, to enjoy the small, quiet moments. It would have given you too much space to think about the man beside you, so it was always onto the next task, the next hobby to distract yourself. 

Not that it was entirely efficient. 

“Well,” Satoru began, his voice cutting into your introspective reflection. “We did fall asleep around four this morning.” You hummed in agreement, opting to rest your head on Satoru’s broad shoulder. 

“What do you want to do today, Sweetheart?” You turned to Satoru, giving him a weak shrug when your stomach had its plans to make its needs known. Your lips parted in shock before you grimaced, shutting your eyes in embarrassment. 

Satoru laughed, “Let’s grab food then. We can find other things to do while we’re out. And hey, it’s still technically the time for brunch!” 

Your embarrassment immediately melted away hearing the word ‘brunch’, now sliding off the bed and speeding towards the bathroom. Satoru blinked, still on the bed in a daze from your complete change in demeanor. 

Your head popped out of the bathroom's entryway, your toothbrush sticking out of your mouth, white foam around your lips. “Chop chop, Charming,” you mumbled, waving him towards you, “I need you to pick up the pace. Some of us are hungry !” 

“Yeah, yeah, I’m there, Princess,” Satoru replied, a grin now on his face, grabbing his phone and snapping a quick photo as he made his way to the bathroom. Your face immediately dropped into a frown, giving him the middle finger as you turned to head back to the sink. 

“I couldn’t help it!” Satoru exclaimed, trailing after you. Spitting out the foam into the sink, you replied, “I don’t need talking, I need brushing , Charming.” 

Satoru’s brows rose, a couple of chuckles slipping through before getting out the words, “Okay, boss .” 

You purse your lips, trying to hide the smile that’s trying to grow on your expression, but with Satoru’s impeccable perception, it’s useless. “I knew you liked that name!” 

“Shut up and brush!”  

“Will do, boss .” 

Rolling your eyes, you grab face wash from your basket, beginning your routine. A smile still lingers on Satoru’s face as he watches your bright expression, which, to him, does more for the room than the custom chandelier over the double vanity.   




“This was a great idea,” you exclaimed, taking a sip of your warm salted caramel latte. You were in a cute, small diner, sitting in a booth by the window across from a Satoru with his signature glasses on, waiting for food. 

You shifted a bit, adjusting your pale, loose-cut jeans that you paired with a loose sage green sweater and comfy sneakers that you were grateful you’d left in Satoru’s apartment. Across from you, Satoru also sported a comfortable look, wearing a cream cashmere turtleneck sweater with slim-cut jeans. 

Satoru picked up his mug, taking a sip of his matching caramel latte. His face scrunched into a grimace, quickly setting the glass mug down, causing you to choke on your drink. A mixture of coughs and laughs left your mouth as Satoru pouted, “Their espresso… it’s so strong!”  

Your eyes widened in disbelief, darting between the blue irises still vibrant behind the dark lenses and the mug, thick drops of caramel syrup oozing down the side towards the bottom of the mug with more lining the rim. 

He literally got a triple-serving of caramel syrup, and he still thinks it’s not sweet? There has to be something wrong with his taste buds. 

“Let me try,” you sighed, reaching for his mug. “Let’s see what sugary monstrosity you ordered.” 

Satoru rolled his eyes, “You, Shoko, and Nanami! You’re all suffering from limited taste buds and imagination!”  

You took the mug, giving Satoru your own and lifting his warm mug to your lips, taking a quick sip. 

Sugar. That’s all was in this mug. Caramel and sugar with a side of milk and a dash of espresso. Your eyelids fluttered a bit, setting the mug down, immediately reflecting on your life choices as you slid the mug over. 

I just wonder…what the fuck type of metabolism does this man have? How are his teeth still fucking perfect? God, I envy you, Satoru. 

You were drawn out of your thoughts hearing an over-the-top coughing noise, looking over the table to see such a sight. Satoru was doubled over, ears turned slightly pink as he coughed into his turtleneck. 

Satoru inhaled deeply, collapsing back against the cushion of the booth. Raising the back of his hand to his forehead, Satoru sighed, now looking out the foggy window as he feigned his distress. “How dare you ask me to drink poison , Sweetheart?” 

You rolled your eyes, slightly shaking your head, “You’re so dramatic, Toru. I’ve literally seen you drink coffee before!” 

“I’m not feeling it today,” Satoru frowned, “I thought with the good amount of salted caramel, I would only taste sweet goodness.” 

Excessive amount. ” 

You felt a thud against your ankle, Satoru giving you a playful kick under the table as he murmurs, “Meanie.” 

“I’m so accidentally kicking you tonight,” you shot back, giggling. 

“Oh really! That’s how it is?” Satoru gasped, sliding down his glasses down the slope of his nose, his bright eyes holding a heated gaze with you. 

You looked out the window, your hand brushing your chin as you mused, “There was a perfect quote that came to mind…what was it?” You furrow your brows, pursing your lips in faux concentration as you try to stop the laughter that wants to escape you. “Oh yeah, ‘ I believe in fairness’ Satoru.” 

“You’re admitting I’m intelligent!” Satoru beamed, a wide grin showing his impossibly perfect teeth growing on his face. “I’m so honored!” 

“Wellll,” you quietly began, “ I personally feel like deluded is a more accurate adjective but…” Your voice fades off as you begin snickering. 

Satoru’s jaw dropped, exaggerating his taken offense, snapping, “You are fucking cruel!” 

And you’re melodramatic, Satoru Gojo , you immediately think as you continue snickering, deciding to keep it internal to avoid making too much commotion in the diner. 

Letting out an exaggerated exhale, Satoru slumps back against the cushion, looking out the window once again, avoiding eye contact. You kept your eyes on him, taking the time to admire the beautiful features you had desperately tried to ignore for the past few months. Your eyes traveled over the signature white fluffy hair, the long eyelashes that highlighted his eyes, the sharpness of his jawline that was the closest thing to perfection as you knew it. 

“You’re staring again,” Satoru mumbled out of the corner of his mouth, the same corner curling a little upwards before Satoru remembered himself, fixing his lips into a frown. “What is it?” 

“Just you,” you smiled, giving Satoru a little shrug. 

For a split second, Satoru’s eyes meet yours before he quickly looks away again. “That’s a good one, Princess,” Satoru grumbles, now looking at his faint reflection in the mirror. “I probably have caramel somewhere, don’t I?” 

“I’m just looking at you, pretty boy,” you replied, reaching over the table for your mug, taking a sip. Now I understand why he always bothers me. It’s fun getting him flustered. 

Unable to take it anymore, Satoru returns your gaze, narrowing his eyes. “What the hell is going on right now?” He asks, his cheeks becoming a faint shade of pink. 

You pouted, finishing another sip of your latte, placing the glass mug down. “Whatever are you talking about, Dimples?” 

“It’s like we switched !” 

“Because I made you flustered ?” You chuckled, tapping your fingers against the table. Satoru jerked back, his cheeks a deeper shade of crimson now. “I-I’m not flustered!” 

“It’s a very adorable look, by the way,” you returned, fiddling with the menu, the anticipation for your food settling in your stomach. 

“Well,” Satoru sighed, waving to himself, “It is me, of course!” 

“Okay, whatever,” you hummed half-heartedly, busy almost drooling over a picture of a perfect Belgian waffle. 

“But imagine if we did switch personalities for a day,” Satoru spoke, reaching over the table, his fingers brushing against yours to grab your attention. 

You arched a brow, sitting back into the back cushions as you crossed your arms. “I would have to take naps every 2 hours because I don’t have your energy.” 

“Maybe we should try it for a day,” Satoru suggested, a smirk growing on Satoru’s expression. 

“Absolutely not,” you deadpanned. 

A delightful combination of sweet and savory scents surrounded your table as two waiters approached the two of you, their arms and hands covered in different platters of various brunch foods. 

Your eyes widened as you leaned in, admiring the spread of food from the crispy home fries that were still sizzling to the beautiful crafted Belgian waffles with pretty designs out of whipped cream and strawberries. 

“Is there anything else you two need?” One of the waiters politely asked, both holding a gentle smile on their faces. 

“I was actually wondering if I could have a salted caramel hot chocolate?” You asked, straightening your posture. 

“It’ll be right out,” your waiter answers, quickly heading off to the back of the diner. You hummed in delight, busy deciding whether to start with a savory track with hashbrowns or a sweeter path with some white chocolate cranberry scones. 

Suddenly, the click of the camera shutter filled your booth. You snapped your head upwards in response, your eyes landing on Satoru, who held the pale blue Instax camera. 

“I can’t take you anywhere,” you mumbled, your eyes full of irritation. 

“I’m simply capturing memories, Stardust!” 

“Yeah, sure,” you shook your head, beginning to dig into a hash brown. You closed your eyes, smiling as the flavor melted over your tongue, leaning back into the cushions as another click filled your booth. 

Refusing to become distracted by Satoru’s paparazzi antics, you deeply inhaled, your eyes still closed as you gave him the middle finger. 

Satoru laughed, “You’re in a good mood today,” opting to take another photo. You shrugged, opening your eyes just in time to see your waiter bringing over the hot chocolate. 

“Thank you! We should be okay now,” you addressed your waiter. 

“An extremely good mood,” Satoru chimes, hearing your energetic tone. 

“Well, Satoru, a good brunch works wonders.” You smiled, sliding the fresh mug of cocoa over to him. 

“For me?” Satoru beams, another exaggerated exhale leaving him as he grabs the glass mug. “You’re so kind!” 

“Weren’t you calling me cruel a few minutes ago?”  

“Well, people can change for the better!” 

You rolled your eyes, chuckling, “Yeah, well, let’s see if you taste any espresso this time, Toru.” 

Lifting the mug to his lips, Satoru takes a small sip before his expression crumples into another grimace. You began chuckling as you watched the dark lens of his glasses become fogged up with the rising steam off the mug. “ Hot ,” Satoru finally spoke, clearing his throat. “But very yummy!” 

Satoru shifted, beginning to rise over the table, over the food. “W-what are you doing?” You sputtered, holding your arms out in protection of the spread of platters. 

A mischievous smirk appeared on Satoru’s face, replying, “I want to say thank you, Princess!” 

“You can do that in your seat ,” you countered, shifting closer to the table, resting your hands on his shoulders, attempting to push him back down. 

“Yeah, I can, I guess,” Satoru shrugs, a dangerous smirk still on his lips. “But,” he continues, his voice dropping to a smooth whisper as he cups your cheek, “I can’t do this, Stardust.” Satoru lowered his lips to yours, moving them against yours in light, playful brushes before he pulled away. 

You sat there, left speechless, as you felt a current of sparks travel underneath your skin. Sighing as he sat back down, Satoru began chuckling when he met your bewildered expression. “You okay there?” 

You blinked, deciding to distract yourself, drawing mini designs into the foggy window. “What type of thank you was that?” You mumbled, feeling your finger become slightly damp with the condensation off the window. 

“By the look on your face, I’m pretty sure you liked it, Princess.” 

“Shut up.” 

“Ahhh,” Satoru sighed, “That’s more like it.” 

“What?” you asked, turning to face him. 

“Me getting you flustered.” 

“I hate you,” you mumbled, shoving a chunk of omelet into your mouth. Satoru rested his cheek on his hand, a bright smile on his face as he watched the range of emotions from annoyance to bashfulness play out on your face as you continued eating, whispering back, “I love you too.”




“Come on! There were so many sales , Princess! It would’ve been a missed opportunity!” 

“Still, you didn’t need to buy this much stuff,” you countered, shaking the numerous bags that were currently in your hands. 

It was early evening, the temperatures dropping as you walked Main Street with Satoru, both of your hands full of bags from various stores as Satoru convinced you after lunch to go window shopping for a little while. 

But, your initial plans were doomed once your favorite idiot got sight of pre-holiday sales, exclaiming, “This is just to get into the holiday spirit!” 

More like giving him another reason to spend the absurd amounts of money he has. But, hey, you did get more than a couple of nice things out of it. 

A gust of harsh, freezing wind blew past the two of you that left you shivering in your coat when Satoru tugged your arm, drawing your attention to a nearby empty bench. 

You both placed your bags down, Satoru reaching in to pull out a muted blue cashmere silk scarf, wrapping it around your neck. Inching up onto your toes, you gave him a quick peck on the cheek, whispering, “Thanks, Dimples.” 

“I don’t like seeing you cold,” Satoru hummed, his hand falling into the curve of your back. 

“What about you,” you asked, noticing his slightly pink ears. “Did you bring a scarf for yourself or buy one?” You turned to look through the bags, thankfully finding a black scarf. 

“Wait,” said Satoru, reaching to stop you from grabbing the scarf, “That’s for you!” 

“Well, as the owner, I decide to use it for you, Toru. I’m not dealing with you catching another cold.” Satoru laughed, bending a little to make it easier as you wrapped the scarf around him. 

“You know it’s 6:20. We could honestly stay and watch the lighting here,” Satoru suggested as he looked at his watch. 

Main Street being the central street, was beautiful. It was lined with gigantic trees that today would be lit up at 6:30 with string lights in anticipation for the holiday season. It was the whole reason you two had decided to stay out the entire day after your brunch. 

“That sounds good,” you nodded, looking up and down the boulevard at the holiday shop window displays. 




“Oh, it’s 6:30!” Satoru exclaimed, pulling you from the bench to the side of the road. You wrapped your arm around his waist, leaning into his chest as you squinted, looking down the street, watching the lights begin as a faint spot, growing bigger and more clear until you could make out the trees as their lights turned on. People stood scattered around you on the sidewalk, excitement filling the atmosphere as the moment neared for the trees in your area to light up. 

“I have something for you,” Satoru whispered into your ear, guiding your back to meet his front. “Or more like I’ve been meaning to return this to you, my love.” 

Satoru’s fingers removed the scarf around your neck, placing it in one of your bags as he also pulled out something from his pocket. You recognized it immediately, a soft gasp leaving your lips as Satoru’s hands held both ends of your lost (or so you had thought) gold and diamond necklace. The timing was perfect as he brought the necklace around your neck, the lights of the tree turning on above you the exact moment he clasped it together. 

“How did you even—” You began, your fingers finding their way to the familiar weight resting on your collarbone, fiddling it as you always did. 

“I found it outside my office on that terrible day that I never want to revisit,” Satoru replied, resting his chin on your shoulder, his fluffy hair brushing your cheek. “And since then, it’s been in my damn pocket on most days as I waited for you.” 

Your eyes had begun to sting, the sensation even worse with the dry, cold air as you turned slightly towards him, reaching back to hold his cheek.

 “When it came to ignoring my feelings for you, I never really stood a chance, did I?” you whispered, a tear slipping onto your cheek. 

“I’m glad you didn’t,” Satoru replied, a sweet smile coming on his lips. 

“I love you, Dimples.” 

“I know,” Satoru hummed, his arms pulling you into him. 

“You asshole,” you giggled, laying a flick on his forehead. 

“Well, this asshole loves you too.” 

“Wanna get food?” You asked, feeling the pang of hunger settle in your stomach. 

“Mmm, we can finally go to The Dragon Lily!” 

“Finallyyy,” you drawled, moving out of Satoru’s embrace to grab your bags. 

Now heading towards the restaurant, Satoru turns to you, saying, “Soooo, tonight?” You tilted your head, letting out a hum of confusion. “What, Satoru?” 

“Are you staying tonight?” 

“Hmmm, if I stay, I can avoid my laundry at home for another day.”

 “Really? That’s your main reason?” Satoru asked, a pout quickly settling on his lips. 

“Well,” you huffed, “I wouldn’t mind waking up to a wild-haired idiot two more times.” 

“Wait, what?” 

“How about I just stay and we go to work together on Monday morning?” 

Done! No take-backs, Princess.” 

You laughed, noticing that you were approaching The Dragon Lily as you smelt the aroma of fried vegetables and meat. “Okay, no take-backs here, Satoru.” 




Yuji noisily slurped up another bite of spicy noodles, his eyes distractedly looking around The Dragon Lily when they landed on white, wind-swept hair that’s all too familiar. Narrowing his eyes, he began to rise out of his chair when a hand yanked him back down. 

“What are you getting up for, Yuji?” Nobara chided, “You haven’t finished your food yet.” 

“Kugisaki, do you see that,” Yuji pointed towards you and Satoru as you were being helped to a table. “Is that who I think it is?”  

Nobara’s eyes widened, quickly taking out her phone and snapping some photos. “Oh my god, you’re right! Fucking finally! ” 

“Hey, don’t take pictures of them without their permission,” Yuji pouted. 

“Oh please, I’m documenting a monumental development that is important to our co-workers. People, including yours truly , had money riding on this!” 

“Fushiguro, look!” Yuji called, “Look! [Y/n] and Gojo are back together!” 

Megumi was busy munching on a pork dumpling when he nearly choked on it as Yuji tapped his shoulder a little too harshly. Letting out a series of coughs, cursing under his breath, Megumi replied, “What, Itadori?” 

“See for yourself!” 

Megumi's brows raised, seeing the two of you sit down at your table with a cluster of bags around you. A side of Megumi’s lips lifted, noticing the necklace around your neck as you were chiding Satoru over something once again. 

So he’s not a complete idiot. Good for him, Megumi thinks, putting another pork dumpling into his mouth. 

Yuji’s expression brightened, tapping both of his companions, “We have to tell—” 

“I’m already sending this to Shoko and everyone,” Nobara cuts in, waving a hand.