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You were fast asleep, trying to catch up on some sleep. Suddenly you hear a loud crash downstairs and your husband’s laughter as he calms down your crying daughter. Bolting out of bed, you ran downstairs, “What’s going on here! Erin-chan, why are you-” you shout, scanning the room for an injured husband and child, only to see a broken kitchen aid stand mix and splattered batter on the floor.

Your husband whispers to your daughter as he pats her on the back and ushers her towards you. Your daughter drags her feet in the batter as she comes up and hugs your waist. You pick her into your arms, feeling her tiny hands cup your cheeks. She was giving you the puppy dog eyes that she learned from her father, your idiot sunshine husband whom you love dearly. She knew she was in big trouble, whenever she cups your face and gives you those puppy dog eyes. It was something Eijun has always done whenever he knew you were going to be upset with him. He’s been doing that ever since you two started dating back at Seido and even now, he’s taught his daughter the same “skill” of calming you down from anger with those adorable eyes. Your heart melts as you sigh, feeling the anger slowly draining from your cheeks the longer you stared into her glistening eyes, glossed with guilt. Her lips quivering, ready to resort to crying if needed.

“Eijun, what is going on here,” you say as you looked at your disheveled, flour-caked husband, turning your attention to the kitchen counter. It was scattered with eggshells, dusted with flour and cocoa powder, an open carton of spilled milk, and a stick of butter melted on the counter. The sink was piled with dirty dishes as water dripped from the overflowing sink. 

“Not my marble counters….really?! My stand mixer...the one you bought for my birthday this January...” You say as your brows furrowed, wrinkles forming on your forehead, a headache brewing. It was only 7 am and it’s already a nightmare. Eijun smiles as he awkwardly laughs, a hand behind his head as he says, “Erin wanted to make a cake since it’s-” 

“Papa’s birthday!” your daughter interrupts, your eyes widening. How could you forget what day it was today! Tears were welding in your eyes, you felt awful. Eijun has always remembered every birthday of yours and your family and important days. You ran over to him, slipping on the batter, as he caught you in your arms. You sat your daughter down on the kitchen counter, cupping your husband’s soft and warm flushed cheeks. It was now your turn to give him your puppy dog eyes. “Eijun, I’m so-” your daughter joins as she places her tiny hands over yours, “I love you Papa!” she says. You pouted, wanting to say that first, as well as apologize to your husband for forgetting his birthday. Eijun laughs as he says “I love you too, Erin-chan” as he lets go of your waist, cupping his daughter’s cheeks and pulling her in for a kiss on the forehead, ruffling her hair. You sighed, slightly annoyed, jealous of your daughter.

He turns his attention back at you as your daughter goes back to playing with the melted butter and flour on the counter. “You were saying, my darling?” His eyes sparkled, smiling at you, expecting you to finish your sentence. You pouted and said, “just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you get a free pass on the mess you created.” He bursts out laughing, one hand clutching his lower abdomen, “It’s okay my dear, I know you’ve been busy between work and having to homeschool Erin-chan.” He says as he brings you in for a kiss on the lips, cupping your cheeks as he pulls away to kiss you on the forehead, bringing your head to his chest. He caresses your head as the other hand wraps around your waist, feeling his chin rest softly on your head. 

“I’m sorry that I forgot that today is your birthday. I’m such a horrible wife” you begin to sob. 

“You are not! What are you talking about?! Baby...I’ve never once thought that of you, and I never will! I know how busy you were and when Erin brought me your phone, I saw that you had planned to make a chocolate crepe cake for me. We thought it would be nice to lessen your stress and make it for you...but...well..” his voice trails as you two looked at the mess, laughing as your tears streaming down your face. He wipes away your tears, peppering your face with soft kisses. You wrapped your arms around his waist and buried yourself into his chest once more, feeling the warmth and love from him as he held you, gently swaying side to side.

“Mama, Papa, look!” you both turned your attention to your daughter, as she handed you a pile of gloop, “it’s a cake!” she said as you both laughed, “not quite, honey,” you said as you kissed her forehead. “I’ll clean up this mess, you clean up Erin and we can bake this cake together okay?” He says as he kisses you, and you nodded in response as he hands you, Erin. 


By the time you had washed and dressed Erin as well as took a shower and did your morning routine, Eijun had cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and prepped the kitchen with the ingredients and equipment to make the chocolate crepe cake. “Here hun, let me help you,” he said as he tied your hair back into a ponytail and tied an apron on you, hugging you from behind and placing soft kisses on your shoulder, neck, and finally cheek. You turned around and kissed him, cupping his cheeks, slightly squishing them, and chuckling. Your daughter hands you your phone as you pull up the recipe. The three of you start baking as Eijun hand whisks all of the ingredients as he says to Erin, “Erin-chan, isn’t your Papa so strong?” he laughs as he tries to flex while whisking. You softly slap his bicep as you rolled your eyes, scoffing as you say “yeah, real strong, though if you hadn’t let her push my stand mixer off the counter, you wouldn’t have to mix it by hand.” slightly sulking over your stand mixer. He smiles and says, “don’t worry baby, I’ll buy you a new one okay? I promise my love.”

You sigh, “okay”. He extends his neck to kiss you as you were busy making the chocolate mousse for the filling. You assigned Erin to pick out the raspberries and strawberries and put them in a strainer bowl for you to wash them. After the batter and mousse were made, you and Eijun took turns making the crepes, stacking them on a plate. After an hour later, the 50 crepes were cooled and ready for you to assemble. You grabbed a piping bag, placing it in a glass as you scooped the mousse into it and twisting the bag. After 10 mins, the cake was ready. Eijun took Erin to go wash the berries as you cleared up. You handed them straws as you showed them how to destem the strawberries with the straw as they clapped, in awe of a simple trick. You cut the strawberries as the three of you began decorating and sifted some powder sugar onto the top, finishing the cake. You cleared up as the two set up the table. You bring over the cake as well as the other breakfast foods you and Eijun made. 

“Itadakimasu," you all say before eating your breakfast. 


After breakfast, Eijun decided to take you two shopping for a new stand mixer as well as a gift for Chris’s son, Hikaru, sharing a birthday Eijun, Chris’s battery partner. “No Eijun, we are NOT getting him a custom Cardinals shirt that says “Shisho in training” with Chris’s jersey number for Hikaru!” you say as he sulks, putting the jersey back, “but I think he’ll like it! I love mine!” he retorts. 

You roll your eyes as you laugh at your husband, still the same idiot and diehard fan of his precious senpai, even if they’re partners now. Erin tugs you with her tiny hand wrapped around your finger, pointing to a firefighter toy set, including a costume and firetruck. “Mama, Hikaru wants to be a firefighter when he grows up, can we get him this?” she says, gleaming at her find. “Oh, how perfect! Way better than your Papa’s idea. My sweet and smart girl! What about you sweetie? What do you want to be?” as you picked up the toy set. “I want to be a doctor so I can take good care of you and Papa so you’ll be with me forever!” Eijun smiles as he picks up his precious daughter, kissing her cheek, “Of course my sweet princess, mama, and papa will never leave you! Though I still think my gift idea was just as great as yours” You rolled your eyes as you all laughed, checking out with the gift and stand mixer. 


“Happy birthday, Aibo,” Chris says as he shakes Eijun’s hand and hugs him, kissing me on the cheek as he ruffles Erin’s hair. “Thank you, Shisho, now where is the other birthday boy? Shisho in training?” Eijun says as he scans the vast backyard, looking for Hikaru. Hikaru sees Eijun and runs to Eijun, “Hikaruuuu!” Eijun belts, arms opening for Hikaru. To his disappointment, Hikaru runs past Eijun and to Erin, smiling and blushing as Erin tugs at your dress, signaling you to give him his gift. Eijun dramatically pretends to be shot in the chest, uttering “the betrayal. My heart is broken. Why mini shisho? Whyyyyy?” he screams out into the sky as Chris and you look away, embarrassed and pretending not to know who this idiot was. “Thank you Mama Sawamura for the gift!” Hikaru says as he smiles excitedly. You laughed as you ruffled his hair, placing the firefighter helmet on his head, “you’re welcome my boy, though, it was actually Erin-chan who picked it out” you say as you winked, he blushes as he looks at Erin, placing a soft kiss on her cheek, “I love it, Erin-chan”.  Your daughter dramatically faints as Eijun catches her. Hikaru begins to worry, looking at his father as Chris laughs, saying “don’t worry Karu, Erin-chan is fine” he reassures his son. “Yeah she’s just being dramatic like her father, maybe you should be a part-time actress, Erin-chan,” you say as you laughed. She awakes as Eijun tickles her and peppers her with kisses on the forehead and cheeks as she bursts out laughing, ticklish as ever. Hikaru helps her to her feet as they run off to play together. “I think Erin-chan suits Hikaru, don’t you think, Y/N-chan?” Chris’s wife says as she nudges you. You laughed as you responded, “They remind me of Chris and Eijun. A mature gentleman and a chaotic mess.” as all three of you laughed, while Eijun pouted. 

You two went to catch up and sat down on the outdoor sofas, watching the kids play as Chris and Eijun began to talk while playing catch, waiting for the others to arrive. Twenty minutes later, the rest of the former Seido members arrived with their families, the party began. Everyone gathered around to wish both Eijun and Hikaru a happy birthday, cutting the cake after they made their wishes and blew out their candles. “Congratulations Hikaru, you’re 4 now, still youthful! Eijun on the other hand, you’re getting too old!” Miyuki snickers as he teases Eijun, “Why YOU! Miyuki Kazuya! I’ll have you know, 28 is NOT old! You’re turning 29 and Shisho is 30!” 

“What did you say?” Chris’s sharp and low growl sends a shiver down Eijun’s spine as Ryo and the other on 3rd years, all of who were also 30 or turning 30 this year glared at Eijun and laughed at him cowering at Chris’s menacing aura.

“So Hikaru, what did you wish for?” 

“To marry Erin-chan one day,” he says as he blushes while Erin-chan covers his eyes with her hands “Don’t look at Karu, he’s embarrassed and doesn’t like it when he’s being laughed at,” she says. All the mothers awed as they said, “how sweet.” 

Miyuki replies, “well now that you said your wish out loud, it might not come true” as Hikaru grabs Erin’s hands, pulling them down to reveal his teary eyes, “Papa?! Is that true?!”

Mochi kicks Miyuki’s shin as Miyuki falls to the ground on one knee, “stop being a party pooper. You’re just jealous that Erin-chan doesn’t have a crush on our son.” 

We all laughed as Erin said to Hikaru, “Don’t worry! Uncle Kazuya doesn’t know what he’s talking about! I will take good care of you! I take good care of mama and papa, so I will love you too!” She takes his hands in hers and they go play with the rest of the children. You felt Eijun wrap his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him as you rested your head on his shoulder, “And what about you my sunshine? What did you wish for?” He kisses your forehead and says, “It’s a secret!” as he grins, the very same grin you will always fall in love with as your heart beats a bit faster and your lips curl into a smile, kissing him. 


Eijun’s POV: 

“It’s a secret!” I said, as I grinned, seeing my beautiful wife’s smile as she leaned in to kiss me. 

I wish for my time with you and Erin to never end. I wish to spend my eternity with you, my beloved wife, Y/N. 


-------- ≪ °✾° ≫ --------