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Bang Dream! Shifting Gears

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Rui slowly turned into her house's driveway, noticing the lack of a second car in the driveway. 'Seems mom isn't home again.' Rui was used to living on her own. Not because her mother had been neglecting her or anything like that, but instead because of the fact that her mother was an extremely busy person. Always being called in for photoshoots, writing songs, performing live shows, and giving interviews were just a few of the things that Rui's mother had been doing since she was 19. Rui's mother's name was Akira. Akira Yashio. Known for being a pretty big street racer fifteen years ago. She was called the "Shooting Star Of Osaka".

Turning the key out of the ignition, Rui stepped out of her Camaro, closed the door, and unlocked the front door. She stepped inside, took her heels off, and placed her bag on a nearby granite counter. She stretched slightly, before hearing another car's engine. She silently peered out the window, noticing a black 2018 C7 Stingray pulling into the driveway. A woman stepped out, having black hair that was slightly spiked, a black t-shirt, a leather jacket, a neck choker, white dress pants, and black boots. The woman closed the door, looking at Rui through the window with her crystal blue eyes. She gave a soft smile, before entering the house. "Hey kiddo." Akira said with a smile, approaching the kitchen area where Rui was. Rui blinked, slightly taken aback. "Mom? I thought you'd be gone longer..." Rui said in her usual deadpanned tone. Akira chuckled. "They let me go early since we were done so soon. How was school?" Rui shrugged. "It was fine I guess. Nothing eventful happened." Akira nodded in understanding.





"AHHH GOD DAMMIT! WHY THE FUCK IS IT SO HARD TO FIND A DAMN CAMARO?!" Masuki screamed to herself inside her Nissan. "It's not like I'm looking for a damn ghost or somethin! The fucking car is just old, it couldn't have disappeared! So why the hell is it so hard?!" Masuki groaned, having spent the last four hours looking for the old blue Camaro she spotted yesterday, but no luck. Until finally... she spots it. Parked in the driveway of a small house, its old blue exterior, the tiny bits of dust on the tires, there's no mistake. That was the Camaro that Masking had been looking for!

"Fucking finally!!" Masking parked next to the mailbox, just outside the driveway. Masuki stepped out of her Nissan, shutting the door and jogging up to the front door of the house. She decided to wear a dark yellow short sleeve shirt, with black shorts, and white sneakers. She rang the doorbell, and about three seconds later the door had opened. Masuki's eyes widened, her eyes suddenly sparkling with delight. Like a child on Christmas morning. "The Shooting Star Of Osaka!!" Masuki's eyes sparkled more, bowing to the older woman. "I'm a huge fan of yours, ma'am!! That race against Ayasa was so damn amazin!! It was-"

Akira let out a chuckle, causing Masuki to blush out of embarrassment. "I assume you didn't come here just to gush over me?" Akira's crystal blue eyes shined in the sun, making Masuki feel even more nervous. Masuki cleared her throat, before attempting to speak.

"Ah...yes ma'am. Do you know who drives the 68 Camaro in your driveway? I was kinda hoping to challenge them to a race... if that's okay by you ma'am!!"

Akira let out another soft chuckle. "Please, no formalities. You can call me Akira." Akira smiled at the young girl. "As far as the Camaro is concerned, you don't need my permission to challenge her to a race. You can come on in and ask her yourself." Akira stepped to the side, allowing Masuki to very slowly walk inside the house.

Masuki looked around the house, noticing a lack of...well...a lot of things. The living room had a couch and TV, the kitchen had the table along with a fridge and various cabinets for pots and pans and other cooking materials, but that was it. Upstairs, there were only two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Masuki then laid eyes on a girl who sat at the kitchen table, immersed in her school work.

"Oi! You there! I got a question for ya!"

The girl looked up at the sound of the voice, looking at the blond-haired girl with an expressionless look on her face. The blond-haired girl stepped forward, leaning down to look at the girl in the eyes.

"You the driver of that 68 Camaro outside?"

Rui looked up at the blond-haired girl. If the girl was trying to intimidate her with that scowl on her face she had another thing coming.

'Trying to intimidate me with that scowl. Pathetic.'

"Yes. I'm the driver of the Camaro outside. Do you need something?" Rui responded in a blunt albeit polite manner.

"Hell yeah, I want something from ya! I wanna race!" Masuki said, growing a smirk on her face. Rui, however, remained indifferent.

"You're wasting your time. I don't race. If you want to race, go find somebody that actually likes racing."

Masuki clenched her fist, growling slightly. "The hell do ya mean you don't like racing? How the hell can ya not like it when it's the biggest thing going on? That's all anyone talks about! Trying to get faster, trying to pass someone on all different kinds of courses! It's-"

"That sounds like a complete waste of my time. It sounds accurate if you're talking about someone that actually likes racing. But I'm not that kind of girl. I see no point or ecstasy in trying to get in front of somebody on the road. Let's say I get in front of somebody on the road. Then what? I win the so-called 'race'? It sounds completely dull."


Masuki's eyes widened in shock, before growling and slamming her hand on the kitchen table. "The FUCK are ya saying?! How can you say that kind of bullshit?! Ya haven't even BEEN in a damn street race! So how the hell can ya say you hate it?!"

Rui stood up. "I have nothing more to say to you on this matter. This discussion is over." Rui went upstairs to her room, closing the door.

Masuki clenched her teeth, storming out of the house. She opened the door to her Nissan and looked at the Camaro.

"Excuse me."

Masuki looked up, noticing Akira leaning against the C7 Stingray.

"I don't believe I got your name."

Masuki blushed slightly. "It's Masuki. Masuki Satou."

Akira chuckled. "Don't take what Rui said too personally Masuki. She just doesn't understand it. That's all. Also, her personality is very dry. She's blunt, so I'm sorry if she said something that offended you."

Masuki sighed. "It's fine. I just don't understand how she can stand there and NOT be involved in the racing scene. The damn scene is so big and everyone seems to enjoy it. All... except her."

Akira sighed and gave a soft smile. "If Rui knew how it feels to actually race... she may change her mind."

Masuki's eyes lit up. "Then I guess I'll have to keep challenging her! If I pester her enough, she might finally agree to it."

Akira let out a small laugh. "Rui has a couple of friends that live pretty close to us. They might have seen you or your car. If that's the case, I think it's only a matter of time before her friends bombard her with questions at school tomorrow."

Masuki smirked. "Great. Guess I'll see ya around Shooting Star!!" Masuki bows, gets in her car, and drives off. Akira goes into the house and gently closes the front door. Unaware that a pair of baby blue eyes was watching the encounter from her bedroom window.

"M-M-Masking was at Rui's house?! For what?" Mashiro pondered to herself before gasping slightly. "A race?!?"