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Bang Dream! Shifting Gears

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The roar of an engine was heard starting, the crowd was screaming, being as loud as they possibly could at the race track. Dozens upon dozens of cars were there. However, they were all inferior compared to one. A white 2018 Ford Mustang GT. The driver had silver lilac hair, golden eyes, and looked no older than about 18 or 19. The driver stepped out of the car, dawning a silver tracksuit with several sponsorship logos on various parts of the suit, and was immediately swarmed by paparazzi. "Miss Minato! Another stunning victory here at the professional circuit! Do you have anything to say?" The reporter stuck the microphone in the young woman's face. Said woman stared at the microphone, then at the camera. "My victory wasn't something all that shocking. I've been making modifications to my Mustang so that it's ready for professional races like this. Constantly going around the track can be stressful on any car. I've just come well prepared." The reporter takes the microphone back to ask another question. "Any words to inspire drivers that wish to be like you?" Said girl pondered for a moment, before leaning into the microphone again. "If you wish to be as good as me, then you must drive something fast. You must put thousands of hours of dedication into your car, your driving skills, and an incredible amount of racing knowledge in general. If you wish to be as good as me, Yukina Minato, then be as good as Roselia... if not, then I'm afraid no one will make it to this level of competition."


"Wow, Yukina Minato really is something amazing..." A white-haired girl stared at the TV, with big baby blue eyes, staring at the woman through the television screen in awe.

"Aww, Mashiro's got a crush on Yukina Minato!!" A blond-haired girl with dark yellow eyes says with a giggle.

"Be quiet Touko! Mashiro just wants to be like Yukina!" A girl with light pink eyes and matching pink hair said, giving Mashiro a smile.


"We'd all like to be like Yukina Nanami... but none of us can drive..." A girl with dark purple hair and orange eyes said with a sigh.


"Have you forgotten I drove you all here?" Everyone looked to the source of the dull-sounding voice. The dull voice belonged to a girl, no older than 16, with dark brown hair and reddish-brown eyes. Her bangs swept to the left side of her face as she scanned the television with her arms crossed. "You made me drive to Tsukushi's house... to watch a bunch of cars go around in a circle for the past half hour?" The girls tensed up at the sound of the dull voice, no one wanting to answer her.

"W-Well...Rui... that's what a professional race is. But it's so much more than that! Can you imagine what it's like for the drivers? Only having seconds to react to situations, trying to pull ahead of each other?!"

"I don't understand because I'm not a professional driver. Nor do I wish to understand." Rui stood up, putting her heels on. She grabbed her car keys off the nearby coffee table and held them firmly in her hand. "Does anyone need a ride? Or are you all fine here?" Rui asked, looking at the rest of the group. The rest of the group didn't answer, which gave Rui the idea of leaving. "I'll see you all tomorrow then." Rui said nothing more, stepping out of the house and looking at her car. A blue 1968 Chevrolet Camaro. The dust on the tires, the small shine of blue that came when the sun hit it. It did nothing for the girl driving it. It didn't even appeal to her in the slightest. Rui simply stepped in, put the key in the ignition, and drove off.

'Honestly... what do they see in a bunch of cars going around and around in a circle? I understand that it's so much more than that if you're a professional like Yukina. But that's all I can understand. I have no experience to even begin comprehending that sort of pressure. So why were the rest of Morfonica trying to explain it to me? Like I'd actually understand it...'

The Camaro would make a right-hand turn, passing up a yellow 1996 Nissan 300 ZX going the other way.

The driver of the Nissan looked over, noticing the old Camaro going the other way. She was wearing a leather jacket with a red t-shirt, slightly ripped jeans, and converse sneakers. The girl had short yellow hair, with golden yellow eyes that could be easily mistaken for a delinquent's or a rabid dog... if looked at in a certain way. The yellow-haired girl smirked to herself, turning on the radio.

"WELCOME TO THE TSURUMAKI RACING NETWORK!!" The girl in the driver's seat recoiled back from the volume of the energetic radio host, deciding to turn the volume of her radio down so she doesn't lose her hearing.


"Kokoro... you really shouldn't be doing that every time. You're gonna cause someone to crash one day." A woman with long black hair and pale grey eyes said, wearing a suit, dress pants, and dress shoes.


"Sorry Misaki! And sorry to all the drivers listening to this at full volume. Anyway, we've got some racing news for you all!"

Misaki nods. "As of today, it's another professional racing circuit victory for the leader of Roselia, and number one driver in Osaka, Yukina Minato. This victory-"

The girl growled, turning the radio off. She gripped the steering wheel tighter as she turned into a parking lot. "You'll all be talking about Raise A Suilen one day... not that piece of shit team Roselia..." the blond woman growled again in frustration, opening the car door and slamming it shut. She then walked into an extremely tall building, stepping inside after the facial recognition system recognized her.

"Oi. Chu2 I'm back." The blond woman said, facing the back of a long black chair. Said chair turned around, revealing a woman with long salmon-colored hair and sharp blue eyes. She wore a suit, skirt, knee-high black socks, and black shoes. "Ah. Back already Masking?" Chu2 said, twirling a small piece of her hair. "Anything new on Roselia?"

"No. I got jack shit..." Masking looked around as if looking for somebody. "Uh... where the hell are Lock and Layer?"

"Lock has school still, and Layer's off at one of our practice tracks."

Masking nodded, contemplating whether or not to tell the short woman who founded RAS about the Camaro she had passed.

"I did find somethin kinda interesting...passed an old 68 Camaro on the way back here."

Chu2 let out a guffaw of laughter. "A 68 Camaro? Do you call that interesting?! That's crazy. A Camaro is about as interesting as Afterglow. Not worth our time."

Masking shrugged her shoulders. "I dunno. Never seen the car around often. Let alone the driver. Could be interesting to race the damn thing. Y'know? For a practice race."

Chu2 put her hand on her cheek, beginning to ponder Masking's suggestion before nodding. "You're still rough around the edges Masking. But a practice race will do you some good. I want you to find this 68 Camaro, the driver, and challenge her to a race. Understood?"

Masking nodded.




A phone lit up, vibrating constantly. The caller id showing "MASKING" as the call was answered by a woman.


"Oi Lay! Got me a practice race. Gonna try and find a 68 Camaro to challenge. Let me know if ya find somethin!"

"Yes, sure thing." The woman hung up. She had long dark brown hair that went down to her back, lightning blue eyes, a white t-shirt, slightly torn jeans, and black boots. She stared at her red 2007 Shelby GT500 before looking up at the sunset.

"A 68 Camaro huh?"