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To Daydreams and Nightmares

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Hogwarts stood tall against the looming blue dome of the sky. In it’s old glory of centuries, many students have roamed the halls. Some became leaders, others became followers. Hogwarts gave birth to both traitors and saviors, the strong and the weak, the loved and the hated, and some would say good and evil. While evil is a relative term, many try to avoid things called dark because of the negative connotation of being connected to something terrible such as overthrowing the government. To be honest, would it be that bad for it to change from its old views? There is obvious segregation between blood value and those considered half breeds. The Ministry, while holding power and law over the magical Great Britain, is filled with fools. Fools that won’t admit an enemy has returned even if there was no evidence of his disappearance. They never found the body in the first place.

Yuu was a normal student, well, as normal as a genius could be. She didn’t really care much for the political field--really just a bunch of people pretending that they are important--with someone incompetent as the minister, it is only natural to keep an eye on such things. It is better to know random and useless things than not knowing something important when it is helpful. Every year at Hogwarts has been eventful as the one before. In her first, a basilisk roamed the hall, petrifying muggleborns like herself. She nearly lost a dear friend of hers, Ginny Weasley, a Gryffindor with six older brothers, possessed and used, nearly sucked of her soul and life. In her second year, the criminal Sirius Black broke out of Azkaban and was presumed to have hidden himself at Hogwarts, looking for the-boy-who-lived, the beloved Harry Potter (She didn’t really like him, trouble always followed him). While the threat of a well known murder within the walls of Hogwarts was slightly unnerving, it was the dementors she disliked more. They were another example of the Ministry’s incompetence. Not only did they allow a prisoner to escape, but they decided to use magical creatures known for causing insanity and death at a school for children. On the upside, Yuu found the dementors to be interesting beings, but on the down side, getting too close to them could cause her to lose her soul. She still needed it to sell it for a worthy trade. Her third year was much more excitable for everyone, for various reasons. The main one was that the triwizard tournament was being hosted by their school. Considering the track record of the previous years, something bad was bound to happen. One of her own in Hufflepuff ended up dead, and the seemingly competent Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher was a follower of a Dark wizard in disguise. There were joyous occasions to clash with the negative. For Yuu, she gained a new friend. Luna Lovegood, a person with an interesting character, was not swayed by harsh remarks and jeers towards her. Her knowledge about random things is what brought them together- Loony Lovegood made a duo into a trio. Umbridge ruined her fourth year. Defence against the Dark Arts was always an interesting subject, only a fool would believe that only theory would be able to protect someone from dangerous situations. Umbridge was the fool. Considering she worked under the idiot Minister it was to be expected. 

Now standing in the abandoned girls bathroom on the second floor, staring at the dark circles under her eyes, a heaviness overtakes her mind. Where she stood, in front of a sink with the faucet engraved with a snake, was where she nearly lost her first friend. Ginny had taken her to the bathroom and explained everything. From the diary, to the possession, to the basilisk, to her near death, everything. It was a tough thing to swallow, knowing that their friendship practically ended before it began. And so she stares, at herself, at the stranger in the mirror, questioning what the title of genius is if she does not know her purpose. Myrtle wasn’t in the bathroom at the time, thankfully. As much as her conversations about death and the afterlife were interesting, Yuu needed space to think clearly. The train to go back home would leave in a few hours, bringing her fourth year to an end.

Her large hoodie felt suffocating, her jeans were too tight, scratching against her skin and scabs. The walls seem to close in. The sound from the water dripping into the sink ricochets around the room, getting louder and louder, echoing until it is the only thing she can hear. It gets darker, almost as if the sun was rapidly setting. A deep breath in, a deep breath out. Repeat until calm. Realizing the time, she quickly washes her face with cold water to wake up, shakes the twitching out of her hands, and turns to exit the now silent, abandoned bathroom. She doesn’t want to be late.

Ah, my dearly Beloved

Turning around in surprise, Yuu looks back at the place where she was standing. The once dirty and cracked mirror was now pitch black with green flames surrounding it. Her breath quickens. It was just a hallucination. A result of trauma. However, she knows deep down, nothing could have triggered a vision like that. It was the first time hearing that eerie voice, it was the first time she's seen green flames. They were a sickly green, like poisonous jade. Poison dripping into her stomach and bones, curling and crawling. 

The Noble and Beautiful flower of Evil

She shudders. Something is wrong. In a world of magic, this is a possible result, but the wards of Hogwarts would prevent such a thing from happening, nothing seeking harm can get in. Deep down she knows that the wards are failing as it had many times before. It could just be her imagination. Yes, just a figment of her imagination. A symptom of PTSD from the battle at the Ministry. Against her knowledge and will, she creeps closer to the phenomenon. 

You are the most beautiful in the world

Before she knew it, Yuu was standing back where she was before. Hands turn white from gripping the edge of the marble sink to hard. Her legs shake, seemingly unable to hold her weight, ready to collapse. 

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Wait. isn’t that from a fairy tale? Yuu wonders, confused. Snow White. The evil queen had a magical mirror. It really points to a hallucination.

For thee guided by the mirror of darkness

There is a need to touch the mirror. The magic in her blood curls into itself, weaving through her body, trying to expel the parasitic feeling. A pressure builds up. It builds, and it builds, and it builds. Then it clicks. It had been a long time since someone had tried to control her through magical means. It was almost as if an enemy had casted Imperio on her. As if she were someone's puppet, an entity of strange origins playing with strings, making her dance to some unknown tune. She starts to shake it off, long enough for Yuu to pull out her wand. 13 inches, Alder, dragon heartstring. Unyielding and powerful. Excellent for non-verbal spells. The extra punch she needed is given. Her wand, loyal and powerful, breaks the control. She fiddles with the wand--her secondary one--keeping her hair in a half up bun. 11 inches, Cherry, thestral heart. Self made. Strange, lethal, prodigious. Made for her and only her. The suspicions of war had finally taken root in the minds of the populace and she needed an extra precaution. Humans act out when they are afraid, and even the most collected of them can be pushed into violence.

Follow thy heart and take the hand of the one reflected in the mirror

Throwing up her Occlomany shields as strong as possible, Yuu tries to resist the pulling sensation in her gut and in her head, coming back in full force. Her feet slowly moving against the compulsion. Creeping towards the exit. Away from fire and nightmare. Away from her own villainous thoughts.

Flames that turn even stars to ashes

The voice is getting louder, more clear, and definitely coming from the weirdly glowing mirror.

Ice that imprison even time

The ground seems to tilt. The door leading to her freedom gets farther away, rising upwards. The sinks turn and morph, connecting their mirrors together, cracking, shattering, and reforming. The blackness spread from one to another, creating a giant black emptiness with the magically spawned sickly green fire surrounding the edges. A dark ooze seeps from the cracks of the walls, forming an unforgiving waterfall of staining liquid. Giving a shout of surprise, Yuu slips out of her grasp of the ridges of the once floor, and falls down into the oddly formed portal.

Great tree that swallow even the sky

She ended up in darkness. A void deprived of any light. The darkness caressed her body, gently holding her in its grasp. She is floating, alone, in nothingness. 

Don’t be afraid of the power of darkness

Her primary wand, resting in her left hand twitches. Her grip tightens, along with the hold she has on her cherry one. A pulsing feeling overcomes her body, sinking with the beating of a heart.

Come now, show your power

A lurch, then she falls. And falls. And falls. Gaining speed, too fast to scream. Until it stops.

Mine, theirs, and yours

And it does, violently. From the whiplash, her head starts to hurt, consciousness fading.

There is only little time left for us

In the dryness of her state and maybe wishful thinking, there is a feeling of multiple people holding onto her, rocking her to sleep. There is a faint sound of horses and wooden wheels. Yuu gives in to unconsciousness, dreaming of strangers and sunshine.

Do not let go of that hand, at all costs