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Reality In Motion

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Asami leaned back against the side of her bed, legs crisscrossed as she watched her friends all dive in to a lively conversation. In one hand she held a wine glass, taking small sips every once in a while. She laughed and smiled throughout the conversation, adding on to the actual talking as minimally as possible. In all truth, she was hardly paying attention to whatever the three other girls were talking about. She has mastered the form of acting like she's completely interested and partaking genuinely in a conversation when it's truly the complete opposite.

Whenever all four of them were in her dorm, there was really only one person that demanded her attention.

Of course that person was no other than Korra, someone she had met five months months ago before the beginning of her second year in college.

Asami's freshman year roommate and herself had come to the agreement to room together for another year. Opal was an amazing friend and there was no denying how easy their friendship was and how much it had blossomed. By the beginning of summer, she had gotten a girlfriend, who was just an equally as amazing person.

Well, Asami is sure she has to be an amazing person to be with Opal, but they haven't had the chance to partake in a conversation just the two of them. Asami really likes her, but hasn't gotten to know Kuvira well enough.

She just considered Kuvira amazing because she's the one who introduced Korra into Asami's life all those months ago.

There was no use denying Asami's attraction towards the girl, something that had been growing too incredibly deep to ignore as the months went by.

There were just so many things about her that it was impossible for Asami to pinpoint where and why exactly her crush on the woman had began. Was it her body? Those blue eyes that seemed to captivate you with just one look? Was it the confidence she carried herself with anywhere she went? The cockiness that sometimes borderlines arrogance? The awkward and out of place comments that would make everyone laugh? Maybe it started with the subtle glances Asami would catch herself being on the receiving end of, the faint hand touches and grabs.

Even though Asami couldn't point out when it started, she could point out why her feelings kept growing. It was during those nights where Opal and Kuvira would convince them to switch their rooms. The conversations Korra and her would have when Opal would leave for Kuvira's dorm room. Those nights where it would just be her and Korra, where Korra would open up to her so easily and casually about her past and future. Those conversations where Asami felt incredibly comfortable talking about her complicated relationship with her mother, even the death of her father, which wasn't something she could usually be so open about.

Those conversations where they would talk about nothing and everything until the sun came out, even if they both had early classes.

No wonder Asami's feelings and attractions ran so deep. Those were moments that were constantly replaying in her head.

And of course, another reason why her feelings were constantly growing was because of Korra's physical features. As if she couldn't get more perfect. Just looking at her drove Asami crazy, she looked beautiful and so incredibly hot even in sweatpants, that signature black tank top, the usual messy hair.

The body, the eyes, the hair, even her clothes. She was attracted to all of Korra.

Korra was so easy to fall for, so easy to dream about, so easy to fantasize about, and oh god.

The things she has fantasized about.

The innocent things, the sweet ones, those were always good. Korra asking her out on dates, holding hands, kissing her. They made her feel giddy and happy.

But those not so innocent fantasies, the ones of Korra picking her up and taking her in every position available, the ones of her on her knees worshipping every inch of her body, licking the toned muscles she's seen way too many times with no abandon or desire of stopping, those were the thoughts that drove her insane for the woman.

She toyed her bottom lip between her teeth and watched every time Korra's throat bobbed when she drank, what she wouldn't do to let her tongue just run its course there.

"Asami? Helloooo." Fingers snapped in front of her eyes, making Asami flinch slightly.

"Hm? Sorry?" She tried to take a few deep breaths to calm her racing head and started shifting her criss crossed legs to bend them slightly under her, needing to keep them closed from the sudden throbbing the area between her thighs felt.

God, she really hoped they didn't catch her staring.

Though by the way Kuvira tried to stifle her laugh, she could already tell that it was only a useless hope.

"You've barely touched your wine," Opal pointed towards the glass, "Are you okay? You seem distracted," she placed a gentle hand on her knee.

"Oh! Yeah! I'm okay,” she took the glass and sipped the drink slightly, "I was just thinking about some...things." Asami shrugged, moving one hand on the floor to hold her weight.

She tried not to think too hard about how Kuvira always manages to get alcohol even if they're definitely under the drinking age, she just enjoys how the wine lets her feel a bit more lose.

Apparently she had taken the wrong moment to take a large sip, because Kuvira suddenly spoke up, "I can think of a few of those things swirling in that smart little head of yours. Definitely can tell who it's about too," she said it so casually, too.

Asami choked and started coughing into the crook of her arm. Okay, so definitely no telling Opal about her crushes from now on.

"Kuvira." Opal reprimanded and hits her girlfriend on the stomach causing her to groan and place a hand where she had just been hit.

Korra gasped and placed a hand to her chest, "Wow, so Asami has a crush and I'm the only one who doesn't know? I completely disapprove of them already."

Asami took a few moments to calm down from her coughing as they all laughed at her expense, "These two assholes have no idea what they're talking about. I am not crushing on anyone."

"Interesting." Korra mumbled, probably thinking Asami hadn't heard.

She finished off her drink with a smile hinting on her lips and then picked up the bottle where it stood on the floor between all of them. Asami served herself a decent amount of the red liquor before deciding to switch up the conversation to try and save herself from any further embarrassment.

Asami felt very comfortable with all of them, making friends has not always been her strongest suit, yet talking with all the three of them felt so easy. Although she wasn't engaging fully on the conversation a few minutes ago, now with the alcohol starting to get to her, she felt much more chatty.

Opal started complaining about a new professor she's gotten and Asami looked away momentarily. She caught Korra staring at her, but not at her face. Where is she looking? Asami follows her gaze and sees it's right on where her cleavage showed.

Thank god for the pervert who created skin-tight and low cut crop tops.

Asami used this perfect opportunity completely to her advantage. She put her glass down and sat criss crossed again. Korra looked away, but Asami didn't stop staring at her side profile. Hopefully her gaze was strong enough for Korra to feel it and get her to stare at her breasts again. She distantly heard Kuvira and Opal continuing the conversation, but she didn't bother to pay attention anymore.

She put her arms behind her and stretched her back, this time when Korra looked at her she caught her eyes. Asami looked at her through her lashes, then stops stretching and put her arms down suddenly, making her breasts bounce up and down in the slightest.

"Fuck." Korra spoke under her breath and looked away. Asami watched as she ran a hand through her hair.

Maybe it was because she was on her third glass, but Asami was feeling very confident and started connecting the pieces. All those touches, stares, and late night conversations had clearly meant something to Korra too. Asami hadn't imagined that maybe there was an ulterior motive to all those touches.

Whatever they were, Asami wanted more.

"Hey, we're gonna head out. It's cool if we switch out, right? Kuv and I wanna sleep together tonight." Asami hadn't noticed Kuvira and Opal were now standing up.

"Yeah of course!" Asami spoke almost too enthusiastically.

The two women said their goodbyes, sadly taking the bottle with them, and when the door closed behind them, she looked at Korra, who was already staring at her.

"I think you're really hot." She should shut up. Asami needs to calm down, it's only a slight buzz.

Korra raised both eyebrows at her, "And I think you've had too much to drink," she grinned, "How about you freshen up and we'll see if you're still thinking I'm hot after a cold shower." The woman suggested and stood up. She extended her hand and Asami took it.

She was pulled up, but apparently Korra had not measured her strength because Asami ended up completely pressed against her. Their faces were so near and all of a sudden Asami's slight tipsiness was gone and replaced with nerves. Was Korra going to kiss her?

"Go shower."

Korra's voice sounded strained, yet serious. Asami simply nodded and pulled away. She grabbed clothes from her drawer and goes into the bathroom of her room without looking back at Korra.

As soon as she got inside she grabbed onto the sink. Jesus, she has fallen way too hard for Korra. And she was also incredibly horny. What the hell was in that wine?

Fifteen minutes later, Asami definitely felt refreshed. Her light buzz was almost completely gone as she finished putting on an oversized men's shirt. She hated wearing pants to sleep, this was much more comfortable.

Once she stepped out to her room, Asami realized how incredibly cold she was. She had just washed her hair so it would not be good for her to sleep totally cold. She went towards her drawer and pick out her favorite cable knit over the knee socks.

She sat down on her bed, Korra scrolling on her phone and sitting against the wall on the bed opposite to hers. They stayed comfortably silent as Asami put on the item. Once she got to the second one she felt eyes on her, she looked up and saw Korra looking at her legs. Her eyes roamed the expanse of them completely unashamed and Asami felt herself blush immediately. She stood up and fixed the socks, mostly for the theatricals, and turned away from Korra.

During these last five months, Asami never tried anything of the sorts with Korra. But today, there was something possessing her to entice some sort of reaction out of her.

Asami knows she's attractive, there's nothing wrong with being confident that way. So what's the harm in teasing her crush with the fact?

She also definitely knew Korra was looking at her ass as she looked for her phone charger on the bed. Once she found it and connected her phone, Asami laid down and got under her comforter.

She heard Korra sigh shakily and watched as the woman walked towards the bathroom.

Honestly, Asami had no idea what she was doing. She wanted something to happen, clearly, but had no idea how to initiate. Maybe the fact that she hasn’t gotten any sort of action in over a year has given her the inability to flirt. People hook up all the time in college and the way it would satisfy her every would be the perfect way to get off. Korra was so hot and her feelings are only growing by the minute, she would be the perfect person. She just needed to figure out the semantics of actually getting something to happen.

What should she do when Korra gets out? Be nonchalant? Act like she doesn't care? Or should she be bold and just fucking kiss her and hope she will fuck the absolute hell out of her?

She's not sure how long she spaced out thinking of the right choice, but far sooner than she expected, Korra was out of the bathroom. She also looked so good in just boxers and a sports bra that it had caused Asami to forget absolutely anything she had tried to come up with.

"I'm turning off the lights, okay?" Korra announced as Asami stiffly nodded, "Y-yeah. Go ahead."

Only a few campus street lamps illuminated the room through the window after that. Asami felt like she wasted a huge opportunity by not going for it and kissing Korra once she got out of her shower, because nearly half an hour has passed and she is sure Korra is dead asleep.

"You are so stupid." She pressed the heels of her hands to her eyes.

She tossed and turned for a few minutes before quickly realizing sleep was not coming any time soon. She was far too sexually frustrated, and far too pissed at herself for not jumping Korra's bones. What the hell can she do now to not have a completely restless night?

Asami thinks for a few seconds and then comes up with an idea. But first, she had to check if Korra is truly asleep. She got on her elbow and saw that Korra was facing the wall.

"Korra," she whispered. "Korra!" she was still whispering, but the second call was harsher. Korra was only sometimes a heavy sleeper, so she would have woken up. But, she didn't. So Asami continued on with her plan.

If Korra couldn't get her off in real life, the Korra in her fantasies will definitely fuck her until she reached an orgasm.

After moving the comforter below her chest, Asami lifted her shirt with one hand while with the other she started softly trailing from her sternum to her navel. She imagined it's Korra's hand, she imagined her voice in her ear whispering sweet nothings and telling her every dirty thing she was going to do to Asami. Her breathing gets a bit heavier once her hand went toward her breast and squeezed. The wandering hand trailed even lower to the hem of her panties. Her eyes were starting to flutter close, god, she needed this to be Korra. She craved her touch like she needed to breathe. How would Korra even touch her? Would she be gentle? Rough? She really hoped the answer was rough.

Her hand finally went inside her panties and when she found how incredibly soaked her pussy is, she gasped, "Fuck."

So many things swirled in her mind, all blurry images of Korra fucking her. She's clenching around absolutely nothing, but her clit demanded her attention first. Once finding the sensitive nerve, Asami started circling it gently with two fingers. She bent one leg upwards and arched her back as she started picking up her pace.

"Mmm. Korra." She moaned out in what she's hoping was a quiet tone.

What would Korra think of her if she caught her doing this? What would she think if Asami told her she was doing it while thinking of her? Would she think she was perverted? A slut?

Her pants got a bit louder, but Asami was too far gone to care. She needed to be inside of herself, even if her own fingers could never fill her up like she knows Korra would, she needed to be filled.

Just as her fingers reached her entrance, the bed dipped.

She snapped her eyes open and almost died of shame when she saw Korra looking down at her.

Someone please wake her up from this nightmare this truly can't be happening.

"Holy shit, Korra. I'm so so so sorry. I-" she started moving her hand out of her panties, but Korra pinned it down through the comforter.

"Don't fucking stop."


Asami gasped and nodded; her eyes wide in shock as she did so. She swallowed and kept eye contact with Korra as she started slipping into herself slowly with her middle and ring finger. Her eyes started fluttering shut at the feeling of stretching herself. She wanted to keep looking into those eyes, but it felt impossible. This was like a dream, the way Korra was looking at her. Her mouth slightly ajar, her eyebrows furrowed, her pupils dilated to the point where her eyes nearly looked black instead of that friendly blue. When Asami was fully inside of herself, she arched her back and moaned, louder than any of her previous moans.

"Jesus." That was the last thing out of Korra's mouth before she claimed Asami's lips with her own. Asami moaned at the contact and started to very slowly and mindlessly thrust her fingers. Korra's lips were so warm and full, so gentle yet domineering. Asami felt her shift on her knees, but remained to the side of Asami's torso as she took off the comforter completely, never once disconnecting their lips. 

When Korra slipped her tongue in her mouth, she was done for. She started fucking herself faster and moaning into her new lover's mouth. Her kiss was perfect, the most wonderful way she has ever been kissed was this kiss. If she could count this as her first one, she would. She moved away to catch her breath. She stared into Korra's blue eyes and then her reddened lips.

"I'm so close. I want to come for you." Asami spoke with barely any breath left in her lungs.

Korra moved towards Asami's ear and pressed a kiss, "What if I tell you to stop?"

Asami whimpered, she hated the idea. She shook her head and shut her eyes, "No, please. Please. I want to come, please..."

"If you answer my question honestly, I'll let you come." Korra bit her earlobe. Asami moaned quietly, "Stop fucking yourself and touch your clit. Slowly."

Question? What fucking question could her stubborn ass have in mind right now? Asami groaned and opened her eyes as she removed her fingers and started touching her clit in slow circles.

She furrowed her eyebrows, "What fucking question?" Asami spoke angrily.

Korra's face darkened and she took a hold of Asami's jaw, "You better watch how you talk to me."

Asami still felt angry at being unable to be inside herself, but Korra was so fucking hot that her words were making Asami drench the bedsheets even more.

Korra pushed the leg Asami had bent earlier back down on the bed as she began to straddle her thighs. Once she was properly situated she crossed her strong arms to take off her sports bra. Asami gasped when her breasts fell freely, she knew they were much bigger than her own, but she hadn't anticipated just how much.

"Now. How many times have you fucked yourself while I was in the room? Right there on that bed," she gestured towards the bed she usually slept on.

"This is the f-first time." Asami lied and looked away.

"I don't appreciate dishonesty." Her hand suddenly came up to Asami's throat. She pressed down on either side as she leaned down to whisper in her ear, "If you're going to be a slut at least be truthful about it. Now, I do not like repeating myself..." she pressed harder, even pushing down a bit.

Asami almost comes undone because of how she's being treated, it's what she's always dreamed of from Korra.

"I lost count." This time she answered honestly.

"You know what that makes you, right?"

"It makes me disgusting..." Asami responds shamefully.

"Yeah, it fucking does. At least you know you're a disgusting slut, I would have had to make you see it if you hadn't admitted it. Fucking yourself with me sleeping not more than ten feet away," She takes a hold of Asami's hand. Asami whined, she just wants to continue touching herself. Korra pulled it out of her panties. Asami was throbbing so much that it hurt, "What did you think about when you fucked yourself?" She moved to place herself in between Asami's legs, spreading them, and bending them up.

Her hands, the perfect mix of rough and soft, traveled up Asami's sides towards her shirt. She took it off with Asami's help and threw it somewhere in the room. Asami takes this moment to appreciate how tight and sculpted Korra's arms looked right now. Korra moved her hands to the undersides of breasts.

Asami pants and gasps, "So many things, Korra."

"Be specific, Asami," her hands perfectly fitted over Asami's tits. She squeezed hard when Asami didn't speak up.

"I-I thought about you bending me over right there on the desk where Opal does her homework. Thought about you pulling my hair as you'd fuck me from behind. Thought about you fucking me under tables right in front of our friends. About you-" she whined when Korra's hand reached her panties and started rubbing her clit with her thumb, "-fucking me against that wall. You using my tongue to make yourself come with little regard towards me or my needs."

"Fuck, Asami. Good girl. You're so, so good." Their lips connected just as Korra had moved Asami's panties to the side and inserted a finger in her pussy, "You're so wet and you're gripping me so tight." Korra whispered against her lips and quickly continued kissing her.

Asami knew Korra's fingers would feel good, but the way just one finger nearly sent her over the edge was almost laughable. Much thicker than her own, stronger. Another finger was inserted into the mix and she had to bite down on Korra's lip to muffle her what would have been a too loud moan. She kept a steady rhythm, the one she had decided on for now was dragging them out slowly, making sure to hit the most sensitive and throbbing spot in Asami's pussy, and then slamming forward. Each time she bottomed out her fingers, Asami's breasts would bounce slightly and she'd moan against her lips.

Korra surprised her by increasing her speed, "You feel so fucking good, Korra. Oh fuck, please." Asami was barely aware of how she sounds, so desperate. She gripped the bedsheets and shut her eyes tightly as Korra continued fucking her with no abandon, pushing in and pulling out her fingers harshly.

"Put your hands on my back and mark me."

Asami obeyed instantly, moaning in Korra's ear as she dragged her nails up and down, trying to get ahold of Korra's ruthless rhythm.

Out of seemingly nowhere Korra switched up and hooked her fingers, causing Asami to throw her head back and moan loudly.

"Oh god, Korra. Korra please, again. Please, more." A tear escaped Asami's eye, she's never been this turned on, wet, sensitive...everything was too much and so perfect.

Korra did the movement once again and this time she started doing it repeatedly and quicker. She has hitting that spot inside of Asami so perfectly. Asami had to bite down on the juncture between neck and shoulder.

"You're such a good slut when you're honest with me, when you're begging. Beg me again." She added the heel of her palm, using it to make gentle pressure on Asami's throbbing clit. Korra had the most skilled hands she'd ever gotten the chance to feel.

"More. I need more. I need all of you, please please. I want to come for you. Please, daddy, let me come for you." Asami whined and pleaded, her eyes barely open, and moved her hands to grab fistfuls of Korra's short brown locks.

"Call me that again, fuck, that's so good, I love that shit." Korra pressed kisses and sucked all over Asami's neck.

"Please daddy, I'm so close. Please, please I can't hold it back, sir." She knows how pathetic she sounds now and prayed to whatever force that was listening that she does not get a noise complaint in the morning. But it would be worth it, the way this feels would be worth it.

"Come. Right now."

It's like her body had waited for its queue, because as soon as the words leave Korra's lips, the knot in Asami's belly finally snapped. She came hard and fast, grabbing on to Korra's wrist in order to get her to keep going. And she did, Korra helped her ride out the entirety her orgasm, pressing against the spot that drove Asami crazy even if her pussy tightening around her fingers would barely allow any movements. She let out out a few choked sobs at the beginning of her orgasm, but then her voice quieted down and she just gasped as her legs shook. It took her a while to come down from her high.

"Fuck...Korra." She groaned when her lover pulled out, already feeling greedy and missing the fullness. She watched in awe as Korra placed her slick-covered fingers in her mouth. Asami smiled at the sight and placed her hands on her cheeks, "You don't know how much I've wanted this."

Korra's hard and dominant expression left her, "Really?"

"Yes, really, could you not tell?" Maybe Asami hadn't been so obvious.

"I had my hopes, but I really doubted it." She was kneeled in between Asami's thighs, massaging them lightly. She disconnected their eye contact, "I don't know what is it you want, but I really like you. I have for a while. But if you want a strictly sexual, I guess I'm fine with that," she spoke quietly towards the end.

Asami raised an eyebrow, "Is this nervous mess of a person the same one that just drove me into a mind-shattering orgasm and called me a disgusting slut?"

"Oh shut up." Korra lightly pushed her cheek.

Asami chuckled and then pulled Korra down for a kiss, "I really like you too and I don't just want something sexual. Though, if that is how sex with you is, I want to do it 24/7." She traced Korra's arms.

Korra chuckled then leaned down to whisper in her ear, "I haven't even showed you the half of it and you're already obsessed."

Right then, Asami decided that deeper tone Korra used was her new favorite sound. "L-let's talk about feelings later. I need to feel more of you."

Suddenly, the same expression from before covered Korra's features. Her hand sneaked underneath Asami's head and grabbed a fistful of hair. She pulled her head forwards, a tight grip keeping her steady. Asami swallowed.

"Obsessed and a desperate whore, huh? You're lucky I'm feeling nice today. All the teasing and staring when Kuvira and Opal were here, putting these-" she slipped her free hand under the cuff of Asami's knee high socks (something she had completely forgotten she had on) and squeezed her lower thigh, "-on. Showing off your ass to me. You knew what you were doing, trying to get a rise out of me."

She made to stand up and still held on tightly to Asami's hair. Asami bit her lip and her eyes half closed when Korra wrapped a hand around her throat as they both stood, "Under normal circumstances I'd punish you for acting like such a fucking whore, but I'm feeling quite generous today. So, I'll fulfill some of those sick little fantasies of yours."

"What are you going to do?" Asami questioned, the choking was starting to get stronger, the lightheadedness was making her feel giddy so she smiled.

Without saying anything Korra pushed her roughly onto Opal's desk, which luckily was cleared of her laptop and papers, and turned her around. She let go of her throat and instead only kept the grip on Asami's hair as she bent her over the polished wood.

She pressed her hips against Asami's ass and pressed her breasts against her back, "Did you not want to be bent over right here on your roommate's desk?"

Asami moaned low in her throat and nodded desperately, "Yes," it was all she could manage to say.

With one hand, Korra crossed Asami's arms behind her back, with the other she moved her hair to the side, "Can I taste you?" she pressed kisses to her neck.

There was only one answer to that question, "Yes, please, sir."

Korra hummed and began her descent, placing kisses on Asami's spine as she moved further down. She placed her fingers on the hem of Asami's panties and pulled them down and off. Asami couldn't even begin to imagine the ruined state they were in, but she really wasn't in the right mind to care. She breathed in and out trying to calm down and be patient as Korra took her sweet time to spread her legs further apart, to kiss the backs of her thighs, to bite her ass lightly. She grabbed onto the edge of the desk as Korra kissed clit momentarily, only to leave her pussy unattended, going back to kissing her thighs.

"Come on, please, hurry the f-"

But she didn't finish her sentence because Korra’s tongue was on her in an instant. She gasped as the broad, warm muscle licked messily from her clit to her entrance. Korra moaned and Asami is sure she heard, "Tastes so good." The vibrations of the moan and words make her go into a frenzy and she pushed her hips backwards, needing more pressure. Korra dug her fingers into Asami's thighs to hold her impossibly closer and with one hand she lifted one of them on the desk, which left her even more exposed to the tricks she kept making with her tongue. Swiping her tongue side to side, spreading her lips and making sure Asami felt her everywhere, entering her momentarily. Korra took her time with this, apparently this was her favorite thing to do because she did not seem to have any desire of stopping.

Asami moaned in ways no one had ever made her, her knuckles whitened with how hard she gripped the desk, and when she was suddenly being stretched by three fingers her vision flashed.

"Fuck!" She covered her mouth with one hand, "Mmmfuck." She gasped over and over again as she got used to the stretch. Two of Korra's fingers were already pretty big, she hadn't expected three of them inside her so suddenly.

Korra hooked them forward and somehow found the angle to suck on Asami's clit. Asami came undone immediately when she did this. Moaning against her palm and her chest heaving as she orgasmed. Korra didn't stop the harsh sucking on her clit even after she came, causing some tears from overstimulation. No fantasy could ever live up to this. This was far better than anything Asami touched herself to. After coming twice in that position, Korra finally took her fingers out and removed herself.

Asami was slumped against the desk, a dopey smile on her face, "Holy shit. I think I'm going to marry that tongue of yours."

Hands grabbed her hair except this time they gently lifted Asami up. Korra guided her head to the side and they kissed, mostly tongue this time, but no desperate moves. Just a taste of each other. Asami reveled in her own flavor in Korra's mouth.

Korra parted herself and moved a hand down to Asami's ass. She squeezed harshly, "Has anyone else fucked you this good? Left you such a mess?"

Asami grinned, "No. Only you, Korra."

"No one's stretched you out like me? Degraded you like you need to be degraded?" Her hand traveled to her clit and Asami's knees nearly buckled, but Korra held tight on her hair and pushed her thighs against the desk.

"People were too afraid to hurt me." Asami groaned, "Thought I needed to be treated gently...they c-could never talk to me like you, fuck me like you." She managed to keep eye contact as Korra only slightly dipped two fingers inside of her.

She took them out and placed them on Asami's bottom lip. She opened her mouth and took the digits inside. She let Korra slide them completely in until she choked around them. Korra took her fingers out with a grin on her face.

"Come here." Korra pulled her by the hand, "I want to show you something."

Asami looked at her confused, but let Korra take her in tow. They reached the wall mirror by the small entrance of the dorm. Korra wrapped one arm around Asami's waist, "You see yourself? All messed up, marked up like the proper slut..." with her other hand she traced the faint red bruises on Asami's neck.

"Y-yeah, I see myself." Asami took a good look at the state she was in, the messy hair, faint bruises on her neck and thighs, nipples hard, the socks pressing down on her thighs and being the only item of clothing, pussy visibly red from being used.

"So beautiful." Korra pecked the back of her neck a few times until finally she spoke, "I want you to be mine, Asami. I want to be the only that sees you come undone like you did just now. I've been trying to get this off my chest the last five months." The hand on Asami's waist is comforting and she leaned further back into Korra. "I've never been so comfortable around someone, so genuinely myself. You make everything feel so easy and I can't deny myself acting on these feelings anymore."

"Korra..." Asami squeezed the hand on her waist, "I want you to be mine too. I've been thinking of saying those words for so long. Hearing you say's such a big shock that you feel like I do."

They look at each other through the mirror, "Do you want to see where this goes?"

"More than anything." They smiled contently until Asami pushed Korra back, making sure she was pressed flushed on the other wall.

"What are you doing?" Korra's eyebrows furrowed.

Asami turned around, "Thanking you," she slipped her hand between them and grabbed Korra over her boxers. She hissed at all the wetness she immediately felt even through the fabric.

Korra's eyes widened, "You don't have to do that. You're probably t-"

"I want to."


After the confirmation, Asami started to place open mouth kisses from her jaw to her collarbone. She tasted the saltiness of her skin due to the small amount of sweat that had formed. Korra's kisses tasted amazing, but her skin was somehow even better. When she repeated the action and reached her collarbone from the other side, Asami stuck out her tongue and licked all the way to her jaw. She really enjoyed Korra's heavier breathing, the way her grip on Asami's hips got stronger. Asami got to her ear and bit on her earlobe, Korra moaned quietly.

"Sensitive ears, huh?" Asami whispered and smirked.

"Don't get too cocky." Korra spoke seriously, but another choked moan escaped from her lips when Asami repeated the action.

Asami chuckled and moved down to kiss her collarbone, then her sternum and then took one of her nipples into her mouth. She circled it with her tongue and Korra immediately arched her back into her mouth, gasping. She bit slightly and then gave the other nipple the same attention as one hand made slight pressure on Korra all through fabric, causing her to buck her hips.

Looking up, Asami started to kneel. Korra's chest rose and fell in quick motions, her breaths ragged as Asami placed kisses down her abdomen.

"You know..." Asami started, "Whenever you took off your shirt in front of me, all that came to mind was getting on my knees. Kissing you like this, licking like this," she moved to swipe her tongue at an agonizingly slow pace from the hem of Korra's boxers to the very top of her abs.

"Fuck..." Korra placed a hand on her hair, “Wanted to be used like a proper whore?”

Asami nodded, "Always thought about you using me to satisfy yourself even if my knees hurt, even if my neck strained." Asami maintained eye contact as she removed the final offensive item. Korra helped her with it and finally Asami looked at her pussy.

Her jaw dropped in the slightest, Korra was absolutely drenched, there's even slickness all the way down her inner thighs.

With her index finger she traced the woman's thighs, and when she got to her pussy, she only swiped from her entrance to her clit, making Korra twitch. "Did fucking me get you this wet?" She stuck her ass out, knowing Korra would be able to see her pussy in the mirror if she wanted to.

"Yes." Korra admitted easily and out of breath. Asami watched as she looked in the mirror, "God, you're hot."

Asami smiled, sat on her clothed calves and turned her head towards the mirror, getting a slight look at her body before turning back to the matter in hand.

"What made you wet? My moans? The begging? Me calling you daddy?" She leaned forward and pressed a kiss right above Korra's clit. Completely avoiding where Korra needed her the most.

Korra groaned in annoyance, which made Asami even more happy, she liked what the teasing did to her.

"All of it, baby." Asami grinned at the pet name, loving it more than she should, "But, I loved hearing you touch yourself the most... it's like you weren't even trying to hide how you moaned my name. Like you secretly hoped I would wake up and fuck you senseless." Korra sneered and put on a cocky smile, "Plan worked out perfectly for you, huh?"

"What?" Asami mockingly gasped and feigned shock, putting on her most innocent eyes, "I planned nothing of the sorts."

She really hadn't, but maybe her subconscious knew she'd wanted to be fucked so bad that it made Asami moan loud enough for Korra to hear.

"Oh sweetheart, innocence doesn't work for you. I already know how much of a whore you are," she grabbed Asami's hair, "I don't like being teased, Asami. Make me come."

Without any further waiting, Asami latched her mouth on Korra's clit. Once she heard that first real moan come out of her lips, once she got her first taste, there was no going back. She trapped the throbbing nerves in between her lips and swiped her tongue left and right, up and down. Korra's head bumped against the wall and her chest heaved. Already, Korra tasted amazing, but when Asami decided to explore further into her pussy, she moaned. She relished in Korra's distinct flavor and gave it her all as she watched Korra become a whining mess.

“Look at the mess I’ve turned you in.” Asami moves away to both tease Korra and catch her breath.

Korra looked down at her with an almost angry expression. She grabbed Asami’s jaw, “Who’s the one on her knees and had practically begged to be used like a toy? Open your mouth.”

The order was obeyed immediately and Korra spit in her mouth, “Know your place when you’re servicing me.” 

Asami swallowed and her head was tugged to Korra’s pussy once again.

Placing her leg on Asami’s shoulder, Korra held her impossibly close. Asami watched as her head fell back onto the wall once more and how she moaned unashamed. She made sure to remember and take notes which movements of her tongue made the woman go breathier and which made her whimper. Her chin and mouth were both a mess, coated in all of Korra’s wetness. When her lover started shaking, gently, Asami slipped two fingers inside of her. Immediately, she slumped forward and the grip on Asami's hair tightened. With a few hooks of her fingers, Korra came. She moaned and praised Asami all throughout her orgasm.

"Right there, baby."

"Good girl."

"Don't stop, you're so perfect."

She's not even sure Korra noticed herself saying these things between moans, she just enjoyed the praise and let her tongue be used as Korra rode out her orgasm.

When Korra finished, Asami placed her leg down and backed away placing her hands on her knees then smiling up at her. 

Korra opened her eyes slowly, when she looked down, she smiled, "You look so pretty."

"So do you."

They both leaned towards each other and kissed softly. Asami placed her hands on Korra's jaw while Korra started getting her to stand up. Once they stood upright, they kissed for a few moments more before Korra pulled away, "I'm tired now."

Asami laughed softly, "So am I."

"I'm going to freshen up a bit, just wash my face or something, and then we'll go to bed, yeah?" Korra suggested to which Asami immediately agreed to.

Twenty minutes later, they were both in new underwear, their other pairs way too ruined, and both were feeling a bit more clean.

Asami traced patterns from Korra's eyebrows, to her cheekbones, and then her lips, "Thank you for tonight. It was more than I could have ever asked for. I'm so excited to see what the future has for us."

Korra smiled sleepily, "I'm excited too. I'm so happy you reciprocate my feelings..." she paused and sighed, "Hey, I'm sorry."

Asami's eyebrows furrowed in genuine confusion and concern, "For what?"

"For getting so rough. It was our first time and I swear I'm not always like that, I'm sorry if it was too much," she looked away from Asami's face.

"Korra, don't be so stupid. Don't apologize for that ever again. If I didn't want something I would have told you." Asami spoke genuinely and pressed their lips together, "It was everything I could have hoped for, okay?"

Her thumb traced Korra's bottom lip, "Yeah okay." Korra responded with a small grin.

"Let's sleep, I'm really tired because someone completely wore me out," she held Korra closer and placed her head on her chest. Korra pressed a kiss to her head and after both saying their goodnights, they fell asleep.

"Oh. my. god."

Sunlight hit Asami's eyes as soon as she opened them to figure out who was intruding her morning so loudly. Initial morning grogginess took a while to wear off, but when it did her eyes widened and she grasped the comforter impossibly tight to her chest.

There stood Kuvira and Opal, one trying to hold back her laugh and the other with her jaw dropped.

"Give me my twenty fucking dollars." Kuvira teased Opal, Asami still trying to get over the embarrassment of being caught naked in the same bed with Korra.

"Can you guys please leave?!" She whisper-yelled and then realized what Kuvira had said, she furrowed her eyebrows, "Wait, did you guys make a bet on us?"



She glared at them both, wanting to receive an explanation.

Opal of course caved in first. "Okay, okay. We made some bets. I mean, you guys looked like you were on the verge of getting naked right in front of us with all that eye fucking last night, so Kuvira bet we were going to find a scenario like this today. I bet that you would pussy out."

Asami placed a hand to her forehead and looked to see Korra was somehow sleeping through this incredibly awkward conversation.

"I hate both of you, seriously."

"You love us. Anyway, I just have to get my wallet, we'll leave you guys to it." Opal chuckled and grabbed said wallet from a drawer on her desk. Asami blushed furiously at the memories that desk now held.

They both began to walk away, but before closing the door, Kuvira teased, "Thank you for making me twenty dollars richer," she winked and closed the door.

Asami rolled her eyes and groaned.

"From the parts that I heard, that was definitely... something," she heard Korra laugh.

"I'm going back to sleep and hopefully never wake up." Asami cuddled up to Korra's side, "Last night still feels like unreal even though my soreness proves that it was indeed real," she chuckled, "Thanks for all of it, Korra."

"Thank you, Asami. I really couldn't have asked for a better start for us."

Nothing could describe the happiness Asami felt throughout her chest as she held on to her tightly, no amounts of fantasies could ever live up to the reality of holding Korra.